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j - Marijuana cigarette, a joint.

e.g., "Paul Simon was the sort who would find himself underage in a funky bar and would step outside to smoke himself a j."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

j paul getty bird sanctuary - At his death, J Paul Getty, the richest American of his generation, funded a number of institutions, including the world famous Getty Art Museum.    Not as well known, is the vast and eclectic J Paul Getty Bird Sanctuary, established for the protection and preservation of endangered bird species, other wildlife, rare plants and threatened minorities.    Among his many duties, the Secretary of the Bird Sanctuary must meet annually, for a formal accounting, with the board of directors.   

e.g., Every January, the Secretary of the J Paul Gerry Bird Sanctuary is required to make a formal report to the board of directors. Last year was an especially busy one, and the Secretary was careful to list every event of consequence.    For example, a caustic substance had spilled and ruined the concrete floor in the Research lab located on the seventh floor of the Sanctuary tower. The solution was to deeply etch the flooring and apply a smooth, thick layer of a bonding material.    The animal activist group of Franciscan monks, headquartered on the grounds, reported that a band of wild animals they brought in from Africa in the early 1980s, had grown so well that they were taken off the endangered list.    The agricultural research team was successful in creating a a new hardy and bug resistant variety of green leaf tea bush called, Libra, after the astrological period in which it was developed.    The Sanctuary's Committee For The Welfare of Minorities finally decided to hire a professional director to head up an association formed to protect the habitat and rights of native pygmy tribes.    During the year, the Bird Sanctuary was forced to file a lawsuit against an overly aggressive competitor, in order to protect its patent on the frozen confection the Sanctuary makes and sells from rare, specially grown, organic wild grapes.    Based upon the findings of the scientists at Sanctuary's Weather Center, the Secretary would have to warn the directors of the consequences of global warming.    Here is an extract of his notes covering the events of the year:    1. Floor scored on 7  2. Years ago, our Fathers brought forth on this continent, a Gnu nation  3. Conceived a Libra tea  4. Dedicated a pro position for Small Men Are Created Equal (SMACE)  5. We are engaged in a grapesical war  6. Testing weather -- can this nation, or any other nation so conceived, long endure?    The list went on, but the activities will never be remembered as much as the Secretary, Abe Blinkin's, short, but moving, annual status report. It will be known, and loved forever, as the Getty's Bird Address.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

j slash k - When jokingly speaking you can use j slash k to tell the person you are kidding.

e.g., Your turn to pay. J slash k, Becky.

submitted by alex

j&j - (adj phrase, from "Jack and Jill") A man and a woman (or a boy and a girl) who are working together on a common project without romantic interest in one another (or, at least, ignoring or repressing any such interest).

e.g., "Jessie and Kyle are working late at the school again?!" "Yeah, seems like every day this month so far." "Are they ...involved?" "I don't think so, it's just J&J." "So what's the pail of water?" "Some big aerospace thing they're presenting to the Navy."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

j'cadian - A person of Jamaican descent born in Canada.

e.g., Lisa: Are you Jamaican? Fitzroy: No, I'm J'Cadian.

submitted by Donna Ruddock

j-dub - Commonly known as a Jehovah's Witness, a person who every three to six months will visit your front door to gain entry to bore you endlessly with some crap you generally don't care about. Easily dealt with at the door with an unrestrained, aggressive dog barking to keep you from hearing what she has to say. Also a friend or persons who are boring you by talking too much about pointless information.

e.g., The visiting lecturer, Chris, was a j-dub. I swear it; everyone kept falling asleep.

submitted by haggis

j-fer - Jerk. From a lame comeback I used once.

e.g., He just ran into me again. That's the third time today. He's a j-fer.

submitted by Amanda

j-lo - Butt.

e.g., I've got a huge J-Lo from eating all of these doughnuts.

submitted by MKO

j-pop, j-rock - Japanese pop, as in pop music. Japanese rock.

e.g., I like J-pop because you don't know what their saying.

submitted by Ian Faynik

j-provise - To make-up or improvise a concept from scratch, usually in a non-sequitur fashion.

e.g., I J-provised that new business pitch -- client loved it, and we begin work next week.

submitted by Dominic Tassone

j. labrador quincy - (n.) A generic high-class-sounding name used to describe someone "everyone should know"---generally actors, singers, sports figures, the wealthy, and other VIPs. [I'm not certain why they are IPs, let alone VIPs, nor has anybody ever explained to my satisfaction why "everyone should know" such people, especially since it is not THEM we ought to know, but society's perception of them... Odd, really, but there it is.]

e.g., If J. Labrador Quincy needs picture ID, something is definitely lacking in the staff---they need to start living in the same world with the rest of the sycophantic world.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

j.j. mctitty's - Referring to how a woman with large breasts got them.

e.g., She must have visited J.J. McTitty's. Her hooters are bloody huge.

submitted by Bryon - (www)

j/v - One who is not ready for a serious relationship. Think junior varsity, jv, not just visiting -- although that works, too.

e.g., Nate won't admit that we've ever been on a date. He's j/v.

submitted by Saree

jaag - False, counterfeit, inferior, untrue.

e.g., Go-Bots are like jaag Transformers.

submitted by John Reppion - (www)

jab - Just Another Body.

e.g., He loved his wife, but to her he was JAB to be used.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

jabartism - Exclamation of joy, referring to a good thing that has happened.

e.g., Jabartism, I just got promoted.

submitted by Rameses Niblick 111

jabba - A morbidly obese person who also possesses bad personal hygiene and an unpleasant personality. Found in large numbers at gaming conventions.

e.g., I had to sit next to a jabba the whole session. It was disturbing, very disturbing.

submitted by Name Withheld

jabbaent - Idle, inactive, lazy, slothful or sluggish. From Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars movie series.

e.g., That jabbaent six-year-old should do some work in the real world.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

jabbaist - Someone who has become one with the couch. From Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars movie series.

e.g., "Get off the couch and stop being such a jabbaist," yelled Chris's mother.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

jabber - To talk endlessly about nothing.

e.g., My mom came over last night and jabbered for about two hours.

submitted by John Carpenter

jabber walker - This word describes a person who is the human answer to the perpetual motion machine -- noted for continual activity, often aimless and full of nonsense but activated by the theory that you've got to be doing something at all times whether you know the purpose or not. Typically the jabber walker has one part that leads the way in activity, namely, the mouth, out of which proceeds a continuing stream of inanities and non sequiturs. The person has an underlying fear of shutting up and starting to think. After all, the head might implode when self-awareness sets in, as though the constant blather shores up the vacuum chamber that is the skull.

e.g., Uh oh, Hortense, heads up. The Jabber Walker cometh. She still doesn't realize that the rooms that she enters soon become as empty as her head. Let's suddenly remember an appointment somewhere else. Quick now before she corners us.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

jabbergator - Someone who navigates from the backseat, usually annoyingly.

e.g., Chris, quit jabbergating and let me drive.

submitted by Kevin - (www)

jabberwock syndrome - An almost pathological tendency to use made-up words in Scrabble.

e.g., "Zequox" on a triple word score is very impressive, but I suspect a case of Jabberwock Syndrome.

submitted by Gerard - (www)

jabergrosser box - Fewer cookies due to those plastic sheets with bumps on them in the box to make you think there are a lot more cookies in there.

e.g., I was gonna sit down in front of the TV and engorge myself on cookies, only to find it was a jabergrosser box.

submitted by homer j. flintstone

jabitzer™ - A pool (pocket billiards) term. The foul committed when the cue ball is struck twice. Specifically, when that first little touch is followed by a reflexive jab at the cue ball. You jab it; you "jabit." This is not a portmanteau word even though it carries two meanings. The stroke is a "jabitzer"; the cueist is also a "jabitzer." This invented word won a $25 prize for best new word of the week -- partly because its creator wrote, "I think it's a transitive verb." Didn't look like a verb to me. Also "jabiter" and "jabater." The verb can be backformed easily from the noun: to jabitz. "Jabitz," as determined by context, can be either a transitive verb or an intransitive verb. As an intransitive verb, the word means to foul by striking the cue ball twice or to hit or strike twice. The transitive verb requires an object, frequently "the cue ball." Additional content has been invisibled. (ED. Just noticed that this word (and several more) have been added to the UrbanDictionary. A shorter description and example were used, because much of the text here had been "invisibled" by using >!-- [text] --

e.g., That was a jabitzer, DeWayne. Ball in hand. (foul) | You fouled because of your jabitzer -- you hit the cue ball twice. ("your jabitzer" = "your stroke") | That was a double hit, jabitzer. ("jabitzer" = shooter) | Be careful with any warmup strokes, DeWayne; otherwise, you may jabitz. You're less likely to foul by jabitzing if you make your bridge a little further back. | A batsman occasionally jabitzes in baseball. It doesn't happen that often, but it happens. Happens rarely in golf, too. Don't think I've ever seen a pro golfer do it, but I have done it myself. | Chris O didn't have to jabitz Chris T. Chris T stayed on the floor after the first blow, saying something like, "I'm not fighting you. You've got a black belt in karate."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jabmoghfinckled - Bamboozled, hoodwinked.

e.g., If you think you are being jabmoghfinckled, let me assure you, you are not.

submitted by Webb Masten

jabnaas - Just A Blog, Not An Authoritative Source. Acts to remind both reader and blogger that life is sometimes too short to go rabbitting on needlessly about detail that no-one really needs.

e.g., I am not sure if this quartet counts as late or early Beethoven but, jabnaas, you can look it up if you really need to know.

