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hygienism - The art of having impeccable hygiene.

e.g., She takes a bath three times a day and washes her hair every time. I think she's the ultimate at hygienism.

submitted by Colleen

hymer - To talk to a different species as if it can understand what you are saying.

e.g., Dad, Joey is hymering with the dog again.

submitted by Leah

hyp-oz-crite - Hip-a-scrit. One who dumps on another (usually a celebrity) forever, but when said person (celebrity) becomes more mainstream and popular, the dumper suddenly loves her. Derived from the media's lovey-dovey reaction to former whipping-boy Ozzy Osbourne once his TV show became popular.

e.g., I remember when Newsweek ripped Ozzy to shreds, calling him "devil-worshipper." Now they praise the "realism" of his show. What a bunch of hyp-Oz-scrits.

submitted by Dan Levinson

hype - Of something "cool."

e.g., That new Darren Jay tape is hype.

submitted by Sin - (www)

hype a link - What Matt Drudge does with his hyperbolic lead-ins to get his mostly conservative audience to surf to the sites he wants them to -- often sites that will arouse their ire.

e.g., Poppycock is exactly the word that came to mind when I saw Drudge hype a link to Hank Johnson's recent comments: "CONGRESSMAN: 'We Earn' Our $174K Salary!" It was when I was looking for sites where his comments had been repeated that I found the video. How did the admiral he was speaking to keep a straight face?  
Unless this happened on April Fool's Day, Johnson seems not to be joking. Call me racist if you must, but if he's serious, the words dumb as a post definitely fit.  
Just to put your mind at ease, had he and three other Democrats voted against obamacare instead of for it a few days earlier, the bill would not have become law.  
God help US.

submitted by HD Fowler

hype and tripe - Blather, pap, poppycock, balderdash, nonsense, spin.

e.g., Hype and tripe is to be expected from politicians.  
As I noted in my response to your "mugwump" query, "beelzebub" was not someone to be trusted. That "Great Satan" message was obviously posted by someone just trying to provoke a message board fight -- possibly even by someone who actually agrees with you. The thread has been deleted. Such a thread is not appropriate for a lighthearted dictionary site for made up words. Please don't take this as being critical of you in any way. I agree with your position and understand how the posts annoyed you. As for myself, I've been known to yell at leftwing hype and tripe on television -- just ask my wife of fifty+ years. However, I just don't want visitors to get the idea that that's the sort of exchange they are going to find at  
Please visit the forum at any time for a little fun and, occasionally, some enlightenment. Your "mugwump" query struck a chord with me and piqued my curiosity. You're also invited to come up with your own additions to our lexicon. Now that I think about it, "hype and tripe" is a phrase I don't recall hearing before. I invite you to create a description and example for it. I can guarantee that it will be added.  
Thank you for your time.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hyper-bully - I was called a bully last night at work, when I was joking around with a co-worker. Then I was called hyper by the same person, because I wouldn't stop talking. I guess you could say I was a hyper-bully.

e.g., I was a total hyper-bully at work last night.

submitted by TW

hyperautocritical - Adjective to describe someone who is overly critical of herself.

e.g., Michael was so hyperautocritical that he eventually committed suicide.

submitted by Joseph B. Adams - (www)

hyperblah - to decribe someone that you never know if they are "hyper" or "blah" their mood can change at any moment!

e.g., Wow! She is one girl who is hyperblah, you don't know when to talk to her.

submitted by Nicole

hyperbolic chamber - Chamber in which ridiculously exaggerated ideas or people are exposed to concentrated gaseous emissions and become even more ridiculously exaggerated.

e.g., After a little time in the hyperbolic chamber, George was a bigger bloviator than ever.

submitted by Tavia

hyperbolist - A person who frequently embellishes or exaggerates a description for greater effect.

e.g., Susie had told Stan a million times that she was not a hyperbolist.

submitted by Delilah

hyperchondriac - Someone who never gives a thought to her health or well-being.

e.g., I'm glad to say I'm a hyperchondriac -- most of the time.

submitted by HD Fowler

hypercool - Something or someone exceedingly cool.

e.g., Wow, the new starship Enterprise is hypercool!

submitted by Alan Morrison

hypercrite - One who is excessively critical.

e.g., Christini is a hypercrite. She found fault with everything I did.

submitted by Nonesuch

hyperdicmegaabracadabrantist - A person who speaks of the abnormally great or magical.

e.g., When Josh told me how much he cares for me, it was like he was a hyperdicmegaabracadabrantist.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

hyperfiber - Indescribable all-purpose super filament, highly stretchable, will not break even under undue stress, outerspace and innerspace applications, use in special garments, can be successfully modified to be eaten, spin it, weave it, wind it, stretch across and underneath moons and other heavenly bodies, unlimited satisfactions and gratifications.

