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fattycapped - A person who has reduced mobility due to the presence of extra weight on her body. Terminally obese.

e.g., Her cousin is fattycapped, she can't get off the sofa without someone helping.

submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

fatuous - A word used by groups of obese people to describe each other. {ED. This, of course, stands as a real good word on its own: foolish or inane, especially in an unconscious, complacent manner; silly.}

e.g., Hey, Fatuous. We're not thin. Are we?

submitted by Brian Cole - (www)

fatwa - A fat person.

e.g., At the press conference, the Iranian ambassador refused to answer any questions regarding the fatwa. He claimed he had no knowledge of his overly large colleague.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

faultsify - To lie and make up all kinds of bad stuff about someone.

e.g., President Bush has plenty of problems, but the Democrats won't settle for that. They're continually faultsifying in order to improve their chances of winning the election in November.

submitted by P I E - (www)

faulty wiring - The state of being stupid or acting stupidly.

e.g., When somebody does something stupid, say "faulty wiring" in a condescending manner.

submitted by BigAssFries

faunacated - Adj. How wildlife ends up when its environment is destroyed. Hence faunacatering (v.), which has made a meal of many species. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., No, I don't care for roadkill, nor do I care for faunacatering.

submitted by HD Fowler

faunch - To fidget excessively, to the annoyance of others.

e.g., He's forever faunching about his medicine. Maybe they need to up his dosage.

submitted by Jim Bob

faunky - Rankly nasty

e.g., Your shoes smell faunky, Laura.

submitted by Laura

faux beau - Fake boyfriend, a friend without benefits, a wanna-be boyfriend, a pretend boyfriend.

e.g., Did your faux beau call? Are you going out with your faux beau? How long will he be your faux beau?

submitted by Connie

faux html - Writing something in contrived HTML tags to make a point or express a feeling which may otherwise not be conveyed through words alone.

e.g., (exasperated)Stop it!(/exasperated)

submitted by Bryan - (www)

faux queued - (adj phrase) State or condition of being trapped in a stalled checkout line, especially one that was initially the shortest and therefore ostensibly the fastest, but which was plagued thereafter by unforeseen price checks, old ladies rummaging through purses for exact change, people redeeming coupons, and so on.

e.g., I am always being faux queued by little old ladies.

submitted by Karl Pfeifer - (www)

faux-cial - Social events that involve minimal or no real interactions with other people.

e.g., Our first two dates were entirely faux-cial: the first date we went to the movies, the second date we went to an incredibly loud concert. I don't think we actually carried on a real conversation all night.

submitted by Graham

faux-mosexual - A person who acts homosexual but isn't. Similar to metrosexual.

e.g., Is Chris wearing a manskirt? That's so faux-mosexual.

submitted by Clyde - (www)

faux-pa - Your mom's new husband. They were married in your "more mature" or adult years, so he doesn't really act as a parental figure; he's just your mom's husband.

e.g., Your mom got married recently? Do you get along with your faux-pa?

submitted by princess shea-shea

faux-paul - This word refers collectively to the less than lovely or felicitous words and phrases (if there be any???) found in the pseudodictionary; which indirectly can be attributed to Paul, since he, after all, started the whole thing.

e.g., "Oh-oh, Marvin. There's another faux-Paul in the pseudodictionary. How did that one slip through? It's probably Paul's fault, you know."

{Lillith. FYI, Paul sold the pd to Marty D'Mello and HD Fowler in 2007. There should have been no noticeable changes to visitors -- because HD has processed virtually every submittal since July 2001. Any screw-ups since then are almost certainly attributable to him. There have been at least a few -- but none are my fault.}

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

faux-po - A security guard, rent-a-cop, or other courtesy officer of the non-government variety.

e.g., That mall security guard can't really arrest you, he's just a faux-po.

submitted by Supa3

fauxcabulary - The faux words in the pseudodictionary make up a fauxcabulary -- of made-up words.

e.g., Hey, Marty, we need to add that to our fauxcabulary. | The pseudodictionary comprises a fauxcabulary. {ED. Did I use comprises correctly, Lillith?}

submitted by Joe Pemberton - (www)

fauxfile - Variation of the word "profile." Used for any of the online dating services. A complete "free" profile using random, yet attractive data and photograph of unknown origin with the intent of just looking when one is already committed, or used maliciously to "catch" one's significant other in the act.

e.g., We had been dating for a month, and I thought we were exclusive until he e-mailed the fauxfile I had posted on

submitted by Danielle - (www)

fauxfro - A wig in the shape of the afro hair style.

e.g., I know he has a faux-fro because he had a buzz-cut yesterday.

submitted by Allison Harris

fauxfundity - A thought that sounds profound, but is actually anything but. Adj: fauxfound.

e.g., 1. Chris said, "The world is small, but it's actually pretty big in a lot of ways," a fauxfundity of the week candidate. 2. OK, Dhris, say something fauxfound to me.

submitted by Tommy

fauxfurphobia - An intense fear or revulsion at the sight of fake fur, including animal prints. May also be used in regards to really bad toupees.

e.g., The sight of the leopard-skin, fox-fur trimmed jumpsuit in the window at Fredrick's, sent the level of Larry's fauxfurphobia into the stratophere.

submitted by kris

fauxhemian - One attempting to recreate a bohemian existance of bygone eras through lurking in local coffee houses, wearing "vintage clothing," smoking imported cigarettes, and spewing predictable, simplified solutions for world problems.

e.g., Dave is a regular at the cafe. Wearing the same stinky coat, he always reads that same fauxhemian trash on poetry night while consuming espresso until he jitters.

submitted by Laura

fauxlicious - Pertaining to a prepared food dish, usually by a member of one's extended family and offered at every family gathering, that the preparer genuinely thinks is delicious and popular with everyone, but is in reality awful and dreaded at every holiday.

e.g., Year in and year out, Justin and Jacob both dreaded their Aunt Lanner's "special recipe" three-bean pimento-spread casserole, and wondered anxiously how they were going to ditch the massive helpings their aunt would undoubtedly heap on their plates, all the while smiling at them with small flecks and smears of lipstick on her teeth, pining on about "I know how much you love this."

submitted by Dave Violette

fauxlonial - A colonial house with tasteless additions. Or a "pretend" colonial house

e.g., The new development was a mish-mash of fauxlonial houses.

submitted by John Webster Nickols

fauxlympics - Any Olympic event that makes you wonder if it's a sport or not.

e.g., Curling is a sport? Oh, come on. What is this, the Fauxlympics?

submitted by AmyAmy

fauxmance - A fake or show relationship, usually in which the involved parties are only trying to validate themselves.

e.g., Jack kept up a fauxmance with Jill to dispel rumours of his alleged homosexuality.

submitted by Andrew Neville

fauxmocrat - A person claiming to be a Democrat or liberal around others, while actually believing, living, and voting differently.

e.g., Most of the other guys watching the game knew by the way he lived that Ben was in reality just a fauxmocrat.

submitted by Dave Violette

fauxmosexual - Similar to the metrosexual, the fauxmosexual is someone who is cashing in on the "queer chic" movement of the 1990s, pretending to be gay, or liking gay culture, but who really is not gay.

e.g., The clothing he wears make him seem gay, but he's just fauxmosexual.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

fauxner - 1. A person who acts like a hippie or stoner but is really just doing so to seem cool. 2. A police officer that asks for marijuana in order to make a bust

e.g., Jim's wearing a cannabis-leaf t-shirt today. He's a fauxner.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

fauxonym - Someone's fake identity, or fake name. (See "phonynym.")

e.g., He didn't want anyone to know who he was, so he used the fauxonym Jack Jackson.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

fauxpology - Faux-pology. A non-apology apology. Often associated with elites: media figures such as celebrities and politicians. | An "apology" that lacks the two essential ingredients of an apology: (true) regret and responsibility. "I'm sorry I borrowed your jacket with asking" has the form of an apology, while "I'm sorry you're upset with me for borrowing your jacket without asking" has the form of a fauxpology. "I'm sorry if I borrowed your jacket without asking" is also a fauxpology. | "[Fauxpologies] are not apologies, but rhetorical tricks for weaseling out of taking actual responsibility."

e.g., Negative consequences for either the original offense or a fauxpology usually depend on the political persuasion of the offender -- as well as on the target. | «Fill in a name -- e.g., Eva Longoria.» can take her fauxpology and shove it up her where the sun don't shine.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fauxpublican - A person claiming to be a Republican or conservative, but who is actually a liberal or votes for Democrats.

e.g., Although John claimed to be a staunch conservative, his co-workers knew he was a fauxpublican, always looking for the government to take care of him.

submitted by Dave Violette

fauxregonian - 1. A resident of Washington who only comes across the river to go shopping (Oregon has no sales tax). 2. Any resident who has lived in Oregon for less than one year. (See also Califauxrnian.)

e.g., I made the mistake of going to Jantzen Beach this was so full of Fauxregonians that the only parking was on the other side of the island.

submitted by gecko

fauxshizzle - Of a person who pretends to be part of the gangsta or hip-hop scene, even thinking herself so, but just doesn't have it.

e.g., G-Dolla thought she was ballin' for real with the gang, but decked out in fake bling and being from the suburbs all the gals knew she was fauxshizzle.

submitted by Dave Violette

fauxstache - A drawn-on moustache, a fake moustache.

e.g., She painted a fauxstache above her upper lip.

submitted by anna

fauxteur - "A 'talentless, pretentious hack,' usually in reference to a film director, but occasionally applied to any sort of director or even producer." "From the French words 'faux' meaning 'artificial, fake,' and 'auteur' meaning 'A filmmaker, usually a director, who exercises creative control over his or her works and has a strong personal style.'" From the linked site.

