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disposable pretense - A ruse or feigned excuse calculated to obtain what is desired. Delightfully multi-purpose, for if what seemed desirable really isn't, the pretense can be enjoyed. If the true purpose is to be obtained without need for the pretense, it can be easily disposed of.

e.g., "Why don't we get together and, erm, work on that project Friday night? Erm, my place? 9pm?" "That sounds like a disposable pretense to me."

submitted by kara - (www)

dispreciate - To disapprove of; to be ungrateful for.

e.g., I dispreciate what you said about my mother. She does not wear army boots and seldom did. She was in the Marines.

submitted by Clara Hart - (www)

disqualmed - To feel misgivings, out of sorts and confused.

e.g., When I saw my dad in my mom's new bra, I felt disqualmed.

submitted by Jessie

disrap - Phase out and eliminate annoying or objectionable noise or racket that assails the senses.

e.g., By the year 2015 America hopefully will have finally disrapped all the crap on radio, television, recordings, films, and elsewhere. Thank goodness.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

disremptuous - To be in blind disagreement. No agreement, based on self-motivation without concern for fact.

e.g., Chris was being disremptuous--as usual. So I revoked his Always Right card.

submitted by mr.fassi

diss jockey - Someone who enjoys disrespecting others.

e.g., I'm a good cook, but that diss jockey keeps telling everybody I can't boil water.

submitted by Wallace White

diss-illusionment - This word describes a major breakthrough cure for all "disillusionment" which involves making a laughingstock out of out of all positive expectations to lower the bar on hope to an abysmal level. The new treatment is derived from the theory that becoming disillusioned is impossible after you have lost the capacity for illusionment!

e.g., "There you go again, Cedric. Don't pay attention to those archaic words, 'We the People...' and all that stuff. You think too much! Okay, that's the end of your Diss-illusionment session today! Please have your major credit card ready as you exit! Have a good one, Cedric!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

dissa - Unreliable information, untrustworthy data, inadmissible evidence. Singular dissum: ~unacceptable datum. Dissa is more or less the contrary of data; dissum a negative sort of datum.

e.g., In scientific circles it is essential to eliminate all the dissa so as to deal with only factual data.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dissaddlefied - Removal of a horse's tackle

e.g., The noise was so loud that the horse was dissaddlefied.

submitted by Mary C

dissagree - To disagree while disrespecting the one you disagree with. The way Bill O'Reilly often does on The O'Reilly Factor.

e.g., She's an idiot -- plus, her momma wears army boots. You bet your ass I dissagree with her. She's a pinhead.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

dissapointment - What you feel when you very cleverly diss someone and it doesn't garner as much praise as you thought it would -- possibly because you were so clever it sailed right over all your listeners' heads. Suggested by a misspelling in the linked news item: "However, they expressed dissapointment that the White House did not make ceasing the PA's anti Israel incitement a condition for the status upgrade." "However, they expressed dissapointment that the White House did not make ceasing the PA's anti Israel incitement a condition for the status upgrade."

e.g., All Jim felt after he tried to put down Mike was dissapointment.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dissatisflotation - The feeling one has just before drowning.

e.g., As he sunk towards the bottom of the lake, John had a feeling of great dissatisflotation.

submitted by Brodie - (www)

disseasoning - A marvelous new secret ingredient. What you add to your stew or whatever to correct oversalting or overseasoning and make your grub palatable, quite tasty actually.

e.g., Try disseasoning in the pot, in the dish, in your socks, in the diapers. Be creative and imaginative.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

disservice - A company you hire to insult someone for you.

e.g., I hate Chris so much, I paid the disservice 50 bucks to call his momma names.

submitted by Saint714

dissible - (DISS-ih-bul; adj.) 1. Able or worthy to be dissed; 2. Unworthy of compliment or praise. Also "dissibility": absence of worth, lack of respectability. [From "diss" plus "-ible."]

e.g., "Man! That guy is such a---" "Such a what?" "I don't know, but he's completely dissible!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

disthespia - The inability to remember what actor played what part.

e.g., I'm not sure whether it was Paul Newman or Fatty Arbuckle. Sorry, but I do have disthespia.

submitted by Arnie

distinktive - Describing something, which has a unique (not necessarily unpleasant) odor.

e.g., I immediately liked everything about her, especially herdistinktive scent.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

distorian - One who writes down history the way she wishes it had happened. Moreover, one who re-writes history after her influence has been felt. Related to distory, which is manipulated "historical" facts.

e.g., Napoleon, Columbus, and my uncle are all distorians. They don't care what really happened, as long as they look good in the end.

submitted by marie

distractified - Unable to focus attention due to too many thoughts jumbling the grey matter.

e.g., Sorry, Babe, didn't catch whatcha said, I was distractified.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

disturbing the peas - A serious offense over at the farm, where peas on earth need peas and quiet.

e.g., The penalty for disturbing the peas is banishment to the back a the barn.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

diswasher - The part of your brain you should scrub your most egregious insults with before uttering them. Especially to your friends.

e.g., Dammit, that came out before I ran it through my diswasher. She may never forgive me for saying that.

submitted by HD Fowler

ditch - Finish, stop doing, leave.

e.g., This sucks, let's ditch.

submitted by Shane

dithermonger - An exceedingly slow, irritating, and unconfident driver, usually elderly, and wearing a huge hat.

e.g., If we don't pass this confounded dithermonger, we won't be there for tea, let alone lunch.

submitted by Colin Tafel

ditzerqueen, ditzqueen - The lead girl in a group of ditzes. Ditzes are not very smart and never make decisions on their own.

e.g., See the tall blonde one? She's the ditzerqueen.

submitted by Stephen Free - (www)

diva living - High-end living on a budget--fashion clothing for bargain prices. Can also be used as a term for a fabulous attitude.

e.g., My new outfit is diva living!

submitted by Courtney - (www)

divalicious - Larger than life bitch diva.

e.g., No longer the country girl, the big bad city had turned her divalicious.

submitted by helene kay - (www)

divarce - A farcical divorce

e.g., When Joan and David got a divarce, the proceedings were laughable.

submitted by Earl Egdall

divarrhea - A compulsive or uncontrolled flood of pop vocal stylizations, as demonstrated by the inability of most current pop stars to sing a simple melody.

e.g., That girl on TV last night who tried to sing "Georgia on my Mind" had a serious case of divarrhea.

submitted by Johnny Hooper

diverse - One who is in the minority, especially ethnically, even if that person taken alone is comprised of only one ethnicity

e.g., Enrique is diverse; Ebonee is diverse; John is not.

submitted by LizardWizard - (www)

diversion pr - Diverting publicity from the actual achiever to another person, so the real achiever does not get too famous --or for whatever reason they want to limit his publicity. Diversion publicity.

e.g., Chris, our supervisor, practices diversion PR. She recently negated Joe’s work by getting the newspaper to take pictures of her buddy at the jobsite, making it appear as if her buddy had done the work Joe did.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

divicious - Divisive + vicious, with an echo of delicious.

e.g., The very thin but politically-aware Miss America contestant described efforts to discourage minority voting as divicious for our country.

submitted by wogerdodger

divorce corpus in absentia - Effectively split with another legally or otherwise, who is no longer with us in body or spirit. Separate by law even though the party in question has departed and gone to her final reward, amongst the flames, fires, and heat.

e.g., Thou mayest divorce thy previous spouse if thou wouldst, even though she now lies dead in her grave, if it come to thy attention that he, or she, Has heretofore been Unfaithful or Criminal or otherwise despicable. As they say in ancient Rome, divorce corpus in absentia. Thou art thereafter released from thy vows and are free to flirt and get hitched according to thy desire.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

divorce welfare sysytem (dws) - A welfare system wherein ex-husbands continue to support ex-wives after a divorce.  
The system is privately operated and funded by the parties themselves as opposed to the public system that is operated by the government and funded through taxes. Terms are determined through a private contract called a divorce decree.  
Soon-to-be ex-wives simply apply at their local county courthouse by filing a claim for divorce.  
Benefits typically include half of the ex-husband's savings, a portion of his current earnings, the payments of the ex-wife's attorneys' fees, and custody of the couple's children.  
Typically, the earnings stream from the ex-husband to the ex-wife is structured as an annuity with monthly payments for spousal and/or child support.  
Payments may be administered through the ex-husband's employer with the aid of the local child support enforcement agency. Penalties for non-compliance are applicable.  
The system has met with great success. Currently, over 50% of married couples are divorced. This frees ex-wives to find boyfriends or new husbands while continuing to be supported by former husbands. Several marriages and divorces are common since claims to the system are cumulative.  
Spousal support benefits end when the ex-wife remarries; however, child support continues until the children turn 18.  
Married women are encouraged to apply from friends who are already participating in the system. Men are discouraged to marry, preferring the financial safety and security of single women.

e.g., Sarah, after years of picking-up her husband's underwear, applied to the Divorce Welfare System. With the benefits she receives, her boyfriend and her take frequent vacations. |  
Susie confided to her best friend, Michelle, that she was unhappy because her husband works too hard to support their vacation home. Michelle encouraged her to apply to the DWS and find someone who will be by her side always.  
{ED. Sounds eminently fair to me.}

submitted by HC

divorcery - The anniversary of your divorce.

e.g., She feared she would be depressed on her divorcery, but she only thought of her ex a few times that day.

submitted by MaryClaire

divvy - A silly person. Div dov.

e.g., Chris crashed her car today whilst doing her make up -- what a divvy she is.

submitted by jayne k

dize - To deny or purposely not accept current conditions no matter the evidence on hand.

e.g., Iraq's Minister of Information dized every time he spoke during the war.

submitted by emil

dizzywalk - When someone is extremely happy and walks in a strange way that does not really make sense.

e.g., I'm so happy, I'm dizzywalking.

submitted by The Weirdo

django kill - A particularly nasty accident with the tomato ketchup; anything that looks gory but isn't. From the movie Django Kill.

e.g., That squashed fruit on the road is a django kill.

submitted by Adam Leslie - (www)

djeet - "Did you eat?" Common in the eastern United States.

e.g., Sally was curious if Joe was hungry, and asked: "Djeet yet?" Sadly Joe said yes, so Sally would have to wait for another day to ask Joe out again. (Poor Sally.)

submitted by Jeremy Wrezinski - (www)

djeroo - (n.) 1. the goal; 2. the horizon beyond which to go; 3. the frontier (the boonies); 4. the end. (From the ancient Egyptian _djeroo_).

e.g., "Okay, the djeroo is $100,000, let's get on the phones, people!" | "Where do you live? Off in the djeroo? I don't see you for months at a time." | "And they lived happily ever after---Djeroo."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

djfreeloader - "a person who has unjustifiably built up his own self image, while still relying on others to do anything for them"

e.g., "Awww that guy can't do anything, he's djfreeloader"

submitted by Muffin

djou - Did you. Occasionally "do you?"

