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e - Short form of "e-mail." May also be used as e@. | What is said when you're too lazy to pronounce any word at all.

e.g., "Hey don't forget to e me today, ok?" "What's your e?" "What's your e@?" | "What did you say?" "E."

submitted by Rachelle | steve zihlavsky

e anus pluribum - This ersatz Latin phrase is a reversal of "E pluribus unum," which means, "Out of the many comes one." The new phrase would mean, of course, "Because of one ass, many bums are coming out of the woodwork." This "shoe," coincidentally might possibly fit some very prominent feet.

e.g., "Good grief, Ignatz! I swear our national motto should be changed to 'E anus pluribum!'" Ignatz: "What do you mean?" "Ignatz, read my lips: 'Out of one ass comes many bums.' Any questions now?"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

e con a me - This is dialect for "He's conning me." Or, They're conning me, I'm being conned and fooled and deceived and manipulated . . . as usual. And I'm not sure we're gonna survive, the poor will get poorer and die.

e.g., Not so long ago we were confident that everything would be better, sooner than later, but the news was poor, e con a me, and everything was falling to pieces, crumbling, bumbling, mumbling appropriate phrases to still the voices of the suffering and crying and sometimes dying. O bumbling will get us nowhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e means you fail - When I started school many years ago, test paper and report card grades were not A, B, C, D, F. Instead, they were A, B, C, D, E. But we moved to a nearby town the next year, and there they used the F.

e.g., In school E meant you failed, way back when, before the atom bomb I guess.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e one's b - verb: to excite

e.g., the carnival e's my b

submitted by brown buffalo

e phase - That's the point at which you pay, or, e-faze, pig latin for fees. Prior to the E phase you had some money, afterwards, not so much money. E can also mean, theoretically, Empty-your-pockets, dude, lighten your load, if any. ((-:

e.g., Ever thing was fine, till we came to the E phase, which was outta sight, excessive, unheard of ... but we needed the baloney e.g. anyway, the deal was done, well done. [poedic licence included, no charge]

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e pluribus unem ployed - When Americans are out of work, due to government policies.

e.g., Due to current economic conditions, it's being proposed that the motto of the United States of America be changed to "E Pluribus Unem Ployed."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

e- - Prefix used to describe anything related to the Internet.

e.g., My e-girlfriend sent me an e-mail about our e-commerce project.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

e-anticiparcellation - Anticipation of electronic mail.

e.g., His e-anticiparcellation caused him to want to check his e-mail every 10 minutes.

submitted by Jeron R. Williamson

e-appreparcelhensive - Apprehensiveness that electronic mail may contain a virus.

e.g., He was e-appreparcelhensive of e-mail attachments the week after his hard-drive crashed.

submitted by Jeron Williamson

e-baby, ebaby - A baby resulting from the fertilization of an egg from sperm purchased on the internet.

e.g., The world's first e-baby was born today. August 21, 2003. They don't know yet if it's virus-free.

submitted by [Neil Boortz]

e-back - Write back, in an e-mail.

e.g., Please e-back to let me know what you think.

submitted by bing

e-bitch - To send a complaint to a company's web site, via the "contact us" button. Not important enough to generate actual paper mail -- that would require substantial effort: envelope, stamps, post office, etc.

e.g., The product delivered was inferior to what was advertised, so I e-bitched to their web site.

submitted by VatorT

e-buse - Computer dependence, internet over-use.

e.g., I've been online for days, so I'm committing internet e-buse.

submitted by John - (www)

e-communicado - A self-imposed restriction that all communication with you must be e-mail only. (Cf. incommunicado.) Useful at work when you need large blocks of uninterrupted time. E-mail allows you to schedule your interaction rather than someone else. (Often indicated by a sign on your office door.)

e.g., I've got tons of stuff to catch up on, so I'll be e-communicado for the rest of the day.

submitted by Ric johnson - (www)

e-connoiter - (Rhymes with SEE-gun-LOI-ter; v.) To familiarize yourself with a location or road by means of Google maps or some ot her computer application, especially when you use a street-level view to recognize landmarks. [From 'reconnoiter' minus the initial 'r.']

e.g., "Wait. Wasn't that our turn back there?" "No. It's up ahead, another mile or so."
"Are you certain?"
"Yeah. I e-connoitered the way before we left."

Twenty-first century criminals don't "case the joint," now they e-connoiter their targets.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

e-conomy - The Internet economy, like the regular economy, only on the web.

e.g., I'm going to buy the e-conomy size site hosting package.

submitted by Garrett French - (www)

e-ddress - Coined 4 years ago (confirmed with Michael Quinion of World Wide Words) this is the proper spelling of "address" with the substitution of the "e-" to denote "electronic address" or e-mail address. | Eddress: e-mail address.

e.g., Here's my e-ddress. Drop me an e-mail tomorrow. | What's your eddress?

submitted by K. E. (Missy) VanWinkle | Brian Henderso - (www)

e-duction - An electronic introduction; connecting two people via email.

e.g., Linda sent Robert an e-duction to Susan, the one marketing strategist capable of making his company a household word.

submitted by linda starr

e-dundancy - "E-mailing a person at the same time as you're having an IM conversation with them about the same thing."

e.g., You don't have any idea how easy it's going to be for your wife to track what you've been up to, do you? The phone and credit card records by themselves would probably be enough to cook your goose, but your e-dundancies are definitely going to cost you big bucks. You are an oxoxomoron.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

e-fecked - It's a word used to describe those annoying problems where your browser just hangs for five minutes when loading a page. Comes from the Irish-English slang word "fecked," a politer form of "fucked."

e.g., I don't know why it's hanging up. It's just been e-fecked™ since I went to those porn sites. ™ Mick Timony.

submitted by Enda McG - (www)

e-fired - Being notified that one has been fired from a job -- by e-mail, rather than by a human willing to face you.

e.g., Fred was all-fired-up upon after being e-fired.

submitted by Wayne Paulson

e-fling - An internet flirtation. May range from the "harmless diversion" category to saying provocative things to full-bore cybersex.

e.g., Given the all potential negative consequences of having even a "harmless diversion" e-fling, doing so is not a spectacularly good idea for anyone who holds political office, high or low.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

e-glish - From the linked site, "How to Spell Ridiculous": "English is dissolving away into e-glish. So why try? Why bother correcting anyone? It's gameover man, gameover." The words continue to sound pretty much the way they always have, but God only knows how they're going to be spelled.

e.g., History may be able to judge whether the pd is a bulwark against the onslaught of e-glish taking over or a contributor to that to-be-decried state.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

e-gnore - To ignore somebody via electronic means.

e.g., Why haven't you replied to any of my e-mails? Are you e-gnoring me?

submitted by Andrew 'Dragon' Pothier

e-golo - A man who has e-sex and e-love with women for material rewards.

e.g., Calculating at the end of the month, Carol realized her real life e-golo was working out much more fulfilling than the gigolos she used to hire, and was very much cheaper, too -- and minus the emotional baggage as well.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

e-hole - Someone who talks about nothing but the internet and has no concept of much else.

e.g., The swarm of people who moved to the San Francisco area over the past few years are mostly e-holes.

submitted by jessica

e-ligion - (Rhymes with see-PIGeon; n.) Spiritual beliefs based upon or deriving from metaphysical, quasi-mythic, or occult discussions, comments, declarations, or remarks appearing primarily on the internet (irrespective of the sincerity (or lack of sincerity) of the professing sites).

[From "religion" without the "r," emphasizing the "e-" as in "electronic" (i.e., digital).]

e.g., A number of eligions have appeared since the advent of the internet: Jedis (light, dark, and "grey"), Valar (and elf) worshipers, Game-of-Throners, Trekkies (and Trekkers), and Hogwarters. Of course, there are also some variations on sincerely held creeds: web Wiccans, internet witches, even digital sects created from remarks and commentary about well-established religions and philosophies, such as Catholicism or Daoism.

Some of it is kind of profound. On the other hand, some of it is bizarre; and some is downright alarming. I mean, a life philosophy based on Kenobi, Spock, and Dumbledore?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

e-list - A list of e-mail addresses.

e.g., An e-list can range in size from a few e-mail addresses for a personal mailing list (say, family and close friends) to one containing tens of thousands of addresses used for commercial e-mails. E-mail trees are going to be somewhere between the extremes.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone whose e-mail address takes up space on my computer is fair game to get an e-mail from me. That's the price you pay for being an e-mail forwarder -- or on the e-list of e-mail forwarders. The solution: either make smarter friends (I wouldn't have your e-mail address if bcc had been used.) or get the ones you have to take you off their e-lists.

Ask me politely, and I'll remove your e-mail address from my e-list. If you demand that it be removed, there's a chance you could end up on a new e-list -- one not all that pleasant to be on.

submitted by [Vinnie B]

e-lliterate - Showing, or marked by a lack of computer sophistication.

e.g., What do you mean you don't have an e-mail address? Are you e-lliterate?

submitted by John Miller - (www)

e-loser - Pretty much just a loser, but more specifically a loser because of the way she uses the Internet. Curiously, the term did not show up in an Internet search.

e.g., The e-loser of the week is Anthony Weiner. Must be about the 36711th time he's won the award. Did I say win? Whatever. | Did you just take a selfie and post it on the Internet? ... Yeah, I thought so, e-loser. (For the record. The way I see it, anyone over -- let's say older than a teenager -- is a loser if she takes selfies. You're also a loser if you admire yourself in the mirror for longer than it takes to shave.)

submitted by HD Fowler

e-macular conception - E-macular conception is the slow, progressive degeneration of both vision and clear thinking by over-reliance on the internet to find valid sources for college term papers and other uses.

e.g., "Cedric, look at this C- I got for all my labor on the term paper! But what is this comment? 'The worst case of E-macular conception I have yet seen! Get off the internet and get some respectable sources! Use your mind, or lose it!' What is that all about, Cedric? I checked out all the wiki sources I could!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

e-maelstrom - A flurry of e-mails sent to all members of a particular group in response to a single comment from one member of the group. Differs from "e-trail" in that the messages do not appear in response to each other, but all at once.

e.g., After I sent my comments on the color choice to the discussion forum, I was caught in an e-maelstrom of differing opinions.

submitted by Matso Limtiaco

e-mail address for bob evans - More completely: be down to. Used in the UK where up to would be used in the US. The use I saw "... it is down to them to...." would be said in the US as "... it is up to them to" meaning "It their responsibility to...." (ED. Other meanings will be added later.} {Duplicate.}

e.g., e-mail address for bob evans

submitted by [Internet comment] - (www)

e-mail dyslexia - The common slip-up that happens when you type an e-mail address and reverse any letters in the address, only to find a "user unknown" message in your in box a bit later.

e.g., Oops! I had e-mail dyslexia -- sorry for the delay in my reply.

submitted by K.

e-mail tree - A virtual e-mail address "list" made up of the sender and all recipients of an e-mail, including those to whom subordinate e-mails have been sent. An e-mail tree is not a mass mailing list as such, but they share a common characteristic: not everyone on the list knows everyone else personally. If we're part of (in, on) the same e-mail tree, there's a chain of people who know someone who knows someone who knows someone -- at least one of whom is likely to know you personally and another who knows me personally.