e.g., "'Crazy-eyed The Brown Bunny fauxteur Vincent Gallo was on the Howard Stern radio show this morning, and his tour-de-force appearance nearly won us over.' --"

submitted by - (www)

fauxtography - " . . . news photos and video shown to be miscaptioned, radically altered, or staged (and worse, re-staged) for the camera."

e.g., If you've been keeping up with world events at all -- especially Middle East conflagrations -- you're undoubtedly aware that Reuters fired Adnan Hajj for his misadventures with fauxtography.

submitted by - (www)

favouroid - A thing which has all the ingredients that ought to make it a favourite thing, but inexplicably doesn't. (Or a thing which you want to like, and even affect to like, but deep down just lack the enthusiasm.)

e.g., "Blackadder Back and Forth" -- dunno what went wrong, but it was a bit of a favouroid.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

favreology - The study of the meaning and actions of Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre -- often in a historical, sociological, or emotional context.

e.g., He's defined himself by his job his entire life and now that he's retired, he doesn't know who he is any longer. That is a classic example of Favreology.

submitted by Nick Mortensen - (www)

favy - Colloquial abbreviation for favourite.

e.g., The Godfather is my granddad's favy film. He was in the family business years ago.

submitted by Doris Silver

fawacka - Sound of pain from the body slamming into a surface or blunt object.

e.g., My head went fawacka against the jutting pipe.

submitted by Phillip Martin

fawesome - Sooo awesome. It's a combo of two words: fucking awesome.

e.g., That new Von Bondies video is fawesome.

submitted by Gilbert Felix

fawnication - All the extra nice things someone does in order to get sex.

e.g., His fawnication effort included a dinner, a movie, running her a scented bath, and a fully body massage. He still didn't get laid.

submitted by neale - (www)

fax pas - A social blunder through technology.

e.g., You accidentally sent your resume to your OWN boss, using the office e-mail? What a fax pas.

submitted by Gail R

faxbak - A quick preface written at the beginning of a handwritten response on a fax document.

e.g., Faxbak 3.9.04. This is good, please proceed.

submitted by Dan Coll

faxcility - An establishment, such as a restaurant, that is set up to accept orders by fax.

e.g., I like doing business with a faxcility that can have my faxed order all ready for me when I arrive to pick it up. No standing in line.

submitted by natalie

faxcimile - Facscimile. A reasonable spelling given that the word is frequently shortened to "fax."

e.g., I'll make a faxcimile and then fax it to you after you get back to the office.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

faxland - Where faxes go when a wrong number is keyed into a fax machine.

e.g., Your report must have gone to Faxland, because I didn't get it.

submitted by Susan Decker - (www)

faxsimilar - Similar to a FAX.

e.g., A faxsimile is a facsimile of a FAX which is faxsimilar to the FAXed FAX (and that's a FAX, son).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

faxsimile - A copy of a FAX.

e.g., A faxsimile is a facsimile of a FAX (naturally).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

faxtreme - Denoting an object, event, or activity (most often a product or service) that can only be categorized as "extreme" by someone paid to advertise it.

e.g., The memory of the faxtreme fruit flavor of Gutteral Mills new Extreme Diabetes Puffs continues to enhance the taste of everything I eat or drink to this day.

submitted by Zog Da Megnivizint

fazmic - Amazing.

e.g., Wow! Those fireworks are fazmic.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fazod - Freakish or out of whack.

e.g., Lauryn: "Guess what, Nicky? My mom just said that she's a prostitute and that I'm illegitimate. Hahahahaha!" Nicky: *chuckle* "What!? That's fazod."

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fbarro - a sarcastic way of apologizing.

e.g., 1: "you just ruined my favorite shirt with a dead frog on it!" 2: "well, fbarro."

submitted by jeannie - (www)

fbi - Female Body Inspector

e.g., Can we get the FBI over here?

submitted by ryan

fbi - Female Body Inspector.

e.g., When I grow up I want to join the FBI.

submitted by Charles

fbls. - Abbreviation of "football fields" when used as a unit of measure. 1 fbl. equals approximately 100 yards. Used by media outlets and the Discovery Channel to describe objects of arbitrary "bigness" to audiences who, evidently, are unable to relate size to anything but football.

e.g., The moon is over 3 billion feet from the earth. That's over 10 million fbls.

submitted by ben

fc - Future Consideration.

e.g., In exchange for your joystick (30$). I'll trade you a bottle of hair gel (15$) plus an FC.

submitted by Christos

feach - 1. Irish potato. 2. A word to use when you forget the word you were going to use in mid-sentence.

e.g., 1. We were in Belfast and feeling rather peckish. Luckily we had a stack of feaches to cook up. 2. Please pass me the ... er, feach.

submitted by David McKay

feak - A gentle version of freak - a fanatic.

e.g., He's a complete feak - he goes to every one of their shows.

submitted by Alison

feak and weeble - Weak and feeble, as involuntarily spoonerised due to partial failure of the cerebellum when in such a state.

e.g., I think I am going down with the 'flu as I am shivering and feel very feak and weeble.

submitted by Colin Taffel

fear up harsh - Fear Up Harsh. An approved method of interrogation used by the American military and CIA, as outlined in the Interrogation Rules of Engagement posted at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. Fear up harsh involves significantly increasing the fear level in a security detainee by yelling, pounding the table and using other classified techniques.

e.g., WASHINGTON: A US military intelligence officer working at Abu Ghraib prison designed a plan last November that would subject a Syrian national held there to strip searches and sleep deprivation in order to break him, The Washington Post reported Sunday. The newspaper said US Army intelligence suspected the Syrian knew about the illegal flow of money, arms and foreign fighters into Iraq but was smug and refused to talk. Colonel Thomas Pappas spelled out the plan in a classified cable to the top US military officer in Iraq, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, suggesting that interrogators use a method known as “fear up harsh,” which military documents said meant “significantly increasing the fear level in a security detainee,” the report said. — AFP

submitted by Mingus Tourette - (www)

fear, the - A complete, total and paralysing terror which has become elevated to a force of nature. Initially encountered when rock climbing, but has come to be used in relation to any terror which has been at least partially caused by your own stupid fault, and thus not phobias.

e.g., I was halfway up the rock face when one of my handholds gave way. I didn't fall, but I got The Fear really bad and couldn't move for five minutes.

submitted by Andrew Bell

fearbot - Someone who soley acts and makes all choices based on fear, mainly from the powers that be, and employers. A coward that never questions authority on any level. Fearbots are often found in their natural habitat -- the office cubicle.

e.g., Look at that fearbot, waiting for the light to change even though the street is completely empty.

submitted by Jason Robert Bell - (www)

feareoke - The syndrome that renders one incapable of participating in the madness of karaoke. Symptoms include: sweaty palms, dry mouth, the shakes, and overwhelming self-consciousness.

e.g., Sally was unable to join us to sing tonight. . . . She has severe feareoke.

submitted by annabel inganni - (www)

feasonable - Something that is 'feasonable' is something that is both reasonable and feasable

e.g., 'Gee its hot, lets go for a beer' ... 'Yeah, thats feasonable'

submitted by Ali

feast of two monkeys - A combination of two things, both undesirable.

e.g., "What did you think of the recent war of words between the Chinese and US governments." "Ah, it was a feast of two monkeys."

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

feather-rat - A pigeon, as pigeons are just rats with feathers.

e.g., Oh, look! There's a feather rat flying over us.

submitted by Lisa Geary

featrix - Shortened term for a features matrix, as used in software planning and evaluation.

e.g., The product development manager put together a proposed featrix to present to the programming staff for the next software release.

submitted by valleygirl

feature - 1. A bug in computer software that exists after the software is released--one unlikely to be fixed. 2. A derrogatory reference to software that is buggy.

e.g., 1. The program crashed when I clicked on the menu. That's a feature. 2. Most Microsoft software is released with many unintended features.

submitted by Kevin N. Weinhold

feature rich - A term for software that is so complex that it can take hours to figure out how to do a simple task. User unfriendly.

e.g., I tried to figure out how to make a public folder’s contact list available when writing an e-mail, but because Outlook is so feature rich, it took me two hours to find the one box I needed to check. It would have been simpler to just look up the address manually.

submitted by mallard

featuritis - A disease carried by management and sales. Caught by projects (exp. software) when m/s decide to add unnecessary features to give a product unique selling points.

e.g., That new gizmo has developed acute featuritis.

submitted by Al Maw - (www)

febuary - How February ought to be spelled so it wouldn't be so hard to pronounce.

e.g., Today is February 10, 2013.

submitted by HD Fowler

fec - Pronounced "feck," it means human or animal waste, manure, feces, poop. Serves nicely as a cuss word or expletive, kind of a cross between the f-word and the sh** [feces] word.

e.g., Be sure to wipe all the fec off your shoes, Mr City Slicker. | Fec, the toilet's stopped again so we've got to carry the whole commode downstairs and out the door.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fececious - Facetious. A misspelling, but the appropriate spelling to use when speaking of a crappy attempt at being facetious. Can be spelled "fecicious."

e.g., There you go, RS, being fececious again. A typical failure on your part. By the way ... quit trying to change the subject.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

fecquid - Dank, hot, and humid. A semi-liquid mess.

e.g., The heat and humidity both hit a hundred on the most fecquid day in Chicago history.

submitted by scott meyer

fecterated - Corrupt, bastardized, or deviant.

e.g., My fecterated boss was caught selling drugs out the back door at work.

submitted by aspric - (www)

fecus - A broken down or ruined Ford Focus. Combination of Focus and feces.

e.g., Oh no, another mangled Fecus.

