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hipo-cocro-doga-pig - A rare creature mainly found when the lights go up at the end of a disco and one realizes he has been smooching with a hipo-cocro-doga-pig.

e.g., I didn't dance with that hipo-cocro-doga-pig last night, did I?

submitted by bigdaddymerk

hipocracy - Government by cool dudes and dudettes. See hippocracy.


e.g., The ultimate hipocracy? That'd be Adam Sandler as President. We'd have never-ending fart references wafting from the Oval Office. Cool, huh?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

hipocracy - Government by hipsters, the hip.

e.g., "The hipocracy and projection are stunning."

submitted by HD - (www)

hipocratic - When you vote for a person you really don't want to win just so the other person loses. Say your WORST enemy was one of the people to vote for and you even thought he would be much better than the other person--you still vote for the other person.

e.g., Of course I voted for Al, even though I don't care at all for him or his positions. He was running against Chris, for God's sake! Perhaps a bit hipocratic, but what else could I do? Chris is vermin.

submitted by Alyssa Waterman

hippietrip - To trip on one's bellbottoms as a result of them being too long in length.

e.g., Careful, or you'll hippietrip.

submitted by Ellen

hippo-potenuse - This word might refer to the transverse axis of a large mammal -- such as from the snout to the bum of a hippo. By slight extension, it might be describe the diameter of a thick hippo steak; which by a further stretch would apply to the size of any platter-filling obscenely thick artery-clogging steak.

e.g., Norman! You're not actually going to eat that slab of meat, are you! Check out the hippo-potenuse on that baby! Oink, oink!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

hippocracy - Government of the hippos, by the hippos, for the hippos. See hipocracy. | A government, formed by and for the medical profession.

e.g., Catch the wave that will turn this country into a hippocracy. Join the Hippotarian Party today. Info. | To serve constituents as a member of the hippocracy, you must first take the Hippocratic Oath.

submitted by Miss Speller | Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

hippocrepian - (hip-po-KREP-ee-an; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to horseshoes; 2. shaped like a horseshoe. [A real word, evidently, from Greek ἱππος hippos "horse" + κρηπις krepis "boot/shoe."] Alternatively "hippocrepidate" [-κρηπιδας krepidas "shoe/sandal."]

e.g., Have you ever noticed that blacksmiths in American Westerns spend most of their time on things hippocrepian? || The river at the bottom of the canyon goes through some wild hippocrepian twists and turns.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

hippocritical - Loathing of river mammals.

e.g., Mr. Quayle, on arriving home after his first safari, proclaimed himself pro-guerilla but hippocritical.

submitted by Lochlainn

hippoplatypus - This is the Giant Platypus of Oz, who lives out back amongst the roos and the dingos and the koalas, mate.

e.g., When you come to see us Down Under on holiday some time, be sure you get to see the marvelous hippoplatypus in its natural digs, you'll come away satisfied that you've just seen one of the most extraordinary wonders of Oz

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hippopompous - (adj, n) Someone the size of a hippo, yet is pretentious and pompous.

e.g., His weight didn't stop him from being a snob. He was hippopompous.

submitted by John

hippopotamic - A real enough word, meaning large, like a hippopotamus -- a "riverhorse," "the horse of the river." Ran across this looking for Inigo Motoya's second most famous quotation: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." I was looking for it because someone misused the word "poignant" for "pertinent" commenting on the linked article.

e.g., "Fezzik: You never said anything about killing anyone. Vizzini: I've hired you to help me start a war. It's a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious tradition. Fezzik: I just don't think it's right, killing an innocent girl. Vizzini: Am I going MAD, or did the word "think" escape your lips? You were not hired for your brains, you hippopotamic land mass. Inigo Montoya: I agree with Fezzik. Vizzini: Oh, the sot has spoken. What happens to her is not truly your concern. I will kill her. And remember this, never forget this: when I found you, you were so slobbering drunk, you couldn't buy Brandy! [turning to Fezzik] Vizzini: And YOU: friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless! Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed, in Greenland?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hippopotamonstressesquipedaliaphobia - Fear of long words. Can be shortened to sesquipedaliaphobia. | Also spelled hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, with doubled p's and an o before phobia. | Irrational fear of long words. {ED. Variant spelling of hippopotamonstressesquipedaliaphobia.} "Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia instead? It's the fear of 666!"

e.g., You can't say antidisestablishmentarianism? You must have hippopotamonstressesquipedaliaphobia. | But I can't say Sylvester, George. I have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. | If you have read this, the good news is you do not have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

submitted by Robert Persinger | steve zihlavsky | Ayl - (www)

hippopotamus - (n.) 1. The Song "Beer for my Horses" (2003) by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson. ["How on earth," I hear you saying, "did_hippopotamus_become synonymous with a country-and-western song?" Well, someone took the word apart the wrong way while doing etymology one day: In reality, the word_hippopotamus_derives from the Greek hippos 'horse' + potamos 'river'; my informant, however, divided it into Greek hippos 'horse' + Lating potamus 'we drink.' His interpretation was both entirely unexpected as well as charmingly wrong, and we all had a good laugh at using _hippopotamus_ to mean "To you, Horse! We drink!" (Hippos's dative form was hippoi, and was about the closest we could get.) Then, somebody pointed out the country song about ordering beer for the horses, and, well, it's the hippopotamus song ... which gets us some very funny looks.] I suppose you could also use it to mean something like "Here's to the tanks! or the Jeeps! or the planes! or the copters!" or whatever your transportation might be.

e.g., "Sergeant, the horses are spent." "Aye, Sir, they're good and loyal beasties, but your'e right, Sir, and we canna' ketch the foe ridin' dead beasts." "Hippopotamus, Sergeant! We passed an inn a mile or so back that looks to have a fine stable. Let us rest our hard-running mounts and toast them in the tavern!" "Aye, Sir. I'll tell the men." "Carry on, Sergeant." "OKAY, YE GUTTER SCUM! TURN ABOOT! DISMOUNT AND WALK YOUR HARSES BACK TAE THE INN UP THE ROOD! THE LEFTENANT AND I'VE AGREED THAT THE MOUNTS ARE WORTH A DAMSIGHT MARE THAN YEUR WORTHLESS CARCASSES. DIIIIISS-MOUNT!" "Very good, Sergeant: you are the kindest of men." "Yore very kind, Sir, but tis naught by me job. Good horseflesh is hard to come by." | "Hey! turn it up!: it's Willie Nelson doing 'Beer for my Horses.'"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

hippopotamusish - Unassuming and disguised ferociousness, marked by unrelenting passive-agressive behavior.

e.g., The manager had a hippopotamushish personality, prompting everyone to second-guess her evey move.

submitted by Kevin Thompson - (www)

hippopotapig - a hippopotamus crossed with a pig!

e.g., he was wallowing in the mud like a hippopotapig

submitted by f baldry

hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianist - One who makes a practice of using long words. This word deserves to be seen. This word is listed in the QPB Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins by Robert Hendrickson. A wonderful book.

e.g., He really enjoys making full use of the English lanquage. He's quite the hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianist.

submitted by Sharon Reid - (www)

hippopotomonstrosesquipedalimaniac - A person who has an obsession with using and making up extremely long words.

e.g., It's times like these that I feel like a hippopotomonstrosesquipedalimanic.

submitted by Arch Angel Azrael

hipportimaussiaum - When a hippo, dressed as a turtle creeps around everyone's gardens at night making sure all of the garden hoses are turned off.

e.g., I woke up during the night to find a hipportimaussiaum in my garden.

submitted by the silly moo

hippothalamus - The hippothalamus is a little known part of the brain that allows you to believe that if you are clever about cheating on your diet that you can get away with it without gaining any weight.

e.g., It has been discovered that the hippothalamus may be the root cause of obesity. While the hypothalamus is responsible for the control of hunger and thirst, it is the hippothalamus that is in control of ordering all you can eat menu items along with three different dessert items.

submitted by Borsia Novak

hippshu mushi - The state of being considered "cool" or "hip."

e.g., That jacket is the hippshu mushi.

submitted by rakel - (www)

hippycrite - Child of the 60s who still believes in being at one with nature, donates to Greenpeace, and worries about global warming, but has just got to have the new X8 BMW SUV to take the kids to soccer practice.

e.g., Though Diane felt a momentary twinge of guilt about Amazon logging and the disposession of indigenous tribespeople in Brazil, that new teak and mahogany parquet flooring in her dining room looked just divine.

submitted by wnpxnff

hipster doofi - The gaggle of affected, urban twenty-somethings, often dressed in the combination hip-hop/alterna-nerd fashions designed to authenticate their culture of jaded cool. (Plural of "hipster doofus.")

e.g., I wanted to go the coffee shop last night, but it was packed with hipster doofi.

submitted by manders - (www)

hipsterocracy - 1. A group or class that, due to its taste in cutting edge music and fashion, considers itself superior to others 2. A group or class that believes disparaging looks and comments about others is a form of enlightenment.

e.g., Chris, a member of the local hipsterocracy and Indie Rock raconteur, stood motionless in front of the folk duo, viewing them with a hostile and incredulous stare while they plaintively plucked away.

submitted by Jeff Roberson - (www)

hipsterteria - A restaurant where hipsters like to dine and party.

e.g., “Enjoy indoor or outdoor dining at Six2Six, one of Miami Beach's most exciting hipsterterias, where they serve an exceptional array of fresh seafood. . . .” (From the Guest Informant visitor guidebook.)

submitted by natalie

hipstory - The history of "hipsters" in world history, whether in art, music, film, politics, fashion, economics. . . .

e.g., You want to bring back beat poetry? Man, that's hipstory. (Beat poets were the "hipsters" in their day.)

submitted by Fazal Miles

hir - Non-sexist pronoun for "him" and "her."

e.g., One must practise more discretion on hir own spending.

submitted by mark d - (www)

hircocervus - A legendary creature -- half goat, half stag. Real word, but little known. From Latin: hircus = billy goat + cervus = stag.

e.g., "Perhaps he would have done the same if he had taken up creating scenes for the theater: do not playwrights derive improbable and clever events from passages of probable but insipid things, so that they may be satisfied with unexpected hircocervi of action?"

