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illegalez - All galez not following the strict regulations of the Free Galez Foundation (FGF). See also

e.g., All your illegalez are belong to us.

submitted by Daniel Sutter - (www)

illegals - Persons under the age of 18. | Illegal aliens, particularly in the United States. | Informal: shorthand for illegal alien, illegal immigrant. Someone whose presence in the United States is a violation of immigration law. Repeated due to the recent "Ban the I-word" movement.    How can anyone deny that it's bad behavior that results in illegal immigrants -- who should rightly be called either illegal aliens or criminal aliens -- or maybe just illegals? Negligent behavior at best for those who overstay their visas. Bad if they overstay for more than a short time. I was taught -- weren't you -- that you punish bad behavior and reward good behavior. If you reward bad behavior, you encourage more bad behavior -- and you will get it.

e.g., The Olsen twins are illegals. | California's illegal alien population was estimated at 1.7 million in 1994. That followed the Census Bureau's 1992 estimate of 3.4 to 3.8 million illegals in the United States. Before the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 went into effect, estimates were 3 to 5 million. The estimates these days are always ≥11 million, and some go much, much higher. | Illegals in certain circumstances are now called dreamers -- and have virtually the same rights as United States citizens, excluding the legal right to vote. Can that be far away? | Don't call me an illegal. People are not illegal. Saying so is a hate crime.

submitted by ditnis - (www)

illegible - Speaking hesitantly or nonsensically.

e.g., He was so illegible that he couldn't remember what soda was called.

submitted by Nikolai - (www)

illegiterate - Iillegitimate" and "illiterate" -- a dumb bastard.

e.g., I am an illegiterate on a computer.

submitted by harry orbes

illeglian - People who do illegal things.

e.g., That girl texting while driving is an illeglian.

submitted by Tyler - (www)

illegniscity - Full of wrong-doing intentions, criminal-mindedness, or craziness. Wackiness in the face of strange obstacles. Commonly occurs after heavy drinking or concerts at shady arenas. Used to describe minor crimes which are out of character for the perp.

e.g., "I'm going to put a live deer on that car," said Henry. "No, you can't. What are you, full of illegniscity? That's not like you at all. You're usually all about the legal."

submitted by Morgan

illicit - A sick lawyer.

e.g., The barrister was suffering terribly, thus becoming illicit.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

illiciticity - The quality -- or degree -- of being illicit.

e.g., His action had a high degree of illiciticity.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

illighterate - Used to describe the person utterly incapable of producing a flame with a lighter.

e.g., Mike may be the most unlucky person in the world. He either never buys a lighter that works, or he's just illighterate.

submitted by BL

illiteragitimate - The term stupidicious unedjumicated folks might say instead of"illiterate."

e.g., Chris doant no wat ees sain, that thar boi's illiteragitmate.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

illiterati - Sadly, the modern equivalent of the literary intelligentsia, who have little or no ability to write without violating the prescribed standards of writing. Specifically, internet "writers" and "reviewers" who can't spell or construct a sentence.

e.g., Movie studios these days have to play their cards close to their chest lest they incur the wrath of the internet illiterati, who have the power to ruin their film's potential at the box office with one poorly written "review."

submitted by Christopher Moriarty - (www)

illiterative - Repeating the same misspelled word(s). Often online, and often by lamers or people who don't know better. Illiterate + iterative.

e.g., "ill send it too you to." "no." "y not? tougt u wanted it to." "my god, you're so illiterative."

submitted by Jesper - (www)

illmathematical - Maximum state of illness.

e.g., That flow was illmathematical.

submitted by andy

illmatical - very ill, but not quite as ill as 'illmathematical'

e.g., my new sweat pants are illmatical.

submitted by andy

illogy - A situation or occurrence which can be said to be illogical or which makes no sense.

e.g., Given that it is now mathematically impossible for your team to acheive promotion this year, your insistence that it will is clearly illogy.

submitted by Paul Tate

illucidate - A cross between illuminate and elucidate.

e.g., Please, illucidate me.

submitted by Doug Fanberg

illuminaughty - A group of lizards, disguised as people, who tread on your flower bed, never tidy their rooms, and hide your stapler when you need it. Unlike the Illuminati they actually exist, but are not terribly dangerous.

e.g., He knew he had been visited by the Illuminaughty when one of his socks vanished from the radiator.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

illuminot - A conspiracy buster or debunker, usually a thing but could be a person.

e.g., Seeing the wreckage of the weather balloon should have proved that the "alien craft" flying around with "mind control lasers" was a bunch of illuminot.

submitted by Martin

illungiaticbus - For those times when you try to use toothpaste and you squeeze the tube and you know there's more left but you have to keep squeezing from the back and it takes so long and it's just too annoying.

e.g., I tried to brush my teeth this morning, but my toothpaste was illungiaticbus.

submitted by lauren

ima - can represent various forms such as 'I' 'I am' 'I am going to' & 'I have'

e.g., ""Ok, ima gonna go home now. see you later. Ima love you..Ima having some food""

submitted by DJ niJ - (www)

ima - a different way to say "i'm going to," usually implying some sort of physical violence. typically used in hip hop lyrics.

e.g., ima get you, foo. | ima kick your scrawny ass.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

ima - I am going to.

e.g., Ima go to the bathroom.

submitted by lauryn

ima - I'm going to, I shall, I will, I'll, etc.


submitted by HD Fowler

imagibang - Mentally envisioning sex with a person found attractive yet probably unattainable. Can be used by either gender for same or opposite sexes. It is an omni-use word.

e.g., "Did you see those cheerleaders?" "Yes, and I imagibanged them all!"

submitted by Tim Reinerman

imaginary morning sickness - (IMS) A woman pretending to feel ill in the morning so that her husband or boyfriend will be extra nice to her, like making a cup of coffee or breakfast.

e.g., Sorry I'm late. My wife had IMS this morning.

submitted by Dyske Suematsu - (www)

imaginectomy - Cutting that results in loss of imagination.

e.g., I've met too many people working in the "exact" sciences who have had imaginectomies.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

imagineer, imagineering - From General Electric or Disney. Imaginative construction or progression. Used primarily by marketing and sales people to describe some "leap of faith" taken by someone with regards to a project. Word is a fusion of "imagine" and "engineer(ing)."

e.g., The project looks like it's going really badly. You need to do some serious imagineering on the details to get yourselves out of trouble.

submitted by Coofer Cat - (www)

imaginism - Someone or something that has a high level of imagination.

e.g., John's artwork was a piece of pure imaginism.

submitted by valerie

imaginorganism - Any imaginary life-form.

e.g., "Haylee, are you having fun with your friend?" "Yes." "You do know she's just an imaginorganism, right?" "No."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

imbareassed - Embarrassed.

e.g., I don't know whether I'm imbareassed by my spelling or because imbareassed.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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