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finger rust - The gross brown or green line that cheap rings leave around your finger after too much wear.

e.g., This $.25 ring gave me finger rust. They should have a warning for that.

submitted by lauryn

finger-wave - Not a type of greeting nor a hand-gesture. It's something that was discovered by soldiers and sailors in Asia. It's an alternate way to relieve sexual tension and less expensive and risky than paying a prostitute. An expert practitioner (usually a man) would put a thumb into a man's groin and a finger up his anus. He'd squeeze the right place just so and the man would ejaculate violently. He'd be so drained, he'd have no sexual potency for about two days. At least this is the way it was described by buddies who had returned from overseas. There seems to be nothing about it in medical literature and I wouldn't recommend trying this at home. The wrong place might get squeezed and the impotency might last a lot longer than a few days.

e.g., He got a good finger-wave and didn't even think about sex for the rest of the weekend.

submitted by Steve McDonald

fingersicle - Cold fingers -- so cold you can't type.

e.g., It's so cold in my office, I can't even type with my fingersicles.

submitted by RSW

fingerwipe - 1. v. To wipe some goop, paint can trash, a fly/spider/bug/hair/poop, etc. from your fresh paint, food, or other project for the purpose of decontamination. 2. v. After having done the above, to remove said object from your finger onto another surface. 3. n. After having done the immediately above, the dried remnant of such.

e.g., Recycling old paint into fine art is one of Steve's hobbies. As a result, when brushing or rolling a surface, he often has to make a fingerwipe, occasionally using it as a fingerwipe on another piece of art.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

finicarmic - Relating to the end of a song or occurring at the end of a song. Derived from Latin roots finis (end) and carmen (song).

e.g., The finicarmic guitar solo has many 16th notes.

submitted by Matt

finig - That which signifies a lack of substance, quantity, or accomplishment: nothing; zero; nada; zip. (Believe it or not, "finig" is a popular combination of "finish" and "goose egg." It's about time that it appears in a dictionary so it can appear in scholarly papers.)

{ED. Theresa, if teachers are going to give students Fs for turning in papers that cite Wikipedia as a source, what will happen to those who use words that exist only in the pseudodictionary lexicon and in the minds of its contributors? Will they have to serve detention for the rest of the school year? Will they be banned from school proms? Will they suffer worse fates … if there are worse fates? (Are there any worse fêtes than school proms?)

For humanity's sake -- for our sake, safety, and sanity -- please don't cite the pseudodictionary as a source for your erudition. Hills Dale, Marty, and I don't need the grief that might ensue if students use words from our lexicon as real words. Besides, we don't want to invite the inevitable insult from teachers; namely, that "finig" suitably describes pseudodictionary and its far-from-erudite staff.

Thank you for your attention, your consideration, and your contribution. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming activities studies.



PS. Incidentally, finig is an alternative spelling for fynig: "Mouldy, musty, damp; mūcĭdus, uligĭnsus."}

e.g., Adam's mother entered his bedroom to inquire about how much homework he had completed. Looking up from his video game, he answered, "Finig." She left with a pleased look on her face.

submitted by Theresa

finkie - A cross between your pinky and your ring finger.

e.g., My finkie hurts.

submitted by chris

finkle - To bumble or foul up something, not accomplishing the objective. From Ace Ventura',referring to the kicker who missed the winning goal and thus lost the Superbowl.

e.g., He really finkled that one; we're gonna have to do it over again.

submitted by Greg Spiller

finkso - I think so. Easier than three words and uses less ink when you type or write it.

e.g., I was asked if I wanted to go clubbing and I replied "Yes, I finkso."

submitted by simon

finky - Pinky-Finger.

e.g., Ouch! I hit my Finky with the hammer.

submitted by Michael Cuentas

finlay - From Finlay Ian Mackinnon--disappear from the face of the earth.

e.g., I don't know where she went. She just finlayed.

submitted by Martin Jones

finna - Another way of saing "going to" or "gonna."

e.g., "I finna go to the store. Or, I ain't finna go to work today."

submitted by Max

finnian - Another word for leprechaun.

e.g., There's some finnians in the grass over there; try to get their gold.

submitted by A number

finnical - To always find fault. To by picky. To focus on minor details.

e.g., John is finical about his food.

submitted by Phil Butler

finnigan pin - A missing part critical to the operation of a machine.

e.g., The repairman explained that our new VCR didn't work because the factory overlooked installing the Finnigan Pin.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

finnish line - A queue, reserved specifically for people from Finland or who are of Finnish ancestry.

e.g., In Helsinki, I tried to cut a line of Finns, waiting to buy the iPhone 5. I learned the hard way NOT to cross a Finnish Line. |  
Just a little rhyme to go along with Mitchell Yerzy's "Finnish line":  
It's called "Coincidence? I don't think so."  
"You must admit that it's suspicious 
Though you're skeptical, perhaps, 
ALL races end in Finnish lines? 
And ALL are run by Lapps?" 

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy | Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

finnished - To be defeated by someone from Finland.

e.g., Many a runner was finnished by Paavo Nurmi in the 1920s. The Flying Finn.

submitted by HD Fowler

finsky - American slang for a $5 bill.

e.g., Loan me a finsky.

submitted by brian brody

finsters - The marks and indentations on your ankles from tight socks, often found on chubby babies.

e.g., When I changed my baby's socks, he had finsters on his cute chubby ankles.

submitted by Mara G.

fip - A fip is any type of hat.

e.g., When you come to the party, don't forget to wear your cool new blue fip.

submitted by Takisia

firch - The random collection of dirt, lint, and various other bits of relatively unidentifiable nonsense that accumulates on the rug, in corners of shelves, on your sweater, etc.

e.g., "What's your cat eating?" "Eh, probably a wad of firch. We've tried to break her of it, but she seems to be trying to compensate for a fiber deficiency."

submitted by Bria

fire - Very cool or the best; something that is very pleasing.

e.g., That party was fire!

submitted by ego

fire truck - Phrase used to reserve a seat when one gets up.

e.g., Ed: You can't sit there! Ted: Why not? Ed: I called fire truck.

submitted by Zak

fireasco - A fiasco that should result in firings, but may not. Especially if union members are involved.

e.g., Did the Atlanta school superintendent involved in the test score fireasco get fired -- or did she just quietly leave?

submitted by HD Fowler

fired - Response to an inappropriate or stupid remark.

e.g., Eddie Haskell: Wally, your mom's hot. Wally Cleaver: That's it, Eddie, you're fired.

submitted by Nick Genaw

firemonkey - Another word for human beings; i.e., we are monkeys that use fire.

e.g., We are simply firemonkeys, so don't get too conceited.

submitted by Kelly Gillette

firendo - Your house on fire during a tornado warning.

e.g., I did not know where to go during that firendo.

submitted by Billie Jean - (www)

firesale - An attack in which everything must go. Term used in the fourth installment of the Bruce Willis thriller series, Live Free or Die Hard. Regardless of how improbable the plot is, the movie was a lot of fun.

e.g., Thank God for John McClane; otherwise, the firesale would have succeeded and we'd soon be eating our shoes -- the leather parts at least.

submitted by HD Fowler

firing the surgeon general - A counterproductive dismissal of someone doing something we all do.

e.g., I don't know what my wife is so disgusted by-- all I know is that she's firing the surgeon general.

submitted by Rory

firium - A substance or act that is extremely hot. From "fire" + "-ium," the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.

e.g., "That chilli is like firium," exclaimed the kid.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

firkytoodle - Firkydoodle. Foreplay: to caress, to canoodle, to pet. This replaced "merkin" as my favorite word almost as soon as I saw it in Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary. As soon as I heard it in song, I was a goner. … Mama don't 'low no firkytoodlin' 'round here.  

