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elacceleration - The usually useless practice of pressing the elevator button a hundred times with the belief that it will actually speed the arrival of the elevator.

e.g., The elevator must be stopping at every floor on the way here, we should have gotten the elacceleration feature.

submitted by Rob

elaine-worthy - An adverb describing any spastic physical behavior, especially dancing like Elaine Benes on "Seinfeld."

e.g., I'm not going to that club--I'm Elaine-worthy when it comes to techno.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

elaphantosis - A disease that makes you look like an elephant. It pretty much makes you one. I'm not even joking.

e.g., I contracted elaphantosis over the summer. All of my friends noticed right off when we got back to school.

submitted by Mike I.

elastical - Elastic-like, but referring to both physical and mental elasticity.

e.g., Chaz is absolutely elastical.

submitted by James Ludwick

elastifact - Estimates or budget forecasts which are "accepted" and "believed" right up until reality says, "No, this will not happen." This is not "optimism" which seeks the best--it is a result of over-processed information and "spin," or self-referential data processing.

e.g., I am very strong. My elasticfact for the weight I will lift is 500 kg. GRRR Uhh! Grrrrrr ... OK, let's try an elastifact of 100 kg.

submitted by William

elastimate - Estimates and budget forecasts which "work" past the point where rational examination make the numbers unimaginable.

e.g., What do you mean our sales are $4 million? Go back and recalculate until you get the $6 million elastimate we have from the budget meeting.

submitted by William

elb - Extremely Local Band, a band whose popularity never extends beyond a neighborhood or city.

e.g., No, you wouldn't have heard of them. They're an ELB.

submitted by Ted

elbone - the outside corner of the joint in the middle of your arm.

e.g., I bumped my elbone on the corner of the buffet. I think I hit my humorus. Haha, how funny.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

elbonics - The phenomenon of two people maneuvering for the same arm rest in a movie theatre.

submitted by Sarah

elbow sex - An action in which two people put their hands together and walk towards each other, allowing for their hands to go backwards and their arms roll along each other until the elbows touch, and then reverse the motion.

e.g., I went and saw the The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Riff-Raff and Magents had elbow sex. In plain sight, I'm tellin ya.

submitted by Christy

elbowpit - The tender skin on the underside of your arm behind the elbow.

e.g., I've got a mosquito bite on my elbowpit.

submitted by Jayne

eldercar - A vehicle, usually driven by a senior citizen, very slowly and usually in the fast lane.

e.g., The eldercar backed up traffic on the highway for at least a mile.

submitted by Deacon

elderdultery - Adultery for senior citizens.

e.g., She liked to discuss at length her long-running and torrid elderdulturous affair.

submitted by REL

elderen - A group of the elderly.

e.g., "Elderen, it 's good to see you all again," said Tommy. "I hope you're all still alive next month."

submitted by Jeremy M

eldude - A middle-aged or older man who tries to look younger than he is by affecting the manner, slang, clothing, etc. of someone who's 20-30 years old. Frequently these eldudes will grow long gray ponytails behind their bald comb-free pates.

e.g., You know Chris, my eldude partner? The thug? At the party Saturday he hit on his usual score of women, but he was rebuffed by all of them.

submitted by Deacon

ele gaunt - The height of modern fashion -- spare, classically styled designer clothing and objects worn and owned by pencil thin people.

e.g., Poor Bette Mae Morse! No matter how much she spends on expensive designer clothes, she finds it perpetually frustrating to be ele gaunt in a size 18 dress.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ele vader - Darth's highly emotional sister.

e.g., Ele Vader stumbled as she raced for the escalator.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

elecelleration - The mistaken notion that the more you press an elevator button the faster it will arrive.

e.g., Elecelleration is a complete and total waste of time; everyone KNOWS hospital elevators don't run, regardless.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

electoid - A person holding elective office wherein performance or accomplishment while holding that office is not a requirement for re-election. Electoids: can be taken collectively as Senate, House of Representatives, Assembly, etc.

e.g., Electoids specialize in, and given sufficient time in office become expert at, looking out for themselves while exuding impressions that they are looking out for their constituents.

submitted by Dick West - (www)

electricity tree - The source of the electricity that provides the power to recharge batteries for hybrid cars. Where does the power to recharge the batteries in a hybrid car come from? From the wall, silly.

e.g., The battery on my Hummer's almost run down. I need to stop at the electricity tree to recharge it; otherwise, I'm only going to be getting about 3 miles a gallon. | The electricity tree is what enables you to get 54 miles a gallon from a car with the identical power consumption characteristics as a comparable (same weight, aerodynamics, etc.) gasoline-powered car that gets less than 30 miles a gallon. The BTUs from the electricity tree are free, the same as money from the money tree is free -- and never-ending.

submitted by HD Fowler

electro-magnificance - Anything like the lights of Hollywood, the neon of Las Vegas, the suit worn by "The Electric Horseman," electric shock therapy or fantastic pseudo-world of Disneyland/world. Any such spactaculistic experience or display must be "switch flippable" to turn on and off and powered by electricity.

e.g., It amuses me to see the keeping up with the Jones' mentality with the Christmas-time displays of electro-magnificence.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

electrobot - The electronic system designed to record and process and report votes at an election. The electronic voting machine.

e.g., Some people still seem to prefer the original manual voting apparatus, over the current modern electrobotic setup. But progress knows no bounds, go with the flow, shape up or ship out, vote always for the correct candidate, which coincidentally is always the same as my candidate. A vote for me is a vote for thee. Choose wisely, which is what I always do.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

electrodiva - Any electronic device whose malfunctioning is perverse and can only be fixed by appealing to the device's irrational demands.

e.g., I can't program my VCR; it's being an electrodiva.

submitted by leslie

electroid - electroid (also electroyd) 1.) of or perhaps pertaining to in some distant undefinable way Dan Akroyd. 2.) anything even dimly related to anything to do with electromagnetic, acoustical, or any frequency of any type of radiation, beam, ray, radio frequency drivers, pulses or pulsars, lasers, phasers, scalars, or any device or piece of machinery relataed to any of the aforementioned in any way, shape or form such as a computer, adding machine, dial telephone, television, human being, extra terrestrial, chimera, rock, bush, or piece of stained glass. Note: "route" from the language of Tara Sidra. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell,The U.S.Government, and countless other so-called experts and entities all used all other kinds of words, and talked around many, many concepts without using the very occult and esoteric word "electroid."

e.g., 1. Every time I think of John Belushi I think of electroyds. Any idea why I do that? 2. "Do you have any idea why electroids are associated with Tara Sidra?" "Nope. What the hell is a Tara Sidra. Never heard of it." "Me neither. But I think it may be a 'who and not a 'what.'"

submitted by George Kelly and Nancy Robertiello

electrolocution - The art of effective, electro-mechanically-enhanced public speaking.

e.g., The comedian worked the microphone so expertly that I just knew he was thoroughly experienced in electrolocution.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

electronica - A derivative of the Heavy Metal band name Metallica. (Well, at least they were metal before Cliff Burton died.) Defines a type of music completely programmed on a computer and sounding like something out of a video game circa 1982 -- such as that song "Get Your Freak On."

e.g., I don't know how people can go to clubs and listen to Electronica all night long. If there's anything wrong with video games, it's that . . . an entire generation of kids were raised on repetitive, 3-note, electronic songs.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

electronical - Identical to electronic, only with an added syllable.

e.g., The electronical equipment was running smoothly.

submitted by Michael Holp

electronicize - To turn a process or information into an eletronic or computer-readable format.

e.g., Acme Hospital would like to electronicize their medical record system within the next two years.

submitted by Jonathan Austin - (www)

electronics shantytown - Several electronic devices stacked atop each other in a disorganized and unstable manner.

e.g., Katherine, you need to get a TV stand and shelving. That electronics shantytown you've got is about to topple over.

submitted by Scott Adams

electronify - To make electronic. To add the capability of carrying electronics.

e.g., The auto industry is almost ready to fully electronify its cars.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

electrosexual - A woman (or man) who achieves sexual gratification using electricity-based aids.

e.g., Well, unfortunately, I found out at the airport why Chris never dates. The battery-powered devices in his luggage set off the alarm system, with the result that he was revealed to be an electrosexual.

submitted by Rush Bergman

eleepy - Extremely sleepy.

e.g., I am eleepy -- it's time for bed.

submitted by anan91666

elefeint - To pretend to try to stop the elevator door from closing as someone is rushing to get on.

e.g., She called out for me to hold the door, and I did a nice job of elefeinting.

submitted by Raoul

elegalorious - Elegant and glorious.

e.g., The pie you made was elegalorious.

submitted by Catherine Sears Keane

elegantic - a halfhearted stab at outward appearance when mandated by others

e.g., I thought I was done, but she insisted it was too plain. So I festooned it with shiny bits of tin foil to make it more elegantic.

submitted by thundering

elemenopy - The condition often displayed by young children of being able to sing the alphabet song without knowing the individual letters of the alphabet.

e.g., My preschooler suffers from elemenopy, but the doctor says it should go away on its own.

submitted by Jeff Lima

elephantiphagea - This long word describes a large fantasy - -the fantasy of eating an elephant. Fortunately, it is a treatable condition, by actually force-feeding the afflicted individual with a bite of elephant, which ever-after induces vomiting and ectomizes the fantasy. forever.

e.g., Delores, another one of my psychiatric patients is complaining of elephantiphagea. Here's what I want you to do. Cook up one of your revolting elephant steaks -- I'm inviting the poor man over for dinner!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

elevator eyes - Eyes traveling up and down the body.

e.g., If I were a college student these days, I'd likely end up being sent to a re-education camp because of my elevator eyes. | Used to be in the good old days that, although a girl might not care for your elevator eyes, you were unlikely to face a disciplinary board or civil rights charges because of them. | Colleges may need to start offering courses in flirting to help their male students avoid being arrested for elevator eyes. | "How do you plead, young man, guilty or not guilty?" "I'm sorry, your honor, but just exactly what have I been charged with?" "You know very well what the charge is, young man. Elevator eyes." "Seriously, your honor?" "Yes, seriously. Any more flippancy on your part and I'll hold you in contempt of court." "Thank you, your honor. May I please have another?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

elevaturn - The little pirouette you make when entering an elevator when you assume the floor buttons are on one side of the door but they actually are on the other side.

e.g., Everyone in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency saw Doug make an elevaturn up on the fifth floor.

submitted by Deacon

elevendy-three - To avoid giving a true number when questioned.

e.g., How old are you mister? Elevendy-three.

submitted by mark fisher

elevens - (adj., sometimes "elevensy") 1. Filled with brag about one's family, team, school, state, nation, ethnos, etc., especially in an "our-year-in-review" letter sent at Christmastime; (n.) braggadocio about one's family, team, etc. (not to be confused with "elevenses," which means "morning tea.") (This term underwent a surprising evolution. Originally, Christmas letters filled with litanies of boasted deeds and aren't-we-amazing summaries were called in my extended family "wonderful, wonderful" letters (after a line used by Guy Lombardo impersonators). This led to "won-won," which became "one-one." And two ones is eleven. And a depressing overachievements listed in such pieces are "elevens.")

