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hootenanny - A thingamajig or whatchamacallit; a placeholder for a word you can't think of.

e.g., Let's go out to the hootenanny and have a hootenanny. (Let's go out to the truck and have a cigarette.) (Submitted courtesy of Fred M.)

submitted by jenster8

hooterific - Very cool, almost cool enough to work at Hooters or Meijers -- if you enjoy grocery shopping and hair products.

e.g., Those shoes are from Payless, but they're hooterific.

submitted by matt

hootis - What you would call an object when you cannot think of the correct name of it.

e.g., When he was cleaning my teeth, he kept putting that hootis in my mouth.

submitted by Karen Renee'

hoover - To ingest food or drink unbeliveably fast. Inspired by the vacuum cleaner company.

e.g., I filled the dog's bowl and he hoovered it before I could set the bag down.

submitted by Greg

hoover souffle - A favorite delicacy made with eggs, milk, powdered gelatin, cream cheese, and hot pepper sauce. The eggs, milk and gelatin are whipped together and poured into a Hoover electric fry pan that has hot coils inside its lid, as well as below. After cooking for a few minutes, it puffs up and the cream cheese and hot sauce are added. It must be eaten immediately.

e.g., I was the only one in the house who could make a Hoover souffle come out right and was pressed into service frequently.

submitted by Steve McDonald

hooverstink - (n.) that half-gagging, musty smell that fills the room when you vacuum with a full bag. Also known as that "beaten-carpet smell."

e.g., "Change the bag in your vacuum, unless you want to smother your guests in Hooverstink."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hopdogy - One who enjoys Hip-Hop music.

e.g., Raphul is a real hopdogy.

submitted by flinch0

hope n' scope - The walk around the bar checking on and hitting on anything that moves.

e.g., The only "dates" Christina ever got were ones following a hope 'n scope.

submitted by nitag - (www)

hopingley - Hoping for the best.

e.g., Hopingley I'll be able to get the day off tomorrow.

submitted by Kevin

hoplogonal - (Rhymes with top-DOG-gun-ul; adj.) 1. Gun-shaped, weapon-shaped; 2. A lump, bump, or bulge shaped like or suggesting a gun or other weapon; 3. Arranged to resemble or suggest a weapon or weapons. [From Greek 'hoplon' "weapon, tool" + 'gonia' "angle," like "polygon."]

e.g., I saw an article the other day about some woman who had built herself a hoplogonal pool in her back yard. | You could see the hoplogonal bulges under the arms of the agents all around the embassy patio. | Fifty sticks aimed artistically from boxes draped with old blankets constituted the "fort": a wall bristling with hoplogonal brooms, mops, and besoms.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

hoplophobe - Ran across the word earlier today and thought it merited entry in the pd. Coined by Jeff Cooper in 1962, according to Wikipedia: "Hoplophobia is a pejorative neologism originally coined to describe an 'irrational aversion to weapons, as opposed to justified apprehension about those who may wield them.' It is sometimes used more generally to describe the 'fear of weapons' or the 'highly salient danger of these weapons' or the 'fear of armed citizens." See Wikipedia Talk for some bickering about the word -- which is not "usually used in a true medical sense." "Despite the clinical term, the word is generally used to describe gun control advocates. It is mildly derogatory, less so than similar slang terms such as those mentioned above. It is most commonly used as a pejorative by gun rights advocates."  
From Jeff Cooper himself: "The Root of the Evil" I coined the term hoplophobia over twenty years ago, not out of pretension but in the sincere belief that we should recognize a very peculiar sociological attitude for what it is -- a more or less hysterical neurosis rather than a legitimate political position. It follows convention in the use of Greek roots in describing specific mental afflictions. 'Hoplon' is the Greek word for 'instrument,' but refers synonymously to 'weapon' since the earliest and principal instruments were weapons. Phobos is Greek for 'terror' and medically denotes unreasoning panic rather than normal fear. Thus hoplophobia is a mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons, as opposed to justified apprehension about those who may wield them. The word has not become common, though twenty years is perhaps too short a time in which to test it, but I am nevertheless convinced that it has merit. We read of 'gun grabbers' and 'anti-gun nuts' but these slang terms do not face up to the reasons why such people behave the way they do. They do not adequately suggest that reason, logic, and truth can have no effect upon one who is irrational on the point under discussion. You cannot say calmly 'Come, let us reason together' to a hoplophobe because that is what he is -- a hoplophobe. He is not just one who holds an opposing view, he is an obsessive neurotic. You can speak, write, and illustrate the merits of the case until you drop dead, and no matter how good you are his mind will not be changed. A victim of hydrophobia will die, horribly, rather than accept the water his body desperately needs. A victim of hoplophobia will die, probably, before he will accept the fallacy of his emotional fixation for what it is.
It should hardly come as a surprise that most of the examples are likely to come from gun rights advocates -- or from psychological counselors. Something is definitely going to be done about gun control -- either by the President issuing Executive Orders or by Congress passing a bill the President then signs into law. What is done can be expected to reach the Supreme Court for a test of its constitutionality. Holophobes better hope the case is decided by an instance of SCOTUS other than the one now sitting.  
Second Amendment issues aside, does obama's proposal for background checks appreciably reduce criminals' and lunatics' ability to lay their hands on guns? Is the cost and inconvenience to law-abiding, level-headed taxpayers justified? Why is this a federal issue rather than a state issue? Is what's right for Rhode Island the same as what's right for Alaska?


  • TimSwires: "What a bunch of hoplophobes (look it up), these school teachers and administrators." |

  • "Like the blinking ungulates they are, the Liberal-progressive leaf-eating herd [hoplophobes?] startles and stampedes at the loud noise (guns!) rather than sensibly concluding that lunatics should have less liberty than the level-headed." |

  • Jeff Cooper. To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth, Pages 16-19. Boulder, Colorado: Paladin Press, 1990.: "Have you noted that whenever an assassination is committed with a rifle, our journalistic hoplophobes clamor for further prohibitions on pistols? A pistol is a defensive weapon; a rifle is an offensive weapon. Yet the hoplophobes always attack pistols first because they feel that pistols are somehow nastier than rifles. (Though rifles are pretty nasty, too. They will get to those later.) This is the age of the "gut reaction" -that crutch of intellectual cripples -- and for an interesting number of commentators it is not even embarrassing to admit that actually thinking about anything important is just too much trouble. Some of our most ubiquitous and highly paid social-problem columnists are egregious examples of this. . . .  
    "The essence of the affliction is the belief that instruments cause acts. It may be that certain degenerate human beings are so far gone that they will use something just because it is there -- a match, for instance. (I saw a bumper sticker in the Rockies that admonished "Prevent Forest Fires. Register Matches!") One who will burn people because he has a match is the same as one who will shoot people because he has a gun, but the hoplophobe zeroes in on guns because he is -- let's face it -- irrational. He will answer this by saying that we need matches (and cars, and motorcycles, and power saws, et cetera) but we do not need guns. He will not accept the idea that you may indeed need your guns, because he hates guns. He is afflicted by the grotesque notion that tools have a will of their own. He may admit that safe driving is a matter of individual responsibility, but he rejects the parallel in the matter of weapons. This may not be insanity, but it is clearly related to it.  
    "One cannot rationally hate or fear an inanimate object. Neither can he rationally hate or fear an object because of its designed purpose. Whether one approves of capital punishment or not, one cannot rationally fear a hemp rope. One who did, possibly because he once narrowly escaped hanging, would generally be referred to a shrink. When the most prominent hoplophobe in the United States Senate says that he abhors firearms because their purpose is to put bullets through things, he reinforces the impressions that many have formed about his capacity to reason.  
    "My point -- and I hope it is clear -- is that hoplophobia is a mental disturbance rather than a point of view. Differences of opinion -- on economic policy, or forced integration, or the morality of abortion, or the neutron bomb -- these we may hope to resolve by discussion. But we cannot so resolve a phobia. The mentally ill we cannot reach. But we can identify a form of mental illness for what it is, and so separate its victims from the policy considerations of reasonable people.  
    "The root of the evil is the unprincipled attempt to gain votes by appealing to the emotions of the emotionally disturbed. Few reasonable politicians dare to take on the Second Amendment, even in the Eastern Megalopolis. (One prominent left-liberal told a New Yorker interviewer that he "would rather be a deer, in season, than to take on 'the gun lobby'!") But if, as is the case with the aforementioned senator, the politician is already a hopeless hoplophobe, his advisers must turn him loose to appeal to his constituency of crazies, since their jobs depend on it. "Go to it, Senator! The nuts are all with you."  
    "This is something we who prize our traditional liberties must face. Convincing the uninterested is the very essence of politics, in a two-party system. It is up to us to do that by demonstrating that hoplophobia is a disease, and to call upon all reasonable people to reject it as a basis for the formulation of policy." |

  • Dispelling the myths of Hoplophobia (irrational fear of firearms): "Firstly, hoplophobes (gun-o-phobes) tend to confuse "semi-auto" with "automatic." An automatic weapon continuously chambers and fires for as long as the trigger is held, or until the magazine is empty. Think tommy gun. Fully automatic weapons are heavily restricted and are not available to the general public." |

  • Wiktionary: hoplophobia -- 1976, United States Congress’s House Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Crime: "Gun control laws are proposed to control three basic areas: Crime, accidental shootings and to calm those suffering from hoplophobia — these people generally align themselves with the first two so I won’t even consider that category." |

  • Wiktionary: hoplophobe -- 1977: John Wood Campbell: "To return to guns, one of the most avid hoplophobe senators issued a list of nations which did not lose too many of its citizens through villainous saltpeter. England featured, and so did other lands like Japan, where murder is rare except with cold steel." |

  • Wiktionary: hoplophobia -- 1998, Bob Knauer: "One of the telltale characteristics of hoplophobia is terminal stupidity. That's because hoplophobia is a mental illness." |

  • Wiktionary: hoplophobia -- 1999, Barry B Wood: "You'll be happy to learn that 'hoplophobia' (irrational fear of weapons) has been recognized as an illness by the AMA, is treatable, and is now covered by most HMOs. Get thee to a psychiatrist!" [not true] |

  • Wiktionary: hoplophobia -- 2000, Frank Zember: Not exactly, subscribing to the hoplophobia of the left wing makes you a complete idiot." |

  • Farlex Medical Dictionary: hoplophobia: "VICTIMS experience disorientation, a rapid pulse, sweating and faintness at the sight or even the mere thought of guns. "It's all scary stuff; Whether it's clowns, beards or sex, our fears ..." by The Mirror (London, England)" |

  • Farlex Medical Dictionary: hoplophobia: As well as Moore's fear of guns -- or hoplophobia -- famous victims include claustrophobic director Woody Allen, who is scared of closed spaces, and ichtophobic movie star Brad Pitt, who is terrified of sharks. "Why guns have Bond on the run" by Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland) |

  • "Hoplophobia: A modern scourge": "An effort is underway nationally to have hoplophobia recognized in the DSM, the official directory of mental ailments. Resistance from elements in the medical profession suggest this may be quite difficult, but that does not reduce the importance of recognizing a widespread, virulent, detrimental mental condition commonly found in the populace. The actual number of undiagnosed hoplophobes is unknown, but believed to be in the tens of millions. . . . Hoplophobes should seek treatment. Help shoot for a cure." |

  • "Can 'Hoplophobia' Be Cured?": "The definitive paper on this terrifying mental disorder was written by Dr. Sarah Thompson, Ph.D., and is posted with background at the blue hoplophobia button at The most chilling aspect of the paper is her description of how hoplophobes fail to cope with their disorder. They displace their fears through the psychological mechanism of projection -- they project their fears onto everyone else. This explains a lot.  
    "Hoplophobes are so afraid of guns, and especially what they might do if they ever got a hold of one, they project this onto everyone around them. They fear their own fear. They make the irrational assumption (it is, after all, a phobia, which is irrational), that if you have a gun, you would shoot them without cause — because this is what they fear they might do if they ever held this awesome power. . . .  
    "We see hoplophobic responses every time a psychotic madman goes berserk. The gun-o-phobes come out of the woodwork, bolstered by a complicit and equally fearful press, with politicians in tow (some of whom are only in it for the power grab), seeking new laws to disarm everyone who didn’t do anything wrong. There it is — irrational behavior on a platter. It’s not about guns. It’s about sickness." |

  • "In spite of the political origins and connotation of the term, it has clinical usage, and a patient may be diagnosed with this phobia. For instance, a patient that has no opinion on law or public policy per se but becomes terrified upon noticing a policeman's sidearm, or a photograph of a rifle or knife, may be a hoplophobe. Such a phobia may be present in someone who suffers from PTSD as a result of a traumatic experience involving a firearm. Hoplophobia is described as an uncommon phobia in Contemporary Diagnosis And Management of Anxiety Disorders." |

  • Dr. Bill Rogers: "Jeff Cooper coined the term 'Hoplophobe' to describe a person who lives in fear of an inanimate object. The Hoplophobe does not recognize that there is a living, breathing human being in possession of the inanimate object. (See Bad Gun -- Liberals attack the gun issue.) Therefore the Hoplophobe chooses to have a relationship with an inanimate object rather than with the sentient being in control of the object. Such a person is, by definition, irrational. Such a person is, by association, insane.  
    "In our merciful culture, the insane are granted special dispensations. They are not considered responsible for their own well-being. Public money is often used to house, clothe and feed them. They are not allowed to serve on a jury. They are not allowed to vote. (And when they do manage to sneak into the voting booth, the rational among us are not surprised that they often 'dimple' rather than 'punch' a ballot, despite written instructions to the contrary.) They are not allowed to serve in the military, and they certainly should not be allowed to make public policy that will put their neighbors at risk of being injured or killed." [Dr. Rogers is the type of guy who gives gun rights advocates a bad name, isn't he? He's one psychiatrist I'll avoid.] |