It lacks the delicious pedigree of "merkin" -- from a mop used as a cannon swab to "false hair for the female pudenda" -- but it's ever so much more fun to contemplate and to say.

e.g., We don't care what Momma don't 'low, we're gonna' firkytoodle anyhow.

submitted by [Mrs. Byrne] - (www)

firpiece - A rather uncertian measurement of distance, frequently preceded by "purty."

e.g., "Jake, how far is it over to the widow Brown's place?" "Well, Bob, it's a purty firpiece."

submitted by Joyce Wesseldine

firs - Full; containing all that is normal or possible.

e.g., This calculus class sucks, and my notebook is already firs of notes.

submitted by Gavin - (www)

first kitty - First. Cats usually try to be first through the door or up the stairs.

e.g., I'm going to be first kitty in line for the concert.

submitted by Xnarg

firstness person - (n.) 1. Someone who focuses on the tone, quality, or intensity of feelings, emotions, or sensations; 2. Most artists, actors, and dancers, as well as may kinds of sports enthusiasts, who delight in competition for its own sake and for the rush and clarity physical exercise provides; 3. (disparaging) Someone who thinks only of feelings and impressions without regard to (any significant grasp of) facts, context, or governing principles.

e.g., "Okay, in this soliloquy, I want to create an atmosphere of despair, a kind of dark predictive misery." "Wow. You are a real, undiluted firstness person, you know that?" "Is that bad?" "Not at all: in fact, given that you are an actor, it's perfect."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

firstratary - Used on Secretaries’ Day to replace secretary. The reasoning behind this was secretary has a derivative of "sec" and implies secondary status. The secretaries we are familiar with are nothing but first-rate, therefore deserving of their own designation.

e.g., If you haven’t passed that through my firstratary before I’ve seen it, you've wasted your time.

submitted by Bryan - (www)

fiscus - The first full moon of the new financial year.

e.g., Being the start of July, the fiscus for this year should soon light up the night sky.

submitted by stoz

fish - Hot guy.

e.g., OMG! Look at the fish twirling his mustache--over there, standing in the corner.

submitted by JoJo - (www)

fish - To describe something completely surreal or random. It comes from a joke "How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?" "How many?" "Fish."

e.g., Paul: This broom represents some dead guy, so don't you be mean. Me: Fish.

submitted by tear

fish - Your one and only, as reference to fish of the sea.

e.g., I'm so happy to have finally have met my fish. Her name is Tami.

submitted by iguanja

fish - Used in exclamation in the place of religiously offensive words, or by itself, in anger.

e.g., "Holy fish, that's a big TV." "What the fish was that?"

submitted by The S - (www)

fish - To fake one out. Exclamation of said fake out. Can also be a form of "made you look."

e.g., Jack: Look at that flying monkey. Charlie: Where? Jack: Fish. Kate: I got to meet Bono after the show last night. Boone: No way. Kate: Fished you.

submitted by Brandee A.

fish breast - A fish fillet of any kind. Primarily the fillets that are really plump.

e.g., Holly: I would love the Grilled Fish Breast, please. Waiter: Vee do not have deez, vat do you zay, saumon breasts?

submitted by Michael Gelpi

fish test - How to tell genuine surrealistic invention from "cod surrealism" -- that perpetrated by people who think that surrealism involves a fish up a tree, a man holding a fish outside a toilet, a fish and a lettuce hanging from the ceiling, men with fish in their mouths, etc. See reprehensible UK "comedy" Dare To Believe for the worst example of this.

e.g., Uh-oh, here's a new "off-the-wall comedy." Time to apply the fish test.

submitted by Adam Leslie

fishbong - A beer bong style hat with fish-shaped beer bottle holders.

e.g., You cleared that fishbong in one gulp.

submitted by schall - (www)

fishead - A person obsessed with fish.

e.g., When it comes to Bear Lake, Bryce is a fishead.

submitted by Bryce

fishes' wazz - Pretentious food. The French "vichyssoise" anglicized rudely.

e.g., Since my local pub became a bistro, you can't get sandwiches and crisps any more, only fishes' wazz.

submitted by rayg - (www)

fishgription - The ability to hold a fish with bare hands long enough to get a photograph; ability to overcome the spastic body-whips of a hooked fish and certain fish's physical reaction of excreting a notable amount of "slime" when sensing danger, as in "hooked."

e.g., In addition to the requisite talent when catching a bonefish with a fly, fishgription is essential when removing the fly, and capturing the moment with a photograph.

submitted by estephania

fishhook - An assertive maneuver whereby someone inserts her finger into someone else's mouth and curls it, then draws the victim nearer as if reeling in a fish.

e.g., Every time she gets drunk, she tries to fishhook me and reel me in for a kiss. Last time I turned my head away and she licked my face.

submitted by George Edward Purdy - (www)

fishmarshmellow - Another way of saying scallop, from a child's standpoint. It looks like a marshmellow and tastes like fish. (ED. I particularly enjoy the word creations of little kids. Thanks for playing.)

e.g., Daddy, can we have fishmarshmellows for dinner tonight?

submitted by Stefan Mattlage

fishwich - A fish sandwich. More specifically, a tunafish sandwich.

e.g., Mm mm, sure could go for a fishwich about now, I tell you whut.

submitted by Derek McCulloch

fishy information - Any and all information and opinions coming from opponents of President Barack Obama's to thwart his turning the United States into a collectivist or even communist country. Note bene: Be sure to follow my lead and always refer to the President using all three words. Let's get in lockstep with three cheers for our modern-day messiah: President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. . . . Words I can hardly wait to hear: President Barack Obama has left the building. Words to signal the end of his first and last term as he fails to get re-elected. Damn straight I want him to fail -- because if he fails, the United States still has a chance to succeed.

e.g., No, no, no. We're not telling you to spy on your fellow Americans the way Bushitler did after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. All we want is for you to be good little marxists and report fishy information to us at We have no intention of demonizing or squelching those who oppose the radical leftist direction The One wants to take the country in. Why, we'd never do anything like that. Never. Trust us.

submitted by HD Fowler

fisk - "To refute or criticize (a journalistic article or blog) point by point  

"[C21: after the use of this technique by Robert Fisk (born 1946), British journalist, to criticize articles]" (Collins English Dictionary -- Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition)

e.g., "[...] exercise of excuse-making where a simple 'we screwed up, sorry' would have sufficed, as Jerry Wilson ably fisks." | I'm glad Wilson took the time to fisk The New York Times' half-hearted and insincere apology. I'm not sure I'd have been willing to spend as much time on it as he did. | Mark Krikorian gives a good fisking to a Wall Street Journal editorial clamoring for more pandering to Hispanics.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fiss - To undergo the process of fission, to split, especially for atoms. Use instead of the continual "undergoes fission" in a physics lesson. "Fisses," "fissed," and "fissing" are shorter and more entertaining.

e.g., The atom fisses to form two new, different atoms.

submitted by Thomas Scott

fissa - Used when describing something in a negative way. Equivalent to terrible, unacceptable, or undesirable.

e.g., Here comes Stephanny in another fissa outfit.

submitted by Tiffany

fissure men - A notorious class of slashers, originally based in the UK, of whom Jack the Ripper was on the cutting edge. These unspeakable villains often targeted young English prostitutes such as the one quoted in the example.

e.g., "Ye must mind me, love, and avoid them bloody blokes, the Fissure Men, like the very plague! No, love, not 'fishermen' '- 'fissure men'! Pay attention lest ye end up like poor Sadie Thompson! There's a good girl!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

fistaloar - Someone who likes to fight a lot.

e.g., "James got kicked out of school yesterday!" "Yeah, he's a real fistaloar."

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fistclown - That nut who balls her fist up and shakes it at you silently, while giving you an intimidating "I'm gonna get you" look.

e.g., Some goofball fistclown did her maneuver at me in school today. I stuck my finger in my nose at her.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

fistigation - An assault, usually by the proverbial fist.

e.g., That pop quiz was a fistigation.

submitted by Drew Patenaude

fistigloves - Another word for fisticuffs, or boxing.

e.g., Fistigloves seems to be somewhat more descriptive, a more accurate expression, than fisticuffs, don't you think?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fistribution - The act or process of two or many more punches or blows with a closed hand. | To punch two or more people within a short period of time. | To send a scathing remark to two or more people.

e.g., Were you on The Donald's e-mail fistribution against Martha? What an ignoramus.

submitted by Mike B - (www)

fit - Attractive. British equivalent for US's "hot."

e.g., That chick is fit.

submitted by Sebastian

fit up - "Conspire to incriminate falsely a presumably innocent person." The example is taken from a Daily Mirror article by Tony Parsons. The article generated 485 complaints to the Press Complaints Commission, the press watchdog in the UK.

e.g., "[The Portuguese police] have tried to cover their humiliation at coming nowhere close to finding that stolen child by fitting up her parents. . . . And I would respectfully suggest that in future, if you can't say something constructive about the disappearance of little Madeleine, then you just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fitchin' - "back-country, walkin'-through-the-woods-to-the-stream" kind-of fishing. Catch-and-release aspect could be inferred if word origin noted combination of fishing and pitching.

e.g., I spent the weekend in the Catskills fitchin' with my Dad. Pulled 60 fish all weekend, put 'em all back.

submitted by estephania

fith - Fucked In The Head.

e.g., I am a Vietnam veteran, fith.

submitted by John - (www)

fitty - Essentially fifty, but usually used by street vendors and bartenders

e.g., T-shirts here, only nine-fitty.

submitted by John Dutton - (www)

fitzells - Tiny odd-shaped scraps of paper or material that could be used or discarded.

e.g., Class, now that we have all finished cutting out our shapes from paper, let's clean up all the little fitzells that fell on the floor around our desks.

submitted by Chris Wedow

five - A street word for cool, happening, or good, but more often than not is used in the negative.

e.g., That is so not five.

submitted by mexxy

five across the face - A slap across the face.

e.g., That boy better shut up before he gets five across the face.

submitted by nas - (www)

five kinds of crazy - Really**5 crazy.

e.g., Chris is five kinds of crazy.

submitted by nitag - (www)

five o'clock - In science, a promising experiment that begins just before you decide to call it quits after a day of unsuccessful experiments.

e.g., Wouldn't you know it. I got a five o'clock patch and didn't get home until after seven.

submitted by Jim Dilger

five thousand and zero - Originally "Let's go" later "S'go" and "Sko" and then "5K0."