submitted by biff

federal abuse - Abuse of a sibling

e.g., My sister was tickling me, and I screamed FEDERAL ABUSE!

submitted by Rebecca

fedexcess - the state or condition of an overabundance of packages to be shipped overnight

e.g., Tell Maureen if she wants that package to go out today she'd better step on it...we're up to our necks in fedexcess down here!

submitted by EuroTrash - (www)

fedexodus - the moment when overnight packages actually go out the door

e.g., Sorry, Maureen, you missed the fedexodus by three minutes.

submitted by EuroTrash - (www)

fedges - When a fence and a hedge are flush against each other, they become a fedge.

e.g., Our cat enjoys sitting on our fedge.

submitted by BeckyF

fee seize - The federal, state, and local governments' gratuitous actions to raise revenue by forcing citizens to pay greatly increased mandatory fees for licenses and services.

e.g., Have you noticed how much the cost of drivers and car licenses, and other required service permits, have gone up in recent years? A passport today costs $165! Even the act of dying -- a certified death certificate, that used to be $1.00, is now $10.00 a copy! So when a politician tells you that he or she can get the job done without having to raise taxes, you know its fee seize!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

fee-mail - Postal mail requiring a financial response, such as bills, magazine subscription forms, and requests for charitable contributions.

e.g., All I got in my box today was fee-mail.

submitted by bigSimon - (www)

feeb - (n) One who is socially, mentally, and physically feeble.

e.g., You didn't ask for her phone number? You're such a feeb.

submitted by Andrew Schark - (www)

feebicle - One who has no knowledge about a certain subject that one's peers are knowledgeable about.

e.g., "You don't know what DiVX is? Ha! What a feebicle."

submitted by Kaena Miller - (www)

feebill - The unexplained, unannounced, ridiculously high (and never part of the "package deal") additional charges added to a customer account for services such as cable television, telephone, and internet service.

e.g., Those bastards added a $51 "federal access" feebill to my account this month.

submitted by Saint714

feed the chicken - A physical congratulatory expression, similar to a "high five."

e.g., Bert: (Cupping one hand palm up) "Great job, feed the chicken." Ernie: (Hand cupped palm down, touches palm of Bert repeatedly) "Thanks."

submitted by Stewbob - (www)

feeding the ducks - Cutting off a man's penis. Called "feeding the ducks" in Thailand, because that's often how the cuttees dispose of the evidence of their crime. "Feeding the ducks is popular because it removes the possibility of reattachment."

e.g., If your girlfriend or wife is Thai and asks you to go to a park with her so she can feed the ducks, watch out.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

feegool - Feel good law. Any law which does not achieve its stated purpose but it feels good to pass such a law.

e.g., Minimum wage laws are feegools in my opinion.

submitted by Vidyalankar

feelaquarts - Feeling something unbelievably soft, or unbelievable rough. Often used when feeling giant man-eating reptiles.

e.g., "Do you want to come with me on the feelaquarts safari in Africa? We'd be there about six weeks." "Er, umm … did you say man-eating reptiles? If you did, I think I'll take a pass -- unless you're paying all expenses. Are you?"

submitted by Benjamin Franklin

feelawful - Indigestion experienced after eating falafel.

e.g., Now I know why they call it falafal: I ate it and now I feelawful.

submitted by Joel Parker

feelena folana - Ulta-feminine, flirtatious.

e.g., Oh! I just bought the cutest pair of pink slippers. I am so Feelena Folana today.

submitted by nitag - (www)

feelin' - To have an inclination toward.

e.g., Last night was quite a bender, I'm not really feelin' brunch right now.

submitted by ditnis

feelin' it - To be hurt physically.

e.g., Ed: I saw you get punched in the face just then, are you OK? Ted: No, I'm feelin' it.

submitted by ditnis

feeling - The condition of having eaten too much and not wanting to move or think.

e.g., I ate two #3 meals at Wendy's and now I've got the feeling, so I'm just going to sit here for a while.

submitted by ditnis

feels - An extremely strong emotion about a certain movie, book, or TV show. Usually felt by fangirls or fanboys, and incomprehensible to normal people.

e.g., I suffer from Reichenbach feels and cry if I watch that particular episode of BBC Sherlock.

submitted by Sherlock

feely, smelly - 1. Feel, feels. Used only in an affectionate manner. 2. Smell, smells. Yes, this word exists, technically. In this usage the word is used only in an affectionate context.

e.g., 1. Your hand feely good in my hand. 2. You smelly good.

submitted by johnna - (www)

feemo - Female emo music. Unlike most male emo, female emo often just has a guitar and a singer.

e.g., Jewel has gone way downhill since her feemo days.

submitted by cd

feeney - another word for a word that you cannot remember at the moment. (aka. thingamajig)

e.g., Can you please pass me that feeney?

submitted by Candace

feepeat - (FEE-peet; n.) 1. any unexpected, additional fee; 2. paying the same fee twice; 3. having to pay for something over again under a different label. [From "fee" + "repeat" (deleting the "re," of course).

e.g., I remember going to Disneyworld back in 1970 something, and discovering that, even though my father had paid an enormous price to get us into the park, we still had to purchase tickets of varying value according to the nature of the rides. E-tickets were the most costly, and they were for "big" rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion. Talk about your feepeats. We bought so many and exhausted ourselves, and, after several days, were all funned out. My father---a very generous soul---gave all our extras away at the entrance to a very surprised family waiting the pay the entry fee. | "Harry, did we pay the electric bill twice?" "Yeah, but it's just a feepeat; I had them credit our account for next month."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

feequency - (n.) radio frequencies available for commercial use as licensed under whatever agency or council keeps track of such things in any particular country or region. [An (obvious) revision of the word _frequency_.]

e.g., Anyone can broadcast their agenda these days: you just purchase yourself a feequency and have your say. You'll want advertisers, though. Unless you possess the finances of a small country, you can't possibly pay for such a thing by yourself.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

feezie! - Exclamation. A sound of utter suprise on every imaginable level.

e.g., Feezie!

submitted by Kopyk@

feffa - Stuff floating in your drink.

e.g., I can't drink this. It has feffa in it.

submitted by Sally

feh - An expression of indifference.

e.g., Guy 1:"I'm going to the store." Guy 2:"Feh"

submitted by Sam - (www)

feinberger - (n.) any "futuristic" Star Trek prop, and by extension, any futuristic scifi prop on film or tv, or in a manga, or whatever (so called after Irving Feinberg, the propsmaster for the original Star Trek series).

e.g., "So Worf pulls out this weird feinberger that tells him Data's exact location ... sometimes the feinbergers make things way too easy."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

feisenberg uncertainty principle - (n.) one of the laws of the Star Trek universe, mandating that no matter how serious a situation may become, something (realignment, reversal of polarity, or something) can be done that might or should get you out of it. Whatever it is, it must always work despite the uncertainty regarding its success. ("Feisenberg" is from Irving Feinberg, propsmaster for all the futuristic gizmos ("feinbergers," q.v.) in the original Star Trek series.)

e.g., Picard: Suggestions? LaForge: If I could realign the deflector array, we might be able to disperse the subspace interference. Picard: Make it so . . . taking into account the Feisenberg Uncertainty Principle, of course. LaForge: Unh, how do I do that?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fek - Used to show disgust at something, or to describe something disgusting.

e.g., This is some really fek food. | That was the fekest thing I have ever seen.

submitted by Kerem

felaw - Female law.

e.g., Women have so many of their own hidden felaws (usually passed from mother to daughter) that men will never catch on or catch up.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

felch - Mutilated, contorted, broken, or disabled.

e.g., I forgot to take my ID out of my pants when I put them in the drier and now it's all felched.

submitted by rick

felectricity - The phenomenon of cat hair sticking to your clothes, especially when you are about to go on a date.

e.g., Blast! The felectricity is causing cat hairs to cling to my black dress.

submitted by Brendan

felicitator - The one who leads the fun part of the meeting. (No record of the source of the misspelling.)

e.g., My turn. My turn. I want to be the felicitator for the staff meeting this week. My idea? Tacky's the word. Tacky behavior, tacky clothes, tacky talk. Just like the Jerry Springer Show.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

felinbobism - Belief that you are really a small cat named "Bob." A common condition in old dogs, and also in small cats named "Bob."

e.g., The vet said that Rex had a mild case of felinbobism.

submitted by Sam - (www)

felion - The mother of all cats.

e.g., Never get betwen a felion and its kittens.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

felipeliosis - Contamination by cat fur.

e.g., After the cat walked by my coffee, I noted the felipeliosis in the cup.

submitted by Syl Lindsay

fellatiocracy - A fellatiocracy is a system that rewards or promotes those individuals who are able to satisfy their superiors in ways other than job performance.

e.g., John would never have made regional manager if this wasn't a fellatiocracy.

submitted by Jim Brown

felo de se - Wikipedia: "Latin for 'felon of himself,' is an archaic legal term meaning suicide. In early English common law, an adult who committed suicide was literally a felon, and the crime was punishable by forfeiture of property to the king and what was considered a shameful burial -- typically with a stake through his heart and with a burial at a crossroad. Burials for felo de se typically took place at night, with no mourners or clergy present, and the location was often kept a secret by the authorities." | Suicide. | "A person who commits suicide or who dies from the effects of having committed an unlawful malicious act, an act of deliberate self-destruction." | "A person who commits suicide or commits an unlawful malicious act resulting in his or her own death, the act of suicide."

e.g., "With all respect for those by whom this opinion has been professed, I am constrained to regard it as utterly untenable, as palpably inconsistent, and as presenting in argument a complete felo de se." | "In denying the right they usurp, of exclusively explaining the Constitution, I go further than you do, if I understand rightly your quotation from the Federalist of an opinion that 'the Judiciary is the last resort in relation to the other departments of the Government, but not in relation to the rights of the parties to the compact under which the Judiciary is derived.' If this opinion be sound, then indeed is our Constitution a complete felo de se. For intending to establish three departments, coordinate and independent, that they might check and balance one another, it has given, according to this opinion, to one of them alone the right to prescribe rules for the government of the others, and to that one, too, which is unelected by, and independent of, the nation."

submitted by [felo de se] - (www)

felony flyers - Running shoes, sneakers.


