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gazinda - A street whose name changes depending on how far along the street you are.

e.g., If you had trouble finding the store it's because Benton street is a gazinda; you start down Lower Muscatine, and that goes into Kirkwood, which goes into Benton.

submitted by Nigel Ray - (www)

gazinta, gozinta - One of the four fundamental operations in math. Gozinta. | A small plastic container such as those produced by RubberMaid or Tupperware or the type that come filled with cottage cheese which are then used to store leftovers in the fridge. Stuff gazinta it. | One of the four basic mathematical operations.

e.g., Two gazinta six three times. | There's enough lasagne left for lunch tomorrow. Gimme a gazinta for it. | Four gozinta 12 three times. Eight gozinta 80 ten times.

submitted by kevin weaver | agd | dianne - (www)

gazit - A pimple so large that it distracts a person during a conversation.

e.g., I was going to date Todd until he grew that huge gazit.

submitted by Ally

gazochstahagen - Used for any German verb, when talking to someone who does not know any German.

e.g., When I was last in Stuttgart I bought a new gazochstahagen.

submitted by existential buzz

gazoinks - A random number of years somewhere in the viscinity of 5 to 50.

e.g., Boy, I haven't seen that in gazoinks!

submitted by Fran

gazoline - A form of gasoline used by those too lazy to form the "s" sound.

e.g., Do you put gazoline or gasoline in your tank?

submitted by Sharla - (www)

gazoometer - The distance you walk before you sneeze when you are reaching for the box of tissues. | A device to measure gazooms.

e.g., I traveled a gazoometer, then sneezed before I could get to the tissues.

submitted by Ed Breunig

gazoontite - Another word for kleenex tissue paper. Derived from "Gesundheit," which is what you say when someone sneezes. Dual Purpose phonetics.

e.g., Oh, you sneezed. Do you need a gazoontite?

submitted by TomCat

gazorninplat - Something unknown, a thingy, a whatchamacall it of sorts.

e.g., I cant finish this model, I lost the gazorninplat that came with it.

submitted by Brian - (www)

gazouta - An output port or source of emission.

e.g., His cabling was all screwed up - he had his gazintas hooked up to his gazoutas.

submitted by Chris Nelson

gazump - British. To offer more for a house than another has already offered and had accepted. In US, this is not allowed--in UK, it is

e.g., I've been gazumped on the house I made an offer on.

submitted by paul nelson

gazunder - A humorous and old-fashioned word for a chamber pot. | To lower a price on a property at the last minute to secure a sale. Gazunderer. To gazump is to raise the price.

e.g., When I was a lad, we used a Folger's can as a gazunder. | I was toying with the notion of backing out since we hadn't signed a contract, but Al gazundered and we consummated the deal.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gazuntite - Gesundheit.

e.g., [sneezes] "Gazuntite." "Thanks."

submitted by HD Fowler

gazute - Euphemism for the buttocks. (Sort of.)

e.g., You've been a pain in my gazute all day.

submitted by Liza

gazzy - Bizarre, unsettling, freakish, or mutated.

e.g., A gazzy insect flew in through my window and landed on my face.

submitted by David McBryde

gblarfgh - GBLARFGH is a word I use often, when I can say nothing else. But, the rule is it can only be said after the word "the."

e.g., For example, here is a conversation between Ryosuke and me. Ryosuke: I need the -- sakata: GBLARFGH. Ryosuke: Shut the h-- sakata: GBLARFGH.

submitted by sakata

gbleh - an adjective, meaning below average, dull, boring or unpleasant. can also be used as an expression to fill in gaps in conversation.

e.g., "how are you?" "pretty gbleh" or "so ... yes." "gbleh."

submitted by miss jess

gbobulin - A happy goblin who typically expresses her happiness by bobbing a lot.

e.g., He was dancing like a gbobulin.

submitted by Simon Parker - (www)

gdos - "Green's Dictionary of Slang is an unprecedented 10.3 million-word collection of the impertinent, vile, censored, hip, witty, and fascinating slang words of the English language. Covering five centuries of innovation in all English-speaking regions of the world, the Dictionary is the most authoritative, scholarly approach to slang ever attempted. Over 100,000 words are defined; each word is authenticated by genuine and full-referenced citations of its use. This is a remarkable work by the leading slang lexicographer of our time."

e.g., How could I have missed gdos? It's been out since 2011.

submitted by HD Fowler

gear - Clothing.

e.g., I'm going to NY Image to get some new gear.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

gear-head - An individual assiduously devoted to cars and their engines.

e.g., He's such a gear-head he keeps pinups of American muscle cars in his room.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gearfart - Grinding sound made by an automotible's manual transmission reluctant to be shifted to another speed.

e.g., My old Studebaker makes a gearfart when I try to shift into reverse.

submitted by Pat McRoyne - (www)

gearhead - Someone whos a big fan of the band Clutch

e.g., That chicks got like a ton of Clutch shes a Gearhead

submitted by Lesah

gebber - The smooth part on top of a new jar of peanut butter or other food.

e.g., I always like the gebber if there is any left.

submitted by Vlad

gebbied - To be screwed over by the man

e.g., Look at my tax bill! I've been gebbied.

submitted by Dwight Fry

gedankenexperiment - A real word: "an experiment carried out in thought only."

e.g., "Albert Einstein ... applied gedankenexperiment to his work conceptualizing the theory of relativity."

submitted by [Gedankenexperimenter]

gedge - The white gunk found in the corner of your mouth after chewing gum and dancing all night.

e.g., Wipe your mouth., then check your gedge.

submitted by Dirty - (www)

gedunk - U.S.M.C., Korean War. A very small restaurant or snack bar.

e.g., I'm hungry, let's stop by the gedunk for a beer and hotdog.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gedæghwamlican hlaf - (pronounced to rhyme with "the REICH MOM lee gone OFF"; n.) 1. "Daily bread" (from the Lord's Prayer in Anglo-Saxon); 2. Three square meals a day; 3. Sufficient food for a given amount of time.

e.g., "You got a place to stay?" "Yeah, I'm in the Bed and Breakfast down on third." "Just breakfast?" "No, I get the gedaeghwamlican hlaf ... I'm good."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gee & haw - To tell a plow animal to turn right, you say "Gee." To tell it to turn left, you say "Haw." Both words may soon become relics. I have heard the words used as described, but I'm well on my way to becoming a relic myself.

e.g., I sat watching, fascinated by the way the mule responded to its owners gees and haws. Before long, the small plot of land was plowed and ready for my grandmother to plant her vegetable garden. When I was a teenager, one of the responsibilities I tended to shirk was pulling the weeds that grew so well between the rows of stuff we wanted to grow.

submitted by HD Fowler

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