e.g., Dude, it's time to pwn some noobs. To the wilderness, five thousand and zero.

submitted by Gothmog

five yards - "You're only five yards from a fuckwit," from the TISM song from DeRigeurmortis -- used to accent that there is someone annoying or stupid in the vicinity. Check the link.

e.g., Check out Chris -- no the other direction, coming across the football field during the game. Five yards, Bob, five yards.

submitted by bob - (www)

five-ever - When something is taking an exceedingly long time. Surpasses forever.

e.g., It's going to take forever to get our drinks at this diner. And it's going to take fie-ever to get our food.

submitted by skeletal12 - (www)

five-finger discount - Shoplifting.

e.g., Q. Where'd you get that? A. It was a five-finger discount.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

five-goose horse - Like a dark horse, but much weirder.

e.g., I didn't know John was once arrested in Luxembourg for stealing old men's teeth and trying to sell them to cats. He's quite the five-goose horse, isn't he?

submitted by Adam Leslie

five-o - Term used for the police. Derived from the show "Hawaii Five-O."

e.g., Here come the five-Os.

submitted by Rich

fivedayitis - The inability of an employee to complete a full work week

e.g., I can't believe she's taken another day off. It's a classic case of fivedayitis. I don't think she's ever done a full week's work.

submitted by Saqib Khan - (www)

fivehead - Balding male's big forehead.

e.g., He doesn't have a forehead. He's got a fivehead.

submitted by D2

fiver - A five dollar or pound (in England) bill.

e.g., I only have a fiver, so I can't pay for dinner.

submitted by Geats

fives - Used to claim continued ownership during a brief period of absence.

e.g., I'm going to the bathroom . . . but I've got fives on that seat.

submitted by ditnis

fivic - A word that can only be used in Scrabble. This word cannot be used in a regular sentence, but can be used in Scrabble.

e.g., Double-word score, I used fivic.

submitted by Andy

fix bayonets - (v., usu. imp.) 1. "Prepare for a last stand"; 2. "Let's fall back on our last resources"; 3. "Let's at least take some of them with us!" [From the rather hopeless command to attach little daggers to the ends of modern firearms in the hope of somehow making a good show of being obliterated solely through the expedient of swords against semi-automatics.]

e.g., "It's 9:00 pm Christmas eve, and I've been cashiering for sixteen hours." "Well, we don't close until midnight ... and get a load of the mob just coming in." "Snot: fix bayonets."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fixin-ta - A Texan preparing to do something or go somewhere.

e.g., I'm fixin-ta get up and go to the picture show.

submitted by ReenieS

fixinto - To get ready or prepare for.

e.g., I was fixinto wash the dishes. Did you get the pizza? No, I was fixinto.

submitted by Moe - (www)

fizabulizmous - Fabulous.

e.g., That concert was absolutely fizabulizmous.

submitted by Shrivan

fizlo - Feez-lo. Bits of fulff found in one's belly button after removing your shirt. Originated by Nedzad Begovic in his Oscar-nominated film Totally Personal.

e.g., After I took off my shirt, I found some fizlo in my belly button.

submitted by zora - (www)

fiznitt - An alternative for "Dang it" or a swear word and used every time something goes wrong or you screw something up.

e.g., "Did you get your chemistry done?" "Fiznitt! I KNEW I forgot to do SOMEthing!"

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fizz - cop

e.g., Put that out, here comes a fizz!

submitted by (_ () (_) !

fizz - Kuwaiti Slang. Racing to do another area of importance, especially when under pressure and when the person is suprised.

e.g., He absoloutely fizzed off to his car when I told him his wife was pregnant.

submitted by noor - (www)

fizz - "Industrial" beer manufactured from chemicals and carbon dioxide. "It's advertised on TV so it must be good."

e.g., I entered the pub but was forced to rapidly decamp when I realized it only sold fizz.

submitted by david flett

fizzage - Used to describe the top of fizzy drinks, fizzing in experiments, etc.

e.g., As Sarah added the potassium, there was major fizzage. There was a slight fizzage when James opened the can.

submitted by Hester and Laura

fizzake - Fake.

e.g., TV. sitcoms are fizzake.

submitted by Adam Cuttler

fizzy - Soda pop.

e.g., I was thirsty, so I bought a fizzy.

submitted by Jennifer

fla - the state of being completely unable to move when the temperature exceeds 40C

e.g., "there's no way i'm going to work/uni/my grandmothers funeral today, i'm way too fla."

submitted by jenn

flaafy-daafy - This is another word for wierd. {ED. Note that wierd is itself another word for weird.}

e.g., That was flaafy-daafy, wasn't it?

submitted by Carla

flab emporium - A fast food joint, especially one that sells hamburgers.

e.g., Working at a flab emporium counter may not be so bad when you're in high school, but it's certainly not something you're going to want to be doing when you're in your thirties and married with two kids. Get an education or learn a trade.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flabam - The taking down of someone's pants with a quick swipe of the hand in an "s" like motion

e.g., Flabam! your pants are down

submitted by Brian JEnks

flabashunt - Extra skin that hangs off an overweight person arms.

e.g., You see that flabashunt hit the floor?

submitted by Jake

flabbage - Stretching the truth for entertainment or graceful purposes. Also has a verb form. Flabbing = acting out these lies by speaking. Lazing around all day.

e.g., That boy is just flabbing up a storm right now. | "What ya wanna do today? Flab around?" "That's a plan, a surefire plan."

submitted by Kris - (www)

flabbergammered - To be so astonished that you stammer.

e.g., Marie was flabbergammered when she spotted John exiting a hotel with her best friend.

submitted by Danielle Brault

flabbergasm - The term used to name what has happened to you when you have been flabbergasted by something.

e.g., Don't annoy me like that, you'll make me have a flabbergasm.

submitted by Gem

flabbergasted - (adj.) Appalled over how much weight you have gained.

e.g., Ed was flabbergasted when he had to buy size 40 pants.

submitted by Chris

flabbergated - Flabbergasted and frustrated. An ought-to-be word from the Neat Words of On Walden Pond. Flabbergrated, too.

e.g., I received a phone call by mistake from the delinquent child support division of the Department of Human Services. I became quite flabbergated when the woman I spoke to kept insisting that I give her my name before she would have my phone number removed from their records.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flabbergheist - A ghost that knocks over stuff.

e.g., How did that end up on the floor? Guess it was that flabbergheist again.

submitted by Greg

flabbering - The physical movement of giant, rubber monsters in grade B Japanese horror movies.

e.g., Dumzilla flabbered through the streets of Osaka, but no one took him seriously because he looked fake.

submitted by Mark C

flabberjammin - An all-purpose exclamatory word.

e.g., I stubbed my flabberjammin toe!

submitted by Jason Ewing

flabergaspelation - Releasing gas during moments of great duress.

e.g., John, being quite worried about tomorrow's test, suddenly flabergaspelated.

submitted by Brodie Shadetree - (www)

flabmother - To deprive someone of air by blocking her mouth and nose with rolls of flab.

e.g., Afraid that Bill's ecstatic grunting might wake the neighbors through the thin wall, Eugenia flabmothered him, ignoring his flailing arms and desperate whimpers.

submitted by Matthew Rohr

flabocalypse - Gaining weight despite all attempts to keep it in check.

e.g., I've tried dieting and exercise but it's no use. I've had to buy new pants. I'm heading for the flabocalypse.

submitted by Steve

flabulous - The antithesis of fabulous. Used in any case where a sarcastic intonation would be used on "fabulous"; a very convenient substitutute for certain expletives in circumstances which demand the regulation of foul language; also an obscenely rotund person who nevertheless performed excellently at a task or looks particularly nice considering her size.

e.g., "What? I have to take my AP Physics and AP Calculus exams on the same day!? Flabulous." OR "Although that woman looked to weigh 450 lbs, she did a flabulous job on her hair."

submitted by Kristie

flabulous - Fat and flabby girl donned in tight, fashionable clothing.

e.g., Despite the love handles being in full view, she had excellent sense of style and looked flabulous.

submitted by Jazzbel - (www)

flace - Floor space. Generally used to denote areas created by cleaning up.

e.g., I threw out all the old papers in the study. Now we have flace.

submitted by p7

flacial - When one's face flushes or reddens for whatever reason: fever, menopause, or emotion.

e.g., Sometimes, even when the temperatures are glacial, my friend Mary has a flacial.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

fladget - 1. A piece of, or chunk of something. 2. A small, handy object (i.e., gadget). AFAIK, has no offensive connotations. Found in a Bill Bryson travelogue.

e.g., Could you pass a fladget of cake, please. 2. Can you pass me that little fladget over there...yes, that one.

submitted by Drew T.

fladjergasted - Shocked and frustrated.

e.g., I am fladjergasted by this midget on stilts holding up the traffic.

submitted by Sean Cumming

flaggot - A flamboyant and effeminate male leader of a school's flag corp. (ED. Obviously intended as an insult. Marginal.)

e.g., After watching him strut around under the stadium lights on game nights, neither Casper or Ethan were surprised to hear that Dave had been the school's flaggot some twenty-plus years prior.

submitted by Dave Violette

flagipede - Millipede with a gas (burpng or flatulence, that is) problem.

e.g., The flagipede tried beano, but it just didn't work.

submitted by fred

flagitious - Scandalous. of the Day Archive/flagitious flagitious \fluh-JISH-uhs\, adjective:
wotd="flagitious" 1. Disgracefully or shamefully criminal; grossly wicked; scandalous; -- said of acts, crimes, etc.
2. Guilty of enormous crimes; corrupt; profligate; -- said of persons.
3. Characterized by enormous crimes or scandalous vices; as, "flagitious times."

