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flogatron - A person who is not liked by many others.

e.g., Ben thinks Chris is the world's biggest flogatron. If it weren't for the money Chris throws around, no one would put up with him.

submitted by Ben Walker - (www)

flogic - 1. Branch of philosophy that analyzes inference based on incorrect assumptions. 2. Poorly reasoned and unreasonable judgment: "It made a certain kind of sick and deranged flogic." 3. The misguided principles that guide reasoning within a given field or situation: "Economic flogic requires it," "by the baseless flogic of war." 4. An idiotic system of reasoning not based on reality or empirical knowledge. 5. In essence, flawed logic.

e.g., There's no point in engaging you in debate when all your arguments and reasoning are based on flogic.

submitted by Jun Zuniga

flogwoggle - A person of ill-repute, a moron, a buffoon, someone to look down on.

e.g., Flogwoggles are not welcome at my party. Yes, I admit it. I'm a bit of a snob.

submitted by Adam Ogus - (www)

flollappy - A derivative of "floppy" relating to a relaxed bodily state.

e.g., Laying sprawled over a couch "I am feeling flollappy"

submitted by Andreas

flollop - The way a matress would move, if it were alive.

e.g., The living matress flolloped happily in the meadow.

submitted by Sam Johanson

flomp - To fall to the ground, but not in a violent manner. Almost like slumping down to the ground.

e.g., I flomped with a dispirited look.

submitted by Denisuko - (www)

flong - Junk e-mail sent by well-meaning co-workers, friends, and often by relatives new to the net.

e.g., Can you believe it? My own mother sent me some lightbulb joke flong yesterday.

submitted by Kate M. - (www)

flong - "For" and "long" combined.

e.g., Stay flong as you like.

submitted by Joy

flonking - The word flonking is used when you are driving down the street, minding your own business then you get almost run off the road, passed, or annoyed by another driver. You than honk your horn and flick them off aka Flonking

e.g., "Damn driver, i flonk you"

submitted by Toni

floob - To nearly slide off; to slip down the side of something.

e.g., That sweatshirt is going to floob right off the couch.

submitted by Kay

floobis - Used to describe a woman who's skin type and chubbiness are perfectly situated between tanned to pale and thin to chubby with exactly the right proportions and softness.

e.g., Well, she's not bad -- but I'm looking for a woman with better floobis.

submitted by Alex Redman - (www)

flooble - Gross, flabby, and very much uncouth.

e.g., Yeah that chick should wear some more clothes, she's hella flooble.

submitted by moose

flooby - To exhibit the characteristics of Quincy, ME. Silly, sloppy, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, hopelessly wise, a hit with the ladies and utterly transcendent.

e.g., The Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt character on MASH was flooby. So's the actor who played him, Mike Farrell.

submitted by Robin Chowdhury

floochie - Placing one's mouth on someone else's stomach, arm, etc. and blowing out, for the purpose of making a phthhhh sound. This is especially done to little babies and children to evoke laughter on their part.

e.g., Daddy's gonna give you a stomach floochie.

submitted by John Boles

floofy - Starburst-shaped effeminate woven bathing cloth sponge thingy that lathers up soap when you rub it.

e.g., Using someone else's floofy to wash yourself is like using someone else's toothbrush on your teeth. You just don't do it.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

floofy - Extraordinarily fluffy or wooly.

e.g., I never thought that real sheep could look like the ones in cartoons, but those are so floofy you can hardly see their legs.

submitted by JC

floogens - Descriptive of a serious degree of coldness.

e.g., Every Christmas we visit Boston when it is cold as floogens.

submitted by Dennis Crawford

floogle - The piece of phlegm that comes out of your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze or both. Phloogle.

e.g., How many times have you been driving and you cough and sneeze at the same time and a big 'ol giant floogle flys out of your mouth and slaps against the steering wheel?

submitted by gkel

floogle doogle - A device or gizmo that serves as an example rather than serving a purpose. Used by my girlfriend in reference to my spending on "boys' toys."

e.g., Go ahead. Comment on my health product spending when every other week you buy some new floogle doogle for your motorbike or xBox.

submitted by Dean Fantastic

floonery - Word used to describe a very idiotic action. "Aggravated floonery" is being immensely dumb.

e.g., "What did he do?" "He decided to push him under a car." "Sheer floonery!"

submitted by Drew T

floont - Raunchy tasting, of a drink.

e.g., Cheese Kool-Aid tastes like floont.

submitted by robert

floop - The curl of hair in the front of the face that looks so natural it had to take hours to achieve.

e.g., He had the cutest floop I've ever seen.

submitted by Laura Centric

flooped - Stumbled.

e.g., The girl with all the dishes just flooped by me because she couldn't see and tripped over the chair.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

floopy - An adjective that one uses when one can't think of a suitable defintion to describe a certain something.

e.g., I took all that cough medicine and now I floopy n'stuff.

submitted by Gorman Meyers

floopy - Feeling somewhere between weird, confused, and loopy. Sometimes caused by too little food or sleep.

e.g., Jane realized she was feeling floopy as she walked down the same street for the third time in a third different direction.

submitted by evie

floor- - Prefix used to indicate that a given food item has spent some period of time on the floor, but may still be consumed if desired.

e.g., Floor-chips are great, but unless you've cleaned the house really recently, floor-pizza cheese is terrible.

submitted by ditnis

floorcest - When living in a dorm, having sex with someone who lives on the same floor as you. A combination of the words "floor" and "incest."

e.g., Apparently there was some floorcest happening at the party last night.

submitted by Sara

floordrobe - The permanent clothes heap on the floor of every teenager with varying layers of cleanliness. Teenagers' cleanliness ranges from dirty today to almost clean--maybe tomorrow.

e.g., I didn't really sweat much today, so I'll just chuck this shirt back on the floordrobe and wear it again later this week.

submitted by Christopher Moriarty

floormat - "Floormat" is an alternative spelling -- and pronunciation -- of "format." It is a common error among people whose work experience and involvement in projects far exceeds their level of education. It arises from the common sense hearing of an unfamiliar word, where the hearer begins to understand the connotation of the unfamiliar term or expression before ever seeing the printed word, so that a similar sounding word or expression is seized upon and remembered in the place of the correct word.

In this case, "floormat" is a thing that is always placed at the bottom, and things can be built on it, whereas "format" is the fundamental underlying process or paradigm to which all additions and changes must conform . . . which is to say, "must be built upon." So, "floormat" has been independently substituted for "format" in the minds of thousands of Americans who find themselves swimming above their heads in a sea of new words, while the current of work is moving faster than their ability to stop and catch up on reading if they are to keep afloat.

Those who hear the misuse tend to wink at it, rather than correct it, understanding the confusion, but not wishing to interrupt the flow or to be impolite enough to presume to "teach" those whose credentials suffice for membership, without the benefit of ever having been forced to compete in, say, the Australian Crawl. After all, if all you need to get from Point A to Point B is dog-paddling, and you have a deadline by which to do it, do you really care if someone from line staff -- who really knows the population you are trying to affect and whom you may never see again -- says "It is important that we make sure that every team at each location follows the same floormat," when they really mean "format"?

e.g., It is important that we make sure that every team at each location follows the same floormat.

submitted by friend9

floorsome - So amazing it floors you.

e.g., The pianist was wonderful, and her performance of Chopin's Etude in C Sharp Minor was floorsome.

submitted by Glenn White

flop - Music genre. Pop music, as referred to by people who despise commercial radio.

e.g., 1. My kid sister still likes flop music. 2. I do not like that nightclub. It only plays flop.

submitted by glenn - (www)

flop out - (v) to fall asleep almost instantly

e.g., I was so tired the other day, I flopped out as soon as I got home.

submitted by vexter

flopchki - Any type of sandal (usually of the pool and beach variety) that makes that slapping noise against your foot when you walk.

e.g., My brother threw my new pink flopchki off the boat and now I have to walk around barefoot.

submitted by Rita

flops - Flip flops.

e.g., I got my flops out today because the weather is great.

submitted by Megan

flopsy-mopsy-cottontail-hippification - (n.) A child's pronunciation of one of he longest words in English: floccinaucinihilipilification: "The act of regarding something as unimportant."

e.g., "I hate it when they say that kids don't matter. 'Seen and not heard'; 'You're just kids;' 'This is for grownups, sweetie ... you just run along and play." "Yeah, I know what you mean. Grownups are so good at ... um ... whatever that word is." "You mean flopsy-mopsy-cottontail-hippification." "Yeah: that one."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

florabund - A plant having a great profusion of flowers

e.g., The shrub was particularly florabund this year, with many more flowers than it had produced in other seasons.

submitted by Michelle

florama - If you feel really weird you don't know what to do. You don't know what will happen and you see everything blurry and sort of in a flow--like the picture in front of your eyes is flowing.

e.g., As I woke up one day I was in a deep florama.

submitted by sonic

florange, floranger - To make a dramatic effort that ends in failure, especially the failure to place first in a contest or competition.

e.g., Chris was arrogant and supercilious, unjustifiably so; she is a clasic floranger, forever struggling to achieve victory, and forever falling just short of it.

