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loserotic - Used to describe an idiotic loser. Amalgamation of the words "loser" and "idiotic."

e.g., Stop acting like that. You're being completely loserotic.

submitted by jhulz - (www)

lost angeles - Los Angeles.

e.g., She wanted to be a movie star, but wound up waiting tables instead in Lost Angeles.

submitted by Carol Estornell

lost the brother - Same as "jumped the shark." The point when a TV series went from good to bad, when it started its inevitable decline.

e.g., Many would argue that Happy Days lost the brother long before Fonzie tried to jump the shark.

submitted by [Paul McFedries] - (www)

lote - Started out as an acronym for "Language Other Than English" which was essentially a 2nd language program. It started off as an insult but became more a general expression of disinterest or distaste.

e.g., I can't be loted. Its just lote. I'm loting around.

submitted by Josh

lothariette - Female equivalent of Lothario.

e.g., Look at that little lothariette, that's the 6th guy she's hit on in the last ten minutes.

submitted by Michael Buehler

lotioness - The state of having squeezed out too much hand lotion.

e.g., The sample bottle left Jane lotioness.

submitted by jermaine

lotionizing - The process of putting on lotion.

e.g., I just got done lotionizing my hands.

submitted by kathleen hower

lotographer - A person who is charismatic.

e.g., He may be a Casanove, but he's also a lotographer.

submitted by lukas friga

lotr - Lord Of The Rings.

e.g., I just bought lotr today.

submitted by Chris

lotrian - (LOW-tree-un; n.) 1. a devotee of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (typically the movies rather than the books); (adj.) 2. of or pertaining to the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, particularly the activities and characteristics of fans of the films. [From "LOTR," the common abbreviation of the work's title.]

e.g., "What's that sword on your wall?" "That's a replica of Anduril, Aragorn's sword in Lord of the Rings." "Oh." "And this is a replica of the Ashi." "The what?" "The one ring---see if you can read the fiery letters." "Whoa, that's tiny writing ... um, what does it---?" "And THIS is hauberk of dwarf mail, and a scale model of Smaug the dragon, and a Silmaril---holy crap! Somebody took my Silmaril!" "You really take your Lotrianism to extremes, don't you?" "Phew! I found it: it was in Boromir's vambrace." "What?" "The vambrace. Over there by Ren the Unclean---" "Who the what?" "---and my collection of Ents." ""

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

lotsaballs - The lottery.

e.g., I spend lotsa money on lotsaballs, one a these days I'm gonna win.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

lotsanails - (lots-uh-nailz; n.) A person who fails in family duty or ignores the needs of their kin. [from Deuteronomy 25:10, which renames someone's family who refuses to "build up his [dead] brother's house" "the House of Him that Hath his Shoe Loosed"---in Hebrew, "bet chalutes hana'al," the last three syllables of which can be twisted into "lots of nail[s]."]

e.g., "Can you believe his aunt? She's has millions, but won't help him with tuition! What a lotsanails!" "Hm. Actually, she's helped him before, but he wasted his time and dropped out." "Really?!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

lotsy - My Austrian-American grandmother spoke good English but still had a bit of an accent. "Lotsy"meant "a lot" or "lots of."

e.g., Lotsy people if you ask them how much money they'd like to win, they'll say 'lotsy'.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

lotta bit - The opposite of little bit. A very large amount.

e.g., is a lotta bit interesting and fun to read.

submitted by Semi

lottle, a - Just like "a lot," only in contradiction to a quite recent statement that there will be "a little" of something.

e.g., Ed. You look like you're having a little trouble turning on this slope. Edwina. I'm having a lottle trouble. Could we try the bunny hill again?

submitted by Evman

lottomobile - A vehicle that has a one-in-a-million chance of reaching its destination.

e.g., Dave attempted to drive his lottomobile to Michelle's house, but it died outside town.

submitted by bigSimon - (www)

lottophobia - Fear of winning the big lotto and having to share it with others who also picked the winning numbers.

e.g., Sammy never plays the lotto because of his lottophobia.

submitted by Richard

lotus - (n.) A West-Wing-esque abbreviation for "Legislature Of The United States," on a par with the executive POTUS ("President Of The United States," which ought to be PUS according to ordinary 21st century American English abbreviation rules, which neither capitalize nor include either "of" or "the") and the judicial SCOTUS ("Supreme Court Of The United States"---SCUS(?)). [I was not going to use COTUS for "Congress Of The etc" for fear of someone making some stupid joke (that they're certain to make now anyway).] (See also PUK herein.)

e.g., The US government consists of three separate (and supposedly equal) branches: POTUS, SCOTUS, and LOTUS.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

lotusize - Converting any raw data or information into a Lotus or other spread sheet. Synonym: excelit.

e.g., Take all that financial data and lotusize it.

submitted by Bob Glotfelty

louche - "Of questionable taste, decency, or morality; not reputable; as, a louche nightclub; a louche painting."

e.g., No, I didn't say he's a douche. I said his choices are louche.

submitted by HD Fowler

louche - "Of questionable taste or morality." | "The term seems to have been a New York creation of the louche and criminal worlds linked to Broadway in Prohibition days. Sugar was a long-established slang term for money and heavy sugar was a lot of it. Sugar was also an endearment, which originated around this time in African-American slang and which reached a wider white audience via blues lyrics. Daddy was an obvious reference to an older man, but it may similarly have had a link to African-American slang of the time, in which a daddy was a lover with no implications of age. Heavy sugar daddy was literally an older man with lots of cash but in the theatrical world it specifically meant a rich man who pursued actresses for immoral purposes."

