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diddly squat - Don't mean nothin'. Actually, it does mean "nothing."

e.g., I din't get diddly squat from that class.

submitted by Dave Howell

diddly-widdle - A direction when all other directions just wont do.

e.g., Just go right, then make a left. Now, all ya got to do is...diddly-widdle on Oak and you're there.

submitted by E.J. Martella

diddlybop - Going, or moving in a casual, carefree manner to another location.

e.g., I will diddlybop over to the store and do some grocery shopping.

submitted by Dennis Shingler

diddums - Mocking diminutive, used when someone is being overly whiny.

e.g., Ariel: I just broke a nail! Farrell: Awww, poor diddums.

submitted by Cory Shanks

dideo - Another name for a DVD.

e.g., Let's have pizza and rent a dideo tonight.

submitted by Joe Saidoo

didgeridon't - A musical instrument that appears to be a didgeridoo, but isn't.

e.g., Stan thought the tube was a didgeridoo, but it was a didgeridon't.

submitted by Delilah

didilate - To lie about the time of day when asked, especially in a manner that would cause the requester to panic about being late for some important event.

e.g., "I don't have my watch. What time is it, John?" "It's half past nine." "Oh my god! Are you serious?! I'm late for my final exam!" "Settle down! I'm didilating, it's really fifteen after eight." "Whew! I hate you, John."

submitted by Mattie - (www)

didiot - (did-ee-it) a stupid person, often used between friends...

e.g., Jayme: Bah! Marsha, you can be such a didiot!

submitted by bunz

dido - Ditto.

e.g., Just imagine if this con man had actually been president. That’s what I call dodging a bullet (dido when Kerry lost).

submitted by Just-Sayin’ - (www)

didoes - Cute animal antics, such as rolling by a frisky, friendly feline. Possible Scottish origin.

e.g., The tabby kitten did didoes on the floor as her belly was scratched.

submitted by JA

didower - A divorcee who feels like a widower.

e.g., As he signed the divorce papers, his pen swept like a scythe through his soul and he realized he’d be a didower forever.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

didulator - A radio/CD player, etc., ~ transformed from: radio-radidio-radidiometric device-radidulator-didulator.

e.g., My didulator stopped playin' records (CDs), so I had to purchase a new one.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

die aria - A solo sung in an opera while the singer dies a tragic death.

e.g., The soprano performed a moving die aria at the end of Madame Butterfly.

submitted by David Price

die casting - What fanatical fisherpersons want to do.

e.g., In his quest to catch the world record bass, Richard promised he would succeed or he would die casting.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

diehardcore - In the world of fandom there are diehards and hardcore people. But if you are above both of that then you are a diehardcore.

e.g., Johny was a real diehardcore fan of that baseball team.

submitted by Brandon Berg

diesel - Tough, unstoppable.

e.g., Shaq is a diesel. He can mow through any defense.

submitted by Pumpkin

dieseldo - Right item.

e.g., Selection of the closest item to which one is looking for. "Dieseldo, thanks."

submitted by Don Trombley

dieselfitter - Clothing inspector in a garment factory.

e.g., Holding up a pair of undergarment checking for size, passes inspection, says: "Dieselfitter!" (These'll fit her!)

submitted by Don Trombley

dietrologia - "The science of what's behind it all." Found at the linked page, with its meaning not at all clear in the context in which it was used. |  
"Speaking with a veteran foreign correspondent last week I learned an Italian term I hadn't known: dietrologia. The idea is that many Italians believe that the surface or official explanation for something can rarely be the real one. There's always something behind, or dietro, that surface. It's a great word."  
"Dietrologo. It is he (it usually is a he) who regularly sees something behind events as they are presented." Also defined as "behindology" -- as in, the science of learning what's behind something.

e.g., "When is a big word too big?  
"This is certainly a question worth addressing, and in fact is one that I tackle on a regular basis.  
"I didn't respond to your original post as I too fell victim to dietrologia -- we have some history here which causes us to be paranoid regarding people's motives."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

dieversion - The version of a story, in which at least one of the characters dies.

e.g., When Shakespeare was writing Romeo and Juliet, he had the option of making it a light-hearted comedy. When asked why he wrote it as a tragedy, the Bard answered, "Hey, it's just a dieversion."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

dif - A level of light, dim.

e.g., The light was dif.

submitted by Kevin 7th English

diffability - (n.) a disability (i.e., recognized as a disability by law or custom) which, however, the speaker does not perceive as a disability.

e.g., "And finally, that's Mark, our gopher/runner/delivery boy." "How can he do that with no legs?" "He knows his way around---no legs is just a diffability; he claims he's just short."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

different than - Different from, which is what should usually be used.

e.g., Not "a cat is different than a dog." But "a cat is different from a dog." Isn't that the truth.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

different's - Difference.

e.g., "Had Hillary just stayed in the woods, Comey coming out about her two weeks before the election made no different's."

submitted by [thattheticket] - (www)

differentality - You do a routen and then something comes and messes up your routen.

e.g., Stevie came and differentalitied my wary study routen.

submitted by tren harmony

differently abled - An Individual who achieves things, but in a different way.

e.g., The differently abled man finds other ways to accomplish certain tasks.

submitted by Robert M. Hensel - (www)

differnym - A word that has multiple, unrelated meanings. "Homonym" means "two words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently," whereas a "differnym" is the reverse: two words that are unrelated in meaning but are spelled the same.

e.g., "Hide" is a common differnym, for it has two meanings: the skin of an animal; to place an object out of view.

submitted by John Boles

differtimbery - Confused.

e.g., I am feeling differtimbery today, so I'm not about to close on a mortgage. How do I get out of it?

submitted by Maria

diffuse - De-fuse.

e.g., "For now, Manley said, Reid is 'looking for ways to diffuse the situation' — a recognition that there's little political upside to blocking a qualified, scandal-free (except by association with Blagojevich) African-American from a Senate that, with Obama gone, now has no black members."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

difirenta - No value; no attantion; no care.

e.g., It is absolutly difirenta to me.

submitted by Roman

difted - Different, strange, a little weird in the head.

e.g., A lot of the guys at school stay away from the punkers, just 'cause they're difted.

submitted by acidspork

digadelic - A passionate member of the digital world. One fascinated by digital technology.

e.g., He owned every digital device known; he was a digadelic of the first order.

submitted by Wally Gross

digative - Using a standard word of the English language as slang by altering the meaning of the word produces the digative form of that word.

e.g., That's right, Darlene, "This concert is 'heavy,'" would be the digative form of "heavy." You get an A.

submitted by Kris Nickeson - (www)

digga - A crash or faceplant. Take a or have a digga. Diggaed: A bad state. Diggaman: Person in bad state.

e.g., A. What happened to your knee? B. I took a digga. "How are you feeling?" "Diggaed"

submitted by Peter Spinale

digger - A guy doing the groundwork with the laidez.

e.g., Chris has been talking to Felicity all night. What a digger.

submitted by J-Lo

digger - To fall; to stumble; to take a digger.

e.g., Oh, man, he just took the biggest digger I've ever seen. |

"Up the stairs I skipped …
"And promptly fell flat on my face.
"It wasn’t just a stumble. It was a full-out, face-first, skinned-palms digger, flip-flops in all directions and the contents of my purse splayed across the sidewalk like roadkill.
"Parents stared. Students laughed. I wondered how fast I could transfer."

submitted by courtney - (www)

digger - Australian soldier.

e.g., NLA News: “The ‘Aussie slanguage’ helped to shape a ‘digger legend’: the digger as irreverent, informal, and using humour liberally to face the horrors of war.”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

diggidy-swizz - Cool, great, or exciting. To use as a noun, precede by the.

e.g., You see that girl who just walked by? She was the diggidy-swizz. | I've heard lots of good jam bands, but Phish is the diggidy-swizz.

submitted by justin taylor

diggle - A "male" doorstop made from coiled metal with a plastic cap. The diggle prevents the doorknob from making a hole in the drywall. The diggle makes the sound digg-ull, digg-ull, digg-ull when sprung.

e.g., Mom, this is a boy house. There is a diggle behing every door.

submitted by Renee

diggy - Short for indigenous personnel. Someone native to or originating from a given place. Therefore, when indigenous is used purely as an adjective, an indigenous people is a group or culture regarded as "coming from" a given place. In this broad sense almost any person or group is indigenous to some location or other.

e.g., The place was full of diggys.

submitted by Buddy Cox

digibrarian - A virtual librarian.

e.g., Upon creating sufficient webspace, organizing online content, collecting and redistributing digital multimedia, etc., Tom received the best digibrarian award in his hometown.

submitted by Simon Gordon - (www)

digicaterponysaurus - A generic name for a digital-based service which remains nameless due to incompetence. A digital service with no future.

e.g., That new media company is most definitely a Digicaterponysaurus.

