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grok a toa - Intuitively and completely comprehend, understand something, in its essence, its significance, as it really is. ("A" is a reduced form of "at"; "toa" is likewise a simplified sort of "total.") (cf. Krakatoa!)

e.g., On Mars you automatically learn to grok a toa, and the Earthman who learns this skill has a distinct advantage over the average human bean.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

grok together - It's understanding and knowing something so very completely, interactively with another Martian, or would-be Martian. Used by Robert A. Heinlein in Stranger in a Strange Land.

e.g., "Words of the weather, grok together": motto of the weatherman on Mars (or elsewhere).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

grokbot - A cooking machine that thinks for itself.

e.g., Grokbot is the modern shmoo. It easily creates whatever you like to eat.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

grokkerjox - A popular food supplement on Mars. It sharpens the consciousness and tones up the entire physical apparatus as well.

e.g., The more you eat the more you increase your awareness and understanding -- and, flex more freely from upsun to downsun. Ingest grokkerjox in great quantity; you'll be glad you did.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

groksee - To really understand, perfectly, completely, with depth and clarity ... with compassion, with heart and mind, utterly ... much more so than the average, man. {ED. See Robert Heinlein's "grok" in _The Man Who Fell to Earth._

e.g., In a sea of seething humanity we like to groksee that which be, for added value and effectiveness and success, realize the real, act and react in a superior way beyond the ordinary we pray -- and with help it's groksee proxy, we can always use a hand or two, or even a cast of thousands.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

grollybeliumed - Comes from the rare invisible element grollybelium, used to make stealth tanks in Ireland.

e.g., At least 40 front line infantry members were grollybeliumed when the machine turned and headed straight for them

submitted by Keith Harris - (www)

grom - To grin. Common ytpo for "grin." Regular verb.

e.g., Bob always groms when he's plotting hix next prank.

submitted by |337C4bB4g3

gromax - (noun) That part of your leg that sticks to the vinyl car seat when you're wearing shorts on a hot summer day. Note: This word was introduced on TV in the 1980s as a Sniglet.

e.g., When getting out of the car at the pool, I had to peel my gromax off the seat.

submitted by G. Tom Tsao - (www)

gromish - A non-swear word. From an acting technique for crowd scenes. (Actors are given words to repeat to create the rumble of mob noises. Often phrases like "apples and oranges," "cheese and crackers," or in this case "gromish, gromish, nater, gromish."

e.g., Oh, gromish, I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning.

submitted by Susan Ray

gronk - Someone who changes the channel on the TV too fast

e.g., Don't be such a gronk!

submitted by chrissie

gronk - To drag something along the floor -- especially a school desk or chair --making excessive noise in the process.

e.g., If everyone's finished gronking their desks around, we can get started.

submitted by Name Withheld

gronky - An expression of disgust or mere unpleasantness.

e.g., Are you telling me you've worn that shirt for two weeks? That's gronky. | Get your gronky butt in the shower.

submitted by James Hamilton - (www)

groob - A low person -- particularly one with poor hygiene, low moral character, and lack of consideration for others.

e.g., 1. The used tractor salesman was a groob, trying to sell me junk for the price of a new tractor. 2. Chris has rotten teeth and showers only once a month, the groob. 3. Those guys are genuine groobs, spending Saturday nights drinking Budweiser while driving up and down the road in that rusted-out 1972 El Camino with no muffler, waking up the whole town.

submitted by Stephen Kowalski

groobilees - Germs, bacteria, and nasty critters. All that is bad and lurking on unwashed hands

e.g., That trash can lid has groobilees all over it. Make sure you wash your hands after touching it.

submitted by Kimi

groobles - Anonymous black floaties found in consumable beverages, particularly tea. They are always there, and they are impossible to remove or identify.

e.g., Aww...what are these groobles in my cuppa?

submitted by Nick

grood - The words good and great combined. A little better than good, but not great.

e.g., That homemade ice cream Penelope made was grood.

submitted by brian s.

groodness - Alamgamation of "great" and "goodness."

e.g., Oh, my groodness, I've driven my car into a Taco Bell filled with penguins.

submitted by Patrick Hyatt

groofle - A groove or channel cut or made in a soft plastics material. A groofle is made in a sheet of plastics material so as to provide a line of weakness enabling the sheet to be bent easily along the line of the groofle.

e.g., Let me put a few more groofles in that before we install it.

submitted by Trevor Jennings

groofy - Feeling grumpy but goofy at the same time.

e.g., He's so groofy he needs a nap.

submitted by Michael Thornton

grool - Mix between great and cool.

e.g., It would be grool if you came over tonight.

submitted by Megan L

groomal - Pertaining to the groom.

e.g., I wonder if they have a groomal waltz?

submitted by Brett Looney - (www)

groomibate - Unintentionally checking yourself out when passing by a mirror.

e.g., God, Chris, hasn't anyone ever told you how annoying groomibaters are? No? Well, they em annoying.

submitted by carl

groomio - A very nerdy, yet sometimes cool guy.

e.g., Oh, Mike? He's a groomio. I've never seen anyone hack into a computer so fast.

submitted by Cassie

groon - A hybrid verb combining groove and groan = To find oneself involuntarily humming along to the muzak in a lift, supermarket etc.

e.g., Grooning to the muzak from a speaker in a shoe rack.. (from Cat Food by King Crimson 1971

submitted by Peter Sinfield - (www)

groosome - Really cool, awsome, groovy. (Intentional misspelling of gruesome.)

e.g., Wow, did you see that groosome car that just went by?

submitted by Drew K.

groovacentrifucent - Of the way a good record begins to glow and give off groovoplasm when the RPMs are perfect as the needle grinds slowly outward as it spirals inward and the music tends to lull you into a dreamlike trance.

e.g., The groovacentrifucence of that last tune had me drifting across an astral plane.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

groovalating - Being groovy in whatever activity one is doing.

e.g., He was groovalating as he played his saxophone.

submitted by Grant Childers

groovalicious - To describe food that tastes great.

e.g., This pizza is groovalicious.

submitted by Grant Childers

groovalistic - Used to describe someone or something that chracterizes/embodies grooviness.

e.g., Austin Powers is one groovalistic cat.

submitted by steve

groove-tastic - An occasion so great it makes you want to jump up and dance.

e.g., Wow, this new video game sure is groove-tastic.

submitted by Ryan

groovesque - Descriptive of things modeled after or splattered with maximum groove.

e.g., Watchin' you dance to the BeeGees made me know just how groovesque you are, girl.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

groovetastic - Intense or extreme grooviness, an expression of joy, eternally being stuck in the 70s.

e.g., That is one groovetastic lava lamp.

submitted by Amy - (www)

grooveytuesday - (ga-roo-vee-toos-deh) Similar to "cool beans." This is used as an exclamation of happiness. Use instead of "wow" or "great."

e.g., I don't have to go to work today. GrooveyTuesday.

submitted by zealousquiche - (www)

groovie - Groovy movie.

e.g., Clueless is one of my favorite groovies.

submitted by HD Fowler

groovish - Things beyond groovy.

e.g., Man, them tunes were groovish.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

groovissimo - Extremely groovy

e.g., That is one groovissimo song!

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

groovo-graph - A visual aid tool used to describe the flavor of things groovesque and trippindicular in a rainbow display.

e.g., You don't understand your groovo-graph since you went all "wall street," do you?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

grop - To switch grocery bags between hands at regular intervals so as to give relief to the hand bearing the heavier load.

e.g., Because I broke my car that morning, I had to grop my groceries when I walked home from the store.

submitted by Sammers

grope - "Fondle (in a sexual fashion)." Not a new word at all. Added only because of the example found at The Septic's Companion. | Collective noun for a group of fraternity boys -- especially at a frat party. The term is also applicable to any group of boys who've reached the onset of puberty -- and fits them until they reach their dotage. Possibly even beyond that age, depending on the availability and use of ED products.,* |

Collective noun for a group of men on a "boys night out." Given that men are animals, it might be reasonably called a term of venery.

  • * ED here is used to mean erectile dysfunction, formerly called impotency. {ED. When it appears within braces as it is here, ED is short for EDitor.}
  • {Duplicate.}

    e.g., "As soon as the lights went out, Bob groped her and she kicked him in the nuts. I knew he’d do something like that eventually but I don’t think any of us expected him to do it at a funeral." |

    Mac:  I've been invited to a grope at Alpha Tau Omega Saturday night. Should I act normal?

    Jim:  To have a chance of coming off as normal you'd definitely have to act. (Heh, heh.) Who's your date?

    Mac:  Don't have one yet.

    Jim:  Jeez, Mac, it's Thursday night already. Do you have a regular girlfriend, a steady -- a girl you're pinned to? ... No, you can't be pinned. You're stilll a pledge. You know you have to go, don't you? And you can't go stag, good buddy.

