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jinglish - A person born in England of Jamaican decent.

e.g., Thorald: Are you Jamaican? Peta-Gae: No, I'm actually Jinglish.

submitted by Donna Ruddock

jingophobia - A morbid fear of ostentatious displays of patriotism.

e.g., He had a jingophobic reaction to the President's speech.

submitted by philipo

jings - An exclamation of surprise. Originates from Oor Wullie as chronicled in the Sunday Post (Uk)

e.g., Jings, would you look at the size of that.

submitted by Simon - (www)

jings! - Scottish expression of surprise.

e.g., Jings! It's you again!

submitted by Adam Leslie

jinky - Expression of suprise--like wow, geez, dang.

e.g., Big Scary Monster: Boo! You: Jinky!

submitted by Shaleway

jipes - Combination of old classics "jeepers!" and "yikes!" updated for today's modern world. Best used followed by an exclamation mark and accompanied with a gasp.

e.g., Judy: The Taliban have declared war on Australia. Jane: Jipes!

submitted by Bonnie - (www)

jipp - a term for sayin you got ripped off or a bad deal

e.g., Man that cabbie jipped me for 5 bucks

submitted by ChemicalB

jipped - Variant of gypped. Tricked, conned, mis-informed.

e.g., I've been jipped.

submitted by Yalcin Adal

jiraw - Sounds like Ira. Being so extremely tired that your jaw tires of holding the weight of your mouth up. Usually indicated by a slack-jawed look and a tounge sticking out.

e.g., I hadn't slept in 3 days. I was jiraw.

submitted by lauryn

jirkus - A situation which can be compared to a circus full of performing jerks.

e.g., Jane: Let's go hang out at Jerry's place. Algernon: I don't want to go to Jerry's. It's a jirkus.

submitted by that_baby_ate_my_dingo - (www)

jit - A fault in an audio file. A popping sound in an edited wav or mp3. The noise caused by corruption in mp3s. Also known as a jitting.

e.g., You might hear a slight jit near the edit on this song. | I'm glad that jitting didn't transfer to the CD.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

jit - Started as a typo of "it," now used when one is mad at another.

e.g., John was acting like a jit.

submitted by Anna Verhagen

jitty - A pathway that goes between two houses and joins two roads. Tends to be used as a shortcut between the two roads. Similar to an alley, but predominantly residential.

e.g., Take the jitty - -it's quicker than going around.

submitted by dekoi

jive turkey - One who sees herself as much cooler than she actually is. Often used as an insult. Or just calling someone crazy.

e.g., Did you see what he was wearing. He's a jive turkey. Hey, jive turkey, nice move.

submitted by Tanner & Jason

jiz-tasta-mablasta-ma-rang - Means that nothing on this earth could possibly compare to this item, or sensation, or person...etc.

e.g., WHOA! that was jiz-tasta-mablasta-ma-rang! Do it again!

submitted by Dean

jizmoglobin - An unidentified liquid substance that appears to have organic as well as possible alien or arcane properties.

e.g., What's that crazy blue glowing slime stuff on your hand? Ewww, jizmoglobin.

submitted by Brian McNeal

jizz - Word that can be used to describe any emotion.

e.g., I'm feeling quited jizzed at the moment.

submitted by john

jizzlez - A word that's short for "goodbye." Used on IRC chat rooms.

e.g., See ya on my e-mail. Jizzlez.

submitted by star651

jjeherificated - Jeherificated means jacked-pp, or is similar to that.

e.g., Bob: Wow, Tim, your spoon is huge. Tim: Yes, it's been jeherificated.

submitted by Emma

jlngewonym - Words that make no sense to anyone reading them.

e.g., The student got an F on the essay because he used too many jlngewonyms and the essay didn't make any sense.

submitted by Megan Wirth

joan-of-barf - A female much given to throwing up.

e.g., Joan-of-Barf, I knew her well poor thing, she may have been anorexic and or bulemic.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

job - When someone in boxing, or wrestling intentionally loses a match.

e.g., Hey Franky I want you do a job tonight and throw the fight.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

jobacle - An unfortunate situation.

e.g., He tripped and fell down the stairs--it was quite a jobacle.

submitted by topherchick

jobber - Someone who has a low level of skill in a given area.

e.g., That jobber just dropped a perfect pass.

submitted by James Lambert

jobber - In boxing or wrestling, someone who has a reputation for intetnionally losing fights.

e.g., Oh you don't want to go up against that Franky guy he's a stone cold jobber, it'll ruin your reputation.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

jobbernowl - Not a neologism, but a good word nonetheless. Michael Quinion sends out a weekly newsletter; this cool word was in the 20 July 2002 edition. To subscribe, click on the first link. If you're a word lover, you're unlikely to regret doing so.  

© Michael Quinion -- Jobbernowl A stupid person, a blockhead.

e.g., Only a jobbernowl would quote from Michael Quinion's newsletter without either reproducing the copyright notice or providing a link to Mr. Quinion's site.  
… and the paragraph granting permission to reproduce . . . and also getting prior permission for quoting online on a web page. Wonder if anyone's ever screwed up on that one?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jobbery - This is a real word I had never heard before having it turn up last week in Anu Garg's A.Word.A.Day mailing. It's a noun meaning "he use of a public office for private gain." I'll use his example -- and perhaps come back later to add more. {Duplicate.}


  • "Scandals about cronyism, jobbery, and the overzealous advancement of party advantage caused deep and lasting damage." Liam Fay; Independent TDs are Losing Their Way in a Fog of Self-Importance; Irish Independent (Dublin); Jan 17, 2015.

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...

submitted by [Anu Garg] - (www)

jobbie - Used for something you can't remember a name for. Can mean anything you want it to.

e.g., Can you place that jobbie right over there?

submitted by cc

jobbism - The prejudicial attitude that supposes that just because a person is dressed a certain way -- e.g. a uniform -- or even actually has a certain job, that they will perform certain duties.

e.g., Officer Jones was upset that the citizens expected him to stop the purse snatcher. He complained that he was a victim of jobbism.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

jobby - A pastime that yields some money, as to augment a primary income or constitute a modest one.

e.g., She works full-time at Domino's. Painting window screens is just her jobby.

submitted by Douglas Balog

jobbyist - One whose primary employ is a jobby.

e.g., He doesn't have a boss, because he's a jobbyist.

submitted by Douglas Balog

jobfuscation - A pretentious or embellished job title or description used to enhance a resume or impress people.

e.g., A garbage collector referring to himself as a sanitation engineer is a classic example of jobfuscation.

submitted by Nonesuch

jobsworth - Annoyingly petty or officious employee. Someone who'll follow a procedure or protocol with zero tolerance for mitigating factors. From common phrases such as "I can't just let you do that. It's more than my job's worth."

e.g., That call-centre guy Chris was a jobsworth. I couldn't remember my password, and he just wouldn't pull up my account no matter what else I could tell him.

submitted by stephfox - (www)

jock - Derogatory term for a (usually excessively narrow-minded) male athlete. Term is derived from the athletic supporter (or jock strap) which is required wear for men in most physical sports.