  • Hoplophobia (counseling): "Hoplophobia has sometimes been unfairly used to describe gun control advocates. This of course, is an extreme statement and politically-based. Hoplophobia is an actual phobia that plagues many people in society who have no ties to political issues and simply fear weapons and the danger they can cause. This fear not only involves being afraid of firearms, but weapons in general. This would include knives, guns and anything that has the potential to cause bodily harm. There are many triggers to this phobia, mainly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whatever the reason for this phobia, there is help." |

  • Paul McFedries WordSpy: "A Utah gun-rights group has an eye out for hoplophobes. " |

  • Earliest Citation: ""These gun-control people suffer from hoplophobia," said John Snyder, spokesman for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The word is of Greek origin and means an unusual fear of weapons.
    — Carleton R. Bryant, "Bush sees no need for new gun laws," The Washington Times, January 3, 1991" |

  • page nine: "Hoplophobia Remains Repressed": "While groups are lobbying to get marginal and questionable disorders into the official directory of mental disorders, the firearms and medical communities are falling down on the job of campaigning to get hoplophobia a well-known and politically damaging scourge the recognition and treatment its sufferers so desperately need. . . .  
    "It is often posited from within a small segment of the medical community that the core staff working on DSM-5, and indeed the medical professional as a whole is largely hoplophobic, and that this freezes out any serious consideration of the disorder. It would be funny if it weren't so serious, a sort of doctor-heal-thyself conundrum. . . .  
    "Idea: Ask YOUR doctor, dentist, gynocologist, whatever for an opinion about hoplophobia next time you have an appointment. You're paying the salary. That's your professional adviser. Get service. Ask. Tell me what you hear. I'll spread the word. And your doc will think.  
    Medical doctor, name withheld on request: 'The psych establishment is, well, hoplophobic, and I suspect any effort to get hoplophobia recognized as a serious diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual would be a wasted one.'  
    "However, hoplophobia may be more widespread than all of the above mentioned with the exception of ideophobia, and unlike most of these other phobias, hoplophobia pervades every level of our society and poses a serious threat to our Constitutional Second Amendment and First Amendment rights." |

  • "Trusted, Effective Treatment for Hoplophobia": "We have never met a case of hoplophobia that couldn’t be overcome. I" |

  • Hoplophobia Release: "Hoplophobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. While adults with hoplophobia realize that these fears are irrational, they often find that facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety." |

  • "My first hoplophobe encounter": "Nothing for me to do but sit on the porch waiting for the sheriff to show up. Fifteen minutes or so have gone by since she called 911 and a sheriff's car drives by the house and I waved -- addresses out here aren't marked very well, and he continued to drive by. I figured he was on his way to talk to the nosy hoplophobe neighbor, so I went back into the house and asked my twelve-year-old son if he wanted a lesson in handgun laws and how ignorant people react to guns. He joins me on the porch and we wait." |

  • "Public health issue: Guns or Hoplophobia?": "Are guns a 'public health' issue, or is the problem 'hoplophobia'? . . .  
    "As this column noted, today might see the number of Washington CPLs pass 396,000. That means perhaps one in a dozen adults here is legally carrying a firearm, a fact that seems to alarm gun prohibitionists -- 'hoplophobes' as Col. Cooper called them -- who seem more concerned about the law-abiding armed citizens than the juvenile criminals who are packing them." |

  • Sipsey Street Irregulars: "Hoplophobia epidemic in Pennsylvania. Cameraman refuses to film guns." |

  • Phobia List, Phobias: "Normally, for an individual to be called a hoplophobic, she or he should possess some signs and symptoms associated with the extraordinary fear of one thing like a firearm or the like that poses little or no actual danger at all." |

  • Wise Geek: "What Is Hoplophobia?": "Some suffers of hoplophobia may have had it triggered by a traumatic childhood event such as a home invasion or loss of a parent to a gun wound. Other people with hoplophobia may have their symptoms pop up out of nowhere. When a person with a phobia of guns sees a weapon or thinks about weapons, physical symptoms such as sweating, chest pains, trouble breathing and shaking can occur. Some hoplophobics even have anxiety attacks or full-blown panic attacks if they encounter a weapon or even see a picture of a weapon." |

  • "Are you a hoplophobe?": "I have to admit this is one of the most idiotic terms I have ever heard, yet it is repeatedly used to castigate those who support gun control. I have devised this simple test to determine if you are a hoplophobe or not. . . ." |

  • "Hoplophobia Kills": "While it was seven bullets from the only people we’re supposed to trust with guns that snuffed out Erik Scott’s life, what really killed him was an irrational fear of firearms -- hoplophobia. . . .  
    "Adam Lewinsky on June 4, 2012 at 6:07 PM said: Let me get this straight: A guy goes to a Costco while intoxicated on illegally hard narcotics, illegally carrying two handguns, is asked to leave by the store (trespassing) and didn’t, and then attempts to leave the store when it is evacuated. Hoplophobia didn’t kill Erik Scott; his addiction to Xanax and Hydrocodine did. " |

  • RomanA, commenting on "Topic: Definition of Hoplophobe": "Also most hoplohobes dont realise that guns as tools can be used for good; they can be used to stop murder, rape, robberies, and crime in general. They can be used to upring justice in certain wars where [a] better solution does not exist. Guns and other forms of weaponery [hyave have] useful functions in terms of [thier their orignal use;:] effectibly solve situations where use of force is [nessary necessary]." [Don't really want to be a grammar nazi, but some people are so careless they annoy me.] |

  • "Hoplophobia May Be Aiding Gun Crime": "Disarming the general public is a vent for fear, and a grossly distorted defiance of freedom. Hoplophobia leads many to political activism, hoping to eliminate guns for everyone. Its irrationality becomes obvious when a total ban on guns in this country allows the rest of the world to produce as many guns as possible. Every criminal would have guns, as well as every other fully armed force, and terrorist entity in the world." |

  • LarryA, commenting The Volokh Conspiracy » "Colorado State University board rescinds ban on licensed firearms carry": "Your fear seems to be without merit. Facts to a hoplophobe are like kryptonite to superman..." |

  • Phillip's comment to "Should Doctors have Guns?" at BrainBlogger: "Moreover, I would trust MY physician with a firearm. I also trust his discretion, and his medical judgement. I believe that if he wanted to kill someone, he could do so with the tools of his profession in a much more efficient manner than with a gun, and do it in a way that it would be hard to put him up on charges of murder. Therefore, a gun in his hands would not be in the least scary. I also know that he’s not a hoplophobe (abnormal fear of firearms), since he was able to detect that I was carrying at one appointment, and chose not to even mention it out loud." |

  • "Facing our fears: Hoplophobia (firearms)": "I think most fears, be it water, dentists or public speaking, are actually fear of the unknown — and what is unknown becomes beastly when fed by an active imagination. A little education cured a little of my ignorance, but not all of my fear. Conquered? No. But tamed." |

  • Hoplophobia: "I mostly bought the rifle because it looks big and intimidating. It is the most recognizable firearm silhouette in the world, and it demands respect. Some moron trying to break into my apartment might not respect me, with my medium build and thick glasses, but he has to think twice when I am holding something that looks like a machine gun (but is not). It may not be as powerful or deadly as its reputation, but with 30 round magazines it can be very forgiving to a novice shooter in a bad situation.  
    "If it is the official policy that I am not allowed to have this rifle in my place of residence, my hearth and home, my sanctuary . . . then it is time to stand up against hoplophobia. I will not be defenseless in my own home because some other people have irrational fears as a result of ignorance or their own moral failings.  
    "I am not the problem. The inanimate object resting quietly against the wall is not the problem. We are not going anywhere." |

  • JimP, commenting on "MrColionNoir x FateOfDestinee on Hoplophobia": "I’ve never had to try to convert a hoplophobe, but have taken more than one person to the range for the first time shooting. . . .  
    "I’m fiscally conservative, want a limited government, and am socially liberal.  
    "I agree the problem really isn’t the hoplophobes. Most of them can’t be converted. If we can, great, but I don’t hold out great hope. What concerns me also are the sheep that go through life and refuse to object. They don’t realize that the TSA searches are unconstitutional; the Terry stop rules exist for a reason; that cops aren’t gods.  
    "They want to depend on 911 and don’t realize that SCOTUS has ruled, numerous times, that the police have no duty to protect you as an individual." |

  • "Hoplophobia is an irrational fear of guns. Trayvon Martin supporters have it.": "Don't be led to fear inanimate objects by the media and politicians or you too will be labeled a Hoplophobe." |

  • Tuscany Circle: Hoplophobia

    Hoplophobia is the irrational fear of weapons. The most common cases of hoplophobia concentrate their fears specifically upon firearms.

    Hoplophobia is a mental illness that tends to exhibit as chaotic thought patterns and exaggerated effect. Symptoms may begin with aversion and avoidance, but usually worsen to include delusions. Common delusions include the idea that weapons possess a will of their own and can alter a user's morality and behavior toward criminality. In addition to a belief that the lawful are or will become evil, sufferers often hold the contradictory and similarly delusional belief that the lawless will abide by gun control laws. Left untreated, antisocial behavior can manifest, up to and including irrational, even violent, rage when the delusions are challenged factually. In misguided efforts to resolve the underlying fear, other individuals are brought into the delusional thought patterns. Sufferers often employ force to accomplish this.

    The cost to society from undiagnosed and untreated hoplophobia is significant. Morally upstanding individuals are often forcibly disarmed — the irony of the use of force to prevent the use of force is lost in the delusions — and rendered unable to defend themselves, their families, and their communities. When large swathes of the population with impaired judgment indulge hoplophobic delusions, large-scale social problems like crime, tyranny, and invasion are permitted.

    Each of the following indicates hoplophobia. Although even a single affirmative is symptomatic, additional affirmatives show more severe underlying fear, greater symptomatology, and more robust psychological damage.

    1. Does the presence of a weapon (firearm, knife, sword, etc.) make you feel uneasy?
    2. Does it bother you that other citizens may be carrying concealed weapons, even if it is legal?
    3. Do you believe only police and the military should have guns?
    4. If you saw a person openly carrying a firearm, would you immediately call the police even if the armed citizen was simply minding his own business?
    5. Do you think gun owners should be required to have licenses or have their guns registered with the police?
    6. Would you support a ban on legally-carried handguns on public property, including municipal, state and national parks, national forests and wilderness areas?
    7. If your new neighbor mentioned that he belongs to the NRA or GOA, or that he is a gun owner, or that he carries concealed weapons, would you refrain from inviting him to a neighborhood barbecue?
    8. Do you forbid firearms or all weapons in your home?
    9. Would you refuse an invitation to go target shooting with a friend or on a date?
    10. Would you oppose the inclusion of gun safety as part of school curriculum?

    The symptoms stem from underlying fears that are often unidentified or improperly identified by the sufferer. The original fears may be based upon trauma, moral confusion (e.g., relativism), extreme solipsism, any of the Dark Triad traits1, 2, 3, or combinations of these factors. Being improperly identified, the fears cannot be resolved rationally, but, by forces of cognitive dissonance, result in the perversion of perceptions of reality.

    Treatment of hoplophobia often involves cognitive therapy to identify the underlying fear(s) and process them lucidly. Follow-up is gently confronting each delusion with demonstrable facts. The latter is impossible until the former is processed successfully. Finally, arms education is recommended, including firearms training, so that firsthand experience can replace formerly fear-based delusions from afar.

    Sufferers of hoplophobia are urged to seek counseling before they permit, encourage, or participate in harming others (or themselves) by indulging the delusional "resolution" of their fears.


  • "Guns in Parks: The Hoplophobes' Travel Guide to the United States" New ^ | 29 May, 2009 | David Kopel

    Posted on 05/30/2009 6:12:50 AM PDT by marktwain

    Last week, President Obama signed a bill which, besides changing credit card laws, says that in National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges, the laws about gun carrying will be the same as in the host state. So in Colorado, for example, you will be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Rocky Mountain National Park, if you have a state-issued concealed carry permit. In Vermont’s Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, you can carry at will, since no permit is required for carry in the rest of Vermont. In New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area, you will need a permit, and since almost no-one in New Jersey except retired police is ever granted a permit, almost no-one will be able to carry there.

    The law goes into effect nine months hence, as do the changes in credit card laws.

    I was one of seven authors whom the New York Times invited to contribute a short essay on the new law, for the Timess’ on-line opinion feature, Room for Debate. All seven essays, from diverse pro/con viewpoints, were pretty good, I thought. The comments from readers, however, were voluminous but often very weak. Many of them consisted of left-over talking points from the gun control debate circa 1971, with assertions that no serious scholar of the gun issue believes. For example, many commenters claimed that it is impossible to use a gun in self-defense, because the attacker (whether a human or an animal) will have the element of surprise, that ordinary people are not competent to use guns for protection, and so on. Yet even the strongest scholarly advocates of gun control acknowledge that there are about a hundred thousand defensive gun uses annually, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey, which is conducted by the Census Bureau and the United State Department of Justice. (Other scholars argue for higher figures, but the key point is that no informed scholar claims that successful defensive use is rare or non-existent.)