e.g., As far as I know, all of Chris's "girlfriends" are louche. Why else would they be attracted to him?

submitted by HD Fowler | Michael Quinion

louchebag - In liquor circles. 1. A person who sees herself as an absinthe enthusiast or absintheur but is in reality an absinthe elitist who instead of trying to further public knowledge of the history of and dispelling the many myths about the drink looks down her nose and degrades those who are new to the world of absinthe and to the liquor itself. 2. A pseudointellectual on the subject of absinthe. A member of the absinthe bourgeois who mistakenly believes herself to be part of an elite absinthe-related organization, circle, or social clique. Combining two terms: 1. "Louche" and 2. "douchebag." 1a. From French "louche": "shady, suspicious," from Old French losche, "squint-eyed," from Latin luscus, "one-eyed." 1b. The visible chemical reaction that occurs when water is added to absinthe and mixes into shadowy opaline mixture. 2a. A device used for storing cleaning liquids used in vaginal hygiene. 2b. A derogatory term for someone who has passed the level of being a jerk. A person who is repeatedly found to be of questionable intellect, morals, tact, and wisdom. A person with pompous and self-righteous overtones. Any person who looks down on another without seeing the fault in herself.

e.g., Mr. Breaux, an expert on the subject of absinthe, is anything but a louchebag.

submitted by Fredie Vinson - (www)

loudmouth bass - Pun on largemouth bass: someone who will not shut up. Or a noisy fish.

e.g., Chris just goes on and on like a loudmouth bass.

submitted by Gargomon251

loudspeak - To speak the truth loud enough to drown out another's biased opinion.

e.g., My co-worker was boasting how he single-handedly saved the firm $175,000. So I quickly loudspeaked and everyone in the breakroom giggled as they walked out knowing the truth.

submitted by Robb Smith - (www)

louge - Large and loud.

e.g., K: That duck pond is louge. F: no, K. The pond is large. The ducks are loud.

submitted by Knotty & Fox - (www)

loungalissel - A very comfortable chair.

e.g., I opened the door to my home and the first thing I did was relax in my lougalissel.

submitted by pat

lounge lizard - 1. An extremely cool person. 2. A lazy, yet still cool, person. 3. A laid-back person. 4. See the _Cassel's Dictionary of Slang" for older and less flattering meanings.

e.g., What's up lounge lizard?

submitted by magik - (www)

lovabald - Of a man who is bald and lovable. From a ytpo.

e.g., PS. If you got an e-mail sent from one Terence Aloysious Mahoney's blog touting Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate -- that came from me. It was a gag. I wrote an almost identical blog entry touting Donald Trump, but I never got around to sending it -- to annoy anyone. We should all vote for who[m]ever we want to -- and make sure we don't let politics get in the way of friendships. If you have friends who are trying to get you to vote against your convictions, perhaps you should politely tell them to buzz off. Me? I wouldn't be at all polite about it. But that's one of the things that makes me so lovabald.

submitted by Miss Speller

lovate - Used to express that you both love and hate a person.

e.g., I lovate my ex-boyfriend.

submitted by Maria - (www)

love - Lusting Over Virtually Everyone.

e.g., Chris had a bad case of LOVE, and about drove several people crazy. And a couple of penguins, too.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

love bombing - Basically, "love bombing" is a recruiting term, which means surounding a potential new member of a group with members who will show unconditional "love and support" in hopes that the new member will join the group. Similar to the old fraternity practice of "hot boxing" a potential pledge into joining a fraternity. Term originated during the "Human Potential Movement" of the 1970s which carried over into the 1980s (Werner Erhard's EST programs in the 70s, and educator John Handley's Lifespring Training of the 80s).

e.g., 1. Peter over there looks like he's ready to join. Let's get some members to love bomb him real good, and maybe we can get a deposit out of him tonight. 2. We need to go over and love bomb the Historical Preservation Society, so that we can get a variance for the stip club. If HPS members speak up for us at the Board of Adjustment meeting, we're in. 3. Don't know the company's name, but it's been love bombing Randy for about a year now in an attempt to get him to go to work for it.

submitted by Paul

love muffin - 1. Any of the members of the musical group "The Love Muffins." 2. An extremely attractive teenage male.

e.g., Oh, my God, shy love muffin is here. Quick, get the signs. We love you, Shy.

submitted by Nick

love of my life -

Not because of anything I've come up with, which is rarely a reason for anything I write being of more than ephemeral interest. Instead, for another of Marty's emeals -- and his praise for Melba.

A few days ago, I ran across yet another someone saying, "She's the love of my life." Decided to use Google books Ngram viewer to see how often the words are used now compared to how much they've been used in the past. I hope the graphic will display correctly here, but I'll be sure to link to the viewer itself in case it doesn't.

Between 1990 and 2005, use of the words in the corpus I use increased more than seven-fold. Am I supposed to think that romantic love changed so dramatically in a mere fifteen years -- or should I think something happened in popular culture that accounted for the change -- say, a Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan rom-com? Whatever happened, it was surely some "outside force" that accounted for the phenomenon. The tailing off after 2005 suggests that's the case.

e.g., She was the love of my life.

submitted by HD Fowler

lovedom - The world of love, the totality of loving emotions and attitudes.

e.g., Edward VIII was a rare romantic, trading his kingdom for lovedom as he did. Your heart is large enough to love many, but in all your lovedom, can you find a small corner for me?