    Mac:  No, no regular girlfriend. Not here at least. Met a girl on a blind date when I was in Tulsa for a fraternity conclave a couple of months ago. We really hit it off. When we had our pledge class walkout later, we went to Tulsa. She lined up dates for all of us in the pledge classs. Then she came over with three other for the spring formal in April. But she won't be able to come back until at least the end of next month. Her dad's really skeptical about her dating someone going to college in Arkansas, two hours away. He doesn't think a long distance romance is going to work out. Could you maybe help me find a date? About the only courses I take are engineering, math, and physics. Pickings are mighty slim in them. For the last party, a guy fixed me up with his fiancee. True story. No snogging, but at least I showed up with a date. Oh, and there's a special problem with this particular party -- it's the annual yard-and-a-half party.

    Jim:  What's that?

    Mac:  Well, the guy buys a yard-and-a-half of material, gives it to his date and she makes a … well, whatever she decides to make. Some guys have their girlfriends help them pick out the material -- and a pattern, too.

    Jim:  Mac, it's Thursday already. Even if I can find a girl you can go with, she's not going to have time to make a dress. But I'll see what I can do. …

    [Thursday night, Mac gets called to the phone.]

    Jim:  You lucked out. So-and-so's out of town and his girlfriend Judy R. says she'll go with you. It's a good thing she's never seen you. (Heh,heh.) She lives in Holcombe Hall. … Yes, she's only a freshman. But she's really cute, has a good personality, and a fantastic figure. Plus, she's shorter than you. That's hard to come by, shorty. (Heh, heh.)

    Mac:  So you're six inches taller than me. Big deal.

    Jim:  Have better legs, too. Did you know I won the Mr. Turkey Legs contest in Junior high?
    Mac:  No, but it's nothing to brag about. If I had been there, you wouldn't have won. Hey, I gotta hit the books. Got a couple of big tests in the morning. Erm, would you be able to come by and pick me up? Take me to Town and Country downtown to get some ideas and then buy material in a fabric store?

    Jim:  Why not? The Evanses have been hauling your sorry ass around since we were five or six years old. First Mom and Dad. Then Bob. And now me. … You know I'm still annoyed that you chickened out and didn't room with me in the dorm.

    Mac:  Couldn't take a chance on you corrupting me. Or holding me back. Can't fool around if I'm going to finish colelge in three years. OK, my last morning class will be over by eleven. I'll be back at the house by eleven-fifteen. Can you pick me up then?

    Jim:  Sure thing. See you then. Buh-bye.

    [All goes swimmingly on Friday: picked up on time, find and buy material with a floral pattern, deliver it to Judy at her dorm…. Everything's a blur 'til Sunday afternoon when Jim calls to see how the dance went.]

    Jim:  How'd your date work out? I told you she'd be Jimust your type.

    Mac:  You don't know my type. Judy was indeed attractive. Great personality, great---
    Jim:  What kind of dress did she make with so little time?

    Mac:  She didn't. She Jimust wrapped the material around her body and had someone pin it in several places for her. Wrapped as tight as it was, it really showed off her figure.

    Jim:  So you had a good time.

    Mac:  No, I didn't -- and not because of Judy. I think she really liked me. Good dancer, too. And she was really nice to me; pleasant to be around. (Are you sure she's into the guy you said she's been going out with? I think she'd be willing to trade him in for me.) Good sense of humor -- I think. She laughed every time I made a wisecrack. Wasn't a phony laugh. Still, I didn't have a good time. I think Melba must have used a magic potion on me. I'm pretty sure she's the one for me.
    And she was -- for over fifty years. We settled on Witch as a nickname for her because of the way she bewitched me.

    Butt she didn't wiggle her nose.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    groppulate - To grope freely and with full permission, an adjunct to friendly expression of emotional feelings quite understandable.

    e.g., My purpose is not to help populate the planet. That is done quite adequately by the other humans. To groppulate is sufficient to the day. Express thyself in a tactile way.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    gross pointe blank - (verb) To use your cell phone to call someone at home with access to the internet for information. From the film "Gross Pointe Blank" starring the Cusak siblings.

    e.g., Sorry to Gross Pointe Blank you, sweetie, but can you look up the hours for the library?

    submitted by Carmela Federico

    grossel - To attack somone and whistle at the same time.

    e.g., Don't grossel, it's bad luck.

    submitted by Philip Liu

    grossenheimer - A person who repeatedly does gross things (pass wind, burp long and loud), sometimes on purpose.

    e.g., Stop burping, grossenheimer.

    submitted by Frangonilda Jones

    grossgasm - A full-body spasm in response to hearing or seeing something particularly disgusting or repelling, in effect the thematic opposite of an orgasm. May be accompanied by dry-heaving.

    e.g., I had a grossgasm after the Dungeon Master showed me a picture of the obese, half-naked ogre matriarch we had just encountered in our adventure.

    submitted by Dante668

    grossomundo - Disgusting.

    e.g., Yuk, you just puked all over me. That's grossomundo.

    submitted by avie - (www)

    grotty - The shorter term used to described something that is or was grotesque. Groty.

    e.g., That tea they made was so grotty that I just about passed out.

    submitted by Charlotte

    grouch-potato - Someone who likes to sit in front of the TV a lot, objecting to things.

    e.g., "This is the thing I've been saying," he began, in a grouch-potatoey kind of way.

    submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

    grouchery store - What any store tends to become if it comes up against a mega-Wal-Mart as a competitor. Suggested by the example which was posted to a forum. The original had "grochery stores."

    e.g., "When I started working at Wal-Mart it was just your regular Wal-Mart, not your SUPER Wal-Mart. Everyone was happy and other small businesses (like grouchery stores) had a chance."

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    grouger - An older woman who dates a much younger man.

    e.g., "Ms. Pennington became a grouger when she decided instead of dating the man her age named Frodo, to go with an 18-year-old high school student named Kevin." "Ummm, Kevin was only 17 when they started seeing each other."

    submitted by KevDawg

    groundation - Being Grounded or Restricted

    e.g., I cant go out and play tonight, Im on groundation.

    submitted by Sally

    grounded - To lose an internet connection for unknown reasons

    e.g., Dang, my comp's grounded again! Darn free ISP's.

    submitted by Neil - (www)

    groundhognamancy - The practice of predicting the weather by observing the movements of groundhogs rousing from hibernation.

    e.g., It's Groundhog Day.The weather forcasters try their hand at groundhognamancy. It's almost as accurate as the satellites anyway.

    submitted by Colleen

    groupie - Sorority or GDI girl who is exclusively around the same fraternity house or its members at all times. Attends all social functions, invited or not, usually well on her way to passing out or otherwise embarrassing herself.

    e.g., That groupie has been hammered and at the house every night for the last week. Word is she has hooked up with every in-house brother. We had to take her to the hospital last night because she passed out mid keg-stand.

    submitted by Matthew Bobrowski

    grouse - Australian slang. Cool, great, very good.

    e.g., That band is grouse -- it rocks.

    submitted by Purple Martin

    grovel sauce - You pour it on humble pie.

    e.g., I'll eat some humble pie, with some grovel sauce please.

    submitted by alis

    grover - 1. A student at Grove City College. 2. A typical Grove City College student. Overachieving, asks annoyingly obvious questions, turns papers in weeks ahead of time, came to college to look for a spouse, terrified of breaking the rules. 3. A freshman (typically a girl) who has been kissed by an upperclassman on the Rainbow Bridge.

    e.g., "I can't hang out tonight. I have to finish up this Humanities paper." "That paper's not due for two weeks. Stop being a Grover."

    submitted by Becca

    grow some - Short for "grow some balls": act like a man, don't be a pushover, don't be a wimp, toughen up, etc. (Sometimes short for "grow some skin," q.v.)

    e.g., So she insulted you about your manhood. Big deal. Don't come whining to me about how she verbally abused you. Grow some.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    grow some skin - An instruction to be less thin-skinned, thin-skinned being an idiom for "oversensitive, especially to criticism or insult." Easily offended or upset. The idea is that a "thin skin" is bad and a "thick skin" is good.


    Mary Mitchell | "When satire goes too far" | Justin, on DOC's comment. Well, I thought about ignoring you because your comment was just so ignorant. I just can't do it, though. So, because he thinks that discriminating against more qualified whites in favor of diversifying colleges and the work place is just as bad as discriminating against blacks (if I'm wrong, then I apologize and he should rethink his views), that means that he is in favor of killing minorities to purify the white race? I'm sorry, I just don't see the connection. Please clue me in. Also, please don't try to get into a debate on [which] race is better. Katrina "victims" shooting at National Guard members and police who are trying to help them just doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth.

    You know, all of you bleeding heart liberals need to step back and take a look at what it is you are trying to say. Who the hell cares if somebody says something racist? If what they are saying doesn't apply to you, why would you care? If you are truly offended, maybe you should take a good hard look at yourself and see if the shoe fits a little too well. Grow some skin and get over it. Every person out there is going to say something at some point in time that will offend you. Are you going to demand retribution and waste valuable time that could be better used?

    A childhood saying comes to mind that many of you might benefit from. It goes something like this:

    Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names will never hurt you.