    Surprisingly, some of the commenters showed signs of mental illness. One commenter wrote that if he saw someone in a National Park with a gun, he would report the person for making criminal threats. (“Well, watch out, gunnut gunwack gunsels. If I see your gun while I am visiting the parks, I will file a complaint accusing you of threatening me.”)

    Now perhaps that commenter himself is just an ordinary criminal, and for many years has been breaking the law by making false accusations against innocent people. On the other hand, the commenter might not have been intending to make a knowingly false report, but instead to have been accurately predicted what he, with complete sincerity, would do. A person’s belief, without a sufficient basis, that other people are committing crimes against him, is a symptom of Paranoid Personality Disorder.

    The more common form of apparent mental illness among some commenters was Hoplophobia, which is described in the book Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Anxiety Disorders. A word of explanation: having a strong dislike or hatred of something is not, in itself, an indication of mental illness. For example, a person hates frogs, considers them disgusting, tries to avoid looking at frogs or touching them, and writes letters to the editor urging that all frogs be exterminated. This is not per se a sign of mental illness. Poor judgment, perhaps, but not a mental disorder.

    So the vast majority of people who hate frogs, snakes, spiders, dogs, cats, guns, animals, George Bush, or anything else are not mentally ill.

    Something becomes a Specific Phobia, clinically speaking, when it significantly interferes with ordinary life activities. For example, “I turned down a job offer as a ticket-taker at the Natural History Museum, because I am afraid if I might see a child carrying a plush frog toy that was purchased in the museum gift shop.” Or, “I refuse to visit my son who is a chef in a French restaurant, because I know that he has handled frog legs, and I [am] terrified that he might shake my hand.”

    Among the New York Times commenters, there were plenty of gun haters, the large majority of whom exhibited no sign of mental illness. Yet several of them wrote that they often visit national parks, enjoyed the visits, but now, because of the new federal law, they would not set foot in a National Park.

    Now, as my Times essay had explained, and other commenters had reiterated, the new federal law simply means that the rule inside federal parks will be the same as in the host state. So the odds of running into a person legally carrying a firearm at, say, the Johnstown Flood National Memorial in Pennsylvania would be pretty close to the odds running into a legally armed person while walking down the streets of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

    In other words, someone who avoids National Parks because of the new law is saying that he is afraid of being in place where most of the adult population has the legal right to carry a firearm, after licensing, a background check, and safety training. Meaning, of course, 40 of our 50 states.

    Having so much hatred, or fear, of guns that you can’t handle the ordinary, daily conditions of 4/5 of the American states would imply a rather significant interference with ordinary activities. That is, a phobia. The specific name for this phobia is “Hoplophobia.” Although Hoplophobia would be a good name for fear of hopping animals such as frogs and kangaroos, the word’s root is “hoplon” — from an ancient Greek shield that could be used offensively or defensively.

    A caveat on the diagnosis: The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders includes, as part of the diagnosis for a phobia, that “The person recognizes that the fear is excessive or unreasonable. Note: In children, this feature may be absent.” That condition is not met by the New York Times commenters, who appear to see themselves as eminently reasonable, and to consider anyone who would carry a firearm for protection as self-evidently crazy and dangerous. I don’t think that the diagnosis of a phobia should require insight on the part of the phobic. If a person won’t go to public places because he is afraid of balloons, then he would have a phobia, even if he considered himself eminently rational, and could recite statistics about all the people who have been seriously injured by balloons. (As was one of my relatives, when a Mylar balloon in a department store popped, and left her blind in one eye.)

    Generally speaking, a mentally ill person has a better chance of being cured if he wants to be cured, and so the first step towards mental health is recognizing that one is mentally ill. So in the interest of perhaps encouraging some Hoplophobes to admit that they have a problem, here is a travel guide to the United States, based on the presumption that a person refuses to go any place where most adults can lawfully carry firearms for protection [needs help].

    For convenience’s sake, let’s presume that the victim of Hoplophobia lives in Manhattan. Of course most people in Manhattan, including most Manhattanites who hate guns, are not Hoplophobes. But the island is a place to which Hoplophobes often migrate, perhaps as a form of self-treatment, trying to place themselves in a place where their phobia is less likely be triggered.

    So starting in Manhattan, you can enjoy the entire Empire State, a large and interesting place. If you feel a desire to leave New York, be extremely careful about heading east. Going into Connecticut will immediately put you in a place where the government routinely issues carry permits to law-abiding, trained adults. In other words, Connecticut is just as dangerous as a National Park.

    Vermont is even worse, with no permits even required for carrying concealed handguns. And everyone knows how dangerous Vermont is. New Hampshire and Maine are similar to Connecticut, and must be avoided.

    Massachusetts is safe, as long as you cross directly into the state, without going through Connecticut. Rhode Island is good too, providing that you approach it via Massachusetts, or take a ferry from eastern Long Island. A trip through Connecticut would obviously be too risky.

    New Jersey is the Hoplophobe’s Garden State. Its licensing practices are much more severe than New York City’s. In New Jersey, not even diamond merchants or celebrities can get carry permits.

    From New Jersey, you must go south to Delaware. Do not even think of crossing into Pennsylvania. It is a Shall Issue state for carry licenses, similar to Maine or New Hampshire.

    Maryland is also safe, and from there you can go to the District of Columbia, whose very strict gun laws have made it notoriously safe.

    If you want to fly to D.C., take a plane to the Baltimore airport, and then rent a car or take a bus. Do not fly to either of the D.C. airports. They are both located in Virginia, and the danger that you could be shot by a gun-crazy Virginian while traveling through Virginia into D.C. is nearly as high as the odds that you will get shot by a gun nut while in a National Park. Stay away from Arlington National Cemetery; it is in Virginia, and the people buried there were gun users.

    Needless to say, the entire Southeast is off limits. So is almost everything from Pennsylvania west. It is OK to fly to Illinois, and enjoy that state, since it does not even have procedures for issuing carry permits. The South Side of Chicago is an especially safe place to go, thanks to the handgun ban in the city.

    Like Illinois, Wisconsin has no provision for handgun carry licenses, and so was safe until 2005, when the state Supreme Court ruled that people had a constitutional right to keep and carry guns in their place of business. After that, you could still go to Wisconsin, as long as you never entered a place of business. But now, the state Attorney General has advised that people have a right to open carry without a permit, and thus the Badger State is far too dangerous to contemplate a visit.

    So is all the rest of the Midwest. So are all the Rocky Mountain states. So is the entire Southwest.

    The Pacific Coast is mixed. Washington and Oregon are Shall Issue states. Alaska allows carry without a permit, and besides that, the mere thought of Sarah Palin can trigger anxiety attacks in Hoplophobes.

    California is safe, except for some of the rural counties, where sheriffs issue permits to law-abiding citizens. Permits are close to non-existent in Los Angeles, making South Central L.A. an especially safe area for the Hoplophobe.

    Permits are also hard to get in Hawaii. So you can visit Haleakala National Park without worrying that someone on the trail up the volcano may have a gun.

    In addition, New York’s airports are gateways to the world, and you can travel to many global locations which are even stricter than New York City in their restrictions on gun ownership. You may find Cuba, Darfur, and North Korea to be especially pleasant places.

    David B. Kopel is Research Director of the Independence Institute, in Golden, Colorado.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hoppersquash - Things that hit your windshield and stick as you are driving down the road.

e.g., We had a great time in Arkansas but the truck came back covered with hoppersquash.

submitted by Helen - (www)

hopsenmaltz disease - A major beer hangover.

e.g., I gotta bad case of Hopsenmaltz Disease this morning. I'm headin' for the head.

submitted by larry

hopskipandajump - A distance which is far enough but not too far.

e.g., New York is but a hopskipandajump from Philadelphia.

submitted by Harry Burdette

hopsundbarleyimbibbemem - The clinical name for the beer gut.

e.g., During his "Lost Weekend" Chuck came down with a severe case of hopsundbarleyimbibbemem. He looked like he had a food baby extraordinaire.

submitted by kingofvulgaria

horbgorble - To wander around aimlessly.

e.g., Sheep tend to horbgorble.

submitted by Paul

horde-rat - Part of the multitude, in a city. Usually the lower class.

e.g., Most large cities are filled with horde-rats.

submitted by Lukas Friga

horf - A strange cough-burp-gagging sound resulting from swallowing while laughing.

e.g., Ohmigod! Your story was so funny that three people looked over when I horfed.

submitted by Andrea Harkleroad

horizontalization - Substitute for "harmonization."

e.g., Horizontalization of our business processes will ensure success.

submitted by mb

horizontical - Moving both horizontally and vertically. Diagonally.

e.g., If you're not sure whether to move in the horizontal direction or the vertical direction, then just move horizontically.

submitted by Karen

hork - A verb to describe the rapid comsumption of a treat.

e.g., You horked down all the raspberries?

submitted by Valerie Poat

hork - 1. To steal, to rip off. 2. To vomit (if human) or to have a system failure (if computer).

e.g., 1: Chris, you jerk, don't be horking my fries. 2: Don't know what was wrong with the code, but my server horked repeatedly.

submitted by inger - (www)

hork - The hacking sound made by an animal when in the process of expelling undigested dinner or fur.

e.g., It was 2:30 am and I awoke to the sound of the cat horking in the living room.

submitted by bertthebigyellowdog

hormy - Emotionally hormonal.

e.g., She was so hormy during her period. Stop being so hormy.

submitted by Denver - (www)

horn - Cellphone.

e.g., I'll be out somwhere tonight and I'll have my cell horn.

submitted by dens

horn dog, horndog - A rutting male who is both horny, and a dog.

e.g., Wait a minute, you saw your girl this morning, and now you're spending the night over another girl's house? You horn dog you!

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

horn mono - A motorcycle wheelie (riding on the rear wheel only) of epic proportion.

e.g., The new R1 lets you pull horn monos without even thinking about it.

submitted by Mike

hornce - The opposite of steep. Used to describe slopes, staircases, mountains, or anything else that has a shallow grade, or slight incline. To my knowledge there was previously no word for the opposite of steep, so I derived it from my last name (Hornsey). There are at least 5 people on the planet other than myself who are actively using this much needed word.

e.g., I don't like mountain bike trails that are too steep, I much prefer hornce trails.

submitted by doug - (www)

horndog - One who is incessant in her pursuit of sex, usually used in exasperation.

e.g., Please get your hand off my ass, you horndog.

submitted by chris fisher

hornerman - The man you are cheating on your husband with.

e.g., Clinton: Is that your new boyfriend? Zanita: Nah, Sam is still around. That's my hornerman.

submitted by Donna Ruddock

hornery - It's a cross between horny and ornery.

e.g., I get a little hornery about once a month.

submitted by Karen Littleton

hornophonic - Of or relating to sounds of reproduction; excited state induced by a love song.

e.g., The hornophonic rhythm made her wish she was pregnant.

submitted by Afront

hornormal - Many, typically females, describe their normal fluctuating moods related to their monthly cycles as normal (but hormonal); this is especially true for those of us who work in the health industry and have to ask how one is feeling.

e.g., I was a little upset and depressed last week but I feel that this was just hornormal.

submitted by Steven Way

hornswoggle - To take something from someone else. (This is actually an existing slang word -- meaning is usually related to cheating. Similar words include honeyfuggle and bumswiggle.)

e.g., Can I hornswoggle one of those beers?

submitted by Dave

hornymones - What comes into play when a girl first becomes aware of and sexually attracted to boys.

e.g., Chris has a bad case of the hornymones.

submitted by R. W. Gadberry

horocious - Horrible + ferocious = horocious. A word used to show utter, and very extreme, disdain at the words or actions of another person.

e.g., You just cant get away with such a horocious comment.

submitted by beno - (www)

horphan - The loss of one parent before adulthood. Half an orphan.

e.g., After Julie's mother died, her father continued to remind her she had become an horphan.

submitted by Mary Mulkey

horque - To pass from one person to another.

e.g., Can you please horque the salt down to this end of the table?

submitted by Anna

horracious - Horrific + hellacious. Just absolutely terrible, bad beyond existing words.

e.g., JF is horracious at basketball.

submitted by JFizzle - (www)

horrendered - Of walls, partitions etc.--to be plastered badly.

e.g., As you can see, little of the original Georgian decoration remains, as the building was extensively horrendered in the 1970s.

submitted by Alien Burrito

horrending - Teasing someone or playing practical jokes on her. (ED. At least that's what I think was meant.)

e.g., The horrending that uncle Don received from his nieces was fun for them but not for him.

submitted by Don Cragun

horrendoma - From horrendous and -oma, the medical suffix for tumor, denoting an unusually bad or complicated medical condition

e.g., The car accident left a real horrendoma on his face.

submitted by Larry Welling

horrendomer - A circumscribed situation which has elements of horribleness.

e.g., Finding our way through this swamp is a horrendomer.

submitted by Steve Dunn

horrential - Frighteningly torrential. As in rain or flowing water.

e.g., For most of the journey they struggled through horrential rain.

submitted by John Carass

horribad - "Horrible" and "bad."

e.g., Anime is usually horribad art.

submitted by Morzas

horribelocity - The speed with which things become more and more horrible.

e.g., The horribelocity of the trip increased when Eunice began telling us her shaving stories.

submitted by Matthew Rohr

horribilious - The word "horribilious" is an adjective describing a particularly stressful episode of gas or flatulence; by extension, any condition that one can't help although it causes stress and mortification or embarrassment. (See Annus Horribilis for a similar construct.)