It's not quite as if the people in an e-mail tree are cousins of cousins of cousins, but a family tree analogy holds up pretty well. Two days ago I was at a funeral attended by 23 of my cousins. Those cousins have cousins who aren't my cousins -- and there are some of the latter that I don't care for. (I'd bet the feeling is mutual.) The same sort of thing holds true for e-mail trees.

Combining e-mail trees (grafting?) into a single list makes a new e-mail tree. Unless they're pruned, e-mail trees monotonically increase in size with time. One e-mail tree I'm part of has 800+ e-mail addresses, more than 700 of which still seem to be working.

If you have a grumble about being part of an e-mail tree, don't take it out on me. I didn't put you there. Take it up with the person who did, not with me.

This message is brought to you by the letters A, B, and C -- and by me,

Vinnie B

e.g., Are e-mail trees used for affinity fraud? Probably not that much. Would you trust someone with your money just because you received something from an e-mail forwarder? | You are receiving this e-mail because you and I are on the same e-mail tree. The "murder victim" e-mail we received tells a tale that is not true, even though some elements may be true. By forwarding such e-mails, we send spam to friends. We are also likely to pass along viruses to them.  
"Weird Al" Yankovic: "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me".

submitted by [Vinnie B] - (www)

e-mailable - Able to be sent through e-mail. Possessing the attributes that allow the object or information to be sent through the use of electronic mailing.

e.g., Word documents and photographs are e-mailable methods of communication.

submitted by Gino Tofani

e-mailable, faxable - When I write someone a hand-written letter, or if I am asked to send her some literature from work, I always ask if she is e-mailable or faxable.

e.g., Gail is e-mailable and faxable. Unfortunately, she's just not available.

submitted by Pam

e-mailavangelist - A person who habitually forwards religious, spiritual, or inspirational junk e-mails. E-mailevangelist.

e.g., My father, an e-mailavangelist, has forwarded me three Billy Graham e-mails this week alone.

submitted by Cynthia Demetriou

e-mailien - A person who prefers to communicate via e-mail | texting rather than spoken word. Fe-mailien.

e.g., Ever since she's discovered texting by cell phone, I hardly speak with my wife. She's become an e-mailien.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

e-mailship - Using e-mail as form of friendship.

e.g., We are only friends through e-mail; therefore, we have e-mailship.

submitted by Rebecca Bentley - (www)

e-maize - The complexity of the internet.

e.g., I was bewildered by the web's e-maize.

submitted by Emanuel Galas - (www)

e-maize - Internet corn.

e.g., Wow! Look at the field of e-maize.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

e-mal - An e-mal is a fraudulent e-mail. Suffix -mal: bad, badly, ill, wrong, wrongly, etc. Suggested by a ytpo I made, but didn't bother to correct. I'm sure this has been submitted to other sites as a made-up word, but I'm going to add it, anyway. Because I wrote an e-mail as a prank -- an e-mail that approached being an e-mal.  

What the e-mail said isn't at all true -- indeed, far-fetched -- but I wanted to be able to "tell the truth" when I told my friend Jim that I was reading an e-mail "from" The Girl -- the girl of his dreams for years and years and years, telling me she had fallen madly in love with me.

Body of faked e-mail from The Girl Hi HD,  

Don't you ever tell Jim about this -- or anyone else, especially [my husband or your wife]. I didn't anticipate it when we started our e-mail exchange last year, but I now realize what a mistake I made by not noticing you when we were growing up.  

HD, I never would have thought it was possible, but I've fallen madly in love with you. I always thought it was nonsense to think that people could fall in love from talking to each other on the phone or from writing letters or exchanging e-mails, but it's happened to me.  

My heart's breaking because I know you'll never be mine -- that you'll never love me the way I love you -- but I just couldn't go on without telling you.  

I love you with all my heart.  

[The Girl]

The last time Jim saw The Girl, he said to her, "You know I've been in love with you all my life, don't you?" She said, "Yes," and left it at that. By "all my life," he means since they were four years old -- 65 years ago. Jim told me about the exchange, so I faked an e-mal with her return address and then read it to him over the phone. I could sense his neck turning red and his hair bristling as I read. He was absolutely buying it until I got to the "My heart's breaking part." Then I broke out laughing -- which I do to this day every time I read what I wrote.  

I told The Girl I had pulled a prank on Jim, but wouldn't tell her what it was, not for a month or more. Couldn't get up the nerve to tell her. After repeated assurances that she wouldn't be upset and her finally telling me, "Ok, let's have it. The prank. I can take mean" -- I succumbed and sent her a copy. She wrote back to me that she deleted it immediately, but she didn't get on my case about it. A year later I still haven't told my wife what I did -- and probably never will. I'd need steel balls to do that. Don't got 'em. She might not agree that what I did was as hilarious as I think. Might not. Yeah, right. Might not.

e.g., No, I'm not really into sending e-mals.  

The worst I did was to fake a female friend's name and e-mail address for an e-mail I sent to myself and then read to a male friend who's been in love with her since they were four-years-old.

submitted by HD Fowler

e-male - A man who masquerades as a woman in an online chat room in order to engage in cyber-liaisons.

e.g., My real name is Jeffrey, but all of my chat room boyfriends know me by my e-male screen name: SexC16Tina4U.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

e-maul - To chastise or denigrate through e-mail. Emaul.

e.g., Sandy, disappointed by Paul's absence from the party, chose not to call him, but instead chose to e-maul him severely.

submitted by Michael - (www)

e-maze - To create amazement via e-mail or other electronic communication.

e.g., I was e-mazed this morning, upon opening my web mail. An e-mazing message was there.

submitted by Emanuel Galas - (www)

e-me - Send me an e-mail.

e.g., E-me tonight when you get home.

submitted by Stew D. Baker

e-metics - The sickening and systematic habit of prefacing words with e- to indicate internet activity; often used by lazy sub-e-ditors. Used by Ian, Scotland.

e.g., Avoid e-metics in your pd submittals to improve your chances of your word's being added.

submitted by HD Fowler

e-minder - A short reminder sent by e-mail.

e.g., I have just received an e-minder about the 10:00 meeting.

submitted by Anthony Faust

e-mob - (n.) a relatively large group of e-mailers, bloggers, commenters, etc., who attack something or someone on the web. (v.) to gang up on someone or something via e-mail or blog or comment, especially when the comments, e-mails, or blogs rely for the most part on curses, oaths, vulgarities, all caps, italics, etc.

e.g., Whoa! Seven hundred comments on that article? . . . In the last 20 minutes?! Are we being e-mobbed or what? | I hate being part of an e-mob, but I have to comment on this stupid article in the paper myself as well.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

e-mooding - Determining the emotional state in which a person wrote an e-mail. The more diplomatic the e-mail, the harder the determination.

e.g., After e-mooding Roderick's subtle reply to the joke, Richie determined that Roderick was offended and swiftly changed the topic.

submitted by Urnell

e-morse - The feeling of regret one is beset with after sending an e-mail.

e.g., After sending Susie an e-mail telling her he had blown up her house, Stan felt much e-morse.

submitted by Delilah

e-nable - To make e'ing possible; used mostly in the past tense.

e.g., She was e-nabled and so could receive my e's (which gave her z's).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

e-nailed - The disruption of one's life due to an unexpected computer malfunction, usually when you haven't saved your coursework write-up for 3 hours and Windows decides to lunch itself.

e.g., John got e-nailed the day before his coursework deadline when his Dell reached its inevitable end.

submitted by OJ

e-phobia - The extreme fear of opening your e-mail in the morning because of all the work-related e-mails dumped off on you. Ephobia.

e.g., I suffer from e-phobia, especially on Mondays.

submitted by Matt - (www)

e-pistolary - Of, relating to, or suitable to an e-mail. | Contained in or carried on by e-mail. | Written in the form of a series of letters.

e.g., Janice has been having an e-pistolary relationship with her boyfriend.

submitted by DrMordax

e-poxy - The quality of item one generally finds in their electronic mail "in-box."

e.g., As he started work for the day and checked his in-box, all he saw was the same old e-poxy spam mails.

submitted by Dogil

e-quip - To send or receive little jokes by e-mail.

e.g., I have e-quipped myself by reading my mail today. I am now properly e-quipped.

submitted by Yan

e-scetic - A person who lives a monastic life on the internet.

e.g., Although he's addicted to newsgroup prOn, he's basically an e-scetic.

submitted by Richard Moorman

e-scrow - An electronic scarecrow.

e.g., To keep the electronic crows out of the electronic corn field, the electronic farmer put up an e-scrow.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

e-seeking - Searching for information or people via the Internet. Can be used as an adjective, too. Word phonetically reminiscient of heat-seeking.

e.g., I was e-seeking cookie recipes when I stumbled across a great mix for adobe. She demonstrates superb e-seeking capabilities.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

e-shaft - To ignore someone's e-mail. To not reply.

e.g., I'm bored at work today, so please don't give me the e-shaft. OR I've e-mailed her three times this week, and she keeps e-shafting me.

submitted by Amanda Pace - (www)

e-tether - Any electronic communication device -- especially if the user responds to it to the exclusion of people in her immediate company.

e.g., John was expecting a page, so he kept checking his e-tether during the funeral.

submitted by Buckyball

e-ticket ride - Something that costs a lot of money. From the days when Walt Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, first opened,. Each ride required a certain ticket type. The "E- ticket" was for the most expensive rides, like Space Mountain.

e.g., I'd say that shirt Goober's got on cost him an e-ticket ride.