e.g., Djou already wash the car?

submitted by EggieChan

dk - Someone with an unusually large or disproportionate head. And possibly stupid. Donkey Kong.

e.g., Bobby's head was so large they had to have helmets made especially for him. He was a dk extraordinaire. His ego matched his big head, making him a dkhead extraordinaire, too. UMR, early 1960s.

submitted by bob

dl - Short for down low, meaning secret.

e.g., Keep Wally's surprise party on the dl.

submitted by qnarf

dl - Down low. Kept undercover or at a low level of attention.

e.g., I been seein' Markie for a month now. Keep it on the DL, LD.

submitted by talor

dlingda - Something exciting or fun.

e.g., That club was dlingda . . . I think. I blacked out and can't remember a thing. Is that dangerous?

submitted by linn

dls - David Lynch Syndrome. The phenomenon that occurs most often when you are sleep-deprived where you see something very unusual and are not sure if it was real or you just hallucinated it.

e.g., I thought I saw that midget grope Melissa -- but it might have been DLS.

submitted by Quan Lee

dmy - Short for "Don't Mess Yourself." Used when someone overreacts

e.g., DMY, Chris. It was an accident.

submitted by Steohen

dnargchild - A grandchild that is the opposite of grand; a grandchild who has been brainwashed by one grandparent against another and then has little to do with the object of scorn. Usually the grandfather, brainwashed against by the divorced and evil grandmother who just loved to lie about and trash her ex-mate.

e.g., The dnargchild was brought up to believe his grandfather was worthless. Such a child never realizes that the constant brainwashing overrides all information her senses receive. She never recognises that what she has been told are lies.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

dnc - Despicable Nasty Cowards. What the former Democratic National Committee became when Bill Clinton's boy became its head.

e.g., The DNC was bad enough before, but it dropped even lower when Terry McAuliffe took over. In their most recent mad dog attack commercial, they accuse President Bush of misleading the American people in his 2003 State of the Union Address. However, they have deliberately cut the first six words of the infamous sixteen word sentence. The six words they exorcised: "The British government has learned that. . . ." Despicable. Guess who they are deliberately trying to mislead? The American people. Don't be fooled. By doing what they have done, they have assured that I will never again vote for a Democrat.

submitted by HD Fowler

dnephologue - A dialectic poem written on the internal organs or on the inside of the skin.

e.g., A subtle itch, perhaps on the bottoms of your feet, perhaps in an eyebrow or an ear, alerts you to the dnephologue inscribed within and which you may intuit but will never be able to read.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

dnf - "Does Not Finish" or "Did Not Finish." Used whenever several people are trying to do the same job at the same time and everyone else finishes ahead of one person.

e.g., We were all trying to cook omelets and Bill DNFed.

submitted by ditnis

do - "Slang meaning 'to do the sex act with or to' is from 1913." | Use action to express what you are thinking of.

e.g., I used to bring work home but I never got around to doing it. I much preferred to do my wife instead. | I will do my work for my future.

submitted by HD Fowler | Yie Keng Tee - (www)

do a kurt - To rise out of obscurity, to become or do something super-fantastic despite the people around you telling you that you can't. | To commit suicide.

e.g., Kurt Cobain became a rock star, despite being told he had no hope of making anything out of his life. So he was the first to do a kurt. | He died when he did a kurt.

submitted by Amy K

do a maxime - Dates back to 18th century France. Prince Maxime d'Aubernay de Bourgogne always wanted to have dinner before his subjects, so he would always go to the dining room first. The original expression used by cheeky residents was "Vous avez ? un maxime," but translated into English many times by the great translators gave us "You have been a Maxime." This has travelled to Britain and over the years evolved into what we have now as "You have done a maxime." Today, this means to eat before your friends or colleagues.

e.g., Have I seen Adrien? No, I'm afraid not. I think he's done a maxime.

submitted by Jamie P - (www)

do a runner - Used in the UK to refer to a person who leaves a restaurant without paying her bill.

e.g., Instead of trying to come up with some scheme to get out of paying their bill, why didn't the Julie Andrews and Robert Preston characters in _Victor Victoria_ just do a runner?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

do me a solid - Used in reference to asking a favor.

e.g., Do me a solid and pass me that eraser.

submitted by Eric Slater

do rag, do-rag - Wikipedia: "A do-rag, also spelled doo-rag or durag, is a simple piece of cloth tied at the back, used to cover the head."

e.g., The Bad Fads Museum, Conk Hairdo entry: "In order to keep the humidity from causing the hair to return to its natural curly state, men would wear fabric on their heads called do-rags."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

do the harold holt - To leave, or disappear. From Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, who went swimming at the beach one morning and disappeared without a trace. His body has never been found.

e.g., Come on, let's do the Harold Holt. This party sucks.

submitted by Ren Johnston

do what? - Used by rednecks when one is attempting to have you repeat what you've said.

e.g., "Hey, Bubba, what time is it?" "Do what?"

submitted by Dave

do'h - All-purpose exclamation as popularized by Homer Simpson. | (Made famous by Homer Simpson.) Used to show regret upon doing a stupid act or forgetting something.

e.g., "Hey, Homer, should your car be towed away like that?" "Do'h!" | "Homer, did you remember to wear pants?" "Do'h!"

submitted by Fuzzball | Neil - (www)

do-over - From childhood, a second chance that ignores the results of the first try; void results of first circumstance

e.g., After nervously fumbling her way through the client presentation, Jill left the meeting silently wishing for a do-over.

submitted by Stephanie

doa - Deteriorates on approach. Hot looking from afar but ain't quite the cutie you thought when she gets closer.

e.g., Jimmy, do you see that beautiful creature down at the corner? ... Uh, oh. DOA.

submitted by Lucy

doable - Able to be done. See "non-doable."

e.g., Since "non-doable" was already listed, Rebecca thought submitting its opposite for inclusion in the dictionary was doable.

submitted by rebecca

doag - A cigarette.

e.g., I was having a nicotene fit, so I asked my friend if I could bum a doag from his pack of Marlboros, not having any of my own.

submitted by The

dob up - To dob up something is to mess it up irreparably.

e.g., I was winning a game of chess, but then I lost my queen and dobbed it up.

submitted by The Travster

dobber - Someone who is acting dumb, stupid, silly. Lifted from a TV show.

e.g., Quit being such a dobber.

submitted by Steve

dobblefor - Try harder, use more effort, increase energy, go one better, push more.

e.g., The wagons when they get stuck in the mud or deep ruts -- dobblefor is often needed to get us on our way.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dobbler - A person of limited social ability.

e.g., Bob from Accounting is a real dobbler.

submitted by Alan Ramsey - (www)

dobo - A name for someone who does something idiotic.

e.g., Great move, dobo.

submitted by pippy

dobra - (n.) (DOH-bruh) A hybrid of a mare zebra and a jack donkey. (Etymology: portmanteau of donkey + zebra.)

e.g., On their way out of the zoo, the twins again passed the hybrids' enclosure. Anabel found the dobra's pattern of stripy and solid fur quite remarkable. Unfortunately, Spenser continued to look in the opposite direction.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

dobrissimo - Croatian -- better than dobro (good).

e.g., This wine is dobrissimo.

submitted by Joao Filipe

dobu - A person who is really difficult for no good reason.

e.g., Robert is being very dobu recently.

submitted by Robert Dale Younce - (www)

doc brown concussion - A sudden insight or inspiration caused by a violent, often accidental blow to the head. From Emmett "Doc" Brown, who came up with the flux capacitor when he fell off the toilet and hit his head on the bathroom sink.

e.g., When I banged my head on the planter, I must have given myself a Doc Brown concussion because afterward I readily figured out how to hook up the transmitter for the cordless headphones to the VCR.

submitted by Shaduan

docapy - Noun: "the feeling of disappointment when something is not as good as the first time it was experienced." Verb: "to experience the feeling of disappointment. . . ." Adjective: docapictic, docaptic. (All taken from CASR) "Dave, Craig and Paul were sitting in a pub (bar) around 1984 and decided to make up a word and see if they could get it into a dictionary. They took their initials and added some vowels and came up with «docapy». They also thought there should be a word for the feeling you get when you go back for seconds of something and it turns out not to be as good as the first time you had it."

e.g., I usually don't care that much for buffets -- I always end up with docapy. | Small children enjoy doing the same thing over and over and over, with no feeling of docapy or ennui. If they enjoy doing it the first time, they'll enjoy doing it again and again. Think bedtime stories. | I'm also convinced that it's a sign that children are maturing -- are starting to grow up -- when they start having feelings of docapy. Just my little speculation. I've never seen any research to substantiate what I've seen.

submitted by sammy (for Dave, Craig, and Paul) - (www)

doctopuss - A veterinarian who restricts her clientele to cats, large and small.

e.g., "Oh, my God, Morris the Cat's taken ill. Call a doctopuss." "Ummm, Morris is a tomcat. You'll need to call a regular vet." "No, that was an earlier Morris. This one's female. A doctopuss is what we need. . . . On second thought, though, I think maybe Morris isn't sick. She's about to give birth to kittens. There goes the business -- it had to be some stray that impregnated her. You knew about the morals clause in the contract, didn't you? Oh, well, do you know of any doctopuss who specializes in obstetrics?"

submitted by HD Fowler

doctor - One who has acted in an especially stupid manner, usually resulting in personal harm. A person with a PhD in stupid.

e.g., I was driving and wasn't payin' attention--fiddling with my cd--and I rear-ended a police car. I felt like such a doctor.

submitted by sao - (www)

doctress - 1. A wife of a doctor. 2. A female doctor who is very strict on her female identity (Drs.). 3. A doctor in feminology, irrespective of her gender. 4. A dress for a doctor. 5. A vicious high-pitched ranting emitted from an angered doctor (irrespective of gender).

e.g., 1. Jane Doe is a doctress to Dr. John Doe. 2. Drs. Barbara Smith is a doctress in libertology. 3. Jim McInnelly is a doctress (in feminology). 4. Jane is wearing her doctress at the party. 5. Dawkins is making a doctress about the evils of religion.

submitted by Lord Evil

documentate - To build a narrative and graphical description of a system.

e.g., Charlie decided to documentate the payroll application.

submitted by Kevin Ardis

documenteary - A TV report unusually replete with the weeping of crocodile tears.

e.g., A BBC documenteary reports on the USA's latest difficulties in Iraq.

submitted by Alan E Brain - (www)

documonial - A portmanteau of "documentary" and "testimonial." Best definition is a quasi-intellectual piece done in the style of what used to be known as "journalism" containing just enough verifiable facts to avoid being labeled an outright falsification, but still filled with unsubstantiated claims and statements by a small number of individuals and outliers and intended to serve the agenda of its creator. Closest synonym to date: "propaganda."

e.g., The latest documonial from #WalkAway encourages blacks to leave the Democratic party but offers little real proof as to why they should do this.

submitted by Bicycle Bill

docupause - (n.) the shatner-esque pause before the end of a clause that documentary narrators insert, believing it adds emphasis or suspense or something.

e.g., "The shattered glass [from collapsing buildings] will be taken up by the next great sandstorm, and slice through other structures ... until Phoenix ... ... is desolate. (from "Life after People.")

