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genuity - Being genuine.

e.g., His genuity impressed me; he felt compassion and expressed that warmly.

submitted by Katie Doherty - (www)

genurine - Real man made pee as opposed to unreal lab drop robotic pe [sic].

e.g., When it's the real thing you'd be wanting or needing, ask the lab for genurine. Proof is at hand to establish that you're a human, and not a lookalike robot.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

genxpert - A relatively young, untrained, and without credentials wannabe who gloms onto a master practitioner, learns just enough to be dangerous and then represents herself as the "go to" person in that field.

e.g., Mary was horrified to learn that she had placed her entire development budget in the hands of a genexpert who was essentially a "one trick pony" who relieved her not only of her funds, but also her anticipated ROI.

submitted by Linda Starr

geofencing - A system that issues an alert if a person, pet, or object leaves a GPS-defined or "fenced" region.

e.g., Martha Stewart has had to live with geofencing these past few months.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

geoflatus - The foul smell produced by oil refineries and pump jacks, usually on a regular basis, especially around West Texas.

e.g., What is that noxious odor? Why, Ma'am, that's just good old geoflatus, the smell of Mother Earth here in Odessa. The smell of money.

submitted by John S. Duckering

geographically undesirable - Someone you would like to date, but lives too far away.

e.g., Nikki sure is hot, but she lives in the next state. That makes her geographically undesirable.

submitted by Jay Atkinson

geoja - Georgia.

e.g., Jump in the van. We're gonna get some peaches from Geoja.

submitted by Ben nunn

george - A Las Vegas gambling term used by dealers. Denotes some one who tips well. If the customer tips extremely well he would be a King George. A george will almost always get special favors and treatment from the house. The opposite of flea.

e.g., Ben Affleck is george.

submitted by miragedealer

george picketfences - A name for a person whose name you have forgotten.

e.g., Look! It's, ummm, George Picketfences.

submitted by Ani Moller - (www)

george, mac - Generic name for someone whose name you do not know.

e.g., George, will you let me get off the bus please?

submitted by Ofer

georgeous - Said of a good-looking guy named George.

e.g., In the girl's restroom, the chippies were fixing their makeup and gossiping about the new boy they all thought was georgeous. Trouble was, his name wasn't George. | Georgeous he may have been, but that got him nowhere with the girl. She was taken.

submitted by Miss Speller

georgia'd - To be had; swindled, ganked, to get got.

e.g., I gave this broad a hundred doller bill to get us some grub and was georgia'd for the whole wad.

submitted by Gretchen

georgium sidus - The original name put forward by Sir William Herscell, the discoverer of Uranus, for that planet.

e.g., Ooh, look. See how bright Georgium Sidus is tonight.

submitted by Adam Leslie

geospaztinitis - The unfortunate affliction held by people who, despite warnings and disasters, continue to live on known fault lines or under active volcanos.

e.g., Were it not for his geospaztinitis, Malcom would have moved out of California before his house was destroyed by that earthquake.

submitted by Kasei

geotrophisms - Ultra-fantastic visual images flashing through the mind's eye. One may observe this occasionally just before going off to sleep. Time may seem to become distored during this period of hyper-realistic visions.

e.g., I experienced a really cool set of geotrophisms last night. What a trip. I wish I could draw some of this stuff down.

submitted by jim

gepp's cross - The prayer you make when you are grateful the absurd or embarrassing comment you just blurted out went unheard. Invented at a party held as a tribute to Douglas Adams.

e.g., Yes, I got caught in my zipper only last week. *Everyone else listening to the much more interesting conversation* *Original speaker performs a Gepp's Cross.*

submitted by Wayne

gerb - You let someone have a bite of your food. She doesn't clean the spoon. She leaves drool covered leftovers on the spoon. Sloppy eaters in general.

e.g., Mildred, you just gerbed on my spoon.

submitted by rayven

gerd - used to describe anything with a consistency between curd and goo.(gerdy)

e.g., That oatmeal was gerd!

submitted by Chris Laxson

gerfasshed - "Stymied" seems to be a good fit for this word, coined by a Susan Gunther in a query she submitted to The Word Detective, copyright 1999 by Evan Morris.

e.g., Dear Word Detective: I am totally gerfasshed (just made that up in order to alliterate) by the word "gridiron." When, why, how did it come into the language to mean football field? I have queried several football-player types who appear to know all there is to know about the game, and none of them knows why a "gridiron" is called a "gridiron." -- Susan Gunther, via the internet.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

geri - A disappointingly small amount of something. From ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell

e.g., I hoped to get a generous portion of the banoffe pie, but was only served with a geri.

submitted by Nasixi

geriatrick - An old man duped by a golddigger into bequeathing his fortune to her.

e.g., Larry: So, does anyone remember J. Howard Marshall? Jack: Yeah, he was that geriatrick Anna Nicole Smith was married to.

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

geriophile - One who is sexually attracted to those who are older than themselves.

e.g., Anna Nicole Smith is a geriophile.

submitted by Lydgie

germ monkey - Small children, who are continually picking up germs from other little kids, and spreading them to their caregivers.

e.g., The kids I babysit are little germ monkeys. They gave me the flu.

submitted by Megan H.

germ warfare - War between opposing classes of germs.

e.g., The streptococci and staphlococci battled it out in classic germ warfare.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

germania - A culture that wants to take over the world slowly but surely.

e.g., My friend Mattias wants to spread the Germania around the U.S.

submitted by Aaron Marquis

germish - An unconscious combination of German and English that results from not thinking about where you are.

e.g., And then I looked up in the himmel to see if I could spy some stars or even some sternschnuppen. . . . Oops! I'm speaking Germish.

submitted by Kiara&Nate

germish - The hybrid of German and English spoken by first gens.

e.g., I drove mein car to the schtore but forgot mein wallet in ze haus.

submitted by Jonas F Kuhnemann

germophobe - A person who is deathly afraid of getting sick.

e.g., J gets nervous whenever he's around anyone who's sick. What a germophobe.

submitted by J.P. Manalac

gerontocentric - /JER-un-toe-CEN-trick/ adj: The belief among some elders that they are superior to younger persons, whom they stereotype as lazy, apathetic, unintelligent, low-class, etc.

e.g., This internship job at Conglomco is a great, except for the gerontocentric seniors who think I'm just a Gen-X slacker too big for my britches.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

gerophile - The opposite of a paedophile, i.e., a person who is sexually attracted to much older people. Gerontophile.

e.g., Dick: Did you hear that the old woman who lived in a shoe has been hitting on Jim? She's a paedophile. Jane: I wouldn't be surprised if Jim flirted back -- he's always been a pretty big gerophile himself.

submitted by Eleonora - (www)

gerplunge - A sort of combination of the words kerplunk and gurgle and plunge. in other words, the sound a lump of foamy object would make while hitting a puddle of wet something.

e.g., That was a tasty gerplunge. Let's do it again.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

gert - Something weird or unusual. (Also a diminutive of Gertrude. My second cousin Gertrude, though, was called "Gertie.")

e.g., That cheese in the cafeteria smells gert.

submitted by chay - (www)

gert - Bristolian to mean great big.

e.g., That's gert lush, that is.

submitted by Adam B Tayler

geschnicked - To drink copious amounts of alcohol and get excessively drunk.

e.g., Let's get geschnicked. I'm gonna stop just short of going into a coma. Do you know how high your blood alcohol level has to be to kill you?

submitted by Jen

geschwint - "I don't know if this word actually exists, but it sounds German and it sounds cool."

e.g., "Like when something has been running along real smooth ... you say ""It went Geschwint"""

submitted by dan - (www)

geschwint, gesvint - There is an existing entry here in the dictionary. The submitter doubts whether the word "geschwint" exits. Yes it does, in German and Swedish. That's why it has several correct forms of spelling. It means quick/ly, fast, right now, but has also taken the meaning of "easily," "smoothly," and "without hassle."

e.g., I called the help desk and it all was cleared geschwint. | Bring me some blankets and boiled water, geschwint.

submitted by Stinde - (www)

gesolent - Boring, dull.

e.g., July 17 is Gesolent Day.

submitted by Roger Formosa

gessepany - The feeling you get when you lose the battle and lose the war. It doesn't have to be a literal battle (it can be), but it could also be used when something terrible happens to you -- and when you think it can't get any worse, it does.

e.g., John: "My girlfriend just broke up with me!" | Henry: "Well, sorry to make you feel gessepany, but your dog also died."

submitted by Krafter456 - (www)

gestapic - (geh-SHTOP-ick [(hard g) to rhyme with heh-STOP-lick]; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to the despotic Geheime Staatspolizei (abbreviated Gestapo; the "secret state police") of Nazi Germany (and occupied Europe) between 1933 and 1945: covert surveillance (and not so covert), warrantless arrests and imprisonment, torture, secret murder, brutal suppression of state 'enemies,' and so forth; 2. (informally) Of or pertaining to any group's (or individual's) secretive nastiness, callous cruelty, or oppressive agenda. [Derived term: gestapicity "the quality or condition of being like the gestapo."]