e.g., Hyperfiber among other things will handily transmit light and sound and electrical impulses, all electronic applications, and soon also undoubtedly brain waves, cohesive thinking, even with emotional content. Buy your latest version of hyperfiber unit today before they are updated and outdated, special prices till stock is exhausted, buy and save, you'll be glad you did?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hyperfoamia - My son created this word when he was three. He had the stomach flu. It means to throw up excessively.

e.g., Mommy, last night I had hyperfoamia. I couldn't stop barfing.

submitted by Stacy

hyperillusion - Beyond imagination, the greatest feeling you can think of.

e.g., Winning the superball lottery was a hyperillusion.

submitted by Rocky

hyperintuvastuffia - That dreadful gnawing feeling that you're forgetting something really important, but just can't remember what it is.

e.g., I've got a bad case of hyperintuvastuffia.

submitted by p-pop

hyperlink - Puffing up a lady's website URL.

e.g., He made far too much of her site; she told him repeatedly not to hype 'er link.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

hypermangia - Feeling or condition of being too full after eating too much.

e.g., I usually forget about the uncomfortable hypermangia on Thanksgiving since I always focus on the pleasure of eating a lot of delicious turkey and all the other awesome side dishes.

submitted by MD Caruso

hypermaternal - 1. Excessive maternal behavior directed towards one's offspring. 2. Inappropriate maternal behavior directed at non-offspring, esp. adults. Variants: hyperpaternal, hyperparental.

e.g., That receptionist is so hypermaternal that she even straightens the CEO's blouse and calls her "kiddo."

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

hypernataldigitation - Awarenesss of a tendency to look at a digital clock when it displays your birthday.

e.g., She was acutely aware of her hypernataldigitation. She knew that she often looked at digital clocks when they show 6:17--her birthday is June 17.

submitted by Eric Margerum - (www)

hypernavigate - To excessively direct the driver of a car, usually characteristic of backseat drivers.

e.g., If you're driving to your house and it's directly in front of you, saying "Go straight" is hypernavigation. (For good examples of hypernavigation, see Crazy Taxi (© Sega 1999, 2000)).

submitted by BigAssFries

hypernormous - Beyond big.

e.g., The rock star was making hypernormous amounts of money.

submitted by Michael Hedges

hyperpower, hyperpuissance - A country more powerful than a superpower. The only power in a unipolar world. Certainly not coined by me, but worth noting here.

e.g., From the link provided: If Britain's "special relationship" with the United States is to pal around with it and work to influence its policies from within, France thinks it has an equally special relationship with the U.S.: Its sacred duty is to check American power by publicly and ostentatiously objecting to it from without.  

"The French are so concerned by the dominance of American power -- militarily, economically, culturally, and technologically -- that a former French foreign minister felt the need to coin a new word to describe it: hyperpuissance, or 'hyperpower.'" Think of it this way: France thinks the United States has so much power that the French language didn't have a word for it.The United States is the world's only hyperpower.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

hypersookidaemia - Where a person appears more upset, in order to gain sympathy, or have a very low tolerance to pain, stress, etc.

e.g., She was suffering a severe case of hypersookidaemia. What a wuss!

submitted by Steve

hyperspace - (v.) 1. To forget something almost immediately after seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, or learning it. 2. To forget something of critical importance. 3. (n.) The dimension that all such forgotten things end up in, along with socks and mislaid pencils. 4. The dimension in which the forgetter must have been when he or she supposedly saw or heard (etc.) whatever it is he or she forgot.

e.g., Archie: Um, he doesn't know we're coming. Betty: He doesn't what?! You didn't tell him?! Archie: Guess I forgot. Bogie: You Forgot. Hyperspaced it, you mean---Great. Veronica: Okay, are we set? Betty: 'Fraid not, Veronica: warp factor one. Veronica: He forgot again?! Archie: I'm sorry, I'll--- Betty & Veronica: Shut up.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hypersublimity - Beyond perfection. What you thought perfection should be, but was just more astounding than that.

e.g., As we gazed on Mary Beth for the first time, what we saw was hypersublimity. It's been the same way ever since.

submitted by Rocky

hypertyper - 1. A person who is considered the quickest typer on a standard qwerty keyboard in his or her workplace 2. The world speed-typing champion.

e.g., The hypertyper represented Transcomm in the Heathrow interworkplace games.

submitted by trebor9trebor

hypertyperlate - Typing erroneously and excessively due to being over-excited.

e.g., When I first met my boyfriend, I got so excited that I began to hypertyperlate his name in e-mails to friends.

submitted by Chuck in Melbourne - (www)

hypheminist - A pseudo-feminist who, rather than simply retaining the use of her own (maiden) name after marriage, sticks it in front of her husband's surname, joined by a hyphen.

