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gastrotastic - A word used when a copious amount of food tastes good.

e.g., This mountain of food is gastrotastic.

submitted by Angus

gat - A fully automatic carbine. Most often used in reference to an Uzi.

e.g., "Fluffy poodle wit a gat / Popped a cap inside da cat." Ghetto Petz by Zippy Von Zippy.

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy

gat - Gun.

e.g., Don't cross me. I've got my gat locked, loaded, and packed.

submitted by T-Dogg

gateway - A large woman, in reference to the cow motif of Gateway computers.

e.g., She's a gateway.

submitted by Joe Baressi

gathering stones - Getting to work, doing something useful.

e.g., To get something done, try gathering stones, not rolling in the moss.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gathers - Another word for the police -- because they gather people in.

e.g., "The protest was peaceful." "Yeah, did you see the amount of gathers on the street?"

submitted by Liz

gator boots - An ultimately desirable object for which people will risk all. Compare to "Holy Grail."

e.g., 1. I want gator boots. 2. Perfecting that song was Marek's gator boots.

submitted by BigAssFries

gator day - A day off, not counted towards vacation, as a reward for hard work.

e.g., Hey, the boss declared Friday after Thanksgiving as a Gator Day.

submitted by Biff Condor

gatsbian - 1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 book _The Great Gatsby_: 2. In reference to one who fruitlessly pursues lofty goals. 3. Characterized by an inability to accept the changing reality. 4. Characterized by a myopic view of the past.

e.g., 1. Today's English class featured a Gatsbian lecture. 2. A Gatsbian digger thinks that she can breach the center of the Earth with her shovel. 3. My Russian grandmother is a Gatsbian woman, refusing to accept that her Soviet passport is invalid now. 4. This Gatsbian Texan I know is convinced that the South triumphed in the Civil War.

submitted by George Rosa

gattese, chatois, gatés, koshkii - The Italian, French, Spanish, and Russian words meaning the language spoken by cats.

e.g., I passed a cat sanctuary in Rome one day and noticed the funny accents being meowed from one mangy cat to another. It was then that I realized these Roman cats were speaking gattese. In the feline world, the cats who are generally considered the snobbiest and rudest of all are those who speak chatois. Ryan's cat Bob is cramming lessons in gatés because the new next door neighbors are Mexican immigrants whose two cats, María-Josefina and Carlita, are long-haired. Masha is from Moscow. Masha is a cat. Masha speaks koshkii. Masha likes borscht.

submitted by Amy - (www)

gattle - To wreck or destroy utterly, as with a Gatling gun. Humorous evolution of "Gatling," from the machine gun of the same name.

e.g., It's a good thing that big white no-name British boxer took a dive, 'cause it looked like Tyson was 'bout to gattle him.

submitted by Seam

gattle - (n.) 1. automatic (or semi-automatic) weapon fire (i.e., repeated, staccato popping). 2. any sound like automatic weapon fire (e.g., popcorn popping); (adj. "gattling" (pronounced GAT-el-ing, unlike the name of the gun inventor)) Making sounds like an automatic weapon; (v.) 1. to fire an automatic weapon, or to fire guns many times such that it sounds like automatic weapons fire, 2. to make sounds like automatic weapon fire. 3. to set off a string of firecrackers, as during a Chinese New Year celebration. ALSO: "Gattle-prod" -- to clap or make other loud, repeated sounds in order to get someone or some group to move. "Gattle-buzz" -- the alarming sound of modern rotating-barrel guns, like the M61 Vulcan cannon, in which the automatic firing is so rapid that the resulting sound is a rattling buzz.

e.g., The Why of War Gattle, gattle, go the guns / Pop, pop, pop, the volley / The Pope is Catholic; water's wet / And Lassie was a collie. | I love the gattle of a hundred hooves on cobblestones; it seems so peaceful somehow.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gauche - Underwear.

e.g., Make sure you wear clean gauche, in case you get in an accident.

submitted by DAVID HELMINK

gaudess - (Rhymes with WOW-less (or, less accurately, to rhyme with "goddess"); n.) 1. a woman decked out in (or habitually given to self-decoration with) cheap, gauche, tasteless (gaudy) accessories; 2. a trophy wife or girlfriend, used to engender envy. [From the Latin 'gaudium/gaudia' "joy/joys" shortened and shifted to 'gaud' "a trinket or bauble," probably because people thought 'gaud' the singular of 'gaudia.']