e.g., Sheila retired from the company until her horribilious hiccups and burps went away.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley - (www)

horribility - The potential for something to become horrible.

e.g., A large person on the top of an unsturdy bunk bed has horribility.

submitted by Lysa

horriblate - Used to describe the rapid descent of a situation into the realms of the horrible. Alternatively a descriptive phrase.

e.g., I got into work this morning and my day proceeded to horriblate rapidly. OR I spent the morning on the phone to a bunch of horriblates from project management.

submitted by bob_jesus

horridor - A state of anxiety experienced by some people when noticing someone who they bearly know walking towards them down the corridor, not knowing whether or not to acknowledge the person.

e.g., Steve felt a palpable sense of horridor as Agnes emerged from the doorway and began walking his way down the long corridor

submitted by Dave Bamber

horrificant - n. Anything used to induce horror. | adj. Horror-causing. Compare to horrific, which I believe conveys "marked by horror."

e.g., Halloween is coming -- we've got to put out the lawn horrificants. | Hostel was horrificant. Four stars.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

horrification - Being horrified.

e.g., He says, "My brother was horrified." She says, "Ah, well, a bit of horrification is good now and then."

submitted by Yoor

horrigible - Utterly horrible and incorrigible.

e.g., Ignore him, he's horrigible.

submitted by yvonne

horrocious - "Atrocious" +"horrendous." 1. Dreadful. 2. Extremly brutal, cruel, or wicked. To be used in more intense circumstances than either of the words from which it is made up.

e.g., 1. The oil spill scene was so horrocious that I couldn't stand to watch any more of the report. 2. The people watched in horror as the bunnies were being tested by the cosmetics companies, and thought of how horrocious and sad it was.

submitted by molly

horror island - One of a group of many islands(eg.Temptation Island).This is a fictional place where everything horrible and terrible goes.Can be used on its own also. NB:To be said in evil Exorcist voice if possible.

e.g., "Last night at work was just Horror Island" A:"How was the party yesterday? B:"Horror Island"

submitted by orange

horrors greeley - Famous 19th Century editor and publisher.

e.g., Thinking of empire, Horrors Greeley advised, "Go vast, young man!"

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

horrorshow - Great, wonderful.

e.g., Madonna's tour is really horrorshow.

submitted by Anastasia

horrorshow - (adj.) (HOR-er-show) Good, excellent, "cool." (Etymology: From the novel _A Clockwork Orange_,] which got it from the Russian word for "good.")

e.g., Today a lot of horror movies are far from what used to be considered horrorshow.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

hors d'oeuvre - Work (or draft) horse.

e.g., Shires, Percherons, and Clydesdales are prime examples of heavy hors d'oeuvres.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

horsaic - Equine, pertaining to a horse.

e.g., There is a horsaic smell in this room.

submitted by Sammers

horse - Hoarse.

e.g., "I have been arguing myself horse trying to tell my neighbors and family that the rich and their enforcers are the enemy, not the black community."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

horse dover - When you're so hungry you could eat a horse and all they serve you are (from the French: "Hors d'oeuvre") appetizers.

e.g., Yes, please, thank you very much. I'll take a few of your horse dovers.

submitted by Maryse

horse marine - A spectacularly useless person. From Michael Quinion: "Note that the horse marines were a mythical body of men, not least because horses on board ship were spectacularly useless."

e.g., I find myself unable to shake the feeling that most so-called progressives are horse marines.

submitted by HD Fowler

horse-grinding pinkie bumpers - (facetious n.) The committee name (q.v.) for raspberries. [It's a name made up by my daughter and her friends while snarfing fresh raspberries, apparently from its many bumps (raspberries are aggregate fruits of the rose family) the way you can stick one of the little aggregate berries on your pinkie plus the slightly roughing effect of the sour-sweet juice on the teeth. .... I don't recall where "horse" came from, but it made perfect sense at the time.]

e.g., There's nothing like chilled horse-grinding pinkie bumpers and cream after a long day of school. Nothing compares with the startlingly euphoric hilarity of a happy group of little girls when they start laughing---especially when they're making up names like "horse-grinding pinkie bumpers."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

horsefry - A cookout featuring tasty horsemeat steaks.

e.g., There was no beef available, so we had a horsefry instead.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

horseless marriage - When it's like there ain't no horse to ride, you don't get nowhere fast, forget the marriage bed, Fred.

e.g., The mare is skittish, won't hold still, cain't do no wifely duties -- it's a horseless marriage.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

horsely - A whole lot like a horse.

e.g., This unicorn is too horsely, if you want my opinion.

submitted by Danny Dreadful - (www)

horseonovich - An insult combining the terms "horse's ass" with "son-of-a-bitch," with a Russian flavor.

e.g., Chris is a real horseonovich.

submitted by Ted

horsetail - (n.) a pony tail on a man (evidently in order to avoid the diminutive implied by 'pony.') Also called a "percher" (after the percheron, a breed of heavy horse; so I suppose you could also call it a 'clyde' after the clydesdale ... ...there's probably a good joke in punning 'pony and clyde,' but I can't think of one).

e.g., Her hair was quite elegantly coiffed in a lovely spill of regency ringlets, but her husband had simply pulled his long locks into a horsetail with a leather knot.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

horsey - when something doesn't quite work visually.

e.g., "Loosen up the kerning in your headline, it looks horsey."

submitted by brian

horsiculture - The culture of a town designed specifically for horse ownership-- with large parcels, stables everywhere, and few paved roads.

e.g., The horsiculture of Norco, CA, is clearly evidenced by the fact that they have a hitching post outside of the town’s McDonald’s restaurant.

submitted by natalie

horsified - Pertaining to a stable state.

e.g., After being bullish and bearish the market has finally horsified.

submitted by saqib akhtar

horti-q - One who has a measurable intelligence level roughly equivalent to that of a plant. Horticultural + I.Q.

e.g., He was a few plates short of a picnic, a few fries short of a happy meal. In short, a horti-Q.

submitted by WickedMzToni

horticulture - A fruitless attempt to make a lady of the night appreciate the finer things of life.

e.g., You can lead a horse to water...but you can't drag a horticulture.

submitted by Beckett Senter

horton mile - A "long mile." From ultramarathoner and ultramarathon race director David Horton. No standard length for a "Horton Mile" has been officially established, but a Horton Mile seems to be ~10% (or more) longer than a "standard mile."

e.g., Mountain Masochist Trail Race 50 "is a classic ultramarathon held each autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Montebello, VA. It is directed by ultra legend David Horton and is actually 54 miles long (known as 'Horton Miles')." | "This is VA --David Horton country -- I know all about Horton miles -- this isn't 7.5, it's 10, for crying out loud."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hortz - combines the meanings of bad, faux pas,ugly and horrible. Ued to describe a situation, saying, something said, a thing, or a person.

e.g., That's a hortz shirt. That guy driving with his loud music is hortz. That was a hortz shot. This dance club is hortz.

submitted by Harry

hosebag - Promiscuous female.

e.g., After a few drinks, Chris turns into one terrible hosebag.

submitted by Tony Jones

hosebroke - Rendered dysfunctional by catastrophic ego deflation, usually preceded by self over-inflation of ego. (Inspired by the catastrophic failure of a neighbor's garden hose).

e.g., Yeah, Ed got passed over for the V.P. spot, so now he's hosebroke.

submitted by igneous

hosed - Used when referring to a situation beyond salvage or repair. Similar to FUBAR. Pronunciation: hOz-d.

e.g., Chris forgot to back it up. We're hosed.

submitted by berkeley mike - (www)

hoser - A person who is trying to deceive others.

e.g., That hoser can't be trusted. From the Wisconsin-Minnesota area.

submitted by Rick Kridler - (www)

hosey - Boston and surrounding area: Used instead of "Dibs" or "Shotgun" when claiming the front seat of a car.

e.g., "Hosey." "Hey, you can't call hosey until you're close enough to touch the car." "Okay...HOSEY!"

submitted by Deacon

hosey - Hosie. To choose for oneself in a group of people.

e.g., As kids we used to say, "I hosey the brown one. You can have the yellow."

submitted by DLOBER

hosimba - A word of exuberant joy.

e.g., Hosimba, that is one hot mamma.

submitted by Justin - (www)

hospitallic - Of or having to do with hospitals.

e.g., Having had a hospitallic childhood, I feel that it is a big part of me.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

hoss - The use of brute strength usually to move or haul something that should be done with machinery or tools. From the _Bonanza_ character Hoss. His size and strength usually overcame any obstacle.

e.g., That couch looks pretty heavy. Nah, we can hoss it up the stairs. OR This bolt won't budge. Just hoss it. It'll turn.

submitted by TheDivineMallaLubba - (www)

hoss-tile - An almost animal-like expressive attitude of anger and deep dislike.

e.g., I was stopped for speeding in a Southern state and knew, instantly, that the state trooper has seen my New York license plates and didn't like "Yankees." Pulling his ticket book out of his back pocket, his brown eyes glared, whites showing, one small mental tic away from going wild. His nostrils flared, emitting huge gusts of steamy breath in the early morning fog. He shook his head violently, a guttaral snort deep in his throat, and he stamped his right foot impatiently as he waited for me to roll down my driver's side window. Man, that was some hoss-tile Southern trooper!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hossbiddle - A more nearly "correct" respelling of hospital, as commonly pronounced by everyone: -os- as in the word possible, -p-voices to -b-, and -t- voices to -d-, which is normal in American English..

e.g., We done went to the hossbiddle to see the new baby. It was a joy, and a boy, to behold.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hossie or hossy - Similar to sassy -- overbearing, arrogant, self confident, independent, won't take any crap from anyone, etc.

e.g., She was hossy.

submitted by Wilbur

hostility engineering - The practice of being persistently rude and unreasonable to a friend in order to provoke anger and provide an excuse to end the friendship without taking any blame for doing so.

e.g., You haven't heard about their breakup? It was a masterpiece of hostility engineering.

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

hostler - A locomotive driver or engineer for a railroad, who handles a switch-engine in the railyards. They may also go on short runs in the region to pick up individual freight cars that are assembled into long freight trains.

e.g., The hostler drove the switch-engine all over the area, but yearned to go on long, fast runs to distant places.

submitted by Steve McDonald

hot - Extremely attractive or beautiful, more than cute.

e.g., "Albert is pretty good looking." "He's not just good looking, he's hot."

submitted by JegStar

hot - "The use of hot to mean excellent or fashionable dates to the mid-19th century."

e.g., Jeez, how anyone can think that tattoed trailer trash is hot is beyond my comprehension. She looks as if you'd come away diseased if she even breathed on you, much less touched you.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hot comm - I’m involved with on-road, pure electric vehicles, and they can be very high performance (see Instead of having a “hot rod” (as in engine push rod), or fast driving as in “hot-rodding,” we say “hot comm,” or “hot comming,” referring to the commutator in our electric motor(s).

e.g., My son has been hot-comming in the RX-7 EV (electric vehicle) again.

submitted by Dave Hawkins

hot cross buns - Not the things that you eat at Easter, but the effects of tanning injudiciously in a thong.

e.g., Here, better put some of this factor 8 on your butt, or you'll get hot cross buns.

submitted by Anne Walker

hot err - Political tv ads that are crafted to impugn the character and abilities of the opposing candidate, using exaggeration, half truths, and unproven suppositions.

e.g., Watch, my friends, and you shall see
from candidates of claimed integrity,
who aspire to positions that require honesty
Campaign TV ads of density.

Do they challenge the opposition by words that are true and fair?
Nope. All we always get, is hot err!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

hot in the box - A project or task is in progress. It was created because some stupid project manager at work was always using buzzwords he heard his other idiot project manager peers using. We decided that we would start making them up and using them around him so his peers would have no idea what he was talking about and he would think he was up on his techie lingo.

e.g., The project you're being assigned to is hot in the box. You'll be a star if you bring it in on time and on budget.

submitted by craig

hot pixel - Pixel turns white in night photography on digital camera CCD or CMOS array by being exposed to power for a long time, not light, in seemingly random locations where it should be dark.

e.g., Can you see the isolated hot pixels in this image? (From a semi-professsional camera, well-known brand).

submitted by toph

hot second - Shorter than a regular second...more like a half-second.

e.g., Amy: They're selling Britney Spears tickets at the arena. Erin: I'll be there in a hot second.

submitted by lep

hot throb - A particularly sexy man or woman who turns up the arousal level in the viewer.

e.g., I can't get over how Lisa has grown up since high school; she's turned into a real hot throb.

submitted by fauzia Osman

hot-bobbling - For something that is usually liquid and hot, not quite boiling. May on first touch be thought to be near boiling point, but actually quite safe.

e.g., Is this soup hot-bobbling? OR My bath is hot-bobbling.

submitted by Andy Robertson

hot-hole - Said of a particularly nasty piece of internet photography.

e.g., Did you get the hot-hole I e-mailed? Nasty, eh?

submitted by mike - (www)

hot-pocket - To render a food or activity completely bland and unexciting--even thoroughly repugnant--through consuming or engaging in such activity countless times. The term was born when this contributor suddenly realized, half-way through a "Ham 'n Cheese Hot Pocket (TM)" that what he was eating was probably the thousandth such "food item" in the past year and a half, and it suddenly became thoroughly revolting. The contributor has not had a Hot Pocket since.

e.g., Isn't that the third Domino's Pizza you've had in a week? Careful, or you'll hot-pocket all za for a year.

submitted by Rob Bowman

hot-tacular - Particularly appealing. From hot and spectacular.

