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k - When used as a verb, to have a longing or desire for something or someone. When used as a noun, a person or thing to be desired. Originates from "Getting one's K" from bananas, K being potassium in this case.

e.g., "Gee, Donald, I have been K-ing that box of chocolates all day. Do you think I could partake of one?"

submitted by mikedawg56 - (www)

k the b - To annoy, to bug. An annoyance, a hindrance

e.g., The dean really k's my b.

submitted by brown buffalo

käse law - Laws, primarly promoted by FETA (Fromages for the Ethical Treatment of Asiago, q.v.) against adulteration of Asiago and other käses.

e.g., In käse of a stink, litigants are oft-times referred to Käse Law, as Iago was when he sued the manufacturers of the faulty käsement windows in the Fromage Factory. Gorgon Zola, his Swiss attorney, thought the käse was full of holes, a real crock, but he smeared the jury and got a gouda settlement.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

k'aint - A contraction of "cannot," a variation of "can't."

e.g., I k'aint do that again. Auntie ain't never gonna' forgive me if I don't stop by to see her next time I'm in the city.

submitted by Sam

k'ent - Not knowing if you can or can't do something.

e.g., I k'ent come to the party.

submitted by jimmy - (www)

k'i - Contraction for "Can I?" or "Can I have?" Usually phrased as a question.

e.g., "K'i go to the zoo?" "K'ive a donut, Mommy?"

submitted by ingrid

k'nidiot - A contraction of something one really wants to say but can't in polite company. Can also be used with other descriptive terms.

e.g., Chris is a k'nidiot.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

k-k-k-crazy - Racist and insane.

e.g., Joe: John's gonna go burn some people who don't look like him. Jack: That's k-k-k-crazy!

submitted by T-Bar

k-rad - 1000 points of rad, something "most excellent." The "K for 1000" prefix can be used with almost any word: K-cool, K-groovy, etc.

e.g., That's K-rad.

submitted by Joeski - (www)

k-scale - (n.) the dog-size measurement scale.

e.g., The K-Scale: K-0 Chihuahuas and other "purse puppies"; K-1 Shih Tzus and Yorkies etc.; K-3 Cocker Spaniels and Dachshunds; K-5 Spitzes and Beagles; K-7 English Bulldogs, Border Collies, and Dalmations; K-9 German Shepherds, Huskies, and Boxers; K-11 Dobermans, St. Bernards, and Mastiffs; K-13 Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds et al. big Timber Wolves don't really count, not be domesticated, but they'd be at about K-14 or K-15. Even K categories are for common breed variations (large Spitzes, for example, might be in K-6 rather than K-5).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

k-search - To search for a file on KaZaA. Similar terms include M-Search (Morpheus), iSearch (iMesh), and W-Search (WinMX).

e.g., Bishi Zero: I just K-Searched for The Vapors - Turning Japanese and it was the second result.

submitted by PPM - (www)

k-stration - To be castrated (in a virtual sense) by a girl named Kay.

e.g., He knew, since she had told him about the other man, that he was a victim of k-stration.| She had an affair; he felt k-strated.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

k.o. - To fall asleep, comes from "knock out."

e.g., I'm working tommorow guys, I'm gonna have to k.o.

submitted by tim dunk

ka kaw - An exclamation of approval. A friend of mine meant to say "good call" whilst not sober and it came out as "ka kaw."

e.g., Mike: I think we should move this little party of ours to a location more conducive to male-female interaction. Jay: Ka kaw.

submitted by Michael Finney

ka-ching - Onomotopoeia. Sound a cash register makes. Used for something worth a lot of money.

e.g., Are you feelin' all ka-ching? (As used on UPN's Dark Angel>/i>.)

submitted by Valda

ka-chunk - An evolved form of the onomatopoeia ka-ching, the sound that a cash register makes. It is used in celebration, usually as a quicker replace ment for the phrase ,"Money" which is used the in the same way.

e.g., Ka-chunk. Pat Ewing just slammed it on Shaq.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

kab - Adj or n, depending on context. Socially inept, prone to social mistakes, a faux paser. Can be prouunced same as cab, for the rental vehicle, or as the three letters K-A-B.

e.g., Feliss asked me how much money I make. Definitely a kab.

submitted by mr. canoehead

kabash - Killed, brought to and end, finished.

e.g., The project was finally kabash, and all were relieved.

submitted by rakel - (www)

kabelsalat - A mess of tangled cables, literally (from German) "cable salad."

e.g., The audio equipment backstage created a kabelsalat to support the band onstage.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

kabillion - A number that goes beyond any countable number, just to be dramatic about the sheer magnitude of something.

e.g., I would personally love to drive a Jaguar, which is doable, seeing as it only costs a kabillion dollars.

submitted by Lisa O

kablamo - Kablamo is basically used to respong positively to something, to say that something is really good or super cool or amazing or something like that.

e.g., That band is so kablamo, you need to check them out.

submitted by Haley

kablingy - Money, usually a lot (see The Simpsons)

e.g., What are you going to do with all that kablingy?

submitted by silentbob

kaboofa - Ne plus ultra: good looking, sexy, suave, and erudite.

e.g., Tom -- your new wife? Kaboofa, buddy. Far, far better than you deserve.

submitted by Kaboofa

kaboomski - Variant of the sound effect "kaboom."

e.g., If the Cuban Missile Crisis had gone differently, the US East Coast might have gone kaboomski.

submitted by Ari G.

kaboubi - The winged camel used by Shazzam. For a person who, although she is very affectionate, will risk everything to serve those she loves.

e.g., Kaboubi came to rescue us in a blinding storm. She risked her life and thought nothing of it.

submitted by john Di Crasto

kabudge - A sound effect for, or smashing into something.

e.g., Did you see that guy get kabudged by that Mack truck?

submitted by Sarver

kachoozie - A really big sneeze.

e.g., Your kachoozies are so loud they cause the dog to run and hide.

submitted by Evman

kack - An overall term used to describe any undesirable substance adhered to an object such as an eating utensil or doorknob, etc.

e.g., Waiter, would you please bring me a clean fork. This one has kack on it. | Ew. There`s kack on the TV remote. | Don't get against that -- you will get kack all over your clothes.

submitted by terry crowe

kad food - Nonsense, total pointlessness.

e.g., My essay was kad-food. | Much of the pseudodictionary is kad-food -- that is, spherica.

submitted by Lukas Friga

kaduki - The fleshy and sensitive end of a dog's nose, the "nose of the nose."

e.g., My dog's kaduki is shiny and cold.

submitted by Dr. Science

kafloofle - 1. Used as a substitute for a word you can't think of. 2. Could possibly be used as an exclamatory remark in exchange for a dirty word. NOTE: I heard a nurse in a NJ hospital use "kafloofle" quite frequently while I worked there, so props to all the nurses at Valley Hospital, Employee Health Division in Paramus, NJ.

e.g., Bennie, do me a favor and hand me that ... uh ... kafloofle.... No, the blue thing ... on your right.

submitted by SamL - (www)

kaflooie - Describes something just dying or breaking without reason.

e.g., I was just sitting there listening to the radio when it went kaflooie.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

kafuctous - Chaotic, out-of-control, FUBAR.

e.g., The traffic on the 405 freeway was kafuctous, so we took surface streets instead.

submitted by Jim Maloy

kafuffed - Confused, not knowing what to do, just completely lost for an answer.

e.g., I don't know who to go out with--I am completely kafuffed.

submitted by Ebony

kafuffle - Chaotic situation; fuss; sometimes an argument.

e.g., John's being 20 minutes late caused a big kafuffle at home.

submitted by Phenn

kafwibbit - A general word for when you have nothing to say.

e.g., Opa: Are you okay, Kitty? Kitty: Kafwibbit.

submitted by Katabrain

kagilliaton - a number so unimaginable it has to be this word

e.g., There must be a kagilliaton words in the unabridged dictionary

submitted by Aaron and Edgar

kahooga - Extremely babyish crying.

e.g., She kahoogaed loud and long when her dog died.

submitted by Krowbar

kahuggle - A combination of a kiss, a hug, and a cuddle.

e.g., I'm feelin' low. I really need a kahuggle today.

submitted by AlanDonald

kai' - A blending of the words of "can" and "I".

e.g., Kai' see the magazine after you?

submitted by Drew

kaibo swabber - Person who cleans portable toilets or who pumps septic tanks.

e.g., The kaibo swabber had failed to leave toilet paper in the porta-potty, which left Alex in an embarrassing situation. | Harriet: Honey, the toilet in the kids' bathroom is stopped up. Me: Oh, no. Well, it looks like we'll have to call the kaibo swabber.