submitted by Vogel von Neustadt - (www)

jabooblescube - A type of lolly that is both sugary and jelly-like at the same time. The word originated as an attempt to describe onomatopoeiacally their taste.

e.g., On the way to Sydney, can we stop at the corner shop and get some jabooblescubes? Can we, huh, can we? Daddy?

submitted by richard - (www)

jabroney - A fool, someone who has done something extremely foolish.

e.g., Bert: Three times five is 15, not 20, jabroney. Ernie: I was using 7.5 as the radix.

submitted by Janey

jacentary - Just as "sedentary" comes from Latin word for "to sit," "jacentary" comes from the Latin word for "to lie down," taking the concept a step further.

e.g., She says she lives a sedentary lifestyle? Jacentary, I'd say.

submitted by Chibi - (www)

jack - Money, cash.

e.g., To buy that car would take some major jack.

submitted by Tracy

jack - In the card game Egyptian Ratscrew, to use a jack to defeat another player and take their cards.

e.g., Jacked! You lose; I have the entire deck now.

submitted by Aurora

jack benny year - Always greater than a real year, but not greater than two years very often. From Jack Benny's long-standing joke when asked his age that he was 39. Once you're older than 39 in real years, you're always 39 in Jack Benny years.

e.g., How old am I? You want that in Jack Benny years or in real years? | My wife and I are both 39 years old -- in Jack Benny years. But a Jack Benny year for me is longer than one for her.

submitted by HD Fowler

jack of no trades - A man, or any person that is good for nothing. Useless. Has no trades.

e.g., When we went camping I found out that Chris is a Jack of No trades.

submitted by Michele

jack palance - To Jack Palance. To accidentally inhale sharply through both the nose and mouth at the end of a statement, as does actor Jack Palance. This is due either to an oncoming burp or hiccup, or other change of internal pressure.

e.g., So yesterday I fell off of the toilet. ::gasp:: Wow, I just Jack Palanced at the end of that sentence.

submitted by Jared J

jack wagon - Same as saying jack-ass, but without the ass.

e.g., Well, why don't you cry about it, you jack wagon.

submitted by Ian Chamblee

jack-jack - (interj. & adj.) Surprised recognition of another's unexpectedly revealing a talent, skill, or ability. Also (n.) a sleeper: someone whose abilities are kept hidden or secret until needed.

e.g., "Look at that! Deke's playing the piano ... and he's... really good." "Jack-Jack! Who knew he could do that?" | "Talk about a Jack-Jack, I didn't even know Sal could run, let alone pole-vault." | "Okay, we're down by two; we've got to score this time ... Send in Fat Eddie." "Fat Eddie?! What are you sending him in for. He can't run!" "Let's hope that's what the other team thinks, too." "You mean he can run?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jack-o-lapple - A fruit carved to look like a Jack-O-Lantern.

e.g., Ms. Alavi has a Jack-O-Lapple in her room.

submitted by Tim P - (www)

jackalope - Someone who is acting without common sense, a dumb person. (Also Lepus-temperamentalus, the dreaded pygmy-deer killer-rabbit cross. Pictured here.) | A woman with large, obviously fake breasts. From the rabbit with a fake rack.

e.g., What a jackalope. Chris is hitting on Matt's girl right in front of Matt. And Matt is huge. Should we call 911 now? | C'mon, D, she's not sexy at all. You know she's a jackalope, don't you?

submitted by Powerslave | Derringer - (www)

jackassalope - A very uneducated or foolish person.

e.g., Only a jackassalope would order a steak at a vegetarian restaurant.

submitted by Kandra

jackassery - Acting like a complete jackass. | (rhymes with yeah-MASS-er-bee; n.) 1. Recklessness resulting from abysmal stupidity; 2. Discourse redolent with abysmal stupidity; 3. The cheerful spreading of abysmal stupidity(as by e-gossip); 4. Disorderly, loud protestations which make you sound (even if you're right) abysmally stupid. [From "Jackass" + the nominal -ery.] 5. A place to keep jackasses and jennets, mules and hinnies, and zedonks and zebrets (like a zoo or a paddock). Also 6. An uprising of the abysmally stupid. [An analogy from "jacquerie."]

e.g., Ed: Chris was displaying some quality jackassery in the bar last night. Red: Jackass is Chris's middle name. | I keep getting emails full of nothing but jackassery. | "What is that?" "It's a protest, I think: See the signs?: 'Shame on' ... what company is that? I can't see." "Why are they protesting?" "I think it's something to do with all the road work ... they seem to think that all that paving is going to screw up the tectonic plates or something." "What?! Mess up the tec--- What a load of jackassery." | "I'm lookin' to buy a mule: whaddya got?" "Well, let's head down to the jackassery and see." "Whoa! What is that?" "That's a zedonk, brand new today: just in from a breeder in Carson City."

submitted by Court | Scott M. Ellsworth

jackbutt - Equivalent to jackass. Used by those who can't bring themselves to say the word "ass," such as my teenage niece.

e.g., I would never go out with Chris. He's a jackbutt.

submitted by chey

jacked - Wholly unacceptable. Used to describe a practical joke or act of revenge that has gone too far.

e.g., You set his mom on fire? That's hecka jacked.

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy

jacked - Quite strong, muscular.

e.g., Did you see that bouncer, he was jacked.

submitted by ditnis

jacked - Malfunctioning, not operating properly, or just plain screwed up.

e.g., Yea, that computer's always crashing; it's jacked.

submitted by Ryan Schweitzer - (www)

jacked up - Inappropriate, disrespectful, distasteful or something that is unfair or unjust.

e.g., The way Chris treats Alex is jacked up.

submitted by Knox - (www)

jackerwhad - To make askew.

e.g., I bumped into a door and my glasses were all jackerwhad on my face.

submitted by JENNIFER

jackfucker - Someone whose actions indicate she possesses the heinous attributes of both a jackass and a motherfucker.

e.g., You're directly behind a woman in line at a fast food drive-through who is sorting through her purse, letting other people get in front of her, and drastically increasing your wait. She then drives off without ordering. "Jackfucker!" | E-mail to Bryan_Lambert. Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 14:39:03 -0500 Thanks for catching my oversight. Trying to be an editor or copy editor has little in the way of rewards, other than trying to make a good submittal a little better. In the case of "jackfucker," I had a personal interest. One day recently I was driving along a residential street at at least the speed limit -- more than likely a little over the speed limit. Some jackfucker mufflefucked me for about two hundred yards and then sped past me, crossing a double yellow line in the process. Then, less than a quarter-mile away, he turned left into a fast-food place (a Braums ice cream parlor -- Braums service is notoriously slow) and got in the drive-through lane. I turned right at the same intersection, then thought better of it. Decided Id try to jackfuck him right back. Why in hell did that jerk find it necessary to roar around me only to almost immediately pull off the road to place a slow food order? Idiot. No, jackfucker! No one else was in the drive-through lane, so I turned around and went to Braums myself. I pulled around him since he was still waiting for someone to take his order. I drove to the window and waited there until he pulled up behind me -- at least two or three minutes later. I continued to sit there for a few more minutes before driving off. Probably didnt actually impede him since Braums is so slow, but I did get a measure of satisfaction telling the server that the fellow in line behind me was an idiot. Wish I had known the word "jackfucker." No real problem with "hanus." I just think its a word begging for a definition. You should be the one to come up with it. Maybe something along the lines of "hairy ass"? Your call, of course. Thanks for submitting words to Lillith "V Victis! Woe to the vanquished."

submitted by Bryan Lambert

jackie - Jacked up.

e.g., The West Side is jackie.

submitted by Heather Crotchett

jackie horner - A busybody, from the nursery rhyme -- one who has to have a thumb in everyone else's pie; one who "horns in."

e.g., Watch what you say in front of her -- she's a compulsive Jackie Horner.

submitted by Bob Riedel

jackin' or jacking - To lie to; to scam or deceive; to joke, kid or mislead.

e.g., Are you jackin' me?

submitted by Gina Ritter - (www)

jackleg - Someone who is a "wannabe" or who appears to be fraudulent in her representation of herself.

e.g., Be wary of jackleg preachers trying to take money from unsuspecting Christians.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

jackleg - Extremely lazy, devious, or rude person. Props to M.F.C. for coining this.

e.g., Chris is a jackleg--always has been, always will be. He used all the milk, put the empty container back in fridge and denied that he did it. He only lies when it's necessary. It's necessary a lot with him.

submitted by Mimi

jacknine - A conjunction of "jackass" and "asinine." For someone or something that is both jackass and asinine. Can also be used to desrcibe a situation.

e.g., Chris, stop acting like a jacknine maniac. This whole day was jacknine -- first my alarm didn't go off, then I was fired, and on top of it all my wife left me. Screw it, my alarm didn't go off, but my wife did. And just because she caught me in bed with Chris.

submitted by Jesse Gililland - (www)

jackoff, jerkoff - Someone who does nothing productive. A procrastinator or a 45 year-old living in a parent's basement. Sometimes hyphenated.

e.g., I wish my jackoff ex-husband would get a job. He's several months behind in alimony payments.

submitted by Lily

jackol - A loud kiss. Smack!

e.g., Honey, I'm home. can you give me a jackol?

submitted by ringo - (www)

jackosity - The state or condition of being a jackass.

e.g., Chris would be a tolerable guy if it werent for his jackosity. Not.

submitted by caramellie

jackrod - Someone whose jackassedness is extremely, unforgivably pronounced. More or less a combination of a jackass and a nimrod.