e.g., She's beyond attractive, she's downright hot-tacular.

submitted by George

hotastic - Of a person who goes overboard on everything.

e.g., Your friends action at the club last night was hotastic.

submitted by Africa

hotdish - Midwest American-Scandinavian (ND, MN) meaning the same as a casserole entree.

e.g., My sister is planning to bring her favorite tuna hotdish to the church supper.

submitted by Douglas Tjon

hotdog - Used to describe a person who looks "hot" from afar, but is a "dog" when up close. See also "a Monet" and "Irvine-vision."

e.g., "Check him out." "Nah, I know him. That's Chris. He's a hotdog."

submitted by amalu

hote - Hair Over The Ears

e.g., Neil Diamond came to town and every hote came from miles around.

submitted by loretta

hotellionaire - (ho-TELL-yuhn-air; n.) 1. An owner of many hotels; 2. someone with a great travel agent, who has access to many high-class hotels when making travel plans, especially if the someone can get inexpensive rates.  
[From "hotel" + "lionaire," the possessive suffix attached to large amounts of money, as "millionaire," "billionaire," etc., coined in an Wyndam Hotels advertisement, by a wizard.]

e.g., Have you read Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man? It turns out, at the end, that the Swiss soldier is actually a hotellionaire. | I don't just have a single time share in Baja; I'm a hotellionaire: I can vacation everywhere from Ireland to Fiji.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

hotlanta - A frowned-upon, cheesy slang term for Atlanta, created in response to its notoriously warm climate.

e.g., Hotlanta is always sweltering, just like the rest of Georgia.

submitted by Matthew Barba

hotspread - Humorously, a very boring place.

e.g., My cousin's school is a hotspread of inactivity.

submitted by P I E - (www)

hotsync - (v) For a woman to call her boyfriend or husband during the day in order to inform him of every minute detail of what is going on with her. (Borrowed from Palm handheld devices)

e.g., My girlfriend HotSynced 10 times today. I couldn't get my work done.

submitted by DYSKE - (www)

hotter than a pickle - Extremely hot.

e.g., It's hotter than a pickle today.

submitted by Robert Maule

hottertunlove - A running together of the words "hotter than love" to describe an intense degree of heat.

e.g., Turn the fire down. It's hotterunlove in here.

submitted by Jami

hottie bombalottie - The ultimate "hottie"--can be pronounced either hottie boom-ba-lottie or bum-ba-lottie. HB is abbreviation.

e.g., Oh, my God! That Louis is one hottie bombalottie.

submitted by Louise

hottie mchothot - A good-looking person.

e.g., Alyson Hannigan is one hottie mchothot.

submitted by Bryan - (www)

hotuguese - The secret "language" spoken between hotties worldwide. Only part of it is verbal. Attitude & carriage play a very large part in crossing barriers (for example, cultural barriers).

e.g., Would you please put in a good word for me to her? After all, you do both speak hotuguese.

submitted by Steve - (www)

houdini - An escapee, anything that escapes.

e.g., Like a dog getting out of its yard, someone who has a close call could be called a Houdini.

submitted by sue keller

houndy - Describing food that is so delicious, the eater wants to "hound it down."

e.g., This pizza is houndy. I could eat the whole thing by myself.

submitted by Marcia

house - Shortened version of "cleaning house." Similar to "cleaning out his clock." Used to describe someone flipping out.

e.g., A. What happened after your Dad came home and saw what you did to his car? B. Oh, Christ, he just went house and severely chewed me out.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

house of goofy white man - McDonald's.

e.g., I want some fries. Lets go to the House of Goofy White Man.

submitted by sorakirei - (www)

house, the - Waffle House, the only place in the country where you can get a cup of coffee, smoke indoors, and sit around for hours all for under a dollar- not counting a tip and jukebox selections. Can also be called "Our House" when referring to the establishment in your neighborhood, or the one you frequent the most.

e.g., I'm bored, you wanna go to The House.

submitted by Eve Lynn

housemaster - The person in charge of the house.

e.g., The housemaster made it clear that there will be no kitties allowed.

submitted by Misteroo

houserker - How-zehr-kehr. One who is meticulous about one's own house. Someone who values her house to the extreme.

e.g., "It's only a pencil mark on the wall. Just erase it." "But it's my life!" "You're such a houserker."

submitted by Jeff

housewiverly - Related to doing jobs normally thought of as "women's work."

e.g., We felt very housewiverly after cleaning and gardening all day.

submitted by Jen

houston left - The shared left-hand turn lanes in Houston that are shared between the METRORail and traffic.

e.g., To get to the Texas Medical Center Parking garage, take Fannin and then take a Houston left into the parking garage.

submitted by Eric

hov'ering - To ride around in your car with a life size mannequin in the passenger seat, so you can drive in the "High Occupancy Vehicle" lanes on the freeway.

e.g., When I saw Hank driving around with a mannequin he calls Bfigit in his front seat, I knew he planned to do some HOV'ering.

submitted by Paul

hover shock - The dismayed surprise that accompanies the enlargement of an avatar that looks great in thumbnail version, but burns the retinas when enlarged to more thoroughly examinable size.

e.g., Sandra put her cursor over the tiny, intriguing user photo of the nice=looking guy and suffered hover shock when the leering, gap-toothed monstrosity leapt at her from the screen.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

hover ture - The frills, trills, glissandos, staccatos, and other fluttery bits that hang in the air at the long, musical beginning of a French opera.

e.g., When I was coerced and dragged to go to a French opera performance, I struggled to stay calm through the hover ture, the pourover ture, and the unending moreover ture, until it was, thank God, finally over ture. I won't, ever, do that again.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hovercrap - It's how some ladies like to align themselves over the people's throne when they've gone missing briefly to powder their noses.

e.g., For the sake of hygienic considerations, hovercrap is a popular practice among a number of powder room visitors.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hovis - Second generation rhyming slang for "dead." He is hovis, meaning brown bread, rhyming with dead.

e.g., Kevin went mano e mano with a tiger; Kevin is hovis.

submitted by Matthew

hovitate - To move through an impossible or effortless means. A combination of hover and levitate.

e.g., Of course I walked here. What did you think I would do, hovitate?

submitted by Thunderchunk - (www)

how do - There are several variations of "How do you do?" and "How are you?": Howdy, howdy do, how do, how (Indian?). How are ya, hiya, hi. And others no doubt.

e.g., We moseyed on in to the sheriff's office yesterday and said, "How do, man, have you captured any desperate cattle rustlers lately?" He said, "Nope, I just let them get away, according to the principles of forgive and forget."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

how manyth - Used to determine what order something is in a list.

e.g., "I ran the Boston Marathon last week." "How manyth were you?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

how to win an argument. - How to win an argument. 1. Talk longer than your adversary. 2. Talk louder than your adversary. 3. Talk over your adversary. The key is to never give your opposite number a chance to complete a thought. That way you can make her look stupid, even if you can't make yourself look smart.

e.g., Do you want to know how to win an argument, bucko? You have come to the right wrong place for that. Remember what we've told you time and time again: Seek wisdom elsewhere. If you're still going to school -- let's say a student under eighteen years of age -- whatever you do, never cite the pseudodictionary as a source. Your teacher will kill you for that -- and by kill, I mean she'll lower your grade. You think teachers who won't accept Wikipedia as a source are going to accept some claptrap you get from this site? Not. A. Chance. We don't even pretend to be word mavens, authoritative sources for information about words. We're here to have fun. You're here, we hope, to have fun, too. If you're here to get in a cheap shot at one of your friends, fuggeddaboudid. Your chances of getting something by our crusty, flinty-eyed editors are about as good as … well, as good as "[wresting] away millions of dollars from today's flinty-eyed, billionaire captains of sports industry."

submitted by Animadversary

how zing - Minimal living space -- small, cramped quarters, Asian-sized room -- a place to dump your things and sleep.

e.g., Priority list for a new school and a new term: identify cool band booze parlors, check out chick palaces, select cheap food scarfing spots, and, oh yes, find how zing.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

how's up - Mix of "How are you?" and "Whassup?"

e.g., Hey, DK, how's up?

submitted by dekoi

how-blem - (n.) A difficulty understanding the cause or mechanism of something. ['Twas I coined this the other day, when my wife asked me, "What's the problem?" I responded, "It isn't so much a problem as a how-blem." ---I don't see any connection either.]

e.g., I have a how-blem with my coinage of "how-blem": Is there some connection between "pro-" and "how-" that I don't see?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

howard - The part of the hospital that trains people to do things. | The part of the hospital that treats ailing prostitutes.

e.g., I couldn't even tie my shoe-laces, so the admitted me to the Howard. | The sick prostitute was recuperating in the Howard.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

howay - A Middlesbrough, England resident, usually working class. In most of England, working-class parents shout "Get here!" at their children. In Middlesbrough it's "Howay!"--a cry which can usually be heard somewhere at any given time in Middlesbrough town centre.

e.g., Did you meet Robert's new girlfriend? She's a right Howay!

submitted by Adam Leslie

howdo - A mix of "Howdy" and "How do you do?" Not sure exactly where it came from, but my friend's Mom uses it all the time, and she's from the South. Pronounced Haaaa DOOOO!

e.g., How Do! Yes, Samantha Jean is here, hold on and I'll git her for ya.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

howdy dude-e - A politician who is always friendliness personified. Dressed impeccably, he or she smiles continually, is happy to see you and eager to serve, "glad hands" every person in every crowd -- yet, invariably, is one of the most corrupt, self-serving, cynical and mean individuals you'll ever meet.

e.g., Is this an election year? Get ready, folks -- it's Howdy Dude-e time!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

howdy duty - What the greeters at church have signed up for.

e.g., I think I'm down for howdy duty next Sunday. I'll let you know. If not, then we'll play golf.

submitted by HD Fowler

howe's bayou - A NE PA coal country traditional inquiry as to one's general state of health and well-being.

e.g., Overheard on the streets of Scranton, PA: "Hi, der, Julie! I haven't seen you since last summer's Polka Fest at the Moravian Society's Pitnick Grounds. Hey, howe's bayou?"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

howie - One who has a tendency to be zany, or geeky. See also: Gary

e.g., Did you see that guy at the party last night--the one with the mullet? What a Howie.

submitted by Aaron J Ban - (www)

howlurination - Exceedingly severe pain on urination.

e.g., Watching his friend Bob grimace, and then scream, John told himself that NOTHING was worth the risk of getting howlurination. Not even Susie. No way.

submitted by john r. brineman, m.d.

hows the salinity? - Ice breaker in a dull conversation. Better than asking about the weather.

e.g., Jack and John were sitting in an awkward silence when john asked, "So how's the salinity?"

submitted by klaypipe

howsit - Meaning How is it going. It is a simplified version that is easier to roll off you tounge and yet very self explanitory

e.g., You donna, howsit? Response would be: eh, not bad...

submitted by penguin22 - (www)

howyergoin's - Alcoholic beverages shared amongst friends.

e.g., I'm goin' down the pub for some howyergoin's with Chook and Bez.

submitted by Rod Walsh

howzabout - A way to start a conversation with a suggestion.

e.g., Howzabout we just stay in tonight?

submitted by Kris

howzigwan - "How's it going?" said lazily or in a rush.

e.g., Hey Jim, howsigwan?

submitted by ash

howzit - Surfer greeting and inquiry: "Howya doin'and how are the waves today?"

e.g., Howzit, dudette?

submitted by Don Funk

howzit - Hawaiian Pidgin English for "How is it (going )?

e.g., Tinee: Eh, brah, howzit? Booger: Not bad, T, not bad.

submitted by Paul

howzitgo? - To be said when someone has just explained something using excessive hand movements and plenty of descriptive sounds. Almost always results in the person repeating the whole hand-waving, noisy explanation.

e.g., A friend has just described how he climbed a creaky ladder and fell off into a muddy puddle using mime actions and sounds as well as a verbal description. Just say "Howzitgo?" and he'll repeat the whole act.

submitted by micatyro - (www)

hoy pull oy - "Hoi polloi" is the Greek phrase for "the common people generally." "Hoy pull oy" is a derogatory phrase for the group of politicians who have gained wealth and some form of public stature through self-serving uses of the power of their office.

e.g., Vickie: What is our state senator's background? Mickey: His father was a grocer; he graduated from a state SUNY college, and he worked for a local publisher until he first was elected. Vickie: Is he financially successful? Mickey: Well, he's listed with ownership in several Florida properties, in several local properties, he owns a $415,000 summer home built by a general contractor he is in partnership with.... Vickie: What is his salary? Mickey: $79,500 a year. Vickie: Wow! What a powerful member of the community!' Mickey: Ya! He's a real member of the "hoy pull oy!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

hrbeck - Pulling or pushing a runner's leg off a base and then tagging him in a baseball game. Named in honor of the player who successfully executed this manuver. Just ask the Braves. It happened to them in the World Series once.

e.g., Hey, ump, I can't be out. I was just standing here on first base and he Hrbecked me.

submitted by Chuck Plemmons

hrk-th! - Used to express affectation for the liberating satisfaction many people associate with spitting.

e.g., Hrk-th! (wipes mouth)

submitted by Dank Handsome

hrm - A permutation of "hm," with more glottal resistance, thus producing the necessarily audible "r" sound.

e.g., Hrm, I wonder if I'll be able to identify the mystery meat for once today.

submitted by apeiron

htmelted - when your head is melted after doing too much HTML code.

e.g., "I never thought i'd get those templates done, me head is HTMeLted."