e.g., He's such a jock that if it weren't for sports he wouldn't even go to school.

submitted by Bicycle Bill

jock be nimple - A dialect form of a popular kids' rhyme, "Jack be nimble. . . ."

e.g., Jock be nimple, jock be qvick, Jock chumping ofer duh candied shtick.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jock blocking - When somebody is completly acting like someone else's shadow and not leaving that person alone.

e.g., I was trying to talk to Daenelle yesterday, but Janysha was jock blocking her.

submitted by Reese Poe

jock school - It seems like back in the 1940s this meant "play hooky" or "ditch school." There is a somewhat similar phrase used elsewhere meaning the same thing: "jig school."

e.g., I'll be in detention Saturdays for the next month for jocking school.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jocker - A really bad situation.

e.g., I'm in a bit of a jocker here. I'm a week late on the rent and payday's not till Friday.

submitted by Ste Mc Cormack - (www)

jockfrost - Condition brought about from driving with a cold drink between your legs. Results in one very chilly nether area.

e.g., This Mt. Dew gave me a bad case of jockfrost on the way over here.

submitted by Nate

jockney - A Scotsman who has lived in London for a long time.

e.g., Billy came to London from Glasgow in the seventies; by the nineties, he was a genuine jockney.

submitted by Colin Agnew

jocks - Underwear.

e.g., My jocks were so loose that I had to wear suspenders to hold them up.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

jockular - To behave in a brutish fashion. A little more macho than one would desire.

e.g., Chris is way too jockular. He's always mauling girls in the cafeteria.

submitted by Kevin Jones

joculation - Being in a state of jocularity.

e.g., I couldn't find an appropriate animated gif to express my extreme joculation.

submitted by GOOR.

jocuronomous - Utterly ridiculous and unbelieveable.

e.g., My 300-pound cousin's claim to the figure skating championship of any arena is jocuronomous.

submitted by Supa3

jod - An alternative word for "job," but meaning the activities of one certain mistress of pain.

e.g., I'm going to get myself a jod. I need money.

submitted by Kate S Simmons

jodas - (n.) (JOE-duss) A person who, at first, appears to show support and encouragement for a plan or concept (usually an idealistic one invented by a child), but subsequently goes on to suddenly betray it, dismissing it all as an elaborate activity or joke. (Etymology: Latin jocus [joke] + Judas [Biblical figure, used as a synonym for traitor]).

e.g., Lucy remembers her parents as having been terrible jodases. Whenever she proposed to do something like build a deck on the roof, buy her own TV, or fly across the country alone to spend a week with her grandparents, she says, "It would always just get so far and then they would be all like, 'Not really, right, Lucy?'. It got SO annoying."

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

jodies - Cadence calls, in the military.

Military cadences, from Wikipedia In the armed services, a military boner or cadence call is a traditional call-and-response work song sung by military personnel while running or marching. In the United States, these cadences are sometimes called jody calls or jodies, after Jody, a recurring character who figures in some traditional cadences. . . .

e.g., What's your favorite jody, Sergeant Hamm?

submitted by HD Fowler

jody - When you're in the Army, Jody is that no-good, civilian son-of-a-gun back home, who's driving your car and sleeping with your girlfriend. Your dog is wagging its tail and licking his hand. He's got your job and is making your wage, while you're getting paid peanuts ($21 a month, when Jody first appeared). While you eat K-rations and sleep on a hard bunk, Jody is living a life of luxury and dining at the finest restaurants. No matter where you live, Jody is always there and taking the best of what was yours. A verse from a well-known Army cadence-chant is, "Ain't no use in feelin' blue, Jody's got your girlfriend, too."

e.g., Jody, if you're reading this, I'm gonna get you some day!

submitted by Steve McDonald

joe - A fat belly. Sometimes used for a person where everything else is relatively thin. Comes from mother kangaroos who carry a baby joey in their stomach pouch.

e.g., Harold's joe is getting bigger.

submitted by badhairdos

joe boo - any dim witted person or groups of such people

e.g., Quantum Physics isn't something just any Joe boo is going to understand. Check out Joe Boo over there trying to change his tire with a toothpick.

submitted by Monkeyboy

joe default - The words, "stop mimicking me." Said in response to the mimmicking used to aggravate a person just for the sake of it.

e.g., Since my early teenage years I've not heard the Joe default, primarily because I'm not as big a jerk as I was then.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

joe torre's pumpkin bag - An invisible part of the human brain where all absolutely ridiculous, perfectly nonsensical, and blatantly untrue statements are stored before being spoken.

e.g., Matt: I met Laetitia Casta at a club last night. She took me home and we got it on with her sister. Did you know she had Down’s Syndrome? Then we ate a bag of spiders. It was awesome. Jon: Yeah, right. Right out of Joe Torre's pumpkin bag.

submitted by Chicken Pickles

joejob - Originally a deception undertaken by someone named Joe; however, the word is now receiving more common usage for all deceptions. Joejobbed: To be deceived by someone named Joe.  

Oswald Glinkmeyer | A joe job is often a revenge tactic. Spammer uses anti-spammer's domain as web site or return address, causing many people to complain to anti-spammer's host/ISP about spamming.  Other times, it's not revenge, but merely an innocent bystander in that the spammer picked a domain actually owned by someone else to put in the Reply-To or From line of an e-mail, still causing headaches for the innocent victim. When spammers forge headers, it can be with disastrous consequences.  See for details. is the origin of the term "joe job."

e.g., Let's charge her for a new Pentium but sell her a 286. She'll never know she was joejobbed.  

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SPAM SNIPURL and SNURL do not spam. If you have problems with URLs from our website being "joe jobbed" in spam e-mails that you receive, please let us know. We immediately disable such snipURLs and delete the users (or ban the IPs) that snipped these URLs. Please take a moment to read what SnipURL is. Thanks for your cooperation!

submitted by Chris | HD Fowler - (www)

joey - A pretty girl.

e.g., That Samantha sure is a joey.

submitted by Craig Duckett - (www)

jogsterbate - While running or jogging, to continue running in place while waiting for the light to change.

e.g., Oh, no, the light changed. I better jogsterbate until the light changes back, lest my flabby thighs start to coagulate.

submitted by Tripdog

john - A female prostitute's male customer. Well-known slang. Example taken from linked site.

e.g., "A police sting took an odd turn when an officer pretending to be a john met a suspected prostitute pretending to be an officer."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

john blaze - To leave with great speed and urgency. Usually used when one has forgotten an important appointment or date.

e.g., Sweet mother Mary, look at the time! I need to John Blaze if I'm going to make it in time to see Shep.

submitted by Nathan Hopper

john deere - To cut someone's grass, steal someone's girlfriend.

e.g., That john deere's taking my girl out tonight.

submitted by John Wang

john woo moment - Dangerous situation where everything seems to move in slow motion. Seconds seem to last 10s of seconds.

e.g., I had a John Woo moment as the car spun out of control.

submitted by Henry Chan - (www)

john's cabin - A site that has duplicated PseudoDictionary content for years now without once giving credit for where the content came from.