e.g., Our Hero: What do you mean I can't enter Canada with my cat today? Border Guard: To secure the safety of our citizens, live animals must be quarantined for a period before entry. Our Hero: Stupid Canuck, I'm entering, anyway. Border Guard: Only to the turnaround up ahead. Go any further and you'll be arrested, jackrod.

submitted by clr - (www)

jackside - Another word for your buttocks.

e.g., My jackside really hurts.

submitted by kieran

jackson - To change in color gradually; to mutate, or to desexualize. After Michael Jackson.

e.g., After hiding from the sun and misusing chemicals for years, I had finally jacksoned myself.

submitted by vapid

jackson - A twenty dollar bill.

e.g., Dave threw down a jackson, grabbed the beers and we were gone.

submitted by Nick Carlson

jackson juice - What Intensive Care Unit nurses now call the drug Propofol, the drug that killed Michael Jackson. Heard in October 2009 in the ICU at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK.

e.g., Would it be possible for you to turn off the Jackson Juice for a while to see if she recognizes my voice?

submitted by [Kathy]

jackson pollock - To vomit profusely -- due to the resemblance of vomit to the work of abstract artist Jackson Pollock.

e.g., I drank a fifth of tequila, and then Jackson Pollock'd all over the rug.

submitted by Joseph Dadey

jackson stalemate - When everyone at the table in a restaurant reaches into their wallets and only have $20 bills instead of smaller bills.

e.g., Every time Lisa and I go to the Market Diner, we always have a Jackson stalemate We have to flip a coin to decide who will go to the counter for change.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

jackson standoff - Variant of Jackson stalemate. While eating at a diner, no one at the table has anything smaller than a $20 bill, so someone has to go up to the counter for change.

e.g., Eating at Denny's a lot, I am quite used to the Jackson standoff, which we resolve by playing rock, paper, scissors.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

jackson-five - A u-turn.

e.g., Pull a jackson-five up here and then take a left.

submitted by koze

jacksons - Twenty dollar bills.

e.g., I paid for the clothes with some Jacksons.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

jactaid - Substance found crusted on one's lips upon awakening after a night of drooling.

e.g., He had so much jactaid on his face that morning, it looked as if a slug had slithered out of his mouth.

submitted by Someone

jacudi - Butt.

e.g., My jacudi doesn't fit in these pants.

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

jadoo - What did you do?

e.g., Jadoo last night?

submitted by Paul Leroux

jafo - Just Another Fucking Observer. Paramedic term for all those student ride-alongs who just want to watch.

e.g., Tom and Kurt couldn't figure out why the new JAFO kept showing up for their shift.

submitted by tom - (www)

jafro - A bleached and permed hairstyle worn by Japanese youth, usually surfers.

e.g., His Jafro is stylish.

submitted by mica

jagger - The prickly thorns on certain types of shrubbery

e.g., How many times have I told you to stay out of the jagger bushes because they tear your clothes.

submitted by cara

jagger - To throw a wild, flamboyant, violent-looking tantrum. Possibly while dancing. Refers to the dances steps. Example: The Rooster, that Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones used to do.

e.g., Paul: "Hey look at Albert over there on the dance floor." Rich: "Yeah, he is freakin' out Jagger-style."

submitted by natmac - (www)

jagkdlfish - [pronounced: JAHK-dul-fish] The middle row on a keyboard, also known as the home row. (Etymology: a rearrangement of the letters in the row.)

e.g., For people who are learning to touch-type, one of the first steps necessary is to memorize the positions of the letters on the jagkdlfish.

submitted by Mirakle B.

jagoonda - Extra large, extreme.

e.g., Chris was suffering a jagoonda hangover from the previous night's party.

submitted by Nick Marino - (www)

jailarity - The hilarious acts of a stupid criminal leading up this his or her arrest.

e.g., Man breaks into zoo in attempt to steal polar bear. Jailarity ensues.

submitted by Fzumrk

jaildate - A friendly get together.

e.g., A jaildate in the big house don't usually require no flowers.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jairce - The smell of rain on the wind

e.g., You are to me jairce and the wind rising.

submitted by michael helsem

jake - To be used when you see a completely gorgeous guy. Comes from Molly Ringwald's be-all-end-all crush in Sixteen Candles.

e.g., He's the dreamiest thing I've ever seen. He's a Jake if ever there was one.

submitted by jen

jake - Completely and utterly boring or lame.

e.g., This movie's jake. Let's get out of here.

submitted by lllll

jake - Similar to "jock," but when a good friend is acting all tough and really isn't.

e.g., Dave's a good guy. Too bad he was acting all jake around Alex. Definitely ruined his chances with her. She gets more than enough of that crap from Chris.

submitted by Philly J

jake brake - emergency break on a car

e.g., You gonna pull the jake brake to stop us?

submitted by shaun

jaked - to be ripped off by someone without paybacks

e.g., That ho must have jaked my wallet while I was asleep!

submitted by Mills

jakelou - Female jackelope.

e.g., I saw a jakelou.

submitted by Collin 7th English

jakes - Police.

e.g., Watch out for the jakes.

submitted by shaina

jakey - To fix something in a lazy or sloppy manner, "rigging" something

e.g., Using duct tape combined with coat hangers to fix anything is extremely jakey

submitted by Steve G

jalapeno thing - An event that is a minor irritation. Referencing jalapeno as something mildly spicy that sometimes stings.

e.g., Susan complained about her late hours at work, but Lynn laughily replied, "You're wasting too much time on this subject; it's just a jalepeno thing."

submitted by Susan & Lynn

jalequin - Top-heavy or having a large "front end."

e.g., The Ford Mustang Cobra was rather jalequin. I was almost afraid it would tip over the edge of the cliff face first.

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

jalexy - In reference to a vast ammount of space.

e.g., Texas is one big jalexy.

submitted by jon

jam - To depart or leave.

e.g., Its getting late, I gotta jam soon.

submitted by metallica670

jam ass - To move with considerable speed. (From my stepbrother Garrett, who most likely does come from Salinas, CA. So does the word.)

e.g., A. You should have seen us. We were jamming ass the whole way here. B. If you visit Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, be sure to ask all the ride operators, "Does this ride jam ass?" Especially the ride operators on foreign exchange from other countries.

submitted by BigAssFries

jam butty - Used in Manchester, England to decribe police patrol cars, due to their paint jobs' uncommon resemblance to a jam (or jelly for you Americans out there) sandwich.

e.g., Don't go too fast here--there's a jam butty under the bridge.

submitted by Xnoybis

jamais de muscat - (pronounced zha-MAY-deh-moo-SCOT) 1. an excuse from having to follow a particular custom that you find to be repugnant, inconvenient, harmful, ridiculous, vel cet.; 2. An adjectival phrase meaning, more or less, "he or she refuses to do [something]"; 3. a declaration that the speaker is actively planning revenge against somebody; 4. a polite refusal to attend, go along with, or enjoy something celebrating the triumph or success of one's adversary; 5. a statement that the speaker has "no comment" on some subject regarding his or her enemy, adversary, competition, etc. (French: literally "never muscatel" from Dumas pere's Count of Monte Cristo, chapter 71 "Bread and Salt," in which the Count refuses to eat anything in the house of his enemy, since it would then be impossible for him, under the Eastern customs he has adopted, to take revenge upon his enemy. His former fiancee, Mercedes (who has married his mortal enemy) offers him muscatel grapes (she knows of the custom and is trying to stop the Count from killer her husband). The Count responds, (that is, "I humbly ask you to excuse me, but I never eat muscatel grapes.")).

e.g., "What's so funny?" "We covered Deke's car with shaving cream and he got so angry---it was hilarious!" "Was it?" "He was cussing and stomping around. Yeah, good times... but then he got all quiet and said something about May muskets or something---that was weird." "May muskets? You mean 'Jamais de muscat'?" "Yeah, that's it. What does that mean?" "It means you really ought to leave town for a while." | "Oh, come on, Tom; she picked David, but if you every really loved her, you'll go to the wedding so she can be happy." "Ask her to excuse me: Jamais de muscat." "What's that supposed to mean?" "I'm happy to eat my crow with sour grape sauce, but I don't need an audience.---I never eat muscatel grapes."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jamass - Someone who isn't up to partying.

e.g., Jim. Let's go to the bar tonight. Jack. Naw. Jim. Jeez, you're being a jamass again.

submitted by Krystal

jamdealie - Another word to use as substitution for something for which you cannot remember the name. Usually used after other generic words have already been used.

e.g., So once you have the thingie talking to the doohickie, you need to get them talking to the jamdealie over here.

submitted by Joshua Tuberville - (www)

james - A person who continually lies even if she knows the person she is lying to knows she is lying.

e.g., You James!

submitted by james mcclusky

james blonde - Someone acting stupid. James Blond.

e.g., He paid $500 for a PDA without e-mail? That was a James Blond move.

submitted by partyice

jamhead - Someone obsessed with Pearl Jam.

e.g., Chris is a jamhead. He goes to Pearl Jam concert within 1500 miles.

submitted by Mine - (www)

jamjams - Pajamas.

e.g., Come here Bart and put on your jamjams.

submitted by Ben

jamm-sandwich - Two pieces of bread jammed together after you discovered you were out of lunchmeat.

e.g., "My two course meal was a jamm-sandwich."

submitted by Papa Ivey - (www)

jammers - Often used instead of "pajamas" to describe the ensemble one wears to bed. Sometimes calle peejammers.

e.g., Billy! Tommy! Go put on your jammers and get ready for bed.

submitted by Yo mama's fried rice

jamoke - Another word meaning idiot.

