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ergamime - To sing or dance crazily.

e.g., Whatca doin' next Saturday? Wanna go ergamiming?

submitted by Kaylee* - (www)

ergenwelsh - To continue participating in an argument when all the person does is keep saying "I know you are, but what am I?"

e.g., Don't ergenwelsh with him, Timmy--just ignore him.

submitted by dave

ergitrate - To function, or function properly, as with a machine, but also applicable to living beings.

e.g., Since we replaced the Mellish capacitor in the recombobulator, it seems to ergitrate well enough.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

ergopy - The opposite of "entropy"; that is, a tendency to become more organized (something that the laws of physics tell us is impossible without effort). Informally, necessary labor. (From the Greek "ergos" = "work.") Ergopic: of or pertaining to ergopy.

e.g., Good organization, as in a library, creates ergopy. Unless you ignore it completely, everything that comes in once it's all properly arranged already has a place ready for it. | More commonly, "Wow. This mess needs some real ergopy."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

eric b & rakim - Office speak for an invoice that has been settled to your satisfaction for the full amount. From the classic 80's Eric B & Rakim track: Paid In Full.

e.g., "Have we had a cheque from Smith & Co for the Jones case yet?" "Yup, we're Eric B & Rakim on that one"

submitted by Housden - (www)

eripa - Air IP ah. The collected mental assessment of an event, place, person, etc., through research, word of mouth, or otherwise prior to reaching destination or meeting.

e.g., My eripa often deviates from the reality of what I find.

submitted by Christine Cox - (www)

erle - Fluid used to lubricate Brooklyn engines.

e.g., I gotta change de erle in my Plymout'.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

erle2 - English peer.

e.g., The erle got a ticket for driving down Regent Street in 'is Dodge Coronet with a loose kingpin one knight. What a royal pain! 'E was throne for a loss. Oh, Lord! 'E duked it out with the officer and his fine was a princely sum. Baron an appeal, 'e'll have to ante up and it's presumptive 'e'll tear 'is heir out.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

ermno - A variation of the word "no" when you don't know how to say it and you half swallow it.

e.g., Friendly dork:"Wanna play some chess?" You: "... ermno."

submitted by Alex - (www)

ernie orange - The color girls and guys get when they overtan or use self-tanning cream where the color does not look right. Named after the Sesame Street character of the same color.

e.g., Suzanne looks ernie orange today.

submitted by Arik9

eromeate - One who falls in love at first sight. From Romeo, a rather well-known Shakespeare character.

e.g., The eromeate was in joy when her love said yes to marriage.

submitted by corey evans

err - Mainly used in reaction, somewhat like "doh" as used by Homer Simpson, but it need not be yelled. It is generally somewhat mean.

e.g., John: "Your widget just broke." Adam: "Err."

submitted by Adam Hutchinson

erradic - Erratic.

e.g., "Here's an entertaining article of Bush's erradic behavior and paranoia from Capitol Blue. Rumor has it (rumor=latest conspiracy theory) that Tenet, Powell, and others were involved in a plot to kill Bush. But things like that don't really happen in our government. ... Tenet resigned 'cause none of his family members that are ill need him and Bush is just paranoid because Osama hasn't been captured after 3 years."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

errorgant - A misspelling of "arrogant." Let's say it's a combination of "error" and "arrogant." Saw it used to criticise Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's peace mission to the Middle East in April 2007, a trip made against the wishes of President Bush and Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel. Also "errogant."

e.g., "I've been to every one of the coos' games for the past four seasons and I have NEVER encountered such foul-mouthed, errogant, rude and pompus fans in my life!"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

erroriasis - The irritation that arises from persistent computer error messages and officious software obstacle courses; also called "error rash."

e.g., This last week of debugging the new website has made my erroriasis flare up something fierce!

submitted by Rafi Metz - (www)

errr - The thought "Don't bother lying. I don't believe you."

e.g., Ed: I paid you the $20 already. Ted: Errr.

submitted by Aldwin Oliveros

errr - An expression used to show that you are unsure about something or hesitant.

e.g., Errr... I'm not sure if that squirrel is safe to catch or not.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

ersatz - Fake, false. Real word.

e.g., His hair was ersatz, Sally realized, as it blew off in the strong wind.

submitted by Global Mouth

ert - Active, or quickly moving.

e.g., The star running back who rushed for 130 yards was among the most ert in the NFL

submitted by David Duimstra

erthroitrageelatunny - The area between your big toe and the second biggest toe.

e.g., I cut my erthroitrageelatunny.

submitted by Ross

eruditism - An erudite word.

e.g., Yes, it's a very interesting word -- but you shouldn't give me credit for the eruditism.

submitted by [Michael Quinion]

esbee-esspee - A groovy person you know, like, and trust. A close friend.

e.g., I like Nicky--she's esbee-espee.

submitted by lauryn

esbeej - A term used by Northern Ontario pig farmers to describe a pig caught in a peat moss bog.

e.g., I had four dirty esbeejs yesterday. It took me 3 hours to clean up afterwards.

submitted by Charles Wainford

escape ferocity - The level of force and determination necessary to fight one's way out of a dangerous or confining situation. My cat Sophia, would hop into empty paper grocery bags and wait for me to roll up the tops, so she could tear her way out. Once, she wiggled into a burlap bag, so I held the top closed, to see what she'd do. She ripped out in just a few seconds, twitching her tail with pleasure. She had an enormous escape ferocity.

e.g., They had to call for backup to subdue him, as his escape ferocity was very high.

submitted by Steve McDonald

escape philosophy - An argument or set of arguments completely irrelevant to the debate at hand, used to desperately attempt to shift the debate to a new topic.

e.g., When Harold realized that Vince was right about the Medicare scandal, he began shouting about euthenasia until he reached escape philosophy.

submitted by Matthew Rohr

escapegoat - The vehicle a scapegoat uses to escape.

e.g., He's just done a runner in the escapegoat.

submitted by Chris Duddle - (www)

escatology - (n.) the study of how crappy the world has become as it rolls on toward its end. [from_eschatology_'the study of the end of the world'+_scatology_'the study of feces.']

e.g., Reading headlines has become tinged with escatology, everything seems so incredibly bad.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

escherball - (n.) 1. A spherical (or hemispherical) mirror or lens that causes more to be seen than before; 2. a. A (fictional) game in which the familiar laws of physics and perspective are relaxed (or unenforced), played upon a field within which perpetual motion is normal, the evidence of one's own eyes are not to be trusted (ever), and the gaps between objects are sometimes more real than the objects themselves; b. The (metaphorical) game human beings engage in when trying to create or uphold illusions such as stage magic, special effects, election math, or legislation. [From M.C. Escher's "Hand with Reflecting Sphere" (1935).]

e.g., Many hospitals put Escherballs at hallway corners, so gurney wheelers and supply cart pushers don't crash into one another. | The 2002 American Presidential Election was the mother of all Escherball matches. | _Alice_Through_the_Looking_Glass_ reads like an Escherball tournament.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

escheresque - Resembling a drawing by Escher, surreal.

e.g., That wallpaper is very escheresque.

submitted by Jack - (www)

eschertecture - (ESH-er-TEK-cher; n.) Architecture which seems convoluted, bizarre, even impossible: stairways that feel like they lead to a floor they can't lead to; hallways that improbably intersect; rooms that seem to be somewhere they shouldn't be---essentially, a building layout that goes out of its way to turn you around, get you lost, and basically confuse the hell out of you. [From Escher (Maurits Cornelis (1898-1972) + (archi)tecture. Escher is the world-famous Dutch artist whose mathematically themed work focused on unexpected perspectives, tessellations, and illusions, especially the depiction of impossible objects, as in his Relativity (1953), Ascending & Descending (1960), and Waterfall (1961)). The word "Eschertecture" first(?) appears in James Alan Gardner's 2017 "All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault."]

e.g., The engineering school building has a fairly straightforward layout, at least, now that I've been here three years, but when I first got here, it was pure Eschertecture. It took me half an hour just to find the second floor, and the big window on the third floor, that somehow overlooks the quad ... well, it just couldn't. Still can't as far as I'm concerned.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

esion - The noise that a light bulb, T.V., or other piece of machinery makes.

e.g., We are always bothered by the esion coming from the T.V. downstairs.

submitted by Jammin

eskimo kiss - A kiss that isn't really a kiss, just two people rubbing noses together. Eskimos kiss this way because it's so cold where they live that they can't kiss with their mouths or else they'd die. This is also why Eskimos have red noses, because they get very irritated after they have sex without taking their clothes off, and all they can do is use their noses to Eskimo kiss. It's sad.

e.g., Eskimo kisses are special ... not really.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

eskimofo - A terrible cold thing. It may be a person, place, or thing.

e.g., This winter has been an eskimofo.

submitted by Ben

esma shuffle - Trying to find productive things to do and appear busy the last half hour of the work day.

e.g., Guys, it's 3:30. Time to do the ESMA Shuffle for the rest of the day.

submitted by Danimal

eso - Equipment Superior to Operator: description for a technical issue wholly manifested by the operator of equipment, software, etc.

e.g., Melissa: "I can't get my typewriter thingy for my computer to stop making all the letters big." Scott/Greg: "OK, Melissa, sounds like an ESO issue. Look on the left of your keyboard and hit the button that says Caps Lock." ;)

submitted by Scott G

esoterrorist - Someone who uses obscure language and made-up words to instill fear in others and make herself seem smarter and more important.

e.g., Did you understand that guest lecturer? "Polyphyletic?" He's an esoterrorist.

submitted by Michael Eichler

espatula, to go - To break down, or not operate in the expected fashion.

e.g., My computer, it has gone espatula.

submitted by OJ

espitology - A study of the epistles, the Bible.

e.g., This course is an espistology of the Book of James.

submitted by Dr. Joel P. Church - (www)

esplanade - To attempt an explanation while drunk. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., When I asked my husband why he came home at two a.m., the best I could get was an esplanade.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

espoloteria - The ability to foresee winning lottery numbers. (See also "espoloteria excludis.")

e.g., Fran proved her special espoloteria ability by correctly nailing the state's Pick Six three weeks in a row.

submitted by Ty Evans

espoloteria excludis - The ability to foresee winning lottery numbers so long as no wager is being made. Much more common than, and often confused with, espoloteria.

e.g., After three weeks of picking winning lottery numbers, Fran placed a wager and lost, showing that she actually had a severe case of espoloteria excludis.

submitted by Ty Evans

esprit de coors - Comradeship or fellowship of those with a preference for drinking Coors.

e.g., The evening's mood was heightened by the group's esprit de coors.

submitted by Dave Violette

esque - Add to the end of a name or word when you can't find the perfect description.

e.g., That girl is very Barbiesque. This party is very rock staresque.

submitted by leslie "bunny" wallace

esquitaneous - Possessing a quality, either good or bad. Opposite of "inesquitaneous," when something is dull.

e.g., Well, I'm not sure whether I liked Garfield, the movie, but it was definitely esquitaneous. | "Oh, how esquitaneous. Taxes are due."

submitted by Suruth Kulio

esquivalience - NOAD apparently added this non-word as a means of copyright protection.  