submitted by John E

kained - A sudden blow to the body. (ED. Any connection to David Carradine and Kung Fu? Kwai Chang Kain, of course, would have struck any blow with his bare hands. A blow to the body . . . "upside the head"?)

e.g., I was watchin' this fight when some dude ran up an kained ol' boy upside the head with a ballbat . . . ouch.

submitted by ben soto

kajillion - Large amount; very many.

e.g., I got a kajillion mosquito bites at that party.

submitted by cath - (www)

kajunga - Something huge and really cool.

e.g., That party was kajunga.

submitted by Sky Friend - (www)

kakistophrenia - A word that I coined to more delicately describe crappy thinking. Max King Adelaide, South Australia

e.g., No, it's not a permanent condition -- just temporary kakistophrenia, caused by not having slept more than two or three hours in the last three days.   I was the same way Easter weekend 2009. That beautiful woman walked up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. I didn't even realize she was there. Another missed opportunity for a tête-à-tête with her, the last having come in . . . what? 1959? I can't believe how little I got to see of her Easter weekend, or how little time I got to spend with her. I'll bet I had thought of her every day for the last 15 years, at least. Probably just as well -- if my wife didn't wring my neck, her husband would have.

submitted by [Max King] - (www)

kalashnicough - (Rhymes with a-GOSH-me-doff; n.) 1. A hacking cough which goes on and on like a machine gun, even when you're out of air and you face turns all sorts of distressing colors, and you have to finally pause (you can't stop) long enough to gasp in a desperate breath which you immediately lose in hacking out another full clip; 2. A horrible hacking cough that seemingly cannot be stopped, despite warm drinks, humidifiers, ointments, zinc tablets, suppressants, expectorants, plasters, or whatever---such that it reminds you of the AK 47 description given in Nicolas Cage's "Lord of War": "An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It'll shoot whether it's covered in mud or filled with sand." It'll shoot, in short, no matter what you do to stop it. [From Mikhail Kalashnikov (1919-2013), designer of the AK47 in 1946 & -47, + cough.]

e.g., I was up all night with bronchitis. It was a seriously intense Kalashnicough. I had to sleep in the car so I wouldn't keep everyone awake all night with me.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

kalebescent - Radiating genuine care, loyalty, and selflessness.

e.g., Albert is nice, funny, charming -- in a word, awesome. And, in another word -- kalebescent.

submitted by Lesleigh - (www)

kaleidosthoughts - Random thoughts; varied thoughts.

e.g., The kaleidosthoughts she had been writing were taken differently by her friends, depending on their views.

submitted by beth sorrera - (www)

kali dessert - A favourite pudding in pots of Hin-Dya.

e.g., Kali Dessert combines rice with sweet curry spice, milk, egg, rotus brossom, natural flavour, & secret ingredients.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kalosyna - BEAUTIFUL WITCH ED. kalosyna, I'm going to accept your submittal, even though it violates several of our guidelines. Why? Because I'm in a generous mood and want to make you happy, that's why. Not really. I'm accepting it because «witch» has been my nickname for my wife of many, many years. She is now and will forever remain the one and only witch for me. You may be a beautiful witch, too, but you're a late arrival on the scene. This entry will remain up until late December, when we celebrate our anniversary a month from today.


submitted by kalosyna - (www)

kamasensor - The heart, which is transforming romantic, weak feelings into strong love sentiments.

e.g., Your kamasensor is very sensible.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

kamasutraesque - Anything which is overly sexual. Anything too kinky.

e.g., The erotic pictures on the wall gave the room a kamasutraesque air.

submitted by Jamil-ud-din Akhtar

kamu - Kiss And Make Up, the general term for making amends with someone.

e.g., Nathan and Ryan got into a fight, but they're best friends again now that they've kamu.

submitted by PPM - (www)

kamur - Bore.

e.g., Danny is a big kamur.

submitted by danny

kanchen-junga - (n.) 1. third place (after Kang-chen-junga, the 3rd tallest mountain in the world); 2. bronze (medal) (adj.) 3. of or pertaining to third place; (v.) 4. to achieve third place; 5. to preserve something in bronze.

e.g., "Gold? Silver? or Bronze?" "Kanchen-junga." "Good work, we'll do better next year." | "Wow! That's like, the best lasagna I've ever easten, smelled, or heard of!" "Thank you. Would you like more?" "Yeah! This stuff needs Kanchen---for posterity, you know?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kanderback - A person who agrees to something important enthusiastically, but backtracks at the crucial moment.

e.g., Bob: Are you going to lend us that drumkit then? Bill: Uhh... Well, it's kind of expensive. Bob: You kanderback!

submitted by Nathan Birchenough

kangakaze - A kangaroo that waits until a passing vehicle is guaranteed to hit it before attempting to hop across the road.

e.g., My car was attacked by a kangakaze, causing severe damage.

submitted by Geoff Sorensen

kangakazi - A kangaroo that waits until a passing vehicle is guaranteed to hit it before attempting to hop across the road.

e.g., "My car was attacked by a kangakazi, causing severe damage to the front-end" "Of the kangakazi?"

submitted by Geoff Sorensen

kangarooish - 1. The ability to act, think, or become like a kangaroo. 2. Anything relating to, near or by a kangaroo.

e.g., 1. I bounced around kangarooishly. 2. Hey, that cloud in the sky is lookin' pretty kangarooish.

submitted by danruk

kangatarian - "Someone who chooses not to eat fish or meat except the meat from a kangaroo." | "In early 2010 a number of Antipodean media sources reported that Australia was witnessing the emergence of a new brand of vegetarianism in which people limit their diet to vegetables and kangaroo meat. For those vegetarians who reject meat for ethical and environmental reasons, but do not dislike its taste, it seems that kangatarianism is the answer." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Vine's kangatarian lifestyle choice has rubbed off on her friends, with many of them now eating kangaroo regularly."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kangawallafox - An Aussie animal that is a cross between a kangaroo, a wallaby, and a fox.

e.g., Crikey, Christmas, it's a kangawallafox.

submitted by Annie

kangawallaphaux - A ground dwelling marsupial located in the pilbara region of Western Australia.

e.g., The Kangawallaphaux has been living in the shadows of the commonly known Bilby which has not helped its public awareness.

submitted by casey

kankerdom - The life and culture of low-class trailer trash types. From the Kanker Sisters -- Lee, Marie, and May --on the Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd 'n Eddy," notorious for causing no end of trouble for the Eds -- such as stealing jawbreaker money when the Eds least suspect it.

e.g., When it comes to shopping, Kankerdom would just love the likes of Wal-Mart or Aldi.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

kankle - Where calf goes into ankle.

e.g., "She has a kankle." "Don't we all?"

submitted by Samantha Scharenbrock

kankles - The Bulbus, fatty, disgusitng deposit between the knee and the calf. Normally found on overweight people over 16. "Kalf" and "ankle" = Kankle

e.g., Woah look at her kankles....their huge.

submitted by Pete McMahon

kano - When a girl shoots a guy down, or puts him in the friend zone, she is Kano. From Mortal Kombat, where Kano's finishing move is to rip your heart out.)

e.g., 1. How'd it go with Jenny? 2. She was Kano. Says she just wants to be friends with me.

submitted by David Mershon

kanoodle - To wander, to make your way somewhere.

e.g., I was just kanoodling to school this morning.

submitted by Alex

kanushki - Drat.

e.g., Kanushki! How could anyone be so harsh?

submitted by dani

kanuspa - To do things in a quiet way.

e.g., "Did you have a good night's sleep, darling?" "NO, because you kept me awake kanusparing under the duvet."

submitted by Dave Podmore

kanutched - tangled

e.g., The fishing line was kanutched on the bottom of the boat.

submitted by Chris

kanye - Interrupting the special moment of another or interrupting the speech of someone else

e.g., It is a bad sign for the future of a marriage when the mother-in-law kanyes the best man's toast with a drunken, profanity-laced outburst.

submitted by William Flagg

kapetic - Pathetic.

e.g., Oh, that's just kapetic.

submitted by The Weirdo

kapookies - Missing, hidden, or not working

e.g., My t-shirt has gone kapookies.

submitted by M

kaputnik - Person responsible for breaking/spilling something; an idiot.

e.g., OK - which one of you kaputniks spilled my pint?

submitted by Woesinger

karasate - (car-a-sah-tay) 1. The condition of suffering from frequent suicidal tendencies of increasing strength that go unnoticed by others around you. 2. Slang for a word as yet undefined in any major dictionary.

e.g., 1. Several successful comedians and writers ended their lives prematurely due to their undiagnosed karasate. 2. Shamalandovan is a karasate until it is recognized by Merriam-Webster.