submitted by Paul

e-tiquette - Good manners on the internet. Same as netiquette.

e.g., Bombarding someone with e-mails is poor e-tiquette.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

e-trail - A string of at least four exchanged e-mail messages that roughly equal a face-to-face meeting.

e.g., Bob and I have discussed the problem and I've attached the e-trail so you can see the history.

submitted by Matso Limtiaco

e-tude - Have having a poor, snotty, or rebellious attitude during e-mail communication.

e.g., "Why are you arguing with me?" "Lose the e-tude, please."

submitted by Bill Shilling

e-ulogy - a report of a going under

e.g., 404ing? Of course it is. Didn't you read the E-ulogy?

submitted by Gene Wirchenko

e-vandalize - To spread a false gospel; the opposite of evangelize (to spread the gospel).

e.g., The preacher came to e-vandalize the community, to spread a false gospel.

submitted by Frederick Mundle - (www)

e-versation - Electronic chatting.

e.g., Further to our e-versation last night, I'll be online again at two o'clock this afternoon.

submitted by Jared

e-versing - Cyber-chatting.

e.g., Last night, G and I were e-versing abouts gnus in the zoos.

submitted by Jared

e-vite - An electronic invitation, sent by e-mail or via internet sites. E-vite.

e.g., Jane is a real e-vite addict. I thought it was funny when she started sending e-vites for simple weekend plans like going to the mall with Sally and Alison.

submitted by dan

e-walk - To e-mail someone and then walk over to tell her that you sent her an e-mail. E-walking often includes telling the e-mail recipient the contents of the e-mail. Ewalk.

e.g., After I sent the report to Fred, I e-walked over to him. He told me to let him read his e-mail in peace.

submitted by Loki - (www)

e-yaar - An Indian friend whom you have never met, but only communicated with by e-mail.

e.g., Aimee wondered whether her e-yaar, Cecil, was serious when he said he spent nearly eight hours a day online.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

e.d.i.c. calendar - Earth Days International Calendar. It's a new and improved numbering of the days in a month for a year, thus:

30 30 31, 30 30 31,
30 30 31, 30 30 32

and for leap year:

30 30 31, 30 30 32,
30 30 31, 30 30 32

e.g., The E.D.I.C. Calendar has an improved pattern of numbers throughout the year. The only unusual features are 32 days in December plus 32 days for Leap Day at the end of June, in Leap Years only.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e.g.g. - E.g., one better.

e.g., One egg is all eggs, the similarity is remarkable, just one is a perfect sample of all the rest; we can safely trust any to be representative of all the others; this is reasonable extrapolation for all and similar no doubt.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e=mc2 trump card - When a lame TV show or cartoon wants to show that someone is intelligent, it will play the e=mc2 trump card. That is, have that character repeat the famous equation parrot-fashion with no thought to context.

e.g., I can't believe Tiny Toons Adventures just played the e=mc2 trump card.

submitted by Adam Leslie

eagle chow - Federal taxes (in the United States). In England it's "lion chow." Elsewhere it's "chow" for whatever totem your nation uses.

e.g., "I thought I earned a lot more than this." "Yeah, you did, but they took a bunch for eagle chow."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eagle poo - 1. A tax refund in the US. In England, it'd be "lion poo." 2. Any government paycheck. 3. Any government project, especially if advertised as "your taxes at work."

e.g., Well, that's not too bad: $500 in eagle poo. | I can't go skiing this weekend; I have to wait for my eagle poo. | 3. "Seen the highway?" "Yeah, that's a lot of eagle poo -- miles and miles."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

eagleable - The quality of a golf hole where it is possible to score eagle.

e.g., This next one is quite eagleable, John.

submitted by Carl

ear - I heard what you said, I agree, I understand what you said: I mostly/entirely sympathize with you.

e.g., "Hun, that child of ours is grown but still acts like she's 14 years old every day of her life." "Ear."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ear clay - Ear clay is Pig Latin for clear. Impacted ear wax is bad enough, but ear clay? It's clear to the ear that man is far more than just clay.

e.g., Remove the substance, ear clay, from your ear that you may hear from this marvelous lump of clay Remarkable Things.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ear gerbil - The fashoinably small techno gadget phone inserted into the ear.

e.g., "Name dial... Kelly... mobile... MOBILE... MOBILE!" This ear gerbil isn't functioning correctly.

submitted by Kelly Kyd

ear-boxing - A slap upside the head, especially if the blow hits over the ear. Such blows have been know to cause a loss of hearing.

e.g., The slap to the back of the head that Agent Jethro Gibbs gives to his subordinates on the TV show NCIS is not an ear-boxing . | You pull that stunt one more time, young man, you'll be in for an ear-boxing. | You pull that stunt one more time, young feller, I'll box your ears. | According to Thomas Edison himself, the story that he lost his hearing due to an ear-boxing he was given by a conductor after Edison started a fire in a baggage car is untrue.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ear-clay - Ear-clay is Pig Latin for clear. Not the same thing as ear wax.

e.g., It's clear to the ear | That man is far more | Than just clay || Remove the substance | From your ear | That you may hear | From this marvelous | Lump of clay | Remarkable things

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

earbud - A cotton bud or Q-tip, when used for cleaning ears. (Not recommended for health reasons)

e.g., Have you got an earbud? My ears are full of wax.

submitted by Johanna

eardentical - (eer-DEN-ti-cul, adj.) sounding exactly the same (as something else sounds).

e.g., "Ed's a really good impersonator. His Will Smith is eardentical to Will Smith himself." "Eardentical? I don't think so." "Yeah! Seriously! We watched Hancock with the sound off and he did a voice over. It was amazing!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eargasim - The peak moment of intense pleasure that can overwhelm one who is cleaning his or her ears with a cotton tipped swab.

e.g., My best chances of achieving an eagazim is right after my morning shower when my ears are still wet.

submitted by Eric Wolfram - (www)

eargasm - The intense good feeling of Q-tipping your ears may lead to an eargasm.

e.g., While Q-tipping my ear can you people not talk to me, I'm having an eargasm.

submitted by

earl (or countess) of dukeworthiness - A self-titled description of one who thinks highly of herself.

e.g., Because I'm so special me, from now on you shall address me as "his highness, Earl of Dukeworthiness Zihlavsky."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

earlate - earlate:(pronounced ur, not ear) Between the hours of Midnight and 4am. To late at night to be early, and to early in the morning to be late.

e.g., "2:30 am? Dang, it's earlate!"

submitted by Eleri

earlid - (n.) 1. that triangular-shaped (more or less) bit of cartilaginous skin that sticks out in front of your auditory canal [because you can press it down with your fingers and plug your ears with it, serving the same function as an eyelid, without the convenience of a muscle to let you close it off without your hands]. 2. What you wish for when you want to block out some sound as easily as we do an unwelcome sight with our eyelids.

e.g., "What is that horrible music?" "Rimsky-Korsakov. I happen to enjoy it." "Well, can you turn it down while I'm here?" "Nope. Shut your earlids if you have a problem: My house, my music."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

early roman calendar - The hypothetical reconstructed early Roman calendar may have consisted of only six months, January, February, March, April, May, June and July. With numbers of days in a month having the pattern 60, 6l, 61, 60, 61, 62. And in a leap year 60, 61, 62, 60, 61, 62.

e.g., Later the months of September (7), October (8), November (9), and December (10) were added to the early Roman calendar to make a total of 10 months. And later still the months of July and August were added to honor the emperor Julius Augustus Caesar, for a total of 12 months. Salve Caesar.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

early worm - For the early bird to accomplish anything, there has to be a worm and this is it.

e.g., The early worm gets the bird.

submitted by Steve McDonald

early-bird-dogging - The practice of arriving for work before 7:30 AM and immediately sending out a flurry of e-mails in order to demonstrate that one has arrived at work before 7:30 AM.

e.g., I see Chris has been early-bird-dogging it again -- my mailbox was stuffed with FYIs when I got in this morning. He'll make veep one day for sure.

submitted by wogerdodger

early-o'clock - Extremely early, too early to even specify an actual time. Much like "zero-two-early," but in a civilian way.

e.g., I have to get up at early-o'clock in the morning for work this week.

submitted by Steve A - (www)

earlyverse - (Also "Earliverse"; n.) 1. What we can see (early galaxies, quasars, etc.) at the edge of the observable universe, some 13.7 billion years ago and 47 billion light years off (due to the expansion of space); also, 2. the universe as it existed the first few seconds after its sudden expansion as a result of the so-called "big bang" (a silly name) and thence up until the ignition of the first stars. [From "early" + "universe".]

e.g., The "inflationary epoch" a few micro-yottaseconds into the earlyverse, following the big bang (which REALLY needs a better name), was such a rapid and colossal expansion that it essentially pushed the universe's spherical perimeter out so far as to be "flat." | Cosmology is pretty much an investigation into the earlyverse.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

earpression - The impression left by someone's ear on the body of another after cuddling for a long time.

e.g., Janet left an earpression on Brad's chest during their nap. It also caused her ear to hurt.

submitted by Ralph S.

earrigation - The procedure you have done when you get a wax buildup in your ears.

e.g., The earrigation didn't work because the wax buildup had hardened. Have to go back in couple of days after using something to soften the wax.

submitted by HD Fowler

earrycloth - The thin boarder on terrycloth towels that's used to dry ears.

e.g., Poking my finger behind the earrycloth, I dried my ears after my shower.

submitted by Dennis

ears - Those stuffed (with spinach and ricotta usually) pasta things most commonly called tortellini.

e.g., How about ears and tomato sauce for supper?

submitted by liane

ears lowered - A haircut.

e.g., I went to the barber and got my ears lowered today.

submitted by Rob Scott

earsight - The image conjured up when you hear certain sounds.

e.g., Her earsight alone told her that the sound was coming from the red door creaking open.

submitted by John Waid

earsle - Ear.

e.g., Ben Stiller didn't have earmuffs on his earsle in _There's Something About Mary_.

submitted by Mishka

earthgod - Some planets, but not all planets, have a God, so to speak, of their own. The God of planet Earth is EarthGod, of course. IT is not the same as any of the Gods of humans (Middle East, The East, Far East, ancient, etc.). IT is not judgemental, angry, cruel, or the like.. IT does not require being worshipped or praised etc..

e.g., EarthGod is Super Intelligent, Ultimate Genius, an Artist, the Ultimate Scientist perhaps. IT modifies somewhat and observes and enjoys, what more could you want (-: (This is another different theory for people who are different?)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

earthquack - It's my opinion that fracking is a very dangerous practice. More and more we hear events of small earthquakes in areas of heavy fracking, so an earthquack would be an earthquake brought on by fracking. | Someone who thinks, without any proof -- statistical or otherwise -- that fracking alone can increase the incidence of earthquakes in a given region.

e.g., "Who knows -- maybe all that gas holds up mass amounts of land, which, when quickly extracted, causes earthquacks to occur?" "Yes, indeed, who knows?" | "Who's the world's best-known earthquack?" "Gee, I dunno. Perhaps Al Gore?"