e.g., "You look like your dog died...what happened?" "Oh, I've just been reading all these elevens letters we got for Christmas: 'Mac was hand-picked by the governor'; 'Liz now sits on the board of directors'; 'Shawn got his pilot's license and is starting law at Yale'...I don't know: Now I feel like I've never accomplished anything in my life."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eleventeen - Imagined number which occurs right after nineteen and "tenteen."

e.g., . . . eighteen, nineteen, tenteen, eleventeen. . . . | I've got eleventeen rabbits.

submitted by PlaguedOne

eleventeener - A girl that's too young. Meaning you're a dirty old man for looking.

e.g., When your friend is checking out a girl and you notice that she's eleventeen, then you say, "What are you thinking, she's an eleventeener."

submitted by Bryce - (www)

eleventeenyearold - Ten to sixteen year old girls who attempt to appear older than they are. Used as an insult when checking ID. Can be identified by the use of glitter make-up, high platform heels, and pastel colour use.

e.g., Sam was deeply disgusted at how promiscuous the eleventeenyearolds of today are.

submitted by Kate

eleventh commandment - Thou shalt not get away with it. (From Remo Williams, starring Fred Ward & Joel Grey)

e.g., "Just how many women are you stringing along, man? That's bad juju." "Don't worry so much; I can handle them." "Just watch out for the Eleventh Commandment."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eleventine - Of all things eleven.

e.g., Math: the birthplace of eleventine thoughts is at the axis of my conciousness.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

eleventy - a significantly big but indefinite number

e.g., these drinks cost me eleventy bucks

submitted by Clint

eleventy-one - Hobbit for one-hundred eleven.

e.g., Bilbo addressed the crowd of friends and family announcing, "Today I'm eleventy-one years old, and what a fine day to see you all here."

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

eleventy-seven - One-hundred-seventeen (117). Used to describe an amount too big to count or not worth counting.

e.g., How many miles to Grandma's house? Eleventy-seven.

submitted by Iguana Thompson

elevitation - That floating feeling you get when an elevator stops abruptly while going up.

e.g., When the express elevator stops at the fiftieth floor, the elevitation makes me feel like I'm Superman jumping off the roof.

submitted by Roy Egdall

elexicon - Terminology generally used during an election, or to describe the electoral process.

e.g., The term "party platform" has largely disappeared from the elexicon, leading to a widespread ennui amongst those eligible to vote.

submitted by Gayle Hurmuses - (www)

elf's age - (Usually pronounced as "elves age"; n.) A very very long time (as elves are said by JRR Tolkien to live forever). The term is usually used to remark how long it has been since something happened. (Cf. Dwarve's Age)

e.g., "Charlie. Wow, I haven't seen you in an elf's age." | "You know, it's been an elf's age since we went out to eat."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

elfish - The opposite of selfish, being extremely giving of your resources.

e.g., Elmore was an elfish elf.

submitted by elmore - (www)

elgooging - Exact opposite og searching. You find a site and then find out what search engines have the site and don't, and then submit the site to the ones that don't.

e.g., I'm elgooging

submitted by Jordan Kizer

eligere saporem - The technique of inspecting both sides of a corn chip (or alternatively potato chip) to see which side has the most Flavospice (which see) . . .and thereafter placing it tongue-side down for the purpose of getting the most flavoritious experience from each chip.

e.g., I use eligere saporem to maximize my Moritos eating experience.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

elima-e - (eh-LEE-mah-Eh; n.) The police, whether local, national, special, military, or whatever. [Hawaiian elima "five" + e "o." It's how you say "five-o" in Hawaiian. From the television show "Hawaii 5-O"---"Five-O" having become slang for "police" throughout the U.S. and elsewhere in the English-speaking world.] {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Careful: he's elima-e." "What? He's a cop?" "Well, FBI." "Yep: he's elima-e."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

elint - Electronic intelligence and espionage.

e.g., Elint is becoming an increasingly import facet of American intelligence gathering.

submitted by Stephen Mize

eliot ness - An allusion to the movie "Untouchables," meaning a perfect girl.

e.g., Don't even step, she's an Eliot Ness.

submitted by Zak

eliphigimus - Very hard or large in size.

e.g., That's an eliphigimus of a building!

submitted by Dillan Manhasset

elisney - A style of music made entirely out of electronic keyboards and/or MIDI, that sounds somewhat like the music from the old Disney movies.

e.g., Wow! I just heard Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid done as an elisney song! Sweet!

submitted by Star651

elite - A person of minor accomplishment who mistakenly considers herself to be superior to others, with the shallowest of reasons for feeling that way. Rather than thinking of herself merely as intellectually superior, an elite is likely to consider herself better than others -- primarily because her preferences match those of an east coast or west coast "urban aristocracy."

A particularly annoying kind of elitist for me is a socialist elite: a socelitist.


Jennifer Rubin 
The liberal media throng and Democratic elites never learn the right lesson. It’s been only a month since they vilified Sarah Palin, leading to a gigantic backlash and the largest surge in John McCain’s standing in the polls yet. But they didn’t learn. They are at it again with Joe the Plumber and, once again, are exercising no self-restraint.

They don’t, at bottom, respect non-elites from middle America or listen to their concerns. They treat them as cartoon characters or as frauds sent to foil their own quest for power. So they set upon Joe the Plumber in the mistaken view that what was significant about the interchange with Barack Obama were Joe’s concerns. And–surprise, surprise–you’ve got the makings of a backlash.

submitted by HD Fowler

elite doffer - A person masterful at throwing out other people's things, particularly unnecessary clutter or items unused.

e.g., Gotta keep an eye out on that girl-o-mine. I lean towards hoarding and she's an elite doffer.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

elitify - To make elite.

e.g., Those men are only trying to elitify themselves by creating a secret society.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

elizabethesaurus - A singular book, a thesaurus I gave to a friend last summer as a way of showing my appreciation for a kindness she had done for my wife and me. She expected no reward, of course, but it pleased me to give her a thesaurus as a way for us to share my love for words.

e.g., Even if you don't have your very own elizabethesaurus, there are ways of finding words to vary how you express yourself.

submitted by HD Fowler

elkite - Someone who manipulates the thought process of someone of lesser intelligence.

e.g., Rich is a real elkite when it comes to convincing Norm what to do.

submitted by Rich Elkins

elkonometer - A device used by elk hunters to detect the number of elk in a radial proximity dialed in by the user (up to 44 quadrillion miles). A small blackboard is attached and eight sticks of chalk are provided for keeping a hashmark tally of how many elk you've bagged each trip. Incidentally, for you elk hunters, an upgraded unit should be available soon which detects elk up to 88 quadrillion miles out.

e.g., Chris,...Chris!! The Elkonometer is goin' off the chart thar in every direction -- there must be at least five or ten million of 'em, let's go that way.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

ellemenopee - LMNOP. Used when you don't understand what another person or animal has just said.

e.g., A. What are you doing on munshdb (muffled letters)? B. Ellemenopee??

submitted by JESSA

ellipbro - Just as an ellipsis is three successive periods, an ellipbro is three successive commas. A smaller (superscripted) ellipbro can represent three successive apostrophes or three successive closing single quotation marks.

An ellipbro displays best using a serif type face. That way it comes with danglers appropriate to a masculine form of punctuation. Obviously, an ellipsis should really appear as small circles rather than dots or periods. Either tiny ohs or zeroes would suffice.

Ellipbros are like other multiple punctuation marks and serve no useful function, not surprising given their masculine nature.  
It's only appropriate that there be both feminine and masculine forms of punctuation. We need to keep a politically correct balance in punctuation the same as we do in all other areas.

Mac: Take a look at this sentence, Lil. How do you think I should punctuate it? Should I use a colon, a semi-colon, or an ellipbro? I have trouble remembering which to use when. Lil: Who doesn't?
Click on the ellipbro image to get an enhanced version.

Send your description and example to the editor's pseudoaddress mailto: dgvpezbbitfj{remove} This particular pseudoaddress will be shut down, so jump in while you can. PS. The spammotel software has been a great way to get an address that you can discard if it turns out you get a lot of spam. It's free at (No longer free, so I subscribed. Oh, by the way, in over six years of use the spammotel people haven't done anything to cause me to get any spam either.

submitted by HD Fowler

elliptical - An action, in which you gently "tickle" someone with your lips.

e.g., He told her, "I'm going to elliptical you." The girl giggled when he gave her an eelliptical.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

ello-ell - LOL -- meaning laughing out loud.

e.g., I'm ello-ell.

submitted by Herb

ellsworthian - Pertaining to, or describing a composition of superior literary quality. The word refers to the brilliant mind and writing skills of Scott M. Ellsworth, whose creatively informative and entertaining words, phrases, and essays illuminate many pages of this online dictionary.

We all stand in awe of his vast command of our mother tongue, as well as the depth of his knowledge of ancient and contemporary languages, the complete spectrum of history, in great detail, and God knows what else. How does he do it?

(ED. When I asked my own son Scott how he knew something I didn't expect him to know, he said, "I'm over-educated." In that instance, he anticipated the question I was going to ask and answered it before I could ask it. He makes me say, "Aw, son.")

e.g., Hard to believe -- in one day, Scott Ellsworth has submitted six (!) full entries of new words and phrases including a tutorial on verbal palindromes, an essay on the bombing of Nagaski and Hiroshima, an examination of the psychological state after attainment of a goal, a definition of deep patriotism, and more. The compositions contained quotes and examples from the Bible, Shakespeare, medicine, and new and classic movies.

