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glitteral - (adj.) 1. everywhere, anywhere you look; 2. recurring unexpectedly for (seemingly) ever and ever; 3. subject to being found in pieces throughout the rest of eternity; 4. unforgettable, because of its constant recursion. [from the fact that the use of glitter---say, on an elementary school project or high school band uniform---causes an eternity of finding flakes of the stuff all over your house, your carpets, your cars, your pets, your food, your hair, your office (twenty-two miles away), your books, and so on ... and on and on).... (and on).

e.g., These new little boutique shops are getting so glitteral: I see them everywhere these days. | "Wow, a really glitteral thing!: I gave this homeless guy some dinner last night, and now it's like every homeless man, woman, and child (and a couple of pets) stop by for dinner every night." "Well, so tell them to go away." "Why on Earth would I do that?! I'm not going to let people starve in the street when I have so much! What a horrible thing to suggest...YOU go away." | "Sal? Here's yet ANOTHER unused thank you note from the wedding. We've been married 26 years!...How many of these did you buy?" "Oh, just six or seven ... ... cases." "WHAT?!"

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

glitteriffic - To be very glittery or glitzy, in a good way.

e.g., Sonita, with that sequined dress, sparkly eye shadow, and hair to the ceiling, you look glitteriffic. You rook marbelous.

submitted by Sonita

gloat - To express pleasure on one's own success or another's misfortune.

e.g., His enemies gloated over his death.

submitted by Shalin - (www)

globalite - A person dedicated to and concerned with everything global.

e.g., Mary the globalite wants us all to do more to help the earth.

submitted by Bernard Re, Jr. - (www)

globaloney - Baloney (nonsense), but on a global scale. Many on the Right believe that the current fear of global warming amounts to globaloney being pushed by the Left. (I'm positive I'm not the originator of this word. I just don't remember where or when I saw it)

e.g., Former President Clinton's statement that we must fulfill "the obligation to have everything we do contribute to building an integrated global community out of the interdependent world in which we find ourselves" is just more of his left-wing globaloney.  

He moved to the center to get elected, but now he's back to showing his true colors. Keep it up and it'll be the end of the United States as a sovereign country -- and also of the US as the world's best hope. That's certainly not what the founding fathers had in mind. Frankly, I'd rather work on bringing up the standard of living for the rest of the world rather than lower ours. I'm no advocate of "When all else fails, lower your standards."

submitted by HD Fowler

glober - A resident of the globe; one who lives across the borders and travels more than dwells in a single place.

e.g., Globers constitute the growing portion of population all over the world. Many business people, journalists, actors, scientists, politicians, and employees of international organizations and multinational corporations are globers by their occupation and way of life.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

globophobe - A person with a fear of globalization.

e.g., French farmer & activist Jose Bove is a globophobe.

submitted by Wes Jones

globular - Having the characteristic of a gelatinous glob.

e.g., The dinner was unfortunately, globular.

submitted by Moof

glocal - Global and local simultaneuosly.

e.g., Flashmobs ahve become a glocal phenomenon.

submitted by pgoswami - (www)

glocknernobbin - Fancy word for a ballponit pen.

e.g., Can I use your glocknernobbin; mine is out of ink.

submitted by hilow

glocko - A metal door.

e.g., Open that glocko, please.

submitted by Alex 7th English

gloid - Someone of low intelligence. Invented by Phil Hendrie, now sadly having ridden off into the sunset. See "gloid" and many other finds (ED. One suspects that the politically incorrect [but sometimes very funny] Mr. Hendrie based "his" word on some term associated with Down Syndrome, named for J. Langdon Down, himself -- to be kind -- perhaps more than politically incorrect.)

e.g., Many, if not most, human beings are -- when you get down to it -- gloids.

submitted by G.D. Ransford - (www)

gloin - A blend of "loin" and "groin." Gloin chops can prove to be quite unpleasant unless it's a part of therapy, medically approved, and applied. Barbequed gloin chops, however, are pleasant to the nose and tongue.

e.g., The ancient warrior did gird not only his wing, but his gloin as well, for support and protection -- to preserve his life and limb for wife and family and worthy community.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gloiven - An expression of suprise, mock horror. Can be used just as a spontaneous outburst.

e.g., Gloiven! There's a spider in my hair.

submitted by BG

glom - Of a thick and conglomerated nature, usually pertaining to food or something else that makes a thwocking noise when you stir it. A sticky glob or wad. As a verb, "to grab onto something."

e.g., A glom of peanut butter fell on the floor. This can of oriental stir fry is glommy. I hate it when you stand in the kitchen glomming onto the food before dinner's ready.

submitted by jethro - (www)

glom - To put way too much of a condiment on a food item.

e.g., I like my pancakes with just a little syrup. Don't glom!

submitted by alan

glom on - To desperately attach yourself to something.

e.g., He glommed on to the idea as if it was his own.

submitted by D2

glombinate - To precariously construct something unstable with minimal materials.

e.g., I was going to go into the tree house, but it was too glombinated for me to risk it.

submitted by dizzev

glomp - Internet generic verb. Performed in adoration or love of the glompee, in a fanboy/fangirl manner. Details of the glomp are left to the glompee's imagination.

e.g., Nezu glomps Aspect as he enters.

submitted by Kat Savage - (www)

glomp - A tackle and hug combined.

e.g., His girlfriend glomped him.

submitted by Cap Chaos - (www)

glondonfo - An oaf. A clumsy fool who is not keeping his wits about him.

e.g., Watch it you, glondonfo. You almost broke my glasses.

submitted by Suzanne

gloom - To turn down or otherwise dim a source of light.

e.g., You know the movie is about to start when they gloom the lights.

submitted by Presto

gloominosity - Light reflected off dirty and wet city streets.

e.g., "We will experience temps in the low 50s with a gloominosity level of 7," said the CNN weatherman.

submitted by Heather Bansemer

gloon - Extremly boring person, generally male.

e.g., Dan can sure be a gloon sometimes. He cornered me at the party last night and spent half an hour explaining the migrating patterns of the lesser-spotted mongoose.

submitted by dan mcdonald

gloopy - Super chunky.

e.g., I despise peanut butter. It's so dang gloopy.

submitted by laura :)

glooton - Gloo-tahn. From an episode of "Rocko's Modern Life," referring specifically to people who gravitate around the dinner table long after they have finished eating and pick at the leftovers.

e.g., I'm too lazy to put this roasted turkey away. I'll just scavenge at it all night like the glooton I am.

submitted by withoutwax - (www)

glorbs - Breasts, especially those of considerable heft; synonym of "nork." A portmanteau word, formed from the words "glorious" and "orbs."

(ED. A portmanteau is " . . . a large travelling-bag that folds back flat from the middle ...; Lewis Carroll's term for a blend, a word into which are packed the sense (and sound) of two words, e.g., 'slithy' for 'lithe' and 'slimy.'" (The Chambers Dictionary) From "Through The Looking Glass when Humpty Dumpty described 'slithy' as a 'portmanteau' because 'there are two meanings packed up into one word.'" (Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary) Thanks, "Pip," for causing me to check the meaning of "portmanteau." I had misunderstood "portmanteau word" to be only a word that had two meanings and had misused "portmanteau" at jabitzer. Since corrected.)

e.g., Millicent found that many doors opened for her after her breast enhancement surgery provided her with glorbs.

(ED. Then Millicent got extremely lucky with her surgery. The result of so-called "breast enhancement surgery" is usually just larger breasts. The slang term "knockers" also fits, because of the unnatural feel and hardness of the result. Enhanced only in the eyes of a few men and in the eyes of the unfortunate woman who paid dearly for such surgery -- and will continue to pay in the years to come. If you're thinking of having your breasts enlarged for some man, think how much better off you'd be if you invested your time in finding a better man rather than investing your money and psyche in unnecessary surgery. Justifiable for some women, perhaps, but only if their psychological well-being improves sufficiently to justify the eventual and inevitable problems caused by large breasts. My wife's breast enhancement surgery consisted of having her breasts reduced in size. Prior to that they were causing her to have problems with her back, and she was also developing dowager's hump. Google a little if you don't know what it means. Do they call them "boobs" because so many boobs have their breasts enlarged to ridiculous extremes? Or because the men who are fascinated with large breasts are boobs?)

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

glorifried - Fried in the most scrumptious possible manner.

e.g., Kid: "Mom, what are we having for dinner tonight?" Mom: "Glorifried chicken-- with all the trimmings." Kid: "Oh, boy!"

submitted by natalie

glork - "To spill something of a liquidy or semi liquid form (pudding, dip) on yourself."

e.g., "Oh geeze, I just glorked all over with that salsa."

submitted by Mike Dunlap

glorm - An attack in which a female assailant roughly grabs the pectoral area of a male victim, causing great pain. Can be used as a noun, verb, or interjection (shouted out when performing the action).

e.g., Man, that Jenna is a mean one! I went up to say "hi" and she glormed me.

submitted by Rollo

glossaholic - People obsessed with chapstick, put it on 100 times a day. They're constantly waxing their lips. They even pass it around to other addicts like its a joint or something.

e.g., See Chris smearing chapstick all over his lips for the 10th time in the past hour? He's a glossaholic -- to go along with his other weird traits.

submitted by Tom - (www)

glossocrat -

A member of the glossocracy, those who subscribe to and practice the belief that by controlling the words we use they can control us. The word is certainly not original with me, as indicated by the following defining quotation.

Robert Whitaker's Siegecraft » Wordism: Glossocracy [Minor errors corrected.] Alexander Boot, a Russian by birth, left for the West in the 1970s, only to discover that the West he was seeking was no longer there. Boot believes that democracy, or in the words of Abraham Lincoln, the government of the people, by the people and for the people, has been replaced by glossocracy: government of the word, by the word, and for the word.  
Glossocracy can be traced back at least to the slogan of the French Revolution in 1789, “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood.” As it turned out, this meant mass terror, martial law, and authoritarian rule. The more meaningless the word, the more useful it is for glossocrats. This is why the notion of Multiculturalism has been so useful, since it sounds vaguely positive, but ambiguous and could be used to cover up vast changes implemented with little public debate. The impulse behind Political Correctness consists of twisting the language we use, enforcing new words or changing the meanings of old ones, turning them into “weapons of crowd control” by demonizing those who fail to comply with the new definitions. The European Union, a French-led enterprise, is currently the world’s pre-eminent and most unadulterated glossocracy.  
According to Boot, a dictator whose power is based on bullets is afraid of bullets. A glossocrat whose power is based on words is afraid of words. The EU has drawn up guidelines advising government spokesmen to use “non-offensive” phrases when talking about terrorism. The word jihad should preferably not be used at all, or should be explained as a misunderstood term meaning peaceful struggle against oneself. These recommendations are being implemented. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in an attempt to avoid offending Muslims in the summer of 2007 banned his ministers from mentioning “Muslim” and “terrorism” in the same breath following attempted terror attacks staged by Muslims, including several medical doctors, in Glasgow and London.

