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f street - A state of completely being screwed on all levels.

e.g., Did you hear that Chris's girlfriend left him, and stiffed him on her half of the rent? She's also pregnant and is suing him for child support - but he's sterile, and can't be the father. He's on F Street these days.

submitted by Jason Brandenburg

f&f - Abbreviation for "file and forget."  Used with either "file" or "folder" (as in "F&F file" or "F&F folder"), it is the final repository for mandatory paperwork that is created as a result of procedural requirement but is ultimately unnecessary or of no consequence.

e.g., The police officer took a report when my iPhone got stolen, but I'm sure it wound up in the F&F file.

submitted by Bicycle Bill - (www)

f&f - Abbreviation for "file and forget."  Used with either "file" or "folder" (as in "F&F file" or "F&F folder"), it is the final repository for mandatory paperwork that is created as a result of procedural requirement but is ultimately unnecessary or of no consequence.

e.g., The police officer took a report when my iPhone got stolen, but I'm sure it wound up in the F&F file.

submitted by Bicycle Bill - (www)

f&f - Abbreviation for "file and forget."  Used with either "file" or "folder" (as in "F&F file" or "F&F folder"), it is the final repository for mandatory paperwork that is created as a result of procedural requirement but is ultimately unnecessary or of no consequence.

e.g., The police officer took a report when my iPhone got stolen, but I'm sure it wound up in the F&F file.

submitted by Bicycle Bill - (www)

f&f - Abbreviation for "file and forget."  Used with either "file" or "folder" (as in "F&F file" or "F&F folder"), it is the final repository for mandatory paperwork that is created as a result of procedural requirement but is ultimately unnecessary or of no consequence.

e.g., The police officer took a report when my iPhone got stolen, but I'm sure it wound up in the F&F file.

submitted by Bicycle Bill - (www)

führer - German for tremendous fuss. Furor.

e.g., The High Command was in a führer when they heard that Hitler had committed suicide.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

f'nuts - "Fucking" + "nuts," much more polite and lighthearted in nature. Typically used in response to an idea or suggestion that is found to be absurd or ridiculous, it is meant to comment on the state of mind the idea's originator is in.

e.g., You want to ask a nun out on a date? Are you f'nuts?

submitted by Todd Davis

f-bomb - Euphemism for «fuck». Often preceded by a form of "to drop."

e.g., The car wouldn't start, so I dropped the f-bomb in front of my grandmother.

submitted by Webb King

f-commerce - An alphabetic leap forward in e-commerce. Once internet companies e-enabled everything, now they are f-ing them.

e.g., F-commerce is the next logical step for our struggling dot com. I mean, we've f-d up everything else.

submitted by Rob

f-mo - F-word. From French: F meaning "F" and mo meaning "mot" or word.

e.g., She dropped the f-mo mid-sentence.

submitted by hannah

f-worm - Fishing worm. It's the big juicy worm you go fishing with, the earthworm or dew worm, nightcrawler.

e.g., If you use the f-worm to catch fish with, the fish will love it and take the bait. You can sometimes find these f-worms free, in the wet grass at night.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

f.d.g.b. - Abbreviation actually used by doctors to describe injured patients. Stands for Fall Down Go Boom.

e.g., Sorry to call you so late, doctor. We've got an F.D.G.B. here. We're gonna need you to come in.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

f.i.n.e. - F-ed up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.use it when ur fealing that way.

e.g., "my day has been F.I.N.E. everything has gone wrong"

submitted by Glen

f.r - A shorten word of For Real.

e.g., Nah, F.R dawg, she told u that?

submitted by Eric

f2f - (adv.) Abbreviation for "face to face."

e.g., Abbreviations such as f2f turn up more and more these days. It's part of a new dialect: lol "laugh out loud," g2g "got to go," tbh "to be honest," imho "in my humble opinion," and so on and on. It takes a while, of course, to see meaning rather than random letters in these initialisms. I call it "glyphisis" (q.v.): the process by which we start seeing, not three symbols (f-2-f) but the words "face to face." Now, f2f hasn't fully glyphed in my mind. I still see "f-2-f." It doesn't help that it looks like it should be pronounced "fuh-toof!" like some magical sound effect: "Abracadabra!" Fuh-toof!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fab - Adjective, derived from the rather popular Thunderbirds puppetmation of the early 80s, Fab has been in use for quite some time and in its current context is an equivlent of "great!" Originally presumed to be an acroymn for Fire All Boosters.

e.g., Lady Penelope: Parker, get the car. Parker: Yes, m'lady. Lady Penelope: (On telephone) Yes, this is Lady Penelope, we are going to intercept the car now, Fab.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

fab-flippin-tastic - Something that is incredibly good, so saying it's "fantastic" isn't enough; you have to combine three words to express your joy.

e.g., That gig was fab-flippin-tastic.

submitted by gena - (www)

fabbomateo - To indicate to someone that what you think she are saying is not just fantastic but she is also your friend. A combination of fabulous and mate.

e.g., Bill: "I think tonight is going to be a great night." Joel: "Yeah, it's going to be fabbomateo."

submitted by Joel Kilgour

fabeltastic - Existing only in the imagination, with the proviso that one imagines a fable.

e.g., Lassie says there are aliens in the back yard? That’s fabeltastic.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

fabio - A man who is surprisingly never turned down by women. Almost always clad in outdated styles and fads.

e.g., Joe's 1983 mullet and elephant flares don't stop him from being a fabio with the ladies.

submitted by Briana Drake

faboo - Anything that's absolutely wonderful and fabulous, especially in a Southern California/West Hollywood fabulous kind of way.

e.g., Darling, you look so faboo stepping out of your new BMW Mini drinking that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf blended iced mocha.

submitted by Not so faboo

fabrication - Collective noun: a fabrication of journalists.

e.g., Seeing articles following up on tonight's State of the Union Address by POTUS reminded me how the collective term fabrication of journalists came into being. | The fabrication was a joint effort by a fabrication of journalists.

submitted by HD Fowler

fabsolute, fabsolutely - Combination of absolute(ly) and fabulous(ly): superlative, wonderful.

e.g., Dina has a fabsolute smile, fabsolutely stunning.

submitted by rob - (www)

fabtacular - Fantastic or great.

e.g., That watch is fabtacular.

submitted by morgin

fabtastic - Fabulous plus fantastic.

e.g., That shirt is fabtastic.

submitted by jen

fabulicious - Fabulous-delicious. Great, fantastic, wonderful, yummy.

e.g., This word is simply fabulicious, Debbie.

submitted by Debbie

fabulous thunderbirds - Derogatory reference to the 80s blues-rock group: to lower in quality or be of exceedingly low stature.

e.g., Sheryl Crow used to be cool. It's sad to see her go all Fabulous Thunderbirds these days.

submitted by BigJ7489

fabuse - False accusation of abuse, either sexual or physical. Usually employed to destroy another.

e.g., Her fabuse followed him all the days of his life, yet her numerous bed partners were accepted because they provided fun and money.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

face card - Term used to describe a one hundred dollar bill.

e.g., Sam passed Will a face card.

submitted by flinch0

face like a smacked bum - An ugly person or someone with a sour, miserable expression.

e.g., That woman had a face like a smacked bum.

submitted by Mike

face on - Foreshortening of the expression "Get you game face on." Used as a response to something that is said.

e.g., Mel: Let's play really well tonight. If we beat the Weasels, we'll go to the 'tourney for sure. Team: ( in unison ) Face on!

submitted by Paul

face space - Your personal breathing space.

e.g., This is my face space. Over here is your face space. Stay out of mine and I'll stay out of yours, skanampoitch.

submitted by hellahotheather

face-mail - Term used to describe the daring act of talking to someone in person instead of either leaving a voice-mail or sending an e-mail.

e.g., Bill scares me -- he knows how to use the phone and his computer, yet just marched right into my office and left me a face-mail regarding the Simmons account.

submitted by Apremma

face-time - Washington DC expression used to indicate the amount of time a person merits in face-to-face conversation with a person in a position of authority.

e.g., As an Assistant-Deputy Undersecretary she's not going to merit more than two minutes face-time a month with the Sec-Def.

submitted by Stephen Mize

facebook - 1. Any of the various college-targeted websites that provide a virtual (and current) "yearbook," so that students can look up contact information, etc., about each other. 2. To use a facebook's interface to indicate that someone is your friend. This is sometimes done to relative strangers as a way of indicating that you've heard about them. Most facebooks provide an interface allowing you to browse your "friend network," so facebooking someone can be used as a way to meet new people. |  
(verb) To post something to a Facebook account. To facebook is already in use for adding someone to a Facebook account holder's friends' network.  
Since there's been no verb to facebook, facebook could well become the verb of choice for uploading something to Facebook: I facebooked our prom pictures ~ I posted our prom pictures to my Facebook account.

e.g., "Hey, you know Bob, right? So you must know his best friend Jeff." "Actually, we haven't met. I only facebooked him." | I facebooked our prom pictures. Check 'em out.

submitted by E.O. | HD Fowler - (www)

faceces - A combination of the words "facetious" and "feces," used to point out the difference between being cute or irreverent and just being difficult.

e.g., He stopped asking the young nun out when she told him that he was just being faceces.

submitted by Seam

faceebo - (face-ee-bo) A simulated or otherwise socially-ineffective on-line experience, which is intended to deceive the recipient.

e.g., Facebook addicts, who are encouraged to return to, often find that MySpace serves as an ineffective faceebo.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

faceheadnecklips - Used as a term of surprise, frustration, or insult--especially when one doesn't have time to find the perfect word for the situation.

e.g., Faceheadnecklips! That car almost ran into me.

submitted by Doug - (www)

facelicker - A man or woman who kisses are so wet you have to use a towel afterwards.

e.g., Be sure to have a towel with you if you kiss her, she's a real facelicker.

submitted by marilyn bibb

facemammia - The unique experience of finding your mom has joined Facebook.

e.g., When I got a friend request from my mother, I had a sudden jolt of facemammia.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

faceotics - Facial calisthenics performed by someone with a very elastic face.

e.g., Jim Carrey does the best faceotics of anyone I've ever seen.

submitted by Paul

facepalm - To bring one's hand to one's forehead in an exasperated or irritated fashion. Often accompanied by shaking one's head. Michael Quinion says, "the act of striking your face with a open palm, to indicate you have heard something you believe to be particularly idiotic."