The New Yorker esquivalience -- n. the willful avoidance of one's official responsibilities . . . late 19th cent.: perhaps from French esquiver, "dodge, slink away."
| The intentional abandonment of one's official duties. | An unwillingness to perform the job one has been assigned. | The irresponsible addition of fake words into dictionaries, as was originally done with this word.  
The last definition comes from the "word" having been added to the New Oxford English Dictionary as a fake entry to protect the copyright -- a long-standing tradition of encyclopedias. As such, I wouldn't characterize it as "irresponsible" myself. Two pseudodictionarians were interviewed for the linked article ("Not a Word") from The New Yorker. Neither of us picked the "correct" word as the fake -- the definition given first being what appeared in the article. Further evidence that none of us here really know what we're talking about. That's why we keep telling you we pretend to be logogogues when we're really logastelluses -- or would that be logastelli? We're also logomaniacs and logophiles, sometimes to our wives' chagrin.

Do not believe anything you read in the pseudodictionary.
Do not take us seriously. Do not believe anything we say.
Seek wisdom elsewhere. Watch out for leg-pulling and tomfoolery.
This site is a lark for the owners and you always need to keep that in mind.

e.g., Having no "official responsibilities" as a pseudodictionary editor-at-large should inoculate me against charges of esquivalience. Having no responsibilities at all, I couldn't avoid them if I wanted to. |  

The New Yorker The six words and their definitions were e-mailed to nine lexicographical authorities. Anne Soukhanov, the U.S. General Editor of Encarta Webster’s, was the first to weigh in. "Ess-kwa-val-ee-ohnce — I want to pronounce it in the French manner—is your culprit," she said. Six other experts also fingered "esquivalience," citing various rationales. "It’s just trying a little too hard," said Wendalyn Nichols, the editor-in-chief of the newsletter "Copy Editor" and a onetime editorial director of Random House Reference. "If it’s derived from esquiver, it wouldn’t have that ending. Nothing linguistically would give rise to the ‘l.’" The Times’ crossword-puzzle editor, Will Shortz, explained, "I simply can’t believe such a thing goes back to the nineteenth century." Steve Kleinedler, a senior editor of the American Heritage Dictionary, said, "The stress pattern is strange." The most personal of the rationales belonged to Eli Horowitz, an editor of the literary anthology "The Future Dictionary of America," who complained, "I had to read it a few times, and I resent that."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

essitary - (sorta rhymes with "guess-a-dairy"; n.) 1. a ticket sales outlet; 2. a ticket booth; 3. a ticket seller (a person or a machine). [From the Greek eisiterio 'ticket.']

e.g., Does anyone else remember the Disney E-ticket (for the really good rides)? You bought them in little essitary booths all over the park. But those are all gone now, and Yankovic's reference to the E-ticket in his "Jurassic Park" song ("this sure is no e-ticket") has become incomprehensible to younger folks.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

esso assho' - The person who drives through a gas station to make a turn in order to avoid waiting her turn at a busy intersection

e.g., She went around seven cars, through the gas station, didn't buy gas, and just kept on going. What an Esso assho'.

submitted by Tim Kasson

essos - Significant others.

e.g., Anyone have any ideas for Christmas gifts for husbands or wives or essos? What would you like to find under the Christmas tree for yourself this year?

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

essplode - A post-gorging statement, when you've eaten past the point of undoing a trousers button. Your body is too busy digesting dinner to allow your mouth to function properly.

e.g., Oooee, fiffy-siss owses of steab lebber am I are gunta essplode. Translation: "Oh . . . fifty-six ounces of steak later, I am going to explode."

submitted by withoutwax - (www)

esstapless - An endearing nickname given to the office supply company Staples.

e.g., "I need to go to esstapless to get more 2B pencils." Use the prefix "ess" for any word beginning with "s" and you'll sound like a Persian Princess. "Eh, mmmm, essorry to be bothering you esSteven, may I essee the report on essalary expenses?"

submitted by schmoopy - (www)

establishment - Generic term for a restaurant.

e.g., I'm hungry. Want to go to an establishment?

submitted by Matches

estermateing - Roaming the halls discussing pointless issues that you know nothing about.

e.g., Joey and Troy were estermateing about physics again yesterday.

submitted by lonnie - (www)

estibute - A heated exchange of words.

e.g., Gary and Lynn got into quite an estibute over what colour to paint the front hall.

submitted by pat goegan - (www)

estivice - (ESS-tiv-iss; n.) The summer solstice, aka the estival solstice. From the Latin aestival "of or pertaining to summer" + solstice (sol "sun" + "sisto "stand still) => ESTIV-al + solst-ICE.]

e.g., In Seattle, daylight lasts sixteen hours on the Estivice (northern hemisphere), but it lasts only eight hours in Tierra del Fuego that day.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

estrofest - 1. Any time a male of a given species is surrounded by estrogen-emitting organisms of the same species (either or both genders). 2. A rave in which granular or encapsulated jelly estrogen is freely distributed. 3. (US) A late fall festival involving gourds and hormones, and used as a fund-raiser for third pary presidential candidates. 4. (UK, over tea) A public slumber party/free-for-all "O'Reilly Factor"-esque debate hosted by Martha Stewart at the Neverland Ranch (BYOB).

e.g., Jonathan says he watches Gilmore Girls with Katie, Liz, and ZZ because it gives him "culture," but in fact his doctor prescribed a regular estrofest to curb his girlie-man tendencies.

submitted by The Berkinator - (www)

estrogenbonics - Language women use that men never understand.

e.g., My wife is fluent in estrogenbonics. She says she'd like a new purse, but really means a new car -- go figure.

submitted by Jeff

estrogenocide - Death by estrogen, caused by constant nagging by a female.

e.g., When Tim's wife, Chris, wouldn't stop bitching about his needing to take out the trash, Tim finally took something out. Himself. Tim committed estrogenocide.

submitted by cole kent - (www)

estuistarical - A funny river.

e.g., That Joan -- that Joan is an estuistarical genious.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

et all - The way et al. (abbreviation for the Latin et alii), meaning "and others," should be spelled. | Regional dialect for "ate all."

e.g., I first saw the poem "How to Treat Elves" in This is My Best Humor, compiled by Bennett Cerf et all. | Thanky kindly, ma'am. No dessert for me. I done et all I can.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

et rel - And related items. From "etc." and "et al."

e.g., Your job will include technical support et rel.

submitted by Gene Wirchenko

etaoin shrdlu - " … something that is nonsense or absurd.…" An error. The order of letters on the old Linotype machines, from most frequently used to least frequently used.

e.g., Some of the SMS text makes about as much sense to me as etaoin shrdlu. | Short Messaging Service translation: som of d SMS txt mAkz bout az much sense 2 me az etaoin shrdlu.

The Indological Knowledgebase The approximate order of frequency of the most commonly used letters in the English language, ETAOIN SHRDLU (pronounced eh-tay-oh-in shird-loo or eh-tay-oyn shird-lu) is best known as a nonsense phrase that sometimes appeared in print due to a quirk of Linotype machines, which dominated publishing for a century until being replaced by computers. The complete sequence is ETAOIN SHRDLU CMFGYP WBVKXJ QZ.

ETAOINSHRDLU were the first 12 letters on the Linotype keyboard, which was arrayed in order of frequency of usage. Linotype operators often generated the phrase by running their fingers down the line of keys, in order to complete a slug of type that contained a mistake. Occasionally this erroneous type would be included in the printed publication.

That happened often enough that the phrase is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and also in the Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

A documentary about the last issue of the New York Times to be composed in the hot-metal printing process (July 2, 1978) was entitled Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu.

Appearance in fiction and elsewhere

The phrase has occasionally been borrowed to mean something that is nonsense or absurd; Etaoin is recorded in a story by James Thurber from 1931, and the whole thing appeared in 1942 as the title of a short story by Fredric Brown about a sentient Linotype machine. In The Naughty Princess by Anthony Armstrong, written in 1945, there is a whimsical short story called "Etaoin and Shrdlu" which ends "And Sir Etaoin and Shrdlu married and lived so happily ever after that whenever you come across Etaoin's name even today it's generally followed by Shrdlu's.' A once-famous play, The Adding Machine, also had Etaoin Shrdlu as a character. It was also the name of an irascible bookworm in Walt Kelly's comic strip Pogo.

The phrase was used in 1972 by Terry Winograd as the name for an early artificial-intelligence system in Lisp (see SHRDLU).