Flagitious comes from Latin flagitiosus, from flagitium, "a shameful or disgraceful act," originally, "a burning desire, heat of passion," from flagitare, "to demand earnestly or hotly," connected with flagrare, "to blaze, to burn." Entry and Pronunciation for flagitious

e.g., President Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky may have been flagitious, but it wasn't impeachable. Not so with his testimony. A lie is a lie is a lie; perjury is perjury is perjury. of the Day Archive/flagitious However flagitious may be the crime of conspiring to subvert by force the government of our country, such conspiracy is not treason. -- Ex parte Bollman & Swartwout, 4 Cranch 126 (1807)

The Grinch, a nefarious, flagitious, sly, nasty, troublesome, bad-tempered, intolerant and foul-smelling character who, for reasons never fully explained, lives in a cave above the town. -- Robin Greer, "Carrey Christmas", News Letter, December 1, 2000

These men were reported to be heretics . . . , seducers of youth, and men of flagitious life. -- Isaac Taylor, History of the World

During the Whiskey Rebellion 200 years ago, a preacher declared: "The present day is unfolding a design the most extensive, flagitious and diabolical, that human art and malice have ever invented . . . If accomplished, the earth can be nothing better than a sink of impurities." -- George Will, "Paranoiac Terrorism Is Part of American History", Newsday, April 25, 1995

Break heart, drop blood, and mingle it with tears,
Tears falling from repentant heaviness
Of thy most vile and loathsome filthiness,
The stench whereof corrupts the inward soul
With such flagitious crimes of heinous sins
As no commiseration may expel,
But mercy, Faustus, of thy Saviour sweet,
Whose blood alone must wash away thy guilt.
-- Christopher Marlowe, The Tragical History

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flagmire - A cluster or grouping of flags placed around or in back of a podium with the intent of promoting a political candidate's patriotism.

e.g., The candidate deftly negotiated the flagmire, reaching his podium with minimal difficulty.

submitted by MoonmanVT

flagon - Flag + wagon = flagon. A car or truck festooned with one or more oversized US flags. (ED. A real word as well: pitcher.)

e.g., Grandma drives her Ford Flagon to bingo every Sunday.

submitted by Jonathan

flagylistic - Something that makes you fantastically nauseous. Inspired by the anti-nausea drug Flagyl.

e.g., Going on that roller coaster was flagylistic.

submitted by David

flail & bail - when, to get out of doing something you've foolishly committed to and upon reflection decide you really don't want to do, you come up with a crazy scam with which to get yourself out of it!

e.g., I had to pull a flail & bail to get out of meeting my boss for drinks on the weekend.

submitted by cinderella

flailer - A person with no ability to deal with anything.

e.g., After spilling coffee on her blouse, Susie turned into a flailer.

submitted by Delilah

flailure - A task that failed due to apathy or lack of attention.

e.g., Joe's attempt at building the garage was a flailure.

submitted by Tim Findlay

flajello paw - The action cats do that includes kneeaing another animal with their paw.

e.g., When the kitten was being nursed by her mother she started to flajello paw the air in happiness.

submitted by Ian Faynik

flaka - Exclamation. Shows people you don't want to talk to them.

e.g., Jimmy asked Jane for the answer to #3, and Jane just said, "Flaka."

submitted by hiko - (www)

flake - A (perhaps unconsciously) thoughtless and inconsiderate person

e.g., He's a flake. OR He flaked on me.

submitted by D2

flakel - Snow. The white stuff that falls.

e.g., I heard that Tuesday night it is going to flakel.

submitted by Kyle Moran

flakooie, flakooey - To explode, erupt, crash, etc. This came about when I e-mailed my friend that my stomach was going kaflooie. He had never heard this expression (from cartoons?), got very worried, and immediately called asking if I was OK and what "flakooie" means.

e.g., I ate waaaaaay too much last night and this morning my stomach went flakooie. My computer's gone flakooie.

submitted by xk*

flam - The endless barrage of trivial e-mails sent by parents, siblings, and well-known or distant relatives. Flam is the more frequent and an inane cyber-age equivalent of those mass family "newsletters" you receive in the mail during the holidays. Variants: dadspam, momspam. Examples of flam are: unfunny forwarded Internet humor; links to news articles and online birth and wedding announcements; pictures of relatives and pets; chain letters; and unfunny online comic strips.

e.g., First thing out of bed this morning I cleared my voicebox of phlegm. Next on my agenda was clearing my mailbox of flam. Phlegm-flam. That's the way I start my days.

submitted by Rob - (www)

flamble - To move without specified direction.

e.g., Please don't flamble like that, for goodness sake. You are driving me crazy, Miss Daisy.

submitted by Matt Williams - (www)

flambooki - Combination of flame, kabuki and chinese food. Used to express dissatisfaction

e.g., Did you make that pile of flambooki?

submitted by david

flame - A particularly nasty, rude, angry post on web site message boards. Often posted just to get a rise out of people. (For the unitiated, "trolls" post comments with the deliberate intention of starting an argument. A particularly inflammatory exchange in which the posters "flame" each other is a "flame war.")

e.g., Ignore that last poster. She's just a troll trying to start a flame war.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

flame on - An expression showing excitement and willingness to begin. Originally used by the Human Torch as a way of telling his enemies "it's on now, punks."

e.g., In the words of the Beastie Boys: "Flame on, I'm gone, I'm so sweet like a nice bon bon."

submitted by Joel Buxton - (www)

flame on - Stay gay and proud

e.g., Hey Adam, flame on

submitted by Suzanne

flame-out - "The engine on a vehicle stops abruptly, usually in the middle of traffic, or at a busy intersection"

e.g., My truck flamed-out downtown during rush hour this afternoon!

submitted by Mike - (www)

flameboy - A person who expends an extraordinary amount of speed and zeal in his workplace, usually for no reward. Also can denote a male redhead.

e.g., Flameboy, calm down. There's a full day to get that job packed. OR Have you seen the colour of his hair since he tried to bleach it? He's a flameboy now.

submitted by Xnoybis

flameboyant - Elevated and dancing in the light, by the flames and fire and heat. Literally and figuratively. The fires of earth, the flames of heaven. Raised and rising and ascending forever into the mysteries of the Cosmos.

e.g., At last, eventually, I will become as one with the roaring flames that will expedite me on and up to infinite levels of being or non-being, higher than high, forever a part of the whole shebang -- flameboyant fires, sending us beyond the known and unknown.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

flamed - To take everything too seriously.

e.g., He was so flamed he yelled at me for not saying goodbye to him.

submitted by Trixxie - (www)

flameengolation - Being assimilated by pink plastic flamingos, as by the Borg.

e.g., FlamingoJeff and Ms. Flamingo went to Toronto and their friends were caught through flameengolation.

submitted by Jeff Beatty - (www)

flammer - Loser.

e.g., Is it true that a new TV show will be on the schedule next fall -- The Greatest Flammer?

submitted by Kelsey Garczynski

flamming - Drunk.

e.g., I was flamming last night.

submitted by paul mc gonigle (trbi in thurles,ireland

flandersesque - 1. An overpowering girly screech from an adult male. 2. To be an over-friendly, jumper-wearing Jesus freak. Taken from Ned Flanders in The Simpsons.

e.g., You were tangoed by a do-gooder, flandersesque, good-for-nothing Jesus tripper. Serves you right.

submitted by Jason McCann

flandrad - State of hysteria associated with pastry and sugar consumption.

e.g., The consumption of the third consecutive cinnamon whirl left him unrestrainedly flandrad.

submitted by Michael Stradling

flaney - A step above cool. Awesome.

e.g., Wes is so flaney that everybody wants to marry him.

submitted by Canton - (www)

flange tingler - When only your fingers or toes are asleep, but not your entire hand or foot.

e.g., After I stood up I had a major flange tingler in my toes.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

flanglehoofer - The bit that's left over after assembling something without first consulting the instructions.

e.g., Look, Honey, I've just assembled Little Johnnie's new bike and I've still got this flanglehoofer left over. Never mind, I'm sure it's still safe.

submitted by Steve Newton

flann - To be approached by an ugly or annoying person.

e.g., You just got flanned.

submitted by kevin o'callaghan

flannimal - A flannel that has been through so much with you, and become so dear that you look upon it in the same manner one would a pet.

e.g., I had to turn around and go all the way home because you know I can't go camping without my flannimal.

submitted by Janet

flantasy - A local area network (LAN) that never, ever crashes.

