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kirkir - Some shady happenings, something that one would push under the carpet.

e.g., Rohit is always talking about Geetha, I guess there is some kirkir between them.

submitted by Sathya

kisape - Kih-sah'-pee. A badly dubbed Japanese movie.

e.g., Did you see _Prince of Space_? Just kisape.

submitted by Jenny Fabello

kisarhardgidentpare - (Pronunciation: kee-sahr-har-jee-dent-pah-rey) One who is of above-average intelligence and has curly hair.

e.g., "Wow, Adam and Jason are smart aren't they?" "Yes, they're kisarhardgidentpares."

submitted by Jeff

kismis - Disgusting and smelly, or a place that is extremely muddy and smelly.

e.g., The pitch they are playing on is kismis. OR I hate that kismis rubbish dump.

submitted by iewaij

kiss - Keep It Simple Stupid.

e.g., KISS. We all need simplicity in our lives.

submitted by Geseg - (www)

kiss of ease - Providing freedom from pain; relieving agitation or worry Providing freedom from difficulty, hardship, or effort. Providing a state of relaxation or leisure.

e.g., Fed up with his life because of school and so much work, John had given up. The only thing that could save him now was an angel's kiss of ease.

submitted by Ket Verma - (www)

kisscipline - The act of disciplining someone, using the threat of kissing.

e.g., Since Mikey thinks girls have "cooties," his mother uses kisscipline to make him behave.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

kisseltoe - Combination of mistletoe and kissing--the whole purpose of mistletoe.

e.g., Come over here and stand under the kisseltoe.

submitted by shale ben yossel

kissile - A fast, unexpected kiss.

e.g., Lisa looked at him with a coy glint in her eye, then suddenly launched an attack of kissiles on his cheek.

submitted by jordyn

kit-bomb - A person who, despite every and all preparation will inevitably have her project end in disaster. From Canadian Army, "Kit-bomb: an item of issued kit that falls apart."

e.g., Even though Sarah had both the best intentions and the finest schooling available, she was doomed to failure from the start: she was a Kit-bomb.

submitted by David Garvin

kitakits - Texting word used in the Philippines meaning see you or see you later.

e.g., Bye guys, kitakits.

submitted by Eliseo Marasigan

kite key - Slang for a one hundred dollar bill because Ben Franklin, who is on the $100, once tied a key to a kite string.

e.g., I dropped seven kite keys at the casino.

submitted by John Carlock

kitten - To be startled by something while consuming food or beverage, causing you to spit out particles of the consumable. Made popular by kitten of alt.callahans

e.g., That joke was so good, I kittened my soda all over the screen

submitted by Eleri

kitty haiku - The random keystrokes made by a cat as it walks across a computer keyboard, also known as "'cat typing."

e.g., I woke up this morning to see a wonderous new kitty haiku on my monitor.

submitted by Joanne

kitty litter - Formula 1 slang for the gravel traps designed to slow down errant racing cars in the event of an accident.

e.g., And that's Frentzen off into the kitty litter.

submitted by Adam Leslie

kittyangle - An angle you get going from one corner diagonally to another corner.

e.g., Draw a line from the lower left corner of a rectangle to the upper right corner, and you have more than one kittyangle to measure.

submitted by nitag - (www)

kittywompus - Utter chaos, as if a kitten has run through the room or a situation.

e.g., The wind left her hair kittywompus.

submitted by Mae Barkley - (www)

kiwapagoquat - A fruit -- kiwi, kumquat, and something else.

e.g., What, do you think kiwapagoquats grow on trees?

submitted by Maggie

kiwi - A slang refering to a person hailing from New Zealand.

e.g., Is he new here? Yes, he's a kiwi, like me, from New Zealand.

submitted by Ryoo

kizmegrids - A variation of kiss my grids. Interface with me, communicate, connect, perhaps especially via the web or cell phone.  

{ED. Absent a little TV history, younger folks are unlikely to understand where kizmegrids comes from. Based on the 1974 film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, the TV series Alice ran from 1976 to 1985. Actress Polly Holliday in her role as Flo, a waitress at Mel's Diner, often expressed her annnoyance by saying, "Kiss my grits." Alice's writers came up with her signature catchphrase after "Kiss my honeydew" fell flat. Flo's line to Mel in the movie: "Kiss me where the sun don't shine" -- which should be recognizable to anyone past elementary school age as "Kiss my ass." Holliday left the series to star in the spin-off series Flo in 1980. }

e.g., Some time tomorrow why don't you just kizmegrids -- I'm cooking with new ideas you've got to hear.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kk - (post-positive adj., also k^2) One million (as a thousand thousand (1000x1000)). (My only real concern is that "one billion" would be (in American math) "kkk," which conjures up images of that nasty, hate-ridden atrocity, the KKK. But I'm hoping we can use "k^3"---we'll see). [This is an analogy from the common use of "k" to mean thousand, from the metric system.]

e.g., Earth is about 150 kk km from the Sun.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kkkoan - Based on koan: "A puzzling, often paradoxical statement, anecdote, question, or verbal exchange, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening." KKKoans are koans developed for use in re-education camps for those former members who want to put their Ku Klux Klan days behind them.

e.g., To help him put his days as a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan behind him, long-serving West Virginia United States Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd studied two kkkoans a day every day of his life after January 1, 1959.

submitted by beelzebub

kkkrap - Hate literature.

e.g., I cannot believe the kkkrap that these folks from the DNC keep leaving on my doorstep.

submitted by Bruce Mitchell

klaex - Kley-e-x. A thing that's easy to do.

e.g., It was a klaex to beat Chris in a computer game.

submitted by sonic

klag - Hiker's trail mix with melted cooking chocolate added so as to make cubes. Named for the standard reaction from first time eaters.

e.g., I could do with an energy boost -- pass the klag, please.

submitted by Terry

klarflunking - Said of the sound you voice makes when you say you have a frog in your throat.

e.g., Ignore my voice, it's klarflunking again.

submitted by Jenna - (www)

klausercycle - A BMW motorcycle.

e.g., You can't beat those Bavarian-made klausercycles for reliability.

submitted by Stephen Mize

kleenices - The plural of "Kleenex."

e.g., I need to sneeze--hand me some Kleenices, please.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

klemzig - Having drunk too much, failed to seduce someone, and missed the last bus home. (Invented at a party held as a tribute to Douglas Adams.)

e.g., Last night was a complete klemzig.

submitted by Wayne

kleptolaniac - Person who uses your driveway without your permission. Also, person who uses your driveway to make a u-turn.

e.g., "The next door neighbor is a real kleptolaniac; he's always using our drive to fix his car." "Harold, I wish you'd park the car at the bottom of the drive, that'd stop those kleptolaniacs."

submitted by Paul

kleptomistic - Hoping to find something good to shoplift. (Note: Shoplifiting is illegal.)

e.g., Pat was kleptomistic going to Wal Mart. Thought she might find some new Nikes.

submitted by Chip

kleptostyly, stylophilia - Compulsive stealing of pens from work.

e.g., The incidence of kleptostyly among office staff in public service has risen significantly in the last five years.