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

etemenanki - (rhymes with payday-ten-DONkey or jetway-ten-DONkey; n.) 1. The Tower of Babel (i.e., the ziggurat in ancient Babylon); 2. the process of language change; 3. language barriers (a) seen as a hindrance or (b) seen as a healthy 'diversity.' "Etemenanko": the opposite of Esperanto---the position that a single world language (primary or secondary) is impossible and that the belief that such can be created or imposed is dangerous. 4. The fall of someone or some group as a result of impious hubris; 5. (interj.) a warning against unbridled hubris. [from the Sumerian for "[the temple of] the foundation of heaven and earth"

e.g., "Lord" comes from the Old English words HLAF'bread, loaf' and WARDE 'guard, protector'---it's a simple process of etemenanki. | "Does anyone in this task force even speak Hindi? How are we supposed to help the witness when we can't even talk to him?!" "Etemenanki, detective; we'll just have to find a Hindi speaker first."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eterna-menu - What you get when you call most 800 customer service numbers that require you to "Press or Say blank for blank." With each option you choose, you get directed to another list of options, and this continues until you either hang up or scream in frustration -- which, on the menus that require you to talk, solicits the response, "I'm sorry, but I didn't understand you." Some can be avoided by pressing 0, *, or #, but on others, that will just send you back the beginning.

e.g., Mary: Did you find out what the problem was with the electric bill? Tom: No, I got lost in the eterna-menu.

submitted by A Strickler

eternal struggle - The time in your life between 16 and retirement (if you live that long) whereby someone pays you a bit of money in return for making a lot more money out of most of your life.

e.g., Instead of "I'll see you at work tomorrow," "I'll see you at The Eternal Struggle."

submitted by Bret

eth worm - 1. A person who absorbs things unseen and is preoccupied with noting spiritual matters, the actions and words of others, the essence of life and other intangibles. 2. The larvae of the agave moth (hypopta agavis) at the bottom of some 1950s/60s mezcal tequila bottles.

e.g., Those two eth worms I just ingested are really starting to make me feel like the eth worm I am at heart . . . or spirit . . . or soul. . . . What was I saying?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ethanologist - One who avidly pursues the use of alcohol. An ethanologist is a serious drinker--not your weekend party-goer. By definition, ethanologists do not attend meetings, and have absolutely no interest in cures or changes to their lifestyles. Ethanologists have a very reduced life expectancy when compared with non-drinkers. Do not confuse with ethnologist.

e.g., John quickly became the dormitory ethanologist, maintaining prodigious stores of any imaginable kind of liquor.

submitted by Bruce McElrath

ethergramme - A single piece of e-mail. (I cringe whenever I hear people say, "Send me an e-mail," or "I got six e-mails from the home office today." E-mail is a "material noun" -- like cotton or steel. Shirts aren't made of "cottons" and buildings aren't constructed of "steels." In the non-virtual world, we get mail (material noun), but a single piece of mail is a "letter." Thus, my new noun for a single piece of e-mail: ethergramme -- plural: ethergrammes.)

e.g., Among the e-mail I received today was a very thoughtful ethergramme from Gwen.

submitted by Karl Rah d er - (www)

etherkiller - A class of devices used to "creatively repair" any RJ-45 or similar devices via a ~120V discharge directly into the offending circuit.

e.g., "I grab my aforementioned etherkiller and wander down the hallway to the switchboard, applying another magnet and opening that to silence. . . . That's what's missing in society today--trust." - BOFH,

submitted by PMT - (www)

ethicrat - One who dictates by always taking the moral high ground.

e.g., I don't go to church because the congregation are all ethicrats.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ethin' - (adj.) 1. Ethically troublesome; 2. Caught up in ambiguous, picayune, moral quibbling; 3. Self-righteous or hypocritical; or (as with all such words), 4. Emphatically disappointing, stupid, raunchy, miserable, stinking, bad. [Apparently, an analogy from the far more vulgar referent "effin."]

e.g., "I hate reading Frankenstein; it's so ethin' dense." "What do you mean by that?" "All that duty-of-a-creator-to-his-creatures stuff. It's way too much 'Deep' without any 'Shallow.'" | "But, then, should someone who cannot hold onto material possessions---someone 'poor' by definition---be permitted to own anything?" "What?" "Consider the question logically." "Sorry, that's just too ethin' aristo to be believed."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ethnenticity - A combination of ethnicity and authenticity. Its most relevant usage would be humorous in intent, defintely not racist or hateful, but playful as in "She is of questionable ethnenticity" -- meaning basically that the person in question seems to be of a unique combination of ethnic backgrounds which makes it difficult to determine her origins.

e.g., He is of questionable ethnenticity.

submitted by steve andrew

ethnocrat - A ruler selected by birth or race.

e.g., The Queen is nothing but an ethnocrat.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ethnophaulism - Ethnic slur. "Ethnophaulism is a learned term coined in 1944 by the American independent scholar Abraham Roback. It refers to the chauvinistic practice of attributing some undesirable trait to neighboring peoples and nations." I ran across this word when I was looking for a definition of slopehead that wasn't an ethnic slur. So far I haven't found one.

e.g., We do a reasonably good job keeping ethnophaulisms out of the PseudoDictionary, but we're far from perfect. | From "The following is a list of ethnic slurs (ethnophaulisms) that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity or to refer to them in a derogatory (critical or disrespectful), pejorative (disapproving or contemptuous), or insulting manner in the English-speaking world. (Which, in turn, got it from Wikipedia.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ethnophobia - (n.) irrational fear and hatred of one's own nation.

e.g., If you had told me thirty years ago that we'd elect as many ethnophobes to office as we have, I wouldn't have believed it.

submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

ethnoprostitution - The use of cultural or ethnic attributes for commercial purposes which neglect the significance of those cultures.

e.g., Hanging a dreamcatcher from the rear-view mirror of one's car is some of the worst ethnoprostitution imaginable.

submitted by Cody k

etiquette referee - The person designated to enforce the rules of etiquette, especially at a wedding and reception. Presumably, for those who have a wedding planner, one of the wedding planner's functions is to be a sort of etiquette referee.

e.g., You can always tell who the etiquette referee is because she wears a referee's shirt and has a whistle for a necklace. | One of my son's duties at my memorial service and wake will be to serve as etiquette referee. He can delegate the responsibility if he wants to.

submitted by HD Fowler

etoanirsh - Used as a chant to reinforce clairty for novice cryptographers when dechipering intercepted messages. The nine most used letters in English, in the order of their frequency, with "e" being the most used letter.

e.g., Pupil: Hmmm, 'Neb elttab saw a reidlos dlob'. How can I figure out if this is encrypted with a substitution or tranposition cipher? Instructor Balbus: Letter frequency, my boy. Etoarnish.

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

etopical allusion - A brief reference to pregnancy in the Fallopian tube, an ectopic pregnancy.

e.g., The gynecologist referred briefly to her pregnancy in the Fallopian Tube -- an etopical allusion.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

etymythology - "An untrue but popular explanation of how a word developed." Coined by Laurence R. Horn. Check the link. Etymyth.

e.g., "It's an etymythology that posh came from a cruise ship that had the nice quarters located Port Out, Starboard Home."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

eucalegon - A man who, upon waking in the morning, sees his neighbour's house on fire.

e.g., Honey, better call the fire brigade--you married a eucalegon.

submitted by Carl Moss

eugoogleizer - Derek Zoolander talk for "eulogizer," one who gives eulogies.

e.g., This is my first funeral as a eugoogleizer.

submitted by [Derek Zoolander] - (www)

eulexia - (fr. Greek "eu," good/sweet and "lexis," words) n. The use of lush, highly descriptive language in speech or writing. Variations: eulexic, adj., Of, pertaining to, or having a lush, effusive style of speech or writing. eulexis: n., 1. The practice of cultivating such a style; 2. The use of such a style. eulexicize: v., To put an idea into eulexic language.

e.g., The eulexia of her prose, gorgeous and innovative, transformed a hackneyed diatribe about the environment into a stirring, memorable peroration.

submitted by Victoria Brockmeier

eulogoogilie - Eulogy. From the film Zoolander, screenplay by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

e.g., Derek gave his very first eulogoogilie at the graveside sevice for his model friends who were killed when they had a gasoline fight.

submitted by [Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson] - (www)

eulology - The slightly morbid practice of pondering your own eulogy. Usually brought on by a particularly slow day at work.

e.g., While waiting for his code changes to compile, Bill indulged in a bit of casual eulology. After seeing his old friends at the school reunion, Tom was struck with an attack of eulology.

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

eunoia - Beautiful thinking. The shortest word in English with all five vowels.

e.g., Eunoia comes in handy when you are writing lipograms.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

eunonamouse - All-purpose Super Mouse, embedded in your brain.

e.g., Controls everything electronic, cybernetic, etc.: computers, interactive hypotrex, androids, and other humans as well.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eunuch-ness - The state of finding oneself to be more extraordinary than one might like, in more ways than none--actually in one eunuch way.

e.g., That's got to be one of the greatest "gotcha!" experiences--waking up one day to discover one's eunuch-ness as the brand new harem manager.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

euphamsisms - Idioms and everyday language.

e.g., Kids theses days use a lot more euphamsisms than we do.

submitted by Mimi

eupollian - Good for everything

e.g., Let us cease this existential pandering and move on to more eupollian topics

submitted by Ryia

eupulchrous - Exceptionally beautiful.

e.g., Check out that eupulchrous babe coming down the hall.

submitted by Curt

eureko - (Rhymes with you-REEK-oh; interj.) "Rats! I wish _I_ had found it!" (The ultimate sour grapes) [From the Greek "Heuriskein," the present perfect indicative of which (heureka) is the source of the English word "eureka!" The optative ("wished for") perfect (heureko) becomes, by analogy, "eureko!" in English.] There's also the more congratulatory (heurekas) "eurekas" (you-REE-cuss) "You found it!" and "eureke" (you-REE-key) "he/she/it/somebody/-thing found it!"

e.g., "Look! It's here on the internet, somebody's already located that supernova remnant we've been looking for for sixteen solid weeks." "Oh, well: eureko!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

euripedes and eumendides - Historically, one of the world's earliest word play jokes -- concerning a Greek tailor and his customer. We're recording it here for posterity.

e.g., Greek tailor: Euripedes? Customer: Yah. Eumendides?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

eurkh - An all-purpose general substitute for another noun. An all-purpose stupid word;  esp: an all-purpose stupid euphemism or curse, usu. used as a meaningless intensive.