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

earthy-crunchy - A person or thing with hippie or tree-hugging tendencies; someone stuck in the 60s. In humans, often marked by an abject lack of bathing habits, the wearing of lots beads and hemp, a subscription to The Nation and a belief in the powers of holistic medicine.

e.g., Jan and Steve could never date; he's buttoned-down Wall Street and she's earthy-crunchy.

submitted by dennis madsen

earvalanche - A large mass of earwax or other ear debris suddenly and unexpectedly falling from the ear

e.g., I had an embarrassing earvalanche during dinner, and several large pieces of wax fell into my soup.

submitted by wisdom - (www)

earwick - Heard today: to put a bug in someone's ear. Possibly an Arkansas regionalism for earwig: "1.To fill the mind of with prejudice by insinuations. 2. To attempt to influence by persistent confidential argument or talk." An ear wick is a cotton wick used to treat swimmer's ear.

e.g., Blago: Earwick Candidate 5 and let's see what happens.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

earwig - To earwig someone is to attempt to prejudice her by insinuation. Earwigs are insects mistakenly thought to crawl into people's ears while they are sleeping and bore into their brains.

e.g., She took me aside at Jenny's party, pulled me into a corner, and started earwigging me.

submitted by HD Fowler

earwigs on the green - From a James Joyce poem. Used to describe an awkward or potentially tumultuous situation.

e.g., If you insist upon inviting her to my birthday party, all I can say is, there'll be earwigs on the green. (Limited usage, as in the submitter's family.)

submitted by Judith - (www)

earworm - A melody you can't get out of your head

e.g., Commercials cause earworms.

submitted by Will Mengarini - (www)

ease up on; ease back on - To cease doing something.

e.g., Ease up on the sarcasm. OR He doesn't like me like that, so I'll ease back on hanging out with him. OR I told that dumbass at the bar to ease up on the sauce. OR Ease up on the computer or you'll go blind.

submitted by Mary

easlier - Alternative to "more easily."

e.g., "As you explain the material, it falls into place easlier." -Jocelyn

submitted by Ross Pitman

east cupcake - A very distant location out in the sticks, with the implication that it's not terribly civilized.

e.g., I've got to drive all the way to East Cupcake tomorrow to visit my in-laws.

submitted by M. T. Webster

east jesus - A very distant location out in the sticks, with the implication that it's not terribly civilized.

e.g., He lives way out in East Jesus.

submitted by Slorge Gridlock

easter - Further east. Also wester, norther, souther.

e.g., I'm pretty sure the school is easter than maple street.

submitted by Evman

easter egg - My Relax Place: "Easter eggs in [the] computing world are messages, graphics, sound effects, or an unusual change in program behavior that occur [in] response to some undocumented set of commands, mouse clicks, keystrokes, or other stimuli intended as a joke or to display program credits."

e.g., No matter what you say, you'll never convince me that buying a game only for Easter Eggs you may never find isn't extreme.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

easy rider - The name that transit-districts apply (not very respectfully) to Seniors who have lifetime free passes. This cuts into the budgets a bit, but is partially subsidized by federal money, to slyly edge as many of them as possible out of their cars.

e.g., He rides the bus all day long now, for entertainment, since he's become an Easy Rider.

submitted by Steve McDonald

easyable - Easy and better to do it and able to do it.

e.g., It is more easyable to learn at school than at home.

submitted by Jason

eat a horse and chase the rider - Quite hungry. Heard in Australia, but may be used elsewhere.

e.g., I'm so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the rider.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

eat cheeks - Disgruntled response, kinda like "Your Mom." (But considerably more like "Kiss my ass.")

e.g., Eddie: You KNOW your Red Sox haven't won a World Series in eighty years, right? Freddie: Eat cheeks.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

eat hardly - Good advice to a plump person wanting to lose weight.

e.g., Mama said to our daughter Ittigiana one day, "Daughter, I think you misunderstood me last fall. I didn't say to eat hearty, what I really said was to eat hardly."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eat it - To crash, wipe out, die.

e.g., My computer got a virus and ate it. My car skidded off the road and ate it in a ditch. It's been a bad day.

submitted by ditnis

eat somebody - To be extremely angry with said person, to the point of having the desire to kill and eat him or her.

e.g., After I ambushed him with snowballs, I thought he was going to eat me. He was taking it the wrong way.

submitted by ditnis

eat-whey - Whey they say is like an old watery version of buttermilk. Eat-whey is Pig Latin for wheat.

e.g., Eat-whey for breakfast might be a healthful thing if you're on a diet?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eatertainment - Eating and entertainment combined. From Magoo's radio commercials in Tulsa, OK.

e.g., For the best eatertainment in Tulsa, go to Magoo's at 51st and Memorial.

submitted by HD Fowler

eatery - A feast.

e.g., You want more food after that eatery?

submitted by potter

eatin' cheese - Used to describe a thing that is extremely easy to do. Used in the way "falling off a log" is used.

e.g., Mark Maguire makes hitting a home run look like eatin' cheese. Could steroids have something to do with it?

submitted by Drew K.

eatinese - The language spoken while eating. Speaking with one's mouth full.

e.g., "Muff-mur-moor-mur-muf." "I'm sorry, I don't speak eatinese."

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

eating irons - Cutlery.

e.g., I'm not going to be able to eat this steak without some eating irons.

submitted by SofaMan

eatme - dismissing explative

e.g., Oh, eatme!

submitted by Stewbaby

eatnik - A chowhound, person with a huge appetite, gourmand, glutton.

e.g., My cousin the eatnik consumes thousands of calories every day, and it shows, on his humongous bod.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eatopia - The pleasure of eating.

e.g., One of my friends really enjoys her severe eatopia.

submitted by anuj handa

eats - A slang word for food of any kind. Mostly used in Western PA.

e.g., I'm hungry--let's go down town and get some eats.

submitted by Chris W

eattric - Anything about eating or food.

e.g., Let's have some eattric discussions.

submitted by minakshi

eau de faux poo - The smell of a fart. A faux poo = a fart.

e.g., Christ, open the windows, Chris. We need to air this place out to get rid of the eau de faux poo you left in the air. | ODE TO FAUX POO//Here I sit/All broken-hearted/Came to sh*t/But only farted.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

eavesbutting - Eavesdropping and butting in.

e.g., Excuse me for eavesbutting.

submitted by Lisa Law

eb&z - (pronounced as the three letters: ee-bee-n-zed (or -zee)) (n.) 1. Friends whose attempts at comforting you, despite their best efforts, somehow make everything worse. 2. False friends, who "comfort" you by causing you more pain or denigrate you or (most disturbing) simply gloat over your pain. (v., "ee-BEE-zee" or "-zed") 3. To give lousy comfort by pointing out, e.g., how much worse things could be, or how they have suffered more than you, or something equally gauche and unhelpful. (adj.) 4. Of or pertaining to exactly the wrong thing to say when attempting to comfort him or her. (From the three friends of Job: Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, who do little more than tell Job over and over that he must have done something wrong to be suffering so much, which only makes Job mad and more distressed. These three names are also good as a pseudonym for a law firm that gives you nothing but bad news.)

e.g., "What's with Professor Jones?" "His daughter died last week, and he's not handling it very well." "He should look at the bright side: now he has an extra room in the house, and no more agonizing over birthday presents . . . what?" "You are THE worst EB&Z I have ever met. In fact, I wish hadn't met you. In fact, if you don't run away, I may have to Neanderthalize your face. . . . Jerk."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ebay - Get rid of, throw out.

e.g., 200 cassettes of old 80s music? You should ebay that stuff.

submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

ebay-camp - To keep a constant watch on an ebay auction in order to win it at the last second without the chance of being outbid or having the price driven up by another bidder. Usually involves opening the auction several minutes before it ends, continually hitting the refresh button to check the time and bid price, and then placing a bid less than a minute before the auction ends.

e.g., I really wanted to get the movie for a good price, so, when I saw a good auction, I ebay-camped for the last ten minutes and bid it out from under another ebayer at the last possible second.

submitted by wamydia

ebayable - Any item that would sell good on

e.g., That old lamps looks Ebayable. OR Do you think these old coins are Ebayable?

submitted by Robert Ranford

ebidah - Extreme frustration. Under great pressure.

e.g., I have to do all this maths homework. Ebidah!

submitted by thomas

ebmage - An image, often distorted, of the photographer of an item that is for sale on Ebay.

e.g., Her ebmage appears on the Farberware coffeepot. One wonders if that is her true shape?

submitted by Lbrowning

eccentrich - Eccentric and rich.

e.g., Andy is eccentrich.

submitted by Erin

eccentriginal - Someone who is eccentric and original.

e.g., By enjoying a wide variety of activities while still remaining true to himself, my cousin is very eccentriginal.

submitted by Mike Ferris

ecclesians - A generic term for an unknown book in the Bible.

e.g., Thou shalt not drink a nice claret during the Super Bowl - I Ecclesians 9:6.

submitted by Angryty

ecclesiastibabel - Peculiarly theological sounding words that are thrown into conversation or writing in order to impart their user with a specious aura of religious authority.

e.g., Mind-numbing ecclesiastibabel is in wide use by both the defenders and detractors of Gibson's new film.

submitted by Stephen Mize

ech - To ingest a quantity of echinacea in hopes of warding off a cold.

e.g., Everyone at work is sick. Make sure you ech when you get home tonight.

submitted by the mumbletiger

echoculate - To involuntarily and suddenly eject a square of chocolate from the mouth onto the dining table.

e.g., After a delightful Indian meal in Stockbridge, Miles and Colin were enjoying the after-dinner chocolate, when Miles coughed and echoculated without warning, to his eternal embarrassment.

