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keeper of the speed - A motorist who makes it her personal mission to drive below the posted speed limit at all times, thereby ruining the commute of those motorists stuck behind

e.g., I would have been here on time, but I got stuck behind a keeper of the speed doing 30 in a 45 zone.

submitted by Turfdigger

keesh - 1. Keesh. To chill out or lounge about lazily generally doing nothing, or to sleep. 2. Keeshy. A tired feeling. 3. Keeshed. Dead, sleeping, or tired.

e.g., 1. There was nothing to do on that particular day, so we just decided to keesh at my house. 2. When we got home late at night we were all feeling keeshy. 3. It was a sad day when my dog keeshed. 4. We decided to keesh at some guy's house, but it was pretty boring and it didn't take long before we were all feeling keeshy and eventually keeshed.

submitted by Derek

keester - To take without appropriate authorization.

e.g., Who keestered my flips (sandals)?

submitted by Tony Cozzolino

keet - 1. A display of aggravation or dislike. 2. The pre-evolved form of a parakeet, native to Russia, that was rather savage and untamable.

e.g., 1. Oh, keet, there's a coffee stain on my new white blouse and my date will be here any second. 2. Hearing the keet's familar cry, the hunter shivered in terror.

submitted by Delta

keff - Used in Sweden as a word describing how strange, bad, or stupid something is.

e.g., SS is really keff.

submitted by slack saer

keffalemp - An imaginary creature | friend you cannot name. (ED. Gralph.)

e.g., Eddie: Do you have any imaginary friends? | Freddie: Yes, a keffalemp.

submitted by Lewis - (www)

keg stand - A way to get drunk fast. It is where the drinker does a handstand on the keg while drinking.

e.g., Will someone hold me up while I do a keg stand? Last time I broke my leg and missed most of the football season.

submitted by Dan

kegerator - A domestic refrigerator that is modifed to chill only kegs of beer.

e.g., To keep lots of beer cold, every bachelor should modify his fridge into a kegerator.

submitted by Barry R. Bowers

kehee - Slang from the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. Literal translation: an uncircumcised boy (circumcision marks adulthood in the Kikuyu culture). Modern meaning like saying a man is a "sniveling little baby," but ten times as bad. Do not use this word in Kenya unless you want to start a fight. Used in America to befuddle your adversary when he says something lame.

e.g., He saw a cop and ran away. But he got caught, started crying, and ratted us out big time. He's nothing but a kehee.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

keirmahndi - A style of footbagging where a person delays the footbag on one's chest and then walks quickly to a person and thrusts his chest forward, thus hitting the other person with the footbag.

e.g., During a game of net, Joe tried to use keirmahndi against Jason, but failed.

submitted by Jeff

kel - An act of affection. Most often done with the thumb or forefinger (though also possible with any other body part). The body part in question is used to massage a usually small section of the body of someone you care about, particularly someone you care about in an intimate way. Usually more discreet than other public displays of affection.

e.g., I want to kel you. He kelled her right in front of us. Stop kelling me, my parents are watching. Hannah loves it when Robert kels her.

submitted by Robert - (www)

keld - The polar opposite of heat.

e.g., A kettle radiates heat, an ice cube radiates keld.

submitted by Cian

kellogulation - What happens to your cornflakes if you leave them in milk for too long.

e.g., Darn, I shouldn't have stayed in the bathroom that long. Now my breakfast had keloggulated.

submitted by kjuw

kelmetics - The study of the nature, structure, and variation of the Arabic word, including syntax, semantics, phonology, phonetics, morphology, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. From Arabic, "kalema."

e.g., The study of Semitic languages empowers the linguist to segue into Kelmetics.

submitted by Ahmed Muhammed Seddik - (www)

kelsay - To kick ass. (ED. Looks as if I let a friend's name slip in: Kelsey.)

e.g., I'll kelsay you to death.

submitted by Arlyn Wade - (www)

kelskinator - (n.) (KEL-skin-ay-ter) The thick layer of heavily cemented white ice crystals that collects at the bottom of a freezer. (Etymology: Kelvinator [brand of fridge or freezer] + skin [crust, layer, covering]).

e.g., Despite Lynn's best cleaning efforts, a couple of crystals from the dense kelskinator in her old fridge clung tenaciously to the surface.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

kempt - Fastidious in grooming or appearance.

e.g., Halle Berry is among the most kempt women at the Academy Awards each year.

submitted by David Duimstra

ken doll - An athletic male, short blonde hair and blue eyes who dresses according to whatever trend is currently surfacing. He is void of personality, plastic in terms of values, and can generally be found driving a large vehicle.

e.g., We're in Newport Beach. All Ken dolls, dammit.

submitted by Nuklehed

kenfort - Upside down dollar sign.

e.g., First, please draw a kenfort on your paper. Next, put your left foot in.

submitted by Mike I.

keniffilin valve - An auto shop version of the economics class word "widgit." A fictional automotive part.

e.g., Imagine how much money GM saves by replacing, say, a metal Keniffilin Valve with a plastic one on all their cars.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

kennedy - A man of loose morals.

e.g., My room mate is cheating on his girlfriend again. He's a kennedy. (Must cheat on exams, too, to be a "total kennedy.")

submitted by /033/

kenneth - "A relic from the 80's metal scene. Long hair, excessive tattoes and an uncanny ability to play air guitar are the identifying characteristics."

e.g., "I went to the concert and the place was full of kenneths. Synonyms: Zinik, Skurik"

submitted by Rick

kenooter valve - The imaginary part of any complicated system--be it technical, mechanical, biological, or sociological--that is causing it to not work properly.

e.g., Hmmm. My computer won't boot; I'll bet the kenooter valve is acting up again. Jane had stomach problems because her kenooter valve was stuck in the closed position.

submitted by beefarino

kenshido - A style of swordfighting that typically requires the use of two swords at once, as well as a few unrelated classes.

e.g., Drizz'l, the dark elf, is a master of the spider style kenshido.

submitted by Archon

kentacohut - One building containing a Holy Trinity of sans hamburger fast food establishments: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

e.g., Jim had a hankering for a sub-par tostada, Bob wanted some deep-fried chicken thighs, and Juarez was craving a greasy slice of cheese pizza. They figured the best option to would be the Kentacohut down the street.

submitted by Mike

kenth - A period of two days.

e.g., 'Twas the kenth before Christmas, and the parents were away, wishing they'd bought presents on Thanksgiving Day.

submitted by Riao Swordflash

kentucky waterfall - A mullet.

e.g., That's one mighty sweet Kentucky Waterfall.

submitted by Justin Pitcher

kenzo - The sound made when you drop a spoon in a bowl of soup.

e.g., Did you hear that kenzo?

submitted by Stosh

kep - 1. Pet name for a male friend. 2. Pet name for a tomboyish female friend.

e.g., Aw, Kep, you shouldn't have brought me lunch.

submitted by Tia - (www)

kep - Affirmative, agreement. Made from the amalgamation of "OK" and "yep."

e.g., Johnny: "Meet you there at 8 then" Sarah: "Kep."

submitted by Nick

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