    Didn't your parents ever teach you this? If not, it's never too late to learn.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    grow the language - A usage in English carefully calculated to unmercifully irritate old crocks like H. D. Fowler and me. {ED. You got that right, pal. When I first heard the similar construct "grow the business," I cringed. Still do.}

    e.g., The English language, incomprehensible though it be to foreigners, is a truly beautiful construct and any attempt to "grow the language" (as opposed to adding to it constructively) will set H. D. and me and like-minded and others busy constructing destructive counter-measures.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    growing up without permission - We all get to a certain age when we start doing things without asking permission.

    e.g., My seven-year-old is finally growing up without permission. Yesterday, he spilled milk on the carpet, and he used six towels to clean it up.

    submitted by Joanie

    growler - "Arctic icebergs vary in size from the size of a large piano, called growlers, to the dimensions of a 10-story building. Icebergs about the size of a small house are called bergy bits."

    "A 'Growler' is a colloquial term applied to icebergs of small mass, which therefore only show a small portion above the surface. It is not infrequently a berg which has turned over, and is therefore showing what has been termed 'black ice,' or more correctly, dark blue ice."

    e.g., The New York Times | April 25, 1912: "The witness said he had cautioned the lookout and warned Sixth Officer Moody to keep a sharp watch for growlers and bergs."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    growley - To be angry in a cute way, in a not so serious way.

    e.g., When I was fighting with Steve last week, he said I was really growley.

    submitted by Kristin Hoult

    growlies - Food.

    e.g., I'm starving. Let's get some growlies.

    submitted by Josh Brown

    growls - British expression: what you have when you are very hungry.

    e.g., I havn't eaten since last night and have a nasty case of the growls.

    submitted by Stephen Mize

    growtato - When people sit around on the sofa all day, they tend to become couch potatoes; this is known as the growtato process.

    e.g., You really should get off the sofa -- you're starting to balloon in growtato proportions.

    submitted by Alex Bacon

    grp moment - GRP is short for the much-needed phrase, "Get a real problem." Useful when addressing or describing people or situations in which insignificant issues are being blown out of proportion. For example, when my fourth and fifth grade students complain about other students budging (Hey, is that an official word?) them in line, I tell them that it sounds like a GRP moment, because we are all going to the same place no matter where we are in the line.

    e.g., After the school principal spent twenty minutes describing the problems with the pop machines in the staff lounge, several teachers suggested she might be having a GRP moment.

    submitted by Molly Coyne - (www)

    grr - Someone is very sexy or did something very sexy.

    e.g., Grr, baby, very grr.

    submitted by melanie

    grrind - The act of attacking an objective with the determination and ferocity of a pit bull.

    e.g., Don't you always find
    That your bosses never mind
    When your stomach turns unkind
    And your bowels start to bind
    'Cause you work the Daily Grrind?

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    grrrness - Indicates very strong frustration. Whatever happened makes you want to scream and thrash wildly, but you say grrrness instead.

    e.g., My term paper is due tomorrow and I haven't even started. Grrrness!

    submitted by Jill

    grub - Australian slang for food. (Pretty well-known in the US as well.)

    e.g., Jake and I are going to the hamburger shop for some grub.

    submitted by Chris Ormerod - (www)

    grubalicious - For food that is one's favorite.

    e.g., For me, tacos are grubalicious.

    submitted by bobbi

    grubbley - Waking up and feeling dirty, usually physically rather than metaphorically.

    e.g., When I woke up in between a midget and the boy down the street, I felt all grubley.

    submitted by Jenny

    gruble - An unidentified speck floating in a glass of milk.

    e.g., The boy wouldn't touch his milk, complaining about the grubles in it.

    submitted by Terry

    grubterfuge - The art of eating stealthily.

    e.g., By utilising his grubterfuge skills, he managed to eat the whole kebab without being noticed, therefore preventing the others from stealing any of his food.

    submitted by james

    gruce - A particularly repulsive shade of green; the green equivalent of puce.

    e.g., Have you seen my new car? Yes, you're right. It's gruce.

    submitted by Colin Taffel

    gruck - Combination of gross and yuck with an extra emphatic tone of one of the best four-letter words.

    e.g., Sputum is gruck!

    submitted by lisa

    grudgery - Basically a combination of the word grudge and the word drudgery. To do a task not so angrily that you're resentful, but wearily enough so that you wonder why you always have to do it again and again.

    e.g., I experienced a feeling of grudgery while picking dirty laundry up off the floor once again.

    submitted by Alexandra Ottaway - (www)

    grufty - Dirty, filthy, messy, untidy.

    e.g., Mother to child, "Tidy up your room, it's well grufty."

    submitted by Tim Salter

    grum - gum found on the ground

    e.g., That guy just ate grum! Nasty!

    submitted by Kevin

    grumb - A person who spoils fun

    e.g., Annie: How about we go to the carnival? Jake: How about we don't? Annie: Oh, Jake, you're just a grumb.

    submitted by Claudia

    grumble-bragging - Ostensibly complaining about something, but really taking pride in it.

    e.g., "You guys can come over, but my dad will probably make you do math problems like he does with me." "Ah, you're just grumble-bragging."

    submitted by Robert Arvanitis - (www)

    grumble-grunt - To complain incoherently, kind of exactly like it sounds.

    e.g., George, I know you don't want to get up this early, but quit grumble-grunting about it.

    submitted by Jo Ginsberg

    grumbleking - Someone who is adept at the art of whining or moaning about a particular topic.

    e.g., My girlfriend gave me plenty to be a grumbleking about.

    submitted by greg robinson

    grumblemunchkin - Someone who is prone to bouts of, or through her personality incites the use of, excessive grumbling, usually about minor things.

    e.g., "I had to sit in that meeting for hours, with that grumblemunchkin Mac droning on and on about nothing" "So now who's the grumblemunchkin?"

    submitted by Amanda Jeffrey

    grumblestorm - A distant thunderstorm where you can hear the far off rolling of thunder but cannot see the lightning. | When so much stuff is going on around you at once (usually bad things) that you can't keep up and all you can do is grumble about them, you're in a grumblestorm.

    e.g., It is very strange, even fascinating, when you can hear the sounds of a grumblestorm which never gets closer but eventually, in time, fades away. | You've caught me at a bad time. I'm in the midst of a grumblestorm, up to my ass in alligators. I'll call you back when things settle down. If they settle down.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    grumby - Describing Gumby when he's in a BAD mood.

    e.g., Pokey: "Ouch, Gumby! Whatever's bothering you, don't take it out on me by kicking me! Man, you are grumby today!"

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    grummage - rummaging for grub, most often with someone else, at their house.

    e.g., After leaving the party last night, jake and i grummaged at his parents' house.

    submitted by joe benevento

    grump - An anatomical word describing the space between your eyebrows that scrunches when you are irritated.

    e.g., Rogi is going to have a temper tantrum. His grump is huge!

    submitted by Renee

    grumpalicious - For someone who is grumpy.

    e.g., If you don't stop making that face at me Mr. Grumpalicious, I won't make you any dinner.

    submitted by Tina Jackson

    grumpany - A person or persons of ill temperament, yet favorable presence.

    e.g., On the way to dinner with Trent's parents, Tori exclaimed "Dear God, we've forgotten to bring wine." "Hey, we're supplying the company" Trent retorted. "Or in your case," she said evenly, "the grumpany."

    submitted by The Dank

    grumpasaurus - Miserable and grumpy in every conceivable fashion.

    e.g., How's my new baby today? In a word, a "grumpasaurus." Took after her mother.

    submitted by GeoffJ

    grumplestiltskin - Grumplestilskin is a label to be applied to a person who is extremely grumpy or has a short temper.

    e.g., Kevin became such a grumplestiltskin when he lost at Monoploy.

    submitted by Byron

    grumpocracy - Rule by vociferous complaint.

    e.g., Radio station websites often devolve into an attempt by the peanut gallery to exercise remote program director authority through their grumpocracy.

    submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

    grumps - A group of elderly males.

    e.g., Look at all those grumps. I think they must be from "The Village" -- that's how they refer to the old folks home.

    submitted by Jonesey

    grunch - A person who is grumbly and grumpy at once.

    e.g., Don't be such a grunch today.

    submitted by Rosemarie Bowerman

    gruncle - Great uncle.

    e.g., I saw my gruncle yesterday.

    submitted by Dede

    grunderflastic - Great, wonderful, and fantastic, all slammed together into one term.

    e.g., Was it good? Good doesn't beging to cover it. It was grunderflastic.

    submitted by zenrender - (www)

    grundiful - Being both great and wonderful

    e.g., "The day was warm, and not a cloud in the sky. It was grundiful"

    submitted by Greg

    grundle - Great bundle, tons and tons.

    e.g., There are a grundle of words in this dictionary.

    submitted by Brian

    grundy - Dirty, unwashed.

    e.g., After having overslept and missed his morning shower, Rob was feeling rather grundy all day at work.

