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ignorant slut - Originating in the late 70s on SNL, this phrase is used to point out the amusing ignorance of a person in a lighthearted and mildly hilarious fashion.

e.g., Jane, you ignorant slut.

submitted by weaponzero - (www)

ignoranti - The exact opposite of "illuminati." The ignoranti are an unorganized cadre of uneducated, uninformed or ill-informed, magical-thinking, irrationalists who have a belief system that depicts the real physical world or cosmos however they wish or have been taught by their peers, family, or culture -- that is to say, most of the general religious public.

e.g., On the subject of evolution, the ignoranti have extreme difficulty accepting the fact that humans and the other primates such as chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, and orangutans had the same distant ancestor despite the overwhelming fossil and DNA evidence.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

ignoranus - Someone who is both ignorant and an asshole. | A person who's both stupid and an asshole. (Washington Post Style Invitational.) | Eric Holder.

e.g., The new boss is an ignoranus. | Damn, I do get tired of ignoranuses incapable of presenting their position fairly responding to their distorted versions of what I said rather than responding to what I said. As Tom P said all those many years ago, "No, not in other words. If I had wanted to use other words, I would have used them." | If Ray cribbed this word from a newspaper without giving credit, does that make him an ignoranus? I think it does.

submitted by Ray - (www)

ignorement - Ignoring something or somebody. Corresponding to the verb "ignore," but different from ignorance -- which is derived from ignore, but has a different meaning, "lack of knowledge."

e.g., I hoped to receive forgiveness but instead was met with suspicion and ignorement. Your son's continual ignorement of his civil duties needs to be noticed and reprimanded. The government shows the same ignorement towards human lives as towards human rights.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

ignormals - People who ignore and are ignorant - and are considered model citizens.

e.g., It's not that I think politics isn't interesting. It's just that I'm an ignormal. I find talk of bad things really - you know - stressful - and bad for my energy.

submitted by Todd - (www)

ignosecond - The moment in time when you realize that you just did something really stupid.

e.g., I realized the keys where in the car the ignosecond the door slammed shut.

submitted by pam

ignote - (v) ehg-note. To make dumber by saying or doing something.

e.g., "Bob's okay, but his inane comments continue to ignote me." "I was completely ignoted by that movie."

submitted by Semi

ignote - It pretty much means "deny" or "refuse." "Ignoted" would mean denied or not accepted. Anything along those lines.

e.g., She ignoted Chris when he asked her out. Good for her.

submitted by Taraneh

ignoxious - A person who knows nothing about the subject at hand yet continues to speak with authority. He is both ignorant and obnoxious.

e.g., When Terry speaks, he can be ignoxious.

submitted by chrisanna

ignoy - To ignore someone so that it annoys them.

e.g., When my husband is talking to me and I don't pay attention to what he is saying I am actually "ignoying" him.

submitted by Jamie

igry - Painfully embarrassed for or uncomfortable about someone else's incredibly poor social behavior or unfortunate circumstances. Descriptive of such behavior or circumstances. Over the past ten years, users have unconsciously determined the noun form to be either "igritude," "igriness," or just "igry." Update, from another creator igry adj. igriness, igrier, igriest [We in the puzzle world -- especially those of us who have ever spent more than 5 minutes reading the rec.puzzles newsgroup -- loathe the "gry" puzzle. So a bunch of us (John Chaneski, Peter Gordon, Kevin West, and myself, if I recall correctly) decided that we should make up a word, so that if anyone ever asked us the goddamn -gry riddle, we could just shrug and say, "Oh, don't you know? It's the word we made up. I thought everybody knew that."] "Igry" basically means "painfully embarrassed for or uncomfortable about someone else's behavior, or descriptive of such behavior." Like, say you're at a restaurant, and one of the people at your table summons the waiter by snapping their fingers. Watching this makes you die a little inside. You feel igry. (Or you might think, "What an igry thing to do.") Another usage example: "That was the igriest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm yet." Some have argued that it feels wrong for the same adjective to apply to both the person feeling igry and the person doing something igry. To those people I point out the words "nauseous" (which means both "causing nausea" and "affected by nausea") and "suspicious." ED. Plenty of folks will object to the claims about "nauseous," but that might amount to no more than a quibble here.

e.g., "At that point I couldn't stop the goofy little guy from trying to impress the busty waitress, so I just sat there feeling igry." From LanguageHat, January 28, 2004: I generally have no interest in the cute coinages people keep coming up with, usually by blending two other words to achieve some strained and unnecessary meaning: beducation or whatever. Every once in a while, though, somebody invents a word that meets a hitherto unrealized need; such a word was Walpole's "serendipity" (first written down in a letter of January 28, 1754, exactly 250 years ago today!), and such a word (or prospective word) is "igry," invented by John Chaneski, Peter Gordon, Kevin West, and Francis Heaney some time back with the meaning "painfully embarrassed for or uncomfortable about someone else's incredibly poor social behavior, or descriptive of such poor social behavior."

submitted by John Chaneski - (www)

igsanity - Igsanity is being in the state of careless or ignorant insanity. It was created out of necessity for a word to describe both insanity and ignorance.