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

lovedrops - Tears of joy that appear when you are so happy that your eyes start filling with tears.

e.g., When my fiancé proposed, lovedrops started to flow.

submitted by Cam - (www)

loverador - Someone who loves Labrador Retrievers

e.g., My mom is a Loverador. She has a fifty foot picture of my dog Sam and a hundred paintings of Labs all over my house.

submitted by Rick W.Mannings jr

lovercast - dreary, overcast weather outside that makes lovers want to stay in and snuggle with each other with inside.

e.g., I predict lovercast weather with the impending clouds and rain.

submitted by Frank

loveship - Love as a combination of friendship, comradeship and commitment. Can run to ground, find itself in heavy storms and resurface, damaged, be taken to safer places to be repaired.

e.g., Our loveship has seen heavy weather, but we are back in the peaceful shallows now. Let's please take care we don't shipwreck!

submitted by Raya

loveslust - A hybrid relationship mixed with equal parts love and lust. It is rumoured that Led Zepplin sang of "tears of loveslust" being shed.

e.g., "I want to leave her," said Johnny, "but I feel too much loveslust for her."

submitted by Boyd Madsen

lovey chubbies - The smaller finger foods you eat up at a buffet while looking for what you want to put on your plate to eat once you sit or while waiting in line.

e.g., i cant decide what i want to eat, ill have a lovey chubby while i ponder
I can't decide what I want to eat, so I'll have a lovey chubby while I ponder.

submitted by anna

lovleysome - To be more than lovely in a physical or mental way.

e.g., You are lovelysome.

submitted by Benjie - (www)

lovotomy - Post-breakup, a useful procedure for surgically removing one's ability to love. Life may turn into a bore without love, but without all that searching, dating, and dumping, might we not be happier?

e.g., Sighhhhh, another breakup. Now more than ever is the right time for a lovotomy.

submitted by helene kay

low loom - A time of low luminosity from the moon. The example is taken from ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper's blog after Seals killed Osama Bin Laden.

e.g., "The president wanted proof. And he wanted to minimize collateral damage. So instead the president authorized this incredibly daring and difficult operation, scheduled for a time of "low loom" – little moon luminosity – so the US helicopters could enter into Pakistan low to the ground and undetected." | We preferred nights with low loom when we went to the ballpark to spark.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

low quacious - The attempt to make the use of vulgarities socially acceptable by "dumbing down" the Anglo-Saxon verbiage.

e.g., "You may think it 'cute' to say, 'frooney,' 'shite,' 'plick,' and the like, but you're just being low quacions. And it's not right language in mixed company!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

low rent - Cheap, tacky.

e.g., When John showed up in his low rent baby blue polyester tuxedo with flame stitching I knew our romance was over.

submitted by nitag - (www)

low resolution fox - (LRF) A female who appears attractive at a distance, but is significantly less so close up.

e.g., Though she'd appeared pretty while standing at the far end of the bar, by the time she reached their table, it was clear to the boys that Rhonda was a low resolution fox.

submitted by Woesinger

low ride - To be sad or depressed.

e.g., Dick has been low riding since Jane dumped him.

submitted by a e harper

low-budg - "as in "low-budget", anything done cheaply and/or crappily, could be used to describe a person where appropriate"

e.g., "These paper placemats are so low-budg." or "The actor in that Pepsi ad was so low-budg.

submitted by cody

low-low - the lowest of the low in any type of hierarchy; also, the biggest possible put-down in an argument.

e.g., Your friend might have made a fool out of himself by dropping that tray of mashed potatoes on the girl he has a crush on, but you're the low-low for scavenging it off of her after saying, "Ten second rule."

submitted by Cathy Tinder - (www)

lowdriff - Area of body between the midriff and the pubes.

e.g., Britney's new hipsters showed her lowdriff to full advantage.

submitted by Tullytwo

lowen behold - Interjection used to express annoyance, amazement, or great displeasure. For a person who is resentful for being vertically challenged; used for the purpose of calling attention to a person who overemphasizes and fabricates excuses in response to feeling inadequate. AKA "the short-man's complex."

e.g., Lowen behold, Chris is angry again. Just because he's too short to ride the rollercoaster doesn't give him the privilege to complain and harass everyone.

submitted by Anchor J. Waterjuice

lower alabama - The northwest Florida panhandle, such as the area around Penscola. Sometimes abbreviated L.A.

e.g., We spent the weekend down in Lower Alabama, and got a great tan, but the tourists were a pain.

submitted by Altair

lower-brained - An affliction of females who "think" only their genitalia and not their brains.

e.g., The boys excused her insensitive and rude comments because they knew how lower-brained she was.

submitted by Wendy Martin - (www)

lowphen - An underline (_), the opposite of a highphen (¯).

e.g., I want to lowphen the problem inherent in using highphens.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

loxodontic - (pronounced to rhyme with box-a-non'-tick; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to African elephants; 2. really really big, elephantine, hippopotamic; 3. of or pertaining to inordinately long or outsized teeth, especially when such teeth stick out at odd angles. [From Loxodonta (Greek "oblique tooth") the genus to which the African elephant belongs.]

e.g., "This house is positively loxodontic. How many kids do these people have?" "They don't have any." "Then what's the point?" "I don't know---conspicuous consumption?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

loy - (v.) to serve as or take action as an attorney, barrister, or solicitor---that is, as a "Lawyer" (usually pronounced loyer).

e.g., "Wow, these charges are going to be hard to ..." "Hey! you're my lawyer, I'm paying you ... go out there and loi!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

loyal clown - The court jester, a liberal stand-up comic who could make even the Debublicans laugh.

e.g., It was a capital idea to have the top loyal clown open a session with lighthearted petitions for public and divine forbearance of all the endless rhetoric that was about to be unleashed for a limited constituency.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

lrceny - (n.) (EL-AR-suh-nee) More extreme version of mtness (q.v.), in which outdated materials or resources are used to provoke a crime or otherwise ruin a life. (Etymology: From the chemical symbol Lr for Lawrencium [Element 103]. Sometimes you'll still find a periodic table that doesn't have any elements beyond Lr, even though there have been nine new ones discovered since then. I found one the other day in a store.) {ED. Hmm, Lawrencium was discovered a year after I took my last chemistry class in college.}

e.g., Ray: "Did you hear about John? That guy with the girlfriend from Belgrade? She dumped him." Jay: "No, what happened?" Ray: "Apparently he called her Yugoslavian instead of Serbian." Jay: "Blame it on the old maps -- I'd call this lrceny."