e.g., Look at that jamoke--he tripped over his own feet.

submitted by ape

jamp - past tense of the word jump

e.g., Last week me and the boys jamp gopher mounds out beyond the cornfeilds.

submitted by blyth

jampacted - Jammed and compacted.

e.g., We finally had to leave because it was gettin' jampacted.

submitted by Matthank

jampoo - One of many types of shampoo made from fruit extracts, fruit peels, or other organic ingredients.

e.g., I'm a Pert-kinda-guy. I don't like all that herbal jampoo crap.

submitted by Mounir Khoury

jamtart - To bail out or flake out of plans.

e.g., We asked you to come, but you jamtarted.

submitted by kiki - (www)

jander - A word used to refer to marijuana.

e.g., Let go smoke some jander.

submitted by Alain

jandle - To leave or finish with something, especially when your interest in the thing or peson has dwindled.

e.g., This party is getting boring, let's give it the jandle. That egg is rotten, you had bettter give it the jandle.

submitted by Damien - You have my blessings to spam this spammer.

submitted by Jane Gimbal - (www)

janglefish - Jangle = To listen to music online. Fish = To search. Janglefish = To search for music online.

e.g., Hey, do you think I can Janglefish for Elton John?

submitted by Tim Bell - (www)

janglefish, jinglefish - To surf the Internet for online music.

e.g., Do you janglefish? Get hooked up with janglefish.

submitted by Sandy Grace - (www)

janglefished - To burn out from excessive listening to online music.

e.g., After hours on Janglefish, I became Janglefished.

submitted by Rob Hawthorne - (www)

jangolapi - (Rhymes with song-guh-poppy; adj.) 1. Betting everything; 2. Putting it all on the line; 3. Going for broke; 4. "In for a penny, in for a pound"; 5. Absolutely committed; (v.) 5. Go for broke!; 6. Let it ride!; (n.) 7. A challenge to an all-or-nothing contest; 8. A 100% commitment; (interj.) 8. "All or nothing!" "Sydney or the bush!" (That last one's from Charles Schultz's Peanuts, back in ... what, 1968?).    [From Jan'ya gōlāpī, which, in Bengali (of all things), means "for pink," which itself evidently derives from the phrase "racing for pinks" ... a phrase just a bit before my time, that means wagering ownership of your car (automobile title deeds are pink) on the outcome of a drag race: the winner gets the loser's car.]

e.g., "The enemy's dug in, and, man for man, we're outnumbered. What do you think? Captain Fitz?"   "I vote attack, Colonel."   "Noted. Major Wolton?"   "I say go ... go."   "Good. Master-Sergeant Dyson?"   "Jangolapi, Sir."   "What? Master Sergeant? What?"   "Jangolapi ... all or nothing, Sir."   "Oh. Oh. Okay ... Good .... Just out of curiosity---"   "Bengali, Sir."    ----------------------------------   "You can't beat me."   "At Nintendo Duck-Hunt? Of course I can---When are you gonna stop living the lie?! I am king of the duck-hunters: il re dei cacciatori di anatre."   "Si, si: capisco ... eh! Jangolapi."   "Oh, you want a piece of me" "Bring it, pezzo!"  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jank - Unlikely occurrence derived form incredible amounts of luck.

e.g., Hitting on a 19 to make 21 was pure jank.

submitted by Braden Box

jank - Uncool, lame.

e.g., My little brother really wanted a skateboard, but after he got one he said it was jank and boring.

submitted by Kaiden

jankety - Dilapidated or messed up.

e.g., My new coat got torn and muddy, and now it's all jankety.

submitted by posh

jankie - Something that is either put together very poorly and could fall apart at any time. Something that is a pile of junk

e.g., 1. Steve's car is jankie. 2. That house we went into is so jankie I could have cut my leg off just getting in the door. 3. That is one big jankie job you did on that bike you put together

submitted by tagline - (www)

jankout - To actively create trouble, turmoil, thoughtfulness, or depression.

e.g., The melancholy episode of _Dawson's Creek_ gave me a jankout.

submitted by TimX - (www)

janky - 1. Unsuitable, inadequate, not matching up to set standards, cheap. 2. Intensely repellent or unpleasant; disgusting in the extreme. 3. Unwanted and unliked mood and actions.

e.g., 1. Chris was wearing a janky outfit from Wet Seal. 2. Go to Curley's tonight? I don't think so. Top-o-the-line at Curley's is still janky. Think I'll goe to Moe's instead. 3. "Last night was fun...." "Yeah, all but that crap Chris pulled." "I agree, Chris was janky last night." "Last night? When is he not?"

submitted by Mary Ingham, needfortweed, Jason W DeLon - (www)

janoo - Bumpy, rough.

e.g., The concrete became janoo over time.

submitted by September 7th English

janta - "People in general, acquaintances"

e.g., "I was at the party around 9ish, but janta came around 11."

submitted by MSS

jap - Just Another Pissant. Said on message boards of someone who isn't worth the time it would take to deal with her. These are the sort of folks who can cause you to go into a fit of repetitive headdesking.

e.g., You seem to think I'm trying to "change history" when I delete posts that are outdated or have otherwise become superfluous and object to my doing so -- as if they weren't supperfluous from the gitgo. That is not my intent, but I know you're not the only one who has that suspicion. He's what I think of as [a] JAP. He thinks I'm doing it even though he has captured my posts by quoting them in full. Go figure. Once he's done that, he's in complete control -- he can edit his posts and claim I said something I didn't. . . . Ah, I know what I'll do. I'll post an image to make it difficult for him to alter what I said.

submitted by HD Fowler

japaladin - Samurai, Japanese paladin.

e.g., Who do these Japaladins think they are? And what's with those ginsu swords? Get me my gun.

submitted by tff

japaneseum - Anything small, electronic, and Japanese. (Not to be confused with the element japanesium.)

e.g., Sony makes great japaneseum.

submitted by Melanie Goux - (www)

japes - Similar to joke.

e.g., Just japesing. | You're having a japes.

submitted by Caroline

japmosphere - The unique atmosphere of Japanese cinema, TV, culture, etc.

e.g., I'm sure The Ring remake will be good, but it'll lack the Japmosphere that made the original so interesting.

submitted by Adam Leslie

jaqueline-of-all-trades - The jaqueline-of-all-trades is more than the female form of jack-of-all-trades. She is a role-switcher who relishes outshining men in the traditionally male dominated pursuits -- such as framing a house, putting up sheetrock, electrical wiring and plumbing, and drinking beer. She is a veritable Swiss Army Wife. Meanwhile, her husband if she's married has learned to adapt and even relish his role as househusband, only being sure to have a hot home-cooked meal ready when she arrives, pooped and sweaty, demanding a cold beer.

e.g., "How sweet it is! Jackie takes care of me and does my jackie-do list. All I need to do is the shopping, prepare meals, keep the house neat and clean, do the wash, manage the household finances, and take care of the kids. She's my hero! My jaqueline-of-all-trades!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

jar - (Jar) v. To silence someone so completely they cannot come up with a retort.

e.g., Hah! I jarred you.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

jarch - Adjective describing something that is a bluish-green color.

e.g., On rainy days, the tree has a jarchish color to it.

submitted by koaster

jargodleygook - Any number of words of phrases used by internet scam artists (such as hucksters bilking venture capitalists) to make the online product or service they are selling or promoting sound more technically important and necessary than it really is or ever could be.

e.g., "So this product has an on-time demand for real user interface capabilities enmeshed with superior networking spaciality. "Just spare me all that jargodleygook, son, and tell me when this is going to start making money."

submitted by Keith

jargon - Word or sentence that doesn't make sense.

e.g., Shut it! You are talking jargon!

submitted by Stu Pot

jargon shock - If someone wants you to anwser a technical question, and you don't really want to anwser, you spew technical jargon at her until she gives up and goes away.

e.g., Dumb person: How do we install an operating system? Tech guy: To accomplish that we'd have to take down the server, flash the CMOS, pull the Level Two Cache, Zap the P-RAM, and defrag all the hard drives on IDE buses one and two. Dumb guy: Argghh. Jargon shock. Run away, run away.

submitted by Jordan

jargon vomit - The result of stringing together a series of buzzwords and jargon terms into smart-sounding but otherwise meaningless sentences. Often used to mask the jargon vomitter's weak command of a subject matter. Jargon vomitter, jargon vomitting, jargon vomity. See: word salad, jargon shock.

e.g., Oh, man, if I read any more jargon vomit, I'm think I'm going to hurl.

submitted by Julie Anne

jarhead - Jock or male athlete, usually in high school and on the football team. Tend to get drunk and the only thing they can talk about IS football.

e.g., "Did you see that fight in the caf? Jon and Mike are jarheads." "Yeh, but I wish one of them would ask me out. Then the other girls would look up to me."

submitted by JaJiner

jarhead - Marine. Can't find any definitive etymology, so I'll use the one I like best. As my Drill Instructor told us, we got the name "jarhead" because of the rim on the frame cap. It looks like the lid on a jar, hence the term "jarhead."

e.g., In very dangerous situations, the jarheads frequently go in first. | Send in the jarheads.

submitted by HD Fowler

jarjarred - To take something perfectly acceptable as is, and add to it something unnecessary and annoying. (adjective) Jarjarred: Having annoying, superfluous features.

e.g., Microsoft Word 2000 is so jarjarred up I can't write a simple memo anymore. I really hope George Lucas doesn't jarjar up his next Star Wars movie.