Edit: After entering the quoted material above, I checked and found that I've quoted from a racist website. Ah, well, a stopped clock is right twice a day. I didn't find the words in any real dictionary, so I gave them a home.

Someone needs to stand up against the nonsense being spouted by people like Chris Matthews: "[R]acism is the belief that one race -- whites -- should rule all others." No, Tingles. Racism is the belief of those of any race that their race is superior (or inferior, I suppose) to another race simply because of race. Sure wish I had a better forum to straighten you out.

e.g., The Glossocrat's Creed: Those who control the language control the people. |  
Noticed at the Drudge Report this morning that some glossocrats are attempting to ban a common term: illegal immigrant. Orwell would be delighted. |  
Instead of using illegal immigrants to refer to those in the United States illegally, glossocrats are pushing for them to be referred to as "persons living in the United States without legal permission." Nine words instead of two. Balderdash. Poppycock. Twiddle twaddle. Humbug. |  
It's plain enough to see that Humpty Dumpty was a would-be glossocrat. |

"'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less.'

"'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean different things.'

"'The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'which is to be master -- that’s all.'" |

The recent change to the AP Stylebook entry for illegal immigration is Orwellian humbuggery, worthy of the best glossocrats.| I see Democrats (liberals, The Left) as being much more inclined to practice glossocracy than Republicans (conservatives, The Right). I have no doubt that The Left in the United States is much better at it than The Right. | The Left is much, much better than The Right a just about anything worthwhile, so why shouldn't they be the best glossocrats? |

Janet Napolidildo is well on her way to becoming the country's foremost glossocrat, as indicated by the following article:

"California Trains Professors To Avoid ‘Microaggressions’" University of California (UC) president Janet Napolitano’s office has been training faculty members at the University of California to avoid describing America as a “land of opportunity,” along with other phrases the school claims are offensive “microaggressions.”  
According to activists, "microaggressions" are subtle actions, usually unintentional, that perpetuate discrimination against disadvantaged groups even in environments where overt discrimination has been abolished. Now, the UC system has fully committed itself to formally training faculty to avoid and root out these perceived microaggressions for the good of all.

Yeah, you got that right: "for the good of all." Ever noticed that the further Left folks go the smarter they get? At least that's what they think -- when what they're actually doing is taking leave of their senses. As if they ever had any sense, much less common sense. (Seriously, do the members of Democrat Underground seriously think Bernie Sanders might get elected POTUS by a landslide? A landslide? Ho. Ho. Ho. |

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

glossy - Used to describe something visually impressive or appealing. May be used in superlative form, "ultraglossy."

e.g., You check his new ride? Damn, is it glossy. | Your new shirt is so ultraglossy.

submitted by max

glot chatter - Those great ideas in the night that don't let you sleep. Often such ideas lost for all eternity if not written down or sketched.

e.g., My glot chatter keeps me up most nights.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

glot pickage - The scraping of the best ideas from between the folds of the human brain.

e.g., Think Steve has some more glot pickage -- that last stuff he shared was way trippy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

gloucestahspeak - "it is the offical name given to the way someone from gloucester, mass speaks. coined by carlson"

e.g., 1st person- i can't understand a thing that kid just said! carlson- that's because he was using gloucestahspeak

submitted by Maggie

gloush - the action of getting soaked by a passing car hitting a large puddle

e.g., i got completely 'gloushed' by that bus

submitted by grant

gloviot - Short for Global Village Idiot. The term sums up a business person or tourist in a global environment, who commits one cross-cultural mistake after another, assumes her own culture is vastly superior, and somehow keeps on upsetting people with her cultural insensitivity.

e.g., Dublin was a crowded place on a Friday evening. The pints of Guinness were lined up like nuns waiting for a bus, overshadowing the thumb-sized iced-tea, ordered by some English gloviot who clearly hadn't done his homework. This was an Irish worker's bar.

submitted by Trevor O'Hara - (www)

glublette - the soft doughy part of the female anatomy which connects the side of the breast to the forearm.

e.g., My glublettes are as big as your boobs, Beth.

submitted by sAsS n BiDe 4 EvA

gluck - Good luck. Used by lazy people who can't be bothered with an extra syllable or by people who can't pronounce "ood."

e.g., Gluck. You're going to need it.

submitted by Robert Henson - (www)

gluck-snort - 1. Something unidentifiable by any other word. 2. An unknown "booger-ish" thing on you.

e.g., Sally, you have a gluck-snort hanging out of your nose again.

submitted by Michael - (www)

gluckenfreude, glückenfreude - (rhymes with Luke-n-Boyd-uh; n.) 1. Joy in the success of others; 2. Sincere praise of the skill of a competitor; 3. The antonym of Schadenfreude (joy in the misfortune of others); 4. Any celebration or rejoicing in unanticipated good fortune regardless of the recipient thereof. [German glück "luck, good fortune" + en "transitive infinitive" + freude "joy."]

e.g., The concepts of Schadenfreude and Glückenfreude are perhaps best explained by appealing to Chapter 35 of Alexander Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo, wherein a pardon is granted to one of two condemned men whose execution is slated to begin the Carnival at Rome in 1838.  

When Peppino is pardoned, the other convict, Andrea Rondolo, falls into a great rage, fighting with his guards and crying, "He ought to die! -- he shall die! -- I will not die alone!"  

Seeing this, the Count comments to his guests, "[T]his human creature who is about to die is furious that his fellow-sufferer does not perish with him....[W]ere he able, he would rather tear him to pieces with his teeth and nails than let him enjoy the life he himself is about to be deprived of.... Lead two sheep to the butcher's, two oxen to the slaughterhouse, and make one of them understand that his companion will not die; the sheep will bleat for pleasure, the ox will bellow with joy. But man -- man, whom God created in his own image -- man, upon whom God has laid his first, his sole commandment, to love his neighbor -- man, to whom God has given a voice to express his thoughts -- what is his first cry when he hears his fellow-man is saved? A blasphemy. Honor to man, this masterpiece of nature, this king of the creation!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

glucker - The flap of skin that hangs down at the back of your throat. Another name for uvula.

e.g., My glucker sure got a workout when I gargled this morning.

submitted by Ralph Weedon

glucklich - Happy or lucky state of mind. Nobody is sure which.

e.g., Wow, that brick just missed your head. That's was glucklich.

submitted by Jules

gluebooger - Those pesky little balls of sticky rubber-like snot that stay in place on the tip of one's nose as if cemented.

e.g., I never saw Chris unless she had a honkin' big gluebooger stuck to the tip of her nose.

submitted by Bob

gluedini - A person who is skilled at the art of decoupage.

e.g., The great gluedini continues to amaze everyone with her works.

submitted by Marianne VanAmburgh

gluetenfarten - Instead of a photographer saying "cheese" when you pose for a picture, you hear the mind's picture of cheese.

e.g., Everybody smile and say "glutenfarten."

submitted by Ron

glug - A mug made of glass.

e.g., Do you want your coffee in a glass, a mug or a glug?

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

glum - Of feeling content while recognizing a lack of direction or initiative.

e.g., I feel rather glum. I am glum. She is quite glum this afternoon.

submitted by Edward B Newman - (www)

gluminosity - Just popped into my head. (ED. A way to rate how glum your surroundings are.)

e.g., A cold, rainy Monday morning has a high gluminosity index.

submitted by David Burdette

gluon bomb - (n.) The proper term for the "atomic" and "hydrogen" bombs. Both are designed to release the gluons holding the quarks together which comprise the protons and neutrons of the nucleus. A bomb which does this is, by function and design, a gluon(-powered) bomb. (see "photon bomb")

e.g., Gluon bombs have been used twice in warfare. I'd have preferred never, myself.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

glup - Generally likable under-appreciated peon.

e.g., Everyone liked Micheal in the mailroom, but the poor glup is definitely not moving up anytime soon.

submitted by dan - (www)

glurge - E-mails that people forward because of the outrageous and sickly sweet tales they contain which appeal to the heart rather than the mind. Usually these stories have sole purpose of perpetuating their existence.

e.g., Having just read the story of poor Jessica Miller, Beth forwarded more glurge with a deft click of her mouse.

submitted by Prefect

glurge - "Maudlin, overly sentimental, sickeningly sweet prose. Allegedly coined by website in 1998."  
"...What is glurge? Think of it as chicken soup with several cups of sugar mixed in: It's supposed to be a method of delivering a remedy for what ails you by adding sweetening to make the cure more appealing, but the result is more often a sickly-sweet concoction that induces hyperglycemic fits.  
"In ordinary language, glurge is the sending of inspirational (often supposedly "true") tales that conceal much darker meanings than the uplifting moral lessons they purport to offer, and that undermine their messages by fabricating and distorting historical fact in the guise of offering a "true story."  
"Many of us, it seems, cannot overcome the urge to glurge."

e.g., "She was the longest-running of my then-girlfriends, and she was also a manic letter-writer, filling pages of awful high-school-writing-class glurge that seemed to flow from her in a completely unfiltered fashion."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

glutious maximus - A kind of Latin-based word for the derriere.

e.g., I'm just letting you know to cover my glutious maximus.

submitted by Bryan - (www)

glutoflexion - Flexing the gluteal muscles to get up from sitting.

e.g., It's probably time for glutoflexion as I've been sitting on my ass too long.

submitted by Geoff

gluttonizer - Someone who eats too much too fast.

e.g., All Chris did at the party was eat. Honestly, she didn't even take her hand out of the chip bowl. She's a gluttonizer.

submitted by talisman

gluttoon - Someone who eats so much that she explodes like an animated character in a cartoon.

e.g., With three helpings already under his belt, Bob turned down a fourth for fear of becoming a gluttoon.

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

glyphysis - (GLIF-i-sis; n.) 1. The process by which alphabetic spelling (originally intended to represent the actual sounds spoken) gradually changes into traditional strings of written letters that have nothing to do with the actual sounds spoken (usually because those sounds have changed); 2. The inclusion in written language of an increasing number of ideographs for entire words or concepts; 3. The development of emoticons. [from the Greek word glyph, meaning "carving."]

e.g., "Why is there a B in _debt_?" "Well, there wasn't when the term was borrowed from French: it was _dette_ back then, but the 18th century grammarians wanted to hark back to the original Latin because of a cultural---" "In one breath, please?" "Oh, sorry ... um, it was glyphysis." | Glyphysis examples: 1. "B@tman loves C@twoman; in fact, he gets all *y eyed & asks for a s= so he can B around her more often. Y he is so enamored of her, I don't know. He thinks she's > all of his $." 2. "If you're >50, you should get regular :oscopies." | "Spelling _judgement_ without the E is barbaric glyphysis---is there an E shortage or something?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gmab - Gimme a break. What I often think when I become aware of some of the bizarre political correctness that's killing US these days.

e.g., HD: "Wait a mintue, Lillith. Are you sure? Some school district in Ohio named 222 class valedictorians?"