e.g., Our Chief Information Officer, I. M. Dreaming, is determined to find, set up, and maintain a fail-safe LAN. What a flantasy.

submitted by John Breen

flap aghast - For the open mouth and look of utter disbelief. With mouth open. See flabbergast.

e.g., You would flap aghast too at a bare breast on the telly.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

flap-jacks - A trendy college pancake house.

e.g., Let's go to flap-jacks for breakfast.

submitted by Tim - (www)

flaporama - A situation in which various persons are distracted and agitated about the potential implications of a particular event, and exhorting their agitation in a chaotic and annoying manner. Flapping. Flapo.

e.g., The other women in HR were having a flaporama about the latest diversity figures.

submitted by Ro

flappeling - To grapple or wrestle something or someone while in the process of flying. Note: I changed the spelling from (le) in the end of grapple to (el) to streamline the process of conjugating the verb forms.

e.g., Desperate to stay aloft the harpy pumped her wings and fought the downdraft while flappeling with the overly territorial hippogriff.

submitted by Theresa Smith

flappy - Affectionate name anyone with unnecessarily large ears.

e.g., Oi, Flappy. Your round, mate!

submitted by Cheeks

flappyjaws - A garrulous person.

e.g., My mother-in-law is a real flappyjaws, she chattered away about nothing all through dinner.

submitted by smalljim

flarb - To recline, as on a couch, in an overly relaxed manner, possibly to the disgust of others.

e.g., I am going to flarb on the couch. | She was drunk and flarbed on the bench. | After a great meal it is always good to flarb.

submitted by Stewart Richmond

flare - Flair.

e.g., "My flare for drama brought me to movie reviewing from 1971 to 2010."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

flaring - The use of all capital letters in posts to Internet message boards. The example comes from the linked website.

e.g., "No FLARING. . . . It denotes screaming & yelling. It will not be tolerated."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flarking - The usage of ribaldrous behavior.

e.g., Let's keep the flarking to a minimum please.

submitted by Jason - (www)

flart - When an obvious flirt is met with no interest from the person on the receiving end of the said flirt.

e.g., Jane loved to flirt with all the men; however, it was really embarrassing when she tried to flirt with Dick. Dick wasn't interested and Jane flarted.

submitted by michelle - (www)

flase - Not quite false, but definitely not true. A corruption of falsehood which does not form truth.

e.g., The opposite of true is flase. In the last days, the flase prophet will appear deceiving the masses.

submitted by Joseph Guidry

flashing 12 - Being so technologically inept that one can’t even program his or her VCR.

e.g., Customize my own browser? I'm so flashing 12 that I won't even have a browser when I'm done.

submitted by Bruce Hurley

flashturbation - Excessive use of flash on a site, usually for its own sake.

e.g., Your site's okay, but it's a little heavy on the flashturbation.

submitted by sn - (www)

flasm - For a noun you haven't thought of or decided on yet.

e.g., "What do you want to eat?" "How about some flasm."

submitted by Brian Pelletier

flat - Smooth-sided, older style subway car preferred by graffiti artists. || (v.) 1. To offer apartments ("flats") for rent (something like a slum lord); 2. to live in an apartment, as the host of the parasitic slum lord.

e.g., My mural was done on a flat. || "Where do you live?" "I flat over on Dull Street" | "Everything around here is nothing but slum---what gives?" "It's Kopek: He flats the whole city block."

submitted by Jerome Greco || Scott M. Ellsworth

flat biscuit - Really fast.

e.g., You can take this corner flat biscuit and she won't lift.

submitted by Matt Rubinstein

flat out like a lizard drinking - To be very busy.

e.g., I've got all these projects to do... I'm flat out like a lizard drinking.

submitted by sandoz

flatback - Verb: prostitute, whore.

e.g., So, she's flatbacking for you to pay the rent then? And you're all right with that?

submitted by flatback

flatcat - Unfortunate road kill.

e.g., I swerved and missed...created a flat cat.This also applies to armidillos, squirels, and skunks. All unfortunate.

submitted by Mark Chapman

flate - to add air to

e.g., The tire is low. Better flate it soon.

submitted by Lorri O

flatfoot - A beat-cop. A cop without a car.

e.g., He's a flatfoot who walks the beat from 19th to 22nd street.

submitted by Stephen Mize

flatinum - Jewelry that lacks genuine richness, beauty, and luster.

e.g., After visiting many fine jewelry stores on Rodeo Drive, she realized the engagement ring her cheap boyfriend gave to her was really just flatinum, worth about a bunch of carrots.

submitted by Nan

flatist - A member of the Flat Earth Society that believes no one under their control should stand out, all must be smooth and flat. All must be like sheep. A person who accepts the theory that all must be alike and does not stand out -- a conformer, or yes-man.

e.g., Their boss was a flatist. Everyone had to stay in his subservient place or be fired.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

flatland - Life outside of cyberspace. Flatlanders = people that do not live in cyberspace, or do not enter the internet. || flatlander: Any visitor to Wisconsin Dells coming from Illinois.

e.g., She didn't understand what I liked so much about "stumbleUpon" because she was just a flatlander. | I have to sign off now and take care of business in the flatland. || Boy, do those flatlanders seem to be rather rude when it comes to their driving. . . .

submitted by trebenaid || Kahuna Accidentale of the D - (www)

flatliner - 1. Brain dead, a very stupid, or very disorganized person. 2. A bad movie.

e.g., Hey, Flatliner, the RED light means STOP.

submitted by C.Mac. - (www)

flats, the - Short for flatulence.

e.g., Don't go in there. Greg had the three-bean burrito platter for lunch and now he's got a three-alarm case of the flats.

submitted by Gregory Bloom - (www)

flatso - Tasteless, boring, uninteresting, insipid.

e.g., I don't know about you, Step-Hens, but my basghetti is pure flatso .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

flatsy - Roadkill. Generic term for animals that have been hit by cars on the highway and are now unidentifiable.

e.g., In some states, prisoners perform the less desirable jobs associated with the highway system: trash pick up and flatsy clean up, for instance.

submitted by Sue

flatter - (n.) 1. One who offers apartments ("flats") for rent; 2. A slum lord; 3. An apartment dweller, as opposed to someone living in a house; 4. A homeless person who manages to create a snug 'apartment' out of the odds and ends they have to work with; 5. A (literal) parasite, which has taken up residence in someone's body. [From "flat" (v., q.v.) + agentive suffix "-er."]

e.g., "That flatter's charging a thousand quid for this rathole!" | "D'you have a house? or are you a flatter?" | "Ernie's homeless, but the shelter he's built out of moving boxes, old barrels, and a tarp is a marvel: he's a right flatter, he is." | "So what is it, Doctor? Colitis? Crohn's? Ulcers?" "None of the above, son: you've got a flatter." "What?" "A parasite." "Amoebas? Trichinosis?" "Tapeworm: 16 feet long." "Ugh! I'm gonna vomit!" "If we leave it in, you will---a lot."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

flatterjection - Flattering something else about someone while simultaneously rejecting her. Flatterejection, flatteryjection.

e.g., I tried to enter a couple of my previously submitted words for the September contest, but I was flatterjected by Betsy with, "Those are both great words, but the way we're running the competition right now is for new entries submitted in September. The basic idea of the 'bribe' is to stimulate new entries. If we make the contest retroactive in any way, those will be up for consideration -- especially 'remindalanche.'"

submitted by alan jones - (www)

flatterpuss - Since copying someone is the best form of flattery, this is a person who copies you. A synonym for "copycat."

e.g., Jami was just a flatterpuss when it came to Linda's elegant style.

submitted by Linda Stennette

flattersturb - To be both flattered and disturbed at the same time.

e.g., I thought I spied you looking at me on the balcony, and, to be honest, I was flattersturbed.

submitted by captainminus

flattest - (v.) Archaic 2nd-person form of the verb 'to flat' (q.v.): "Thou flattest" (also, "Thou dost flat"), i.e., 1. "you live in an apartment"; 2. "you own apartments to rent"; 3. "you are a slum lord"; 4. "you are moving into an apartment"; 5. "you construct excellent shelters."