e.g., "When his parents died, he was taken in by his grandmother, and a more gestapoic monster you've never seen. He couldn't stay out past 10:30; his dates had to pass an interrogation; and she wouldn't give him any of his trust fund money---oh, about $20 a month." "What a tightwad. Is he still with her?" "No. She died." "So, when's the celebration?" "Wow. You're a cold-hearted bastard today." "Just never liked the Gestapo."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gestobulate - Making vicious gestures and hand motions towards inanimate objects. See voibulate.

e.g., I gestobulated the computer because it was being too slow.

submitted by lauryn

gesty - To bring the words of repentance to someone

e.g., I confronted him with gesty words

submitted by Thabiso - (www)

gesundt-height - Not to be confused with Gesundheit (which is often said after someone sneezes). Next time you sneeze and someone says that, answer back with: 28 inches. When they ask "What?" tell them "28 inches: the distance from the floor up to your geshundt."

e.g., My geshundt-height is 28 inches.

submitted by Cory

get flat - Go to bed.

e.g., OK, kids, it's 9 o'clock. Time to get flat.

submitted by Ron A. Zajac - (www)

get in share - Cajunfor "Get In There."

e.g., Boudreaux told his alligator, "Get in share."

submitted by Casey

get off the grass - Used to knock back something that isn't worth what it costs. This phrase comes from Helen from Canberra.

e.g., Florist: "Ms. Burns, that particular bunch of roses costs $300." Ms.Burns:"Get off the grass."

submitted by dana

get out of peach - A command conveying essentially the same instruction as "Stop what you're doing."

e.g., Tell Steve to get out of peach and help me in the stockroom.

submitted by ditnis

get red - Variant of "redass" or "case of the ass."

e.g., Chris made a pass at my wife while I was standing right there, so I had to get red with him. | Chris got red with me when I told him to find somebody else to work this weekend.

submitted by Dave Konneker

get small - Synonymous with "Get out of the way;" used primarily with dogs and children, or anything else likely to swarm around your feet and trip you as you are trying to, say, carry two armloads of groceries into the house

e.g., "Get small!" George yelled at the dogs, who were crowding around his feet as he tried to carry two full wine glasses to the table.

submitted by Teddy Bowers

get the quad - A formal warning that rage shall ensue. Quad refers to a powerup item from the first person shooter series, Quake. It greatly increases the damage dealt by the wielder.

e.g., Fifi ate my petunias again? I'm getting the quad.

submitted by braeden - (www)

get your (blank) on - To engage in an activity involving (blank).

e.g., It's time to get my donut on. (To eat a donut.)

submitted by Joel Matthys

get-down - Elapsed time from punchout time at work on Friday to church on Sunday.

e.g., I axed my main man, Z, what was goin' down for the get-down?

submitted by Rock

get-togethere - A get-together somewhere other than at home -- especially if the venue is a long way from home.

e.g., We'll be having a family get-togethere next October when my wife's nephew gets married -- to a young woman he's known since junior high. Both are in their early thirties.

submitted by Lillith

getokhyldte - (Pronounced: Get-oh-kaild) Used to describe a person under the age of 18 who dresses as if a lower-class citizen

e.g., Look at that getokhyldte go, wearing his moldy shirt.

submitted by Jeff

gettehumper - Word used to describe somethng for which you have forgotten the name. Pronounced GET-e-HUMPER.

e.g., Hand me that...that...gettehumper there please.

submitted by Ron

getting horizontal - An extremely relaxed position.

e.g., Where's Mac? He's getting horizontal in front of the tube.

submitted by Mur

getting your lips beat - 1980s USAF slang. Performing a superhuman task at incredible speed and just barely being able to keep up.

e.g., I was getting my lips beat running messages for the Major.

submitted by mark

gffa - Good From Far Away. Taken from the boys at my local Wendy's. Used to describe a girl that you thought was good looking while she was at the back of the line, but looked horrid close up. Can be use by girls for boys, too.

e.g., Ewwwww! Sorry, guys, false alarm. Definitely GFFA.

submitted by murph - (www)

gffbffg - Good From Far But Far From Good.

e.g., Wow, that dude's really hot. . . . No, wait. . . . He's GFFBFFG.

submitted by James

gfl - Gamer For Life.

e.g., The guy sits in front of his computer playing Counter-Strike day in and out. He's a hardcore gfl.

submitted by metallica670

gfunk - Girlfriend.

e.g., Get on with your life, Justin. Dump the gfunk tonight.

submitted by Dylan

gg - Good Game.

e.g., GG, wanna play again?

submitted by Jacob S.

ghandi - Substitute for the word "God."

e.g., Good Ghandi. I can't believe he fragged them all.

submitted by gnuattutde - (www)

ghandi - Pronounced "gone-edy." To be gone. Often used to describe a mental state.

e.g., Call me Mohandas K ... cuz I'm ghandi.

submitted by Leggett

ghe - What????--I don't understand.

e.g., A. Hey, Jimmy, hoolinguyattamouth. B. Ghe?????

submitted by Tom 4 amy

ghee - Unexplainable, disgusting-looking substance. Often cheese-like, sticky, goopy, or strangely-colored.

e.g., "Ewww...I just stepped in some ghee! Have you got some rubber gloves and some bleach so I can clean it off?"

submitted by Dr. Beef

gheistodynamism - Ghost power.

e.g., In a rare display of gheistodynamism, our Subaru was lifted from our driveway, flown through the air, and dropped unscratched into the Dairy Queen parking lot. Dad was duly impressed.

submitted by Ty Evans - (www)

ghetmo - More ghetto, ghetto-er if you will. Not quite the ghetto-ist, but more ghetto than ghetto, hence ghetmo.

e.g., That movie was overly ghetmo.

submitted by pikacheney

ghetrified - 1. To be extremely ghetto--that is, low-quality or lame. 2. Wearing clothing that makes one look silly or disreputable.

e.g., 1. Check out the duct-tape all over that car. That is too ghetrified. 2. You need to lose that do-rag. Makes you look ghetrified.

submitted by Megan

ghettiste - (Get-ees-tay) An object that is very expensive but is really a piece of crap.

e.g., That watch is so ghettiste.

submitted by DoctaG - (www)

ghetto - 1. Cheap, bad, inferior, half-assed. 2. An imitation.

e.g., That was a ghetto parking job, but we'll only be here for a few minutes.

submitted by katey

ghetto bird - Police helicopters. Often flying over the ghetto looking for somebody.

e.g., Damn, look. In the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane. It's the ghetto bird.

submitted by

ghetto blaster - Radio, usually used when the radio is too loud

e.g., Apparently my ghetto blaster is too loud for the neighbors.

submitted by DerrangedCow

ghetto booty - Your closest buddies.

e.g., Yay. Ghetto booty crew is here.

submitted by JoJo

ghetto fried rice - Fried rice made with hot dogs or bacon and without veggies. Usually made by poor college students.

e.g., After we got back from the bar, Debbie made us some ghetto fried rice.

submitted by Steve

ghetto lemonade - My friend coined this at a party...basically it is a mixed drink with really cheap ingredients, preferably one that is yellow in color like lemonade. A good example:a margarita on the rocks with just margarita mix and nasty no-name tequila.

e.g., Why're you drinking that nasty ghetto lemonade? There's a whole case o' Mickey's in the cooler.

submitted by Jillian

ghetto-fabulous - Ghetto fashion taken to a whole new level.

e.g., J-Lo is rockin' that sparkly white bandana. She is ghetto-fabulous.

submitted by poetrygirl - (www)

ghetto-fied - Ragged or overly used.

e.g., AES: My case is all old and tore up. JLS: Yeah, it's pretty ghetto-fied.

submitted by Pinky

ghettobe - Ghetto wannabe. Term applied to those who emulate the culture of poorer peoples in an attempt to be socially acceptable.

e.g., Chris is our champion ghettobe.

submitted by Ron Carico

ghettofabulous - Used for something that looks like white trash or like it came from a ghetto -- but you love it anyway.

e.g., My car, named the Purple People Eater, is ghettofabulous.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

ghettohackeresse - When one messes up hacker slang and doesn't know it

e.g., Look at Llama. He said L3ke instead of Lik3. He's speaking ghettehackeresse.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

ghettokrunktastic - Exceedingly dilapidated.

e.g., My high school was ghettokrunktastic, with all its roof leaks, mold problems, and open sewers.

submitted by Ari G.

ghettolicious - Word used to describe females with the junk in the trunk.

e.g., That J.Lo sure is ghettolicious.

submitted by jonnyx - (www)

ghettomobile - A car that looks like white trash or like it came from the ghetto.

e.g., My car looks like a ghettomobile. Look at all the paint falling off.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

ghettomology - A cheap or low quality etymology, often prepared extemporaneously to defend the existence of a made-up word

e.g., When pressed to explain the origin of "malacritude," he quickly perused his mental list of Latin roots to forge a ghettomology and confidently suggested that it came from "mal-" and "acer," thus temporarily silencing his critics.

submitted by IMG

ghettosexual - A female who spends spends extravagantly beyond her income on beauty products and treatments.