submitted by Garret Gengler

jark - Anything that is super amazingly cool, in an unusual, offbeat sort of way is jark.

e.g., That guy CAM is jark.

submitted by Curtis Adlar Murphy

jark - A mystical half-jar, half-shark creature--very friendly and crazy.

e.g., That man's head resembles a jark's.

submitted by Neil Joyes

jarlic - Chopped or minced garlic that is packaged in a jar.

e.g., I always keep some jarlic on hand; it's great for when I'm craving pasta but don't have time to make a sauce completely from scratch.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

jarring - Cool, but out of place currently.

e.g., Your shoes are jarring; they're awesome, but not for this party.

submitted by bob - (www)

jasmine's business - The backyard. When our dog Jasmine is put out, she's told to go do her business. Thus two-year-old Alec thought the backyard was called Jasmine's business. . . . Alec's ten now, and Jasmine is no more. Alec and Eric are out with their parents right now, picking up two Corgis, Belle and Beni.

e.g., Dina: Alec, where's your daddy? Alec: Jasmine's business.

submitted by [Alec] - (www)

jason - Derogatory term. Can be used in name-calling, insult, or other.

e.g., John is being a jason.

submitted by jason bartel - (www)

jason's ireland - A midget with the ability to jump abnormally high or portray extreme strength is termed as having reached "Jason's Ireland" status.

e.g., Minime just pole vaulted 40 feet high. He's gotta have made Jason's Ireland.

submitted by Dung Machine

jasper - Any man who is undesirably interested in a woman you are either related to or interested in.

e.g., Who's that jasper talking to your sister? ... Oh, he's just a friend. Ha.

submitted by kouros

jaspercrampy - Adjective, describing someone who has a grumbling contempt for everything that exists. Generally accompanies old age.

e.g., "What are you looking at? Why don't you shape up and get a job?!" shouted the jaspercrampy old fool as he waved his cane at the innocent snowman.

submitted by Jon King

jastole - A woman's garment that is a combination jacket and stole .

e.g., What a lovely jastole you are wearing, darling.

submitted by Gayla Bentley - (www)

jaundiced monkey - Extreme liar, expects you to believe really bizarre stuff.

e.g., You saw a talking dog? Right. You're a jaundiced monkey.

submitted by Anna

jaut - A type of onomatopoeia like "buzz" or "chirp." For the sound a type of rodent might make.

e.g., My hampster Wally, in his best hamster-style singing voice, crooned, "Jaut."

submitted by Justin Bellefontaine

java-ed - A verb that mean you're hyper from drinking too much coffee

e.g., Sorry I can't sit still, I just got java-ed at starbucks

submitted by Marina Floyr

javaflex - The uncontrolled reaction of a hand holding a cup of hot coffee when a bit of the scalding liquid splashes over the rim, causing the hand to jerk and spill even more of the scalding liquid on the offending hand.

e.g., Dang! I just burned the heck out of my hand when I had an attack of javaflex while walking down the hall.

submitted by Mark Cotton - (www)

javastrip - A tiny memory device that, when inserted into the computer, activates a JavaScript command stored on the device.

e.g., Cherilyn's computer was busy sending spam ads, offensive images, and viruses to various corporate email addresses. While she wasn't looking, I inserted a JavaStrip that contained the following code (among other code) stored in a file called strip.htm:"strip.htm") This caused the window to keep opening itself, sending the computer into a fatal loop. When Cherilyn checked the computer, she said, "Not again. That JavaScript fiend spoiled my spamming plan again." (That story was 100% fictional.)

submitted by star651

javules - the tiny granules of coffee bean at the bottom of the cup when you finish your cup of coffee

e.g., "In a desperate attempt to wake up before his early morning meeting, Boris consumed every drop of the espresso, even to the point of forcing his tongue deep inside the cup in order to savor every single javule. "

submitted by Bruce F

jawba - A non-physical matter that is responsible for a most rancid smell, a smell that transcends the English language.

e.g., Your feet smell like freaking jawba.

submitted by rh2050

jawbonic - Jaw-bone-ick. Something that is so exciting or exhilirating that it is a jaw-dropping experience.

e.g., Jimmy thought his new Hot Wheel cars were jawbonic.

submitted by Kevin Jester

jawjacking - To talk. Used by Marine Corps Drill Instructors in boot camp.

e.g., Quit jawjacking, girls.

submitted by James A. Mascola

jawn - A person, a place, or a thing. Generic word.

e.g., Did you see the back on that jawn?...It was off the hook.

submitted by enue - (www)

jawn blazey - An exceedingly attractive girl or woman.

e.g., That Jawn Blazey was checkin' you out, Mike. What you got goin' to cause that?

submitted by Christopher Johnston

jawsome - Contraction of "just awsome."

e.g., You won that singing award. Jawsome!

submitted by Flame Midnight

jaxomlotus - Carrying a very strong scent of lotus blossoms, or male pheromones.

e.g., His suit was unusally jaxomlotus, causing her to gasp for air.

submitted by Avi Muchnick - (www)

jaystrolling - Similar to jaywalking, but with an attitude of "Not only can I cross the street anywhere I want, but I'll do it as if there's no chance a car might want to use the street anytime soon."

e.g., I could see him from halfway down the block, jaystrolling and bopping to his Walkman.

submitted by Frank Brooks - (www)

jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stick - Say this instead of jeez or Jesus or anything like that.

e.g., Jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stick. That looked like it hurt.

submitted by Maggie

jazooquenous - It means that you have mixed emotions, or that you are longing for something or someone.

e.g., I'm feeling jazooquenous.

submitted by Jourden

jazz - stuff

e.g., '...and all that jazz'

submitted by roger sun

jazz police - The name of a Leonard Cohen song, use this phrase when anyone is overly pedantic or nit-picky about anything.

e.g., He: I think you'll find Agent Mulder's hair is more mid brown, than dark brown. You: What are you, the jazz police?

submitted by annelise dunn

jazzed - Excited. Happy.

e.g., I'm certainly jazzed about going to the beach next week.

submitted by Chrash - (www)

jazztalc - Talking slurred and losing your balance after consuming a little too much alcohol.

e.g., He`s acting a little funny--must have been at the jazztalc.

submitted by Dave Carpenter - (www)

jazzuall - Jazzuall is having a sense of style and sophistication while still remaining thoroughly comfortable.

e.g., We went to Betatone's martini bar to soak in some of the jazzuall atmosphere...and to get loaded.

submitted by betatone - (www)

jbug - Just Between Us Girls. Indicates highly confidential discussion or information.

e.g., Listen, this is strictly JBUG. It goes no further.

submitted by Tracy Quan - (www)

jcr - Jenny Craig Reject. Overweight. Used to avoid hurting feelings of those within earshot.

e.g., This party is full of JCRs; let's get outa here.

submitted by John - (www)

jealophixocity - To be fixated on another or a group out of jealousy to the point of anger or altering one's lifestyle.

e.g., Heather's jealophixocity toward Ashley was manifested in repeated calls to our house nearly every time Ashley was here.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

jean genies - A young adult feminist.

e.g., I'm protesting with the Jean Genies this weekend.

submitted by Sierra-Rose - (www)

jean-o-liptus - The too-tight disease that smiles at you...vertically of course. More prevalent in the 80s.

e.g., Check out the stonewash jean-o-liptus, poor thing. Please, it's not camel toe. It's a disease, people.

submitted by whiskeysistas

jeanealogy - The pedigree of jeans.

e.g., Check out their jeanealogy and you'll find that they go back to Levi Strauss.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

jeanius - Someone who is a fashion expert when it comes to jeans.

e.g., My mom is a jeanius.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

jeanus fly trap - The small void at the bottom of the flys (usually on jeans) where the zipper disappears.

e.g., Have you got anything to stick down my jeanus fly trap? Ive just been to the loo and cant do myself up.

submitted by Frankie - (www)

jeaporsy - A variation on the word jeapordy: such as to be in a bad state of affairs or in danger.

e.g., We suddenly found ourselves in a state of jeaporsy.

submitted by frank

jebble - To goof up in a very embarrassing way. Inspired by the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, whose election signs had an exclamation mark after his name (Jeb!) and my daughter thought it was an L. Therefore, she pronounced it Jebble.

e.g., Did you hear about how Jeb Bush sent a congratulatory letter to the senator who lost the election? He pulled a major jebble.

submitted by Maia - (www)

jebus - Jesus. _The Simpsons_.

e.g., "Sweet Jebus. That's a funny looking hat." OR "If your're up there, please save me Jebus."

submitted by SlantyOJ - (www)

jecm - Jim-Evans-Compatible-Mode: Plain text messages. Nothing you couldn't do on a manual typewriter in the 1940s. Not even backspacing and underscoring. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Dammit, HD, quit using all that fancy-schmancy typography when you write, rabidation I think you call it. You know I'm a Luddite and don't have anything that prevents it from showing up as garbled characters." ... "What! No, I'm not talking about the way it displays on my smartphone. You know I don't have a smartphone." ... "No, bonehead, I don't have a computer either. You know that. Well, I do have one, but you're aware that I use it as big paperweight. I'm a Luddite, dammit. You are one stupid ... fellow." ... "All right, I've gotta admit that I've advanced to the last quarter of the 19th century -- because I have a telephone, a landline with a fifty-foot cord."

submitted by [HD Fowler for Jim Evans] - (www)

jedi - Extremely skillful or slick. From Jedi mind trick.

e.g., The way you pulled that tailslide off the helicopter blade was jedi.