e.g., "I have not the wherewithal, Majesty, to keep with any dignity a dwelling house or manor---to say naught of the lands and duties such an enfeoffment doth entail in both monies and mobility."  
"All know that thou hast been, in thy day, a dutiful and a doughty soldier: devoted to thy duty and of such loyalty and ferocity as never we have heard. And we are right sorrowful to see thee thus crippled, unable to discharge thy fierce loyalty to ourselves or to the keeping of a manor fit for one so faithful, so loyal, and so loved."  
"Forgive these tears, Majesty, but your kindness unto me is undeserved: I do but serve my King, in whom personified are all the virtues and the powers longing to our nation. As I can serve no longer either my king or my country, I ask leave to find a room where I, without cumbering some abler soul, may rest my gray head and wait for death to free me from these my hurts, that I may serve my Heavenly King with all my vigor unto me restored." 
"I cry thee mercy, my most loyal officer. Wouldst thou then go to God and report me so miserly that I did not reward such faithful valor with naught but a pallet closeted in a garret?! Nay, sir: God shall see in me a hand as liberal with earthly rewards as His own with glory, peace, and honor! I dare not so eclipse one made to such a measure as thou art, lest God shall say to me, 'Flattest thou this my servant, O king of Earthly mud? Aye, flattest, thou ill this soul I sent unto thy realm the better to guard thee and thine?' Were I to give thee naught but what thy humility asketh, would not God send yet again the fingers of a man's hand to write judgement against me upon this very wall?" 
"Majesty, you are too kind unto me, but---" 
"Hold. Here is what I propose. Though thou wert as weak and crippled as a cobblestone, I would not relieve thee of thy service unto me. Thou art acknowledged the greatest battle master in all of Christendom, and shalt ever serve as my adviser in such matters. Thou shalt be lodged here in this castle, which I give unto thee as your due, for we do name thee earl of all these lands. And thus, I trust, God will judge that I his greatest souls did not esteem as dross."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

flatulence - The sound of a deflating tire.

e.g., Flatulence really stinks.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

flatulents - The hot air expelled by a realtor when renting out an apartment.

e.g., Sea views? Easy Access? Utter flatulents.

submitted by Alan March-Maddams

flatulesque - Fart-like.

e.g., Fran has a talent for making loud, flatulesque sounds by squeezing her hand in her armpits.

submitted by Fran Day

flatuvescence - A malodorous bubbly quality of personality. Flatuvescent.

e.g., Jim was welcomed at all of the outdoor events, but his flatuvescence cut down on his social invites during the cooler months.

submitted by Dave Violette

flauzune - "Flau" rhymes with "how" and "zune" rhymes with "swoon." Something that is over-sized, cumbersome, unwieldy, and maybe even fat. It can be used to refer to a person, thing, or concept. Its meaning is basically not nice.

e.g., This essay is very flauzune, ShurJ. There are too many references to unexplored concepts. | My teacher is flauzune in her thinking, always talking about highfalutin' nonsense which means nothing. All right, it means nothing to me, maybe to her. That's why she's the teacher and I'm not, I suppose. | Chris is in poor shape. She's quite flauzune. Surely you've noticed.

submitted by Shurjendu

flavor-saver - A particularly large or unkempt beard or moustache that may harbor leftovers or odor.

e.g., Did you see that guy's flavor-saver?

submitted by Eddie

flavoritism - "picking through candy for the good flavors, leaving the yellow and green ones behind"

e.g., The Lifesavers people have managed to avoid flavoritism by packaging the wildcherry ones separately.

submitted by Nancy Mooar

flavormation - Getting a history and idea of the quality about a food or drink by tasting. Wine Tasters are a good example.

e.g., Sandy seemed to get a lot of flavormation from a vintage red wine as she caressed a measure in her palate.

submitted by urnell

flavospice - Brand name for the liquid sprayed on corn (and tater) chips to give them flavo.

e.g., Ted: "Dude, I heard I could order Flavospice straight from the Moritos company in five-gallon containers to drink right outta the bucket or else make some new mixed drinks from. I've estimated that I could saver about $3858.78 a year if I did that."  
Ed: "That's your ballpark figure, is it?"  
Ted: "Yeah. I was thinking of ordering a bulk quantity, though, to get a discount on shipping charges."  
Ed: "It still looks high."  
Ted: "Well, I buy literally tons of the stuff. Unfortunately, they take only Master Card and Visa and I don't use them. Only American Express, Carte Blanche, and Diner's Club. You'd think they'd take Diner's Club, wouldn't you?"  
Ed: "Fine. But estimated? ballpark?"  
Ted: "Oh."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

flawberries - The green or mushy strawberries hidden under a layer of ripe ones in the solid cardboard berry box.

e.g., I didn't have enough to top the cake because most of them turned out to be flawberries.

submitted by Cat-Man

flawgic - Flawed logic, used in the IT field.

e.g., The application developer created more issues than he resolved, as his design was riddled with flawgic.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

flawsome - Would have been awesome if not for some obvious flaw. Much cooler than flotsome; a precursor to flazom.

e.g., The 3rd Matrix movie was flawsome. The special FX were great ,but the huge plot holes were a real let-down.

submitted by Jeremiah

flawyer - An attorney who's never been able to persuade a jury to vote his way.

e.g., Connive & Finagle aren't doing well as a law firm. They've hired too many flawyers.

submitted by John Breen

flazed - Relaxed and hot-mouthed after eating very spicy food.

e.g., I'm still flazed from eating that chili.

submitted by Brendan

flazy - Fat and lazy. Emphasizes an extreme condition as reflected by the laziness of combining the two words in order to reduce syllables.

e.g., Dave is so flazy; he hasn't been off the couch once all night.

submitted by Beth - (www)

flea - Someone who does not tip or tips very poorly. Las Vegas gambling term. A flea will almost never get special favors from the house. Waitresses will stop offering drinks.

e.g., Guy's a flea. Won ten thousand and didn't tip anyone.

submitted by miragedealer

fleaker - An instument used in chemistry, a mix of a flask and a beaker.

e.g., I used a fleaker in chem today.

submitted by Zachacarion - (www)

fleam - Visiting various flea markets.

e.g., Bob: Are you guys gonna fleam on Sunday? Jim: Why, yes! You should come fleaming with us. You never know what treasures we might find.

submitted by gary blaney - (www)

fleance - Pronounced "FLAY-ance." Plural of fleece, the clothing item. This may look like the minor character in Shakespeare's Macbeth, but his name is pronounced "fleence."

e.g., We could tell they were from Vancouver because they were all wearing Taiga brand fleance.

submitted by camille

fleance - From "flounce"--to prance. To prance elegantly on one's toes.

e.g., Elizabeth fleanced across the room.

submitted by lizd - (www)

fleava - The ultimate put-down; used for someone whose face is "a permanant mess." To be used good natureely, usually said to friends --or to soon-to-be-ex-friends.

e.g., Jess: Sorry I can't go out tonight, I have too much homework. Pat: You're a fleava.

submitted by Jess

fleckta - The rubbery white stuff that forms on top of hot milk and tastes Grosse Pointe.

e.g., I hate drinking hot milk because the fleckta always sticks to my lip.

submitted by Sam

fled - To do something with haste.

e.g., Catcha later. Gotta make dinner now then fled to work.

submitted by brickfield

fleebaggers - Fourteen Wisconsin Democrat senators who fled the state to deny a quorum rather than show up at the state capitol in Madison and vote on union legislation they disagreed with.

e.g., "Have any idea how long the fleebaggers will be gone?" "Dunno. But one of the Texas senators who skipped out to stall Republican redistricting plans back in ought-three advised them to arrange conjugal visits to keep from getting too stressed out." "Figures."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fleeboflam - An extra leg muscle that sprinters and jumpers have to make them run faster and jump higher than the rest of us.

e.g., He ran that mile in under a minute, so he must have a fleeboflam muscle or something.

submitted by Dave K.

fleen - Little bugs you don't know the names of.

e.g., Get these fleens off me!

submitted by ryan

fleeth - To leave quickly for no reason.

e.g., I can't talk anymore, I must fleeth.

submitted by Annierose - (www)

fleh - Very chic. Doubled for emphasis.

e.g., "Wow, that dress is really fleh." "But did you see the girl wearing it? The dress, the bangs, the Chanel sunglasses? Fleh fleh."

submitted by Saint Aardvark - (www)

fleloquent - Able to speak forcefully and expressively with ease.

e.g., The student, though he was from Germany, was fleloquent in the English language.

submitted by pfunkadelichick - (www)

flemboyant - 1. The essence of super lightness that prevents certain things (spitum, hair off a hairbrush, q-tips, etc.) from ever being flushed down a toilet. 2. A law of physics that makes certain objects impossible to flush down a toilet. Examples: spitum, hair from a hair brush, q-tips. 3. A socially inept person's light-headed struggle to maintain a conversation by repeating the same idea in various ways.

e.g., 1. For Pete's sake, Will. Don't toss your cigarette butt in the toilet. You know it's flemboyant. 2. Hey, man. Don't toss your cigarette butt in the can. You know that's flemboyant, don't you? 3. Hey, Lesk, you just said the same stupid thing twice. What are you, some flemboyant idiot?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

flench - (v.) 1. Of weather, to appear as though it will improve without actually improving; 2. of almost anything else, to appear to be improving, but not to improve. [A real, and rather old, word.]

e.g., 1. I really hate it when the weather flenches: during the drought, it would cloud up and dark, water-heavy clouds would float overhead, slow and sassy, and never drip a drop on the thirsty ground. || 2. You know how traffic jams flench---they seem to be about to break up and start moving, but then they just stall again? I hate that as much as, well, more than, weather flenching. And it always seems to happen when I'm seriously late.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

flenox - Imitation Lenox or other china, porcelain, or ceramic item.

e.g., I bought a lovely flenox nativity scene for $9 on Ebay.

submitted by Veriance

flensing - Lense flaring.