Mike Santangelo: Here's more: Murphy's constantly chasing and never catching a serial burglar who wears running shoes -- felony flyers -- and a World War I flying helmet. It's the movie's running gag. Meanwhile, he's falling for a Puerto Rican nurse who likes to takes an occasional heroin vacation.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

felsic - 1. Very cool 2. Light, not dark. From the geologic term of the same name. Opposite is mafic.

e.g., Mike is definitely felsic.

submitted by Aegean - (www)

femalien - When a female goes completely psycho.

e.g., When she went femalien, I thought she was going to kill me.

submitted by Tony Roenspies

femammal - Female mammal

e.g., Not all mammals produce milk. That is left to the femammals.

submitted by Beth Lindberg

femi-nazi - A woman with strong feminine views

e.g., Go and burn your bra, you femi-nazi!

submitted by Michael

femicide - (FEM-ih-side; n.) 1. The killing of women; 2. the killing of (human) females of any age, especially as part of a pogrom against females; 3. "genocide," but directed at women, rather than at a particular group. (v.) 2. A killer of women. [From "femi" < Latin femina "woman, female" + "cide" < Latin -cida "cutter" < -cidere < caedere "to strike, chop, hew, slay." Analogy from "homicide," "matricide," "fratricide," "regicide," "pesticide," etc.]

e.g., Most serial killers commit femicide, because they are cowards most likely.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

femiffy - Characterized by or possessing qualities generally attributed to a woman.

e.g., Look at the way that guy has his legs crossed. How femiffy.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

feminence - Feminine eminence.

e.g., I felt her feminence as she walked into the room.

submitted by sinphony - (www)

feminitpicker - Softer, gentler, and more insidious form of a feminist. People who start replacing the male pronoun with the female version a little bit at a time -- to "correct" a perceived mistake -- even though centuries of use have effectively neutered the male pronoun. The end result is confusion, anarchy, and the fall of western civilization as we know it. Most noticed by saying the secret code, "If there is a God, I hope She's a liberal." (See entry at "her.")

e.g., I can't believe some feminitpickers replaced ALL the pronouns in ALL the 3rd edition D & D books with "she" and "her." You would think they would be happy with replacing "... where no MAN has gone before" with ". . . where no ONE has gone before" in the Star Trek franchise. But that was only the beginning. Shun the feminitpickers.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

femious - Frustrating when applied to the operation of an object.

e.g., This crayon is femious! (As stated by my daughter who was four at the time.)

submitted by Rod McKay

femme-fetal - An unborn baby girl.

e.g., Even before she was born, my sister had me wrapped around her eentsy-weentsy finger. Definitely a femme-fetal.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

femmullet - A mullet (perhaps with a rattail) sported by a woman; aka "lady mullet."

e.g., We were out mullet spotting and we saw about three chicks with really sketchy femmullets and neon green bikinis.

submitted by mama getch wench

femocrite - A hypocritical female; the type of female who will kiss spit, but then act greatly repulsed if that same spit goes on the sidewalk or into a wastebasket.

e.g., Chris is a femocrite. She tells her kids how great she is and acts like a saint in church. Behind the scenes, she’s servicing a long line of men and stealing as much as she can. Why do you think she volunteered to count the offering last Sunday?

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

fempirical - Guided by intuition or premonition.

e.g., I have fempirical evidence that he has been misbehaving; he gave me two gifts in one week.

submitted by Nonesuch

femproctek - Generic term for feminine protection technology, thus giving one the opportunity to refer to such unmentionables without getting embarrassingly specific. Coined by one of my brother's college roommates.

e.g., I need to stop by the drug store to pick up some femproctek.

submitted by Anne-Marie J. Leake

fempulation - Female population.

e.g., The majority of the fempulation of the world have once uttered the phrase "men are pigs."

submitted by Patrice McLellan

femtogivarip - The least amount before a person could care no more.

e.g., "Oh hun, I just dripped that greasy taco on my blouse." "I so femtogivarip."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

femtomush - Speech so arcane, byzantine, or drivelous as to be of little or no use, even to casually tolerate in polite and generous company.

e.g., Did you hear what he was talking about? Pure femtomush. | I can' take that prof's femtomush. Can't he speak plain English? "Grade F: Comment: "Your paper is full of femtomush."

submitted by jim barclay

femuline - A word to describe a woman who is often mistaken for a man.

e.g., Jill was so femuline she was allowed to join the football team, until an unfortunate locker room incident.

submitted by Ally

fen - To make a decision.

e.g., I fen to rise up and get my drink on.

submitted by Zak

fench - The greasy, pervasive scent of unshowered "fanboys" that hangs in the air at many types of fandom conventions. Short for "fanboy stench."

e.g., I returned to the art dealers' room later that day only to discover that the fench had grown so thick that I began to wonder if my hotel room was the only one with free soap and a working shower.

submitted by Torrle

fencibles - Stolen goods that can be sold for money through a fence, not a picket type.

e.g., A lot of people suspect that fencibles can be found at pawnshops.

submitted by HD Fowler

fencyplence - A street or area noted for its homes surrounded by neat little fences and replete with gorgeous plants and flowers and marvelous arrangements -- very pleasing to the eye, and nose.

e.g., We all live in a floral fencyplence. The blossoms are so dense, they cost a pretty pence, they tickle every sense. Relax and don't be tense; you can't afford the rents.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fenderberg - The large amounts of ice that build up in the wheel wells of cars during the winter.

e.g., I have to kick the fenderbergs loose before we leave.

submitted by Lee

fendercicle - The large chunks of ice that for on the fender of your car in the winter.

e.g., I had to go around and kick the fendercicles off my car this afternoon.

submitted by Phil Miller

feng-hooey - A spurious explanation for a particularly hideous decor choice as "good feng-shui" or something similar.

e.g., Tom and Cynthia assured us the green lino flooring in kitchen of their new apartment was actually "good feng-shui." "Feng-phooey more like," I told my girlfriend later. "Don't these people realize green lino went out with the 70s?"

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

fenile - A blending of the words "feline" and "senile" -- for a senile cat.

e.g., My 20 year-old cat has lost her memory. She has been diagnosed with fenile dementia.

submitted by Lydia Brewer

fepsudosy - Well, this is a word I made up by using my daughter's alphabet magnets... I don't really have a definition, but I have been looking for a good one. All variations are possible - fepsudosical, fepsudosiary, that sort of thing. Please help!

e.g., That is the most fepsudosical thing I've ever seen! It makes me feel so fepsudosical just looking at it!

submitted by scott - (www)

fer cripes! - A phrase used in annoyance or mock annoyance.

e.g., "Shut up fer cripes! They're complaining in Bejing."

submitted by Mo

feral - Pierced, dreadlocked, and tatooed young urbanite. Generally appears malnourished due to almost exclusive diet of tofu. Frequently heard griping about capitalism being the root of all evil, despite privileged middle-class upbringing and frequent parental loans. Wants to free the opressed workers of the world and live close to nature, despite never being found further than 100 meters from the nearest Starbucks. Sneers frequently.

e.g., A: Honey, there's a dreadlock in my iced mocha grande. B: Complain to feral who made it, dear.

submitted by wnpxnff

feral peeve - (n.) 1. An undomesticated peeve: A peeve that is not a "pet"; 2. a peeve you're aware of, but aren't particularly peevish about; 3. a potential peeve: something somebody could develop a peeve about, but hasn't. [From feral (Latin for "wild"), the opposite of "pet."]

e.g., "All this posturing really ticks me off." "You're peeved by class arrogance?" "Yeah. Bad." "But you never talk about it." "Well, it's not a pet peeve or anything; it's just a peeve." "Ah, a feral peeve." || "Look at this crappy intersection! Five way and on a slant with two stop signs covered by kudzu." "A feral peeve: cool." "Well, hey, it's worth getting peeved about, don't you think?" "Yeah. You should adopt it. You can make it a pet peeve. Take it to a prize peeve show." "... ... wait: I should write to the paper!: make it everyone's pet peeve!" "Good idea! We can't have feral peeves wandering around, getting into the garbage cans, eating people's gardens." "Be serious."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fercrushtnutz - Fercrushtnutz: an expletive used in times of extreme frustration when foul language is best avoided.

e.g., Fercrushtnutz, Mom, I told you I didn't want another T-shirt!

submitted by David Garvin - (www)

ferdlunker - The frozen snow chunk that accumulates between your tire and the wheel well during winter and falls off creating obstacles for cars behind you.

e.g., I kicked off the ferdlunker so I could turn my wheels.

submitted by Anne Hauser

fergarble - Meaningless hooey.

e.g., It's just a bunch of fergarble.

submitted by Stephen Schueler

fergharry - Combination of "I forgot" and "I'm sorry."

e.g., "Hey, did you mail that letter for me yet?" "Nope, fergharry."

submitted by wallytornado

fergit, fergat, fergut - Forgive and forget, banish from memory or concern, dismiss as being nothing to worry about.

e.g., We told old Johnstone he should fergit the loan, a measly $500, as he was probably about to croak anyhow.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ferheretogo - A time-saving bastardization of "for here or to go?" Asked by fast food employees when taking your order.

e.g., Sam asked the customer if his order was "ferheretogo" but the man stared blankly at him.

submitted by aaron dodd

ferior - The opposite of inferior; an alternative of "superior." Also -- a person who is always "one better" than you is "ferior." (Thanks to Dub for this word.)

e.g., Mike is definitely ferior. I hate him for that.

submitted by Joeski - (www)

fermentia - Drunk to the point of dementia.

e.g., I achieved pure fermentia last night. Don't remember it though.

submitted by B-Rad

fermo - "To fermo" is to create an internet persona, to lead a double life on the Internet. One can "do a fermo" or "pull a fermo" or "be fermoed," etc.