submitted by C. Bray

floraphobia - The irrational fear that houseplants are, unbeknownst to all but you, surreptitiously creeping toward you; object: ingestion.

e.g., Oh, dear, Jerusha, I do think you'd better move the ficus into the other room; you know Abigail's floraphobia is always so much worse in the spring -- last season she caused a veritable SCENE at the Drummond's when they sat her near a begonia.

submitted by Elisabeth Stone

florestent - A glow-in-the-dark tube inserted into veins to allow for maximum blood flow

e.g., Although Dr. Jones dropped the florestent into my body cavity when the lights went out, he was able to find it behind my spleen by the faint glow it emitted.

submitted by shayla jay

florg - the sky that purple

e.g., its florg tonight

submitted by josh

florgle - The relatively easy act of attempting to juggle objects underwater, so long as those objects are more dense than the water, and thus sink.

e.g., While at the party, Brad, foolishly thinking he was talented, florgled five billiard balls in the pool; unfortunately, the other guests were far from impressed.

submitted by Gaspar Lewis - (www)

floridiot - Anyone who drives like a retiree from a certain Southern state.

e.g., What are you doin', you Floridiot, driving 35 on I95?

submitted by Kathi Petersen

florizona room - It's one of those attached to the house all-season porches, a combination of "florida room" and "arizona room" since they're the same damn thing.

e.g., The weather was nice, so we decided to barbecue in the florizona room.

submitted by h. gearhart - (www)

floss - When trying to look good for other people by showing off what you have

e.g., "Let's go floss in my new Lincoln Nav with the rims and the tvs."

submitted by erika

floss - To beat someone very, very severely in a game or competition.

e.g., Rich: I just picked up ten ladies in an hour and you picked up none. Albert: Yeah, I got flossed.

submitted by natmac

flossipapotweak - The backbreaking process of pulling out half-chewed bits of paper, with the nearest pointy object (Pens, tweezers, and hairpins are common.) after feeding too much into the paper shredder.

e.g., I was just walking through the office holding a magazine when it was untimely wrenched from my grasp. Realizing that someone had left the shredder on, I spent the rest of the day flossipapotweaking it out of there.

submitted by Katie

flossofise - To spend countless hours waffling extensively about any and every issue raised in a discussion. An important aspect is that the waffling is usually in opposition to the raised issue as set forth by the original flosser. Waffling by any-person-other-than-self or by pseudo-opinionaters challenges the original speaker's position as well as understanding of the issue. Ultimately, flossofising tends to (a) confirm the flosser's original position, (b) thrash the argument to pieces by pedantically picking at every possible flaw, and (c) start off as a mock-fight eventually leading to real and often heated arguments. The flosser is usually left with a feeling of despair when she realizes how futile the whole excercise has been.

e.g., Damian decided to go on holidays for a few months to leave all the rest behind to flossofise on life, while he went to live his.

submitted by surmiette

flosstitute - Professional Dental Hygienist.

e.g., I can't see you on Thursday at 5, I'm seeing my flosstitute then.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

floth - Any combination of the residue or particles which are mined from between one's teeth when flossing.

e.g., Rick, quit flicking your floth on the mirror.

submitted by Don Chong

flotsamee - (also "flotsamy"; n.) 1. a state or condition analogous to being 'flotsam,' the term for cargo, debris, and so forth floating about after a ship sinks. 2. (adj.) like flotsam. 3. Flotsamily (pronounced flot-sum-EE-ly) in a flotsam-like way.

e.g., The economy has left millions in a limbo of flotsamee.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

flouf - a combination of pouf and fluff...what many women do to their "bangs" to make them stand up a bit off of their forehead

e.g., Flouf bangs, then spray well to keep them up through out the day.

submitted by Janet Welch

flouncy - Puffy and bouncy.

e.g., As Chris climbed into the pool, he noticed his trunks had become flouncy.

submitted by Karen Ailes

flourood - Very mean.

e.g., The girl was flourood.

submitted by Brandy 7th english

flouvience - Having traits or aromas descendent from the lost clan of Bulgarian refrigerant service men and women.

e.g., Chris has been lawn bowling for nine straight days without a shave or shower. That idiot has got flouvience oozing from his pores.

submitted by chris french

flove - The feeling between liking someone and loving someone.

e.g., I'm not sure I love you yet...but I flove you.

submitted by Phil

floward - Heading in the direction of the flow.

e.g., Rather than fight the current, I decided to swim floward.

submitted by Peter

flowernym - All the names of flowers.

e.g., There are not many flowernyms avalibale

submitted by Cheyenne Elliott

flowgasm - Flowgasmicicity. The incredibly satiating experience of uttering words which roll off the tongue with silken glamor.

e.g., Some words I find most flowgasmic are acquiesce, clavicle, slacks, and trippindicular.

submitted by Tammy Zihlavsky

flowless - Without flow -- like a day where everything falls apart and nothing flows.

e.g., You're late for work, you have a run in your panty hose, the printer at work breaks, and you lose your wallet. This, my friends, is not a good day -- it is flowless. The world is against you on this day; the only things you can believe in on a day like this are Starbucks and _Cosmo_.

submitted by Karinne

floydable - Of the appropriate disposition to listen to Pink Floyd.

e.g., Well, I was smoking a lot of pot and learning the guitar when I moved back into Mum's house. My girlfriend had just broken up with me. I was definitely at my most Floydable back in first-year university.

submitted by Ryan Davidson - (www)

floydian - One who loves the band Pink Floyd. (Also used in "floydian slip.")

e.g., Bob saw Pink Floyd in concert 12 times. He's a floydian.

submitted by totaleclipse1000

flubber - Cross between "fat" and "blubber," it's used to sarcastically describe the paunch on someone's body. Usually directed toward oneself.

e.g., Ugh, I have so much flubber on my stomach. | After these chips, I can just feel the flubber growing.

submitted by Rachelle

flubby - The state of the carpet under the TV or behind the bookshelves; any unswept area with grey fluff and dead flies.

e.g., Those sweet wrappers and dust make the room so flubby.

submitted by Clifford Dack

fluberflewee - For something or someone to be in a state of indecision. Or to be all over the place.

e.g., His mind was all fluberflewee before the exam.

submitted by Zac Whitely

flubnagle - To cause to happen through a series of clumsy efforts.

e.g., Martin nearly botched the artificial resurrection of his old girlfriend, Felicity, but managed to flubnagle her into reanimation.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

flubnub - Bumping into an obese person for the sick pleasure of watching her jiggle.

e.g., See that fat man over there? Go flubnub him.

submitted by lauryn

fluck - A motion picture about group of publicity agents the size of a small spot. Flick, flock, flack, and fleck combined.

e.g., "You see that fluck yet?" "Nope, I was sure it lame as a carrot from the trailer."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

fluctuary - Frequently fluctuating freely without rhyme or reason.

e.g., His fluctuary thought patterns make his decisions and decisions regarding him an insurmountable nightmare.

submitted by Kris - (www)

fluebumbulent - The ultimate in stupidity and laziness combined.

e.g., The maintenance crews actions were absulutley fluebumbulent.

submitted by Cole Busche

fluetic - To flow, run smoothly.

e.g., This job is going very fluetic.

submitted by Scott

fluff - Used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment.

e.g., Fluff it all! Why in the fluffing hell are they talking to me? Fluff you, too.

submitted by Rose

fluff cut - A haircut that is so short that it's basically a puffy mass that covers someone's head. Works best with fine or thick hair.

e.g., She used to have long, beautiful hair, but she has a fluff cut now that the salon cut most of it off.

submitted by Aurora

fluffle - To show affection by rubbing or tousling the hair of the object of your affection

e.g., She fluffled that nice boy that brought her cookies.

submitted by Neil Park

fluffy bunny - Used describe a new age or spiritual person who is overtly sappy and flower-childish. Someone who is rather flaky and difficult to take seriously.

e.g., As soon as she said "Let's all hold hands and tell each other about our spirit guides," I knew right then she was a fluffy bunny.

submitted by Wefneck

fluffy nazi - A girl who looks sweet and innocent but is really Hitler in pumps.

e.g., As I made Kevin fork over the red crayon in kindergarden, I knew I would enjoy the power of being a fluffy nazi.

submitted by nitag - (www)

fluffy rain - Snow, for people who don't like the idea of snow. Coined at the request of a co-worker who doesn't want to accept the fact that winter has arrived.

e.g., I heard on the radio that we're supposed to get three inches of fluffy rain tonight.

submitted by Shaduan

flug - More than one cup of tea. Plural of tas.

e.g., Shall I make some flug for you?

submitted by David Parker

flugged or flug - Flew or fly.

e.g., The soup just flugged out of your mouth! Have you ever seen such a thing flug so far in your life!?