e.g., Even though Christine is maxed out on all her credit cards, as a ghettosexual she's still going to that new day spa.

submitted by Sylvia Ross

ghettospeak - A dialect. Formerly spoken and understood only by those who actually lived in "the ghetto," but now widely used and abused across the country -- especially by wealthy Caucasian teenagers who live nowhere near any sort of ghetto yet attempt to use the dialect.

e.g., Would you quit talking ghettospeak and say something in English?

submitted by Dr. Mordax

ghettotastic - A term for a something absolutely amazing that happens, but will never happen again.

e.g., That behind-the-back halfcourt shot you swished was ghettotastic.

submitted by Drew Ryan

ghey - "Don't be foolish, silly." Said "gay."

e.g., Red: Wanta' go sky diving? Ted: Ghey.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

ghfjdksla - Pronounced --perhaps mispronounced -- "gid-fid-es-skid'-ela." 1. Warm-up exercises 2. Simple practice in preparation for something more complex. (From the alternating letters on the home-row of a qwerty computer, the repeated pressing of which is standard warm-up practice in beginning typing classes.)

e.g., "Are the singers ready?" "Not yet: they're doing all their ooohs and aaahs and all that ghfjdksla they do." | "Okay, half an hour of ghfjdksla and then we'll get into the real exercises."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ghi - Get Help Immediately.

e.g., You are an imbecile. GHI.

submitted by Lana

ghit - Google hit. Coined by "Trevor at Kaleboel."

e.g., Wonder how many ghits I'd get for pseudodictionary today? … Ummm, 80,400. And 93,800 for ghit.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ghmarsz - my buddy and i figured out how to spell the sound 'meh' just cause it has a silent r s and z the gha sound makes meh

e.g., do you know what time it is? 'ghmarsz'

submitted by justin - (www)

gholdenphish - A bizarre combination of ideas that in some way still works; a collection of thoughts that still pertain to a particular goal though are seemingly unrelated.

e.g., Between Ellie's mad commentary and Amanda's unique taste in music, the radio show went on to be another successful gholdenphish.

submitted by Ellie

ghost - Said when one is leaving a room or area.

e.g., I've got nothing left to do here, let me throw a pound to y'all. Later, I'm ghost.

submitted by Ace

ghost - Disappearance without informing accompanying party, similar to "brick (1st definition)" but initial contact established. The "ghost" occurs at no specific time. Followed up a few days later with a lame excuse, such as "I know."

e.g., 1. Psteo ghosted last night and is now ducking calls. 2. Paul S was a ghost twice last night. What’s wrong with him?

submitted by tmass1

ghost out - To follow someone and have her be oblivious to your presence--even when you try to be obvious.

e.g., My friends were talking about me, so I ghosted out and listened.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

ghost-employee - From Oklahoma politics: a state employee who gets paid although she never shows up for work, one who got the job as a political favor or payoff.

e.g., The Oklahoma State Health Department is notorious for its many ghost-employees.

submitted by Jonathan Brooks

ghostalgia - ghostalgia, n. (ghost + Gr. algos -– pain, grief, distress; cf. nostalgia) -- a mystical longing or wistful affection for ghosts, angels, miracles, aliens, and other otherworldy characters and mysterious phenomena.

e.g., Ghostalgia is a form of nostalgia in that we experience the other world as our genuine lost home. | I am agnostic, but sometimes I feel like ghostalgic. | On the eve of deep historical crises, ghostalgia can grip the souls of entire nations.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

ghostbait - A male individual who vanishes from the face of the earth, or seems to do so, since he spends all his time with his girlfriend and abandons his other friends.

e.g., Ed: Bill is such ghostbait, I haven't seen him in weeks. Ted: Yeah.

submitted by ditnis

ghostbone - rare ; different

e.g., All beings have a ghostbone holding onto their souls.

submitted by hazen - (www)

ghostography - A supposed autobiography, but actually a biography written by a ghost writer.

e.g., Suspicions endure that _Dreams from my Father_ was written by Bill Ayers and is thus a ghostography and not an autobiography by Barack Obama.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ghostshipping - 1. To shine light into someone's eyes repeatedly, as in a movie. 2. To take someone down with you into an undesirable situation.

e.g., 1. Officer, could you please stop ghostshipping me with that Mag-Light? 2. You got me into this mess, so I'm ghostshipping you with me.

submitted by John Tropiano - (www)

ghoti - Meaning fish, or the way to spell "fish," according to George Bernard Shaw. Taking "gh" from enough. Taking "o"' from women. Taking "ti" from nation.

e.g., I'm going to have some ghoti tonight.

submitted by Alan

ghoulon - Cross between a ghoul and a moron. Sometimes "moulon."

e.g., It's a requirement these days. If you want to be a "journalist," you also have to be a ghoulon.

submitted by Karol Weyna

giakem - A mild, all-purpose, generic insult. Pronounced with a hard "g."

e.g., Aldous is an all-world giakem.

submitted by Aldous

giamungous - Cross between giant and humungous.

e.g., Chris, that is one giamungous hickey.

submitted by Codymarie Bailey

gianormous - Bigger than both giant and enormous. Larger than life.

e.g., Look at the size of that guy's mullet, it's gianormous.

submitted by Kevin

giantism - To be obsessed by They Might Be Giants.

e.g., Sarah's suffering from giantism at the moment. She hasn't listened to anything but Mink Car for three weeks.

submitted by Adam Leslie

gib - Noun: Juicy chunks of flesh in a video game left after causing massive damage Verb: To deal massive amounts of damage to someone in a game and make them leave a bunch of gibs instead of a corpse

e.g., He was already low on health and that rocket gibbed him.

submitted by Asmor - (www)

gibbely - A really bad ripoff.

e.g., No thank you. That's a gibbely.

submitted by tiny411

gibben - Given.

e.g., It's a gibben that politicians lie.

submitted by groovy - (www)

gibber-jabber - Probably more often jibber-jabber or jibberjabber. Gibberish, nonsense; incomprehensible, meaningless, nonsensical, pretentious, unintelligible language or talk.  
This seems to be a good time to add a list of words that have to do with nonsense. I'll start with synonyms for gibber-jabber from The Free Dictionary, and will probably add more in time -- if I can find a "canonical list" I tried to come up with several years ago. One among several such projects I've started but never finished.  
< !--

gibberish noun - unintelligible talking
gibber - To prattle and chatter unintelligibly
hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning
abracadabra - gibberish and nonsense
babble, babbling, lallation - gibberish resembling the sounds of a baby
blather, blatherskite - foolish gibberish
double Dutch - an incomprehensible talk
double talk - deliberately unintelligible gibberish
gabble, jabber, jabbering - rapid and indistinct speech
mumbo jumbo - language or ritual causing, or intending to cause, confusion

gibberish noun
nonsense, balls (taboo slang), bull (slang), shit (taboo slang), crap (slang), garbage (informal), jargon, bullshit (taboo slang), hot air (informal), tosh (slang, chiefly Brit.), babble, pap, cobblers (Brit. taboo slang), bilge (informal), drivel, twaddle, tripe (informal), guff (slang), prattle, mumbo jumbo, moonshine, jabber, gabble, gobbledegook (informal), hogwash, hokum (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.), blather, double talk, piffle (informal), all Greek (informal), poppycock (informal), balderdash, bosh (informal), yammer (informal), eyewash (informal), tommyrot, horsefeathers (U.S. slang), bunkum or buncombe (chiefly U.S.)

Hank Stuever, in The Washington Post, "Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, the big new series of the summer that premieres Sunday night on HBO, fails to meet the high expectations that greet it, save one: It is crammed with incessant gibber-jabber.  
"Characters never stop speechifying to one another, replacing believable dialogue with that unmistakably Sorkinesque logorrhea of righteous self-importance. It’s a puppet show with Sorkin as the only hand, expressing his displeasure with the tenor of public discourse. (Which everyone knows has reached an unctuous low.) The Newsroom is principally concerned with how American society has been ruined by the blaring insipidity of our 24-7 media culture. The theme song swells with a collage of images of the founding fathers of television news, but if Edward R. Murrow is watching, I suspect he’s chuckling in his grave rather than spinning in it. (Fun fact: Murrow was cremated.)"  
(A fun fact? Seriously? Are you serious? Are you serious? Not quite up to the caliber of his predecessor, Stephen Hunter, 2003 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Criticism, and one of my favorite authors. Think Bob the Nailer.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gibbermonkey - A person who is making no sense; someone who consistently makes no sense while speaking.

e.g., Don't even bother asking him the time, he's a gibbermonkey.

submitted by Jacob S.

gibbet - From flibbertigibbet: a vapid, ditzy, shallow girl or young woman.

e.g., The giggly gibbet over there gossiping with her friends is as shallow as a puddle.

submitted by Andee DeRouen - (www)

gibble - Descriptive of an emotional state in which one's mind is scrabbling for some purchase on reality, much like a hamster sliding into a glass bathtub. From "wibble-sclup" (echoic? Terry Pratchett, Men At Arms and "gibber." Verb, spouting panicked gibberish.