Noun or verb. The canonical facepalm: Press your nose into your palm with your fingers and thumb spread over your face. You do this in response to something stupid you did or said, as opposed to something stupid someone else did. You may look as if you're trying to hide. Variation on a theme: If you facepalm in response to something someone else did, you may cover only your forehead or part of it and shake your head, giving no impression of trying to hide. Shaking your head without covering your face is an alternative to any sort of facepalm.

e.g., Glenn facepalmed at Corey's comment, "But that's exactly what I just said five minutes ago." | "Somewhere, Scalia is facepalming" regarding the decision of the Indiana Supreme Court that you have no choice but to say, "Yes, sir, may I have another?" when police trample on your Fourth Amendment rights by entering your home illegally. |

Grammar Mavens I got in the mail today a very positive annual faculty performance review from the Associate Dean -- or at least, over the signature of the Associate Dean -- of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the state university where I teach English.

Paragraph 3 begins:

The recommendations that I have for the future is....

What is the correct response to this? That is, do I headdesk, or do I facepalm?

submitted by Greyday - (www)

faceplant - The result when you fall flat on your face.

e.g., Did you just see that faceplant?

submitted by Keri Vorpahl

facetiate - Euphemism for "troll," as in trolling online chat rooms to provoke arguments with inane and useless commentary.

e.g., AOL users spend all their time facetiating in ChristianDebate.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

facetnated - (v) To be mesmerised by staring at glass crystals. Anton Mesmer?

e.g., When Rhonda saw the chandelier she was facetnated.

submitted by owlbear

faciaglob - Foods that stick to your cheeks or chin while eating.

e.g., Eric ate everything voraciously, especially corn on the cob. This often led to oodles of faciaglob.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

facilitage - Assisting, in order to deliberately encourage dependence.

e.g., She was going to move out, but he facilitaged her plans by offering to pay all the rent until she finished school.

submitted by Matthew Strebe - (www)

facilitize -

Variant of facilitate, heard during a meeting by someone who wanted to sound important. | This is an addition to an inaccurate comment about this word. This word is an esoteric invention within the engineering, specifically the semiconductor industry. For lack of a more descriptive term referring to the installation of "facilities" meaning the water, gasses, chemicals, electricity, etc. necessary to provide specific processing machinery with the substances necessary to accomplish the complicated processes. To install facilities to the machine is loosely "facilitizing" the equipment. Engineers typically use language that most correctly expresses the meaning they are trying to convey rather than attempting to "sound important" as the current explanation goes. This word is not the same as to facilitate which means to enable (not related to facilities) as is often listed as the correct variation of the word.

{ED. This so-called correction was apparently submitted by a self-important engineer of some sort. (Perhaps one of Larry's two brothers named Daryl -- who can't remember how to spell his own name?) The submittal he claims is incorrect was made by someone who had actually heard facilitize misused for facilitate -- and made a record on the Internet of what he had heard. "Corrections" such as this? We can live without them.

As for what engineers say and don't say, I worked as an engineer for some thirty years before I went into business for myself and took on this site as an avocation. My jobs included being head of an engineering department with about two-hundred employees in it, a majority of whom were engineers -- including some who held doctorates in various engineering disciplines. I never heard a single one of them do what Daryl claims "engineers do."

Urbandictionary gets it right with its entry for facilitize: "A horribly incorrect usage, based on the word facilitate. This word ignorantly runs rampant within Boeing and possibly other corporate entities. It means to go make sure that all facilities are in place for an upcoming project." The Urbandictionary entry was made September 23, 2009, some five-and-a-half years before Daryl came up with his incorrect "correction."

"Words" such as facilitize don't belong in real dictionaries -- only in pseudo-dictionaries that aren't intended be taken seriously. Daryl is clearly not sharp enough to have picked up on that. Nota bene:: The Daryls of the world give engineers a bad name when it comes to English usage.}

e.g., We need to facilitize the completion of this important project. | The Wet Bench Module site has been fully facilitized and is ready for equipment installation.

submitted by Chuck | Daryl - (www)

facismashing - Fascinating and smashing at the same time.

e.g., What a facismashing zucchini you have.

submitted by leighb83

facmd - Funky, Awesome, Cool, Man, Dude. Fack-muhd. An ajdective describing something unexpected and astounding.

e.g., That's facmd! You really told her that?!

submitted by Evman

facon - Artificial bacon.

e.g., Ugh, my free continental breakfast is just facon and toast.

submitted by Bender

fact off - To "fact someone off" is to dispute their beloved arguments and cherished beliefs through recourse to measly facts.

e.g., "Don't fact ME off." | "You can't fact me off with that."

submitted by Adam Leslie

fact simile - It sounds like a fact, it looks like a fact, it's accepted as fact, but it really isn't a fact: it's misunderstanding, it's ignorance, it's fantasy, it's deception, or the like.

e.g., A lot of the stuff we hear on the daily news consists of fact similes, not necessarily facts. (ED. Is it a fact that the previous sentence is a fact simile? Which would that be, a conundrum or a paradox -- or a sort of paradox simile?)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

factastic - An adjective applicable to a written work stuffed with facts that are undeniably true but bear no real relation to the work's premise in any way.

e.g., Wow! That Intelligent Design lecture was totally factastic.

submitted by Sandy - (www)

factasy - (FAC-tuh-see; n.) 1. a work of nonfiction; 2. a story in which an imaginary person or people review or tour a given real process, such as a group of students taking a tour of a crayon factory, or the ocean, or a volcanic magma system, or the human circulatory system; 3. a retelling of history as a tale, with or without a fictional narrator or protagonist. (adj.) 1. of or pertaining to (a) works of nonfiction or (b) stories containing the study or review of some real history or process by real or imaginary persons or groups. [from 'Fact' + '-tasy' from 'fantasy.']

e.g., "Western? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Spy novel? What's your genre?" "Factasy, I'm afraid: I need a catalog of plumbing supplies."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

factette - Essentially the same as a common meaning given to "factoid": a trivial fact, a "small" fact. A factlet?

"Factette" might be a better choice than "factoid" for "little facts." Most linguists, in fact, insist that "factoid" be used only in the way Norman Mailer coined it in Marilyn -- for something that is incorrect, invented, or unverified; for something that looks like a fact and could be a fact, but isn't. (The first part of the previous sentence is a factoid of the Mailer sort, not a factette -- how could I possibly know what most linguists insist on?)

As a suffix, "-oid" is often used for similarities: "-oid" = "-like"; while "-ette" is used for smallness. "Humanoid" means "humanlike" and "spheroid" means sort of round. Not the real thing, but almost -- or the sharing of some features. In astronomy, the "-oid" ending is used for objects that are smaller as well as similar: asteroid, planetoid.

Word Navigator: . . . words starting with oid, containing oid, ending with oid.

e.g., Lillith: "Dammit. I wish HD would quit adding factettes to the descriptions and definitions." Betsy: "Why? I kind of like it. Besides, the old fart has a lot of fun doing it."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

facticious - Believable fiction, unbelievable fact, or any similar combination.

e.g., That epic Joe told seemed facticious to me.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

faction - Fact-based fiction or fiction based on real events where poetic license, exaggeration, and hyperbole are applied to the factual events.

e.g., _The Hunt for Red October_ is an example of a factional novel.

submitted by Paul F. Kisak

factitious - An adjective applicable to a written work containing lots of facts that appear superficially to support it's premise but doesn't really do so in any logical way. (I'm surprised to see that this wasn't already in the pd as a blend of fact+fictitious, its more common definition.)

e.g., John's analysis of Carl Jung's theories was totally factitious -- what did last year's UFO sighting statistics have to do with anything?

submitted by Sandy

factoid - Factoids are a series of facts or truths on a related subject. Basically, small bits of information.

e.g., She was pumping me for factoids about her ex-roomie, but I clammed up.

submitted by CJ Critt - (www)

factoid - 1. An authoritative-sounding but untrue pseudo-fact created for publicity purposes, fed to the press, and printed as true; a bogus "sound bite." Coined by Norman Mailer in his book Marilyn, a biography of Marilyn Monroe. (ED. The Word Detective, Evan Morris: "Mailer defined "'factoids' as pseudo-facts, ' . . . facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper, creations which are not so much lies as a product to manipulate emotion. . . .' Unfortunately, USA Today and other news outlets have since used 'factoid' to mean 'interesting little fact,' a perversion that must please the famously irascible Mr. Mailer no end.") 2. A statement that looks like a fact but is untrue or meaningless, particularly one that "everybody knows." 3. Incorrectly used to mean a (true) fact by people who don't know what "-oid" means.

e.g., 1. It is not true that Marilyn Monroe was an orphan. That was a factoid planted by her publicist. 2. Fun, but not true, factoid: Scientists say you only use 5 to 10 per cent of your brain.

submitted by Mark Lutton - (www)

factualist - Someone who continually corrects others' statements and loves to tell people facts at random.

e.g., I was stuck on the train with two factualists who told each other statistics about statistics for hours.

submitted by Johanna

factule - Measure for amount of fact.

e.g., The candidate's speech contained about 3.2 factules.

submitted by jem

facurate - Factually accurate.

e.g., That show is really funny while presenting stories that are actually facurate.

submitted by ImOnToo - (www)

facus - An artificial ficus plant (tree)

e.g., Jack's living room was remarkable for its grand piano and large facus tree.

submitted by Alan Lasnover

fad-get - A person who is into all the latest fads.

e.g., Look at the rich fad-get with his FUBU shirt and Doc Martens.

submitted by Nick Schurk

fadaggled - To be shocked, confused, and amazed, often all at the same time.

e.g., Wow. I am completely fadaggled.

submitted by Brandon Stewart

fadansa - A big commotion or hoo-hah.

e.g., Fat Tuesday was a big fadansa in our neighborhood.

submitted by robyn

fadated - Having a lack of energy, feeling tired.

e.g., I just dug up the backyard, so I'm now feeling pretty fadated

submitted by Jesse

fadcrat - A dude or dudette who evaluates fun new things that come along, and incorporates the best into their party, (line, hook, and sinker) (whether thinker or drinker). Cf fatcat.

