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gurglerz - People who are still at your house the morning after your party, usually asleep under the coffee table and such.

e.g., "How was the party last night, Josh?" "It was really great, I still have a few gurglerz left if you want to see."

submitted by Lady Dart

gurgnik - Person with violent reaction to a pop song that's just too cute, cloying, or twee.

e.g., That Spice Girls song turned Tom into a gurgnik.

submitted by beanie33

gurly gurl - A girl who enjoys and flaunts her girlishness in both her behavior and attire.

e.g., Sher looks hot and has the attention of all the men. She is a gurly gurl if I ever saw one.

submitted by Coozey

gurp - To click in a horrible manner. Especially used in relation to a body part.

e.g., My knee just gurped.

submitted by Robert Henson - (www)

gurple - Sloppy answer to my little sister, my children, and my grandchildren when I couldn't think of the correct name for some odd shade of color their mother would instantly call "puce" or "teal" or "mauve."

e.g., The funny thing about the color "gurple" is that it took and is now in use by three generations.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

gurruckumpucky - Sticky, cloying,gelatinous mass with adhesive and sometimes odorous properties.

e.g., Take that there gurruckumpucky and stick that cat to the wall.

submitted by james Tysoe

guru jee - A Sanskritized version of Teacher Jesus, who, rumor has it, once came to India and spent some time mingling with the holy people there.

e.g., Guru Jee, Avatar, Can we, like you, be a Cosmic Star? [to the tune of, "Jesus Christ, Superstar]

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gush - A mix created by mashing together the ingredients in a falafel or a kebab, preferably with a fork. The purpose of this action is to evenly distribute the vegetables, sauce, and falafel balls|kebab meat inside the bread before eating.

e.g., I have turned the ingredients of my falafel into gush.

submitted by Joakim Heidvall - (www)

gushallow - Combination of "game show host" and "shallow," or combining "gushy" with "shallow."

e.g., Richard Dawson is the quintessential gushallow, fawning all over his guests and reeking of insincerity.

submitted by Joel Parker

gushsheegoo - A really creamy cake.

e.g., I'd love a gushsheegoo right now.

submitted by Eadaoin

gusp - A strange, groping, grasping, gasping, gurgling action that one performs when one is utterly surprised beyond any capacity for rational thought.

e.g., See that guy gusping? The restaraunt just told him he could have a glass of water for free.

submitted by Thomas Stuart Taylor - (www)

gussy down - (v.) to dress informally but entirely appropriately to the context. For example, dressing "trashy" for a "trashy" event; or sloppy for, say, a cement mixing task. Dressing "down" for a casual Friday. || Resubmitted. (v.) 1. To dress informally; 2. to dress informally in such a way as to look good (i.e., "alluring," "hot," etc.); 3. to dress less formally than is appropriate for a particular event. (The opposite of "gussy up.")

e.g., "Wow, Ellie, you look fantastic!" "Well, thanks, but it's just some old shorts and a tied off shirt my brother used as a midshipman." "Yeah, but you really know how to gussy down! You look as good Mary Anne!" "Is that a good thing?" "Yeah! that's a good thing." || "No need to stand on ceremony with us, child: Get back upstairs and gussy down a bit." | "Wow, my lady wife, you make headscarves and dusty denim look fabulous ... you gussy down pretty good." | "This is black tie?! Why didn't you tell me? I'm so ... so ... down-gussied: I'll never live this down."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

gustatize - To imagine what something would taste like, especially an untried combination of two or more flavors; analagous to "visualize" and "audiolize."

e.g., Before inventing a new recipe, Claire gustatized how it would taste and fine-tuned the list of ingredients.

submitted by Lee

gut course - A required, but easy undergraduate core-requirement.

e.g., Everyone has to take European History 101--it's a gut course--but it's so easy nobody sweats it.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gutenberg - Someone, usually an older person, who insists on printing everything rather than reading it online.

e.g., I can't believe you printed that entire article--you're such a Gutenberg.

submitted by Julie Jackson

gutfullofspareparts - Pregnant, with child.

e.g., "Blimey," said Tom. "Guess what! My Missus has got a gutfullofspareparts."

submitted by James Armstrong

gutfully - Descriptive of the movement of a large belly when the diaphragm is spasming.

e.g., That joke made me laugh most gutfully.

submitted by Chris

guti - My entry for the pseudodictionary would be "guti" (pronounced goo'-tee). It is an acronym for Get Used To It. Whenever you have to learn to do something no matter how much you don't want to do it, you just have to quit griping and guti! Being a teacher, this word comes in handy a lot during the school day.

e.g., You must learn to write sentences using active voice. Guti!   Use passive voice and you automatically get an F. (Mr. Kennard, you're invited to write your own example. The "automatic F" business was something my son's English teacher came up with. I thought it was a boneheaded restriction. Found your "entry" at,24009,3375491-515590,00.html?netsection_id=2100114.)

submitted by [Tim Kennard]

gutrekker - Brand name of beer when capitalized. Generic for beer when lower-cased. From the "Our Boarding House (with Major Hoople)" comic strip.