Lillith: "That's right, HD. Dublin, Ohio. Over 200 students were told they had the highest grades in the class. Around twenty percent of the class."

HD: "GMAB. How long did the graduation ceremony last? At just over a minute for each valedictory speech, it would have lasted four hours."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gmail - Google's version of e-mail, plus some frosting. As a verb, to e-mail someone using Gmail.

e.g., WalMart used to be winning the world domination war, but since the advent of Gmail, Google has taken the lead. | Hey, Fran, just Gmail me those embarrassing pictures of your brother Ralph, and I'll take care of the rest.

submitted by The Berkinator

gmpc - Genetically modified personal computer; assembled personal computer.

e.g., The last time I bought a GMpc turned out to be a nightmare because most of its components were from grey market.

submitted by prathap n k

gnahtzee - Dice game played by gnomes.

e.g., Little Gnome: "Waah." Little Bit Bigger Gnome: "What's wrong, Little Gnome?" Little Gnome: "(sniffle) Mama Gnome . . . (sniffle) cut my beard. (sob)" Little Bit Bigger Gnome: "I thought you looked slightly silly. But at least it won't get caught in your skateboard anymore. Hey, you need cheering up: why don't we go and play some gnahtzee?" Little Gnome: "Great idea! Thanks, Little Bit Bigger Gnome."

submitted by belu

gnarf - A petty, annoying person.

e.g., What a gnarf that Chris is. Always whining about double hits.

submitted by Stefu

gnargular - Cool, in style, impressive.

e.g., I just got this new CD that's really gnargular.

submitted by Chelsea

gnarlical - Gnarly combined with radical. Very awesomely cool.

e.g., Alex, your new kicks are gnarlical.

submitted by alex

gnashcar - A car being driven in an infuriating manner.

e.g., And just try parking on the street. Even if there are ten spots, you've gotta deal with every gnashcar in town to pull into one.

submitted by Kiddo

gnashville - Any Bible Belt town that makes you gnash your teeth with liberal discomfort.

e.g., Some Tennessee towns think they're sophisticated music centres but, really, they're just more Gnashvilles.

submitted by Hal Colombo

gnashy - Nasty, as in delivering biting criticism of another person.

e.g., My cat could bake a better cookie than Tammy. Sorry, that was gnashy of me.

submitted by T Walsh

gnawesome - Also nawesome. For not awesome: somewhere between good or great and awesome. Awesome has become trivialized in recent years, from being used as a descriptive for things that might be good but are also far from awesome. Very far from awesome. Miracles are awesome. Not much else is. When it comes to diminishing such a useful word, I dissent.


e.g., "You performed well in the play, Alec." "Was I awesome?" "Umm, well, no. You were great ... but you weren't awesome. Let's say you were gnawsome."

submitted by Y.A.E. Mann [for Alec's benefit] - (www)

gnawfite - Someone who chews vigorously at objects (pencils, plastic, etc.) due to force of habit.

e.g., He chewed a pencil in half in less than an hour? If he's no a gnawfite, I don't know who is.

submitted by Andy - (www)

gnawledge - gnawledge, n. (word-portmanteau: gnaw + suffix ledge; cf. knowledge) - mechanical knowledge that is obtained by "gnawing" facts rather than conceptually interpreting them.

e.g., When Bacon said "knowledge is power," he meant knowledge, not gnawledge.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

gnext - Used when you urgently need to do something immediately instead of, say, next week. | When you want to avoid meeting up with people and they say a date and time that works for them, you can say gnext to show that you want to avoid them instead of saying that you want to avoid them straight to their face. | When you want to get along with your daily life and someone is trying to arrange something with you.

e.g., Fine, gnext Halloween we'll buy a pumpkin. | "Do want to hang out tonight, maybe at 6," asked Jess. "Gnext evening won't work," said Henry. "Okay, we can arrange another time," Jess replied. | 3. "Next week I'm going to be selling cookies. Do you want to help." "Gnext week, huh?" {ED. You're welcome to make submittals again. However, if your future input doesn't show that you're at least making an effort not to leave out words, I'll delete it from the input queue and not accept it. I'm not here to cover for your carelessness. ... Besides, none of what you submitted made me come anywhere close to smiling. [RTG: Read the guidelines.]}

submitted by chiaralopilato - (www)

gnirut - A human whose demeanour is so formulaic or scripted that she is indistinguishable from a machine. After the test for computer intelligence proposed by Alan Turing.

e.g., 1. Their customer service line is so bad they all seem to be gniruts. 2. The gnirut at the front desk wouldn't sign for the parcel.

submitted by Alien Burrito

gnitekram - Backward marketing. Marketing involves determining the customer's needs and satisfying them. Gnitekram, the opposite, is more frequently encountered, and is used when a small company with a heavy investment in limited-purpose capital equipment makes a narrow range of products and seeks customers with needs that are essentially coincidental.

e.g., Acme's hi-tech extruder can only produce left-handed zorch crystals. Their gnitekram staff is searching the country for someone who may have a use for them.

submitted by walt gately

gnocchi - Unknown Italian visitor.

e.g., "Who's that gnocchi at my door?" asked the fair young fanciulla.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

gnoid - A computer geek.

e.g., You know you are a gnoid when you've sat in front of the computer until you can't close your eyes because they are dried out.

submitted by marilyn bibb

gnome - Anyone with horrid spelling who hangs out in forums or chat rooms and just says mindless garbage-- like a spammer but the gnome only posts one message with really bad spelling.

e.g., Gnomes would say this in a video games forum. "Duus anywun no the resipee for bluubari pi?"

submitted by D.S. Marks - (www)

gnome-sane - Colloquial and can be rhetorical. Meaning "Do you understand?"

e.g., I would only like one packet of biscuits not two, gnome-sane.

submitted by Rod Young

gnomes - A hypothesis for a mysterious phenomenon, often prefixed by the object(s) or person(s) it affects.

e.g., Coco, whose pants mysteriously come unzipped, has a bad case of the pants gnomes.

submitted by Jes McB

gnorn - Mope.

e.g., Don't gnorn.

submitted by Cerveau Radioactif

gnot - Not.

e.g., I've about decided I'm gnot going to call myself a Republican anymore. Why not? Because they're too good at giving away power if they manage to get it. Beltway Democrats run circles around Beltway Republicans.

No, let me rephrase that: Republicans are stupid. So much so that I've decided to change my registration from Republican to Independent.

I'm sure as hell not going to register as a Democrat, and I'm gnot going to be voting for any Democrats either. But Republicans are just too, too stupid politically for me to keep saying I'm a Republican myself. They simply do gnot know how to wield power and retain it for long. Any time Republicans get the edge politically, they find ways to give it away.

Crap, I may need to stop calling Democrats Dims. Democrats may manage to lose elections to Republicans, but Democrats run circles around Republicans getting their way as a minority in Washington.

submitted by HD Fowler

gnur - Lint found in the bottom of a pocket; often mixed with loose change.

e.g., Searching for a quarter, I reached into my pocket and all I came up with was gnur.

submitted by Byron

gnus - The latest word; what's happening.

e.g., All the gnus that's fit to print or no gnus is good gnus (especially concerning wildebeest).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

go - Situation, event, happening, etc. Usually preceeded by "What's the..." Can also be "G.O."

e.g., "What's the go for Friday night?" "What's the G.O. on that order I placed?"

submitted by darrell milton

go gazebo - To whup someone and show 'em who's boss. Based on a West Wing scene where Josh tells a congressman that, unless he votes with the White House, they'll come to his district, build a band gazebo, and use it for the President to endorse another candidate.

e.g., Just do the idiotic assignment so he doesn't go gazebo on you.

submitted by Shannon

go get em tiger - A way to describe getting a lot accomplished.

e.g., Tomorrow is going to be a go get em tiger day. I am going to do laundry, go shopping...and I have a date!

submitted by Kimberly

go ham - Ham ~ "hard as a motherfucker"? "Hard-ass motherfucker"? If you "go ham" on someone, you respond violently to something she did. I've also seen that it can mean "to give it all you got" or "to go crazy." See Gucci Mane, Kanye West, Jay Z, Soulja Boy & Oj Da Juiceman. Could it have anything to do with hammer? {ED. Should I stick with 1920s slang?}

e.g., Did she just dis you? If she said something like that to me, I'd go ham on her.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

go off - To get extremely angry. | When an event is really really good. Going off, went off, etc.

e.g., Did you hear Pete at that party? He was really going off that someone drank his beer. | Are you going to Brooke's party on Saturday night? It's going to go off.

submitted by Cat | Elise

go pear-shaped - "If a plan goes pear-shaped, it fails: We'd arranged to be in France that weekend but it all went pear-shaped." "If things have gone wrong, they have gone pear-shaped." The expression "gone pear-shaped" can be used to say that an unexpected or unwanted result has occurred. {Duplicate.}

e.g., In case it all goes pear-shaped, I’ll tell you now that next week’s issue will be online at | Call it notes_backup.ini or something, just in case it all goes pear shaped. | I'm gonna attempt to send this now, and not type any more in case it all goes pear shaped. | If things go pear-shaped, I promise to rescue you. | In case it all goes pear-shaped, be sure to make frequent backups. Just in case it all goes pear shaped I am backing up all our valuable data. | We'll keep a watching brief in case it all goes pear-shaped.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

go pfig - 1. When a computer has a General Protection Fault and closes down. Taken from the generic static discharge noise made from a computer forcibly stopping.

e.g., Aww crud! My computer just went Go Pfig!

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

go to the mattresses - (idiomatic) To go to war; to use ruthless tactics; to act without restraint.


Examples from Wiktionary.
  • 1969, Mario Puzo, The Godfather, Putnam, p.132:
    I want Sollozzo. If not, it's all-out war. We'll go to the mattresses

  • 1988, Glen Waggoner, "Sports: Collusion Is Over, but Excess Is Back," New York Times, 18 Dec. (retrieved 21 Sep. 2008):
    They will have to go to the mattresses; that is they will have to risk a long ugly strike.