submitted by Andy Pschirrer - (www)

karatesize - Attacking someone in a martial-arts-influenced manner.

e.g., Stand back or I'll be forced to karatesize you.

submitted by Scott Barber - (www)

karazie - Karate for the martial- arts-challenged.

e.g., I don't know karate, but I do know karazie, and I will use it. Yeeeeoooow!

submitted by pogboy

karcherise - To clean a surface "by super-high-pressure sand-blasting or water-blasting that very violently peels away the outer skin of encrusted dirt … even at the risk of damaging what's underneath." Karcherize.

e.g., Why is France burning? But Sarkozy poured verbal kerosene on the flames, dismissing the ghetto youth in the most insulting and racist terms and calling for a policy of repression. "Sarko" made headlines with his declarations that he would "karcherise" the ghettos of "la racaille" -- words the U.S. press, with glaring inadequacy, has translated to mean "clean" the ghettos of "scum." In fact these two words have an infinitely harsher and more insulting flavour in French. "Karcher" is the well-known brand name of a system of cleaning surfaces by super-high-pressure sand-blasting or water-blasting that very violently peels away the outer skin of encrusted dirt - like pigeon-sh*t - even at the risk of damaging whats underneath. To apply this term to young human beings and proffer it as a strategy is a verbally fascist insult and, as a policy proposed by an interior minister, is about as close as one can get to hollering "ethnic cleansing" without actually saying so. It implies raw police power and force used very aggressively, with little regard for human rights. I wonder how many Anglo-American correspondents get the inflammatory, terribly vicious flavour of the word in French? The translation of "karcherise" by "clean" just misses completely the inflammatory violence of what Sarko was really saying. And "racaille" is infinitely more pejorative than "scum" to French-speakers -- it has the flavour of characterising an entire group of people as sub-human, inherently evil, criminal and worthless, and is, in other words, one of the most serious insults one could launch at the rebellious ghetto youth.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

karma bus - The cosmic vehicle that delivers karmic retribution.

e.g., I laughed at that jogger that tripped yesterday; the Karma Bus is coming for me today.

submitted by Vanessa

karma corn - (n.) Great karma: either 1. a great reward for small service, or 2. a great service given out of kindness (often thought of as 'for little reward').

e.g., "All I did was to give him bus fare." "Wow, then this is karma corn!" "You think? a Ferrari!?" || "So, what are you in for?" "My brother robbed a liquor store." "So you helped him rob it?" "No. I just took the rap: he's got two kids and his wife needs him." "Whoa! THAT is some real karma corn."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

karma trip - Comforting someone just for that sheer thrill of benevolence and not actually caring about the person at all.

e.g., A: Look at all those girls around Jenny. B: Yeah, they're karma tripping, taking advantage of the fact she split up with her boyfriend.

submitted by Amphibea

karmabug - A mythical entity that ensures the application of karma. You get what you pay for; you pay for what you get.

e.g., The karmabug'll get you every time.

submitted by jonathan - (www)

karmageddon - It's like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the earth explodes and it's like, a serious bummer. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., Chris is sure to bring about Karmageddon, if nothing else.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

karmageddon - (n.) 1. A situation in which one suffers all the woes "earned" by their actions; 2. ruinous payback.

e.g., "Wow. You have pneumonia, diverticulitis, and a gangrenous leg ... _and_ you've been laid off, robbed, and deported?" "Yeah." "What did you do in a past life? Genocide or something? It's like karmageddon."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

karmatical - Attribute of something influenced by karma.

e.g., He refrained from killing her for karmatical reasons.

submitted by Freyja

karmiculous - A foolish or grossly exaggerated expectation, or explanation, of an event or circumstance based on the notion of karma.

e.g., 1. To assert the war in Iraq is some sort of cosmic payback for the Vietnam War is simply karmiculous. 2. An irrational cause and effect explanation based on fate is not karma, it's karmiculous.

submitted by Gregory L. Neu

karoshi - Working so hard you die of exhaustion.

e.g., I feel sorry for Matt. Worked so hard to make the deadline he had a heart attack. Downright karoshi.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

kashwanky - A combination of conundrum and kibosh. A mysterious ending.

e.g., The man was dead. Someone had put the kashwanky on him.

submitted by Giff Foster

kasidie - In modern "swinging circles" the male bi-sexual in a swinging couple is often times referred to as the "kasidie," a derivation of a name taken from homosexual David Cassidy fans who label their bi-sexual married and closeted friends as "kasidies."

e.g., Sarah brought her kasidie with her to the house party.

submitted by craig

kasihan - A term of false sympathy. From the Indonesian 'kasihan'.

e.g., Ohh, boo hoo didums kasihan! Poor baby! etc

submitted by Joseph

kataleptsis - "The hateful smear, the sneering derision, and the collection of little hatreds, snubs and indignities like pennies in a penny-jar that we hope to redeem for a larger and more satisfying payback some day."

e.g., "But, in adopting either ideal, each of us would do well to avoid descending into kataleptsis: the hateful smear, the sneering derision, and the collection of little hatreds, snubs and indignities like pennies in a penny-jar that we hope to redeem for a larger and more satisfying payback some day."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

katie gun - A figurative weapon used by holding two fingers against one's head and pretending to pull the trigger in a effort to end one's strife. Redheads actually believe this works. Lucky for them they don't know what a real gun is made out of.

e.g., I'm under a lot of stress. So by all means, use a katie gun.

submitted by Katie

katie-bar-the-door - Old phrase used in fights when Katie (the barkeep) would be asked to bolt the door so no one could escape. Used to express not giving up til all the work is done.

e.g., When the crowd saw the fire in Joe's eyes, they knew it was katie-bar-the-door.

submitted by David

kattyangle - "opposite angle to a kittycorner, going from one corner diagnaly to another corner"

e.g., The stream goes kattyangle through my property.

submitted by Keena

katungus - Ass.

e.g., Getting an F in history is a real pain in the katungus.

submitted by M. T. Webster

kauaiian - A resident or native of the island of Kauai, Hawaii. This word has six vowels in a row, yet it is not in any dictionary. One dictionary lists "Kauaian" with five vowels in a row.

e.g., He is a Kauaiian.

submitted by Adrian

kavacuolum - The gap between an oven and a sideboard.

e.g., The fork slipped into the kavacuolum.

submitted by Amos

kaw-tay - Alien species in Star Wars Universe to be Introduced in Episode II

e.g., Tiff here is a Kaw-Tay. Watch out, he bites.

submitted by George Lucas - (www)

kawaii - Japanese for cute. Used excessively by otaku to describe things they find to be cute.

e.g., My Ryo Ohki plushie is so kawaii!

submitted by sinic

kay and a half, a - One and a half kilometres; the distance to anywhere from anywhere else; a long way.

e.g., Where's Christie's Beach? About a kay and a half that way. | How far are we from home? We'd be a good kay and a half, I reckon.

submitted by Damon

kay-poh - Used for people who like to mind other people's business.

e.g., Why u so kay-poh? Mind your own business lah!

submitted by longhair

kaycee - Used when someone has pulled a hoax on a large, unsuspecting crowd. Why a Kaycee? A woman fooled tons of people on the Internet by pretending to be a young girl, Kaycee, who suffered from leukemia. This went on for a long time. Finally, Debbie "killed" Kaycee. People who felt they were Kaycee's friends were really sad, but some of the curious did a bit of digging and found out that Kaycee never existed.

e.g., A "fellow" calling himself GeorgeousGuy hoaxed readers of an online list by "stalking himself" and then posting "sightings." Someone reporting the GeorgeousGuy story posted, "GeorgeousGuy was really a Kaycee."

submitted by Andrea - (www)

kayfabe - An old pro-wrestling term that meant to be quiet, or that something was secret.

e.g., 1) Oh god here comes Jerry! Everybody Kayfabe! 2) Hey man, about the surprise, just keep it kayfabe.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

kaythax - OK Thanks, but in a internet form, also a variation of kthnx.

e.g., Can you please stop the racket?Kaythax.

submitted by Tony

kazaam - Very, very etxremely ridiculously stupid.

e.g., Ernie, that movie was kazaam.

submitted by alex

kazook - Another word for very, very cool.

e.g., Me: We should go put on Cradle of Filth, make nachos and snort coffee. Claire: Kazook.

submitted by tear and orion - (www)

kb'd - Knocked back.

e.g., I tried getting in, but i got kb'd at the door.

submitted by hazel

kbo - Keep Buggering On. Never give up.

e.g., When informed of a military setback, a determined Winston Churchill ordered his staff to "KBO."

submitted by Chris B. - (www)

kcool - To be extremely cool. A variation of cool or kool. Typically said as one word, not in the middle of a sentence or phrase.