The entries were educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking, and were -- ummm, well, "Ellsworthian," of course!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

elm - Embarrassed.

e.g., I'm so elmed that my car is called the $300 mobile.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

elmyrize - To hug and squeeze and love to pieces. From the Tiny Toon Adventures character Elmyra Duff, who positively adored animals (much to the animals' regret).

e.g., Bob's cat Fluffy was remarkably tolerant of his efforts to elmyrize her.

submitted by John Payson

eloi - E-loy. Vapid, disaffected, a follower. Anyone who trusts politicians/government/authority. From HG Wells' _The Time Machine_.

e.g., What do you mean, "The President knows what he's doing"? When did you join the Eloi?

submitted by rico

eloobow - when your arms bend outwards when held directly infront of your body.

e.g., oh my , your arms are really elobowd!

submitted by kipi ka popo

elsemother - The "else" replaces "step" in words like stepmother, etc.

e.g., When my Dad remarried, all of a sudden I had a new elsemother, four elsebrothers and two elsesisters -- in addition to my biological sister. What a menagerie.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

elsind - Abbreviation for love syndrome, characterizing the continous living of strong sentiments, where pain and happiness are together tied, giving a creational impulse to the persons which suffer by it.

e.g., Leticia was touched by elsind. Elsind is a good stimulant for artists.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

elspeth - Tto organize unnecessarily.

e.g., I elspethed the garage.

submitted by Reid Beels

eltonism - The worship of Elton John.

e.g., I like to study eltonism in a rubber room.

submitted by kilo

elusonym - A word that never means what you think it does.

e.g., "Dang it, Marge! What's this word mean? I've seen it before - it must one of those elusonyms."

submitted by Ty Evans

elvine - Of or pertaining to Elvis.

e.g., It was clearly a bovine leather suit, but the rhinestones, embroidery, and spaghetti fringes told me it was likewise Elvine.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

elvis dodge - A method used to avoid a collision with anything built low to the ground (gen. at hip height), namely, by swivelling the hips sharply to one side. After the hip swivel that have become Elvis' trademark.

e.g., When I saw that cart of books coming at me around teh corner, I knew I have to Elvis dodge quickly or get a bruised hip.

submitted by Shaduan

elvis is dead - Canadian military slang. That condition of your uniform when your collar, or part of it, is standing up.

e.g., Private, Elvis is dead.

submitted by The Puffin

elviscosity - A. A male with too much oil is his hair, might achieve a certain level of "Elviscosity." B. Any item that brings to mind the songs or images of Elvis.

e.g., That jumpsuit has a certain level of Elviscosity to it.

submitted by Hank Velasquez

elwopped - Used by accounting and payroll professionals to note when an employee has taken Leave Without Pay. LWOP.

e.g., That guy has been elwopped on his last 3 paychecks.

submitted by Ben

em-bare-ass-ment - Embarrassment. A thank you to Dear Abby (the link) -- and a heads up to anyone tempted to pose for intimate photographs. Don't expose yourself to the consequences of such indiscretions.

e.g., "However, the larger lesson here has to do with the revealing photographs of you that wound up on the Internet in the first place. Let this be a warning to others: The danger in posing for x-rated pictures is that in the cold light of day, they can be a huge em-BARE-ASS-ment."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

emacle - The name of something broken that can no longer fulfill its purpose, but is kept anyway, because of the nostalgic memories it contains

e.g., The stuffed bear was faded, motheaten, and a perculiar smell emenated from it, but she like so many of us, could never discard an emacle

submitted by Sam Shortis

email slut - Someone who checks her e-mail more often than once every 15 minutes, especially at work. | Someone who will do anything to get as much e-mail as possible.

e.g., Chris is quite the e-mail slut. He gets about 150 e-mails a day.

submitted by ronbo

emailstrom - (noun) Emaelstrom. Mesmerising or distressing electronic email delivery phenomenon of computers that have been neglected, sometimes for even a short period, where the viewer feels as if she has been pinned inside a cybercentrifuge (and there's another one for ya).

e.g., Each morning, she spiralled into the emailstrom of downloading messages on her computer and lost consciousness in the vertical vortex.

submitted by Brett Porter - (www)

emar eyes (mris) - The ability of some individuals to locate, identify, and expose character flaws in others.

e.g., Lee: Cassandra was dead on about Tony. Right from the beginning, she saw him as shallow, self-centered, and grossly egotistical. Cassandra sure has emar eyes. Bea: Yes, that's a great talent. But who ever listens to her?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

embalmed - 1. To do or say something so inappropiate that there is no way to make amends. 2. To completely end a situation.

e.g., 1. When I told Susan that the dress made her look fat, I really embalmed myself. 2. When Steve refused to pay me the $20 he borrowed, our friendship was embalmed.

submitted by jazzbo

embaraphobia - To embarrassed to do all kinds of things.

e.g., I had embaraphobia and I wouldn't go on stage.

submitted by Angel Shelton

embaras - «Embarrass» and its derivatives are among the most frequently misspelled words in the English language. I've spent more than an hour correcting pd entries today. We can get the jump on the world by making «embaras», «embarras», and «embarass» acceptable alternative spellings. The way languages, especially English, evolve, those spellings may well become acceptable some day. Here's a real world example: The correct form of an expression for someone getting what she deserves is «just deserts»; however, it's misspelled as «just desserts» more often than it's spelled correctly. How long can it be before «just desserts» will become not only an acceptable spelling, but perhaps even the preferred spelling? As the old White Owl cigar commercials (circa 1971) used to say, "We're gonna get ya." Pseud dudes and dudettes might as well be leaders of the pack.

e.g., I'm tired of being embarased by a mispeling involving doubled consonants, so I'm going to adopt a speling convention in which no consonants are doubled. Ever. I haven't made up my mind about vowels. I'm thinking, I'm thinking. | I remember how embarased I was to misspell my first word ever in second grade spelling class. (I'm back to "standard" spelling. It takes too much thought to spell the wrong way.) Students gave each other the words to be spelt spelled. The fateful day came for me when my nemesis Loretta was charged with giving me the words to spell. All was going fine until I asked her to tell me whether the word she'd just given me to spell was «missed» or «mist». She wouldn't do it. I guessed wrong. I was so perturbed by my first miss that I stayed in during the next recess and studied for the next day's lesson -- the first time I'd ever bothered to look at the spelling list.  
Updated. Rest in peace, Loretta (September 2, 1941 - April 7, 2013.) You will be missed. I wish we had been able to manage next get-together for beer and grub we talked about, but I never made it back to your stomping ground to do it.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

embarcade - To ditch someone in favor of someone funner or doing something else. Comes from "embark" when a boat leaves a port.

e.g., Can you believe it? She embarcaded me at the party and went to the hotel.

submitted by embarcade

embare-assed - What happens when you take off your clothes in a public place.

e.g., When I was changing in the bathroom stall, I became embare-assed.

submitted by Jesse

embed - A journalist placed with military units. | A retired military officer embedded in TV studios.

e.g., Critics fear that the embeds will lose their objectivity. | Most of the embeds proved to be out of touch with current military strategy, especially would-be Presidential candidate Wesley Clark.

submitted by HD Fowler

embers, the - (pl.n.) 1. The months that end in '-ember,' taken as a group: September, October, November, and December; 2. The last third of the year; 3. The autumn semester in schools so arranged (the 'Michaelmas' term ... plus september).

e.g., "What courses have you got for the embers?" "Anatomy, Digital manipulation, Figure drawing, and perspective in bas-relief." "Hm. Are you, by chance, a sculptor?" "Why, yes. What gave me away?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

embetter - To make better.

e.g., I will take the time off to embetter myself.

submitted by Demigod

embiggen - Presumed to mean something like "to make bigger." The Simpsons, episode 3F13 "Lisa the Iconoclast," originally aired on 19960218. (It's a perfectly cromulent word).

e.g., A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. -- Jebidiah Springfield

submitted by Matthew J. McLaughlin - (www)

embiggenificate - To enlarge; to make larger. Can be found being used on several sites found in the search in the link. The earliest use I found was January 6, 2007 -- as quoted in the third example.

e.g., " I think you need some scale (click to embiggenificate): Or perhaps the dimensions might be more illuminating: Seriously, this bugger is HUGE." | "You probably will need to click on the photo to embiggenificate enough to read most of the headlines; the Wall Street Journal and New York...." | "Click on the picture only if you don't fear your penis exploding because the photo will embiggenificate to larger proportions."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

embiygac - E-mail Back If You Get A Chance.

e.g., Hello, Stu, how are things with you today? I'm bored. EBIYGAC. Jim

submitted by Nick

embrace diversity - One of several code phrases used by leftists to imply that objecting to the presence of illegal aliens is a manifestation of racism. I'm close to the point of wanting to slap anyone who uses the word diversity in that way.

e.g., "He said they also need to embrace diversity because it is an issue important to young people who are leaving rural areas."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

embry-os™ - The only cereal made from aborted fetuses. Noted for being high in protein and also high in stem cells your body needs for regeneration.

e.g., Embry-Os™: They stay crunchy even in milk.

submitted by BigAssFries

embuggerance - something particularly inconvenient or obstructive

e.g., he was sticking to the rules completely and being a right embuggerance

submitted by jason

emeal™ - E-mail that is Food for the Soul. E-mail exchanges with friends and family. Not the passing-around-jokes sort. E-meal.  

(ED. Emeal and eMeal show up in Google searches for same; however, in the usage contexts found, all hits had to do with food one takes in by smell, taste, and touch -- and not by sight and sound. If I need to credit the sense to someone else, let me know.)

e.g., When you're lucky, your e-mail exchanges can become emeals.

submitted by HD Fowler

emena (mn-a) - That's where you get your mouth washed out with Fels Naphtha soap, merely for saying "Your father wears army boobs."

e.g., It's not a famous pseudo-musical group, it's not flushing out the lower extremities -- it's an old fashioned means of inducing proper behavior control, and it's mouthwash, too.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

emere quam venditare - (Rhymes with "Hey MAY, say TOM mend guiTAR day," (Also EQV, pronounced EK-woo) literally "to buy than to sell.") A saying meaning "better to be taken advantage of than to take advantage of another." [Shortening of the Latin Meliorum emere quam venditare Pontem Bruclinii est: "It is better to buy the Brooklyn Bridge than to sell it."]

e.g., "You gave that guy a tip?! But the service was lousy!" "EQV, man: maybe he'll do better for the next guy." | "Dude! You just got taken for $50 bucks! Didn't you know he was conning you?" "I suspected it, but hey, emere quam venditare. What a terrible life, have to live from con to con like that. If he comes back, let me know, I'll find him a couple hundred."

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

emergencital - Said of an emergency situation.

e.g., When you get a chance, can I get that report? Don't worry, it's not emergencital.

submitted by Lenny

emergency maintenance - Gaming-industry jargon fed to customers in an attempt to befuddle and confuse them to prevent them from finding out that servers have crashed for no reason and the server technicians are at a strip club.

e.g., Someone please call Hooters and see if our techs are there. Why? Because the servers are down for emergency maintenance.

submitted by Nathan - (www)

emergentkey - The key you hide on the outside of your house or car.

e.g., I was locked out, so I lifted the flower pot and got my emergentkey.

submitted by 99 Hats

emergently - In the manner of someone or something emerging in emergency mode.

e.g., The Green Goddess pulled out of the barracks emergently right in fromt of my car.

submitted by Miles Gavin

emerson - Bald, hairless. (Beccehamian "Cockney Rhyming" slang, after Brazillian racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi ("baldy").)

e.g., One of the best examples of an emerson is Vin Diesel.

submitted by Steve Ralph

emfa-sized - Greater than enormous or immense; a mass so huge that it enhances its own largeness. From street language, "mxxxer fxxxing sized."

e.g., Sam: So you were in an argument with a guy at the bar? Jam: Yeah. Until his "big" brother came in. Did I say, "big"? This dude was so big, he was emfa-sized.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

emight - "M" in eight. Pronounced "em-in-eight." Same meaning as "emanate," "to flow out of."

e.g., Water could emight from this big hole in the ground.

submitted by Brian Cole - (www)

emigo - A friend or acquaintance gained solely through the reading of another's blog, or vice versa, whom one has likely never met in person.

e.g., So I was talking to my emigo, Roy, the other day, about how much we love to grill salmon indoors. Well, not so much talking as writing back and forth. We've never actually talked. Because we've never actually met.

submitted by Groomzilla - (www)

eminenemy - The kind of pseudo-enemy rappers need so they can put someone down.

e.g., He's just an eminenemy for dissing -- I kinda like the guy really.

submitted by Michael Rodent - (www)

emitticism - A compulsive response that you just can't help using in some situations. The first few million times it was said it was witty, but it's long since stopped being so, and now it's just hard-wired into our nervous system, as autonomic as a sneeze or a yawn.

e.g., I walked past someone washing her car, and couldn't help emitticising, "You can wash mine next."