e.g., Red: How are you doing? Ted: Eeble. Wib. Computer crashy no time help. Ned: Oh, don't mind Ted -- he's a little gibble about the essay due tomorrow.

submitted by Quezovercoatl - (www)

gibblygosh - Pap, tripe, balderdash, poppycock, nonsense, etc.

e.g., Vorpal: "That was the most inane gibblygosh I've ever read. I guess if you're sitting around a hookah listening to the latest Phish album you could probably get a few people to think that's deep."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gibbon's christmas - An outrageously wonderful time.

e.g., That party was a Gibbon's Christmas.

submitted by Adam Leslie

gibbosity - The state of being gibbous, or in a three-quarter moon shape.

e.g., "What a delightful sky!" enthused George. "Such delicate filigree clouds--and the moon, what gibbosity!"

submitted by Colin Taffel

gibilize - To turn someone in to gibs, or chunks of flesh and body parts

e.g., I gibilize so many people when I get those explosive rounds.

submitted by Ian Faynik

gible - Dumbest person on earth.

e.g., Harry: He tried to beat him up and lost. Tom: He's a gible.

submitted by dick

giblet - In a video game, the sub-chunks of fleshy chunks that an enemy is rendered into upon dealing the creature/player a massive amount of damage and subsequently gibbing their gibs.

e.g., A bouncing grenade finished the job, making giblets of the poor newbie's gibs.

submitted by braeden - (www)

gibombous - A very large amount of feeling. Also used to express the size of another or of an object or animal.

e.g., That elephant in the circus is gibombus -- not as big as Jumbo, of course.

submitted by Kenny Beitzel - (www)

gibongous - Relating to or of humongous or gigantic. Unproportionally, ridiculously, or untruthfully oversized.

e.g., Ned, I had this fish ... it was gibongous ... but, it got away. It must have been 60 or 70 cubits in length.

submitted by Randy Thompson - (www)

gibs - Bits and pieces of oneself after being stabbed or shot.

e.g., After the fight, there were gibs all over the ground.

submitted by Nick B

gibson - Hacker-speak for computer. In the movie Hackers, the gibson was the big mainframe computer. Gibson doesn't imply large computer system, just a computer in general.

e.g., We just hacked that gibson.

submitted by sinx

gick - Gross, yuck. An interjection.

e.g., Gick! I just stepped in gum.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

gick - (pronounced with a hard [velar] g; n.) 1. a small amount of sticky, gooey, or mucilaginous gunk; 2. sticky, gooey, or mucilaginous gunk made of a less viscous material than motor oil or sludge, and containing few or no noticeable solids. (adj. gicky.)

e.g., drying glue is gick; drying blood is gick; drying phlegm is gick; beef grease is gick; even ky jelly is gick. | "I spilled shampoo on the table, and now it's all gicky."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gidder - Small, blue three-wheeled car used by invalids. Sometimes called "plastic pigs."

e.g., I was going so slowly that even gidders were overtaking me.

submitted by Simon

giddiot - A person who is so happy (giddy) that she behaves like an idiot. Giddiotic, giddiocy.

e.g., Quit jumping up and down like a giddiot, it's just a free stick of gum.

submitted by Dot - (www)

gidy - to laugh

e.g., it is not nice to gidy during class

submitted by George

giegh - Homosexual, especially a male homosexual. Variant spelling of gay? Plural geighs is used in lieu of "homosexual community."

e.g., "Relevant because this bit of non-news is pushing an agenda. If the Geighs hadn't become hysterical over someone's personal opinion, this wouldn't be covered."

submitted by [MarxMarvelous] - (www)

gierquenaughkie - The process of turning out a street light that has an apparent loose bulb by kicking the base of the pole.

e.g., After Wayne gierquenaughkied the street light, the gang was able to stealthfully commiserate.

submitted by Robin - (www)

giersch - To not show up. When someone tells her friends she'll meet somewhere at a specific time but then is a no-show either because she forgot or even more likely because she never intended to show up to start with.

e.g., Halley's obviously giersched on us again. Halley's a giersch.

submitted by Jen

gifiltis - An extreme emotional state of excitement or panic bordering on giddy or hyperventilation.

e.g., Relax, don't get gifiltis on me.

submitted by Rob - (www)

gift - Dublin slang. Great, brilliant, super.

e.g., Pulp Fiction is gift, my favorite film.

submitted by Neil

gift - From Webster's New International Dictionary, Second Edition unabridged.

gift, (gĭft) v.t., 1. To endow with a gift, esp. of some power or faculty; -- esp., in past. part.
2. To make a gift of; to present gratuitously. Chiefly Scot.
Added this only after using the first example in a blog entry. I was curious as to how long gift has been being used as a verb. Given that I'm not an entomologist, I saw no need to go back any further than 1909, the copyright date for the first publication of the second edition.

May not get the quote quite right from memory, but H.W. Fowler (my namesake) said in Modern English Usage, "It's an ancient and valuable right of the English-speaking peoples to turn their nouns into verbs when they are so minded." Thanks to the Ms. Grundy teaching-style that was in vogue when I was in school, I resisted doing that for ages. One of the rules we were taught was to not use contact as a verb. Now I don't hesitate to use the word that way.


e.g., I gifted myself.

submitted by HD Fowler

gift of grab - The ability to fondle many women and not be charged with sexual harassment. Other people have the gift of gab: the ability to talk engagingly. Supermodels have the gift of garb: the ability to look good in clothes that would make other women look like tractors.

e.g., No doubt about it at this point, Arnold Schwarzenegger does seem to have the gift of grab.

submitted by HD Fowler

gift tree - A decorated tree under which gifts are typically placed on or prior to the night of December 24, said gifts being opened December 25, Gift Day. Somehow connected to pagan or primitive practices celebrating the winter solstice.

e.g., "A crowd of about 100 people planning to put a pair of limited edition Nike basketball shoes under a gift tree, or on their own feet, forced open a pair of doors almost three hours before the 8 a.m. opening and stormed inside."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gifterang - The gift you give someone because you like it and hope she won't so she will give it back to you.

e.g., The cordless drill my husband gave me for my birthday was definitely a gifterang.

submitted by Apremma

giftrape - To get screwed by a gift. More specifically, to receive a gift in high hopes only to find that it is something to make you look like a fool. See also Grandma's Homemade Christmas Sweater.

e.g., My Grandma made me a sweater for Christmas, and I was forced to wear it to keep her from being sad. I was giftraped.

submitted by Neko~ - (www)

gig - Party, gathering. Gigging=partying.

e.g., Where's the gig tonight?

submitted by Blayk

gigangic - Extra large. Story behind this was a chick who once desribed her boobs this way in front of me. She was was loading her PA into her trunk (emo-acoustic musician, just-ended gig), and her boob got in the way. She exclaimed to some younger girls who were next to me, "Geez, don't you hate it when your boobs get in the way?" By comparison, they were glass-flat-chested, so they responded, "No, we don't have big boobs." She says, "Oh. Well mine are, like, gigangic." I was entertained by this for quite an inappropriatly long time. Not in front of her, of course. Just thought you'd like to know. Even though none of that could go on the site.

e.g., That is one gigangic cat that just walked by.

submitted by Eric S. - (www)

gigantalar - Bigger than anything else.

e.g., The election was a gigantalar mistake.

submitted by Maggie

gigantasized - Very big.

e.g., The Washington Monument is gigantasized.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers

gigantical - Bigger than gigantic but not quite humongous.

e.g., Wow, that's one gigantical car.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

gigantomongous - Bigger than humongous.

e.g., That six-pound hamburger is gigantomongous.

submitted by EggieChan

gigastupifaction - An ambient quality of absurdospactaculism inborn in some individuals.

e.g., Steve is a bit special: he has gigastupifaction you know.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

gigatastic - The best something can be, but to the ultimate degree, one up from Robin.

e.g., That movie was so awesome it was gigatastic.

submitted by Jason Tuft - (www)

gigger - A term used to describe a hard-drive-based device by its capacity.

e.g., The 20GB iPod is cool, but I prefer the 40 gigger.

submitted by Galley - (www)

giggersnort - Snorting sound, produced by laughing through the nose. Often derisive laughter.

e.g., Haha. That was so funny. (giggersnort)

submitted by stuart - (www)

giggity go - Are you going to go. I am going to go.

e.g., Giggity go get a hamburger. Do you want anything?

submitted by Lindsay - (www)

giggle - Google's newest search engine that puts humor into every hit. Those using the engine will find a relevant joke or anecdote in their language, selected from a universe of over 100 million rib ticklers.

e.g., Wendell used the new search engine Giggle to write a term paper on Germany for his History class. Not only did he get an "A," he's now the featured stand-up comedian at the Schnitzelbank restaurant every Friday night.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

gigglefest - Two co-workers sitting around laughing instead of working. Created by Bonnie Lintick in 1995.

e.g., It was one big gigglefest when Noelle and Gail got together.

submitted by Iguana Thompson

gigglepalooza - A large collection of co-workers sitting around laughing instead of working.

e.g., Judging from the noise coming from down the hall, gigglepalooza is back in town.

submitted by Iguana Thompson

giggleplex - Giggle to the 10^100th power. A giggleplex is a googol of giggles.