submitted by [Umberto Eco & William Weaver] - (www)

hirgub - A combination of two or more of the following: cough, sneeze, hiccough, poot.

e.g., Must be sick, that makes four hirgubs in the last hour.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

hirplin - Limping.

e.g., Jock has twisted his ankle and is hirplin.

submitted by Peter Horne

hirrcup - Cross between burp and hiccup; when you burp and hiccup.

e.g., I think you drank that soda too fast; you'll probably get the hirrcups.

submitted by Michel0

his meowjesty - A blend of "meow" and "majesty," a nickname I gave to my cat, Napoleon Bonaparte -- who thought he WAS the emperor. Sarcastic title given to a cat who thinks (or knows) he or she is king or queen of the universe.

e.g., My cat spends most of the day outside, but he runs in to use the kitty litter, as if his meowjesty's crap is too good for the peasant kitties.

submitted by Sue B.

his wiring ain't up to code - Journeyman electrician's expression: It does not meet legal safety or load requirements for the project. Used to mean someone is mentally ill or just plain stupid.

e.g., Did you see what he did? His wiring ain't up to code.

submitted by jim barclay

hisa - His. Politically incorrect -- but it's the way Italians in movies are sometimes portrayed as pronouncing the male third person possessive pronoun. Suggested by the ytpo in the example.

e.g., "Decided I didn't like the saved search argument for my Google bookmark. Took me only a moment to decide what to replace it with. You'll notice that the very first ghit gives Jim's residence address. Not hisa partment number, just the complex. His age is wrong, but a paid-for detailed report would probably get it right."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

hiserectummy - A physiological marvel of life, along with many other biological marvels. Quite essential to the perpetuation of the whole race.

e.g., He felt up to the task of creating a family, because of his dandy hiserectummy.

submitted by Ortho P Edick - (www)

hisouse - A guy's home.

e.g., When you get off work, come over to the hisouse.

submitted by roger - (www)

hispander - To pander for Hispanic votes by treating illegal aliens who haven't been convicted of a felony or multiple misdemeanors basically the same as foreigners who are in the country legally. Who will be surprised when these illegals end up with an advantage gaining legal permanent residence or citizenship? (ED. The construct has been around for maybe ten years, possibly having been coined by Mickey Kaus when he wrote for Slate Magazine. It was new to me when I happened to see it this morning.)

e.g., DrMengele wrote, "Obama and his thugs are Hispandering for votes."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hispanican - A Hispanic, Mexican, or Latino person of indeterminate origin

e.g., A family of Hispanicans just moved in next door.

submitted by zeeterman

hispanisize - To think lusty thoughts about a Latina. Fantasize.

e.g., I like to hispanisize about Salma Hayek.

submitted by Terry

hiss story - A derogatory description, of a past event, that is based on deliberate maliciousness or on misguided ignorance.

e.g., Hiss story will note that Matt Hasselbeck's lack of football experience was the sole reason the Seattle Seahawks lost the 2006 playoffs. Audited records verify and certify that Matt was a pro bowler in 2004. No one in his right mind could expect that the skill of knocking down pins has any application to the sport of football. Someone in the team organization should have checked this out before Matt was signed on. Seattle would have won.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hissaroid - One who is a pain in the rear to someone else.

e.g., He's all right with me, but he's Joe's hissaroid.

submitted by joeyboots

histobiblical - An idea, concept, or fact that is either found in the Bible or is historical, but no one knows which.

e.g., The existence of Garden of Eden is histobiblical.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

histolicism - The documented history of the potato as used in alcoholic drinks.

e.g., She studied histolicism in high school in order to pump up her GPA. She was graduated with a 2.3.

submitted by Jenne - (www)

histor-ectomy - The word histor-ectomy, not surprisingly, refers to the act of ectomizing inconvenient history, in order to bring history in line with its perceived purpose of supporting the government which is currently in power.

e.g., "Well, Myron, don't call me cynical but a realist for disbelieving 99 percent of what I hear about history from the powers that be. They forgot all the history they ever knew, if any, which is convenient so they can perpetrate their histor-ectomy to make it appear (to the foolish, who are so plentiful) that they have all the answers to set things right by applying the "lessons" of the history they have distorted to serve their purposes.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

historicity - Historical authenticy, a real word.

e.g., The Civil War has historicity. The Joining Of The 3 Magic Eggnog Mugs does not.

submitted by JJ

history - Excuse used to justify clinging to outworn relationships on the basis of the time you've known someone, whether that time has actually been mostly spent in the company of that person or not, and whether the time spent was good or not. For example, going back to an ex who cheated on you and lied to you over and over is justified by her saying you have too much "history" with her to break up, when clearly having even a friendship with her is extremely inadvisable.

e.g., "We have three years of history together. I don't want you out of my life." "Tough, Chris. You shouldn't have screwed . . . how many guys was it? Thirteen? Twenty-three? . . ."

submitted by George Edward Purdy

histrespectum - Respect for history, knowledge of the past and application to the present and future.

e.g., They say that you definitely should entertain histrespectum and its permutations, what went around can come around again.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hit - To eat something.

e.g., Can I hit that sandwich?

submitted by John Zegar

hit ground - When singing (especially when singing in an octave already lower than one should), to try to hit a note beneath one's voice range and to produce a grinding, dissonant break in the melody before resuming the song once one can hit the notes again.

e.g., Danny hits ground a lot when he sings at the meetings.

submitted by Kristie

hit masked - Having an internet search return 6,000,000 useless but valid results for your keywords thus making it impossible to find what you want despite advanced search strings.

e.g., My search for indiglo thermostat display was hit masked by five-hundred-thousand results for indiglo watch and nightlight manufacturers.

submitted by Josh Fuller - (www)

hit me on the hip - To dial a persons pager number, usually found clipped to a belt or pocket.

e.g., I'm about to run out for a while. If you need me, you will have to hit me on the hip rather than call me at home.

submitted by Michael Todd

hit me up - The expression of your desire for someone else to call you later.

e.g., Hit me up when you get home and I'll come over.

submitted by Natalie Scudero

hitching - The inevitable complement to baggy, saggy pants. The guys wearing them have to hitch their pants up every few steps to keep them from falling all the way down. This "fashion" has been around almost 25 years now, so I'm reluctant to call it a fad. Fads don't usually last that long, do they?

e.g., Despite walking with his legs splayed at the knees, he still found hitching to be necessary every other step.

submitted by HD Fowler

hith - the sound made by a snake with a lisp

e.g., hith..hith..hith..

submitted by Linda - (www)

hitoya - "Hi to ya." A greeting, used when you encounter someone.

e.g., Whenever Ricard meets Ro, he says, "I just wanted to say 'Hitoya'."

submitted by Ricard Yerzy

hitterish - When a batter feels it in the air and is performing well at the plate; a state of mind.

e.g., A la the Babe announcing "I feel hitterish today. I'm due to hit one." | "Soriano always looks hitterish," announced by broadcaster Michael Kay in a June 2006 Yankees v Nationals game.

submitted by Suzy Denvir

hittin' it up - This is a phrase used as a reply when someone asks you if you want something. It is usually used in the affirmative sense.

e.g., Ed. Do you want a stick of gum? Ted. Yeah, I'll hit some gum up.

submitted by DannyJAllTheWay

hiv - Sick, not well.

e.g., She had this sickly green look. I think she's hiv.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

hivernate - What happens when the most popular person walks into a room. Derived from actions of worker bees toward the Queen.

e.g., Diana arrived and everybody began to hivernate towards her.

submitted by Susan Beyer

hiyata - An exuberant expression of greeting.

e.g., Frank: "Hey, how's it going Joe?" Joe: "Hiyata!"

submitted by deedubyah - (www)

hizzoe - A slighty nicer way to call someone promiscuous.

e.g., Chris has been hizzoe since middle school... or even earlier.

submitted by alex

hmm-worthy - When something or someone is suspect or suspicious.

e.g., 1. Thaonoir's definitely hmm-worthy 2. I thought if something was going to be hmm-worthy, it'd be a new Joel Schumacher-helmed Batman film.

submitted by Thonoir

hmoicide - Death by HMO.

e.g., Ian's death certificate had the cause of death as HMOicide. At first we thought they meant HOMicide, then realized the HMO policies were what did him in.

submitted by Ty Evans

hmz - Used to express doubt, not letting anyone in on what you're thinking.

e.g., Hmz, sure, I believe ya.

submitted by Stargrasske - (www)

ho - (adv.) 1. Enthusiastically in favor of or involved in; 2. maniacally into; 3. ferociously (even alarmingly) part of. ↵ ␊↵ ␊ [From the "ho" in "gung ho," motto of Carlson's Raiders (a guerilla unit in WWII), taken from Chinese kung ho "work together."]

e.g., I have friends who plan elaborate festivities at the slightest excuse: they are party ho. | Are you Trump ho or Hillary ho?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ho-down - Depression caused by finding out the hard way about your dream date's moral flexibility. The dating equivalent of being the first to conquer Everest and finding an old camp-fire and discarded ring-pulls up there.

e.g., Major ho-down -- I found out she's dated the entire Queen's Household Cavalry.