ED. Mr Richard Glover, author of The Dag's Dictionary (of "words that should exist -- but don't") and 702 ABC Sydney came up with this word some time in the latter part of September, about the same time it sat in our input queue for several days. Our submitter has clarified in the forum that Mr Glover should receive full credit.

Mr Glover wrote: Challenge 78: We need a word for the almost mandatory comment that someone is going to make in relation to a particular situation -- such [as] "you can do mine next" when they see you washing your car, or "pretty big fish" when, at a cocktail party, they are offered a fish ball. Challenge 78 is set by Jennifer Kidson, who wins a handful of Australian books. Richard's suggestion, just to get you going is an emitticism, as it is a seemingly involuntary emission.

submitted by alan jones on behalf of Richard Glover - (www)

emm t awards - Annual TV awards for the categories, "most devoid of . . . (men's/women's acting ability, humor, plot, good taste, etc.)." Sponsored by EmmTV, the vacuous music channel.

e.g., Roger watched the Emm T Award show for three hours and afterwards didn't remember a thing he saw.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

emmediate - 1. Immediate. 2. Em-mediate = to mediate by e-mail. {Duplicate.}

e.g., E-mail started emmediately, but being finished later in the day.

submitted by Miss Speller

emmit - Emmit is a contraction for am not and is pronounced "em" as in the word "them" and "it" on the end.

e.g., I emmit planning to do anything today.

submitted by Shelby Spencer

emo - "a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock" ~from also: a state of charged punkish emotion

e.g., A friend of mine listens to emo almost exclusively; in fact, he embodies the scene.

submitted by Stephanie Corwin

emo boy - A male who can be found wearing skinny jeans or girl jeans, typically with black hair swept over one eye, usually with cuts on his wrists.

e.g., Angela saw an emo boy at the mall when she was checking out the new jeans.

submitted by Ashley

emo horror - A sub-genre of horror fiction that focuses on the horrible in unhappy emotional qualities like sadness, grief, regret, breaking, neglect, misfortune, etc. Plots resolve not so much with triumph (or its failure) over monsters or horrible people, but with resolution (or its failure) of emotional horror itself.

e.g., This story is emo horror, because it starts with sadness and ends with sadness; the monsters are optional.

submitted by Asher Black - (www)

emo-speak - A form of typing in which you either don't put spaces between words, or instead of spaces you use periods. Commonly seen on diaryland and live journal.


submitted by Juan

emo-vamp - A shortened version of Emotion vampyr. A type of vampyr that feeds off emotions. Very rare to find, because many die in their youth.

e.g., Theda Bara was a silent film star who vamped her way through many films. She always struck me as a bit of an emo-vamp.

submitted by Theta

emocracy - The illusion of democracy, where the source of general opinion is not a common set of values, but certain emotions that force a strong feeling about an election, a military retaliation, or sports event.

e.g., In the Netherlands, a typical emocracy was evident in the huge election victory of an unknown party. The charismatic party leader had been assassinated two weeks before the election.

submitted by quintus

emogamy - Emogamer, emogamist. Usually used as a noun. Those who play emotional games with themselves and others. May also include mind games, toying with affections — usually denotes negative and frustrating behavior.

e.g., My friend Chris is so passive-aggressive with our relationship and in general that I think she is just an emogamist at this point.

submitted by Susan of “s/he” - (www)

emophobia - Fear of endless e-mails from your boss.

e.g., If I stay at this job much longer I am going to end up with emophobia.

submitted by Marie Hofmann

emortant - Combining "emo" from the musical genre "emotional punk music" and "important,"-- generally to describe emotionally important things.

e.g., This new band is so emortant to its fans that I find it quite scary.

submitted by fannio - (www)

emotiate - Immediate and emotional. Of a knee-jerk response.

e.g., Often she would display a very emotiate reaction to certain people and events in her life.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

emoticate - To communicate with someone using using only emotions.

e.g., When I emoticate with my girlfriend she knows exactly what's on my mind.

submitted by ben shragge

emotidork - Emotion + dork, coined by a frustrated newbie. Related terms: cyber-impaired, technologically-disadvantaged. Also a pictorial representation of a facial expression or emotion which conveys tones or attitudes frequently exhibited by inept PC users.

e.g., If you are of the opinion that Javascript is the working title of a screenplay dealing with the perils of caffeine addiction, then you are indeed an emotidork.

submitted by Dorna Deterville - (www)

emotional vampire - A person who sucks the energy right out of you.

e.g., I was having a great day until all the emotional vampires at work arrived.

submitted by Peter Upham

empeeth - An MP3 where the last bit of the song is missing. Pronounced "em-pee-th"

e.g., I spent 10 minutes looking for an MP3 of this song, and all I found was an empeeth.

submitted by T_Dot

emphatic period - A punctuation device that can be used instead of multiple exclamation points.

e.g., "Now, top punctuation boffins have come up with a solution that reintroduces the power of exclamation but has a built-in mechanism that defeats attempts at repeated-stop hyperbole. Here is the emphatic period in action: It. Was. Julie." | English V3.31's suggested use of the emphatic period may not be sustained. "However, I have to warn you that this feature may not make the final release of V3.31. There has been a legal challenge from the telcos, who stand to lose many £millions per annum if it goes through. Apparently a significant proportion of text traffic comprises teenagers sending !!!s to each other."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

emphlation - Inflation for emphasis.

e.g., Airball? When you say I missed by a mile, that's just emphlation. I only missed it by a couple of feet.

submitted by Chuck Pell

empirical - As adjudged by UK movie periodical Empire Magazine.

e.g., Attack of the Clones empirically better than Minority Report? Sometimes I wonder why I pay my subscription fee.

submitted by Adam Leslie

employee of the month spot - The prime spot of any parking lot, located closest to the entrance.

e.g., The mall was very crowded, but I still managed to get the employee of the month spot.

submitted by anne

employfriend - The person of higher seniority in an office relationship -- i.e., you're dating your boss. Works best when describing a male, 'cause it rhymes with boyfriend.

e.g., I would never have an employfriend. If anybody's gonna be employin', it'll be me.

submitted by James

employmanarcoleptacomatosis - A recurring condition in which the symptoms are sluggishness and being in a constant state of sleepiness while at work. Oddly enough, these symptoms disappear once at home after the workday. Employmanarcoleptacatatonic is a severe case of employmanarcoleptacomatosis and is debilitating, completely destroying your ability to function at work.

e.g., God, all the coffee in the world isn't getting rid of my employmanarcoleptacomatosis today.

submitted by William

emportalize - The process of scraping or collecting information from multiple websites and redisplaying them on a single view.

e.g., Yodlee is currently emportalizing all my banking content.

submitted by Ray Pompon - (www)

empsultant - An employee of a company whose sole reason for existence is to report back to management what external consultants say, usually with disastrous results.

e.g., Consultant: You need to recompile the code, stage the data, and restart the web server. Empsultant: They said we need to recompile the web server, restart the data, and stage the code. Management: Eh?

submitted by Klaus - (www)

emptor tempter - Salesperson, ad, commercial, displayed item, anything or anyone who makes you want to ("have to"!) buy something.

e.g., Look out when you go to the big stores this season; everything there is an emptor tempter..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

emptway - The space between rooms that should have doors but do not.

e.g., The carpanter tried to find a door for the EMPTWAY.

submitted by Sam Schamber

empty-v - A play on MTV. Ttelevision programming of no real substance and no educational value. The kind of television programming that you don't plan on watching, but find yourself watching. Not because of a lack of something to do or motivation to do something else, you wind up watching. Example: Some of the Discovery Channel's Epicurean Cotton Candy. Or home improvement shows, especially when you yourself aren't planning to improve your living space.

e.g., I wasted an hour of time watching empty-V when I should've been working on my science project.

submitted by John M. Murphy II - (www)

empuliation - A feeling of utter embarrassment for someone else's actions or circumstance. From combining EMPathy and humiLIATION. | empuliation (noun) : A feeling of profound embarrassment for another person's behavior. From combining EMPathy and humiLIATION. As I watched my father try snowboarding, the feeling of utter empuliation was so intense I got chills. Submitted by: Karen Erickson from New Mexico on Nov. 16, 2005 14:22

e.g., Watching my father attempt to do the macarena, I was overcome with a wave of empuliation.

submitted by Karen Erickson - (www)

emrobing - A type of dressing, in a way that's disastrous.

e.g., He is emrobing right now -- look at his shirt.

submitted by Jenifer

en-pdf-ilize - Converting a document into Portable Document Format.

e.g., The printshop wouldn't allow us to send them the Illustrator document. They preferred that we en-PDF-ilized it.

submitted by Jeremy Wrezinski

enablerhood - Community of people who encourage or enable negative or self-destructive behavior in others.

