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java-ed - A verb that mean you're hyper from drinking too much coffee

e.g., Sorry I can't sit still, I just got java-ed at starbucks

submitted by Marina Floyr

javaflex - The uncontrolled reaction of a hand holding a cup of hot coffee when a bit of the scalding liquid splashes over the rim, causing the hand to jerk and spill even more of the scalding liquid on the offending hand.

e.g., Dang! I just burned the heck out of my hand when I had an attack of javaflex while walking down the hall.

submitted by Mark Cotton - (www)

javastrip - A tiny memory device that, when inserted into the computer, activates a JavaScript command stored on the device.

e.g., Cherilyn's computer was busy sending spam ads, offensive images, and viruses to various corporate email addresses. While she wasn't looking, I inserted a JavaStrip that contained the following code (among other code) stored in a file called strip.htm:"strip.htm") This caused the window to keep opening itself, sending the computer into a fatal loop. When Cherilyn checked the computer, she said, "Not again. That JavaScript fiend spoiled my spamming plan again." (That story was 100% fictional.)

submitted by star651

javules - the tiny granules of coffee bean at the bottom of the cup when you finish your cup of coffee

e.g., "In a desperate attempt to wake up before his early morning meeting, Boris consumed every drop of the espresso, even to the point of forcing his tongue deep inside the cup in order to savor every single javule. "

submitted by Bruce F

jawba - A non-physical matter that is responsible for a most rancid smell, a smell that transcends the English language.

e.g., Your feet smell like freaking jawba.

submitted by rh2050

jawbonic - Jaw-bone-ick. Something that is so exciting or exhilirating that it is a jaw-dropping experience.

e.g., Jimmy thought his new Hot Wheel cars were jawbonic.

submitted by Kevin Jester

jawjacking - To talk. Used by Marine Corps Drill Instructors in boot camp.

e.g., Quit jawjacking, girls.

submitted by James A. Mascola

jawn - A person, a place, or a thing. Generic word.

e.g., Did you see the back on that jawn?...It was off the hook.

submitted by enue - (www)

jawn blazey - An exceedingly attractive girl or woman.

e.g., That Jawn Blazey was checkin' you out, Mike. What you got goin' to cause that?

submitted by Christopher Johnston

jawsome - Contraction of "just awsome."

e.g., You won that singing award. Jawsome!

submitted by Flame Midnight

jaxomlotus - Carrying a very strong scent of lotus blossoms, or male pheromones.

e.g., His suit was unusally jaxomlotus, causing her to gasp for air.

submitted by Avi Muchnick - (www)

jaystrolling - Similar to jaywalking, but with an attitude of "Not only can I cross the street anywhere I want, but I'll do it as if there's no chance a car might want to use the street anytime soon."

e.g., I could see him from halfway down the block, jaystrolling and bopping to his Walkman.

submitted by Frank Brooks - (www)

jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stick - Say this instead of jeez or Jesus or anything like that.

e.g., Jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stick. That looked like it hurt.

submitted by Maggie

jazooquenous - It means that you have mixed emotions, or that you are longing for something or someone.

e.g., I'm feeling jazooquenous.

submitted by Jourden

jazz - stuff

e.g., '...and all that jazz'

submitted by roger sun

jazz police - The name of a Leonard Cohen song, use this phrase when anyone is overly pedantic or nit-picky about anything.

e.g., He: I think you'll find Agent Mulder's hair is more mid brown, than dark brown. You: What are you, the jazz police?

submitted by annelise dunn

jazzed - Excited. Happy.

e.g., I'm certainly jazzed about going to the beach next week.

submitted by Chrash - (www)

jazztalc - Talking slurred and losing your balance after consuming a little too much alcohol.

e.g., He`s acting a little funny--must have been at the jazztalc.

submitted by Dave Carpenter - (www)

jazzuall - Jazzuall is having a sense of style and sophistication while still remaining thoroughly comfortable.

e.g., We went to Betatone's martini bar to soak in some of the jazzuall atmosphere...and to get loaded.

submitted by betatone - (www)

jbug - Just Between Us Girls. Indicates highly confidential discussion or information.

e.g., Listen, this is strictly JBUG. It goes no further.

submitted by Tracy Quan - (www)

jcr - Jenny Craig Reject. Overweight. Used to avoid hurting feelings of those within earshot.

e.g., This party is full of JCRs; let's get outa here.

submitted by John - (www)

jealophixocity - To be fixated on another or a group out of jealousy to the point of anger or altering one's lifestyle.

e.g., Heather's jealophixocity toward Ashley was manifested in repeated calls to our house nearly every time Ashley was here.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

jean genies - A young adult feminist.

e.g., I'm protesting with the Jean Genies this weekend.

submitted by Sierra-Rose - (www)

jean-o-liptus - The too-tight disease that smiles at you...vertically of course. More prevalent in the 80s.

e.g., Check out the stonewash jean-o-liptus, poor thing. Please, it's not camel toe. It's a disease, people.

submitted by whiskeysistas

jeanealogy - The pedigree of jeans.

e.g., Check out their jeanealogy and you'll find that they go back to Levi Strauss.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

jeanius - Someone who is a fashion expert when it comes to jeans.

e.g., My mom is a jeanius.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

jeanus fly trap - The small void at the bottom of the flys (usually on jeans) where the zipper disappears.

e.g., Have you got anything to stick down my jeanus fly trap? I’ve just been to the loo and can’t do myself up.

submitted by Frankie - (www)

jeaporsy - A variation on the word jeapordy: such as to be in a bad state of affairs or in danger.

e.g., We suddenly found ourselves in a state of jeaporsy.

submitted by frank

jebble - To goof up in a very embarrassing way. Inspired by the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, whose election signs had an exclamation mark after his name (Jeb!) and my daughter thought it was an «L». Therefore, she pronounced it «Jebble».

e.g., Did you hear about how Jeb Bush sent a congratulatory letter to the senator who lost the election? He pulled a major jebble.

submitted by Maia - (www)

jebus - Jesus. _The Simpsons_.

e.g., "Sweet Jebus. That's a funny looking hat." OR "If your're up there, please save me Jebus."

submitted by SlantyOJ - (www)

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