e.g., What the eurkh is this?

submitted by J'raxis - (www)

euro - A hairdo like an afro, but for white people.

e.g., I let my hair grow out, and now I have this huge euro. I look like Ronald McDonald.

submitted by BigAssFries

eurofizz - Pale yellow, fizzy, bland, tasteless "beer" peddled by giant corporations and on sale in every bar from Bergen to Barcelona. It tastes of cardboard and carbon dioxide -- but hey, it's advertised on TV, so it must be good.

e.g., His face fell when he saw that all the bar sold was eurofizz.

submitted by David Flett

eurology - The inane study and associated boring knowledge of all things European, in particular the European Union and its politics.

e.g., He knows nothing. He really should study a bit of Eurology.

submitted by Coofer Cat - (www)

euromercial - A TV commercial shown in the US, but one that has obviously been intended for the European market. Can be easily identified by a whitish haze that permeates the image, a fast-paced electro soundtrack, evidence of editing, and of course advertising a product or company of European origin.

e.g., Seen that new Saab euromercial?

submitted by Leslie Shaffer

euronation - One of the many countries in the European Union. (May their many waters flow and mingle together, forever).

e.g., Do you think that the lingua franca of the euronations should be Chinese?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eurotopia - Europe of the future, a virtual utopia.

e.g., Europeans mistakenly think that Europe will be the best place to live by 2050 -- a Eurotopia.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eurydicide - (yoo-RID-ih-side; n.) Hindrance or obstruction of a comeback or second chance. [From the myth of Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, who was dead and in the underworld. Orpheus could not bear he absence, and traveled to the underworld to beg Hades to return her to him. Orpheus played his lyre and sang so beautifully that he brought Hades and his queen, Persephone, to tears. They granted his request: Eurydice could return to life, walking behind Orpheus up the long path back to Earth, so long as Orpheus did not look back at her until they were both fully back beneath the Sun. Orpheus, however, began to wonder whether she was really following him---he feared Hades had deceived him---and, as soon as he had emerged from the cavern leading from the underworld, he turned to see whether she was actually back there. She had not yet emerged from the darkness of death, however, and had to return to Hades. The image is that the person making the comeback is Eurydice, who winds up unable to return ... because she has been "killed" (again).]

e.g., Earl "Beau" Boyer, the famous silent movie actor from the , tried to make a comeback in the 40s---and actually had some roles in a few famous war movies (The Fighting CBs and The Longest Day, for example), but someone made a big stink about his depression and his drinking problem and ruined it for him. Eurydicide, pure and simple.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

euspensia - The configuration of the environment -- including surroundings, mental state, and physical positioning -- that maximizes the flow of creativity, concentration, or any type of mental efficiency.

e.g., For a lot of students trying so hard to study, their euspensia would be the smell of coffee, fluorescent lighting, and sitting on an extremely soft couch.

submitted by MD Caruso

eustraction - An interference of current running thought or trend perceived as beneficial to the thought or trend, or to all parties involved.

e.g., For some people, soft music without singing is an excellent eustraction for enhanced effectiveness when trying to learn something.

submitted by MD Caruso

euvistic - Good looking. From the Latin for good (eu-) and looking (-vista). Similar to euphonic (sounding good).

e.g., CH: My wife is more euvistic than a thousand Amazonian butterflies fluttering against the backdrop of the Andes mountains during sunset. HD: I'd be lucky if my wife didn't have me committed if I said something like that. Now, before we were married, it might have gone over just fine.

submitted by Chris Haun - (www)

evality - The quality or characteristic of being EXTREMELY evil.

e.g., Dr. Evil's evality is beyond measure.

submitted by Matt Savage

evandalism - Painting "Jesus Saves" in some public place.

e.g., There is not enough money in the Highway department budget to remove evidence of evandalism from bridge abutments.

submitted by Charlie

evanimous - The "label" responsible for music compilations you've made for yourself or friends. A combination of "eponymous" and "vanity."

e.g., I burned a CD for his birthday party on my own "Evanimous" label.

submitted by Frank Brooks

evapotron - 1. An instrument designed to measure vertical fluxes of heat and water vapor in the lower atmosphere; coined by AJ Dyer, c. 1965. 2. A solar-, electric-, or wind-powered device that eliminates gray water by evaporation.

e.g., The evapotron we built for Burning Man performs well due to the extremely low humidity of desert air.

submitted by Larry Breed - (www)

eve angel list - The First Woman, Eve, now an angel, retains a list of all women ever born, not as regards good or bad, worthy or unworthy, but concerning their development and evolution in the scheme of things. Cf. evangelist.

e.g., Eve as the symbolical progenitor of all women, is keenly interested in the history and progress of her sex throughout all time and space. The Eve Angel List is readily available on the Great Computer In The Sky.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eve-olive - According to Middle East myth Eve was the first woman. But all the female descendants of Eve were Eve-Olive, for they changed significantly over the centuries.. (Eve-Olive, evolve!)

e.g., You've come a long way, baby; now you can smoke up a storm with the bar-be-queue. The changes have mostly been for the better, Eve-Olive is rightly your name.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

even - Used when correcting oneself after jumbling words.

e.g., I went to the pu... spuser... supermarket even.

submitted by ditnis

evenge - To get revenge by selling a person's possessions on eBay.

e.g., His got eVenge on him by selling his Lotus Esprit for 50p on eBay.

submitted by steve

eventvoid - Feeling of emptiness after a major event.

e.g., Many university students experience an eventvoid after final exams.

submitted by Mary Mulkey

ever-nay - Not ever, at no time, never. Pig Latin for "never."

e.g., Could I be the cause of the fall of a single drop of your tears? Ever-nay.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

everbrown - A dead evergreen that will, thus, remain brown forever.

e.g., What a fine stand of everbrowns you have in front of your house! They're always so uniform.

submitted by George Levy

evercrack - Slang for the multiplayer game EverQuest. EverQuest's appeal is so like an addiction or bad habit that some call it ''EverCrack.''

e.g., Jeff has to go home and meet some friends on EverCrack.

submitted by DeBuG

everly - Means forever, origin eastern Kentucky mountains.

e.g., She has everly been that way.

submitted by Roger Lighter

every sense and synonym - A phrase meaning "in every possible definition of a word or phrase."

e.g., Having three essays, two projects, and a 200-question multiple choice test due on the same day is satanic in every sense and synonym.

submitted by PPM - (www)

everyguys - (pronomial interj.) "hey, everybody!" [coined by Jed, my brilliantly innovative trisomy-21 son, tonight at dinner 101106].

e.g., "Everyguys! Listen to this!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

everythingism - A word expansive enough to cover any and every "ism" that exists. Used when you have problems with specific categorisation and wish to make a general statement.

e.g., Dusty thought that socialism and liberalism were not the best concepts because they left things out. Everythingism was the concept which was able to encompass it all.

submitted by surmiette

evidense - Evidence that is so compelling that even the most dense on the jury will vote to convict. From a misspelling. | Clues left so obviously that even the most dense can recognize them. A ytpo.

e.g., What was lacking in OJ's murder trial was evidense. There was sufficient evidence for a normal jury to convict. | No, Blue, not under the cushions, on the coffee table. That's the sort of place to look for evidense.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

evil feet - Really smelly feet.

e.g., Keep your shoes on, Chris. You have evil feet.

submitted by Penny Couch

evilado - An extremely evil individual. From an episode of NewsRadio.

e.g., Albert: I can't believe the professor took away our eating privileges. Rich: He's an evilado.

submitted by natmac

evileditorsyndrome - A condition unique to editors.

e.g., "Do all the pd editors have evileditorsyndrome?" "No. None of them do."

submitted by Martin - (www)

evilicious - A plan so dastardly evil that even when you think about it, your mouth waters at the sheer taste of its evil-ness.

e.g., Ed. I've put super-chili sauce into his burger, he won't know what hit him Fred. Mmm, that's so evilicious I can taste it.

submitted by Pilau

evility - The state of being extremely evil, or having extremely evil qualities or aspects.

e.g., "The sheer evility of that woman can be matched by only one other person," she said, "my mother-in-law."

submitted by marie

evility, the - Used to describe an unfair, cruel or evil act, normally in outrage.

e.g., She gave us 6 pages of maths homework. The evility.

submitted by Substance

evilocity - The quality or condition of being evil.

e.g., He's planning to use a giant laser to threaten an orphanage. His evilocity astounds even me.

submitted by UrLord

evir - Like evil, but not as serious. Say it in replace of "evil" when you're joking.

e.g., Bob thought Sally was very evir for putting flour in his soda.

submitted by Tegan - (www)

evitation - A formal request for someone to become president for a short period of time.

e.g., "I thank the Senate," Mr. Suarez said, "but I will have to decline your kind evitation to become president of Argentina."

submitted by Nuno Guedes

evo lotion - The impact of cosmetics on the progression of Mankind.

e.g., Studying the evo lotion of humans, future historians must examine the important role played by oils, baums, creams, powders, and, especially, deodorants.

submitted by charlie lesko

evoc it up - To make something more evocative.

e.g., Well, the plot's all there, but I think we need to evoc it up.

submitted by Adam Leslie

evol - From Homicide: Life on the Street, aka "The Forces of Eeeevil" "The Dark Side" etc. Love spelled backwards, it describes any villain who does something only for the sake of being evil, or "serves evil" (as if it were a union or something.) As opposed to mere greed, ambition, or other vices.

e.g., Gul Dukat from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 wasn't evol at first. He did the atrocities that he did out of greed, ambition, and misaligned patriotism. When he became the conduit of the "fallen prophets" who wanted to destroy/dominate the universe just because they believed in serving darker emotions, he became evol.

submitted by Andy

evolute - To evolve, esp. suddenly and quickly, develop propitiously, significantly change and grow, be more than you can be.

e.g., Prior to evolute we were mere bugs, scurrying about and mucking up the planet. We evolute and modify the whole world, starting with ourselves and all that we see and touch and accompany on into the future.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

evort - Absolute erasure, forgiveness, a cleansing of all wrong or inaccurate conditions.