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

docupig - Michael Moore.

e.g., banger377: "I'd like to see a photo of the slaughtered docupig."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dode - 1. The last half-swallow of beer at the bottom of the mug. 2. Can also be used as a verb to describe a person.

e.g., 1. I'm all out of cash and all I've got left in my beer is the dode. 2. Chris is hitting on Danielle again. He's a dode.

submitted by bander - (www)

dode - Companion assigned to work together approaching strangers, teaching English, and going to shokes (see shoke) in Japan.

e.g., I think I can just make it to the Tanakas' shoke with my dode if we take the shink.

submitted by Kento

dodebt - People who choose to over-exercise their credit cards, or borrow money without any guilt.

e.g., I have used all my credit cards so I had to ask my brother for dodebt.

submitted by Scott Paul - (www)

dodgificated - Someone you don't really like -- and a bit dodgy.

e.g., You're a bit dodgificated, K.

submitted by kieran

dodgy-vision - A film or television program that has been illegally recorded or downloaded and then sold on the black market (or given to you by a particularly computer savvy friend). Generally of poorer quality than the master recording but often available weeks or even months prior to the films official release. (ED. Based on the Brits' 'dodgy': "false or dishonest; causing a lack of trust or confidence."

e.g., I watched that film months ago on dodgy-vision. It sucked.

submitted by Dan Savage - (www)

dodo - In golf, a birdie is playing a hole in one under par, an eagle in two under par, and a double eagle is a hole in two on a par-five hole. There was a time when a dodo was used to refer to a hole made in more than two strokes under par -- thus, a double eagle would also have been a dodo.

e.g., "If he pars the last hole, Bart, you're going to need a dodo to pull it out." "No, all I'd have to do is beat par -- we're playing match play and we're all even after 17."

submitted by HD Fowler

dodobber - A name for anything you don't know the name for.

e.g., While putting together the computer desk, I couldn't figure out where the little oblong dodobber went.

submitted by LaDonna

doey - Australian. Docile. Stupid.

e.g., That guy is pretty doey. I hit him with a frisbee and he gave me some peanuts.

submitted by Wordslinger

doflicky - The same as thingamabob or doohickey. Something for which you've forgotten or cannot remember the name.

e.g., Please hand me that doflicky over there next to that thingamabob.

submitted by David

dog - "a close, trusted friend- man's best friend."

e.g., Tony and Lester Joe are my dogs- I'd trust them with anything.

submitted by Bobby

dog - "adjective used to describe things that are gross, ugly, stinky, bad, etc"

e.g., "this tastes like dog" or "it smells like dog in here" or "she looks like dog"

submitted by Randi S - (www)

dog breath - What you have in the morning after a night of drinking a ton of beer, smoking a pack of cigs. . . .

e.g., Don't kiss me, you pig. Get some clothes on and get rid of that dog breath.

submitted by ChemicalB - (www)

dog salmon - What the residents of Alaska call the species of fish that is euphemistically labeled "pink salmon" at fish markets.

e.g., I've got a big sack of frozen dog salmon in the sled for the huskies.

submitted by Steve McDonald

dog whistle - I've been hearing this used as a political buzzword for quite a while and finally decided to check its meaning. Wikipedia » "Dog-whistle politics":Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. The phrase is only ever used as a pejorative, because of the inherently deceptive nature of the practice and because the dog-whistle messages are frequently themselves distasteful, for example by empathizing with racist attitudes. It is an analogy to dog whistles, which are built in such a way that their high-frequency whistle is heard by dogs, but is inaudible to humans."


  • Who says the pot can't call the kettle black? I thought it was a stupid saying when I first saw it in the "Terry and the Pirates" comic strip as a teenager -- well over 50 years ago. And I still think it's stupid.  
    I was skinny then, but I'm fat now -- and so is Michelle Obama. Somehow calling her fat is supposed to be a dog whistle as well as racist. To me, it's neither: it's a fact. |

submitted by HD Fowler

dog's breakfast - New to me. To put it mildly, something that's not done very well. British & Australian.

e.g., "I read that New York Times article and it's a dog's breakfast of left-wing talking points. Sad, really. The farm-team gets no credit."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dog's, the - "The dog's bollocks" -- meaning the very best. British Slang.

e.g., Did you see Dave's new car? It's the dog's.

submitted by ash

dog-ear - A dog-ear (dogear, dog's ear) is a turned down corner of a page in a book, used to mark your place. For those who use Firefox as a browser, a dog-ear add-on is available for marking points of interest in long web pages.

e.g., Dammit, when I loan you a book, I don't want it to come back dog-eared -- though that's considerably better than not getting it returned at all. (Get that, Gary T? That's for you.) | Since the number of words per page that display in searches has been increased, dog ears might be useful.

submitted by HD Fowler

dogfood - A verb from the high tech industry. Meaning to use what you are selling. From old TV commercials where a celebrity would endorse Alpo: "This is Lorne Greene. I feed my own dogs Alpo."

e.g., Bill Gates uses Microsoft Word. He has to show the world he's dogfooding.

submitted by Doug

dogfozzer - Sire of a French poodle (or by extension, any doggone canine). "Fozzer" is a French mispronunciation of "father." don't you see. And then there's "dogmuzzer,"' bitch of a French poodle. etc.

e.g., The pups' dogfozzer was duly registered and recorded and from a long line of fozzers and muzzers of the high classed poodle sort extending far back into antiquity and beyond, oodles of poodles.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dogged - The aftershock of going out with someone unhygienic.

e.g., After Mary got home from her date with Chris, she said she felt dogged.

submitted by Scott May

dogicide - When a hot dog can't take any more torture and hurls itself through the grill onto the coals.

e.g., If one more dog takes a dive, I'm gonna commit dogicide all on my own.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dogleg - Two sharp turns in a road or route. Each turn is usually close to 90 degrees.

e.g., He said go 1/2 mile up from the McGower Intersection, take the first left, then dogleg immediately right, then dogleg left again. The pizza place is then 6 miles up the road on your right.

submitted by Paul

dogless communism - The end state in Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, China, and North Korea if canine familiaris is not taken off the household menu.

e.g., You can forget the red herring "God" part. That's not what it's about, not when students are wearing their Ernesto Guevara de la Serna t-shirts. It's about revolution and . . . oh, all right, dogless communism. (Frankly, I’ve never understood why Soviet Communists had such an afursion to dogs, while the Chinese Communists have a taste fur them. Or is that some other Southeast Asia country? All those countries look alike to me.)

submitted by HD Fowler

doglet - A small dog; a puppy. See also: to rain moglets and doglets

e.g., To see TJ now, you would never believe that he had once been a doglet that would fit on one hand.

submitted by Colin Taffel

dogma style - Some people have no style at all. It's like they blew in from Pluto much less dark side of Moon, comrades. Dogma style [is] meaning, strictly according to rules and regulations, laws, requirements, demands. Once you get used to it, it's quite similar to that "Sharia" stuff. Try it, somebody else might like it ... not.

e.g., Mine autonomous Uncle once decided to live his whole life according to the Principles of Dogma Style, very interesting. The commune evolved into group of logically sensibly Controlled yet Satisfied Unit. Nex trep [sic], pull plug, allow extreme dogma style to metamorphose into next rational development, with divine intervention, if really necessary.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dogmadex - A ex-believer in various forms of dogma. The old illogical, irrational dogmas make them "mad as hell" and they aren't going to take it anymore.

e.g., Once you've achieved dogmadexhood, you aren't going to go back anymore.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dogmate-ic - Somebody who has no human friends and all their her are dogs. Dogmate-ics also preach the benefits of living like this.

e.g., Sharon used to be a close friend of my family, but then she went insane -- got reclusive and dogmate-ic.

submitted by L. Gillies

dogmeat pie - Something very unattractive or unsavory to look at or to eat. Blight.

e.g., I think Rusty hurt Mom's feelings when he referred to her special beef stroganoff as "dogmeat pie."

submitted by natalie

dognose - Dyslexic atheist's version of "God knows."

e.g., A. Where's Johnny? B. Dognose. Probably in the pub.

submitted by Anastasia

dogone - When you go to call the dog in from outside and he isn't there anymore, she is dogone.

e.g., I think Fido is dogone.

submitted by Melody - (www)

dogs - feet

e.g., It feels so good to let my dogs out (of my shoes).

submitted by Melissa

dogs know it - He's gay. From the Kids in the Hall movie "Brain Candy."

e.g., Do you think he is? Dogs know it.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

dogua - What's in my chihuahua's water dish.

e.g., Hey, Fido, thirsty for some more dogua?

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

dogumentarian - A dazzling dogmatic member of the doggone dogdom clan whose bard is worse than his bite.

e.g., As a dedicated dog-trotting dogumentarian, a fast-rising Dog Star in the House of Common Critters, and Prime Minister Responsible for Dogcatching & Dogwatching in the only nation on earth comprised of hot dogs and roasted weenies, Sir Wilfred Whiffin was not interested in letting sleeping dogs lie for too long unattended, so he obligingly left the comfort, security, and safety of his red- and yellow-striped doghouse with a heated dog-paddling pool to review the facts related to the latest doggo disaster and dire set of circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a high-profile dog and pony show from a dogleg vestibule in the Ministry of Dogsleds & Casual Living where a rather dog-eared, dog-faced, doggy-bag sort of fellow known by his colleagues as "Spot-On" accompanied by his associate, a dog-in-the-manger mule named "Frances," were practicing the limbo while waiting for some tootling top dogs to present a white paper on the need to fund a research study on the previously unexplored topic of who makes the best dogs-breakfast; frankly the whole thing didn't stand a dog's chance of success, which is why Sir Whiffin didn't want to woof too loudly as this might inadvertently cause a dogfight among among his dog-owning constituents, undoubtedly attract far too much negative attention from the mangy media, not to mention ruin his dogged determination to be re-elected for the twenty-third time as "Numero Uno on the Dog-Pile" -- meaning he would face an uncertain future if not a dogsbody destiny as a doomed dognapper (... and "biting the biscuit" certainly was not on his list of 10 fun things to do before he died and descended into a dog-eat-dog place like Pooch Purgatory).

