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janky - 1. Unsuitable, inadequate, not matching up to set standards, cheap. 2. Intensely repellent or unpleasant; disgusting in the extreme. 3. Unwanted and unliked mood and actions.

e.g., 1. Chris was wearing a janky outfit from Wet Seal. 2. Go to Curley's tonight? I don't think so. Top-o-the-line at Curley's is still janky. Think I'll goe to Moe's instead. 3. "Last night was fun...." "Yeah, all but that crap Chris pulled." "I agree, Chris was janky last night." "Last night? When is he not?"

submitted by Mary Ingham, needfortweed, Jason W DeLon - (www)

janoo - Bumpy, rough.

e.g., The concrete became janoo over time.

submitted by September 7th English

janta - "People in general, acquaintances"

e.g., "I was at the party around 9ish, but janta came around 11."

submitted by MSS

jap - Just Another Pissant. Said on message boards of someone who isn't worth the time it would take to deal with her. These are the sort of folks who can cause you to go into a fit of repetitive headdesking.

e.g., You seem to think I'm trying to "change history" when I delete posts that are outdated or have otherwise become superfluous and object to my doing so -- as if they weren't supperfluous from the gitgo. That is not my intent, but I know you're not the only one who has that suspicion. He's what I think of as [a] JAP. He thinks I'm doing it even though he has captured my posts by quoting them in full. Go figure. Once he's done that, he's in complete control -- he can edit his posts and claim I said something I didn't. . . . Ah, I know what I'll do. I'll post an image to make it difficult for him to alter what I said.

submitted by HD Fowler

japaladin - Samurai, Japanese paladin.

e.g., Who do these Japaladins think they are? And what's with those ginsu swords? Get me my gun.

submitted by töff

japaneseum - Anything small, electronic, and Japanese. (Not to be confused with the element japanesium.)

e.g., Sony makes great japaneseum.

submitted by Melanie Goux - (www)

japes - Similar to joke.

e.g., Just japesing. | You're having a japes.

submitted by Caroline

japmosphere - The unique atmosphere of Japanese cinema, TV, culture, etc.

e.g., I'm sure The Ring remake will be good, but it'll lack the Japmosphere that made the original so interesting.

submitted by Adam Leslie

jaqueline-of-all-trades - The jaqueline-of-all-trades is more than the female form of jack-of-all-trades. She is a role-switcher who relishes outshining men in the traditionally male dominated pursuits -- such as framing a house, putting up sheetrock, electrical wiring and plumbing, and drinking beer. She is a veritable Swiss Army Wife. Meanwhile, her husband if she's married has learned to adapt and even relish his role as househusband, only being sure to have a hot home-cooked meal ready when she arrives, pooped and sweaty, demanding a cold beer.

e.g., "How sweet it is! Jackie takes care of me and does my jackie-do list. All I need to do is the shopping, prepare meals, keep the house neat and clean, do the wash, manage the household finances, and take care of the kids. She's my hero! My jaqueline-of-all-trades!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

jar - (Jar) v. To silence someone so completely they cannot come up with a retort.

e.g., Hah! I jarred you.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

jarch - Adjective describing something that is a bluish-green color.

e.g., On rainy days, the tree has a jarchish color to it.

submitted by koaster

jargodleygook - Any number of words of phrases used by internet scam artists (such as hucksters bilking venture capitalists) to make the online product or service they are selling or promoting sound more technically important and necessary than it really is or ever could be.

e.g., "So this product has an on-time demand for real user interface capabilities enmeshed with superior networking spaciality. "Just spare me all that jargodleygook, son, and tell me when this is going to start making money."

submitted by Keith

jargon - Word or sentence that doesn't make sense.

e.g., Shut it! You are talking jargon!

submitted by Stu Pot

jargon shock - If someone wants you to anwser a technical question, and you don't really want to anwser, you spew technical jargon at her until she gives up and goes away.