  • 2008, "Transcript: CNN LARRY KING LIVE — Interview with Senator Hillary Clinton," CNN analyst Jamal Simmons speaking, 21 Apr.:
    Now, when you're fighting Republicans … Democrats are all rallied around and ready to go ahead and go to the mattresses.

submitted by HD Fowler

go-aheads - Any type of shoe that you can put on by sliding your foot into and going ahead.

e.g., Hurry and put your go-aheads on and go with us outside.

submitted by Jan Henderson

go-fast gear - Car modifications which serve little purpose but to look flashy. Usually seen on a frat boy's fast and furious modified Honda. Derogatory term.

e.g., He added a lot of go-fast gear to his puny little '88 Civic. Check out the go-fast light and the go-fast neon license plate.

submitted by Freyja

goacheese - Similar to a goatee, the goacheese is the string of cheese that annoyingly droops from your chin while you eat cheese-covered foodstuffs, such as a piece of pizza.

e.g., As Boyd lifted the gooey enchilada to his mouth, a string of cheddar settled on his chin forming a magnificent goacheese.

submitted by Walter Swarthau

goalmost - A hockey play-by-play term, meaning almost a goal. The announcer gets excited because he thinks his team just scored, then he realizes he was premature. The shot has hit the post, or the goalie makes the save. He's announced the goal, now he recovers by trying to say "almost."

e.g., He shoots, and it's a goalmost.

submitted by Big Al Bundy

goan - Used to tell someone to go and do something else.

e.g., Hi, smee again. Goan play in the traffic.

submitted by Maarten Sander

goan, gan, gawn - Three variations for the verbal "going. Dialect, let's claim.

e.g., Today I goan, yesterday I gan, tomorrow I gawn. It goan to be a nice day, oh.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

goat - When used with the definite article ("the goat") refers to the person responsible for a disaster or setback; can be used to accept responsibility or to assign blame. Can also serve as a general insult. Believed by me to originate with the "Peanuts" comic strip by Charles Schulz.

e.g., Sampson: "The battery is dead. Did you leave the lights on?" Delilah: "I am the goat."

submitted by sdulmage

goat - Greatest Of All Time.

e.g., Have you seen Jerry Rice's stats? Rice is the GOAT.

submitted by Patrick - (www)

goat eggs - a reaction to any highly unusual occurence

e.g., He marveled at her sixth finger, "Goat eggs!"

submitted by D2

goat rodeo - A complete fiasco, wate of time and energy. Particularly a business situation with various people working on incompatible projects towards one goal.

e.g., Without a file naming convention, this project is going to turn into a goat rodeo.

submitted by Gucky - (www)

goat's toes - Used when something happens that wasn't part of your plan, but isn't a major problem. Or, to say, "Who cares?"

e.g., I got short-changed by a penny at Burger Box! Oh well, goat's toes.

submitted by Joey

goat-monkey - (capra simia) That of the species having the body, face, and tail of a simian, and the horns and hooves of a goat.

e.g., We call this hooved, horned primate a goat-monkey. Goat-monkeys are native to few places, yet have been transported around the world.

submitted by SpiKe

goatfumbler - One put to the task of goatherding with no experience or propensity to do so.

e.g., Them bruises on Chris are from his new goatfumbling job.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

goatswaggle - To be cheated.

e.g., That carnie will goatswaggle you every chance she gets. Even when she makes change.

submitted by Norton and curtis - (www)

gobb - Guilty of being boring.

e.g., He was gobb, so she traded him in for a line of men, who were also just as gobb to her.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

gobber - Someone who always uses slang.

e.g., "Hey bro! Rad sunnies" "You're such a gobber; stop using slang."

submitted by chiaralopilato - (www)

gobbledegook - Unintelligible language, nonsense. Often trash. Inconsequential, incomprehensible. Gobbledygook.

e.g., Your essay was gobbledegook, almost as if you pasted it up randomly from invented words.

submitted by Purple - (www)

gobbleplex - An all-you-can-eat-buffet that's larger than a normal buffet, probably so much so that you can't really eat it all -- at least not in one sitting.

e.g., That's no buffet, that's a gobbleplex. Look at how much food there is.

submitted by Cynthia

gobbler's knob - A high hill, usually the most prominent in an area.

e.g., They live in the old mansion up on gobbler's knob.

submitted by Steve

gobedy - 1. Stuff, thing, object. Gobedies. 2. An object of unspecified property or value. 3. A substitute word that can be used when a person cannot remember what he is refering to, such as in the case of "thingamy-bob" and "whatchamecallit." 4. A word that can be used when attempting to avoid actually answering a question. For example, "Oh, it's nothing, it's just one of my gobedies."

e.g., Where is that gobedy of mine? Don't touch any of my gobedies. I've just been gobedying about.

submitted by Kieran Murray

gobemouche - A gullible person, someone who will "swallow anything."

e.g., "The sweepstakes people had unearthed a true gobemouche in Cassandra. Every time she got a piece of junk mail telling her she had 'already won a million dollars,' she hopped on a plane and flew down to their headquarters to pick up her nonexistent winnings." | Sure you might win a few bets from your friends by claiming that a word is a word because you found it in the PseudoDictionary -- if your friends are complete gobemouches. You might even be able to fool a few of your more foolish teachers. My advice: don't try it.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

goblimey - A word for a shock, or something you say whilst being bored, or could be used as a sigh.

e.g., Goblimey, did you see that?

submitted by meagan

goblutz - A grouchy, complaining, stick in the mud old fart.

Marilyn Smith: Mom said she hopes she knows when she's starting to lose it and Stan suggested we come up with a secret phrase to let her know. We floundered a little, then I suggested "goblutz." Fans of I Love Lucy will remember when Lucy became ill and didn't know what was wrong, a "doctor" told her she had the goblutz and she might have to have her zorch removed. She would know things were really bad, he said, if everything began to look green. (Why do I think this would amuse Hasso?) Ricky and Fred replaced the lightbulbs in the bedroom with green ones and the rest is TV history.  

For now, the word is "goblutz," and that means, Mom, your brain is toast. Sound cruel? Get a sense of humor like the rest of our family.

e.g., I walked the other way when I saw a goblutz coming down the street towards me. | That pd editor who wouldn't accept "homonymphonecropyropedobestialfelchball" is just a goblutz.

submitted by thepegrules | [Wally] - (www)

gobob - A brief, pointless e-mail cc'd to an entire company, in response to some form of congratulatory mailout.

e.g., Original e-mail: I would just like to congratulate Bob Smith on his fantastic performance at this year's FooCon. Reply: Go Bob.

submitted by Pat Fox

gobsheen - Very stupid person, idiot, eejit, ejit. Of irish origin.

e.g., Stop being such a gobsheen, you.

submitted by grace

gobsh¡te - Plonker, complete idiot, gormless fool. Irish origin.

e.g., Only a gobsh¡te would provide a weak example to go along with the description.

submitted by James

gobslu - Many things, a plethora.

e.g., I have a gobslu of things to get done today.

submitted by Annie

gobsmacked - Michael Quinion says it about as well as it can be said: "Gobsmacked combines the northern English and Scottish slang term gob, mouth, with the verb smack. It suggests the speaker is utterly astonished or astounded. It’s much stronger than just being surprised; it’s used for something that leaves you speechless, or otherwise stops you dead in your tracks. It suggests that something is as surprising as being suddenly hit in the face."

e.g., "Steven Barnett, professor of communications at London’s Westminster University, spoke for a lot of people when he said of the news [that the 168 year-old British tabloid News of the World would be closed down because of a phone-hacking scandal after its final edition is published Sunday, July 10]: 'Astonishing. I’m completely gobsmacked. Talk about a nuclear option.'" | "As usual, the underlying reasons for these marketplace conditions are gobsmackingly complicated." |It’s always useful to have more confirmation of the gobsmackingly obvious."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gobstopped - When you have so much of something that you never run out of it. From the Willy Wonka candy "Everlasting Gobstopper," which never got any smaller no matter how long you sucked it.

e.g., We never throw anything away. When it comes to plastic bags, styrofoam cups, and little packets of sugar, we're gobstopped. Even though we had to rent two big storage units when we moved to the "retirement village."

submitted by Deacon

goby - Reverse salutations, goodbye, see you later. To be used when departing from presence.

e.g., I'm going to go now, so, goby.

submitted by Ned

god bless captain fear - Expression of relief when you realize that something you backed out of due to sheer cowardice turned out to be dangerous and ill-advised after all.

e.g., Did you see that scaffolding collapse? God bless Captain Fear I didn't climb up it.

submitted by Adam Leslie

god botherer - An excessively religious person.

e.g., That Michael's a right God botherer.

submitted by Adam Leslie

god's buddy - Name for an annoying Christian who never stops witnessing.

e.g., I wish God's buddy would shut up.

submitted by David Sammons

god's telephone - Remember Saturday night when you were hanging over the big white telephone in the restroom crying "Oh God, oh God!"?

e.g., A. (At a party) Mmmmbrrrsss . (Runs to the restroom.) B. I think God's telephone is ringing for him.

submitted by Boki

god's uncle - Used to describe a person who is extremely elderly. "God's aunt" can be used to describe an old woman, but the original terminology is often employed when speaking about people of both sexes. Godzunkle.

e.g., My history professor is God's uncle. We all hope he'll live long enough to grade our finals.

submitted by jw

god-on-the-lawn - Awesome. As my English teacher says, "'Awesome' is not: 'Let's go to Taco Bell.' 'Awesome!' Instead, 'awesome' is when God is on your lawn handing you your newspaper."

e.g., "I got a brand spanking new TV today for two bucks." "God-on-the-lawn."

submitted by Lenny - (www)

godhive - Divinity, the mind or unity of god. Godhive corresponds to two or more people coming to the same idea about a deity at the same time because of the same circumstances -- but the people do not know each other beforehand. The name is reflective of insects who act in unison with their hive (or nest) mates. | A group of people who act or think in unison as if they are all the same individual. | A group of people who think the same thoughts about a deity as and/or carry out the objectives of either one Leader or each other.

e.g., Is it just me or are the people in a godhive unable to think for themselves? | I feel sorry for the poor saps in the godhive. They are like pawns in a game of chess, moving only when commanded.

submitted by Jody Jones - (www)

godincidence - There is no coincidence. What happens is exactly what God plans, so it is a Godincidence.

e.g., Your coming by to help me when I needed my flat tire fixed was a Godincidence.

submitted by Sylvia Sacia

godiscn - What disc golfers do whenever they happen to have any free time. The activity of disc golfing where a player throws a steamlined, fast flying disc at a chain basket. Normally, to godiscn the player would need to complete one or more rounds of a minimum 18 holes. When spelled with capitals, GODISCN is used to describe a specific type of tournament play.

e.g., I enjoy going discn with friends but always score better when I godiscn by myself.

submitted by creative guy

godlike - Although it's not a word out of nowhere (heck, even KMFDM have a song by the title), in this context it means "really nifty, really cool." Often used with the adverb "inherently." The line "For in truth, you are godlike" came from, I think, the Homeric hymns.

e.g., I got the most godlike CD today.

submitted by Kendal - (www)

godoodle - A golden retriever and standard poodle mix.

e.g., Henry, our dog, is a godoodle.