submitted by April 23rd

klick - One kilometer, slang from the Vietnam war.

e.g., We're about five klicks upriver.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

klingons - Disgustingly lovey-dovey sweethearts, the kind who fawn over each other in public.

e.g., Why don'cha get a room, ya klingons?

submitted by Wendy

klog - 1. Backlog of a builtin board (or a forum). 2. When a bulitin board (or a forum) is hold up by a moderator.

e.g., 1. I have not read this forum for ages the klog will take me a long time to read it. 2. I think that this bb is klogged by illness of Modie, the moderator.

submitted by pheloxi

klogger - Someone or something that causes a path to be impassible

e.g., That guy blocking this one-lane bridge is a real klogger.

submitted by Matt

klom - Unreasonable, irrational, or delirious.

e.g., The girls were all klommed as a result of their busy schedules. Because I didn't get any sleep this weekend, I felt klom on my ride to work on Monday.

submitted by Joe

klondyke - A female Eskimo, not necessarily a Lesbian.

e.g., Does the Klondike actually have klondykes living there? My geography's not that good.

submitted by beelzebub

kloppenfelfin - A word describing the word kloppenfelfin

e.g., Look at this Tammy. This word(kloppenfelfin) looks so kloppenfelfin.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

kludgtomaniac - (n.) (KLUJ-to-MAY-nee-ak) 1. Somebody who compulsively steals computer equipment. 2. Somebody who tries to hijack computers or render them useless by illegal online means; black-hat hacker. (Etymology: kludge [a bad computing system] + kleptomaniac [a person who steals]).

e.g., At our ISP, it is our job to ensure that all the kludgtomaniacs who are reported to us get what they deserve. Hacking is a felony you know.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

kluge, kludge - Something that looks like a pile of junk but actually has a purpose. Used mostly in building models, all the junky bits on spacecraft such as the Millenium Falcon.

e.g., Didja see Max's Honda?? He covered it in's kluged.

submitted by mark

klunk - An action similar to swooning. Especially over "hawt" actors like Kiefer Sutherland. (Originally seen in the TWoP Forums)

e.g., I saw Kiefer on the last episode of 24. He looked so yummy, I just klunked.

submitted by Goldie

klyzub - An indusputable lie

e.g., That kid just pulled a klyzub.

submitted by Joab

knack - The bit on the leg behind the knee, short for knee back.

e.g., He kicked me in the knack and I collapsed on the spot.

submitted by guillermo

knacker bag - A canvas bag for holding nails and other miscelaneous items; used mainly by carpenters.

e.g., Pass us the knacker bag, mate. I need to bung a few nails into this before the scaffolding falls down.

submitted by dave

knackered - Tired, worn out.

e.g., I just flew in from L.A. and boy are my arms knackered.

submitted by Lindsay

knap - A session of sexual activities.

e.g., Last night we went back to her place and knapped. She's quite a knapper.

submitted by h_ank

knasty - Pronounced with the "k." Means something especially nasty and awful, usually smells.

e.g., That is one knasty piece of roadkill!

submitted by Valandra

knat - Past tense of knit. Saves paper and ink.

e.g., She knat that sweater for me when I was a child.

submitted by steve flounders

knavevealnavalnavel - The belly-button of an unscrupulous edible young nautical criminal. (Derived from knave, naval, navel, veal. Can be abbreviated to knaveal.)

e.g., The calf suspected of piloting the motorised iceberg was wearing a ring through his knavevealnavalnavel.

submitted by Hooty McBob

knee slapper - Something worthy of slapping your knee. Something very funny.

e.g., "Did you see Keri fall down the stairs?" "Ja, it was a knee slapper."

submitted by Keri Vorpahl

knee-buckler - A person so hot that your knees actually buckle underneath you and you have to sit down.

e.g., Paul: Did you see Kylie Minogue just step into the club? Rich: Yeah, she's knee-buckler.

submitted by natmac

kneebow - Knee. More often means the inside of the knee.

e.g., Thorsten was trying to pull a Fakie Double No-Can and his skateboard hit his kneebow.

submitted by pope - (www)

kneecapping - "To shoot or otherwise damage someone's kneecaps as a form of revenge, torture, or unofficial punishment."

e.g., John Conroy: "I think they gave up tar and feathers because it made too much of a mess for the people who were doing it. Kneecapping is a cleaner job for them."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kneepit - The underside (back) of the knee. Similar to armpit.

e.g., Sometimes when I cross my legs, my kneepit gets sweaty.

submitted by Jennifer

knees up - "(Performing Arts / Dancing) a boisterous dance involving the raising of alternate knees," according to the knees-up entry in The Free Dictionary. From the song, "Knees Up, Mother Brown," published in 1938. Wikipedia says the expression "came to mean a party or a dance." | An instruction to be given when you're ready for sex in the missionary position. Variation: Knees up and out. | Knees-up. Sex in the missionary position. | The position a woman takes for a gynecological exam or to give birth. | The following information comes from Knees Up:  
1. Archaic: An exuberant party. 
2. Slang: bash, blast, blowout. 
3. syn. violent commotion. 
4. Colloquial imperative: 
a. to strive, to excel: "Get those knees up." 
b. to arise: "Get off your knees. Up. And never down again to anyone." 
Come along dearie, Let it go 
It's your blooming birthday 
Let's wake up all the town 
If I catch you bending 
I'll saw your legs right off 
Knees up, knees up 
Don't get the breeze up 
Knees up, Mother Brown.

e.g., Knees up, Dorothy. | Whadda' ya' think, babe, can I mark us down for some knees-up tonight? | "After the flick Saturday night, let's go to the pub for some knees-up." "Seriously? You want to do that in public? You're a right pervert, you are." "Aw, c'mon, dearie. Ya' know that's not what I meant. We can wait 'til we get home to do that"

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

kneuter valve - K-neuter. A fictitious mechanical part present in every mechanical device -- always the cause of a breakdown or malfunction.

e.g., Mr. Drury, we've found the problem with your car. You have a faulty Kneuter Valve that we'll have to replace.

submitted by zeeterman - (www)

knewkie lurk - The ever present danger of hidden atomic weapons.

e.g., Knewkie lurk in North Korea, knewkie lurk in Iran -- where next?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

knick knocks - Female's underpants.

e.g., I swear, mate, her knick knocks were mingin'.

submitted by The Cub

knick-knackery - A store that deals exclusively in useless items, cards, and accessories that no one actually needs.

e.g., I'm going to stop by the knick-knackery on the way home for a gift for Aunt Betty.

submitted by Vanessa

knicker sticker - Sanitary towel.

e.g., Munster are playing at home and I have no knicker sticker.

submitted by Laney G

kniforoon - A spoon with little fork prongs at the end of it and a butter knife instead of a handle.

e.g., In order to cut the cost of silverware, the cafeteria switched to using kniforoons, a handy thing that combines all three necessary eating utenils into one powerful tool. Shortly afterwards, they went out of business.

submitted by Todd Hickethier

knifty - K-nifty. Better than nifty, pretty darn cool.