submitted by John Cope

jedus - jedus - (Pronounced to rhyme with "MED-us") One, single Jedi knight (taken as a 2nd-declension Latin noun, in which case, it would be pronounced to rhyme with "Made-oos," I guess).

e.g., Following the Latin Second Declension:    SINGULAR    NOMINATIVE: The JEDUS used his light saber.   GENITIVE: Anakin admired the JEDI saber skills.   DATIVE: He gave the sword to a JEDO.   ACCUSATIVE: Darth Maul killed a JEDUM. ABLATIVE: Mom! Here's a letter from your JODO.   VOCATIVE: Hey! JEDE! Leave those kids alone!      PLURAL    NOMINATIVE: Twenty JEDI sat in council.   GENITIVE: The chronicle of the JEDORUM.   DATIVE: The money goes to the JEDIS.   ACCUSATIVE: In fact, Darth Maul killed every JEDOS he saw.   ABLATIVE: A letter from seven JEDIS.   VOCATIVE: Listen up, all you JEDI!  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jeebs - Basically a synonym for teeth. Or, biting someone or something. History: Originated as part of a cat's name (Mr. Jeebers) and it somehow evolved or mutated into a word that desrcibes teeth or biting.

e.g., That ice cream made my jeebs hurt. When he tossed me that quarter it hit me right in the jeebs. I can't wait to jeeb into that pizza.

submitted by a stephens

jeeper - A person with an obession with Jeep vehicles, often distinguished by her inability to recognize junk Jeeps, almost always seeing them as "great trail potential." Often found smelling mud as if it were wine and forever reparing broken drive-train parts.

e.g., "Do you see those guys stuck in the mud with that wrecked Jeep? Maybe they need help?" "No, those are Jeepers. They won't want our help."

submitted by Lee Traxler - (www)

jeepers cripes! - A term used in disbelief. A variant euphemism for "Jesus Christ."

e.g., Jeepers cripes! How much salt did you put on this popcorn?

submitted by Molly

jeerleader - One who leads the jeering.

e.g., The jeerleader's heckles destroyed the morale of the our school's football team.

submitted by deio watts

jeet - compressed form of "Did you eat?"

e.g., Jeet yet? We're set to go.

submitted by Gene Wirchenko

jeet-jet - In Pittsburghese, a contraction of "Did you eat yet?"

e.g., Jeet-jet? No? Well, we're thinkin' of goin' dahntahn (downtown) to Permanti's (Primanti Brothers Restaurant).

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

jeet? - one word question about eating

e.g., "Hey Bill, jeet? Bill: Naw, I'm not hungry."

submitted by hammer

jeet? - Have you eaten yet? This is new england speak. We try to say an entire sentence in one word. Another example would be "lesgo." Short for "Let's leave this place."

e.g., We're all meeting at the wildwood steakhouse--jeet? OR We are leaving for the movies in ten minutes--jooeet, you wanna go?

submitted by stephen paul leazer

jeetyet - Did you eat yet?

e.g., (You're with a friend)..."I'm kinda hungry, jeetyet?

submitted by Kara

jeevesed - Kinda like googled but used for the Ask Jeeves search engine instead

e.g., Matt: Did you find info for your science project? Keith: Yeah, I Jeevesed it.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

jeevus - Jesus.

e.g., Jeevus, what is wrong with you?

submitted by Allison

jeezick - An uncordinated, non-athletic person who particpates regularly in athletic activities (mostly baseball), despite her low skill level. A jeezick usually wears her ball cap in a nonconformative manner, sports a cheap glove and cleats, and is also afraid to approach the opposite sex during social engagements.

e.g., Everybody was laughing at Chris in right field because she can't catch a fly ball and wears her baseball pants up to her chest and her ball cap flat over her eyes. One guy said to her buddy, "What a jeezick Chris is. I'm embarrassed to know her."

submitted by Chris Pantuso - (www)

jefferdsonian - After Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords: backstabbing, treasonous. (ED. A bit strong in condemnation, particularly the treasonous bit. But I'm going to allow it -- because I hate the sorry bastard myself.)

e.g., Carol's jeffordsonian plan to see company secrets was discovered just in time.

submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

jeffrenoma - 1. A possibly life threatening malady inclining or occasionally obsessing a person with doing things in the way or interest of ones' older sibling/big bubba. 2. A sickness to be like or interested in the same things as someone of little or no fame you admire. (Yeah, you, big bubba.)

e.g., My Jeffrenoma leads me to put on another RUSH album nearly everyday . . . heck, I even had to Amazon Kraftwerk's "Computer World" record a couple of weeks ago to get it to go into a temporal remission.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

jeggings - "Trademark in UK: Tight-fitting stretch pants for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans."

e.g., "The difference between your debt and that of the United States Government," he writes, "is that the world isn't going to be plunged into a postapocalyptic economic cataclysm if your MasterCard is maxed out while trying to purchase a pair of jeggings at H&M."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jehovah's witness - A person you intensely dislike who insists on coming round to your house and spending hours there when you don't want her to.

e.g., Adrain, go home. You're being a Jehovah's Witness again.

submitted by Xnoybis

jekquizex - The center knob on a roulette wheel.

e.g., As the croupier gently twirled the jekquizek, Mike pondered what would be the coolest Scrabble word of all time.

submitted by Ty Evans

jeldo - An afficionado of jelly donuts.

e.g., Clark is by far the biggest jeldo in the office.

submitted by Ty Evans

jellidermis - The horrible "skin" that forms on jello when it begins to dry out.

e.g., I'll have the jello. Just scrape the jellidermis off.

submitted by The Puffin

jello - A material possession that designates someone as particularly wealthy and sophisticated; also, the state of being particularly wealthy and sophisticated. Gelatin was discovered in Victorian times, but only the most wealthy Victorians could afford it. They were actually more interested in crafting it into elaborate molds than in eating it; the more elaborate the mold, the more sophisticated the Victorian.

e.g., Wow, Sarah, that outfit is really jello!

submitted by Teddy Bowers

jelloboy or jellogirl - Person of small mental prowess. Stalks the internet in search of chat boards where she tries to drag people into pointless arguments. Her contributions serve only as examples of her low mental capacity. Also know as a troll.

e.g., I was having a rational argument online today until this stupid jellogirl reared her ugly head.

submitted by Cyberpunk - (www)

jellous - (JELL-us or JELL-oh-us; n.) 1. Green (lime) Jello; (adj.); 2. Desiring green Jello. [from the fact that jealousy, like envy, is generally considered green, and that Jello can take the -us ending for the pun's sake.] Derivations: Jellousy.

e.g., I like Jellous with mandarin oranges and whipped cream. And talking about it makes me Jellous.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

jelly-belly - Another word for jealous.

e.g., My cat was pretty jelly-bellied when we got a dog. OR (to an envious friend) Ooh, someone's feelin' a little jelly-belly, huh?

submitted by Becca

jellybaby - A small, chewy candy available in many fruity flavors. Extremely useful for getting out of bad situations. This candy is only carried by time-travelers.

e.g., (To a supervillain): I see fifty years of hibernation hasn't cured your megalomania. Have a jellybaby.

submitted by Mobius Paradox

jellypaya - Jelly-pie-uh, a fruit pie that includes a certain amount of jelly or jam or preserves.

e.g., Down in N'awlens I like to order cherry jellypaya every time I'm in town.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jen gnome - Jennifer, a member of the extensive German Gnome family, was an early 20th century assistant lab technician, in charge of fungi, within the mine caves deep under the University of Hamburg. Self-taught and working after hours on her own, she contributed important basic research in the study of chromosomes. Dr. Hans Winkler, head botanist at the U of H, created the term "genomes" in 1920, honoring her and her work.

e.g., In the early 1900s, intellectual snobbery was rife throughout German universities. Considering gnomes to be a sub-class, academicians at the University of Hamburg referred to Jen Gnome, an assistant lab technician, disparagingly as hap-"loid" (for "hapless") and even, "dip-"loid. Much to the academicians' chagrin, these slurs became highly respected terms in Jen's field of study, now referred to as "jen gnomes."

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

jen-debt - 1. Any sum of money owed to you that will most likely never be paid. 2. A personal loan which is paid back so slowly, you may forget about it (which, of course, is the hope of the person who owes it to you).

e.g., 1. Jim: Did Mark ever pay back that $50 you loaned him? Dan: Oh, hell no. It a jen-debt now. I'll never see that money. 2. Dave owes me 400 bucks, but he's only paid me $3 a week for the last 4 months. The jerk has made it a jen-debt.

submitted by Dan The Man

jenga - To make a precarious and unnecessary stack or pile.

e.g., Rather than replace the bag and take the full one out, Andy and his roommates once again jenga'd the trash.

submitted by A. Currie

jengus - The result word of being SO frustrated you can't even say a simple "JESUS!" or "DANGIT!"

e.g., ... and she said, "Jengus! My computer won't stop freezing up!"

submitted by Krystin

jenifract - You made a statement for someone or something and when it is passed by tongues, through its passage, the meaning was changed unwillingly.

e.g., Adonis said that he wouldn't date Jolly, but it was jenifracted and Jolly got that she was troublesome. . . . She was, indeed, troublesome, but that was not what Adonis had said.

submitted by Chittaranjan Sahoo

jenk - Anything that is rubbish.

e.g., I can't watch this jenk anymore.

submitted by david whittaker

jennavator - A wild willing girl, incapable of blushing or being sexually offended. A friend to all willing to experiment. Sorta' like Jenna Jameson?

e.g., That girl is a real jennavator.

submitted by Bobby Joe Brickman

jerichoholic - Hardcore Chris Jericho fan.