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

lsd - Life-sized doll.

e.g., When I told a friend about Japanese men having relationships with LSDs, she said she thought I should get one. She turned seventy-five in May and she's still seems to be about as naive and gullible as she was about sex when were in seventh grade.

submitted by HD Fowler

lsu - Large Stationary Unit. A very fat person who can't get up and move around quickly or easily.

e.g., "Why don't you go get them out of the car John?" "I'm what they call a LSU, as opposed to you. You're what's called an SMU, a Small Mobile Unit. That's why you and your skinny self should go get the bags out of the car."

submitted by Blaine Jordan

lub - Piece of unswallowed food that is unknowingly lodged between someone's teeth.

e.g., Before I take the photo, you should get rid of that lub.

submitted by Lori Klein

lubber - "A big, clumsy, stupid fellow; esp. a lazy one; a lout. (Abbey-lubber was once a common term of reproach for a lazy monk.)"

e.g., "He looked forward to the boys growing up soon; he was going to put them through the mill just as his own father had done with him when he was a boy; they were going to learn how to take hold and run the place right. He wasn't going to overdo it; but those two boys were going to earn their salt, or he'd know why! Great big lubbers sitting around whittling! Mr. Thompson sometimes grew quite enraged with them, when imagining their possible future, big lubbers sitting around whittling or thinking about fishing trips. Well, he'd put a stop to that, mighty damn quick.
– Katherine Anne Porter, Noon Wine"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

lubbock - Dead in the water. (Presumably has something to do with ending up in Lubbock, Texas.)

e.g., After studying all the angles it appeared to Michael Barrymore that his career was lubbocked.

submitted by Jamie

lubon - Noun : lew'-bahn. Any number of a certain breed of motorists who, when sitting at an intersection and obviously having you in their field of vision, wait until you are 25 feet or less from said intersection to pull out in front of you.

e.g., Whatta lubon!

submitted by Greg Mann

lucacrous - Full of sharp light.

e.g., I woke with a bang and a lucacrous flash, then everything splintered and I found myself smushed beneath the roof.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

lucas - To digitally remaster, specifically to improve by digital means a photographic or videographic representation of something. 9We all need to thank George.)

e.g., Did you see the great Photoshop work Walter did with your ratty old baby picture? You've been Lucased.

submitted by HeavyPettingZoo

lucas effect - A phenomenon used to account for an otherwise unexplainable degradation in someone's performance, especially if previous efforts by that person yielded exemplary results.

e.g., Bob was considered to be on the fast track to promotion until he embarrassed himself with a poor presentation at the last board meeting. Hopefully, it was just a fluke, and not the Lucas Effect.

submitted by RJ Shep

luchismo - Adherence to a struggle for its own sake, rather than for the ostensible goal. (Spanish lucha: struggle.)

e.g., Though no longer a socialist, she kept going to the same protest rallies out of luchismo, looking for some new cause to march for.

submitted by Anton Sherwood - (www)

lucineia - A nice and beautiful girl who likes to make dictionaries.

e.g., She has a lucineia temper; she is always asking me about dictionaries

submitted by Ismael Orenstein - (www)

luciphile - 1. One who is mesmerized or otherwise transported by anything iridescent, translucent, shiny, glimmery, shimmery, or likewise concentrated, spectrally spread, or otherwise visually captivating. 2. "Luciphilia" is the name for the condition. (Compare to photophilia, which is a schizoaffective penchant for staring into the sun.)

e.g., 1. My name is Betsy ... and I'm a luciphile. I went to the flea market today and went straight to the antique jewelry counter and stared into dazzling broaches and pendants. 2. Patient demonstrated lability, hypergraphia, and luciphilia.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

luckaly - Luck that is not really luck at all.

e.g., I have spare socks with me, luckaly. (If I brought socks with me, then there is no luck involved.)

submitted by mike

luckermon - A word used when one registers amazement or surprise. Pronunciation: luk-ur-MON (accent on final syllable).

e.g., "Luckermon!" exclaimed the man as he stepped out of the speeding car's path just in the nick of time.

submitted by Charles Stansfield

lucky amendmentation - When a teacher pulls out names for people to present projects. If you are not picked, you watch for flaws in their papers. Then you go home and amend your paper to be more perfect. It is sort of a composite of all the papers, but with all the errors weeded out. By this process, the last presenter should get a perfect score.

e.g., Except for lucky amendmentation, I would have gotten a D. But I saw my errors, went home, fixed them, and then got an A+.

submitted by ryan

luctance - (n.) firm and steady desire, even eagerness, to go forward with some project or enterprise. [The opposite of _reluctance_.]

e.g., "The wind it roared their ships among / to scatter all their force, / But their luctance to the battle / held them steady on their course."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

lucvoc - Light or soft voice that is barely audible or hard to hear.

e.g., The small child's comment was lucvoc because of the airplane roaring in the background.

submitted by SlyDragon37

lude - The item, performance, behavior or "thing" that occurs between the prelude and the postlude.

e.g., I enjoyed the lude this evening.

submitted by michael keevil

ludi - Ludi means awesome.

e.g., That website was so ludi.

submitted by Epsilon

ludlow - The folded piece of paper that you put underneath a table to stop it wobbling.

e.g., This table is so wobbly--somebody get a ludlow.

submitted by henry ng

ludology - The study of games, a real word.