e.g., Wow, look at her shoes. Those are knifty.

submitted by Morte - (www)

knioy - KUH-noy. Used when throwing something, especially at someone. The word "yoink" backwards, the opposite of yoink.

e.g., (Throws socks at his friend.) Knioy.

submitted by Legatic

knitted - A person of clumsy or awkward demeanor, who has little common sense or social skills.

e.g., Chris asked the school librarian on a date? She's a knitted.

submitted by ShannonH

kniw - (pronounced like canoe, but with "i" as in "kin" in the first syllable) 1.v. to open one's eyes really wide at somebody, as in surprise or anger, or in a sarcastic reply to a look or stare; 2.n. the act of opening one's eyes in such a way; 3.v. that weird thing some people can do when they open their eyelids really wide and extrude their eyeballs (n. kniwist: somebody who can do that). (From "wink" backwards.)

e.g., "Don't kniw at me, Alex: I'm your old dad, remember? I'm trying to help." | "Do you remember that advertisement on TV where that lady kniws her eyes out? Bleh---gave me the creeps." "Not me, man, I thought it was pretty cool."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

knob - Someone of low social standing or someone of limited intelligence. | Designation for first-year students at the Citadel, a military academy.

e.g., Tracy, is that your de facto doing burnouts in the car park over there? Jeez, that guy is a knob -- I don't know why you left Wayne for Chris. | The kids at school think Chris is a knob. Not a bad kid . . . just a really dumb kid. | It's not as if Chris has any control over these things. He's a knob. He's a life-long, five-star, iron-clad, top-of-the-class career wanker. | Sir,you come across as a pompous knob.

submitted by Aaron

knob - To fiddle, adjust, or tweak something, even if you do not understand what you are doing.

e.g., Since the repair bill would exceed the value of this old tape recorder, I will open it and knob with the adjustments inside to see if I can make it sound better.

submitted by David Plumlee

knob twister - A bookmaker in Australian slang, but most often used to refer to someone who twiddles knobs on electronics devices. A sound guy for a band.

e.g., I'm no expert, but I think he's one of the best knob twisters in the business.

submitted by HD Fowler

knobble - Eating in a disgusting manner.

e.g., He knobbled on a piece of gristle at the end of his steak.

submitted by Mike Carter

knobby - Odd, involved, or unorthodox method of solving a problem.

e.g., My solution to your problem is knobby, but if you don't mind going through several steps, you can repair your unit though no orthodox repair method is published.

submitted by David Plumlee

knobjockey - An incredibly stupid person

e.g., It's broken, ya knobjockey.

submitted by rock*

knobule - Small raised portion of grass in a lawn, felt rather than seen. (Attrib: A. Cozzani in a moment of frustration at tripping over one.)

e.g., My butt hurts from sitting on this knobule. We just have to flatten this knobule and we'll have a perfect lawn.

submitted by UncaMarty

knock boots - To have sexual intercourse.

e.g., We hooked up. But we didn't knock boots or anything.

submitted by dina

knock list - From Non-Official Cover (NOC), used for CIA personnel who operate on the edge. Lacking the official cover of a diplomatic passport, they may be subject to arrest for operating as agents outside the United States. A knock list is a list of such agents and would be valuable in the derring-do world of James Bond.

e.g., Yes, the knock list I have access to names about 600 secret agents in several countries. I figure its open market value would easily be at least $5 million -- if there were an open market. … No, it's not for sale … right now. I'm keeping my head down, in a John Murtha mode for the time being.

submitted by HD Fowler

knock out - Going to sleep

e.g., I'm tired, had a long day. I'm going to knock out.

submitted by Mr. Spam

knock-knock - (n.) 1. An amazing, powerful poem; one which, paraphrasing Emily Dickinson's definition of poetry, makes you feel like the top of your head has been blown off; 2. Any work of art that leaves you with such a feeling, like Kenneth Branagh's Henry V speech, van Gogh's Starry Night, Vaughn-Williams' Lark Ascending, or the first time you read Tolkien's Leaf by Niggle. [From the astonishingly powerful poem "knock knock" by Daniel Beaty (which my wife found online, and I later found on should give it a listen: it's great.]

e.g., Listening to the Marseillaise in Casablanca is a true knock knock ... if you're down deep enough and are really watching what's going on. Of course, I get misty listening to Jana Gana Mana, the Indian national anthem, reading Basho's haiku, or pondering Don Juan's "dullest dogs" speech (q.v.) from Man and Superman. So I hear knock-knocks all the time.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

knocked for a loop - Shocked, very surprised, flabbergasted, amazed.

e.g., Her family was knocked for a loop when Hortense went off and eloped with that no good scoundrel Charley Grossmanner.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

knocker up - One "who went house to house in the early morning hours of the nineteenth century to awaken his working-class clients before the advent of alarm clocks." From The Word Museum, copyright 2000 Jeffrey Kacirk.

e.g., My knocker up woke me up way too early this morning. | No, no, no. Yes, I'm a knocker up, but it has nothing at all to do with artificial insemination.

submitted by [Jeffrey Kacirk]

knockoverable - being in a place where something is easily knocked over

e.g., The cup on the table is lookin' a little knockoverable.

submitted by Jupiter

knod - The knowing, desperately agreeing, eager-to-please sort of nod (often accompanied by "yes" and "that's right") used by panelists on a discussion programme when listening to a member of the audience mouth off some deranged nonsense that is the exact opposite of what the panelist has just said.

e.g., He knodded compulsively, a frantic look creeping into his eyes.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

knol™ - A unit of knowledge, a word coined and trademarked by Google. Some anticipate that Google's knols will compete with Wikipedia -- but that while you may be free to write to a knol, the writing may not be for free. You get between 50,000 and 60,000 hits googling for «knol definition». We'll see how fast the number of hits increases. . . . As of January 8, 2013, now 204,000. Unfortunately, I didn't record the date for this entry. Machts nichts, I suppose, given that Google has discontinued Knol.

e.g., "Our energy team has continued crunching the numbers and just posted new data on job creation and cost savings on our knol. We'll keep updating the information and encourage everyone to take a look and comment -- and offer alternative approaches if you disagree."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

knostalgia - An alternative name for the flower forget-me-not.

e.g., With your picture in me head and a knostalgia in me nostrils I ever think of you..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

knotical - (Rhymes with HOT-sickle; adj.) Of or pertaining to sailors' knots (particularly those involved in the running of so-called 'tall ships'---the sort with sails ("sheets"), belaying pins, orders to "reef" and "furl," deck swabbing, and lines of huge, unwieldy, iron cannon, port and starboard, that you load with an iron ball, black powder, and a ramrod.

e.g., Boy and Girl Scouts often spend a great deal of time on things knotical ... but I'm not certain anyone uses them, except for shoe-tying bow knots, square knots, the occasional slip knot, and nooses (some people can tie nooses, and some of them really creep me out). Think about it: I was a boy scout in the 70s, but I have never had to tie a sheepshank. I can tie a number of necktie knots, but they have nothing to do with anything particularly avasty (q.v.).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

knotsmanship - Able to tie a wide variety of knots even when they are not necessary.