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

dogwater - (interjection) 1. A curse comparing some thing or situation to either (a) water from which no healthy human being would be tempted to drink, or (b) dog pee. 2. Figuratively, a euphemism for any other taboo word, oath, or curse.

e.g., "Wow, you know, this Pony Malta stuff is pretty good. You want some?" "Nah, it's always tasted like dogwater to me." | "Okay, so that's a medium orange, B-complex, superhealth, organic mix Juicy. Would you like added fiber for an additional 90 cents?" "No! Dogwater! How many more choices do I have to make?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

dohab - Someone who's stupid or lacking in common sense. Dropped on Head at Birth.

e.g., Don't mind Fred, he's a DOHAB.

submitted by Asmor - (www)

dohickey - Otherwise known as the thingamajigger, whatchamacallit or "that thing that I don't know the name of." | Spelled as doohickey: wet stuff that forms on your hickey early in the morning.

e.g., What's that little dohickey do? | Say, what's that doohickey?

submitted by Aquila | zcarp

dohser - Adapted from "user" -- technology industry jargon for "customer" and the frequent utterance of Homer Simpson, "doh," meaning "I just said something stupid." Hence, a dumb user is a "dohser." Do-zer.

e.g., And then the dohser said, I didn't realize the drink holder on my PC would also play CD-ROMs.

submitted by alan jones - (www)

doi - A response to any statement of the obvious.

e.g., "Wow that accident must have hurt." "Doi."

submitted by B. Baltimore Brown - (www)

doike - To move your body in a certain way to produce a bad way of playing certain sports.

e.g., Kiri doiked her shoulder around which prevented her from scoring points in basketball.

submitted by Kiri Marscha

doing my nut in - Annoying you.

e.g., "She's doing my nut in!" or "He does my nut in."

submitted by Bob

doing stuff - To do amazingly well at something. Pinball slang from Ohio State, taken from the kid's usual answer to the question "What have you been doing?"

e.g., He got the high score on that machine -- he's really doing stuff now.

submitted by Curt

doing the muskie - Crying in public, especially if the person doing the crying is a politician.

e.g., Who says there's no crying in politics? Doing the Muskie may have turned Hillary into the comeback kid. See.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

doink - Someone lacking sufficiant cranial capacity. A moron, idiot etc.

e.g., That doink just ate all the food and drank all the beer for the party tonight.

submitted by pylorns - (www)

doinkle - A moment that happens when one becomes really embarrassed because her stupidity or faults are exposed to the world.

e.g., After Chris fell down the stairs at school, his friend noticed the doinkle that he had made.

submitted by Aaron Dorsey

doinks - conbination of two words meaning the same thing in two languages. originally Doh jeh (thank you in cantonese) and thanks in english. when someone of mixed race or lacking in proficiency in a new language speaks and without realizing uses conbinations of two languages, Invented by my two year old. now used as much as possible under any circumstances.. I doink, you doinked, he/she doinks... ...doinks for listening.

e.g., cuppa? yes please... there you go... 'doinks'

submitted by Ian

dol - DropOut Loser. An older person who hangs out with younger kids (especially members of the opposite sex) and seems to be at the local high school more than she should after she has graduated. A person who does not receive her diploma.

e.g., Frankie, a 19 year old Dol, is going out with a freshman.

submitted by Chris Peterson - (www)

dolapost - Strictly used in online forums; a dolapost is one's reply to one's own post, with no other posting by others in between.

e.g., I responded to my post, but I did label it as a dolapost.

submitted by Mark - (www)

dole - Slang for unemployment.

e.g., I'll never be able to work again--I've been so spoiled living on the dole.

submitted by dens

dole bludger - Australian slang: "someone who avoids employment and exploits the system of unemployment benefits"

e.g., raymondvilla • 11 hours ago "Western govts are doing the same thing. Offshoring thousands of jobs to the Phillipines, Asia, and India. Shocking. Moving their own people onto the welfare rolls and beating them around the ears for being dole bludgers. Pure evil."

submitted by [raymondvilla]

dole-bludger - Aussie slang for someone who couldn't bother getting a job and lazes on the Australian fortnightly payment program called "the dole."

e.g., My mate is a dole bludger. He's too lazy to get a job.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

dollar three eightyfive, a - A nonsensical price for when one does not want to give the real price.

e.g., How much did my Lexus cost? A dollar three eightyfive.

submitted by Slick

dolled up - Dressed up, embellished.

e.g., I sold the car as soon as I dolled it up a little. | I'm going to this big club tonight, so I need to get all dolled up.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

dollywood - Where Parton is outstanding.

e.g., June is bustin' out all over Dollywood; in fact, same as the other 11 months.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dolphin - The act of a vehicle on a roadway to speed up when another is attempting to pass, then slowing down again. Refers to the behavior of dolphins riding the bow waves of ships.

e.g., The trucker tried to pass the car over and over, but each time she got up close and pulled out to pass, the car would dolphin on her.

submitted by Loren Riano

dolphin clicking - When two people of similar interests can talk in a language that is not common.

e.g., I'm really glad you two met; you seem to be dolphin clicking.

submitted by derrick

dolphin order - A quick "no" in an order issued in response to a motion put before a judge that sounds like the noise a dolphin makes.

e.g., This guy filed a motion to compel the judge to give him a zillion dollars so she filed a dolphin order.

submitted by Dane Rauschenberg

dolt - Arcane word used by aficionados of Dungeons & Dragons to describe a stupid person. A real word.

e.g., You can't microwave a metal spoon, you dolt.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

doltergeist - A ghost that decides to haunt someplace stupid, such as your septic tank. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., The plumber found evidence of the doltergeist when he fixed my leaky pipe.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

domainopause - Condition of wanting to register that swank or supposedly-clever domain name, but holding off or not being able to because it just isn't practical or affordable.

e.g., I almost lent my roommate the 30 bucks to register "" so I wouldn't have to listen to him bemoaning his domainopause all month. I didn't because I know he'd never pay me back. Besides, the name's taken. I think he was just trying to screw me out of some dough.

submitted by Jason

dome - "your head, above the face."

e.g., "John just got mugged! They slapped a lead pipe against his dome!"

submitted by dust

domemuck - (Commode, pronounced backwards, sort of.) A foul situation as in a large place like a stadium, where the plumbing is overtaxed and things are thoroughly mucked up

e.g., If you think old fashioned honey dumpers had a chore on their hands, consider the modern cleanup crew of hundreds who have to deal with domemuck and the like. It's not a pretty sight.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

domicidal maniac - Passionate domicile keeper and upgrader.

e.g., When it became clear that the family reunion was to be at her home, Giovanna became a domicidal maniac.

submitted by Frank J. Mandriota

domicile theft - I am receiving "offers" for "pre-approved" credit cards, etc. that has my correct domicile address but is being sent to some unknown person. This person has never lived at my address, according to my landlord, but goggling my address shows this person as living there. Goggling his name results in the same. Goggling MY name correctly shows me as living at my address. I've decided to call what's happening domicile theft. | The fact that Saddam Hussein does not now nor has ever lived at my address combined with my receiving mail under his name at my address is domicile theft.

e.g., As far as know, domicile theft is not a crime. {ED. Interestinly enough, just yesterday -- before I saw this submittal -- I opened a web-based email address:}

submitted by Jimmy Roy - (www)

dominize - 1. To line up dominoes in interesting patterns and knock them over, causing the domino effect. 2. To do this with any other multiple rectangular objects. 3. To utterly destroy the whole by defeating one small part, much in the same manner.

e.g., Did you see that episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos" where those guys dominized a thousand empty VHS cases? That was awesome.

submitted by BigAssFries

dominoesque - Relating to or resembling dominoes in function. Manifesting a "domino effect."

e.g., Smiling at someone can make them smile, and the results are dominoesque.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

domolaboritis - Domo (home), labor (work). Alergic to homework, especially speling.

e.g., She has a bad case of domolaboritis, as suggested by her grades.

submitted by Tomkat

domular - Dome-you-lar. Used when complimenting someone on something that usually isn't complimented.

e.g., My, Sharon, your shoulders are looking so domular--and your ankles are, too.

submitted by Brian - (www)

don - Generally speaking, "don" is synonomous with "good." It comes from an Australian ad for a cold meat company called Don, which ends with the line "Is Don, is good."

e.g., That's don, Darlas. Really don.

submitted by Jean Luc Campbell

don't harsh my buzz - Found several places it was used and the phrase seems to be used basically to mean something along these lines:

  • Don't be bringin' me down from my high.
  • Don't rain on my parade.
  • I'm havin' a good time. Don't be spoilin' it.

    e.g., "Man," he said, "why do you always have to harsh my buzz? Every time I have a great idea, you try to squash it before it gets anywhere."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

don't implode - An exhortation not to lose structural stability in an emotional or melodramatic fashion.

e.g., I know you'll have trouble carrying on the party without me, but don't implode.

submitted by Phatax - (www)

don't mess with me, man. i'm a scientist - Uttered by Peter Venkman (Bill Murray's character) in the movie Ghostbusters. Basically used when someone is in your face, hassling you.

e.g., "Hey, are you gonna move your car or what?" "Don't mess with me, man. I'm a scientist."

submitted by David Weathers - (www)

don't mind my skin-colored shoes. - Used when walking around the office without shoes. A disclaimer of sorts to warn those around you that you have let the "dogs out." It's a courtesy thing.

e.g., You are walking to the fax machine without your shoes. You pass a random co-worker and politely say, "Don't mind my skin-colored shoes; I'm just picking up a fax," then smile.

submitted by Karinne

don't sleep on - Don't underestimate something or someone.

e.g., Don't sleep on Max Dugan Returns. It's a classic.

submitted by Bob

don't-ask - For a situation or feeling that is generally unpleasant and, well, you just don't want to talk about it.

e.g., JaneDoe. So, John, I hear you spilled coffee all over your boss's dress. JohnDoe. Don't-ask.

submitted by JohnDoe - (www)

donc - French for "so." Used when someone says something really obvious or you don't know where she's heading next with what she's saying.

e.g., A. I'm going to go diving with some big, chunky octopuses tomorrow. B. Donc?

submitted by JP

done - Word is used to shorten the phrase "into trouble."

e.g., If I stay out that late again, I'll get done.

submitted by Lauren

doneanddone - finished this, finished that.

submitted by theSman

donedamonious - A task that required new effort to complete.

e.g., My first submission to the pseudodictionary is donedamonious.

submitted by Phil Bradley

dongle - Anything hanging off the back of something else that doesn't appear to serve an identifiable purpose.

e.g., A: What's that cable coming out of your laptop? B: That'd be the dongle.