From Oxford dictionaries: The study of games and gaming, especially video games: "ludology, like the games it studies, is not about story and discourse at all but about actions and events."

e.g., since this is primarily a slang site, we’re pretty lax in terms of gramm

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ludomancy - (Rhymes with SUE-no-man-see or too-DOUGH-mun-see; (also spelt (and pronounced) ludimancy; n.) The practice of divining the future by one's victory, defeat, or performance in a game, especially a game of chance. Also applies vicariously to the victory, defeat, or performance of one's chosen (or default) player(s) or team(s). [From ludo, ablative ("out of") singular of Latin ludus "a game" + -mancy, derived from Greek μαντεία manteia "divination"]

e.g., "What is that you're watching?" "Roller derby." "Roller Derby?! I didn't think anyone even knew what that was anymore." "Oh, yeah, big revival back in the---that's GOATING, you imbecile, break up the---...idiot. Goating should be illegal. I'm sorry, what were you saying?" "You're obviously a big fan. Um, is today's game important?" "Well, no, not really: it's the Femmy-Niners against the Clevagettes. Neither team's very good." "So why are you watching?" "This bout will tell me whether I get the Newly account." "What? How?" "Well, if Cleveland wins, I get the account." "How? Is it a bet or something?" "No, it's just the deal I have with the univer---CUTTING THE TRACK?! She did NOT! Who hired that ref? Are you trying to ruin my Newly account chances? You IDIOT!" "Oh, I get it. Ludomancy. I get it. Like when you proposed to Claire because of how far you got in Halo." "Hey, it worked." "No, it didn't. You were 'engaged' for what, ten days?" "Ah, but I was engaged." "Uh-huh. Well, I guess you can't argue with the facts. Good luck to your skaters." "Yeah. Thank---LOW BLOCK! That was a low block, you moron! Are you blind?!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

luds - Local Use Details, for telephone use. Often heard in police shows on TV.

e.g., Get the LUDs on that number ASAP.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ludsey - Snuggly.

e.g., I love these ludsey slippers. Bunnies are ludsey. Where's my ludsey blanket?

submitted by william

ludusnym - The name of a game.

e.g., What's the ludusnym we played last Thursday?

submitted by Zach

ludwaar - Jackass, moron, idiot.

e.g., "Oops, I forgot your sweatshirt in my car." "Way to go, ludwaar."

submitted by lauryn

ludwig - One who makes over-endeavors to seem unusual and quixotic.

e.g., Josh came to work wearing a tie-dyed serape with the cover of _Through the Looking Glass_ stapled to it. He's too overtly a Ludwig.

submitted by Lombaz

lugenhagen - The coagulative substance in the sinus, throat, or lungs. Similar to mucus, but stickier.

e.g., Excuse me, I have lugenhagens. Need to step outside for a minute.

submitted by wally

lughee - Different-colored mucus ranging from the ultraviolet to black and brown hacked up for many different reasons. Synonyms: lungbutter, lungcookie, lunger, et al.

e.g., Nice lughee.

submitted by george kelly

lugubrication - 1. A type of grease that, when applied to the moving parts of a machine, increases the likelihood that those parts will screech, wail, or moan. 2. A term describing any beverage that increases the misery of those drinking it.

e.g., 1. The grandfather clock, after being treated with lugubrication, sobbed more than it ticked or tocked. 2. The bartender poured the old man another glass of lugubrication, which he topped off with his own tears before drinking.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

lugubridor, -dora - Singer of mournful or sad music. Pejorative. Related to that lugubrious word "lugubrious."

e.g., Those out-of-tune brass bands in the Godfather movies sound like a bunch of lugubridores.

submitted by Mike MacLeod

lugubrious - From mournful, dismal, gloomy, especially in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved manner: lugubrious songs of lost love. (One mole {the molecular weight in grams} of any substance contains the same number of molecules: Avogadro's number, NA = {6.0221415 ± 0.0000010} × 1023.)  
What is another word for lugubrious? Try these: sad, mournful, gloomy, depressing, doleful, melancholic, somber, cheerless, miserable, dismal, and morose for starters.

e.g., From Critic Frank Swietek's review of The Dark Knight Rises at Rotten Tomatoes: "Alternately lugubrious and frantic, crammed with incidental characters, plot threads and expository flashbacks that try to explain a numbingly complicated but ultimately silly story, [it] feels every bit of its 164-minute running-time, and then some." Note Swietek's use of alternately -- which does not have the same meaning as alternatively, although you'll see some writers use them interchangeably, as if they were synonyms. They're not. |  

I'm no mood to see a lugubrious movie that's almost three hours long. A lubricious movie would be another thing entirely. |  
When I try to decide whether I think a movie is bad or good, one of the questions I ask myself is, "Did it leave me wanting more?" If it did, it's probably a good movie -- in my estimation. If not, it could either be a bad movie or a good movie that I thought was complete in itself. I've seen plenty of movies where I made up my mind before the movie was over -- and walked out. If I had gone to a theater to see the 2000 re-make of The Magnificent Ambersons, it most assuredly would have been one of those I walked out of. I think the re-make had a lugubrious ending, but I didn't hang around to find out.

submitted by HD Fowler

lugwarts - A very large and heavy pair of breasts on a female.

e.g., Did you see the lugwarts on that lifeguard?