e.g., Bob, you didn't have to use a half hitch to tie the boat to the dock. It was a good display of knotsmanship, though.

submitted by smoove-A

knovel - A full-length work of fiction comprised of connected short stories that weave together a cohesive plot or character.

e.g., The MFA student took his multiple stories with the same protagonist, and used them to write a knovel.

submitted by Greg Heller-LaBelle

knowing when - The knowledge that controls all life, and life paths.

e.g., Knowing when... to kiss the girl, tell the truth, spank the child, run away, fight, stand firm, gamble, marry, forgive, forget, be quiet, and countless other acts... determines one’s life. Those that know when are the successful ones.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

knowledgerating - Memorizing small bits of information without fully understanding the subject, to make yourself seem deeply intellectual to others. Combination of knowledge and exaggerating.

e.g., So he knows that i is representation for the imaginary unit, but he's just knowledgerating. He can't actually use it correctly in an equation.

submitted by Andy - (www)

knuckle brother - A person who is always willing to fight for you; a true friend.

e.g., Tim always has my back. He's a true knuckle brother.

submitted by reese danger epstein

knuckle it - When you want someone to give you the fist tap equivalent of the high five.

e.g., That was sick, Crick. Knuckle it.

submitted by Cricket Davis

knuckle sandwich - A hard fist to the mouth.

e.g., He made one too many wisecracks and got fed a knuckle sandwich.

submitted by Steve McDonald

knuckle-dragger - Naval Term. A colloquialism referring to sailors who are in the Machinists Mate rating (job category). More generally, it may be used to refer to members of any naval rating who work in mechanical jobs. In very common use in the U.S. Navy today, the origin of the term is based on the assumption that those of lower intelligence will chose these jobs, and therefore are analogous to the apes who drag their knuckles while walking. The term is no longer taken to be seriously offensive.

e.g., First sailor: "So what rating is Jones?" Second sailor, replying, "He's a 2nd Class knuckle-dragger." (Meaning that Jones is a Machinists Mate 2nd Class)

submitted by Dennis Dio Parker

knuckling - Snowboarding. Taken from skiers calling snowboarders "knuckle-draggers."

e.g., You goin' knuckling?

submitted by MBM

knur - To back off from saying something. You want to say something, but you know it is bad. So, you don't say it.

e.g., "I don't want to fail my....," I knurred.

submitted by Cristina

ko-ko list - A roster of people whom the world would be better off without. From Gilbert & Sullivan's _Mikado_: a list kept by (and sung about) by Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner (formerly the cheap tailor).

e.g., Do that again and you're going on my ko-ko list. | Such-and-such a politician (choose your own) is at the top of the ko-ko list ... at least, she should be.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

koalastarbang - Generic term for a porn star.

e.g., Ooooh, that girl is just too koalastarbang.

submitted by Horny Pneumonia

kobayashi maru - From the Star Trek movies. To beat or avoid a no-win scenario by cheating. Also refers to a really nasty kludge or patch that breaks the rules of good programming.

e.g., ""Yeah, the project's on schedule...i just pulled a Kobayashi Maru on the due dates" "Yeah he pulled a Kobayashi on the network problem, he just swapped out all of the hardware." "She pulled a Maru on that buggered sockets API. She just wrote her own TCP stacks in the application""

submitted by Cujo - (www)

kobbynatcher - The word was first used around 1960 in the town of Belleville, MI, 20 miles west of Detroit. It is a mild insult with no specific definition and used for any cause and with no offense taken.

e.g., You were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago, you kobbynatcher. Let's go to the show -- and remember to bring your wallet this time, kobbynatcher. Hey, kobbynatcher, I thought it was your turn to do the dishes.

submitted by Dr. William Graham - (www)

kodak courage - "An inflated sense of ability and courage caused by someone snapping pictures of you partaking in a dangerous activity, generally reserved for snowboarding or skiing."

e.g., Nick got some Kodak Courage in the park and broke his arm in three places.

submitted by MBM

kodak moment - Worth catching on film -- may be noteworthy, notoriously stupid, or just plain cute.

e.g., When Alec was walking Torrie (Yorkie) and I was walking Cody (Dalmatian), Dina characterized it as a Kodak moment.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kodakophobia - A fear of being photographed.

e.g., Angela's kodakaphobia came to the fore when she refused to send Clement a recent photo by e-mail, despite his being her confidante and friend.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

koern - Musical slang to exclaim a particularly inventive or unusual performance.

e.g., He really wailed the hell out of that solo. It was koern.

submitted by jim barclay

kojak - From snowboarding. Wimping out on a difficult slope, thus going down the hill slowly using one edge of the board. "Shaving" the mountain.

e.g., Those moguls were way too much for me, so I kojaked it down that run.

submitted by c tozzi - (www)

kojak - Finding a parking place right in front of the building you're going to even in a very busy, populous, congested city.

e.g., Claire never has to hunt for parking. She always manages to pull a kojak and park right in front.

submitted by John Upchurch

kojak - to score a parking place directly in front of your destination. No matter how insanely busy it may be.

e.g., I can't believe it, 4 hours in traffic and we to get to this mess and we Kojak.

submitted by Ugo Tognozzi

kojak with a kodak - Red-light camera, both stationary and mounted on apolice vehicle.

e.g., Crap! I just got done by a Kojck with a kodak.

submitted by Allain Edwards - (www)

konzoggle - Extreme frustration, to the point that veins are sticking out of your neck, your face is bright red, and steam is coming out of your ears. (ED. You become a cartoon character?)

e.g., I am konzoggled with the amount of homework I have right now. I'll never get it done.

submitted by Jen and Bianca - (www)

koog - Abbreviation of "cool guy," but used in a derivative manner. One who thinks himself very cool when, in reality, he is not.

e.g., When I got to the Van Halen concert, I saw a bunch of koogs hanging out by their Trans Am, wearing OP shirts and whistling at all the women.

submitted by Ty Treadwell

koogle - Cool.

e.g., Your new skateboard is very koogle.

submitted by Lindsey

kool - Cool spelled with a k so it can't attract insults the way cool does.

e.g., Betsy is kool and Lillith is cool.

submitted by Kenz Greg

kool, like a pack of cigarettes - Range of meanings: not cool for people who are AGAINST cigarettes, to cool for people who LIKE cigarettes.

e.g., Beavis: Hey, I got a D in chemistry. Isn't that cool? Butthead: Yeah, Kool like a pack of cigarettes.

submitted by Daniel Lee

kool-aid drinker - One who blindly follows company policy. From the Jonestown massacre where Jim Jones' followers obeyed their leader and drank the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. Cool-aid drinker.

e.g., The only reason Chris won't approve it is that he's a cool-aid drinker.

submitted by david

koolioawesome - "Coolio" and "awesome" mixed, with a "k."

e.g., Your new Aeroposale shirt is koolioawesome.

submitted by Jenna - (www)

kools - Cool.

e.g., I dig those cheerleaders' high kicks. Kools.