If you have a suggestion for how John's Cabin should be described (or defined, if you will), please submit a duplicate entry with your definition and example.

Maybe you live in John's neighborhood and could drop by to tell him that what he's been doing doesn't particularly seem to be intellectually honest. If you do, please tell him HD and I said hello. (Maybe a fax or a few might be a better way to get his attention? Who knows. No efforts have borne fruit so far.)

It's easy enough to find other sites that have plagiarized PseudoDictionary content. All you have to do is Google «jabitzer DeWayne». We really don't mind if a site uses a few of our entries, even if they don't give us credit. It's the sites that duplicate our content in its entirety and pass it off as their own that's bothersome. We don't make much of a fuss about it -- because our content comes primarily from our contributors and not from our own fertile minds. If you stumble across a site that goes beyond fair use in using our (yours and ours) copyrighted material, you can get in touch with HD (not through the About page.

e.g., Registrant Contact
Organization: JOHN'S CABIN
Mailing Address: 1540 IOWA AVE E, SAINT PAUL MN 55106 US
Phone: +1.6517717148
Fax: 651-771-7703

submitted by Lillith Gordonna Bennett - (www)

johnandyoko - When two people are so in love that you'd think that they are one person. This is how John Lennon and Yoko Ono were.

e.g., Jesus, Sally and Jon have spent the last two months each not letting the other out of sight. It's full johnandyoko, y'know?

submitted by orion - (www)

johnny - Youth allowance payments for university students. All welfare payments to needy students are said to be courtesy of johnny -- John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia.

e.g., Adam. Got any coin to go to the casino with? Ryan. Yep, johnny came in yesterday, you beauty.

submitted by grilla

johnny - "A loose short-sleeved gown opening in the back, worn by patients undergoing medical treatment or examination."

e.g., Know anyone who likes to wear johnnies? I hate them.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

johnny cashew - Someone who is a rabid fan of classic country music, especially Johnny Cash and his contemporaries. Implies that one is "nuts" about Johnny Cash. Especially applicable to punk rock kids who love Mr. Cash.

e.g., Josh just bought Live at Folsom Prison on vinyl. He's a Johnny Cashew.

submitted by k8

johnny cashier - A person who works temporarily at a shopping mall until his country-music career starts to take off.

e.g., You better honky-tonk a little more, or you're gonna be a Johnny Cashier for the rest of your life.

submitted by Kristian Flodin

johnny no-stars - Someone of low intellectual prowess. The person who wears the name tag at McDonald's but has no stars on it yet. Not allowed anywhere near the fries, let alone the customers. (The sort of person who would write "the the name tag" or, in an example, would confuse the non-existent "allright" with "all right" or the nonstandard "alright.") | Johnny-no-stars: A man of substandard intelligence -- i.e., the typical adolescent who works in a burger bar. The "no-stars" comes from the badges displaying stars the staff at fast-food restaurants wear which show their level of training.

e.g., "Adam's dimly aware of his own existence." "Yeah, he's Johnny no-stars." | Did you see what Johnny-no-stars did on the last calculus test? How did he get in the class?

submitted by Adam | icink

johnny po-po - Pronounced as in Edgar Allen Poe. Also, just Po-po. A policeman. Suzie Po-po is a police woman.

e.g., You'd better stop speeding. Johnny Po-po is waiting around this curve.

submitted by Supa3

johnnyblazed - Dressed up and lookin' good.

e.g., Los was all johnnyblazed Saturday night at the club.

submitted by andrew rowe

joho - Jehovah's Witness. Not necessarily pejorative.

e.g., So I'm in my grungies, working in my flower garden, and these two Johos walk up. I say, sure it's okay to talk to me, but I'm just going to keep on working. They did. I did. They left in a few minutes. No need to make a big issue about these things. Just take their little pamphlets and let them go about their business. They're just trying to save souls. But don't ever let one set foot in your house.

submitted by Matthew Bin

join the club - "Me too." Used used when referring to something negative. Best if spoken in a semi-sarcastic tone.

e.g., A. I'm so tired today. B. Join the club.

submitted by David

join the cult - For persuading someone to do something.

e.g., Go to class and join the cult.

submitted by dan

joint board - 1. A plank on which mortises are displayed. 2. The organization charged with examining comlaints of tenonitis.

e.g., The Joint Board met to consider the case of a rigor whose mortises had stiffened and were on display on the joint board

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

joint disease - A disease involving two people, where each has half of the symptoms.

e.g., Doris and Manny suffered from Joint Disease. Doris had very intense vertigo and Manny had the very weak legs which go along with it.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

joinx - Blend of joint and jinx. The coincidence in an instant message or chat session when two participants type the same words or same meaning at the same time, each without knowing what the other is typing and about to send. Coined by Jennifer Syme.

e.g., J: I saw Brambles in the store the other day. O: He's a narcolept. J: He was falling asleep right at the checkout stand. O: Joinx. J: I know. Stop doing that.

submitted by Ordinant

jojojinkinjamer - You, your.

e.g., Let's go to jojojinkinjamer's house.

submitted by mike costa

joke - A sequence of repeated motions or moves used by a player in a video game, that in the right circumstances will always yield similar, successful results.

e.g., John had an easy time beating the first level of Arknoid, partially due to a particularly long instance of the middle joke.

submitted by Matches

joker - One who canot be taken seriously and is often a slacker. Friendly insult.

e.g., I can't believe that joker ditched us like that.

submitted by Jason & Tanner

joking on the square - When you say something in a joking manner, but mean it at the same time.

e.g., "To hell with you, too" he said to me, but you could tell he was joking on the square.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

jolapadap - A polite way to refer to a fat person. (ED. I'm fat. The polite way to refer to me is "Ma'am.")

e.g., Did you see the jolapadap back there?

submitted by Corey Walters

jolly-flop - To be joyful and giddy one moment, and then have something happen that devastatingly destroys your happiness.

e.g., Yesterday was one of those jolly-flop days. I was driving home from my surprise birthday party at the bowling alley, when I got into a car accident that broke my leg and totaled my car.

submitted by Breann J.

jollyjacking - To stand with a small group of co-workers, usually in the center of the work area, and have a happy, giggly conversation when everyone should be working instead.

e.g., Boss: "And when I come back in here, I don't wanna see you guys jollyjackin' around."

submitted by Marc Queen

joltalic - A high joltage, emphasizing joltage. {ED. Damned if I can figure it out. Probably shouldn't add it, but maybe someone else can figure out what the submitter has in mind.}

e.g., The joltalic electricity from the transformer destroyed and struck down trees during the storm

submitted by Cavity

jolter - One who is always hyper, as if drinking Jolt Cola.

e.g., Steve's been acting hyper lately. He's quite the Jolter.

submitted by Van Ricky Mannings

jonah fargapes - Time traveler extraordinaire and hero of sorts, with lapses, from 2020 to times and places of every sort, conquering and improving endless planets and suns, with scads of action and amusement.