submitted by Gene Florian

lukecold - Similar to lukewarm -- closer to cold than warm, but not really cold.

e.g., "Is the beer still cold?" "Nah, it's kinda lukecold."

submitted by Stephanie Beck - (www)

luleelurah - A chariot type transportation device similar to the vehicle used in _Willy Wonka_. The term gained its momentum when it was used in the lyrics of "Sugar We're Goin Down" by Fallout Boy. "We're goin down town in a luleelurah."

e.g., I am going to pick Skip up in my luleelurah after work.

submitted by 82 - (www)

lulerain - A portmanteau of lule (flower) and rain: so much rain that even the flowers die.

e.g., We couldn't do anything because of the lulerain. | The lulerain put me to sleep today.

submitted by Victor - (www)

lullabuoy - An idea that keeps floating into your head and prevents you from drifting off to sleep. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., A lullabuoy kept me awake most of the night.

submitted by HD Fowler

lully - Lovely, great.

e.g., Lil: Do you like my new haircut? Phil: Oh yeah, it's lully.

submitted by Helen

lumbarm - When someone puts an arm across the small of your back in a position where you would naturally put your weight on it, like laying, lounging or sitting, in an attempt to give your back lumbar support.

e.g., Hey, babe, my back is killing me. Can I please have some lumbarm?

submitted by Kendra

lumber - Words or speech with deep, profound meaning.

e.g., The freshmen were overwhelmed by the lumber their Sociology professor heaped upon them.

submitted by El Cid - (www)

luminophagous - Related to sucking all of the light out of a room by your mere presence.

e.g., Amy has quite a luminophagous air about her today.

submitted by bob

lumit - A derivative of the often-used texting term "LUMI," an acronym for Love You Mean It. Used to mean the same thing, but spelled incorrectly. Still meaning Love You Mean It, but spelling IT instead of I. This is why old people shouldn't text.  
{ED (Lillith on deck). You're kidding me, right? You think parents of school-age children are "old people"? Guess it's time for a pd entry for "old people," where I'll respond at length to your entry. Regardless of what I may end up saying, I'm just kidding. Remember what we've told you:

Do not believe anything you read in the pseudodictionary.
Do not take us seriously. Do not believe anything we say.
Seek wisdom elsewhere. Watch out for leg-pulling and tomfoolery.
This site is a lark for the owners and you always need to keep that in mind.


e.g., Kid: Hey, can u pick me up aftr school? Parent: No, u can just walk. Kid: Wow (sarcastically) Nice family. Parent: LUMIT. <3 <3 <3 (ED. Intended to display three hearts.)

submitted by Ruth

lummox - A person (usually male) of tall and lanky appearance.

e.g., I remember him, he was quite a lummox.

submitted by stoz

lump - German for "bad guy"--not related with "lumpi," as dogs are sometimes called.

e.g., This man is a lump.

submitted by shoco - (www)

lumpatious - (adj) Pessimistic; rude, mean, not very likable.

e.g., Don't have such a lumpatious attitude.

submitted by Jenna - (www)

lumpatious - (adj) Pessimistic; rude, mean, not very likable.

e.g., Don't have such a lumpatious attitude.

submitted by Jenna - (www)

lumpatious - (adj) Pessimistic; rude, mean, not very likable.

e.g., Don't have such a lumpatious attitude.

submitted by Jenna - (www)

lumpatious - (adj) Pessimistic; rude, mean, not very likable.

e.g., Don't have such a lumpatious attitude.

submitted by Jenna - (www)

lumps - The second of three daily meals; usually eaten around noon.

e.g., I hope they are serving pudding for lumps today.

submitted by ktd

lunachick - A freakin' crazed brazen hussie.

e.g., Take off the Saran Wrap and step away from tha KindaKare you wacked lunachick.

submitted by Jeff Culver

lunadick - A "dick" (= detective) who plies his trade on Luna (= the Moon); MoonaPI (moon-uh-pi -- not Moonpie, the cookie).

e.g., When trouble's abrewin' somewhere on the Moon, you can always count on a lunadick to the rescue, Tracy the Spacey.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

lunarsexual - Someone who becomes sexually-active only under the light of a full moon. They have to be completely bare and out under the moonbeams.

e.g., His lunarsexual girlfriend was a pleasing woman, but once a month wasn't enough for him. Then, there was the added restriction caused by cloudy weather.

submitted by Steve McDonald

lunarversary - The monthly recurrence of the numeral in the calendar marking a notable event.

e.g., My wife and I are celebrating our 100th wedding lunarversary.

submitted by Edward E. Young

lunasal - (LOO-nuss-all; adj.) Of or pertaining to August or late summer, named for the Celtic holiday Lughnasadh, which falls on August 1st (they tell me). Lunasal doesn't have anything to do with the moon or noses.

e.g., Lots of people like taking lunasal holidays, to take advantage of their kids' last school-free days ... at least, they did before all the schools started running all year round.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

lunatech - A computer tech who favors working at night so much he is more likely to receive a tan from his monitor.

e.g., A. What are you doing getting up at 2PM? B. I didn't go to bed until 6AM. A. Lunatech.

submitted by Shawn Pence - (www)

lunawebber - someone who is online the most in the evening or nighttime hours

e.g., "My sister, being a lunawebber, keeps me up all night while I'm trying to sleep."

submitted by Emily Cooper - (www)

lunch radius - The physical proximity of good lunch spots to one's place of work, typically referring the variety of decent lunches one can cycle without feeling gastronomically repititious.

e.g., Hey, Roger, got a new job. Good money, great lunch radius.

submitted by Don Chong

lunchage - Lunchage is the meal that is taken at noon or in the early afternoon.