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

ho-jack-slap - To bring your lady friend around to the back of the car where the auto's jack is. You have the ho, you have the jack, now comes the slap. Not meant to be taken as a true threat (or performed) -- just to indicate a state of frustration.

e.g., If you don't calm down, someone is getting a ho-jack-slap.

submitted by peter - (www)

ho-phobos-to-phobu - (Rhymes with "go-SHOW-gross-no-SHOW-moo"; in the original Greek hο φόβος του φόβου; sometimes shortened simply to "phobou" or even "hofobu"; postpositive adj.) In Greek, it means (more or less) "fear's fear." 1. Someone so awesome (as the kids say) that fear is afraid of them (Apparently, Chuck Norris is held by the internet community to be such a person; 2. Any situation involving fear that is so extreme that fear refuses to have anything to do with it, because it's too terrified to operate there.

e.g., "Okay, you go ahead and jump; I'll hike back down and meet you." "You chickening out, huh?" "No, I'm not afraid ... my fear was so terrified that it refused to follow my up here." "Ho phopbou, then?" "With fries, dude ... and onion rings."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hoachin' - 1. Exceptionally full or busy, especially of a pub that is filled to a point where it is no longer possible to satisfactorily enjoy a pint. 2. Very, very ugly

e.g., 1. Let's go somewhere else, this place is hoachin'. 2. Ugh. Bob's new girlfriend is hoachin'.

submitted by Woesinger

hoad - Someone very un-hip, stupid -- devoid of culture and style and too thick to realize it.

e.g., It was just my luck to get stuck with a hoad like that in the window seat all the way to Rio.

submitted by Steve McDonald

hoag - A very rude and stupid person who is older than you.

e.g., Chris is a hoag.

submitted by alex

hoagie - A sandwich on a torpedo-shaped roll, usually stuffed with cheese or meat as well as condiments such as mayonnaise. Also known as: Grinder, Sub, Submarine sandwich. This term is local to the Philadelphia area.

e.g., You can get a sub anywhere, but you can only eat a hoagie in Philly.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

hoards - Hordes is the word the writer should have used in the example. Hoard & horde: sound-alikes having nothing to do with each other except the way they sound. World English Dictionary: "Hoard is sometimes wrongly written where horde is meant: hordes (not hoards) of tourists." & "Horde is sometimes wrongly written where hoard is meant: a hoard (not horde) of gold coins."

e.g., "While President Barack Obama has regularly invited hoards of gay and lesbian activists, atheists, agnostics and Big Labor fatcats to his White House, his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can only impose more regulations on churches and religious broadcasters, and his other agencies have burdened businesses small and large with increased regulations and higher taxes."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

hoark - To be greedy, or act greedy. Not sharing.

e.g., Why did you hoark all the pizza, Chris?

submitted by Brian Reedy

hoark - To vomit or regurgitate.

e.g., If I have one more shot, I'm going to hoark.

submitted by Ted Konetski

hoarked - To be extremely irritated.

e.g., It really hoarked him to receive the IRS notification about his audit.

submitted by Bret

hoarse manure - A filibuster.

e.g., There is an idiotic political ploy, in which a Congressman or Senator, in order to delay a vote on legislation he is supposedly vehemently opposed to, will hold, and refuse to yield, the floor by speaking, for hour after hour, on topics both relevant and ridiculous, including such activities as reciting the Declaration of Independence, reading from the Bible, etc., etc.  
This practice results in "hoarse manure" -- for the politician, a global awareness that he is a horse's ass with a sore throat -- for the People, a mountain of stinking crap.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

hoat - To signal grateful acknowledgement to another motorist for a courtesy or concession extended while driving.

e.g., I slowed to let the Beetle pull out in front of me, and the driver hoated with a cheery wave.

submitted by Colin Taffel

hoba - (n.) a female hobo. ("hobo" is a rather negative term for what we now call the homeless, connoting a choice to defy any work ethic, rather than the unintended flotsamee into which most homeless people fall when all or part of the economy goes under. This defiant connotation, unfortunately, makes the feminine term "hoba" more an expression of contempt or disgrace than the pathos or even humor connoted by the masculine "hobo." I therefore have to classify it as a derogatory term.)

e.g., Hobos were frighteningly common in the 1930s because of the Dust Bowl and the Depression. One did not often see hobas, however, despite the grim reality that there were thousands of them outcast and struggling against hollow-eyed famine for themselves and their children.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hobberplob - A rocking good time, or the greatest band of all time.

e.g., I went to the hobberplob this weekend, and I had a lot of fun. | Hobberplob rules. So much better than Slipknot.

submitted by Nefret

hobbit-head - An afficianado of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

e.g., Josh has seen _The Lord of the Rings_ fifteen times. He's definitely a hobbit-head.

submitted by Stephen Mize

hobbiwok - A cross between a Hobbit and an Ewok. Usually has a negative connotation.

e.g., Stand back, you foul hobbiwok.

submitted by Goldie

hobby money - In which you earn money doing work that is more of a vocation and since the IRS views it as a hobby rather than a comprehensively self-supporting job, no matter how much you make, they view it as "hobby money." At all income strata (based on three anecdotes). Seriously, it has to do with whether or not said job is thought to be "a going concern," self-supporting, breaking even, and likely to endure a certain number of years. Hope that saves you a tax bill. 2016-10-23 --> 2016-10-23 {Duplicate.}

e.g., The IRS said come back when you make $2,000 at it, so I came back having made $2,000 but they still said it was hobby money.

submitted by Zotta Lee - (www)

hobilly - Woman who is part "ho" and part "hillbilly."

e.g., Chris sure dresses like a hobilly. Did you hear what happened when she went to the bank to deposit about $300 in quarters? The teller asked her if she had hoarded them all by herself. She said, no, her sister had whored half of them.

submitted by Denise

hobnobbery - To gossip or yak idly.

e.g., I just can't take hobnobbery; I tend to be antisocial.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

hobnoblin - Someone who likes to socialize, and uses "questionable" methods to do so.

e.g., I went to the party with Sue, but she's such a hobnoblin, she left me so she could hang out with her "other" friends.

submitted by Jim

hobo - A name you call someone, not very derogatory. Interchangable with nobo, although nobo is lower.

e.g., You freaking hobo.

submitted by tasha

hobo joe - noun 1. One who is disheveled or unkempt in appearance. 2. One who does things haphazardly. adj. 1. DISHEVELED

e.g., Looking at her brother, who had a wrinkled shirt and stained pants, she said "You look so hobo joe."

submitted by Trisha Reeves - (www)

hobo savant - A homeless, unemployed, or underemployed person who otherwise is extremely qualified and talented to hold a significant, very useful, or outstanding, responsible job.

e.g., You'd never know it by looking at them, but many of these people are really hobos savant, and ought to be gainfully employed somewhere, contributing to the economy and not just living on the dole.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hobo-apple - An apple that has the core removed and filled with peanut butter, wrapped in aluminum foil. Cook inside the middle of a leaf fire for a minimum of 3 hours.

e.g., That fool's eating a hobo-apple.

submitted by Jeff

hobohemia - 1. A group, society, or colony of hobos. 2. The life of a hobo.

e.g., To get to the bus stop I had to walk through an enormous hobohemia. By the time I escaped I was completely out of change.

submitted by Jais

hobophobe - Someone with a bias or fear of panhandling homeless.

e.g., Frank, don't be such a hobophobe ... he's just asking for a dollar, not waving a knife.

submitted by Scotto - (www)

hobophobic - A fear of bums, hobos, beggars, vagabonds, guttersnipes or any other form of homeless person.

e.g., Carey usually crosses the street to avoid beggars because she is hobophobic.

submitted by Chris Conley

hobosexual - Someone who is turned on by tramps, bums, homeless people, and the like. Also refers to the feelings and actions attached thereto..

e.g., The attraction of the hobosexual may be attributed to the thrill of "something really different" -- little money or romancing is necessary, and you're helping the poor. | Hobosexual Rights may be among the last of social service movements to seek acceptance of the really downtrodden.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hobskank - An extremely seductive, sexy teenager with strong tendency towards alcoholic beverages.

e.g., Lauryn, you hobskank. Get off the table.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

hoc-a-lurgy - To cough up some phlegm from the depths of the throat.

e.g., Mate, just wait a bit. I gotta hoc-a-lurgy.

submitted by Glenn Childs

hoccer - A game in which you bat around a soccer ball with a hula hoop.

e.g., After I played hoccer, I took a long nap.

submitted by Amanda

hock - When I was a kid, we used the term "hock" in place of shoplifting. Sort of a quick dash into the store, grab something, and walk out. Very fast, not artful.

e.g., After school we stopped by the 7-11 to hock some baseball cards.

submitted by Randy

hockey - This is a once-common Southern slang term for excrement; other such terms are kyarn and puckey.

e.g., There's a very strong hockey smell in this room.

submitted by Rory Coker

hockey hair - Short on top, long in the back. Not unlike a mullet.

e.g., Cute, but he's got an ugly case of hockey hair.

submitted by merc

hocktoong - The sound one makes when in a phlegmboyant state excreting phlegm.

e.g., Hocktoong. Ah, that's better.

submitted by Richard M.

hocus pocus - Trickery. Actions or words used to deceive others.

e.g., We all know about the politicians' hocus pocus, especially during campaigning.

submitted by Pratik Kothari - (www)

hoddle poddle - to tell someone to go away

e.g., "Hoddle Poddle, leave me alone..."

submitted by Fawn

hodges - To lose control, act in a irrational manner, wig out.

e.g., Chris hodged when police tried to arrest him.

submitted by Matt Maddox

hodophant - A person who with an unkempt, scabrous appearance and a shambling gait goes begging from car to car at a stoplight. The word derives from the Greek hodos, road or way, and phanein, to appear. It echoes the word sycophant.

e.g., The stoplights of San Juan are plagued with hodophants.

submitted by Franklin Axelrod

hoe-de-doe - New Orleans speak for asking someone to hold the street car door open for you.

e.g., Hey you hoe-de-doe so I won't miss my stop.

submitted by Jim

hoemunk - A very annoying person.

e.g., That hoemunk Jim wouldn't shut up today.

submitted by Docta G

hoff - To gulp down something without tasting it or eating fast

e.g., Chris hoffed down the food because she was in a hurry.

submitted by Alex Wocking

hoffage - The spread and globalization of the "Hoff" (David Hasselhoff) empire.

e.g., The rate at which Hoffage spreads on the internet is phenomenal.

submitted by Natalie Kuester

hoffchills - Extreme chills of embarrassment such as when viewing a David Hasselhoff music video. The sensation of sitting down in a puddle on liquid nitrogen during a solar eclipse on Pluto.

e.g., I accidentally watched David Hasselhoff's "Hooked on Feelin'" video two days ago and I still have the hoffchills.

submitted by Charles Bozonier - (www)

hoffice - A building that doubles as a house and an office

e.g., Come visit me at my hoffice this afternoon. We'll play some pool.

submitted by Biffer

hog rotten - Fit only to be thrown to the hogs; barely edible any more; just on the verge of spilin'.

e.g., The taters will sometimes start to go bad, so the pigs get a feast of hog rotten potatoes (cf. au gratin).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hog-gobblin - Quickly eating a lot of pork.

e.g., Man, does he love spare ribs, or what? Look at him. He's hog-gobblin'.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

hogan - A Native American travois (later a wheeled conveyance) used to transport prostitutes.