submitted by Kitty Cat - (www)

digilante - Vigilantes who seek out scams and those who perpetrate them in the online world. Digilanti = digirati + vigilante, with a change in spelling. Digilantism.

e.g., 1. We're going to help the residents form a digilante club at Geezer Village. Too many of the old folks who are going online are running into problems with spam and scams. This will give them a feeling of empowerment. 2. "Examples of a digilante response may include a denial of service attack, breaking into the attacking machine and neutralizing it, using a variety of techniques to trace an attack back to its point of origin and, in very extreme cases (which may in most cases just be cyber-folklore), visiting that physical location to have a 'chat' with the suspected attacker."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

digilliterate - 1. Offensive term for people who are not able to operate computers or program VCRs. 2. Uneducated: having an inadequate education in or knowledge of a computers, or none at all. Digitally illiterate. 3. Making many language mistakes: full of or making many basic errors in the use of improper coding. 4. An offensive term for somebody who lacks education and knowledge, especially somebody who cannot read or write code. (15th century. From Latin illiterat(t)us, literally "not lettered," from lit(t)eratus "lettered, learned")

e.g., The schmuck the boss hired to fix this program is a complete digilliterate. My mother-in-law is a digilliterate. She couldn't program a freakin' toaster.

submitted by 'Uigi Morris - (www)

digiman - Used to describe digital camoflauge uniforms, usually the Canadian Forces CADPAT.

e.g., Did you get your digiman uniform yet?

submitted by Carbon-14

digious - The state of being obese.

e.g., Someone who likes being fat is prodigious.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

digiphernalia - Digitally enabled paraphernalia.

e.g., One can just imagine what ridiculous digiphernalia these people will be presenting at Comdex next year.

submitted by Greg FitzPatrick

digital - To either love or hate something or someone. A binary state. No shades of gray.

e.g., The reviews were digital. The movie's either really, really good or really, really bad. I want to know which.

submitted by LthrmnSF

digital ganglia - The mess of wires, cables, and cords that hang from the back of your average computer workstation.

e.g., My attempt at locating the other end of the USB cable amongst the digital ganglia behind my computer ultimately proved futile.

submitted by John Jung - (www)

digital issue - An issue on which you are either for or against, love or hate, but not anywhere in between. Opposite is an analogue issue where degrees of support are possible. Really should be "binary issue" from the analogy with 1/0, but that's very 20th Century, while digital/analogue is more contemporary.

e.g., Don't you think whether you like Philip Glass is a digital issue? I mean, you either love his music or it drives you mad.

submitted by Alan Morrison

digital room - The part of the brain where bland items are stored, but where they are not analyzable by humor, emotion, or aesthetic sensibilities.

e.g., "Maybe girls will like me more if I get a really cool website." "Sounds like that idea has been floating around in your digital room for a little too long."

submitted by Uzh Svobodno

digital smog - The overabundance of misinformation and erroneous data on the internet that gets in the way of the viable and supportable information you require.

e.g., I was not able to find accurate information on the subject due to the digital smog.

submitted by Niall

digital wraith - A person whose internet connection is so bad as to appear to be constantly logging on and off in AIM buddy lists. These people also cannot reply to your IM's due to their connection, making it seem as if they don't exist.

e.g., Talking to a digital wraith An apparition dancing in the buddy list Opening and closing doors Trying not to be giving up the ghost It logs on and off Like a difficult game of Frogger The yellow man taunts me Peeking in the door then slamming it in my face I just want to talk to my love But she's a world wide web will o' the wisp

submitted by BigAssFries

digitalis - When one Jew asks another if he prayed that morning.

e.g., Digitalis? As a matter of fact, I did.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

digitaliterate - Digitally illiterate. People who know nothing about this whole computer thing.

e.g., Grandpa is a digitaliterate, and so he has no idea grandma is cruising the chat rooms for dates.

submitted by David Kraut - (www)

digitallies - Arithmetic using fingers.

e.g., His digitallies were accurate, and almost as fast as my calculator.

submitted by Radioman - (www)

digitalthread - A collection of related links found on the internet. Destinations and topics can range from graphic design to the arts and media (but can cover any topic). Stipulations are that topics should all be connected by a common thread, and must be interconnected so that users can follow from one to the next without a break.

e.g., Following the digitalthread has led me from my initial arrival point to some really relevant points of interest.

submitted by Filip - (www)

digitat - (v.) 1. to write one's address, phone number, email, or whatever on someone's hand or arm. 2. to cheat by scribbling answers on your hand or arm (or leg or wherever) (n.) 3. Any such writing. [from digit (q.v.) + tattoo.]

e.g., "Hey! You got her number?!" "Yeah...How did you know that?" "All that digitat on your arm, man." "But it's almost completely covered up." "It's written in hot pink ... I figured she wrote it or you used her pen." "Wow, Sherlock. If you're so good at digitats, how come you got caught when you tried it on that Civics test last year?" "Because I suck at digitatting; but the girl who wrote the answers for me used a---" "A hot-pink pen" "Yeah, a hot-pink pen---it's a little obvious."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

digitisauphitus - A mind altering microchip that Nintendo installed in their systems. Making you blow in their games thinking they would work. When really they were extracting brain cells. Half of my friends are stuck in Wii's.

e.g., I lost my friend Mark. He got stuck in a Wii. Digitisauphitus, you will never get me. They say that the Wii is the newest sensation. Well, I'll keep my whole brain. And play something else.

submitted by Sky

digitoo - A cyberspace tagline, a digital tattoo.

e.g., "Broadcast yourself" is a smart digitoo of YouTube.

submitted by pheloxi

digits - (n.) Your address and or phone number (and probably your social security number and e-mail address (although e-mail addresses are generally not comprised solely of digits . . . but then, neither are street addresses)). [Since I don't get out much, I didn't hear this usage until I saw it in a kids' book called Ghostville Elementary from back in 2003.]

e.g., "So, how are we going to do this project?" "Forget how. Do we even know WHERE we're gonna do it?" "Hey guys. We can use the old barn behind my house!" "Good idea! what are your digits?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

dignitude - Inherent nobility and worth with attitude.

e.g., You must be able to carry yourself with a little bit of dignitude.

submitted by Professor Plum

dike - To crudely isolate or remove a component from a piece of machinery or electronic equipment.

e.g., Look, if that stupid blown fuse is what you think's causing Project Ducky to explode, dike it out!

submitted by DrewT

dikust - A reference to anyone who spends excessive time in the library.

e.g., I wish Jason wouldn't be such a dirkust and would spend more time with us.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

dilapidatrix - An old, used-up dominatrix.

e.g., She's such a dilapidatrix that her handcuffs are all rusty.

submitted by sera

dilbert - To engage in social commentary, or to tease or chastise a person, persons, or an organization by posting Dilbert™ comic strips, with or without altered dialog.

e.g., The short-timer in our office was frequently dilberted in the days prior to his departure. | To protest the new departmental policies, someone dilberted the outer walls of all the cubicles.

submitted by SAS

dilbertesque - Having characteristics of events or people found in Dilbert cartoons.

e.g., The boss's negative-reinforcement "motivational" techniques were positively Dilbertesque.

submitted by Paul Hickernell

dilbry - Idiot, foolish. Australian slang.

e.g., You broke it. Well, then, you're a dilbry, aren' you. | Hey, dilbry. It's here. Have you got eyes or what? | Where is it? Dilbry over there lost it ! | If you think the police won't catch you, then you're a bloody dilbry.

submitted by paul scheirich - (www)

dildocity - Behavior associated with acting like a dildo.

e.g., That goes beyond stupidity -- it's dildocity.

submitted by Ted Roberts

dilemmarin - To act in an agitated and indecisive manner.

e.g., Tracey didn't know what to do about her credit card bill. She was completely dilemmarin about it.

submitted by Manhog - (www)

dilenema - A problem that can be rectified through the administration of an enema.

e.g., Though there are others, constipation is the primary dilenema.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

dilio - "Deal" or "plan." A song has a line that goes something like "What's the d-d-d-dilio dilio, what's the d-d-d-deal?"

e.g., So what's the dilio?

submitted by Marie Bullock

dillatation - The medical condition of seeing unusually large pickles everywhere.

e.g., Due to dillation, he was refused reentry into the delicatessen.

submitted by Shel Miller

dillemma - The inability to decide whether or not to have gherkins on one's burger. | A situation requiring a choice between two brands of dill pickles.

e.g., People either like my cooking or they don't. I've never seen anyone get into a dillemma about it. | It's a dillemma for me. I can't decide whether to go with Atkins or Vlasic. What to do, what to do. Eenie meenie. . . .

submitted by Allan Burris

dillerize - To take apart something that functions perfectly, add or subtract parts, and make it not work anymore. Whole process usually takes several months and makes people mad.

