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guype - Junk, garbage, trash, or leftovers.

e.g., Would you believe this place is built entirely from guype? It looks like new.

submitted by Reg Orza

gwabble - To wrinkle and wad something.

e.g., My socks are all gwabbled up in my shoe.

submitted by Danielle

gwails - Roof nails.

e.g., I got pricked by a gwail.

submitted by Colter 7th english

gwan - What's up, what's a matter, what's going on?

e.g., Gwan?

submitted by Vicky

gwangi - Inexpensive or low quality. From the title of the 1969 dinosaur & wild west film Valley of the Gwangi.

e.g., Dad likes to save money by buying Gwangi brand plastic bags instead of Ziploc.

submitted by Claire M

gwank - Ripping someone's arms off, and bludgeoning her with her own arms.

e.g., You best get that chipmunk off my rutabaga, 'fore I gwank you.

submitted by Dr. Phelps - (www)

gwankalowe - A gwank and bangalowe put together. Ripping someone's arm off, and hitting him with it.

e.g., I sure feel bad for Willie. He not only failed the test, the teacher gave him a gwankalowe for doing so bad.

submitted by Dr. Phelps - (www)

gwarms - The little holes you see when you stretch out a cloth-like something.

e.g., There are many gwams in your shirt.

submitted by Courtney 7th English

gwarvel - The language one speaks underwater.

e.g., Spock tried to tell Jim that there was a squid near him , but unfortunately Jim didn't understand gwarvel.

submitted by Chris

gweeb - A global idiot, a global dweeb. A person who is inept with regard to world affairs.

e.g., A Canadian tourist visiting Germany (known as Deutschland to natives) was frantically asking everyone at the train station in the city of Koln (that's the German name for Cologne) for directions to get to Cologne. The gweeb was already in Cologne.

submitted by Jeffrey Tong - (www)

gweet - To leave the area for food or sustenance.

e.g., I am really hungry. Let's gweet!

submitted by ReenieS

gwess - Verb or noun, the word that you would use to make fun of someone

e.g., You stupid son of a gwess

submitted by Matt Rockett

gwf - Goober With Firewall. An uninformed user of a "personal firewall" who inundates admins with complaints about normal network traffic "detected" by his firewall. Don't remember where I found this.

e.g., Just another GWF. Cripes, I wish these idiots would quit wasting our time and theirs with these complaints.

submitted by HD Fowler

gwoarmadise - To eat something completely, but especially to consume like a hog in one fell swoop.

e.g., I didn't have any dinner because your relatives gwoarmadised the lot.

submitted by Diana Braithwaite

gwoll - The heat that the sun produces.

e.g., Whew, the gwoll is really hot today.

submitted by Brooke 7th English

gwudmetscom - On Mars: "Welcome, glad to meet you." [good-meet-come]

e.g., Upon arriving at Marsport VII, the traveling Earthman is soon greeted with "Gwudmetscom" and a one way trip up Prime Canal to central distribution.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gyah - Interjection. To express surprise or annoyance.

e.g., Gyah. I can't believe I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow. | Gyah. I just don't feel like doing the laundry right now.

submitted by SilverMaiden - (www)

gyk - Similar to the interjections used in the old Batman show: Pow! Wam! etc.

e.g., GYK! That looked like it hurt.

submitted by Garrett

gyl - A middle-of-the-road "good." Pronounced as "gill" or "gi-ol." Not great, but not bad. 6 or 7 out of 10. Negative term is no-gyl.

e.g., The movie was gyl. I'll watch it again when it gets to video.

submitted by Jim K

gym - Te state penitentiary. Criminals go in, come out bigger and meaner.

e.g., Chris is going to the gym, 5 to 10 for laundering illegal drugs money.

submitted by black jack

gym bag - Someone with a physique that fails to show any improvement despite regular attendace at a gym over a long period of time.

e.g., That gym bag should ask for a gym membership refund.

submitted by Mike Wiebel

gym pig - someone who spends too much time in the gym usually out of vanity

e.g., i just wanna be in shape, not a buffed out gym pig.

submitted by miko

gymcentric - For someone whose life revolves around working out in a gym and other healthy endeavors.

e.g., He was so gymcentric that when he wasn't actually working out, he was planning and prepping for his next trip to the gym.

submitted by david farand

gymming - Involving all aspects of gym work. || "Gymming" is a verb that I made up to best describe the physical act of going to the gym and working out. Relative to shopping, swimming, or cooking, is the athletically inspired word gymming. How else might one best describe the overall activities which they engage in during a workout session at the gym?

e.g., I've just been gymming, so I need a shower. || To keep my girlish figure, I try to go gymming as often as possible. | My boyfriend and I share a love for gymming; it's a great hobby in that it keeps us both healthy and fit.

submitted by Matthew Junee || Angie Hart

gymnacafetorium - (n) A large room usually found in modern schools and churches. It can be used as a gymnasium, cafeteria and an auditorium (though not all three at the same time.)

e.g., The first graders will be presenting a play in the gymnacafetorium.

submitted by Jason - (www)

gymnosperm - Of a man named Jim who lacks the ability to procreate.

e.g., Angie and Jim are childless because gymnosperm.

submitted by David

gymnostics - Kids who state that they believe that physical education is beneath them and refuse to participate, while in truth their position is one of mostly fear due to their lack of ability in PE class.

e.g., While the rest of the kids picked teams for volleyball in PE class, the gymnostics slunk around in the corners hoping to go unnoticed.

submitted by Dave Violette

gymteacherly - Acting in an evil or sadistic manner.

e.g., My mean gym teacher was especially gymteacherly this morning.

submitted by Juunana no Onna - (www)

gynae-omnibusologist - Driver who delivers all kinds of new buses.

e.g., I used to be an omnibusologist (bus driver) but now that I deliver new buses to the garages, I've become a gynae-omnibusologist.

submitted by Brian Cole

gynecomasticate - To chew on man-boobs.

e.g., The patient's abnormally enlarged mammary glands have several bite marks and chewed up areas that indicate he is a victim of gynecomastication.

submitted by James Barton - (www)

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