e.g., How about some lunchage?

submitted by Ray Patterson - (www)

lunchbag - Workplace term for a boring or unqualified executive recruit who needs to be taken to lunch or otherwise entertained as part of the interview process.

e.g., HR said the new guy was cool, but halfway through my fries could I tell he was a lunchbag.

submitted by jayseejay

lunchbag letdown - The disappointment experienced at the moment you inspect or experience something, a fter having saved its inspection for "just the right time," only to find it's not what you'd hoped for.

e.g., I finally got up the nerve to ask her out, and when she smiled, I discovered she had bad teeth. It was another lunchbag letdown.

submitted by Dan McLean Jr - (www)

lunchmeat - What someone will become if they don't get out of your face very quickly.

e.g., Quit bugging me man, or you're lunchmeat.

submitted by Steve McDonald

lung butter - The nastiness that you hack up in the morning shower after smoking a carton of cigarettes at the bars the night before. Can also be used for "productive cough."

e.g., I started coughing and ended up horking up a hell of a lot of lung butter.

submitted by AJ

lung cookie - The mucous you cough up after a night of partying; has the texture and apperance of an oatmeal cookie

e.g., Jesus, if you cough up a lung cookie into the sink at least rinse it down the drain.

submitted by nitag - (www)

lung snacks - Another word for cigarettes, since their like snacks for your lungs...

e.g., e.g. I can't walk up a flight of stairs anymore.. better cut back on the lung snacks

submitted by FierceExplorer

lungbutter - The stuff you cough up during the worst part of an awful cold; also commonly known as "hacking up a hairball." Also the name of a Canadian musical group.

e.g., He had an awful cold and cough, which produced some high quality lungbutter.

submitted by JP

lunge rie ads - TV ads, depicting gorgeous female models wearing scanty undergarments, are designed to make grown men groan, drool, and reach out to grab something.

e.g., The new Victoria's Secret sexy lunge rie television commercials, don't quite make me jump off the couch, but they sure make my eyes pop!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

lunger - Large wad of spit.

e.g., As in he choked up a big lunger.

submitted by Don Waltenspiel

lungry - The feeling that a cigarette smoker gets when she is experiencing the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

e.g., Lungry smokers left the bar in droves to calm their nerves outside, in the rain, where smoking is still legal.

submitted by brian dudla

lunker - An impressively large specimen. Generally associated with ice fishing.

e.g., Carl, thats a real lunker you caught there.

submitted by Roderick Cook

lunky - A cross between lanky (tall and ungainly) and unco (short for uncoordinated).

e.g., Have you seen my older brother? He's terribly lunky.

submitted by Morningstar

lunner - The meal eaten in midafternoon that is a combination of a late lunch and early dinner. Analagous to brunch.

e.g., That was a scrumptious lunner.

submitted by Curtis Smith

lupid - Water slightly below tepid temperature.

e.g., I need more hot water in the bath -- it's almost lupid.

submitted by Terry

luposlipophobia - "Fear of being chased by wolves around a freshly waxed kitchen floor, while wearing only socks on your feet." Gary Larson. | From Mental Health Issues: "[T]he fear of being chased by wolves around a small kitchen table whilst wearing new, white socks on a freshly waxed floor. … [S]imilar to 'lycantholuposlipophobia,' except that you're being chased by a real wolf, instead of a werewolf."

e.g., Matt wouldn't go to the kitchen without his shoes, because he suffered from luposlipophobia. | Crap. Now that I've been reminded of it, I'm bound to come down with luposlipophobia … again. I haven't had it since I was about five years old, but borborygmiphobia, claustrophobia, and jumentophobia have occupied me in the meantime.

submitted by Dave M - (www)

lupper - A combination of lunch and supper. When you skip lunch because you are busy or out and about and then get ravenous and eat after 2pm such a big meal that you aren't hungry again and so skip supper.

e.g., I was so busy working I didn't have time for lunch but I ate a huge lupper at around 3:30.

submitted by Angus

luppfast - Three meals of the day condensed into one, usually eaten between 2 pm and 5 pm. Designed by the laziest of the lazy. This meal normally consists of low preparation foodstuffs.

e.g., These chips and salsa would make a good luppfast.

submitted by Gebusa

luprecious - A synonym of sweet referring to a person or special occasion. Usually said when in love and lacking words to express such heart-warming emotions. Can be used to replace the following ideas: I love you (or this moment) and you are (or it is) very precious to me.

e.g., That love letter Alec wrote was luprecious.

submitted by Alex M.

lurf - Love.

e.g., "I lurf him so much, I wanna pop his head off!" she squealed.

submitted by Venus - (www)

lurgie - An infection or virus, crud

e.g., I caught that lurgie that's been going around.

submitted by Katie D.

lurgy - Li-er-gh-ee. A mysterious and deep rooted illness generally affecting breathing, but given to any fictional disease that persists for more then a few days.

e.g., I called in to work sick today, told them I had the lurgy.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

lurker - A person who lurks.

e.g., Look at that lurker in the corner.

submitted by Chris

lurker - Alternate meaning: A person who hangs around web site message boards but never posts anything. Sometimes they come out, post one thing, then skulk back into the proverbial shadows again.

e.g., TOPIC: How many Lurkers are out there?... POST: Guys, I've noticed that there are about 150,000 registered members on these boards, but only about 200 people actually post. So, how many lurkers do you think are hanging around? It must be a lot, since my last post was viewed about 6000 times.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

lurkies - Frozen chopped turkey livers. Origin: garbling of "turkey livers" during a shopping trip.

e.g., Will you see if Safeway has any lurkies?