e.g., "And I aced the test." "Kcool."

submitted by Desu

kd - Kraft Dinner. It is the name (in either sense) that Canadians use for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

e.g., When I was in college, all I ate was KD. I sure love my Kraft Dinner.

submitted by sassy_sue - (www)

kdh - Kill Devil Hills, NC; this is an abbreviation that absolutely nobody in the area uses, but which appears on signs along Route 12.

e.g., To get to where you're going, turn right when you get to the sign for the KDH Recycling Facility.

submitted by ditnis

kdog - Pulling a Kdog. 1. Being absent for a while without any warning. 2. Doing something incredibly bastardly in a Starcraft game.

e.g., Josh pulled a Kdog when he floated that barracks into the back of that guy's base and douched all his scv's. Josh has been gone for a while, I guess he's pulling a kdog.

submitted by Kory

keanu - An idiot. A simpleton.

e.g., I met this guy last night. He was a keanu.

submitted by Len Peralta - (www)

kebabbery - The study of making Turkish kebabs.

e.g., What a loser job he has, working like a robot in a kebab shop. "Don't judge him, he might have a PhD in kebabbery for all you know."

submitted by David

kechledon - Pastry, or other soft, baked sugar treat. Pronounced with a hard c sound: ke CH ledon.

e.g., Looking into the bakery Jill exlaimed, "Boy, this kechledon looks scrumptious". Can also be used to describe awesomness. "That pizza was kechledon".

submitted by Greg S

keck - Drumming in an unorganized fashion (chiefly in drum and bugle corps). Kecking can take place on any available surface including but not limited to: a drum, a practice pad, a table top, the back of a chair, your own knee, someone else's head, a pot, the floor, a basketball hoop, the ceiling of a bus, the floor of a bus, the bus driver.

e.g., Snares, quit kecking while the horn line tunes.

submitted by Colin Hartnett

kee kee bird - A strange and vocal Arctic bird.

e.g., The Kee Kee bird flies around the North Pole crying, "Kee - Kee - Kee-rist it's cold up here." This is true!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

keeblehoffintoffin - A very good baked potato.

e.g., Mom, this is one nice keeblehoffintoffin.

submitted by pat

keefilicious - Awesome, cool, or groovy.

e.g., Going to that party was a keefilicious idea.

submitted by Keefe

keep the needle to the left - To take things slowly and carefully. From the fact that on most spedometers, any speed below the average speed limit is on the left side of the dial.

e.g., Just so that we don't screw things up so badly we can't go back and fix them, let's keep the needle to the left on this project.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

keeper of the speed - A motorist who makes it her personal mission to drive below the posted speed limit at all times, thereby ruining the commute of those motorists stuck behind

e.g., I would have been here on time, but I got stuck behind a keeper of the speed doing 30 in a 45 zone.

submitted by Turfdigger

keesh - 1. Keesh. To chill out or lounge about lazily generally doing nothing, or to sleep. 2. Keeshy. A tired feeling. 3. Keeshed. Dead, sleeping, or tired.

e.g., 1. There was nothing to do on that particular day, so we just decided to keesh at my house. 2. When we got home late at night we were all feeling keeshy. 3. It was a sad day when my dog keeshed. 4. We decided to keesh at some guy's house, but it was pretty boring and it didn't take long before we were all feeling keeshy and eventually keeshed.

submitted by Derek

keester - To take without appropriate authorization.

e.g., Who keestered my flips (sandals)?

submitted by Tony Cozzolino

keet - 1. A display of aggravation or dislike. 2. The pre-evolved form of a parakeet, native to Russia, that was rather savage and untamable.

e.g., 1. Oh, keet, there's a coffee stain on my new white blouse and my date will be here any second. 2. Hearing the keet's familar cry, the hunter shivered in terror.

submitted by Delta

keff - Used in Sweden as a word describing how strange, bad, or stupid something is.

e.g., SS is really keff.

submitted by slack saer

keffalemp - An imaginary creature | friend you cannot name. (ED. Gralph.)

e.g., Eddie: Do you have any imaginary friends? | Freddie: Yes, a keffalemp.

submitted by Lewis - (www)

keg stand - A way to get drunk fast. It is where the drinker does a handstand on the keg while drinking.

e.g., Will someone hold me up while I do a keg stand? Last time I broke my leg and missed most of the football season.

submitted by Dan

kegerator - A domestic refrigerator that is modifed to chill only kegs of beer.

e.g., To keep lots of beer cold, every bachelor should modify his fridge into a kegerator.

submitted by Barry R. Bowers

kehee - Slang from the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. Literal translation: an uncircumcised boy (circumcision marks adulthood in the Kikuyu culture). Modern meaning like saying a man is a "sniveling little baby," but ten times as bad. Do not use this word in Kenya unless you want to start a fight. Used in America to befuddle your adversary when he says something lame.

e.g., He saw a cop and ran away. But he got caught, started crying, and ratted us out big time. He's nothing but a kehee.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

keirmahndi - A style of footbagging where a person delays the footbag on one's chest and then walks quickly to a person and thrusts his chest forward, thus hitting the other person with the footbag.

e.g., During a game of net, Joe tried to use keirmahndi against Jason, but failed.

submitted by Jeff

kel - An act of affection. Most often done with the thumb or forefinger (though also possible with any other body part). The body part in question is used to massage a usually small section of the body of someone you care about, particularly someone you care about in an intimate way. Usually more discreet than other public displays of affection.

e.g., I want to kel you. He kelled her right in front of us. Stop kelling me, my parents are watching. Hannah loves it when Robert kels her.

submitted by Robert - (www)

keld - The polar opposite of heat.

e.g., A kettle radiates heat, an ice cube radiates keld.

submitted by Cian

kellogulation - What happens to your cornflakes if you leave them in milk for too long.

e.g., Darn, I shouldn't have stayed in the bathroom that long. Now my breakfast had keloggulated.

submitted by kjuw

kelmetics - The study of the nature, structure, and variation of the Arabic word, including syntax, semantics, phonology, phonetics, morphology, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. From Arabic, "kalema."

e.g., The study of Semitic languages empowers the linguist to segue into Kelmetics.

submitted by Ahmed Muhammed Seddik - (www)

kelsay - To kick ass. (ED. Looks as if I let a friend's name slip in: Kelsey.)

e.g., I'll kelsay you to death.

submitted by Arlyn Wade - (www)

kelskinator - (n.) (KEL-skin-ay-ter) The thick layer of heavily cemented white ice crystals that collects at the bottom of a freezer. (Etymology: Kelvinator [brand of fridge or freezer] + skin [crust, layer, covering]).

e.g., Despite Lynn's best cleaning efforts, a couple of crystals from the dense kelskinator in her old fridge clung tenaciously to the surface.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

kempt - Fastidious in grooming or appearance.

e.g., Halle Berry is among the most kempt women at the Academy Awards each year.

submitted by David Duimstra

ken doll - An athletic male, short blonde hair and blue eyes who dresses according to whatever trend is currently surfacing. He is void of personality, plastic in terms of values, and can generally be found driving a large vehicle.

e.g., We're in Newport Beach. All Ken dolls, dammit.

submitted by Nuklehed

kenfort - Upside down dollar sign.

e.g., First, please draw a kenfort on your paper. Next, put your left foot in.

submitted by Mike I.

keniffilin valve - An auto shop version of the economics class word "widgit." A fictional automotive part.

e.g., Imagine how much money GM saves by replacing, say, a metal Keniffilin Valve with a plastic one on all their cars.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

kennedy - A man of loose morals.

e.g., My room mate is cheating on his girlfriend again. He's a kennedy. (Must cheat on exams, too, to be a "total kennedy.")

submitted by /033/

kenneth - "A relic from the 80's metal scene. Long hair, excessive tattoes and an uncanny ability to play air guitar are the identifying characteristics."

e.g., "I went to the concert and the place was full of kenneths. Synonyms: Zinik, Skurik"

submitted by Rick

kenooter valve - The imaginary part of any complicated system--be it technical, mechanical, biological, or sociological--that is causing it to not work properly.

e.g., Hmmm. My computer won't boot; I'll bet the kenooter valve is acting up again. Jane had stomach problems because her kenooter valve was stuck in the closed position.

submitted by beefarino

kenshido - A style of swordfighting that typically requires the use of two swords at once, as well as a few unrelated classes.

e.g., Drizz'l, the dark elf, is a master of the spider style kenshido.

submitted by Archon

kentacohut - One building containing a Holy Trinity of sans hamburger fast food establishments: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

e.g., Jim had a hankering for a sub-par tostada, Bob wanted some deep-fried chicken thighs, and Juarez was craving a greasy slice of cheese pizza. They figured the best option to would be the Kentacohut down the street.