e.g., The stories about Jonah Fargapes will never end, much as some people might like them to, for he represents truth, and heroism, and righting the wrongs of everything everywhere, with jolly good humor as well. (-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jonah r devark - The pig-man thrust through with a skewer and roast 'til done, a fitting sacrificial offering to the Gods

e.g., Don't make a pig of yourself Magoggen, there's more to Jonah R Devark than meateth ye eye.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jones's mullet - Any guy who drives a large-engined 80s car, listens to Motley Crue or the Rocky theme, thinks he knows what women want, and has a mullet over a foot in length.

e.g., Look at Chris in his '86 TransAm. Jones's Mullet all the way.

submitted by D Machine

jonesin - To yearn for something, a craving.

e.g., I'm jonesin for a cigarette. | "So what else is a Republican to do when he's jonesing for a smoke?"

submitted by Nick - (www)

jooch - A large and ungainly individual--such as Manute Bol or Shaquille O'Neal.

e.g., Although I'd been tall all my life, I was nothing compared to the jooches on the college basketball team.

submitted by Bishop

jook - To deceive or set a trap for. With an appropriate ending, you can create a noun.

e.g., I jooked Chris out on the play. I gave him the jook'ems.

submitted by jli - (www)

joopy - Notably excellent.

e.g., In summary, through passionate cadence and elegant wording, the author produces a work that is indeed quite joopy.

submitted by Alex Trzyna

jope - To jope is to pull a humorous but mean prank on someone.

e.g., Josh and Alex had no idea we ordered those 25 pizzas in their name, so we really joped them.

submitted by G-fro

jorgin - To take someone to lunch, etc.--then, at the last possible minute, tell her you don't have any money and shell have to buy.

e.g., Mary asked me to lunch today, and I'm sure she's jorgin me again. She does it at least three times a week. But that's what friends are for--to take advantage of.

submitted by jai - (www)

jork - A dork and a joke at the same time.

e.g., Chris is a jork.

submitted by Zac

jorts - Jean shorts, not including cutoffs.

e.g., Since it was so hot out, Justin decided to wear a pair of jorts instead of jeans.

submitted by Justin Zimmerman

josh - To joke.

e.g., I'm just joshin ya!

submitted by Cindy Y. - (www)

josh - To Josh is to dissemble as a spokesman for obama. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "[T]here is no logical, or factual, reason whey [sic] the Obama Administration wouldn't prosecute [Hillary Clinton]." "You're Joshing US, right?"

submitted by [CJ Clegg]

jostagobitch - A word of dismissal, get outta me life, anyplace but here. Cf Shastakovich.

e.g., Jostagobitch, why don't you just pack up and leave, ex man or woman of my dreams.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jot - Bad, pathetic, cheesy, or lame.

e.g., That _Pearl Harbor_ film was jot.

submitted by Kilar

jot tollity - 1. A funny thing that happened in a dream. 2. A word and word combination dreamed -- because this is a combination of words I dreamed.

e.g., I awakened laughing after dreaming a jot tollity.

submitted by Preston Madison

jota - An expression of joy or relief

e.g., Jota! My wife's baby is actually mine.

submitted by Ben

jouissance - From  
Jouissance is pleasure (and any stimulation) that can be too much to bear. It may be very largely felt as suffering. It is pleasure and pain together, a feeling of being at the edge.  
It can indicate a breaking of boundaries, a connection beyond the self. This can range from a mother feeling intense connection with a breast-feeding baby to meditative feelings of oneness with the universe.  
One of the goals of life is to manage jouissance. Unchecked emotion will control and overwhelm you. Society helps this through controlling mechanisms such as education and cultural norms. It has been said that jouissance is 'drained' from the body throughout life, leading to the calm of old age." The word is not used in quite this sense in the example.

e.g., "I’m not sure how imbued Ms Valle is with the post-modernist sense of jouissance, or whether her highly developed sense of ludic irony (as Ms Essig claims) while representing GreenPeace during the Gulf oil spill also resulted in her arrest in May for felony trespass and vandalism at Port Fourchon, LA. Qui sait?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

joujis - More than fabulous. Pronounced as if French, almost like "shoe-she."

e.g., She looked absolutely joujis with her new nose.

submitted by dan'l - (www)

jourdiaire - To adjust one's coat or jacket collar. Possibly from the French actor Louis Jordan when he was suave.

e.g., He should really jourdiaire his jacket. He looks like a slob.

submitted by Adam

jourdiare - To adjust one's coat or jacket collar.

e.g., Excuse me, you need to jourdiare.

submitted by Adam Freeman

journabalist - Practices journabalism. The art of reporting or reviewing with no moral, ethical, or social responsibility. Purveyor of wild, innacurate, hurtful, irresponsible information.

e.g., Sue Ellen Smarmbottom is the arts journabalist for the New York Times.

submitted by tyler coppin

journal - (Verb(?!)) 1. To keep a journal; 2. to enter (something) in a journal; 3. to keep particular track of something by recording it in a journal. [From the noun "journal," I suspect -- in English, you can verbify anything.]

e.g., "No: that was in 'Two Too Many,' MGM 1950, with Spencer Tracy and . . . oh, what's-her-name."
"No no no: It wasn't Tracy at all: it was Cary Grant in 'What's For Afters?' Universal 1960."
"Nope: you're both wrong: it was Jack Lemmon in Billy Wilder's 'Avanti!' back in 1972."
"1972?! That's ridiculous."
"Yeah. We're celebrated film critics! We should know."
"Well, you should; that's true. But the line comes from 'Avanti' . . . I journaled it."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

journalism - the belief that what you think is true becomes true once your write it down

e.g., His research paper received an A+ and it's all journalism.

submitted by John Horvath Jr - (www)

journalism - Straight out of a real dictionary: "writing that reflects superficial thought and research, a popular slant, and hurried composition, conceived of as exemplifying topical newspaper or popular magazine writing as distinguished from scholarly writing: He calls himself a historian, but his books are mere journalism."

e.g., With each passing day, I have less and less respect for the profession of journalism. Whatever happened to [at least the pretense of] objectivity?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

journalistry - Journalistry has the same meaning as sophistry: "1. a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning. 2. a false argument; sophism." Journalistry is to journalists what sophistry is to sophists. It's a fool's game to call what today's journalists practice journalism. Call it what it is: journalistry. [A tip of the hat to Bob at the linked page.]

e.g., They're passing it off as news, but it has little to do with journalism: it's journalistry.

submitted by [Bob] - (www)

journical - An item from an esteemed medical journal used as reference material during the writing of a thesis or scientific paper. Originally a contraction of journal article. Journicle.

e.g., I obtained supporting evidence from these journicals.

submitted by Kevin Lawry

journicle - A contraction of "journal article", used most when stressed and unable to speak coherently.

e.g., "We need to get some journicles from the library."

submitted by Dazza

joust - Playful fighting or sparring.

e.g., They are not really angry. They are just jousting with each other.

submitted by Herbie

joust - To attempt, have a go at, to do or do not.

e.g., Let's 'ave a joust at that, Bob.

submitted by Tripp

joust defender - Person who upholds the doctrine that old video games are the best.

e.g., That guy's just brimming with 80s video game trivia. He's a joust defender ne plus ultra.