submitted by Nancy - (www)

godzilling - To behave boisterously and violently in an otherwise ruly and orderly setting, not unlike a large, wild lizard monster.

e.g., Beware, I can hear my nephew godzilling about in the sewing room.

submitted by DrScience

godzillion - godzilla + million, a really large number.

e.g., That wall-sized plasma screen will cost a godzillion dollars, but the picture quality is worth it.

submitted by gailr

godzone - New Zealand. "New Zealanders have been calling their islands 'Godzone' for a long time, shortened from "God's own country."

e.g., I'm from Godzone. How about you?

submitted by I swear this is God Zone truth. New Zea

goff - Corruption of the word "goth" in reference to members of the gothic subculture. | Even though most people nowadays seem to pronounce the "l" in golf, we always used to pronounce it as goff, goffballs, go goffing. Of course we still spelled it golf. (Compare to the words calf, calm, half, salve, talk, and others.)

e.g., Hot Topic caters to punks and goffs. | My dad N.L.E. liked to goff and was a pretty good goffer. He also frequently hunted for lost goffballs and even made nice goffball dogs later in life.

submitted by George Edward Purdy | Paul Edic - (www)

gog - Gift of god, miracle.

e.g., Can be used seriously, or with humor: Jennifer is a gog. Brad thinks he is a gog.

submitted by Paul Dobbins

gogammosh - Something very sticky. Gogomosh.

e.g., Don't touch the gogammosh.

submitted by Kayla 7th English

gogettahedrong - A peculiar multi-facetted geometrical figure-of-speech, as used by professors of physics, etc.

e.g., "Gogetyahedrong, Jones." Also associated with "Gogetyahedboyled" in the USA.

submitted by Yanno

gogle - Google on the go.

e.g., You gogle.

submitted by Hercolena

gogular - A cross between goggles and binoculars: glasses that are Coke bottle lenses.

e.g., As I age I realize that my glasses are no longer an acceptable tool and that I now need gogulars to make my way through the world.

submitted by Diane Harris

goig - to strangle with a rope; to beat with a club or mallet.

e.g., If you don't shut up, I swear to God I'll goig you!

submitted by katie - (www)

goil - To boil something then put it in the refrigerator or freezer again.

e.g., I goiled the chicken and it tasted nice and warm.

submitted by katrice - (www)

goinable - Able to go in.

e.g., That doesn't look too goinable.

submitted by Jupiter

going - Speaking or saying.

e.g., Don't be going "no" when I'm telling you "yes."

submitted by i_monk

going dental - This phrase describes an innovation in the pugilistic arts, perfected by a former champion named Mickey. Mickey was losing so he did a desperate thing (maybe not that brave). He bit his opponent's ear! Turning the ring into a kind of "un-holy field") if you know what I mean! (The opponent, the reigning champion, then mopped the canvas with Mickey's sorry self.)

e.g., "It's really true, sports fans! The challenger tried to bite the champion's ear off! Talk about going dental!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

going for bible - Especially in relation to a quiz. Intentionaly choosing to do something you know will be difficult or painful because you've not done it for a while and want to check that it's still as difficult and painful as before. From the unreasonably difficult Bible topic featured in the darts quiz game Bullseye.

e.g., Last time I attempted a 720 degree kickflip to nosegrind down those steps, I landed head first on the railing and couldn't see straight for a week. Maybe I'd better just go for bible to make sure I haven't miraculously learned how to do it since then.

submitted by Andrew Bell

going ghost - To not show up when and where you said you would be or to just stranely disappear at a social event. Flaking, bailing, and no show.

e.g., We shouldn't even invite him anymore. He's the flake king. He's always coming up with these good ideas to hang out then he goes ghost.

submitted by Dean

going lines - 1. In cartoons, particularly anime, a set of many lines extending from a moving character or object, drawn in the direction whence that party came to denote speed. Magnitude and frequency of lines signal relatively how fast the person/thing is moving. 2. Almost exclusively in anime-styled shows or manga, lines drawn all around the edge of the viewing area, all of which draw in toward a focal point, implying that the camera is speedily zooming in on the object, or vise versa.

e.g., Look at all those going lines coming off Ninja-Guy. He’s moving so fast no one’s going to catch him.

submitted by PlasticDinosaur

going martha - Going overboard in trying to achieve perfection, a trait personified by Martha Stewart .

e.g., I'd invite Linda but she's going Martha with her renovation and doesn't have much free time.

submitted by Underpaid Kept Woman - (www)

going ninja - Used to describe a person or animal that attacks something without mercy.

e.g., Look at that dog. It's going ninja on that guy's leg.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

going outside - Leaving the state.

e.g., I'm going outside for the weekend, maybe to New York.

submitted by Jennifer

going pro - To do an activity professionally, usually said sarcastically.

e.g., John: Geez Marc, you sure are drinking a lot tonight! Marc: Yeah, I'm thinking of going pro.

submitted by Poster Nutbag

going south - Get your mind off sex, for a change. To go south in my house is to go to bed, yes, but for the purpose of getting some sleep -- and nothing more. My bedroom is south of the living room, so when I say I'm going south, I'm saying I'm heading for bed to get a better night's sleep than I'd get sleeping sitting up in my La-Z-Boy. The recliner is comfortable, but reclining fully is better.

e.g., I just fell asleep sitting in front of my laptop, so I think I'd better be going south. Nighty night.

submitted by HD Fowler

going the jackson - This word is used when someone wears white socks under long black pants, a la Michael Jackson.

e.g., Jim: Did you see Greg today? Jeff: Yeah, he was going the Jackson. Jim: Guy has no style. I wouldn't go out in public if I couldn't do any better thant that, Jeff: And you think you do?

submitted by Sean P

going yard - Hitting one out of the park.

e.g., Sosa went yard three times last night.

submitted by dave

goink - "greeting to other family members, exclamation at family event to register warm tidings"

e.g., ""goink, brothers and sisters""

submitted by bob mcmahon

gointahellhome - What you say when you are leaving work for the day.

e.g., It is 4:59 and I am gointahellhome.

submitted by Riley

gointh - (n) a stain on society.

e.g., Her life is useless and so is she, what a gointh.

submitted by Dani

goive - Refers to a sense of not caring at all. A contraction of "I don't give a shit." Found in some of the major public schools of Britain.

e.g., Chemistry is a goive. | I goived the chemistry banco. | That was a goive banco.

submitted by David Brennan

goiven - generic curse word for use in overly civilized settings

e.g., "That goiven just ripped me off!"

submitted by J.T. Ostermiller

goku - A annoying, stupid person who thinks she is strong--when she isn't.

e.g., Tera was being a goku when she said she could pick up a car. Maybe she could get picked up in a car--if the driver was stupid enough.

submitted by

gol - Giggling out loud, a spin-off of the much-used "lol."

e.g., Andreas: So then the shopping cart hit the monkey. Boris: GOL!

submitted by Heather Coulter

gold mine of crazy - Someone who continually makes absurd statements -- especially statements "redolent with myopic stupidity and mind-numbingly witless."

e.g., "My God, you're like a gold mine of crazy."

submitted by [TrailrParkSupervisor] | Scott M. Ellswo - (www)

golda rocks - In Yidlish, golda rocks are nuggets of gold, sometimes microscopic or invisible.

e.g., In the Dead Sea tourists from afar like to use golda woks to pan for golda rocks.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

goldbrick - One who feigns injury or imparity for gain. A malingerer.

e.g., That goldbricking SOB said he needed a ride to the store for ointment, but he bought a case of beer.

submitted by dyssident

goldbrick bug - Any fool who carries coals to Newcastle and then has the temerity to ask where he can drop off his motherlode at the London Precious Metals Exchange or the nearest Retirement Home for Gold-Diggers.

e.g., The goldbrick bug began his wearisome journey on a cold, blistery, wet day. (What else would you expect if you lived in Piddletenthride and had to wear welly-boots every day or get one’s feet soaked in squishy, squashy stuff?) Anyway, to make a long shaggy dog story short, he forgot to pack his colorful map of the United Kingdom plus the distinctly vapid environs, his trusty new GPS gizmo with easy-to-read operating instructions in twenty-five languages, and a box of stale tea biscuits foisted upon him by the demented dog-catcher who lived next door — all of which meant he had a simply wretched time wearing a dead albatross named “Muggins” around his neck (given to him as a token of affection by a lost mariner), carrying a discarded pity pot (full of lame excuses he found in a back alley somewhere), and coping with a bag of jack-hammers that he had been asked to deliver to a far-flung friend of a friend who lived in a cottage with a leaking roof and four good-for-nothing robots situated two kilometers south (as the crow flies) of Affpuddle, England.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

golddigger - Term used to describe a man who is always looking for the perfect woman; generally, he is looking for a woman who looks good and makes her own money as well

I broke up with Stefan because he was a golddigger.

submitted by elmoman - (www)

golden - relating to someting very old yet very good

e.g., School House Rock is golden!

submitted by Cassie

golden globes - Gilded female mammary appendages.

e.g., I never was awarded Golden Globes and would rather not discuss how that might be accomplished. (I get embarrassed easily.)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

goldeneye - (n.) An orbital (or at least high-altitude) atomic weapon designed specifically to produce an electromagnetic pulse (an "EMP"), shutting down (or rendering inoperative) electrical equipment.

[From the title of the James Bond movie Goldeneye, in which Janus (the bad guy) attempts to use a nuclear EMP device to rob the Bank of England and destroy its electronic records, sending the world into disastrous financial chaos.]

e.g., It is well to fear goldeneyes: they are strategic tools of terrible effect and devastating precision---utterly disrupting every electrical, and digital, advantage the victim army or city has without blowing anything or anyone up. Still, ignorance has created quite a few erroneous beliefs. No one's running about wearing tin-foil pyramids on their heads, perhaps, but still, some of the myths would have people believing goldeneyes ineffective because of some apocryphal countermeasures which, in truth, no one has taken; others, however, see goldeneyes as the apocalypse. Neither point of view is true, however.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

golder - Not just gold, but golder [more gold]: brighter, better, superior, desirable.

e.g., Older Is Golder

Now that I am old
I am not so bold
Came in from the cold
Joined the elder fold
Sold my silver, gold
Put my life on hold
Chose a different mold With the waves we rolled
Earthly goods we sold
No more need to scold
Down the beach I strolled
There's more to come I'm told.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

goldfish - To make niggling coments about an otherwise outstanding oeuvre.

e.g., To nitpick is to goldfish; to make major criticisms is to carp (You almost have to be an icthyologist to understand this one.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

goldfishing - To forget a task that you don't carry out right away.

e.g., I told Bob to fix the problem but he was goldfishing, so it didn't get done until today.

submitted by Stephfox - (www)

goldilock - (n.) 1. the lock or obstacle that needs to be installed on a door to keep certain persons from entering (normally wished for in retrospect); (v.) 2. to lock or block an entrance you want to stop people from using. (Note that the word does not apply to exits; one cannot "goldilock" someone IN.)

e.g., "The owner of the house I'm renting is the nicest guy in the world: he let people just walk into his house and ask for help or food or whatever." "Wow, like Mother Teresa or something. That's great." "Yeah, well, the other day, a guy just walked into my kitchen and started eating my food. I had to tell him the landlord liked the open-door policy, but that I'm not quite so free with such things...actually, he was really embarrassed, and I felt really bad about it. I guess I need to install a goldilock."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

goldilocks zone - The area prescribing an ideal part of the spectrum of possibilities encompassing neither extreme.

e.g., Astronomers keep looking for a planet that can sustain life but they must isolate a few of them in that Goldilocks Zone that has just enough oxygen, just enough water, not too much of any single element from the thousands of possibilities.

submitted by Joel Parker

goldiness - Godliness. Origin: Someone close to me meant to say "Godliness" but said "goldiness" instead.

e.g., Cleanliness is next to goldiness".

submitted by mary stone

golem - Globally Organized Large Economic Machine: GOLEM.

e.g., That corporation is a large man made construction which we no longer control, in other words, a golem.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

golf clap - From the movie Men at Work. A type of polite soft clapping used sarcastically after a person achieves a very minor accomplishment. Usually preceded by someone in the observing group saying "golf clap."

e.g., I figured out how to spin my class ring. (Golf clap.) (Clapclapclap.)