submitted by Mike

kenth - A period of two days.

e.g., 'Twas the kenth before Christmas, and the parents were away, wishing they'd bought presents on Thanksgiving Day.

submitted by Riao Swordflash

kentucky waterfall - A mullet.

e.g., That's one mighty sweet Kentucky Waterfall.

submitted by Justin Pitcher

kenzo - The sound made when you drop a spoon in a bowl of soup.

e.g., Did you hear that kenzo?

submitted by Stosh

kep - 1. Pet name for a male friend. 2. Pet name for a tomboyish female friend.

e.g., Aw, Kep, you shouldn't have brought me lunch.

submitted by Tia - (www)

kep - Affirmative, agreement. Made from the amalgamation of "OK" and "yep."

e.g., Johnny: "Meet you there at 8 then" Sarah: "Kep."

submitted by Nick

kephlegm - This is an old word I first heard used on SNL. It refers to the crusty mess that forms on the top of an old ketchup bottle.

e.g., The top if the ketchup bottle is covered with kephlegm.

submitted by Dave Gibb

kepias - Extremely spicy food.

e.g., I'm so hungry I could even eat kepias all night.

submitted by ringo

keppo - 1. Pet name for a female friend. 2. Insult for an adrogynous male.

e.g., 1. Keppo, c'mon! You've been doing your makeup for an hour. 2. Look what Joe's wearing. Keppo!

submitted by Tia - (www)

kerbloffle - A silly mistake caused by confusion or disorientation. I think it originates from a misunderstanding of the name of The Simpson's character Ms. Crabapple.

e.g., I kerboffled and hung up on my boss.

submitted by charlene mcbride - (www)

kerbopulled - Out of sorts, to be thrown off by something or someone.

e.g., I was kerbopulled by all the work they wanted me to do at one time.

submitted by Kenya Wendt

kerching - Yorkshire slang meaning to punch (and potentialy make unconcious).

e.g., Watch it or you'll get a kerching in your face.

submitted by Aaronb

kerd - Person who is cool and also a nerd.

e.g., You're definitely a kerd, man.

submitted by Jimmy Jam Jam c/- bretty and bek - (www)

kerfluffle - Alternative spelling for "kerfuffle."

e.g., Amazing how the submittal of a word can become a kerfluffle.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

kerflunkled - To be seriously flawed.

e.g., I think my transmission is kerflunkled--because it's smoking.

submitted by patrick ray

kerfuffled - Puzzled, perplexed, confused.

e.g., I'm kerfuffled. I could have sworn I put my keys right here on this table.

submitted by Melanie

kermato - Combination of "Kermit" and "vibratto." A singing voice which strongly resembles that of Kermit the Frog.

e.g., That kid who played the policeman in the musical had a really bad kermato.

submitted by Mike Sacco

kernal - A rare mini-giraffe that lives in northern North Dakota, but has been seen in India and Antarctica.

e.g., Did you just see that little kernal? It was so cute.

submitted by Eric Heinrichs

keroserene - The state of being peaceful while on fire.

e.g., That Barbarian's fire resistance was so high that he was able to stand in a burning pyre and remain keroserene.

submitted by PPM - (www)

kerphlutzed - Confused or overwhelmed.

e.g., Mac: Honey, why did you put the cereal in the refrigerator? Mandy: Oh, it's been a hard week, and I'm all kerphlutzed. I think I have chemo brain again.

submitted by CPowers

kerploppilibbit - Means "Go away," "Leave me alone." Use when pesky little brothers are launching an invasion of your room.

e.g., Brother: Heee Heee Heee! I am in the enemy sister's room! Sister: Kerploppilibbit!

submitted by Katabrain

kerry wounds - Superficial wounds.

e.g., "On the other hand, I have heard some serious chest beating from guys who were only there on the periphery, or maybe got dinged a little -- Kerry wounds, as some might call them."

submitted by HD Fowler

kerrydancers - Those who fervidly supported John F. Kerry in the Presidential election of 2004.

e.g., (From an old Irish song.) Oh, the days of the kerrydancers; Oh, the ring of the piper's tune! (Though "whoever pays the piper calls the tune," the kerrydancers would have had the entire country "pay the Piper," but the Piper would call the tune.)

submitted by Dr. Richard R. Everson

kershmugina - 1. Nonsense phrase in the tradition of the early Batman and Robin--how Robin would never say "Holy cow" but some weird thing. 2. Substitute for a curse word where it's not appropriate, usually in surprise.

e.g., Holy Kershmugina. That's way too much to pay for a candy bar, Batman.

submitted by Sakura Chou

kesseling - (n.) the heavy-handed insertion into a story (usually fan-fiction aka pastiches) of one's own interpretation or explanation of some error, inconsistency, or point of contention in the canon whence the new story is drawn. (from a Star Wars novel which bends over backwards to create a plausible explanation for "the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs" [a parsec being, not a measure of time, but an astronomical unit arising from trigonometry, based upon observed stellar declination and the Earth's distance from the Sun. Twelve parsecs equal a distance of nearly 40 light years].)

e.g., In some Sherlock Holmes pastiches, plot gets suspended while the author airs his personal interpretation of the discrepancy between Watson's Afghanistan wound (shoulder or thigh?), his given name (John or James?), and his marital status (single?, widower?, remarried?). This tends to bore the reader, who is generally interested in a good story, not a canonical debate.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ket - Snack foods or other such food that would be considered to be junk food. Sunderland area colloquialism.

e.g., Steve only ate ket whilst working in his call centre.

submitted by Graham Roberts

ketchagulation - That goopy stuff that forms around the top of a bottle of ketchup.

e.g., You got ketchagulation on your shirtsleeve again.

submitted by GENE WEBER

ketchtardaisse - A digusting mix of three condiments: ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaisse.

e.g., The disgusting little boy loved to eat ketchtardaisse.

submitted by Andrew Mitchell

ketchutney - A food accompaniment, condiment, part ketchup, part chutney, popular in Himalaya mountains and nearby areas, use on yak sandwich, french fry, etc.

e.g., Store shelves almost empty, time to order yet another case of Mahamama Original Ketchutney .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kette - A small cup.

e.g., Is there hot chocolate in that kette?

submitted by Drew

kettle of fishers - A breathtakingly back-biting bunch of belching boat rockers in need of a positive lifestyle change.

e.g., "If it leaks, smells, and has a full head of steam, it's probably a kettle of fishers" replied the deep-thinking picktooth, sultry gigolo, and casual pet-astrologer.

submitted by The Quipping Queen

kevin - (n.) A strip of bacon. [From movie star Kevin Bacon's name, but not capitalized.]

e.g., Hey, can I get a couple of kevins over here? I'm starving.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

kevork - To send to the hereafter with the aid of a morbid technology

e.g., She believes that is the enemy of art, and must be kevorked.

submitted by pudders - (www)

kevvers - An incredibly easy bro to pick on or play pranks on.

e.g., Chris is a kevvers, so it's just to easy to trick him.

submitted by ~andrea~

kew - Personal pronoun. Use by those reared in South Alabama -- and other parts of the South.

e.g., Why, thank kew.

submitted by Jim Tucker - (www)

kewl - Really great and/or excellent.

e.g., When Frank heard about the N'Beens concert tickets his buddies had bought for him, he thought, "Cool."But when he heard they were front row seats, he thought, "Kewl!"

submitted by Jason

kewla - Excellent, groovy, excellenta, good.

e.g., We are going to on holiday tomorrow. Kewla.

submitted by Rubber Ducky - (www)

kewlies - A different way of saying cool.

e.g., Hey, look at this shirt. Oh, kewlies!

submitted by Rachel - (www)

kewlio - Really**4 great.

e.g., The new video game I bought is kewlio.

submitted by ~cW~Sk8ter - (www)

key - "Key is simply a word you use instead of cool, dope, sweet, awesome, etc."

e.g., The new ruler of Neptine is key. he has a key butt!

submitted by caitie

keyard - A greeting card received as a gift and containing cash or a check.

e.g., Was that envelope from Dad a card or a keyard?

submitted by Shannon Whitten

keyboard coward - I invented the term (KC for short) for people that go into various forums online and try to start fights and belittle others. They may use bad language and be very abusive and do this behind the safety of their keyboards. Other people liked it when I used it a few times to describe a few people that do this. It gets their attention and is very effective in reeling them in and helping them learn to be polite to strangers.

e.g., I find your reply to the last poster to be very abusive and consider you to be a keyboard coward because you have said many things online that you would never dare say to someone's face. You are hiding behind your keyboard. Talk to people online as though you are with them in person.