e.g., I wanted to watch a movie I rented, but Andy dillerized the VCR and I can't.

submitted by Sheila - (www)

dillery - Collection of foolish people or group of things that defy sense or logic. Can also be used for a mistake in judgment or foolishness. (ED. Possibly from dill for a fool or simpleton.)

e.g., Tell all the dillery they need to get back to work. | Please stop the dillery.

submitted by Scott Barber - (www)

dillhole - An amazingly stupid or clueless person. Similar to a dillweed.

e.g., Chris is a dillhole. He thought a quarterback was a tax refund.

submitted by Amanda Allen

dilligad - Do I Look Like I Give A Damn?

e.g., Wife. Honey, do you think I look better in the red dress or the blue dress? Honey: DILLIGAD. Wife: Bad answer. You'll regret you said that when we go to bed.

submitted by Andy

dilligaf - who cares

e.g., I dont dillagif if i passs this course or not.

submitted by Tom

dilligaff - Short for "Do I look like I care?" When someone tells you something you are uninterested in, instead of saying I don't care, just say "dilligaff."

e.g., Joe: Nice weather today. Mary: Dilligaff!

submitted by Rosalie

dillio - Deal.

e.g., What's the dillio? Why are you doing that?

submitted by Shane

dillish - this is what my daughter called dill pickle relish when she was about 2, so we all call it that now.

e.g., I want some dillish on my hot dog.

submitted by Kim

dilly - Variation of the word "deal."

e.g., "So what's the dilly with Jane; she looks awfully glum."

submitted by Patrick

dillyicious - Even better than delicious.

e.g., Mom, your pecan pie is dillyicious.

submitted by Jim

dillyun - Top, best, awesome, rocking, radge, top banana, fantastic, supremely excellent.

e.g., Which models would you rate dillyun?

submitted by Sheepdug - (www)

dim-slumming - A term used to refer to visiting dim sum or yum cha restaurants which are either dirty, untidy or have a low food hygiene standard.

e.g., Nat, Sonia, Linda, and Jess went dim-slumming on Sunday morning.

submitted by Robyn Taylor

dim-tart - A stupid and cheaply sexy woman.

e.g., "Chris got hurt. She forgot to open the door before going through . . . again. She's still a dim-tart, after all these years." "Yeah, it's as if her brain leaked into her boobs."

submitted by Diana

dimbo - A mix of bimbo and dumbo.

e.g., Chris is a dimbo. I can't believe she forgot the lid on the coffee cup again.

submitted by Elizabeth

dime bar! - Early '90s UK slang, said to someone slow on the uptake. Comes from a TV advert. Used in the same context as "Duuuuh!" or "McFly!"

e.g., "Why are you wearing your coat? Are you going outside?" "Dime bar!"

submitted by Adam Leslie

dime sister - Shallow, ditzy, or airheaded person.

e.g., Several of the cheerleaders are dime sisters.

submitted by blackflame - (www)

dimepiece - An attractive woman. The "dime" refers to a perfect 10.

e.g., Mary has a pretty face and curves in all the right places. She's definitely a dimepiece.

submitted by Autumn

dimlop - One who is dizzy, dippy, thick, or just generally not all there. A dimlop usually inadvertently provides a certain amount of entertainment to onlookers.

e.g., No, you dimlop, you can't do that with elves.

submitted by Haljit

dimmining - Dimming, a decrease in the amount of light.

e.g., The lights won't stop dimmining.

submitted by Jordan

dimplechinaphobia - Fear of Kirk Douglas.

e.g., I'd like to see Spartacus again but I've developed dimplechinaphobia.

submitted by Judith Spencer

dimpleomat - Think of a member of the foreign service whose appearance and behavior bring to mind all the negative meanings of the word unctuous and you'll be thinking of a dimpleomat. Better yet, think of the adorable Smilin' Joe Biden. Suggested by the ytpo "dimplomat," slightly altered in the example.

e.g., "As the dimpleomat engages in a brilliant series of surprising countermoves, in and out of the courtroom, Alex and his fiancee become hopelessly entangled with the most memorable nemesis Alex Cross has ever faced."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dimpol - Democrat politician. Especially the dimmer pols.

e.g., Earlier today upon hearing one prominent Dimpol's name mentioned on the radio, my wife said, "Democrats are disgusting." We share that feeling.

submitted by HD Fowler

dimrod - A mix between a nimrod and a dim bulb.

e.g., Chris is your classic dimrod.

submitted by Mo

dimwit - An entirely stupid person.

e.g., I told Chris the joke, but she didn't get it. Dimwit.

submitted by Lindsay

dimwitticism -

The Vocabula Review | The Dimwit's Dictionary Whereas a witticism is a clever remark or phrase -- indeed, the height of expression -- a "dimwitticism" is the converse; it is a c ommonplace remark or phrase. Dimwitticisms are worn-out words and phrases; they are expressions that dull our reason and dim our insight, formulas that we rely on when we are too lazy to express what we think or even to discover how we feel. The more we use them, the more we conform -- in thought and feeling -- to everyone else who uses them.

e.g., I groan every time I hear one of Chris's dimwitticisms.

submitted by HD Fowler

dinch, linner - Just as the meal between breakfast and lunch is brunch, the meal between lunch and dinner would be linner or dinch.

e.g., Between two and four in the afternoon is the ideal time for dinch, too early for dinner and too late for lunch.

submitted by Tracy

dine 'n' dash - To eat and leave without paying. Eat and run.

e.g., The food and service at the restaurant were so bad the group decided to dine 'n' dash.

submitted by Mark - (www)

diner sore - The state of a divorced male, when eating out constantly gets real "old."

e.g., The sign on the eatery that says, "home cooking," doesn't mean that it's "'home' cooking," when you're diner sore.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

diner's source - Back in the days BM (Before the Meteor strike) primitive man had a ready supply of food, meat, in the many monstrous lizards clomping all about. They referred to them as the "diner's source" -- which corrupted eventually into another word.

e.g., What a pity that we can't bite into a nice juicy diner's source sandwich today at, say, McDodo's Restaurant.. Think of the number of burgers you could make from one animal.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dinfast - The meal eaten late at night that is a combination of a late dinner and an early breakfast.

e.g., That was a delicious dinfast.

submitted by Curtis Smith

ding - Southern Americana, short for ding-a-ling, describing a person who is pretty much out to lunch all the time, living in his own little world, maybe not stupid, but might as well be.

e.g., He's a real ding.

submitted by Guy

ding - A rejection notice from a program, school, or other such group to which one has applied for admission oracceptance.

e.g., "Did you hear from any law schools today?" "Yep...two small envelopes. An acceptance to Brown and a ding from Harvard." "Whatev, you didn't want to go to Harvard anyway." "True, true."

submitted by Sassy Lassy

ding - To score, to achieve -- usually when playing a video game.

e.g., I've just dinged 20 on level 3.

submitted by rusty

ding ding ding - Full up. From bus conductors bell code indicating to the driver that the vehicle is full.

e.g., He burped and weakly surveyed the debris of a gluttonous repast. There was nothing to say except ding-ding-ding.

submitted by David Flett

ding dong - A description for someone who seems to be slightly slow. Another word to be used when 'stupid' doesn't seem to work.

e.g., Chris couldn't remember what two plus two was for some reason, so it seemed a good time to call him a ding dong.

submitted by Katie

ding-ding - Hurry up. Said in a way to mimic the starting signal given by a bus conductor to the driver.

e.g., The lights had changed to green, but the car in front refused to move. "Oh, ding ding," said Colin tersely.

submitted by Dave Widdicombe

dingbang - The not-too-bright paramour of a politician.

e.g., The rumors of yet another tryst with his new dingbang almost ended career.

submitted by Lucille Greer

dingbat - A tool used by autobody specialists to remove small dents.

e.g., George decided that the damage to the car he was working on was pretty slight and so he reached for his dingbat to do the job.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

dinger - The end of a loaf of fresh baked bread.

e.g., Kate, can you rip the dinger off that French bread for me?

submitted by Tim

dingit - A way to say "Dangit" from Canada

e.g., Dingit, my took fell into the igloo

submitted by Scubin - (www)

dingle - Divorced and single.

e.g., I would have asked her on a date, but she is a dingle with baggage.

submitted by Patrick

dingle berry - Dung hanging off a wooly/hairy animal's bum, similar to the word "dag." Dingleberry.

e.g., That sheep's rear end is covered in dingle berries.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

dingleberries - Out of town in a remote, barely-civilized area.

e.g., I grew up out in the dingleberries and had trouble adjusting to city life.

submitted by Steve McDonald

dingleberry - 1. Mild friendly insult. Literal translation: Those little balls of lint that accumulate at the end of body hair. (ED. Yeah, we know about the coarser version, too.) 2. Small furry balls of stuff hanging from threads or hair. Sometimes refers to that weird trim that lowrider cars have around their windshields. See Cheech & Chong movies.