"P/CP members, meet the real Randy Fermo" was a thread in which "Randy Fermo" was "exposed" as someone who created a misleading internet persona that "he" used for over 18 months and well over 3,000 posts to forums at RandyFOhio successfully fooled dozens, if not hundreds, of forum members into thinking he was a wacky young Hawaiian. As of this writing, no one has revealed who "Randy Fermo" really is. . . .

Here we are several years later -- and Randy Fermo is a moderately successful documentary film maker.

e.g., If you ask me, I think the guy's pulling a fermo.

submitted by HD Fowler

fernduck - A fernduck is a mythical creature that resembles a penguin.

e.g., "That's not a penguin, that's a fernduck," said Jim when I showed him the picture three-year-old Ed had drawn. | What's the difference between a fernduck and a mole? Fernducks thrive on a diet of corn and thin mole asses.

submitted by «Ed» - (www)

ferner - Long plastic horn used as noisemaker at North American sporting events.

e.g., The guy behind me at the soccer game had a ferner. I wanted to wring his neck.

submitted by Matthew Bin

ferni-ture - When you torture someone by repeatedly brushing them with fern fronds.

e.g., Because of the "water-boarding" controversy, the CIA is now experimenting with ferni-ture. Not promising so far.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

ferpacious - Having to do with making the lives of high school students more complicated or miserable.

e.g., The shcool's dress code is ferpacious. And that's the only reason the bastards have such codes--simply to make our lives ferpacious.

submitted by C. D Clawson

ferpect - Almost perfect, but not quite.

e.g., "I've finished painting the wall. How does it look?" "Ferpect."

submitted by Carey Taylor-Forbes

ferral - Of an extremely freakish and unkept nature.

e.g., Did you notice Chris, the one covered in tattoos, with the long hair in a plait -- the one talking to Lauren at the pub so long Wednesday? He was really ferral.

submitted by Cat

ferrari-safari - To drive like a maniac to a specific sighting, while seated in a safari vehicle.

e.g., Quick, Mike, let's Ferrari-safari to where they spotted those lions, so we can squiver them.

submitted by Daniella - (www)

ferraro gambit - (n.) 1. attacking an opponent for being condescending (despite the condescension's being entirely irrelevant to the argument) so as to score points with a particular segment of the audience -- a tactic that backfires more often than not, one way or another; 2. anticipating an opponent's arguments or actions, and preparing (and then delivering) a counterattack designed to devastate, defeat, undermine, chagrin, embarrass, or at least divert or confuse the opponent -- but which backfires or fizzles. (From Geraldine Ferraro's ill-timed and obviously planned interruption of VP Bush in the 1984 debate, "Don't patronize me just because I'm a woman" -- which made an otherwise excellent debater look bellicose and paranoid. This has been cut from the formal transcript).

e.g., "You're just homophobic; that's why you won't vote for him." "Don't try the Ferraro Gambit on me, man -- have you seen his stand on the economy?! On sentencing enhancements?! And his environmental policy?! The man is a certifiable bananawhacky!: I wouldn't vote for him if he were Saint Francis of Assisi."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ferris wheel - (n., also the "ferris wheel gambit") 1. a rhetorical device by which a speaker turns a single group into a set of (inimical) factions by declaring common ground or sympathy with one of the factions. (The term actually derives from the Greek New Testament, in which Paul, facing the Sanhedrin, and noting that some were Sadducees (Zadokim) and some were Pharisees (Pawrashim), called out, "I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee!" effectively dividing the counsel into two sects at each other's throats (with the Pharisees supporting Paul) instead of the united Sanhedrin they had been thitherto. In the Greek, Paul's words are "¦µ¦Á¦Ñ¦É¦Ò¦Á¦É¦Ïς ¦Å¦É¦Ì¦É ¦Ô¦É¦Ïς ¦µ¦Á¦Ñ¦É¦Ò¦Á¦É¦Ï¦Ô" (farisaios eimi uios farisaiou). Anyway, certain listeners of the younger sort heard the Greek as "Ferris Wheel." Hence this entry.)

e.g., An estadounidense, for example, facing a hostile Mexican legislative body, might openly subscribe, in their presentation, to the positions of the PAN (National Action Party), turning the PAN members against those council members belonging to the PRI (the Institutional Revolution Party), thus garnering support in the one camp at the expense of the other.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ferrisguy - A guy who is a nerd or tries to act cool in front of people but is definitely not cool.

e.g., Chris always acts stupid--a classic ferrisguy.

submitted by Jasmine Herrick

ferroequinologist - One who is into ferroequinology, i.e. train nut (ferroequinology -- study of trains, ferro = iron, equine = to do with horses).

e.g., As the bumper sticker says, just another crazy ferroequinologist, out chasing trains.

submitted by Keith

ferruginous - Combines ferrugose--ridged with ferrous--ironlike. To be ferruginous is to be surfaced like corrugated iron.

e.g., Despite frequent applications of all the best anti-acne medications commercially available, Mimsy's skin retained its ferruginous quality.

submitted by Douglas Rees

ferschmiggled - Confused, mixed up, out of sorts, not thinking clearly.

e.g., After I moved into my new house, I was a bit ferschmiggled, and couldn't find what I needed.

submitted by Maryann Meador

fershimilled - Discombobulated, but more so; incredibly confused and a tad flustered.

e.g., I was so fershimilled that I forgot my own name.

submitted by Carol Saunders

fershlugginer - 1. Stupid. 2. Overly-complicated. Fom Mad magazine.

e.g., Now the whole fershlugginer thing falls apart like a house of cards.

submitted by Mr Scrod

fersurely - Similar to "for sure" as in "I will do it for sure." A reply to a question.

e.g., Q. Will you be there? A. Fersurely.

submitted by Brian Snyder

fertilewiser - An expert, consultant or adviser on fertility of man or beast, birds and bees, childless brethren and sistren

e.g., We see the fertilewiser for our kine. Also for our shiftless son-in-law. Even the green things of the field benefit from his expertise. Before adopting, see the fertilewiser, why raise someone else's kid?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fertin - An object that has an obvious purpose but said purpose is mysterious. Common usage, "I found this fertin in the junk drawer, and I know it goes to something, so I better hang onto it 'cause the minute I throw it out, I'll need it." Alternatively, an object that appears to be an intrinsic part of another object, the overall purpose of which is unknown. Alternative spelling: furtin. Then again, it could just be a southernism; I first heard it during college in NC a few millenia ago, when wheels were new.

e.g., Thur's a purty good chance that suma' of that there stuff you been hangin' onto as fertin'll turn out to be nuthin' but spherica.

submitted by Cider33Alpha]

fertner - White stuff that accumulates in the corner of your mouth

e.g., You have a fertner on your mouth there.

submitted by john mace

fest - A hyperactive psychotic state induced by caffeine, alcohol, boredom, hormones, stress, "group mentality"--or all of the above. Involves fast extensions of the limbs, often accompanied by punching noises, and various quotes from Arnold's films, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Blade, Daler Mehndi, and the like. Although not directly violent, a fest shall only cease when something has been broken, or the threat of excessive punishment revealed.

e.g., Sorry, it was destroyed in a lunchbox-fest earlier today--but no chairs were broken this time!

submitted by Mark Bell

fester - Smeone who is constantly "sick" -- especially if such sickness normally coincides with work to be done.

e.g., Chris, fester that he is, left for the doctor's office just as the next container of car parts arrived to be unloaded.

submitted by francisweir

festerer - One who festers.

e.g., My girlfriend is a festerer. She will not express her feelings, she holds them back.

submitted by Frank England

festival-phone - Shouting, at a festival, so it gets passed from person to person until it attracts the attention of the desired person.

e.g., Bert: Where's Ryan? Ernie: Dunno, use the festival-phone.

submitted by rob and Mike, bored as hell

festivality - Activity or celebration held in a festival.

e.g., Many foreigners have been attracted by the cultural festivalities in Hue Festival 2002 in Vietnam.

submitted by Vu

festivus - The holiday for the rest of us. Consists of such celebrations as feats of strength.

e.g., Holidays are so commercial. Everyone should celebrate festivus.

submitted by Mike TV

festo - Something disgusting and manky in a crusty sort of way.

e.g., The hotel walls were festo.

submitted by Skittle McFluff

festouche - The hairs growing on the upper lip of some women, especially rednecks, often evolving into full festouches if not waxed.

e.g., I told her to wax her lip, but she didn't listen. Now she's got a thick festouche.

submitted by cathy

feta - Fromages for the Ethical Treatment of Asiago.

e.g., Asiago has been adulterated at times and, in such käses, FETA has stepped in to stop the practice.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

feta complis - A well-made cheese.

e.g., When she finished creating her delectable home-made Greek cheese, it was a feta complis.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fetale - Female tale.

e.g., The fetales about his ex included stories about many men, many sins, and a life of ease from living off others. Fetales are told mostly in bars and locker rooms... and at coffee breaks.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

fetch - Cool, excellent, fashionable. Made popular by the hit movie _Mean Girls_.

e.g., Oh, my God. Your dress is just SO fetch.

submitted by Nathan

fete accompli - A "party" that was a success. There's a book about entertaining with the same title.

e.g., Of all the parties I've gone to, the Tacky Party and the Hat Party best fit the bill for fetes accompli.

submitted by

fetealism - "The fear of throwing a party and having no one show up."

e.g., "I am the executive director of a small nonprofit, and we rely on fundraising events for a third of our income. I know too well the dreaded feeling that our party will be a bomb. I call it fetealism."

submitted by [Kathleen DeBold]

feteo, ergo sum - I stink, therefore I am. Someone must have uttered this Latin phrase.

e.g., The lawyer was admonished by the judge for smelling bad, but countered by saying, "Feteo, ergo sum."

submitted by Steve McDonald

fettle - To work on something that is already in good condition to improve it yet further. From Yorkshire, UK.

e.g., "What are the new Pace suspension forks like?" "Oh, they took last year's one and fettled them. They've got grease ports, unobtanium stanchions, and a bit more travel."