submitted by Colin Taffel

echoculate - The cream-filled center of any fine chocholate.

e.g., I was over-powered by pleasure as the echochulate rushed from the center of the candy past my lips.

submitted by Steve

echodeus - Endless Charm Hidden On Distant Edges Under Sun. A very good poem, a unification of beauty with wisdom in the text of the poem, able to make someone better and stronger spiritually.

e.g., Timi wrote an echodeus. He was an echodeus writer.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

echolades - Ghostly memories of past accomplishments.

e.g., The empty, old Grand Theater held echolades of once great performances. I especially remember a great tap dancing act. Can't remember their names now. It's a shame that tap dancing seems to be dying out. With the death of Gregory Hines, that leaves only Savion Glover as a tap dancer whose name I recognize.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

ecilop - A policeman. Police spelt backwards, as written on the bonnets of police cars so that it reads POLICE in the rear-view mirror. Also ECILOPTERY, a police station.

e.g., Sorry I'm late. I was stopped by the ecilops and taken down to the eciloptery to make a statement.

submitted by Colin Taffel

eckle - From "heckle" and the last name of a certain someone (*hackchrisecklescough*). To give false or sarcastic compliments in an attempt at degrading the receiver. To pester or irritate persistently, often with false or sarcastic compliments.

e.g., 1. Lauren: Hmph. Today at lunch Chris called me cutie and said I was his sunshine. I could tell he was eckling me. 2. Gina: Meghan, I love your super high pants. Oh, and that side ponytail is just to die for. How did you ever come up with your brilliant ensemble? Meghan: Do you really feel the need to eckle me . . . continually?

submitted by lauren - (www)

eclecstacy - The satiation felt when things from all over come together.

e.g., The furnishings of this room give me great eclecstasy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

eclectia - A diverse assortment of colleced pieces.

e.g., Her rustic kitchen displayed a wonderful range of eclectia.

submitted by Rachel Burton

eclectic chair - Choose only the best, choose eclectic -- sit on it. Best seat in town. (ED. What friends might call an eclectic collection, enemies might call a mish-mash.)

e.g., I never had to sit on a chair in the corner -- I was so special I got the eclectic chair.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eclectidelic - Pertaining to a continuous flow of thoughts that are diverse tangents from out-of-context, bizarre, or absurd sources, perceptions, or styles; non-sequitur stream of consciousness.

e.g., It's impossible to connect Bob's eclectidelic ramblings into a sensible context.

submitted by mike misto

eclection - A collection of numerous objects which are not necessarily related. | A collection of collections.

e.g., His hundreds of old records, peanut butter jars, and hockey cards are an interesting eclection.

submitted by Robert N. Ward

eclectoplasm - Best of the best, highest grade plasm extracted from other dimensions -- revitalize your energy pods today.

e.g., When ordinary plasm will not do, eclectoplasm fills the bill. Feel more than you can feel and fly.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eclectricity - Initially, just a catchy word, but the overwhelming niftiness from something that's . . . eclectic. | The vibe that a really good second-hand shop gives off.

e.g., This district is powered by eclectricity. | And from the moment Sorscha entered the shop, laying eyes upon a pair of size 10 bowling shoes (in fabulous condition) AND a first pressing on vinyl of Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World" for $3, she felt a rush of eclectricity at the base of her neck.

submitted by Kendal | samara - (www)

eclesiad - A person who is devoutly eclectic.

e.g., Looking at Sorscha's mantlepiece, which displayed an 18th century French brothel token, a dessicated kangaroo paw and a crocheted Elvis portrait, I knew this to be the altar of a true Eclesiad.

submitted by samara

ecnad - An informal dance party with a theme, held periodically.

e.g., I love dressing up for the monthly ecnads.

submitted by Philip Jones

ecnalubma - Word or phrase printed in reverse on the front of a vehicle so as to be read the right way in the mirror of a vehicle ahead.

e.g., ecilop

submitted by Rodney Breen - (www)

eco-fashionably late - Choosing an earth-friendly mode of transportation for social events and arriving a little later than usual.

e.g., I was eco-fashionably late to the party because I rode my bike to get here. (If I had half a brain, I'd have left earlier so I could be on time.)

submitted by Summer - (www)

eco-humanism - Humanism that includes the environment and nonhuman life forms

e.g., According to eco-humanism, the environment is an inseparable part of what it means to be human.

submitted by Linda Holt

econobox - Any small, boxy, lackluster, economy car.

e.g., When I smashed up my truck, they gave me an econobox for a rental while it was being fixed. I've never before felt so vulnerable and helpless in my life.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

ecstajoy - A combined state of ecstay and joy. Invented about 1964 to describe the reaction of my mother's house cat to being petted.

e.g., When I began petting her, Gato fell on her side and entered ecstajoy.

submitted by George Phillips

ecstat - Someone who experiences ecstacy or is capable of doing so easily. This may be by natural means or artificial intrusion.

e.g., An ecstat can derive the highness of ecstacy from many sources: perhaps sports, music, religion, various personal enthusiasms, sex, many other things.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ecstatic cling - This word describes the gleeful transfixed stares of the naughty boys enjoying the view when static cling does its work outlining the female frame and leaving nothing to the imagination.

e.g., "Hey, James! Ecstatic cling alert at two o'clock! No, don't look at your watch, doo-fuss! Straight ahead and a little to your right! That's right, hehehe!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

ecstattera - Speaking in tongues, glossalalia.

e.g., In grandma's church they did a lot if ecstattera. I couldn't understand a word of it. But somehow the preacher was always able to translate everything said. Her preacher predicted I would 'return to college and save a lot of souls, but somehow that never materialized..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ect. - And other things, and so forth, and so on, etc. The exact same meaning as the abbreviation "etc." for et cetera. Introduced to accommodate those who mistype "ect." for "etc."


From The Chicago Manual of Style :

7.5 Standard plural forms

Most nouns form their plural by adding s or — if they end in ch, j, s, sh, x, or z — by adding es. Most English speakers will not need help with such plural forms as thumbs, churches, fixes, or boys, and these are not listed in standard dictionary entries, including those in Webster’s Collegiate. (All inflected forms are listed in Webster’s Third New International ; moreover, the online versions of most dictionaries accommodate the correct plural forms in their search engines.) Most dictionaries do, however, give plural forms for words ending in y that change to ies (baby, ect.); for words ending in o (ratio, potato, ect.); for certain words of Latin or Greek origin such as crocus, datum, or alumna; and for all words with irregular plurals (child, leaf, ect.).

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ecton - The building block of ectoplasm.

e.g., "Hey, Dave, check out these ectons under the microscope at x400,000,000,000." "Pretty rancid stuff, Steve."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ecw-style - E-C-dub. Term used when about to lay a serious ass-whuppin' on someone, taken from name of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

e.g., That's it, George. I'm gonna whup you ECW-style.

submitted by murray

edapainis - A pain in the backside (side backwards): edAPAINis.

e.g., He was a nuisance, an edapainis.

submitted by Brian Cole

eddie haskell - Someone who kisses up to his or her friends' parents unendurably, from "Leave it to Beaver."

e.g., Chris tells my mom her dress is pretty whenever he sees her. He's an Eddie Haskell.

submitted by Rachel Near

edenopy - (ee-DEN-oh-py; n.) 1. stasis, as opposed to either entropy (increasing disorder) or ergopy (q.v., increasing order [as a result of focused work]). 2. the establishment or labor directed toward the establishment of a paradise: beauty, harmony, peace. [From Hebrew _Eden_ "delight, pleasure" + _-opy_, the suffix of entropy.]

e.g., The ostensible goal of the hippie movement of the 1960s was edenopy; since the desired eden, however, was to be based upon (shall we say) questionable pharmacology, the movement's edenopic value (as touted by the hippies themselves) appeared largely meritricious to the rest of the world.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

edge - In German teenagers' slang this is a synonym for "mouth."

e.g., If you want to lose weight, you're going to have to keep your edge closed more at the dinner table.

submitted by diana

edge - On the (cutting) edge, pushing the envelope, out of the mainstream, not the accepted norm.

e.g., I know you like underground bands, but they are way too edge for me.

submitted by Aire

edgema - Thresholds in Space; used to describe websites. The word 'ma being a loose translation of the Japanese concept of space (in architecture).

e.g., What's the edgema?

submitted by Mustafa - (www)

edible toilet paper - This is bathroom tissue that is highly degradable. The hungry bacteria in the sewer system eagerly consume the paper and matter attached thereto.

e.g., Edible toilet paper may not sound very elegant, but the specially evolved micr-oorganisms do find it to be quite a treat. "Use it and lose it."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

edicated - Term for a stupid person who lacks education, it's what one of my friends said once when he meant to say educated. It's stuck to him ever since.

e.g., I'm going to college to finish my edication.

submitted by farah

edictionary - A collection of edicts in alphabetical order -- an abcdeiary of edicts.

e.g., Well, that's another edict to put in your edictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler

ediosyncratic - Idiosyncratic, as in the submittal handling process for the pd: editing idiosyncratically. Could also be "editosyncratic."

e.g., Yeah, I had a pretty good description and example until the ediosyncratic dude in charge got his hands on it and screwed it up. Asshole editor.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

edit trail - A textual analogy and half-rhyme for "audit trail"; a step-by-step way for others to see the series of changes an author made in a document.

e.g., Do you have an edit trail on the changes in that white paper?

submitted by Gordon Graham - (www)

editations - Changes made while editing, usually written and before the official document is actually changed.

e.g., Look! I have a whole page without any editations. My friend and editor highlight all of her editations.

submitted by Felicia

editoreo - The cookie most popular among wordsmiths.

e.g., Whenever I sit down to write, I always make myself a big glass of milk and a plate of Editoreo cookies. Yum.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

editorial creep - Bias or spin that "creeps" from the opinion-editorial pages to the news pages, especially the front page. Journalist creep. Not original.

e.g., Editorial creep is a contributing factor to the demise of the newspaper business.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

editorial guinea - A small and insignificant nation to which those too apt to point out others' errors of spelling and grammar are sent.

e.g., One more criticism of my term paper and I shall banish you for life to Editorial Guinea.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

edjaymic - Disgusting, dirty, foul.

e.g., I think Janet's underwear is edjaymic because it smells and it is really disgusting.