submitted by BigAssFries

joute - One who behaves inappropriately or is so grossly insensitive to his or her environment as to say or do stupid things. Other derivatives: Joutness: Capacity to be a Joute, or Joute act after the fact. Joutineo: Peripheral joute act resulting from prime (Joute) act. Jouterria: Collection of Joute acts. Joute Salitzi: One who can only perfom Joute acts and nothing but Joute Acts. One who is certain to behave in a Joute fashion. King of the Joutes.

e.g., During his speech at the synagogue, Craig again demonstrated his tendency to be a joute by remarking on the good qualities and benefits provided by Adolph Hitler.

submitted by James Ruggieri - (www)

jowkay - A very tall man or women with long hair, often capable of outstanding acrobatic control.

e.g., I'm telling you, that guy is a JowKay. He can do mid-air flips and everything, despite his height.

submitted by Chris Russell

joyflub - Any joystick or controller for a video game system that works in every direction except one.

e.g., Due to the joyflub, Ryan couldn't get Ms. Pac-man to move left.

submitted by ken morgan

joyfriend - A name reserved for very special people who come into our lives unexpectedly, bringing sheer joy in a multitude of ways to our individual universe.

e.g., I am so appreciative of my new joyfriend. Unknowingly, my joyfriend gives me inspiration & a new-found happiness, the likes of which I've never known before. Such a unique person, just a gem of a friend, whom I value highly. Tho undeniably, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

submitted by Angie Hart

joygasm - A spastic, happy-twitch that goes through your body upon hearing good news or when you realize you are just so happy you can't stand it and your body has to release the vibes somehow. Often accompanied by rapid hand-waving and squealing.

e.g., When I heard that Bob wanted to ask me to the prom, I had a joygasm on the spot.

submitted by Kelly Conrey - (www)

joysey - An abbr. of NEW JERSEY

e.g., Later, I'm off to JOYSEY.

submitted by kiwi-x

joystick disease - Subconsciously ducking, weaving, or generally thrashing around while playing video games, or physically moving the game controller as though it is the object you're trying to control -- turning it like a car's steering wheel when playing a driving simulation. Usually done by persons that are new to, or especially bad at, said games.

e.g., Chris, you have a bad case of joystick disease.

submitted by Khal - (www)

joysticker - A person who controls another person.

e.g., The employer, who is one big joysticker, contols all of his employees.

submitted by Crimson - (www)

jpod - The jPod is the iPod's twin brother who was neglected and went nowhere in life. The jPod is now trying desperately to get noticed. | A jPod is a fake, a wannabe iPod.

e.g., Poor jPod. MamaPod just ignores him no matter what he does or what apps he downloads. | "Kaylee, I got an iPod for my birthday." "No you didn't, Stevie, that's just a cheapo jPod."

submitted by Kaylee* - (www)

jpsoftco - Term for some company that makes generic, poor quality software.

e.g., The Compaq came with Windows and some games from jpsoftco.

submitted by acidspork

jr'd - Backstabbed.

e.g., Ouch, I've been JR'd by that double-crossing Gwich'in.

submitted by Sean

js faffing around - Much ado about nothing.

e.g., Me JS faffing around -- 'snuf said.

submitted by Hercolena

jsssk - Just Kidding. Usually follows an insult made in jest towards a friend or something stupid that one may say.

e.g., Ernie: (to Bert) You're a loser. Jssk. | Ernie: I am the greatest basketball player ever. Jssk.

submitted by Adam

jub - Used when reading a word or phrase that cannot be usally spoken in any language, especially in comic books with phrases such as"!?!"

e.g., "We have to find the orb-!?(spoken as "jub")"

submitted by Frankie N.

jubberlator - One that jubberlates, as: An electronic or mechanical device for the performance of physics jubberlation. A person who operates such a machine or otherwise makes jubberlations. A set of mental tables used to aid in jubberlations.

e.g., 1: An expert at jubberlation or at operating jubberlation machines--reckoner, figurer, estimator, jubberlator. 2: A small machine for mathematical jubberlations--jubberlating machine.

submitted by James

jubbernaut - One who jubberlates or uses verbal forms of jubberlation to feign erudition; a poser. Someone who circumvents the real argument with arrogance and verbosity.

e.g., After reading his lengthy but weak response to my question, I could only conclude that this jubbernaut thought I would get caught up in his words.

submitted by Lexy

jubblies - Beautifully rounded breasts. Not perfect or fantastic, but nice.

e.g., She has lovely jubblies.

submitted by andy

jubbus - Any failings of yourself or another used to deride, condemn, belittle, etc.

e.g., Chris didn't have to bring up that jubbus about me during our presentation. I think she's just trying to outshine me as usual.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

juberance - An over-the-top expression of joy. Jubilant exuberance.

e.g., At the birth of his son, the new father's juberance could be heard throughout the whole maternity ward.

submitted by Becky

jubiss - to figure as in suspect

e.g., When Joe called in sick this morning, I jubissed that he just wanted a mental health day.

submitted by sarah-anne mundle

judas beans - (intj) Most frequently used as an exclamatory to express surprise at something extraordinary or the unbelievable stupidity of a person. (n) A pot of really good unsoaked beans which comes back to bite everyone in the nose via someone's rear.

e.g., That Steve makes a mighty fine pot of judas beans; you'll see (smell) tomorrow.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

judas h. priest - Euphemism, same as "Judas Priest." The "H" comes from a mishearing of the Lord's Prayer, and stands for "Howard": "Our Father, Who art in heaven, Howard be thy name."

e.g., Judas H. Priest, you scared the crap out of me.

submitted by J. Field

judas opening - "A peep hole for the curious, the professional killers, the sadists and the perverse. A place to gloat over the deaths of others; to wield such power, indeed to have such power. Why? To feel above it all, like a brooding Greek god on Mt. Olympus: superior, alive, invulnerable, perhaps even for a few moments, immortal?"

The film included scenes of the protagonist looking through a Judas opening -- witnessing dozens being murdered.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

judas priest - Euphemism for "Jesus Christ."

e.g., Judas Priest, this stupid computer is slow.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

judgabulous - The term used to describe someone who is quick to judge everyone but herself.

e.g., Simon Cowell is incredibly judgabulous. He should try to get up on that stage and belt it out for once, and then we will see what he has to say.

submitted by N. Rudie

judgepacker - President who picks appointees for federal courts based on political ideology rather than on merit.

e.g., President Bush has a long way to go if he's going to come close to matching FDR's judgepacking.

submitted by HD Fowler

judgmentous - Of someone who always judges things. Not judges. Just us.

e.g., Why does she have to be so judgmentous?

submitted by 7th English?

judo - A cracker which tastes mostly like extra dry cardboard. Made from flour and water which doesn't rise, which means the dough is put in the oven within 18 minutes of mixing it.

e.g., Would you like some judo, Amdy? Mmmmm, yummy. I love cardboard

submitted by Andy Watson

jueet - Bowdlerization of "Did you eat?"

e.g., "Jueet?" "No, djoo?"

submitted by Matt Tuozzo - (www)

jug - Jail, etc.