e.g., To attain a giggleplex, combine 10000 little girls with 10000 little kittens.

submitted by Brian Battles

gigglogong - A word you use only if you are unstable.

e.g., Dolly Parton, with her very high center of gravity making her unstable, "Gigglogong, eh?"

submitted by Billy

gigity - Very happy.

e.g., I'm going to be gigity when I go hunting agagain.

submitted by Chet 7th English

gigmungous - Combination of gigantic and humungous. Something that is extrememly BIG.

e.g., The pyramids in Egypt are bigger than huge... they're gigmungous!

submitted by skipinator

gigroncous - Bigger than ginormous. Quite large.

e.g., My hangover after Emma's party was gigroncous.

submitted by Rob and Mike

gigundo - Huge.

e.g., I made myself a gigundo cheeseburger.

submitted by D.C.

gigundus - Bigger than giant and larger than humongous. Extremely, extra large. Can be used to exaggerate a situation or object. | Just a quick note to tell you that I know the person who penned that word. His name is Brian Miller and he made it up in 1991 in Ypsilanti, MI. I don't know if you print originator info, but there it is. Perhaps others will corroborate this in the near future. And I believe he used the word to mean unfathomable or incomprehensibly large. (ED. Unfortunately, there's little chance that the submitter's story about the origin of the word can be verified.)

e.g., Chris was going to go on a date with Ron, but she had a gigundus zit on her face and couldn't go out looking like that. | John Bonham's recorded kick-drum sound was gigundus.

submitted by taliea - (www)

gihoogigreat - Used to describe anything that is of inconceivabe size or proportion.

e.g., There was a gihoogigreat bang and the roof came off. | I went to an amazing gig last night and it was gihoogigreat.

submitted by Martin Clift

gihorrific - Large and especially frightening.

e.g., The recent elections were gihorrific.

submitted by grant

gihugeic - Much bigger than giant and huge put together.

e.g., The sound of the audience applause was gihugeic. OR Jack's bean plant was gihugeic. It reached all the way into the clouds.

submitted by Marianne

gihugent - "Giant," "huge," "enormous," and "large" all wrapped into one word.

e.g., I had a candybar and it was so gihugent!

submitted by Christine Morreira

gihugic - Incomprehensibly large

e.g., I have a gihugic amount of work

submitted by Maggie Yi - (www)

giimoozaabi - Cecil Adams, The Straight Dope: "According to John Nichols' Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe, the Ojibwe word 'giimoozaabi' means 'to peek' (it could also mean 'he peeks' or 'he who peeks')." Cecil thinks this may be where the word "kemosabe," used by Tonto of Lone Ranger fame, comes from. The nominal meaning of "giimoozaabi" is "scout," and "kemosabe" can be taken with a grain of salt as "trusty scout." A more extensive etymology can be found at "What does 'Kemosabe' mean? Also, What About 'Tonto'?" Other alternative meanings are suggested there.

e.g., You want me to do what, giimoozaabi?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gik - (pronounced with the hard /g/ of grape, not the /dz/ of giant)(n.) Any sticky, viscous fluid: jam, honey, heavy motor oil, wet tar, rubber cement (while still a liquid), and the like, especially when spilled onto something upon which it doesn't belong. [I have no idea where or how this word got into my vocabulary, but it's fairly common in ordinary family usage at our house.]

e.g., I accidentally upended that bottle of maple syrup in the pantry, and now there's gik just everywhere.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gilf - Don't be submitting crap like this. You've come to the wrong site if you think it's going to be accepted. This entry has been made to make sure any future submittals get flagged as duplicates.  

If you want to insult us geezers, be at least the tiniest bit amusing or creative when you do. Cheap shots are . . . well, cheap.

e.g., If you boneheads don't realize by now that I'm a grandparent myself, stop your snoozing and wake up. Furthermore, find something worthwhile to do with your time -- such as come up with something clever.

submitted by HD Fowler

gillfriend - A male fish's special romantic interest, a potential significant other. | The Skipper, on Gilligan's Island.

e.g., I have no friends within 500 miles and was dumped by my gillfriend for being too protective and overbearing.

submitted by [HockeyFighter]

gillotine - A device used to quickly and efficiently decapitate fish.

e.g., Tired of removing fish heads? Now getting rid of those nasty, disgusting fish heads is quick and easy -- with the exciting, new Gillotine.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

gilongo - Enormously long. Also thick.

e.g., That beam that spans the gymnasium is gilongo.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

gimme - The lust for more stuff.

e.g., He bought the thing he didn't need just to satisfy his gimme.

submitted by Rob

gimme ten! - A gym coach or drill sergeant would shout, "Gimme ten!" at someone who had misbehaved, meaning to do ten pushups. A tougher disciplinarian might shout, "Gimme twenty! or Gimme thirty!" If the response was not fast enough, "Drop and do 'em, or you get double!" was shouted.

e.g., How many times did we hear that command, "Gimme ten!" before Basic Training was finished?

submitted by Steve McDonald

gimmer - Fool or idiot.

e.g., Outa my seat, gimmer.

submitted by dekoi - (www)

gimmish - Irritating minutia, trivial nonsense, often used to minimize the importance of another's request or concern.

e.g., Don't bother me with that gimmish right now. I'll finish the quarterly report after I'm done with this game of Tetris.

submitted by Kyle

gimongous - Extremely large; gigantically humongous.

e.g., I have this gimongous fungus growing on my toe.

submitted by braeden - (www)

gimoungus - Gigantic and humoungous--that is, rather large.

e.g., Alas! The sky is absoloutly gimoungus.

submitted by nanon

gimp - Loser, but with ominous sexual undercurrents.

e.g., Look at Andrew staring at our new designer. He's a gimp.

submitted by Arbernaut - (www)

gimp - A computer nerd that will not help a person with a computer related problem, other than to talk in techo-babble.

e.g., I would asked John but he's a gimp.

submitted by sloth

gimpified - Messed up, not normal.

e.g., Oh, my God! My hair is like, so gimpified today. OR Look at that boy over there. Have you ever seen someone as gimpified as him?

submitted by Kristy

gimpner - A score of ten or more on any indidvidual hole in golf. No one ever puts down more then 10 anyway (named after Bill Buckner's effort in the 86' series)

e.g., "What did you get on the last hole?" "Oh, just put me down for a gimpner."

submitted by peter vogel

gimpstang - A mythical beast that prowls imaginary swamplands, the gimpstang is made remarkable by the fact it was born with only three of its four legs functioning properly. Aside from its lack of mobility, the gimpstang is a fearsome predator that brutally mangles its prey . . . if it can manage to catch any. Term used to label dangerous people who are less threatening due to their lack of speed.

e.g., The fat schoolyard bully was tough, but we were on bicycles and knew he ran like a gimpstang. So we kept throwing tennis balls at him.

submitted by Bregmann Roche

gimputer - An old, old, slow computer that can just about handle running one program at a time. Prone to system crashes and obscure application errors. Comes in a nice range of yellowed beige plastic.

e.g., DAMMIT! My gimputer crashed again!

submitted by stuart

gimungus - Huge, excessively large.

e.g., He had such gimungus feet that it was difficult for him to find shoes that fit.

submitted by Vanessa

gina - Pronounced just like the name, a generic word for a girl, and in some cases, a guy. It is used in the same context as "G" but is intended for female audiences. It is primarily used as an addition to the end of a sentence, which can normally go without the addition. Gina is not capitalized because it is less formal; it is not a proper noun because it can refer to countless amounts of women. It can also be used to emphasize an expression.

e.g., What's up, gina? Hey, gina, what's happenin'?

submitted by Tony Fangel - (www)

ginch - Pronounced with a hard g as in again. Synonym for "story" as in "What's the story?" Ginching--an all-encompassing term for "having a good time." Ginchy: Really great.

e.g., 1. What's the ginch, lads? 2. I was really ginching last night on the dance floor. 3. That meal was ginchy.

submitted by mark - (www)

ginchiest - Coolest; 50s lingo used by Gerald Lloyd "Kookie" Kookson III on 77 Sunset Strip.

e.g., That party was a blast and the live band was the ginchiest.

submitted by valjgor

ginchy - Something that is in or of poor taste, quality, or value. Something generally bad. || From 1959: attractive, sexy, and cool; awesome, excellent. From a song by Edd "Kookie" Byrnes of 77 Sunset Strip fame -- or a few years of pseudo-fame. Byrnes' "You're the ginchinest" translates to "You're the best." {ED. According to The Routledge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, the noun ginch dates to 1936: vagina.}

e.g., My mother was quite happy when a Payless Shoe store opened near her house. I could only show contempt; I'd never be caught with ginchy shoes on my feet. (Who pays for YOUR shoes, Stacey?) || The Girl is ginchy beyond belief. | "But don't try telling a modern radical feminist that women sometimes lie, especially about the unpardonable sins of rape and sexual assault. She'll call you a slut-shaming, patriarchy-supporting, dickless scumbag rape apologist who denies we live in a "rape culture" that constantly sends out loud messages that rape is cool and groovy and ginchy and happenin'."