e.g., Ms. Topp-Hevi is a flagrant hypheminist.

submitted by Zouave Outlaw

hyphen-hater - someone who does not like using hyphens in words. Such a person would write "coordinate" instead of "co-ordinate". Play on words with the opposite meaning "hyphenator".

e.g., The hyphen-hater tried to sell us on coop housing.

submitted by Gene Wirchenko

hypmotized - "Misspelling of hypnotized."

e.g., Her beauty overwhelmed me. I think I was hypmotized.

submitted by [David L. Goldstein] - (www)

hypnagogo - Adjective, describing the mystical state halfway between waking and dreaming of being a dancer in a cage.

e.g., Emanuel Swedenborg's prescient visions of a surreal afterlife are often considered prime examples of hypnagogo-altered consciousness.

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

hypno-baked - Erratic golf play induced by listening to too many self-help hypnotherapy for golf CDs.

e.g., I hit some of the best shots of my life and some of the worst. The hypno-baking method is not something to try if you are looking to put some consistency into your golf game.

submitted by Matthew Hughes - (www)

hypnoceramic - The frozen glare; a non-moving staredown, especially if feline in origin.

e.g., Kitty's hypnoceramic eyes were locked on target a lifetime before the fatal pounce.

submitted by Martin

hypnyb - To hang out and socialize with hypnotists and subjects.

e.g., The only problem when you hypnyb with talented hypnotists, is that you can't remember it.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

hypobeerobeaspillicatophobia - The fear of spilling your beer because by doing so, you are obligated to lick one of your big toes despite a disgust towards feet.

e.g., After his long run, Ruby tried to trick her new friend into spilling his beer, being fully aware of his hypobeerobeaspillicatophobia.

submitted by Andy Pschirrer & Ruby A. C.

hypobelt - From hypocrite shortened to hypo, with "belt" tacked on in reference to the Bible Belt. This spoonerism (a combination of two or more words) is a term that is used for people who make either public or private statements saying that (insert object / action here) is alright and kosher, when that person's statement is contradictory to the philosophies or beliefs of their own religion that they profess to adhere to.  
{ED. This entry is not a spoonerism. Look it up.}

e.g., "Followers of the LDS religion will almost instantly see people who proclaim themselves to be LDS for the hypobelts they are if they do not seem to even know what that religion teaches, for they make statements that run counter to their religion. For example, an LDS therapist recently stated that masturbation is a perfectly righteous practice. Another example is that there are several lesbian/gay people who claim to be LDS adherents, regardless of the fact that the LDS religion preaches against homosexuality.

submitted by Trahvagen

hypocarbiac - Someone who is obsessed with her carb intake, to the point, for instance, where it may be somewhat of a nuisance to dine out with her.

e.g., Shareez has become a hypocarbiac lately. Today at lunch she ordered a hamburger without the bun.

submitted by Paul

hypochristian - Christians who aren't perfect, but want you to be. They don't practice what they preach.

e.g., The hypochristians tried to get me to go to their church.

submitted by Linda

hypocracy - Political regime based on systematic lies and propaganda. Hypocrisy is a moral quality, while hypocracy is a political system. |

Government by hypocrites, especially a government run by leftistist elitists. (To accommodate a common misspelling of "hypocrisy.") | The ultimate form of government.

Here's an example of misuse: Dukehoopsfan: "The hypocracy of the left knows no bounds. These limousine liberals want to run our lives while they live in their double standard universe."


e.g., Nazi Germany and communist Russia are historical examples of powerful hypocracies. | (From an example later on in the input queue -- Mr. Epstein and one not-so-humble editor apparently having come close to synchronizing on this common misspelling for "hyprocisy.") "Can any one citizen get over the hypocracy of this President putting illegals before his own country's citizens?"

Nothing unusual as far as I'm concerned. Hypocracy is more or less the standard form of government at local, county, state, and federal levels. || Once the EU Constitution is passed, will Europe be well on its way to a Federal European States and the world's first official hypocracy? | How long will it be before the hypocracy of a world government is formed?

submitted by Mikhail Epstein | Miss Speller - (www)

hypocrat - An unofficial political "party"/designation, that encompasses members of all other political parties/designations, who say one thing, and do the opposite.

e.g., Sure, they all sound sincere when they're first elected, but it remains to be seen whether newly-elected Republicans, Democrats, tea-partiers, and independents are, in fact, hypocrats.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

hypocrite burger - A vegetarian burger with bacon and cheese.

e.g., I'll have the hypocrite burger with bacon, please.

submitted by cee - (www)

hypocryphal - For a made-up (or overly elaborated) story told to make the teller sound virtuous and honest.