e.g., Computer Conklin: "So let's drink a Gutrekker toast to Smittie for a new record -- most times trippin over the catcher's mask!"

submitted by [Bill Freyse] - (www)

gutter punk - a modern young hobo traveller usually sporting a backpack, dreaded hair, and patches.

e.g., "It seems like there are a lot of gutter punks in this city."

submitted by timon

gutteral - The Eggcorn Database » gutteral Classification: English … Gutteral&thinsp is a common misspelling of guttural,  but these examples indicate that the orthographic shift often accompanies a semantic shift, evoking various associations with the figurative gutter  (low-down, vulgar) or even the gut  (visceral, intense). Rush Limbaugh’s recent quasi-apology for referring to oral sex with a “guttural term” (as rendered in two transcripts of the radio broadcast) is something of an auditory version of this eggcorn. It’s possible that the “down-in-the-gutter” sense is overtaking the “back-of-the-throat” articulatory sense of guttural, however spelled. [Update, 6 Nov 05: See this Language Log post for much more on the subject.] | link | entered by Ben Zimmer, 2005/04/14 |

e.g., Spotted in the wild We want comics to be better, but our discourse is admittedly coarse at times. Our opinions are so gutteral that tamer metaphors seem not to capture them, be they disgust or joy. (link) These are some of the ugly things I’m reacting to here as of late. Your comments about Randall Terry seem so gutteral, they reveal more about you than you know. (link) There would also be old guys in the neighborhood who had old blues 78s of various things like Smokey Hogg. That was off limits to my mother because she thought that those kinds of blues were much too gutteral, but I loved them. (link) From Bakerina, this post was really gutteral and intense I thought. (link) To insult someone with a mind as gutteral and obscene as yours, my Islamic-Fundamentalist friend, someone certainly does have to stoop low. (link) Let’s not forget that these guys went into this with eyes wide open and a pile of explicitly worded releases signed, dated and witnessed. They knew exactly what they were getting into. Yet they were perfectly willing to undergo this sort of thing for money and perhaps that gutteral 15 seconds of reality TV “fame.”…By the way, by “gutteral” did you mean “guttering”, as in “to burn low and unsteadily; to flicker”? Just curious!…I guess what I meant was related to the gutter, lower in class than bona fide fame: gutteral (not like the throaty noise some folks make.) (link)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gutterpunk - A punk, usually homeless, who can be seen at every punk show pan handling change in hopes of buying a ticket. Dirty, smelly, drunk, stoned and broke.

e.g., I gave my extra ticket to that gutterpunk on the corner.

submitted by Mephisto

guttersnipe - One who passes you in the right lane.

e.g., You see officer, I was trying to make a right turn when that guttersnipe hit my car.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

guy - Used commonly to refer to another person to get his attention. A generic nickname.

e.g., Yo, guy, gimme a smoke.

submitted by Sin - (www)

guy bounce, girl bounce - Serial dating with no time in between to learn whatever you were supposed to from the last relationship.

e.g., Sounds like she just needs to figure out who she really is and spend some time concentrating on becoming comfortable with that, cause the guy bounce is usually representative of just the opposite.

submitted by cinderella

guy candy - (n.) 1. Well-muscled, good-looking men of the sort it pleases women to ogle; 2. Such a fellow deliberately placed to draw women's attention. [The counterpart of calling beautiful women, especially those dressed to draw men's eyes, "eye candy." Well, I guess men so placed or portrayed are just as much "eye candy" as women, but the rhyme was so good, I just had to document it.]

e.g., If you've seen the ad on tv of the bodybuilder directing traffic, then you've seen purest guy candy. But guy candy doesn't have to be that Adonic. My wife truly enjoys watching shows starring Adrian Paul, and my elder daughter delights in watching Orlando Bloom, Messrs. Paul and Bloom being, according to them, the definition of "guy candy."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

guy-fi - A term describing media, especially movies, aimed at 18- to 35-year-old males, and featuring one or more of the following: pyrotechnics, stunts, martial arts, gunplay, female nudity, and fast cars.

e.g., "Don't waste your time watching XXX if you're looking for a movie with a plot. It's all guy-fi."

submitted by Jane - (www)

guy-q - Unlike IQ, which measures raw brain power, Guy-Q is a girl's degree of sophistication about the opposite sex -- i.e., her ability to understand what guys are about and to get the response she wants from them. Popularity with guys.

e.g., My sister is no big brain, but she seems to have a very high Guy-Q. Guys at school are always flocking around her, intrigued by her upbeat yet relaxed attitude toward them. They like it that she's friendly, but not grasping. My Guy-Q, on the other hand, is a little anemic.

submitted by natalie

guychick - Describes a person who does not appear to be male or female. Pronounced like the words "guy" and "chick" put together but must be said very fast.

e.g., What the heck is that person? I guess it's a Guychick.

submitted by Jeremy

guyjantic - Gigantic.

e.g., The project was going smoothly until Jake made a guyjantic error.

submitted by Damion

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