submitted by stacey lester || HD Fowler - (www)

ging - To ging means to bare the teeth in an unwholesome combination of a leer and a smirk.

e.g., Laurie ginged as she read aloud the rudest passage from the porn magazine.

submitted by david flett

ging - To cause a major disruption to a more or less regular event, causing gross malfunction or distress. Only applicable to those with ginger hair.

e.g., I was working away quite happily on the computer, then the ging set in and it crashed big style. Maximum gingage.

submitted by Paul

ging, gang, gung - In an obscure dialect of Middle English ging, gang, gung is meaning go, went, gone.

e.g., On the morrow we ging to the town market for to buy some fresh cabbages, and parsnips. | He gang to the wedding that day to see his sweetheart wed. | Sockertees would ha' gung earlier but he was still sleeping.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ginge - To reply to something hastily.

e.g., Amanda:"I HATE it when you throw all the yellow bananas back in the runts box!" Ginged Charlie: "I DIDN'T put the bananas back in the box."

submitted by Nicky Ubben

ginger - For something that is particularly pleasing.

e.g., "I bought this shirt for half off." "Ginger. But didn't they have one in your size?"

submitted by Ali fazal

gingerivitus - A lively lady named Ginger.

e.g., Max introduced us to his new friend from a double date. She giggled and danced as we tried to shake hands. Max calls her Gingervitus.

submitted by Frank Mandriota

gingus - Very bad.

e.g., That car accident was gingus.

submitted by Matt

ginnunga - (gin-'noong-ga; n.) The supermassive black hole at the center of each galaxy (evidently) that holds it together and makes it spin. [After the ancient chaotic pit lying, in Norse belief, between the opposing realms of muspelheim and niflheim, from which the world was organized by Odin, Vili, and Ve.]

e.g., Our ginnunga is called Wallungunder. I haven't named the ginnungas (or ginnungae) of any other galaxies yet.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gino - A very bad stomach ache. The worst. Gi=gastro intestine, no=no! no! not now.

e.g., That nasty burrito gave me a horrible gino.

submitted by jujubees

ginormasaurus - An abnormally large thesaurus. Also dinormasaurus.

e.g., Look it up in your ginormasaurus.

submitted by Cassie

ginormous - Somewhere between gigantic and enormous. Especially handy when describing Jennifer Lopez's rear end. (ED. Although the word wasn't added to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary until 2007, it has been around much, much longer than Jennifer Lopez's derriere. It appears in a British dictionary of military slang printed in 1948.) | More than big. | The word now appears in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. It's a word to pull out of your back pocket when gigantic or /em>enormous just won't do -- so says a reviewer.

e.g., Did you see the J Lo rear end on that one chick? It was ginormous, too. | That building above us is ginormous. | I think it's disrespectful of you to call the First Lady's butt ginormous, Elmo -- even if it is.

submitted by Chad Wilson | Krysten - (www)

ginsu - A blessing conferred if a person sneezes while cooking.

e.g., Arlo was cutting leeks in the kitchen, accidentally took a draught of curry powder, and sneezed. "Ginsu," said Tom. "Thanks," snuffled Arlo.

submitted by Andy Kirkwood - (www)

gint - A stunted giant, of the general shape and formation of a dwarf but very large. Refers un-nastily to a fantasy-story genetic condition.

e.g., They call me Mr. Gint.

submitted by Thomas Taylor

gintestines - Refers to the upset nature of one's stomach after a night of hard drinking.

e.g., Ooooh, my gintestines are killing me today.

submitted by Bry

giocotroni - (joe-co-TRO-nee; n.) Game of thrones, either (1) the political theory, (2) the series of books by George R.R. Martin, or (3) the teleplays of the same name. [From the Italian gioco "game" + troni "thrones."]

e.g., Realpolitik is known these days as the giocotroni. Martin's work has had a worldwide and powerful effect. | Some politicians simply aren't sufficiently hard-hearted to play the giocotroni successfully. | I've not read Martin's Game of Thrones, so I can't really venture an opinion, but I cordially detest the real giocotroni: politics sicken me.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gippive - (adj.) A grammatical case denoting an action done in honor, in memory, or in place of another [from Knute Rockne's famous "win one for the Gipper" speech during the 1928 Notre Dame vs Army game].

e.g., The declaration "And take THAT for my brother, Franco; and THAT for my cousin, Maxmilian!" requires the Gippive case.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

giraffe - A person with a long neck, large protruding Adam's apple, and large sideburns.

e.g., Did you see the giraffe with the sideburns?

submitted by alex

giraffiti - Vandalism spray-painted very, very high up. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., The giraffiti at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge will simply have to remain there until fall. | What we found when we arrived suprised us -- giraffiti on all the exterior walls.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

giraffle - A game of chance, in which the prize is a giraffe.

e.g., The tribesman, tired of hunting, instead bought giraffle tickets.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

girajiguero - A spastically gyrating cat, "gira" coming from the Latin root for gyrate and "jiguero" meaning jaguar.

e.g., We fed the lion a ball of cayenne and it soon exhibited the characteristics of a true girajiguero from the legends.

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

girdle - A circle of girls found in malls and high school halls, usually obstructing passage.

e.g., I ran into a girdle, so I was late for class.

submitted by amy and susan ballard

girk - never had a boyfriend/girlfriend

e.g., Kyle is a girk.

submitted by Zack Ingalsbe

girl crush - When a straight woman has a crush on another woman. Usually more of an 'I look up to you" thing.

e.g., Did you see "Alias" last night? I have such a girl crush on Sydney.

submitted by princess_pink

girl-goyle - Combination of girl and gargoyle. This is a girl of lower beauty. Often kept in a group of girls with higher beauty to make them feel better.

e.g., Joe, you go for the girl-goyle and keep her busy.I'm going for the good-looking one.

submitted by Jay (Avatar) - (www)

girlant - When my children were growing up in California they were both excellent swimmers. One day my son, who was floating shouted to his mother, "Look at me, Mom, I'm bouyant!" Not to be outdone my daughter, Caroline, shouted. "Look at me, Mom! I'm GIRLANT!"

e.g., After hearing her brother boast he was bouyant because he could float well, my daughter claimed that she was girlant!

submitted by Earl Hamner - (www)

girlchick - A term of endearment used by young women for each other.

e.g., Heya, girlchick! How ya' doin'?

submitted by Erin - (www)

girlcott - A boycott of any female, female group, or female-dominated company or organization of any sort. | To boycott the Dixie Chicks. | A boycott of any female, female group, or female-dominated company or organization of any sort. || Opposite of boycott. Rather than abstain from, to use, buy, or deal with as a means of protest or coercion.

e.g., Ted: Isn't that just the worst thing you've ever heard of? Bill O'Reilly and his girlcott of the Dixie Chicks? Why, he's interfering with their Freedom of Speech. Hasn't he heard of the Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights? It was bad enough with his boycott of French products and services, but this goes beyond the pale. He's just terrible. Ed: Errr, wouldn't that just be his exercising his own right to Freedom of Speech, Ted? . . . Ted? . . . Ted? Oh, my God, Ted is dead. || The more I press my wife to watch her unnecessary spending, the more she girlcotts me by purchasing shoes she doesn't need or even want.

submitted by HD Fowler | steve zihlavsky

girleen - What you call a female acquaintance when you can't remember her name, and have no intention of learning it.

e.g., Girleen, how are you?

submitted by Sue Papin

girlscoot - A two or three day vacation with one or two girl friends, for the purpose of female bonding.

e.g., Suzanne, Jayne, and I took our September girlscoot to participate in the nearby garlic festival.

submitted by Mary Mulkey

girmoil - The constant turmoil (of life) that resides behind most women’s faces.

e.g., When the girmoil gets too much, either the tears start flowing or another war starts.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

girtharific - Having a nice thickness to something.

e.g., Nice small car; that guy has to be girthariffic.

submitted by HunHee

girving - To be solid but unspectacular in any activity.

e.g., Call me crazy, but I'd say U2 have been girving it ever since ''Achtung Baby." What's with all those Emmys?

submitted by malone

gisp - The action of a cat rubbing its head against a physical object. Grisp -- when a cat uses its paws to grasp the object while gisping it.

e.g., I saw her pet cat purring and gisping against the leg of the chair.

submitted by Randy Barish

gissipeuse - A gossip columnist.

e.g., "Her audience included ... New York Post famed gossipeuse Cindy Adams, and Derek Hough."

submitted by HD Fowler

gist - (v.) 1. To summarize -- the briefer, the better; 2. to explain or rehearse as quickly and efficiently as possible; 3. to exclude jargon, unfamiliar words or structures, or editorial commentary.

e.g., "Sorry I'm late, guys. What did I miss?" "The critical first half-hour of the movie---that's all!" "Can you gist it for me?" "During the ads, okay?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

git - A git is a person under the age of 16.

e.g., You see that girl trying to pass for 20? Just a git.

submitted by LeLa

git - Get It Together. Pick up your act.

e.g., Ah geez, GIT.