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

fetus days - 1. Strictly speaking, a time very long ago in one's past. 2. In more common usage, any excessively long duration, whether spatial or temporal.

e.g., 1. I've been friends with Kerry since fetus days. 2. Walk all the way there from here? That trip will take fetus days.

submitted by jonah weiner

few - (adj.) a group of three things having some relationship to one another (i.e., they are identical, similar, complementary, and so forth). Unlike its vague, common usage in present English, this_few_is a partitive to be preceded by a grammatical article and followed by_of_.

e.g., When I left for work on Tuesday, I saw a few of owls perched in the dead yew tree across the street. I didn't think I was superstitious, but I started looking for Voldemort and toting up bad luck all day. | Faith, Hope, and Charity make a few of virtues.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

few cans short of a six pack, a - Used to describe someone who isn't quite all there.

e.g., Wearing white after Labour Day? You must be a few cans short of a six pack.

submitted by Richard

few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, a - This refers to someone who is not with it upstairs.

e.g., Jeez, he's got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

submitted by Nick

few parts short of a madrigal, a - Phrase indicating that one is a bit slow or stupid.

e.g., Only a man a few parts short of a madrigal would forget his keys three times in a row.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

few sandwiches short of a picnic, a - Not all there mentally speaking. Often used to refer to someone who is a little crazy or mentally deficent. Scatterbrained.

e.g., There's a guy across the street walking around shouting about aliens. I think he's a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

submitted by Graham

fewbruary - What the second month should be named, since it has the fewest days in it.

e.g., When Fewbruary gets here, not only will we have Valentine's Day to observe, we'll also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the day we met. [Done. Next up: our 50th wedding anniversary.]

submitted by HD Fowler

ffa - Free-For-All.

e.g., Is this game teams or FFA?

submitted by Jack Simpkins - (www)

fflf - Female Fun Limitation Factor. When a woman asks "Do you really think you should be doing that?"

e.g., I was about to prove I could hurdle the garden fence in my tux when the bride kicked in the ole FFLF. I still say I could have cleared it.

submitted by Biscottino

fgsg - Fat Girl, Skinny Girl. A pairing of one fat girl and one skinny girl, in an effort to attract boys. The skinny girl wants all the boys to pay attention to her and the fat girl just wants to be within a couple of yards of a guy.

e.g., If it weren't for the FGSGs this bar would be empty.

submitted by Charles

fhetto - To fake being ghetto. To act "bad" when you actually live in an upscale housing community above poverty level. For people who live in suburban areas but act like they live in a poverty-stricken area with a high crime rate.

e.g., Cecile has never even visited the inner city. When she dresses down that way, it's just part of her fhetto play.

submitted by Chris Nicosia - (www)

fial - A mispronunciation of the word fool...pronounced feeyal. I'm sure lots of teenagers have tried changing vowels in words, but this is the best example I heard of it.

e.g., Only a fial would try running on ice.

submitted by jonny - (www)

fiaster - "Disaster" and "fiasco."

e.g., I'll never go white-water rafting in the Titanic again. That was a fiaster.

submitted by John Breen

fibbery - Describing something as a fib, a lie, an untruth.

e.g., That was pure fibbery.

submitted by Ang

fibble - A cross between "fiddle" and "dibble dabble." To fibble is to mess around trying too many things at once and not really do anything.

e.g., Don't fibble your life away. Dilettantes aren't happy people.

submitted by Josh Draper - (www)

fibblegibble - To fibblegibble expresses the notion that that you made a big mistake, but somehow accomplished what what you wanted to do -- possibly even more.

e.g., Byrell was right in font of the goal when he fibblegibled but scored an amazing goal.

submitted by Lionel Messi

fiberglass coffin - An old, tiny car, usually made by a Japanese manufacturer.

e.g., Chris is driving really agressively, especially considering his fiberglass coffin.

submitted by qnarf

fibertastic - Full of fiber.

e.g., Ally: Here, Grandpa... Some Metamucil for ya. Grandpa: Mm... fibertastic.

submitted by Ally

fiblit - It's a Koosh ball (that colorful ball that looks like it's made of old rubberbands), but Fiblit is easier to remember.

e.g., Erik, don't throw the fiblit in the living room.

submitted by kriss wagner

fibrous evader - "The errant bit of lint, hair, or fuzz that accidentally finds its way into your mouth, can be detected with the tongue, but can't seem to be removed with the fingers, at least not until you've had to talk funny and slobber all over yourself to find it."

e.g., "Beulah was temporarily speechless, as her tongue was preoccupied with a fibrous evader floating somewhere near her molars."

submitted by B. S. Whitmore

ficknish - Another word for interesting when you're run out of more interesting words to say in place of it.

e.g., Elizabeth: "The other day my brother ate a ham and pickle sandwich." Nicky: "Hmmm. That's quite ficknish." OR He wore a ficknish hat the other night to the game.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fict - (v.) To make something up, especially a lengthy, detailed something. [From "fiction."]

e.g., As a young father, I ficted hours of stories for my children about an evil, backward Superman called Nam Repus. | It's sad, but some kids tend to excuse themselves by lying, ficting alibis to escape parental punishment.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fictemistentetionist - Someone who deals with the study of the morals of the universe, or who studies the morals of the universe.

e.g., The fictemistentetionist dedicated his whole life to his studies, only to discover that he could never know everything.

submitted by Tyler

fictorious - Having won an imaginary victory.

e.g., Steve's ability to feel fictorious was almost beyond reason.

submitted by Chris

fiddadle - to go away and do something

e.g., "" you're annoying me, go fiddadle""

submitted by Cateyes

fiddlesticks - An interjection used to express annoyance, frustration, impatience, dismissal, etc. A cuss word for Julie, the strongest language we've ever heard her use.

e.g., Oh, fiddlesticks. The foil on this pudding keeps tearing when I try to open it.

submitted by [Julie]

fiddy - Fifty dollars.

e.g., When are you going to pay me back that fiddy?

submitted by Travis

fiddy diddy - Fuddy duddy. Updated to be current with Curtis Jackson and Sean Combs.

e.g., Justices Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito are all fiddy diddies who aren’t keeping up with our changing times and changing world. Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter, and Stevens, on the other hand, refuse to let their imaginings be constrained by such ill-conceived notions as sticking to the plain and simple meaning of words as they were used when the Constitution was written.

submitted by HD

fidel - The Definition to End All Definitions -- by Liz Balmaseda

A proposed revision to Webster's College Dictionary (Random House):

Cas.tro (kas'tro), n. Fi.del (FEED-hell), (Fidel Castro Ruz) born 1927, 1. Cuban revolutionary leader: prime minister 1959-1976; president since 1976. 2. A ruler exercising absolute power without hereditary right or the free consent of the people. 3. One who possesses a highly exaggerated or delusional concept of his own importance. 4. Rare tropical species, vampire-like in approach to prey. 5. Ominous inner child, the fidel that even some of his foes carry inside, the one that can be provoked in a moment of political paranoia. 6. A man who solicits customers for a prostitute or a brothel in return for a share of the earnings.

-- Adj. Not relevant; not applicable or pertinent to the future.

See definition of "dictator."

See definition of "megalomaniac."

See definition of "pimp."

-- Syn, (and other related terms). El tirano. (The tyrant). El caballo. (The horse). El del tabacon. (The one with the big cigar). El barbudo. (The bearded one). El que esclaviza la patria. (He who enslaves the fatherland). El que oprime la isla esclava. (He who oppresses the enslaved island). Fifo. (Fifo). La bestia de Biran. (The beast of Biran, Castro's birthplace in Oriente Province, Cuba). Fatigue fashion victim. Mastermind of the cigar conspiracy. HP. (SOB). El rey del Arbitron en Miami. (The king of Arbitron in Miami). The naked emporer. Hemisphere's most famous squatter. The original deadbeat dad. El Machista-En-Jefe. No mas.