    submitted by Rob Solheim

    grundyism - Grundyism, a real word: "a prudish adherence to conventionality, especially in personal behavior." From Mrs. Grundy: "Mrs Grundy is a figurative name for an extremely conventional or priggish person, a personification of the tyranny of conventional propriety. A tendency to be overly fearful of what others might think is sometimes referred to as grundyism." Here at the pseudodictionary, a grundyism will henceforth refer to those proscriptive "Rules of English Usage" taught in US public schools to students my age and younger.

    e.g., When I was going to school, learning English consisted mostly of learning a slew of grundyisms. One notorious rule: Never split an infinitive.

    submitted by Mrs Grundy

    grungemonkeys - The waste material that occasionally exits one's rectum an hour after having a bowel movement and wiping, and has the ability or potential to climb onto or cling to one's undergarments.

    e.g., It is wise to exterminate all grungemonkeys immediately upon sensing their arrival, and eradicate all traces of their presence.

    submitted by Andy Alt - (www)

    grungin - The green growth that appears on old pennies.

    e.g., Gimme another penny-this one's covered in grungin.

    submitted by Saucy - (www)

    grungry - The state of being grumpy because one has become hungry.

    e.g., Sorry, I snapped . . . I must be getting grungry.

    submitted by Tom - (www)

    grunk - Verbal expression of absolute confusion or incomprehension

    submitted by Usr bin Login

    grunkle - The remnant stain produced from intimate moments on your sheets.

    e.g., No way am I sleeping on your bed - I saw that huge grunkle spot on your sheets

    submitted by Calvin

    grunt - A Marine Corps infantryman in Viet Nam

    e.g., In 1968, I was a radioman in a grunt unit.

    submitted by hippie bob - (www)

    gruntbuggly - A very lousy feeling.

    e.g., I had a lot of fun at the party, but in the morning I suffered from gruntbuggly.

    submitted by acidspork

    gruntle - The opposite of disgruntle, in a verb form.

    e.g., Careful now -- if you wake the baby and make it cry, it'll be your job to gruntle it, not mine.

    submitted by Anne Walker

    gruntled - opp of disgruntled. To be content. A state of contentment. Happy or pleased.

    submitted by kevin - (www)

    gruv - Paste of dirt, crumbs, water, and Mr. Clean resulting from insufficient sweeping before mopping.

    e.g., Frank stepped into a big puddle of gruv where the mopwater had been dumped out. Adv: gruvly. I can't use this mop, it's all gruvly.

    submitted by Cori

    gruvular - (Beyond groovy, new age groovy, better than groovy.

    e.g., That new car of yours is really gruvular.

    submitted by Larry King - (www)

    gsarp - Gus-arp. Good, great.

    e.g., How am I doing? Oh, I'm pretty gsarp. How about you?

    submitted by Anonymous - (www)

    gsd - Short for Get Stuff Done. This abbreviation is only really beneificial when typing, but it's fun to say anyway.

    e.g., Me: Steve, you want to come to lunch with us? Steve: No, I have to GSD right now.

    submitted by Alan - (www)

    gsolfot - Green Socks On Left Feet On Tuesdays. Practisied all over the world by elite and special mini-people. See for yourself at

    e.g., Are you one of those GSOLFOTers?

    submitted by Noni Allen - (www)

    gtfo - Get The Fuck Out of here.

    e.g., Hurry up. We've got to GTFO before the boss gives us another blivet.

    submitted by Cujo - (www)

    gtg - Got To Go

    e.g., GTG to town.

    submitted by Dan_L

    gthese - These. The g is silent. Created to accommodate ytpos -- my own, in particular. In general, the prefix g can be added to the spelling of any word without affecting the way the word is pronounced. Works particularly well with words that already start with g.

    e.g., gthese

    submitted by Miss Speller. - (www)

    gu - Geographically Unsuitable. From Nelson DeMille's Up Country.

    e.g., Cynthia lived in Georgia; Paul lived in Virginia. They loved each other, but neither was willing to move. This made them GU for each other.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    guamie - An old man who hangs around public transport wearing "new" old clothes, carrying a sports bag, newspapers, maybe a flask of coffee, an unusual hat--not necessarily homeless but isn't in a hurry to get anywhere.

    e.g., Ever since my aunty died my uncle has turned into a complete guamie.

    submitted by Peter Upham

    guandiffent - A thick blanket.

    e.g., Cover up with a guandiffent.

    submitted by Kevin 7th English

    guanner - Southern "hick" term for fertilizer. Gue anner. From guano, bat excrement, used for fertilizer.

    e.g., We picked enough squash to fill a guanner sack.

    submitted by James Turk

    guarantease - False or unjust promises, made in order to provoke a certain reaction. As with some other words I've submitted and forgot to add this remark, this word can only be used properly in writing.

    e.g., The salesman's promises weren't realistic -- they were all just guarantease so that we would buy the car.

    submitted by Nitsan

    guardian angle - Not the slant put on a news item by the UK newspaper, The Guardian, but what may be needed by someone sitting too far away from the right hand of God to get the protection of a guardian angel.

    e.g., You try to cheat me, bubba, you're gonna need a guardian angle.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    guayabo - (Rhymes with try-AH-bow; n.) 1. A hangover, especially a particularly bad one; 2. An awful, or horrifically unexpected, "morning after"; 3. The feeling of coming to terms with your faux pas while inebriated; 4. Anything that shocks you sober, like discovering that you've killed a pedestrian because you were too stupid to let somebody else drive; 5. The gradual realization that you have screwed up BIG TIME, even when you thought you were doing something "harmless." [From the Colombian term_guayabo_"hangover."]

    e.g., "Wow. Rough night? You look terrible." "Stop shouting at me!" "Oh, a guayabo, huh?" "Can't you shut up?" "WHY? DOES YOUR HEAD HURT?!" "Aaaaaah! Go away and let me vomit." "You got, any idea what you'll be puking on the carpet?" "GO AWAaaaaah. Please go away." | "Boy, this is a bad one, Sarge." "Yeah: he killed a bicyclist, broke the old guy's back, and lost his own legs after crashing into an oak tree." "He's lucky to be alive." "Lucky? Think about it: what a guayabo he has to look forward too." | "But we were only roasting marshmallows." "Yes, well, your marshmallow roast has cost us a half-million acres of forest. ... Que Guayabo, eh, kid?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    gub - Gross ugly bug OR gross ugly belly.

    e.g., Look at that guy's gub! Ahh, there's a gub in my soup!

    submitted by naomi

    gubbed - A term used to describe a situation where someone has been done over. Derived from the legendry MP Tony Gubber.

    e.g., After a particularly hard night out you might say, "I got gubbed over last night."

    submitted by Lee Hosford

    gubbertush - When I was a lad -- after my twelve-year molars came in -- my teeth were notoriously crowded, and thus crooked. It was so bad that I seldom smiled, and often covered my mouth when I spoke. I made a point of smiling for one of my senior pictures. When a girl in the class behind mine saw it, she said, "You look like you have fangs." I found out today that what I had were gubbertushes.

    Gubbertush at everything2


    One who possesses buck teeth, particularly large, uneven and protruding horsey-looking teeth.

    Alternately, a pair of fang-like eye teeth, protrusive as in a vampire.

    Tushes is a term for tusks. Tusks are modified teeth used for weapons or defensive purposes as well as for digging, as with elephants and some species of hog.


    BrevityQuest 2007

    e.g., When I threw the horeshoe and knocked out several of Mary Pearl's teeth, my friends tried to console my by saying, "Don't feel bad, HD. Mary Pearl could never have afforded braces to fix her gubbertushes. Your grandfather's the town dentist. He's going to give her a partial plate for free. She's actually lucky she ran in front of you." "You don't suppose she did it on purpose, do you?"

    submitted by HD Fowler

    gubbins - Used as a synonym for something when you can't remember the right word.

    e.g., Where'd you put erm...the gubbins?

    submitted by Richard J

    gubbins - A Cumbrian (Beatrix Potter, Lake District) dialect word for the small bits and pieces that go together to make the whole. The word dates back to the time of the Norman Conquest when the Earldoms of Westmorland and Cumberland (two ancient counties which together form modern Cumbria) were awarded by King William to Sir Hugo de Gubbins of Rouen for saving William's life early on during the Battle of Hastings. Indeed Sir Hugo de Gubbins features on the Bayeux Tapestry and can be recognised by the distinctive red unicorn on the coat of arms on his shield. Having two Earldoms to manage Sir Hugo de Gubbins needed two castles and he built his first at Barrow between 1076 and 1104 and the second in Carlisle between 1084 and 1134, the castle in Carlise being much larger and more defensible. It was the custom of Sir Hugo to spend time at both his castles, first he would spend 173 days in Barrow and the next 281 days in Carlisle. When he moved between castles he insisted that everything he owned was moved from one castle to the other and would often be heard shouting at his many serfs "Touts les Gubbins! Touts les Gubbins!" meaning take everything belonging to Gubbins. And so in time the word became accpeted in the local area to mean all the little things that go togther to make the whole.

    e.g., Simon could not go snorkeling as he did not have all the gubbins with him. When packing a parachute it is important to pack all the gubbins in the correct place. One of the most remarkable things about a modern jet plane is how they manage to get in the gubbins in the right place.