submitted by Sara

git ghost - "To behave discreetly, 'keep a low profile.' An item of black street-talk that was included in so-called Ebonics, recognised as a legitimate language variety by school officials in Oakland, California, in late 1996.]

e.g., "Git ghost, comrade, git ghost" -- something you're unlikely to hear from modern-day far left protesters.

submitted by [Tony Thorne]

gitch - Breif-style underwear for boys, ie: before the age where they learn to know them as 'breifs'. This is a common word throughout parts of Canada, and although 'gitch' can refer to numerous pairs of the underwear, 'gitchies' is the often-accepted plural form of the word.

e.g., As was always the case, Christmas brought with it a new stock of socks and gitch for young Timmy.

submitted by Lord Highbrow of Arachnopod

give 'er - 1. Try hard. 2. Keep trying. 3. Do your best. A favorite saying of those in certian remote northern communities.

e.g., Asked what kept him working so hard, Michael replied that "you gotta just give 'er."

submitted by Chris B

give (a person) what for - "Informal to punish or reprimand (a person) severely." More often than not, however, the object of your rage gets reprimanded only orally -- and mildly at that. Would that that weren't the case with some of the assholes idiots who submit "made-up words" to the pd. I'd like to do what my grandmother did to me -- after she sent me out to cut a whippy whipping switch from one of the trees in her yard. Ouch.

e.g., Lord a' mercy. God knows I hate to waste my precious time and go out of my way to respond to submittals from jerks, but there's the remotest chance that the submitter used his real name and I can give him what for. If this is the way Stephen Holden wants to get his fifteen minutes of fame -- well, I'll oblige him. Temporarily, at least.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

give it a roast - To try something

e.g., (Pulling the slot machine arm "let's give it a roast!"

submitted by ALLISON

give it all in - To show one's sexual desire, usually in cybersex, or phone sex, primarily in 1-900 or 1-976 numbers.

e.g., Oh, I'm gonna give it all in on you. Ooh.

submitted by star651

give it laldi - Scots slang: making a fuss or a big noise.

e.g., Hey, your Jimmy's giving it laldi out back.

submitted by Adam Leslie

give it some vs - Another way of asking someone to turn the volume up.

e.g., Joe: This album is cool, but could you give it some V's. I can't hear it. Jack: No problemo.

submitted by Loz M.

give-a-damn-dividend - I don't give a damn. When you add the dividend on the end, it really rolls of the tongue. No one can take you seriously if you say this when you're angry.

e.g., Look, pal, I don't give-a-damn-dividend about the size of your swimming pool. Just shut your face and get on with your work.

submitted by Gareth McIntyre

givener - Partying. Giving her, gave her.

e.g., We partied pretty hard last weekend. Are we givener tonight?

submitted by tara

givermint - The government, especially the federal government, as the source of funding for whatever ails anybody. Also spelled "giverment." (In case you don't realize it, the government don't got no money.)

e.g., CalCars' PRIUS+ Plug-in Hybrid: 100 mpg, among others using the word: "Sort of rocks your world, when you think of how much $$ the US Givermint gave to try to 'develop' an 80 mpg 'car of the future' under ex-VP Gore."

submitted by HD Fowler

giveupmanship - Dropping out of an activity in a particularly notable fashion.

e.g., And in a remarkable display of giveupmanship, after running only 200 metres of the circuit, Steve walked off towards a refreshment stand and bought himself some chips.

submitted by Owe - (www)

gize - Guise. I see a lot of misspellings that I turn into pseudo-words, but many more than I don't. The spelling is phonetically correct, so this one is a keeper.

e.g., She’s done well, but all under the gize of being here illegally.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

gizmodgery - A term for a small, useless, complicated man made device.

e.g., The newest gizmodgery from Japan is the watch claculator and the earring cell phone.

submitted by Jon Delman - (www)

gizmometry - Anything mechanical or computerized beyond your skill level of working on or beyond your knowledge level when speaking about.

e.g., So I told Stacee, "I'll send you a tune or two when I get the voice recorder and computer gizmometry figured out."

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

gizmowacker - A complicated part or device not fully understood by the user, or a similar device whose name has been forgotten.

e.g., The computer technician says I need to buy a gizmowacker for my scanner.

submitted by Bill Hoffard

giznizzel - A collective of goals or accomplishments that need to be addressed.

e.g., What is all this giznizzel over here?

submitted by looneymidi

gizza gussie - Scots slang, a request for an orange segment.

e.g., "Gizza gussie y'orange, pal."

submitted by Adam Leslie

gizzlefumper - A person who tells long, pointless stories that are half off the subject.

e.g., Megan is a gizzlefumper. Does anybody have any duct tape?

submitted by Jesse

glabella - The forehead area between your eyebrows.

e.g., People with unibrows are by definition devoid of glabellas.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

glabflak - Lithuanian word which conveys happiness or enjoyment. (Ant-Kalfbalg. conveys anger.)

e.g., It's a glabflak day today.

submitted by Kirakami

glache - (Phonemically /gleš/, with a long a; v.) 1. To accomplish something as slowly as a glacier moves (whipping by at centimeters per century); 2. to move extremely slowly (like a glacier). (n.) 3. Someone who accomplishes things, or moves, exceedingly slowly. [Back formation from "glacier."]

e.g., "Hasn't he finished staining that hutch yet?!" "No, and it's been four weeks!" "Boy, that guy just glaches, doesn't he?" || "How fast can you do the mile?" "Oh, I can glache a mile in about 10 hours or so." || "You're not moving at all---what a glache you are."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

glacial - Excruciatingly slow, inspired by the inch per year movement of glaciers.

e.g., The pace of the game was glacial.

submitted by Greg

glacket - The little noisy ball inside a can of spraypaint.

e.g., The glacket in that can seems to have a mind of its own.

submitted by Chris - (www)

gladeye - Looking at someone in a sexually suggestive way.

e.g., Don't know whether you noticed it or not, but I think Janice was giving me the gladeye ... again.

submitted by PashionConscious

gladiacious - When one goes all out to defend himself. It is intended as an affectionate term; an undaunted local hero facing an adverse and ignorant situation.

e.g., Deb was so gladiacious when those jerks started trying to bring her down.

submitted by Devorahmuse

gladify - To make happy.

e.g., It was gladifying to see my old friend after all these years.

submitted by Mitchel Barrett

glag - Giggle Like A Girl.

e.g., Her tickling made him glag.

submitted by Tuj

glah - An expression to use when you feel tired, frustrated, bored, confused--or all at the same time--or just because you want to say it.

e.g., "Hey Janey, how ya feeling?" "Glah."

submitted by jane - (www)

glaichit - Scottish (pronounced: glay-kit). If someone has a glaichit look about her, she looks a bit stupid.

e.g., Ben looks a bittee glaichit.

submitted by ashley_kins

glamazon - A glamorous, powerful woman. May also be physically large, muscular, and strong.

e.g., Professional tennis's Williams sisters would be reasonable examples of glamazons, wouldn't they?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

glambler - A gambler in a casino who strives to be noticed by dressing fancily. For women, this would entail lots of jewelry, low cut dresses. For the men, expensive suits, cigars, Rolex watches

e.g., The blackjack tables were covered up with glamblers last night, so I decided to try the slots instead.

submitted by Paul

glambush - Cunningly taking advantage of someone's comatose state, usually at a party, to creatively apply liberal amounts of make-up to her face and other exposed dermatalogical areas skin.

e.g., As soon as Joel's head hit the pillow, Mildred and Myrtle were upon him with eyeliner and lipstick, sensing the opportunity for a perfect glambush.

submitted by Malone

glammo - (n.) A woman's arsenal of dresses, shoes, earrings, nose rings, hairpins, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, anklets, flowers, perfumes, powders, liners, and blushes with which to draw the eye and please the senses. [From Glamour + Ammo (i.e., ammunition).]

e.g., "Where's the glammo list in Isaiah, again?"  
"The what?!"  
"The glammo list: you know, with the whimples and the tires? In Isaiah."  
"Whimples ... tires ... what?"  
"Oh, for goodness sake. Hand me that Bible over there, will ya?"  
"Yeah, sure ....... whimples? .... What's a whimple?"  
"Okay, yes: here it is: 'In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon, the chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers, the bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings, the rings, and nose jewels, the changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins, the glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails.' ... it's in Isaiah 3."  
"Wow ... what the hell is a crisping pin?"  
"It's a curling iron."  
"And you call that a 'glammo' list?"  
"Yeah ... shorthand. I'm trying to get it into the next edition of the New American Standard Bible."  
"Hoping. I can hear it now: 'In that day the Lord will take away their glammo.' Sings, doesn't it?"  
"Sings. Yeah. Good luck with that."  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

glamouflage - Make-up . . . or possibly clothing. Also "glamoflage," "glamoflauge." See bait advertising.

e.g., How much time should I allow for you to finish your glamouflage?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

glamouflauge - Clothing worn to look cool and hip, just like everyone else. Usually found for sale in major mall-based "urban clothing outlets" or trendy thrift shops.

e.g., My entire wardrobe just doesn't have the options I need to look good tonight, so I went to the mall to shop for some new glamouflauge.