Synonyms: bastille, big house [slang], bridewell, brig, calaboose, can, clink [slang], cooler, coop, guardroom, hock, hold, hoosegow, jailhouse, joint [slang], jail, lockup, nick [British slang], pen, penitentiary, pokey [slang], prison, quod [British slang], slam, slammer, stir [slang], stockade, tolbooth [Scottish]

e.g., Beam me up, Scotty; I'll risk incomplete consubstantiation rather than stay in this jug any longer. | I always knew Sam would end up in (the) jug. |

As a verb: "The luckless crooks got jugged before they knew what hit them." Synonyms: {confined | detained| imprisoned | locked up | put behind bars | put in jail}.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jugbug - An insect that has made its way into a food container.

e.g., Eugh! These Sugar Krunchies are swimming in jugbugs.

submitted by 62bda02

juggalette - Female fan of the Insane Clown Posse. Cf. juggalo.

e.g., MeLiSsA must be a juggalette.

submitted by MeLiSsA

juggalo - Carny term for jugglers, a combination of juggler and gigolo. | A fan of the Insane Clown Posse, but more someone who has her own style and doesn't care what people think of her.

e.g., "That juggalo just smacked that traffic cop in the face. Was that smart?" "No, but I'm sure it smarted."

submitted by dust - (www)

juggle dutch - A game of jump rope in which a person juggles and at the same time jumps over two ropes swung in a crisscross formation by two turners. v. To juggle Dutch.

e.g., I was chillin' wit Bozo da clown in the LBC, when Laquisha called-out Bozo to a juggle Dutch.

submitted by J. Roz

juglander - (JUG-land-er, n.) 1. a nut (ie, a foolish or hopelessly irrational person); (adj. "juglandian" or "juglandine") 2. foolish or hopelessly irrational, 3. of or pertaining to a juglander; (verb forms, gerund and participle: "juglanding") 4. coming up with or thoughtlessly following a juglandine idea or a juglander; (n., belief system: "junglandianism") 5. the belief that everyone is to some degree insane or irrational. (from the modern Latin Juglans, a genus of walnut tree (hence "NUT"). The added "-der" is on analogy from Zoolander ... which seems to fit (although I only ever saw the scene where a bunch of male models blow themselves to pieces at a gas pump).)

e.g., Governmental juglanding should be a spectator sport: get some pretzels and soda and make a day of it on CSpan. | Hitler was a juglander with a capital JUG, and a stupid one to boot. | "Why doesn't Mr. Graff vote anymore?" "He's become a card-carrying juglandianist: He believes that the candidates are all crazy, and that it makes little difference who occupies the rubber oval, or whether their clown makeup is red or blue." "Wow. You sound a bit juglandian too."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

juhybun - 1. A large rodent. 2. Sticky buns. 3. Bad vibes.

e.g., 1. Scottley was attacked by a rabid juhybun. 2. I squeezed the juhybuns to see if they were ready to eat. 3. Get your juhybuns away from me!

submitted by Nicole

juice - Energy.

e.g., I'm all outa juice. I need a break.

submitted by johnboy

juice - gossip

e.g., Tell me the juice on him.

submitted by Suzanne

juice code - "Unintelligible, neologic, gibberish, absurd piece of computer program."

e.g., "That's real Juice code!" or "That code is juicy!"

submitted by SaKa - (www)

juice harp - My friend asked me whether a harmonica is a "juice harp" or a "Jew's harp." Told him it's a Jew's harp, but that juice harp would make good addition to the pd. It's hard not to generate plenty of juice when you play a harmonica.

Turns out that a Jew's harp is not a harmonica. Again, Wikipedia:
The Jew's harp, also known as the jaw harp, mouth harp, Ozark harp, trump, or juice harp, is a lamellophone instrument, which is in the category of plucked idiophones: it consists of a flexible metal or bamboo tongue or reed attached to a frame. The tongue/reed is placed in the performer's mouth and plucked with the finger to produce a note.

e.g., Regardless of correctness -- remember, this is not a real dictionary -- because of the juice connection I like the idea of referring to a harmonic as a juice harp. |

"Do you remember when juice harp playing was popular?"
"Maybe. The 1940s and 1950s?"
"Close enough. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats trio was founded in 1944 and they became 'stars with [their] million-selling 1947 recording of 'Peg o' My Heart.'' This 1958 version of their #1 hit was uploaded to YouTube Feb 7, 2015. Stick around for what follows -- I thnk it's even more fun."

Wikipedia -- "Peg o' My Heart":
The song, performed by Max Harris and his Novelty Trio (based on a version by The Harmonicats), was used as the theme of the BBC miniseries The Singing Detective (1986). When recording engineer Bill Putnam recorded The Harmonicats version of the song, he became the first person to use artificial reverberation creatively on a pop recording, with the use of the first reverb chamber, which had been set up in the studio's bathroom. .

submitted by [J.P. Evans] - (www)

juice-chicken - A term of affection for a spouse or significant other.

e.g., Brady, your juice-chicken called again.

submitted by Sin

juice-isimo - 1. The juiciest 2. Delicious. (From a Spanish-language Starburst ad campaign in Southern California.) See Dulce-electrico.

e.g., That Minute Maid lemonade is juice-isimo.

submitted by BigAssFries

juiced - Feeling better after taking medication. Implies the notion that the subject is now ready to go out, whereas subject earlier did not feel up to it.

e.g., I felt like crap, but I had some Theraflu and now I'm juiced.

submitted by camella

juicewell - A great resource of creative juice, something that will keep you inspired for a while.

e.g., I just saw a juicewell. Gotta go home and create somethin'.

submitted by Dave - (www)

jujifruitfulness - An overwhelming artificial flavour

e.g., After eating that box of candy, I was overwhelmed by jujifruitfulness.

submitted by marc

juju - A general feeling or vibe, usually negative ("bad juju"). Can be used in reference to karma, etc.

e.g., I'm getting some bad juju from that cop. I think he's going to arrest me.

submitted by Aquila

juke - To twitch uncontrollably. Akin to a seizure without the tongue swallowing. A juke will usually begin in the thumb of one hand and often occurs while face down on the floor.

e.g., Cleatus didn't pull the 720 so he laid on the ramp and started to juke.

submitted by pry3i

jukeing - Busy. We used this word when I worked fast food. Juking.

e.g., I'm so glad I'm off now. We were really jukeing at work today.

submitted by Tim

jukey - Goofy.

e.g., The deal is jukey, but I can’t afford to pass it up.

submitted by Fawn Mitchell

julember - Used when someone wants to pin you down to a particular date when something will be completed and you don't want to give an exact date. It is surprising how often people don't notice right away they've been bamboozled.

e.g., "Your new home should be ready to move into, some time in late Julember."

submitted by Ernst

juliet - A beautiful woman that is the type a man might want to marry.

e.g., She's such a Juliet, so beautiful and pure.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

julyonaise - old mayonaise way past expiration date

e.g., "Phew! This mayonaise is julyonaise."

submitted by D2

jumanji - This word is an accidental bastardization of "too much," often exclaimed when playing pool after one has overdone the speed or spin of a shot.