    submitted by David

    gubby - Goodbye, good night, I love you, I'm sorry, I want to make up, etc.

    e.g., After a fight and an awkward silence just say to your loved one, "Gubby."

    submitted by Larrie Ervin

    gud - Stands for Geographically UnDesirable.

    e.g., I met this really nice looking girl at the mall, but since she lives an hour away she is definitely a GUD.

    submitted by Scott Howard

    guede - A person with a penchant for dressing up as a Girl Guide.

    e.g., His neighbour, Mr.Noone was a harmless guede who kept to himself--although he did enjoy watching the Boy Scout Parade, all dolled up in his smart blue uniform.

    submitted by Miguel Esteves Cardoso - (www)

    guelph - The last sound a dying dog makes. A town in Ontario.

    e.g., After horking up the pork chop bone the dog went "guelph" and that was the end of it.

    submitted by bob fenner

    guescipe - Guess + recipe. For a dish made without a recipe; typically a meal you make over and over but slightly different each time, depending on available ingredients and your mood.

    e.g., Honey? What's the guescipe for that meat pie you make?

    submitted by David Cater

    guessoteric - Supposedly cryptic but easily guessed or figured out

    e.g., His guessoteric password was just his name spelled backwards.

    submitted by Nonesuch

    guesstimate - somewhere between guess and estimate

    e.g., guesstimate how many peas are in this jar

    submitted by Andrew Hope

    guessumentative - Being strongly argumentative about a topic you are guessing a lot about.

    e.g., He accused her of being guessumentative as they argued about the strange sound the car was making. He suspected she had only a little knowledge about what she was saying, but she wouldn't give an inch.

    submitted by Michelle

    guest, guesting - To borrow someone else's computer to go online. | The phenomenon of being mistaken for someone else simply because you happen to have Instant Messenger while using her computer.

    e.g., I sent a really erotic instant message to my boyfriend, only to find out his 13-year-old brother was guesting.

    submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

    guestimate - An estimation based on inconclusive information or limited experince.

    e.g., I'm not really a pokemon collector but I'd guestimate that Chraziard card goes for $50.

    submitted by Paul Sebert

    guestnoenteritis - "The fear of throwing a party and having no one show up."

    e.g., "This annoying little fear, which manifests itself as a hole in the pit of one's stomach, is known as guestnoenteritis."

    submitted by [Drew Slatton] - (www)

    guff - Things you feel you need to take with you when you go out, but end up just taking up space: wallet, mobile phone, keys, gum, etc.

    e.g., Can I put my guff in your bag?

    submitted by Bryn - (www)

    guff - Food, cleaning supplies, appliances, rooms, etc. that are common to everyone who lives in a (usually co-op) house. Non-guff refers to private property.

    e.g., The coat closet is filling up with guff; someone ought to donate all that crap. Is that soymilk guff, or did someone just not put her name on it? If it's not, it shouldn't be in the guff refrigerator. Jon's mom sent him a huge tin of peanut brittle, but he guffed it because it was disgusting.

    submitted by lis

    guff - A repository for unborn souls, from the movie _The Seventh Seal_.

    e.g., Should the guff become empty, dire catastrophe will befall you. Demons will swarm the earth. Beware.

    submitted by thomas fontaine

    guffaw - A meeting between two or more persons, whose main interests are using computers and reading about how to use computers.

    e.g., Gerald and Maurice had a guffaw that lasted half the night.

    submitted by A Bergman

    guggle - A google search result completely off-target.

    e.g., When I googled on "when to use a - " I got a complete guggle.

    submitted by René

    guh - A word meaning that you're not happy with something.

    e.g., Guh. I've got to get up at 6am tomorrow for school.

    submitted by doug - (www)

    guidelines - Cordage used by freshwater fish to catch guides.

    e.g., The muskie set out a whole string of guidelines and caught two Indian, one Aleut, and three French-Canadian guides. Gutted and pan-fried on the spot, they were delicious.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    guido - White boy. Like a white ni#^$r.

    e.g., Sup' my guido.

    submitted by Andrew

    guidovision - Illegal cable hook up--a great deal of the channels come in solarized (like a negative).

    e.g., Ramona refuses to give up her guidovision because she likes to watch "Kids in the Hall" solarized.

    submitted by nitag - (www)

    guileable - One who goes beyond believing the same lie for the umteenth time. Compare: gullible.

    e.g., She ignored the fact that he had lied so many times before; this time was going to be different. She had moved beyond gullible to guileable.

    submitted by John Pickels

    guilt monster - The inner demon in us all that when awoken makes us regret something bad we've recently done. Usually seen the day after the Booze Monster.

    e.g., Last night was fun, but today the Guilt Monster's got a hold of me.

    submitted by Matt

    guilt trip - Feeling guilty over something insignificant or over something you had no control over.

    e.g., Her mum had put her on a guilt trip over her armed robbery of the bank, but really, what was the big deal?

    submitted by Michelle

    guilty gear machine - The Playstation 2 that has any of the Guilty Gear games in it ready to play as soon as it's turned on.

    e.g., Is your Guilty Gear Machine ready for a 5-hour session of?

    submitted by Jyushinshuu

    guisigoo-hocktooey - The stuff you cough up when you have a cold.

    e.g., I've been hacking up guisigoo-hocktooeys all day.

    submitted by brenda

    guiskers - Excess that hangs from guitars after re-stringing

    e.g., Dwayne's guiskers swayed violently as he trashed out the new song.

    submitted by Jeanne Ball

    guistrustion - A verb that looks like a noun. To smash one's guitar over the head of another. (Prounounciation: giss-truck- hun.)

    e.g., Watch out or I'll guistrustion you.

    submitted by Mark Wade

    guitarathlon - Playing guitar as fast as possible as if it were a sporting event. A neologism and a portmanteau; Guitar + (Athletics) with a word inflection, -athlon.

    e.g., The guitarists on YouTube partake in a live guitarathlon event this night.

    submitted by Jari - (www)

    guitarpal tunnel - The syndrome associated with playing too much Guitar Hero.

    e.g., Although warned about the damage he could cause to his forearms, Joel Zumaya's marathon round of Guitar Hero World Tour has made him unable to pitch in the game. His guitarpal tunnel injury is more serious than he thought.

    submitted by Barbara Miller

    guitarpenter - One who makes guitars.

    e.g., I am buying a new guitar from a world-famous guitarpenter.

    submitted by Darrell Wheeler

    guitarthritis - What you have when your fingers hurt after too much Guitar Hero.

    e.g., Last weekend's Aerosmith rock out left me with guitarthritis.

    submitted by Alexa Bailey

    guitbox - Guitar.

    e.g., I can't go onstage without my guitbox.

    submitted by Aaron - (www)

    gulag-work - An adaptation of the word gulag, which was the name of the old soviet labour camps. It's a noun used to describe any horrible chore that you can't get out of doing.

    e.g., I'd love to meet up today, but I have heaps of gulag-work I gotta do.

    submitted by clea

    gulfdogs - Expatriate underdog labour from South Asia working the Gulf countries.

    e.g., Several gulfdogs have become billionaires by looting their fellow men.

    submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

    gullable - a word not in the dictionary that is now in this dictionary, which means people would be easily duped into thinking it is in the dictionary when it is not, although it could be, as "easily gulled" is an old root derivation for gullible.

    e.g., Only the gullible would not look up "gullable" in the dictionary when told it is not in the dictionary.

    submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

    gullible travelers - We humans are gullible, travelers in this world for some several decades.

    e.g., It's probable that we can't help being gullible travelers, molded and programmed by others, according to their will.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    gullible warming - Global warming -- as thought of by many. Perhaps started by Joe Soucheray on GarageLogic.

    e.g., Blaming every natural disaster on gullible warming is as reckless and irresponsible as screaming "Fire!" in a crowded theater.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    gully - Adjective seen in phrase "Keep it Gully," designating a state of affairs where things have been maintained in a positive, productive, and down-to-earth condition -- as in _Fern Gully_. When they were living in the rainforest, they had to keep it raw.

    e.g., "Hey, are you going to go start a fight with him and not make a lot of money?" "Not a chance. I'm keeping it gully."

    submitted by jw

    gulpable - Denoting a reaction to the time when past crimes come home to roost and the sudden realization that one is fully culpable for them.

    e.g., Morris immediately felt gulpable when he looked out of the living room window of his home and saw a line of people -- his teen-aged babysitter's parents, three policemen, a Mafia hit man, an IRS auditor, a prosecutor from the D.A.'s office, and the manager of his bank's mortgage foreclosure department -- all waiting patiently for the SWAT team to break down his front door.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    gum band - Rubber band.

    e.g., Donnie, you better gum band those cards back together when you're done. I don't want them all over the car.

    submitted by Dave Welsch

    gumba - A tall person with a really small head.

    submitted by Jon Shurey

    gumballistic - Of, like, or relating to a gumball.

    e.g., See my bouncy ball? It comes out of a gumball machine and looks like gum, but you can't chew it even though it is very gumballistic. (Said by my two year-old niece.)