e.g., 1. Stop playing that N'Sync song, you dingleberry. 2a. I had to shave my lowrider cat the other day -- he picked up some briars in the woods and all his fur was natted up into dingleberries. 2b. I have to switch to a different brand of underarm deodorant. This one is so dry, my armpits are filled with dingleberries. 2c. I don't like this sweater. After the first time I washed it it was all dingleberries.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho - (www)

dingleblossom - A flower which produces dingleberries.

e.g., You must have quite a few dingleblossoms in your pants -- I can smell the fruit.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

dingledork - Same as doofus. This is something I started to call my younger brother, as he acts so very silly. He absolutely loved it. It has kind of died out now, but I still remember it.

e.g., ::My brother waltzes in with a tower of blocks on his head.:: Hey, silly. Or should I say dingledork? ::He drops the blocks laughing.::

submitted by Hailey

dingo's breakfast - "A yawn, a leak, and a good look round (i.e., no breakfast)."

e.g., It was a typical day for me, starting out as it did with dingo's breakfast."

submitted by HD Fowler

dingus - A person of very low intelligence, or one who is very annoying.

e.g., Chris is a dingus.

submitted by krin - (www)

dink - Dual Income-No Kids. Often phrased as "DINK couple"

e.g., A doctor and a lawyer make a good DINK couple.

submitted by Lamberto Alvaro - (www)

dink - Australian slang. To give someone a lift on the handle-bars of your bicycle.

e.g., Fairl: "Let's go down to the beach." Teddy: "I can't, my bike's broken." Fairl: " No worries, I'll dink you."

submitted by Purple Martin

dink - Submarine slang. Contraction of "delinquent." Adjective: Failure to complete qualification requirements in the expected time. Noun: A person who is delinquent in qualifications.

e.g., You're dink. No movies, no cards, and no sleep until you're qualified.

submitted by David T. Bonney

dinkin' around - Wasting time or goofing off instead of being productive.

e.g., The chemistry teacher noticed that instead of working on their lab project, two of his female students were busy melting the tips of their eyeliner pencils with the Bunsen burners. He promptly admonished them saying, "Girls! Would you quit dinkin' around and get to work, PLEASE!?"

submitted by Stephanie Davis

dinkum thinkum - Sharp Thinker. From "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert A. Heinlein.

e.g., Mike was a fair Dinkum Thinkum, sharpest computer you'll ever meet.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

dinkus - A mean person.

e.g., The dinkus hurt his little sister.

submitted by Abby

dinky-dau - A Vietnamese word, similar to "crazy."

e.g., Corporal Johns, always a bit "off-center," was called "beaucoup dinky-dau" by the Vietnamese villagers.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

dinnersation - Conversaton during dinner.

e.g., Our dinnersation last night was quite interesting.

submitted by karl

dinno - didnt know

e.g., i dino u were a prissy!

submitted by jerk

dinny - (v.) Sandhi form (criscoid, q.v.) of 1. "didn't he?"; also, 2. chiefly Scottish, "did not" (also "dinna"). {Duplicate.}

e.g., 1. "Dinny tell us it'd be on the left after the light?" "No, he said 'on the right,' dinny?" 2. "I dinny say any such thing."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

dinny fink sae or dfs - "I don't think so" to disagree or indicate that a person may be "talking bollocks for Scotland."

e.g., Macaulay: "Yeah, I pulled this really good looking burd at the weekend." Jonny: "Dinny fink sae."

submitted by Jonny

dinosaur calling - To vomit; usually alcohol-induced.

e.g., Terry was calling dinosaurs all night after his bachelor party.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

dinosore - Dammit, I'm NOt Sorry, you OverReact to Everything -- one who doesn't apologize for insensitive words, instead accusing the offended party of overreacting, taking it the wrong way, etc.

e.g., My ex proves that dinosores are anything but extinct.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

dint - Did not. | Alternative spelling of didn't, to match the way it's often pronounced. Entry suggested by a ytpo I made a couple of minutes ago.

e.g., "You stole my candy!" "No, I dint!" | We had no choice but to use beta test software some at work, but it certainly dint work out very well for us. Pretty much cost me my job.

submitted by lauryn | HD Fowler - (www)

diobnoxious - To pass away without ever ceasing odious, objectionable, highly offensive behavior.

e.g., When the psychiatric patient passed away, his psychiatrist made this final entry in his file: "In the final analysis, my diagnosis: My patient was diobnoxious."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

diode - To die without ever collecting a debt.

e.g., I'm going to diode without ever being paid back.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

diornitholith - (n.) the technical name for the action, procedure, technique, or strategy that will allow you to fulfill, solve, or accomplish two (or more) goals, problems, or tasks at the same time or as part of the same series of events: the "stone," as in "two birds with one stone." [from the Latin di 'two' + Greek ornitho 'bird' + lith 'stone.']

e.g., "If we let this developer build his houses there, he'll have to replace some of the wetlands lost to construction, and that will kill to birds with one stone!" "A magnificent example of ornitholithic thinking!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

diorreck - Abbreviation of "Do you reckon?" Used when four syllables is simply too many.

e.g., Diorreck it will rain?

submitted by a.hamill - (www)

dip - To eavesdrop on someone's conversation.

e.g., Quit dipping, I wasn't talking to you.

submitted by Matthew

dip - To leave somewhere quickly, then to make a speedy return.

e.g., I'm about to dip to the store and get a gallon of milk.

submitted by Patrick Collison

dipcheater - One who promises to make homemade dip, but cheats by purchasing the dip at a store.

e.g., Jennifer was supposed to bring in spinach dip; however, the dipcheater purchased hers at the super market instead.

submitted by Sheila

dipilerious - The condition of being deleriously dippy, silly, slaphappy, and weird.

e.g., After two days of no sleep, a twelve pack of Coca-Cola, and two bags of Halloween candy, we were all pretty dipilerious.

submitted by lilu

diplomates - Couples who marry for political or financial gain.

e.g., Bill and Hillary are the quintessential diplomates.

submitted by don berger

dipoll - A diPoll is a two-choice image poll that allows for quick voting from anybody in the world.

e.g., I can't believe Kanye ran on stage at the VMAs He should have just made a diPoll to see which music video people like more.

submitted by John

dippidoodleitis - Do do any action without care or thought.

e.g., Dippidoodleitis has struck again - Marcel is cutting the carrot with an eraser.

submitted by Rod Stoesz

dippy the goof - The real name of Mickey Mouse's pal, Goofy.

e.g., Virtually no one knows any longer that Goofy's original name was actually Dippy the Goof (his lady friend was Clarabelle the Cow).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dipsokleptotoper - One who is compelled to steal other people's drinks when under the influence of alcohol. At worst, someone who swipes your drink from under your nose in a bar and claims it as hers in the face of evidence almost as irrefutable as DNA scrapings. For example, the remarkable coincidence that is the man who claims to have been wearing Clinique lip gloss in Tender Heart which also happens to have marked the edge of his white wine spritzer which up until now you considered to be yours. At best, drinking the dregs of your guests' drinks when clearing up after the dinner party you have hosted. Either way, not pleasant and indicates an imminent need to attend AA meetings.

e.g., The awful realization that she was a dipsokleptotoper only hit her as she choked on the butt of a cigarette someone had put out in an abandoned can of beer, but by then it was sadly too late.

submitted by Charley Parlez

dipstick - Idiot, moron, stupid person.

e.g., He knew the ice on the lake was only an inch thick, but the dipstick walked on it and fell through, anyway.

submitted by don

dipterocide - Killing flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.