e.g., The hogan tipped over, thus propelling the pro, causing her to squawl.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

hogballs - Slang for pickled red beets. Origin unknown, but I first heard it from my grandfather while we were sitting at the dinner table. He was eating some pickled beets, and then looked over at me and asked if I wanted any hogballs.

e.g., Hey, kids, do you want some hogballs?

submitted by Kremit - (www)

hogen-mogen - "A person having or affecting great power."

e.g., If Hillary Clinton gets elected President of the United States, she will be the world's ultimate hogen-mogen.

submitted by Lillith

hoggle - A troll-like male... or female.

e.g., I went on a blind date last night with a hoggle. Wonder if he thought the same thing about me?

submitted by Leah Sheatsley

hoggledy-poggledy - In a state of disarray. Like higgledy-piggledy, just different vowels; same pig euphemism.

e.g., The first week after our move, everything was hoggledy-poggledy.

submitted by Robert

hognamancy - Cumbrian (NW England: Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for the practice of predicting the weather by observing the movements of pigs in their sty.

e.g., Seth was well practiced in the art of hognamancy. When his prized sow moved from the right of her sty to the left, Seth knew that rain would follow soon.

submitted by David Ford

hogshaw - The final word you say to someone when going to sleep. It sound like a cross between a yawn and a snore.

e.g., When trying to get to sleep and someone else is nattering, say "Hogshaw" and it means "Right, it's bed time--shut up and let me sleep."

submitted by rebecca

hohonium - A theoretical, radioactive element (chemical symbol HoHo), which is theorized to be present in Hostess-brand snack cakes (Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs, etc.) The presence of Hohonium would explain why these foods have a half-life, rather than a shelf-life.

e.g., Thanks to the miracle of Hohonium, we don't need to worry about our Twinkies ever going stale.

submitted by Mike Mistele

hohum - Plain Jane, average, uninteresting.

e.g., What a hohum day.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

hoi - (n, adj) Attractive woman. Hot.

e.g., Boys think Pamela Anderson is hoi. Men do not.

submitted by boy - (www)

hoi-poloi - The upper echelon of a particular group or of society.

e.g., The office hoi-poloi have organized an exclusive yacht party this weekend.

submitted by luckygirl

hoinger - A random object or thing that either cannot be described, doesn't have a name or whose proper name has been forgotten

e.g., Hand me that hoinger over there.

submitted by sarah

hoink - To cough up and expel a chunk of phlegm or a hard slimy booger or snot from the back of your throat where it connects to your nose holes in the back roof your mouth. Usually, it's hard to "snork" it out from there. But once you break it free and it lands on the back of your tongue or throat, you can hoink it out. Similar to a gagging response and spit at the same time.

e.g., After being sick with a cold, I've been hoinking up junk all week

submitted by Mike Cuentas

hoitch - To take something from another person.

e.g., Can I hoitch a lift ... please?

submitted by Laura Bryant

hoity-toity - Affectedly genteel, pretentiously self-important, unduly proud.

e.g., Chris is one hoity-toity bitch.

submitted by Pratik Kothari - (www)

hojillion - An extremely large number that does not bear quantifying. Usually used as hyperbole.

e.g., It's going to be a hojillion years before I get to the head of this line.

submitted by scorp10n - (www)

hokey - annoyingly contrived

e.g., "The company picnic had a luau theme, but it looked real hokey."

submitted by Greg

hoki - design

submitted by hoki - (www)

hoking - My mistake for joking.

e.g., Don't be mad! I was just hoking.

submitted by LiL BiT

hola at me - Another saying for "call me".

e.g., Hey, hola at me later.

submitted by alex

holden - As the conversational black hole, this word defines the moment in a conversation where you are entering a vehicle and must break eye contact and interrupt the conversational flow. Often, people are reluctant to pause and get caught in ''the holden.''

e.g., With groceries in hand, we stood locked in conversation separated by the rear bumper's width, unable to leave the holden. We were anxious and sped up our conversation before we entered the holden but quickly realized we would soon resume talking inside the car.

submitted by Mike French - (www)

holding a raw cat - Closed-caption version of Dave Foley's Texas Hold 'Em poker term for the situation in which two players are holding the same pair. The player holding the higher unmatched card is said to be holding the high kicker. Foley says that player holds "the Rockette," but the closed captioning reads "raw cat." The Rockettes are the world-famous Radio City Music Hall dancers noted for their high kicks.

e.g., They're both holding a pair of queens, but Acker is holding the raw cat.

submitted by Miss Speller

hole in my pants to china - A big problem.

e.g., Apollo 13 to mission control: "Uh-oh, Houston, we've got a real hole in our pants to China."

submitted by Big Daddy Rush

hole in the wall - ATM. From the use of the term to refer to any small business. Not original.

e.g., "Pull over at the ATM at the corner. I wanna see if I can get some cash using my new credit card." "Do you have any idea how much interest you're going to be paying on that? Probably close to 30% per annum." "Oh. Not such a good idea, huh?"

submitted by HD Fowler

hole of pluto - Middle of nowhere.

e.g., She moved to the hole of Pluto. I don't even think they deliver mail where she moved.

submitted by Boki

holidazed - To be exhausted and mentally fatigued at the end of the year. Caused by too many trips to the mall, too many parties, and too little sleep.

e.g., I can't believe I thought it was Wednesday. I'm just completely holidazed. I feel as if I have chemo brain again.

submitted by marc kevin hall - (www)

holidize - (v.) 1. to turn into a holiday; 2. to trivialize the focus of a holiday by making it simply a day off.

e.g., Sense 1: I remember when they holidized Martin Luther King's birthday. | Sense 2: I use September 11th to pause and remember that horrible day, as well as other instances of man's inhumanity---hoping that remembrance will avert being doomed to repeat it---but I worry that making it an official 'Patriot Day' will simply holidize the day and make it nothing more than a day off.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

holier than cow - In Hin-dia the person who makes heself out to be so good and perfect and supremely moral and right, is said to be holier than cow.

e.g., Who could possibly be holier than cow, unless it's Krishna or Vishnu?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

holla - Hi, or hey.

e.g., Holla! Wuz up?

submitted by Amanda - (www)

hollaback - Get in touch -- again.

e.g., Hollaback at me any time. You got my digits.

submitted by Elzii

holland - Raining a lot.

e.g., You'd better take your umbrella today; it's holland outside.

submitted by Nathan Phillips

holler - Pennsylvanian for a hollow. Many times used by the same Pennsylvanian hunters who use the term "crick."

e.g., Seen a great big buck down yonder past that holler 'side that crick.

submitted by kyshmoo

holleration - Simple greeting. Cross between "holler" and "salutations."

e.g., A. (phone) Aiight, hit me later B. Aiight, holleration.

submitted by chris tyre

hollercrombie - Snotty teenage girl who will only wear clothes from Hollister or Abercrombie.

e.g., My daughter is being relentlessly pursued by some Hollercrombies.

submitted by LGear

hollerpenos - Jalapenos that are especially hot or tasty.

e.g., I can't get enough fried hollerpenos.

submitted by Forest - (www)

hollicauster - A store based out of California that makes clothing exclusively for anorexic people and will ultimately cause the end of the world as we know it.

e.g., I ate a carrot stick and gained a pound. I can't fit into my size zeros anymore. Guess I can't go shopping at Hollicauster again.

submitted by amanda lisowe

hollobunny - 1. Lacking internal structure. 2. Exoskeletonous 3. The quality of a person to appear beautiful on the outside, but be hollow on the inside. From the popular chocolate bunny Easter candy.

e.g., She's a gorgeous woman, but she's also a hollobunny.

submitted by Cheri

hollowwienie - That would be a special wiener available only around Halloween. It is in fact hollow in the middle. When you come home from a party or out trick and treating in the dark, you have the option of stuffing your wiener with some of the goodies in your bag, man. Then roast.

e.g., As for myself, I like to stuff my hollowwienie sometimes with just candy corn, or tootsie rolls, crushed Peter Paul Mounds, or a mixture of everything is nice. I also stuff a few hollowwienies for the dog, SemperFido, either with the candy of his choice, or his favorite meaty treats. If grown-ups frown on these shenanigans, well let them stuff their own wieners, au gout I think it is.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

holluschickie - n. (sing. & pl.) Pubescent males, driven by testosterone and machismo to be rowdy, rebellious, and even pugnacious, and to show off in front of females. (From the Russian-derived word for young male seals who are too young to win females from the tough old seals down the beach. They go off by themselves to fight and roughhouse on their own special turf. Holluschickie are also, unfortunately, the seals hunters are permitted to kill for their fur.) Kipling uses the word in his "White Seal."

e.g., He was really comin' on to these ladies who plainly wanted nothing to do with him. But no matter what they said, this holluschickie just kept acting all bad until they threw him out. | "Man! Those guys outside are loud." "Oh, they're okay. Don't you remember you holluschickie days?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hollymonger - To emphatically insist that others have as much fun as one is (or should be) having.

e.g., I stopped by the office party because I needed to pick up my check and my boss wouldn't stop hollymongering me.

submitted by Joe Papke

hollyolatry - (also "prinolatry" from the Greek ¦Ð¦Ñί¦Í¦Ï¦Ò "holly") (n.) 1. The uncritical acceptance of any philosophy, political position, doctrine, or belief, if it shows up in a favorite tv show or film, notwithstanding any belief, conclusion, inference, or indication to the contrary." 2. The moral relativism which seems to show up in many tv shows and movies (the only two things proscribed absolutely being murder and intolerance).

e.g., "Truth depends upon one's point of view." "Hm. Is that Barclayan idealism or Occamite nominalism?" "Neither, it's Obi-Wan Kenobi." "Ah, I see: Hollyolatry." | "Isn't it awful the way the Aztec culture was destroyed?" "Well, yeah, some of it, but I wouldn't think you'd be upset about their stopping the enthusiastic cutting of people's hearts out by hundreds ... do you?" "Well ..." "Hollyolatry's kind of hard to maintain in that situation, don't you think?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hollypendent - A film that has the look and feel of an independent film, yet is financed by Hollywood money.

e.g., Saw _Silver linings PlayBook_ A good hollypendent that was trying way too ard to look like an independent.