submitted by Rob Northcutt

keyboarditis - Inflammation of the fingers which causes one to switch "i's" and "o's" and sometimes the "u's" when typing.

e.g., "T'wos the nught befire Chrostmas." It's ompossible to read her messages because she is deeply afflicted by keyboarditis.

submitted by Jazzbel - (www)

keybose - As in "verbose using a keyboard."

e.g., It's out of character, I know, but I shall not be keybose with this entry.

submitted by [redjohn48]

keyfess - To confess online.

e.g., I feel so guilty, I need to keyfess.

submitted by judy unk

keyremlins - Evil spirits that inhabit keyboards, causing ytpos and other embarrassing keyboard errors such as disflexia.

e.g., Honest, babe. I meant that I was meeting her at six, not for sex. It was the keyremlins again, I swear.

submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

keyster - To vaudevillians this word meant "suitcase," but the meaning changed to mean one's posterior. I can see why and how it changed, but have never been able to confirm it. (Didn't the vaudevillians spell it "keester" or "keister"?) My friend was 90yrs. old and corrected me on its use and meaning.

e.g., He fell on his keyster. He sat on his keyster.

submitted by dorothy

keystone chatter - Drunk talk.

e.g., "I can't believe Amy's talking about breaking up with Charles." "Not to worry, that's just keystone chatter."

submitted by Ian Dingman - (www)

keytepone - To feel like you really wanna not be at work but you have no choice but to remain there even though you spend most of the day thinking about excuses to leave early.

e.g., John came to work feeling keytepone and desired to be on vacation desperately.

submitted by Jose

kfc - Kentucky Fried Cranium, or what happens when you spend copius amounts of time with a cellular phone glued to your ear.

e.g., Lisa talked to David for 6 hours on her cell last night and ended up with KFC.

submitted by Kate

kfced - Consuming fried faux-chicken instead of natural or healthy food.

e.g., We were too lazy to cook, so we KFCed.

submitted by Saint714

kfg - Kentucky Fried Give ya $10 if you can guess what this is.

e.g., I'm hungry, I'm getting some KFG.

submitted by El $corcho

khaheely - (v.) Rise & shine! (adv.) In the manner of or at the time of a wake up call; (n.) A wake-up call; (adj.) Of or pertaining to wake-up calls. (From the middle-Egyptian khahe 'rise up [like the sun].')

e.g., "Khaheely, everybody ... we're burning daylight!" | "I sleep as deep as the Mariana Trench, man, I'm gonna need some major kaheely if we're really gonna be leaving at 4 a.m." | "Wow! You look great! You been working out?" "Yeah, well, that heart attack was a khaheely; I started working out every day and cut back on carbs."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

khakis - In Boston, the small, metal, toothed items that are used in the ignition of a motor vehicle.

e.g., I need my khakis to staht my cah.

submitted by Paul

khiss - Osculate, osculation.

e.g., As part of their firkytoodling, some snakes have been known to engage in french khissing.

submitted by HD Fowler

ki-ki or kit kat - An abbreviation for kitty cat (used mainly by my family)

e.g., When talking to my cat, I might say,"Where ki-ki ball?"

submitted by Carolyn Loomis

kia ora - To be full of restless excitement, like a kid who has had too much sugary orange drink,

e.g., I like to get my niece kia ora-ed up then leave her parents to put her to bed.

submitted by kandipoppy

kiap - Know It All Pest. Pronounced with a long i and AP as in apple. Used primarily for annoying people who drone on an on about a subject that they know very little about. Can be used for a person who is expert on a subject that nobody cares about.

e.g., John is the biggest baseball KIAP on earth! Won't he ever shut up?

submitted by HKT

kiasu - Translated as "scared of losing." It is used in Singapore English and has its roots in Hokkien, one of the dialects used by the Chinese in Singapore.

e.g., Why are you buying so many textbooks for the upcoming test? You're really kiasu.

submitted by Shaun

kibbed - In shock.

e.g., When his wife stated she was having a baby, Chris was kibbed -- because he knew he was sterile.

submitted by kevin ocallaghan

kibble - Two binary bits, half a nibble, a quarter of a byte.

e.g., To round down to the nearest multiple of four, simply zero out the bottom kibble of the least significant byte.

submitted by Gregory Bloom - (www)

kibblet - The of combining kibbles and bits, (one of each to produce a single kibblet) thru means such as nuclear fusion on a sub-atomic level, gene spicing, and often sutures. A tasty snack for dogs, cats, people, bobcats, hyena, bears, orca, unicorns, badgers, amoebae, fly larvae, platypi, and other small carnivores.

e.g., Dude! I brought a 40 lb. bag of kibblets, enough for everyone for the whole weekend, but the 'coons, cats, and 'possums got into it last night and cleaned us out.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

kibblet - The of combining kibbles and bits, (one of each to produce a single kibblet) thru means such as nuclear fusion on a sub-atomic level, gene spicing, and often sutures. A tasty snack for dogs, cats, people, bobcats, hyena, bears, orca, unicorns, badgers, amoebae, fly larvae, platypi, and other small carnivores.

e.g., Dude! I brought a 40 lb. bag of kibblets, enough for everyone for the whole weekend, but the 'coons, cats, and 'possums got into it last night and cleaned us out.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

kiboshilator - The individual who is putting an end to anything or situation.

e.g., As the kiboshilator, I terminate without preduice.

submitted by Lucy Kruko

kiboze - To search the internet for mentions of your own name.

e.g., He found my post about him in He must have been kibozing.

submitted by geoff - (www)

kick - Much like short for kick ass.

e.g., His new kicks are really kick.

submitted by Emily

kick can - Verb pharase expressing that something is extremely awesome.

e.g., That kicks can.

submitted by - (www)

kick in - To hand over.

e.g., Kick in some dishwasher detergent so I can run the wash.

submitted by dave

kick it - To hang out, or stay somwhere.

e.g., C'mon, let's go kick it at my pad. Don't go kicking it at his pad; it's boring there.

submitted by gabby

kick it (any word) style - To do something in the manner of something, or to resemble something.

e.g., Ed: I was kickin' it vomit style last night. Ted: Well, you shouldn'ta been kickin' it turpentine style, fool.

submitted by Zak

kick it in the ass - Hurry up, move faster.

e.g., Nicky: "OK, I'm almost finished writing my paper." Lauryn: "Kick it in the ass so we can go eat."

submitted by lauryn

kick it through - To express feelings, usually anger.

e.g., I was angry at her for teasing me, but I kicked it through my art and I feel better. | He burned me bad, but it's OK now because I kicked it through my guitar.

submitted by Wilma

kick it up a few notches - Similar to bringing your game up to a whole new level, this phrase indicates increased productivity or expectations.

e.g., Now that I got a job I better kick it up a few notches to stay employed.

submitted by Trevor

kick rocks - To leave or to have someone leave quickly.

e.g., If you eat that third burrito, I'll really have to kick rocks.

submitted by Rachel

kick the brick - To hang out with your friends, usually doing nothing at all, enjoying the good company.

e.g., Wanna kick the brick at my house?

submitted by Kara Peters - (www)

kick-ass - Someone who has submitted a word here.

e.g., Jen kicks ass. I wish I was a kick-ass, too.

submitted by Jen Kowalchuk

kickasserole - Something that is very good; kicks ass.

e.g., The new album by my favorite band is kickasserole.

submitted by kevin leonard

kickassocity - Collective term for abilities involving beating people up while looking cool.

e.g., That kicks in The Matrix had severe kickassocity.

submitted by Todd Yonker

kickassticity - Used to measure ass-kicking ability. A similar word would be elasticity (as in economics). Something has high elasticity if it's flexible. It has high kickassticity if it kicks ass bigtime. (Disclosure. I registered several years ago and one day hope to develop it.)

e.g., That team ranks very high on the kickassticity scale. It has very high kickassticity.

submitted by D.I. - (www)

kickcellent - Combination of "kick-ass" and "excellent" that means "Wow, that is really damned good."

e.g., You got front row tickets to the Metallica concert? Kickcellent.

submitted by Christa R Ansbergs - (www)

kicked her to the curb - To break off a relationship with someone. Usually for a live-together relationship.

e.g., She was a horrible girlfriend, so he kicked her to the curb.

submitted by Jess

kickin' back - "relaxing, derived from laying back in an easy chair. Actually an old expression that I came up with in the '70's"

e.g., I'm just kickin back & enjoying life.

submitted by Gyminee

kicking a can - Down on his or her luck

e.g., Last week, Jen lost her job and her car broke down. She's really kicking a can.

submitted by Larry Price

kicking around - Describes a thing that seems to always be around. You don't have a specific place for it, but you notice it here and there.

e.g., Are you looking for a network interface card? I got one kicking around I can give you. | There's always a few poly dice kicking around here. | Did you notice that autographed baseball that's kicking around here?