Dear Cecil: As an only child, I was forced to be ingenious about inventing solitary diversions. While reading an old diary recently, I found that on July 1, 1969, I went on a murderous binge which resulted in the untimely death of 52 houseflies. Knowing how degenerate their reproductive habits are, I got to wondering how many of their descendants would be around to plague us today had it not been for this prodigious feat of dipterocide. Can you enlighten me? For obvious reasons, I prefer to remain -- Anonymous, Chicago

submitted by HD Fowler

dipthong - Scanty bathing suit for a quick swim.

e.g., What the "h"; she's wearing her dipthong too high. It's vanishing into her crotch.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dipthong - Scanty bathing suit for a quick swim.

e.g., What the "h"; she's wearing her dipthong too high. It's vanishing into her crotch.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dipthong - Scanty bathing suit for a quick swim.

e.g., What the "h"; she's wearing her dipthong too high. It's vanishing into her crotch.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dipthong - Scanty bathing suit for a quick swim.

e.g., What the "h"; she's wearing her dipthong too high. It's vanishing into her crotch.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dipweed - Someone who is fun, but doesn't always think, is known to do foolish things, sometimes doesn't make sense, doesn't always "get it right," or any combination of these. No real difference from a "dillweed."

e.g., Amazing and funny, yes. But I couldn't believe the dipweed would actually do it.

submitted by th

dir-nastic - "Adj. a combination of the words 'dirty' and 'nasty,' employed to express ones profound or extreme disgust for something"

e.g., That is one dir-nastic auto

submitted by JAVELIN

dire rear - In Brooklyn the runs are pronounced this way, and it is a handy substitute for the actual, hard to spell, word. | This is a word to use when you have any loose form of defecation. After a long while of your butt being wiped to being raw, it is in dire need of relief. Hence, dire rear.

e.g., Please excuse Nancy from school today. She has diareah, dihureer, diarear. . . . Oh crap, she has a dire rear. (ED. Oh, crap, indeed.) | I've had the craps for so long that I have a bad case of dire rear.

submitted by Frank J. Mandriota | Linda Steininger

directional - Has no meaning but looks "good" when used by poseurs.

e.g., This report is realistic, timely, and directional in its approach.

submitted by Kiwi

directionally challenged - For one who gets lost easily, no matter how small the space.

e.g., I thought you said you knew this mall inside and out. What are you, directionally challenged?

submitted by Flame Midnight

directitude - Having a proctologist go right to the spot instead farting around with rectitude.

e.g., The practice of directitude really stinks.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

direlogue - Uninspired insipid unenthusiastic words said in a film or play.

e.g., His direlogue elicited groans of contempt from the audience.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

dirt legs - Slang from the St. Charles, Missouri, area from some not so long ago generation: a skank.

e.g., Listen, pal, call my sister dirt legs again and you'll soon be seeing blue.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

dirt merchant - Anyone with slimy or sleazy motives.

e.g., I can't believe he tried to convince me he played for the Giants. What a dirt merchant.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

dirt-bag - A noun-adjective which generally refers to a person of somewhat less than sterling character.

e.g., I can't believe that after all these years the noun-adjective "dirt-bag" was not on the website. | Joey is a dirt bag.

submitted by george kelly

dirt-tionary - An X-rated webpage (I say page instead of site because it's part of Mottie's site) that has very, very explicit references to sex positions.

e.g., Don't you dare touch the Dirt-tionary! Not until you're knowledgeable and are mature enough!

submitted by star651 - (www)

dirtaly - the state of being dirty

e.g., "the cloths were very dirtaly, only washing them will make them clean again."

submitted by Richard C. Wallace

dirte - Deertay. Another more powerful and cooler way of saying dirty.

e.g., Jhonny! Quit looking at that dirte magazine. It's ruining your ability to spell.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

dirtflesh - From whence we came, created by God.

e.g., In life hereafter, we will not miss our human forms of dirtflesh.

submitted by Bonnie

dirties - The dirty clothes' hamper.

e.g., Go throw that shirt in the dirties.

submitted by Joann

dirtspace - The real, physical world as opposed to the virtual, or online, world.

e.g., I don't know that I can handle meeting you, for real, in dirtspace.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

dirtt - Ytpo for "dirty." Same pronunciation and meaning. Results from hitting a key with the left forefinger rather than the right forefinger.

e.g., The emperor in Amadeus said "Too many notes." I say, "Too many dirtt words."

submitted by Miss Speller

dirty - When something or someone is getting on your nerves or bothers you.

e.g., 1. Julie dirty won't leave me alone.2. I sat for a dirty hour waiting on the F train.

submitted by Gene Yuss - (www)

dirty - Very good, also called dirty south or dir-tay.

e.g., He is dirty at Street Hoops. | That move you just did was dirty south.

submitted by Leggett

dirty dog - Another name for Greyhound bus line. Grey = dirty + hound = dog. Greyhound buses aren't exactly the cleanest or nicest way to travel.

e.g., I can't afford a train or plane ticket, so I have to take the dirty dog.

submitted by sorakirei - (www)

dirty south - Region of the Southern United States including the states of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

e.g., I'm from Houston, representing the Dirty South.

submitted by Ari G.

dirty young man - What you tell people you were, if they call you a dirty old man.

e.g., I was a dirty young man, too. It has nothing to do with age.

submitted by Steve McDonald

dirty-bird-meal - Any chicken-related burger. Extra points for getting a McDonald's employee to serve you the right meal using the term.

e.g., I'll have a Big Mac and a dirty-bird meal with fries and a coke. Geezer discount?

submitted by who-ha

dirty-laundry - Someone or something that feels naughty or over eager towards the opposite sex.

e.g., Jenny felt irritated by that dirty-laundry for trying to pick her up in a Waffle House.

submitted by Judge - (www)

dirtybutt - White trash; undesirable people.

e.g., There are a lot of dirtybutts on Jerry Springer.

submitted by Heather - (www)

dis - N,v. Usually used for particulalry clever or harsh insults. Probably comes from disrespect, possibly from Dis, Roman god of the underworld.

e.g., She delivered the scathing dis about Paul's young girlfriend.

submitted by Scott marchus

dis - Deserted Island Syndrome. When you are around only average looking or unattractive people and they start to look attractive because you don't have any other options.

e.g., To end up with Chirs after the party she must have been suffering from some DIS.

submitted by Tonya

dis stance - Body language that denotes contempt and lack of respect.

e.g., Mr. Wheaton, the school psychologist, smiled, joked, and was especially warm and friendly. But JoJo still kept his dis stance.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

dis-maligned - Disrespected and maligned.

e.g., Many people are so sensitive anymore, they think they're being dis-maligned over the least little thing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

disabilitator - An individual who overcomes her disability. A person with a disability who finds other ways to achieve things. One who focuses on the ability and less on the disability. Also can be known as someone who is a leader within the disability community, such as a disability advocate, etc. Example in sentences:- All throughout history their have been disabilitators that have shown us that where their are disabilities, their are abilities as well. Today, we had a guest disabilitator, come speak to our class about overcoming disabilities.

e.g., All throughout history therehave been disabilitators that have shown us that where there are disabilities, there are abilities as well. Today, we had a guest disabilitator come speak to our class about overcoming disabilities.

submitted by Robert M. Hensel - (www)

disaffected - Shows no emotion or feeling when something bad or scary happens.

e.g., I was 3 inches away from getting hit by a truck crossing the street last night and other than getting a sudden hydrinalin rush out of it I was disaffected by it.

submitted by Karen

disagreemental - When you are having different opinions in a calm but frustrated discussion.

e.g., My step-mother and I were having a disagreemental discussion.

submitted by Kristina Boos

disambiguate - To make an ambiguous matter, situation, description, or instruction unambiguous. To make definitive sense out of something that is confusing, vague or imprecise.

e.g., 1. Soon the United States will disambiguate the vagaries of al Quada. 2. It was a chore to disambiguate the confusing and apparently conficting instructions that were included with my new Japanese DVD player.

submitted by Gregory L. Neu

disappapilated - Disappeared or vanished.

e.g., "My car disappapilated!" I exclaimed, unable to find our car in the vast parking lot.

submitted by Steph

disappeared, the - Argentinians who disappeared in the 1970s.

e.g., 30,000 Argentinians became the disappeared in the 1970s. During the 1970s Argentina lived a period of widespread military repression on the civilian population. Under the pretext of the "war against subversion" the military and police authorities develped a machiavellic campaign of terror. All civil rights -- freedom of expression, justice, association vote -- were eliminated. Thousands of citizens were unjustly put in prison where they endured inhuman conditions and lived under the pain of torture and the fear of death day to day.