submitted by Fazal Miles - (www)

hollyweb - "The myriad websites devoted to trivia about, or promotion of, movie actors, movies, studios and directors, ad nauseam."

e.g., Mel Gibson had another hit this week - on Hollyweb when 23 sites featured a picture of him peering into a mirror plucking his eyebrows.

submitted by Terry O'Connor - (www)

hollywood parking - A free parking space directly in front of the store you want to visit.

e.g., Look, Hollywood parking -- grab it.

submitted by Pete

hollywood snacks - Cocaine and hallucinogenic mushrooms. From the linked site.

e.g., "Sorkin, you'll recall, was allowed to enter a drug-treatment program in lieu of serving time after his arrest in 2001 at the Burbank airport for possession of . . . Hollywood snacks."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hollywood tyres - To have car tires screech for no apparent reason as they do in Hollywood movies-- when reversing from a car park, cornering at low speeds, driving on sand or dirt tracks.

e.g., (Tyre screech) Chris must have bought those new Hollywood tyres.

submitted by Fallen (Aus)

hollywood wax - "While a regular bikini wax just takes the hair outside the bikini line, the Hollywood wax removes all of the hair. And I mean everything. All your hair is waxed from the front, in the middle, all the way to the back by your bum. To sum it up, you won’t have any genital hair left." "Waxing all of this area can be hard to reach. So you will be exposed from the waist down, and be asked to lift your legs and possibly get on your knees. True professionals will make you feel relaxed and keep you as comfortable as possible during the process."

e.g., Hey, Roman, why not just go for a chick with a Hollywood wax rather than going after a 13-year-old girl? | Are you kidding me? Relax while I'm getting a Hollywood wax job? On my hands and knees, and my ass and everything up in the air exposed for the world to see? After all I'm not a porn star being prepped for a sceme . . . Oh, I am? I didn't know that. Is that what the release I signed said? | Whaddaya mean skin can get torn off when a man gets a Hollywood wax? From those parts? Seriously? Bummer. I'm outta here.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hollywoodize - 1. To take a classic story or a story of high regard and exploit it for money-making purposes. 2. To make a sequel to a successful film while disregarding quality and taste.

e.g., _City of Angels_ is a Hollywoodized version of Wim Wenders classic _Wings of Desire_.

submitted by Adeel Khamisa

holmes - A term of address for a male friend.

e.g., What's up, Holmes?

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

holot, a - A whole lot.

e.g., Having someone else steal the PseudoDictionary's content and publish it could be the best thing that ever happened to us. Then we could suem. We might end up being more than pseudofamous and it'd take a holot less effort than writing a book would. | You can also make a holot more money from a lawsuit than you can from publishing dictionaries.

submitted by Miss Speller

holy baloney - Tt's made from the dead swine that Mohammedans refuse to eat -- highly nutritious, energizing, positively delicious. The are several varieties: 1) holy baloney, blessed by Amish butchers, 2) wholly baloney, 100% pig, no fillers, and 3) holey baloney, blended with swiss and consequently full of appropriate holes. Go ahead, make a pig of yourself, star-crossed livers.

e.g., Honey, would you stop by the deli on the way home. We're out of holy baloney.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

holy buckets - Another expression for "holy crap," but in a more appropriate and descriptive form. Short for "holy buckets of flaming molasses."

e.g., Holy buckets. You really nailed that one.

submitted by Briana Drake

holy cray - Substiute for "holy crap." Used to express amazement or amusement. Origins in the phrase "Holy craziness," or "Holy crazy." Also based in a drunken slip of the tongue when trying to say "Holy crap."

e.g., The complete Star Wars>/i> box set on DVD is finally available? Holy cray, we have to get it right away.

submitted by The Feline Punk - (www)

holy duality - This is in contradistinction from what they call a Holy Trinity, which in rights ought to be a called a Divine Unity, perhaps.

e.g., A sensible Duality can make a lot more sense than some Trinity; the dual is realistic and useful, the other is not so realistic or useful.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

holy grill - That's where the souls of unbelievers and the wicked are cooked forever: namely, hell. But souls have no bodies or pain receptors, do they, so, no vein, no pain.

e.g., Have no fear my little children of Earth, there be no holy grill created by any of the gods to torture or punish anyone. It is myth and fantasy.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

holy mackerel - Consecrated Fish.

e.g., The monsignor's holy mackerel stank; his homily was too long and the fish spoiled, so he had homily grits (q.v.) for dinner, instead.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

holy roman empire term - A term which is a complete misnomer. It is named after the Holy Roman Empire, which, as has been famously said, was neither holy nor Roman nor an Empire but a secular confederation of German States

e.g., We hear a lot of Holy Roman Empire terms from politicians.

submitted by Dan Greenwald

holy ____, batman! - Fill in the blank with pretty much anything you want as long as it's weird. The weirder the better. From the camp 60s Batman live action TV show. It's a catch phrase Robin used to say all the time.

e.g., These are from the original series: Holy armadillos, Batman! Holy astringent pomite fruit, Batman! Holy bat-logic, Batman! Holy bouncingboilerplate, Batman! Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors, Batman! Holy dental hygiene, Batman! Holy diversionary tactics, Batman! Holy fishbowl, Batman! Holy fourth amendment, Batman! Holy fratricide, Batman! Holy haberdashery, Batman! Holy hardest metal in the world, Batman! Holy hole in a donut, Batman! Holy human pearls, Batman! Holy interplanetary yardstick, Batman! Holy jelly molds, Batman! Holy knit one pearl two, Batman! Holy known/unknown flying objects, Batman! Holy Long John Silver, Batman! Holy mechanical marvel, Batman! Holy nonsequiturs, Batman! Holy one-track bat-computer mind, Batman! Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods, Batman! Holy pseudonym, Batman! Holy purple cannibals, Batman! Holy rising hemlines, Batman! Holy skull tamper, Batman! Holy sudden incapacitation, Batman! Holy tintinnabulation, Batman! There's a ringing in my ears.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

hom bray - A male politician; especially one who is a loudmouth member of the Democrat Party.

e.g., Only empty promises and words without meaning. Talk! Talk! Talk! Yak! Yak! Yak! Heehaw! Heehaw! Heehaw! It takes a real men-sshh to make a hom bray shut up!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

homanage - The feeling you get when you see different types of cheeses.

e.g., The homanage I get from the edam collection is amazing.

submitted by Dale

hombicombi - Riding in the trunk of a car.

e.g., There was no seat left, so I rode hombicombi.

submitted by Harmy

home p - Abbreviation of home page created by KISH in 1998. "Home p" is widely used in Korea as a trendy word, now.

e.g., Thank you for visiting my home p.

submitted by Sang-Hoon KISH Kim - (www)

home team - (n.) 1. A greeting to be used when approaching one's friends.

e.g., What's up, home team?

submitted by Bryan Lambert

home teem - Conflict and discord domestically, or in a local sports group.

e.g., A husband and wife battling continually, or members of a local baseball franchise arguing and shouting, does NOT make for a home teem advantage.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

home valence - Home valence is the value of a house or real estate; kind of like net worth but in property.

e.g., I saw this nice McMansion on the market and wanted to find out the home's valence.

submitted by Massimo Mobilito

homebirth - Purposely giving birth at home.

e.g., Instead of going to the hospital to have her baby, she had a homebirth.

submitted by Lauren Poindexter - (www)

homebug - Like "Sport," used when you can't think of someone's name. Synonym : what's-his-face, what's-her-face.

e.g., When does homebug plan on getting that information for me that I asked for?

submitted by Kimberly Gagon

homedy - A new film genre, a horror/comedy.

e.g., I've just watched a homedy.

submitted by Alex McCallum

homeer - To sleep sneakily during boring meetings, lessons, or other things.

e.g., I attempted to homeer during American Lit., but Mrs. Smith kept catching me.

submitted by lauryn

homefat - The rolls of fat on the back of one's neck. Most observable on heavy-set individuals with short hair or shaved heads.

submitted by chris

homeless - 1. Disgruntled or in disprepair. 2. Name for a humorously odd-looking friend. (Used to address friends affectionately in the early morning hours.)

e.g., 1. That has got to be the most homeless lawn job ever. Was he trying to make crop circles? 2. Hey, Homeless, glad you could make it to work this morning.

submitted by Whitni McDonald

homenize - To become domesticated through spousal or family teachings.

e.g., He was declared homenized when his wife realizwd that he was doing the laundry and dishes.

submitted by Shirkey - (www)

homepreneur - home-based entrepreneur

e.g., Homepreneurs often feel isolated in their business offices in spare bedrooms or basements.

submitted by Sandy Ross - (www)

homer - An apologist, fanatic, and staunch defender with kamikaze-like loyalty. Simply put, a "homer" is fan of a team who is so ardently attached, she's lost all objectivity. She'll defend anything and everything her team does, and she'll act on every opportunity to "flame" or disrespect rivals.

e.g., The Duck's fans are the ultimate homers. They bash the Kings as being on a lucky streak, when actually the Kings made all the right moves to be successful.

submitted by Brennan

homer - Homosexual. As slang, "homer" has several meanings. However, I had not heard it used as slang for "homosexual" before Tuesday.

e.g., "General Pace says homers shouldn't be allowed in the military."

submitted by [Nucpolitician] - (www)

homerstersy - being in a state of silliness and happy dumbness

e.g., When the group of girls began giggling, we all knew they were homerstersy.

submitted by Emily

homeskillet - Corrupted derivation of "homeboy," used as a friendly descriptor to refer to a close friend or relative.

e.g., Wussup homeskillet, we going out or not?

submitted by Rookseye - (www)

homeskillett - A friend, normally of the "gangster" variety.

e.g., What's up homeskillett; how you doin'?

submitted by Meghan & Molly

homeslice - Homeboy substitute, like homeskillet.

e.g., Damn, homeslice, quit bogarting that soda.

submitted by Steve Geiselman

homesourcing - Arranging for people to work from home, a possible cure for outsourcing jobs overseas.

e.g., “David ... believes he has discovered an answer to the outsourcing of jobs overseas. He calls it ‘homesourcing.’” From the Los Angeles Times.

submitted by natalie63

homesticated - Functioning in every aspect of one's life only from one's home; never leaving home for any reason.

e.g., You are too homesticated for my own good.

submitted by ian

homeycide - The murder of a homey or an OG.

e.g., The police are investigating a gang-related homeycide that took place late last night.

submitted by Saucy - (www)

homeymoon - An extended outing or roadtrip with one's homeys.

e.g., Sorry, babe, can't see you this weekend. Myrtle Beach awaits, and I promised the boys a homeymoon.

submitted by Matt

homie - Slang for "homeschooler."

e.g., Max: I gotta go home and get some school done. Willy: Oh, that's right. You're a homie. Hey, do you get to wear pajamas in class?