Copyright © 1998 The Miami Herald

e.g., Definition 3: Crap, who does the editor think she is? Looks to me as if she's a fidel.

submitted by Liz Balmaseda - (www)

fidel-ity - Blind loyalty to a notorious Communist dictator of a small Caribbean island.

e.g., The workers in the cigar factory showed unwavering Fidel-ity to their leader.

submitted by John Jeffers - (www)

fididdlewhop - A word used to denote aggravation or annoyance.

e.g., Oh, fididdlewhop, I forgot my cell phone.

submitted by Pamela Powell - (www)

fidiot - A fucking idiot.

e.g., That fidiot just cut me off. (Can be said in front of children without feeling guilty.)

submitted by wy - (www)

fidna, finna - Texan for "fixing to." Can be pronounced either way, but Chaz will argue the latter.

e.g., We're fidna (finna) go to the store-- you wanna come?

submitted by Eve Lynn

field foosball - A disparaging term for soccer, implying the sport is nothing more than an extension of the table game.

e.g., NFL kickers should go back to playing field foosball and leave football to the real men. OR Beckham? Never heard of him. Oh, is he one of those field foosball players?

submitted by Greg Kline

fiend - To crave something, to become unstabble and dangerous.

e.g., After a week off the nicoting, Sis fiended for a cigarette.

submitted by Alex Edney

fierce - Cool.

e.g., Her party was fierce.

submitted by zak

fiery spit - Fierce terrible language, diatribe, angry yelling, shouting, cursing, energetic powerful speech. Cf. Fiery pit.

e.g., The placid crowd of dedicated bird watchers appeared to be somewhat stirred by the unexpected fiery spit emitting from the mouth of our featured speaker, Harry Goodfellow.. he likened our tax collectors to a flock of vicious vultures, tearing at your flesh?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fieven - A not such a great or horrible day, in the middle.

e.g., Today, when I received detention for no reason, I realized today is a fieven day.

submitted by molly

fife - To blatantly lie to someone, especially an absurd lie.

e.g., He said he had met the Pope at the Trekkie convention, but he was just fifing.

submitted by Alia Severine

fife - A child's vocal description of her age when she can use all five fingers on one hand (at once) to help visually prove her claim.

e.g., Adult: Well, hi there Little Shaver, how old are you? Child: I'm fife.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

fifelwaeg - (FEE-ful-why, or, less acurately, FIE-ful-wag or -way; n.) the unknown ocean-sea of the ancients; that is, the ocean as the road to the unknown: untold wealth, unspeakable danger, and unforgettable adventure: the sea of Sindbad and Ulysses, of Zhang Qian and Hotu Matu'a. It is, alas, an Ocean from which our GPSs and centimeter-fine maps have banished us: there are no new lands beyond the watery horizon, and the fifelwaeg is as inaccessible as Eden to us. [The word is ancient Anglo-Saxon for the "sea-road."]

e.g., In fourteen-hundred ninety-twey, Columbus sailed the fifelwaeg. | The Odyssey is a tale from the ancient fifelwaeg. | The Polynesians of old visited the west coasts of America, crossing the fifelwaeg by starlight and skill alone.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fifol - First Form of Life.

e.g., We still cannot say for sure how and where the FIFOL manifested itself in the universe. Earth is but one possibility.

submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

fifteen! - Overkill, as in a strategy board when you use a 15-value defense to defend against a 1-value attack.

e.g., The QB was just sacked by 4 guys. He sure was fifteened.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

fiftish - This is plainly when one is quite allergic to those weird Middle Eastern creatures, the genie. Symptoms include dizziness, blurred vision, heavy breathing, skin mottling, and death. The last can be prevented by dosing the afflicted with sufficient fermented camel's milk to stimulate heart and soul.

e.g., Assalaham always had to be very careful when working around bottles which purportedly may contain the dreaded Middle Eastern genie. For he had previously already experienced the genie allergy gene, and it was no fun.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

fifty-footer - Person who looks attractive from a distance, but gets progressively more ugly with proximity.

e.g., I thought she was a real looker, but she turned out to be a fifty-footer.

submitted by Greg

fiftyleven - Fifty-eleven. A vaguely high number, similar to umpteen.

e.g., I've revised this paper fiftyleven times, and it's still not good enough.

submitted by Sarah

fig - Slang for cigarette. A mixture of cig and fag.

e.g., Can I bum a fig?

submitted by brody - (www)

fig bars - The correct answer to most questions about food.

e.g., "What did you have for breakfast?" "Fig bars." | "What are you eatin' there?" "Fig bars." | "That smells great. What does it taste like?" "Fig bars."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

fig newton -

e.g., "Maybe her 'fig newton' is different from ours. Maybe her' fig newton" is a metaphor we just aren't hip to, savvy?" "Oh, you think maybe she means her fig, Newton?" | "I love her fig newton." | "Bruce Sundstrom, I can't say I really remember you, but I was in Mrs. Newton's Latin class. Two years of Caesar's Gallic Wars. We probably called her Fig Newton more often than Mrs. Newton. Can't say I remember any of it, but maybe it helped with French and English. Did anybody else take Latin? Surely there were more than two of us in the class! You missed a great reunion. It was lots of fun. Sounds like you're doing great things." "See her Marg-tits, her plum bum, and even a hint of her fig newton as her guy digs in and enjoys a box lunch at the Y."

submitted by someone

fig newton - (symbol fN; n.) 1. the force necessary to bite through a fig newton; 2. the unit in which the force necessary to bite through any cookie or cracker is measured; 3. the unit of measure for biting through any food (or substance pretending to be food). [After the Fig Newton cookie by Nabisco, and the actual SI unit "Newton" as a measure of force equal to accelerate one kg at one m/s^2.] | Generic for a fig newton candy bar. Capitalized: Nabisco brand Fig Newton bar.

e.g., "How are the brownies?" "Um ... chewy?" "Oh, come on. How bad can they be?" "No, no: they're delicious to suck on, but I have yet to successfully bite through one." "Really? How many have you had?" "Just this one. It takes, like, 8000 fNs to chop one of these things." "Let me see one of those....Whoa! I think I broke a tooth."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fig newton of my homogenation - For me, (being a "cookies-and-milk" kind of girl), saying that something is a "Fig Newton of my homogenation" (ho-mog-in-ation) is just a fun way of saying that something I'm saying or thinking, might JUST be, a "figment of my imagination"!

e.g., When he offered me a cookie and smiled, it looked to me as though he was flirting; but it may just have been a "Fig Newton of my homogenation." Got it?

submitted by Lynn B. Turner - (www)

figga - One who has an easily misinterpreted appearance, yet surprising pleasant characteristics quickly apparent once interacted with.

e.g., I wasn't eager to socialize with Cameron's cousin. He had the look commonly associated with drab personality and tax consultants. But when conversation began, he proved to be quite a figga, shining like the sun through a glass of water and becoming a reservoir of interesting conversation.

submitted by Davester

figger - Figure, verb: "Informal. to conclude, judge, reason, or think about."

e.g., I had originally written that with a period, followed by "That can't be right." Right or not, it's effectively what they're considering doing -- and are, I figger, very likely to do.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

figgins - The British word for balls.

e.g., "By Jove, he just kicked me in the figgins." "Good God."

submitted by Teabag McGoo

fight the hydra - To engage in a repetitive task composed of several similar units, such that as other people complete a related preliminary task they add to your task. The general effect is that the units waiting for you to take care of them keep growing back. From the mythical Hydra, whose heads, when severed, grow back unless the stumps are burned.

e.g., I fought the hydra all day. I know I took care of a dozen files today, but my inbox never seemed to get any closer to empty.

submitted by Shaduan

fight-club secret - A secret so sacred that if you leak it out your very life could be at stake.

e.g., Don't tell anyone that I told you. It's a fight-club secret.

submitted by christine - (www)

fightation - A combination of fighting and flirtation. Refers to the practice of fighting (rather, play-fighting) solely for the purpose of touching the other person.

e.g., He was grabbing at my hands and poking my ribs but I let it go because I knew it was just fightation.

submitted by camille

figmo - Fuck It, Got My Orders. Military acronym referring to release from military service.

e.g., Screw that work detail. I'm FIGMO in two more days.

submitted by Derek Browning - (www)

figowy-owy - When something's amiss.

e.g., George had to rework the code in his program when an operator informed him that it appeared to be figowy-owy. when it ran.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

figurement - To figure out the measurement of something.

e.g., I need you to figurement this board.

submitted by Jodi Hughes

fihom - Famous In Her (his) Own Mind.

e.g., She became fihom, decided he was not exciting enough for her, and traded him in for a long line of men.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

filarious - Fucking hilarious

e.g., Oh, my God, that was filarious.

submitted by Mallory Boggs - (www)

filbert - 1.To sandwich someone or something into a busy schedule or agenda. 2. To squeeze an object between two other objects.

e.g., 1. I've got appointments scheduled at 10 AM, and 11:15 AM. I could filbert you at 10:45 AM if that'll work for you. 2. They actually filberted a new house between those two old Victorians. The empty lot was only 45 feet wide.

submitted by Paul

filbert - A nutty or odd person. Comes from the regional name in Oregon for hazelnuts. Can also be someone who is very knowledgeable about a subject, beyond a normal level.

e.g., The local filberts were all giving their explanations, which were too complicated for us to understand.

submitted by Steve McDonald

filephile - Someone who loves writing and editing thoughts, poems, articles, letters, etc. in MS Word and stores her own library in the MyDocuments folder.

e.g., Merry. Now I have more than 300 poems in MyDocuments folder. Terry. Oh, I know other filephiles like you. . . .

submitted by

fileptimo-recticulonic - A potion or tonic that, when imbibed, causes problems like writers' block or tennis elbow to not only be cured, but reversed, so that whatever hindrance the ailment caused is now an improvement to the same degree exactly opposite.

e.g., I need some fileptimo-recticulonic. . . . My recent artistry just seems insipid and slack.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

filialize - The opposite of patronize. A tendency to behave in overly submissive fashion towards overbearing individuals.

e.g., I found myself filializing toward the new director and I hated this because, in fact, I despise the arrogant sweet-old-boy.

submitted by William Beale

filiation - "1. the fact of being the child of a certain parent. 2. descent as if from a parent; derivation. 3. Law. the judicial determination of the paternity of a child, especially of one born out of wedlock."