e.g., The igsanity of the drugged motorist caused a man to be hit and then lodged into the hood of the car. Due to this igsanity the driver continued on with the person in the hood for fear of being caught by the police rather than seeking medical help for the injured pedestrian.

submitted by Anthony Dion Mitzel

ihatetocookitis - What those who would rather eat out than make dinner have.

e.g., My sister has ihatetocookitis.

submitted by Laura

iight - South Philly slang for "all right."

e.g., Mom: Clean your room! Son: Iight, chill!

submitted by

ijit, idjit - Idiot.

e.g., Matt is an ijit.

submitted by Matt Almeida

ijulaikra - (pronounced ee-july-kruh; n.) 1. Uncovering the future (which is quite a bit harder than digging up the past) through hypothesis and projection. 2. Adopting, insofar as possible, the perspective of someone from the past as to later advances (or losses). 3. Imagining the excavation of our present “civilization” by future archaeologists. (Ijulaikra is archaeology pronounced backwards.)

e.g., I had the kids do an exercise in ijulaikra today in class: They had to come up with a hypothesis that future archaeologists might come up with given some modern artifacts, like soda cans, plastic six-pack rings, and a bunch of little plastic soldiers. | You know, speaking ijulaikraically, people from ancient Greece could recognize some of our technology for what it is; they might not be as primitive as you seem to think, believing all this to be some kind of magic.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ikeage - Ikeage is the pile of cardboard, plastic bags, and Allen wrenches you have after unpacking your Scandinavian furniture.

e.g., While assembling my multi-module desk I realized I was short an important metal connector and had to scramble through the heap of ikeage to find it.

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

iknoresteyu - (n.; ik-no-res-TAY-oo) a plot device---such as a fingerprint, a dna sample, a picture, a scent, or something---that somehow unrealistically, simplistically, or absurdly leads to a remarkable leap of logic, a quick solution, or an amazing realization. [From the play "The Libation Bearers" (Gk. Choephoroi) by Aeschylus, in which Electra, daughter of King Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, discovers that her brother Orestes has returned: This based upon her recognition of his footprint at her father's grave: in Greek, "ichnos Oresteou."]

e.g., "The 'evil twin' was a clone?" "Yeah, and before you say it's unrealistic, they went through the process precisely." "How did the clone get to be an adult?!" "Oh ... well, they sped up the aging process." "And that's credible science?---it's another iknoresteyu, man: it's ridiculous!" "Haven't you ever heard of suspension of disbelief?" "Sure: Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Biographia Literaria, 1817. I'm fine with suspending disbelief, but not hanging it by the neck until dead."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

iksvie - The Roman numeral XVI, as in Pope Benedict XVI.

e.g., Check it out. You'll find Pope Benedict Iksvie being referred to as a benedictator.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

iladilfakudecide - having great difficulty in coming to a decision over something simple like what shade of blue to use on your school project

e.g., i am suffering great iladilfakudecide over which apple looks nicest

submitted by The Weirdio

ilea - A female pig.

e.g., My grandfather raises on his farm six ileas.

submitted by Johnny

ilfetriolus - Hatred for being shackled.

e.g., I think it's the sores on his ankles and wee steps he has to make wearing those shackles all the time why Steve has such ilfetriolus.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

iliform - Goofy; silly.

e.g., The illiform boy danced in a silly manner around his girlfriend.

submitted by Marvin - (www)

ill - Good, denoting approval.

e.g., The new Ice Cube album is ill!

submitted by ditnis

ill nation - The complete compendium of what is cool in the Hip Hop spectrum, spanning everything from slang and lexicon, to music and fashion. Very subject to change.

e.g., Punky thinks he's ill nation with his baggy jeans and sideways baseball cap.

submitted by Paul

illeagal - Illegal. A not uncommon misspelling.

e.g., I don’t have to look at the video or read the story to know that she’s an illeagal Aisian [sic]. They all want favors but they never get your order right.

submitted by [Whiteisrite] - (www)

illeagle - A very big, sick bird.

e.g., You'll have to take the illeagle through the back door at the veterinarian's. Too many small animals in the waiting room to take a chance going through there.

submitted by HD Fowler

illegal alien - An illegal alien is a foreigner who is in a country illegally. Recording the term before it becomes obsolete and can be found only in antiquarian or unabridged dictionaries.

e.g., I sneaked into Mexico as a teenager in 1971, making me an illegal alien. Lucky for me I didn't get caught.

submitted by beelzebub

illegal combatant - Definition from Wikipedia: "... a person who engages in combat without meeting the requirements for a lawful combatant according to the laws of war as specified in the Third Geneva Convention." An illegal combatant is not entitled to the same protections and rights as a civilian. An "unpriviliged belligerent."

e.g., The detainees at Gitmo are considered to be illegal combatants unless they can prove otherwise.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

illegaler - More illegal. A variant of the comparative form of the base word.

e.g., "Illegal guns have always been with us. A moment's thought should clarify that new laws won't change that. (If criminals get their guns illegally now, is a new law supposed to make them even illegaller?)"

submitted by [Daniel Schwartz] - (www)

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