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

homily grits - Sermon topics you can sink your teeth into.

e.g., The parson's homily grits kept the parishioners on the edges of their pews.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

hommie - Good friend, usually one of your best friends.

e.g., Think one of your hommies would help your paint the house next Saturday?

submitted by T-Dogg

hommie hopper - Girl or woman who sleeps with a lot of guys for no reason.

e.g., Karen is the class's worst hommie hopper.

submitted by Karen

homocidal - To be inclined to kill persons of the same sex as you are.

e.g., Chris said, "Every time I see Richard Simmons I'm almost overwhelmed with homocidal thoughts."

submitted by Miss Speller

homocide - A misspelling of homicide. Give it the meaning the murder of a homosexual.


e.g., The worst duty of all for a homophobic cop is temporary duty with the Homocide Unit.

submitted by Miss Speller

homoentendrephobia - The fear of expressing one's self to a same-sex friend in a manner that could be interpreted as a sexual overture.

e.g., I was interested in stopping at the roadside attraction known as "The Mystery Hole," but my homoentendrephobia prevented me from suggesting it to Bob.

submitted by Chris - (www)

homoflage - To disguise one's heterosexuality through gay-seeming mannerisms, speech patterns, or modes of dress, usually for the purpose of becoming "friends" with attractive members of the opposite sex, who may then try to "convert" the homoflaged person.

e.g., I let Georgio talk to my girlfriend all night, without feeling threatened. I thought he was gay. He turned out to just be homoflaged.

submitted by steve

homoflexible - A sexuality somewhere between homosexual and bisexual. The term denotes someone who is typically considered gay, but ocassionally dates someone of the opposite sex.

e.g., Terry was dating Jonathan, but now he's dating Jennifer. I guess he's homoflexible.

submitted by Cliff Landis - (www)

homogenic - Ho maw ja nick. Taken from homogenized. The obnoxious plastic ring the hangs on the plastic milk bottle after you twist open the cap the first time.

e.g., "What's that blue thing in my milk, Mom?" "Oh, that's just the homogenic. Throw it away."

submitted by Pam Jackson - (www)

homogenous interface - A loud, politically correct, nose-to-nose discussion or argument over superfluous nonsense.

e.g., It's time you and I had a homogenous interface.

submitted by Bob Guilmette

homogomamy - From The Free Dictionary: "Reproduction within a group that perpetuates qualities or traits that distinguish the group from a larger group of which it is part. Also called inbreeding."

e.g., I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say you're guilty of homogamy. Does that mean you married someone the same sex as you? Where'd you do that?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

homoindifferent - To be neither homophobic nor homophillic. Not caring who does whom.

e.g., I'm homoindifferent; I just don't care if Jom's gay or not.

submitted by Hal Colombo

homois giganton - (rhymes with toe-go-hiss twig-on-tone (the first 'g'in_giganton_is a hard g, as in_girl_); n.) the works and discoveries of the past which have made possible whatever discovery or invention is being discussed. [from the ancient Greek for 'on the shoulders of giants,' translated (probably badly, by me) from Sir Isaac Newton's remark to Robert Hooke (February 5, 1676): "If I have seen a little furthe,r it is by standing on the shoulders of giants," first recorded in Latin---_gigantium humeris insidentes_-- by Bernard of Chartres in the 12th century.]

e.g., "Ive just been watching _A Beautiful Mind_, about John Forbes Nash and his game theory breakthrough: you know, The Nash Equilibrium?" "Yeah: homois giganton, huh?" "Yes, indeed."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

homolessness - Recent claims by the president of Iran, claim that homosexuality doesn't exist in his country. Similar pronouncements from China, around HIV issues also caused them to claim that there are no homosexuals in China, thus the word "homolessness" came to mind.

e.g., China and Iran claim to be homoless.They are in a state of homolessness, officially.

submitted by Danny Kostyshin

homonculus - Short or small person: dwarf, midget.

e.g., Do you remember the lyrics to Randy Newman's song about homonculuses?

submitted by HD Fowler

homonominal - Having the same name. Generally referring to a group of like objects or people sharing a similar or identical designation.

e.g., Is it just me, or is every second person in accounting named Dave? That department is becoming homonominal.

submitted by Grant Hutchinson - (www)

homonomony - Identifying likenesses between people or things. When you say "Gee, don't you think Bill looks a lot like Peter Jennings?" you are practicing homonomony. You can identify likenesses between two people or between a person and an animal. Three levels of homonomony: Level 1 = Spittin' image, Level 2 = Yeah, I see what you mean, Level 3 = Well, from a certain angle. Levels have .5 ratings, mostly to prevent arguments and divorce.

e.g., Ellen enjoyed practicing homonomony at the malls, where there were lots of faces to compare.

submitted by J Browne

homonymph - A romantically uninvolved woman whose entire circle of friends and associates are homosexual males.

e.g., Julie's spending all her time with Bruce, Lamar and Norbert. I guess she's their homonymph now.

submitted by Saint714 - (www)

homonymphonecropyropedobestialfelchball - (n): a drink by the same name; and alcoholic beverage consisting of a room temperature mixture of Khalua, lime juice, whole dairy creme, and tequila. Properly presented, the drink is served "up" in a dirty, salt-rimmed glass, garnished with a gummy worm, and topped off with a "floater" shot of 151 proof rum. Light the shot, let burn for 10 seconds, extinguish the flame, lick all of the salt off the rim, and guzzle.

e.g., "What'll you have, pal." "I'll have a homonymphonecropyropedobestialfelchball. . . . No, make that a double."

submitted by Bryan Lambert - (www)

homophagous - Man-eating.

e.g., That homophagous female has cleaned out many men.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

homophobic - It's primarily a political word and is defined by Merriam Webster as "irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals." The word has have been used in writing since 1969. Given that the suffix -phobia means fear (and not aversion or discrimination), the PseudoDictionary is an excellent place to catalog the word.

e.g., While it's true that I have more a mild aversion to homosexuality, it's completely inaccurate to call me homophobic. | I wonder how often homosexuals are homophobic -- in particular, how often male homosexuals are lesbophobic.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

homosectual - Someone who will only associate socially, professionally, or sexually with those who share the same religious or philosophical convictions

e.g., Rob's some kind of homosectual; he only dates fellow vegan Buddhists.

submitted by i_monk

homosexualkitty - Feline homosexual.

e.g., A homosexualkitty is quite common at unisex cat camps.

submitted by nitag - (www)

homosocial - People who are not homosexual but socialise with others who are.

e.g., Bexta's not homosexual, but he is homosocial.

submitted by bexta

homovexia - The word covers the territory between "homophilia" and "homophobia." Irritation at annoying gay behaviour. {ED. There's no such word as "homophilia," but it's constructed such that it could readily be taken to mean that someone with homophilia has no antipathy towards homosexuality or homosexuals. "Homophobia," on the other hand is a real word that means "unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality." Although I'd hardly be surprised to be called homophobic or homovexic for my view, I think there's a place in the PseudoDictionary for "homovexia" and "homovexic."}

e.g., Someone gratuitously screeching "Stop the hate!" arouses my homovexic tendencies.

submitted by Josh

homozygositize - To make a gene pool homozygous.

e.g., Don't marry anyone you meet at a reunion because you could homozygositize your genes.

submitted by Harley King - (www)

hompch - A good-looking man or woman.

e.g., I saw this incredible hompch sitting directly opposite me.

submitted by Sharni Williamson - (www)

honchykonch - A girl who lives in the South that sells herself for sex.

e.g., In Myrtle Beach, you can always find a honchykonch standing at a street corner. . . . I think the one directly across the street is called Myrtle. Myrtle Beach or Dimclench or something like that.

submitted by Sarah Cronin

hondaddy - A noun or adjective used to describe a person or car that has been modified, often to the point of absurd. A person who does all things Honda is a Hondaddy. A highly modified Honda would be "all Hondaddy'd out."

e.g., If you're having a problem with your car, go see Mikey. He's the Hondaddy in the neighborhood. | Did you see that red coupe all Hondaddy'd out?

submitted by Thomas Dorsch - (www)

hondle - A combination of "handle" and "fondle" to describe the act of delicately dealing with a potentially volatile situation.

e.g., Tom has to hondle his boss to explain why the project team missed a key deadline.

submitted by Mark Curiale

honestle, honestlé - For a genuine product that's genuinely of the Nestle brand: baby's milk, breakfast cereal, chocolate, coffee, etc. Honestle, hnestle hnestle

e.g., Oh, and make sure you get honestle chocolate, honey.

submitted by Miss Speller

honey-bucket - A term of endearment. I started calling my wife "honey-bucket'"after noticing it was the name of a portable toilet company.

e.g., Can I rub your feet, Honey-bucket?

submitted by Jason - (www)

honey-dew - Projects or work that are brought on, directly or indirectly, from a spouse or significant other.

e.g., Well, boys, I would go the bar, but I've got a huge list of Honey-Dews that need to be attended to.

submitted by Damion

honey-fuggen - The word was coined by my Grandmother Ora Gianinni, a strict Baptist lady. She used it to include kissing, hugging, petting, winking, smiling, dating, dancing, and sexual intercourse. (ED. For a similar word, see honeyfuggle.)

e.g., I used the word in my novel Fifty Roads to Town, published by Random House years ago. Bennett Cerf loved the word and intended to include it in the Random House Dictionary but he died before doing so. The following is a quote from the book: "Honey-fuggen held no pleasant memories to Sabbatha. Had there been some other way to fulfill the Bible written law that a woman must bring young to the earth she would have preferred it to the thing that took place with her husband the nine times he had gotten her with child."

submitted by Earl Hamner - (www)

honey-roasted peanuts - (n.) the critical indicator of the shift from classy airline flights (with movies, meals, and friendly assistance) to what amounts to rides on busses that happen to fly (chairs too close to each other and food only if you brought it with you.) 2. any such watershed indicator applicable to the situation under discussion. [from the delicious honey-roasted peanuts they used to serve on airplanes---now replaced (if you're lucky) with some kind of mostly-air chex mix and pretzels.]

e.g., When the honey-roasted peanuts disappeared, I knew that flying had become listless and ordinary, and no fun at all. | When lawyers' continuing education classes stopped offering snacks ... well, there went the honey-roasted peanuts!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

honeyed & q-tipped - (adj.) On the receiving end of an attack or a berating or a dressing down which is, nonetheless, either kindly meant or less intense than you actually deserve. (An analogy with "tarred & feathered," only not so bad.) [From a home remedy for bee-stings or cold sores or something: cover it with honey applied via Q-Tip. Just imagine going out into the world having forgotten the Q-Tip honeyed to your mustache .. .and then imagine some well-meaning soul yanking it out of your mustache without warning.]

e.g., "I didn't hear any screaming: how bad was it?" "Actually, it was ... weird. He just sort of ignored the prank and assigned a bunch of extra duty. It was like he just didn't care." "Wow. Honeyed and Q-Tipped, huh?" "Looks like."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

honeyfuggle - Reminiscent of Earl Hamner's honey-fuggen entry, some of this real word's meanings are similar.  