e.g., Q. Do you like Benoit? A. No, I'm a big jerichoholic.

submitted by murph - (www)

jerkalo - A benign but derogatory term for someone you're frustrated with.

e.g., Chris has been a jerkalo today--he tried to attack the neighbor's dog when on the walk just now.

submitted by Evman

jerkee - Like Yankee but with more violent pulling.

e.g., The Brits surmised that the Yankees' attitudes were becoming a less than tolerable, more like Jerkees.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

jerkfat - Annoyance.

e.g., Chris is more than a jerkfat, he's dangerous.

submitted by matt - (www)

jerkfoot - An expression of pain or when you do something wrong.

e.g., Ah, jerkfoot. I just hit my thumb with the hammer.

submitted by Docta_G

jerkier - More than a jerk.

e.g., You are more jerkier than I am.

submitted by Mythra

jerkin' - Cool, neato, groovy, etc.

e.g., Jackie, your orange shoes are...jerkin'!

submitted by natalia manzocco - (www)

jerknoise - Conversation between two people that those nearby find to be annoying and jerk-like.

e.g., The jerknoise was unbelievable as they elbowed each other getting to the bargain bins.

submitted by jerky

jerkoholic - Someone addicted to behaving like a jerk.

e.g., Chris doesn't need to be drinking so much. He's already a jerkoholic.

submitted by HD Fowler

jerkosaurus - A big jerk. Jerkosaur. (n) A jerk of immense proportions. Submitted for Alec by his grandfather -- since Alec is only three years old and doesn't type that well yet. Probably came from TV, but has been heard coming only from Alec.

e.g., Chris is the tyrannosaurus rex of jerks; he's a jerkosaurus.

submitted by [Alec] - (www)

jerkwake - A involuntary jerk of the body for no apparent reason that causes a sleeper to wake suddenly, often with a surprised grunt.

e.g., His loud and violent jerkwake startled him, the crowd, and the golfer as he went for the crucial putt.

submitted by Gerard

jerkwater - A combination of "jerk" and "backwater." Used to describe someone or something that is stupid and jerky.

e.g., I gotta get out of this jerkwater town. Used at:,78386,.shtml

submitted by Todd Federman

jerky - A person who drives too slow, or uses her brakes too much due to tailgating.

e.g., Hey, jerky, why don't you get off my bumper a bit?

submitted by Waldo

jerry fargos - The long, wispy hairs on the back of your neck .

e.g., I don't need a haircut, I really just need to get rid of the Jerry Fargos.

submitted by Sean

jerry springer mosiac - When a picture is pixelated to censor it. From issue 7.17.2000S

e.g., That movie was garbage. It had Jerry Springer mosaics in all the good scenes.

submitted by samira - (www)

jerrytown - Deadheads who don't have anything to do anymore and show up at other band's concerts -- and do their little whirling fish disease dance.

e.g., Great concerts -- until the Jerrytown started showing up. People, get some rhythm.

submitted by Dave Wetherby

jersey cow - Chow, food.

e.g., I'm starving, I need to get me some jersey cow.

submitted by Brett Hansen

jerusalem cruisers - Any old looking sandal (such as Birkenstocks) that look like they might have been worn by Jesus

e.g., Hey, you shouldn't step in puddles with your Jerusalem cruisers

submitted by FierceExplorer

jes off jet - Hawaiian Pidgin English, which translates to "just off jet" For one who is a newcomer to the (Hawaiian) Islands. Can also mean anyone who is a newbie in any given situation.

e.g., Skeet: Hey, T-Bone, you see that googy buy at the beach today? T-Bone: You mean that guy in the dark socks? Yeah, looks like jes off jet to me.

submitted by Paul

jesan - Term for rabid right-wing Christians, commonly applied to those whose wardrobe consists exclusively of WWJD apparel and whose vehicles are plastered with Jesus-fish.

e.g., Looks like the jesans hardcore pamphletted my Merkur XR4TI again. Guess they didn't like the "atheist" vanity plates.

submitted by Mike & Chris

jestucator - A person who uses humor as an educational tool.

e.g., Frederico had the breakaway session howling with laughter, tears streaming down their faces, as he imparted the latest published studies in quantum mechanics. He's my favorite jestucator.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

jesus - Doing something so effortlessly that it seems to be a miracle. Used most effectively when the Jesuser has no idea how it worked so well.

e.g., B. How'd you get here so fast through that traffic? E. I Jesussed myself here.

submitted by stayput

jesus - Popular Latino name.

e.g., Bethlehem locals asked Mary and Joseph what they were going to call the baby. Mary replied , "Jesus." They said, "There goes the neighborhood!"

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

jesus - The Christ; often misused as an exclamation.

e.g., The only time one hears the word "Jesus" in some liberal churches is when the janitor falls off the ladder.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

jesus crispy - Slang in Manchester, England for an overtly religious person.

e.g., You're a right Jesus Crispy, you are.

submitted by Xnoybis

jesus flakes - The round rice paper things you get in church, which represent the body of the Christ.

e.g., Religion sucks, but it's worth it for the Jesus flakes.

submitted by Klamath

jesus-sneakers - sandals or flip-flops.

e.g., Hey, who said that you could borrow my Jesus-sneakers?

submitted by Beckie

jesusneezer - A person who is only religious when someone sneezes.

e.g., He says "God bless you," but he isn't religious. He's just a jesusneezer.

submitted by Sean Tubridy - (www)

jeszantilo - A melon or other fruit, when one cannot name it.

e.g., Hand me that jeszantilo, Ryan.

submitted by Ryan Lockwood

jet - To leave quickly.

e.g., OK, time to jet.

submitted by Willy_ph - (www)

jetf*cked - That feeling of complete and utter mind-body f*ckedness that comes with significant travel crossing time zones: an inability to successfully function or exist. Not limited to simply the problem of being awake at odd hours and unable to sleep in line with local nighttime -- that being merely "jetlagged."

e.g., I feel absolutely jetf*cked. | Jetlagged is to jetf*cked as a beebee is to a bowling ball.

submitted by Anna Kauffmann - (www)

jethrine - A big guy in a dress who must pass as a woman to fool the public, with presumably hilarious results. Taken from Jethro Bodine's alter-ego in the Beverly Hillbillies.

e.g., Did you see White Chicks? The Wayans brothers play Jethrines, but I never laughed once 'cause their make-up was so hideous.

submitted by Lisafer

jethrosexual - Antonym of metrosexual.

e.g., Chuck would sooner give up beer than get a manicure. He's more of a jethrosexual.

submitted by Marie Wagner

jetsamee - (n., also jetsamy) 1. a state or condition analogous to 'jetsam,' the term for cargo, rigging, etc., cast overboard by a ship's crew in order to lighten the load and save themselves from sinking. 2. (adj.) like jetsam. 3. (adv., "jetsamilee" pronounced jet-sum-EE-ly) in a way reminiscent of jetsam.

e.g., Some laid-off from their job has experienced commercial jetsamee: the company's officers have decided such a person's position is expendable in their efforts to keep the business afloat. Needless to say, such tactics bode ill for the company's future, and everyone including the officers may very well end up in the awful state of flotsamee (qv.).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jetset netpet - An "incrowd" rich guy or girl that you meet on the internet.

e.g., "I don't want a netpet; if I did, he'd have to be a jetset netpet."

submitted by willie m. bettner - (www)

jetto - Extremely cheap, tacky, or half-assed. Worse than "ghetto" and "ghetmo."

e.g., Ames is the ultimate jetto store.

submitted by wookiee

jew-jitsu - A martial art practised by Japanese semitic elders involving hurling a heavy Torah at inattentive synagogue-goers.

e.g., As the only working rabbi in Hiroshima, Morrie bemoaned the lack of opportunity to practise Jew-Jitsu.

submitted by lochlainn

jewbilation - 1. The thrill a Jew feels upon finding out a favorite celebrity is Jewish. 2. The thrill a Jew feels upon finding other cool things about Jews in the public eye. 3. Also the thrill a Roman Catholic feels when she finds out that someone she had thought was Jewish is actually Roman Catholic.

e.g., Chris experienced jewbilation when she learned that Billy Joel wasn't Jewish.

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

jewbu - A Jewish Buddhist

e.g., Did you see the Jewbu in the shrine room today? (I'm Jewish and got my MA in Buddhist Studies, so I heard the term alot) by the way, it's not derogatory.

submitted by Daniel Reuben

jewfro - An afro on a jewish person. very popular with jewish ultimate frisbee players.

e.g., Half of their team was sporting a jewfro.