submitted by wnpxnff

donkey - Ass. When "ass" might not be a suitable appellation for admonishing someone -- say, in polite company -- "donkey" can be used. {Edit, by Lillith. You're showing your age, HD. The term polite company is so old-fashioned as to be almost unrecognizable. Just file it away in your relic bin. You can dust it off and bring it out when you write your mangnum opus.}

e.g., Don't be a donkey.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

donkey's years - A very long time, eons. The expression is said to be a punning reference to the length of donkey's ear, but I haven't confirmed that yet.

e.g., I haven't seen Wayne in donkey's years.

submitted by HD Fowler

donkeyize - To make an entity overwhelmingly Democrat -- not democratic.

e.g., The more I think about it, the more I think the Democrats in control in mid-1960s Washington wanted to completely donkeyize the country with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. | From now on, I'll look on the donkeyizing of the United States as foremost among the long-term results of Kennedy's assassination.

submitted by [donkeyizer] - (www)

dontalistic - The state of being embraced with passion and excitement.

e.g., The play was filled with dontalistic.

submitted by Garnett

dontbious - The opposite of dubious.

e.g., You can trust Steve painting in your house, he's dontbious kinda guy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

dontcarified - Southern slang used for one who simply doesn't care.

e.g., Don't count on him doing nothing about it, cuz he's just as dontcarified as they come.

submitted by Julie G. Klein

donucular - Cylindrical or hemi-spherical.

e.g., That bowl is really donucular. So is that tire.

submitted by Colin

donut - To drive your car in a tight circle.

e.g., Hang on, I'm gonna pull a donut!

submitted by Ashe

doo-di-doo - A cardboard tube from the middle of a roll of paper towels that is used as a trumpet.

e.g., What instrument does Greg play? All he can handle is the doo-di-doo.

submitted by Greg Pings

doo-lalley-tap - Mentally unfit.

e.g., She collects door frames and drinks lighter fuel. I think she's doo-lalley-tap.

submitted by Stephen Cree - (www)

doobeefurkin - USB Flash Drive, male apendage, a drunken response regarding bedroom activity.

e.g., I have all the information on my doobeefurkin. | Don't be pokin' me with your doobeefurkin. | U wah go we doobee (burp) furkin?

submitted by Giff Foster

doobery-furk - A generic replacement for a word you really want say but your brain is not functioning fast enough.

e.g., Where did I put the doobery-furk? Is doobery-furk coming out tonight?

submitted by Andy Hunt

doobery-sprocket - something or someone you can't remember the name of.

e.g., "Oh, look over there it's erm... doobery-sprocket"

submitted by gel

doobie features - Double features at the drive-in you went to on Friday and Saturday nights with your buds when you were a teenager -- your main objective being to be where you could smoke a joint or two more or less in peace.

e.g., "Hey, Jay, wanna go to a doobie feature with me this comin' Saturday night? I'll drive." "My girl and I have plans for Saturday night, big guy. If we can make it for Friday, I'm in." "Done, my buddy. You're bringin' the fixin's this time -- you owe me big time." "Rats ... but you're right. I do. I'll have to push Pops for another advance on my allowance, though. I've already tapped him through the end of next year. Might as well get started on the twenties."

submitted by HD Fowler

doobrey - generic noun for something whose name you can't remember, or just can't be bothered using.

e.g., If it doesn't fit just whack it with the doobrey.

submitted by nick - (www)

doobs - A boyfriend, usually a dolt, an idiot male companion. Origin: Northside Chicago, akin to "Chad"; unsuccessful player type. Related words: Doobhole, schDOOBid, Doobed (as in "I got Doobed"), Doobious, Doobers.

e.g., Frickin' Doobs got two beers splashed in his face when he showed up at the party with a date. He had no idea his girlfriend would be there -- and manning the drink station

submitted by SugarBaby

doocy - Really great or cool.

e.g., I love your dress. It's doocy. (As with UK rhyming slang, Fox TV morning viewers might say, "It's Steve."}

submitted by margot biggs

dood - Same as dude, only way cooler.

e.g., Dood, whadup?

submitted by Ian Mack

doodadderie - From The Nation. Doodads which have little or no long-term value, especially a large quantity of them.

e.g., "That money went into retail spending at the mall, on vacations, new cars, and other forms of happy doodadderie. If house prices stop going up, the 7 percent vanishes and there must be a huge drop in retail sales, which are the single largest force keeping the prosperity balloon in the air. Add on to that what high gasoline prices are doing to the automobile industry, and most people's flat or declining incomes, and you have the makings of a fairly decent recession."

submitted by James

doodletext - Text without meaning. Often found in newspaper, magazines, and government papers.

e.g., Worse than meaningless drivel, it's doodletext.

submitted by John Hanson

doodlism - An abstract art form in which a bored student draws randomly in his notebook, accidentally creating an interesting image.

e.g., Math class has inspired many works of doodlism.

submitted by Tim

doof - Someone silly or funny.

e.g., Chris thinks he's funny, but he's the wrong kind of doof.

submitted by SiTh EmPrEsS - (www)

doof - Australian slang for a rave party -- refers to how loud the bass is.

e.g., You going to the doof out in the bush?

submitted by ned lidbury - (www)

doof - Waterproof dirt -- for that annoying thing kids do when they are told to wash their hands. They never wash their hands properly and leave dirt on the towel.

e.g., I called my boys in for dinner and told them to wash their hands first. When I went up to the bathroom, there was doof all over the towel.

submitted by Alex

dooficious - Adjectival form of doofus. Adverbial form = dooficiously.

e.g., It is redundant to say that a dooficious doofus is waiting dooficiously in the dungeon.

submitted by Dr. John Holman - (www)

dooflinky - A word used for any noun that is not a person. Another name for a dinglehopper.

e.g., Bring me that dooflinky on the counter. | Turn the dooflinky off.

submitted by ryan - (www)

dooflotchy - Can mean anything meant to mean something one says. Use it anywhere for anything.

e.g., "This dooflotchy's giving me a rash." "Ummmm, no. I think that came from your fling with Chris."

submitted by Matt&Cole - (www)

doofus - Doofus may be used to refer to an incompetent, inept, foolish, or stupid person. What's the difference between a doofus and an idiot? I think of a doofus as acting or being or looking silly and an idiot as acting or being or looking stupid. Not so different, eh?

e.g., Andy, stop acting like a doofus. You know better than to be making that kind of face at your sister. It just causes fights . . . and I can damn well live without unnecessary friction.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

doogleblossom - Name for a student who is annoying yet loved by the teacher.

e.g., Mrs. West calls her students doogleblossom.

submitted by Natalie

doognoobit - Interjection used to express anger, irritation, or disappointment.

e.g., Doognoobit! I forgot my pen in my locker!

submitted by lauryn

dooley - An object that, while you know what you're speaking about, you can't remember its proper name. Therefore it is up to the other person to figure it out and take appropriate action.

e.g., The dooley on the car isn't working. You know, the thing that keeps it from rusting.

submitted by Michelle

dooley - A person who tries to look or act cool but really comes off like a moron.

e.g., Check out Dooley over there acting like a moron.

submitted by Andrew Ernandis

dooly - Usually used as "the dooly." Means the same thing as "the down low" i.e., keep it quiet, don't tell anyone

e.g., Tom and Jane broke up, but it's a secret, so keep it on the dooly and don't tell anyone.

submitted by sam asarnow - (www)

doom sickness - Nausea from excessive playing of 1st person POV computer games.

e.g., It doesn't feel like 9 o'clock, maybe because I'm normally suffering from Doom Sickness by now.

submitted by adam leslie

doomaflop - Used for a multiple syllable word that you can't remember or do not understand (First heard this word when a friend was telling about his new computer.)

e.g., Jason: "My new computer has 650 doomaflops and a cd-rom."

submitted by DeBuG

doomafloppy - Worthless, limpy piece of thing.

e.g., That dead worm is nothing but a doomafloppy.

submitted by Anuwikir

doomdiful - Full of doom.

e.g., "The squirrel was very doomdiful." "How can that be? Did it have chicken flu or something?" "No, it was very big squirrel. Bigger than a bus."

submitted by Rebecca

doomdo - Doing under pressure eventually leading to doom

e.g., Afer being pulled up by the management, the team attempted to undo, redo and eventually doomdo their project

submitted by Shashidhar Varanasi - (www)

doomey - Derived betwixtfrom doom and gloomy.

e.g., Being cash-poor at the end of the month, makes for a doomey rent day.

submitted by ~ Anuwikir ~

doon - Good looking guy.

e.g., Richard Gere used to be a doon, but Paul Walker's my main doon now. If only he could act -- he might last another five or six years.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

dooododoo - A ditty sung when you have nothing to say, or bored.

e.g., Are you bored because you just sang your "dooododoo" song?

submitted by charles cho - (www)

door knob - A person incompetent, small-minded and downright stupid.

e.g., Chris is just a door knob.

submitted by chris - (www)

door-jam - What you spread on door-bread.

e.g., This door-bread is tasteless. Can you hand me some door-jam, please?

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

doordyslexic - A condition where a person is unable to follow directions for opening a door -- e.g., when a person tries to push open a door when a sign clearly says "pull."

e.g., I just tried to push open the door, when on the handle it said "pull." I'm a doordyslexic.

submitted by Lisa Perry

doork - You know when you approach a store, and the door says "exit only"? The person who tries to go through these doors anyway is a doork.

e.g., The doork couldn't understand why he couldn't enter the store through the exit.

submitted by darren

doosh - The number between wunch and treesh in Anglo-Martian.

e.g., Wunch, doosh, treesh, dheez be dha lo'es treesh numburen.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

doosra - Other or alternate; mostly in South Asian (desi) culture. Doosra hand: other hand. In Cricket, the famous "doosra ball": a ball delivery of world record holder spin bowler, Murali, which spins in direction other than the normal or apparent direction.

submitted by Mian Waheed

dootdoot - Expression of boredom, usually to break the silence.

e.g., In an effort to get you to talk, Drew would mumble, "Dootdoot."

submitted by garetj - (www)

dooter tube - The stiff gray tube left over after all the paper towels have been used which some people can't resist talking or singing into like a megaphone.

e.g., I played the Cavalry Charge with the dooter tube.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

doovelacki - Term can be used for any small object that one cannot remember the name of. Usually used as an alternative to "television remote control."

e.g., Did you take the doovelacki again? That's cruel. You know it causes an anxiety attack.

submitted by Emily McConnell

doover - Miscellaneous item, usually one you can't remember the name of. Substitute for thingo. Can be extended to "dooverlakie."

e.g., I left the thingo on the doover.

submitted by lauren

dooverlarkey - Alternative spelling & pronunciation of "dooverlackie," for a more relaxed flavour.

e.g., Hand me that pointy dooverlarkey so I can get this screw out, would you?

submitted by sandoz

doovy - "adjective: good, interesting. particularly if useful"

e.g., "i like my new stereo, it's a pretty doovy piece of kit"

submitted by graham - (www)

dope off da heezy - Very cool and outrageous. It can also be used as a mockery of something.

e.g., Clyde, that's dope off da heezy.

submitted by alex

dope phene - This can be found on the internet as a malaprop for "dope fiend." | The word "dope" has been around as slang for a long time. Since the 1980s: awesome, cool, enjoyable, excellent, fun, good, great, superb, very attractive, etc. "Phene" is a word used in biology: a genetically determined characteristic. Hence, "dope phenes" could be "good genes."