submitted by troy - (www)

koonster - An outlet's electrical wire.

e.g., I have to fix the koonster.

submitted by Kevin 7th English

koosbane - A distant planet full of alien muppets, first visited by Kermit on Sesame Street, now astrally travelled to by any sportsperson who is knocked unconscious. Used by Australian commentators Roy Slaven and HG Nelson.

e.g., He's taken a nasty hit there -- I don't think he'll get up from this. No, he's off charting the planet Koosbane.

submitted by Greg

koote - A being that is abnormal, lives and does things in a dirty and disgusting environment

e.g., The space travelers landed on a planet that had a lot of kootes on it. They wondered how something could live so different than things on earth.

submitted by Daniel

kornacopia - A collection or group of objects that is devoid of any beneficial use.

e.g., My cousin Jim has a kornacopia of 80s hairband music. His collection includes Winger and Queensryche.

submitted by The Inlaw Josie Wales

kos - Kill On Sight. Used by players of EverQuest. Also used for someone you always have problems with immediately.

e.g., I hope you didn't invite Brian. Me and him are KOS.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

kosher - Cool, with the flow, nice, OK.

e.g., That insult was not kosher. | Wow, you pulled off that move. That's kosher.

submitted by Beckie

koshery store - It's where you go to buy all your kosher stuff -- food, cookware, etc.

e.g., When they sent me to the koshery store, I couldn't get over how clean it was.

submitted by P I E - (www)

kostnerspeak - A rare dialect of English created and used by Kevin Costner when trying to portray accents (unsuccessfully).

e.g., Keanu plays a Southerner in his latest movie. I couldn't make out half of his lines because they were all kostnerspeak.

submitted by the_other_giuliani

kosty blanche - French. Missing work at least one day a week or having at least sixty-six days off in one year.

e.g., I have kosty blanche when it comes to my schedule because I own the joint.

submitted by Damon

kotlu - A synonymn for spoonerism, slip of tongue.

e.g., Have you heard the latest kotlu from Shiv? He told me,"Ram, wake me after 10 minutes if I'm awake."

submitted by Sathya

kottke - Comes from the guitarist Leo Kottke, who often uses unusual guitar tunings. To get "kottkied" is to pick up your friend's guitar in hopes of impressing the crowd but you find it is retuned to some absurd string combination, making you look like a talentless hack-fool. Alternatively, it could mean a situation in which someone throws a curve-ball into your comfy familiar logic.

e.g., Hey, Waldo, can I jam on your axe? Oh, you kottkied me.

submitted by Busta Shoelace

kouse - Keyboard mouse.

e.g., The kouse in the middle of your keyboard is very sensitive and must be used with care

submitted by Patrice McLellan

koyak - From the Malay word "to tear." Botched up, broken, failed. Can be used to describe a foiled or failed plan.

e.g., "So, how's your girl?" "Koyak. She fall for some bugger with the new VW. Says our relationship can't really work."

submitted by nyarlahotep

kozzie - An Australian word for the attire worn when going swimming, found uniquely in the state of New South Wales.

e.g., Hurry up and stick on your kozzies -- we're going to the beach.

submitted by Glenn Childs

kragus - Extremely ugly, thoroughly nasty.

e.g., How much did you have to drink last night? That girl you left with was straight-up Kragus.

submitted by Spencer

krakodon - The earliest bird. {Ed. Not everyone is going to get it -- or your nom de internet either. Is it serendipitious that I added "norm" to mean butt-crack earlier this morning?)

e.g., Th krakodon was eating the first worm out of bed a very long time ago.

submitted by Norm De'Pleume - (www)

kramer - To whip into a room like Cosmo Kramer from "Seinfeld." Someone may do this intentionally to drive you nuts, bursting into rooms all the time, but they usually don't realize the power of the moment.

e.g., Nancy Kramered into my office for the last time! She'll be mighty surprised when I lock my door.

submitted by Lisa

krangus - Cumulative dirt on a surface, particularly food and food preparation mess in kitchens.

e.g., There's krangus all over the inside of the microwave because Steve never cleans it after he makes grilled cheese.

submitted by Lori - (www)

krank - uncool

e.g., Those shoes are so krank!

submitted by Docta G - (www)

krat - A house cat who is particularly "crittery," i.e., almost a wild animal.

e.g., I almost confused your krat with a wild possum.

submitted by tweedlebop

kraternal - A mixture of paternal and fraternal (feelings). K is halfway between f and p.

e.g., He was lost in an abyss of wine and women's rejection; I felt quite kraternal towards him.

submitted by William

kraut - an extreme of temperature

e.g., it's cold as kraut

submitted by kat - (www)

krease krinkle - A not-so-jolly, lesser known mythological figure who, dressed in a baggy and wrinkled red jump suit, comes down the chimney on the night after Christmas Day to remove all the wadded up paper wrappings torn off presents for boys and girls throughout the world.

e.g., If a kid is on his or her best behavior throughout the year, Krease Krinkle will come to her house on Christmas next night Eve and pick up the whole mess. So you better be good. . . .

submitted by Charlie Lesko

krelbow, crelbow - The wrinkly, concave part of one's arm opposite the elbow. (From my friend Cameron and supposedly originating in Lancaster, CA.) Addendum. My brother Greg was reading a book in which he happened upon the real name of the krelbow: anticubital fossa. "Anticubital" pretty much just means "opposite the elbow" but I don't know what the hell a fossa is.

e.g., Ow. I slept funny on my arm and now my krelbow hurts.

submitted by BigAssFries

krelm - 1. The nasty crusty buildup of liquids such as underneath a ketchup or mustard bottle. 2. Toothpaste deposits in the sink.

e.g., Don't forget to clean the krelm from the ketchup bottle when you wash it.

submitted by Colin

krendle-wedge - The imprint left on a surface where somebody has been sitting.

e.g., The krendle-wedge was deep in the beanbage as I departed.

submitted by Elissa & Tim

kridee - A pretty bird.

e.g., "You wanna' go kridee hunting?" "No way, those birds are too pretty to hurt."

submitted by Migs

krimp - A krunked-out pimp, a really cool blingin' gangster.

e.g., Sean Paul is the farthest thing from a krimp that I can think of. Andrew, on the other hand....

submitted by Andrew Troupis

krisman - When cleaning up after a party, a krisman is a half cup or bottle of beer. The name derives from the guy who used to get a beer from the keg, drink a little of it, put it down, and lose it. Then he would get a new full beer.

e.g., I hate cleaning up the krisman's when I'm hung over.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack

krispy kreme - An idea that is fresh, unique, and original. From a Beastie Boys song.

e.g., Rich: So I'm only going to wear clothes straight out of the dryer. Alistair: That's Krispy Kreme.

submitted by natmac

krizzi - (KREET-see; n.) 1. Money (i.e., coins, bills), especially profits from some financial endeavor; 2. Krizza "one piece of money." 3. Hoped-for funds that are always coming but never seem to arrive.

e.g., "You're three months late on your payments, man. I can't cut you any more slack." "Another two weeks---just two more weeks: I can get it." "No more krizzi, Bro, sorry."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kro - A fine chick.