    submitted by Suzanne Rollen - (www)

    gumband - Rubber band. Used in New Kensington, PA, among other places.

    e.g., Chris used a gumband to keep her wad of twenty dollar bills together.

    submitted by Chris Cross

    gumbie - A fool, one who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding

    e.g., Chris demonstrated once again that he is a gumbie.

    submitted by Alex Zenovic

    gumbler - An abnormal growth of the gums sometimes experienced by orthodontic patients when they get braces.

    e.g., Ed. Why haven't you kissed Sally yet? Her braces aren't that repulsive and you've been going out for a month. Fred. Are you kidding? Have you seen that gumbler between her front teeth?

    submitted by bilyeu

    gumbo ya-ya - Louisiana expression for everyone in the room talking at once and not listening.

    e.g., I tried to make our case in the status meeting, but it was all gumbo ya-ya in there.

    submitted by Joel Parker

    gumby - A very flexible person. From the cartoon character. Especially used to describe women capable of performing outrageous acts on the dance floor.

    e.g., The girls at Cagney's are all Gumby.

    submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

    gumby - Ticket inspector on public transport.

    e.g., Had to step quick to get away from the gumbys today or I would have got a $100 fine.

    submitted by James - (www)

    gumby - To go

    e.g., The crowd is geting tense, so we should gumby.

    submitted by Dizix - (www)

    gummedovers - The little bits of food that get stuck between your teeth that you spend long periods of time to work out with your tongue only to chew them thoroughly...again...before swallowing them.

    e.g., I had beef jerky gummedovers for about five minutes this afternoon.

    submitted by murrman1 - (www)

    gummies - A pair of rubber boots--contraction of gumboots. AKA waders, wellies.

    e.g., It's hosing with rain outside. Get yer gummies on.

    submitted by wnpxnff

    gump - To succeed at something by means of dumb luck alone

    e.g., I had no idea what I was talking about, but I gumped my way through the interview and got the job.

    submitted by Stephanie

    gumptified - To feel quite inclined to do something -- i.e., to take action.

    e.g., Spring's comin' -- I'm feeling gumptified to git my garden dug an' some seeds sproutin'.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    gumshoeing - From the older term gumshoe, for a private investigator, whose job required that she burn off quite a bit of shoe leather in her quest for the truth -- or, in the case of the stealthier private eye, that she burn off gum from the gummed-soled shoes she wore.

    e.g., 1. "A dozen or so FBI agents are gumshoeing away, examining documents, holding interviews. This is not the traditional stuff of front-page headlines."

    2. "But her work bears little resemblance to classic journalistic gumshoeing. So what's her real contribution?"

    3. "Reviewer Donald Douglas at the New Republic wrote that he evoked 'the genuine presence of the myth . . . not the tawdry gumshoeing of the ten-cent magazine.'"

    4. ". . . one of the most astonishing and obsessive feats of scientific gumshoeing ever undertaken . . . an utterly fascinating work. . . ."

    5. May need to do a bit of gumshoeing of my own to check this out.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    gun - Used to describe someone who is really good at something, or is doing well at something.

    e.g., "Andy is an absolute gun." "Mate, he's gunning it."

    submitted by matt

    gun monkey - Person who operates surveying equipment, generally has little knowledge of land surveying other than pushing buttons.

    e.g., Bruce's resume listed his occupation as "survey technician," but he was really just a plain ole gun monkey.

    submitted by Ty Evans

    gun-fu - A word to describe hyper-kinetic action movies where characters leap into the air with a pair of hand guns, firing with acrobatic grace. This type of cinema was made popular by John Woo's Hong Kong films such as _A Better Tommorow_, _The Killer_, and _Hard Boiled_.

    e.g., Chow Yun Fat is a master of gun-fu.

    submitted by Sony

    gun-upmanship - Parallel of one-upmanship, with gunpower replacing the muscle-power.

    e.g., Caption published in Hindustan Times, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. By Vivek Sharma A GUNFIRE INAUGURATION: These smoking guns are not in the hands of goons aiming high for gun-up-manship. They're party revelers at a shop's inauguration ceremony in the city. But, is this the way?

    submitted by vivek sharma

    gunch - verb; to ball up a piece of paper; usually used in conjunction with crinkle

    e.g., She gunched and crinckled the bills in total disgust.

    submitted by Tom McKenzie

    gunch - Miscellaneous, and often by implication unnecessary or undesirable, items.

    e.g., What are we going to do with all that gunch in the closet?

    submitted by majick

    gung - Irregular form of the verb "to google."

    e.g., I knew how popular the word was because I'd gunged it.

    submitted by patrick timony - (www)

    gunga dindin - In Anglo-Indian it means, "It's time to eat, pussy-cat" (or, by extension, wiener-dog, whitey-mouse, dirty-bird, etc.).

    e.g., Whenever we are shouting "Gunga dindin," too often a tiger is showing up and eating some of the villagers, may they rest in pieces.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    gungaprowl - Adolescent mating ritual.

    e.g., Friday nights filled the town centre with young men and women on the gungaprowl.

    submitted by Michael Stradling

    gunggawack - Anything squishy that you would prefer not to touch or step in.

    e.g., Don't step in that gunggawack!

    submitted by Wigley

    gunishment - Punishment. With a gun.

    e.g., Arnie looked as if he was ready to deal out some gunishment.

    submitted by Ian

    gunjy - Distasteful, annoying, dirty.

    e.g., That gunjy man keeps asking me for my phone number.

    submitted by Dan Peters - (www)

    gunk - Another name for margarine, based on the fact it's a bunch of chemicals.

    e.g., Pass the gunk.

    submitted by neale - (www)

    gunkulator - Anything that initiates a process through which a clean thing becomes dirty

    e.g., If you throw someone in the mud, you are a gunkulator.

    submitted by ditnis

    gunkus - Bits of food or unidentifiable stuff stuck onto another object.

    e.g., 1. What is all this gunkus someone left in the sink? 2. The dishwasher left some gunkus on my glass.

    submitted by Lisanna

    gunner's daughter - A name for a particular type of punishment on a ship. Involves leather straps soaked in oil.

    e.g., You'll get the gunner's daughter for that if he catches you.

    submitted by Freeda

    gunnish - Something of supreme worth or admiration

    e.g., Dave to Tony after Tony just did something quite awesome, "Tony, you are gunnish."

    submitted by Torin Clack

    gunny - Over the top, army fatigued, stud muffin.

    e.g., Wha's with the gunny over there?

    submitted by Jamie Miller - (www)

    gunny bag - adj. broken, no longer functional, worn out

    e.g., His '62 XKE was a fine ride until the clutch went gunny bag on him.

    submitted by Allen Jones

    gunnypuvy - the cavity of a turkey

    e.g., "At Thanksgiving, I stuff the gunnypuvy of my turkey."

    submitted by Cindee - (www)

    guns - Biceps.

    e.g., Look at the guns on Pete; kid must work out.

    submitted by andrew rowe

    gunsle - An idiot. Stupid, smartaleck, jerk, mean, ungrateful, arrogant, self-centered person.

    e.g., Chris is a real gunsle.

    submitted by jeff brown - (www)

    gunth - Rhymes with month, which is handy, and means back of the knee for which there is no word. My mate Nicky Carter invented this word.

    e.g., the jellyfish stung him painfully in the gunth

    submitted by jose

    guo - Great Unlucky One. Originally based on a D&D character who spent his entire existence being either breathed on or sat on by dragons -- is now used as an invisible scapegoat for any and all spurts of bad luck.

    e.g., Four finals in one day? Looks like the GUO has struck again.

    submitted by keyla

    gup - To get out of bed early in the morning, esp. at the behest of an alarm clock. (Origin: a contraction of "get up.")

    e.g., The alarm rang at 6 but I didn't want to gup.

    submitted by Joyce - (www)

    gurg - The digestive sound your throat makes that isn't quite a belch. Exacerbated by too much soda.

    e.g., Ugh, I shouldn't have had three cans of Dr. Pepper. Now I'm all gurgy.

    submitted by Michelle Smith - (www)

    gurgitate - To swallow, to learn and understand.

    e.g., How long did it take you to gurgitate Chinese?