"Dope" has other slang meanings as well: drugs, fool, information, and as a verb "figured" -- "I had the situation doped out," or "I had it doped as. . . ." = "I had it figured for (as). . . ."

e.g., Why anyone would want to listen to that dope phene Rush Limbaugh is beyond my understanding. | From what I've heard, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III got some dope phenes from his father's side of the family. His grandfather practiced law until he was 101 years old, and lived to be 104. In 2007, a federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, was named after the first Rush Hudson Limbaugh.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

dopeler effect - The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you in rapid succession. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., Only after I got out of that meeting did I realize that it was just the presentation's Dopeler Effect that caused me to like the idea: a motel for chickens, adjoining an "all you can eat" feedhouse, and KFC franchise right next door.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

doppelgang - (Rhymes with "pop'll fang"; v.) 1. to go about as someone else, either by disguise or identification theft; 2. to masquerade as a particular person, as at a costume party vel cet.; 3. to do an [excellent] impersonation of someone; 4. to resemble somebody else to the point that others mistake you for the other.

e.g., "Holy cow! Elvis?!" "No, I'm not Elvis. I just look a bit like him." "A bit?! You're Elvis Presley!" "No, I'm not." "Yes, you are! Back from the dead!" "I'm just doppelganging, okay? Pretend." "Yeah, right. Hey, everybody! Look who's back! Elvis Presley!" "For the last time, I am not ... aaaaa." "Get his picture!" "Get his autograph!" "Get his clothes!" | "Man, you always doppelgang Sean Connery. Go as someone else this year." "How about Elvis Pre... aaaa!" "Get his hair!" | "Hey, if you're so good, sing like Elvis." "Love me tender, love me swee ... aaaaa!" "Get a blood sample!" | "We're here with world-famous impressionist Frank Caliendo. Fran, we've seen you doppelgang Seinfeld, Jonathan Winters, De Niro, Clinton, Bush, well, just about everyone else. Can you do Elvis Presley?" "Sure ... 'Thank you very mu... aaaaaa!" "Dibs on his knee caps!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

doppy - Very awkward, lacking physical coordination -- such as a dog between puppy and adult stage. Note: I thought everyone knew this word. I moved one hour from where I grew up, used the word and no one knew what it meant. I conducted a poll and concluded that it's understood in the city of Canton.

e.g., Rollie Paws looked doppy as he walked across the stage.

submitted by Christine Hudak

dorbilune - (Pronounced just like "door balloon"; adj./adv.) 1. "not from where I'm standing"; 2. a statement that, from far enough away, things deemed distant do not appear all that far apart. [From the Latin_de_orbi_lunae_"from the [perspective of] the orbit of the moon"; the idea being that what seems like a "long time" in some contexts may, from an older or longer perspective, appear much shorter.] Cf. "jux."

e.g., My children, for example, always drew enormous distinctions between the ages of, say, six and ten. From my dorbilune perspective (~50), however, their "huge difference" appears almost insignificant. | London and Paris are separated by 900 kms, but, dorbilune, they're right next to one another.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

dord - A non-existent word entered in the second edition of Webster's New International Dictionary by mistake. A "ghost word." I wish to submit it to get it back in a dictionary. Let's say it means "density."

Jason offers up this: "(dôrd), n. density of mind; chiefly exhibited by one who attempts to demonstrate supposed knowledge -- adj. dord'ish." That suggests "dord" as a synonym for stupidity or for one who is stupid, a fool.

e.g., Water has a greater dord than air. | More than a few of my entries in the pd have come across as dordish. | You listened to Chris and went into business with him? Jeez, didn't you know what a dord he is? Not to mention his more unfortunate characteristics -- such as a lack of character.

submitted by Justin Shertzer - (www)

dordopheck - A clodpolish schlimazel who proves her utter worthlessness as a human being every time she tries to succeed at anything at all, someone afflicted with the Charlie Brown Syndrome.

e.g., I can't do anything right today. I'm feeling like a dordopheck.

submitted by Michael Freund - (www)

dorian gray - Someone looking very pretty whose appearance doesn't change.

e.g., "There is, some scientists say, a real Dorian Gray among us — someone who, through a mixture of good genes, healthy lifestyle and timely medical interventions, will give every illusion of staying young throughout an extraordinarily long life." («The Sunday Times» 29.05.12)

submitted by Irina

doriangray, n. v. - After Oscar Wilde's 1891 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray about a man who led a very malicious, self-indulgent life but showed no signs of aging or getting damaged by his recklessness. A painting of him did age, however. Can be used as a noun or a verb.

e.g., Oh, don't be intimidated by them, they're just a bunch of doriangrays: pure on the outside, twisted on the inside. She really knows how to doriangray, that girl; you'd never guess how much trouble she's gotten herself into.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

dorianism - Someone who is obsessed with staying young and beautiful. Dorian Gray.

e.g., Mrs. Rousseaus suffers from dorianism.

submitted by Tony

doris - A parking spot right out front of where you want to be

e.g., "I'd thought I'd have to park miles away, but I jagged a doris."

submitted by grant

dork - Since there are so many variations of the word already on the site, why would I add another? I can tell you why: so I can use something I wrote to my son and daughter. What caught my attention originally was the sunglasses my victim has on -- essentially her dork imprimatur. … Now, let's see, for a written description I'll use what I found at … no, first of all I'm going to tell you what a dork is not: a dork is not a whale's penis, not specifically. UrbanLegends: "In spite of what you're apt to read on any of over 10,000 Web pages, the word 'dork' does not mean (and has never meant) 'whale penis.'" While it's true that dork has been slang for a penis since Hector was a pup (but I wasn't, in the early '60s), it's not specifically associated with a blue whale -- or with any whale, for that matter. With that out of the way. Dates for the first known use of dork range from 1961 to 1967, depending on the online dictionary consulted.  
I found the following definition for a dork to be in agreement with my notion of a dork: "a socially inept, unfashionable, harmless person." Dorks are considered to be more sociable than geeks or nerds, but still socially inept. If the word had been in play when I was a student, I think I might not have minded that much being called a dork, but would have taken unkindly and been hurt being called a geek or a nerd. If you think someone's a dork, you might be better off just to say "She's not with it" and leave it at that.  
Some say a dork is not to be confused with any of those named in the list below, but many others consider these words synonymous with dork. Your call -- just be sure to use the right word for what you have in mind -- that is, le mot juste.  
See fool for possible synonyms and related words.

Definitely dorky looking, though, in one picture I found of her wearing huge sunglasses, a hat (?), and a white scarf. (Nope, no hat. No scarf either -- that's her arm, under her chin. Now who's the dork? Well, anyone whose skin is so pale it looks like a white scarf almost has to be a dork, right? Certainly if she's 39 or younger.) Dork personified. They should use a picture of her where dork's defined in dictionaries -- which I just may do in the pd. Bonkers, no; mean-spirited and nasty sometimes, yes. Think of it this way: It's just Dad being Dad.

submitted by HD Fowler

dork stamp - A hellomynameis-style nametag. | A special nametag for new retail employees indicating that they are, in fact, new.

e.g., I hate parties where the host insists everyone wear a dork stamp. | Marty lost his nametag, so he was given a dork stamp to wear today.

submitted by Kid Handsome

dork-style - When you're sitting at a table by yourself in a restaurant or cafeteria -- because it makes you feel like a dork with no one else sitting with you.

e.g., Ed: I'm back. Ted: Good, I was getting tired of rocking it dork-style.

submitted by ditnis - (www)

dorkana, dorkano - Female form of the word "dork." As in the possible Spanish form. Dorkano for males. Used to mean stupid (in a funny way) or just not thinking. This is not a mean term, but rather a term to jokingly make fun of someone and bring attention to her action that caused her to look so goofy.

e.g., Sally couldn't believe what a dorkano her friend was when he licked the ice cream store sign's large ice cream cone.

submitted by Stephanie Davis - (www)

dorkanator - Some one with dorky qualities. Dorkinator.

e.g., Linda was such a dorkanator she enjoys spelling bees.

submitted by Dawn - (www)

dorkasaurus - Someone who is so intensely dorky, the word dork alone will not do her justice. See "jerkosaurus."

e.g., Check out the pocket protector on that dorkasaurus. | Did you see where the Virginia House of Delegates passed legislation making it against the law to wear your pants low in a "lewd or indecent manner"? Dorkasauruses, eh?

submitted by Punkstar Amy

dorkified - For something that has been made dorky.

e.g., My brother got dorkified when he turned thirteen.

submitted by natalie

dorkify - Used as a transitive verb: to debase or make nerdy or unweildy or any other negative connotation.

e.g., You dorkify everything you touch. Nice blouse, nice skirt -- but stripes and plaids don't match. Change something.

submitted by s

dorkis maximus - A person who attempts to do the right thing (save the trees) but ends up tripping over a log inhabited by rabid squirrels who then rampage about biting all the birds and the bees in the forest, thus producing rabid honey that is fed to infants under three years old, which causes a horrible decline in the human population.

e.g., As everyone turns to said dorkis maximus, she falls face-flat into a mud puddle with mud guppies jumping all over her.

submitted by Sherry

dorkmada - An armada of dorks.

e.g., Uh-oh, the dorkmada over at is trying to start another humor contest.

submitted by Kristofor - (www)

dorkmata - The tell-tale signs of dorkiness nearly always exhibited by dorks and sometimes exhibited by regular people, including but not limited to black, plastic-framed glasses, pocket protectors, sci-fi show tee-shirts.

e.g., I’m sorry, Frances, but I can’t be seen with you in public. You’re exhibiting the dorkmata, and I don’t care to be associated with it.

submitted by Ana

dorko - Less offensive form of jackass.

e.g., Hey, dorko. Watch where you're going.

submitted by nh

dorktron - A person who rigidly controls every part of her life. A dorktron will be very tidy and organized, with a strict schedule and complex organization system. The problem with a dorktron is that if her system fails or something becomes out of place, she may freak out.

e.g., Did you see Karah's locker? She's a dorktron.

submitted by Kara

dorkus amorkus - Someone beyond being a dork.

e.g., Sup, dorkus amorkus?

submitted by natalie

dorkus ficus - A dork, nerd.