e.g., Thats one fine kro.

submitted by krin - (www)

krod - Reverse of dork -- a joking, really-doesn't-mean-anything kind of insult.

e.g., "You're a krod." "That's the kroddiest picture I've ever seen."

submitted by shauna

kroker - A person who sings well, sounds good, and enjoys singing karaoke.

e.g., I love to hear Jessica sing; she's a true kroker. There are so few.

submitted by Rose - (www)

kron - Can be used to describe anything that is bad or not good.

e.g., This cheese is kron because Jeeves left it in the sun.

submitted by Luke - (www)

kronk - To close a door almost entirely, so that it is touching the door jam yet not pushed shut. More specific than "ajar," which can mean any degree of openness.

e.g., So that the dog would be able to get in during the night, Billy kronked the back door before going to bed.

submitted by Dorie

krufty - Nasty, unhygienic, or unpleasant.

e.g., You're talking to Eric? But he's so krufty.

submitted by Rubani - (www)

krukster - Someone who is an admirer of former professional baseball player John Kruk. Inspired by Kruk's nickname, Krukker.

e.g., I have been a Krukster since 1992 when I saw my first baseball game.

submitted by Roger LeValley III - (www)

krumb knum - Stupid or an idiot.

e.g., 1. Joe is being krumb knum right now. 2. Soha is a krumb knum for doing the wrong homework.

submitted by bwanker

krunk - Crap, a Conan O'Brien word.

e.g., Katie, you are so full of krunk right now.

submitted by Heather Mckinney - (www)

krunk - Let loose, get hicked up.

e.g., I bet you won't get krunk.

submitted by Rachel - (www)

krunk - Slang for "cool" or "excellent."

e.g., _Red Dragon_ was absolutely krunk. It was great.

submitted by Jonathan Davis

krunk teef - A gangster tooth-covering jewelry piece that could be described as "iced-out" or "phattie," a blingin' grill.

e.g., Whoa, look at Li'l John's krunk teef. That's so many diamonds.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

krunked - To be hit very hard, usually in a sporting event.

e.g., If you don't keep your eyes on the puck, you're gonna get krunked.

submitted by Chris VanGompel

krunked - To place oneself in an uncomfortable bodily position -- crooked, twisted, or sideways.

e.g., My back is all krunked up.

submitted by Bri

krupa; kruped - to be fat, large; and or obese. To smell and drink vodka.

e.g., You have been Kruped;,Oh my god i've just seen a krupa.

submitted by Jim

krypt - Uncool, or an indication that something sucks.

e.g., Sorry to hear about your dad dying. That's krypt, man.

submitted by Jose Cuevas

kryptonite - Metallic meteorites from the planet Krypton, Superman's only vulnerability. By extension, one's fatal flaw or weakness.

e.g., Häagen-Dazs is my kryptonite -- one taste and before I knew it I'd scarfed the whole carton.

submitted by Pat

kryser - It means remote control

e.g., Get me the kryser so I can change the channel, hurry.

submitted by Chick - (www)

krystyanistan - Alabama.

e.g., There must be a million fundamentalists in Alabama. It really is Krystyanistan down there.

submitted by PaulR

kt - 1. The genus "katy," more recently decayed to just "kt." 2. Any of the various species of Yankees who think that getting a driver's license in a southern state makes them a naturalized citizen of that state. 3. The modern carpetbagger.

e.g., "Kt did" feeds mostly on ginko foliage, and is not to be confused with "katydid."

submitted by The Berkinator - (www)

kthx - Okay, thanks.

e.g., A. Hey, can you send me that file? Kthx.

submitted by joe_bruin

kuchka - (Kooch-ka; n.) 1. A small number of experts in a particular discipline or of highly talented persons noted as a group or school, or organized (as a taskforce, e.g.) to address a given matter. (v.) 2. To recognize or organize such a group.

[From Russian кучка kuchka "handful," after the famous set of five Russian musicians---Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Balakirev, Borodin, and Cui---called the Могучая кучка Moguchaya Kuchka "the Mighty Handful," recognized as "the New Russian School" of composers in 1867.]

e.g., The word kuchka ("handful"), like junta (Spanish "together"), is used metaphorically for any small group focused on a given, particular topic. So, for example, there is a kuchka famous actors, all trained in high theater and generally cast as "bad guys": Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, John Carradine, and Vincent Price; the "Rat Pack" of Las Vegas---Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford---forms another kuchka. So do the Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr; The Mercury Astronauts: Shepard, Grissom, Schirra, Carpenter, Cooper, Slayton, and Glenn. (My researches have thus far failed to show me any well-known kuchkas comprised of women. It's very frustrating.)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

kucky - Kuck plus yucky.

e.g., Don't eat that, Stewart. It's just plain kucky. Guys amaze me -- they'll even drink milk that's curdling.

submitted by Holly McFarland Ashworth

kudo - (n) kudos: "Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. 'Kudos' is one of those words like congeries that look like plurals but are etymologically singular. But 'kudos' has often been treated as a plural, especially in the popular press.... This plural use has given rise to the singular form 'kudo." With that as prologue, 'kudo' for this entry will be a verb: to praise....

e.g., "Kush & Wizdom. It's not uncommon to see posts there with hundreds of thousands of notes -- upvotes if you will. Saw one with over 400,000, and it may well not be the one that's been kudoed the most."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kugelmass - (KOO-gull-mass; n.) Any story, fan-fiction, poem, drama, vel cet., in which someone from our ordinary, everyday world is projected (somehow) into an extant piece of fiction, so as to escape the dreary ennui that defines (for some writers) the human condition. The projected person, as well as the reader, however, must know that the fictional setting and characters are, in fact, fictional; that is, our-world-character cannot suddenly find himself in what is, to him, another-world-setting equally as "real" as his own.  
[From the (hairy yet soulful) main character, Professor Kugelmass of City College, in Woody Allen's short story "The Kugelmass Episode," in which the miserable Kugelmass pays a two-bit Brooklyn magician $20 a pop to have himself projected into Madame Bovary so he can have a clandestine affair with Emma. His appearance in Flaubert, however, confuses the literary world, especially when Kugelmass brings Emma into Brooklyn, hiding her from his domineering oaf of a wife, Daphne, in the Plaza Hotel. Things rapidly deteriorate when Emma can't be sent back to her book, and a fellow professor has figured out that the Kugelmass in Flaubert's novel is none other than Professor Kugelmass and threatens to tell Daphne all about it. It is, perhaps, the funniest short story I have ever read (with the possible exception of Nikolai Gogol's "Nose"), and earned me not a few disparaging glances from fellow passengers as I tried to smother my (admittedly rather hysterical) laughter with one of those dinky airplane pillows.]

e.g., The other day, I saw a Kugelmassive fan-fiction by a young lady that placed her in Peter Jackson's Middle Earth, evidently for the sole purpose of having Legolas (that is, Orlando Bloom) fall in love with her in Sindarin.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kuh-flam zone - The section of tables in a restaurant located near the service entrance to the restaurant's kitchen. So named because of all the noise made by the service doors opening and closing, the loud noise of a commercial dishwasher running, the potential noise of clattering dishes.