e.g., Hufcut my fraternity brother is the best fadcrat this side of the Hudson River.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

faddenfreude - (FAH-den-FROY-deh; n.) The enjoyment of participating in a fad, like ducktails, disco, coonskin caps, and rubik's cubes, tie-dying, and zoot suits. [From "Fad" + "Freude," German for "joy."] See "Faddenschmerz."

e.g., I remember not being able to contort myself fast enough to spin a hula hoop continuously---or even intermittently---like my sister could. She and her friends were filled with hula-hoop faddenfreude, and later, with the faddenfreude of pogo-sticks, stilts, and mood rings.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

faddenschmerz - (FAH-den-shmrts; n.) The feeling of disconnection from society caused by not being up to speed with the latest fashion trend, toys, cars, games, vel. cet. [From "Fad" + "schmerz," German for weariness or sorrow (the second element of "weltschmerz"= "world-weariness.")]

e.g., My sister was really into hula-hoops when we were kids, and pogo sticks and stilts and mood rings; But I was never in sync with all of those fads. I always felt somehow left out: pure Faddenschmerz.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

faded - The lack of clearity after an extensive drinking binge a.k.a. hungover 2. Burnout

e.g., Damn, Dan your looking pretty faded after that party last night.

submitted by Shaolin

fader - We say someone "fades" from our memory. A "fader" dissolves from the world itself. A "fader" is someone who does not seem to exist--though the "fader" is still there, no one in the world wants to recognize that fact. Plural is "faders," and indicates each and every "fader" in a group. "Faders" are the forgotten souls, the forgotten dreams that slipped away. Faders are everywhere.

e.g., 1. On the street corner in the middle of winter, a fader sits and begs for food. 2. When I was only four years old, my father went to the corner grocery to get a pack of cigarettes. He never returned. I barely remember him; my mother refuses to, because he deserted us. He was a father; now he's a fader.

submitted by fader(s) - (www)

faecetious - A supposedly witty comment.

e.g., Richard Whiteley, king of the faecetious comment.

submitted by Hammerton - (www)

faff - To put something off for a extensive amount of time until it has been forgotten, hence it is no longer important.

e.g., Sarah, stop faffing and get on with it.

submitted by brooke - (www)

faff around - Also faff about. says both are phrasal verbs that mean "to behave indecisively." Given the examples, another phrasal verb came to mind.

I first ran across faff around in the profile for User:Run! at Wikipedia.* The way Run! used it caused me to think what I thought of at Taking the two uses together, I'm convinced I'm seeing bowdlerized definitions for faff around.

I found an amusing essay for faff, recorded by The Wayback Machine. That diamond in the rough cites the Oxford English Dictionary's claim that faff means fuss or dither -- and goes on to dispute the claim. The author then provides the "real meaning of faff" and comes up with what I shall call the Canonical Set of Faff Equations, along with illustrative graphs. He concludes his presentation with this observation: "[A] certain background level of faff is required to maintain everyone's sanity." (His serious-toned presentation for his "true case" reminded me of The Journal of Irreproducible Results.)
While the OED is right in what it has in print, if you take current uses of faff around to mean fuck around, a lot of the time you won't be far off. I generally accept the OED's tout that it's "The definitive record of the English language," so I figure it just hasn't got around to faff in a recent quarterly update. . . . Not to say that the OED is faffing around, but I may not live long enough to see that update.
* Speaking of Wikipedia. . . .

I stumbled across what I knew was a disgusting phrase when I was trying to find internet references to visible tanga line. I was almost certain I had seen the phrase earlier at either Dirt-tionary, DirtyProverbs, or Urbandictionary.

When I googled for confirmation, I uncovered a Wikipedia Reference Desk archive for April 2006. You can run across some pretty interesting stuff playing around with Wikipedia archive page addresses in your browser's address bar. Such as a little note mentioning (with truthiness) that it's anatomically impossible for the Easter Bunny to lay chocolate eggs.

Although that piqued my curiosity, I haven't bothered following up. Have at it if you're so inclined and you're an adult -- or if your adult managers are all right with such inquisitiveness on your part. I'm sure you've seen much worse than you'll find in Wikipedia's archives. I certainly have.

e.g., "She told him to stop FAFFING AROUND and make his mind up." | I have too much important stuff to do now to faff around with this site any more.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fafo - Morris came out to the engineering department after lunch every Friday to visit with department head Paul in a meeting they called Friday Afternoon Fuck-Off. We all knew it wasn't exactly business. Paul died last July, Morris having died several years earlier.

e.g., We'll have to cut this short, guys, Morris will be here in a few minutes for FAFO.

submitted by HD Fowler

fagalicious - For that pleasurable moment when you finally have the chance to light up.

e.g., I didn't think I'd ever get out of that meeting for a smoke... Ahhhh...absolutely, deliciously fagalicious.

submitted by ~B

fagarette - Chimeric cross-hybrid word developed from original English slang, "fag" for cigarette, and the word "cigarette" for cigarette.

e.g., Excuse me, Johnny Violence, would you care to partake in the smoking of a fagarette?

submitted by Robert the minute King

fage - The cage that covers a fan.

e.g., I got cut when the fage fell off the fan.

submitted by Sam Schamber

faggot - Commonwealth slang for a cigarette. Fag.

e.g., Mate, could you spare another faggot? I should be able to pay you back sometime next month, shortly after the election at the latest. My bank should be coming through with the second mortgage I applied for no later than the second week in November. Thanks.

submitted by HD Fowler

fagoogled - Absolutely exhausted or "screwed."

e.g., Bob was mountain biking in the bush, and after the last hill climb he was fagoogled.

submitted by Greg - (www)

fahoo - (v.) 1. to make the best you can out of a bad situation; 2. to make things better for someone who's having a really rotten time of things. (n.) 3. a holiday carol, especially for Christmas; 4. an attempt to find happiness in a really miserable situation; 5. a strategy to cope with disappointment; 6. the recognition that what something IS is more than what it's made of (from the Whos' carol in Dr. Seuss's _How the Grinch Stole Christmas_).

e.g., "What's with all the chocolate?" "Oh, it's just my fahoo." "What happened?" "Oh, it's the anniversary of the end of the Star Trek shows, and I get depressed." "Oh, right ... the Library has all the episodes, you know." "Yeah, but it's just not the same ... 'fahoo fores dahoo dores.'" "Yes. Well. See ya."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fahoodled - "Confused, esp. when trying to think of too many things at once." Not original.

e.g., I have no idea why I drove over 300 miles and didn't even tell her I was in town. I could claim I was fahoodled, but I think it was something else entirely -- desperation.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fahrtage - An extremely large expulsion of flatulence.

e.g., Your fahrtages are disgusting, Chris.

submitted by biff

fahzong - Very cool.

e.g., With the suspicion already rising over the word "zong" in the game of Scrabble, Sam decided to add to it and take a chance with "fahzong" to get the winning points. It was, indeed, a fahzong move on Sam's part.

submitted by Captain K - (www)

failure card - A really bad report card

e.g., I got a failure card last year.

submitted by Collin 7th English

faintified - Feeling faint or dizzy.

e.g., I feel faintified.

submitted by louie

fair - (adj.) Originally a word meaning "beautiful" (Anglo-Saxon 'faeger' AD 800), then "morally incorrupt" (1150), then "free from bias" (1350), and finally "equitable and just"; it has, however, evolved in the last five decades into a term meaning little more than "I don't like that conclusion," "that's not what I wanted," "I want more," or even "he should have to suffer that same things I had to." In this connection, fair is not only NOT fair; it is downright brutish and contravenes the original tenets of nearly every religion I have ever studied (i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Shinto, the various beliefs of several Native American nations, totemic and animistic belief systems, etc.). Fair seems now to belong to the ever-increasing vocabulary of ingratitude eating away at the mores of American society (what's left of it) I'm getting grim. |  
(adj.) How I want things to be, regardless of equity, reality, or sense.  

"Fair" is a self-contradictory word if there ever was one. As a noun, it means a popular festival, decked with a carnival atmosphere of fun and folly, filled with games (most of which are rigged or impossible), spectacle (gigantic pigs, over-sized pumpkins, and new farm equipment for sale), fly-covered food, and rides that vie with one another in trying to make you vomit. You go home from one of these flushed with excitement, empty calories, and gastrointestinal distress, fond memories of almost winning that plush pink kangaroo for your girl (a futility that cost you three times its actual price), a blue ribbon for rhubarb pie (which the judges chose because it was coated with the fewest flies), and probably worrisome debt for having gone in on the purchase of a $36,000 combine harvester with the neighboring farms on either side.  
As an adjective, it means both "beautiful" (its original meaning, btw) as well as "not so beautiful," for example: "The princess was a fair woman to look upon"; as opposed to "The duchess wasn't exactly beautiful, but she was fair." (Feel free to swap genders around ... it works either way). In the grading systems of two or three generations ago, "fair" fell below "good" and the supernal "excellent" though above "poor" and "failing."  
And despite its more and more rarely used sense of "legal" (in baseball: "fair catch") and "pleasant" (in meteorology: "fair and breezy"), the poor word keeps on being twisted into "the way I want it."

e.g., "Hey! Why does Haruki get more a bigger hamburger than me? That's not fair!" "Well, you see, you are a 30-kilo little girl. Haruki is a 380-kilo Sumo wrestler. You are going to have a hard time eating your hamburger as it is; you couldn't eat Haruki's hamburger in four days." "Hmph. It's still not fair." "Okay: Tell you what: tomorrow, you can wear Haruki's clothes to school."  