It's a beautiful day in the enablerhood,
A beautiful day in the enablerhood,
Wouldn't you like to be ... my enabler?!

e.g., In my enablerhood, I give my alcoholic neighbor a six-pack of beer for mowing my lawn, so my lazy butt doesn't have to go outside or exert myself in any way that might resemble exercise.

submitted by j - (www)

enail - To have sex via the internet. "Cybersex" is now a defunct term. E-nail.

e.g., Joe: Did you ever meet up with that girl from myspace? Bob: No, but I still enailed her.

submitted by Michael Naujunas

enamorable - Able to be loved in a very cute way.

e.g., "Am I not enamorable?" purrr

submitted by Jake tinsley - (www)

enamorated - Enamored: "crazy: marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness; 'she was crazy about him'; 'gaga over the rock group's new album'; 'he was infatuated with her.'"

e.g., "Ya ya" comes from the book The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, a group of female co-workers or friends who have become so enamorated of one another that they tend to shun everyone else around.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

enarmored - This word is related to "enamored" but instead of describing regular puppy love, it refers to puppy love among the warrior class of aliens, i.e., Vulcans.

e.g., See how Dartha glares flirtatiously at Sharmwak? Mark my words, she is enarmored! And now he is playfully returning her laser-daggers!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

enbiggen - To enlarge, to make bigger.

e.g., I couldn't see it, so I asked if he could enbiggen it

submitted by g

encage - To muffle a burp.

e.g., I feel a burp coming on, so I'm going to encage it.

submitted by Kianera

encazzo - (an-ka-zo; noun, also encoreto, an-ko-re-to) A scene, generally quite brief, following or during the closing credits of a movie, as a reward for viewing the names of those who made the picture (who almost never get any recognition (cf. mbc)).

e.g., Movies with fun encazzos: Cars, GodzillaX-Men 3, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

encephalupagus - (Rhymes with bents-jeff'll-pup-uh-cuss; n.) 1. A really good (if eccentric) imagination in general, or a particular idea in the specific; 2. a creative fix to a longstanding problem, especially one no one else believed would work; 3.a. something everyone believes imaginary which is, however, as real as rocks; conversely, b. something everyone believes true which is, however, as false as Nigerian spam; 4. the realization that someone everyone had believed to be witless, ignorant, or stupid is, in fact, quite clever, informed, or knowledgeable (especially if that knowledge comes either too late or in a particularly overwhelming manner); 5. A hallucination particular to a specific person, drug, or situation. [From Greek enkephalos 'brain' + Sesame Streetese Snufflupagus, the unseen (and therefore perceived to be the) "imaginary" friend of Big Bird, but who finally turned out to be quite real in the early 70s.] Plural: encephalupagoi.

e.g., In the early 20th century, the "canals" of Mars were a huge encephalupagus: in the last third of the 20th century, the canals had vanished from popular lore, and relegated to the dustheap of astronomical panflashes. | Putting handles on everything, especially awkward or heavy furniture, would really be an encephalupagus of daVincian proportions. | Encephalupagoi deriving from sensory deprivation are strikingly similar in some respects to the Dumboesque pink elephants of mid-20th-century cartooning.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

enchalata - Enchilada. Martha.

e.g., Bert: I'll have the enchalata special, please, but substitute refried beans for the rice.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

enchance - To enable someone to try again.

e.g., Come on, enchance me. Let me try again.

submitted by BiolaKat

encounterment - ENCOUNTERMENT: THE ACT OF COMING UPON; ENCOUNTER: TO COME UPON, MENT: THE ACT OF The act of coming upon. Encounter: To comeup on; ment: the act of.

e.g., The depth of groundwater encounterment should be provided with your monitoring well construction diagrams.

submitted by DMR

encourageable - Capable of or responding well to being encouraged.

e.g., No person left Christ's presence without being encouraged, if he was in an encourageable condition of heart and mind.

submitted by James Anderson

encouricide - suicide by encouragement

submitted by sig


Encroaching and infringing at the same time.

e.g., They are incringing on our usual spot at the beach.

submitted by mark davis

encyclopedictionary - A really big, really complete, really comprehensive dictionary.

e.g., You can find virtually any word in existence in the encyclopedictionary.

submitted by Paul EDIC - (www)

endarkenment - A state of confusion; opposite of enlightenment.

e.g., The sudden power failure, combined with the pop quiz, sent the English Literature class into a state of endarkenment.

submitted by Christine

endaufin rush - Thrill at regal heirs. Excitement over princes.

e.g., Reading the Daily Mail gives all us English and British people a great big endaufin rush.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund - (www)

endearitation - The state of annoyance, impatience, or exasperation brought about by prolonged exposure to well-intentioned, but oblivious, elderly female relatives.

e.g., Grandma doesn't seem to understand the endearitation I feel when she tells my friends about my early potty-training.

submitted by Bigwave Dave

ender suit - (n.) any mechanism---sometimes reified as a framework or body suit, but generally a simple "health" indicator or damage algorithm (as in a strategy game)---that mimics physical injury or damage so as to hamper the wearer's or player's or researcher's movements, performance, energy, or time in the same way that the injury thus simulated would. [based upon the battle suits created by Orson Scott Card for_Ender's Game_, body frameworks that essentially paralyze the arms or legs of their wearers when they are "hit" in their wargames.]

e.g., "This game is great, but how come I can't go as fast if another fighter hits me with an ax?" "Well, the program compensates." "compensates for what?" "Well, you are missing an arm." "Oh, I get it: and ender suit. ... good to know."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

endge - Used to refer to that which is both the edge and the end of something.

e.g., The ball fell simply because it had reached the endge.

submitted by bungston aka bristolz - (www)

endgegner - German word based on computer games. The big end-boss in oldstyle shoot'emups.

e.g., He's like an endgegner to me.

submitted by patrick

endicium - Protection. Keeping guard or protective watch: watch and ward. A person who is under the protection of another. Pronunciation [en-dish-ee-uh m].

e.g., The security guard is responsible for the endicium of his client.

submitted by MB

endie - A person who always starts at the beginning or middle of a group, but always seems to wind up at the end.

e.g., Every day we walk over to the church from school, the rest of the class passes us and we become endies in the last pew.

submitted by Kelsey DeLave and Kathleen Sullivan

endocytosised - Being kissed and having way too much saliva pass from her to you.

e.g., She really endocytosised me after our date.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

endoflate - (v.) to inflate or cause to become inflated by decreasing surrounding inside pressure.

e.g., An iron lung works by reducing pressure around the lungs, so that atmospheric pressure pushes outside air into the occupant's lungs: this is endoflation.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

endonym/exonym - An endonym is the name a group gives to itself or its own members. An exonym is the name one group gives to another or its members. An exonym may be general ("anybody who isn't us" -- e.g., "gentile") or particular ("Eskimo" is the exonym; "Inuit" is the endonym.)

e.g., "Gypsy" is one of the exonyms for the nomadic group who call themselves "Romany."

submitted by Marian Neudel - (www)

endorminical - Relating to or during the process of sleeping.

e.g., He tossed and turned beneath the covers, caught in an endorminical fit.

submitted by David Malki - (www)

endorphantastic - Great tasting chocolate that gives you that nice buzz.

e.g., Wow, this chocolate is endorphantastic.

submitted by Zsuszo

ends - Money.

e.g., "I got no ends until Monday."

submitted by Sin - (www)

endsville - adjective 1. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. most wonderful or exciting: a rock band that was regarded as Endsville in the late fifties. 2. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. (of a location, circumstance, etc.) most isolated or undesirable. Quotes She responded by flinging her arms around his neck. "Curtie, it'll be endsville!" -- Arthur Hailey, Hotel, 1965

e.g., adjective 1. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. most wonderful or exciting: a rock band that was regarded as Endsville in the late fifties. 2. (sometimes lowercase) Slang. (of a location, circumstance, etc.) most isolated or undesirable. Quotes She responded by flinging her arms around his neck. "Curtie, it'll be endsville!" -- Arthur Hailey, Hotel, 1965

submitted by [Word of the Day | | 2016 - (www)

endudgeon - (Pronounced en-DUJ-un; v.) 1. To engender dudgeon in someone (that is, sullen indignation, angry resentment); broadly (and less correctly) 2. to make somebody really mad.

e.g., I think this election cycle has done little but endudgeon the electorate. || How can a five-year-old child endudgeon twelve full grown adults with nothing but a crayon and a jar of mustard?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

endulge - To be extremely generous and giving; to indulge outwardly.

e.g., I went to her wishlist and endulged.

submitted by Susan - (www)

enema list - A list of people you think would benefit from being given an enema. I recently had a six-pack of Fleet enemas delivered to my lifelong friend Jim (aka Press) -- because he's full of crap.

e.g., He told me just this morning that he's glad he's on my enema list. He says he hasn't opened the package yet, that he's using it to decorate his kitchen.

submitted by [Sandbox Jim]

enemamy - A foe, who's weapon of choice is an enema bag.

e.g., Until my proctologist waylaid me with a Fleet enema, I had no idea he was my enemamy.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

eneme - An enemy that strengthens you by making you more observant of evil around you, by making you better able to defend yourself from friend or foe, by making you of stronger character, etc.

e.g., I had such a good eneme that he prepared me for the future betrayals by friends and family and taught me many life lessons.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

enemedia - The media as an enemy of some group, person, or position -- in particular the liberal media's opposition to conservatives and conservative positions.

e.g., "Pamela supports Muslim women by giving them safe houses to avoid honor killings. She's also a brave advocate for Secular Islam and their courageous St. Petersburg Declaration. But you wouldn't learn any of that from all the ignorant know-nothing enemedia parrots."

submitted by [Ganesha_akbar] - (www)

enerdy - When someone devotes a lot of energy to something that is only worth the attention of nerds.

e.g., Chester is talking about the relative benefits of PERL with great enerdy.

submitted by virgio

energator - The ability of a device to produce an alternate form of power.

e.g., We would have no power in this building without the emergency energator.

submitted by John M. Fakehany

energermous - Filled with an excessive amount of energy. To be extremely active.

e.g., You see Zeke putting together that log cabin? He's very energermous.

submitted by Justin

energy tree - Just as a money tree is an endless source of free money, an energy tree is an endless source of free energy.

e.g., So, where is the energy to recharge the batteries for electric and hybrid cars going to come from -- other than from the wall? The energy tree?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

enernet - The energy internet. A technical term describing the predicted next stage in electricity distribution--using smart supply networks which function similarly to the internet.

e.g., When fully developed the enernet will secure electricity supplies by intelligently overcoming disruptions such as those experienced last year in the US and Italy.

submitted by Patrick Tynan

enfeebleation - State of being enfeebled.

e.g., Evan Morris: "On the other hand, I actually find myself missing The Gilmore Girls, so my enfeebleation may be more advanced than I had reckoned."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

enfenestrate - To throw something in through a window. Opposite of defenestrate.

e.g., Someone enfenestrated a water-balloon at me in my apartment.

submitted by Cory Shanks

enfeof - (en-FEF; v.) 1. to give, deed, transfer, or otherwise convey realty to someone. 2. to hand over a burden or duty, especially a particularly onerous one, handed on as an "honor." [From the old English term for such a conveyance.]

e.g., "Somebody has to tell her. Mike, you do it; she's never met you before." "Why enfeof me? What did I do?" "Nothing. Nothing wrong, at least: she has no reason to be upset with you." "But she will when I tell her, right?" "... oh, yeah."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

enflare - To make worse.

e.g., Jim enflared his bad situation that fateful aftrnoon when he rear-ended a police cruiser while speeding.

submitted by Kathryn - (www)

eng-what? - A question, "What is this ridiculosity of the English language?"

e.g., Speak/speech: why does the "a" become an "e"? Read/read: why do they read the same but can be read differently? Eng-what?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

engamish - The English pronunciation that comes from toddlers.

e.g., When I was small and spoke only Engamish, I used to say "Topazee" to say "Top of city."

submitted by Ian Faynik

engbland - England, since everything in England is dull — the clothes, food, cars, houses, teeth, women, food, etc.

e.g., There's been way too much stress in my life lately. I think I'll take my holiday in Engbland this year. Only thing standing in my way is an unfavourable exchange rate. I desperately need the rest I'd be able to get there.