e.g., Nikki: (to restaurant hostess) Do you have any tables not in the kuh-flam zone? We'll be glad to wait in the lounge if you don't.

submitted by Paul

kult - From German "Kulturgut"= "object of cultural value." Something is Kult if it's so good that people ask themselves why it's not yet part of the cultural patrimony.

e.g., Your new car is just Kult, Red ... it really rocks.

submitted by Ben

kumbaya - "Come by here, Lord." From the song: "Someone's cryin' Lord, kumbaya, Oh, Lord, kumbaya..." Used in this context as the quality of taking something very much to heart.

e.g., George didn't think much of the sermon, but Randy was all kumbaya about it.

submitted by Marnie

kumbayatic - A word combination of "kumbaya" and "symbiotic" for liberals deluding themselves into thinking that the world is a place where people live in peace, harmony, and mutual benefit.

e.g., The Democrat-dominated Congress shows their love for everybody by taxing them to death.

submitted by Jaws007

kumbayosis - The noun form of the adjective 'kumbayatic': "A word combination of 'kumbaya' and 'symbiotic' for liberals deluding themselves into thinking that the world is a place where people live in peace, harmony, and mutual benefit."

e.g., Doctor to interns: "The patient with the warm, fuzzy feeling about everybody and everything in the world is suffering from chronic kumbayosis."

submitted by Jaws007 - (www)

kumquat - Someone of low rank.

e.g., Get back to work, kumquat.

submitted by Bob Smith

kuperosis - 1. Writing down one's dreams. 2. Using one's dreams in one's fiction, relatively unchanged. 3. Turning into copper (oneself), in a dream. 4. Becoming a wooden mannequin, in a dream. (The word kuperosis is itself from a dream.)

e.g., I have two journals. A regular one and a kuperosis diary.

submitted by Adam Leslie

kurdinator - Kurdish assassin -- a Kurd "Terminator" a la the Arnold Schwarzenegger character in the movie of the same name, except this guy's not a time traveler.

e.g., What we need is a kurdinator. We could find a kurdinator to implement Ari Fleischer's suggestion that a single bullet could put an end to Saddam Hussein. In case you didn't know it, one of those "villages" he tested his poison gas on had a population of 80,000. A lot of folks over there will be very happy when he's out of the picture.

submitted by HD Fowler

kurm - Two or more people who never disagree on anything, who never think for themselves, who are always of one accord, of one mind.

e.g., When it comes to where to go on vacation, his parents are kurm, even if everyone around them disagrees with their choice.

submitted by Larry and Sean

kurters - People who idolize Kurt Cobain.

e.g., My group of friends all love Nirvana. We're definite Kurters.

submitted by Sokky McSok

kurva - Whore, hooker, prostitute, streetwalker. . . .

e.g., Mr. Joe, October 3, 2008 at 3:51 PM: "Silverman is either a nafka or koorvah. Look it up if you don’t know what it means." . . .

Puritan1648, October 3, 2008 at 4:12 PM:"I’m not sure about nafka, but koorvah no doubt is a Yiddish borrowing from the slavic (Polish or Czech) . . . Czech it’s kurva, and it means . . . well . . . teach your daughter to sew or to cook or to split atoms, because you wouldn’t want her making her living that way." . . . Puritan1648, October 3, 2008 at 4:27 PM: "Janeane Garofalo, the only person in Creation less funny than either Chevy Chase or Al Franken, fits into this category. Her schtick is “I’m grumpy” . . . and her bitching doesn’t make her funny . . . it makes her that drunk girl in the back seat of your car among your passed-out friends who’s just spent two hours coming back from the concert complaining about everything from the band’s performance to the cost of their t-shirts . . . and who punctuates her endless wagonload of complaints by projectile vomiting on the back of your drivers seat."

beelzebub: Tell us what you think, Puritan. Come right out and say it; you consider Garafolo no better than a nafka. God, the far right makes me want to spew -- but nothing compared to the far left, which makes me want to spew exorcist-style.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kuryakin - (n.) any self-aware statement made by an actor in a drama that plainly relates to something outside the world of the play. [from an episode of NCIS in which Jethro Gibbs is asked what Medical Examiner Ducky Mallard looked like when he was younger. Agent Gibbs responds "Illya Kuryakin." Both characters, Kuryakin (from_The Man from UNCLE_, a series in the 60s) and Mallard, are played by the same actor: David McCallum.]

e.g., An absurdist sort of Kuryakin: Father Laurence: "Come out from under the table, Romeo." Romeo: "How did you know I was under there?" Father Laurence: "That's where you always hide after you've killed Tybalt."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kuryente - "'Kuryente' (literally '[electric] current') is a term used only in Philippine journalism to refer to a bum steer, a false story, planted or otherwise.  
When a reporter is 'nakuryente' (literally 'electrocuted'), that means he fell for it, wrote it and his story saw print. Across the Pacific, they would say the reporter and his editor (an accessory to the crime) swallowed it 'hook, line and sinker.'"  
Saw the word in a comment (reproduced in the example) about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman written by the essayist Richard Fernandez aka wretchard at Pajamas Media. |  

From Fernandez's essay: One Tagalog word for which no exact translation in English exists is “kuryente.” It literally means “electric current,” but the word can be applied to the practice of spreading sensational but faked news in order to produce a media jolt. One newspaper translates “kuryente” as “a bum steer”; others have rendered it as “actually but not really” or “confirmed but not definite.” At any rate, the phrase applies perfectly to the storm of bogus rumors swirling around the Trayvon Martin media feeding frenzy. The Daily Mail reports:

Fake Will Smith tweet about Trayvon Martin sweeps the internet  — and Spike Lee retweets wrong address for George Zimmerman. … Man tweeting as Will Smith tweeted angry post about no justice for Trayvon — Spike Lee retweeted incorrect Florida address for Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman — Man posing as Will Ferrell also tweeted about high-profile case.

Americans are no stranger to the phrase “fake but accurate.” But kuryente takes things to another level where the lie becomes the truth; or worse, to where nobody can tell the difference.