e.g., Mrs. Plumb-Dougly is certainly a gaudess: all that jewelry she's dripping with must be worth at least a buck twenty. | Have you seen Mr. Braggart's new wife? A gaudess: I mean, she can't be more than 19.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gaudify - To make overly gaudy.

e.g., Don't gaudify your x-mas tree.

submitted by john taylor - (www)

gaudiophemia - (n.) 1. a. Repeated expressions of joy; b. a series of ecstatic outbursts; 2, a tendency to use jubilant interjections in one's speech.

e.g., "Wow! Yes! Hooah!" "I know you're glad you aced the test, Scott, but save the gaudiophemia until after class."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gaulded - Refers to irritation where legs rub against each other, as in upper thighs. Galded.

e.g., He had been working hard in the field all day and sweated profusely and became gaulded.

submitted by Lyle Dickinson

gavel - (v., intr.) 1. to be in charge; (v. trans.) 2. to lead or control; 3. 'gavel in,' a. to enact or impose a rule or a prohibition, b. to call a meeting to order; 4. 'gavel out,' a. to end a meeting, b. to overrule someone or end discussion of a matter, c. to create an exception to a legal rule; 5. 'gavel up,' a. to call together, b. to call to order, c. to begin a vote; 6. 'gavel under,' a. to overwhelm with (criminal) charges, b. to severely punish, sentence, or condemn; 7. 'gavel around,' to avoid making a decision despite addressing the issue many times; 8. 'gavel at,' to attempt (unsuccessfully) to (re)gain control of a meeting or situation. (n.) 9. the presiding person or authority in a given meeting or group; 10. the beginning or end of a meeting; 11. a judge. (interj.) 12. "Well, that's that, I guess."

e.g., "Who's gaveling?" "I think it's that guy in the Armani over there." | "When does the meeting start?" "Let's see: um, they'll gavel it up in ten minutes or so."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gawife - What your girlfriend is for two months after you marry her and are getting used to saying wife instead of girlfriend.

e.g., I'm Dave and this is my gawife Lisa.

submitted by duncan

gawping - Combination of gawking and gaping

e.g., Did you see him gawping at those girls?

submitted by Teri Klaehn

gay - Urban teens have changed the former meanings of "happy" or "homosexual" to "stupid."

e.g., "Oh, my God, did you see Juanita's shirt?" said Juanito. "Yea, It's so gay." exclaimed Johnny.

submitted by Andrew Mitchell

gaybob - A person who acts or is stupid.

e.g., I never really realized how much of a gaybob you are.

submitted by Leah

gayboylicious - 1. A term used to describe a type of boy who is very openly gay, and very beautiful in doing so. 2. A very sexy guy who is very obviously gay. A cross between gay-boy and delicious (as if you didn't already know that).

e.g., Greg Lotze is absolutely gayboylicious in those pink pants.

submitted by Greg Lotze

gayed - To be beaten in a competition of some sort by an adversary in a way that makes the loser look very inexperienced. Can be used also as a verb, to "gay" someone or "we are gaying them." | When two people of the same sex publicly commit to spend their lives together, they have become gayed.

e.g., (Lamenting the loss of a soccer game.) "We were gayed." | (Celebrating a victory.) "We gayed them." | (When expressing distress over a upcoming defeat) "We are getting gayed!" | Adam and Steve got gayed on Dec. 1.

submitted by Kibbles-N-Bits | Djazzgirl - (www)

gaymous - Adjective -- well-known as a result of having "come out of the closet." More commonly: Minor celebrity who got a great deal more visibility than usual as a result of having "come out."

e.g., It's really not fair. He was a third rate athlete, then he got gaymous.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

gaypotheosis - The epitome of homosexuality.

e.g., The Search for Love in Manhattan: "On August 17, I will reach the zenith of my queerness; I will achieve, if you will, my gaypotheosis."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

gaysha - gaysha n., pl. -shas. A gay man who is expected to be subservient, attentive, adoring, obliging, considerate, devoted, respectful, and thoughtful to another gay man, usually the one who considers himself superior in every way. I don’t know whether I "invented" this, but I haven’t seen or heard of it anywhere else. I wrote it for a column in AXM, a London-based gay men’s lifestyle glossy. Love the site. Cheers, Jason