e.g., I am hurt, confused, and shaken. But I will evort this circumstance, thereby saving my sanity.

submitted by harry - (www)

ewallah - YES! God! In Ottoman Turkish.

e.g., Al: What did you think of that violin concerto last night? Al's friend: Ewallah. Jane: Let's go and study for the test. Tarzan wannabe: Eywallah. We have to pass this one, or I am off the team for the season.

submitted by Isa

ewness - Something disgusting or just plain weird.

e.g., Ewness. You like those socks?

submitted by Victoria S

ewo - Eyes Wide Open--for anything exciting.

e.g., The dance was really EWO.

submitted by Kumar

ewow - Excessive Winking On the Web. ;-) Often occurs in personal or flirtatious e-mails. Can be linked to a nervous twitch. Also occurs in business e-mails in which sender is using passive aggressive methods to motivate, connect with, or manipulate the recipient.

e.g., Here is an example of EWOW in an e-mail: "Hi! ;-) Hope your day isn't too stressed out. ;-) So, is it appropriate to ask personal questions . . . aka, are you dating? Just curious. ;-)"

submitted by Dina and Tim

ewrt - Used to exclaim suprise, stupidity, or any other such foolishnes. Good for blankouts.

e.g., J: So that's what the teachers said about you. S: That I'm fat and ugly and eat potato chips? EWRT!

submitted by SHINK

ews - -Eyes Wide Shut--to describe something really bad

e.g., Yuck! The performance was really ews!

submitted by Prashant

ewww, look at those ... - An easy way to get a bite of someone's food, by making her look away. Add an adjective such as "disgusting" after the phrase for added effect.

e.g., YOU: "Ewww, look at those fat people. Disgusting." *FRIEND LOOKS AWAY* *TAKE A BITE OUT OF THEIR FOOD* *FRIEND LOOKS BACK* YOU: "Oh, guess you missed 'em."

submitted by David Kaigler

ex - To render outdated, make obsolete, relegate to the past.

e.g., He exed his girlfriend and now feels lonely and almost desperate. Those prone to exing others, must be ready to be exed.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

ex box - A container, or several, holding mementos, gifts, or souvenirs from one or several failed relationships.

e.g., It's been six months, so I cleaned out the ex box. I finally tossed those photos, cards, and ticket stubs -- and put the jewelry on eBay.

submitted by Danielle - (www)

ex nowhilo - (adv., pronounced eks-NOW-hill-oh) 1. Deriving from the inability of most writers to create a fictional future or past that is NOT based upon their own current culture or their culture's perception of that period. 2. (Adj.) Of or pertaining to a depiction of the future or past as an extension of a particular culture's or period's perception thereof. (From St. Augustine's _ex nihilo_ "out of nothing," changed (or rather bastardized) into _ex nowhilo_ meaning, I suppose, "out of the now."---the actual Latin should probably be _EX CONSUETUDINE_ "Out of the Familiar.")

e.g., Have you ever noticed how the 1030s' Christmas Carol, set in 1840, is all about the Depression? And all the characters in the 1977 Star Wars--supposedly set in a "galaxy far far away"--all look like they walked out of a 70s makeover shop?. That's ex nowhilo: just like 1960s cowboys would never fit in in the west of the 1870s, but look exactly like people from the 60s, or 2008 tv characters look just like 2008 supermodels, no matter what era they're supposed to be in.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ex sore cise, ex sore cism - Painful, long sessions of physical activity, performed with almost religious intensity and commitment, and conducted with the holy goal of casting out evil toxins and ugly pounds.

e.g., When someone is possessed by the devil of obesity, with all its illnesses and unsightly manifestations, desperate measures must be taken. The only hope is to have the rites of ex sore cism. When someone becomes possessed by the devil of obesity,there is just one hope. Special rites of ex sore cise must be held with the one person who has the knowledge and skills of ex sore cism, Sgt. Leroy Holmes, my 5' 2", 120 lb. Ft. Dix, N.J., Army basic training master drill instructor. Does anybody know where he is, now that I need him?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ex spud dishes - Meals created by preparing mashed potatoes, using dried, reconstituted potato flakes, when you don't have the time, or inclination, to peel, boil, and mash whole ones.

e.g., Yes, it might not have the same consistency, or taste quite as good, as "real" mashed potatoes, but using that handy box of dried little white flakes, makes the favorite meal accompaniment, "ex spud dishes."

submitted by charle lesko

ex-box - The genital area of a transexual who has undergone transformation from female to male.

e.g., I know you can find wannabe transexuals in pornographic videos, the male-to-female sort with surgically-enhanced breasts and penises. At least some of them are probably trying to come up with money to pay their share of the medical costs for the transformation. Who'd be interested in looking at ex-boxes and mastectomy scars? My guess is that other wannabe transexuals would be curious about how they might look after surgery.

submitted by beelzebub

ex-cel - The process of dividing up common assets with an ex-partner/lover/husband/wife. Pronounced with extra emphasis on the "ex" to distinguish it from the Microsoft product of the same name.

e.g., I advised Tori to punch the numbers into ex-cel and make sure she could really afford to leave him until she had a better paying job.

submitted by alan jones - (www)

ex-mergency - An unexpected situation, as caused by an "ex," in which immediate action is necessary to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse

e.g., I always carry a can of mace for ex-mergencies. | In an ex-mergency, avoid direct eye contact. | I keep my Louisville Slugger by my bed in case of ex-mergency.

submitted by Trysha L Mapley

ex-pyre - The bonfire created when one burns the remnants of a past relationship

e.g., She smiled as she tossed his last pair of Calvin Klein boxers on the raging ex-pyre.

submitted by Dogil

ex-squeeze me - Used with sarcasm or humor for "Excuse me."

e.g., "You're standing in the way. Please move over." "Well, ex-squeeze me."

submitted by Marjorie

ex-tasy - The relief one feels when the divorce is final.

e.g., She was overcome with ex-tasy as she received her half of the divorce settlement.

submitted by Dogil

ex-wifeosaurous - A former female spouse.

e.g., My ex-wifeosaurous phoned; I need a hug.

submitted by Wm. H. Moffat

exacerbatausted - A cross between "exacerbated" and "exhausted." Used when present exhaustion has been increased even more.

e.g., After staying up until four in the morning Wednesday, going to a Thursday party totally exacerbatausted me.

submitted by Olivia

exacious - Given to taking off.

e.g., Bart, whose exacious wife had once again given him the slip, looked mighty sad.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

exactamundo - A word used to emphasize the accurateness and exactness of a word. Accurately accurate.

e.g., "So you mean to say that nerds are running this site for nine years making a penny everytime someone clicks on it?" "Exactamundo."

submitted by Adam

exactloid - Exactly, in an "I told you so kind of manner."

e.g., "Damn, that was the wrong thing to do." "Exactloid."

submitted by Daniel Brennan

exactly-actly - Precisely. Exact to the nth degree. Origins are probably from Hawaiian Pidgen English. A variation of this is "exact-actly," meaning the same.

e.g., Jed: He actually said that? Fred: I'm telling you!.That's exactly-actly what he said.

submitted by Paul

exactually - Pretty self-explanatory, used to convey coincidental preciseness.

e.g., While shopping you might say, "That is exactually the kind of tie I needed to match my new suit." or "Exactually what I was looking for."

submitted by Dominic Tassone - (www)

exaculate - Exactly accurate.

e.g., Check over your test answers to make sure they are exaculate.

submitted by Agentflit

examplify - To amplify one's point by using an example.

e.g., Kathy used obscure references to examplify her reasons for voting for Barack Obama.

submitted by Tony Bolden

exarctly - To be exact in either the Arctic or the Antarctic.

e.g., The explorer's definition of the penguin was exarct.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

exastronomical - Exponentially huge.

e.g., Don't underestimate the grasp of Sarah Palin on a certain swath of Americans: It could prove exastronomical.

submitted by Alexandra Ottaway

excaliber - A Dodge Caliber compact hatchback-cum-SUV-cum-crossover-cum-station wagon that's so confused as to its identity that it's no longer a Caliber.

e.g., I was going to drive the Rolls to the station but my wife had it so I took the Excaliber instead.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

excaveate - Fastspeak for a derogatory statement against a former partner. "You're at your own risk if you're near when my ex-spouse digs into a meal with the table manners of a Neanderthal." Meanings: ex (spouse), caveat, "cave eat"

e.g., "I know I'm a bloke wot's not easy to live wit' but y'd better watcherself when me ex-mate, Esther, sets down to supper and excaveates!"

submitted by Marty D'Mello

excelemaratabob - Accelerated.

e.g., The unusually smart girl was in excelemaratabob Spanish.

submitted by Jyuuhatchi

excelllent - Better than excellent. From a ytpo.

e.g., Is the artist formerly known as Prince once again known as Prince? I've been busy.  
I'm not a big fan of Prince, but I like his music -- especially what he wrote for the first Batman move in the franchise. Jack Nicholson and Prince were an excelllent combination.

submitted by Miss Speller

excelnot - This word is pretty much what it looks like. The opposite of excellent, it's used for dramatic effect and subtlety. It fools the listener into thinking that her last comment was appreciated and approved of before, at the last second, it is shockingly shot down. It is pronounced Ek-sell-NOT, with the final syllable having the accent.

e.g., "Well Jeremy, it looks like you'll get to work a couple of extra hours tonight." "That is excelNOT."

submitted by Jeremy Evans

exceloreight - To go faster in an exceptional way exponentially by powers of 8.

e.g., Because my new spherivessle is made of carbon nanotube fibers, it shouldn't fly apart like its predecessors when it exceloreights to gigalight warp speed. Perhaps I can finally do a test flight with live monkeys.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

excentric - Formerly round.

e.g., My wheel was fine until I hit a pothole. Now it's excentric. | I can only hope that one day I will again be excentric.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

exceptionizational - A descriptive term for any event, occurence, accomplishment, or singular thing recognized at any point by any one as truly spactaculism.

e.g., Dude, that piece of music yoo jus completed is truly exceptionizational.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

excerebrose - Brainless. A real, but not familiar word.

e.g., I'm pleased to say that the number of excerebrose submittals is down considerably.

submitted by HD Fowler

excersicezation - Feels in need of exercise. Exercisezation.

e.g., One day I felt in need of excersicezation

submitted by Emily Britt

excessory - A fashion accessory that embodies excessive opulence, debauchery, or fabulousness.

e.g., Disco Fox's faux chest hair created from the lustrously long eyelashes of young boys was the perfect fashion excessory for dancing the night away.

submitted by rl

excitied - To be excitied is to be out of the city.

e.g., Albert: Where were you over the weekend? I was looking for you. Vickie: Oh, I was up at Bear Mountain. Excitied for a few days.

submitted by Miss Speller

exciting - ExCiting: denotes the polarity in senior life style attitudes. {Duplicate. Flagged to return and put the C in red.}

e.g., ExCiting -- Growing old can be tolerable as long as you spend your life focusing on the "exciting" and not on the "exiting."