submitted by Janet

edo - "Edict" mashed with "credo." Personal guidelines for conduct.

e.g., One of her edos has been that persuasion is immoral.

submitted by John Puffin

edress - E-mail address. | Shorthand for "Give me your e-mail address."

e.g., What's your eddress? | Oh, you'd like a copy of the photo I just took with my camera cellphone? Sure, just edress me -- here, type it straight into the phone.

submitted by John Judith

edrolthiledge - A big bee.

e.g., Don't move. That edrolthiledge might sting you.

submitted by rOSS

edubication - Education, misspoken by a not-too-with-it high schooler. Also "edumication."

e.g., I got my edubication at Ebbison.

submitted by BigJ7489

educaterer - A food service worker, employed by an institution of learning. A cafeteria worker.

e.g., Tuna casserole was the specialty of Wanda Winkelmeyer, aka "The Educaterer." Wanda was a cafeteria worker at the Fair Lawn High School cafeteria.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

educative - "Resulting in education (an educative experience)."

e.g., "You can create great photos that can go viral in seconds just by adding a little twist in words or comments. It's something very easy to achieve as you capture the attention of the readers or viewers through comments placed on a picture. They might be serious, funny, educative or just plain dumb."

submitted by [educator] - (www)

educrat - One who thinks she's an expert on educating children -- usually a government employee.

e.g., Educrats insist that instead of making kids learn, we "dumb down" the curriculum for them.

submitted by Jason - (www)

edudebt - Large amounts of debt incurred to pay for higher education.

e.g., Pete wanted to get his MS, but needed to work to pay off his edudebt first.

submitted by tracey

edumacated - Educated. Thought to be funny by the edumacated.

e.g., Yes, I am now edumacated. | He's going away to get edumacated.

submitted by Orion

edutainment - Something that is educational and entertaining at the same time.

e.g., ESL Bingo with animals, places, and things is a very edutaining activity for learners of English.

submitted by stanislaus moss

edutrain - Education is general while training is specific, education is knowledge-oriented while training is action-oriented, education is broad while training is specific, education addresses "why" while training addresses "how" -- to edutrain is to provide both education and training without being true to either.

e.g., Many of the organizations that in the business of higher learning today are edutraining institutions although they call themselves educational institutions.

submitted by Sreeniket Ram - (www)

ee'd - To have contacted someone via e-mail.

e.g., I ee'd them this morning about the situation.

submitted by Catherine

eechmaroo - A word used to describe a feeling such as amazement or awe.

e.g., Upon seeing the damage that had been done, Christian whistled softly before saying, in utter amazement, "Eechmaroo..."

submitted by Morgan

eeeeeee - a word for when you're so excited you just can't put it into words and all you can do is squeel. {ED. All right, since you're apparently having some sort of Friday night sleepover, I'll let this go in as is -- for the time being. Have fun. Betsy.}

e.g., I am so excited for tomorrow, you are just amazing. EEEEEEE!

submitted by Erin

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - You play guitar in a band. Your guitar's a bit flat. You ask for a reference note to help you tune it. "Gimme an 'E,'" you say. Instead of a musical reference, you get "EEEeeeeeeeeeeeee"--done in a wavering, silly, and sarcastic voice. Useless for tuning anything, but usually worth a giggle or two.

e.g., "Gimme an 'E.'"... "EEEeeeeeeeeeeeee.

submitted by Dooahhh - (www)

eejit - Idiot.

e.g., Ay, that Chris, 'e's a feckin' eejit, 'e is.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

eekles - A word I use either when I am excited or something amuses me.

e.g., Eeekles! Look at that man dancing with the cheese.

submitted by Sarah Jayde - (www)

eep! - A short, succinct gasp of surprise. Usually used when you have been found doing something you're not supposed to be doing.

e.g., Boss: Ah, Jenkins. We caught you looking at porn at work. Jenkins: Eep!

submitted by Alice Malice

eerugh - Offensive, disgusting, unrefined.

e.g., Eeurgh, this sandwich is nasty.

submitted by lauryn

eewgry - Start by thinking of the invented word "igry": "painfully embarrassed for or uncomfortable about someone else's incredibly poor social behavior, or descriptive of such poor social behavior." Then think of how you'd feel if you walked in on your parents having sex. You'd feel eeewwgry, that's how you'd feel: painfully embarrassed and uncomfortable about what you'd just seen. Can be spelled with different numbers of e's and w's.

I've heard mortified used idiomatically for embarrassing situations such as walking in on someone in a toilet stall: "I was so embarrassed I could have died. I was mortified." Its actual dictionary sense is less than a perfect fit.

e.g., Oh, God, no. No, I didn't walk in on my parents. I wish I had, sort of. It was worse. It was Nana and Popo. . . . Yes, that's right, my grandparents. Mom's mother and father -- well, mom's stepfather, actually. They were doing "the two-backed beast together, joyfully rubbing and frotting their bacon 'gainst one another." Rutting, they were. Eeeww, it was the eewgriest thing imaginable. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to face them again. | "You slice your dogs almost in half lengthwise. Then fill with leftover mashed potatoes." "Say what? Are you sure you got that recipe right, CaveWoman? That sounds eeewwgry."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

eewwwwwwww - Used to let someone know you think something is bad -- the more w's, the worse the situation.

e.g., Eewwwwwww. You failed another exam? Bummer.

submitted by murph

eeyore - (n.) a[n American] Democrat. [from a.a. Milne's character eeyore, a donkey, which is the sign of the Democratic Party.] (see _heffalump_.)

e.g., Who is the eeyore for governor this election?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eeyorish - 1. Acting like the A. A. Milne character Eeyore. 2. Depressed and resigned to fate but slowly plodding through and getting the job done. 3. Injecting realism into everyone's enthusiasm.

e.g., He's been acting rather eeyorish lately.

submitted by Jeff Spurlin - (www)

eff-me - Sexually provocative. (See "CFM shoes.")

e.g., She's wearing her eff-me shoes tonight.

submitted by Tim H

effasaurus - A person resembling a dinosuar, usually used as a comeback when losing an argument.

e.g., What an effasaurus.

submitted by Jana

effect - Affect and effect are near-homophones that have similar meanings. In the first example, effect is the correct word to use.  
Usage note
Affect1 and effect, each both noun and verb, share the sense of "influence," and because of their similarity in pronunciation are sometimes confused in writing. As a verb, affect1 means "to act on" or "to move" (His words affected the crowd so deeply that many wept.); affect2 means "to pretend" or "to assume" (new students affecting a nonchalance they didn't feel). The verb effect means "to bring about, accomplish": Her administration effected radical changes.  
If you're thinking about using impact instead of effect, don't. Use effect. Doesn't matter whether you're looking at a noun or a verb. Choosing effect should be the right choice at least 80% of the time, perhaps a lot more. Then, while you're editing what you've written -- you always edit, don't you? -- look up when to use effect and when to use impact. Once you've refreshed your memory, look at what you've written. If you now think impact seems to be the right choice . . . think again. If you still want to use effect, go ahead. But don't blame me when you get told you made the wrong choice.  
Unless you're talking about something crashing or falling into something else, impact is very unlikely to be the right choice -- and then only if you're using it as a noun. (Well, there is a medical use for impacted as an adjective: say, impacted wisdom teeth or an impacted colon.)  
Bringing me to . . . that 80% figure I pulled out of my ass? I could just as well have picked 90%. A The American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style says impact as a verb "ranks among the most detested of English usages." So there. This time I have a real authority to back me up. I would have said what I did even if I hadn't. "Even the literal use of the verb was found unacceptable by a majority of the [Usage Panel] (66 per cent) in 2001 in the sentence Thousands of meteors have impacted the lunar surface."

e.g., "Last week, I took a look at President Obama's quest for a second term with an eye on the Electoral College. A large portion of the analysis dealt with the affect that job approval for a sitting president has on his re-election chances." | (I intended to add an example from Ezra Klein's Wonkblog, because it's what mad me think of this entry, but I misplaced the link. If EZ doesn't screw-up with affect, effect, or impact himself, someone he's quoting will. EZ is also partially responsible for my thinking of ass, since that's what he is. Maybe I'll run across it again some day and will think to add it.)

submitted by Miss Speller

effectuate - Effect: to bring about, to cause to happen, accomplish. The sort of word bureaucrats love -- one with twice as many syllables and two-thirds more characters than needed. They must figure most readers won't know how to use effect as a verb.  
Found in the Department of Agriculture's Christmas Tree Promotion, Research, and Information Order. The order calls for what was recently referred to as a "Christmas tree tax," in actuality an assessment of $0.15 per tree to be used to promote sales of "real trees."  
The boilerplate for the order is a classic example of the sort of government gobbledygook we've all grown to know and love. It's filled with inferior diction and careless mistakes. Rather than lash up the Department of Agriculture with one industry segment to the detriment of another, I'd prefer to see time spent on teaching USDA employees how to write carefully and clearly. Maybe then I'd have more confidence that it has employees with the wherewithal to effectively implement and oversee what someone else is carrying out.

e.g., "After consideration of all relevant materials presented, including the proposal and comments received, the USDA has determined that this Order is consistent with and will effectuate the purposes of the 1996 Act."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

efficate - To be effective or efficacious.

e.g., I'm sure he will efficate in his new job.

submitted by Knom

efficicize - To make efficient.

e.g., Steve is efficicizing a very slow process.

submitted by Ron Cuirle

efficientize - to make something more efficient. Efficientizing -- the quality of being something or someone that makes tasks more efficient.

e.g., Seth efficientizee the process for producing widgets and saved the company millions of dollars. He received a $1,000 bonus for his idea.

submitted by allison

efficious - For a person who believes in strict adherence to rules, no matter how ridiculous they are. I made it up to describe my office manager's old assistant. I guess it's a combination of efficient and vicious -- and probably officious.

e.g., What an efficious bitch Chris is.

submitted by Jeff Lewis - (www)

effinol - Ffrom FN oil, Frozen North Petroleum. Some drivers in warm climates claim that it sometimes freezes up the spark firing, therefore the 'effin-' part of the name.

e.g., Effinol is a blend of Arctic crude, polar whale, seal, white bear, and husky dog -- i.e., whatever is available..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

effle - The remainder of the description and the example are taken from the linked site. (ED. Largely done to check site facilities.)