"Hey! He gets 150 quid? Same as me?! He's only 14! That's not fair!"  
"Of course it's fair: I'm paying you both minimum---"  
"Right! Minimum wage! But I get more than him, don't I?"  
"Yes, but---"  
"So, why are you paying him more than me?! I'm 20! He's only 14!"  
"Yes, and that's---"  
"It's because I'm a black woman from Spain, isn't it? It is! You're discriminating?!!"  
"WHAT?!! You are NOT a---I'm the black woman from Spain! You're a white man from Friday Bridge!"  
"So you are discriminating against me! ....  
"Here, I've an idea!: while we're waiting for the police, let's have a cuppa, and I'll explain."  
"Oh, yes! May I pour out?! or do you discriminate on that too?"  
"No, I ... no, um, of course you can pour out."  
"One lump or two?"  
"Just one, thank you."  
"What? ... All right, look here: You're 20 years old. Your minimum wage is £4.98."  
"Cucumber sandwiches?"  
"Where did ... yes ... um, yes, please .... As I was saying £4.98, and you worked 30 hours these last two weeks."  
"Pound cake?"  
"What? Where ... How? Yes, yes, pound cake, of course, pound cake......So, £4.98 by 30 hours is £149.40, see?"  
"Ooooh, is that your new phone? How sleek!"  
"No, it's a calculator I bought new in 1980."  
"No, it can't be, they were much bulkier than, with antennas ... like in the---  
"WILL YOU SHU---yes, yes. No no no: I'm not a bit upset. Now: you have your £149.40 here for your 30 hours. Now, little Ben, who is only 14, gets the lower minimum wage of £3.68. But he worked for 41 hours these last two weeks."  
"That's too much for a wee laddie, missus. You shouldn't work him so hard or they'll get you for discrimination AND the factory acts."  
"Uh....yes. Well, Ben worked 41 hours the last two weeks, and he works for only £3.68 an hour."  
"More Tea?"  
"No no, um, Thank you, no. ... £3.68 by 41 hours is £150.88. So, you see, it is completely fair and equitable."  
"More pound cake? Biscuits?"  
"No, thank you....What's that smell?"  
"Ah, that's the fish and chips."  
"Fish and---?!"  
"Yes, of course, we aim to please here at ... your shop."  
"Now, let's see: tea, cucumber sandwiches, pound cake, biscuits, fish and chips, and a modest service fee for pouring out .... comes to £55. Will that be cash, check, or charge?  
"But, that's not fair."  
"Well, let's have a cuppa and I'll explain."  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fair share - Used by those left of center who think well-off people should pay more than they do in taxes -- regardless of how much the well-off pay. When I was a kid, my grandmother taught us to share our communal bounty -- even though ours had to be one of the poorest households in town. When a piece of candy or such was to be split between two of us, one would do the splitting and the other would get to pick which "half" to take. Such sharing did not apply to what one of us worked and was paid for while the other sat on her ass. We got to keep what we earned from third parties.

e.g., “The rich must pay their fair share.” | "The President's only asking you to pay your 'fair share.'" "Really? Great. That must mean I get to decide how much my fair share is." "Yeah right." "It doesn't mean that? Oh."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fairsby - Someone who insists on being fair. Similar to a rudesby, but instead of rudeness, fairness is this person's milieu.

e.g., He insists on being a fairsby and getting the same size cookie that his sister got.

submitted by Jennifer Zaheer

fairy lights - Christmas lights.

e.g., I've got fairy lights all over the house.

submitted by Goldie

fairy-dust - Something too technical or obscure to understand. Probably not even worth understanding.

e.g., Yeah, I looked up the specs, but that stuff is all fairy-dust.

submitted by Tony

fairy-nuff - Fair enough.

e.g., James: I'm going home now. Craig: Fairy-nuff.

submitted by Erin

fairynuff - Fair enough, meaning "fine by me."

e.g., A. I'm just going over there. B. Fairynuff.

submitted by dekoi

faitheist - 1: Person who must live in a religious community, pretending to hold the same beliefs they do, while, in fact, believing it's impossible to prove there is a deity. 2: The strong belief that there is no deity.

e.g., He lives in a Chassidic community, but is really a Faitheist.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

fajo - (pronounced to rhyme with DAY-dough; n.) 1. Someone who eats a lot; 2. Someone who eats a lot of a particular thing; 3. Something that eats, breaks up, crumbles, dissolves, corrodes, wears away, or erodes a given object, substance, or place. [from the Greek phago "eats."]

e.g., "Wow, Ben's gotten really fat." "Yeah, he's a real fajo." || "I'm just a spaghetti-and-meatballs fajo." || Hydrochloric acid is the fajo that dissolves our food for us.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fak - Milder version of the word corresponding to the acronym of "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge." (Not a likely etymology, though.) To be used in situations where sticking out your tongue cannot be seen or perhaps will be perceived as a sexual pass. Can also be used as "You faker." Pronounced "fehk."

e.g., "Fak you! And your mother, too!" would be a possible not-so-snappy comeback to an insult. (ED. The editor once sent her mother a Mother's Day card that said, "Happy day, you mother." Mom didn't respond, so the editor presumes Mom didn't think it was very funny. Mom's dead now, so the editor will never know for sure. [Don't you just hate this "third person" editorial crap?])

submitted by J

fake - To flake out. To say you're going to show up and then not show up.

e.g., Chris said she'd be here by five, but she ended up faking on us.

submitted by Ghideon

fake and bake - Tanning salon.

e.g., She had no time during the day to go to the beach so she resorted to a fake and bake at night.

submitted by paul n

fake baken - The result of a lot of time spent in tanning coffins.

e.g., What are you doing? You're just fake baken your self.

submitted by Taylor Sherman

fake cop or faux cop - Mall security guy, esp. one on a power trip.

e.g., We're not afraid of the fake cops. We always cause trouble at the mall just to annoy them.

submitted by Nick Schurk

fake indian - A person of Indian descent who does not watch Indian (Bollywood) movies or otherwise indulge in Indian pop culture. Can also refer to people of non-Indian descent who are affiliated with fake Indians.

e.g., You've never seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham? Then you're just a fake Indian.

submitted by Anna Lang - (www)

fake uncle - Bogus, false. Origin: A college professor who tried to befriend everyone in an ingratiating way, acting like their "fake uncle." | Quite obviously, the term fake uncle can be used to refer to the keeper of a kept woman -- invariably an older man and a young woman.

e.g., Did you see her fake uncle diamond earrings? They're definitely cubic zirconias.

submitted by Sarah Briggs

fake-o - This is another way of saying something is not real, or fake.

e.g., After John put ketchup on his finger pretending to be blood, Ranee said, "John, give me a break, that is SO fake-o."

submitted by Stephanie Davis

fake-up - Make-up that makes an ugly person look pretty.

e.g., She's really pretty. Too bad she wears so much fake-up.

submitted by Holly Hertwig

fakestudism - It refers to the people who always do well on tests, assignments, or competitions while always pretend to be lazy in public.

e.g., He said he never practice and always be lazy but always does well on competitions. This is typical fakestudism!

submitted by Hugh Zhu - (www)

faketml - When you enclose something you're saying with html tags, but the html tags don't actually exist.

e.g., I thought it would give the text a swirly effect, but it turned out to be fakemtl.

submitted by Jennifer Fox - (www)

faketoriana - A collective term for the items and details that characterize an inauthentic "Victorian" decor.

e.g., Like many small inns, this place was crammed full of faketoriana.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

falbatore - Something similar to a matador, only instead of bulls, hyperbolic alien zonemorphic alpha males are used, and of course disposed of properly -- in a worm box.

e.g., Olbus inuentes, the great falbatore of Guidi X Prime, now takes the sphere against Modrius the Beast; what lies in store for the foolish old curmudgeon?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

falcon - To make head contact with a ball you are trying to catch.

e.g., Long pass downfield. Ohh, he's done a falcon.

submitted by Jubba

falcon - (also "Maltese falcon" or just "Maltese"; n.) 1. in golf, a birdie (one stroke under par) followed by a stroke negating bogey (one stroke over par); also, less often, 2. a bogey followed by a birdie; even less often, 3. an eagle followed by two bogies, or vice-versa; 4. any situation in which one's gains and losses cancel each other out, resulting in neither profit nor loss, advantage or liability. [from Humphrey Bogart's (nickname "bogey's") film the Maltese Falcon.]

e.g., "Rats. I birdied that five-par dogleg, but then bogied that stupid 100-yard three." "So, you falconed, yes?" "Yes." | "Sales are up 26%!" "Yes, but returns are up 26% as well … it's the Maltese Falcon."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fale - Complexion shade that is fairer than tan yet darker than white.

e.g., Your skin is really getting fale. Are you using a skin whitening agent?

submitted by Emeniano A. Somoza, Jr. - (www)

falice - A phallic object: church steeple, common stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus), cucumber, cylinder, dildo, ear of corn, Egg Building (Barcelona), Eiffel Tower, grain silo, Leaning Tower (Pisa) missile, skyscraper, rocket, totem pole, Washington Monument, etc. | Phallus. Possibly also spelled fallice. Anyone who spells phallus this way might well spell prepuce as precipice -- or cannon as canon. | From Urbandictionary, as a noun: "A dimwit man who is obsessed with his unit but cannot seem to get it stroked, filacioed, ridden, or inserted into a female by said female." Clicking on the hyperlink in the previous sentence will turn up not only the UD entry but also other sites where the definition (and examples) have been copied.

e.g., It's a fallacy that when Bill Clinton was in the White House, he spent too little time in the Oval Office using a cigar as a falice. | Once a young woman named Alice / Used a dynamite stick for a falice. / They found her vagina in North Carolina, | And part of her anus in Dallas. | Should the Icelandic Phallological Museum be renamed Icelandic Fallological Museum? Seems logical to me.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

fall off - To become less popular.

e.g., Rappers always have to have good albums or they'll fall off.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

fall-into-a-gap - To wear massive amounts of logo'd items on one's person.

e.g., I've never seen that many logos incorporated into one fall-into-a-Gap outfit before. Did you fall into a Gap?

submitted by vplatt01

fallaciloquence - Also from The Phronistery's Lost Words. "n 1656 -1761 deceitful speech."

e.g., "Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fallalotsy - A condition where your knees give out from laughing too hard.

e.g., Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (fall to floor) Geez, that joke was so funny it made my fallalotsy act up. OR I can't hang with you anymore. You're so funny I have bruises from my fallalotsy.

submitted by Shelly LaBrecque

fallopian tubepaste - To keep your fallopian tubes pliant and healthy, now there is an all natural product which smells so sweet and is easy to apply -- ingredients are virgin olive oil, pure sparkling "wholly water," and various herbs and spices, blessed by Nature.

e.g., We've been using Mama's Fallopian Tubepaste with great success for nigh on to 80 years, but the newfangled version really puts a zing in your thing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fallous - Thickened, scaly skin found on the bottom of one's foot.

e.g., After a summer of walking around barefoot, each of my feet has a giant fallous.

submitted by Milly Claassen

falnapart - In a state of disrepair.

e.g., My brother's old models are all falnapart.

submitted by Gargomon251

faloney - Full of baloney.