submitted by Peter

enghetto - (Rhymes with ben-SET-o; v.) To force a particular type of people into isolation within a specific part of a city,or in a different town or village. On a larger scale, Native American Reservations and 17th and 18th century penal (and leper) colonies are also the result of enghettoment. [From O.F. en- "put into" + Italian ghetto, originally "a neighborhood to which the Jews were restricted," now applicable to any racial, ethnic, or other internment.]

e.g., During World War II, the United States enghettoed innocent Japanese-Americans in internment camps. (German-Americans and Italian-Americans remained at large, however.)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

enginerring - The application of scientific and mathematical principles to the design of error-prone systems; or the area of a business in which poor-quality work is performed by engineers.

e.g., Enginerring sent us another prototype that doesn't work.

submitted by niel - (www)

enginuity - Managing to keep any form of engine (e.g., gas or diesel) running somehow or some way, against all odds, using whatever is at hand that might solve the problem or problems causing heart-in-throat syndrome to those relying on the running engine.

e.g., George's enginuity saved the day every day the Goody Goody II was cruising south.

submitted by george l. kelly - (www)

english programmer - A pretentious way of saying "writer." Used in resume padding or when dealing with HR types.

e.g., Everyone was at the developer's meeting, even the English Programmer who was writing the manual.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

englisheering - 1. English for engineering. 2. The process of turning something into acceptable English.

e.g., 1. Students are expected to take a course in software englisheering; 2. I don't understand a word of this -- it needs some englisheering.

submitted by Nick - (www)

engraged - Descriptive of the situation when one person is trying to talk to you, but you're busy shouting at someone else.

e.g., "Stop shouting at him!" "Raargh. What? Oh, sorry. I'll talk to you later. I'm engraged."

submitted by Jamie Boardman

engrish - Japanized english word(s); terrible written english by foreign countries.

e.g., In english: I need to get my hair done today. Translated in engrish: I have the necessity today to make end my hair.

submitted by Scott R.

enh - A verbal shrug of indifference.

e.g., "You do know your muffler fell of, don't you?" "Enh."

submitted by Irrational

enigmamie - The feeling you get when you run into someone who you have met briefly but you both cannot remember where you know each other from.

e.g., When I ran into Lindsey the second time, I had a sense enigmamie.

submitted by aguynamededdy - (www)

enim - To be confused about what recently happened to you.

e.g., Hot girl: Hey, what's your number? Ugly guy: 781-555-6211. Hot girl: Thanks. My number is 839-555-7573. (Hot girl leaves.) Ugly guy: I'm enim, but I really dont care right now.

submitted by kevin Ocallaghan

enimend - (EN-ih-mend; n.) 1. the converse of a_frenemy_(q.v.): Someone you consider an enemy or rival (or pretend to be the enemy or rival of) but who is actually a friend, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the rivalry. [From ENeMy+frEIND, sort of mixed together.]

e.g., Perry the Platypus ("Agent P") and the "evil" Doctor Duffenschmerz are a good example of enimends, as are Perry Mason and Hamilton Burger. Somebody with a more up-to-date perspective might want to add other examples. Harry Potter's nemesis Severus Snape comes to mind as an enimend, but I'll have to think about that one for a bit: the existence of frenemies and eminends does not negate the reality of enemies and friends, nor does it automatically mean that people fighting against the same thing must necessarily be friends of one another (or that two people fighting for different things cannot be friends). Remember the old saying?: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Well, it isn't true: the enemy of your enemy might be your enemy too. Or they might be frenemies or eminends, too.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

enimosity - The capability of an enemy.

e.g., Never underestimate the enimosity of religious fundamentalists, whatever their religion. Their reliogisity consumes them in all they do.

submitted by Ajith Kumar

enjiki - A mathematician who refuses to admit that he does not understand another mathematician he is talking to, specifically within the branch(es) of category theory. Plural enjiken.

e.g., It's always amusing to watch two enjiken talk, because -- although we cannot understand their abstract nonsense, neither can they.

submitted by little miss demosthenes - (www)

enjoice - To enjoice is to use false joy to talk someone into sharing an undesirable task; to entrap somebody by the appearance of joy, to deceive or trick into difficulty. The prefix en-, as in engage, entrap, embrace, engulf, encircle, envelop, and enclose, adds to the base the meaning "surrounding something or somebody or placing it within something."

e.g., He looked extremely happy with his winning ticket, and he enjoiced me into entering the sweepstakes, something I would never have done otherwise.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

enjory - When you really enjoy something till it hurts: enjoy + injury. Like laugh till your stomach or cheeks hurt.

e.g., That movie was so funny I caused myself an enjory.

submitted by Patsy Dietz

enmellish - To become utterly and completely involved or engrossed in something. Derived primarily from the fact that Mellish is a funny-sounding surname.

e.g., Uncle Clarrie seemed enmellished in the young lady's glorbs (glorious orbs).

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

enneadocracy - (ee-nee-add-DOCK-crass-ee; n.) 1. Literally, "rule of nine", that is, investing government in a council of nine people; 2. control of the United States by its Supreme Court, a group of nine judges, which was never given power to determine constitutionality of anything, but awarded it to itself in Marbury vs. Madison (1803). One who celebrates or champions control by the Supreme Court is an "enneadocrat" (ee-nee-ADD-oh-crat). The Latin form is nonarchy"rule (by) nine" (nona- "nine" + archy "rule"), which can also be interpreted "out of control" (non- "not," "without" + archy "rule," "governance," "control")---just a thought. Cf. "Nazgul" herein. [From Greek εννεαδος enneados “a group of nine” + κρατια kratia “power,” on analogy with democracy “people power" (to whom the power really ought to be returned)]

e.g., The Constitution never envisioned the Supreme Court's usurpation of the legislative and executive powers and its establishment of an enneadocracy.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ennui - Boredom. A familiar enough real word, this slot in the pd is being filled this way only because I stumbled across its use in a sentence about rosebudding, a sexual practice I'd just as soon not have known about at my tender age.

e.g., "The ennui that comes with watching the same kind of [sex] scenes over and over might eventually force [viewers] to pay to see something they've never seen before, even if it is potentially gruesome or disgusting."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

ennuiderdog - An apathetic, unmotivated dachshund.

e.g., Ignoring my offer of bacon, my ennuinerdog Abbergator looked at me through barely-open eyes, unable to even muster up the effort to open her mouth.

submitted by Douglas Deru - (www)

ennwii - A feeling of listlessness and general dissatisfaction with reality resulting from reality's inability to function as digital "reality" does.

e.g., Someone who would rather play video tennis than actual tennis is said to be in a state of ennwii.

submitted by Nick Bielli

enompling - (ee-NAM-pull-ing; v.) Acting or relying upon unfounded expectations rather than upon realities. [bastardization of the Latin "non pollos enumera" ('Don't count your chickens' (before they hatch))].

e.g., Buying a car or a house in reliance upon a lottery ticket or a horse race would be some serious enompling.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

enonymous - Anonymous. On the internet. Certainly not original, but never seen before. E-nonymous.

e.g., Yeah, that's just one of about a hundred enonymous accounts I've set up.

submitted by H - (www)

enorminosity - A description of something bigger than enormous, or at least pretty big.

e.g., The enorminosity of it all is simply overwhelming. I just can't take it anymore, captain.

submitted by Glenn Childs

enormity - Focus on the third definiton from  

–noun, plural -ties 1. outrageous or heinous character; atrociousness: the enormity of war crimes.
2. something outrageous or heinous, as an offense: The bombing of the defenseless population was an enormity beyond belief.
3. greatness of size, scope, extent, or influence; immensity: The enormity of such an act of generosity is staggering.
The third definition and its example of the use of enormity to mean very, very large shows why I continue to find it problematic. Make a slight revision: "The enormity of such an act is staggering." Take out the qualifying prepositional phrase "of generosity" and there's no clue which use you're seeing, of what the nature of the unspecified act is.  
Usage note at Enormity has been in frequent and continuous use in the sense "immensity" since the 18th century: The enormity of the task was overwhelming. Some hold that enormousness is the correct word in that sense and that enormity can only mean "outrageousness" or "atrociousness": The enormity of his offenses appalled the public. Enormity occurs regularly in edited writing with the meanings both of great size and of outrageous or horrifying character, behavior, etc. Many people, however, continue to regard enormity in the sense of great size as nonstandard.
I admit to being one of those pedants who frowns on the use of enormity to mean immense -- I continue to see it as incorrect. I'm unlikely to be able to make a transition to seeing it used that way without blanching, but I'll try to take a kinder view of such usage considering that it's been in play since the 1700s. I thought the use was much more recent than that, and that it would make a good example of folk etymology. After almost 300 years of such use, maybe it doesn't.  

When I saw the example below, taken from Camille Paglia's remarks on Elizabeth Taylor's passing, I knew I had to take another look at using enormity to mean huge. When I was a teenager and for several years afterwards, I thought Elizabeth Taylor must be the most beautiful woman in the world. To me, she was at her most beautiful and sensuous -- nay, voluptuous in the later films -- from The Last Time I Saw Paris and Giant through Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Suddenly, Last Summer; and Butterfield 8.  

I might have cried when they killed her off in The Last Time I Saw Paris -- far too harsh a retribution for her drunken husband. I still recall how heartbroken I felt for Van Johnson's Charlie Wills when he lost Helen Ellswirth. The fact that I was in love at the time with a girl who looked like Elizabeth Taylor had a lot to do with my reaction, no doubt. Was it my fate that she'd be taken from me by some tragic accident or incident? No, it wasn't -- she was never mine to begin with. Nonetheless, to this day she remains one of the best things in my life. Coincidentally, The Girl's middle name is Elizabeth, and she now refers to herself as Beth instead of her growing-up double name.  