e.g., Dumb person: How do we install an operating system? Tech guy: To accomplish that we'd have to take down the server, flash the CMOS, pull the Level Two Cache, Zap the P-RAM, and defrag all the hard drives on IDE buses one and two. Dumb guy: Argghh. Jargon shock. Run away, run away.

submitted by Jordan

jargon vomit - The result of stringing together a series of buzzwords and jargon terms into smart-sounding but otherwise meaningless sentences. Often used to mask the jargon vomitter's weak command of a subject matter. Jargon vomitter, jargon vomitting, jargon vomity. See: word salad, jargon shock.

e.g., Oh, man, if I read any more jargon vomit, I'm think I'm going to hurl.

submitted by Julie Anne

jarhead - Jock or male athlete, usually in high school and on the football team. Tend to get drunk and the only thing they can talk about IS football.

e.g., "Did you see that fight in the caf? Jon and Mike are jarheads." "Yeh, but I wish one of them would ask me out. Then the other girls would look up to me."

submitted by JaJiner

jarhead - Marine. Can't find any definitive etymology, so I'll use the one I like best. As my Drill Instructor told us, we got the name "jarhead" because of the rim on the frame cap. It looks like the lid on a jar, hence the term "jarhead."

e.g., In very dangerous situations, the jarheads frequently go in first. | Send in the jarheads.

submitted by HD Fowler

jarjarred - To take something perfectly acceptable as is, and add to it something unnecessary and annoying. (adjective) Jarjarred: Having annoying, superfluous features.

e.g., Microsoft Word 2000 is so jarjarred up I can't write a simple memo anymore. I really hope George Lucas doesn't jarjar up his next Star Wars movie.

submitted by Garret Gengler

jark - Anything that is super amazingly cool, in an unusual, offbeat sort of way is jark.

e.g., That guy CAM is jark.

submitted by Curtis Adlar Murphy

jark - A mystical half-jar, half-shark creature--very friendly and crazy.

e.g., That man's head resembles a jark's.

submitted by Neil Joyes

jarlic - Chopped or minced garlic that is packaged in a jar.

e.g., I always keep some jarlic on hand; it's great for when I'm craving pasta but don't have time to make a sauce completely from scratch.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

jarring - Cool, but out of place currently.

e.g., Your shoes are jarring; they're awesome, but not for this party.

submitted by bob - (www)

jasmine's business - The backyard. When our dog Jasmine is put out, she's told to go do her business. Thus two-year-old Alec thought the backyard was called Jasmine's business. . . . Alec's ten now, and Jasmine is no more. Alec and Eric are out with their parents right now, picking up two Corgis, Belle and Beni.

e.g., Dina: Alec, where's your daddy? Alec: Jasmine's business.

submitted by [Alec] - (www)

jason - Derogatory term. Can be used in name-calling, insult, or other.

e.g., John is being a jason.

submitted by jason bartel - (www)

jason's ireland - A midget with the ability to jump abnormally high or portray extreme strength is termed as having reached "Jason's Ireland" status.

e.g., Minime just pole vaulted 40 feet high. He's gotta have made Jason's Ireland.

submitted by Dung Machine

jasper - Any man who is undesirably interested in a woman you are either related to or interested in.

e.g., Who's that jasper talking to your sister? ... Oh, he's just a friend. Ha.

submitted by kouros

jaspercrampy - Adjective, describing someone who has a grumbling contempt for everything that exists. Generally accompanies old age.

e.g., "What are you looking at? Why don't you shape up and get a job?!" shouted the jaspercrampy old fool as he waved his cane at the innocent snowman.

submitted by Jon King

jastole - A woman's garment that is a combination jacket and stole .

e.g., What a lovely jastole you are wearing, darling.

submitted by Gayla Bentley - (www)

jaundiced monkey - Extreme liar, expects you to believe really bizarre stuff.

e.g., You saw a talking dog? Right. You're a jaundiced monkey.

submitted by Anna

jaut - A type of onomatopoeia like "buzz" or "chirp." For the sound a type of rodent might make.

e.g., My hampster Wally, in his best hamster-style singing voice, crooned, "Jaut."

submitted by Justin Bellefontaine

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