8. wretchard: There enough to pity on both sides. Zimmerman doesn’t sound like the sharpest knife in drawer. The kind of guy who believes what he reads in cereal boxes. I never really felt for Trayvon until I saw the Drudge picture of him wearing the grillz. The gold teeth — dental jewelry — probably of the kind you can buy for $19.95.  
There is something inexpressibly sad about a 17 year old guy whose idea of flair is grillz. It’s like cheap hair cream and costume jewelry, a confession of innocence within a package of malice. I have a son of about the same age and even though he’s accounted smart and though perhaps I was myself accounted smart at that age, what does a man know at 17? Enough to hurt somebody else. And maybe he would have become some kind of thug, and maybe he would have turned away and maybe joined the Marine Corps or something, but nobody will know that now.  
On the level of individual human beings the thing was a tragedy for both. And I, for one, am glad I don’t have to judge one man or the other. That’s what judges and juries do best.  
But the whole media food fight went on without needing to refer to details. This entire brouhaha happened on the level of narrative, myth, kuryente — whatever you want to call it. Everybody already knew what they needed to know.  
The whole thing will die down in a couple of weeks and Trayvon will still be dead. Maybe Al Sharpton will have a few more bucks in his pocket. What will he do with it, what does a man like that do with money anyway? Other than that, the world will keep on turning as though it never happened.  
How has humanity made it this far, I wonder? And for that I don’t really need to look as far [as] Trayvon or Zimmerman. Sometimes I only have to look as far as my own heart. But I remember that for reasons that escape me, all the great religions hold that we are not a lost cause. There must be some good in us, I guess, but as Michael Shaara once wrote, “if man is angel, then he’s a killer angel.”  
March 28, 2012 - 12:10 am
| “The Narrative, the kuryente, was fixed in their minds, and the facts were mere decorations to orbit around it. Mobius strip logic..”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kushy - Used when describing a short person esp. a short, cute girl (not meant offensively). Or can be used to describe someone very ditzy.

e.g., 1. I can't believe you're in advanced classes, you can act real kushy sometimes. 2. Come over here, kushy. I want to see if you've grown any.

submitted by eddie

kvetchump - A person who constantly complains about tomato-based condiments.

e.g., When she saw Morris Silverstein -- the king of kvetchumps -- come through the restaurant door, the waitress rolled her eyes, and quickly hid the Hunts Ketchup. Her plan, avoid Morris's ketchup kvetching at all costs.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

kwality - When a product is of poor quality. Dodgy in appearance or make.

e.g., That Supersun DVD player looks top kwality. Also spoken as (to make the difference apparnet): That Supersun DVD player is quality with a capital 'K'

submitted by bzchi

kwanzannukahmas - (n.) 1. the holiday season celebrated at the end of the autumn, prescinded from the events or meanings they commemorate. 2. the seemingly endless parade of decorations during the end-of-autumn celebrations, which feel rather empty since they are got out at the end-of-autumn simply because of the time of year rather than because the people truly wish to celebrate the coming of God or the honor of his people or his goodness to them at harvest time.

e.g., "Oh, don't look so glum---take a look at all these beautiful holiday decorations!" "Aye, look my fill, I suppose, but it all feels more like going through the motions than true celebration sometimes: I just can't get into the kwanzannukahmas hall-decking anymore."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kwijibo - A big hairless ape, similar in appearance to Homer Simpson. Kwyjibo.

e.g., You're acting like a kwijibo.

submitted by SphincterM.

kyarn - An unknown, dirty substance--used to describe household filth.

e.g., I really need to vacuum because there's a lot of kyarn in this house.

submitted by The Travster

kyarn - Southern "hick" term for rotting flesh. From "carrion."

e.g., James, yo' breath smells like kyarn.

submitted by James Turk

kyarn - This is a generic Southern term for excrement, also used to refer to carrion or any bad-smelling substance of any kind.

e.g., Smells like Chris kyarned in his britches … again.

submitted by Rpru Coker

kyfe - Bad, of poor quality.

e.g., That movie was kyfe.

submitted by Val

kyle, kyle pinto - "Jesus Christ."

e.g., You slam your hand in a door and yell "Kyle! Kyle Pinto! That hurt!"

submitted by Alli - (www)

kynee - an adjective used to describe the silly state you get into when you stay up very late and end up laughing at everything.

e.g., We were so kynee that even Conan O'brien made us laugh til milk came out our nose.

submitted by Brandilee

kynopsychokinesis - The belief that, if you stare lovingly up at a kitchen bench for long enough, you can induce food to levitate from its surface and drop onto the floor.

e.g., Rover's infinite patience stems from his innate belief in kynopsychokinesis ... or perhaps the realisation that a passing human will sometimes take pity.

submitted by Mavis Tharg`

kyoot - Extremely cute. KIH yute.

e.g., Awww, that widdle puppy is ever so kyoot.

submitted by Eveline

kyotocile - A person so imbecilic as to approve and back the Kyoto Protocol.

e.g., Although the Russians recognised that the Kyoto Protocol was seriously flawed, the political blackmail of the kyotociles was effective in gaining Russia's participation.

submitted by Jock Lenehan

kyphodox - Contrary to official (esp. religious) doctrine.

e.g., He was frowned upon for his kyphodox beliefs.

submitted by C Trone

kypp - Kryptonite in the Pocket Problem. A problem with a mechanical device that happens only for one individual, who is following the exact same procedures that everybody else is. Thus, the problem is attributed to that one person carrying "kryptonite in her pocket."

e.g., I just couldn't recreate her problem with the server, though I was doing exactly what she was at the same machine; it's got to be a kypp situation.

submitted by Ann Feeney

kyriaphont - (KOO-ree-ah-font or (less accurately) KIE-ree-a-font; n.) A very suave, debonair man at whom women tend to throw themselves, and who is more than skilled at catching them. [From the Greek for κυριαφοντες "ladykiller": κυρια kyria "lady" + φοντες phontes "killer of."]

e.g., Stan went on 44 dates in 44 days, with 44 different girls: a true kyrianphont.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

kyriarchy - The first example is taken from the description of nethilia's den of fabulousness. I have no idea what PoC and kyriarchy mean, so I'm going to find out. … PoC is simply People of Color, more often seen as POC.  

Kyriarchy, pronounced /ˈkaɪriɑrki/, is a social system or set of connecting social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission.  
These are not going to be the sorts of constructions white men past their sell-by date are likely to run across very frequently. We tend to be much more interested in spending time with our loved ones or taking care of them to have much interest in being political activists. Trying to stay on the green side of the sod ourselves can also take up a considerable amount of our time.

Google «cissexism kyriarchy POC queer» to find out where such terms turn up together. Some of the terms have been created so recently and are so uncommon that they barely register on Google books Ngram Viewer. If you included even the 10,000th most common word used in English, the two words that show up below would barely register. Such is the nature of the grievance industry that has started to flourish in the last thirty years.


Kyriarchy - SJWiki

Kyriarchy (from Greek meaning rule by lord) is an interlocking set of cultural, economic, and legal rules and systems that work to keep multiple groups oppressed for the benefit of a ruling group or class. Axes of oppression all contribute to creating a sociological landscape of hierarchical levels of privilege.

Patriarchy is the subset of kyriarchy that oppresses women and non binary people to the benefit of men. White supremacy is the subset that oppresses people of color in favor of white people. Dyadism oppresses intersex people. Cisnormativity oppresses trans people. Heteronormativity oppresses queer people and privileges heterosexual people.

Who is oppressed and who benefits varies depending on time and place, but generally speaking, the ruling class is small group, and everyone else is oppressed. However, not everyone is oppressed in the same way.

e.g., "… I am pro-social justice and stand up for PoC and queer people and socialism, and am all about tearing down the kyriarchy and capitalism and there's some other things I guess so that's it and i will get as political as i wanna and if you don't like it eat glass encrusted legos with a bleach chaser mmkay"

submitted by [nethilia] - (www)

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