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fluginminhiven - to have an abnormal shape,size,or look

e.g., you are fluginminhiven

submitted by George

flugs - "Flying hugs, for when you are in a hurry or far far away"

e.g., Sending you some flugs and blisses

submitted by jema - (www)

fluke - To trick.

e.g., The boy fluked his brother.

submitted by Courtney 7th English

flulu - A person or group of people that appear to think too highly of themselves.

e.g., "In New York City, I frequently saw flulu women dressed to the nines with their noses in the air." "Sure you did. But that's simply because most New Yorkers are flulu."

submitted by Brenda - (www)

flum - Anything that is undesirable, dysfunctional, impossible, improbable, out of the ordinary, hated, etc. To put it simply, it's pretty much anything that is negative.

e.g., If you don't stop being a flum right now, that video hits the Internet. And I'm not kidding.

submitted by Rohn - (www)

flumadumblumbbadumb - The smaller outlets.

e.g., Could you put the vacuum cord into the flumadumblumbbadumb?

submitted by Brooke 7th English

flumber - An otherwise studly guy who should have no problem with women, but who botches things with moments of clumsiness, saying the wrong thing, or other ineptitude.

e.g., John was gonna score with Betty 'til he called her Bianca by accident, the flumber.

submitted by antwon - (www)

fluminescence - The almost visible aura of germs emanating from a person suffering from a bad head cold or influenza. Adj: fluminous.

e.g., You'd better not sit too close to me -- I'm highly fluminous right now.

submitted by Anne Walker

flummage - Items added at the last minute that do not make it into any suitcase, bag, or container, during a car trip.

e.g., As we had packed in a hurry, the amount of flummage in our car would get in the way at times.

submitted by Brian Kruschwitz

flumonia - An illness where symptoms of flu and pnuemonia can both be found.

e.g., Looks like she has flumonia.

submitted by Gebadire

flump - Someone who is less than gifted in the brain department.

e.g., Chris can't even turn his computer on. He's a flump.

submitted by Karoo

flumph - Daft or crazy.

e.g., Does anyone have any idea why Michael is still behaving so flumph?

submitted by michael

flumpus - (n, v) An animal or person who sprawls all over while looking squishy, cuddly, and cute. Plural: flumpi...or flumpuses.

e.g., My cat is the neighborhood flumpus. Look at her, purring and flumpusing in the laundry basket. Squish!

submitted by Mouse - (www)

flunch - A specific description of the lunch meal. The components of lunch.

e.g., What's flunch today?

submitted by Tarlac

flungdundra - Interjection. Something you would say in great surprise

e.g., Holy flungdundra. Did you see that?

submitted by ping pong

flunger bounce - If you have ever drunk a heavily carbonated soda through a a straw, chances are you experienced a flunger bounce. Because of the carbonation in the soda, after you sip it the soda will bounce upward in the straw breifly before settling -- the flunger bounce. The more carbonated the liquid is, the higher the liquid flunger bounces in the straw.

e.g., I have hypothesized that the Sprite will flunger bounce higher than the Coke.

submitted by Rohn - (www)

flunkerdoodled - Beat (?). A word that I came up with to describe how I feel after a hard day at work. It kinda sounds cool, so I used it one day and kinda liked the ring to it.

e.g., Today I feel plum flunkerdoodled after a long day's work.

submitted by Donna

flunky - When something isn't right, and it is hard to know the reason behind it.

e.g., 1. My clothes are all flunky now that I have lost 30 lbs. 2. John was really flunky when he was in school, but in business he's terrific. 3. Why was that really good-looking woman trying to steal my man? The whole situation is pretty flunky if you ask me.

submitted by Joanie

fluor-eyed - The condition of someone who has just accidentally flicked toothpaste in her eye while attempting to brush.

e.g., Dang! Flour-eyed again.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

fluorocrash - A sensation of vivid, sudden, and possibly catastrophic alienation from the mundane world; the temporary inability to associate with sober and reserved people after a hedonistic or mind-expanding experience.

e.g., It was five in the morning. Terry still saw sparkles from the glitter, and that was fine, but she saw it when she closed her eyes, too. She had an hour to clean up, remember where her boyfriend put the key to the cuffs, and drink enough coffee to make herself stop seeing rainbow trails when she moved her fingers. She had to remember not to tell her boss she loved her, no matter how good an idea it seemed at the time. She was fluorocrashing, hard.

submitted by Hannah Kincaid - (www)

fluoroidiot - A one-word oxymoron.

e.g., "Justice" used as an appellation for members of the California Supreme Court.

submitted by Will Mengarini - (www)

flup - To fall up a staircase.

e.g., I flupped the stairs at school yesterday. So humiliating. Did you see me just flup the stairs?

submitted by Brandee A.

flup - The sound an umbrella makes when it turns inside out in a strong wind.

e.g., After a strong gust of wind, the umbrella went flup and turned inside out.

submitted by Steve J Hanning

flupe - A defective item, such as a burnt out firework or broken electronic device. Basically a synonym for "dud."

e.g., Bob: This microwave only explodes whatever Iput into it. Joe: Yeah, its a flupe all right -- but don't throw it away. I have an idea.

submitted by Rohn - (www)

flupp - 1. Used as the sound for when you squash something. 2. Can also be used to describe the fat on an overweight person.

e.g., That bug went flupp when I smacked it.

submitted by Ian

fluratating - What happens when f flurries start to fall, but it's not quite a snowstorm.

e.g., The fact that it was fluratating outside forced the school to make the decision to cancel classes.

submitted by Kevin F

flurd - A particularly fat bird, esp. a parakeet when puffed up.

e.g., My flurd eats so much, I'd be surprised if it could fly anymore.

submitted by Johnny Dollar

flurf - Similar to fluff, the way in which a bird poofs out all its feathers when it gets cold.

e.g., In order to preserve body heat while perched on the stone ledge, the pigeon flurfed its feathers. January is tough on pigeons in Philadelphia.

submitted by Jill - (www)

flurfled - The condition of a cat's whiskers being in the forward and locked position, usually indicating excitement or playfulness. This word was invented by Jill Knowles, who hasn't had time to submit it herself and gave me permission to do so.

e.g., Oh, oh! Watch your ankles! BrightEyes is flurfled!

submitted by Sylvia Lindsay

flurglier - An indescribable connection between two people.

e.g., We...we just have flurglier.

submitted by Emma

flurple - The little flap of skin in between each finger.

e.g., Oh, crap, my flurple is infected.

submitted by Jesse

flurrylicious - Great, wonderful, terrific, etc.

e.g., "It would be the most flurrilicious thing ever if I got elected cheerleader!" exclaimed Venus.

submitted by Venus - (www)

fluscle - The loose, often limp, former muscle tissue that has become flabby from lack of use.

e.g., Although a competitive body-builder back in his twenties, Hans was better known now for his more fluscular build, brought about by his more laid-back life style during his fifties.

submitted by Dave Violette

flusks - (n.) Dental floss "tusks" hanging from the mouth, formed by the dangling ends of a string of floss in the teeth, left for some reason while the flosser does something else, or, more embarrassingly, forgotten. [From "floss" + "tusks."]

e.g., She suddenly realized why everyone in the grocery store had looked at her so oddly when she glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the flusks hanging from her mouth.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

flusterdate - To cause someone to be simultaneously frustrated and flustered.

e.g., "Try not to let your mother-in-law flusterdate you during her visit." That's be might nigh impossible. She's planning to stay six weeks, possible a couple of months or more."

submitted by Katie - (www)

flusterpated - "A state of being flustered that's so intense, one's actions and words become bound up." Not original.

e.g., Not only was I tongue-tied when she signed her letter "With all my love, M.," I was almost flusterpated -- and damned near overcome with lust at the thought of seeing again her the next weekend.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flustrated - Flustered and frustrated.

e.g., I locked my keys in the car again. I'm so flustrated.

submitted by Richard | LindaIndiana

flustration - the state of being flustered

submitted by JC Noorman - (www)

flutterby - My stepbrother's version of "butterfly" coined as a child in WV; family members determined this to be more accurate than the standard term.

e.g., Vern says he saw the first Monarch flutterby of the season on his way home from school today.

submitted by Greg Capaldini

fluttercard - The subscription cards that fall out of new magazines.

e.g., I flipped through the magazine and an unusually high number of fluttercards landed at my feet like leaves.

submitted by Tim

fluttercation - The feeling that you get when you realize you are completely falling for someone. A combination of warmth, secret smiles, butterflies, nervousness, excitement, can't wait to see or speak to him, and all-around general unexpected happiness.

e.g., I saw him again last night and now I'm overcome. Fluttercation, that's what it is.

submitted by Karen Graham

flutteround - Describing what happens when a load of birds take off at once. i

e.g., Blimey, look at that flutteround.

submitted by matty

fluttershy - Acting very much like the character in _My Little Pony_: Friendship is magic, speaking in a soft timid voice, unable to complain or approach people about a subject.

e.g., I was going to tell her I loved her but I came across all Fluttershy.

submitted by Fionacat

fluttery - A combination of ditzy and hyper. | Very talkative and energetic but stupid, as in when someone rambles on about something.

e.g., She's acting really fluttery today. | Sorry I'm so fluttery.

submitted by chelsea

flux - When something is out of whack.

e.g., What's the flux here?

submitted by dan

fluxtrate - An act creating an emotional state that one is fighting against the tide and not able to complete a goal.

e.g., Bob's inability to turn off the burst water pipe made him feel very fluxtrated.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

fly - Cool.

e.g., That's a fly outfit, Charlize.