submitted by Finian Reilly - (www)

html bitch - Someone who performs GUI grunt work. Her job is to take an existing web page mock, usually done in Photoshop, chop up the images and create the HTML front-end. NOTE: The fun and creative part of information design is doing the design itself.

e.g., Now that our design is approved, you can give it to the intern to code. She's the HTML bitch.

submitted by Melissa V.

htmlify - To apply HTML formatting to unformatted text.

e.g., I had to HTMLify that document before I added it to my web site.

submitted by Kara - (www)

hu - A clipping from "human"--like "flu" from "influenza." A 3rd person gender-neutral pronoun. It is pronounced [hju:] like "hu" in "human." Its brevity and morphological structure (one open syllable: a consonant + a vowel) make it similar to other 3rd person pronouns. A typical, easily recognizable member of this class: he, she, hu. The derivative forms of "hu": reflexive "huself," (hju:self), possessive "hus" (hju:z), and objective "hu" (hju:).

e.g., An employee may choose to cover only huself and hus child or any number of children. It's the vice-president's job to support the president and take hus place when hu is away. A hero is one who places huself at risk for another. Hu that has ears to hear, let hu hear. It should be the chief aim of a university professor to exhibit huself in hus own true character - that is, as an ignorant human thinking, actively utilising hus small share of knowledge. An introvert can easily become an extrovert when it is advantageous for hu to do so.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

huage - Even bigger than huge, but not mahousive.

e.g., That building's bloody huage.

submitted by rob and Mike, bored as hell

hubba - An expression indicative of lust. (Hubba, hubba. What a figure. Two more legs and she'd look like Trigger. For those old enough to remember Roy Rogers as "King of the Cowboys." Nothing sexy there.)

e.g., John is soooo sexy. Hubba.

submitted by melissa

hubba jubba - Otherwise known as love handles, it's that fat that males get around the sides of their waists. The female equivalent would be mumma jubbas.

e.g., Eatin' too much junk food lately. Startin' to get hubba jubbas.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

hubbard - A scam artist with a product that's too good to be true and a devoted following that worships and defends him and his techniques despite clear evidence that neither is trustworthy. (After the late L. Ron Hubbard, who told his fellow sci-fi authors: "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be to start his own religion.")

e.g., I went to his real estate seminar and it sounded great, but it turned out he's just a hubbard.

submitted by Dan Garvin

hubric - (hyoo-brick; adj.) Of or pertaining to hubris (towering insolence, overwhelming egocentrism, pride with fries) [From Greek hybris "insolence," "pride."]

e.g., "Okay, class: sum up Charles Foster Kane's character in one word....Anyone?---Annie, yes?" "Hubric." "Hm. Good. I was thinking of something like 'lost' or 'empty'---but hubric's good, excellent in fact."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

huck - To throw a heavy object.

e.g., Let's huck a brick at it.

submitted by Meredith

huckaboom - An explosive and possibly short-lived growth in popularity. After former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. First seen at December 3, 2007.

Mostly considered to be a minor player in national politics well into the 2008 campaign for President of the United States (a campaign that started the day after the 2004 election) Huckabee has become a potential contender for a spot on the Republican national ticket. The conventional wisdom is that his surge in the polls is based on personal charm and not on the usual armaments of political success: filthy lucre and political organization. Cf. hickaboom, huckaboob, huckabook, huckaboon, huckaboot.

Bob McCarty | ‘HUCKABOOM’ Describes Candidate’s Momentum Drudge got it right today when he described Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s rising popularity among voters as a HUCKABOOM™.

Heading into last week’s CNN-YouTube GOP Debate, front-runner Rudy Giuliani led the former Arkansas governor by twelve points, according to Rasmussen Reports™. Today, however, Huckabee has pulled to within three points of the former mayor of New York City.

e.g., It was loud. That’s for damn sure. I think it might only be a huckaboom, though.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

huckapuck - 1. To make a coughing noise, such as with phlegm caught in the chest during an asthma attack. 2. To take one's time in a dawdling way, often to avoid doing something distasteful.

e.g., 1. Quick, Ma. The dog is huckapucking again. 2. Stop your huckapucking and put the dog in the carrier; he has to go to the vet.

submitted by Jenna Tedesco

huckelbuckel - A small unexpected gift.

e.g., I have a huckelbuckel for you.

submitted by Matthew Denton

huckled - To throw at a high speed.

e.g., After receiving an "F" on his test, George huckled his pen at the teacher's head.

submitted by Wes9 - (www)

hud - A piece of junk, worthless.

e.g., These shoes are a piece of hud.

submitted by drpak

huddle-ton - A gelatinous gathered mass, yet has a likable quality. (ED. This looks like it's based on a person's name, but. . . .)

e.g., He was spread out like a huddle-ton of mucus.

submitted by mike

huddlepuff - Can be used as a noun or verb to describe multiple smokers gathering at the same location to smoke, usually right outside an entranceway of a building, impeding others attempts to enter or exit. Inclement weather tends to increase their ranks.

e.g., I was late getting to class from a burning building because I had to navigate around all the huddlepuffs.

submitted by Chris Albert

huff - V. To smoke, as in to smoke a cigaret. N. A smoke.

e.g., V. I'm stepping outside to huff a cigaret. N. I'm stepping outside for a huff.

submitted by Blandings

hufferpigeon - someone who goes round looking for rocks of crack on the floor the day after the party.

e.g., look at that huffer pigeon picking up those rocks

submitted by talor

huffle - The uncomfortable and unflattering ridge o' hair that forms when hair is pulled back in a ponytail. The huffle can be remedied through several attempts to pull and smooth hair. A brush and nimble hands also assist at keeping away the dreaded huffles. Huffles can occur when a pair of glasses or sunglasses accidentally snag a section of hair when removed from the on-top-of-yhe-head resting position.

e.g., I pulled my hair into a ponytail and thought I was good to go until I spotted the dreaded huffle.

submitted by Jen

huffle snuffle - To cry so hard that you hyperventilate and cannot speak. This is reserved for extreme emotional moments (or weekly freakouts for 14-year-old girls). The huffle part of the huffle snuffle occurs with fast intake of breath. The snuffle is the nose inhalation while trying to catch your breath. The huffle snuffle makes ...

e.g., I freaked out when they took Strangers With Candy off the air; I went into a huffle snuffle session.

submitted by Jen

huganic - Huge and gigantic.

e.g., The size of my credit card bill was hugantic.

submitted by paula von gemmingen - (www)

huge pipes - A high-bandwidth internet connection.

e.g., Since I got DSL, I have huge pipes.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

hugeenormous - Big. Nothing more. But you'll find all kinds of ads on the internet directing you to other sites with big     huge    enormous    … stuffed animals for sale. Alternative spelling: hugenormous. Hugenormouse = a big mouse, aka a rat. Hugeenorumorous = gossip on a large scale, hugeenormhumorous = worth a big laugh, hugeenormhumerus = the upper leg bone of a very large person. …

e.g., Are you still upset because you signed up for our newsletter but you've never heard from us other than a boilerplate note confirming that your submittal was accepted? Tie your shoelaces, lads and laddies and ladies. Weld your aglets, because we have a hugeenormous announcement about the pd coming your way. Be sure you sit down to read it; otherwise, it will knock you off your feet. I'll give you a hint. … No. I won't. Would I pull your leg? Would I lie? Lamont   knows, but no one else does.

submitted by HD Fowler

hugegantic - Very, verrrry large. No, even bigger.

e.g., Their house was hugegantic!

submitted by TJ

hugemongous - Used to describe something of great proportion.

e.g., You should have seen my belly right before I had the twins--I was hugemongous.

submitted by Kristi

hugemungo - Used when huge and humongous do not do the size of the particular noun justice.

e.g., Alison's woman's rear-end is positively hugemungo.

submitted by Alison Lacivita

hugeonic - Something bigger than "huge" and smaller than "giganic."

e.g., Did you see the size of that? It was hugeonic.

submitted by Paul

huggle - Combination of a hug and a cuddle. More intimate than simply a hug, but more physical than a cuddle.

e.g., Everyone needs a huggle once in a while.

submitted by Grant F.

huggle - When you snuggle and hug at the same time.

e.g., We huggled last night in bed.

submitted by Lisa

hugglesquash - A hug and cuddle wrapped in a tight squeeze.

e.g., Overjoyed Marcy hugglesquashed her boyfriend in thanks for her gift.

submitted by Jamie - (www)

hugh - Huge -- as spelled by a commenter on the linked page. {ED. If you think your teacher is going to accept your spelling of "huge" as "Hugh," better think again. That is, if teachers these days give a damn about correct spelling. As long as they get their paychecks, benefits, and pensions, they might not. … Do I have a burr under my saddle about the disservice today's teachers are doing our kids? Damn right I do. (And, yeh, I know that should be "damned right.")}

e.g., "I'm not eating at Taco Bell for a month, don't know that this will make a Hugh difference, however Taco Bell should never had been a sponsor of this type of show, nuts."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

huglet - An affectionate action in passing that is not quite a full stop-and-stand hug; usually something similar like arm around waist, chin on shoulder, etc.

e.g., As he passed she gave him a huglet and asked him how he was doing.

submitted by Icarus

hugmoney - A miser, miserly, cheap, tight, careful spender, thrifty, cautious buyer, Mr Moneybags.

e.g., Ye king sitteth upon his bags of gold and assorted wealth as ye veritable hugmoney, unwilling to share that which he hath with ye common folk. They protest and he heareth not.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hugmup - A bearlike creature, native to the planet Homeland, that befriends people who are lonely. It is capable of rudimentary speech, but in the winter it goes off into the mountains to mate. All recorded sightings of hugmups take place in the Imperial Duchy of Thorgelfayne.

e.g., From the "How to Keep Your Hugmup Happy" television show. "Next we will have some entertaining segments on how to give a Hugmup a bath without taking one yourself. (There is brief, knowledgeable laughter from a few people in the audience.) And, what we’ve all been dying to know: How to keep the Hugmups out of the kitchen! (Gales of laughter and applause.) So! Without further delay, I introduce to you our special guest, Dr. Hana Bortrek of Lari Province!" See

submitted by Ken Collins - (www)

hugportunist - A person who takes any and every opportunity to grab a hug.

e.g., Stina, here comes Sam again! He jumps in any chance he gets! We taught him well, he is a true hugportunist.

submitted by Mike W. - (www)

huh. ___. what's going on with that, ___? - An expression of puzzlement adapted from the video game Silent Hill. Any noun or name can be placed in the blank. Used when one is confused about a particular item.

e.g., 1. A radio has just turned off by itself. "Huh. Radio. What's going on with that, radio?" 2. Your friend Jimmy was supposed to pick you up, but he's nowhere to be found. "Huh. Jimmy. What's going on with that, Jimmy?"

submitted by Juice Maloose

hula-hooping cough - Severe coughing fits, which develop after twirling a circular toy hoop around the waist, limbs, or neck.

e.g., I always thought she was healthy, but after playing with her Hula Hoop, WHAMMO! She came down with the worst case of Hula-Hooping Cough I've ever seen!

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

hulax - To watch Hulu with no plans for further activity planned.

e.g., She wanted to Netflix and chill but I just wanted to spend the night Hulaxing.

submitted by Tim Reinerman - (www)

huliocloptor - Little-kid mispronunciation of helicopter.

e.g., Mommy, Mommy. Look at the huliocloptor landing in Noah's yard. Can I have one, too?

submitted by biff

hulk - (v.) 1. Rapidly (or instantly) rising from a small problem or annoyance into a possible catastrophe; 2. Growing from small beginnings into something very big in a relatively small time; 3. Changing suddenly from a small project into a huge available-resource-burner before you have time to realize what's going on. (n.) 4. Any item, action, project, concept, labour, activity, or undertaking which alters from a small endeavor into a jungle of overload overnight. [From the big green alter ego of Bruce Banner in Marveldom.]

e.g., "What's this? 'A Resolution Approving and Adopting ...' Wait. This is only one page." "Yeah, well, that's all it needed." "Wake up, Paul! The resolution has to have a pro forma, a summary, and---You know what? I'm gonna go get a pizza: we're gonna be here all night." "That sure hulked fast."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

hulk out - To behave in a manner befitting Marvel Comics character "The Incredible Hulk" -- berserk, enraged, maddened, etc. Far from original.

e.g., Seeing Bill O'Reilly hulk out with Geraldo Rivera can be interesting to watch. Who would have thought anyone could make Rivera look good? OK, not quite good.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hulk pants - A garment with infinite stretching capacity so that it will cover the wearer no matter how dramatically his size or shape increases -- for example, during any transformation that is largely out of the individual's control. When one's original size and shape are regained, one is at least partially covered. The female equivalent also includes a large, strategic scrap from the shirt to cover the breasts. From The Incredible Hulk comic books (Marvel Comics) in which the garment in question also invariably turns purple. Perpetuated in a number of superhero stories.

e.g., As Bruce Banner changed back in the middle of Main Street, he thought dimly that it was a good thing he had his hulk pants on that day.

submitted by Shaduan - (www)

hull breach - A serious structural failure.

e.g., His laptop suffered a hull breach when he dropped it on the concrete floor. | It smells as if something in the fridge has suffered a hull breach.

submitted by Jeff Bramel

hum-dinger - Adjective discribing something beautiful like a car or object.

e.g., That car is a hum-dinger

submitted by John

humaboon - One who takes on the physical attributes or behaviorial characteristics of a large hairy primate. {ED. This may possibly have been submitted by wossaname.)

e.g., A. What's that? B. Oh, don't worry. That's Chris -- he's a bit of a human-baboon.

submitted by HD Fowler

humaleiate - To embarrass the "guy" out of a guy.

e.g., I couldn't dunk the ball like B-Rad, so I was humaleiated.

submitted by B-Rad

humamajoob - the container in which fries are served.

e.g., I ordered a humamajoob of fries.

submitted by alex

human paraquat - Buzz killer. (ED. Paraquat is a chemical used to destroy marijuana crops. Being a non-stoner, I didn't dig The Great Big Lebowski that much.)