submitted by rayg - (www)

lurp - Ramshackle

e.g., The chair was somewhat lurp.

submitted by andries

lurvacious - Said of an attractive, endearing, lovely person. Or of a desirable, delicious object.

e.g., 1. Did you see that lurvacious doll at Burger King? 2. Oh, lurvacious pink glitter lipgloss. Gotta have it.

submitted by grendel

lurve - When you don't love someone because you can't or you like them way beyond like.

e.g., Look at that guy-- I just lurve him.

submitted by Gynipher

luser - a play on words to mean looser, its looser and user combined, used by sysops.

e.g., I delete all of that lusers data from the network server, he should have backed it up.

submitted by Polyhead - (www)

lusostalgia - Nostalgia, in the form it surfaces in the former Portuguese (Luso) colonies.

e.g., Mario Fernandes tends to be very Lusostalgic. He grew up in pre-1961 Goa.

submitted by Frederick Noronha - (www)

lusticious - Of a devastatingly beautiful (or handsome) person of desire -- or, by extension, any object -- say, a sports car.

e.g., She looked at me lusticiously and said, "You're cute. You're a bad boy, too. And I really like that. You're exactly what I'm looking for."

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

lustify - To extremely enjoy or like something.

e.g., I lustify that movie, it was great

submitted by Wallace

lustrisity - The appearance of radiant greatness, a halo of untouchable majesty.

e.g., After winning the debate, Warren congenially told the losers, "Gawk longingly while you genuflect in deference to my scintillatingly transcendent lustrisity... dorkwads."

submitted by Warren James Pearson

lustworthy - Warranting lust; desirable.

e.g., That is the most lustworthy woman I've seen all night.

submitted by h_ank

luurx - To be cooler than apple jucie.

e.g., 1. The young girl was always kindhearted. She had a brilliant smile, and a strong wit. More than a hand's worth of friends, too. Basically, she was downright luurx. 2. "Wow, that was great!" "Nah, don't fuss." "Really. Wow, that . . . that was SO luurx."

submitted by Brianna

luvr - Intentionally incorrect spelling of "lover," used mainly to add a humorous, joking sound to it.

e.g., Oh, I get it. This new luvr of yours is that Michelle Whore woman, isn't it?

submitted by Hat-Kun

luvstup - A “love stupid” person; a person who loves another so blindly that he does not recognize he is being used in all ways, primarily as a bank and provider, for the pleasures of the other person in the relationship.

e.g., He was such a luvstup he did not realize she was running around on him, using his money and car, until a friend warned him.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

luvyatu - When someone says "love u" or even "luv u" and you're too shy for saying it back, but want to, take refuge in the fact you're actually saying the word "luvyatu." Worthwhile noting this is only for use when you would usually say love you too, and not an excuse to tell a girl you love her to get things from he and not feel guilty.

e.g., Bert: Love you. Ernie: *blushing* "Luvyatu, babee."

submitted by Josh - (www)

luzh - Loves. I'm pretty sure I stole this from my sister, Lindsay. Its usage is for talking to domestic animals originally. It has since been generalized.

e.g., Original use: Mama luzh ya! Generalized use: I luzh this thing!

submitted by Kendal - (www)

lvoe - Love.

e.g., I kinda lvoe you.

submitted by Gynipher - (www)

lwacs - Losers without a cause. People with no sense of purpose or belonging.

e.g., You submitted a word like that? You are a true LWAC.

submitted by human_baboon

lycopeneless - Lacking the vitamin lycopene in your diet.

e.g., Refusing to eat tomatoes can cause you to become lycopeneless.

submitted by Kathy Morgan

lycosant - In a style pertaining to wolves.

e.g., He ate the turkey lycosantly.

submitted by Ryan Lockwood

lying and a half - Lying so pathetically obviously that it's almost not worth discussing.

e.g., He told you he got a new Porsche?! Ugh...he's lying and a half!

submitted by lauryn

lykospec - A wolf-like or hard or mean stare that someone gives you.

e.g., I felt shivers down my spine as she gave me a lykospec.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

lymph - To walk with a lisp.

e.g., He's lymphing really bad.

submitted by Andy

lymphing - Walking with lymphedema.

e.g., He went lymphing along down the sidewalk on the way to therapy.

submitted by tina budde

lynchian - 1. Refering to the work of David Lynch. 2. Having a disturbing and unsettling quality as portrayed in works of David Lynch.

e.g., 1. Twin Peaks is a typical example of a Lynchian voyage into the unknown. 2. Check out that guy -- he is just so Lynchian. . . . Let's cross to the other side of the street.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

lynchian - When a film or real life displays the characteristics of a David Lynch film: weird sex, dwarves, and dream-reality. Oddly, generally used to describe David Lynch films, but most effective when refelcting actuality.

e.g., "How was your trip to New York?" "It was...well, Lynchian."

submitted by Adam Leslie

lysdexia - Spelling something in a bass-ackwards way.

e.g., Sorry, I must have lysdexia today. I can't spell aynthing.

submitted by Valentine

lysdexic - A person who is affected by dyslexia

e.g., Durng my presentation to the board I kept mixing up my words, I must be Lysdexic.

submitted by renie

lysdexicates - The parts of a word or phrase that become swapped due to dyslexia.

e.g., In the sentence, "Schlackel yelled, 'Get your ass off my hands,'" the words "ass" and "hands" exemplify dyslexia and may, therefore, be considered to be lysdexicates.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

lysosomes - The default answer to any question on a high school exam you don't know the answer to. Not necessarily only for biology exams.

e.g., Q: What kind of interference occurs on nodal lines? A: Lysosomes.

submitted by Meredith

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