Nothing is more horrorific, however, that what was done to 30,000 people now known as "the disappeared". Taken from their homes, blindfolded, beaten, they were taken to secret concentration camps, where they awaited, without knowing, amidst blows and torture, death.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

disappointment - An appointment you are not eagerly looking forward to, like the one with the dentist

e.g., This afternoon I have a disppointment with my boss. He'll be ready with a new pile of tasks to be completed "day before yesterday."

submitted by KTR

disasco - "Disaster" and "fiasco."

e.g., We brought my mother-in-law along on our honeymoon. It was a disasco.

submitted by John Breen

disassembleation - The process of manufacturing or building something for the sole purpose of taking it apart again.

e.g., We will increase profits and productivity by decreasing the amount of disassembleation scheduled for this month.

submitted by mb

disasterrific - A disastrous scenario on such a terrific scale, it becomes almost amusing.

e.g., B: What is your status? R. Ouch. . . . disasterrific.

submitted by Pilau

disasterrific - A disastrous event with a positive outcome.

e.g., After the petrol tanker exploded, it was simply disasterrific that nobody was injured.

submitted by Steve J Hanning

disastronaut - A person who is destined to be a failure in some particular area of endeavor.

e.g., After bouncing yet another check, I realized I am, no doubt, a financial disastronaut.

submitted by Leslie Ragan

disastrophe - Disaster jammed into catastrophe.

e.g., It was all just one big disastrophe.

submitted by Sean

disastrophy - an unexpected event that has a serious, immediate, negative impact on ones life.

e.g., ex.1 When the comet hit the village, it was total disastrophy. ex.2 Since his wife left him, John thinks his life has been a complete disastrophy

submitted by dylan fable

disatisfier - That which dissatisfies; a disappointing, regrettable fact or component. Often used in corporate speak as it is vague, and it sounds more politically correct and is quicker to type than "regrettable component."

e.g., Sally, in HR, requested that all members of the training session send her a list of dissatisfiers and wins as part of their evaluation.

submitted by Matthew Waite

disc-crimination - A version of racism in which people are judged by the CDs they own.

e.g., My friend is extremely uncool. Because of his Simple Plan albums, he suffers terrible disc-crimination at school.

submitted by L. Gillies

discaboobliated - Being flustered or confused.

e.g., Having that beautiful girl come up and talk to me left me all discaboobliated.

submitted by Brad Coes

discarriage - An unfortunate unwanted pregnancy.

e.g., Things were going fine till we had a discarriage.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

discent - dis•cent Pronounced d-snt

tr.v. dis•cent•ed, dis•cent•ing, dis•cents

To neuteralize the odoriferous creatures from who come trolling the message board. (Sometimes "de-scent.")

e.g., What those of us of a more conservative bent should do is allow the Liberals Useful Idiots their dissent without complaint, and then discent them.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

discernmenterrorism - Aka discernment-terrorism or discrimination-terrorism.

An act of violence or aggression stemming from discrimination towards a specific group or citizen body with in a society -- committed either overtly or covertly, which can be based on race, gender, faith (religion ), or age. It may also be directed against those of a certain social class or political standing.

e.g., Committing discernmenterrorism against a minority group can be a criminal act, depending upon the venue.

submitted by Darius Radmanesh - (www)

discgust - The low-down , sorrowful emotional state achieved nearly every time I go out and attempt to play a good round of disc golf, especially at the courses full of trees, ponds, rivers and other disc-destroying hazards.

e.g., My round today of 83 was discgusting. It seems that if it weren't for discgust, I'd have no emotional reaction from the game known as disc golf. Except, of course, that one time I got the hole in one after I smackdoodled the tree in front of the basket.

submitted by creative guy

dischinect - When you hang up on someone because your chin hits the disconnect button. Usually occurs when the phone is wedged between your ear and shoulder.

e.g., Sorry, didn't mean to hang up on ya -- we were dischinected.

submitted by rj - (www)

disclaim - To state that you have been insulted.

e.g., He disclaimed P. Diddy's characterization.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

disclude - To leave out, the opposite of include.

e.g., We had to disclude certain people from our group.

submitted by C.R. Castelletti

disco leg - The shaking or jiggling of one's leg absentmindedly or obsessively when nervous. Usually consists of moving one knee up and down by bouncing the leg on the ball of one foot when in the sitting position. Also descriptive of decrepit or infected livestock.

e.g., Jethro, I think one of your dairy cows might have BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) -- it's got a clear case of disco leg.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

disco nap - Going to sleep one or two hours before a big night of clubbing.

e.g., I must take a disco nap before heading out to see Richie Hawtin spin tonight.

submitted by Stefan Amyotte

disco-necked - Medical condition, a sprain of the neck, usually acquired when gyrating too wildly, often when dancing in a discothéque.

e.g., Whew, I went out dancing last night, and woke up this morning disco-necked.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

disco-tinue - To stop dancing.

e.g., I kept hoping that the club scenes in Saturday Night Fever would disco-tinue.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

discognization - The confusion you feel when you've called a number expecting to get an answering machine, but a real person answers.

e.g., Bill suffered from severe discognization when a live person answered the phone, since he had mentally prepared a long speech to leave a message. He uttered a lame comment about monkeys and electroshock so the person would put him on hold, then hung up.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

discolicious - Combination of disco and delicious used to describe something that is retro, yet cool. Can anything be both retro and cool?

e.g., Wow, did you see that Chris's spandex suit? It was discolicious.

submitted by sam

discom-bebop-ulation - The need to turn down the car radio when you are lost

e.g., "We are not lost - turn down the radio so I can find our way"

submitted by Tim H

discombluberated - Confused; confounded; unable to concentrate; at a loss; without a clue.

e.g., She had so many things on her mind and was so busy she became discombluberated.

submitted by Bill

discombob barbituated - The heightened state of nervousness, in Senior Elderhood, when you can't remember when, or if, you took your pills for anxiety.

e.g., Honey, you saw me, didn't you? I took my pills before I showered? Or after breakfast with my coffee? Y'know, the little pink ones with the warnings on the pill bottle? Weren't you paying attention? Maybe you saw me not take them? Honey, please -- you've got to help me! I'm discombob barbituated, and it's driving me nuts!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

discombobulate - "To mess up, destroy, re-arrange, shuffle, or otherwise cause to be in a state of disarray." Real dictionary word.

e.g., My car is all discombobulated. I need to get a new one.

submitted by Sakimori

discombobulated - Oblivious due to event overload. Real dictionary word.

e.g., After babysitting five children who were anything but angels, the woman discovered her house was on fire, lost her purse, and credit card, causing her to become utterly discombobulated.

submitted by Shannon

discomboobulated - The uncomfortbale and unexpected moment when a bra (generally sports bra) points one breast in a different direction than the other.

e.g., I went to Pilates class, started twisting around, and walked out all discomboobulated.

submitted by Jen

discombubulated - What you are when you are confused or have misplaced something and are frantically looking for it.

e.g., Frank was discombubulated -- he had misplaced his phone.

submitted by teddy - (www)

discomfiometer - Although it's not found on Google at time of writing, the Brazilians have a superb word for a person who doesn't pick up people's vibes -- someone who is oblivious to the fact that they are boring someone, or annoying them. People without a discomfiometer regale dinner parties with monologues about how Benjamin Disraeli was not as good an orator as some historians say. They phone you and the only apparent reason for doing so is to talk about the dress worn by the wife of their new pastor. At the pub, they rattle on about their ingrown toenail exudations. They make veiled and unveiled references to what they presume are your life motivations when they try to sign you up for Amway. They sing really badly in talent quests. They wear very short shorts covering grotesquely obese arses, or body shirts on skeletal chests. People without a discomfiometer don't come straight out and ask you if you can help them move a fridge, or invite you to a party at their house. They start with "What are you doing on Saturday?"

e.g., He's got no discomfiometer. I tried to tell him but he didn't get it.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

discomsteveulated - The confusion you get when you're Steve rather than Bob.

e.g., Sorry, Bob, I'm feeling a bit discomsteveulated. I won't goober it up again.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

disconable - To disable by unplugging a cable. This word came about when I was telling a friend how I disabled my firewall by disconnecting the cable, and I merged disconnect and cable together accidentally, and it stuck.

e.g., Can you go ahead and disconable the printer?

submitted by Anthony Ceria Jr

disconfect - To sterilize a piece of confection you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, assuming this will "remove" all the germs.

e.g., After dropping my lollipop, I quickly disconfected it before shoving it back into my mouth.

submitted by stephanie - (www)

disconfiture - Regurgitating sweets.

e.g., She ate so many bon-bons that she had to use two fingers for disconfiture.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

disconfudgulated - In a state of mind where you can't think straight. To put someone into a state of mind where she can't think straight.

e.g., The criminal was disconfudgulated after he was asked questions by the prosecutioners.

submitted by Jamie

disconnected - In the game of disc golf, the state of euphoria obtained by becoming or thinking that you've become one with your disc.

e.g., I was so damned disconnected that I made seven, fifty foot putts in a row. I love my old putter and you know, if I could get so disconnected with all my other discs, I'd turn pro.

submitted by creative guy

discopone - Discopone originates from a misheard lyric in the Madonna song "Ray of Light." The lyric is actually "I feel like I just got home," but many hear it as "I feel like a discopone." A Madonna fan and literary scholar looked up "pone" in the OED to find that it is an archaic form of "poon." Said scholar interpreted the word to mean "a woman who enjoys an active social life, resists sexual objectification, yet is powerfully confident in her own sexuality." An influential group of women on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. uses it with pride to describe themselves. Madonna herself is called the "Mother Pone."

e.g., You want the discopone? You can't handle the discopone.

submitted by kelly mcguire

discount - What a disc golfer does at each tee to assure that she hasn't left a disc behind somewhere in the fairway or woods and that she does indeed have the number of dics's in her bag that she started with.

e.g., Gimme another coupla minutes, Bert. I need to recount my discount.

submitted by Craig Prime

discribe - To write something on a disk. Misspelleng.