The Big Lebowski The Dude: You thought that Bunny had been kidnapped and you were fuckin' glad, man. You could use it as an excuse to make some money disappear. You'd just met me. . . . You human paraquat! You figured "Oh, here's a loser. A deadbeat, someone the square community won't give a shit about."
The Big Lebowski: Well, aren't you?
The Dude: Well . . . yeah.
Lebowski Fest Forum | eastern_thing: Since paraquat destroys weed (the good kind) and since The Dude enjoys his weed very much, "human paraquat" is probably the worst thing he can think to call someone.

e.g., Oh, you're the fun exterminator -- a human paraquat.

submitted by Michele - (www)

humancy - The political form of democracy that embraces all humanity.

e.g., Instead of most of the people being happy some of the time, humancy enabled all of the people to be happy all of the time.

submitted by Will - (www)

humanitarian - (n) Cannibal, (adj) describing things related to cannibalism. Since vegetarians eat vegetables, it seems logical that humanitarians would eat humans, doesn't.

e.g., All things relating to Jeffrey Dahmer could be described as humanitarian.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

humanware - The company that makes many machines for the blind and visually impaired. They made a computer called the BrailleNote. (I am using one right now to look at the Pseudodictionary.) They also make Pocket Viewers and SmartViews, devices for people with some vision, that are able to magnify things.

e.g., I'm proud of Humanware. Whenever I hear that word, Humanware, I always feel the urge to chant out their phone number repetitively.

submitted by star651 - (www)

humassive - Cross between humungous and massive.

e.g., If you think this fish is big, you should have seen the one that got away. It was humassive.

submitted by erin

humathyrotosis - A skin condition brought on by humidity or rain.

e.g., I can't go out tonight because it's raining and it would aggravate my humathyrotosis.

submitted by Jan

humberize - To take something (an experience or object) with great potential and mess it up beyond belief. Developed by residence students of Humber College.

e.g., A free trip to the centre of the earth. Sweet, just don't let anyone humberize it.

submitted by murph - (www)

humbility - Not just humble but also filled with humility. For those of us who really feel self-righteous.

submitted by p rob

humble-ical cord - The attachment to parents that cannot be severed, because of too much humility. {ED. It occurred to me about an hour ago, before I saw this: "You want to be an orphan some day: you do not want to outlive your parents."}

e.g., My son won't leave home because he believes he's undeserving of success. He just cannot and will not cut the humble-ical cord.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

humble-leavable - Describing a person who's so intolerably "humble," that nobody can stay with her.

e.g., Why can't Uriah Heap keep a girlfriend? Because he's unbelievably humble-leave-able.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

humboic - After actor Humphrey Bogart, meaning cool beyond compare, taking crap from no one.

e.g., She was really humboic when that guy bothered her.

submitted by Anders Bergman - (www)

humbuggery - (noun). It's a real word and it means exactly the same thing as humbug. Humbugger.  
From The Free Online Dictionary » humbug:  
1. Something intended to deceive; a hoax or fraud. 
2. A person who claims to be other than what he or she is; an impostor. 
3. Nonsense; rubbish. 
4. Pretense; deception.  
As a transitive verb: To deceive or trick. As an intransitive verb: To practice deception or trickery.

e.g., The recent change to the AP Stylebook entry for illegal immigration is Orwellian humbuggery, worthy of the best glossocrats.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

humbus mcjumbus - Awesome, cool, phat.

e.g., Going to the club tonight would be humbus mcjumbus.

submitted by Ling

humilibarrassed - Result of your father's using made-up words, loudly, in public.

e.g., Dad said, "Fwap" and I was humilibarrassed yet again.

submitted by PimpTightJessica

humilibration - "The fear of throwing a party and having no one show up."

e.g., "As a former event planner, I can identify. Humilibration pretty much sums it up for me."

submitted by [Judy Wagner]

huminah? - Used when 1. You have no idea what someone means, 2. Did not hear, or 3. If what was said is odd or simply out there.

e.g., 1. "I wanna go nark a furby." "Huminah?" 2. "I wanna have my eyebrows ripped out by S and M gnomes." "Huminah?"

submitted by kristina

humint - Pronounced hume-int: Human intelligence. Espionage conducted by an individual on the ground, observing actions.

e.g., Most humint officers are farmed from the military. The CIA officer killed in Afganistan was a Marine, for instance.

submitted by Stephen Mize

hummdrum - An electronic drum wherewith you hummmm and beat it with your tongue at the same time.

e.g., Hey guys, if I get real good on my hummdrum can I join the Rubber Band?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hummin' - When something's really cool.

e.g., That's hummin'!

submitted by Ashley

humog - A dog with an abnormal capacity for relating to humans and is treated just like another human.

e.g., It's about time we give the humogs the right to vote, as certainly they care deeply about the quality of water they drink. | My humog is upset because my partner is binge drinking.

submitted by Bill Glenn

humon - (n) hu·mon [hyo͞oˈmon] A human who is learning to live as one with humanity and earth. [Roots: hum (earth, man), mon (one)]

e.g., Evolving into humons is the next step in human evolution.

submitted by Danny Fry - (www)

humongerous - Something that is bigger and more important than humongus.

e.g., Her record sales were humongerous.

submitted by Zak

humongoloid - Incredibly, unbelievably large.

e.g., You said your dog was big, but it's humongoloid.

submitted by Aurora

humongoose - A big goose. A silly person might be referred to as a "humangoose."

e.g., I was run away from the subdivision lake by a humongoose.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

humongous - Humungous, humongus, humungus. Huge, enormous. Not a new word, of course, but one of relatively recent vintage according to Michael Quinion.

© Michael Quinion -- Humongous humongous first darted on to the linguistic stage only about 1968, apparently as a bit of college slang, but hit the big time almost immediately and has been with us ever since. That’s despite grumpy comments like those of William Hartston in the British newspaper The Independent, who said it was “surely one of the ugliest words ever to slither its way into our dictionaries” and “a silly and affected synonym for huge or enormous,” adding that “it serves no purpose not covered by those words and is thus redundant.”
Hmmph. "Serves no purpose"? "Redundant"? Phrases and words that fall harsh on the ears of the pseudodictionariers. Lighten up, Bill.

e.g., That would be a humongous mistake, Herb. | "Thank goodness not part of everyday conversation, we’d all need to be carrying humungous dictionaries."  

Caspian Sea Monster Amazingly, the problem with the KM Ekranoplan was that it was too small. It may have been a monster, but the Ekranplan actually wasn't big enough for the ground effect to really work. For that you need a machine that isn't just monstrous, you need one that is downright humongous.

At least, that is the reasoning of the Boeing Company, which has been developing what it calls the Pelican. This is a turboprop-driven military transport with a 500 ft wingspan and is designed to carry 1300 tons of cargo over a distance of up to 10,000 nautical miles.

At an altitude of 20 ft.

Windsurfers are advised to be prepared to duck.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

humongulous - Bigger than humongous.

e.g., That mansion is humongulous.

submitted by karen

hump - Nothing to do with insults or sex acts. It's a feature in railroad yards, that's used in assembling and disassembling trains of freightcars. It's a section of track that has an elevated hump in the middle. A car is backed over the crest by a switch engine, then uncoupled so it can roll down and onto another track.

e.g., Next to the hump in the railyard, there was a cafe of the same name. We thought it was clever to get our pictures taken next to the sign that said, "The Hump."

submitted by Steve McDonald

humpalicious - A sexilicious woman would typically be humpalicious as well -- which is to say she'd at least appear to be fuckable.

e.g., When I saw her, I was hoping she'd turn out to be humpalicious. Turned out she was. But not until after we got married. That's how old-fashioned she was. Hardly surprising, though, considering that she was a well-brought-up two-spaces-after-a-period girl.

submitted by beelzebub

humpback whale - A dog that is overly attracted to your leg.

e.g., Get that humpback whale off me before I have to shoot it.

submitted by Emma Strickland

humphable - A descriptive word used when doing a disliked task.

e.g., Homework is humphable.

submitted by Nicole

humphrey - (n.) A person who routinely golfs bogies (i.e., one stroke over par for each hole). [After actor Humphrey Bogart, affectionately known as "Bogie."]

e.g., For some reason, when I golf, I somehow manage to get at least one bogie every three holes. It's a Humphrey curse.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

humpty-dumpty - Refers to someone who is rotund, resembling in girth and roundness Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty.

e.g., Burl Ives was a humpty-dumpty kind of guy.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

humpty-dumpty-ism - This word describes extreme impatience with if not abhorrence towards regular dictionaries; or the wish to make words mean "exactly what you wish them to mean, no more and no less." (Many of the afflicted gravitate to venues like the Pseudodictionary.) (ED. There's a previous entry at humptydumptyism, written by this editor (yeh, "this editor" -- editor talk, an amonst smug third-person reference to myself), with the better-known definition of humptydumptyism. Hardly as much fun as this new submittal, though.)

e.g., I have never seen so many Humpty-Dumpty-ism afflicted people as found by clicking through the Pseudodictionary!Many of these persons almost qualify to run for Congress!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

humptydumptyism - From Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass, Chapter 6: "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less." The coinage "humptydumptyism" has been attributed to Frank Beach. Doublespeak (Orwell, 1984), changing the definitions of words to suit one's usually nefarious purposes.

e.g., When longtalking President Clinton William Jefferson Clinton scornfully wagged his finger at the world (and at me personally --for I watched his performance live -- and actually fell for it, to my everlasting chagrin) and said, "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky," he supplied such an outstanding example of humptydumptism that it might never have been surpassed. Redefining such a well-know three-letter word as "sex" required immense audacity.

However, the longtalker did surpass himself during his grand jury testimony when he said in a relaxed tone, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is." Redefining that two-letter word for "to be" was dazzling. Even though his insensitivity to appropriate behavior in the Oval Office peeved me, his daring chutzpah caused me to smile, even laugh, and say to my wife, "He's just too slick. We should just let him finish his term and forget about it. He'll never be cornered."

President Clinton and Ms. Humpmeanddumpmestein both acknowledge their illicit activities in the Oval Office. That she fellated him in the Oval Office -- once even as he was talking on the telephone about putting American troops in harm's way -- including my son, who was stationed in Europe at that time. Ms. Humpmeanddumpmestein is even reputed in some circles (in the Starr Report?) to have performed analingus on him in the Oval Office. No one disputes that President Clinton was putting romantic notions in Monica's head, putting a small curved cylindrical object in her mouth, and playing with cigars in her . . . presence. They were never "alone" and they never had "sex" and Monica was a "stalker"? Hmmm. Humptydumptyism definitely reached a peak during President Clinton's years in office.

Though his actions in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky were beneath contempt, they did not rise to a level sufficient for either impeachment or conviction. Had they just "got a room" there would have been only a minor squabble about the affair. Had he not engaged in humptydumptyism in testimony before a grand jury, his impeachment would never have taken place. That was the issue, not his horny, juvenile behavior with an intern. The Left just couldn't understand because, of course, they are always right.

   : Catchy titles in articles or coined terms made people much more aware of Beach's work. "The Snark Was a Boojum" (Beach, 1950), "The Descent of Instinct" (Beach, 1955), "Angry Mosquitoes" (Beach, 1945), and "Locks and Beagles" (Beach, 1969) were all humorous titles that stood out among many of the usual dull titles that state explicitly what was to be discussed. Beach used an element of suspense as to what the articles were to be about, and he was well known for using these tactics. Many words were coined by Beach, for example, ramstergig (a hypothetical blend between rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs), thunch (theory-hunch), neurophilia, and Humptydumptyism.

   : The current controversy over the flying of the Confederate flag on the South Carolina state capitol building is an excellent example. Those who support the flag define its meaning as exclusively a remembrance of South Carolinians who died in the . . . War Between the States. . . . Most of those who decry the flag define its meaning as exclusively a symbol of South Carolina's segregationist past. . . . Of course, both parties are correct in assigning their meaning to the flag, but incorrect in excluding the opposition's meaning. This might be called "humptydumptyism". . . .