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

kicks - Shoes.

e.g., "Check out my new Kicks."

submitted by Sin - (www)

kid your elf - Turn your elf into a kid. A project connected to Santa Claus's use of elves to make toys for children. Someone came up with the idea of turning the elves into kids who would be companions to lonely only childs. See Richard Pryor and Will Ferrell.

e.g., The elves are organizing and starting a Don't Kid Your Elf movement as a backlash to the Kid Your Elf crowd. They think kidding elves is a sign of disrespect for their kind, that it's just a way of holding elves down and keeping them enslaved. Elf liberation doctrine is currently taking hold in elf churches around the country.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kid's meal - In a restaurant, an unreasonably skimpy serving of food, especially when the price justifies a larger serving.

e.g., I said to the waiter at Red Lobster, "I was expecting something more than a kid's meal for $12.99. Can I get a couple more chunks of cod and a baked potato the size of the one in the ad, please?"

submitted by sheila

kiddler - A child between the ages of three and five, no longer a toddler but still acts like one.

e.g., My son is a kiddler -- why won't he grow out of his temper tantrums?

submitted by Marion Ballard - (www)

kiddo - a word for a peer

e.g., Hey kiddo whats up?

submitted by Mal - (www)

kiddow - Similar to widow. A kid whose parent or both parents have died. Origin: Comfort Zone Camp Jr. counselors.

e.g., I'm so glad I went to Comfort Zone Camp so I could meet other kiddows like me.

submitted by Lora, Mai

kiddy cocktail - Any alcoholic drink with an emphasis on sugary elements rather than the taste of the base liquor.

e.g., Waitress: "Ordering three Fuzzy Navels." Response: "Must be kiddy cocktail time."

submitted by RandyRon

kidiot - A group of any number of youths the collective IQ of which is ten points short of that of a moron.

e.g., Those kids hanging out on the corner are kidiots.

submitted by josh

kidlets - A southern slang to describe young children.

e.g., Howdy, kidlets. This is your ol' pal Huckelberry Hound. (HH is the true originator of this word.)

submitted by Mike Laurie

kidnappy - It's a diaper specifically for your young pet goat -- or other unhousebroken dribbling animal, now scented with the freshness of all outdoors.

e.g., I kid you not, kidnappies are a real household saver. No more dastardly mistakes on the carpet or floor.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kidos - Antonym of kudos.

e.g., Her writing became the victim of excessive kidos.

submitted by Paul Barclay - (www)

kids - A term of endearment for one's close group of friends.

e.g., "So, are all the Kids going to be there? What up, Kids?!"

submitted by froggegyrl

kief - A kitchen utensil.

e.g., Henry, would you please pass me that kief.

submitted by frederick anderson

kiel - an intense and powerful love, the love that makes ordinary people do great things. Accent on the 2nd syllable.

e.g., an ordinary-looking girl, but her love was so intense you could see the glow of kiel around her.

submitted by Francesca

kiel - Key-L-A. It is simply a substitute for hello, howdy, 'sup, etc.

e.g., Kiel. How's your day?

submitted by Brandon Milner

kife - Something that is insufficient or unpleasurable.

e.g., "This cereal is kife"

submitted by Lyndsey - (www)

kifed - when something is stolen

e.g., somebody kifed the last doughnut

submitted by hammer

kift - Strange, unusual, different.

e.g., You really have a kift sense of humor -- gluing your grandson's tennies to the closet floor.

submitted by Kim - (www)

kihehen - Kitten. A combination made from "kitty" and "kitten." Pronounced kih-eh-en.

e.g., Oooohh, that's a very pretty kihehen you've brought for me to play with. Thank you very much.

submitted by David Forquer - (www)

kikiphalzfrumflorundayaphobia - The chronic fear of falling through the floor beneath you into the unknown.

e.g., Conrad often ran across his friends' kitchen floor to ease his kikiphalzfrumflorundayaphobia.

submitted by Andy Pschirrer

kill switch blues - A form of depression brought on by leaving factory work where a "kill switch" can be pushed by any employee to either stop a person from losing a limb or shut down production because the product is not "uniform."

e.g., Got to regulate things myself these days since I became a painter. Sometimes missin' the old days of fact'ry life. No more spring-horses, no more fence posts, no more trailer roofs,....... think I got the kill switch blues.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

kill the noise - Be quiet.

e.g., Kill the noise. I'm trying to sleep.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

kill the rabbit - To tell a joke or funny story unsuccessfully. Typically followed by an awkward, confused silence where your listeners are embarrassed for you.

e.g., Katie tried to relate the spaghetti incident, but no one laughed cause she killed the rabbit.

submitted by Mandy - (www)

killegal aliens - Illegal aliens who end up becoming murderers.

e.g., Unfortunately, there've been too many killegal aliens in the news this summer.

submitted by killegal aliens,

killer - Particularly vibrant and exciting.

e.g., That chess game was killer. I was sweating.

submitted by Sawyer

killer whale - The moan of a condemned murderer on death row.

e.g., The execution chamber attendant hated those killer whales.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

killerly - An adverb that is a more extreme version of "extremely" or "very."

e.g., Did you put half the bottle of perfume on? It's killerly strong. Or... Hey, congrats on the race. Your car is killerly fast.

submitted by Aurora

killin' the devil - "Nothing much," used when someone asks you, "What's up?"

e.g., "What's up?" "Nothing much, just killin' the devil."

submitted by Noelle

killion - Another word for the number 1000. Harmonizes the name of the number with million, billion, trillion, etc. The "k" comes from "kilo."

e.g., The last ice age peaked about 20 killion years ago.

submitted by David Hamric - (www)

killitwithastick - Aggressive response to anything that is causing frustration or is just plain not working.

e.g., This stupid server's booted me five times already. Killitwithastick.

submitted by Eveline - (www)

kilobaht - A one thousand Thai Baht note. Alternatively, just 1000 baht.

e.g., A good hotel in Bangkok will run you about a kilobaht per night

submitted by Hal Colombo

kilostupid - A unit of measurement. Used to measure utterly moronic actions.

e.g., ::A man is kicked by a buffalo while going for a closeup camera shot:: "That was about eight kilostupids moronic, Chris. Wanta try again?"

submitted by Bob Nefarious

kim luk-y day - Used by Dr. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce from the television series _M.A.S.H._. when he was treating Korean villagers and every one of the men was named Kim Luk. After several men announced that was their name, he remarked, "This must be my Kim Luk-y day!" It means exactly the same thing as lucky.

e.g., David, you just got a parking spot right next to the mall. This must be your Kim Luk-y day.

submitted by David Weathers - (www)

kimplan - A plan for future get-togethers, made in convincing sincerity, but that never seems to be realized. {ED. We assume Lis's pseudo-friend Kim isn't very good at follow-through. How did we let this sneak in?}

e.g., We were supposed to be going for drinks last Saturday, but it turned out to be a kimplan.

submitted by Lis

kina - kind of

e.g., yea me kina busy..

submitted by jerk

kind of - can be used as one word meaning not yes not no...but maybe, sort of, or not really...being very unsure

e.g., I kind of like apples.

submitted by arisha

kinda - "meaning "kind of".somewhat, not entirely"

e.g., That girl wasn't gorgeous but she was kinda good-looking.

submitted by Josh

kinda - Since "kind of" is an idiomatic adverb that is usually pronounced "kinda," I think it's about time for us to recognize "kinda" as a word.

e.g., I don't know about you, but I'm kinda ready for that language change to take place.

submitted by HD Fowler

kindergarten nap head - Hair that has been particularly mussed up during sleep. Reference to little kids hair after they wake up from naps.

e.g., John woke up with a severe case of kindergarten nap head after falling asleep in the library. We all laughed.

submitted by barb laff

kindergoth - Referring to the Hot Topic wearing 12 to 14 year olds that call themselves gothic.

e.g., Look at those kindergoths, its like a walking ad for Hot Topic.

submitted by Lindsey

kindernetzi - One who believes in and advocates the notion that all public net content should be "family friendly." Specifically, one who believes that the realities of sex and drugs need to be kept hidden from kids for as long as possible.

e.g., 1. When content submitted by users to a site like H2G2 is censored by the kindernetzi, it's a disservice to the free flow of infotainment. 2. This site must be being run by kindernetzi. (ED. You bet it is. We pay the bills and we'll do as we goddamned well please . . . asshole.)