e.g., After you've made your daily backup, be sure to discribe what you saved on the CD on the CD.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

discriminationary - Discriminatory. Formed by adding a suffix to "discrimination." "Hateful language directed at the most vulnerable in society is never acceptable."


suffix occurring originally in loanwords from Classical and Medieval Latin, on adjectives (elementary; honorary; stationary; tributary), personal nouns (actuary; notary; secretary), or nouns denoting objects, especially receptacles or places (library; rosary; glossary). The suffix has the general sense “pertaining to, connected with” the referent named by the base; it is productive in English, sometimes with the additional senses “contributing to,” “for the purpose of,” and usually forming adjectives: complimentary; visionary; revolutionary; inflationary.

e.g., "I'm no fan of [Ricky] Gervais, but surely if all other sectors of society are ridiculed in comedy, not ridiculing the disabled is discriminationary?" | "A hostile environment in the workplace may also be created by discriminationary behavior based on race, ethnicity, or national origin." | "Actually they don't catch all discriminationary conduct in the act. If you look at two items for sale but choose one because it appears to be better made, that's discrimination. If you get married because you find someone who has a particular concentration of traits that you find attractive, that's discrimination, too. And, especially racy, if you choose a certain colour of clothing because it matches your skin tone better, DISCRIMINATION! Such conduct is not illegal. Yet."

submitted by [Sulla Felix] - (www)

discriminatism - Discriminatism is an act of violence or aggression stemming from discrimination towards a specific group or citizen body with in society. Committed either overtly or covertly. Discriminatism can be based on race, gender, faith, age, social, class, or political standing . Discriminatism a violent act committed against ethnic minorities. Discriminatism a violent act committed against the elderly in nursing homes. Discriminatism a violent act committed against one group by another, simply based on their religious beliefs.

e.g., "Do you think we need more laws to deal with discriminatism?" "No. As far as I'm concerned, we have too many laws of all kinds already."

submitted by Darius Radmanesh - (www)

disctionary - An informative book that introduces and defines words specific to the game, resulting from the game and surrounding the game of disc golf.

e.g., I can't wait until the Creative Guy 2008 Edition of Disctionary hits the book stores.

submitted by creative guy

discussment - A heated discussion that borders on being an argument.

e.g., They're having a heated discussment about politics.

submitted by Curt

disemboobily - A state of utter confusion, usually caused by interaction with an animal.

e.g., I was struck disemboobily by the bumblebees flying around.

submitted by richard burt - (www)

disembrogue - An outpouring from the mouth of an Irish river.

e.g., The waters of the Liffy disembrogued loud and thick--I knew I had to be fishing in Ireland.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

disenable - The crippiling of a software feature, as an indirect result of adding another software feature.

e.g., I installed a new codec that works fine for MPEG4, but it disenabled MPEG3 playback.

submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

disenfreelanced - Combines "disenfranchised" and "freelance" to describe the mood and status of many people in various branches of the media industries at the moment--laid off, disenchanted, and forced into part-time or freelance work.

e.g., John doesn't work on that magazine anymore--he's disenfreelanced now.

submitted by Rachel Phillips

disenspeak - Verb: The wish to retrieve a statement after it's too late.

e.g., "Ouch. I bet he'd like to disenspeak that last statement. That drink in his lap does go nicely with his shirt though."

submitted by ZenAndDee - (www)

disentauntilation - A disease that most certainly does not exist but is a 100% reliable excuse for anything.

e.g., "Why have you not cleaned your room like I told you to?" yelled my mum. "Sorry, Mum, it's just I've been suffering from a bit of disentauntelation lately," I replied. My mum then said "What are you on about?... Oh I guess I'll just get your sister to do it."

submitted by John

disexual - One who expires while having sex, usually with a partner.

e.g., When he died in his mistress's bed, Nelson Rockefeller became a celebrated disexual.

submitted by Blue Hornet

disfaced - Someone who has no face.

e.g., What was the name of that movie where Nicolas Cage and John Travolta were disfaced?

submitted by Jeremy 7th English

disflexia - Aiming for one key on the keyboard but having it switch places with an alternate key at the very last second.

e.g., Ted's not a bad speller, he just suffers from disflexia. Now, Chris, he's a bad speller.

submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

disfocussed - Any conversation that subsequently and inevitably ends with the involved subjects disagreeing about the primary focus of the conversation. This disharmonious course of events and vernacular dissociation ultimately amalgamates and results in the entire interaction being experienced as incoherent and irrevelant cacophony . This cacophony forcefully and unopposedly results in a lack of any focus, thus it is termed as DISFOCUSSED

e.g., Not without good intentions, each person left the scheduled forum feeling that all the communications ended up being, by definition, disfocussed.

submitted by Johnnycheapie - (www)

disfragmentor - A person who recreates a story or scenario using personal journals and other sources..

e.g., The disfragmentor used interviews with elder family members to write a family history.

submitted by Mariano

disfuckingusting - The human emotional state or inner feeling that manifests itself and often refreshes memories of the human bodily function of hurling your cookies. This emotional state usually comes from hearing stories that, for the most part, pertain to unprovoked war, oil spills, or political, social, and environmental wrongdoings by educated, politically-driven insensitive morons.

e.g., "58,000 gallons of oil spilled in San Francisco Bay -- and they're wondering if legal action will be taken? That's disfuckingusting."

"I think You're jumping to a conclusion, C.B. You're assuming negligence was involved. Do you know that to be the case? Do you have any evidence showing that? Have you come forward with it? The appropriate course is for an investigation to precede legal action. Then and only then will the authorities know if it's warranted. Jeez, C.B., you insist on no profiling, Miranda warnings, public defenders, multiple appeals, and all the other trappings of the justice system when it comes to illegal enemy combatants, repeat felons, and terrorists, but you're all for vigilante action and hanging 'em high when it comes to heads of companies. Typical leftist behavior. Are you a graduate of the William Ayers School of Ends Justify Means?"

submitted by creative guy

disfuculate - To render an electronic device useless by taking it apart piece by piece.

e.g., We had to disfuculate the systems before the parts were cleaned.

submitted by Stev

disfunktional - A feeling of confusion and disorientation, normally in the morning after a long night.

e.g., Stop being so disfunktional.

submitted by oli - (www)

disgarmament - Removing one’s clothing to distract your partner and forestall a major fight. This tactic should be used only in the gravest of emergencies.

e.g., He asked me where the giant scratch on his car came from, and I knew there was only one thing I could do — total, immediate disgarmament. He was so surprised that he completely forgot about the scratch.

submitted by Jaimie

disgroostifying - Very disgusting, often in a humorous way. Synonyms include disgroostificating and disgustifying.

e.g., When you burp like that, it's absolutely disgroostifying.

submitted by E.O. Stinson - (www)

disgrossting - Utterly disgusting; not only disgusting, but also gross and grody. (To the max?)

e.g., Your dog puked up a half-tube of toothpaste and a piece of roadkill? That's disgrossting.

submitted by Matthew Aaron - (www)

disgrossting - Causing a higher level of disgust and nausea. Extremely gross and disgusting.

e.g., That rotten smell is disgrossting.

submitted by M. Worley

disgruntled - Past tense of disgruntle, to silence a pig.

e.g., Farmer Dan will sleep soundly tonight, once the pigs have been disgruntled.

submitted by Mr Rooster

disgussed - (verb, past tense) had an unpleasant discussion

e.g., We disgussed the slipping schedule earlier today.

submitted by Gene Wirchenko

disgustache - A really dirty looking or half-grown mustache.

e.g., What's that dirt on your face? Is that a disgustache?

submitted by Eric

disgustipate - A word to show extreme disgust.

e.g., Get away, you disgustipate me. | That expired milk is disgustipating.

submitted by kristy - (www)

disgustipated - To be offended, insulted, disgusted, etc., to such an extent that words of reply or comment won't come out.

e.g., The girl ate like a pig at a trough, no manners at all. I was so disgustipated that I thought I would burst.

submitted by Chris Grizzly ADAMS

disgustipating - When something is both shocking and disgusting aswell.

e.g., When the baby blew that dog's head clean off, that was disgustipating. Now, let's go sip some hot coca, and play a game of pictionary.

submitted by Alex

disgusto - The manner in which a person pretending disgust might tell a story with great relish.

e.g., "...and then she rolled off the table, staggered to her feet, the chocolate sauce was dribbling down her blouse, and she tried to remove the groom's shirt," he said with disgusto.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

disguys - To hide or disguise one’s sickness, injury, or other malady in order to avoid attacks, while down and weakened and stressed, by bosses, wives, children, etc.; to fake wellness, mostly a guy trait = why men don’t go to doctors much.

