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gump - To succeed at something by means of dumb luck alone

e.g., I had no idea what I was talking about, but I gumped my way through the interview and got the job.

submitted by Stephanie

gumptified - To feel quite inclined to do something -- i.e., to take action.

e.g., Spring's comin' -- I'm feeling gumptified to git my garden dug an' some seeds sproutin'.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

gumshoeing - From the older term gumshoe, for a private investigator, whose job required that she burn off quite a bit of shoe leather in her quest for the truth -- or, in the case of the stealthier private eye, that she burn off gum from the gummed-soled shoes she wore.

e.g., 1. "A dozen or so FBI agents are gumshoeing away, examining documents, holding interviews. This is not the traditional stuff of front-page headlines." 2. "But her work bears little resemblance to classic journalistic gumshoeing. So what's her real contribution?" 3. "Reviewer Donald Douglas at the New Republic wrote that he evoked 'the genuine presence of the myth . . . not the tawdry gumshoeing of the ten-cent magazine.'" 4. ". . . one of the most astonishing and obsessive feats of scientific gumshoeing ever undertaken . . . an utterly fascinating work. . . ." 5. May need to do a bit of gumshoeing of my own to check this out.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gun - Used to describe someone who is really good at something, or is doing well at something.

e.g., "Andy is an absolute gun." "Mate, he's gunning it."

submitted by matt

gun monkey - Person who operates surveying equipment, generally has little knowledge of land surveying other than pushing buttons.

e.g., Bruce's resume listed his occupation as "survey technician," but he was really just a plain ole gun monkey.

submitted by Ty Evans

gun-fu - A word to describe hyper-kinetic action movies where characters leap into the air with a pair of hand guns, firing with acrobatic grace. This type of cinema was made popular by John Woo's Hong Kong films such as _A Better Tommorow_, _The Killer_, and _Hard Boiled_.

e.g., Chow Yun Fat is a master of gun-fu.

submitted by Sony

gun-upmanship - Parallel of one-upmanship, with gunpower replacing the muscle-power.

e.g., Caption published in Hindustan Times, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. By Vivek Sharma A GUNFIRE INAUGURATION: These smoking guns are not in the hands of goons aiming high for gun-up-manship. They're party revelers at a shop's inauguration ceremony in the city. But, is this the way?

submitted by vivek sharma

gunch - verb; to ball up a piece of paper; usually used in conjunction with crinkle

e.g., She gunched and crinckled the bills in total disgust.

submitted by Tom McKenzie

gunch - Miscellaneous, and often by implication unnecessary or undesirable, items.

e.g., What are we going to do with all that gunch in the closet?

submitted by majick

gung - Irregular form of the verb "to google."

e.g., I knew how popular the word was because I'd gunged it.

submitted by patrick timony - (www)

gunga dindin - In Anglo-Indian it means, "It's time to eat, pussy-cat" (or, by extension, wiener-dog, whitey-mouse, dirty-bird, etc.).

e.g., Whenever we are shouting "Gunga dindin," too often a tiger is showing up and eating some of the villagers, may they rest in pieces.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gungaprowl - Adolescent mating ritual.

e.g., Friday nights filled the town centre with young men and women on the gungaprowl.

submitted by Michael Stradling

gunggawack - Anything squishy that you would prefer not to touch or step in.

e.g., Don't step in that gunggawack!

submitted by Wigley

gunishment - Punishment. With a gun.

e.g., Arnie looked as if he was ready to deal out some gunishment.

submitted by Ian

gunjy - Distasteful, annoying, dirty.

e.g., That gunjy man keeps asking me for my phone number.

submitted by Dan Peters - (www)

gunk - Another name for margarine, based on the fact it's a bunch of chemicals.

e.g., Pass the gunk.

submitted by neale - (www)

gunkulator - Anything that initiates a process through which a clean thing becomes dirty

e.g., If you throw someone in the mud, you are a gunkulator.

submitted by ditnis

gunkus - Bits of food or unidentifiable stuff stuck onto another object.

e.g., 1. What is all this gunkus someone left in the sink? 2. The dishwasher left some gunkus on my glass.

submitted by Lisanna

gunner's daughter - A name for a particular type of punishment on a ship. Involves leather straps soaked in oil.

e.g., You'll get the gunner's daughter for that if he catches you.

submitted by Freeda

gunnish - Something of supreme worth or admiration

e.g., Dave to Tony after Tony just did something quite awesome, "Tony, you are gunnish."

submitted by Torin Clack

gunny - Over the top, army fatigued, stud muffin.

e.g., Wha's with the gunny over there?

submitted by Jamie Miller - (www)

gunny bag - adj. broken, no longer functional, worn out

e.g., His '62 XKE was a fine ride until the clutch went gunny bag on him.

submitted by Allen Jones

gunnypuvy - the cavity of a turkey

e.g., "At Thanksgiving, I stuff the gunnypuvy of my turkey."

submitted by Cindee - (www)

guns - Biceps.

e.g., Look at the guns on Pete; kid must work out.

submitted by andrew rowe

gunsle - An idiot. Stupid, smartaleck, jerk, mean, ungrateful, arrogant, self-centered person.

e.g., Chris is a real gunsle.

submitted by jeff brown - (www)

gunth - Rhymes with month, which is handy, and means back of the knee for which there is no word. My mate Nicky Carter invented this word.

e.g., the jellyfish stung him painfully in the gunth

submitted by jose

guo - Great Unlucky One. Originally based on a D&D character who spent his entire existence being either breathed on or sat on by dragons -- is now used as an invisible scapegoat for any and all spurts of bad luck.

e.g., Four finals in one day? Looks like the GUO has struck again.

submitted by keyla

gup - To get out of bed early in the morning, esp. at the behest of an alarm clock. (Origin: a contraction of "get up.")

e.g., The alarm rang at 6 but I didn't want to gup.

submitted by Joyce - (www)

gurg - The digestive sound your throat makes that isn't quite a belch. Exacerbated by too much soda.

e.g., Ugh, I shouldn't have had three cans of Dr. Pepper. Now I'm all gurgy.

submitted by Michelle Smith - (www)

gurgitate - To swallow, to learn and understand.

e.g., How long did it take you to gurgitate Chinese?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

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