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

jewish holiday - Days off (usually from school) when there is no real reason we know of to have a free day.

e.g., Tomorrow we don't have classes. I'm not sure why. Probably some Jewish holiday.

submitted by J

jewish lightning - An insurance fire -- i.e., a fire set deliberately in order to be able to collect insurance. Not at all as uncommon as you might like to think. Used by owners of failing business to bail themselves out of financial trouble.

e.g., "Yes, as small as the town was we had two movie theaters. Both prospered until the early 1950s when many residents got TVs. ... And both mysteriously burned down in the 1960s, corresponding with a further decline in theater goers. More than a few people thought the fires were instances of Jewish lightning.

submitted by Jewish lightning - (www)

jezzarizer - A procrastinator that likes to manipulate friends into the evil world of lies. Don't be fooled by their use of big words, they do this to hypnotise you into believing they know so much, when really they know so little.

submitted by Karen

jf hair, head - Just fucked hair. The front is perfect but the back is a rat's nest.

e.g., Q. Aren't you going to comb your hair? It's looks like JF Hair? A. Why bother? Who looks at the back of my head?

submitted by nitag - (www)

jibba - Awesome; sweet; excellent.

e.g., Those M&M's were jibba.

submitted by sagar - (www)

jibba jabba - Some talk so damn much you just want slap them. This was mainly used by Mr.T.

e.g., She needs to shut up talking all that Jibba Jabba.

submitted by Jason Bryant - (www)

jibba-jabba - Excessive conversation.

e.g., That fool has got to stop that jibba-jabba!

submitted by Adam Freeman

jibber - Cuddling with the plentiful addition of squeezes, intense fondling, and rubs in one continuous repetitive motion with both hands.

e.g., I want to jibber a cat.

submitted by Jimpook

jibbit - Any item, large or small.

e.g., It would go much faster if you took the jibbit out. Meet me at that jibbit in the middle of the square.

submitted by Phatman

jibbley - The feeling you get when you are anticipating a winning experience.

e.g., Ken was feeling jibbley as he read the winning lottery numbers.

submitted by Ken Barefield

jibbly - Undesirable, shoddy or broken.

e.g., My father's Gremlin is one jibbly car.

submitted by Bill Bailey

jibby - Anything that is not pleasant, or satisfying. Something producing gas pains.

e.g., Anchovies are jibby. He got the jibby in the war. My best friend gave me the jibby all over my ear.

submitted by Aaron Marquis

jibean wire - Special tool you use to fix things that nothing else will work on.

e.g., If we only had some Jibean Wire, we could fix the lawnmower.

submitted by Michael Johnson

jick - Any substance that is worthless, such as rotten food.

e.g., Get that filthy jick out of this house right now.

submitted by P. Smith - (www)

jick, jacka, juckus - Martian-English for man, woman, people. A popular structure formula on the planet.

e.g., Intimate bonding is generally between jick and jacka; juckus approves. Such bonding twixt jick-jick and jacka-jacka is less common and perhaps biologically illogically, but the emotional component is the deciding factor here.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jiffy - Crazy, nutty, intoxicated, out of control, maniacal. From Jif peanut butter.

e.g., How effin' jiffy was Janice on this week's Next Top Model?! She's a trainwreck. I love it.

submitted by vanessa villanova - (www)

jig - To cooperate. | To function properly, as in a piece of equipment or a computer.

e.g., My computer wouldn't jig and save my manuscript, so I've got to type it all over again.

submitted by Crazy Larry

jigga - In agreement with. For sure.

e.g., Stan: Do you want to go to a movie? Bob: Jigga. What time?

submitted by Adam Ruehmer - (www)

jiggelo - An older, fatter gigolo.

e.g., I think Chris should look for another line of work now that he's become a jiggelo. He'd need to service at least twice as many women to make what he did a few years ago -- and he's not up for it.

submitted by HD Fowler

jigger - From the latin "Do-Jigger" Inserted when you can't remember a word.

e.g., Hand me that Jigger.

submitted by samman38

jiggerypokery - Jiggerypokery is when you are trying to insert something into a hole or something and you have to kind of tweak it to get it to fit. It never works the same way twice.

e.g., Just put pin A in that hole. doesn't fit right. Oh well, a little jiggerypokery and it will go in just fine.

submitted by Friz

jigglepop - Playground.

e.g., Let's go play on the jigglepop at recess.

submitted by david

jiggler - One whose chin fat wobbles while she laughs.

e.g., After I finished the joke, Charles became a jiggler.

submitted by charles haszler

jiggley - A word to describe a person who is so fat that when she moves her fat jiggles.

e.g., That kid is really jiggley.

submitted by cameron - (www)

jiggusiming - to eat or drink quickly

e.g., "Whoa, shes jiggusiming that foot long."

submitted by Phil McCrackin

jiggy - Aactive participation; to work on something extremely technical; to program as in "write code."

e.g., He was getting jiggy with the digital certificates until another project creeped in.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

jigsawificate - To describe the process of making a picture into a jigsaw.

e.g., Bob jigsawificated the picture for Ann.

submitted by silverstormer

jihad - A Muslim "holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels."

e.g., "Will it take another 9-11 or worse to wake up the American people to the fact that we are in a serious struggle for the survival of our civilization? Hopefully the alarm will go off and shatter our drowsy apathy toward the jihad movements threat."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jihadistan - Although I'm submitting it, credit goes to the Federalist Patriot, on-line. They use it to condense the concept of Arab jihadists, spread in various Arab countries, conceptually as though a country, though recognizing they are found in various Arab countries. It is a good word-condensation for our enemies who attack us irrationally.

e.g., President Bush might recognize the word-concept of "Jihadistan," to represent our collective enemies he labels as evil.

submitted by Dr. Richard R. Everson

jiibayaabooz - According to TonyG at Obi Jiff's Word of the Day, "It's the cry uttered by underage delinquents gathered outside the local off-licence as you walk past them. I believe it's a request asking the unwary to purchase alcoholic beverages for them." Elsewhere, at Wenabozho Stories and other Chippewa Legends, "According to some Ojibwe legends, Jiibayaabooz was Manabozho's brother, who was killed by evil water spirits and became the ruler of the land of the dead. His name is pronounced similar to jee-bee-ah-booze."

e.g., "Jiibayaabooz is a spirit rabbit that features in the Anishinabe stories. He taught the Anishinabe the importance of dreams and how to use vision quests and such. He also is a trickster spirit in many stories."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jillerie - (Rhymes with PIL-er-ee; n.) 1. An uprising of women; 2. An uprising of women from the working class; 3. The female half of a Jacquerie; 4. Any large protest comprised mostly of women or girls; 5. Women as a voting bloc (especially around election time). [On analogy from Jacquerie: a French name for the masses (using Jacques "jack" to mean "the ordinary man") during the French Revolution) using "Jill" as the counterpart of "Jack."]

e.g., Only two women have been significant vice-Presidential candidates (i.e., for my purposes here, candidate on a ticket that garnered over 25,000,000 popular votes): Geraldine Ferraro (1984 Dem., w/ Mondale) and Sarah Palin (2008 Rep., w/ McCaine). I wonder sometimes how that goes over with American women: is it aimed at getting the Jillerie vote? or is it based on real-world experience and actual talent? | The 19th- and 20th- century suffragettes (as they are all called these days) are an excellent example of a successful Jillerie.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jim grinch - (v.) to overact so far over the top ("OTT") that you bash your head on Mars. (From Jim Carrey's unbearable OTT performance in The Grinch.)

e.g., "Have you seen Douglas Fairbanks' 1947 _Sindbad_? Maureen O'Hara and Anthony Quinn are good, of course, but Fairbanks just Jim Grinches it all over the place...why is that?" "Well, I think some of it was silent movie training." | "Okay, stop all this Jim Grinching: you're supposed to be spying on them in this scene, for crying out loud, you wouldn't be drawing attention to yourself!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jimbly - Used to describe nostalgic childish or immature fun.

e.g., Grownups or teenagers playing hide and seek is jimbly.

submitted by VZSJK

jimdickey - Fine, o.k., sure.

e.g., "Did you want two pepperoni pizzas tonight, babe?" "Jimdickey."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

jime - Trouble, inconvenient, a hassle.

e.g., Entering words and not having them accepted is sure jime.

submitted by Sammers

jimjam - a person who is self loving and unaware of the finer things in life

e.g., jimjam is empty

submitted by workmate - (www)

jimmies - Chocolate sprinkles (used in MA, southern NH, and parts of RI) that are used on ice cream, cookies, and other desserts.

e.g., I'll have a coffee cone with jimmies.

submitted by zigg2k

jimmies - Gym shoes.

e.g., "I can't find my jimmies. Have you seen 'em, Mom?" "They're on the porch being fumigated, Chris."

submitted by Kelly

jimmified - Something that has the essential characteristics of being Jimmy: lovable, huggable, continuously cute, and sweet. !

e.g., Sarah worked hard to make sure she acted Jimmified around Cami's friends.

submitted by Doug A

jimminey midge - A small blunt. Very green and dry, with seeds in it that crack--therefore sounding like a cricket. Like Jiminy Cricket from _Pinocchio._

e.g., They may be small, but never underestimate the power of a jimminey midge.

submitted by Jalene Johnstone - (www)

jimmy-arm - To thrash violently in your sleep. Usually involves whacking your significant other with an elbow.

e.g., That chick jimmy-armed me all night.

submitted by DJ Baker

jimmy-arm - The arm a left-handed person eats with that can cause interference when seated beside a right-handed person.

e.g., "You better let Randy sit on the outside. He's got a Jimmy-Arm"

submitted by Josh Brown

jimmy-hoffa-conversion - When something is handed off or given and magically vanishes without a trace. Named after Jimmy Raxasena & Jared Hoffa in a track relay. Also refers to Jimmy Hoffa. (Penn. fame)

e.g., "They pulled a jimmy-hoffa," muttered Assistant Coach Brisco.

submitted by Robert L. Miller III - (www)

jing - Money. So named for the sound change makes in your pocket. If you are out of jing, you are "quiet."

e.g., Let's hit the ATM so I can grab some jing.

submitted by Cult of the Eye - (www)

jing - Hippie.

e.g., Who's the jing down the block?

submitted by Jeff

jing, jang, jung - Shake vigorously, agitate, vibrate, sway to and fro, quiver.

e.g., To activate ancient Chinese reciprocal interactive solution to every conceivable problem, jing energy sources to coincide with abundant keys in place for best results always.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

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