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

exclamate - To use an exclamatory word, punctuation, etc.

e.g., He exclamates his tone in the sentence with the word YES!

submitted by aaron darrisaw

exclammigration - The urge to speak loudly in English in an attempt to get foreigners to understand you.

e.g., After 10 minutes of trying to use his Spanish dictionary to no avail, Frank gave in to exclammigration and ended up infuriating the native Spaniard.

submitted by Harold R. McPhillips

exclomotion mark - An exclamation mark in comma form, used when you want the start of a sentence to be exaggerated but the second part not.

e.g., My god (exclomotion mark) that was so bad

submitted by chiaralopilato - (www)

excord - An exceptionally snobby way of saying "stupid." Derived from the Latin.

e.g., My manservant dropped my biscuits; how excord.

submitted by Daniel L. Finch - (www)

excremains - The ashes of a former husband.

e.g., She really hated her ex-husband. They offered her the excremains, which she took . . . and promptly flushed down a toilet.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

excrementuous - To describe something as being like excrement. Works especially well for describing people.

e.g., The food was so bad that I'd go so far as to say it was excrementuous: "The food was excrementuous."

submitted by Devs

excretorium - Rest Room, Men's, Ladies Room, etc. do not describe the function. More to the point a casual descriptor could be Peepooper but excretorium is more technically correct. {ED. And once again I notice the lack of egalitarianism or equality in the way excretoria are named. Shouldn't they be named on an equal basis, Ladies and Gentlemen (or Gents) or Men and Women? Then, too, why wouldn't possessives be used equally for both? Men's & Women's or Ladies' & Gents'? Idle mind and all that.}

e.g., May I use your excretorium?

submitted by Frank Mandriota

excribe - Verb. To complicate something when describing it.

e.g., I'm sure it was a simple concept but she seemed to excribe it.

submitted by Lucy Marland

excrimination - When one particular group treats another group like crap.

e.g., When telling ethnic jokes you may be accused of excrimination.

submitted by al fink

excruciable - Both excruciating and execrable.

e.g., Michael Moore's latest excruciable offering is Stupid White Men.

submitted by Alan E Brain - (www)

excrucimeeting - An excruciating meeting, either in length or subject matter.

e.g., (n) Every Wednesday the office mavens called an overly detailed and tediously long excrucimeeting. (adj) Rebecca emerged from the conference room with dark circles under her eyes and clumps of her own hair clutched feverishly in her hands. "That was excrucimeeting," she managed to gasp.

submitted by REL

excuselocis - "When someone completely lies to you with a straight face, having good excuses at all times to make you feel good."

e.g., "Excuses, excuses your always lying to me you have Excuselocis."

submitted by Latasha Galloway - (www)

excusercise - Making up many excuses to cover your actions--it's almost a form of exercise.

e.g., Bob's girlfriend was told he was at a bar instead of working late. He's really going to have to do some major excusercising.

submitted by jazzbo

execrement - The particular brand of positive spin applied by senior company executives who are defending poor performance.

e.g., John was full of execrement. His promotion to VP came after convincing the board that the failed $1.5 billion project had opened up exciting new opportunities in Papua, New Guinea.

submitted by Ben Biggs

exectured - The act of being cut in front of in line.

e.g., I was ready to enter the bank but a family of five exectured me.

submitted by Ian sharam

execucute - Excessive meddling by studio or network executives that ruins a motion picture or television show.

e.g., The first Batman movie wasn't too bad, but the rest of 'em got execucuted.

submitted by Doug Langdale

execuglide - to maneuver oneself around the room while seated in a wheeled office chair.

submitted by doran

execulogic - Sharing a verisimilitude with logic, but based on unfounded assumptions and oversimplification rather than valid demonstration and inference (usually associated with decision makers unable or unwilling to understand a situation).

e.g., Despite all evidence to the contrary, execulogic won out and the project was greenlighted.

submitted by Chris Loeffler

exempletype - The highest, best, or most perfect occurance in a given field. Compare with "archetype," the most typical, and "prototype," the first.

e.g., The Corvette is the exempletype of the automobile.

submitted by Paul

exerscuse - Practicing or making up excuses. Building an excuse list.

e.g., Looks like Bill's is exerscusing the rest of the day so he can get out of work tomorrow.

submitted by rj - (www)

exersistical - A word used to desribe someone who is more fit or likes exercise more than you do!

e.g., You're way more exersistical than me!

submitted by Gwen

exflate - (v.) To deflate [something] by reducing or removing outside pressure.

e.g., When a plane depressurizes, everyone's lungs exflate.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

exfrightment - Being frightened and excited at the same time.

e.g., That movie filled me with exfrightment.

submitted by The Smize

exhale starlight - Shine brightly.

e.g., Our radiant brothers throughout the universe exhale starlight, easily, effortlessly.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

exhaustation - After you've been exhausted numerous times and repeatedly pulled up your bootstraps and got back after it. Tireditis (which see) is a common symptom leading up to it, while collapse is the final step if rest is not sought.

e.g., Four months in of seven-days-a-week and my exhaustation is bordering on collapse.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

exhausticated - when you are extremely tired

e.g., I can't go out tonight, I am too exhausticated.

submitted by Aimee

exhaustipated - To be so extremely tired neither the mind nor the body can function.

e.g., After my daughter's birthday party, I was exhaustipated and went straight to bed.

submitted by Medb - (www)

exhiliration - Exhilaration. To justify the way I've been known to spell it.

e.g., You can just imagine how exhilirated I was when I found that "exhilirated" is an alternative spelling for "exhilaration." I was almost exuberant.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

exhuberation - A combining of "exuberance" and "exhilaration," I'd say. Whether accidental or deliberate, I don't know. Ran across the word in a tribute to Oregon ecologist Dr. Joy Belsky, written by Stan Moore. Googling yielded no definition, but in context it always seemed to mean something close to exhilaration or exuberance or a combination of those closely-related words.


"Charting the Final Frontiers of Inner Space":
After the visionary period was abating, I opened my eyes. My room materialised before me as I felt the entheogenic effects subside. I must say gentlemen, that as I felt myself returning to the normal space-time continuum, I was very much relieved! I remember gasping with relief. Well, it was a cross between a gasp and a joyous exclamation. I was in a state of extreme exhuberation for I could not really believe all that had happened to me. For I looked at the clock and saw that no more than 4 or 5 minutes had elapsed since I had drawn in the Anadenanthera vapours. Five minutes! Can you believe that gentlemen? That in a mere 300 seconds my soul, my essence, all that was me, had left this world and travelled to a transcendental dimension? Naturally I was astonished, and for perhaps ten minutes or so I was fairly ecstatic with glee, like a small child in fact. I felt that nothing could frighten me anymore. And I also felt that death, or what we normally conceive of as death, was an absurdity, a crass illusion that was very, very far from the truth.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

exigranibat - To be abused by a scantily clad frog

e.g., I just got exigranibated down at the swamp.

submitted by Sven

exisle - The remote desert island where many divorcees would like to send their former spouses.

e.g., I should have known that my ex-husband wasn't sending me to an exotic beach resort. He sent me into Exisle.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

existant - Common misspelling of "existent." So common that Google turns up over 20 million hits for it -- as opposed to 198,000,000 for "existent." Given that I've seen some pretty smart fellows misspell the word, I'll jump the gun and say it's now an acceptable alternative spelling of "existent." || It's used often enough to show up with Google Books Ngram Viewer, too Click on the link below and to your right. If you're a word lover, be sure to save the link as a favorite. GBNV is a great tool for pseudo-dictionararists -- and pseudo-linguists, as well. Especially for those who learn how to use the advanced features explained on the About page. (You can thank me later.)

e.g., Regardless of whether or not I have an effect on anyone else, pounding my keyboard keeps my brain synapses firing and, hopefully, delays a bit the day when I become a vegetable -- or I'm turned into fertilizer and become part of the scenery. Will I know it when I'm dead? Or will I cease to exist and become non-existant? Inquiring minds want to know.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

exitstential - The newly discovered final plane of being in ancient and modern philosophies.

e.g., Soren Aaby Kirkegaard
was a man we deem quite special
He founded Existentialism
But foundered, Exitstential.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

exituria - A metabolic imbalance which causes temporary mental instability.

e.g., After eating an excessive amount of cauliflower, the child developed exituria within three minutes.

submitted by K Julin

exiturn - The act of exiting a freeway, only to immediately return to the freeway, usually due to a wrong turn. A combination of the words "'exit" and "return."

e.g., We did an exiturn in a construction zone, and it took us 10 minutes to get back on the freeway!

submitted by Paul

exlegation - Legal process by which someone or something is outlawed. To exlegate: to outlaw. See utlegation. The example for exlegate uses what was considered the only proper way to use reverend when I was learning English: Always precede reverend with the. The rules of grammar have eased considerably since then, almost to the point that people make up their own rules. . . . Oh, that's the sort of thing we might be found doing here, isn't it?