submitted by Zoe - (www)

fly snapping - Dennis O'Brien, DVM, PhD: "Fly-biting or fly-snapping are terms used to describe peculiar episodes where the dog appears to be snapping at imaginary flies."

e.g., She was so bitchy that I thought she might start fly snapping any second.

submitted by [Dennis O'Brien] - (www)

fly tipping - "Generally speaking fly tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste dumped onto any land or highway not licensed to accept waste. Waste includes general household waste, larger domestic items -- i.e., fridges and furniture etc., garden refuse, commercial waste such as builders rubble and soil, clinical waste and tyres. Such waste can occur in any quantities in any mixture in any location. If you witness a fly tipping and there is conclusive evidence The Environment Agency will prosecute the offenders."

e.g., "Doing that, they told him, would class as fly-tipping, for which the maximum penalty is a £50,000 fine or six months in jail." (

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flyail - To fail a test with flying colors.

e.g., I'm going to flyail my writing assessment for sure.

submitted by Darlene

flygirl - Cute girl.

e.g., She's a flygirl.

submitted by Laura

flyspecking - When asked by Newt Gingrich what surprised him most about running for President, Herman Cain said it was the nitpickiness of the media. He went on to refer to "flyspecking," clearly a derivative of flyspeck: "1. A minute or insignificant spot. 2. A small dark speck or stain made by the excrement of a fly."  
"A slang expression for reviewing every word, every comma that might make a difference between dependent and independent clauses, every pronoun and its antecedents (does 'he' refer to the grantor or the grantee in a sentence, for example), and sketching every property description in every deed in a chain of title to make sure the same land is always described and the description makes an enclosed parcel. Comes from the expression 'picking the flyspecks out of the pepper,' which is an exceptionally tedious job."

e.g., "But I did not realize the flyspecking nature of the media when you are running for President. Especially when you start moving up in the polls."  
"Hollywood Attorney Ed Pfister, who represented the developer of Miami's Opera Tower in a landmark ILSA decision last August, said 'These people bought at the height of the market and now that the market is down, they are flyspecking the contracts for any language they can use to get out of the contracts and get their deposits back.'"

fnam - Facebook Notification Spam.

e.g., I can't believe how much FNAM I'm getting.

submitted by dn8ldx

fnarkenessing - An extreme case of frustration, restlessness, boredom, and depression -- due to the inability to rectify the situation without requiring the individual to expend an hugenormous amount of effort.

e.g., "This is fnarkenessing," said Jesse when he ran out of cigarettes on a stormy night when he couldn't be fnarked walking over the hill to go and get a pack of smokes. (The situation is aggravated when you have to wait for your next pay to come in before you can afford a new pack.)

submitted by surmiette

fng - Fucking New Guy, from the Vietnam war. It was used when a new recruit would land in Vietnam.

e.g., The FNG just arrived this morning and he's already screwed things up.

submitted by wooter - (www)

fnmphy - Generally lethargic; sleepy to the point of near paralysis, yet still awake; stuck on your couch. syn: floppy, lackadaisical

e.g., Need to get up and go to work, but I'm too fnmphy.

submitted by Blobby

fnord - A sound. Meaningless. A response to any statment when none is required or normaly able to be made.

e.g., "Bob! I just ate a baby" "Fnord?"

submitted by Pretzel and Memnoch

fnord - A nonsense word used by the Illuminati which causes any who read it to immediately forget they saw it, and feel a general anxiety toward the source. Used as a method of population control.

e.g., I believe that you fnord will hate this entry.

submitted by PMT - (www)

fo sho - For sure.

e.g., "Hey, are you going to the concert on Friday?" "Fo sho."

submitted by Kaycee Reed

fo wad ya? - Why? What's it for? Why did you do that? What's the point? From Solomon Island Pidgin.

e.g., Desmond looked at the extra gear stick and asked, "Fo wad ya?"

submitted by Lee_H

fo'sheazy - For sure.

e.g., Friend: You going to the party tonight? You: Fo'sheazy.

submitted by Spanka

foak - Fake oak, the plastic wood veneer on cheap furniture.

e.g., Nice furniture. Is it solid foak?

submitted by otis

foam - To foam is to get carried away by one's enthusiasm.

e.g., Peter made an exhibition of himself foaming about his favourite vehicles, Bedford OBs.

submitted by David Flett

foamy - Causing extreme sensual pleasure. Usually refers to something or someone that is sexually attractive or looks like it would taste good. Originated in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Beer Bad" and was popularized by the online Buffy fan community.

e.g., Willow and Spike were both very foamy in last night's episode, as was the pizza that I ate while I watched it.

submitted by Cornelius

fob - Falls Off Bed or anything similar. Similar to LOL and LMAO as internet slang.

e.g., Loser2002: Did you see Wayne Brady the other night? NeonLites888: Yeah! FOB...that was so funny.

submitted by Crystal

focaccia - A "clean" swear word. Used when a teacher or parent walks by just as you're in the middle of saying the f-word.

e.g., I forgot my homework, I'm such a fu-... focaccia.

submitted by Kimber ley

focal fries - That state when you're pondering and/or daydreaming of ideas so in depth it's as if you're in a tunnel with tunnel vision. Ideas being built upon ideas and creations of creations. Where computer programmers and quantum physicists go to invent, discover, and realize new things.

e.g., Had an extra large serving of focal fries last night. Got a lot accomplished in the shop.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

focker - A name used when insulting a person, thereby insinuating his or her stupidity. Comes from the movie _Meet The Parents_. The lead character, Greg Focker, is the inspiration for this. You can call anyone this, it's just like saying, "Hey, stupid."

e.g., Hey, Focker, quit talking to your plants and come out to the club with us like a normal person. (NOTE: someone said this EXACT sentence to me today. Weird.)

submitted by Hollis Cauble

focular - Clearly very good.

e.g., That was focular in nature.

submitted by Matt

focusonboredum - In deep concentration of boredom due to undiagnosed depression.

e.g., Look at me, look at me. Do I look like I'm in the mood to sing karaoke with you? I am in the state of focusonboredum. Now leave me alone.

submitted by nemrac.senoirb

focustrate - To focus on a certain thing but also pay close attention to the small details.

e.g., We need to focustrate if we want to be able to play this piece of music.

submitted by Rebecca

fod -

1. Friend of Dorothy. A gay man. | The Free Library: "As every theatrical type knows, the phrase 'friend of Dorothy is a euphemism for a gay man. It was coined in the 1930s to describe members of the camp circle that surrounded American salon hostess and author Dorothy Parker at her celebrated Round Table at the Algonquin Hotel in New York."  
"I hear he likes show tunes" is also used to refer to gays. Have no real idea if these usages are considered particularly offensive to gays, but I recommend that they be avoided by straights unless given some indication that it's all right for you to use the terms. See cracker and oppithet.  
2. FOD stands for Finger of Death in fantasy gaming: "[Abbreviation for ‘Finger of Death,’ originally a spell-name from fantasy gaming.] To terminate with extreme prejudice and with no regard for other people. From MUDs where the wizard command ‘FOD ’ results in the immediate and total death of , usually as punishment for obnoxious behavior. This usage migrated to other circumstances, such as ‘I’m going to fod the process that is burning all the cycles.’"  
3. In aviation, FOD means Foreign Object Damage -- e.g., what happens when a jet engine sucks up a rock on the runway or a bird in flight. Finger of Death is a distressingly apt description of what this generally does to the engine. (Jargon File) Source: V.E.R.A. -- Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms December 2001  
4. Flexible Optical Disk (OD) Source: Jargon File (4.3.1, 29 Jun 2001)  

Probably offensive and intended to belittle or insult and would usually be rejected. However, as it is new to your pseudodictionary editrix extraordinare, I'll let it in -- in hopes of finding out where it came from from one of our visitors. Send e-mail to help to My speculation is that it may come from an affinity of gays for Judy Garland. For the younger crowd, Ms. Garland played Dorothy Gale in 1939's The Wizard of Oz.  
There's a movie that was made before I was born -- 1939 is generally considered the peak year for Hollywood film making. Several great pictures were made that year, the best-known of which are probably The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. Just google "1939 films" to find out more.  
Editrix Extraordinaire.  

I was jonesin' (or had a jones) for googling and couldn't restrain myself. Some finds:
  • A Friend of Dorothy is a clothing and accessories store in Vancouver, BC, where site creator host Paul lives.

  • Before Judy Garland came along, the Dorothy referred to was Dorothy Parker. When asked to use the word "horticulture" in a sentence, Mrs. Parker responded, "You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think." The witty Dorothy Parker.

  • The exact phrase "a friend of Dorothy" is found in The Wizard of Oz a couple of times.

  • TV's Golden Girls episode "Isn't it Romantic" had a visiting lesbian friend of Dorothy's falling for Rose.

  • IMDB: "He's a disco-dancin'-Oscar Wilde readin'-Streisand-ticket-holdin'-friend of Dorothy, you know what I'm saying?" is dialogue from the always groovy Clueless. (An excuse to use the currently clueless adjective "groovy.")

