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deflavination - The sound of flatulence makes as the gas exits through flabby buttocks.

e.g., Chris's deflavination was heard long before the smell reached us.

submitted by Rochelle Rush

deflexible - Not flexible.

e.g., You are deflexible.

submitted by Jeremy 7th English

deflook - Past tense of deflake, as in deflaking a flaky test in computer science.

e.g., I finally deflook that test; now it quits failing every other time anyone runs it.

submitted by Tommy - (www)

deflufferate - To remove the fluff from an article of clothing

e.g., It is important to deflufferate your jacket before going for the job interview.

submitted by the dark

defo - Definitely.

e.g., I defo want to go to a movie tonight.

submitted by Bethany T

defongerate - To extract bad smells from a facility.

e.g., It took quite an effort to defongerate after Chris visited.

submitted by Steve

deforte - To become worse at something over time.

e.g., I am deforting a basketball, i don't even start the games anymore.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

defraudulate - To undo a fradulent activity. For example, a friend was ripped off of personal property. Action to recover property and or damages is an act to defraudulate. Note, this is not referring to any civil or criminal legal action.

e.g., Vincent got ripped off by John. We need to defraudulate this.

submitted by Susan Rastella

defreshing - Fails not only to reinvigorate as expected, but, in fact, reduces vigor.

e.g., On a hot, humid day, a plunge into tepid water is defreshing.

submitted by Scott Stoltenberg - (www)

defriend, to - To defriend somebody is to break off friendly relations with her. CF.: befriend.

e.g., He defriended me a year after we met, with no reason or explanation. He just stopped calling, period. | Mary: "I want to defriend you." John: "What's wrong? I need something more than friendship from you. I need love."

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

defrost - (v) To make horrible music with the intent of its being funny. (n) A band that does this.

e.g., I brought my tape recorder, let's DEFROST. Your guitar only has three strings? Oh, well, that's good enough.

submitted by BigAssFries

defunk - Underarm deodorant.

e.g., Hey girl, didya put defunk on the wallyworld list?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

defunkdedrain - The process of taking toilet paper or one's bare finger to swipe after shower hair and residue off of the drain.

e.g., There's no way I will defunkdedrain after Grandpa.

submitted by Mikey

defunkify - Fix something that is broken or that is acting funky. From defunct and funky.

e.g., Will you please format that hard drive and defunkify my computer. | I have to take a shower and defunkify from my day working in the garden.

submitted by Angel Heinemann - (www)

defunkify - To get out of one's depressed, moody state.

e.g., Joe needed to defunkify after moping around for a month since his girlfriend broke up with him.

submitted by Queen of Washington Heights

defuse - To render something understandable; the opposite of "confuse."

e.g., I didn't understand the psychology lecture at all. Can you help defuse it for me?

submitted by Mike Dunn

defyfinition - Suggested by a ytpo in a submittal: a defyfinition is a new slant on an existing word, in defiance of all previous meanings.

e.g., While I'm pleased that the pd is replete with defyfinitions, I sometimes have second thoughts. Language maven Robert Hartwell Fiske says putting a word in a dictionary ultimately gives it more exposure and makes it more likely to become acceptable than would other wise be the case.

submitted by HD Fowler

defynition - Submitting words in defiance of the Word Nazis's "rules" and "regulations." (Triumph is getting away with same).

e.g., Daffynitions are sometimes submitted in defiance of the rules, resulting in defynition (or is it defynission?) of same or something similar which, by defynition, is against said rules, as defyned by HD Fowler and Co., thus defying defynition (or is it defynission?) - - - {O.K., HD - I give up!}! {ED. Yes, but you did get away with it -- this time.}

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

degliche - Deg-luh-shay. Faux French adjective for a person who is declasse and gauche.

e.g., Roger is so degliche, he pronounces faux pas "fokes pass." Or do you think he's trying to be cute?

submitted by Robert

degraditated - Completely and utterly debased to the lowest point of human dignity.

e.g., After being put in stocks for indecent exposure, the man felt degraditated as the town threw rotten vegatables at him.

submitted by Kristie Edling

degreeorator - A digital thermometer.

e.g., The bank has a sign out front with a clock to tell time and a degreeorator to tell you the temperature.

submitted by Jacqueline

degret - Lost, forgot. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Crap, I degret to fill the tank. As a result, I'm now sitting here waiting for someone to bring me gasoline.

submitted by Lukas Friga

degret - (v.) 1. To stop feeling guilt or sorrow over something; 2. never to feel either guilt or sorrow over something which most would believe deserving of sorrow or guilt. (Derived terms: 'degrettable' = "not worth troubling about"; 'to send one's degrets' = "not to bother sending a refusal" or "declaring an event not worth attending.")

[From 'de'="opposite, undo, away from" + '*gretan' "to weep or groan" (proto-Germanic)(probably), on analogy from "regret."] {Duplicate.}

e.g., Are you still moaning over breaking up with her?! Sheesh, degret already! || "I degret I shall be unable to attend your fatuous office party, not that I ever would."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

degunkulator - Anything that initiates a process through which a dirty thing becomes clean.

e.g., A car wash is a great example of a degunkulator.

submitted by ditnis

dehab - (Short for "dehabilitate"; n.) 1. The process of causing someone to lose or forget a certain behavior, or a given pattern, skill set, or approach to a task or type of activity; (v.) 2. to unteach or cause someone to unlearn a certain behavior, etc.

e.g., I know a guy who could run like the wind in high school, but his college coach said he didn't run "correctly" and, in trying to force him to run differently, essentially dehabbed him right out of being able to run fast at all. | "Time was when my first response to frustration was to fly into a rage, but I'm dehabbing myself." "Really? How?" "Well, whenever I feel myself getting angry I have to stop and write out all of the Japanese katakana." "Wow. How's it going?" "Pretty well, actually, at least it will be when I stop flying off the handle because I can't remember them and have to look the damn things up on the Internet and don't have a pen handy ... AAARrrgh! ... You don't happen to have a pen, do you?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

dehancement - Antonym of enhancement, an enhancement being "an improvement that makes something more agreeable." It may be a real word -- I don't know. See monstrosi-titties.