e.g., You must be kidding me. You are faloney.

submitted by michael kollros

falsettoniac - A male who talks in an unusually high voice whenever he is stressed out, mad, frustrated, etc.

e.g., It's when Chris gets frustrated because he turns into a falsettoniac.

submitted by Felix Morvin

falsheg - The top, bigger end of a nail.

e.g., I hit the falsheg with my hammer.

submitted by Tyson 7th English

falsunstu - False ones too….., or, what Superman says after using his x-ray vision on women walking by.

e.g., Falsunstu, falsunstu, falsunstu. We must be getting closer to Hollywood.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

falumnahoy - Interjection spoken by Johnny Carson when shocked.

e.g., Joan Embry's monkey jumped on Johnny's head and he shrieked, "Falumnahoy!"

submitted by thomas fontaine

falute - (also "falutian"; n.) 1. specialized speech or vocabulary, consisting of three categories: "high falute" ('big' words), "mid falute ('specialized vocabulary of a particular profession or art, such as doc-talk or legalese), and "low falute" (slang, streetspeak, gang dialects, especially when used to distinguish oneself from the norms of 'polite society.') (from the old adjective "high-falutin'," meaning classy or eddycated).

e.g., High Falute: Following extended abrosia, the desiderium should be, I believe, the acquest of Pizze. Mid Falute (legislative jargon): I move that, following such extended floor time without adjournment or conintuance, that we allocate funds immediately for the acquisition of a sufficient numbert of pizzas to quiet the pangs of all those present. Low Falute: "Listen up, m'homies: want some za?" "word, a'ite."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fam-damily - Meaning "family" -- "the whole damn family." Used during those times you aren't too pleased to be part of the fam-damily.

e.g., Mum: Come on, it's time to go see Grams. Daughter: We just saw the whole fam-damily 'round Christmas.

submitted by manders

famdamnly - Damn family. When used: Gathering of all your family members, usually holidays, used to show exasperation with the idea of having to deal with the whole clan.

e.g., The whole famdamnly came over for turkey and I thought my head was going to explode.

submitted by Rebecca Rousseau

fame fatale - This word names a life-sucking enchantress, fame, which not always (but 10 times out of 9) extracts humanity and humility and leaves paltry glamour and name recognition behind.

e.g., My son, beware the monster Fame Fatale and seek rather your own joy, your own bliss.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

famewhore - Someone so desperate for attention she's willing to prostitute herself to the media for a few minutes of pseudofame.

e.g., Why would anyone go on a TV game show and make a fool of herself when she can buy a perfectly good refrigerator for less than a thousand bucks? I'd wager that most contestants are famewhores. (Hat tip to Donald Kaul.)

submitted by HD Fowler

faminist - Someone who fasts for political or religious attention. Faminism.

e.g., To protest the ongoing war, a group of faminists starved themselves in front of the White House for a week.

submitted by Carly

famous anus - The laxative of choice of Hollywood.

e.g., You too can beat. constipation with Famous Anus

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

famungus - The freaken largest mushroom I have ever seen!

e.g., That cranial famugus reminds me of Mac's brain.

submitted by Tim Mac

fan list - A list of enemies a person plans to address when "it" hits the fan (SHTF), after the collapse of society and law enforcement is no longer there to enforce the laws.

e.g., You should show him respect or he may put you on his Fan List.

submitted by Mike - (www)

fan-bloody-tastic - Has a double meaning. The word bloody is incorporated into fantastic to emphasis a point. Can be sarcastic or enthusiastic.

e.g., He asked me to marry him. Fan-bloody-tastic.

submitted by minh

fan-child - An adult aficionado of things normally intended for, or associated with children -- such as cartoons.

e.g., Pete tells me that Babe is a great movie. I'd like to take his word for it, but he's a fan-child.

submitted by James T. Huening

fan-freaking-tastic - Of something that was good at first and then turned horribly wrong.

e.g., "How you doing, Billy?" "Oh, just fan-freaking-tastic."

submitted by Emily Lambrecht

fanability - The level of love you have for a certain team.

e.g., Justin's fanability for the Phillies is sometimes questionable.

submitted by Jason Levin

fanaca plant - Someone's bit on the side. It's a colloquial phrase used in the Dowlais Top area of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK. I've not heard it being used elsewhere.

e.g., She's Jack's fanaca plant.

submitted by sian

fanarchy - The chaos that ensues where fans gather to see celebrities.

e.g., Elvis was escorted by bodyguards because even the police could not control the fanarchy when he visited.

submitted by Nonesuch

fanatical damage - Any kind of harm or ill effects caused to persons or things by fanatics of any sort -- sometimes relatively minor, at times very considerable.

e.g., Extreme or sometimes not so very extreme belief systems can produce unexpected or unrecognized fanatical damage in individuals or groups of humans, to the detriment of the many or the one.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fanboys - 1. Persons, either male or female, who are hopeless addicts or fans of something or someone -- distinctive traits usually being someone who is an outcast from society (dork), obsessive about the object of interest to the point of scaring others, and recklessly stupid, yet humorous behavior. Though the term "fangirl" is often used to describe the female of the species, "fanboy" can be used to describe all people of this type. (Neither "fanboy" nor "fangirl" would be acceptable to people of the type who spell "women" as "womyn.")

2. Coordinating conjunctions. From an acronym to help remember coordinating conjunctions, FANBOYS: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. The image in the example comes from The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

e.g., All the fanboys at the convention were clamoring to get Leonard Nimoy's autograph on their Vulcan ears.

Commas are commonly used before FANBOYS.

submitted by The Feline Punk | HD Fowler - (www)

fancicus rex - Very cool, awesome.

e.g., Your house is fancicus rex!

submitted by Ian Morrison

fancina - A fancy litle ornament for the hair, especially a ponytail fastener.

e.g., Susan spent the gas money on fancinas for her hair. How irresponsible is that?

submitted by Sparki

fancy bread - (n.) a REALLY good clue (especially one that essentially gives away the correct solution). The term comes from the song sung in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Act III Scene ii, where Bassanio has to select the correct box (gold, silver, or lead) in order to wed Portia, his lady love. Portia orders her musicians to sing so that even if Bassanio picks the wrong box, he may depart from her accompanied by song. Rather obviously, the song begins "Tell me where is fancy bred, Or in the heart, or in the head? How begot, how nourished?" All three lines end in "-ed," which just happens to rhyme with "lead," which just so happens to be the correct box to choose. (When I taught my students this play in Freshman literature, I'd always finish the rhyme with a whispered "Choose the casket made of lead.") Anyway, when I say "fancy bred," everyone hears "fancy bread," so I submit it with that spelling.

e.g., (To a five-year-old)"Can you guess what in this box of candy? ... oh, shoot." (five-year-old laughs) "Daddy, you just gave it away! It's candy!" (Daddy grins sheepishly) "No I didn't, it was just a fancy bread."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fancyman island - If someone is on fancyman island, she is in a daze, on cloud nine, somewhat blissfully "out of it."

e.g., "You look like you're on fancyman island today." "Boy, I wish I were."

submitted by Adam Leslie

fancypants - Ostentatious and amusing. Often unnecessarily complex. Also implies envy.

e.g., Oooh, check out the new fancypants flashstuff at

submitted by kara - (www)

fandabbydozie - Great, fabulous, excellent. etc. From tacky 1980s Scottish kids comedy show "The Krankies," in which a tiny woman pretended to be a schoolboy. Still widely used in the UK.

e.g., "Pizza for dinner, Bob." "Fandabbydozie, mum."

submitted by Adam Leslie

fandabidosy - Fantastic.

e.g., We're having pancakes for breakfast? Fandabidosy.

submitted by katzy

fandatory - Any opinion widely held in a fandom of any work that is assumed or implied to be an indication of being a "proper" fan of the work by those holding it.

e.g., I've never understood that fandatory thing where people over a certain age are supposed to hate Ewoks.

submitted by Sandy - (www)

fandemonium - Havoc and pandemonium caused by fans at the game or event they are attending.

e.g., There was complete fandemonium when the Cubs won the world series and the fans stormed the field.

submitted by Stath

fandom - A group of fans dedicated to the same thing; "fandom" encompasses everything that the fans do, including sharing video or music files, fanwork such as fan art or fanfiction, and discussion about the object of the fans' admiration.

e.g., The fandom has grown a lot lately; it seems that more and more fans are appearing every day.

submitted by Amber Carpenter

fanfic - A story written by a fan, using characters and or places created by a published author.

e.g., Hey, do you want to go read some fanfics?

submitted by sian

fang you - Ghoulish gratitude (contraction: "Fangs").

e.g., Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi) said, "I fang you very much!"; his fangs was a biting remark.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fang-hag - A goth fag-hag, especially one enjoys homoerotic vampire stories or films.

e.g., Liz is a monstrous fang-hag; she must have every Anne Rice book memorized.

submitted by Cimmerian Southpaw

fangerouso - Something that's dangerous but also fun.

e.g., I wanna go swimming with man-eating hippos. It looks kinda fangerouso.

submitted by Jemima

fangin - Going fast.

e.g., Matt was fangin. The cop's photo-radar didn't even touch us. The g-forces pulled my lips back from my teeth. Yeah, he was fangin.

submitted by Milkman

fangio - A person driving dangerously or recklessly, in honour of the former F1 world champion Juan Manuel Fangio.

e.g., Check out the fangio -- he's all over the road.

submitted by kris robertson - (www)

fangirl - For one who shows affection, admiration, etc. toward the object of her affection. A note on the existing "fanboy" entry: I call myself a fangirl, but I would never call myself a fanboy.To me and those I know who use these terms, the two are definitely gender specific.

e.g., Have you seen The Slammers new music video? The boys were so hot, I was totally fangirling over it.

submitted by Amber Carpenter

fangled - Funny angle. Used to describe something odd, strange, or downright different from an everyday item. From newfangled.

e.g., This site sure has a fangled take on the normal dictionary.

submitted by Paul Watson

fangorious - Devoured and subsequently digested in a manner similar to that of an ice cream sandwich, often by a gelatinous monster. , often by a gelatinous monster.

e.g., Hillary's legs are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster.

submitted by Chris Conley

faniac - A faniac is a person obsessed with "cooling fans."

e.g., Ed. Did you hear? Jack's got another fan for his collection. Red. Yeah, I know, he's a faniac. Did he swipe it? He's also a kleptomaniac, ya know.