e.g., Andy: You know how Chris was telling me about that old lady he helped cross the road? Betty: Yeah. That was so kind of him. Andy: Well, he drunkenly told me yesterday he was trying to crack on to her the whole time. He was leading her back to his house before she hit him with her handbag. Betty: What a hypocryphal guy.

submitted by Zsuszo Kláskj

hypogeographemia - Anemia of the brain, causing an inability to find your way around an area even though you've been there a dozen times.

e.g., I don't remember from day to day how to get to a place I've been before. Therefore, I have hypogeographemia.

submitted by Winnie Doherty

hypomonochondriac - For a person who wishes she had mono(nucleosis) to explain why she feels tired all the time. She uses her hypomonochondria to get extensions on papers and to get out of doing work.

e.g., Joanie is a hypomonochondriac. She keeps making me feel her neck glands. I really think she just wants an excuse not to do the group project.

submitted by Joanie

hyponoia - The pathalogical sense that NOBODY is out to get you.

e.g., The other day on Lincoln High Street, I experienced the weirdest sense of hyponoia. It soon passed, of course. Thank God.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

hypopothesis - A very radical or extreme hypothesis.

e.g., The hypothesis that the hippopotamus is first cousin to the rhinoceros may be considered a hypopothesis.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hypopower - (Gr. hypo, "under", "beneath" + power) -- a formerly powerful state that declines in power and finds itself increasingly rotten and weak. Antonym: hyperpower.

e.g., Austria-Hungary was a hypopower of the early 20th century. | The USSR in the 1980s and today's Russia are examples of a hypopower.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein

hypostulate - Between hypothesis and postulate.

e.g., Examining the evidence, it is possible to hypostulate a new theory.

submitted by David Johnston - (www)

hypotenusing - Walking for minimum distance and maximum efficiency often entails diverging from the common path: to cut across, or to take the shortest cut of all short cuts.

e.g., "Why are you going across the field?" "We're hypotenusing."

submitted by madam

hypotheoleticalist - An agnostic with deist tendencies or vicey versey: maybe there Is and maybe there Ain't, who can say, the current existing organizations ("religions") and their promoters (preachers, priests, scripture freaks, and all their believers) are Not very convincing, not to independent thinkers at least. For "believing" is not Knowing, beliefs do no constitute Knowledge, wildly imaginative stories no matter how traditional, do Not represent Reality, in spite of what they insist that you "must" believe.

e.g., A lot of people believe as they do believe because they were caused to believe it. Not necessarily of their own choice. By family, community, the society they happen to find themselves in, organized religions, various writings promoted as being "authoritative," certain television programming, friends, neighbors, and so forth. Humans are vulnerable to these various belief systems, they believe pretty much because they don't know any better. But the word "unbeliever" doesn't even sound very nice )-: Nonbelievers do not believe for good reason. Popular beliefs do not seem very rational or even make good sense. The hypotheoleticalist is actually a nice guy -- bright, a thinker, able to consider various possibilities.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hypothetical god (et alia) - Hypothetical God, Real God, Unreal God: a new trinity for agnostics and others: especially nice for Universal Possibility Thinkers (UPT).

e.g., The nice thing about Hypothetical God & is that IT can be or not be whatever you want IT to be.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hypothetician - A person who studies things that will probably never be.

e.g., Since we never expect to see world peace, we have called in a hypothetician to create a plan that we might execute if world peace is attained.

submitted by Kenneth Langford - (www)

hypy - Being happy and hyper at the same time.

e.g., I'm so hypy I'm just jumping off the walls

submitted by Ryshelle

hysterect - To perform a hysterectomy. "Hysterect" is to hysterectomy as "vasect" is to vasectomy.

e.g., Sterilize 'em. That'll keep 'em from becoming baby factories. Don't be gentle about it either. Forget about tubal ligations and vasectomies. Castrate the boys, and hysterect the girls. No, not complete hysterectomies, Vlad. Just cut out their ovaries. They can keep their uteri.

submitted by HD Fowler

hysterical marker - A way of marking an insane event. Intended words: historical marker

e.g., It's just past the hysterical marker up ahead.

submitted by Nairnne Fanberg

hystericalectomy - An operation, usually performed on women of a certain age and above, to remove their sense of humour.

e.g., Well, I've been moving stuff around in my mum's house, to make her think she's losing it. Anyway, she caught me and blew her stack. It's as if she's had a hystericalectomy or something.

submitted by fierysurprise

hystioblogination - The act of trying to identify a gift by putting it next to your ear and shaking it.

e.g., Last Christmas, I used the act of hystioblogination to find out what my parents gave me before opening it.

submitted by Erika

hyundai - From the Hyundai advert. "All day every day, Hyundai." For something, anything, you do a lot -- frequently or continually.

e.g., "You watch alot of TV, Billy Bob." Hyundai.

submitted by bob

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