{ED. Rather than think in terms of breast enlargement, women so inclined might be well-advised to think in terms of titivation: sprucing up; making decorative additions to or the verb form: titivate: make neat, smart, or trim. Speaking for myself as a man, and not as your erstwhile editor, I find the notion of decorative additons for breasts appealing. Perhaps something seasonal or for the holiday at hand. Jingling bells for Christmas? Something booming for the Fourth of July? Tattly™ Temporary Turkey Tattoos for Thanksgiving -- a wild turkey, not the too dumb to come in out of the rain type we eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Given that breasts serve a truly useful function after Labor Day, something jucier than a turkey tattoo is called for then: peacocks, one or more.}

Line of peacocks

e.g., Monstrosititties, with monstroso-titties and monstrosotitties as possible alternatives.

The hyphenated forms, of course, draw more attention to the … ahem, subjects at hand. Which, after all, is what those who get the so-called breast enhancement surgery have in mind. Their intent is clearly tittilation. Other than the operations some "dancers" have done to increase their earnings ability, the worst call I ever saw made for surgical enlargement of her breasts was made by one Laurie O'Boyle. Laurie was the prettiest woman in town, bar none, with right-sized breasts for her frame. She had herself put under the knife only to have the result be more a transmogrification than a transformation -- a dehancement rather than an enhancement.

submitted by HD Fowler

dehappy - Beyond unhappy, furious, steamed up to the max. (L.Swain, et al)

e.g., Larry's mother was dehappy when he dropped her $2,000 Hummel figurine and broke it intentionally.

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

dehermitize - When a person comes out of self-imposed isolation and engages in social activities.

e.g., Thanks for asking me to join you. I guess I can dehermitize myself for today.

submitted by Robert Hansen - (www)

dehundu - The word means a peice of furnature

e.g., The dehundu was on the street awaiting sale.

submitted by Amy

deicification - Removing ice from something.

e.g., Please perform some deicification on the car.

submitted by Melody Stone

deificate - To shovel your particular brand of religious b.s. upon a disinterested party.

e.g., Look, I'm glad you've found Jesus and all, but don't deificate on me now!

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

deinition - Definition of one as a deity.

e.g., It's been interesting to see how the deinition changes depending on one's stand on the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ.

submitted by Miss Speller

deipnosophist - This is a real word, meaning "a person who is an adept conversationalist at table." | "A person skilled in dinner-table conversation."

Deipnophobia is the fear of dinner or dinner conversations.

e.g., Of course I'd like to be a deipnosophist, but I'd settle simply for not stammering and being tongue-tied when I'm trying to have a conversation with a pretty woman. If I hadn't been such a lollygagger when I was a teenager and had applied myself in speech class, maybe I'd have caught a lovely lass for my own. … Oh, wait, I managed that, didn't I?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

deironize - The process by which certain words become immune to all but the most extreme applications of irony, usually rendering the speaker a complete social misfit. Deironization is thought to occur through frequent, cyclical applications of irony to certain "dweeb identifier" words such as "par-tay." (CAUTION -- heavily deironized words should only be attempted by trained professionals with an "expert" or better sarcasm rating.)

e.g., The best example of deironization is the pseudo-word "par-tay" in place of the word "party."

submitted by Hal Colombo

deitical - Referring to god(s) and or god-like traits in someone or something; highly exceptional.

e.g., His deitical skill astounded all those around him.

submitted by josh

deja eew - Seeing something revolting that you feel as if you've seen before.

e.g., "Jackson's getting caught for something we assumed about him is a cringeworthy rerun -- deja eew. . . ."  

"The O.J. saga was riveting original programming; Jackson's getting caught for something we assumed about him is a cringe worthy rerun -- deja eew. . . . 'Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Check out the she-man who sings and dances and French-kisses 12-year-old boys!'"

submitted by [Jonathan Alter] - (www)

deja poo - The feeling that you have taken this restroom break before.

e.g., I was sitting on the toilet when I got hit with a feeling of deja poo.

submitted by Kim Gordon - (www)

deja reve - The feeling you've had this dream before. Often illusory, I suspect.

e.g., I experienced a curious sense of deja reve.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

deja vous - The feeling that I've been you before.

e.g., Dr Alan's sense of deja vous should make you worry.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

deja-booboo - The inexorable feeling that you've made this mistake before.

e.g., John's hanging out with a blonde again--I'm getting a strong sense of deja-booboo.

submitted by m. level - (www)

deja-fool - Defa-gossip. A person who tells you something after she's forgotten you were the one who told her in the first place.

e.g., Well, yeah, deja-fool, of course I know she's pregnant. I told you that last week, remember?

submitted by Greg

deja-moo - The feeling you've seen that cow somewhere before.

e.g., Driving past Farmer Bill's field, I had a real feeling of deja-moo.

submitted by Nasixi

deja-moo - The strong feeling that you've heard this line of bull somewhere before.

e.g., Boo: Baby, you know I'll always love you and respect you, and you're the only girl I've ever loved, and tonight will be one incredible experience for both of us. Nancy: I'm getting a strong sense of deja-moo, Boo.

