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kephlegm - This is an old word I first heard used on SNL. It refers to the crusty mess that forms on the top of an old ketchup bottle.

e.g., The top if the ketchup bottle is covered with kephlegm.

submitted by Dave Gibb

kepias - Extremely spicy food.

e.g., I'm so hungry I could even eat kepias all night.

submitted by ringo

keppo - 1. Pet name for a female friend. 2. Insult for an adrogynous male.

e.g., 1. Keppo, c'mon! You've been doing your makeup for an hour. 2. Look what Joe's wearing. Keppo!

submitted by Tia - (www)

kerbloffle - A silly mistake caused by confusion or disorientation. I think it originates from a misunderstanding of the name of The Simpson's character Ms. Crabapple.

e.g., I kerboffled and hung up on my boss.

submitted by charlene mcbride - (www)

kerbopulled - Out of sorts, to be thrown off by something or someone.

e.g., I was kerbopulled by all the work they wanted me to do at one time.

submitted by Kenya Wendt

kerching - Yorkshire slang meaning to punch (and potentialy make unconcious).

e.g., Watch it or you'll get a kerching in your face.

submitted by Aaronb

kerd - Person who is cool and also a nerd.

e.g., You're definitely a kerd, man.

submitted by Jimmy Jam Jam c/- bretty and bek - (www)

kerfluffle - Alternative spelling for "kerfuffle."

e.g., Amazing how the submittal of a word can become a kerfluffle.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

kerflunkled - To be seriously flawed.

e.g., I think my transmission is kerflunkled--because it's smoking.

submitted by patrick ray

kerfuffled - Puzzled, perplexed, confused.

e.g., I'm kerfuffled. I could have sworn I put my keys right here on this table.

submitted by Melanie

kermato - Combination of "Kermit" and "vibratto." A singing voice which strongly resembles that of Kermit the Frog.

e.g., That kid who played the policeman in the musical had a really bad kermato.

submitted by Mike Sacco

kernal - A rare mini-giraffe that lives in northern North Dakota, but has been seen in India and Antarctica.

e.g., Did you just see that little kernal? It was so cute.

submitted by Eric Heinrichs

keroserene - The state of being peaceful while on fire.

e.g., That Barbarian's fire resistance was so high that he was able to stand in a burning pyre and remain keroserene.

submitted by PPM - (www)

kerphlutzed - Confused or overwhelmed.

e.g., Mac: Honey, why did you put the cereal in the refrigerator? Mandy: Oh, it's been a hard week, and I'm all kerphlutzed. I think I have chemo brain again.

submitted by CPowers

kerploppilibbit - Means "Go away," "Leave me alone." Use when pesky little brothers are launching an invasion of your room.

e.g., Brother: Heee Heee Heee! I am in the enemy sister's room! Sister: Kerploppilibbit!

submitted by Katabrain

kerry wounds - Superficial wounds.

e.g., "On the other hand, I have heard some serious chest beating from guys who were only there on the periphery, or maybe got dinged a little -- Kerry wounds, as some might call them."

submitted by HD Fowler

kerrydancers - Those who fervidly supported John F. Kerry in the Presidential election of 2004.

e.g., (From an old Irish song.) Oh, the days of the kerrydancers; Oh, the ring of the piper's tune! (Though "whoever pays the piper calls the tune," the kerrydancers would have had the entire country "pay the Piper," but the Piper would call the tune.)

submitted by Dr. Richard R. Everson

kershmugina - 1. Nonsense phrase in the tradition of the early Batman and Robin--how Robin would never say "Holy cow" but some weird thing. 2. Substitute for a curse word where it's not appropriate, usually in surprise.

e.g., Holy Kershmugina. That's way too much to pay for a candy bar, Batman.

submitted by Sakura Chou

kesseling - (n.) the heavy-handed insertion into a story (usually fan-fiction aka pastiches) of one's own interpretation or explanation of some error, inconsistency, or point of contention in the canon whence the new story is drawn. (from a Star Wars novel which bends over backwards to create a plausible explanation for "the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs" [a parsec being, not a measure of time, but an astronomical unit arising from trigonometry, based upon observed stellar declination and the Earth's distance from the Sun. Twelve parsecs equal a distance of nearly 40 light years].)

e.g., In some Sherlock Holmes pastiches, plot gets suspended while the author airs his personal interpretation of the discrepancy between Watson's Afghanistan wound (shoulder or thigh?), his given name (John or James?), and his marital status (single?, widower?, remarried?). This tends to bore the reader, who is generally interested in a good story, not a canonical debate.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ket - Snack foods or other such food that would be considered to be junk food. Sunderland area colloquialism.

e.g., Steve only ate ket whilst working in his call centre.

submitted by Graham Roberts

ketchagulation - That goopy stuff that forms around the top of a bottle of ketchup.

e.g., You got ketchagulation on your shirtsleeve again.

submitted by GENE WEBER

ketchtardaisse - A digusting mix of three condiments: ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaisse.

e.g., The disgusting little boy loved to eat ketchtardaisse.

submitted by Andrew Mitchell

ketchutney - A food accompaniment, condiment, part ketchup, part chutney, popular in Himalaya mountains and nearby areas, use on yak sandwich, french fry, etc.

e.g., Store shelves almost empty, time to order yet another case of Mahamama Original Ketchutney .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kette - A small cup.

e.g., Is there hot chocolate in that kette?

submitted by Drew

kettle of fishers - A breathtakingly back-biting bunch of belching boat rockers in need of a positive lifestyle change.

e.g., "If it leaks, smells, and has a full head of steam, it's probably a kettle of fishers" replied the deep-thinking picktooth, sultry gigolo, and casual pet-astrologer.

submitted by The Quipping Queen

kevin - (n.) A strip of bacon. [From movie star Kevin Bacon's name, but not capitalized.]

e.g., Hey, can I get a couple of kevins over here? I'm starving.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

kevork - To send to the hereafter with the aid of a morbid technology

e.g., She believes that is the enemy of art, and must be kevorked.

submitted by pudders - (www)

kevvers - An incredibly easy bro to pick on or play pranks on.

e.g., Chris is a kevvers, so it's just to easy to trick him.

submitted by ~andrea~

kew - Personal pronoun. Use by those reared in South Alabama -- and other parts of the South.

e.g., Why, thank kew.

submitted by Jim Tucker - (www)

kewl - Really great and/or excellent.

e.g., When Frank heard about the N'Beens concert tickets his buddies had bought for him, he thought, "Cool."But when he heard they were front row seats, he thought, "Kewl!"

submitted by Jason

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