e.g., The Reverend Mr Shaw Moore is leading an effort in several Kansas counties to outlaw dancing on Sundays. Earlier efforts to completely exlegate dancing failed.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

exmo - What a particular group of ex-Mormons use to refer to themselves. Check the link.

e.g., "First, we want to say that we like personal blogs and we think it's great that exmos are self-publishing and getting their ideas out there. However, we don't want links to personal blogs on the bulletin board. For various reasons, we think that is not a good idea."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

exnewopol - The feeling you get when you see an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend with someone new.

e.g., All i could feel was exnewopol when I saw darrrel with his new girl.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

exodraws(yankees)/exodrawers(everyone else) - That type of undergarment (not restricted to men, but usually there inclined) purchased for the purpose of advertising to the world via "saggin'."

e.g., Can you believe anyone would show that much of their exodrawers? May as well go without them britches far as I'm concerned -- they 'round his ankles anyway.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

exonerrhea - The unwarranted tendency to forgive past misdeeds and incompetence.

e.g., One of many examples of the exonerrhea that has gripped our society is the official exoneration in 2000 of the commander of the torpedoed USS Indianapolis, Captain McVay, though he was court-martialed in 1945 for hazarding his ship.

submitted by Howard J. Wilk

exorcist - One who dislikes people who exercise.

e.g., Sarah hates PE, making her an exorcist.

submitted by Merfi

exorcist-style - Of great gut-wrenching projectile vomiting a la Megan (Linda Blair) in William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist(1973). Blair's acting career peaked with that performance, for which she received an Academy Award nomination -- the nomination coming shortly after her 15th birthday. Blatty's career peaked with the book, but he had a much better run in the entertainment field than Blair did. Blatty is now 80 and Blair will soon be 50. Godspeed to both.

e.g., God, the far right makes me want to spew -- but nothing compared to the far left, which makes me want to spew exorcist-style.

submitted by HD Fowler

exoskeletaxidermy - The process of sealing and preserving the metallic exoskeletons of aliens. (Which are sure to devour us all.)

e.g., Though normally I am an exoskeletaxidermist, on this mission I shall be attempting to save the universe, using my unique knowledge of the structure of these beasts as my main weapon. Oh, and some large guns.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

expanditis - the condition, often encountered in office situations, of creating more work than necessary for oneself or others.

e.g., Generating seven strikingly similar drafts of the document was a clear example of expanditis.

submitted by REL

expatriot - What many expatriates become -- ex-patriots -- that is, if they were ever patriots in the first place.

e.g., I dunno, whaddaya think? Is Johnny Depp an expatriot? I have seen nothing that would make me think he was ever a patriot.

submitted by HD Fowler

expecially - Especially. I make the ytpo so often, it's time for me to make it a word. Well, a pseudo-word at least.

e.g., I expecially appreciate all the support you gave me during the low points of 2009. There were far too many of them -- and you helped me a great deal in getting past them.  
Miss Samantha Speller

submitted by Miss Speller

expectacious - Since expectant is related to pregnancies, expectacious should take its place. It's an adjective. I like it.

Another meaning of pregnant, from preg⋅nant2  /ˈprɛgnənt/ [preg-nuhnt]

–adjective Archaic.
convincing; cogent: a pregnant argument.

In a more usual sense of the word pregnant, one can speak of being pregnant with ideas, meaning fertile with ideas or full of ideas.

e.g., The expectacious teenager was eager to find out if the rabbit died.

submitted by heidi horstman - (www)

expectator - Someone you expects lots of you but does nothing to help.

e.g., My Grade 5 teacher was such an expectator I hated his guts.

submitted by Abigail Green

expediate - Expedite. Heard the example this morning.

e.g., "Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder 'expediated the process' of getting a visa for a Nigerian woman so she could come to San Antonio to watch her son play in the Final Four."

submitted by Miss Speller

expeediency - Hasty actions caused by urinary urgings.

e.g., Oz: Hey, neighbor. You went running out of your car, jumped three hedges and went tearing up the stairs to your house. Was there a serious family emergency? Boz: No, man. I was pressured by a personal expeediency -- my back teeth were floating!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

experalesbianism - A time in a young girl's life when, sometimes aided with a few drinks, she first dabbles with the sisters of sophos... then gives it up later in the week.

e.g., "I just saw Ruth getting it on with Sadie. I didn't know she was gay." "She's not, she's just having a experalesbian phase."

submitted by fierysurprise

experlative - An expletive that rises to the highest level of its genre.

e.g., He uttered not just ordinary curses, but experlatives.

submitted by Steve McDonald

expied - A member of a group or club at normal status that has shown very little to no activity in recent activities.

e.g., Rakie is has gone from Member to Expied due to his inactivity in the forum for several months.

submitted by Brandon

expireience - Death.

e.g., Expirience awaits us all. Some day. Sooner for some than others.

submitted by HD Fowler

expitulation - Refers to an outburst of such excitement and emotional intensity that the speaker is completely unaware of the fine spray he or she is sending out with the high intensity words.

e.g., Terry, we all love Dr. Gordon as a lecturer because he is so animated. But you want to avoid the front row due to his expitulation.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

explanation point - A not uncommon ytpo for exclamation point, an alternative for exclamation mark. | Material used to explain and support the position you take in an argument. Too often, posters to message boards use exclamation marks to emphasize the points they are trying to make. Exclamation points don't work; explanation points do might. An exclamation point might as well be replaced with the null character, except that a sentence would then lack closing punctuation.

e.g., Instead of exclamation points, it’s better to use explanation points. An exclamation point cannot advance an argument; an explanation point can.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

explatiated - Completely unable to funtion and yet incredibly elated, often associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. In this condition, one is likely to attempt to dance.

e.g., I was so explatiated that I started to dance The Lobster, using my hands as pincers and my legs and feet together as the tail.

submitted by David Ezra Fritts

exploded - To go from an orderly state to a disorderly state. Usually used in past tense.

e.g., My car exploded, so I had to drive it to the shop. Turns out I just needed an oil change.

submitted by The Raven - (www)

explodiate - In action movies or TV shows, to explode impossibly close to Our Heroes without hurting them.

e.g., Just as Bruce Willis' character ran out the door and dived for cover, the entire building explodiated.

submitted by Antifrance - (www)

explorange - The colour of fake Hollywood movie explosions, somewhere between yellow, orange, red and maroon.

e.g., The screen was illuminated with multiple explorange bursts of color, followed by the closing credits. What movie was it? (Hint: It ended not long after the fat guy got decapitated.)

submitted by Abubu

explose - To explode while exposing (such as in photography). Definition thought of by FPM2K, word first used by Bjarni Cool.

e.g., Had I removed the bomb first, I wouldn't have explosed all my photos.

submitted by PPM - (www)

expodiate - To put out information. When I was stationed in Iraq in ought-three, my friends and I would make up words and try to convince others that they were real. (We had a lot of time on our hands.) By the time we left, our first sergeant and commander were both using this word.

e.g., When I stood up at work to give the Friday briefing, I said, "Now I will expodiate on our recent safety issues."

submitted by melissa

expone - (v.) 1. to multiply a number by itself, thereby raising to a "power": i.e., "2^10th," "5^3," etc.; 2. to increase by an order of magnitude or more. [back formation from "exponent."]

e.g., Two, exponed by 10, equals 1024.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

expoobident - Extraordinary, phenomenal, wonderful.

e.g., She kissed me in the most expoobident manner. She dances the waltz expoobidently.

submitted by Randy Sooter

exposive - An object, action, etc., that exposes something. I don't know why this word isn't in a normal dictionary, it seems so useful.

e.g., That was an exposive story on TV about the refugees in Australia last night. | She was wearing a really exposive top at Dave's party.

submitted by Lou

expotentially - Exponentially.

e.g., If we don't address this software defect, service complaints will grow expotentially.

submitted by Dan Anders

express - Instrument of torture.

e.g., After he divorced her, she got even by putting his head in an express.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

express-hole - The jerk who tries to sneak in more than 10 items on the supermarket express-line

submitted by juan

expuspilitation - This word appears to be a noun. It appears in Reid Buckley's book, Strictly Speaking on pg. 154 (hardcover ed.). However, the context of the word's use does not give a clear hint as to what it means. The word is not in the OED, 2nd. ed., but maybe it should be. (ED. We'll say an expuspilitation is making fun of . . . for now.)

e.g., Essays and the books by Florence King gladden the heart with their inspired expuspilitations of contemporary American stuffed-shirted solemnities. . . . (This is a quotation of the actual use of the word).

submitted by Bill Leathers - (www)

exquisitory - Any word used to express fashionable desirability. My six-year-old daughter used this one mistakenly when describing expository writing, but we both decided exquisitory was too good to pass up. It was fairly easy to find the definition. Exquisitory = fashionable desirability.

e.g., Exquisitory verb? Tszuj, as used on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. Exquisitory adjective? Faaaa-buloussss or Just darrrling. Exquisitory noun? Hmm... not sure. Anyone?

submitted by Mike Johnson - (www)

exsadded - Combination of "excited" and "sad" used when experiencing both emotions.

e.g., I am exsadded to leave Venezuela because I love it so much, but happy to get home, too.

submitted by Matthew McFarland

exsanitation - to clean something and find it is dirtier afterward than before.

e.g., After scrubbing for three hours I found I had merely exsanitized the car.

submitted by Fenix

exscreamly - Extremely.

e.g., Necking is exscreamly fun.

submitted by lainie

exscreechiating pain - The condition the patient in the dentist's chair is obviously experiencing as overheard by you sitting in the reception area waiting to be next.

e.g., "Oh, that poor person is in such exscreechiatng pain!" (I'm next -- my tooth's ok -- I'm going home...I'm next -- my tooth's ok --I'm going home...I'm next -- my tooth's ok -- I'm going home...)

submitted by Charlie Lesko

exsculptatory - The crock sculpted of ordinary evidence by a high priced attorney to free a defendant.

e.g., Proving his client was born without DNA was the exsculptatory evidence that freed the defendant.

submitted by Hal Bullard

exspecial - Once special, but no longer special. Back formation from the spelling of especially as exspecially.

e.g., Yes, you're right about that. She was once special to me, but now she's exspecial.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

exstanked - Of a skunk or other smelly thing or person or place -- the foul odor has been removed, eliminated.

e.g., By removing a certain gland from your skunk, he becomes exstanked.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

exstatisism - Laughing and crying at the same time.

e.g., I had a fight with my boyfriend on his birthday and suddenly I was in a state of exstatisism.

submitted by talulah jung - (www)

exstrapilate - The removal of the small straps on an dress, such as an evening gown, to make it a strapless.

e.g., Honey, could you please exstrapilate my black dress?

submitted by joshua hockaday

exstreamly - Having to do with a fish out of water.

e.g., The Toutle River boiled after the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens and the fish jumped out to avoid the heat and seemed exstreamly uncomfortable thereafter.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

extendism - To start in one type of art form and to end in another type of art form. Extendist.

e.g., Aubrey Sawyer paintings are an example of extendism.

submitted by aubrey - (www)

extent -

A real word, misused for "extant" in the example, a quotation from an interview with author William Peter Blatty.