Effle is grammatical English which could never be uttered because it has little meaning and could never be put into a sensible context. There is lots of Effle in textbooks of English for foreign learners and in sets of exercises.

e.g., We may not always be successful, but we strive to avoid Effle in the PseudoDictionary.

The playwright Eugene Ionesco wrote a complete play in Effle, The Bald Prima Donna, the product of his experience of learning English from a textbook in 1950. He actually wrote the play in French, but it shows its origins clearly when translated back into English. [Click here for a short extract.] Julian Dakin wrote trenchantly about meaningless drills and the tum-te-tum effect, which leads teachers to think that learners are intentionally producing correct sentences, whereas the learners might just as well be saying "tum-te-tum." [Click here for "The case of the amnesiac siblings."]

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

effortescent - An adjective used to describe people who put vastly more effort, optimism, enthusiasm, and energy into a project that it might reasonably require.

e.g., My effortescent husband has clipped the hedge. … With my nail scissors.

submitted by Sandy

efforting - (v.) Starting to accomplish a task that you should have started earlier. Often used in an attempt to mislead, making others think that a task is in progress when it was actually forgotten.

e.g., Boss. James, have you got that report finished yet? Bill. I'm efforting it right now.

submitted by Bill Wendel

efriendship - Friendship in Internet social or professional media without ever having met -- or not being in touch for years. Efriend, e-friend, e-friendship.

e.g., 1. Robert is an efriend of mine for a long time now and our efrienship has been highly useful. «2. My e-friend Marty bought the PseudoDictionary for me to play with -- seven years ago now. Thank you again, Marty.»

submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

eftpossible - EFTPOSsible: the time in a check-out line at the supermarket where you wonder if you have the available funds to EFTPOS the transaction

e.g., While standing in the check-out line, I wondered if my purchase was EFTPOSsible.

submitted by Peter Gray - (www)

eftpossible - EFTPOSsible: the time in a check-out line at the supermarket where you wonder if you have the available funds to EFTPOS the transaction

e.g., While standing in the check-out line, I wondered if my purchase was EFTPOSsible.

submitted by Peter Gray - (www)

egad - Someone who is a bigot based on ethnic, gender, age, or demographic -- in other words, a safe way to call anyone a bigot, since it covers most root causes for bigotry.

e.g., The egad just eliminated every candidate who's black, Latino, gay, lesbian, over 40, female, male, not Ivy-League educated, or handicapped.

submitted by Susan

egad itarialism - The principle of being shocked and angry by the actions certain individuals, who are considered "equal" and are considered to deserve equal opportunity, are capable of doing.

e.g., Want to get "fired up" with the principle of Egad itarialism? Just watch the political news on CNN for a week!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

egadzooks - Exclamation of surprise and astonishment. A combination of "egad" and "gadzooks."

e.g., Egadzooks! That is just WRONG.

submitted by Andrew Johnson

egat - Someone who grew up in the Everyone Gets a Trophy Generation.

e.g., Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrsion returned his kids' non-winning participation trophies. He was clearly concerned about them growing up as egats. What he did seems all right to me -- the kids found out a little earlier than their peers that you don't get a prize just for showing up.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

egg - "Any small, white hatchback. Think clown car, only a bit smaller and with more bumper stickers."

e.g., "So you couldn't get your parents' car...guess we're taking the egg tonight..."

submitted by keyla

egg nog stic - One who is not convinced of the drink validity of fruit flavoring, juice, milk or other additives mixed with alcohol.

e.g., I enjoy the smoky, tart taste of a single malt scotch whiskey, and a perfectly ice cold martini, shaken, not stirred, is almost divine. But when it comes to the question of whether fruit juices with rum, or things like hot chocolate with bourbon are manly "drinks," I'm egg nog stic.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

egg roll stand - Austin colloquial phrase for a fencing operation. See

e.g., Before he got busted for money laundering, Chris was also running egg roll stand.

submitted by Sarah

egg-stink-tion - When the sulfur-like smell of rotten eggs is so bad, you could just die.

e.g., Whenever I smell sulfur, I feel threatened with egg-stink-tion.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

egganomics - The study of eggs.

e.g., "Where on earth did you learn that?" "I studied egganomics." "Darling, could you please pass me one of those vitamin-enhanced eggs?"

submitted by Daniel Short

eggatropolis - Many long buildings housing hundreds, thousands of egglaying chickens.

e.g., It's a simple life, but oh so many fellow chickens, and millions no doubt of perfect spheroid highly edible eggs in the eggatropolis next door.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eggbert - An unborn child or one yet to be named.

e.g., So, when is Eggbert due?

submitted by Angus Jones

eggcorn - "A word or phrase that is a seemingly logical alteration of another word or phrase that sounds similar and has been misheard or misinterpreted, as 'old wise tale' for 'old wives' tale.'" The example is introduced at the linked page by Geoffrey K. Pullum: "The following delightful essay, composed with a rich dollop of deliberate eggcorns, is making its way around the web via repostings and emailings (thanks to Brad Daniels for showing it to me). I have no idea where it originally came from. Can anyone identify its origin? (Con mints, be leave it or not, are open billow.)"

e.g., Not all of the wrong choices in the following are eggcorns: "I am sorry to be the baron of bad news, but you seem buttered, so allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies, and are more than just ice king on the cake. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

eggility - Ability to make a perfect omelet.

e.g., His eggility helped to make him a top breakfast chef.

submitted by Bill rosenberg

eggnishna - What Australians call an air conditioner.

e.g., Strewth, it's hot, mate. Turn on the eggnishna, will ya?

submitted by Brenton

eggnogstic - Said of someone who wants the existence of Santa Claus to be proved to her.

e.g., Little Janie heard a rumour that Santa Claus isn't real. Our little believer has become an eggnostic.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

eggnosia - When eating eggs makes you dizzy and sometimes leads to death.

e.g., If you have eggnosia, by all means keep yourself away from eggs.

submitted by Hamin M

eggs - Trying too hard to be what you are not.

e.g., Chris is just eggs, always trying to show off how smart he is--or how tough.

submitted by Jimglish Kid

eggs mcnuthin - 1. Eggs McMuffin, what the delicacy should be called. 2. Two pieces of bread with no filler between them. An air sandwich. 3. A generic name for any fast food, commenting on its nutritional value. 4. A reference to a flat-chested woman -- or to any woman lacking in pulchritude. 5. Generic for anything lacking value. Not original.

e.g., 1. I'm gonna take mom to Mickey D's on Mother's Day for some Eggs McNuthin. 2. We're out of peanut butter and sandwich meats. Would Eggs McNuthin be OK with you? With or without mayo? 3. Let's stop at Wendy's for some Eggs McNuthin. 4. Did I see that alleged new hot chick? I sure did. Eggs mcnuthin. 5. Some days here everything submitted is eggs mcnuthin.

submitted by HD Fowler

eggs-lay - Pig latin for :legs.," but here it is chicken-cluck for "exactly," by contraction.

e.g., The rooster said, "A chicken in every pot, that's eggs-lay how I feel."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eggy - Eggy Language: a now rare corruption of standard English used to exclude non-eggy speakers..

e.g., Yeggu smeggell legike ega regancid llegama. Translation: You smell like a rancid llama.

submitted by Niko Miaoulis

eggy - Slightly annoyed.

e.g., No, I didn't say I'm feeling edgy. I said I'm feeling eggy -- and it's not the same. Related, perhaps, but not the same.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

eggy bread - The breakfast food known in the United Stats as French toast is called eggy bread in much of the English-speaking world.

e.g., "Which do you want for breakfast this morning, hon, eggy bread or French toast?" "Ummm, aren't they the same thing, dear?"

submitted by HD Fowler

egit - Ee-jit. Idiot. Irish origin, so usually has feckin' added to the front.

e.g., Ya feckin' egit.

submitted by dekoi

egli - Out of shape, fat, obese.

e.g., Get off the couch. Exercise, jog, do some aerobics. For God's sake, do something. You're getting really egli.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

egnore - To avoid contacting via e-mail, instant messaging, forum posts and messages, and other internet-based means of communication. E-gnore.

e.g., B@rb@rell@ was distraught that Dragon978 was egnoring her on the forum.

submitted by Agnes "bob" Jedrzejewski - (www)

ego fodder - Young ladies who attend singles events with hopes of meeting rich men.

e.g., She was only ego fodder to the CEO with the paunch and bad combover. (ED. Isn't bad combover a redundancy?)

submitted by Judy Gavalik - (www)

ego spa - A place or website to go for "ego reflexology" . . . to boost or massage one's ego; to feel nice and to know that we are not alone in how we think and how we feel.

e.g., Let's go to an ego spa to find something refreshing and to unwind.

submitted by James Seah - (www)

ego surfing - To use a search engine to look up one's own name for the sake of vanity. E.g., typing "John Doe" into Google if your name happens to be John Doe.

The Macmillan Dictionary: "the activity of searching the World Wide Web for occurrences of your own name."

e.g., I found a cool site which references an article I wrote while I was ego surfing. They quoted me.

"Egosurfing, the practice of harnessing the Internet's vast data-collection powers to dig up information about oneself, has proved a popular application on the World Wide Web."
(Wired News, 4th April 2001)

"When I applied for my top-secret clearance at my last job, I egosurfed a bit to see what the DSS would find if they searched the Web to find out about me." (anonymous Internet mailing list, May 2001)

submitted by fool - (www)

ego-mail - Spam e-mail people send out to mass mailing lists of their friends, announcing all the fancy stuff they are doing.

e.g., Oh, God, I just got ego-mail from Stan about his winning an Independent Spirit Award.

submitted by Ann Marie - (www)

egoblog - Blog, weblog. What they all are: online diaries and journals to salve the author's ego. Egoblogging.

e.g., Movable Typo was such a pain in the ass, I gave up egoblogging altogether.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

egoismlite - The virtues of self-assertiveness and self-direction that every reasonable pop psychologist supports. Contrasted with various philosophical notions of egoism, none of which make much sense.

e.g., Ayn Rand's philosophical defense of egoism is a confused mess, so confused that careful people avoid using the words "selfishness" and "egoism" as she does. But this does not mean that most of her readers don't take away from reading her writings a reasonable version of her doctrine, an EgoismLite(tm).

submitted by Wirkman Virkkala - (www)

egonetics - egonetics, n. (ego+net+ics) -- weaving a network of self-references, increasing one's presence on the internet.

