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gargle - Google's new search engine for do-it-yourself medicine.

e.g., Leroy, our local number one cheapskate, was overjoyed to find that he could eliminate all his doctor bills by using Gargle. However, he says that the service will not reach its full potential until it includes dentistry.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

gargontunous - really really big.

e.g., That is the most gargontunous thing I have ever seen.

submitted by Epsilon

garlacise - To have bad breath from garlic.

e.g., She is garlacising from eating that garlic bread.

submitted by Scott Wolfenbarger - (www)

garlic nano - 1. Disappointingly small portion of Nan Bread (garlic or otherwise) served in an Indian Restaurant. 2. What's left of the Garlic Nan when you get back from the rest room, if you're lucky.

e.g., I ordered Garlic Nan. They brought Garlic Nano. I came back from the restroom. I got Garlic None. Thanks a lot.

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

garn - Australian word for "Hello," used in the country.

e.g., Garn.

submitted by mike

garnish - First appeared in hospitality industry by chefs who needed a word to describe attractive women without getting caught.

e.g., Charlie, check out the garnish by the ovens.

submitted by brian, told by brother david

garr - An expletive describing frustration, disappointment, upsettedness, etc. (Not to be confused with "Yarr" which is pirate slang for "I begin every sentence with this word." "Yarr, I be a pirate. Yarr, hoist the sails, maties!")

e.g., Garr...I lost my keys again.

submitted by Tiffany Schurig

garriage - Civil union of spouses of the same sex.

e.g., I attended the John and Rob's garriage last Saturday.

submitted by Peter Dedes

garry - To civilly unite same sex couples.

e.g., Joan and Susan were garried in Ottawa last weekend.

submitted by Peter Dedes

garry-groundwork - Used to describe a male that is extremely 'nice' to girls and is usually friends with several girls at any given time. The phrase derives from the fact that the person is usually trying to lay the 'groundwork' for future romantic engagements or just a casual one-night stand. This person will often be found preying on other guy's troubled girlfriends or other girls in need of a 'nice' guy to talk to.

submitted by aaron - (www)

gas - Fun. hilarious -- normally relating to something said or done by another person

e.g., "You're gas," wheezed Simon, laughing at Pal's latest joke.

submitted by Catherine

gas - An abstract term for anything sort of cloudy and poofy, but not necessarily fluid. Often applied to ridiculous or tongue-in-cheek concepts in computer games -- e.g., health potions. Gases themselves can also be Gas, but Gas is not always a gas.

e.g., Er, Barry, chuck us another flask of Gas, would'ya? I've got a gash the size of a melon on me leg and it's leakin' like crazy.

submitted by Graeme

gas price - Synonymous with scam. Price in my neighborhood today is $1.759 -- except at Shell/Texaco where it's $2.059. It has to be a scam.

e.g., What's the current gas price in your area?

submitted by daarvinolupp

gaschmackalickinous - A word used to describe the bizarre quality of lunch sandwiches which causes mid-afternoon gassiness. This word can also be used to describe a person suffering from said sandwich-related mid-afternoon gassiness.

e.g., Sandwiches from that deli are rather gaschmackalickinous. Every time I go there on my lunch break, my co-workers suffer for it afterwards.

submitted by Jared J

gaseous clay - A certain Middle Eastern story has us being made "from the clay of the earth." More precisely we are composed of matter, various elements, and compounds and minerals: I'm a material guy. But largely we are gas! We're made up of more than 70% water, and water is two gases: hydrogen and oxygen. So humans are something like 3/4 gas.

e.g., They say that you may be no more than clay, or dust. But you are as a matter of fact very gaseous clay, nicely molded and set in motion by automatic biological functionings etc. A glass of gas for every occasion.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gash-rash - A skin rash surrounding the vagina, presumably caused by excessive vaginal discharge or poor genital hygiene. No known use other than as an insult. A variation, rash on your gash, might be used to put down a male acting like an effeminate pantywaist.