e.g., Quit being a dorkus ficus.

submitted by Monica Fermin

dorkus malorkus - A huge dork. The Simpsons.

e.g., It's not "dorkus amorkus," you dorkus malorkus.

submitted by pete - (www)

dorkusamongus - Trolls on BBSes. One who posts to provoke an inflammatory response and then deletes his or her posts after the desired result has been achieved,

e.g., Kimberly Lazarski, known as a dorkusamongus, often flamebaits on ISCABBS.

submitted by Kimberly Lazarski

dorlk - "Dork" and "dolt" smushed together. A clumsy and stupid person.

e.g., Chris is a dorlk. He's trying to pry open someone else's locker between classes.

submitted by Nodey

dorlt - "Dork" + "dolt." An immature and ignorant human being. In other words, a typical teenager.

e.g., Chris is still a dorlt. Always will be.

submitted by Kinosh¡ta

dorm food - "Food" in name only, this material is manufactured from wool and garbanzo beans and delivered to dorm cafeterias the world over. Its only useful function is that you get money from your parents by claiming you will buy and eat it. Don't.

e.g., This lentil pie your mom made is dorm food. Let's go get anything else and eat that instead.

submitted by mouser

dormet - (door-'may) High quality food made without an oven or stove; gourmet in a dorm. | Chef who creates great food with only small appliances.

e.g., We couldn't get reservations, so we brought out the hot plate and made dormet.

submitted by Erich Clark

dorniker - Large stone or rock. A dorniker is a large stone that hinders your work in the field, work such as plowing or disking. It's not in any dictionary and seems to be a local term, not a made-up word on my part. Maybe someone has heard of it.

e.g., Rats, broke my blade on a dorniker again.

submitted by Vance Burdick

dorsajar - Unfinished feeling you are left with when you go to do something, get distracted, and temporarily forget what it was you were going to do. Similar to deja vu. From the car alert prompt "The door is ajar."

e.g., I was running late so I put the wine in the freezer to chill, but then when the guests arrived, I forgot to take it out. Half listening to the conversation with lingering dorsajar , I kept double-checking the nibbles. It was only when the wine exploded an hour later that I remembered.

submitted by mark light

dorsography - Use of a fingertip to write an invisible message on a recipient's back.

e.g., What he remembered most was how ticklish Svetlana's dorsography made him. In the short time they spent together, he came to love if not understand the Cyrillic alphabet.

submitted by adam thorsell

dory - To forget a lot, to be just downright thick. To have a "dory" moment, Dory being the dumb fish in Finding Nemo.

e.g., Having a dory, H K?

submitted by aphinity

doryphore - Glad I ran across this word again so I can add it. (adj.) Doryphoric. For someone with an aversion to doryphores, I offer doryphobe as the noun and doryphobic as the adjective. Doryphorephobe doesn't roll trippingly off the tongue. In almost every example I've found, doryphobe is defined before it's used. Ergo, I'd say, chances that it will ever become common are slim. From OED Online:  

doryphore, n  
Also doriphore. [a. F. doryphore Colorado beetle (also used fig.), f. Gr. {delta}{omicron}{rho}{upsilon}{phi}{goacu}{rho}{omicron}{fsigma} spear-carrier.
The English sense was introduced by and particularly associated with Sir Harold Nicolson (1886-1968).]  
One who draws attention to the minor errors made by others, esp. in a pestering manner; a pedantic gadfly. [It fits a real need — and the etymology is delightful as well.]  
1952 H. NICOLSON in Spectator 22 Aug. 238/1 Often have I tried to supplement my vocabulary by inventing words, such as ‘couth,’ or ‘doriphore’, or ‘hypoulic’, feeling that it is the duty as well as the pastime of a professional writer to make two words bloom where only one bloomed before.–– in Ibid . 17 Oct. 500/1 The the type of questing prig, who derives intense satisfaction from pointing out the errors of others.  
1960–– Age of Reason xii. 223 Boileau was so hurt by this reproof on the part of a female doryphore that he never set foot in Reuilly again.  
1960 Daily Tel . 9 Dec. 19/3 The idiomatic implications of such a word as doryphore in his [sc. Sir Harold Nicolson's] own text is left for the ignorant to guess. (It means a Colorado beetle and, hence, a pest.)  
1970 Times Lit. Suppl. 4 June 615/3 The editor..must..shrug off the pricks of professional doryphores.  
1989 New Yorker 3 Apr. 99/2 When [the editors] took me to lunch, they were rigidly abstemious, lest they fuddle their minds and give hostages to subsequent doryphores on returning to work.  

  • Wordnik: "A pedantic critic of minor errors; a nit-picker." |

  • Oxford Dictionaries: "A pedantic and annoyingly persistent critic." |

  • Worthless Word for the Day: "One who gains inordinate pleasure from detecting minor errors; a pedantic nitpicker." |

  • Urbandictionary: "A person who delights in pointing out trivial mistakes or errors made by others."

  • Sir Harold Nicholson, who coined the word: a "questing prig, who derives intense satisfaction from pointing out the errors of others."


  • Michael Quinion: "In 1996, Herb Caen commented in the San Francisco Chronicle: 'For a doryphore, what is more delightful than a mistake in a correction?'" |

  • Harold Nicholson, Good Behavior (1956): "Conversely the prig, the pedant, or the doriphore were thought unworthy of the name of gentleman." |

  • The Den of Amateur Writing » Forums » Community Topics » Word Of The Day: Doryphore » Routh: "The man pored over the writing entries without regard for their potential, looking only for mistakes, true to the doryphore that he was." | » Colonel Mustard: "I wish these doryphores would simply go home! They litter the streets of Paris with ignorance, and make a mockery of our culture." | » flickeringfairy: "I try to temper my inner Doryphore with Thumper's advice." |

  • Bookshelf Blog: "The intern dreaded working for the upscale magazine, surrounded by middle-aged doryphores and know-it-alls." | Words and Whatnots Blog » Are you a doryphore?: "I am.  
    I was brought up in a home where grammar, spelling, punctuation — the basics of language — were all important. And sometimes (and only sometimes, regardless of what anyone tries to tell you!) I pick at others the way my dad picked at me. And whereas when my dad did it, it was in the name of education, when I do it it's because I can.  
    Tonight I once again found myself scrolling through The Vocabulary Review. It has a list of the best words and I love reading it. I scroll wildly down the page reading every other word, and when I got to 'D' I realised — I am a doryphore. The pedant, not the beetle. . . .  
    Normally, I wouldn't put this kind of word out there — one that could be used against me in a derogatory manner. One that sums up what others sometimes perceive as my most annoying quality (or habit). But I am quietly confident that most people I know will think that the sound of the word doryphore is worse than the insult. Say it out loud — go on. 'Stop being such a doryphore.' Makes the person saying it out loud sound like they are trying to be overly intelligent, or like they are saying you're knowledgeable on all things Dory from 'Finding Nemo.'  
    Hopefully the next time I flick through the list, I'll find a word that sums up my better qualities. I'm not going to check just now. It's late, and I don't want to be disappointed!" |

  • billynomates: "I have a brother who is definitely a doryphore. Has anybody here ever come across one?" |

  • Unused Words: "This is a great word; it is very much present at the OED, but Microsoft Word still marks it to be wrong. Moreover, this word serves an actual need; doryphores are everywhere and if we can supplement an entire sentence in describing a person, with one single word — well that's great!" . . . Kevin Rampling: "Would it ever be correct to use it as an adjective, doryphoric?" Viki Sheinkin: "Funny you should ask; just a few hours ago I asked one of my colleagues to seize from his doryphoric ways, and upon saying it wondered if it could actually be. Doryphore is a noun similar to many others, such as 'idiot' and 'magic'; if you can say 'idiotic' and 'magestic'— I see no reason not to say 'doryphoric.'" (ED. Is magestic a real word? I'll bet the writer has majestic in mind. We can take care of that.) |

  • Fiske 250 Words Every High School Graduate Needs to Know: "Its syllables come from the Greek words for "spear carrier," possibly with the idea that the doryphore uses a figurative laser pointer to call attention to your errors." |

  • 43 Things » bedhead2: "I live with one. I have a doryphore in my bedroom right now. And I love him." |

  • Difficult Word » Archive » tcha: "What I wish," declared Denis fervently, "is to drive the Nazi doryphores out of France, and indeed off the earth." |

  • A Sunday Night Study of Words » Sunday Evening Words » Digging Deeper into Obscurity : "Speaking of the prefix, I discovered the word doryphore in the OED. If we look just at the Greek we see that a doryphore is some kind of creature that "carries the sword." What might that be? Well, in 1952 Harold Nicholson coined the word to describe one who draws attention to the minor errors made by others. . . . By the way, the OED gives "no results" for hypoulic, but it says that couth goes back at least 1000 years. What was Nicholson thinking? Michael Quinion has a great column on doryphore on his site." |

  • Son of Devil's Advocate (SODA) » "ROSODA: Return of SODA ": "Reviewers love to act the doryphore. . . . The best I can do is to report a tiny mistake on page 200: Fibonacci(X) should be Fibonacci(N)." |

  • Yes, HD makes a lot of corrections to submittals, but he does so silently, not taking pleasure in doing so. That's because many of our submitters are youngsters as well as kacographers -- creative cacographers, but cacographers nonetheless. No doryphore he. Lillith, on the other hand, is a doryphore. She delights in rubbbing people's noses in their picayune mistakes -- many of which are simply ytpos. HD's a gentleman; Lillith's a bitch. Still, if the two of them would change their ways, we might well get more submittals from kids who want their names in lights.