submitted by Jamie P - (www)

fanilow - Barry Manilow fan.

e.g., Whaddaya think? Is Tristen a fanilow?

submitted by Tristen

fank you - Blend of "thank you" and "fuck you." Used best when talking to those you really couldn't care less about.

e.g., Snooty clerk at high-end store finally asks if you need help -- after you've been in the store for 20 minutes, "Are we doing okay here?" You reply, "Yes, fank you. I was just leaving."

submitted by Paula - (www)

fanky - Combo of funky and stanky, when someone smells bad beyond both those words.

e.g., This kid Jake, he's just fanky.

submitted by CyberSlick50

fanmagilous - Fantastic, magical, and fabulous--all at once. Rare.

e.g., Derek, that was a fanmagilous catch.

submitted by patrick

fanny fatigue - The soreness you develop in your bum at the movie theatre, caused by the theatre seats.

e.g., That movie was so long I now have fanny fatigue.

submitted by Zoe - (www)

fanny mechanic - Gynaecologist, UK. One must understand that "fanny" does not mean "buttocks" in the UK. Close, but no cigar.

e.g., So your friend Jane's a doctor? What's her specialty? Fanny mechanic?

submitted by Ian Francis

fanny-whopper - Used when no other word is good enough or if you just can't think of anything to say. So, instead of saying "Oh, shut up," use this; also to be used instead of "stuff."

e.g., Oh, fanny-whopper. | You know what I mean . . . fetch me the fanny-whopper.

submitted by Nic Radford - (www)

fanon - Term used in fandom to describe something that has never been shown on screen (on the show / in the movie) and yet is generally accepted as "canon" by many fans.

e.g., It is fanon that the TV show "The Magnificent Seven" is set in a town called Four Corners --it was called that in the script of the pilot, but the town has never been named on air.

submitted by Risha

fanorexic - Someone who wants to be anorexic, but is not. A wannabe eating-disordered person.

e.g., You are on a diet, not anorexic. You're just a fanorexic.

submitted by Tracey Lee - (www)

fanpool - 1. Football pool. Open to all football fans. 2. A group of fans, or friends.

e.g., 1. I've played in the fanpool for the entire football season. 2. It's nice that our college friends have stayed in touch and kept this fanpool.

submitted by paul - (www)

fanson - Devoted fan of the band Hanson.

e.g., Ever since MmmbopII came out, this place has been crawling with fansons.

submitted by Amber

fantabulanistical - Used to describe something that's fantastic, wonderful, amazing, bringing about many happy warm fuzzy feelings.

e.g., Rob is an extremely fantabulanistical person.

submitted by Jes

fantabulastic - Something both fabulous and fantastic.

e.g., The frocks in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert were simply fantabulastic.

submitted by Steve J Hanning

fantabulonderful - Fantastic, fabulous, wonderful.

e.g., He is truly a fantabulonderful person. He always does his best; he is always in a good mood and eager to help others.

submitted by Connie Werner Reichert - (www)

fantabulous - Really fine, far out, famous, fashionable, fabulous, fantastic.

e.g., 'er majesty the queen in all 'er finery an' jewels was altogether fantabulous. The crowds cheered an' waved the flags of the kingdom.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fantacious - Dreamy, fantasizing.

e.g., She's acting a little fantacious over him.

submitted by cooljoe

fantacular - Combination of fantastic and spectacular, but always used in a sarcastic manner.

e.g., The cable is out? Fantacular.

submitted by ben

fantan - California slang for fantastic tan.

e.g., Fred: Wow, is she dark. Red: Yeah, she's fantan.

submitted by jeff - (www)

fantancestor - (fan-TAN-ses-ter; n.) 1. Someone famous or important or celebrated or whatever that you discover while doing genealogical research (this seems fairly odd to me because (a) such people (especially the "nobility") are not normally remembered for their charity or humility, and (b) "ordinary" people are the most important sort); 2. An ancestor you make up for yourself or for some character you've created. [From "fantastic" or "fantasy" + "ancestor."] Also (adj.) fantancestory.

e.g., "You're related to Joseph Goebbels?! ... Isn't that, I dunno, kinda bad?" "Hey, even bad notoriety is good for business." "Oh, yeah: what a fantancestor! That'll sure draw in the crowds. At least it's not Hitler....--?! Don't tell me you're related to_him_ too!" "Sixth cousin, twice removed." "Your veins are just crawling with fantancestors, isn't it?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fantascinating - Somewhere between fantastic and fascinating.

e.g., If you can't deduce the definition of fantascinating, you probably aren't.

submitted by Benji Morris

fantasgreat - Used on "Saturday Night Live" for Fantasia and used for something that is "fantastically great."

e.g., That wasn't just great, it was FANTASgreat.

submitted by caitlyn - (www)

fantasmagoric - Ultra cool. "Fantastic" minus the "astic," "phantasm" minus the "phan," and "fangoria" minus the "ia" but adding the "ic."

e.g., Wow, this guy's site is fantasmagoric.

submitted by timon

fantasmagorical - Better than categorically fantastic.

e.g., The taste is fantasmagorical.

submitted by Russ (from Canada)

fantasmarific - It's the word fantastic, but with more emphasis.

e.g., This game is so cool, it is fantasmarific.

submitted by Marc Lyle

fantasmic - A more psychedelic version of fantastic. [No example given.] | A mix between fantastic and orgasmic rolled into one. Supposed to be used to describe something incredible, such as an experience or feeling.

e.g., | These chocolate-covered strawberries are so fantasmic, I'm almost in tears.

submitted by Laura B. | Alice Kemp

fantasporadic - displaying fits of greatness

e.g., poetry is fantasporadic. We get then occasional gem from mines of mediocre dross.

submitted by moonwalker

fantasticular - A cross between fantastic and spectacular.

e.g., Have a fantasticular day.

submitted by Raul

fantasynonymn - Any number of compound words that make overlapping use of suffixes and prefixes to create a new idea or meaning. These may or may not make sense.

e.g., Universatility is a fantasynonymn for universal versatility.

submitted by uncledookie

fantazmagorical - Absolutly fantastic.

e.g., That game is fantazmagorical.

submitted by Elysha

fantazmalistical - something that is beyond fantastic and beyond mystical

e.g., "I just found twenty bucks on the ground, that's fantazmalistical!"

submitted by Casey

fantextralist - Of a person who makes up fake words.

e.g., He submitted a made-up word and became fantextralist.

submitted by Alex Scott

fanthraxtic - A combination of the words "fantastic" and "anthrax." Used to describe something that is both good and bad.

e.g., You got caught going 85 in a school zone? That's fanthraxtic. Were you driving your dad's car.

submitted by FierceExplorer

fantod - A real word to conjure with. "1. Usually, fantods. a state of extreme nervousness or restlessness; the willies; the fidgets (usually preceded by the): We all developed the fantods when the plane was late in arriving. | 2. Sometimes, fantods. a sudden outpouring of anger, outrage, or a similar intense emotion."

e.g., 1. From Mark Twain's _Huckleberry Finn_: "These was all nice pictures, I reckon, but I didn’t somehow seem to take to them, because if ever I was down a little they always give me the fan-tods." 2. When I found out I had wasted ten minutes with a telemarketer instead of someone who could cancel my account, I was hit by the fantods. It was all I could do to restrain myself and not set cyberspace on fire with my screaming curses.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fantra - So embarrassed for someone else that your butt cheeks involuntarily clench in sympathy.

e.g., Q. Did you see the Academy Awards? A. Yeah. Cher's dress gave me fantra.

submitted by Austin Willacy

fantubular - Very cool; combination of fantastic and tubular.

e.g., Fantubular!

submitted by Jupiter

fantzzytozy - Fantastic on a whole different level.

e.g., The painting was fantzzytozy.

submitted by Jill Scott

faoci - Felonious Act of Copyright Infringement.

e.g., I know it's a faoci, but I just had to burn a copy of Tim's _White Album_.

submitted by homeydaclown

fappy - A happy fat person. Can also be used to describe an average-sized person's feeling of contentment after a large meal.

e.g., That food was so filling, I have to undo my belt -- but man am I fappy.

submitted by Leah Moss

far department - Local office that deals with intergalactic affairs. | Southern American for "fire department."

e.g., I have to run down to the far department to see about getting a Mars export permit.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

far route - (far-rowt) The longer way to a destination, as perhaps being more scenic or interesting or worthwhile, or safer or otherwise desirable or preferable.

e.g., Next trip to Nu-Mu, travel expert has suggested family go far route for superior galactic display and show. Superb idea.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

far side-ish - This word can be used by those lovers of the Far Side, by Gary Larson. It can be used as an adjective or an adverb to describe a person or an action that you might commonly find in a Far Side scene.

e.g., The chubby, buck-toothed boy appeared a bit far side-ish in nature as he tried to enter through the exit door.

submitted by Stephanie Davis

faraday caginess - From Faraday cage. Revulsion of electrical devices after over-exposure. The antidote is a book or three and blessed silence. And possibly a good single malt.

e.g., After writing that analysis of the midframe market, I had Faraday Caginess. I had to curl up with a copy of _The Proud Highway_ and a sherry cask finish Glenmorangie before it went away.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

farbecker - Noun: A fictitious person to whom you send everything inconvenient, including telemarketing calls. Verb: To foist off unpleasant duties on other people. To delegate things to persons unspecified and unnamed, in the hope that the offensive assignment will simply be lost in the bureacratic shuffle. From the Ferrol Sams novel "When All the World Was Young", in which Farbecker first appeared.

e.g., He's incapable of doing his own work; he always Farbeckers the expense reports to his secretary.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

farble - To work aimlessly, amiably, without focus.

e.g., Sunday I just farbled around with my new woodworking tools.

submitted by Richard Moorman

farbster - A farbster is a female parent (with two or more children) who manages to occupy the full width of a sidewalk in an urban area, thus forcing other pedestrians to walk in the road.

e.g., I was run over by the lorry, officer, because I was forced to step into the road by an oncoming farbster.

submitted by Dave Woodley

farby - Short for "far be it from original." Originally used to describe Civil War re-enactors who spent the weekend in a air-conditioned Winnebago. Now it can be used to describe any poser or wannabe. Farb.

e.g., That Puffy Combs outfit looks farby on you.