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

golf lynx - A subspecies of the "links" that lives in the rough and has balls.

e.g., Golf lynx subsist on lost balls (and you always wondered where they went) and have been known to seize unwary players.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

golfomercial - A television advertisement for golf equipment, or corporate financial or informational services.

e.g., The big fad on the golfomercial scene these days seems to be "knowledge management."

submitted by Lorraine Lee

golk - One who does does not know his or her ethnic heritage or background.

e.g., In his homeland, Adam was ashamed because he was a golk.

submitted by michael

gollasgop - Giggling Out Loud Like A School Girl On Potatoes.

e.g., I am GOLLASGOP.

submitted by jess

golliwog - "A 'grotesque' blackface minstrel doll-character from a children's book published in 1895." Thought to be the basis for the word wog, now primarily an epithet for people from Northern Africa, the Middle East, and India. Most of the entries in the pd that have -wog- embedded in them are insulting to some extent.

e.g., And on the cover of the book was a lighthearted rendition of a golliwog minstrel doll.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gollywonkered - Disheveled, crossways, crooked.

e.g., That rug isn't square--the corners are all gollywonkered.

submitted by Gene

gom - Grenade bomb.

e.g., Did you just see Chris threw a gom at his classmates.

submitted by jake lupal

gomangani - From Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan novels, ape-speak for Homo Sapiens,.

e.g., "Cheetah, go fetch the gomangani!" shouted Tarzan.

submitted by Joel Parker

gome - To leave without moving one's physical location, as in an instant messaging conversation.

e.g., Well, I should gome--I have homework to do.

submitted by Barnaby

gomer - A stupid or inept person.

e.g., That toll booth operator shortchanged me. What a gomer.

submitted by Bender

gomez - (n) One who is generally inept, but specifically aimed at those who pretend to know what they are doing and boast publicly of their faux prowess. They are transparent and everyone knows how limp they really are. Usual accompaniment is behind- the- back snickering and general merry-making at the expense of the gomez.

e.g., Ricky is a champion gomez.

submitted by Chris Hahn - (www)

gomx - (pronounced GO-mex; n.) 1. the Gulf of Mexico, in connection with the disastrous oil leak that began back on April 20th of 2010. [A new buzzword, I imagine.]

e.g., The GoMx BP oil spill is becoming a major incident in the Obama presidency. | It seems to me that political differences are an unaffordable luxury during disasters like the GoMx spill or 911.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gon - Going to.

e.g., I'm gon get myself a beer. Anyone want one?

submitted by Paul Turkstra

gon't - The equivalent of "don't," but meaning "I go not" rather than "I do not."

e.g., I gon't to the party.

submitted by Emily Atkinson

gon-adaboy - When you congratulate somebody for doing something that takes a lot of guts or nerve.

e.g., Former President Bill Clinton lied under oath with a straight face. THAT deserved a gon-adaboy.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

gonad - Public announcement that one (usually a child -- hopefully) is relieving oneself.

e.g., A typical gonad follows, in sequence, "Mommy, I hafta go." and "Mommy, I can't wait." with "Mommy, I'm go'n'."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

gonage - (pronounced like "gone" + "uj" (as in "message")) (n.) The amount of time one is or expects to be away or unavailable.

e.g., "My gonage will be from 11:00 to 4:00 today, so leave a message." | "Your gonage is way too high; you need to be in the office more often." | "Gonage on maternity leave is 90 days."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gonasyphaherpaloids - STD.

e.g., Chris just came down with a nasty case of gonasyphaherpaloids.

submitted by Ryan

gonculator - Fictitious part used to describe a part of something that is critical to its operation.

e.g., When the customer said his car would not start, I told him the gonculator valve must be broken.

submitted by Beth

gonderhead - Crazy person, daft person. One with no common sense. Dialect originated from Lancashire, England. Used up to about the 1950s.

e.g., Our sister is a right gonderhead, Norm. You did realize that ,didn't you?

submitted by Norman Kenyon

gondersnatch - Person who unfailingly manages to become distracted or preoccupied by something trivial in the middle of doing something important. Especially one who also succeeds in getting herself injured while engaged in said inconsequential affairs.

e.g., Would you quit being a gondersnatch and get your eyes back on the road?

submitted by Dr. Mordax

gone chunky - What happens to milk when it spoils.

e.g., Pick up some milk, the moo juice has gone chunky.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gone crisco - Crisco=Fat in the Can. To gain a copious amount of weight in the posterior region. Usually applied to females, yet gender non-specific.

e.g., I thought David was hot in high school, but he's gone crisco.

submitted by David Myers

gone south - To go downhill. Used when a person, usually a female, isn't looking as good as she used to: gained weight, acne, etc.

e.g., Have you seen Kim lately? She's definitely gone south.

submitted by Kurt Dusek - (www)

gonerillify - (Rhymes with gone-uh-RILL-if-eye; v.) 1. to abandon one's father (or mother) in his (or her) old age because he (or she) is no longer of any use to you; more generally 2. to abandon anyone toward whom you have a duty of care or contract because they no longer have any value to you; also (facetiously?) 3. to drastically cut someone's budget or allowance (or whatever), usually because the recipient does not "need" or "deserve" it. [From Goneril, King Lear's eldest daughter, whose underhanded, remorseless self-indulgence (like that of Regan, her younger sister) ends up killing almost everybody else.] (Cf. "Reganate," "Learize," and "Cordeal.") One who Gonerillifies is a "Gonerilla."

e.g., "You said you would give the men shore leave if I agreed not to help them against you and your 'efficiency rating'---that you've built on their backs! And now you renege! You've done nothing but Gonerillify the crew, you lousy ... Gonerilla."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gong warden - 1. The person of lowest rank or prestige; the "low man on the totem pole." 2. The person with the worst job. 3. The person stuck with cleanup. 4. A plumber; anyone who has to plunge a toilet or work on or with sewage. (From the medieval title of the person charged with cleaning out the cesspits in a castle.)

e.g., "I started out as the gong warden here; and now look: I actually get a desk." | "Okay, you five on the cash registers; the rest of you on the sales floor; except you, Chris: you're gong warden today -- customer service desk." | "Is this together? or separate checks?" "I paid last week." "I was the one before that." "It's not my turn." "Okay, looks like I'm the gong warden today. What's the damage?" | "He flushed Mom's big scented candle?" "Yeah, and now the bathroom's full of water --" "Okay, get me the auger, I'll do the gong warden."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gonga - Anything that can possibly annoy a person.

e.g., My gonga is my little brother

submitted by Paws

gongress - Congress. Would that we would be able to gong them out of office as was once done on The Gong Show to dismiss those giving horrendous performances.

e.g., I'm gonna do everything I can to see that my Gongresswoman gets thrown out of office. She's been a pathetic Representative for the 3rd Congressional District.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

gonichiwa - "Hello, how are you?"

e.g., Gonichiwa.

submitted by Twisted ADI - (www)

gonk - A prize won at a fair or fete--typically a small furry toy.

e.g., I won two gonks at the fair today.

submitted by Adam Nendick

gonk gonk - 1. An imitation of a car horn. Used to interrupt a statement that is far too gross, unrealistic or undesirable to hear any more of. From USA Network movies in which four-letter words are edited out by cleverly inserting traffic noises over them. 2. An imitation of the coughing fits one gets while laughing at Dane Cook or David Spade on the telly. Or after hanging out with funny old me. :) (Thanks Laura.)

e.g., Bert: So when he came to pick me up, he had beer breath and vomit all over his. . . ." Ernestine: "Gonk gonk. I can't listen to this anymore. You're creeping me out."

submitted by Nick Jones

gonked - Being knocked in the back of the knee when standing, putting you off-balance. E.g., school assemblies when the pupil behind you gently pushed the back of your knee with the front of his--you looked stupid, he (and his schoolmates) laughed.

e.g., I was stood in assembly this morning and Jonsi gonked me.

submitted by Jonsi

gonked - Salivary, purry, relaxed, pleasurably dazed, complete fearlessness, total trust, to feel secure. Gonked, gonkified, gonkfullness.

e.g., A cat has found his way onto my lap, he plonks himself down on to my legs all soft, warm, and cozy. I start to stroke his face and ears all round his head down through his body, stomach, and tail. After a few moments and lots of strokes the cat is utterley gonked.

submitted by linda Brooks~Jewell

gonna - Going to. When you hear a speaker on television say "gonna," if you have a captions feature turned on, you're very likely to read "going to." The spoken word: going to; the written word: gonna.

e.g., You hear the speaker say, "The more confidence you have in yourself, the more likely you're gonna succeed." You read the speaker as saying, "The more confidence you have in yourself, the more likely you're (or 'you are') going to succeed." (ED. Of course, if you start with the written word, you might choose to write this instead: "The more confidence you have in yourself, the more likely you will succeed.")

submitted by HD Fowler

gonnata - Combination of "gonna" and "to," meaning "going to" or "fixing to." (ED. When my daughter procrastinated on doing her chores and I'd ask her when she was going to start, she'd say "I was just fixing to." I'd tell her to stop fixing and start doing.)

e.g., "Have you taken the trash out yet?" "No, but I'm gonnata."

submitted by ben

gonzo journalism - From Wikipedia: "Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative."  
"What is Gonzo Journalism?  
"Gonzo Journalism is the writing style that many claim was pioneered by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. It has become known for breaking some of the major rules of standard journalism by blending fact with fantasy & featuring the writer at the center of the story often using first person narrative voice.  
"Gonzo Journalism is chaos mixed with fact & fantasy, but always claimed or defended as fact. This concept is not a paradox nor an oxymoron as due to different perceptions of reality one man’s fact is another man’s fantasy."

e.g., Patrick Howley: the latest disaster of gonzo journalism. Hunter Thompson he ain't.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

goo gobs - A large amount, especially of money when the money is tainted.