submitted by Jack

deja-true - (n.) The feeling you've seen, heard, or done something, or been somewhere before, ... because you have. You just didn't remember it clearly until you re-experienced it.

e.g., I had deja-true when I visited Albany, NY, way back in '96. I got of the commuter plane and walked into the airport, and I suddenly found myself standing in a familiar room. At first, of course, I thought it was deja vu. Then I realized it was really deja-true: I recognized the room because I'd actually been there before. As children, my brother and sister and I had waited there with our mother every week or so, 35 years ago, for my father to come home from his consultations. I felt amazingly detached all of a sudden, and could almost see and hear my little siblings and young mother sitting there. It was like a gift in the middle of a stressful, state-hopping couple of weeks.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

dejabloog - Reading the same comments over and over on a blog or other electronic forum, because there is no way to tell where you left off.

e.g., I suffer from dejabloog every time I check what words there are in the pseudodictionary about blogging before I submit a new word about blogging. I suffer from dejabloog every time I check what words there are in the pseudodictionary about blogging before I submit a new word about blogging.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

dejaflu - Repeatedly getting the flu.

e.g., Again, it's dejaflu.

submitted by david

dejafoobar - Having the sense that the same mistake is about to be made again. Deja foobar, dejafubar, deja fubar.

e.g., I get dejafoobar every time I take a shot of tequila.

submitted by Lee Bradley - (www)

dejamoo - Used when you hear someone talking about the same BS you've already heard.

e.g., John: I got a sweet new car. Jim: I've heard this dejamoo before.

submitted by sicsided

dejanym - The name you select to use in a message forum, unaware it is already being used by another.

e.g., What? That message isn't mine. Somebody's picked my name as a dejanym.

submitted by daydreamer

dejecstinacity - Suffering from the curse of being a rejected hero.

e.g., Michael knew what would happen were he not around to help his friends, but as they didn't want him he had to submit to his dejecstincity.

submitted by Ðany - (www)

dejuno, djuno - Did you know?

e.g., Dejuno that Katie was running with scissors?

submitted by Stephen Free - (www)

delaborated - Not elaborating.

e.g., I'll delaborate the state of my room.

submitted by janine hughes

delarious - Delirious plus hilarious. Used to describe late-night behavior, behavior that usually follows a long day of work. Marked by strange and funny behavior.

e.g., Although physically and mentally drained from three days' worth of studying, Mark's attitude changed from serious to delarious.

submitted by Paul Daniel - (www)

deldrums - A state of mind characterized by depression and hopelessness.

e.g., He had the deldrums after losing his job.

submitted by Crystal Hickey

delect - (dee-LECT; v.) 1. to be voted out of office; 2. to fail to receive enough votes to move on after a multicandidate runoff election.

e.g., During last general elections, our MP was delected, and the Blue Party's guy was installed. I don't trust the Blue Party, though: they're so ... I dunno, Blue.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

delectile - Someone who can be endearing at times -- almost nice -- but at the same time does the most incredibly stupid things -- usually threatening the lives of people around them.

e.g., "Adam, you're a delectile" -- after Adam has just managed to flatten the battery of a forklift whilst a full pallet of vegetable oil is suspended 6 metres in the air.

submitted by Stuart H

delecto - Used to decribe an object or act that is positive in every which way.

e.g., That hotdog was so good, it was delecto.

submitted by Philip Piercey

delete yourself - Go away, leave.

e.g., Melissa, you're really starting to annoy me. Would you please just delete yourself?

submitted by Melissa

deletionial - Refusal to comply with or satisfy the fact that yes, all those pages that you just typed have just been eaten by the evil computer monster that makes everything stop just as you click the "save" button.

e.g., Just before I could save my 10-page American Literature paper, my computer froze up. I went into deletionial and wasted an hour looking for it on my computer.

submitted by lauryn

delft - Past tense of "delve."

e.g., The dealer in antique china delft into his stock for an old blue-on-white bowl I sought.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

delfugo - A car with one missing or burnt-out headlight. Comes from a game played by young lovers on car trips. If the girl spots the Delfugo first, she gets to slap the boy. If he spots it first, he gets to kiss her. Either way, it's win-win for the girl. {ED. And, the way I see it, pretty much lose-lose for the guy -- if he has a "girlfriend" who gets off on slapping him.}

e.g., Mary smacked John when she spotted the Delfugo first.

submitted by Sara

delibanger - A combination pool hall and delicatessen.

e.g., Meet me at the delibanger after work. We'll get a couple of delis and rack a few games.

submitted by Paul

delic - 1. For things found at, or related to, a delicatessen. 2. For an unpleasant psychological arousal directly related to a change in luncheon-meat conditions.

e.g., 1. The mayor's lunch included meats, cheeses, and other delic treats. 2. The mayor becomes quite delic when the ham is overcooked, but nothing compares to the time when some dry pastrami sent him into a delic frenzy.

submitted by Phabulocity

delicatessian - Exceptionally delicious junk food.

e.g., That pizza was a delicatessian delight.

submitted by Paul Dobbins

delich - Delicious. Same as "delish," but misspelled -- if that's possible for a slangish shortening of a word. {ED. Found at the linked blog, with its highly appropriate title, "Daily Babble." Not surprisingly, the "obsessed" "Jennifer" hasn't babbled on the blog she started for slightly more than 10 years. I'm guessing that Jennifer is between 21 and 25 now. Wonder how life has progressed for her and "sweetie bear"?}

e.g., "You'll probably hear more about this totally hot and delich guy in this blog."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

deliciouticity - The level of tastiness a food has.

e.g., Wow, the deliciouticity of this strawberry ice cream is off the charts.

submitted by Giles - (www)

delictation - Neglect. Comes from the legal term "delict" meaning negligence.

e.g., And now, for your delictation and indifference: the latest Pokemon movie.