submitted by Sam Spade

farceshamockery - A farce, a sham, and a mockery. Used by a candidate during campaign for President of Beers to describe lack of validity.

e.g., This campaign is a farceshamockery.

submitted by Chuck - (www)

farcinating - Using the words farce and fascinating, the new word is a way of explaining something that is completely ridiculous, yet impossible to look away from. Best used in conjunction with REALITY TV - and GUILTY-PLEASURE entertainment. (Not to mention that the new word sounds eerily close to that goofy gas-passing word fart.)

e.g., I love watching "Long Island Medium" and "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo" -- farcinating television.

submitted by Thomas Bonneville

farcockteh - Crapped up, messed up. Similar to fucked both in pronunciation (~fehr-cock-tah) and meaning.

e.g., Talkleft Visitor: "In this farcockteh world, we Jews have gotta laugh at this stuff or we'll go as Meshuggah as the born agains. From what I've seen, you could quibble with some of the picks, but nobody got hosed."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

fard department - The department where you buy cosmetics. Fard is both a noun and a verb. As a noun: facial cosmetics. As a verb: putting on makeup. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his Excellence in Broadcasting radio show, women drivers can sometimes be observed farding. From fire department --> far department --> fard department. Extending it one level further, one gets fard apartment, which I suppose would be a home version of a fard department, possibly a place my wife might go to have someone else put on her makeup for her. She likes to have that done at the beauty shop, but it's not cheap by any means.

e.g., "Honey, while you're looking at slacks, I think I'll go to the fard department." "'Fart department'? Is that the ladies' restroom? Are you having trouble passing gas again?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fardwack - The transition from a media that is good to a media that is bad.

e.g., The Super Mario Brothers movie was fardwack.

submitted by kevin - (www)

fare maiden - The one who collects the fee for the train ride.

e.g., I have no idea why you haven't been paid. I gave $235.00 plus tax to the fare maiden

submitted by HD Fowler

farfallardora - To produce a passionate feeling of butterflies in the pit of another's stomach.

e.g., Patrick was guilty of farallardora when he licked Karen's fingers.

submitted by KRS

farfaranate - Far-fara-nate, emphasis on 2nd syllable. To farfaranate is to never stop talking about yourself and to think you are really good.

e.g., "Oh, my hair is so nice and I have the best car in the world and I am sooo hot," said Alyce. "Alyce always farfaranates," Liam explained to the new kid.

submitted by Liam

farfetchery - The art or act of embellishing reality, especially to support an argument; a deceptive over/understatement.

e.g., Reduced to farfetchery, Chris all but admits his failure to care.

submitted by william mccarver

farfoura - sweetie

e.g., you're such a farfoura! no one's sweeter than you!

submitted by kaotic419

farge - The dried stuff that you find on the ketchup bottle cap.

e.g., I could hardly get the ketchup out of the bottle with all of the farge that was on the cap.

submitted by Susan

fark - It's not news, it's Fark

e.g., The ten o'clock Fox news hour is just a bunch of Fark

submitted by Drew - (www)

fark - Fuck. Used to bypass e-mail scanners when e-mailing from the workplace.

e.g., Fark this.

submitted by bunny - (www)

farked up - A variant of the f-word, suitable for use when discussing the humor site for teenage ne'er-do-wells and wannabes:

e.g., If you visit and then try to get any work done, what you do will invariably be all farked up.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

farking - Flatulating during coitus, on purpose or by mistake.

e.g., "Does Chris fark when you have sex?" "Is the Pope Catholic?"

submitted by Robert

farkle - 1. To break down; to stop functioning properly. 2. A really fun dice game involving six dice.

e.g., When I have too many thoughts circling in my head, my brain farkles and I can't think straight.

submitted by KC

farklempt - Choked up, bummed out, bad mood.

e.g., She caught me off guard with her resignation, causing me to become farklempt.

submitted by Kenya Wendt

farkus - A completly messed up situation beyond your control.

e.g., How the hell did I get involved in this farkus?

submitted by Scott Hession - (www)

farmer - Nautical term used by experienced skippers to describe someone with no idea how to steer a boat.

e.g., Where the heck is that farmer going? Any further and he will hit the reef.

submitted by Fiona

farmer ted - A geek that is likely trying to pick you up. Comes from Anthony Michael Hall's character in Sixteen Candles.

e.g., Oooh. Don't look. Farmer Ted is approaching at four o'clock. Run.

submitted by jen

farmercy - That's where a farmer goes to pick up his meds -- and pretty much anything else a farmer might need.

e.g., Uncle Ned is heading down to the farmercy to have his scrip filled for water on the knee. Have him get a bale of hay, some chewin' tobacky, and udder cream, too.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

farmout - Wen something is the most far out thing you've ever laid your eyes on.

e.g., The concert last night was farmout.

submitted by ben soto

farnackeral - A joyful or happy word that makes you laugh until you vomit or cry.

e.g., Kate felt farnackeral as she was told a funny joke by her friend Bootsie.

submitted by Andrew Borg

farnarkle - The stuff that appears next to your fingernails if you don't push the cuticles back.

e.g., Ugh, look at all this farnarkle on my fingers. (ED. If Gail were here, I'm pretty sure she'd take care of it for me. Gail was a couple of years older than me and worked at the soda fountain in her parents' drugstore. She enlightened me about keeping the cuticles pushed back on my fingernails.)

submitted by rapier

farnarkling - To take an inordinate amount of time to get ready when going out.

e.g., Keryn, stop farnarkling around. We were supposed to be at the restaurant half an hour ago.

submitted by Rob Hurrelbrink

farnsbarnce - General, invented surname to cover when you can't remember a name. In fond remembrance of Alan George Macdonald, whose usage it was.

e.g., Old Charlie Farnsbarnce down at the garage is fixing it for me.

submitted by Andy Macdonald

farpishtet - Noticeably drunk. (From Claire.)

e.g., After five beers, she was farpishtet.

submitted by Lee

farrad - A group of friends. Usage is similar to that of a "gaggle of geese."

e.g., Neo and his farrad were hanging out in the parking lot at lunchtime.

submitted by Michael Lowry - (www)

farsees - A measurement of distance -- as far as one's eyes see. Unfortunatley , there are varying degrees of sight.

e.g., Stop at the red light on 6th Street, then take about three more farsees and you'll be there.

submitted by April Annotti

fart - Contraction of "far out."

e.g., Some of the definitions in the PD are fart. Let's add another one.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

fart pas - A faux pas accompanied by a fart.

e.g., In days of yore when I traveled by airplane each weekend, my ears often plugged up when the plane ascended or descended. I would hold my nostrils closed and blow to unplug my ears with two pops. The operation would sometimes be accompanied by three pops instead of two -- meaning I had committed a fart pas.

submitted by HD Fowler

fartcan - A large, usually chrome "muffler" that seems to actually amplify the exhaust note of a car (usually a Honda Civic or Chevy Cavalier).

e.g., You hear that '86 low-rider Civic with the neon ground effects and license plate surround go by? With a fartcan like that, I thought there was a Cessna taking off down Main Street. | I was sleeping soundly when the sound of thunder awakened me. Then I saw the sunlight streaming through my window, and thought jet noise. It kept up too long for that. Turned out to be the sound of fartcans across the street. My neighbor was loudly and proudly showing off the new purchase he had made for his gleaming 1937 Chevrolet.

submitted by Justin - (www)

farther - Male parent living at a great distance from his children, an absentee father.

e.g., Frank's farther further fathered farflung fraters.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

farticles - Particles of air contaminated by farting. (ED. Somehow the original entry from 2001 or 2002 got deleted.)

e.g., I was trapped in the room with his farticles. I could almost feel them clinging to my skin, clogging my throat.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fartin - Fa' certain.

e.g., We have all the fart words we need in the PseudoDictionary lexicon, that's fartin. That's why we've opened The Fart Thread in the pseudoforums.

submitted by HD Fowler

fartious - Being full of wind.

e.g., The parsnip soup rendered her fartious.

submitted by Miranda Bild

fartlicious - No claim whatsoever to originality. A friend sends such delicious, life-sustaining e-mails that I call them e-meals, quod vide. At the other end of the spectrum are submittals to the pd that egregiously violate the guidelines in one way or another. Such submittals tend to be malicious rather than delicious. When they come with an e-mail address, I'll try to remember to replace what was submitted with "Another fartlicious submittal rejected" and include that in a canned response to the submitter.

e.g., Crap, another dickhead submitted some fartlicious tripe in an attempt to promote his commercial site. If I hadn't been otherwise occupied and in a relatively good mood when I ran across it, I'd have given him a virtual smack upside the head. Maybe an ear-boxing worthy of the one that caused Thomas Alva Edison's loss of hearing. (Is that reference to Edison going to sail right over most readers' heads? Will anyone under 40 even know who Edison is?) {ED. Why is it that any guy I know who goes by the name Richard is invariably a dickhead? The Dick Head I knew wasn't a dickhead.}

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

farzha - A unit of measurement for distance. Derived from "far as you can see."

e.g., "It's up the road three farzha." "What's three farzha?!" "Well, you go farzha can see once, then go farzha can see again, then go farzha can see a third time."

submitted by PKM

fascetious - A misspelling of "facetious," with the same meaning: not to be taken seriously -- amusing, humorous. Taking a guess, the confusion could possibly come from the similarity to "fascia" and "facia," two words that do have the same meaning.

e.g., Nah, I was just being fascetious.

submitted by Miss Speller

fasch - To be unfairly oppressed by an authority figure.

e.g., I was fasched by my boss for taking an early lunch break.

submitted by Woesinger

faschnickered - Very tired.

e.g., She was so faschnickered she couldn't walk. I got home from school, and was too faschnickered to do anything 'cept diffuse nutrients from a pool full of sugar water.

submitted by Clare

fashbucsu - From Afar She's Hot But Up Close She's Ugly. As in you see a girl from far away, and she appears attractive, until you see her face, up close.

e.g., After seeing said girl, one could say to themselves, "whoa, fashbucsu."

submitted by John Bishop

fashest - Fascist.

e.g., "Poland's repressive, far right fashest government is a natural ally of the Trumpublican Party here in America, who are trying to do the same."

submitted by [Progressive Patriot]

fashimite - Someone who is a slave to fashion.