e.g., Lalli v. Lalli: "A New York statute that required illegitimate children to prove paternity with a judicial order of filiation issued during the life of the father in order to inherit from the father by intestate succession was constitutional."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

filibusteriousness - A moment when the body becomes possessed by the urge to continue speaking for an undetermined length of time.

e.g., "...I doan like da filibusteriousness. I canna estop espeakin: my voice continues to expel da verbs and nouns until I canna go no more. Soze I keep espeakin. Doan estop me now; Iza on Fyea. On Fyea..." etc.

submitted by Christopher Schoonover

filk - Folk music played at sci-fi conventions.

e.g., Tom Smith is a good filk singer.

submitted by Eric Phillips - (www)

fill - Feel.

e.g., "As long as Germany does not fill the pinch of austerity, the current Euro construct means that the focus on debt reduction to the detriment of growth will continue unabated."

submitted by Miss Speller

fillage - A musical term. To "fill" a section of music with a solo or different style of playing.

e.g., The guitars need to put in some fillage after the chorus for four bars.

submitted by Kozak

fillaround - The mediocre students that colleges deign to admit after they've found the top students they really want.

e.g., What colleges are really looking for are a few exceptional students with great academic and life potential. The rest of us are just fillarounds.

submitted by Natalie Hall - (www)

fillerneumic peckerloomer - Someone who annoys you inordinately.

e.g., Chris is a fillerneumic peckerloomer. He's never on time and he never answers your pages. You know what's worse? He never pays back any money you loan him. Asshole.

submitted by Roe

fillinbuster - A guy who "fills in" to be a biological father, as a sperm donor, either clinical or personal and private, in cases of infertility or unavailable partner.

e.g., When we couldn't get preggers, we opted for fillinbuster #A1984:0102A, top of the line..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fillybuster - A horse whisperer who specializes in fillies.

e.g., I'm sorry, ma'am, I can't get your mare to do anything I want her to. I think maybe you should bring in a specialist, a fillybuster.

submitted by [Boss] - (www)

film snoir - A particularly moody or bleak drama or mystery movie that is accentuated by snow. {ED. Not to be confused with film snore.}

e.g., Fargo, A Simple Plan, Transsiberian, The Ice Storm and The Shining are prime examples of classic film snoir.

submitted by tony s

filmcrit - A person who criticises film. To have an opinion of a film and want to share it with others.

e.g., Chris is being a filmcrit again, giving his opinion and also spoiling the suprise ending for a film he has just watched.

submitted by RubberDucky - (www)

filmi - Used in India to describe a sequence of events as artificial, used mostly in Hindi.

e.g., She cried and cried when her neighbor died. I thought it was very filmi.

submitted by layzeeboy

filmnesia - The condition of having completely forgotten which movie you came to see; usually occurs between the previews and the start of the main film.

e.g., What movie is this? I've got filmnesia.

submitted by Jennie Westenhaver

filmock - To mock a film.

e.g., I was at the theater watching a filmock of Citizen Kane.

submitted by aaronheld

filo - Genderless slang for Filipino or Filipina. Similar to using "yank"' when referring to Americans.

e.g., I'm a true Filo -- in fact there are many Filos in our school.

submitted by Rom Zamora - (www)

filorux - (n.) (FILLER-ucks) A recognizable pattern that emerges from a list of words, names, etc., by coincidence or for no apparent reason. (Etymology: From a roomful of three filing cabinets that were labelled going across in groups of three. The first one got the letters ADGJMPSVY, the second one BEHKNQTWZ, and the third one CFILORUX.)

e.g., Filoruxes often make good mnemonic devices.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

filth bucket - A really ugly girl--one too good for me.

e.g., Chris is usually attracted to filth buckets.

submitted by Michael

filthdom - To describe a place that is run down, poorly maintained or had nothing going for it in the first place. To be a kingdom of filth.

e.g., I can' believe he lives in the garage. That place is an utter filthdom.

submitted by matt clarke

filthify - The act or process or create filth.

e.g., Please don't filthify the kitchen--I just cleaned it.

submitted by Scott Kelley

filthxels - The dirty pixels that always come up on scanned art no matter how well you clean your scanner.

e.g., I've just spent all afternoon cleaning the filthxels from this scan.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

filthy - 1. Dirty, bad, horrible, awful. 2. Really cool, incredibly neat, awe-inspiring.

e.g., The way John boosted the beer was just filthy. OR I love that new Dre album. It's filthy.

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

filway - Good, awesome, cool.

e.g., His new band is definitely filway.

submitted by george

fimbrel - A Cumbrian (Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for that part of a cat's anatomy by which one should not pick it up.

e.g., Seth came home from the pub the worse for wear and picked up his cat, Agamemnon, by his fimbrel. The cat was so alarmed he scratched Seth's arms something rotten.

submitted by David Ford

fimostrizoni - (rhymes with fee-dos-griz-OH-knee; n.) 1. a horrible, embarrassing silence after a performance instead of the expected or at least desired cheers, applause, or at least a particular reaction; 2. a particular bad review of a play, movie, or other performance. (v.) 3. A heartfelt plea or prayer that such a silence come to a merciful end. [From the Greek _Phimostho_Trizoni_ "Let the Cricket be silenced"--- referring to the sound of the lone cricket chirping heard in cartoons during such uncomfortable silences.]

e.g., Well, a couple of people clapped, but, for the most part, all they got was a 60-second fimostrizoni. | All that work, and the reviews? nothing but fimostrizoni and meatballs. | "Oh, please: fimostrizoni! Let the Earth open and swallow me up: no more silence in front of all these people."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fimpledocker - If you're a fimpledocker, you're obsessed with locker combinations, and love to open lockers. Fimbledocker.

e.g., Why do you do that, fimpledocker? You're always opening people's lockers in gym class.

submitted by kd

fims - Foot-In-Mouth-Syndrome.

e.g., Chris has a bad case of FIMS.

submitted by katherine

fin shway - Word play on the term "Feng Shui," used in this case to describe a room or area in a total state of disarray.

e.g., Keith: Mike's house has great Fin Shway, mon. Bryant: I know. I stumbled over a stack of empty pizza boxes on my way into his living room the other day. I hope I didn't upset the balance too much.

submitted by Paul

fin, a - Five dollars. (Gamblers use it for $500.)

e.g., All I have is a fin and two dollars in change in my pocket.

submitted by Ray Nash

finae nae - To be better than other people, at everything.

e.g., "I feel as if I'm finae nae than all you mother suckers." "Keep feelin' that way … while you can. You'll find out different soon enough."

submitted by Benjamin Franklin

financial lizard - A term denoting the reptilian character of a self-serving, unscrupulous banker, broker, or individual engaged in monetary commerce.

e.g., Listen, my friend, and you shall hear
of the reptilian side of a greedy financier.

You find you're faced with an unsmiling stare
as he schemes to take off the pants that you wear.

Neighbors lost money, homes, and even their dentures
with the cold-blooded sale of unrated debentures.

Millions were victims when banks committed the crime:
stripping US bare with their tongues and derivatives sub-prime.

My bile rises up; I get grit in my gizzard
When I think of what I'd do to a slimy financial lizard!

submitted by Machiavellean & Lesko

financification - The process of manipulating financial data to serve a specific corporate purpose.

e.g., The financification of our revenue figures should win us this contract, no problem.

submitted by Cara Rickard - (www)

finark - 1. Bugger. 2. An expression of frustration -- bugger. Fnark.

e.g., Finark off, dumbass. Fnark this.

submitted by stelle - (www)

finch - To over-specialize in a chosen field. (From some music group that catered to too small a niche? David Finch?)

e.g., I finched myself in the tech writing biz -- policy and procedure manuals for help-desks -- not much demand.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

fincher syndrome - When someone looks good in the dim light of a nightclub or a concert, but makes you want to puke when seen in the light of day. Named for filmmaker David Fincher, who often uses underexposure.

e.g., So did see that guy from the concert again? Yeah. What happened? Had to shoot him down. Turned out he had Fincher Syndrome.

submitted by David Mershon

findability - The measure of how easy it is to find a site on the Internet

e.g., This site scores highly on both usability and findability.

submitted by Michael Heraghty - (www)

findelkind - A person who has been found by people who later claim to be the parents and who is constantly bored when nothing new or cool happens

e.g., Clark Kent is a findelkind.

submitted by luis

finding nemo - Searching extensively.

e.g., A: I want to try to find a CD at the mall. Wanna come? B: Sure, but I have to be at work by 5, so don't go finding nemo on me.

submitted by CPowers

fine - Word used to describe any state of being or emotion, usually in a manner to avoid confrontation or simply to end a conversation, usually coupled with the world "nobody."

e.g., Mother: How was your day, son? Son: Fine. Mother: Who were you talking to on the phone? Son: Nobody. Mother: What do you want for dinner? Son: Fine.

submitted by Scott

fine as frog's hair - Phrase, actually. Old Southernism, expressing a great sense of well being.

e.g., I was feeling poorly the other day, but now I'm fine as frog's hair.

submitted by G R Roberts

fing - One meaning . . . fucking. An' I don't mean sexing, gettin' it on, hooking up, or any of that sexual stuff. Not a verb. Not a noun, either. Adjective only. Easier to say, easier to hear -- even if you're used to hearing it, when it comes out of your kid's mouth, it's a shock.

Disclaimer: Once a word has been officially defined, it becomes a new word.

e.g., Holy cow. I almost broke my fing back when I fell into the pool. Cracked my fing head, too.

submitted by RuthY

finger in the dog's eye - Like having one's finger on the pulse, only misguided.

e.g., Those TV people really have the finger in the dog's eye of public opinion. They don't know anything.

submitted by Adam Leslie

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