  • Insight: A history of queer TV: Finally, gives us "Between Will And Grace and Ellen's big lesbian kiss, you probably think homo TV is a recent invention. But we've got news for you -- the boob tube has been full of dykes and fags since the tiny screen started flickering in the 50s. The thing is, these characters played it on the QT. It took a friend of Dorothy to know one."
The final item convinces me that it's time to stop my search. What I've found suggests that if FOD is offensive at all -- and it probably is -- it's nowhere near as offensive as the n-word. It certainly seems to be OK to use FOD if you're FOD. Still, just as it seems to be OK for blacks to use the n-word to refer to each other, we know it's not OK for whites to use it. If you're straight, avoid FOD until you get a clear and authoritative sign that it's OK for you to use. (See oppithet.)  
From the Oz books:  
  • Chapter 8 - The Hungry Tiger: "Glad to meet any friend of Dorothy's," said the Lion, politely. "To judge by your present appearance, you are not a coward, as I am."

  • Chapter Twenty-Four - The Royal Reception: "A great friend of Dorothy and Ozma seemed to be a machine man called Tik-Tok, who ran down several times during the evening and had to be wound up again by someone before he could move or speak."

  • Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz Chapter 16 - Jim, the Cab Horse: "Any friend of Dorothy," remarked the Cowardly Lion, "must be our friend, as well. So let us cease this talk of skull crushing and converse upon more pleasant subjects. Have you breakfasted, Sir Horse?"
Of 13 more sites checked when this entry was made, only one is still alive: Descent of the divas.

e.g., Chris: Check out the FOD walking towards us. Erle: You referring to him that way because he's dressed so well? | By the way, has anyone seen the pictures taken of Che Guevara after he was FODed?

submitted by Kimberly | HD Fowler - (www)

foddle - To eat very, very slowly.

e.g., Would you quit foddling and eat your steak already? We were supposed to be at the movie ten minutes ago.

submitted by Zanny W - (www)

fodu - Feature Of Dubious Utility. Useless feature added to a useful software product to enable the software vendor to sell new versions.

e.g., Instead of adding so much FODU to Windows 95, Microsoft should have just fixed Windows 95 bugs and not "fixed" all the great stuff that already worked.

submitted by David Collins - (www)

foebegone - Refers to a desire or attitude to get rid of very undesirable intruders or aliens, currently a blight in certain places.

e.g., There were many vociferous outcries in the streets of the city; foebegone sentiments were very high. It's a wonder that more blood wasn't spilt during the melee. The constables didn't seem to differentiate much between legitimate foebegone protesters OR alien invaders, so we all got struck with the bloody stick regardless. Perhaps Her Majesty could have word with the American Hillary.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

foft - Something that is fluffy and soft.

e.g., A rabbit's fur is extremely foft.

submitted by ceana

fogart - A noun describing someone who is a cross between an old fogey and an old fart, generally one who is both contemptible and stubbornly old-fashioned.

e.g., She's being such a fogart about using the new computer system.

submitted by Laura J. Underwood - (www)

fogent - Exceedingly bright and radiant.

e.g., The sun was fogent today due to the lack of clouds and the excellent air quality.

submitted by Gary Scott

foggerfall - A cascading or pouring fog bank, generally seen pouring down a mountain ridge or coastline.

e.g., Driving to the top of the mountain, our vehicle burst out into a clear sunny day, from which we could turn and see the beautiful foggerfall behind us.

submitted by Dave Violette - (www)

foggy-bottom - Washington DC expression, The U.S. Department of State building.

e.g., Send someone over to Foggy-Bottom and figure out what our foreign policy stance on this issue is.

submitted by Stephen Mize

foglout - (n) Person who inexpicably drives with fog lights illuminated, day or night, fair weather or foul. Short for the clumsy word "foglightlout."

e.g., But, officer, I rear-ended your cruiser because my eyes were blinded by the foglout in the oncoming lane.

submitted by Gord

fogot - How you say or spell forgot when you foget the r.

e.g., Maria refused to fugheddaboudit and proceeded to file for divorce. Gonna cost Ahnold the governator roughly $350 million for being a sperminator.

submitted by HD Fowler

fogullnugget - A word that is exclaimed to show your appreciation for a snow day

e.g., Bob turned to channel 3 and made a loud fogullnugget when he learned that school was cancelled for the day.

submitted by Kagi Gifford - (www)

fogure - An illustration or graphic that is intended to clarify the meaning of accompanying text, but is so badly designed or drawn that it increases rather than reduces the confusion.

e.g., There is a graphic to illustrate what the author means, but it's fogure.

submitted by Dave

fohgiddabodit - Forget about it. To tell someone not to worry about something, no problem. Can also be used to trick people into thinking that you're "connected."

e.g., A. Don't have any money today. B. Eh, fohgiddabodit. I'll buy. Pay me back tomorrow.

submitted by Kitty - (www)

foice - Two or more choices supplied by the same source.

e.g., Voting Democrat or Republican is a foice. No matter which you vote for, you will be led back to the same source.

submitted by Goliath - (www)

foily - Unpleasant; disgusting; bad. Possibly derived from "foiled," as in "Curses! Foiled again."

e.g., Stay away from the spam quiche -- it's really foily.

submitted by Peter Gaffney

foist - To give someone an unpleasant job, task or thing.

e.g., I was going to pick up the folks at the airport, but due to my dentist appointment I had to foist that onto my girlfriend.

submitted by peter

foldies - Foldies are the lines in unused clothing that never seem to come out after being folded for months.

e.g., It's finally spring again, but I can't seem to get the foldies out of my favorite pair of shorts. Maybe I should own an iron.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

folkpath - An unauthorized but obvious walkway through a grassy or wooded area created by the repeated passage of individuals, usually to shorten the distance traveled from point A to point B. A shortcut.

e.g., Bob stared disapprovingly at the ancient folkpath that traversed the corner of his property.

submitted by Don Rice

follicotomy - The result of a bad haircut.

e.g., She cut way too short, so I now have a follicotomy.

submitted by James

follopitude - The ability to make up new words--completely new, not just two other words combined.

e.g., Paul McFedries is great at follopitude. Check his site.

submitted by Sharlien Tempest

follyrun - To break into a fake, slow-motion run, in order to fool others into thinking that you are actually hurrying.

e.g., When the lights changed, the woman pushing the pram across the intersection broke into a languid follyrun whilst the taxi bore down upon her.

submitted by Anne Walker

fom - Southern-fried urbonics for "farm." | Acronym for Fried Onion Musk, the smell your house has for 12 to 24 hours after frying onions.

e.g., Out at my cousins fom when da onjuns is harvested, the hole house has FOM for 'bout six weeks.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

foma - Harmless untruths intended to comfort simple souls.

e.g., Though it smacked of false hopes, telling the disenfranchised in the Great Depression that "Prosperity is just around the corner" kept their hopes up and was foma for the New Deal, too.--Kurt Vonnegut's _Cat's Cradle_

submitted by Joel Parker

fomen - Phonetic derivative of "faux-men" as a decidedly sexist, yet politically correct reference to homosexual males.

e.g., Some of the fomen in this bar are prettier than the women.

submitted by Saint714

fonch - To move around annoyingly while close to others as a result of boredom, physical discomfort or simply youth. Typically occurs from a supine position, and most often in sleeping bags.

e.g., Meredith's constant fonching during the Norweigan bell-ringers' performance was driving her mother to the brink of sanity.

submitted by Meyla Bianco

fondle - Collective noun for three or more priests.

e.g., It's bad enough living next door to one priest, but a whole fondle of them? Jesus H Christ, we gotta move house.

submitted by Sam

fondon't - An aversion to trendy or fancy foods.

e.g., "Fondue?" "No, fondon't."

submitted by beefarino

fondue - When someone or something is perfect--warm, delicious, and expensive.

e.g., Russell is the perfect boyfriend--he is SO fondue.

submitted by eanya

fong - The film that appears on certains foods that are exposed to air

e.g., The brown gunk on apples that are half eaten

submitted by Grill Rat

fong - To kick profusely. | To beat over the head with a sand-filled glass bottle.

e.g., Do that again and I'll fong you.

submitted by Sara Shortt

fonoxity - Lather, suds, bubbles, etc, generated from the mixture or agitation of soap (or shampoo) and water.

e.g., Jim put greasy pans in the sink, and within 5 minutes almost all the fonoxity was gone.

submitted by Matches

fonshin' at the bit - Someone who is very anxious to get going, someone who is really steamed and ready to blow. Had to have originated from something to do with horses.

e.g., The kids were so anxious to get to Grandma's that they were fonshin' at the bit

submitted by Sonya

fontificate - In word processing, to ajdust a document's fonts, tabs, styles, and so on. Fontification.

e.g., The consultant e-mailed the draft of the proposal; please fontificate it to match our corporate style.

submitted by Sam Spata - (www)

fontiphile - A person who loves going online and downloading many of the thousands of free fonts you can find there. I happen to be one. Also fontaholic.

e.g., Whoa, look at your C:\Windows\Fonts folder. You must be a serious fontiphile. (or, you must be a serious fontaholic.)

submitted by Rainbow Woman - (www)

fontophile - A person who loves different fonts, obsesses about them in order to pick just the right one to use when printing a document

e.g., Maureen was a true fontophile -- spent an entire afternoon checking out every font she could find to get just the right one for her book.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

fontrum - The embarrassment one feels on behalf of someone who doesn't know she should be embarrassed for herself.