e.g., I'm unaware of anyone who ever checked it out, but Virginia gave off a rank odor that suggested she had gash-rash. | What's wrong, Chris? Got a rash on your gash?

submitted by HD Fowler

gashean - A Cumbrian (Beatrix Potter, Lake District) dialect word for an overbearing or nasty woman. A harridan. The word arrived in the county in 1828 with the first Irish Navvies that built the railways that criss-cross the county. The navvies were housed in vast camps out in the wilds, but at payday they would descend into the nearest town for some easy living. Due to the ensuing brawls that often broke out, many pub landladies would put a sign outside their pub saying "No Navvies." The navvies would refer to the landlady as being a gasheen but over time this became more anglicised and softened to gashean meaning over-bearing woman.

e.g., James and Katy lost their ball over the fence into Mrs Walker's garden. However, they didn't dare ask for it back as she was an old gashean. | The ward sister said to the young nurse, "You don't want to get on the wrong side of matron as she can be a gashean when angry."

submitted by David

gasometer - A gas gauge

e.g., The gasometer is on E. We better go to the gas station.

submitted by Todd H

gaspicle - A gaspicle (pronounced gas pickle) is any part of any machine that has failed. Coined by John Morley born Newark on Trent Notinghamshire UK 1934

e.g., Example from motoring "It's the gaspicle that has gone wrong" "What you need here is a new gaspicle".

submitted by Pat Morley

gaspric - It shocks and annoys you, makes you gasp and feel all prickly, like now with this gas thing, etc.

e.g., It's rather like a gaspric nightmare that has no end.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gaspy - Gay-wasp -- think F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.

e.g., How would I describe him? He's very gaspy.

submitted by Kelly

gassed - Gas has been put in the gas tank.

e.g., Well, there goes all my money, but the car's been gassed to the last drop -- i.e., the gastank is full.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

gastev - To place another in serious and grave risk of death through physical contact; to inflict serious injury on another through a pre-meditated collision of bodies.

e.g., I really inflicted some gastev on that guy.

submitted by Ben Sellenger

gastricopiatus indignata - The full gamut of pain, cramps, belching, gas, diarrhea, and burning brought on by consuming an entire quart of Steve and Tammy's homemade "Dial 911" salsa in a single sitting.

e.g., Chris had to stay home tonight. He killed that quart of salsa even after I warned him, and now it's gastricopiatus indignata city.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

gastro-aesthetic - Pertaining to a gastronomic reaction to an aesthetically or morally offensive object.

e.g., That painting was so bad, I actually had a gastro-aesthetic raction. I nearly threw up.

submitted by rivka

gastrocenti - Those in the know about food. For hoi polloi, the term would be foodies.

e.g., 1. Yeh, Chris considers himself one of the gastrocenti. Jerk knows nothing about food other than how to chow down. His idea of a great place to eat is Trough and Brew. 2. "Now, this economy food shopping is all very well, but it will earn you only contempt in some quarters. For, just as one lot of cognoscenti is loading up with cut-price continental antipasti and cured meats that are vague about their country of origin, the hardcore gastrocenti want to know the provenance of their food and feel nothing but loathing for supermarkets."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gastrointrusive - Any of a group of medical procedures in which objects enter the gastronomic system by unnatural routes.

e.g., Gastrointrusive tests offer the greatest benefit to the hospital because the patient tends to be quiet and passive during the test.

submitted by Jim Hertzler - (www)

gastronomical - An excessively large amount of flatulence.

e.g., You certainly seem to be gastronomical today.

submitted by cons

gastroporn - Food, particularly desserts that are so good they are like sin in a dish.

e.g., The cheesecake that bakery makes is pure gastroporn.

submitted by Andrea Bergstrom

gastropub - A pub where legitimate food is also served.

e.g., "Izakaya, those trendy late-night gastropubs, are bursting onto the scene" with dishes like "spicy tuna rolls and garlic leaves stir-fried with bacon." L.A. Times Food section, 11/9/2005

submitted by natalie

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