submitted by monde - (www)

kindred idiocracy - Kindred: A group of related persons. Idiocracy: Being really stupid. Kindred idiocracy being a mixture of the two, usually a large group of people believing stupid crap.

e.g., "I keep getting dumb forwards about getting my Hotmail account frozen. I'm getting it from every moron on my list." "Yeah, it's kindred idiocracy."

submitted by Ziggy

kinetic - Adjective, usually describing an entertainment or social event that is high-energy, extremely stimulating, and spontaneous.

e.g., P-Diddy's kinetic party on South Beach lasted until six in the morning.

submitted by scott

kineticoinsomniasm - The way the mind continues to scribble through the seconds of the night individually so as to mill about in an endless profusion of ridiculi-reasonable thoughts and semi-coherent somewhat worthwhile ideas.

e.g., Steve doesn't sleep well due to his kineticoinsomniasm.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

kinetihectic - Descriptive of one of those bad days, weeks, months, years or lifetimes when after several unfortunate occurrences have bludgeoned you repeatedly and you think relief must soon be on the way, you're clobbered again, and again, and again . . . so much so that bad news gains enough momentum you can no longer stop it. It just has to run its course.

e.g., After the head gasket went out in the work van and I shelled out nearly three grand, we figured we were good for a while and indebted ourselves for another vehicle several thousand hoping to sell our extra truck. Of course the van broke down again needing a new engine block, and we had to keep the truck to work out of while the van rusts on the street, and we now have to make a note on the new vehicle we were gonna pay off with the money from selling the truck, and there's not enough room to work out of it, and my wife got sick, and now I'm sick and we can't pay our bill . . . it's been kinetihectic.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

kinetiquette - Kin-etiquette. Unnoticed risque mannerism at a family reunion

e.g., George's cousin Fran did little to hide the fact that she was tongue kissing him good-bye. No kinetiquette whatssoever.

submitted by brian

king brown - Australian: Full sized bottle of beer, and full strength. 750ml.

e.g., I reckon half a dozen king browns will see me through.

submitted by mick

king fecalis - The opposite of King Midas, everything King Fecalis touches turns to feces.

e.g., Don't let Robert near the servers, he's King Fecalis.

submitted by nitag - (www)

king harry - (proper name) (King HAIR-ee) Euphemism or casual reference for Jesus. (Etymology: From the expression "king of kings" and a mishearing of the lord's prayer as "Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold [hallowed] be thy name.")

e.g., King Harry is the one to pray to when things get rough.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

king, kang, kung, kong - (v. and principle parts) As with sing~sang~sung~song, infinitive~preterite~passive participle~noun, I have devised the_king_ paradigm: to king (infinitive): rule a country or double stack a checker; kang (instead of kinged), ruled a country or stacked a checker piece atop another; kung, to have ruled or stacked; and of course kong, a king's reign or any act of kingcraft, and, of course, a double-stacked checker piece.

e.g., "How long do you think Queen Elizabeth will keep kinging?" "Dunno, she comes from a long-lived family. King me." "Another?! Okay, you're kung. How long did her father kang?" "Dunno, I don't study kongs. King me." "Again?! You're kung." | You sing a song; you king a kong; so why can I not wring a wrong?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

king, prince - Musical jargon. The major key of a tune. A major is "King Alfred," B major "King Bob," C "King Charles," D "King David," E "King Edward," and G "King George." Minor keys are princes.

e.g., The next tune is a reel in King Alfred, going to King David in the B part.

submitted by The Nettles - (www)

kinger - A 24-ounce can of non-imported beer. A tallboy.

e.g., Mike, pass me one of them kingers, will ya'?

submitted by D. E. "Dolly" Higgins

kinidomancy - (kuh-'nee-doe-man-see; n.) 1. divination by means of game results; 2. the practice of trying to determine future events through the outcome of a game or games. kinidomantic (n.) one who practices or believes in kinidomancy. [from the Greek kinido 'game' + mancia 'divination.']

e.g., I once knew a boy who honestly believed that if he ever witnessed a safety (a two-point loss in American football resulting from the ball is downed in the goal zone of the possessing team), he would die the same night. He saw a safety, years later, but he didn't die. | Some kinidomantics believe their fortunes rise and fall in keeping with the ups and downs of a game.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kiniptions - Being so surprised and shocked as to be panicked.

e.g., She had kiniptions at the examination results being so low.

submitted by Matiria - (www)

kinistra - A sort of dance when you act a bit primitive or like one of the lesser apes.

e.g., As the sound of jungle drums echoed and beat, Tom and Jane started a slow kinistra.

submitted by werdnerd

kinkade - To convert a mass-produced image into an "original" work by the application of an infinitesimal amount of pigment.

e.g., You could sell these photocopied homemade comics for a lot more -- just hire a few dozen people to kinkade 'em for you.

submitted by Jay Nickola - (www)

kinkalicious - "Kinky," but also implying that the object looks good enough to eat and would taste delicious.

e.g., 1. My, my, "Amy." You look kinkalicious in that dress. 2. Kinkalicious! (In response to something you didn't hear but probably should have paid attention to.)

submitted by Amy

kinked - Refering to a sexual situation or conversation; used to express feelings of how the topic is kinky

e.g., "That boy is kinked!" she exclaimed.

submitted by Erica

kinkle - One whose snout has been in a snuff-box far too long for his own good.

e.g., To everyone's surprise, the kinkle, with his nose slightly out of joint, was obliged to decline a "happy hour" invitation from his fellow carpet knights in favor of a secret rendezvous with a voluptuous platter of ladyfingers.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

kinkling temperature - In chemistry, "kindling temperature" is the temperature at which something will ignite. In foreplay or sexual activity, when "kinkling temperature" is reached, your partner is willing to do something kinky.

e.g., Merrie, what makes you hot? I'd like to do something different, maybe kinky. What would it take for you to reach your kinkling temperature?

submitted by HD Fowler

kinky twinky - The cream's on the outside, not in the middle. By extension, don't use your fingers, get forked. Neat and clean is the ticket.

e.g., I've been a twinky man all my born days. Mom put them in my lunch pail, but kinky twinkies beat all get out. Messy, but moisturizing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kinnanotreally - When you're so tired, bored, or otherwise not there to say a few logical words such as "I don't know." "Kind of," "Kinda," or "Not really." Save yourself a few syllables and effort by saying kinnanotreally. Pronounced kii-nah-not-real-lee.

e.g., Jeff: You all right, man? You look really tired. Stewie: Kinnanotreally.

submitted by UberNauf - (www)

kinnokami - Basically, a person who is really cool. English arrangement of the Japanese words meaning "Golden God."

e.g., My favorite celebrities are kinokamies.

submitted by The S - (www)

kinstirpation - A painful inability to move relatives who come to visit. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., You may feel kinstirpated now, but there'll come a day when you wish you still had living relatives to come visit you.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

kip - A short sleep, like a nap.

e.g., I'm stuffed, so I'm going to have a kip.

submitted by Tova

kipi ka popo - A cross between a dog and a cat.

e.g., Oh, Mummy, look at the kipi ka popo. Isn't it cute?

submitted by lid

kipple - Coined by the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. It refers to the sinister type of rubbish that simply builds up without any human intervention.

e.g., Look at the all the kipple in this place. | Kipple breeds kipple.

submitted by Mark - (www)

kiribati - (pronounced ki-ri-bas, like the country) (n.) as far to the right (i.e., as reactionary) as you can or will go. (Caroline Island, the easternmost point of the nation of Kiribati, is also the easternmost point (if there can be such a thing) on the planet, since it's as far east (to the right, facing north) as you can get without crossing the Date Line. Kiribati thus owns the first part of the world to see "tomorrow.")

e.g., “I want to be safe from terrorists, sure; I just worry that the Patriot Act may cause more harm than good -- it feels all the way out to kiribati, know what I mean?”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kirk - 1. To speak pompously and for effect, especially if that effect is lost on everyone but the speaker. 2. to pause at odd intervals while speaking. Also "kirked," "kirking." For the fictitiously loquacious captain of the same name.

e.g., Don't . . . interrupt me when . . . I'm . . . trying to . . .speak," he kirked.

submitted by Seam

kirker - Noun form of the verb "to kirk." One who speaks pompously for effect or pauses in speech at counter-intuitive intervals.

e.g., My old boss was a kirker, so we couldn't even tell when to nod when we tried to pretend that we understood him.

submitted by Seam

kirking - To speak... in... a halting manner.

e.g., As long as...I'm...captain of this ship,'ll...listen to me.

submitted by cJw

kirkir - Some shady happenings, something that one would push under the carpet.

e.g., Rohit is always talking about Geetha, I guess there is some kirkir between them.

submitted by Sathya

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