  • "HD, I might be a doryphore, but.… All right, I admit it: I am a doryphore. But I'm also a doryphobe when it comes to anyone even remotely considering correcting moi," said Lillith. |

submitted by HD Fowler

dosh - Dollars + cash = dosh

e.g., I'm taking you out tonight, as I'm flush with dosh.

submitted by Jill Too

doss - Easy, a pushover, useless, crappy.

e.g., This is one doss example.

submitted by neeral - (www)

doss - To inform on someone a little, but not as much as a dossier.

e.g., Don't doss on me.

submitted by Rex Webb

dot bomb - A failed dot com company.

e.g., is only one of the thousands of dot bomb companies that failed in the new millenium.

submitted by Chris S

dot gone - unsuccessful internet company


submitted by jose sotela

dot prom - A company party usually at a start up that celebrates nothing in particular. It is neither tied to a holiday nor to a milestone of the company. Dot proms are either held in the office after-hours complete with cheap decorations (like the gymnasium for a public school prom) or a ballroom is rented out and there is a more elaborate theme (like a private school prom).

e.g., We had stayed late every night at the office this week so we didn't want to stay late again for another lame dot prom.

submitted by Joshua Tuberville - (www)

dot-bum - The fallout from a "dot-bomb"; a laid-off web designer.

e.g., What's Adam doing these days? Well, ever since imploded, he's been a dot-bum.

submitted by marc kevin hall - (www)

dot-com boyfriend, girlfriend - A sexual or romantic partner who requires a high level of investment, on which you will never see any return.

e.g., I just finished putting my dot-com boyfriend through medical school.

submitted by John Berger - (www)

dot-communism - 1. A totalitarian system of enterprise where a single authoritarian body controls the production of lame web-based products, software, services, or goods. 2. A system or theory that advocates the elimination of a private life, an actual IPO date, and long-term financial security.

e.g., After two unproductive years of disappointment and disrespect at, John realized he had been taken in by dot-communism. So he quit.

submitted by YiMay - (www)

dot-communism - The belief that all services provided over the Internet should be free of charge.

e.g., Ed. Have you seen that they've started giving away prizes? Ted. Yeah, that rocks. Someone's got more than a serious case of dot-communism.

submitted by DavidJ!

dotard - "A person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person." Clearly connected with "dotage," a word I use often: "a decline of mental faculties, especially as associated with old age; senility."

e.g., "True or not, Lillith, calling me a dotard is singularly unkind of you -- especially since you're 104 days older than I am. Besides, if you were paying attention, you'd realize that when I speak of 'appproaching my dotage' or 'entering my dotage,' I'm speaking less of my intellectual faculties than I am of my being of an age of 'excessive fondness; foolish affection.' Heck, old girl, I'm even beginning to think fondly of you." "HD, if that's not a sign you're losing your mental faculties, I don't know what is."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dotbomb - A dotcom that went under.

e.g., What ever happened to that website? Is it now a dotbomb?

submitted by Arik9

dotcom - Used as an intensifier at the end of a sentence, typically a rant or tirade.

e.g., He's an evil little monkey demon who deserves to burn in hell, dotcom.

submitted by Kaz

dotcoma - An indefinite period of absence from the Internet.

e.g., Gemma was unable to do any transactions today as her online banking seems to be in a dotcoma. The I.T. dept had to put a dotcoma on Barry's login due to his tendency to surf unsavoury material on his office account.

submitted by ashsimmonds

dotcommit - A mild oath expressing condemning a person or thing.

e.g., As his new hard drive lay broken on the floor, Dennis clutched his chin and muttered, "Dotcommit."

submitted by Ronnie Sampson - (www)

dotcompoop - Someone regarded as stupid or foolish for investing heavily in an internet or web-based company.

e.g., Bob lost a ton in that peer-to-peer music-sharing community portal last year. He really should have known better. What a dotcompoop he turned out to be. He's no longer on my A-list as an investment adviser.

submitted by Grant Hutchinson - (www)

dotriacontaroon - Haven't yet determined whether or not this is a real word, but Ann Coulter used it in a column May 10, 2012, to mean 1/32nd Cherokee. It is defined here as being 1/32 anything -- as in having a single great-great-great-grandparent of a particular ethnicity or nationality. Ms. Coulter frequently goes overboard in her sarcasm, so the column the example comes from is not out of the ordinary. . . .  
Well, for all those who are claiming Coulter pulled the word out of her . . . hat or that she confused it with the chemical term dotriacontane, it's a real word. From Mixed Race Studies: Scholarly perspectives on the mixed race experience: quadroon (1/4), octoroon|octaroon (1/8), hexadecaroon (1/16th), dotriacontaroon (1/32), tetrahexacontaroon (1/64), octaicosahectaroon (1/128), hexapentacontadictaroon (1/256), dodecapentactaroon (1/512), tetraicosakiliaroon (1/1024), octatetracontadiliaroon (1/2048), hexanonacontatetraliaroon (1/4096), dinonacontahectaoctaliaroon (1/8192), dinonacontahectaoctaliaroon (1/8192). See IUPAC numerical multiplier.

e.g., "I am a dotriacontaroon American. I want to be a voice for those who are 1/32nd Cherokee, but also 1/32nd Pequot, 1/32nd Mohawk -- basically the senator for all dotriacontaroons. Isn't it time we had a senator who was 1/32nd Cherokee?"

submitted by [Ann Coulter] - (www)

dotted lion - A row of tiny printed lions, whereupon you place your signature, please, to make it "legal."

e.g., If only you'll zion upon the dotted lion, you will agree to everything forever. Who's your daddy?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dotter - Daughter. Regional American as well as Swedish.

e.g., Them girls is teenagers? Well the lesson I larned was if'n you don' wanna be a grampa, you better hide your dotters.

submitted by HD Fowler

dottie stoppers - A regional term used in the north of England to describe a Daddy Longlegs.

e.g., She was startled by the Dottie Stoppers.

submitted by Sam Harding

double bagger - A member of the opposite sex with an attractive body but a face so ugly that one should put a bag over one's own head just in case the bag on the other person's head should fall off.

e.g., Guy 1: Suzie has a terrific body, but an ugly face. Guy 2: Yeah, she's a double bagger.

submitted by Matthew manning - (www)

double bonds - Two stainless steel rods of dubious size going through any part of the anatomy that seems impossible to pierce, particularly if it seems completely impractical and painful. Also known as "(insert body part here)-skewers."

e.g., Look at that chick's butt -- she's got double bonds.

submitted by E'ca

double cool with knobs - British English slang: very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very cool.

e.g., The double cool with knobs cute boy is coming.

submitted by tragedyanne - (www)

double d - Dapper and debonnaire.

e.g., Mike is definitely double D.

submitted by Piglet

double d-nial - State of a woman with surgically-enhanced breasts who claims they are natural.

e.g., Britney Spears is in serious Double D-nial.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

double digit - Not particularly intelligent, as in only two digits in her IQ.

e.g., She was so double digit, she couldn't finish middle school.

submitted by Norman - (www)

double dyslexia - Unintentionally interchanging not one set, but two sets of letters while typing; where "great" could turn into "gerta."

e.g., I'm on a roll; tonight I've pulled three double dyslexias.

submitted by Sarah

double e - DwEEb, gEEk.

e.g., Chris is a double e extraordinaire.

submitted by jeri campbell

double nod, the - The "double nod" is a true sign of a dork or loser. As a common casual greeting one gives a "nod" to the other person. But when one gives two quick nods instead of one, she is branded for life. Throughout my own and my friends’ experience this has been proven true. Sometimes it may happen by accident, but if repeated it is solid proof. Try it, it just doesn’t look right either. Talk to the people who do it, you’ll see what I mean.

e.g., Ed: Chris gave me the double nod today. Ted: That confirms it. Chris is a dork.

submitted by alec

double sawbuck - Twenty dollar bill.

e.g., Zak owes me a double saw buck.

submitted by zak

double word score - Implying that the fruits of your endeavours have doubled, or at least greatly increased. From Scrabble.

e.g., Wow, I got paid extra last week. Double word score.

submitted by Daniel Walker

double yolked arsehole - To do a double-yolked arsehole is to slip and fall in a spectacular manner.

e.g., I did a double-yolked arsehole off the steps last night and broke my arm AND spilled my drink.

submitted by MR A

double, a - A twenty dollar bill.

e.g., I've got eighty dollars on me, all I need is a double to make it a hundred. (A "double sawbuck" is a twenty. Read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler to see "fin," "sawbuck," and "double sawbuck" in action.)

submitted by Ray Nash

double-clicker - People who accept everything without questioning. Someone who continues to use the default settings on Windows requiring double-clicking, rather than changing it to single-click.

e.g., In continuing to accept without complaint a service from his mobile operator which only connected every 3rd call, Damokles revealed what a double-clicker he is.

submitted by thehighyeast

double-dahmer - A top loading freezer big enough for two of your friends.

e.g., I have two hundred pounds of ribs in my double-dahmer. My dahmer was just too small, so I upgraded.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

double-dawn - (n.) July 16th, the anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test in White Sands, New Mexico, in 1945: the successful completion of the famous Manhattan Project. (After Ferenc Szasz's 1984 book, The Day the Sun Rose Twice.)

e.g., Double-Dawn 2015 will mark 70 years beneath the mushroom cloud. The original Double-Dawn bomb (codenamed the "Christy Gadget" (after the physicist who designed the implosion-method bomb)) was a plutonium-implosion bomb, Fat Man's big sister, i.e., a Nagasaki bomb. The Little Boy (Hiroshima bomb) was a gun-fission uranium bomb, and was dropped untested. (I, of course, am of the opinion that they should_both_have been tested someplace where the Japanese could have seen what was coming and had an opportunity to surrender before--- well, never mind: if you're interested in what I think about it all, see "brad kasper" herein. I'm going to go to the Nagasaki Peace Museum site and cry for a few hours.)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

double-dip - To dip ones partialy-eaten, already dipped carrot or chip into said dip again; depositing your germs into said dip.

e.g., Ew. Don't double-dip--I don't want your germs!

submitted by matt - (www)

double-klicked - A definition for a person who wishes to retaliate against another. To insult or to strike back twice, quickly. A verbal retort to threaten someone humorously or maliciously. Sexual connotation of twice in one night. Kissed twice. Put down.

e.g., Better be careful or you'll get double-klicked. OR Thomas got double-klicked by his wife the other night--caught with some girlfriend and threw him out. OR I mean, she was so beautiful, I wanted to double klick her lips--like, right now.

submitted by Theodore J. Adensam - (www)

double-pluggers - Australian slang for thongs (footwear known as flip-flops in the US and jandles in NZ) that have two anchor points into the base.

e.g., As Chris is a yobbo, he thinks that double-pluggers are the height of fashion.

submitted by Butterfly

doubleplus - A prefix meaning really or very. Can be used with un for emphasis on the negative.

e.g., "You can sleep on the sofa, it's doublepluscomfortable." OR Q: How are you? A: Doubleplusungood. I just broke up with Sam.

submitted by Amphibea

doubular - Extremely good, outstanding, wonderful.

e.g., The proposal of our returning to the moon and ultimately going to Mars -- a doubular idea.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

douchebaguette - 1. The female version of an unsavory character. 2. Feminine in gender, but with the tendencies of an over-pumped male ego.

e.g., Oh, no . . . biscuit not good enough for her, she has to be a total douchebaguette about her croissant.

submitted by king_of_vulgaria

douchry - An emotion for wanting a shower, like hungry is one for wanting food.

e.g., I'm tired, hungry, and douchry.

submitted by Klamath

douffies - Dog poo.

e.g., The dog did her douffies in the garden.

submitted by Paul Edels

dough - meaning money.

e.g., if i had enough dough, i'd buy an expensive car.

submitted by Johnny

dough-nut - One crazy about money.

e.g., You’ll never satisfy her, she’s a dough-nut.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

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