e.g., Chris is flirting with every man in the room even though she has vomit on her shirt. I'm filled with fontrum for her . . . because she's acting like such a whore.

submitted by Marcia - (www)

foo - Fool. May be "ghetto slang."| 1. The bun or ponytail-style hair blob on the back of some people's heads. It is fun to poke. 2. A noise made when things explode.

e.g., What you be doin', foo? Gettin' all up on my grill like dat? | 1. Lee grabbed Little Sarah's foo and tried to think of interesting ways to set it on fire. 2. In the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the cat got fried from chewing on the Xmas lights and went "Foo."

submitted by Allie | Sarah (the piemonkey extrordinai

foo - The bun or ponytail-style hair blob on the back of some people's heads. It is fun to poke. | A noise made when things explode.

e.g., Lee grabbed Little Sarah's foo and tried to think of interesting ways to set it on fire. | In the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the cat got fried from chewing on the xmas lights and went "Foo."

submitted by Sarah (the piemonkey extrordinaire)

foo-foo - Anything that's "girly"--such as lotion, body glitter, nail glitter, etc.

e.g., What's that foo-foo smell?

submitted by catherine - (www)

foo-foo food - Chinese food.

e.g., I feel like foo-foo food tonight. How about you?

submitted by Joy

foobar - A programmer's placeholder. Used in examples to fill in for the name of something that isn't important to the example: class names, table names, function names. See "fubar" in slang dictionaries.

e.g., SQL select example: "select * from foobar." Integer declaration example: int foobar = 10;.

submitted by hiveman

foobla - A big mistake

e.g., Oh, no. Not another foobla, Chris.

submitted by debbie berberi

food baby - The slight pooch of fat on a girl's lower tummy, where a real baby would normally be. | The unsightly bulge that occurs after eating too much.

e.g., Time to hit the gym; my food baby is reaching its second trimester. | I'd love to go swimming, but I don't really want to get into a swimsuit with this unfortunate food baby left over from dinner.

submitted by jen | Heather Crotchett

food coma - The state of being so full after a meal, all you can do is remain in a motionless state.

e.g., After this lunch I will be in food coma.

submitted by LAD

food coma - Sleepiness induced by eating, marked by a lack of attention, dazed expressions, and total fatigue.

e.g., After he binged at the buffet, he fell into a food coma.

submitted by Richard

food cube - Compact cubes (made from animal, vegetable, and mineral substances) which are sustaining, if not palatable, to many life forms.

e.g., Are these food cubes supposed to taste like cardboard?

submitted by uisceboo - (www)

food stamp cadillac - Any car, not necessarily a Cadillac, that seems to be beyond the financial abilities of the person driving it, someone who receives federal government or county social services aid. It can be a term used to describe a car driven by a person who fraudulently misrepresents herself in order to receive food stamps and other forms of government assistance when she knows she doesn't qualify for same. Used by welfare fraud investigators. Origin unknown.

e.g., Todd bagged groceries for the well-dressed woman who paid for her purchase using food stamps. He grew suspicious and resentful when he carried the woman's groceries to her recently-purchased SUV -- it still had the new car permit on the back bumper and a dealer advertisement on the front bumper. "Huumpphh," he thought, "Food stamp Cadilliac."

submitted by Chris

food-over - When one has eaten too much food and feels like the morning after a night of heavy drinking.

e.g., I can't go out tonight, I've got food-over from that Chinese buffet and can't fit another thing. I'm staying on the couch.

submitted by Steve Yardan

foodage - Food. What coinage is to coins, foodage is to food.

e.g., I'm going down to the shops to pick up some foodage.

submitted by whippyX

foodar - Food radar. Especially the ability to home in on free food.

e.g., Art's foodar led him to the buffet where he was first in line.

submitted by EV

foodge - To badly mispronounce a word, particularly because of a hilarious accent (or an accent your friends think is hilarious).

e.g., I am likely to foodge when ordering French cuisine.

submitted by amy

foodgitive - Used when you are eating a TV dinner and peas have jumped over the plastic divider into the mashed potatoes.

e.g., My peas won't stay on their side of the plate. They've become foodgitives.

submitted by Kristin - (www)

foodical - A particle of food, usually a snack or small meal. Foodicle.

e.g., When she was done cooking the burgers, all that was left was foodicals.

submitted by Joel

foodiepaedia - A foodie/ foodophile or food lover's encyclopaedia holding within its fold a treasure trove of information on the subject of food, be it the origin, history, etymology, facts, trivia, tips, recipes, and pictures of food -- presented in an alphabetical order.

e.g., Alan Davidson's _Oxford Companion to Food_ is a definitive foodiepaedia that must always enjoy a place of pride on a foodophile's bookshelf.

submitted by L. Aruna Dhir - (www)

foodies - Small pieces of food, especially candy.

e.g., After going to the vending machine, Bob refused to share the foodies he obtained with anyone.

submitted by Will

foodles - "Fuck," as it sounds when Julie Andrews says it. | A cross between a Fox Terrier and a Poodle.

e.g., Phil shouted foodles and all the parents thought he was so cute. A little crazy, but cute.

submitted by Philip Meehan - (www)

foodographic memory - The ability to vividly recall in minute details food that was consumed in a meal

e.g., I remember when we ate that meal. I have a foodographic memory.

submitted by Susan - (www)

foodophile - A person who has a great fondness for food: an ardent food lover.

e.g., She is such a foodophile that most of her life is devoted to thinking about food -- how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes.

submitted by L. Aruna Dhir - (www)

foodstitute - Servers of food in a restaurant. Waiters and/or waitresses.

e.g., The only relationships I have are with foodstitutes. I give them money, they give me food.

submitted by Tim Reinerman

foodtrepreneur - One who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a food-related business venture -- e.g., a gourmet food producer or restauranteur.

e.g., She was excited about trading her corporate job to launch something she was passionate about -- gourmet pasta sauce.

submitted by Dom Tassone - (www)

foody call - In the spirit of "booty call," the foody call is the last-minute, often late-night call from a friend with whom you are not involved and with whom there is no expectation you will regularly dine, asking you to join her urgently for some type of gastronomic fix.

e.g., My friend K makes foody calls all the time. Just the other day she called me only moments before I was about to make a sandwich because she was in dire need of some Uno's pizza.

submitted by m

foof - Fun, alternative way to express mild annoyance, etc. Similar to "darn it!"

e.g., Foof! I left my favorite shirt at Lester's house. Knowing him I'll never see it again. Or, if I do, I'll never be able to wear it again. He'll wongull it, fer sure.

submitted by Talula - (www)

foofbeat - To flee someone you promised to aid, particularly in dire distress. To act like a fair weather friend. From the phrase, "Hoofbeats in the night," regarding paid mercenaries abandoning the American revolutionary war.

e.g., He promised to help me with my term paper, but when it was time to write it, he did a foofbeat.

submitted by Gucky - (www)

foofer - Your mouth, when blowing on hot food. (ED. Also a "recent British coinage for the anus," according to What an ugly image "blowing" on your food has with that definition.)

e.g., The soup is very hot, so be sure to use your foofer.

submitted by anne - (www)

foofle - An unorganised pile of stuff. (ED. Surf to

e.g., I can't find my diary because of all the foofle on my desk.

submitted by Joanne - (www)

foofoo - Used when someone does something but looks like a complete fairy.

e.g., Whenever Chris jumps to spike the volleyball he looks foofoo.

submitted by Andrew - (www)

foofy - A variation of "fluffy," for tasks or technologies that are anything but hardcore, usually in terms of software development. | Lint, anything indescript about the size and texture of lint, small pieces of paper run through the wash cycle in your pocket, smaller dust bunnies, etc. Could also broadly include: granny beads, dingleberries, toe jam, boogers, and the like.

e.g., I can code the backend, but I don't do that foofy web stuff, k? | Looks like your cheat codes went through the washer in yer pocket, boy . . . nuthin' but foofies now.

submitted by Klaus | Steve Zihlavsky(credit to dear o - (www)

foogie, foogey - An insane person of either sex, over the age of 65. Kind of like fogie or fogey, but even more senile.

e.g., That crazy old foogie offered me $50 and some candy to get in her car, so I took the fifty bucks, kicked her in the shins, and ran away.

submitted by Bryan Cactus

foogle - Cool.

e.g., Foofle shirt, J.

submitted by frank ashby

foogus - Something growing on an object.

e.g., Eewww, I can't believe it. It's foogus on my plate. Gross. Mom, you need to do a better job washing the dishes. . . . Whaddaya mean it's my job from now on. Is not. . . . Is not. . . .

submitted by cara

fool - Working on an entry for dork, it occurred to me that dork is sometimes used as a synonym for fool. Thought the pd ought to have at least one entry for "fool" and this will be it. From _Webster's Integrated Dictionary and Thesaurus_, published in Scotland in 2006: "a person showing lack of wisdom, or of common sense; a person of weak mind; a jester." || Acronym: Fresh Out Of Luck.