e.g., I can win the game with this shot. . . . Jumanji. I should have used less spin.

submitted by Jared J

jumanjiized - Very over-grown or jungle-like. From the film Jumanji.

e.g., Our neighbor's lawn is so full of weeds it's jumanjiized.

submitted by Erin

jumbanation - Large group of small things.

e.g., I better pick up this jumbanation of pebbles.

submitted by Loop

jumblicating - The act of explaining an idea that that the brain has not yet organized into proper sentences, causing it to be messy and nearly incomprehensible.

e.g., "Oh! What if we did the thing with the turny-bit, and then the wiggly thinger won't not be like that!" "Bill, you're jumblicating again."

submitted by Ben Peters

jumentophobia - Fear of smelling like horse urine. Also fear of "asses; or, more generally, beasts of burden." Jumentaphobia. I made this entry thinking "jumentous" meant "smelling like horse urine," but the actual word may be "jementous." That would make the phobia "jementophobia."

e.g., No, I have no interest at all in visiting the new equestrian facilities. Why? I have jumentophobia.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jumongo - Code word for expressing the fact that you can't talk about something now because a person whom it might "offend" is within earshot and you can talk about it later.

e.g., Yeah, Mike, do you have any. . . . Whoa, jumongo. (Mike knows that you are not asking him because your mom just walked in.)

submitted by matt - (www)

jump the shark - The precise moment when you know a tv show, rock band, or actor has gone downhill.

e.g., The Brady Bunch jumped the shark the day Cousin Oliver joined the cast.

submitted by shark - (www)

jumpers - Jumpers: "the old political name for people who are so excited to see you they start to jump."

e.g., Peggy Noonan on Sarah Palin, October 3, 2008: "Watch her crowds this weekend. She's about to get jumpers. . . ."

submitted by HD Fowler

jumping someone's train - Copying someone else's style, or just agreeing with what someone says and believes--to fit in.

e.g., What a jerk. Tom started wearing his hat backwards like John, just so John would like him. He is jumping John's train.

submitted by whippyX

jumping-gee-horse-a-fats - An exclamation of surprise. {ED. Inspired, presumably, by "Jumping jesophat." What was it Groucho Marx supposedly said about a cigar? "[A] contestant on Groucho Marx's 1950s TV quiz show tells him that she has 10 children, and Marx asks why she has so many. The woman answers, 'Because I love children . . . and I love my husband.' Marx replies: 'I love my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.' }

e.g., Jumping-gee-horse-a-fats, another baby!

submitted by Jolly - (www)

jun - Of a fun, profound moment, or the moment itself. (ED. Unfortunately, the juns we experienced often as kids become less and less frequent as we age.)

e.g., Oh, my gosh, that was incredibly jun.

submitted by Torri Liddy

jundle - Your mother's unidentifiable dinner dish.

e.g., Mom, what is this jundle?

submitted by Cherelle Cotton

junger-style - To flag all e-mails sent with the important icon, therefore defeating the purpose of the important icon.

e.g., I just got another junger-style e-mail from IT. Don't they realize that if every e-mail is important that the important icon loses its value?

submitted by James Brokaw

jungle juice - A collection of all the alchohol you can get mixed into a jug when you can't get enough of one certain kind.

e.g., We ran out of hooch, so Ernie and I made up a batch of jungle juice to go around.

submitted by samson

junioritis - The sleep-deprived, zombie-like disease of a high-school junior who has overdosed on AP or honors classes and extracurriculars. A person with junioritis exhibits characteristic tendencies such as caffeine dependence, poor posture, a bleak social life, and basic hatred for anyone without homework. Used as a noun or occasionally as an expletive, if said with enthusiasm.

e.g., I was up until three this morning writing an argumentative essay and studying for an AP history exam. I've got horrible junioritis. OR Junioritis! Who the heck drank all the Pepsi?

submitted by tek - (www)

juniority - Opposite of seniority. The quality or state of being junior.

e.g., When you need urgently to lay your hands on a particular document, it helps to know someone of sufficient juniority to know the filing system backwards.

submitted by Mark

junk - Used to describe anything in this world bad. The opposite of "Jiz-tasta-mablasta-ma-rang."

e.g., That was junk.

submitted by The BUG - (www)

junk in the trunk - A large bottom, especially when the person attached is otherwise attractive.

e.g., She is pretty cute, but she's got a lot of junk in the trunk after eating dorm food all year.

submitted by mouser

junkdonald's - Combination of McDonald's and junk. We live in the USA where McDonald's is a very popular fast food chain. My six-year old son Tarush is very fond of going there for burgers and fries. I know that the food has hardly any nutritional value to it -- too much fat and too many calories -- so I always used to tell him that McDonald's is just junk food and that he should eat only homemade food. I guess he had had enough of listening to that junk word that one day he came up and asked me if I could take him to JunkDonald's. His new discovery really cracked me up. Sincerely, Poonam Vig (Tarush's mom)

e.g., Can we go to JunkDonald's? I want a toy.

submitted by Tarush Vig

junt - A word popularized by 3-6 mafia to mean an item or thing.

e.g., Hell no, not at all. Y'all the type that make me throw my junt into the wall.

submitted by Ace

junts - 1. A collection of juices. As in, "I am going to go to the store to buy more junts." 2. Groceries, in general. As in, "I am going to go to the store to buy more junts."

e.g., Shoot, we're out of junts. Well, I guess I am going to go to the store to buy more junts.

submitted by Vince Benander

jupiter! - A mostly non-offensive exclamation to replace words like, "dammit" and "crap." Taken from the phrase often uttered by George Jetson to his daughter, "Jumpin' Jupiter, Judy!"

e.g., A nanosecond before the hammer struck his thumb and he realized the imminent pain that would ensue, Steve was preparing to force a strong "Jupiter!" out of his cheese-eater.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

jupiter! - A mostly non-offensive exclamation to replace words like, "dammit" and "crap." Taken from the phrase often uttered by George Jetson to his daughter, "Jumpin' Jupiter, Judy!"

e.g., A nanosecond before the hammer struck his thumb and he realized the imminent pain that would ensue, Steve was preparing to force a strong "Jupiter!" out of his cheese-eater.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

jurist prudence - Inspired, sort of, by a mistake. While jurisprudence has to do with "the science or philosopy of law," jurist prudence has to do with the "care, caution, and good judgment, as well as wisdom in looking ahead" used by "a person versed in the law, [such] as a judge, lawyer or scholar."

e.g., What seems to me to be lacking in too many Supreme Court justices in recent years is jurist prudence. | If you can't count on the Supreme Court of the United States (and you can't) for jurist prudence, who can you count on? Ghostbusters?