Blatty is best known for The Exorcist. If memory serves, it was the first movie I saw in which the author's name was included as part of the title of the movie: William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist.

Extant ▸ adjective: still in existence; not extinct or destroyed or lost ("Extant manuscripts")

Extent: ▸ noun: the distance or area or volume over which something extends ("The vast extent of the desert")

Extent: ▸ noun: the point or degree to which something extends ("The extent of the damage")

e.g., "That is precisely what it does. There’s no film extent of me prowling around Stonehenge in the middle of the night wearing a white cloak and carrying a candle, singing 'Moonlight Becomes You.' All of that prologue — all of which, by the way, is totally true — was to get the reader to know, and hopefully to trust, the witness."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

extershirated - Highly upset.

e.g., Don't get extershirated--it's just a joke.

submitted by Althea Dorey

extinct - To no longer smell bad.

e.g., Now that he's taken a shower, Mitch is extinct.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

extincting - To be heading towards extinction.

e.g., That dongle is extincting.

submitted by Brandon

extingwish - Spoiling the chance or reducing the odds of some wanted event or outcome, by hoping or wishing for it too much.

e.g., I was thinking so much about winning the game that I extingwished our chances and we lost.

submitted by Nitsan

extra - Extraneous, superfluous. A derogatory term to describe a person, her actions, or phenomena observed.

e.g., Daylight is streaming in the window and you turn on all the lamps? You're so extra!

submitted by Nephertina

extra credit - An incentive you get for doing a non-obligatory and monotonous task, usually in high school, but also can occur in extremely dissociated relationships. {ED. Don't think I missed the name.}

e.g., I will receive extra credit in English class for submitting this. {ED. Lucky for you I'm in an obliging state of mind. However, I certainly hope what you're saying isn't for real. Besides, who teaches "English" these days? Isn't what we used to call English now called Language Arts or some other puffed-up name?}

submitted by Nohammed Hansen

extra napkins - What you need to clean up your drool when you see something good.

e.g., I needed extra napkins after seeing the new iPhone.

submitted by Mike Doan

extracephallic dream syndrome - Syndrome in which patient's dreams leak out of his mind and affect the fabric of reality.

e.g., Deja vu can be a form of extracephallic dream syndrome.

submitted by BigAssFries

extramedia - Refers to the specific selection of various media content accumulated, displayed or offered publicly that is selected by and reflects the personal tastes, interests, beliefs, or agenda of an individual, group, or organization.

e.g.,'s extramedia caters to the mainstream consumer. | Jane has an excellent selection of political extramedia on her blog. | Microsoft's booth was a confusing display of extramedia.

submitted by Michael Bartelt - (www)

extrance - The door you go thru to get where you were before you went thru it. | The opposite of entrance. A place to exit.

e.g., I really did like using the extrances in the original Zelda game. you could go to the right or left or up or down for all eternity and never leave where you were. | I'll meet you at the extrance in the back.

submitted by steve zihlavsky | Daphne - (www)

extraneity - Getting your own full e-message quoted in a reply. Easily avoidable in Netscape but a real bugger in Outlook Express.

e.g., There are few things that irritate me more in e-correspondence than extraneity. I KNOW what I wrote.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

extrapocrapolation - Using faulty data analysis techniques to make completely unjustified conclusions or projections.

e.g., Extrapocrapolation has shown that, if we can reduce the weight of cars by just 120lbs a year then in just 25 years many cars will be lighter than air and thus, capable of flight.

submitted by Adam Deslauriers

extrapolate - To add more Poles to a quota-limited group than it was intended to accept.

e.g., The 100 Leading Polish-Americans Club had to extrapolate when it admitted Wladislaw Dombrowski as its 101st member.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

extraterrestaurant - An eating place where you feel you've been abducted and experimented upon. Also known as an E-T-ry. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., Every new place that's opened up recently seems to be an extraterrestaurant.

submitted by HD Fowler

extredibly - Somewhere between extremely and incredibly. For when you're not quite sure which word would be the better choice.

e.g., That was extredibly confusing.

submitted by Rebecca Scarborough

extrepference - Extreme preference.

e.g., Saying it was her extrepference, Lilly happily remained in the back of the room, while her classmates moved up to the empty seats.

submitted by Lilly

extropy - Antonym for entropy.

e.g., Extropy and entropy compete for the fate of the universe.

submitted by Paul F. Kisak

extrospective - Discussion of thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

e.g., I could sit here and read my book but i am feeling extrospective today and would rather be out having tea and conversation with a friend.

submitted by keight - (www)

extrovert - French for bright green.

e.g., Mon nouveau jam jar est extrovert, n'est ce pas, Pierre?

submitted by kenif

exultant - Former consultant.

e.g., The Boston Consulting Groups's harsh up-or-out policy results in an abundance of exultants each year.

submitted by Todd M. Bass - (www)

exviatexatrophin - A psychotrophic medicine prescribed to those who have difficulty expressing words or emotions via written language.

e.g., I need to take my daily dosage of exviatexatrophin. Once I've done that, I'll propose another entry.

submitted by Karen Brick

exxonerate - In this high priced gas Age, the automobile industry effort to excuse oversized SUVs by slightly improving their fuel efficiency.

e.g., Freddie: "Can you believe it? They're trying to exxonerate the 'hippo' Hummer by building one smaller?" Teddie: "Yeah. And the Europeans have redesigned models to cut down on wind resistance and made their SUVs more essoteric."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

eye - Shortened form of "private eye." Not original.

e.g., '"He's got a gun," Christy stated. "Left armpit." "Why not? He's a licensed eye. We'll take care of it."' ("In The Best Families," by Rex Stout, page 266.)

submitted by Rainbow Woman

eye candy - A gorgeous guy, not necessarily with the intelligence to match, who you just can't take your eyes off of.

e.g., ex. I saw your brother last night - he is pure eye candy.

submitted by cal

eye jammy - When someone does somethin dumb, you need to give 'em an eye jammy.

e.g., You betta chill before you catch an eye jammy.

submitted by enue - (www)

eye-gandhi - Any very good looking and built guy in India.

e.g., He thought he was eye-gandhi 'til his eyes were opened one day before a statue of Ganesh in the park, as no special lady was paying him the least mind.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eye-seizure - What results when a person wakes in the early morning to get a drink from the refridgerator only to find her eyes are tortured by the bright light.

e.g., This morning, while looking in the fridge I was overcome by an eye-seizure that lasted around ten minutes.

submitted by Weston Gritt

eyebrella - Hairy umbrella of the eye.

e.g., He had very bushy eyebrellas

submitted by Julie Ljiljak

eyeburn - This is what you get after looking at an attractive member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Did you see that girl? Wow, she gave me serious eyeburn.

submitted by JesusBuiltMyHotrod - (www)

eyecohol - The beverage one drinks that makes the person picked up at a bar more beautiful on that night than the next morning.

e.g., The eyecohol made me do it--now I'm faced with a paternity suit and an ugly,stupid baby.

submitted by raymond clark

eyedot - Idiot, for use in an affectionate way.

e.g., My husband is sometimes an eyedot.

submitted by The Weirdo

eyehockey - The crust found around one's eyes upon awakening. (Yuck!)

e.g., How come actors in the movies never have to wipe away the eyehockey when they wake up?

submitted by Pat

eyelock - An unrecognizable foreign object in the road.

e.g., Viewing some eyelocks may be an unpleasant experience--for example, roadkill.

submitted by alan branham

eyelooker - binocular or telescope

e.g., Put on the eyelookers and see what is over there.

submitted by Eric Hensen

eyes down hurrah - The instant when a woman wearing a loose fitting garment bends over and reveals more than she desired. You feel obliged to look away, but you're smiling inside.

e.g., "Did you see Jane bend over to scoop the ice cream?" "Not today, was it a happy birthday?" "I'm a gent, so it was nothing more than eyes down hurrah." "Whatever you say. Have you noticed that Gail does that, too?" "Of course. Strange thing. She noticed my nails weren't looking quite right and she gave me a cuticle job." "Bizarre." "Right, but she's sure good-looking."

submitted by Happy Jack

eyestashe - When the eyebrows are joined together creating a mustache appearance over the eyes. Similar to a mono-brow aka uni-brow. Eyestache.

e.g., My husband always grooms his mustache but he really needs to trim his eyestache while he's at it.

submitted by Julia - (www)

eyewash - Minor cosmetic changes to something to make it more appealing to the eye or hide flaws.

e.g., What this presentation needs is more substance, not eyewash.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

ezasley - Mixture between exactly and precisely.

e.g., That ezasley what I've been looking for.

submitted by Cap Chaos

ezphobia - Fear of the E-Z Pass tag not being read by the sensor, producing a "Call E-Z Pass" message rather than "E-Z Pass Go" -- and the possible fines or red tape which result.

e.g., Because my ezphobia usually kicks in a few hundred yards from the toll plaza, I tend to slow down to the required 5 m.p.h.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

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