e.g., GAYSHA GIRLS gaysha n., pl. -shas. A gay man who is expected to be subservient, attentive, adoring, obliging, considerate, devoted, respectful, and thoughtful to another gay man, usually the one who considers himself superior in every way. Now, you don’t have to work at Oxford University Press to figure out that this is unlikely to be located between the covers of one of its esteemed dictionaries. No, where you’ll find it is whistling between my ears. (So, OUP, if you’re listening, the copyright belongs to yours truly.) Let me explain. Before I met my current inamorato, for a couple of years I was what is referred to as Single. You can probably gather from the big-boy capital ‘s’ that to most gay men -- nay most people -- this worry-laden word strikes fear and loathing in the spines of otherwise sane adults and provokes Herculean bouts of hyperventilating. Me? Frankly, my queers, I don’t give a damn. Yeah, sure, I quite like having a boyfriend, but only in the same way I like eating Brie; it’s great from time to time, but too much of the stuff is bad for the heart. Anyway, whilst I was on Singleton safari, I noticed a pattern to the dating dance. You meet someone -- it doesn’t matter a jot whether you particularly like them or not -- you go out, you don’t bother to get to know them at all and come last orders on the date, you expect to indulge in some hot below-the-waist action. Is this really the best we can do? Are we so one-track dimensional that we can’t see the trunk for the trees? The Great Gay Male isn’t interested in dating as a process of getting to know someone because it involves putting’n’shutting up. It means sealing the gob and -- shock! horror! alien idea ahoy! -- prising open the ears. Gay men do not want friends. They do not want boyfriends. They want gayshas, people who are willing to bow the knee and fall to their knees (metaphorically and literally) before them. They want a cross between a therapist and a rent-boy, someone to cover all bases on the need-fulfilling front, a decorative, obedient pet that slobbers on demand and keeps the barking to a minimum. And don’t look at me like that. I know what you’re thinking. Oh, here’s someone who’s had a few bad dates and suddenly he’s a postmodern, post-early-for-Christmas, anti-gay ritual ranter, going down the well-trodden Bridget Jones moaner’n’groaner cul-de-sac. Well, this Jones doesn’t subscribe to the all-gay-men-are-bastards shtick. What I am saying, from dating experience, is the only time I’m expected to use my tongue is when the other bloke stops blethering on and fancies a bit of a snog. Silly me. I thought conversation was a team sport. Gay men aren’t bastards -- that would at least take a little imagination. They are simply brain-curdling bores. In fairness, the can’t-listen-won’t-listen culture is not an exclusively gay affliction, although it is an almost exclusively male one. It’s everywhere we turn. It’s a sign of our speeding, breakneck age. We’re too impatient to make the effort, to go the distance and -- a very out-dated notion this -- get to know somebody rather than just jumping on [their his her] body. We prefer the easy option. Dating is all kerr-ching! kerr-ching! kerr-ching! It’s me-first, me-last and anything or, more precisely, anyone who doesn’t play ball is regarded as an annoying bogey to be snotted on the nearest sleeve. One is the star and one is expected to be the worshipful fan. You must not detract from [them him her], interrupt the soliloquy or steal the spotlight. You must sit, or even better genuflect, listen and nod appreciatively. Bung in the odd "Ah, really?" or "How interesting!" and cock’s-yer-uncle. Got it? Towards the end of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Jeanette Winterson’s newly lesbian protagonist, musing on her desire for love, says "I want someone who will destroy and be destroyed by me… I would cross seas and suffer sunstroke and give away all I have, but not for a man, because they want to be the destroyer, and never be destroyed." And herein lies the rub. Men won’t relinquish their ego, their dominance, their control. (And, yes, I do know. I am one, thankyouverymuch!) But surely if there’s to be even the merest whiff of love, there has to be a degree of risk, a willingness to be destroyed; otherwise, what’s the point? Isn’t having a gaysha a shade on the safe side of dull? There has to be at least some mutuality. A one-way street always leads to a dead end. Instead of the me-me-me mindset with a dollop of me thrown in for good measure, maybe we should indulge in a bit of sha-sha-sha, a quaint phrase an American friend of mine uses for old-skool dating. It might sound unhiply fogeyish, but has the alternative proved any more successful? God, sometimes I could scream, but in Gay Space no one will hear you. Probably because [they’re not he she isn't] listening. There’s only one thing for it: buy a kimono and bind the feet. Sake, anyone? © Jason Jones

submitted by Jason Jones - (www)

gaytee - A narrow, neatly shaven patch of hair located directly in the center of the chin.

e.g., Our band director returned from summer vacation with a disturbing gaytee.

submitted by Steven

gazebo - Extinct African animal. Similar to a zebra-gazelle.

e.g., They finally discovered the bones of the long lost gazebo.

submitted by Natalie - (www)

gazillion - A very large number.

e.g., I received a gazillion e-mails while on vacation.

submitted by Sara SHuman - (www)

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