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

delinquinate - To contribute to one's delinquency.

e.g., By telling Sarah not to do her homework and to go out and party, Madeleine delinquinated her.

submitted by Madeleine

delinquish - To destroy, demolish, get rid of.

e.g., The Greeks delquinshed the Persians in their wars.

submitted by paul o'callaghan

delirium godivas - This is a medical term (also known as the DG's), which names the symptoms of withdrawal from extreme addiction to dark chocolate. The onset commonly occurs between 24 and 48 hours after the last portion of dark chocolate, and includes signs of distress, mental fixation on the image of a chocolate candy bar, and (after 72 hours) the shakes, spells of delirium, paranoia, contemplation of suicide, and refusal to clean one's room.

e.g., "Mother, why are you withholding my dark chocolate--you're killing me here! If this continues, I will never - I repeat NEVER - clean my room again! See these shaking hands? Don't you recognize it? That's Delirium Godivas again! You are a heartless mother, and you are fired as my mom!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

deliver - To remove someone's liver.

e.g., Prometheus was delivered by an eagle

submitted by J Arthur Random

delivery - Statue in New York harbor.

e.g., The Statue Delivery. (Common children's misconception -- yea, even my own.)

submitted by S., Berliner, III - (www)

delle - A German acronym: Durch einfach liegen lassen erledigt. In English: solved by simply not handling. Leave the e-mail with the notification of a problem in your in-box. Sooner or later the submitter will send another one stating that the problem has been solved in the meanwhile, or at least changed.

e.g., No, I did not yet look into this dynamic TCP/IP addressing problem: it'll turn out to be a delle.

submitted by Nico Egbers

dellshead - One as is especially fond of Wisconsin Dells, a popular summer resort in the American Midwest (especially to the point of obsession.) Patterned on "deadhead," a fan of The Grateful Dead -- especially if obsessive.

e.g., Of all the tourists that come to Wisconsin Dells every summer from Chicago, it seems one in three must be a Dellshead.

submitted by Kahuna Accidentale of the Dells

delorfirith - Dark knight. "Delor" means dark, and "Firith" means knight.

e.g., Squire, call forth your master, the Delorfirith of the Abyss, Zodie.

submitted by Fitly - (www)

delrayish - A word describing the personality of someone who is random, kind, and fun at the same time.

e.g., Since he did not get enough sleep the last night and just had a Mt. Dew, he became very delrayish.

submitted by DelRay - (www)

delumptious - Delicious and scrumptious. Very, very tasty.

e.g., French vanilla ice cream can be absolutely delumptious.

submitted by Dee Pitchford

delusionality - The opposite of reality.

e.g., Quinella's sure Brad's going to squire her to the prom and is telling everyone within earshot. Hmmph, they've never even spoken to each other. Wow, that's some serious delusionality, isn't it?

submitted by Felicia Squaire

dem boopa - Bowling expression, used to encourage the ball into the pocket for a strike, similar to "G'in deh ball" or "Go pop 'em."

e.g., Ken Green dropped the ball on the thumbhole, yet by saying "Dem boopa" managed to get it up to the 1-3 pocket.

submitted by thomas fontaine

demail - An e-mail with lots of details.

e.g., You're spouting off too much info. The date and time, complicated directions, even gift suggestions. Listen, I'd love to come to the party, but I don't wanna try to take dictation over the cellphone here. Just send me a demail.

submitted by töff

demandative - Applies to a person or thing that insistently requires attention or services from others.

e.g., Alan was very demandative at times. Alan's demandative nature would sometimes alienate his employees.

submitted by Alan Greene - (www)

demanize - To demonize a man so badly that it results in verbal castration.

e.g., She demanized him for many years to try to cover up and justify her many sinful actions.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

demapped - Assassinated; to have been figuratively taken off the map. Always used in the past tense.

e.g., The shopkeeper was found demapped behind the counter.

submitted by needfortweed

demeldegrade - To melt, to disentegrate, to combust, or to waste away in such a disgusting fashion that it almost cannot be explained by physical laws of nature.

e.g., We happened to walk by the dumpster in the back alley and saw a cat that seemed to be demeldegraded.

submitted by R. Anderson

dementacenter - Where you go, rather than to pay someone to rent household items, to get cranial shock therapy, be tested on new and unknown drugs, and generally pushed to the edge of sanity through whatever means you can afford for the day, week, or month. No refunds please.

e.g., They make me pay monthly and require a contract at the "kiddie mill" nursery to have multiple children scream and cry in my ears simultaneously. At the dementacenter I can go without an appointment and pay by the hour, there's such a diversity of wonders there; last week there was a growling cat with those hugely dilated eyes and bristly back hair just a few short inches from my face while I was being rapped in the shins by a Dutch school kid with clogs on.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

dementia loofaxia - insanity brought on by the loss,kidnapping,murder or damaging of a loofa sponge.

e.g., Steve was fine before that fateful day, now he suffers from dementia loofaxia.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

dementian - A measurement of mental deterioration.

e.g., Mitch's brain has so badly deteriorated, it's difficult to take a dementian.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

dementified - To have become demented.

e.g., You dementified my hair when you put glue in it.

submitted by syd

demican - A politician who switches party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

e.g., Former NYC Mayor John Lindsey became a prominent Demican when he left the Republicans for their rivals.

submitted by Frederick Carraher

demind - Opposite of remind. To forget.