After Taylor took on the role of the harridan Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, I never saw her the same way again. She was no longer Elizabeth Taylor, Beauty; she had become Elizabeth Taylor, Actress.  
The second example, from Trop v. Dulles is an example of why I think "enormity" should be reserved for heinousness and not used for size. Otherwise, one might think what is being referred to is a "big" crime. It isn't.

e.g., "As the '90s went on and Turner Classic Movies increasingly became a national institution, people had a chance to see Taylor's old films on a regular rotation, so they came around to her. And then the extent of her power as an actress, and the enormity of her achievement in her whole body of films, became evident. As time went on, but obviously past her professional peak, she finally obtained universal respect." | "Fines, imprisonment and even execution may be imposed depending upon the enormity of the crime, but any technique outside the bounds of these traditional penalties is constitutionally suspect."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

enormogantic - Bigger than ginormous.

e.g., That festered boil on Dave's nose is enormogantic.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

enproctalgia - Enproctalgia litterally means "pain in the ass." It is a medical term, but it can also be used for someone who is irritating.

e.g., Chris, you are bugging me all the time. You are getting to be an enproctalgia.

submitted by Marshall Trackman

enpsychopedical - When a person's psychology is affected in a bad way by too much use of encyclopedias.

e.g., John is a nice guy but all this time on Wikipedia is causing him to have an enpsychopedical reaction.

submitted by Abhishek Sikhwal - (www)

enpsychopedicallylogical - An argument only brought forward due to the arguer's recent change in philosophy arising from excessive or random use of printed and online encyclopedias.

e.g., All of Tom's arguments are so enpsychopedicallylogical. Sometimes when he talks he appears the jack of all trades, master of none. All that time on Wikipedia must to getting to him.

submitted by Abhishek Sikhwal - (www)

enrobinise - To replace any verb in a sentence with a wildly inappropriate one.

e.g., Chris, you enrobinise almost every other sentence. Straighten up.

submitted by Tos'san

enron - To mismanage a company to the point of pillage for personal gain.

e.g., It was painful for Bill in engineering to sit back and watch the CEO and his biker-chick wife enron the company.

submitted by Poster Nutbag

enron - Big corporation's views that they are above the law; also an alternate pronunciation of "end run."

e.g., When it came time for financial disclosure, the big company tried to do an enron around the law. Microsoft's trying to pull an enron with its various state-by-state challenges to the proposed anti-trust settlement.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

enron - To shred important documents so that they will not be seen by anyone else.

e.g., 1. I made sure I enroned my bank statement before I threw it in the trash. 2. You better enron that chick's phone number before your girlfriend sees it.

submitted by Fierceexplorer

enronitius - The negative effect of the fall a large company has on the economy.

e.g., The American economy would have Entonitus if General Motors were to go bankrupt.

submitted by adeelkhamisa

ensaucerated - Tired of being held and not being let down in a toy store.

e.g., I was ensaucerated with Daddy today.

submitted by Joshua Coffey

ensign jones - A disposible member of a social group; someone that, if they suddenly were to die, would leave no meaningful mark on the world. A reference to the single-episode boilerplate characters on Star Trek who end up dying during the away missions.

e.g., Rich isn't really contributing much to the project. He's definitely the Ensign Jones of the team.

submitted by beefarino

ensleeve - To get your shirt sleeve caught on a door handle as you walk into a room, causing you to ricochet back out the door or rip your shirt.

e.g., I ruined my new Hawaiian shirt when it got ensleeved at your house.

submitted by Yafesi Nsubuga

enstupidate - To decrease in intelligence.

e.g., Geezers are merely enstupidated adults.

submitted by Colin Arenz

enteprocity - Having a high degree of associated properties with a large scale enterprise business: wide distribution of locations or customers, far reaching product lines, massive distribution channels.

e.g., Today's small internet-based business achieve a very high degree of enteprocity because of their ability to reach many customers and vendors.

submitted by Ray Cassick - (www)

entermuse - A combination of entertainment and amusement.

e.g., That movie was fairly entermusing.

submitted by Nick

enterology - The science of erective insertion.

e.g., One of Kinsey's major thrusts was Enterology.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

entertainminute - Sixty seconds of entertainment.

e.g., Democrat Governor Eliot Spitzer's sessions with an escort from the Emperor's Club VIP did not take a full hour. They took about an entertainminute.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

entheogen - A mind-altering substance (including but not limited to tobacco) that is used reverently in spiritual quests. Word does not apply to the same substances when used to party. Comes from Greek (entheo="God within" gen="making")

e.g., The Native American Church uses peyote as an entheogen.

submitted by Scott Marchus

enthraptured - "Enthralled" and "enraptured."

e.g., I was completely enthraptured by the new Mel Gibson flick.

submitted by Paul

enthrilliating - Thrilling.

e.g., My trip to the duck pond was enthrilliating.

submitted by Tom - (www)

entirepreneur - An entrepreneur who risks her entire fortune on a new and risky venture.

e.g., What I'm looking for is someone very, very rich -- and stupid -- whom I can talk into being an entirepreneur who turns everything over to me.

submitted by Miss Speller

entreaty - A treaty regarding nuclear proliferation.

e.g., The UN's entreaty bans the use of nuclear weapons.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

entremaneur - Someone who makes a living selling bovine excreta to the masses.

e.g., Ted Kennedy is one of the biggest entremaneurs in America.

submitted by TomShark

entremanure - A fertilizer salesman. | A would-be entrepreneur.

e.g., After decades of scooping and hauling excrement for the feed lot, Cletus was promoted to the dung sales office as an entremanure.

submitted by Chris K. - (www)

entropie - A basic fact of the universe, it implies that food will always be dropped on the ground, and if it does it will usually land face down.

e.g., As I walked to the table, I tripped and entropie destroyed the cake.

submitted by hugh

entrustophy - A passive state of trust.

e.g., He didn't know what to do; did he trust her or not? He was gripped by entrustophy.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

entymology - Sometimes confused with "entomology" (the study of insects) and sometimes with "etymology" (the study of the origins of words), entymology is hereby giving this meaning: the study of the origin of words used by insects.

e.g., I've searched and searched but have been unable to find a college or university which offers a degree in entymology.

submitted by HD Fowler

envelocity - The speed of delivery for junk mail -- envelope and velocity.

e.g., We must get this out to our customers with maximum envelocity.

submitted by Flash Ash

enviromoral - Of or relating to principles of right and wrong with respect to the environment; conforming to a standard of environmentally correct behavior. Enviromorality.

e.g., My enviromoral issues with disposable diapers are causing me some difficulty. I tend to be enviromorally opposed to throwing things away. You don't want to visit until I have some success with my therapy.

submitted by Agnes "bob" Jedrzejewski - (www)

environazi - A person who carries environmental causes to fanatical extremes, such as setting fire to vehicles that she considers to be deleterious to the environment.

e.g., My brother is so angry about the current despoilation of the earth that I'm concerned he may turn environazi and land in prison.

submitted by natalie63

environmenteer - Environmenteer is the professional designation for a new-age, tree hugging, environmental engineer. (The word was invented by my son, Rogi LaFortune, when he was 7 yrs. old)

e.g., Mom, can I bring Bernie for show-and-tell? Everybody else is bringing rocks and leaves and stuff -- I want to bring Bernie. He's a real environmenteer.

submitted by Renee - (www)

environmentorcizers - Environmentalists.

e.g., I didn't think environmentorcizers would be very happy if you threw trash on the ground. I wouldn't be either.

submitted by Neo

envirus - The propagation and spread of a piece of environmental “information” – or, in some cases, legislation – that is incorrect scientifically but erroneously considered to be true or correct, without recourse to scientific data or other evidence to support it. Example: Passing along articles claiming that the Toyota Prius is more environmentally damaging than a Hummer.

e.g., Are you sure about that -- that a Prius does more damage to the environment than a Hummer? Sounds like an envirus to me. After all, the curb weight of a Hummer is more than twice that of a Prius. Given my excellent grasp of physics, it seems counter-intuitive to me that a Prius could be more harmful than a Hummer. Besides, doesn't the Prius get a lot of its fuel from the wall in your house? That's almost like having a money tree.

submitted by John Burke - (www)

enyarism - Blood vessel injury in brain suffered due to excessive exposure to crap Irish new age music, most commonly suffered by day-spa workers.

e.g., He appears to have had an enyarism. Quick, nurse, 10cc's of hard rock.

submitted by Uncle Arthur

enyay - 1. An expletive of pure joy 2. A pointless, however energetic near-squeal or shriek. Tends to be yelled by idiots.

e.g., So elated was Chris that he screamed, "Enyay."

submitted by Ma$eP

enzymyc - Similar to the antiquated "groovy." Displaying organic dexterity in motion, especialy in dance moves.

e.g., At the break-dance performance, Steve's wiggy-fresh, enzymyc stylings impressed the Dalai Lama.

submitted by McLir - (www)

eonymous - A really old person who writes anonymously.

e.g., There he goes again, that damned Eonymous. I'm so tired of his outmoded ideas, I want to whack him upside the head.

submitted by HD Fowler

eop - Eternal optimist; one, against all odds, who still hopes and strives for the best.

e.g., Although they voted for their mother in the divorce, he was an eop to the end, hoping they would see and believe the truth about him and discard the lies of their mother.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

eowyn syndrome - (Rhymes with PAY-oh-green; n.) 1. A desperate desire to take part in the \"Action\" (whatever it may be): to be in the thick of things, to get the really juicy assignment, to be assigned to the most exotic and faraway places. 2. The world-shattering depression that nearly always accompanies the desperate need explained in (1), above. [From the character Eowyn in_The Lord of the Rings_, who seeks death in battle so as to escape what she sees as a hopeless life.]

e.g., \"Sergeant, what\'s wrong with Lieutenant Jacks?\" \"I think it\'s Eowyn Syndrome: He really wanted to be assigned to Green Command in the wargames, but he\'s stuck here, instead.\"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

epauletsy - Canadian military slang. That condition of your uniform when your epaulets are crooked, wrinkled, or otherwise screwed up.

e.g., Fix your tunic -- you've got epauletsy.

submitted by The Puffin

ephemeratron - One whose life is shaped by and revolves around corporate ephemera -- Furbies, mass-marketed Old Navy fads, etc.

e.g., Baby Gap is nothing but an outlet for burgeoning ephemeratrons.

submitted by Michael Buehler

epicaricacy - "(EP-i-kar-ik-i-see) -- taking pleasure in other's misfortune; Schadenfreude."

e.g., "I felt a strong sense of epicaricacy listening to the Titans fans boo Chris Johnson."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

epicdemic - The mother of all epidemics and pandemics. Bigger than both of these combined. The demic to end all demics.

e.g., There seems to be an epicdemic of stupidity in Nameless-town these days.

submitted by jacq

epictastic - Used when the word «epic» has grown dull or is not quite strong enough.

e.g., His bad hair day was epictastic.

submitted by Ash

epifism - The belief that in social and psychological matters the appearance of such things is what is real.

e.g., Epifism is the antidote to conspiracy theories.

submitted by David C. Morrow

epinasty - When grossness covers an entire population or group of people.

e.g., Their [the academic fraternity's] epinasty faith in G.P.A. permeated their ranks like B.O. in the Middle East.

submitted by steven jones - (www)

epiphanatious - Radically enlightening, epiphanic.

e.g., That was epiphanatious.

submitted by zinta schnore

epiphani - (ee-pif-aa-ny) Having two or more epiphanies in an extremely small amount of time; experiencing multiple epiphanies at the same time or sequentially.

e.g., After drinking seventeen beers and realizing I was a divorced, single, unemployed alcoholic, I had an epiphani. Did I do anything about it? I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

submitted by Matthew Andersen

epiphex - The brief intense moment of life right before death.

e.g., They say that at your epiphex your life flashes before your eyes. A lot of good it does you. How would anyone know?

submitted by ThyPentacle - (www)

epiphony - A pretended sudden enlightenment for the purpose of manipulation or gaining advantage.