Dictionary of American Regional English
honeyfuggle v  Also honeyfackle, honeyfugle, honeyfogle [Perh var of Engl dial connyfogle v. “To hoodwink, entice by flattery” infl by honey n; cf also EDD gallyfuggle v. “To deceive, take in” and honey v1] somewhat old-fash
1 To swindle or dupe; to intend to cheat or trick; hence vbl n honeyfuggling. Cf bamfoozle 11829 Va. Lit. Museum 30 Dec. 458 (DAE) KY, Honeyfuggle, to quiz, to cozen.  1848 Bartlett Americanisms 179, Honey-fogle, to swindle; to cheat; to lay plans to deceive.  1852 Knickerbocker 40.548 FL, A neighbor . . honey-fackled him in the matter of a heap of logs.  1858 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 17.270/1, “It’s all honey-fuggling”. . . “What’s honey-fuggling?” “It’s cutting it too fat over the left.”  1931 Hench Coll. cVA, Alderman was no judge of men. He never could tell whether a man was a gentleman or a bounder. Anybody could honeyfogle him.
2 To flatter, sweet-talk; to wheedle; to ballyhoo; hence n honeyfoogler a flatterer.1856 Knickerbocker 48.286 (OEDS), They go cavorting out, honey-fuggling their consciences.  1856 U.S. Congress Congressional Globe 34th Cong 1st Sess 22 July app 965/1 NE, Pardon me for using the word; but Sharp “honey-fuggled” around me.  1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 229, Honeyfuggle. . . To cajole; wheedle.  1906 DN 3.141 nwAR, Honey-fuggle. . . To cajole, flatter. “He can’t honey-fuggle him.”  1912 NY Eve. Jrl. 8th ed 25 Mar 12 (Zwilling Coll.), [Cartoon:] The colonel was up on the platform honey fugling the small town boys to beat the band. He was just starting to tell how he knocked an elephant dead with one punch when—Crash.1912 DN 3.578 wIN, Honey fuggle. . . To win with sweet promises. Sometimes pronounced fugle.1930 Shoemaker 1300 Words 28 cPA Mts (as of c1900), Honeyfoogler—One who gets into another’s graces by flattery.  1960 Wentworth–Flexner Slang 265, Honeyfuggle[,] honeyfogle. . . To flatter or cajole; esp. to flatter or cajole one’s sweetheart . . or an attractive woman, esp. to do so to gain sexual favor or make her forget anger or displeasure. . . Archaic.
3 with with: To consort with, “snuggle up to.”1887 Courier–Jrl. (Louisville KY) 7 May 4/4, The modern practices in politics of . . temporizing with cranks, demagogues and tricksters instead of sending them to the rear; and of honey-fuggling with rascals instead of hitting them a death-blow between the eyes.  1898 Harte Stories in Light 191, Honeyfogling with a horse-thief, eh?
4 To lure, entice.1888 Century Illustr. Mag. 36.81/2 IL, He acts like a man that ’s got a deadfall all sot, un is a-tryin’ to honey-fugle the varmint to git ’im to come underneath.  1894 DN 1.331 NJ, Honey-fogle: to allure by traps.  1902 Harben Abner Daniel 157 (DAE), He’s been tryin’ to honeyfuggle the old man into a trade, but I don’t think he made a deal with ’im.
5 also honeyfuddle: To show affection in public.1969–70 DARE (Qu. AA8, When people make too much of a show of affection in a public place . . “There they were at the church supper _____[with each other].”) Inf GA77, Honeyfugglin’—old-fashioned; WV16, Honeyfuddling.
One of these days I hope to come back to this entry and pursue a connection between honeyfuggle and cunnyfogle (connyfogle?), as well as between coney and cunny. Does Coney Island have some meaning I'm unaware of?

e.g., You might as well stop your honeyfuggling before you get started. I've been down this road before, and I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

submitted by [DARE] - (www)

honeyhooker - Good friend.

e.g., I'm gonna meet up with my honeyhooker Lanie and go to see _Tomb Raider_.

submitted by Lanie - (www)

honeyjam - You know when you see something that makes your head turn so taste as good as honey and jam together. Well, honeyjam is the postion the neck gets stuck in when you move too fast.

e.g., She saw him walk by the animal rescue tent at the zoo, and he looked so fine, even without her bifocals...she got honeyjammed.

submitted by ryan - (www)

honeymoon salad - Consists of lettuce alone (Let us alone.) and no dressing.

e.g., When the newlyweds checked into the hotel, they told the deskclerk all they wanted was honeymoon salad.

submitted by Mike

honeysprinkles - Someone who is very cute and sweet. It is the nicest compliment possible.

e.g., Walter, you're my honeysprinkle.

submitted by beccy

honk - Food or snacks. | One of a group of verbs for the sex act. They all end in "onk." They include "bonk," "skronk," "plonk," and "wonk." The word "honk" is always followed by the adverb "on," while the others stand alone. They are poonerisms, which means that they relate to sex and when first heard, their meaning is recognized without need for a definition.

e.g., I'm hungry. You wanna get some honk? | The boss was at his desk, but couldn't come to the phone, as he was busy honking on his personal assistant.

submitted by Mr. Invisible | Steve McDonald

honk shoe - From the sound of snoring. Used to indicate that an event or happening is or was boring.

e.g., Mac: How was the party? Jack: Honk shoe. | Frick: Then Bill told that story about the speeding ticket again. Frack: Again? Honk shoe.

submitted by Webb King

honkadory - A cute young boy (child).

e.g., Where is my little honkadory?

submitted by Britt

honkenbonkers - Awesome and amazing.

e.g., That was honkenbonkers! You are honkenbonkers!

submitted by Reed Elenz - (www)

honker - Common name for the Canada Goose, while the smaller, related species is called "cackler."

e.g., A huge flock of honkers rose up, making a lot of noise.

submitted by Steve McDonald

honkerjigs - A funny and weird-sounding car horn.

e.g., I don't like that car's honkerjig.

submitted by Brit

honkey-donkey - "Okey-dokey" and "hunky-dory."' For something a little funky, but good in a quaint (?) sort of way.

e.g., Q. Shall we tennis at the club today? A. Honkey-donkey. Then let's lunch.

submitted by anca popescu

honkin - Massive.

e.g., That's one honkin nose on that chick.

submitted by souzos

honorary q - When you're at your friend's house so much that you become part of their family

e.g., Megan: "Cindy's always at Marisa's. Kim: "Don't you know, she's an honorary Q."

submitted by Cindy Y.

honter - A person or animal that is skilled in the art of being a nuisance, whilst remaining smug.

e.g., That cat's a real honter.

submitted by Rob Waller

honzon - Buddhist term (Japanese) for object of worship or devotion.

e.g., Money is his honzon. | He is honzoned-out on her.

submitted by Bruce Jewett

hooah - Used to show understanding, but may substitute for any word at any time. Used by Army personnel.

e.g., SGT: Are you with me, men? Men: Hooah! The drill sgt was all hooah about push ups today.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

hoobajoob - Events that are taking place; questionable material

e.g., What is all of this hoobajoob? I don't understand this hoobajoob.

submitted by Chris

hoobalagah - A interjection expressing reaction to the sudden rush that comes from caffine or adrenaline.

e.g., Hoobalagah! Thats some good espresso.

submitted by Jesse Batz

hoobity - The remains of the bugs that hit your windshield.

e.g., Better wipe all that hoobity off the car before Mom gets home.

submitted by ALEX! - (www)

hoochie - A female human usually found loitering outside nightclubs whose make-up to clothes ratio is very uneven. Or hoochie-mama. Hoochies can be identified by shirts with no backs and heads with no brains. They like to travel in packs, especially to the bathroom.

e.g., Look at that hoochie over there. She bumped into the wall and left a mark.

submitted by matt - (www)

hoochie gucci girl - TV and Hollywood's created image and example for all the present world's young women.

e.g., The hot, but so cool, latest role model for today's 21st century young thang -- fashion fresh, running at 2011 mph, partying all night, thin, but smokingly stylish, ripping and zipping guys with a score of witty put-downs, texting OMG to friends and foe, swaying to a spasmodic cacophony of "in" music, a tweeting twitterer, a willow wisp, teasing, flirting, now you see me, now I hide, pale-skinned, heavenly hair, arrogant ball-buster, perfectly cosmeticized, lightly fragranced, slightly aloof, with a breath of worldly decadence, and eternal, softly glowing beauty.  
Isn't she wonderful? But -- she has not one original idea in her head. And -- she still bites her fingernails. Every young woman's dream -- the hoochie gucci girl.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hoochie pants - Skin-tight black pants women sometimes where to bars and parties.

e.g., That girl is looking to go out tonight. Look at those hoochie pants.