e.g., We decided to demind the fact that Freddy was late.

submitted by Sodapop - (www)

demobbed - Demobilized from military service.

e.g., "When he was demobbed after six years in the army, he held the rank of captain. He returned to teaching drama, with occasional forays into off-Broadway acting. In 1947, he married Chicago scenic designer Ruth Shmigelsky and settled down to live in a converted 19th century former Baptist church."

submitted by [John McGiver] - (www)

demobbed - Demobilized from active duty in the military. {Duplicate}

e.g., "After being demobbed, he then completed his training at the Central School of Speech and Drama."

submitted by [Richard Vernon] - (www)

democrapublican - Relating to the typical (tip-pickle) unsavory political machinations or nonsense (jointly or unjointedly) of the two main political parties of the U.S. circa the year 2000.

e.g., It's more of the same old Democrapublican rhetoric.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

democrat party -
Same as Democratic Party, in the United States -- according to some Republicans. Many, if not most, Democrats take umbrage if their party is referred to as the Democrat Party. Democratic Party is certainly the term Democrats prefer and is much more common. A Google Books Ngram search shows that the use of the term Democrat Party dropped off significantly after the 1940 presidential election -- perhaps because Republicans had come to use the term more and more in a derogatory manner. Democrats can be very thin-skinned about the use of democrat as an adjective -- according to Wikipedia, "NPR has banned the use of 'Democrat' as an adjective."  
It's not that nouns aren't commonly used as adjectives: "In grammar, a noun adjunct or attributive noun or noun pre-modifier is a noun that modifies another noun and is optional -- meaning that it can be removed without changing the grammar of the sentence; it is a noun functioning as an adjective. For example, in the phrase 'chicken soup' the noun adjunct 'chicken' modifies the noun 'soup.'" (Wikipedia)
Note: Haven't bothered to note errors in the quoted material.

e.g., "The only thing in common between the Democrat party of Van Buren and the Democrat party of Wilson is the name. That is the only thing about the party that endures, and that endures, I am persuaded, because of its demagogic flavor which signifies that it is a party of the people. In 1837, the Democrat Party stood for a strict interpretation of the Constitution which would prevent the Federal Government from interfering in the affairs and business of the citizens of the several states; in 1918, the Democrat Party stood for liberal interpretation of the Constitution which permits the Federal Government not only to regulate the affairs and business of the citizens of the several states, but to commandeer their business for state purposes. The boast of Van Buren was that he took the Government out of the banking business; the boast of Wilson is that he put the Government into the banking business through the Federal Reserve Banks." (One hundred years in Illinois, 1818-1918: an account of the ... - Page 295) |  
"The democrat party is the only party that has ever had a principle, or that has a principle to-day. ... The democrat party has buried every party that has rose against it so far, and, by godfrey, next November it'11 bury your old republican party!" (A country chronicle - Page 30) |  
"The Democrat Party of today claims lineal descent from the first Republican Party, with President Jefferson as its founder. Authorities differ as to the date when the party dropped the name of Republican and assumed that of Democrat, it being ascribed to various dates between 1805 and 1820." (Annual Report of the Secretary of State to the Governor and General Assembly of the State of Ohio for the year ending June 30, 1921 -- Page 252)  
"In spite of these enemies and the powerful opposition in his own state of New York, Cleveland again received the nomination of the Democrat party. " (The illustrated world history: a record of world events from earliest historical times to the present)  

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

demogenic - Whether a given technology has enough charisma or visibility to be worthwhile to include as a featured subject in a demo.

e.g., The ink control on TabletPC is very demogenic.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

demoliated - When the ultimate, massive, final, non-reversible destruction of something occurs; a cross between demolish and exfoliate.

e.g., When you drop a plate of food on the driveway and as you turn to go back inside the house to get something to try and "rescue" some of the food, your friend drives over it with the car as she is picking you up. The food and plate have been demoliated.

submitted by Jane Hays

demon - Person who is an absolute legend.

e.g., Larry. I got us front row tickets for the concert. Harry. You demon.

submitted by darrell milton

demons of stupidity - Mythical entities responsible for illogical bureaucracy, paradoxical regulations, hard-to-use software, and all problems that wouldn't exist if anyone in charge had thought about them at all. Coined by Scott Adams in "Dilbert."

e.g., The bank charges me a fee for each electronic transaction I make -- even though I'm saving them money by not going into the bank to be served by a teller. I guess they've been possessed by the demons of stupidity.

submitted by Paul-Michael Agapow - (www)

demonstraction - Demo with flashy presentation style that masks product shortcomings.

e.g., The input was so cool, we forgot to ask where the data went in that demonstraction.

submitted by Kiki

demonstraitor - Demonstrators (aka protesters) who morph from legitimate protest to acts of violence, effectively becoming traitors to the causes they claim to espouse.

e.g., I have little if any doubt that hate crimes are up -- but in a not politically correct sense. Look at Portland and other cities where anti-Trump demonstraitors are turning violent because -- guess what -- they hate Donald Trump.

submitted by beelzebub

demosclerosis - A term coined by Jonathan Rauch in his 1994 book _Demosclerosis_ to describe "government’s progressive loss of the ability to adapt." Think blood vessels clogged with fat and arteriosclerosis, "hardening of the arteries."

e.g., Regardless of obama's repeated entreaties (demands?) that Congress pass his politically-motivated jobs bill "right away," demosclerosis tells me there's little chance that's going to happen.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dempo - In music, taking a song or a part of a song down tempo, or slower. (See Umpo)

e.g., Until we get the rythm down, let's take it dempo.