e.g., Mike, can you move the land rover forward about 2 meters. I cannot squiver this leopard because of heavy flensing.

submitted by sneef

fleppance - General negative, but in a pathetic or degenerate sense. PS. Credit to my sister for this one.

e.g., Stop being such a fleppance, O.

submitted by O Turner

flesherr - Combination of flesh and err, meaning any error in sexual relations.

e.g., Flesherring has become the main attraction for tourists to Asian sub-continent.

submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

fleshout - Contraction of the expression to "flesh-out" something. All too common now so many big ideas are communicated via e-mail, leaving the actual detail required to subordinates.

e.g., I received an e-mail from the EVP outlining the 2003 business plan in exactly four bullets. Now I have to do a fleshout by Monday for the exec team. I don't have a clue.

submitted by alan jones - (www)

fleshpoint - Point at which "we" are offended by bare flesh.

e.g., Janet got into a lot of trouble when we saw her mammary cuz she reached and passed the fleshpoint.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

flesticle - A flesticle is the part of the body which one cannot name in polite conversation. So one simply uses the substitute euphemism "flesticle."

e.g., Hey, there, get your hands off my flesticle. If you touch my flesticle one more time, I'll use eradication fluid on you.

submitted by Ignatz Hornblatz

fleugant - More or less meaning strongest love, love that cannot be described or expressed by the word "love" alone.

e.g., He felt a fleugant glance from his wife before she closed the door for the last time.

submitted by Ken Vizena - (www)

flew the coup - From a misspelling of "flew the coop." I have no idea why there's such a recent upsurge in its use.


e.g., Several of those involved in the conspiracy to overthrow the government managed to get of the country. When their plan failed, they flew the coup.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

flex - Superrelaxed, cool, freaky, renewing.

e.g., Now that was a flex party!

submitted by sliek

flexitarian - A vegetarian who is neither strict nor actually vegetarian. Despite their habit of eating vegetables and avoiding meat, flexitarians don't get hung up on the details. They'll chomp on a T-bone any 'ol time it's convenient to do so -- i.e., they're "flexible."

e.g., Johnny enjoys eating soy products and knows what the word "tempeh" means; however, at a recent dinner party he didn't have to refuse the bratwurst because he's a flexitarian.

submitted by sarah - (www)

flext - To flirt using text messages.

e.g., Do you have any idea how much is spent flexting each year? Billions and billions of dollars, that's how much.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fliar - Filthy liar; one who spreads lying filth about another.

e.g., She was a fliar, spreading false stories of abuse about him so she could get more in the divorce and also trash his reputation. It made an interesting story, and many believed her lies.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

flib - To make a mistake; to do something wrong; to bungle something.

e.g., I was working really hard on my assignment last night, but I think I flibbed it.

submitted by Zsuszo

flibbity flib - (n) 1. Something said only to provide a sense of closure to a conversation, esp. a false sense of closure. 2. A meaningless phrase.

e.g., "I suppose I'll have to work on that," he said as he opened the door, but I recognized the phrase as a flibbity flib to end our conversation.

submitted by Patrick Parker

flibble, flibblay - Approval, agreement.

e.g., Get your supervisor's flibblay before taking a day off.

submitted by Tom

flicker - Remote control.

e.g., Pass me the flicker.

submitted by Emily

flicker flacker - The remote control for the television

e.g., Hey... where did you put the flicker flacker? My show's on.

submitted by Philip Graham

flickimish - A flick of the wrist.

e.g., With a final flickamish, the Wimbledon Men's Final came to an end.

submitted by Jeremy 7th English

flicking - Cycling term. To be knocked off a bicycle during a race, particularly at high speed. From the German ficken. (ED. While "flicking" may not necessarily result in a rider's being knocked off her bicycle, it is dominating, rough play that is not always looked on favorably.)

e.g., If he takes a flicking, he won't keep on ticking. That's the power of etiquette in the Tour de France.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

flicktated - Stupid or weird or messed up.

e.g., That is so flicktated. | Your flicktated girlfriend stole my car.

submitted by Nichole

fliction - An elaboration on the word "fiction": a tactical or strategic application of mis-information to manipulate public opinion which, ultimately, inflicts untruths upon trusting citizens.

e.g., During any political campaign we are going to find ourselves subjected to fliction from most of the candidates.

submitted by Nel Ivancich - (www)

flid - Stupid or sad person.

e.g., Chris has all the symptoms of being a permanent flid.

submitted by gena - (www)

flie - A flat-out lie. ORIGIN OF WORD: Combination of parts of "flat-out" and "lie."

e.g., She flied so much no one can tell what’s true anymore. It was just one flie after another.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

flief - A silly person who runs around spreading nonsense.

e.g., Okay, who's the flief started that rumor?

submitted by shivas

fliggling - The ineffective shifting of a bag's position on one's shoulders, in a feeble attempt to lighten its load.

e.g., My backpack is so heavy, I find myself fliggling at every telegraph pole.

submitted by highandrandom - (www)

fliginflockin - very exciting yet mysterious

e.g., This is a fliginglockin day!

submitted by Me

flimisical - Insubstantial and playful (flimsy + whimsical).

e.g., The bridge over the koi pond was of flimiscal design, all lacy ironwork and colored ribbon.

submitted by Joe Riley

flimsical - Frivolous. Cross between flimsy and whimsical.

e.g., The teacher won't accept such a flimsical excuse -- you'll have to think up something better. Sarah is wearing the most flimsical underwear you ever saw.

submitted by Anne Walker

flink - To cause someone to blink by flicking your finger(s) at her.

e.g., She's so nervous, I can flink her from across the room.

submitted by i_monk

flinkajiggle - Physically attractive body movement.

e.g., To be a Cowboys' cheerleader ya gotta have flinkajiggle.

submitted by g-fro

flinkelflank - Remote control for DVD player, VCR, TV, or stero system. Most commonly remote control for TV. Abbreviated as "flink."

e.g., I can't change the channel because I don't have the flinkelflank. Do you know where the flink is?

submitted by Mike Passow

flint - High quality.

e.g., That car is flint.

submitted by Adam Wood

flintstone - In surfing, to surf on top of the wave, as Fred did in the Flinstone's cartoon. This is usually not a desired surfing style.

e.g., I think Kenny stood up too early on that last wave, cause he Flintstoned the whole way in.

submitted by Paul Costales - (www)

flip - To "[purchase] the latest must-have item with the aim of immediately selling it for a profit."

e.g., Yeh, my plan was to buy a boatload of Beanie Babies, sell them on the internet, and get rich. Unfortunately, someone broke into my basement and stole all of them. I'm out thousands of dollars.

submitted by HD - (www)

flip a bitch - Make a u-turn.

e.g., I missed my street. Gonna have to flip a bitch at the next light.

submitted by amy

flip a burger - A mental breakdown or severe angry outburst usually do to mental instability, meds, or a long period of frustration or confusion. A cry for help.

e.g., Did Justin flip his burger tonight? | Tell her to take her meds before she flips a burger.

submitted by Jessica - (www)

flip ant - Somebody who can't deal with serious people, and so tends to make a series of little flippant comments during a serious discussion to show how much she doesn't care.

e.g., So we were talking about Iraq and then Ivonne, always the flip ant, says "Maybe we could just bomb them with Big Macs?" and "Can't we all just get along?" as if the conversation's getting too serious for her to deal with.

submitted by alan jones - (www)

flip it - Change the subject. "Don't go there."

e.g., I told the police officer to flip it, sir, I don't know nuthin bout no criminal activity in the next street over.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

flip life - To tell someone "flip life" is similar to telling her to "go fuck yourself" or "screw off."

e.g., Fred: Dude, your new girl is a tub of lard. John: Go flip life, Fred.

submitted by Matthew

flip-a-bitch - To suddenly and without warning freak out to the point where spectators might call an exorcist.

e.g., Yeah, when Mom found out I got suspended, she went flip-a-bitch.

submitted by pfunkadelichick

flip-flopera - Dramatic musical narrative, taking place mostly on the beach.

e.g., Hear that Jimmy Buffett's going to write a flip-flopera for Broadway?

submitted by Bill Jennings - (www)

flipocrisy - The practice many politicians employ in their campaigns when they promise something for one target audience and then promise exactly the opposite the next or even the same day to a different audience. Can be applied to many similar circumstances,and not limited to political hacks only, but to all hacks in general.

e.g., Since Sheryl really invented this word, George is guilty of flipocrisy since he said he would not claim it as his own on

submitted by george kelly

flippenfloppen - This word, according to my grandma, means a brassiere. Of Austrian or German origin? It's a funny word that grandma said.

e.g., For old-fashioned chest support, try the Austrian flippenfloppen. Want to come shopping with me to get me a new flippenfloppen?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

flipper - Remote contol, particularly for the television.

e.g., This show's a rerun--gimme the flipper.

submitted by Webb King

flippin' henry - Used to express exasperation.

e.g., Oh, flippin' Henry, that always happens to me.

submitted by Penny Couch

flippin' nora - Also, blinkin' Nora. To be completely shocked about something. An exclamation of complete shock from up north. Has nothing to do with anyone named Nora.