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

humpy - /həmp pē/ (adj.) to exude a certain confident sexuality; one who oozes a sexiness that make your knees shake.

e.g., I want to go out with that humpy stud we saw at the gym today.

submitted by WayneSF - (www)

humtrattle - Nonsense, balderdash, poppycock -- or can be used as a random expletive.

e.g., That's a bunch of humtrattle. You're full of humtrattle. Or simply, "Humtrattle."

submitted by Laura C! - (www)

humunga - Another two-year-old's word for hamburger.

e.g., I wanna humunga.

submitted by John Booth, Jr.

humungo-wang - Extremely cool or incredible, or worthy of great attention.

e.g., That is one humungo-wang Acura RSX across the street.

submitted by Bruce Ludwick

humy - Abbreviation for "human." A human being as an interlocutor and partner of creatures with artificial intelligence. The term also resonates with "humiliated," the role humans might assume in a technosociety dominated by the humanoid machines.

e.g., For somebody as smart as this humy, you have to wonder why it cannot escape death.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

hunc tu caveto, girl - A modern Rap "spin" on womanly advice using a classical Latin phrase of warning ("beware of him") -- figuratively, don't let that good looking dude ever get you alone in a dark place.

e.g., Yo Sista,betta take dis advice
Dat home dawg, he lookin' pretty nice
An your night life could really use some spice
But ya know what cats do to mice
"hunc tu caveto, girl"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hune - 1. The possessive form of a third person, singular, gender-neutral pronoun. Used to indicate possession, agency, or reception of an action by a gender-neutral being or person spoken of. Use for "his or her." 2. The third person singular pronoun in the nominative case, gender-neutral. Other forms: huneself (reflexive).

e.g., 1. Everyone must bring hune hat. 2. The person presented hune proposal. 3. Each person taught huneself to read.

submitted by john

huney - A person who is both huge and puny.

e.g., Chris, you sure are looking huney today.

submitted by David Appelt

hungarian ghoulish - Hungarian Ghoulish describes your worst nightmare in a mea l-- made particularly excruciating because you can't place the morsels placed before you into any known category of alimentation known to man. All the senses are offended at once -- the olfactory screaming at you to leave the premises; its vile taste (if you actually dared taste it); the coloration which consists of your least favorite colors in garish competition with each other; the consistency, a kind of unholy gruel; and most of all the evocation of the image of vulture carrion freshly slain.

e.g., "My dear woman! You are going to hate me for what I am about to say; certainly you will never invite me back - -and I'm okay with that actually, because I suspect you are trying to kill me with this indescribable dish you have ... kindly? ... served up ... this ... this Hungarian Ghoulish here! Now please excuse me madam for I must make haste to find some wholesome air!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

hungary - A question about dining.

e.g., Is she hungary? I dunno; alaska.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

hungus - A short version of the word "humungous" -- oversized.

e.g., Barbra's a dedicated environmentalist. I have no idea why she lives on such a hungus estate.

submitted by Chels

hungy - One hundred dollars, or one hundred runs in cricket--that is, a century.

e.g., A. Win at the races? R. Nah, blew a hungy.

submitted by grilla

hunh - Yinglish, Yiddish-English, for "Excuse me, I don't understand that, could you repeat that please?"

e.g., Mr. Puppick, not understanding the explanation to the question he had asked, rolled his eyes and exclaimed to his interlocutor, "Hunh?!"

submitted by David Simonoff

hunkadoodledo - A ladies' man.

e.g., Mike's a major hunkadoodledoo.

submitted by Megan

hunkayapi - (pronounced "hoong-ka-YA-pi"; n.) "Relatives" one chooses (that is, friends so close to you that you "grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel," and consider them family: that is, they are siblings by choice rather than blood, but siblings nonetheless.

e.g., "And do you have any sisters, Ma'am?" "Yes, I have: two by birth and four hunkayapi."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hunkleberryade - Peace.

e.g., If I was saying "no war" in a protest I could say "hunkleberryade."

submitted by Eric St. James

hunky dory - Great.

e.g., Now that you're here, everything is hunky dory.

submitted by Jackie - (www)

hunky dory day - The day exactly one month after your actual birthday. This is usually celebrated when one's actual birthday has been inadvertently missed, and therefore calls for much more rigourous partying.

e.g., It's hunky dory day ... for someone. We better go get a couple of kegs.

submitted by amber

hunky monkey - A very attractive member of the opposite sex who has the IQ of a box of rocks. Sometimes an endearing quality.

e.g., Jessica's a hunky monkey -- good looking, but not a good partner for Scrabble.

submitted by chloe

hunormous - Enormously huge, especially as in dogs.

e.g., Rottweilers are hunormous.

submitted by j guest

huppie - A hippie who has embraced the ideals of consumerism and materialism, yet still possesses the desire to sit cross-legged while chanting harmoniously in Sanskrit.

e.g., "After my yoga class, I called my astrologer. She told me that this was the perfect time to put down the money on that new BMW. Hey, can you pass the Perrier?" "Mike... I have to say that you are becoming quite the huppie."

submitted by Mike W.

huppty - Annoyed.

e.g., Don't act huppty with me. Your dinner got burned because you didn't get off when I told you it was ready.

submitted by sacha barton

huppy birdday - An expression of friendship when you don't feel real good but you want your friend to feel good anyway.

e.g., My life sucks and I'm sick today. But Huppy Birdday.

submitted by B-Rad

hurc - A combination of a hiccup and a burp at the same time.

e.g., I drand my soda too fast, and it caused me to hurc.

submitted by carrie

hurdman - Something that's there when you want something else.

e.g., ARRGH! This is the third time I've called Constantine's house and his annoying brother Phil picked up. Jerk's a hurdman.

submitted by Joe - (www)

hurg - Sound a Dutch male makes when he is embarrassed or distressed, usually by reference to his sex life.

e.g., Pixel: "We were in a tent." Sarah: "Kinky." Pixel: "Hurg."

submitted by SnornL - (www)

hurgus - An incident involving a person sneaking up behind another person and putting a butterfly net on her head and pulling in a quick, downward motion. Used in abductions worldwide.

e.g., Timmy: Hello,I can't come to work today. Boss: Why not? Timmy: I was hurgussed yesterday by a criminal walking home from McDonald's. Boss: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon.

submitted by The Jimmy Miller - (www)

hurrayable - (her-RAY-uh-bull; adj.) 1. Exciting or worthy of exciting spontaneous cheers or cries of praise, approbation, or delight; 2. (less spontaneously) praiseworthy; 3. calling for a formal show of approbation (e.g., three cheers). (Also "hurrahable," "huzzahable," vel cet.)

e.g., e.g., That last catch was amazing, unexpected, ... positively hurrayable. | The work of the Red Cross volunteers during this disaster has been hurrayable. | Welcome, your hurrayable highness.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

hurrayable - (her-RAY-uh-bull; adj.) 1. Exciting or worthy of exciting spontaneous cheers or cries of praise, approbation, or delight; 2. (less spontaneously) praiseworthy; 3. calling for a formal show of approbation (e.g., three cheers).  
(Also "hurrahable," "huzzahable," vel cet.) {Duplicate.}

e.g., That last catch was amazing, unexpected, ... positively hurrayable. | The work of the Red Cross volunteers during this disaster has been hurrayable. | Welcome, your hurrayable highness.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

hurrible - An adjective to describe a person who is (or a situation that is) hurried and stressful.

e.g., I enjoy spending time with Mike, but he's always in a rush for everything. Sometimes he can be just hurrible.

submitted by Mike W.

hurricanal - Conditions favorable for, conducive to, resulting in, or resembling a hurricane.

e.g., The wind blew so hard it was hurricanal.

submitted by Pegasus

hurrigain - (v) To profit from a natural disaster. (n) Money made from exploiting a disaster. “And we’ll call no-bid contractors villainaires.”

e.g., Lobbyists were trolling for hurrigains almost before New Orleans flooded.

submitted by Jay Heinrichs - (www)

hurties - Painful, synonym.

e.g., I accidentally fell out of my car while going through an intersection and it was extremely hurties. Ouch!

submitted by chris

hurtin' - Lame or pathetic.

e.g., This club is hurtin'.

submitted by Sin - (www)

hurty-nice - Think really intense massages, or when you had a loose tooth as a kid and you just kept pulling at it--even though it hurts it somehow feels so good.

e.g., Please don't stop, Sven. This is so hurty-nice.

submitted by Mish

husbafobia - A wife's fear that her husband is going to say something embarrassing around her when at a party or in a crowded public place.

e.g., Your wife's husbaphobia gives the rest of us guys a real lift.

submitted by Garry

husbahomostupify - To convince your husband that your new male lover is homosexual.

e.g., Instead of being found guilty of adultery, the intelligent woman decided to husbahomostupify her spouse, and tell him that her new

submitted by karen sullivan & maria doucette

husblink - A husband who is here now, but don't blink or he will be gone.

e.g., "Honey does this dress make me look fat?" Husblink...? Where'd you go?

submitted by Launie Allomong

huschla - It means "anything" when you can't think of the word to use.

e.g., I need to go to the store and get a huschla.

submitted by Cheryl

husk - A husk is one who does nothing but draw and play videogames all day long. Physical activity is unknown to husks, so husks get blown away when they walk head-on into a slight breeze.

e.g., Mom: Alec, you need to go outside and play. Alec: But I'm playing "Kingdom Hearts." Mom: Right now, young man. You're going to turn into a husk if you don't get some physical exercise.

submitted by Ry

huskular - (HUSK-you-ler; adj.) Of or pertaining to someone who can be described as both "husky" and "muscular." Someone who is both heavily muscled as well as simply large.

e.g., "Boy, those Chester boys are both real huskular." "Well, what did you expect? They're both athletes: Barry's a linebacker and Buck's a wrestler. Huskularity's pretty much a prerequisite."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hussie mae - A Girlfriend Greeting.

e.g., Hey HussieMae! What's up? Wanna hang out ?

submitted by Fashion Police

hussy - Female human of questionable character. Not necessarily immoral, but bratty and inappropriately provocative

e.g., Anna Nicole Smith is the hussy that married for money.

submitted by Steve

huszonager - (n) Huszonager, a person between twenty and twenty-nine years old. Huszon is a Hungarian word for twenty. Has the same syllabification as the word Teletubbies: hor-zin-ager . (adj) huszonage, has the same syllabification as the word family: hor-zin-age .

e.g., Eric, a twenty-year-old player for the Boston Celtics, performed the best in our last NBA game. I think he is the most promising huszonager of his time.

submitted by Ndifreke Ebunkamado - (www)

hutt - A lazy person; slacker

e.g., I can't believe they still haven't finished that! What a bunch of hutts!

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

hutton white - Whiter than white. To describe someone whose integrity is beyond question. From Lord Hutton's black and white findings of the UK government's and the BBC's conduct leading up to war in Iraq.

e.g., A Hutton white Tony Blair entered the chamber, his integrity seemingly restored.

submitted by Angus Carruthers

hwarf - Vomit.

e.g., The cat hwarfed all over our new carpet.

submitted by Ryan - (www)

hwarf - Any slimy, gooey substance, usually organic in origin, that clings upsettingly to the skin despite vigorous shaking.

e.g., Oh, man. That tennis ball is covered in dog hwarf.

submitted by Thunderchunk - (www)

hwere - Where. The pronunciation guide in Webster's Basic Dictionary shows "hw" pronounced as in "where" -- which suggests the obvious: the word might as well be spelled "hwere."

e.g., Hwere the hell did she come from and hwat the hell is she doing here?

submitted by HD Fowler

hyaah - To signify something is white trash.

e.g., That girl's jeans have fringes on the legs. Hyaah!

submitted by Dave Myers

hydrantphobia - A rare variety of phobia, generally limited to certain canines, of uncertain origin, but notable by its departure from usual stereotypical behavior.

e.g., I know of a dog, a friend to my hog (potbelly), avoids every hydrant on the block, rampant hydrantphobia. Trees and cars and telephone poles are his thing; he wings the block eclectic.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hydrepellic - Synonymous with hydrophobic. Repelling or tending not to combine with water.

e.g., "My cell membranes are hydrepellic, so they should be safe from the Scope." -Jocelyn

submitted by Ross Pitman

hydricloricepoliphonicalisonimicism - An absurdly long word, usually used to satirise one who uses big words continually.

e.g., Would it kill you to speak English, master of hydricloricepoliphonicalisonimicism?

submitted by Miles Powell

hydroflout - (hi'dro falout) Getting hit in the face by the ice that was stuck to the inside bottom of a drinking glass when you tilt the galss bottom up while drinking.

e.g., If you don't shake your glass, you're gonna get hydroflouted.

submitted by Richard Wilkinson

hydromicrot - The tiny pieces of paper towel that you tear off the roll with wet hands in an attempt to pull out a complete paper towel; a microt caused by having damp hands. (See microt.)

e.g., The floor around the trash can in the Starbucks restroom was littered with still-damp hydromicrots.

submitted by Andy Hollandbeck - (www)

hydroperplexation - The state of confusion which arises while making frozen orange juice and losing track of how many cans of water you have poured in.

e.g., While cooking breakfast, Julia reached hydroperpexlation by attempting to make a pitcher of orange juice and an omelet concurrently.

submitted by Ellie Byrd - (www)

hydroplegic - A person unable to communicate coherently due to a chronic and daily use of hydroponically-grown marijuana.

e.g., I ran into Steve yesterday and tried to have a conversation, but he's turned into a hydroplegic.

submitted by D. Grant Black, Fernie, B.C. Canada

hydropowder - Freeze-dried water -- reconstitute in a vacuum -- as in space, on the moon, etc.

e.g., Hydropowder tastes best when reconstituted by Mom.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hygenate - To engage in activities relating to personal hygene, such as taking a shower.

e.g., Listen Dan, I'm not ready to go out yet, I need to finish hygenating.

submitted by maggie

hygenic trifecta - When you shower, shave, and brush your teeth all in the same day.

e.g., Bert. Since you have a date tonight, are you going to clean up at all? Ernie. Completely. I think I feel a hygenic trifecta coming on. Bert. No way. Jeez, she must be really important to you.

submitted by smoove-a

hyggelig - That comfortable feeling you get when you are sitting around with a glass of wine talking with your friends.

e.g., I don't ever want to go home, this is too hyggelig.

submitted by Jade

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