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    gurglerz - People who are still at your house the morning after your party, usually asleep under the coffee table and such.

    e.g., "How was the party last night, Josh?" "It was really great, I still have a few gurglerz left if you want to see."

    submitted by Lady Dart

    gurgnik - Person with violent reaction to a pop song that's just too cute, cloying, or twee.

    e.g., That Spice Girls song turned Tom into a gurgnik.

    submitted by beanie33

    gurly gurl - A girl who enjoys and flaunts her girlishness in both her behavior and attire.

    e.g., Sher looks hot and has the attention of all the men. She is a gurly gurl if I ever saw one.

    submitted by Coozey

    gurp - To click in a horrible manner. Especially used in relation to a body part.

    e.g., My knee just gurped.

    submitted by Robert Henson - (www)

    gurple - Sloppy answer to my little sister, my children, and my grandchildren when I couldn't think of the correct name for some odd shade of color their mother would instantly call "puce" or "teal" or "mauve."

    e.g., The funny thing about the color "gurple" is that it took and is now in use by three generations.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    gurruckumpucky - Sticky, cloying,gelatinous mass with adhesive and sometimes odorous properties.

    e.g., Take that there gurruckumpucky and stick that cat to the wall.

    submitted by james Tysoe

    guru jee - A Sanskritized version of Teacher Jesus, who, rumor has it, once came to India and spent some time mingling with the holy people there.

    e.g., Guru Jee, Avatar, Can we, like you, be a Cosmic Star? [to the tune of, "Jesus Christ, Superstar]

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    gush - A mix created by mashing together the ingredients in a falafel or a kebab, preferably with a fork. The purpose of this action is to evenly distribute the vegetables, sauce, and falafel balls|kebab meat inside the bread before eating.

    e.g., I have turned the ingredients of my falafel into gush.

    submitted by Joakim Heidvall - (www)

    gushallow - Combination of "game show host" and "shallow," or combining "gushy" with "shallow."

    e.g., Richard Dawson is the quintessential gushallow, fawning all over his guests and reeking of insincerity.

    submitted by Joel Parker

    gushsheegoo - A really creamy cake.

    e.g., I'd love a gushsheegoo right now.

    submitted by Eadaoin

    gusp - A strange, groping, grasping, gasping, gurgling action that one performs when one is utterly surprised beyond any capacity for rational thought.

    e.g., See that guy gusping? The restaraunt just told him he could have a glass of water for free.

    submitted by Thomas Stuart Taylor - (www)

    gussy down - (v.) to dress informally but entirely appropriately to the context. For example, dressing "trashy" for a "trashy" event; or sloppy for, say, a cement mixing task. Dressing "down" for a casual Friday. || Resubmitted. (v.) 1. To dress informally; 2. to dress informally in such a way as to look good (i.e., "alluring," "hot," etc.); 3. to dress less formally than is appropriate for a particular event. (The opposite of "gussy up.")

    e.g., "Wow, Ellie, you look fantastic!" "Well, thanks, but it's just some old shorts and a tied off shirt my brother used as a midshipman." "Yeah, but you really know how to gussy down! You look as good Mary Anne!" "Is that a good thing?" "Yeah! that's a good thing." || "No need to stand on ceremony with us, child: Get back upstairs and gussy down a bit." | "Wow, my lady wife, you make headscarves and dusty denim look fabulous ... you gussy down pretty good." | "This is black tie?! Why didn't you tell me? I'm so ... so ... down-gussied: I'll never live this down."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    gustatize - To imagine what something would taste like, especially an untried combination of two or more flavors; analagous to "visualize" and "audiolize."

    e.g., Before inventing a new recipe, Claire gustatized how it would taste and fine-tuned the list of ingredients.

    submitted by Lee

    gut course - A required, but easy undergraduate core-requirement.

    e.g., Everyone has to take European History 101--it's a gut course--but it's so easy nobody sweats it.

    submitted by Stephen Mize

    gutenberg - Someone, usually an older person, who insists on printing everything rather than reading it online.

    e.g., I can't believe you printed that entire article--you're such a Gutenberg.

    submitted by Julie Jackson

    gutfullofspareparts - Pregnant, with child.

    e.g., "Blimey," said Tom. "Guess what! My Missus has got a gutfullofspareparts."

    submitted by James Armstrong

    gutfully - Descriptive of the movement of a large belly when the diaphragm is spasming.

    e.g., That joke made me laugh most gutfully.

    submitted by Chris

    guti - My entry for the pseudodictionary would be "guti" (pronounced goo'-tee). It is an acronym for Get Used To It. Whenever you have to learn to do something no matter how much you don't want to do it, you just have to quit griping and guti! Being a teacher, this word comes in handy a lot during the school day.

    e.g., You must learn to write sentences using active voice. Guti!  

    Use passive voice and you automatically get an F. (Mr. Kennard, you're invited to write your own example. The "automatic F" business was something my son's English teacher came up with. I thought it was a boneheaded restriction. Found your "entry" at,24009,3375491-515590,00.html?netsection_id=2100114.)

    submitted by [Tim Kennard]

    gutrekker - Brand name of beer when capitalized. Generic for beer when lower-cased. From the "Our Boarding House (with Major Hoople)" comic strip.

    e.g., Computer Conklin: "So let's drink a Gutrekker toast to Smittie for a new record -- most times trippin over the catcher's mask!"

    submitted by [Bill Freyse] - (www)

    gutter punk - a modern young hobo traveller usually sporting a backpack, dreaded hair, and patches.

    e.g., "It seems like there are a lot of gutter punks in this city."

    submitted by timon

    gutteral -

    The Eggcorn Database » gutteral Classification: English

    Gutteral&thinsp is a common misspelling of guttural,  but these examples indicate that the orthographic shift often accompanies a semantic shift, evoking various associations with the figurative gutter  (low-down, vulgar) or even the gut  (visceral, intense).

    Rush Limbaugh’s recent quasi-apology for referring to oral sex with a “guttural term” (as rendered in two transcripts of the radio broadcast) is something of an auditory version of this eggcorn. It’s possible that the “down-in-the-gutter” sense is overtaking the “back-of-the-throat” articulatory sense of guttural, however spelled.

    [Update, 6 Nov 05: See this Language Log post for much more on the subject.]

    | link | entered by Ben Zimmer, 2005/04/14 |


    Spotted in the wild
    • We want comics to be better, but our discourse is admittedly coarse at times. Our opinions are so gutteral that tamer metaphors seem not to capture them, be they disgust or joy. (link)

    • These are some of the ugly things I’m reacting to here as of late. Your comments about Randall Terry seem so gutteral, they reveal more about you than you know. (link)

    • There would also be old guys in the neighborhood who had old blues 78s of various things like Smokey Hogg. That was off limits to my mother because she thought that those kinds of blues were much too gutteral, but I loved them. (link)

    • From Bakerina, this post was really gutteral and intense I thought. (link)

    • To insult someone with a mind as gutteral and obscene as yours, my Islamic-Fundamentalist friend, someone certainly does have to stoop low. (link)

    • Let’s not forget that these guys went into this with eyes wide open and a pile of explicitly worded releases signed, dated and witnessed. They knew exactly what they were getting into. Yet they were perfectly willing to undergo this sort of thing for money and perhaps that gutteral 15 seconds of reality TV “fame.”

      By the way, by “gutteral” did you mean “guttering”, as in “to burn low and unsteadily; to flicker”? Just curious!

      I guess what I meant was related to the gutter, lower in class than bona fide fame: gutteral (not like the throaty noise some folks make.) (link)

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    gutterpunk - A punk, usually homeless, who can be seen at every punk show pan handling change in hopes of buying a ticket. Dirty, smelly, drunk, stoned and broke.

    e.g., I gave my extra ticket to that gutterpunk on the corner.

    submitted by Mephisto

    guttersnipe - One who passes you in the right lane.

    e.g., You see officer, I was trying to make a right turn when that guttersnipe hit my car.

    submitted by Norm De'Pleum

    guy - Used commonly to refer to another person to get his attention. A generic nickname.

    e.g., Yo, guy, gimme a smoke.

    submitted by Sin - (www)

    guy bounce, girl bounce - Serial dating with no time in between to learn whatever you were supposed to from the last relationship.

    e.g., Sounds like she just needs to figure out who she really is and spend some time concentrating on becoming comfortable with that, cause the guy bounce is usually representative of just the opposite.

    submitted by cinderella

    guy candy - (n.) 1. Well-muscled, good-looking men of the sort it pleases women to ogle; 2. Such a fellow deliberately placed to draw women's attention. [The counterpart of calling beautiful women, especially those dressed to draw men's eyes, "eye candy." Well, I guess men so placed or portrayed are just as much "eye candy" as women, but the rhyme was so good, I just had to document it.]

    e.g., If you've seen the ad on tv of the bodybuilder directing traffic, then you've seen purest guy candy. But guy candy doesn't have to be that Adonic. My wife truly enjoys watching shows starring Adrian Paul, and my elder daughter delights in watching Orlando Bloom, Messrs. Paul and Bloom being, according to them, the definition of "guy candy."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    guy-fi - A term describing media, especially movies, aimed at 18- to 35-year-old males, and featuring one or more of the following: pyrotechnics, stunts, martial arts, gunplay, female nudity, and fast cars.

    e.g., "Don't waste your time watching XXX if you're looking for a movie with a plot. It's all guy-fi."

    submitted by Jane - (www)

    guy-q - Unlike IQ, which measures raw brain power, Guy-Q is a girl's degree of sophistication about the opposite sex -- i.e., her ability to understand what guys are about and to get the response she wants from them. Popularity with guys.

    e.g., My sister is no big brain, but she seems to have a very high Guy-Q. Guys at school are always flocking around her, intrigued by her upbeat yet relaxed attitude toward them. They like it that she's friendly, but not grasping. My Guy-Q, on the other hand, is a little anemic.