e.g., He had to disguys so that the vultures around him, waiting to rip him off and tear him to pieces, did not know of his plight, so he could survive to fight another day.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

dish - Date

e.g., "I've got a dish with a fish" fish= good looking guy.. (see fish)

submitted by JoJo

dish sitting - When your cat sits in front of her food dish to let you know she is waiting for you to feed her.

e.g., The cat has been dish sitting on and off since noon.

submitted by Nancy Kalish

dished - To simultaneously have a pain in the head and a pain in the bum (ass to our American friends). Due to riding for too long on an uncomfortable bus.

e.g., After two hours on a Leyland National he felt so dished he feared he was going to vomit.

submitted by David Flett

disianuate - To throw something or someone out a door. Derived from the Latin word ianua meaning door. Pronounced "dis ee ANNE you ate. "

e.g., I'm going to disianuate your Nintendo if you don't stop playing it.

submitted by Matt

disible - Extremely dysfunctional, to the point where anyone would dis whatever was dysfunctional.

e.g., Them dodo birds must be a pretty frickin' disible family!

submitted by star651 - (www)

disinfotainment - Slickly packaged media productions intended to distract and mislead the public.

e.g., Disinfotainment is the heart and soul of liberal media.

submitted by Jonathan

disingenue - While a young actress who fails miserably in the role of an ingénue might be called a disingénue, I think the word is best applied to an actress well past the age of playing an ingénue.

e.g., It was a pleasure seeing a novice such as Hailee Steinfeld playing the role of Mattie Ross in True Grit. Roles such as that too often go to disingénues. | To me the ultimate disingénue is a man in his 20s or 30s playing a teenage girl.

submitted by HD Fowler

disintegregate - To lose one's integrity.

e.g., Willie disintegregated rapidly once he was elected.

submitted by John MacKinnon

disinvitation - To cancel an invitation after it has already been sent.

e.g., I received the invitation to the meeting, but when it was cancelled, I didn't get a disinvitation.

submitted by ginny - (www)

dislarming - Disappointing and alarming

e.g., The dislarming fact was that my automobile was determined to be a total financial loss after a it received a minor scrape on the bumper.

submitted by Seth

dislaughsia - The twisted notion that one's own jokes are funny.

e.g., If you think that joke was funny, you need to have your doctor treat you for dislaughsia.

submitted by Mark Wood

dislean - (diss-leen)-adj.-disgustingly clean

e.g., The room that you have organized is looking very dislean.

submitted by Miss McCann

dislexia - This dictionary.

e.g., I only make entries in dislexia, not in datlexia.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dislipsia - the tendency to reverse or invert the spoken language

e.g., you've got that ACK-BASSWARDS.

submitted by Danny O'Hern

dislocuta - “In a slightly condescending, but ultimately necessary, footnote the author [Theodor Adorno] defined the term as, ‘The anxiety brought about by the restrictive nature of language, and by extension, that brought about by the restrictive nature of any system of meaning.’ …

“‘Dislocuta’ does not simply refer to the distress of [someone those] who cannot express themselves, but very precisely, the distress of [the individual individuals] who cannot put their thoughts into language due to the boundaries of the system of meaning in which they necessarily take part.”

e.g., The Occupy protesters suffered from a terrible case of dislocuta: the ideals they fought for could not be explained within the language of capitalism. | “Out of all the words that had me reaching for the dictionary there was one that stood out, namely ‘dislocuta.’

“In the opening passage of an essay discussing Adorno’s attitude to life after the Holocaust I stumbled on this pithy summary, ‘Adorno’s comments on the impossibility of poetry after Auschwitz typify the intellectual dislocuta prevalent in post-war Europe.”

submitted by Ed Thornton - (www)

dislove - dislove, verb transitive (prefix dis + love; cf. dislike, disapprove) – to have a deep negative feeling, attraction-through-aversion to smbd. "Dislove" is a deeper feeling than "dislike," it is not just a matter of taste, but of personal relationship. It is addressed to individuals rather than to inanimate entities. Dislove implies a strong negative emotional connection to its human object.

e.g., I don't hate Andy. I just dislove him. I wish him to be happy with somebody else.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

dismal trade - The art of undertaking. (From The Blue Hour.)

e.g., For the life of me I never could understand why Garry wanted to become a mortician and practice the dismal trade.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dismiss the pixels - To switch off the television.

e.g., He disapproved of the film so he tersely dismissed the pixels.

submitted by Colin Taffel

dismonkulated - To be extremely confused.

e.g., I was completely dismonkulated when my girlfriend said she was breaking up with me.

submitted by Ray

disnacular - Very childish; unable to accept the reality of what the world really is.

e.g., Don't be so disnacular--we need you to be mature about this.

submitted by nate - (www)

disneyglubist - A word that sounds as if it could belong in a Disney underwater movie such as The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo.

e.g., The fisherman had a very disneyglubist vocabulary.

submitted by Patrick Hines

disneylag - (n.) waiting interminably for something that, although well-executed and fun, turns out nevertheless to be something of a disappointment (too short, too long, too dull, whatever).

e.g., "Hey, it's almost 11 pm, when do the fireworks start? We've been waiting forever." "Yeah, it's disneylag."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

disneyocracy - A government run by the Disney Corporation.

e.g., A disneyocracy would not be as happy as it really would seem.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

disnify - To commercialize or render artificial. | To give the appearance of being perfect. Disneyfy, disnification. From Disney.

e.g., The buyers will want to disnify the park to attract business.

submitted by Degen

disnomic - Inabillty to remember names.

e.g., I'm disnomic, I remember faces but not names.

submitted by John - (www)

disopportunity - (n.) 1. A job or position certain people simply cannot obtain due to discrimination based upon race or gender (or something else); 2. The systematic exclusion of some group from chances of advancement, equal salary, specific positions, and so forth; 3. A lesser position to which second-class citizens (of whatever group) can be relegated so as to SEEM not to be discriminatory (while getting away with discrimination anyway).

e.g., Unequal pay for equal work is the paradigmatic example of disopportunity. | Lee Daniels "Butler" is a movie about racism; it emphasizes disopportunity.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

disopportunity - (n.) 1. A job or position certain people simply cannot obtain due to discrimination based upon race or gender (or something else); 2. The systematic exclusion of some group from chances of advancement, equal salary, specific positions, and so forth; 3. A lesser position to which second-class citizens (of whatever group) can be relegated so as to SEEM not to be discriminatory (while getting away with discrimination anyway).

e.g., Unequal pay for equal work is the paradigmatic example of disopportunity. | Lee Daniels "Butler" is a movie about racism; it emphasizes disopportunity.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

disorderly - In the spirit of the late great Groucho Marx, an orderly (male hospital attendant) who is out of order.

e.g., As the disorderly entered the room, a wicked grin spread across his face while he glared down on the hapless patient strung up in traction. Tapping on four cast limbs one at a time and increasingly more intensely he asked each time, "Is this where it hurts?"

submitted by s. zihlavsky [Cpt. Pierce of _MASH_]

disorient - To break up with your Asian girlfriend or boyfriend.

e.g., My girlfriend just left me for good and I'm now disoriented.

submitted by Mike Mendez

disorientatedness - Being disoriented.

e.g., This whole disorientatedness is so confusing.

submitted by Christina

disoriyenta - When your older Jewish female relative gets lost in a department store.

e.g., Aunt Sheila was a firs-rate disoriyenta in Bloomingdale's last week.

submitted by Joel Parker

dispangular - Anywhere.

e.g., I think this survey is dispangular.

submitted by Stefan Nordlander

disparate housewives - While some housewives may be desperate, no two are exactly alike.

e.g., Maybe you should move to my neighborhood for a change of pace. It's filled with disparate housewives.

submitted by HD Fowler

dispatchionate - Uninfluenced by strong emotion, able to be rational and impartial, as it relates to transportation.

e.g., Taxi's Louie DiPalma really didn't care which driver got which fare. He was totally dispatchionate.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

dispell - To misspell. Dispell  itself comes from a misspelling of dispel.

e.g., You just dispelled dispel again.

submitted by HD Fowler

dispensed - The spray can be dispensed from a pump.{ED. Hun?}

e.g., She dispensed the spray.

submitted by chelsi hines

disphonetional - Describing people, who are in some way inept, relating to the telephone.

e.g., My disphonetional friend didn't understand how to recover his voice-mail.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

dispoclog - Having all of the dishes in the sink with the garbage disposal.

e.g., I can't throw away this roasted spinach because we have a dispoglog in the kitchen.

submitted by eric

disposable pretense - A ruse or feigned excuse calculated to obtain what is desired. Delightfully multi-purpose, for if what seemed desirable really isn't, the pretense can be enjoyed. If the true purpose is to be obtained without need for the pretense, it can be easily disposed of.

e.g., "Why don't we get together and, erm, work on that project Friday night? Erm, my place? 9pm?" "That sounds like a disposable pretense to me."

submitted by kara - (www)

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