submitted by bryan gans - (www)

glamourspam - A woman whose face is is a veritable painting of make-up -- usually a collection of harsh colors seemingly applied with a paintbrush.

e.g., As the tall woman passed us, I asked my friend, "Did you see all that make-up?" "Yea, do you think she's a Broadway actress after a show? Or do you think she's just glamourspam?"

submitted by Stephanie B.

glangle - Kind or sweet.

e.g., The people became glangle after the church service.

submitted by September 7th English

glappy - Glad and happy.

e.g., I am so glappy with your progress.

submitted by Tanya McGuire

glarg - An accusation of academic dishonesty which is later proved false. Usually becomes a large mishap before being disproven.

e.g., John's classmates realized that their school was sued as part of a large glarg.

submitted by Michael - (www)

glark - Figuring something out from the situation.

e.g., The System III manuals are pretty poor, but you can generally glark the meaning from context.

submitted by mel - (www)

glarsplanobular - Of gigantic size (comparable with a very large planet).

e.g., Wow, that's huge! It's bigger than huge! It's...glarsplanobular!

submitted by Rochelle - (www)

glass girder - Any woman who, by actions, words, or thoughts, helps to support the glass ceiling.

e.g., Sometimes I think the Oxygen channel was custom made for glass girders.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

glass of soda - For those whom you have a celebrity-like crush. May involve stalking and gushing about them constantly, or having stars in one's eyes while talking about them or drooling excessively in their presence. Originated on the message board of "Life's So Rad." (

e.g., She talks about Jack all the time. He's her glass of soda. Too bad he's homosexual.

submitted by Esyla - (www)

glaum - To inspect, take a look at, to see it, or to look at with intention. Not to be confused with the real word "glaum" which refers to groping "with the hands, as in the dark."

e.g., "The carb's busted." "Okay I'll take a glaum at it."

submitted by gnadd - (www)

glayvin - From "The Simpsons," used to lighten up tense situations, to show surprise. Or just to sound like an idiot.

e.g., Needs more garlic, Glayvin.

submitted by Bryon - (www)

glc - Good Looking Crap. Refers to any visually appealing derived information products such as infographics, enhanced tables, charts. or maps that are based on unreliable, untimely, incomplete, and overall poor quality data.

e.g., The latest decision from the ethics committee was made based on a series of GLC reports which should have never seen the light of day. The committee has now asked for a new internal process to avoid any GLC. | GLC has now become a skill that some may refer to as an art, to make bad data look "sexy."

submitted by Phil - (www)

gleary - Weather bad beyond gloomy, a mist of rain with a little sunshine trying to break thru.

e.g., Yuck-- it's really gleary today!

submitted by Ade Magnuson

gleeb - Of or pertaining to glee; to shine or exude happiness; derived from fans of the 60s group The Monkees (exact origin other than this unknown).

e.g., She gleebed through all the hard years of her life and emerged successful.

submitted by marcia

gleebin - An expression of surprise or disgust, always used at the end of a sentence. Can also be used as a nonsensical interjection.

e.g., This coffee is hot, gleebin!

submitted by Juice Maloose

gleek - When spit comes out of one's mouth while speaking, yawning, etc.

e.g., You just gleeked all over me Chris.

submitted by Bobbie Ann - (www)

gleemite - Fossilised glob of toothpaste found in the bathroom

e.g., Can this gleemite be rejuvenated if I soak it in water?

submitted by SA Dave

gleener - The part of a person's butt cheeks that hang out or are visible below their shorts, bikini bottoms, underwear, etc.

e.g., Honey, don`t bend over like that -- your gleener is showing. You can`t wear that. your gleener will show. My gleener got sunburned.

submitted by terry crowe

gleep - 100 perforations of picture film for movies. The linked site tells you about the sound tracks, sound film, and bugeye lenses used to make motion pictures.

e.g., "Another modification was to have the sound film run at a different speed than the picture film -- i.e., one foot of sound film to one gleep of picture film so that they would stay in synchronism (the 64/100 ratio)."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gleet - The spray of saliva that jumps from under your tongue when you yawn.

e.g., Marvin's gleet sprayed Dorothy right between the eyes.

submitted by Tudy - (www)

gleh - Mildly disgusting substance, situation, or activity. Usually gooey or sticky.

e.g., Ann grimaced and reached for a paper towel as she realized she'd just stepped in gleh. Also: Janie's afternoon looked full of gleh--laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc.

submitted by Jenn

glem - Cumbrian (NW England, Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for a particularly saccharine smile or grin.

e.g., No one will vote for Michael, as when he comes on telly he just sits there with a big smug glem. He glemmed like the cat that got the cream

submitted by David

glenism - Something said by my friend Glen, usually a story, that tends to be strange and random. Often, a mix of something an old man would like and something a college student would like, sometimes wiith a dash of cows thrown in for good measure.

e.g., Last week Glen said, "So, in 1994, on the bus, I was eating a pie and reading the paper. . . ." What a Glenism that one turned out to be.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

glenn beck - Rhyming slang for "dreck," Yiddish for "trash, rubbish."

e.g., Can you please take the Glenn Beck out for me?

submitted by IludiumPhosdex - (www)

glenned - Australian slang -- to be lazy or incompetent at handling a task.

e.g., The dog was too glenned to get the ball.

submitted by Marc

gletus - Anany unknown flu-type illness.

e.g., I had the gletus so bad yesterday I had to stay home from work.

submitted by Sherri Allison

glew, glown - (v.) 1. ("glew") the preterite of "Glow" (had it not become an "-ed" verb). 2. ("glown") the past participle of "glow" (under the same hypothetical conjugation).

e.g., "I put phosphorus into the epoxy so it glew." | "This bulb has glown for the last time."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

glib - One who speaks without knowledge of what she speaks of.

e.g., Brendon is a glib -- he doesn't even know what a jockstrap is.

submitted by Brendon Wilderness - (www)

glibido - All talk and no action. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., He demonstrated his glibido when he kept rambling about his screenplay, his "work in progress." Turned out the screenplay was only two pages long. | Unless Chris has taken his Viagra today, it's just his glibido.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

gliché - A computer error that happens over and over again. Child of the words "glitch" and "cliche."

e.g., That kernel32 error is getting to be a gliché.

submitted by Heather - (www)

glid - As slid is to slide, glid is to glide.

e.g., That pigeon just glid onto that streetlight.

submitted by mike

glider fuel - Empty space or air. (Gliders don't need fuel, therefore glider fuel does not exist.)

e.g., Guy over there doesn't seem all that bright. Nope, looks like he has got a head full of glider fuel.

submitted by commandline

gliesian - Of, pertaining to, or like the Gliese System or its hypothetical inhabitants of associated planets.

e.g., "In 2008, a message from earth was digitally sent to the Gliese System, in hopes that the Gliesians would receive it and reply. So far, zilch." "Umm, how far away is this Gliese System?" "You're right. Scratch that. It's more than twenty-two light years away, so there's no way we could have received a response by now. What was I thinking?"

submitted by Robert James Liguori - (www)

glingity glang - A look that a woman gives a man that basically says "he's sexy," or something like that. On rare occasions, it can be the way a man looks at a woman, but the first one's more common.

e.g., Thanks for helping me with my show. That's a good idea, having Julie give Kyle that glingity glang.

submitted by star651

glip - The squeak noise made in poorly ripped MP3s

e.g., This song I downloaded from Napster has a lot of glips.

submitted by Kathy Sheldrake

glisequin - That which glistens like sequins, points of bright light.

e.g., The ground glisequined with sunlight falling through the leaves.

submitted by Bruce Jewett

glissardation - Sliding, or a gliding skid. Verb, to perform a glissade.

e.g., I wondered if I was suffering from acute glissardation as it was the fifth time this week that I had done a glissade.

submitted by Chris Grizzly ADAMS

glitch - The annoying things that a computer does like crash, lock up, etc. Especially used to describe idosyncracies caused by program bugs and not viruses.

e.g., My computer's got a glitch. It froze up again.

submitted by Carolyn Loomis

glitteral - (adj.) 1. everywhere, anywhere you look; 2. recurring unexpectedly for (seemingly) ever and ever; 3. subject to being found in pieces throughout the rest of eternity; 4. unforgettable, because of its constant recursion. [from the fact that the use of glitter---say, on an elementary school project or high school band uniform---causes an eternity of finding flakes of the stuff all over your house, your carpets, your cars, your pets, your food, your hair, your office (twenty-two miles away), your books, and so on ... and on and on).... (and on).

e.g., These new little boutique shops are getting so glitteral: I see them everywhere these days. | "Wow, a really glitteral thing!: I gave this homeless guy some dinner last night, and now it's like every homeless man, woman, and child (and a couple of pets) stop by for dinner every night." "Well, so tell them to go away." "Why on Earth would I do that?! I'm not going to let people starve in the street when I have so much! What a horrible thing to suggest...YOU go away." | "Sal? Here's yet ANOTHER unused thank you note from the wedding. We've been married 26 years!...How many of these did you buy?" "Oh, just six or seven ... ... cases." "WHAT?!"

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

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