    submitted by natalie

    guychick - Describes a person who does not appear to be male or female. Pronounced like the words "guy" and "chick" put together but must be said very fast.

    e.g., What the heck is that person? I guess it's a Guychick.

    submitted by Jeremy

    guyjantic - Gigantic.

    e.g., The project was going smoothly until Jake made a guyjantic error.

    submitted by Damion

    guype - Junk, garbage, trash, or leftovers.

    e.g., Would you believe this place is built entirely from guype? It looks like new.

    submitted by Reg Orza

    gwabble - To wrinkle and wad something.

    e.g., My socks are all gwabbled up in my shoe.

    submitted by Danielle

    gwails - Roof nails.

    e.g., I got pricked by a gwail.

    submitted by Colter 7th english

    gwan - What's up, what's a matter, what's going on?

    e.g., Gwan?

    submitted by Vicky

    gwangi - Inexpensive or low quality. From the title of the 1969 dinosaur & wild west film Valley of the Gwangi.

    e.g., Dad likes to save money by buying Gwangi brand plastic bags instead of Ziploc.

    submitted by Claire M

    gwank - Ripping someone's arms off, and bludgeoning her with her own arms.

    e.g., You best get that chipmunk off my rutabaga, 'fore I gwank you.

    submitted by Dr. Phelps - (www)

    gwankalowe - A gwank and bangalowe put together. Ripping someone's arm off, and hitting him with it.

    e.g., I sure feel bad for Willie. He not only failed the test, the teacher gave him a gwankalowe for doing so bad.

    submitted by Dr. Phelps - (www)

    gwarms - The little holes you see when you stretch out a cloth-like something.

    e.g., There are many gwams in your shirt.

    submitted by Courtney 7th English

    gwarvel - The language one speaks underwater.

    e.g., Spock tried to tell Jim that there was a squid near him , but unfortunately Jim didn't understand gwarvel.

    submitted by Chris

    gweeb - A global idiot, a global dweeb. A person who is inept with regard to world affairs.

    e.g., A Canadian tourist visiting Germany (known as Deutschland to natives) was frantically asking everyone at the train station in the city of Koln (that's the German name for Cologne) for directions to get to Cologne. The gweeb was already in Cologne.

    submitted by Jeffrey Tong - (www)

    gweet - To leave the area for food or sustenance.

    e.g., I am really hungry. Let's gweet!

    submitted by ReenieS

    gwess - Verb or noun, the word that you would use to make fun of someone

    e.g., You stupid son of a gwess

    submitted by Matt Rockett

    gwf - Goober With Firewall. An uninformed user of a "personal firewall" who inundates admins with complaints about normal network traffic "detected" by his firewall. Don't remember where I found this.

    e.g., Just another GWF. Cripes, I wish these idiots would quit wasting our time and theirs with these complaints.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    gwoarmadise - To eat something completely, but especially to consume like a hog in one fell swoop.

    e.g., I didn't have any dinner because your relatives gwoarmadised the lot.

    submitted by Diana Braithwaite

    gwoll - The heat that the sun produces.

    e.g., Whew, the gwoll is really hot today.

    submitted by Brooke 7th English

    gwudmetscom - On Mars: "Welcome, glad to meet you." [good-meet-come]

    e.g., Upon arriving at Marsport VII, the traveling Earthman is soon greeted with "Gwudmetscom" and a one way trip up Prime Canal to central distribution.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    gyah - Interjection. To express surprise or annoyance.

    e.g., Gyah. I can't believe I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow. | Gyah. I just don't feel like doing the laundry right now.

    submitted by SilverMaiden - (www)

    gyk - Similar to the interjections used in the old Batman show: Pow! Wam! etc.

    e.g., GYK! That looked like it hurt.

    submitted by Garrett

    gyl - A middle-of-the-road "good." Pronounced as "gill" or "gi-ol." Not great, but not bad. 6 or 7 out of 10. Negative term is no-gyl.

    e.g., The movie was gyl. I'll watch it again when it gets to video.

    submitted by Jim K

    gym - Te state penitentiary. Criminals go in, come out bigger and meaner.

    e.g., Chris is going to the gym, 5 to 10 for laundering illegal drugs money.

    submitted by black jack

    gym bag - Someone with a physique that fails to show any improvement despite regular attendace at a gym over a long period of time.

    e.g., That gym bag should ask for a gym membership refund.

    submitted by Mike Wiebel

    gym pig - someone who spends too much time in the gym usually out of vanity

    e.g., i just wanna be in shape, not a buffed out gym pig.

    submitted by miko

    gymcentric - For someone whose life revolves around working out in a gym and other healthy endeavors.

    e.g., He was so gymcentric that when he wasn't actually working out, he was planning and prepping for his next trip to the gym.

    submitted by david farand

    gymming - Involving all aspects of gym work. || "Gymming" is a verb that I made up to best describe the physical act of going to the gym and working out. Relative to shopping, swimming, or cooking, is the athletically inspired word gymming. How else might one best describe the overall activities which they engage in during a workout session at the gym?

    e.g., I've just been gymming, so I need a shower. || To keep my girlish figure, I try to go gymming as often as possible. | My boyfriend and I share a love for gymming; it's a great hobby in that it keeps us both healthy and fit.

    submitted by Matthew Junee || Angie Hart

    gymnacafetorium - (n) A large room usually found in modern schools and churches. It can be used as a gymnasium, cafeteria and an auditorium (though not all three at the same time.)

    e.g., The first graders will be presenting a play in the gymnacafetorium.

    submitted by Jason - (www)

    gymnosperm - Of a man named Jim who lacks the ability to procreate.

    e.g., Angie and Jim are childless because gymnosperm.

    submitted by David

    gymnostics - Kids who state that they believe that physical education is beneath them and refuse to participate, while in truth their position is one of mostly fear due to their lack of ability in PE class.

    e.g., While the rest of the kids picked teams for volleyball in PE class, the gymnostics slunk around in the corners hoping to go unnoticed.

    submitted by Dave Violette

    gymteacherly - Acting in an evil or sadistic manner.

    e.g., My mean gym teacher was especially gymteacherly this morning.

    submitted by Juunana no Onna - (www)

    gynae-omnibusologist - Driver who delivers all kinds of new buses.

    e.g., I used to be an omnibusologist (bus driver) but now that I deliver new buses to the garages, I've become a gynae-omnibusologist.

    submitted by Brian Cole

    gynecomasticate - To chew on man-boobs.

    e.g., The patient's abnormally enlarged mammary glands have several bite marks and chewed up areas that indicate he is a victim of gynecomastication.

    submitted by James Barton - (www)

    gynodolite - A male who is submissive to women.

    e.g., In order to succeed in higher education a man must be a gynodolite.

    submitted by David C. Morrow

    gynology - The objective study of women.

    e.g., Gynology should be a mandatory course for college men.

    submitted by David C. Morrow

    gynoporn - Material appealing specifically to women's prurient interests.

    e.g., Romance novels are an example of gynoporn.

    submitted by David C. Morrow

    gynosaur - Old-school, white-haired, male gynocologist.

    e.g., My mom wanted me to go to her gynosaur, but I prefer a woman, thank you very much.

    submitted by Alex P.

    gyp - 1. To be troublesome; to bother. 2. A confidence trick or scam.

    e.g., 1. I'd love to help you carry that heavy piano up the stairs, but my old war wound is giving me gyp. 2. I just got gypped out of my life savings. That's the last time I buy shares in Enron.

    submitted by Andrew Bell

    gypsy cop -

    Wikipedia The phrase "gypsy cop" is law enforcement slang for a peace officer who floats from department to department regardless of, or because of, misconduct or poor job performance. The phrase entered public parlance after the infamous Tulia drug stings, where gypsy cop Tom Coleman allegedly set up innocent people, most of them black, as part of a long-term undercover operation. There are many other examples of gypsy cops, though, often associated with smaller departments and drug task forces funded by the federal Byrne grant program.

    e.g., "Gypsy cops don't usually end up on the city council."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    gyrocentric - The quality of being or being perceived as having inherent perceptual navigational abilities surrounding oneself. Often confused, but not synonymous with "new agey." The apparent ability to do so. The misguided belief in an internal compass.

    e.g., I don't know, I got the 'jeebs off him, just a little too gyrocentric for me, ya know what I'm sayin'?

    submitted by Christopher Speath

    gyrometer - The internal level indicator of the body that lets you know if you've eaten a gyro lately.

    e.g., Chuck, my gyrometer's on E. We need to go eat.

    submitted by zeeterman - (www)

    gzunder - The kitchen utensil more commonly known as the flipper, called gzunder becuause it "goes under" something.

    e.g., Pass me the gzunder so I can flip the pankakes.

    submitted by Ryan McBride

    gzzt - Like. It indicates the brief short in your brain at the moment of using it instead of "like."

    e.g., So she gzzt, "Yeah, are you talking to me?" and he gzzt "Yeah, my friend thinks you are gzzt cute."

    submitted by kara - (www)

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