submitted by Ben - (www)

demwit - A Democrat who is, by definition, a dimwit.

e.g., Like most demwits, you have no logical inference skills.

submitted by [NicolasBourbaki] - (www)

dench - A person who acts like a "tosser," acts studidly.

e.g., Stop acting like a dench.

submitted by Kevin Schubert

dendrophelific-necrophiliac - Someone who enjoys having sex with dead plants or trees.

e.g., Chris must be a dendrophelific-necrophiliac -- I saw him humping a dead bush in the alley.

submitted by Peaches

dendrophilliac - One whose sexual preference consists of trees. Most often used figuratively or sarcastically.

e.g., The way he keeps crashing into trees snowboarding, you'd think he's a dendrophilliac.

submitted by BigAssFries

denegrate - To make one less Negro-ish? Other misspellings in the example from the linked site were corrected when the comment was edited for entry here. The original text can be seen by un-invisibling the content.

e.g., When the phony black American politicians stop their political grandstanding for votes and do something that actually benefits their constituents by reducing black on black crime, fostering the work effort, stressing the values of real family life, demanding they actually go to school and use their God-given abilities and get an education, and stop denegrating successful Black Americans who are conservatives just because they are not liberal Democrats, then, and only then will all Black Americans gain the respect that is given to all responsible persons.  
Racism in America is celebrated by black Democrat politicians and black activists to feather their nests and justify their existence. Without the grand illusion they perpetuate, they would cease to be of any true "value " and would have to get real and productive jobs to support themselves. Heaven forbid! Oh, and gun toting "whitey" wouldn't be the antagonist he is made out to be except to criminals of all ilks and to terrorists that seek to rob the "American Dream" from all of us.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

denglish - Neutered or degenderized English.

e.g., Why hassle yourself and others about sexist/PI language when you can switch to Denglish (see PD's "her, 'her' instead of 'their'"): In this way each of you can have zine cake and eat it, too (also).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

denimize - (Rhymes with TEN-him-eyes; v.) 1. to describe somebody as (a) extremely laid back, informal, or indifferent to fashion or style (except denim styles, of course), or (b) a redneck; 2. to supply foreign visitors with denim pants (or coats or whatever); 3. to describe someone's jeans as (a) ugly, (b) badly over decorated, (c) badly bleached, or(d) really, really worn out. [Analogy from "demonize."]

e.g., "Look at him! He's a redneck with no sense of style!" "Oh, shut up! Stop denimizing the poor guy. After all, he's paying our salaries." "...! He's the boss?!...I never said anything, okay?" "Okay, but he IS a redneck; he's quite proud of it." | "Where is the delegation from Uzbekistan?" "Oh, Alice took'em to denimize themselves." | "Those jeans make you look awful! Don't denimize yourself."

submitted by evie embers

denimoxyribonucleicacid - A person who wears nothing but blue jeans.

e.g., Look at that denimoxyribonucleicacid. If those pants get any tighter, her genes will be made from jeans.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

deniro jockey - "A female who always expects the male to pay, whether he is her boyfriend or not. Originally from Vancouver CA, but supplanted to Sydney Aust"

e.g., "I'm broke, my deniro jockey has worn me/my wallet out"

submitted by mike - (www)

denisexual - One who denies everything when confronted by probing questions relating to sexual activities.

e.g., You may torture me to within an inch of my life, but I will tell you nothing about my private life, for I am a denisexual.

submitted by JayPea

denominatrix - Kinky math sex.

e.g., Fran and Daltyn crunched numbers while leafing through a denominatrix magazine

submitted by Gebusa

denos - the male phenomenon of having chest hairs poking out of the neck of your shirt.

e.g., That guy would have been cute, if he didn't have such a denos. (or "if he wasn't doing the denos")

submitted by camille

denoueman - The one who brings closure or brings things to a conclusion. A closer.

e.g., When the floor salesman and I had agreed to a price for the car, he sprung his trap by bringing out the denoueman. The denoueman said they couldn't sell it for $26,000 that they'd have to get $26,250. I said that's not what we agreed to and left.

That was Saturday afternoon. The salesman called me Monday night. I told him I had bought another car earlier in the day. When he asked what I paid for it and I told him $33,000, he said that's a lot more than we were talking about. I said yes it is, but it's a better car -- and they sold it for the agreed-upon price rather than trying to get more for it at the last minute.

submitted by HD Fowler

dental - "Like pulling teeth" -- painful, annoying.

e.g., Going to the DMV is dental.

submitted by Indrani

denten - Dents, punctures, and holes.

e.g., The old pop can was full of denten.

submitted by jeff - (www)

dentos - Dents in cars.

e.g., The golf balls made dentos in the cars.

submitted by Alex 7th English

dentrailium - The guts, the intestines, and other internal organs.

e.g., He jumped from the top of the Sears Tower; his dentrailium was everywhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

denzel crocker - Any notoriously cold and heartless elementary-school teacher, especially one fond of giving out failing grades wholesale or otherwise making things miserable for his students, as well as believing in the likes of weird or bizarre conspiracies in his off-time. From the character on The Fairly OddParents, who happens to be Timmy Turner's 4th-grade teacher.

e.g., Don't tell me--we'll be having a Denzel Crocker for music this year.

submitted by the daily phosdex - (www)

deogeny - The source, development, and ontological history of the One God. (Contrasted with "theogeny," the history of the gods in general.)

e.g., Rabbi Weinbaum and Bishop Muniz were able to agree on several points regarding the issue of deogeny, but not regarding messianic issues.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

deokay - To reject or reverse approval of an action after permission has been given; to reverse a prior permission = to change the rules, usually without notification.