e.g., If I could lay my hands on my copy of The American Thesaurus of Slang, I'll bet I could come up with twice as many synonyms for fool as I have. Drat, I hope I haven't lost it for good. Cost me about $15, but I'll bet I'd have to pay $100 to replace it, if I could find a copy for sale.  
Words related to fool or foolish:
born fool,
easy mark,
fall guy,
horse's ass,
horse's hangdown,
horse's pud,
silly billy,
Simple Simon,
sitting duck,
stupid person,
village idiot,
wooden spoon,
zombie || He’s FOOL, and no one will help. | To get fined $180 for speeding less than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit on the expressway, Michelle must have been FOOL. Or, maybe she tried to talk her way out of a ticket with a cop who was having none of her flirting.

submitted by HD Fowler | Adrian R. Lawler

fool's gerund - Language used by laymen to assist in their defense when confronted with their misdeeds; the tendency of a defendent to try and sound educated by using as many "-ing" words as possible.

e.g., "I was just conversating with some friends. We were situating at 39th and Lexington. Now, I'm thinking its wasn't a particularating good idea, your honor," Chris said, using Fool's Gerund.

submitted by nitag - (www)

fool's gold words - "[F]ool's gold words make us think [something] is automatically good." That comes from Hal Lillywhite's blog. Lillywhite's essay also gave me the idea for the first example; the second example comes from the linked essay. He writes further:

I first encountered the term "Fool's Gold Words" in John Chamberlain's introduction to the 1944 American edition of Hayek's The Road to Serfdom though I do not know if the term was original with him. He applied it to concepts such as full employment, economic pump priming, the good of the whole, the greatest good for the greatest number etc. However it also fits many buzz-words today.
Chamberlain's review is also where I found the term.

e.g., Please spare me from doctors who insist on "practicing cutting edge medicine." Those are little but fool's gold words as far as I'm concerned -- especially when a doctor insists that I continue taking a "new drug" because it's more effective than tried-and-true older drugs. If the FDA suspects the new drug of having the unfortunate side effect of increasing the risk of bladder cancer (Actos) or pancreatic cancer (Byetta, Januvia, Victoza), I'll pass. If it means I have to find another doctor who will treat me a slightly less effective drug, with known side effects, so be it. | "Like witch words, fool's gold words will mislead us unless we are careful. We must learn to recognize and counteract them. Whenever a word or phrase short-circuits critical thinking we should be careful. When we recognize fool's gold words we should delve into their implications and see if there is evidence for those implications."

submitted by HD Fowler

foolbrain - Someone not real bright, an idiot.

e.g., Frank often slams his fingers in the car door. He's a foolbrain for sure.

submitted by Troy Smith

fooligan - The word you get when you combine fool and hooligan.

e.g., The boy that stole the candy bar from the store was a fooligan.

submitted by Sorren Weidman

foolio - An utterly stupid, silly, irritating, or despicable person. Can be used to refer to someone who breaks social conventions, someone who bugs you, or affectionately to name some crazy, fun-loving fool. Use in place of the word "fool" to indicate sass and fun.

e.g., Nekobus is a foolio for breakdancing. | Did you see that foolio make a left-hand turn from the right-hand lane?

submitted by nekobus - (www)

foolmily - A group of people, related either by blood, or tight personal bonds, all of whom act unwisely, imprudently -- and can be classified as silly.

e.g., In the end, no matter how intelligent they may seem, all people make such stupid mistakes that we can all be viewed as one large human foolmily.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

foom - Fire Out Of Mouth. A marshmellow-type food for removing the burn of peppers from the mouth.

e.g., My mouth is on fire. I need a foom.

submitted by john

foom - (n.) 1. the balance of the cosmos, taken in the utterly meditative abstract; 2. any metaphysical concept for which the speaker does not know the word. (Sometimes called "The Cosmic Foom.")

e.g., I'm not just sitting here "doing nothing" -- I'm deep in contemplation of The Cosmic Foom. | Chill, dude, anger upsets the Foom.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

foomp - Noun. A hairstyle that is trying to be a pompadour, but only succeeds in pushing all the hair on the head forward.

e.g., That's quite a foomp you have going on there today, Bob.

submitted by Dennis

foomped - Used when playing Monopoly, when you land a certain person's property and she dosen't notice it because she is not paying attention. Then whoever's turn it is next rolls the dice and you don't have to pay rent even though you landed on it.

e.g., Pete just landed on Boardwalk, and you have three houses on it. But it's Amy's turn and she already rolled the dice. You've been foomped.

submitted by Skip Bloom

foon - What you get when you turn a spork inside out | A utensil with the tip of a spoon and the body of a fork. The inside tines are great for straining the liquid from soups. | A fool, or clumsy person. | Also foony. Fun or funny. An extended way of saying something is really fun.

e.g., John spent an hour fooning the hard McDonald's spork. | Can you please refill the napkins, ketchup, and foons? | That young man was a foon. | Adam Sandler is the fooniest man alive. {ED. There's no accounting for taste, is there?}

submitted by Alex French | Matthew J. McLaughlin | Jo - (www)

foondabiggles - Abbreviation of dog.

e.g., I got a new foondabiggles, and I'm calling him Rover.

submitted by Klye

foone - Really bad or stupid. Noun, adjective, or verb.

e.g., Bert: I love math. Ernie: You foone.

submitted by Kate, Amy & Jemimah

foonge face - A smirky half-smile combined with a slight nostril flare and partially closed eyes. This facial expression, while annoying to view, is often quite unintentional.

e.g., I had to quit my babysitting gig because I couldn't stand looking at little Melvin's foonge face.

submitted by Suzanne

foop - An all-encompassing action

e.g., She cleared her desk and all her open e-mails in one swell foop. [See also "woop" (2).]

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

foopojizz - Unwanted hairs that attatch themselves to our clothing and property; can be human hair or pet hair.

e.g., Your shirt is full of foopojizz.

submitted by Kricky aka Hootie McBoob

foopuddle - A mild expletive expressing frustration or disgust.

e.g., Foopuddle. I just dripped chocolate sauce on my white shirt.

submitted by G R Roberts

foosh - Screw up, break, destroy, render useless.

e.g., Colin's bad code fooshed the server and we had to reboot it..

submitted by colin

fooshtie - Mouldy, rotten, past its best, generally of no appeal.

e.g., That apple is so fooshtie that it looks like the sole of my foot after a 12-hour bath.

submitted by lou

foot flusher - A person who uses her foot to flush in public bathrooms.

e.g., Mary was so germphobic I bet she was a foot flusher at home as well.

submitted by nitag - (www)

foot-in-mouth disease - A common malady caused by eating a potatoe. (Dan Quayle's spelling of "potato.")

e.g., Vice President Quayle ate a potatoe, thus contracting foot-in-mouth disease.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

football bat - A messed up or useless piece of equipment. A metaphor for a weird situation.

e.g., Chris is as strange as a football bat.

submitted by Eric Edwards

football it - To hurry up; rush.

e.g., Let's go, the movie's almost on. Football it.

submitted by Lester Oaks

football, the - The briefcase carried by a military officer containing the launch codes to America's nuclear arsenal. Follows the President everywhere.

e.g., The person carrying the football is usually a field grade officer, generally a major or lieutenant commander. Contrary to myth, the football is not handcuffed to the carrier.

submitted by Stephen Mize

footbowl season - That time of the year in which the college football bowl games are on TV -- all zillion of them.

e.g., I've trained for months, watching two to three games on TV each Saturday, to be in shape for footbowl season, and having to watch up to five games a day. Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. ;-)

submitted by John Breen

footix - nothing available

submitted by esha

footle - To briefly investigate or examine. From archaeology, when a trowel is used to quickly dig a small portion of a deposit to determine its nature and likely origin

e.g., I don't know if this is a refuse pit or not. Let me just have a quick footle.

submitted by alex

footless - A person who cannot, or will not, stand for anything; one who goes with the flow, or is all things to all people.

e.g., He tried to raise his kids right, but, alas, they were footless.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

footware - Software whose authors deserve to be kicked.

e.g., {Insert software name here} is footware of the highest order.

submitted by BobBr - (www)

footy-pajamas - Sleepwear that are one piece with sock-like coverings connected and covering the feet. Used by mothers and fathers with small children and in turn, by their children.

e.g., Go and put on your footy-pajamas and get ready for bed.

submitted by Kelli Parker

footyanity - An Aussie religion developed 150 years ago -- called AFL (Australian Football League), formally known as VFL. It is known as "Aussie Rules" or "Footy." Reason footy has became a religion is because MANY Aussies worship the footy and make it a ritual to watch the weekly matches. There's even a pay TV channel called the "Fox Footy Channel" which takes up several channels chock full of AFL on the pay TV decoder box.

e.g., Because of their footyanity, footy fans go to church (the stadium) and worship the lord (the game) by chanting to each god (each footy team, e.g., "up the mighty blues" for Carlton) and wear the appropriate clothing for each god they worship (beanies and scarfs with footy team colours). It's not required to attend church -- just watch footy on your TV set.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

fooz - Shoving something in someone's face, literally or figuratively. A complete, utter, and immediate rejection. From a scoring method in foosball.

e.g., Every time I make even the littlest mistake, my boss foozes me. OR Did you see that loser, Bill, try to hit on that woman up at the bar? She foozed him in a hurry.