e.g., His recent conscientious objector status with which he secured his discharge from the military was based on an epiphony concerning killing even in war and self-defense.

submitted by Nonesuch

episode - (v) Fornicate, etc.

e.g., Paraphrasing something one of my best friends, a woman, wrote to me in an e-mail. "I was slow to get interested in SCANDAL after watching one episode on the first year it was out. I happened to watch the one where the main character, the black girl, and the President, had an episode on his desk in the Oval." (And then she quit watching. [Yes, we are THAT old. Chances are good that I won't tell her I put her "word" in the pd.])

submitted by HD Fowler

episphincter - episphincter

e.g., episphincter

submitted by episphincter

epistomiology - 1. A statement made with the authority of an inflated rubber balloon. 2. The technology of constructing statements with the authority of inflated rubber balloons. 3. A pathological state of a discourse, where the authority of the statements is creaking and cracking like a house falling apart, and the voicer of the statements is increasing speaking volume in a pathetic vain attempt to save the authority of the story, before it pops like an inflated rubber balloon, whereupon a needle is applied.

e.g., Dr. Harald Stampke defends his article on Rhinogradentia with a hysterically intensified epistomiology. Dr. Richard Dawkins epistomiologically defends his memetic theory against angered semioticists.

submitted by Lord Evil

epistomophile - Someone who loves to use the words "epistemology" and "epistemological" -- incorrectly and often, especially in college English classes when she hasn't read the book.

e.g., Professor: "What are your thoughts on Jane Eyre?" Barnaby: "It's all about her epistomology, sir." Professor: "You haven't started the book yet, have you, Barnaby?"

submitted by Molly

epithiny - A sudden realization that you need to go on a diet . . . and get thinner. From a misspelling of "epiphany."

e.g., No, thank you, I'll skip thirds tonight. I had an epithiny earlier today -- and I think I need to cut back a little bit.

submitted by Miss Speller

epithymarchy - (n.) Rule by desire, lust, the endocrine system. [from the Greek_epithumo_'desire' +_arch_'rule.]

e.g., They preach a great line, but those guys are not "pro-choice"; they're just a bunch of anti-responsibility epithymarchs.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

epizoodix - The lack of a rosy coloring in the facial cheeks due to refusing to eat spinach as a child.

e.g., If you don't eat your spinach, you'll get epizoodix.

submitted by Jim

epochsy - That which keeps things together over a LONG period of time.

e.g., Love is the epochsy that has kept us married for 60+ years.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

eppofairy - Female who is too fly for everyone.

e.g., The eppofairy did not associate herself with the lower classmen.

submitted by Lisa

eppur-si-muove - (Pronounced to rhyme with 'the tour see moo oh vay'(sorta); many people mangle it into rhyming with 'leper see movie' [but, what can you do?]) (n.) 1. the nasty habit of Reality to be what it is and to ignore what we want it to be; 2. conceding to someone's point of view or demands or whatever while at the same time pointing out that your concession is pointless: their point of view is still wrong; 3. recognition that a concession doesn't mean the conceder's opinion has really changed; 4. declaring that a war, a battle, a controversy, a vote (or whatever) is meaningless. (v.) 1. to advise wariness in an undertaking you believe to be futile or doomed to failure; 2. to concede or assume (for argument's sake) some point or premise you don't really really believe. (adj.) 1. of or about an act or situation to which someone has conceded in the face of all the evidence to the contrary; 2. an obviously incorrect theory to which someone adheres out of nostalgia, tradition, or desperation. (Italian: "still, it DOES move": The [possibly apocryphal] words of Galileo after he was forced by the Inquisition to declare that the Earth is at the center of the universe and therefore does NOT move "la terra non muove.")

e.g., "Why is it so hard to figure out angle trisection?!" "I don't know; eppur-si-muove I guess." | "Resolution 54B--seeking secession from Canada--passes! ... eppur-si-muove." | Dictator: "I wish to have peace with all the other tribes in my country." Negotiator: "Then we are agreed!" Downtrodden tribal representative: "Eppur-si-muove." | "In essence the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 was purely eppur-si-muove, the war having already ended." | "We're going to sneak into the Schloss Muenster and break him out." "Really? Eppur-si-muove." | "So, if they'll approve the contract, you'll call of the strike?" "Well, eppur-si-muove, yeah."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eppy - To have an eppy is to throw a fit.

e.g., Chris chucked another eppy on me and I hadn't done a thing . . . this time.

submitted by jayne k

eps - Episodes of TV shows.

e.g., "I watched a few eps of Family Guy last night." "Did it make you a better man. . . . I thought not."

submitted by Stennie - (www)

ept - 1. Capable, talented, not inept. 2. Apt. Antonym for inept, which means "not apt or fitting; inappropriate."

e.g., 1. You're certainly ept at word definitions, Chester. 2. Chances are that the role I played was not flesh and blood -- not genetics at all, but teaching. Teaching? More ept to say ruthless criticism from my sharp tongue, and pressure that never let up. Hard times for both of us.

submitted by Douglas Crews - (www)

equalangular - Of equal angles. The correct derivation equiangular.

e.g., The angles in triangle ABC are equalangular.

submitted by Wendy Phillips

equalatry - (ee-KWAL-ih-tree; n.,) 1. The worship of equality, especially when such veneration entails an inordinate insistence upon rights (as opposed to one's responsibilities, duties, and obligations to others); 2. Self-worship as "just as good as" (often meaning "better than") everyone, or anyone, else (as if human worth---which is infinite---were reducible to some sort of simplistic, linear formula) and therefore more deserving of whatever's being distributed: money, jobs, schooling precedence, ... but usually money; 3. The belief that that wrongs done to your ancestors somehow entitle you---purely to make things "right," of course---to hate, insult, smear, malign, denounce, betray, attack, or (per usual) demand money from whomever you (or your lawyers) blame. [from "equal" + latry "false worship."]

e.g., There is far too much equalatry in the world these days: everyone claims to deserve someone else's money or land or water or women or leisure or liberty or food or clothes or whatever, based entirely upon some ancient (real or imagined) slight or injury to their ancestors (or people they identify with). It's getting harder and harder to separate the VALID claims from the idiotic, INVALID equalatry. Should I sue Illinois and Missouri for their having allowed mobs to drive them out of their homes to cross the American plains during the winter of 1846-47 because neither state, nor the federal government, did anything to stop it? Sure, it was criminal, shameless dereliction of duty to the people of state and nation, but how would my demanding millions from these three governments---the members of which have no connection with those responsible---make anything better? And if everybody did it, since we've all pretty much messed with one another's rights at some point back in the day, the whole world would fall apart. Everyone would demand money, land, blood, and revenge until (as GB Shaw put it) "the Gods tire of humanity and create a race that can understand." Of course, if we all stopped being so violently selfish, and started truly loving our neighbors, the world would be an infinitely better place.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

equalevelize - To reduce everyone (and perhaps everything) to pretty much the level, or perhaps, to a somewhat higher level, whichever is pushed or popular or possible or inevitable.

e.g., By the year 2080 the tiny city of Glenwillow had been so equalevelized that you didn't know if you were coming or going, or crawling or flying, actually --everything futuristic, ultra high tech, far beyond modern, moving sidewalks, domed walls, perfectly programmed citizens, and all the rest. But the penalty for any error was instant and permanent deactivation -- as decreed by reasonable resolution.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

equel - (EE-kwil; n.) A movie, television show, or other story that takes place at the same time as (and takes pains to refer to) another movie, show, or other story. [From "sequel," minus the "s."]

e.g., Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" is an equel to Shakespeare's "Hamlet."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

equi regis - (ECK-wee RAY-gees (hard 'g'), if you speak Latin, REE-jiss, if you don't; n.) 1. An irretrievably bad situation; (adj.) 2. irreparable, 3. hopelessly gnarled or shattered; (adv.) 4. in a manner reminiscent of hopeless irreparability.

[Short for 'omnes equi regis et omnes milites regis' "all the king's horses and all the king's men," who, like everyone else, cannot repair broken eggs, nor put back spilled yolks. Also 'omnes equi militesque regis' "all the horses and men of the king."]

e.g., "How bad was the quake?"
"10 point 0."
"Holy crap."
"Yeah. Thirteen Billion in damages."
"Billion. Yeah. Fires everywhere, burning what didn't already fall down."
"How many ---?"
"Fourteen thousand, so far."
"How do we ...?"
"Fix it? I'm not certain we can."
"Equi regis."
"With fries."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

equidelirium - A balanced state betweeen delirium and sanity. A tightrope the common man is walking on but is conditioned to a point of oblivion.

e.g., "The group are are in equidelirium; don't say a word." "Am I really equidelirius?"

submitted by saqib akhtar

equindentilnervosa - A "nervousness" exhibited when close to horses' teeth.

e.g., The jockey had to retire. His equindentilnervosa had finally got the better of him.

submitted by Chris Duddle

equinosity - Horse sense; common sense

e.g., He is a man of great equinosity.

submitted by Howard

equiphilia - equiphilia, n. (Greek aequi, equal + philia, love) -- equal love to many persons or things.

e.g., Sometimes equiphilia is dangerously close to indifference. Equal love to many means no love at all. | It is difficult for Mary to make up her mind. Not that she is indifferent to her admirers but she is now at the point of equiphilia.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

equipotestas - (ek-we-poe-TESS-toss; n.) "Horse power," in Latin. That is, 550 foot-pounds (which is, they tell me, 745.7 watts). Of course, in Latin, it sounds boastfully erudite (although it makes you sound as though you're stuck with a few flesh-and-blood horses instead of an engine).

e.g., "My boat's got a V10 engine: that's 360 equipotestas." "Wow!...uh, what? Equipi---" "Equipotestas. It means 'horse power.'" "Oh! cool." || The stagecoaches of the American West ran on between four and six equipotestas ... literally.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

equito foobs - A name to be used as an alias. Latin word "eqit," meaning nameless, and the Norwegian word "feubre," meaning "idenity."

e.g., "Who are you?" "You can call me Equito Foobs."

submitted by Nick B

equivalate - equals; is equivalent to

e.g., "In addition, I have many years of work experience - I figure it almost equivalates to having my Master's!"

submitted by Lyssa White

er factor - Comes into play when dealing with a selfish person, no matter how you feel they go you one better.

e.g., If I'm sick then the er factor kicks in and my mom is sickER.

submitted by nitag - (www)

erdu - The leftover accumulation of rubber particles after erasing a mistake on a test paper.

e.g., There was erdu all over my paper once I found out that I had written about the wrong topic.

submitted by Erika

erectify - To take Viagra (or similar). Combines the words "erect" and "rectify." Almost self-explanatory.

e.g., After continual frustration in the bedroom, the doctor prescribed the 80-year old grandfather some Viagra, ensuring him that it would erectify his situation.

submitted by Adam Rapoport

erf - A guttural sound such as grunting, usually used online

e.g., "Did you do the homework or not?" "Erf."

submitted by erf

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