e.g., He did as he had done in the past, but she deokayed it, acted angry, and then used his action as the basis for her betrayal, rejection, and desertion. She then acted as if it was all his fault.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

deom - A combination of both death and doom.

e.g., Know this, young traveler: If ye venture into the Cave of the Black Beast, ye be meeting certain deom.

submitted by PPM - (www)

depark - (v) To move a car from the space where it was parked. | (n) A place you take your children or grandchildren for them to work off excess energy -- and also to exercise their imaginations.

e.g., As I was deparking my car, I accidentally knocked down and ran over another shopper in the parking lot. | One of the things I enjoyed most in the last few years was taking Alec to depark. Specifically, to Castle Guard Park where we guarded "the princess" from the invading hordes. We never failed in our important mission.

submitted by Rebecca

depart mental - A description of the structure, as well as the consequences of attempting to deal with, a bureaucracy.

e.g., Whenever one has a question about, or needs help with, an issue that involves a large institution, such as an insurance company, large bank or hospital, or any local, state or federal governmental entity, we'd expect to have it quickly answered or resolved by one person. Not in this world, pal! Anything, large or small, that one brings to those large entities invariably results in arcane and inexplicable actions, depart mental.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

departee - The exchange of witty goodbye comments, what-I-forgot-to-says, and last-minute cleverisms held in or near the doorway as you leave a party or other social gathering.

e.g., We tried to leave the Baer-Jonses' dinner in time to get home for Mad Men, but twenty minutes of low-rent departee screwed that pooch good.

submitted by J T Gillick

department of payback - Formerly known as the Department of Justice.

e.g., "This is an enormously eye-opening book which makes painfully clear that, where racial issues are concerned, the Department of Justice has become the Department of Payback. A post-racial society is the last thing that Holder and Obama are pursuing."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

depend - What one goes off.

e.g., You can depend on wimps depending when being depended upon gets too much.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

depension - When something is dependent on something else.

e.g., Man: Are you coming to town? Woman: Well it has a depension on who else is coming.

submitted by Jenny Greveson

deper - Down through.

e.g., I passed deper the walls of spikes to the lab.

submitted by SlyDragon37

dephatco - Based on early Rapspeak to mean "in effect" or "in actuality." Generally, an affirmation or reinforcement of whatever has been said.

e.g., Frick: I vote we all go to the Concert on the Green this weekend. Frack: DePhatco.

submitted by Paul

depictioneer - A person who spends her time writing and illustrating use-case scenarios for software development.

e.g., This part of the spec was done by Betty, our staff depictioneer.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

deplastisize - To remove plastic covering.

e.g., I bought a new CD, but I had trouble deplastisizing it.

submitted by Ross

depleated - Having taken the pleats out of something, mostly about clothes. Usually caused by careless ironing.

e.g., The dry-cleaners have ruined my new skirt, it's completely depleated!

submitted by Robin Nilsson - (www)

deplenish - To subtract from, to take away from the whole, to decrease.

e.g., Reading books by certain prolific authors may actually deplenish your knowledge.

submitted by Lil p

deplosion - The process whereby the explosive population growth of any species eventually leads to the devaluation of that life form.

e.g., The deplosion of man is upon us. Where human life has little value, everyone can be replaced, and no one cares about anything except her own instant gratification.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

depositrauma - The panic that one goes into when despositing money into an ATM machine, usually occurs between when the machine starts beeping and when your envelope is finally accepted. Accompanied by thoughts (during and post transaction) such as, "Did I put the correct amount in?" "Is the envelope facing the proper side up?" "Will it spit my card back out when I'm done?" "Oh no, I forgot to lick the envelope. I hope I can still lick it and put it in before it stops beeping."

e.g., You and a friend are at an ATM and you just deposited a check and are quiet. Friend: "Are you okay?" You: "Yeah, it's just depositrauma. I can't remember if I signed the back of that check or not."

submitted by jay donaldson and valerie rutherford

deposse - To break up one's posse for good. Also depossession.

e.g., When everyone went off to college, we had to deposse.

submitted by Rachel Near

depot shock - Finding yourself in an unfamiliar Home Depot that's not organized exactly the same way as your "home" Home Depot.

e.g., Kevin went into depot shock looking for light bulbs at the new Home Depot on Markham.

submitted by Stephen

deprecipitate - Snow shovelling or "removing" the precipitation.

e.g., It snowed havily so I needed to deprecipitate my parcetorium. (Latin term for driveway.)

submitted by Peter Story

depressed depressive - Manic depressive with no mania, only depressive.

e.g., I'm feeling like I'm in my depressive mode of depressed depression.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

depresstimist - A person who is known as an optimist but can be angry or depressed at some issues that have no good side or meaning.

e.g., After hearing the news, I felt like a depresstimist.

submitted by titch411

depressume - Combination of the words "depress" (as in "depression") and "resume" (as in curriculum vitae). Used to express dissatisfaction or anxiety over the state of a resume and, by extension, the career of its author.

e.g., I'd like to apply for that position, but when they see how many jobs are already listed on my depressume they'll ding me for sure.

submitted by Andrew Morse

depritech - Deprivation of technology: any individual, social class, or economic class of individuals who are deprived of technology in such a manner that it may inhibit the personal, business, or professional growth or advancement of the individual or class of individuals.

e.g., Low income and urban families facing the "digital divide" could be considered depritech individuals.

submitted by Robert Pressley - (www)

deprove - To lose ability in a skill or talent you were once considered an expert at. To decrease in quality or appeal.

e.g., Once Phil became a couch potato, his abilities deproved so much that he forgot how to dribble the ball between his legs.