submitted by Quigs

hoochie wipe - A feminine hygiene towelette used to cleanse the labial and clitoral area.

e.g., Maria used a hoochie wipe in hopes of acquiring a second date with her beloved.

submitted by maria doucette

hoochie-mobile - A pimped-out car.

e.g., Did you see that Civic with the gold rims? What a hoochie-mobile.

submitted by Mandy

hoochify - To dress oneself provocatively, as for a date or nightclub.

e.g., I'm going out tonight, so I'd better get myself hoochified. Otherwise, the guys may not realize what a cheap slut I am.

submitted by Tanya

hood - An environ heavily populated by wolves.

e.g., Little red riding hood.

submitted by S., Berliner, III - (www)

hood rat - Any person from the 'hood who thinks that they have class when, in fact, that is not the case.

e.g., You couldn't get me to set foot in that club. Too many hood rats!

submitted by Fancy

hoodie lum - A description of a self-styled "gangster" based on the hooded jackets popularly worn by young males on the streets.

e.g., Man! First der was the homeboy shortie pants. Den der was da lidded cap worn backass on d'head. Now y'got the zip up jacket wit da hood dat goes up to a peak on yer head. C'mon, boy, y'aint no hoodie lum less y'wear yer hood, in da nay ber hood!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hoodigan - Your neighborhood bully.

e.g., I ran all the way from Doris's house because I'm afraid of those hoodigans that hang out in front of the bodega.

submitted by Kara Krupnick

hoodle - Sissy, or wimpy.

e.g., Don't be such a hoodle. Toughen up.

submitted by Marie

hoodophobia - An irrational fear of people wearing hoodies. Hoodiephobia. Banks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have signs on their doors advising potential customers not to enter their loobies if they are wearing hats, hoodies, or sunglasses.

e.g., I'm not sure whether or not it's hoodophobia that causes banks in Tulsa to tell customers not to wear hoodies into their lobbies. If there's a history of bank robberies by hoodied criminals, it wouldn't be irrational at all to fear them.

submitted by HD Fowler

hoodsie - In Massachusetts, a girl who is probably underage and dresses inappropriately. The word is derived from Hood Dairy products, specifically ice cream cups with wooden spoons.

e.g., You should be more careful if you don't want to go to jail. That girl's wicked cute, but she's a hoodsie.

submitted by Luddite

hooey - Baloney, bs, malarkey, malarky, mullarkey. … See poppycock.

e.g., Mom said the teacher's policy was a lot of hooey and I didn't have to pay any attention to it.

submitted by george kelly - (www)

hoof - 1. To blow out a candle. 2. To blow on soup or such in order to cool it down.

e.g., 1. Okay, we're up to 10 candles. Can you hoof 'em in one go? 2. Why didn't the bears just hoof on their porridge and stay home?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hoof - To toe-punt a ball in an awkward form.

e.g., Art just hoofed that ball miles.

submitted by Danny

hoof it - Walking as the only option for arriving at a destination when automobile transportation would be the norm. A tongue-in-cheek term intended to bolster the sense of accomplishment by foot. As in, "To be on four hooves like a work horse."

e.g., We'll leave our car at the bottom of the hill and hoof it in from there.

submitted by Jam

hoofz beat - Like heartbeat. The hoofs of a horse beating.

e.g., Look out Chevy Camaro, you can hear my hoofz beat.

submitted by aar0n (Da Corba)

hooger - To be possesive, especially when eating the last portion of some food in a gathering. Derivative of "hoover" as in Hoover vacuum cleaner.

e.g., Did you hooger that last piece of lasagna?

submitted by Jerry

hoohoo - The cardboard tube left when all the paper towels are gone.

e.g., 1. Mom, may I have the hoohoo? 2. Kids always say "Hoohoo" into the hoohoo.

submitted by Janis Dodson

hoojicapiv - A "whatsit" is a "thingamajig" is a "whatchamacallit." Just another something that you can't find the right word for.

e.g., The darned hoojicapiv on the whatsit isn't running right. Give 'er another bash and see if that works.

submitted by Gary LaBerge

hook up - 1. To handcuff (refers to the specific act of handcuffing, but implies taking into custody). Police slang. 2. To get together romantically.

e.g., 1. Tags on the car are expired, let's go ahead and hook him up. OR Busy day today, we musta hooked up five, six guys. 2. I hooked up with this nice guy at the dance. OR I saw you mackin' on that girl--you two hook up?

submitted by garth - (www)

hook up - To copulate.

e.g., Billie dumped Willie because he wouldn't hook up with her -- making Willie less than useless to a woman like Billie. Same for Willie's willy.

submitted by beelzebub

hook, line, sinker, rod, reel, angler, boat, bait, and evinrude - (adv.) In a manner betokening an astounding gullibility. [An extension of the standard "hook, line, and sinker" fishing metaphor. For those unfamiliar with boating, Evinrude builds some of the best outboard motors in the world.]

e.g., "I told him there was a radiation leak." "And he believed you?! How long has he been hiding in his office?" "Coming up on ... about 62 hours, give or take." "Wow: hook, line, sinker, rod, reel, angler, boat, bait, and Evinrude."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hooker boots - Knee High Boots or Go-Go Boots

e.g., She had a short skirt and some hooker boots on.

submitted by Bob Malone

hooker hoops - Large, hooped earrings.

e.g., She was wearing a lot of large jewelry, including hooker hoops.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

hookey, hooky - When you're not doing anything.

e.g., "Stop playing hookey and get back to work"

submitted by sarah

hookup - A casual sexual encounter. | The person with whom you have a casual sexual encounter.
With the hack of the data for website for cheating wives and husbsands in the news again, it seemed reasonable to add the term -- which might still be unknown to, say, the Amish.

e.g., Sure, I hookup with a man other than my husband at least once a week, but I don't know why I get called a cheater for doing so. He knows all about it and approves of what I'm doing -- it's just an easy way for me to find new hookups.

submitted by Beelzebub

hoolinguyattamouth - Hoo-lin-geye-utter-mouth. Something that tastes really bad is said to be hoolinguyattamouth.

e.g., These taste like hoolinguyattamouth.

submitted by Tom

hoomie - A non-specific word used to name an item for which the real name is unknown or has been forgotten. Syn: thingie, whatsit, doodad.

e.g., I got a model plane for my birthday, and it came with this one big hoomie.

submitted by Mark

hooneker - 'hoo·nek·er (< Du. Brabant dial. hoeneke < hoe eentje, dim. of hoe een, = formal Du. wat voor een):  What kind of? Usage: Always a single-word question. Always in reply to someone’s proud announcements of making an artifact.

e.g., “I made a beautiful thingy today.” “Hooneker?” A possible reply might then be (holding the thingy up): “Zunneker.”

submitted by René

hooo - Shows imperssion of a great, awesome and terrific thing.

e.g., Hooo! look at this truck - i want one too.

submitted by Izhar Izhaki

hoootling - The act, when something strikes you as absurdly funny, of unrestrained laughter, that you can't stop. And when you do stop, you start again.

e.g., You know those times, when something funny "strikes" you, and you can't stop laughing ... it's so ridiculously stupid ... you're laughing so hard that tears are pouring out of your eyes ... you're gasping for breath ... your face is turning purple, and you're still laughing ... until you're choking ... you have to stop laughing to take in some air ... then, you can't help it, it grabs you, laughter restarts? That's "hoootling!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

hoop - To "hoop" something is to throw it in the garbage can, like a basketball player would slam dunk the ball.

e.g., If you can't use this, just hoop it.

submitted by Coop

hoop - A derogatory term meaning not cool; can be used to describe just about anything not meeting criteria; originated in New Orleans and probably derived from the slang "hoopty."

e.g., Why does Jared hang out with that psycho Chris all the time? Chris is hoop.

submitted by Matt Zylicz

hoopenstiner - A person who has an obsession with basket ball.

e.g., I'm a hoopenstiner.

submitted by Marie

hoopt - "Does not make sense, no logic."

e.g., "GST, now thats Hoopt!"

submitted by Stiemer

hoopty - Car of dubious quality, usually crap.

e.g., You see Mike's '63 Mercury and '68 Thunderbird? 'Til he gets some body work done, they'll both be hoopties.

submitted by Ghideon

hoopty - Completely messed up.

e.g., I got stuck in detention because I acted hoopty after biology class. Made some smart-alec comment to Nancy about her tympanum. She thought it was Tampax and reported me. After that, it went downhill very fast.

submitted by Anonymous

hoopy - Denoting the extreme excellent coolness of a person, place, or thing.

e.g., _Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams_: "You sass that Ford Prefect? There's one hoopy frood who knows where his towel is."

submitted by j

hoopy-dingy - A lady's rear end.

e.g., Grandma told us to wear jeans on cold days to keep our hoopy-dingys warm.

submitted by sherrie

hoorj - Hooray is an outdated word. Hoorj can express feelings beyond happiness. It can be sad ("hoorJ...") or overly exciting ("HoOoORj!").

e.g., Me: How are you doing? You: I'm just fine! HoorJ!

submitted by Will

hooroo - Australian slang for goodbye.

e.g., Have a good one barry, hooroo.

submitted by Ralph

hoosabadinky - Anything whose name you cannot remember on the spot or the term for which you do not know. Thingamajig, thingamabob, doohickey.

e.g., Say, could you hand me the hoosabadinky?...No, to your right...a little to your left...Yeah, that--no, right behind it...Yeah, thanks.

submitted by Evman

hoosier daddy - The penultimate American male -- tall, handsome, muscular, yet sensitive and caring, a good provider, and from the Midwest.

e.g., With bright, glowing eyes, Alecia watched Rick get up from his chair and walk to the apartment door. "I love you so much!" she said. "You're so strong and good looking, and you're always concerned about me and my feelings, and you treat me like a queen! You could have any girl you want, why me?" Rick took the straw of wheat from the corner of his lips, turned and faced her, his steely blue eyes warm and tender. "Hoosier Daddy?" he asked, and he smiled, and went out the door.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

hoot - an extreme of humor

submitted by kat - (www)

hootenanny - A gathering--bigger than a shindig, but smaller than a rave.

e.g., Are you going to Ryan's hootenanny?

submitted by Mike Hayward

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