e.g., 'Flippin' Nora! I can't believe she did that.

submitted by Hannah

flipping a risky - to make an illegal U-turn in a high-traffic, highly visible city street

e.g., Everybody hold on! I'm flipping a risky!

submitted by zaneima

flippit - A word, used when angry, said in place of more severe terms, used when one wants to avoid cussing. Usually directed at a noun, but sometimes used alone.

e.g., Flippit! Cool sites never load on my computer.

submitted by Aurora

flippydoo - This actually belongs to my fiancee. It works like thingamabob or hoogiewhatsis. A word for the thing that you can't think of at the moment.

e.g., I went out and bought one of those flippydoes that you use to keep your hair back with.

submitted by Sean Mundy

flirtaholic - Rather obvious, isn't it? Someone addicted to flirting. As is the case with so many addictions, most flirtaholics are in a state of denial about their flirtaholism. I remain fortunate in that my wife continues to believe I do most of my flirting without realizing I'm doing it.

e.g., I'm pleased to still be a recovering flirtaholic who's had no reportable instances of backsliding. I'm especially pleased since there's no local Flirtaholics Anonymous chapter whose meetings I can attend and I'm doing it on my own. Ouch -- my arm's hurting from patting myself on the back.

submitted by HD Fowler

flirtating - Flirting. Strictly innocent flirting -- depending on where you're standing, of course.

e.g., When I told Beauty how upset my wife might get if she knew how much I've been flirtating with her, she said, "Then let's not tell her." I told her my wife doesn't mind my roving eye -- as long as none of my other body parts are roving.

submitted by HD Fowler

flith-up - A rollup that has been made from used cigarette butts out of the ashtray. Usually cause you've got no tobacco or money left after the party the night before.

e.g., Ah, s'wonderful, the silky smooth taste of the morning filth-up.

submitted by Gretskieboy

flitigate - One who purposely breaks down the emotional state of another for her own amusment.

e.g., Rhea was flitigating me yesterday, making nasty remarks about my personal life. Then she left just as I was about to cry.

submitted by Gibil deRasti

flitwit - A flighty person or someone who changes her mind a lot.

e.g., That little flitwit Debbie didn't call me last night to go to the concert. She was supposed to have a free ticket for me.

submitted by Debbie Berberi - (www)

fliying - Claiming to have travelled to many countries abroad, but haven't been more than a day's car ride away from home.

e.g., Chuck said he had been to Paris and to Singapore among many other places, but his lack of knowledge of the places made me think he was fliying to me.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

flizz - Stuff, mostly used for stuff that is very annoying, such as boring school lessons, etc. Coined by a friend of mine.

e.g., I hate math exams. I can't remember trig, limits, and all that calc flizz.

submitted by Aurora

float test - Disposal of an unnecessary, unwanted, or known to be non-functioning item. Derived from placing something in water to see if it floats -- in most cases it will not and will sink out of sight. Float testing.

e.g., I'd like to get rid of this. Go float test it or something.

submitted by Bicycle Bill

floatating - A mix between floating and levitating. A Brent Fishman word. Out of ordinary words, Brent frequently created words that didn't exist.

e.g., Imagine being half-asleep on a charter bus and seeing two rolls of carpet on the top rack of a capret truck. The rolls appeared to be floating or levitating. Brent said, "Whoa. Look. That carpet is floatating."

submitted by Teresa

floatcoat - A life vest: useful in the sea to prevent you from sinking and drowning; however, you will still get quite wet.

e.g., We like to dress the smallest children in miniature floatcoats even in the bathtub, for they can't swim yet you see. When somewhat older we'll get them larger floatcoats, of course.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

floater - A partially-finished and unclaimed bottle or can of beer.

e.g., Whose floater is this?

submitted by ditnis

floater - When you and your friends have an "inside joke" and an outsider doesn't get the meaning then she is subjected to a floater. The meaning is from something that was "over their head." The reference comes from the idea that something over your head can float by like a balloon.

e.g., We had a good laugh over the joke but Susan only got a floater.

submitted by Josh Fuller - (www)

floater patrol - Searching for partially-finished, unclaimed cans or bottles of beer when there is nothing unopened left to drink.

e.g., Ed: We're out of beer already? I'm barely even tipsy. Ted: Then join me on floater patrol, my friend.

submitted by ditnis

floatie - Ssomething unidentifiable floating in your food or drink.

e.g., I can't drink this. There's a floatie in my coffee.

submitted by Sally Krotz

floating "u" - A linguistic oddity that disappears when floating due easterly across the Big Pond.

e.g., The hono(u)rable floating "u" leaves its homeland in England in fine form and wafts through the North Atlantic over to Canada without getting lost, yet, should it veer south'ard in its course, even with the most favo(u)able winds, never makes to coastal harbo(u)rs of the U.S. no matter how it labo(u)rs.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

floatitive - Able to float with natural buoyancy.

e.g., Sorry you don't have a tube today man, next time I'll bring you something floatitive.

submitted by Matty D

flob - FreeLoading Oxygen Breather. Submarine slang for a non-crew passenger, unqualified crew member or other useless person. A waste of life support.

e.g., Until you're qualified, you're nothing but a flob.

submitted by David T. Bonney

flob - To spit.

e.g., Yuck, Wilbur, you flobbed on me. Don't get so excited.

submitted by Martyn

flob - To fail completely at something, or to be entirely unsuccessful.

e.g., I had a hot date last night, but I flobbed it. She`ll never want to talk to me again.

submitted by noneilno

flobble - When you wobble your lower lip.

e.g., Stop your flobble, girl!

submitted by jenni - (www)

flobble - For the wobbly flesh left when a person has had a dramatic weight-loss.

e.g., I'm going to see a plastic surgeon about getting this flobble removed from under my arms.

submitted by KinkyNinja

flobby - The state of lazy or very tired muscles which makes moving difficult or impossible.

e.g., After hiking up a long hill my daughter fell to the ground claiming she was all flobby.

submitted by Maggie Laraine

flobo - For Lovers Of Beautiful Objects. Someone who only does thing for the monetary rewards. | To look primp -- which is a coinage in itself. Meaning to look good or primped.

e.g., Those playmates are flobo-ing Hugh Heffner. | John is lookin' flobo in his new Armani suit.

submitted by Florian Boyce

flobster - The "real" lobster used in such delicacies as McDonald's limited-time-only lobster roll sandwiches. A combination of "fake" and "lobster" into one word, similar to "flubber." Credit to Beth Bayley for the first known use.

e.g., Let's go to a real restaurant for seafood, none of that flobster roll stuff for me.

submitted by Matt Haynes

flocal - A flock of sparrows in February. Flaw-cal.

e.g., In February we saw a lovely bunch of flocals.

submitted by Kristin P. - (www)

floccinoccinihilipiliphication - The act of making something into nothing. From Latin "flocci non facio," meaning "I do not care." Literally, "I care not a straw," which is tantamount to nothing at all.

e.g., He was a master of floccinoccinihilipiliphication.

submitted by roddy

flocka - A rare person, far from normal, crazy, loves to party, good with music.

e.g., Hey, I'm flocka. Are you flocka, too.

submitted by Marquell Carlos - (www)

flockynockynihiliphilipication - Labelling a person, object, or situation as meaningless or nothing.

e.g., "This is flockynockynihiliphilipication," said Steve when Angus called him insignificant.

submitted by GemmyDodger

flod - To rewrite large sections of text in a manuscript.

e.g., I had to flod three chapters in my current novel-in-progress.

submitted by S. L. brothers

flodge - The frayed or torn part on the bottom of trouser legs of the young, caused by the fabric dragging along the ground.

e.g., Kitty got the flodge on her denim flares trapped in the escalator.

submitted by Lesley - (www)

floetry - An adjective to best describe words that inspirationally flow onto paper rather effortlessly, without pause, freestyle, if you will, as a poet attunes herself to her inspiration. | May also be used as a verb, when in the act of freestyling words onto paper, in poetic fashion, as well as a noun, which depicts the finished product, or form, i.e., a poemme written strictly based upon your flow.

e.g., Being adept to rapid firing, i.e., penning, witty and rhyming prose, I consider myself a pioneer, an innovator, in this regard; I think with proper inspiration, most creative people can tap into their cerebral self and get down with some floetry, an "Eminem" of the quill, rather than a mic, simply written, unsaid. | v. Always armed with a pen; utilized as a witty sword, once given a sheet of armoured paper, her floetry is uncontainable, unstoppable, immeasurable. | n. Quick wit and fast penmanship, or speed typing, are essential elements of high quality, true form floetry.

submitted by Angie Hart

floffa - Scrolling up and down with your wheel-mouse.

e.g., Please, can you floffa down a bit on that webpage?

submitted by Eldin

flog - To beat or to harm.

e.g., I'm gonna flog you one for lying to me.

submitted by Cassie

flog, to - To sell, British slang. "Flogging" has sexual connotations down under.

e.g., Great. I start my new job at the flab emporium Saturday. I'll be flogging hamburgers and fries mostly. I'm pumped.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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