submitted by HD Fowler

jury-proof - (adj.) Legal evidence so clear and obvious that not even a jury can find against it---something juries are believed to do all the time. [I found this curious little attributive in a Sherlock Holmes story written by Adrian Conan Doyle (Arthur's son) and John Dickson Carr, although it cannot recall which: it may have been "The Sealed Room" or "The Highgate Miracle," but I'm pretty sure it was "The Black Baronet."] {ED. A most enjoyable commentary. Thanks for the laugh.}

e.g., "Okay!: we have a sworn confession, two separate security tapes, one bystander's recording, two dozen witnesses, casts of the guy's shoes, his fingerprints, and his dna. I think we've got jury-proof evidence this time."  
"Nothing is jury proof."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jurz - your's

e.g., it's jurz

submitted by Melissa

jush - To put the final touches on an outfit or hair style--such as rolling up sleeves, fixing hair. Used by Carson on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

e.g., He remembered to jush his shirt just before he met Melanie for their first date.

submitted by Kate Obukowicz

just add beer - (adj.) Of or pertaining to a situation or lifestyle which you believe to be trashy, low-class, car-parts-and-appliances-rusting-all-over-the-front-yard, I-work-hard-enough hopeless. The idea being that the only thing missing to complete the sad picture is a six-pack of beer and a belly to match. [I think it's a very sad term ... and I'm not at all certain I like it very much.]

e.g., I've lived here eleven years, and I still don't have any grass in my backyard--just waist-high weeds, a rusty swingset, and some badly dilapidated landscaping. Just add beer, man: I'm that close to giving up completely.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

just assume - (adverbial) Solecism for "just as soon," as in, for example, "I would just as soon wait for rescue as try to walk out on our own." Solecistically rendered "I would just assume wait for rescue ...." Linguistically fascinating, but annoying as hell to come across. It's like reading along happilym minding your own businessm and then suddenly being belted across the face by a wet board. (Hey, I'm a descriptivist to my toenails, but "just assume as" isn't anywhere near being common. And if you bother to read it, it makes no sense at all. It's as bad as "should of." What are they teaching people in schools these days?)

e.g., From Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters [New Yrok: Disney Hyperion Books, 2006, p.270]: "Grover told me he could dissolve the empathy link between us, now that we were face to face, but I told him I'd just assume keep it if that was okay with him." Normally, I would write directly to the author to point something like this out, but I couldn't find an email address, and I have no way to send a letter, so I had to out him on the Net. Sorry. For what it's worth, I enjoy Riordan's work very much.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

just childing - A term used when someone is telling a joke and doesn't actually feel the way she says. "Just kidding," if you will.

e.g., Bert: You are really weird, Ernie. Ernie: Boo Hoo. Bert: Oh, deary me, what have I done? Ernie: Just childing. Ahahahahha! Bert: You really had me going.

submitted by Todd Hickethier

just desserts - Just deserts. Now misspelled more often than it's spelled correctly. We may well be the first dictionary to accept just desserts as a correct alternative spelling.

e.g., Screw René Marie and her claims of artistic expression. She was engaged to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" and she didn't do it. She sang "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" instead, the so-called Black National Anthem. She never had any intention of singing the "Star Spangled Banner." What the woman is is a liar and a cheat. Her just desserts are for her to be hoist with her own petard.  
An explanatory note from Dr. Wombat: "'Hoist' means to be thrown up in the air. A petard is an explosive charge that engineers would put at or under castle walls to knock a hole in them. But back then, explosives safety was pretty much limited to 'pray for rain,' so the petard was likely to go off at an inappropriate time. When the engineer was standing right next to it, for example.  
"So, if someone is hoist by his own petard, it means that the plan he laid has backfired and he now feels its ill effects. That, along with the fact that 'petard' comes from a root word meaning 'flatulence,' makes it quite apropos to that recent nastiness in Washington."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

justafriend - A person someone is obviously dating, known to every single person in the world except said victim, er, person.

e.g., "So, you hanging out with Kristen tonight?" "Nope, her justafriend is taking her to dinner and movies." "Oh."

submitted by Ernie - (www)

justified - People acting or dressing or singing like Justin Timberlake of 'NSync.

e.g., Did you see that girl in the baby blue bandana? She's justified.

submitted by Kai - (www)

justincaseiary - Precautionary.

e.g., Smoke detectors are a good justincaseiary measure.

submitted by Doug Platt

justing - Overuse of "just" as a qualifier.

e.g., "I just wanted to thank you for, you know, just bein' there for me, and just bein' a friend just all the time, y'know?" "Would you please stop your justing?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

justpoze - Juxtapose.

e.g., Must have heard something on TV as I was dozing to make me think of justpozing the two words in that order.

submitted by Miss Speller

juu - You.

e.g., Juu smell like fresh plastic.

submitted by dav1x - (www)

juvelanche - To become ensconced in a large group of juveniles.

e.g., Much to her consternation, Penny heard the school bell toll and was immediately overcome in a pandemoniacal juvelanche.

submitted by alisonk

juvelescent - "Juvenile" and "adolescent." Originally uttered by M. Keiley-Listerman, political scientist.

e.g., He'll get off easy because he's only a juvelescent.

submitted by David Rutter

juvenalia - All things pertaining to juvenile behavior.

e.g., It was a boys' night out--drinking to the point of passing out, abusing passersby, and rating women--a veritable feast of juvenalia.

submitted by Lance Lovetorn

juvenated - To be awake and excited but not for the second time, not as in rejuvenated.

e.g., The bee and elephant were feeling very juvenated today.

submitted by Samantha

juvestache - Juvenile mustache

e.g., That boy has a juvestache at 12.

submitted by Kristina

jux - An alternative month. Someone has previously invented a very regular and reasonable alternative to the standard list of months: a year of 13 months, each identical in number of days, plus an "Earth Day" at the end.

e.g., I propose that the additional month be in the middle, the 7th month, with the name of Jux: June, Jux, July.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jux - (Rhymes with_bucks_; adv.) 1. a declaration that things that appear quite close together from one perspective, viewed up close, may appear to be quite far apart; 2. a recognition that two things considered "the same" may appear quite different if carefully examined. 3. (interj.) "Stop! Do not uncritically accept that idea without closer inspection." [From the Latin_juxtim_"next to," "in close proximity" "right beside."]

e.g., Old telescopes show only a slightly elongated blob of light when focused on Pluto. Jux! Hubble can see Pluto, Charon, Nix, and Hydra. A dwarf planet with three moons---who'd have thought.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

juxteposejug - Holder of all things spun around.

e.g., With the environment by definition replaced, the juxteposejug was once again called upon to serve.

submitted by tcs

jyasman - Jyasman (pronunciation still undetermined). The nickname for Lost's character Desmond. It was created by accident by a member of the LOST MySpace group. Now, it's a part of the group's history.

e.g., Jyasman gets stuck pushing the buttons in the hatch.

submitted by Josie - (www)

jzeush - 1. To add style, improve, or to intensify. 2. To style or shape hair. Origin -- Probably a corruption of the Romani word zhouzho (clean or neat) found in Polari, a British slang created in or before the nineteenth century. Polari has regained limited popularity in the fashion subcultures. It has no formalised spellings. ALTERNATE SPELLINGS - zhush, joosh, zhuzh, zhoozh, zhoosh, tjuz

e.g., Lets jzeush up this meal.

submitted by ickle_o

j`ville - Jacksonville, Florida.

e.g., Where do I live? Oh, Ii just live down in J`ville--with my friends on the beach.

submitted by Justin M

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