Andy McCarthy | National Review 
Bottom line: the would-be President of the World is raising goo-gobs of money from foreigners outside the United States (a violation of federal law), and matching goo-gobs of money inside the United States from phantoms who are blowing out the individual contribution limits by, among other devices, making up identities and breaking up contributions in amounts less than $200, for which reporting requirements are less rigorous.

submitted by HD Fowler

goob - 1. Someone who is cheap or unfair. 2. Expression of frustration with a person who is cheap.

e.g., 1. He uses that move over and over. What a goob! 2:What the goob? Awww, goob!

submitted by Stephen

goobaal - Dumb-head.

e.g., Hari is the biggest goobaal I've ever come across in my entire life.

submitted by Hari

goober - Someone who's a bit silly, not as harsh as stupid or dumb. Mostly Southern.

e.g., My father-ini-law looked like a bit of a goober at the wedding.

submitted by bec - (www)

goober-tool - Any tool left behind after a completed job, lost off the back of the work truck, or dropped and forgotten in any way.


Just found me a fine goober-tool of a tubing cutter this morning. Prolly a hunnit dolla tool.

{ED. It's a fun word. Thanks, Steve, for the reminder.

Click to check Google Ngram Viewer to see other ways the word goober has been used.

Taking the time to check out some of the uses led me to some words books that I may just have to add to my library, as dead trees:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic}

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

goobered up - Bunged, dented, scratched or otherwise damaged.

e.g., I aint buyin' that can of soup, it's all goobered up.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

gooberment - A democracy run by the Peanut Gallery.

e.g., Don't blame me for this do-nothing, spendthrift gooberment -- you elected those cocktail nuts to office. Not me. I didn't vote.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

goobies - The tiny peices of foreign matter you can see floating around in any clear liquid you are are about to consume.

e.g., I can't drink this--look at the goobies in it.

submitted by Kath

goobledegook - Any unknown slimey or sticky looking and feeling substance to be found almost anywhere.

e.g., What is that goobledegook on the steering wheel? Is this some kind of trick to get me to but a more expensive car?

submitted by nancy robertiello

goobrul - That icky bubble you get in the back of your throat sometimes that makes your voice sound all muffled and gross.

e.g., "Lauryn, you sound muffled. Do you have a goobrul?"

submitted by lauryn - (www)

goobungle - "Google" + "bungle." Wasting time with or drawing incorrect conclusions from an internet search by looking up the wrong thing.

e.g., George thought the UNIX expert from Chicago also coached cricket in the UK. He'd goobungled the final "e" in her last name.

submitted by George - (www)

good 'nuff - As slang for a GED, route of Good Enough Diploma because they took a test to equate all four years of high school after being unable to complete. Thus they are "close enough."

e.g., You can apply for the job now because you just got your good 'nuff.

submitted by why im so great

good count - Affirmation, such as excellent or awesome. Used in the Canadian Altlantic provinces.

e.g., Eh B'y, she's a good count. | That pound of meat there is a good count for $2.

submitted by rain - (www)

good from far, far from good - A phrase for describing those people you take the time to look at from a distance, only to be disappointed when up close.

e.g., She looks good from far, but far from good once you get closer.

submitted by orlando

good luck with that - Derogatory and insincere for "In no way is what you're doing or trying to accomplish ever going to work."

e.g., MJ says: "Oh, wow, you changed your hair." Me: "Oh this? I slept in rollers last night." MJ: "Yeah, good luck with that."

submitted by Andreah

good thru - Valid until -- or through.

e.g., This credit card is good thru April 30,2015.

submitted by Willhelmina Plowes

good-onya - A compliment for a good deed or act usually in the face of adversity. Australian slang.

e.g., I know you were really low on personnel, but good-onya for getting this project done on time.

submitted by Lance Taylor

goodevil - the intended good that, if implemented with violence, turns into evil, with the devil as a mediator.

e.g., "With an iron hand we'll drive the humanity to happiness," - a slogan of communist revolution in Russia. This is an example of goodevil: the good that is enforced on people destroys them.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

goodfromfar - A person, usually of the opposite sex, who looks attractive at a distance, but appears much less appealing close up.

e.g., Chrissy was goodfromfar, but far from good.

submitted by g. white

goodguymanship - Of or possessing the qualities that would make everyone say one is a "good guy."

e.g., Routinely, Doctor Roberts will exercise goodguymanship by taking one of the new interns under his wing.

submitted by Stephen Hass | Bill Simmons

goodlicious - My 2-year-old daughter's word for something that tastes really good or delicious to her

e.g., Isabelle says her vanilla pudding is goodlicious.

submitted by Melissa Murphey

goodlook - (n) 1 the (characteristically surrepticious but avid) observation of what the person in front of you (or elsewhere) in a supermarket checkout queue has selected to buy; 2 an instance of goodlook. (vi) to engage in (an action of) goodlook. (vt) to engage in (an action of goodlook) of a specific person or item of goods. The gerundive 'goodlooking' is often used to mean 'good looking' (rather than 'engaging in goodlook'). The construction 'having a goodlook' is often used.

e.g., Goodlook is taking over the nation.

submitted by Nick Roberts

goodygone - 1. A descriptive word for a person who is tired and always sleeps. 2. Someone who goes to sleep early and wakes up early.

e.g., Wow, I was playing guitar hero and my friend Bob was goodygone. He always falls asleep.

submitted by Brandon & Jeff

goodzerodd - Possessing unusual DNA patterns.

e.g., In Alaska, while hunting for eligible men, Sheryl discovered that the odds are good, but the goodzerodd.

submitted by Sylvia Sacia

goof troop - Reference to people that act particularly goofy or strange.

e.g., You and your goof troop friends can leave if your going to act so dumb.

submitted by Willy Willin

goofbait - Fool, idiot.

e.g., Chris is goofbait. He sticks his tongue on the ice cube tray at least once every fortnight.

submitted by jace

goofenthal - "Unknown brain reaction that causes excessive giddiness, giggle, laughing. Usally uncontrollable, and for no apparent reason"

e.g., "Look at her laugh, she's all hopped up on goofenthal"

submitted by Chris

goofnugget - (n) One who says or does stupid things without realizing it. (v) To do something stupid, foolish, or regrettable.

e.g., (n) What a goofnugget. (v) If you're just gonna goofnugget around, I'm gonna leave.

submitted by Ryan L.

googafinder - A previously unheard of combination of letters, intentionally placed in a web page to cause web search engines to uniquely index the page. Placed on pages for either ease of retrieval, fun, or proving that the page has been indexed.

e.g., I placed the word "fratostat" on my page as a googafinder, and it soon showed up as the number one hit.

submitted by Jack Bellis - (www)

googillion - Astronomer's popular term for a finite number too large to have a name but not infinite. Since any finite number can be beaten by simply adding the number one, googillion represents any largest number in any given situation. In short, googillion is used as a synonym for "largest number."

e.g., (Example from string theory) How many strings are there in the universe? The answer is a googillion. Although the answer is a specific number at any given point in time, the number is both an unknown and unknowable very large number.

submitted by Steve

googlable - Able to be researched on Google internet search site.

e.g., The population of the United States is something that is googlable.

submitted by Michael C. Pittman, IV

google - To do extensive web searches using the Google search engine. | To cheat at trivia. | The results of googling.

e.g., In this game there will be no googling.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

google - Collective noun for a group of geeks.

e.g., Beneath the grand opening sign of the new ComputerAma bustled a google of geeks.

submitted by Lisa Miller - (www)

google (v. 2) - To search the Internet using Google or other search engines.

e.g., For laughs, I googled "Google" in Google and they CLAIM to have *TWO BILLION* hits.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

google credit - A generic credit for a quotation.

e.g., Netpeckers may not be satisfied that google credits give proper credit to owners of copyrighted material, but they'll satisfy most. They're certainly a lot better than reproducing material without giving any credit. | Rather than cite a specific source for a quotation, you can use google credits to provide multiple sources from which a reader can choose. | Using google credits can help you get around ending up with dead links on message boards or on your web pages. |

Here's a google credit using text from a pseudodictionary entry. If some other site has reproduced that text exactly, it will show up as a hit. That's one way we find poachers who have copied half-vast amounts of the pd without our permission. Other times, what we turn up are fans who have copied a few entries they liked. We don't mind if people do that -- but we do want them to link back to us.

What really galls us is people who take our (mostly your) cleverness and intellectual property and pass it off as theirs -- even going so far as to post a copyright notice indicating that they are the copyright owners. That has happened much more often with the database at SlangSite than it has with the database here. SlangSite had our permission to post the material originally, but we may need to revisit that agreement if problems continue with our copyrighted material being propagated via SlangSite.

On a few occasions, using text from a pd entry has led us to a site where it was clear that what appears on our site was on the other site first. We're rarely asked to remove anything, but we've done so on more than one occasion when we've been asked to. We have no interest in passing off others' work as ours.

submitted by HD Fowler

google eye - A lazy eye.

e.g., 1. That old man had an awesome google eye. 2. Get off my land, you googly-eyed bastard.

submitted by Mr. Ragsinhisears - (www)

google fight - A fight in which two words are set against each other to see which shows up with more hits in Google searches. Google Fight is a site that can be used to compare frequency of use for any two words.

I used Google Fight to learn that dead occurs almost three times as often as alive, and insect more than three times as often as mammal. I've also used it in conjuction with a site that lists common misspellings.

Oncet upon a time nearly all (all?) dictionaries treated supercede as a misspelling of supersede. Things change. Now some descriptive dictionaries accept the spelling with a c as an alternative spelling -- that is, as an acceptable spelling. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary has included a separate entry for supercede for some 25 years now, but it still mentions that the spelling is "widely regarded as an error." The variant spelling, according to M-W, has been around since the 17th century.

e.g., Is it possible that google fights will be used some day to determine when a variant spelling of a word should be given a separate entry in a dictionary?