e.g., Someone who wears uncomfortable 7" heel boots and a winter coat shown for the following year the hot summer beforehand is a fashimite.

submitted by eanya - (www)

fashion chuck - A well dressed man. Particularly someone who has the ability to layer exceptionally well.

e.g., When Matt walked into the bar he caught the eye of every lady. When he took off his jacket they could see right away he was a fashion chuck.

submitted by Carrie

fashion lifestyle - Fashion is the soul of lifestyle.

e.g., If you want to look like a celebrity, then you have to follow new fashion lifestyle.

submitted by saminajamshaid

fashion-mullet - A deliberate mullet haircut. One worn by the otherwise stylish and savvy in the mistaken belief that a mullet haircut can be fashionable when done intentionally.

e.g., Jonathan would look pretty cool if it weren't for his fashion-mullet.

submitted by Stephen Foxworthy - (www)

fashionate - Used to describe persons obsessed with spending inordinate amounts of time, money, and their friends' patience to mindlessly follow what the clothing, hair, jewelry, cosmetic, and personal hygiene industries have arbitrarily determined to be "in" this season. Etymology: fashion + passionate Also see: Narcissus, Sisyphus

e.g., She was particularly fashionate about anything in red leather.

submitted by George Pateman - (www)

fashionese - The style of writing and speaking said to be characteristic of the fashion industry and in particular the fashion media.

e.g., Can you translate the latest edition of Vogue, I don't speak fashionese?

submitted by Maggie

fassie - Cutesy nursery-sounding term for (ponytail) fastener, used mainly by little girls or their mothers.

e.g., Do you want the pink fassies in your hair today or would you rather have the green?

submitted by Sparki

fassoon - A close relative of the bassoon, except it is played with a ballon as an air chamber.

e.g., The musician pressed the fassoon's balloon down hard to produce a sound.

submitted by eric heinrix

fast backwards - Rewind, on a VCR.

e.g., Omom, would you fast backwards my tape? . . . Please?

submitted by «Andy» - (www)

fast show fallacy, the - The mistaken belief that anything, especially a pat catch-phrase, is funny if repeated enough. From unfunny UK comedy show, Fast Show, which applies this bizarre logic to extreme degrees.

e.g., I hate Dare To Believe. It takes The Fast Show fallacy to frighteningly misguided extremes.

submitted by Adam Leslie

fast titty is - It's what they might say of a good mother in Pennsylvania Dutch country: she is so much on the ball, to breastfeed the babies, and change the diapers, comfort them -- everything.

e.g., Sarah's children are so blessed, always she goes so schnell, truly a fast titty is.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fast-talker - A Rabbi, delivering a sermon on Yom Kippur.

e.g., Rabbi Shlomo Shunstein -- famous for his long-and-slow-marathon Yom Kippur sermons -- nonetheless had somehow earned the reputation of being a fast-talker.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

fastantic - When something is so good and the appreciator is so wasted that 'Fantastic' simply won't do.

e.g., Did you see the way those pigeons landed simultaneously and in perfect silence? It was fastantic!

submitted by Lionel Shapiro - (www)

fasteddyous - Created from "Fast Eddy" Felsen, the pool hustler character played by Paul Newman in The Hustler and The Color of Money. Evokes a particular kind of fastidiousness, the ability to stay in character the way Fast Eddy did, leaving people shaking their heads wondering how they lost their shirts.

e.g., Stanislav was so slick yet humble -- so fasteddyous -- that for the longest time no one could believe that he was guilty of embezzlement as charged.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

fasten-eight - To have 10 buttons, hooks, or clasps of sorts and you can only fasten eight.

e.g., Try as she might, Chris could only fasten-eight.

submitted by RuthAnn

fasthideous - The antithesis of fastidious. To do a task "quick and ugly" without paying attention to cleanliness or detail.

e.g., The furniture was fasthideously repainted.

submitted by Brau - (www)

fat - The past tense of fit.

e.g., That jumper fat her but it doesn't fit me.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

fat albert - Someone who is fat but cool and popular. A fictional character.

e.g., That new kid, Chris, turned out to be a fat albert.

submitted by Waddpal

fat chance - No chance something will happen.

e.g., Fat chance you get to go to the movies tonight.

submitted by Jack Simpkins - (www)

fat coke - opposite of diet coke

submitted by rik

fat controller - TV remote control. Also simply "the fat."

e.g., Uh, oh. Ricki Lake. Where's the fat controller? OR Oh, my God. "Sweet Valley High" is on next! Where's the fat? Where's the fat?

submitted by Ochre Orientis

fat earth theory - This theory (which is not a mere "theory") indicates that at one time the Earth was flat, but now it's fat, isn't it? The flat Earth went essentially from being a two-dimensional oddity, to being a three- and more-dimensional monstrosity, quite large. It was the air, and the wWater, and the fire within that pumped up, plumped up the Earth, and aren't you glad that happened?

e.g., The Fat Earth Theory has not yet been entirely proven, but just give us time and we can prove anything.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

fat grip of scrilla - To have on hand a large sum of cash.

e.g., I just got paid, and I'm about to have a fat grip of scrilla.

submitted by Dave

fat quarters - Super cool.

e.g., Other than sitting by myself making up words, I wish I had something fat quarters to do.

submitted by Courtney

fat slapper - Lazy or sloppy individual; one who is generally rude, inconsiderate, or completely oblivious to the existence of others.

e.g., I was driving down the road, minding my own business, when some little fat slapper cut me off.

submitted by matt

fat tax -

© Michael Quinion -- 18 August 2007 Newsletter: A fat tax is a surcharge applied to certain kinds of high-fat and high-energy foods whose consumption is most likely to contribute to excessive weight gain.

e.g., "Some US cities and states levy [a fat tax] on soft drinks and junk food but the idea hasn’t yet spread to Europe."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fat to the fifth - Obese, stupid, lazy, bad smelling, and irate.

e.g., Why is it that so many teachers nowadays are fat to the fifth? Why is it that so many students are, too?

submitted by tom

fat-finger - To make a ytpographical error, implying large fingers fumbling over the keyboard.

e.g., No, that's a ytpo. I fat-fingered it.

submitted by rGo

fat-stupiding - Used to describe someone making a complete jerk of herself. The sheer idiocy of such a person prevents her from recognizing the anguished, annoyed looks on the faces of her audience, thus making it impossible to stop her without hitting her.

e.g., Look at her, just look at her. Fat-stupiding all over the place, oblivious to the world. She must have got that from watching that bitch Omarosa.

submitted by Mykey - (www)

fat-wallet - One possessed of a great deal of money.

e.g., Bill Gates is certainly a fat-wallet.

submitted by Kev

fatasstrophe - A disastrous situation you find yourself in because you're obese. Fatastrophe.

e.g., "She's not that funny and I gotta say, that woman's latest video is an absolute fatastrophe."

submitted by [Javier Perez] - (www)

fateans - People that will lead America into a desperate fate because they don't pay atention to politics.

e.g., Mary? She only reads celebrity gossip. She's a Fatean.

submitted by John W. Flynt - (www)

fath - fast

e.g., Like the little boy with a lisp said, "I can run willy, willy, fath."

submitted by Leeanna

fatiguous - Anything fatiguing but, especially, a person or situation which is mentally taxing and requirous of godlike self-control to keep your head from coming off.

e.g., Tolerating Heather's speech, especially her far-flung piss-poor excuses for whatever her choices in life have produced, is rather fatiguous when something loud isn't drowning out her line of crap.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

fatist - A person who doesn't like people that are fat.

e.g., "You don't like me because I'm fat, you fatist!"

submitted by Sam - (www)

fatitude - A metabolically challenged person with a bad attitude and unpersonable demeanour -- especially towards thinner and fitter people.

e.g., She had a fatitude towards anyone who worked in the health and fitness industry.

submitted by Kimi

fatoney - When someone tells you look good in an outfit, when clearly you look FAT and she is spinning baloney.

e.g., A. Does this look OK? B. Sure, you look great. A. You are so full of fatoney.

submitted by Kim

fatootst - From German (verdutzt) or Yiddish (fartootst), via Michael Quinion: nonplussed, confused, or baffled; bewildered, disoriented, discombobulated.

e.g., "Leroy, before you see it and get all fatootsed, I thought I’d explain about our garage being out in the street ..."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fatpants - Fats: Sweatpants or otherwise baggy pants.

e.g., Jim: Those pants are really baggy. Tom: They're my newest fatpants.

submitted by EmRobin

fatscreen tv - A replacement technology for real porker couch potatoes.

e.g., Within 100 hours of Democrats returning to the White House and tightening their grip on Congress, legislation will be passed to assure every American family it can pursue happiness in its leisure time, a right called out in the Declaration of Independence. Regardless of its economic status, each family will have not only pot in every chicken, but also a fatscreen TV.

submitted by HD Fowler

fatsquatch - Woman whose appearance causes you to recommend stirring the gene pool.

e.g., We had to save Brandon from going home with a fatsquatch. Even though she was a step up from his usual date, it just didn't seem right for a pickup.

submitted by Brandon Kluch

fattage - A ratio of weight to height obtained via the following equation. W is a person's weight in pounds, and H is a person's height in inches. Fattage = (W/H) - (H/10).

e.g., I stopped running track and my fattage went up by half a point.

submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

fatted - Past tense of "to fit."

e.g., The doctor said he was booked up, but he fatted me in anyway.

submitted by David

fattelganger - An eerie double of someone you know, only fatter.

Jason almost stumbled when he spotted his exact fattelganger sitting at the bus stop, deeply engrossed in a bucket of fried chicken. He took a moment, regained his composure, and tipped his hat to a life he almost had. | To be my fattelganger these days, someone would have to be the size of Michael Moore.

submitted by ashsimmonds

fattitude - What a female who wears clothes that she is clearly too fat for is.

e.g., See Chris in the belly shirt? Got a lotta fattitude -- as well as a lotta fat.

submitted by 99 Hats

fatty - Cool, bomb, neat, awesome, wild. Otherwise:huge, extreme, big.

e.g., Your shoes are fatty. You're gonna get a fatty bruise after running into that wall.

submitted by Amber

fatty boombalattie - A term of endearment, only to be used with friends who are not overweight. It is a derivative of "hottie bombalottie" and "phat."

e.g., Sachin is one hot fatty boombalattie.

submitted by mugabo

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