Egonetics is different from "ego surfing" -- a search of one's own name on the internet (using search engines). Egonetics is an active electronic dispersal of your name, making links to your homepage, entering various interactive sites and open forums. It can be done for the sake of an idea or a commercial promotion, but in absence of ideological or professional motifs, this is a narcissistic case of egonetics.

e.g., I suspect that my colleague uses her office hours for egonetics. | He is not an egoist in the traditional sense; he is simply an egonetic.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

egopath - A person with an ego that encroaches on normal social functioning. Typically media sorts, artists, academics, and journalists -- with a high risk factor if these co-exist in one person.

e.g., Brian had become a severe egopath after his recent Emmy award.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

egopathic resonator - A person who listens with apparent enthusiasm to an egopath. Perhaps from a sense of misplaced duty or in a sycophantic manner.

e.g., He knew he was merely an egopathic resonator, but he did not care. By listening to these boring stories he was sure he would get a pay rise soon.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

egopathy - The aggressive behavior of a person who is acting out unrealized, unhealed early wounds or abuse and does so without a conscience.

e.g., Egopathy was the rule, not the exception, at the company that collapsed under the weight of $85 billion in bad loans.

submitted by Dr. Ced - (www)

egoplex - An undifferentiated primal consciousness, within which individual notions of self are actually aspects of the greater whole.

e.g., By meditating to blur the borders of self, one can glimpse a larger portion of the egoplex.

submitted by J.M. Berger - (www)

egopolitics - 1. A study of the influence of such factors as exaggerated self-esteem, vanity, and arrogant ambition on the politics of a state or the managerial dynamics of a company. 2. A company policy guided by egopolitics.

A subject sadly missing from our education systems, one which should be thoroughly taught to all students who will eventually end up in office positions of any kind. Excellence in this matter is a prerequisite to anyone seeking a management position and intending to survive the restlessness of today's economics.

e.g., The level of egopolitics at ACME led to its liquidation, as none of its employees had any time left to carry out any actual work.

submitted by Fred - (www)

egorance - Characteristic of a person having an inflated idea of her self-importance and constantly seeks to flatter it. A person who feeds their egotistical arrogance. Not to be confused with arrogance or vanity.

e.g., Bill egorantly boasted about his skills.

submitted by David Wulff - (www)

egosurfing - The Macmillan Dictionary: "the activity of searching the World Wide Web for occurrences of your own name."

e.g., "Egosurfing, the practice of harnessing the Internet's vast data-collection powers to dig up information about oneself, has proved a popular application on the World Wide Web."
(Wired News, 4th April 2001)

"When I applied for my top-secret clearance at my last job, I egosurfed a bit to see what the DSS would find if they searched the Web to find out about me." (anonymous Internet mailing list, May 2001)

submitted by HD Fowler

egosystem - The caste to which trial lawyers (and surgeons, journalists, and others of their elevated ilk belong).  

(ED. For some entertaining reading based on real life, check out "Digging a Hole" at The Doghouse. The tale was first posted to a military forum.)

e.g., "In 1987, in an agreement reached with the Texas Bar Association, the Wildlife & Game Deptartment established a series of laws regulating the hunting of lawyers. 'You have to understand,' said the Chairman of the TBA, 'if we don't thin 'em out, then they overpopulate their egosystem. Next thing you know, there aren't enough cases to go around. Young lawyers starve, or clog up the courthouses and television trying to drum up clients. It just messes things up. But we also didn't want indiscriminate slaughter, so we got together with the Wildlife boys and set up a few rules."

submitted by [SurfaceDog] - (www)

egotesticle - Egotistical + testicle. The root of all evil, generally fueled by too much testosterone. Also the basis for much rooting.

e.g., He said egotesticle things to get me to sleep with him.

submitted by ini

egovocious - To speak loudly with much egocentrism in your voice. To think you sound really cool, and that you are really cool. Annoying to others.

e.g., He speaks so egovociously in class when he knows the answer.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

egresselation - The hope that someone will leave.

e.g., James had egresselation when "The Press" entered the room.

submitted by Fitch - (www)

egup - A mixture of eggs and ketchup.

e.g., I'll have the egup. Just make sure the eggs are scrambled.

submitted by Mary

egypped - Cheated or shorted money or merchandise in an on-line transaction. Pronounced like the country.

e.g., I won the auction and sent the money but I was egypped when I didn't receive the merchandise. (ED. Won

submitted by Jim Huston - (www)

eh - False Canadian stereotype word. (Maybe stereotyped for Canadians, but not for New Englanders.)

e.g., How you doin', eh?

submitted by Bluebird

eh - An involuntary noise at the end of a sentence that turns it into a question. This is genetic in Canadians.

e.g., It's aboot time I got some new flannel, eh?

submitted by Nicole - (www)

ehap - 1. To hit or slap with a tail. 2. To hit or slap with something representing a tail. A ytpo of "whap," originally Spotspeak, but now a generic furry term.

e.g., He was annoying me, so I just gave him a quick ehap.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

ehexxs and ohhss - Another thing for xoxoxo.

e.g., Bye, Chris. Ehexxs and ohhss.

submitted by Waddpal

ehh - A loud shreik that can be blurted in a moment of frustration or excitement.

e.g., Ehh!

submitted by v1nnymac

ehlke-ism - A following in which people appear to be in a state of confusion, but are really much smarter than you

e.g., I clearly am a follower of ehlke-ism.

submitted by jon

eholay - A term to be used when you are frustrated.

e.g., Used often when dealing with my girlfriend Tracy... "Eholay, Tracy!"

submitted by Jack

ei - From emotionally intelligent. A measure of intelligence inversely correlating to IQ.

e.g., Trudy had such a high EI that she could only hold down a job at Burger King.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

eian - Egg In A Nest. What I call bald spots. On people, cats, whatever.

e.g., Alan, you're getting a bit of an EIAN.

submitted by Carmabelle

eiffelite - A gangly person sitting in front of you at the movies who, no matter in what direction you lean, follows suit. (Not original to me.) Also, a woman wearing a tall hat under like circumstances.

e.g., Next time I go to the movies, I'm carrying a garrote; I'll fix those damned eiffelites.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

eightless - A number where eight is missing. A person without spiritual balance, missing the spirit of justice.

e.g., Number 756 is eightless. The judge was eightless in his verdicts.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

eillim - Film. However, "fillim" is generally used to provide more personal satisfaction as the pronunciation is punchier.

e.g., Stuart: Zoobaz, how's your fillim comin' along? Zoobaz: Meh.

submitted by David - (www)

einstein - A wild and tangled head of hair, showing no design except the individual's rebellion or deliberate decision to have a bad hair day.

e.g., Don't bother me about my hair on my day off, Phyllis. I'm busy thinking great thoughts and saving the world, and you fuss at me about my Einstein?

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

eisegy - (ICE-uh-jee; n.) One's personal interpretation of something---a work of art, a piece of literature, or a beautiful vista, vel cet.---as opposed to an analysis of the artist's, writer's, or God's intent in the presentation.

[A shortening and reapplication of "eisegesis," which means interpretation (usually of scripture) expressing primarily one's own notions and biases.]

e.g., True and full interpretation of art or literature or a great view of the mountains consists of two emphases: The first, with which we are all familiar, is an analysis of what the creator of the work put in it---that is, what that creator intended the work to mean. And everyone wonders, during that analysis, whether the author or writer (or God) really put certain interpretations in the work. But the more interesting, second emphasis is the eisegy: What did (or does) the work bring out of the viewer or reader? What does the work do to US who are looking? How does the work mesh with our own experience? Why? It's actually a lot more interesting in some ways than studying what the maker made, to see what the maker's creation makes of us who experience it.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ejamacation - The past or recent history of your education.

e.g., Lus, you didnt have good ejamacation.

submitted by Lus

eksi sozluk - "Sour dictionary" in Turkish. a Turkish implementation of a hypertext collaborative database currently consisting over 300,000 titles and over 1,000,000 entries.

e.g., I am a user of eksi sozluk.

submitted by SSG

ektopodimus - The filth that builds up on the underside and inside a computer mouse affecting its performance.

e.g., There was so much ektopodimus that his mouse would not slide over the mat smoothly. The right-click button would not work as there was an excess of ektopodimus. Microsoft are aware of the problem of ektopodimus which is why it is possible to remove the rolling ball from the mouse.

submitted by David Ford

el cabongo - A word said while the user is in the midst of an uncomfortable sitiation, usually accompanied with a poke to one's head or a hit to another person.

e.g., "Do you love me?" asked Jane. "Uh ... El Cabongo," said Jeff said as he poked Jane in the head and ran off.

submitted by Zappo

el cametro - The combination of a Chevrolet El Camino and a Geo Metro.

e.g., That's a very nice El Cametro you're driving.

submitted by Bridger Winegar

el camino - a mullet hair cut- as like the vehicle, half car half truck

e.g., Billy Ray is sportin' a damn fine el camino.

submitted by jay grooves

el dia de nada - the Friday everyone in the US gets to take off after Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Since Thursday is the day for giving thanks, Friday should be for us to listen to God's "you're welcome" (_de nada_ in Spanish).

e.g., "You going anywhere for Thanksgiving?" "Nope--everyone's coming here." "Whoa; bummer, that's gonna be a bad day." "Tell me about it. But at least I'll have _dia de nada_ to rest and recuperate."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

el dussey - Very good--or aws.

e.g., This website is el dussey. My Spanish word corruptions are el dussey, too.

submitted by Leighton

el grito [del] pollito - (n.) 1. "The sky is falling!" (in Spanish, obviously -- because I like Spanish and I like the rhyme); 2. Any gloomy forecast or jeremiad predicting devastating loss or disaster (especially if it is the result of a mistake or deliberate disinformation).

e.g., "What are we going to do?!" "What's wrong?" "What if The Day After Tomorrow comes true?" "I don't know if it can . . . but don't go running around stockpiling duct tape and firewood yet -- that'd just be un grito pollito." "What?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

el plastico - fake flower

e.g., Diana: Take a whiff of this flower. Greg:It doesn't have a smell. It's el plastico.

submitted by Ian Faynik

el snugglo - A harmless-looking, cute person, usually short and soft-bodied.

e.g., That family seems to be made up of friendly el snugglos.

submitted by Sid

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