Supersede currently gets 9,720,000 ghits while supercede gets 1,840,000 -- the latter being a substantial number for what is still considered a misspelling. I wish there were data from 10 years ago for comparison.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

google lag - The long silent pause in a debate between someone asking for evidence of the current outrageous claim and someone googling for evidence of said outrageous claim.

e.g., Kudan: 78% of lions prefer pirates' hats to birthday hats. Virgio: Uh, what's your source for that? (Five-minute google lag.) Kudan: Errr, that's an in-house store statistic from Lions 'R Us, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan. But they consider it to be company confidential and won't confirm it.

submitted by virgio

google tan - Very pale skin caused by sitting indoors in front of a computer all day. A monitor tan, based on a play on words from a skier's goggle tan. First used by accident when blogging about a recent ski trip.

e.g., My roommate isn't looking very healthy lately. He has a google tan and nappy hair.

submitted by Craig - (www)

google walk - To take a Google Walk (or Google Maps Walk) is to use the Google Maps Street View and its directional arrows to "walk" (or "drive") from one place to another.

e.g., I've taken several Google Walks. If I had taken one before I went back to Iowa recently after twenty-seven years, I might not have been as surprised as I was at how small some of the places I was once familiar with looked. I was aware of the phenomenon from returning to childhood haunts, but I hadn't realized until my July visit that it occurred later in life as well. | I'm pretty sure I would recognize the place if I saw it again. I may take a Google Maps Walk later to see if I can locate it.

submitted by HD Fowler

google'em - To run a background check on someone by putting her name into a search engine such as Google. Google'im, google'er.

e.g., If you get another weird e-mail from that guy you should google'em.

submitted by Sam Quo Vadis - (www)

google-fu - Google equivalent of a martial art. Skill in googling.

e.g., My google-fu helped me find the answer quickly.

submitted by Nick Parker - (www)

google-speller - Someone who searches for something using Google -- just to see if she has spelled a word right.

e.g., My misspelling a word is not going to make you the best speller in class, Loretta. You know I never study for spelling. Give me a break and tell me the definition. You're just a google-speller yourself and will never spell as good as I do. . . . Now that was a stupid thing for me to say, wasn't it? I suppose you're not going to give me a clue, now, are you? . . . I thought so.

submitted by Jamie P - (www)

googlebored - To randomly google because of boredom.

e.g., I was googleboreding when I found

submitted by Professor Yak - (www)

googlecrashed - 1. The feeling of having used Google too much and that perhaps Google doesn't like you for using it too much. 2. The feeling that Google is a god-like sentient being which doesn't like being asked too many tough questions. 3. The mystical feeling that you might get bad karma from using Google too much.

e.g., After researching metaphyics for several hours, John felt really googlecrashed.

submitted by Simon Gordon - (www)

googled - To become an instant expert on a thing, person, company or idea in a few seconds by using the wonderful search engine Google. Often carried out in order to hide ignorance of the matter being googled.

e.g., I was a bit dubious about what he was saying on the phone, so I googled him while he was talking and found that everything he said about syzygys was right on target. He must have been googling, too.

submitted by Jenny - (www)

googleduh - A question which could easily be answered by entering the obviously relevant terms into the Google search engine.

e.g., Let's stop arguing about this stupid googleduh; we'll just look it up when we get home.

submitted by Rob Corell - (www)

googlenoia - Nagging fear that people are looking your name up with Google and discovering information about you that you'd rather they didn't know.

e.g., Her googlenoia's so debilitating she's unable to bring herself to go on blind dates anymore.

submitted by Michael Heraghty - (www)

googlenose - When someone thinks there is something wrong with herself and she uses Google for self-diagnosis. (ED. Apparently, googlenosing is becoming rather common in the medical profession.)

e.g., Brian had severe headaches for awhile, but he just found out he's having migraines due to googlenosing himself.

submitted by Hasmig Tempesta - (www)

googlephant - A person who only uses one search engine for everything.

e.g., I use google for all my web searches; therefore, I am a googlephant.

submitted by Ryan Messner - (www)

googlesation - When someone in a chat room is having a conversation or debate and is using Google at the same time for information in an attempt to look smart.

e.g., He was having a googlesation in the chat room today.

submitted by Dave Oberritter - (www)

googlestalk - Finding every existing piece of information about someone that can possibly be found through Google.

e.g., Jane: That cute new guy at work is named John Smith. Beth: Oh no, he's going to be soooo hard to googlestalk.

submitted by Molly - (www)

googlestumble - To happen upon a website reasonably randomly via Google and a non-specified number of subsequent links. The website could contain information of relevance or complete irrelevance -- the fact you're there without quite knowing how leads to the description. The site in question may highly likely not be found again through a logical manner.

e.g., I googlestumbled onto a site that had all the info I need. |Maybe someone will googlestumble onto my blog one day and set me straight. | I can't remember where I found that router bios update -- I googlestumbled onto the site last week.

submitted by monkey - (www)

googlewashing - The intentional or unintentional act of skewing search results in your site's favor. The verb derives from "brainwashing" and suggests that the act is akin to brainwashing the google search algorithms.

e.g., My search results had been googlewashed by some clever fellows.

submitted by Bill Walle - (www)

googlewhacking - Finding a two-word search on google that returns exactly one match -- and competitions resulting from this concept. Score is calculated by multiplying the number of pages returned by each of the words individually.

e.g., Don't post your high-scoring googlewhacks to the web. Once google finds them, there will be at least two results from the search.

submitted by Joan McGalliard - (www)

googley-moogleys - Any small, gross, icky things.

e.g., Get those googley-moogleys out of the corners of your eyes.

submitted by Marie - (www)

googliterate - One who is familiar with the online search.

e.g., Tommy was so googliterate he could be an expert on any subject within two mouse clicks.

submitted by Mischy Tiffty - (www)

googlize - vt. To render findable by Google. (properly Googlize) Occasionally confused Barney Google and goo goo googly eyes.

e.g., The list of Halloween trick-or-treat times for towns in New Hampshire has been googlized.

submitted by Robert DiGrazia

googloid - A person obsessed with Google. (ED. A "googloid" could also be similar to a "factoid." Either a "fact that's not a fact" or a "tiny fact." Check the link to see a usage note on the suffix "oid.")

e.g., Look at Dani over there. Doing another search. She's a googloid. I have to admit, though, that she can be very helpful when it comes to homework.

submitted by Jamie P - (www)

googlong - The result of googling with insufficient restrictions on the search argument. A googlong may contain millions of hits.

e.g., Look, if your search argument is Jim, all you'll end up with is a worthless googlong.

submitted by HD Fowler

googly - when you fell grossed out and discusting

e.g., He makes me googly

submitted by Margie

googoogajoob - Used when in extreme confusion, used to confuse other people.

e.g., Did you know that the Product of the limits is the limit of the product? googoogajoob!?

submitted by FlyinDuke

goojy - Firm in consistency, but turning gooey.

e.g., I nearly choked on that day-old sushi because the rice was no longer goojy.

submitted by Milt

gook - 1. Someone living in the 21st Century who thinks the internet is a waste of time. 2. Someone who is able to use a computer but never or rarely uses one.

e.g., Richard is a gook; he's never online when you need him.

submitted by Simon Gordon - (www)

gookamoonga - An exclamation of surprise, disbelief, or elation.

e.g., Great gookamoonga! I can't believe that Dean Kamen's IT was just a silly scooter.

submitted by M. Bean - (www)

gookie - Repulsive in sight, taste, or smell; dirty; unclean.

e.g., Get your gookie hands out of that cookie dough.

submitted by Chad Brooks - (www)

gooky - (adj.) Qualifies usually rather edible matter, but very sticky and appetizingless.

e.g., Woah, that's gooky. Got any tweezers ?

submitted by Jerome

gool - A combination of cool and good, the perfect person would be described as gool.

e.g., Mike is so gool.

submitted by Lucy

goolash - Used to claim the right to sit in the front passenger seat of a car (i.e., "shotgun"). Words such as plopenstein and snarfle may also be used for this purpose.

e.g., While walking with a group toward a friend's car: Goolash.

submitted by Wilton

goombah - Someone who is not intelligent in the ways of daily human activity--social outcast or moron.

e.g., I saw a man today wearing a red sneaker on his right foot and a combat boot on his left foot. He asked me if I had change for a dollar--because he needed to cross the street! What a goombah.

submitted by Jason Back - (www)

goon - Cheap wine that only comes in quantities of 3 Litres or more usually in a bladder-type dispenser.

e.g., That goon gave me a terrible hangover. Wow this place must be classy, they got goon!

submitted by jay-z

goon sack - I believe that this word originated in Australia, which is to say that the first time I heard it was when I wasthere. A goon sack is the metallic bag inside box wine.

e.g., These Aussies I knew would sit around and pass the goon sack around. Four guys could empty one in ten minutes. Then they'd go and try to surf. It was great.

submitted by zach

goon-hunt - Driving around late on a Friday or Saturday night yelling abuse at strays and groupies.

e.g., We went on a goon-hunt last night and saw many randoms.

submitted by Mark Bell

goonache - The splitting headache that a person gets after drinking too much wine. It can happen while drinking, but most commonly the morning after.

e.g., My head hurts. I have the worst goonache after last night.

submitted by rachael

goonie bag - Another word for a goon sack, or the bladder of a cask of wine (Australian slang).

e.g., So, did you leave your goonie bag in the car?

submitted by Oscar

goonta - 1. arm fat 2. oral sex

e.g., 1. I hate my goontas. 2. I got goonta last night. He never gives me goonta.

submitted by sarah

goontripper - Pinhead.

e.g., Geez, I just mailed all my bills without stamps...what a Goontripper!

submitted by pat taylor

goop - A condiment made of roughly 50% ketchup and 50% Miracle Whip. In a pinch, mayonnaise will work. You may also add Tobasco or Salsa. Goop is for tacos and enchiladas mostly.

e.g., Please pass the goop. My taco is making me hungry.

submitted by Ken Flint

gooponya - Gooponya is a noun that means the worst kind of gummy junk food, especially the kind women crave at certain times of the month -- like chocolate, creme-filled donuts, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

e.g., I'm cranky, bloated and I can't eat pizz and chips -- I crave only gooponya!

submitted by sara saldi

gooray - Sarcastic exclamation of joy...not.

e.g., It's time to clean your room. OR Oh, gooray!

submitted by Mark Haire - (www)

goosebumpples - A cross between goose bumps and the pimples on your skin.

e.g., You can tell that I'm cold by the goosebumpples on my arms.

submitted by Tim McInerney

gooseliver - This used to be a perfectly good word for liverwurst, braunschweiger, liver sausage, etc. This popular lunch meat does taste much like the expensive "pate' de foie gras" -- paste made from geese's livers.

e.g., I like mustard on my gooseliver sandwich.

submitted by Paul EDIC - (www)

gooses - More than one goose, makes sense with modern English.

e.g., The gooses were waddling along the path.

submitted by margorie - (www)

goosley - Descriptive of the feeling in your mouth when you bite on one of those fatty, soft connective tissue blobs in moist cooked meat.

e.g., I dread her pot roast because she uses chuck, slow-cooked at a low temperature, and it's always goosley.

submitted by SassyLee - (www)

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