submitted by Ryan

fooze - To fail to do something properly.

e.g., You foozed up that time, Karl.

submitted by Karl

foozzle - Foam on top of a beer when it is poured too fast. Feminine version of "head," which some may find uncomfortable to say.

e.g., Please, no foozzle on my beer.

submitted by Colleen Cummins




foppy - The weighted, bell-shaped thingy at the end of a curtain's drawstring. Useful for swinging back and forth if said curtain is near a couch.

e.g., On a lazy summer afternoon, I relaxed next to the open window, swinging the foppy to and fro in the breeze. I think I'm going to put a hammock in the sleeping porch.

submitted by Mark

foput - The absolute greatest, most wonderful, or just plain amazing.

e.g., That new Sting album is foput. OR This site is foput, especially compared to a few other (ahem, so called "slang" dictionaries.

submitted by Laura

foquester - One who eats forks.

e.g., Jimmy couldn't help help himself; he was a foquester from way back.

submitted by rakel - (www)

for great justice - "A reaction to a certain situation, usually for demanding something or demonstrating surprise."

e.g., For Great Justice...Give Me Zig.

submitted by anvil

for real, for real - 1. Beyond belief. 2. Used to enunciate a unbelievable occurence.

e.g., I saw my girl with another guy. For real, for real.

submitted by joe - (www)

for serious - like for real, except used when you don't really believe someone

e.g., Are you for serious?!

submitted by Jess

for the dvd - Items surplus to requirement.

e.g., "You've made way too many sandwiches there." "Three are for the DVD."

submitted by Adam Leslie

for the government - Phrase created by my exroommate, Jay Larson, in '94 or so, which means "doing something in excess."

e.g., I smoke for the government. I spend money for the government. She talks for the government.

submitted by Willow

for the hallabut - For the hell of it. Play on words by smushing everything after the into the name of a fish.

e.g., Harry: I set off a stink bomb in the hall. Clair: Why? Harry: For the hallabut.

submitted by Jane

forbert - Lame. Not the limping variety of lame.

e.g., Korra's example was fobert. Maybe she'll honor us by resubmitting her word with an example she's given more thought to.

submitted by korra - (www)

forbo - A drink purchased as part of a meal deal that proves to be too large but which the purchaser feels obliged to drink (because they paid for it), and does so to their own discomfort

e.g., The burger was ok, but this drink is becoming a bit of a forbo.

submitted by Roland

forcastrophe - A badly blown weather forecast, usually involving the loss of millions of dollars and inconvenience to millions of people.

e.g., The "Blizzard" of 1/26/15 turned out to be a forecastrophe.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

forced entry - The result of pdiarrhœa (q.v.).

e.g., A severe attack of pdiarrhœa caused her to make a forced entry.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

forcery - Forcing somone to do something against her will. Past tense forcerized.

e.g., If I do your homework for you, it will be by sheer forcery. I have been forcerized into writing this definition.

submitted by sean flanigan

forcibly - Related to using force or violence to lightly tap something. {ED. "Carla" didn't give an e-mail address for notification, so I'm guessing she'll be coming back to see if her submittal gets accepted. Good to see that she has no fear of split infinitives. ... Only a throwback such as HD would. Lillith}

e.g., She forcibly kicked herself.

submitted by Carla

forcibly happy - To push a smile onto your face and speak and act as though you're just peachy for the sake of company or circumstance even though you may be morose with tears rolling from your eyes or infuriated enough to be red in the face and barely able to string a sentence together, etc.

e.g., Some folks can be forcibly happy when speaking to tactopunks (which see). I simply cannot; and, although scowling, usually am able to exersize enough self-control as to not lose my integrity.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

forded - The time in a man's life when, either through having a family and needing more room, or because of aging and losing vital reaction time, the man is forced to give up his beloved sports car and buy a Ford station wagon.

e.g., Goodbye zero to sixty in five seconds. Goodbye racing around twisting mountain roads at 85 mph. Goodbye leaving Pinsky, our snooty neighbor and his Pinto way back in the dust at our local traffic light. Goodbye forever, Elsa, my gorgeous sweetheart German BMW. My doctors and family have gotten together and insist that I'm too old for that type of driving. I've been Forded!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

forearm tack - (nautical) a course where the forearm is used to avoid collision of boat with oncoming obstacle.

e.g., When leaving the dock, Greg chose a forearm tack which saved his boat from damage, but resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

submitted by greg foster

forecastocalypse - An incorrect forecast involving an event or outcome that involves many people and businesses changing their schedules and plans. Usually involving the loss of tens of millions of dollars to businesses. Most frequently used to describe a blown weather forecast.

e.g., The "historic" blizzard of January 26th, 2015, turned out to be a forecastocalypse, rather than an actual weather event of significance.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

foreign accent syndrome - A real syndrome. A rare medical condition "caused when part of the brain is damaged."

e.g., "Doctors have diagnosed her with a rare condition called foreign accent syndrome, which is caused when part of the brain is damaged."

submitted by [Mark Sage] - (www)

foreignges - Dastardly alien oranges.

e.g., Gimme a Florida or California orange, none a them foreignges for me, please.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

forem - For them. Misspelling of forum.

e.g., Are we forem or aginem on the forem?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

forensicator - A forensics student or participant in forensic activities common in high school. Debate is usually the 1st semester and forensics the 2nd semester. Activities include public speaking, informative speaking, improvised duet acting, etc.

e.g., I was a forensicator and debater in high school. I excelled in the forensics but did not do as well in debate.

submitted by Michael McKnab

forepitchblack - When the hint about the upcoming plot in a movie or TV show is somewhat less than subtle.

e.g., That's not foreshadowing. That was so obvious, it's forepitchblack.

submitted by KLoebrich

foreplay - Anything sexual you do with another person that is not actually inserting or kissing. Differs from the real word because it can be used collectively, and can even be used for times when you don't insert at all.

e.g., The guy I am seeing is great at foreplay. I won't let him insert, though.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

foreploy - Any misrepresentation made solely for the purpose of getting laid. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., Introducing himself as a Vice President of Merrill-Lynch was a foreploy. She fell for it.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

forepray - A monk's blessing before a meal.

e.g., The brothers always have forepray before each meal..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

forereopen - Fore-reopen. The recovery of one's real estate by the foreclosed-upon. [Close->reopen; foreclose->forereopen.]

e.g., After losing his house in foreclosure, Joe won the lotto jackpot so he forereopened his old house. Celebration this Saturday; bring your designated driver!

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon - (www)

foresite - What you get when you click on "Forward."

e.g., Foresight sent him to the foresite.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

forever and a day plus two - A really looong time.

e.g., Our teacher STILL hasn't given us our tests back. It's been forever and a day plus two.

submitted by Julie

foreverly - Combination of forever and eternity.

e.g., I simply will love you foreverly Until all of time slips away. Yes, I will love you foreverly Foreverly and a day.

submitted by Marge Tindal - (www)

forgetchian - The art or practice of forgetting things.

e.g., 1. My powers of forgetchian resulted in the kids having to walk home from school. 2. The older I get the better my forgetchian powers are -- I remember what I choose to remember.

submitted by Stoffle - (www)

forgettery - Lack of remembering due to the burst of energy from consuming too many caffeinated beverages.

e.g., After Starbucks, I started painting the house and got a little forgettery about the kids needing to be picked up from school.

submitted by Underpaid Kept Woman - (www)

forgotten-snakes - "For goodness' sake" as interpreted by a 4 year old.

e.g., Forgotten-snakes dad! Aren't you going to read me a book?

submitted by Suz

forible - To fail horribly.

e.g., I foribled my chemistry test.

submitted by lauryn

forking - A practical joke involving sticking hundreds and hundreds of plastic forks into someone's lawn or some other large, grassy area. Much like TP'ing.

e.g., We forked Jeff's lawn last night. When we drove by in the morning he was running them over with a lawnmower. Ha.

submitted by ben

forking - Like spooning, but more intense.

e.g., They were forking in bed.

submitted by Warren Wood

forkloader - A socially inept person; dullard.

e.g., That forkloader better leave me alone, or I'll have to hurt her.

submitted by acidspork

forkster - Placing one's fork into the toaster in an attempt to get your now charcoalled toast out.

e.g., How many times have I told you not to forkster? You could get electrocuted.

submitted by Alice Clements

formatophobe - A music-lover addicted to vinyl, with an abhorrence for CDs, tape, MP3s and mini-disks. Such folks are commonly Luddites.

e.g., Harry's wall-to-wall collection of 70s albums, together with this Dansette record player marked him out as a complete formatophobe.

submitted by John Dodds

formicle - To appear or rise from underneath the ground.

e.g., The plant is growing so fast I can see it formicle.

submitted by blackjack

formidibale - Formidable. Misspelling.

e.g., Yeah, you guys do have formidibale tempers.

submitted by Miss Speller

forn - Pornography in any language other than that of the audience. Refers specifically to foreign movies or shows that contain graphic sex and subtitles over-dubbing, but are not hardcore pornography.

e.g., Some suggest that watching enough forn will let you learn the words "Oh, god" in over a hundred languages.

submitted by i_monk

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