submitted by MD Caruso

deprude - To give someone her first kiss ever, therefore releasing her from the "never been kissed" stage.

e.g., I depruded Tracey after school yesterday.

submitted by Tracey

deprude - To remove the prudery from.

e.g., Best you stay away from Bad Santa unless you've been completely depruded. It's coarse. But funny . . . if you're a professional killer.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

dept - Describing word for a guy, especially when he's looking his best.

e.g., You're looking dept tonight, Jimmy--you shouldnt have any trouble meeting some new girls.

submitted by Ben

dept - Person capable of doing things well.

e.g., The warden who defiles (q.v.) pies is a dept.

submitted by S. Berlliner, III - (www)

deputamatic - Authoritative; feels sovereign.

e.g., James felt deputamatic toward the little kids.

submitted by Fitch - (www)

dequate - A faulty vessel.

e.g., The sample got lost when it was poured inadequate.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

der - Can be used in two different situations. One, as a substitute for "no kidding" when responding to an obvious statement. ("Today is Saturday? Der!") Two, to express exasperation over a situation. ("You mean I have to get up at 9:00? Der!")" | Pronounced /dr/, to rhyme with "sir," "fur," and "were"; prep.) 1. Atop, on top of, resting on; 2. Outside, surrounding; 3. Plainly apparent, obvious; 4. Ostensible, apparent. [Back formation from "under": "der" means "on top of" just as "un-der" means "not on top of."

e.g., "You know, if you add two and two, you get four." Response: "Der!" | "Where is my archeology book?! ... Who took it? It was right here on the table. Der!" "Well is it un-der? Perhaps it fell behind that TLC thingy of yours." "Ah, yes! Here it is! Thanks. Oh, and it's a TLD 'temporal location display.'"

submitted by h0merclies | Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

der fuhrer - Any person who physically resembles Adolf Hitler.

e.g., Who wears short shorts? Der Fuhrer wears short shorts.

submitted by Juice Maloose

derbis - Junk, trash, anything in a place where it shouldn't be. Often mistaken for '"debris." Can also be used as a mild expletive.

e.g., "I never knew kids who could creat so much derbis." "You're so stupid, you would spend weeks in a pile of derbis and not realize it."

submitted by Oracle

derder - A cardboard tube that used to be inside a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, or wrapping paper. Called a derder because kids of all ages inevitably hold the tube to their mouth and say "der der der" and make other nonsensical sounds.

e.g., Hand me that big derder. I need it to mail this poster to my friend.

submitted by Donna Peterson

derealizing - Not sure what it means because it isn't in the dictionary -- duh. I found it inJitterbug Perfume. I guess it means making something not real. Being a Buddhist and believing nothing is real, anyway, I would have to say this would be synonymous with the word "real" so it becomes a redundant set of words like whelmed and overwhelmed which mean the same thing. Weird. . . .

e.g., When my students eyes gloss over in the middle of a lesson, I feel derealized.

submitted by Catherine - (www)

derect - To tear down; the opposite of the verb "to erect."

e.g., As soon as we derect the tent, we can head out.

submitted by Curt

derelectable - Food with no flavor, generally cooked by a person with no flavor.

e.g., Chris, these beans are absolutely derelectable. What's your secret, just cooking them in water and that's it? I'll have to introduce you to salt some time.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

derf - A random pseudonym which can be used for a sister, brother or other sibling who you really want to annoy. "Fred" in reverse, but not meaning anyone particular. Can be used a replacement for a person's name or as an adjective to describe that person. | (v.) (DURF) To feed. (Etymology: Back-formation from a misreading of the adjective "underfed" [undernourished]. The adjective is actually under- + fed [past tense of feed], but could be construed as un- + derfed.)

e.g., "My brother David is the biggest derf in the world," Fred said. "Hey, Derf. Stopping watching that stupid movie and get me another soda." | I heard a booming noise as I watched Greta derf the baby last night. Thunder? No, just him being himself, tossing his bowl of food to the floor.

submitted by David | Mirakle B. - (www)

derflamminloggin - This is my husband's name for those pseudo-logs that you can burn in the fireplace.

e.g., Honey, it's kind of cold out. Do you want to burn derflamminloggin in the fireplace tonight?

submitted by Kay Carley

derfnagel - Dorf, quazzelfritz, idiot.

e.g., You're bothering me, derfnagel.

submitted by thomas fontaine

derigeurgitated - When students and others reuse the same old sources and arguments in their papers and arguments, ad infinitum.

e.g., I was grading papers last night and it was 90% derigeurgitated crap.

submitted by moe hong - (www)

dermotology - The scientific study of Irish men.

e.g., Dermotology studies of "The Quiet Man" strongly suggest that John Wayne wasn't actually Irish, but probably from Iowa.

submitted by clive

dernancourt - That part of the driveway in which the upper-middle class park their BMWs or Mecedes to signify their social position without ostentation. (Invented at a party held as a tribute to Douglas Adams.)

e.g., Wayne chose his dernancourt very well.

submitted by Wayne

derogatarty - For a derogatory remark directed at a tart. From a ytpo I made -- and one others make as well. Either that or the instances I found didn't come from very good spellers.

e.g., If celebutards such as Britney Spears behaved a little better and didn't go around exposing their pubes, they wouldn't be the object of so many derogatarty remarks. Could be, too, that they wouldn't be referred to as celebutards either.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

derogatorium - A place filled with derogatory phrases, ideas, objects, etc.

e.g., When someone makes a derogatory phrase she is very proud of, exclaim, "Well, aren't YOU just the curator of the derogatorium?"

submitted by Captain K - (www)

derogonym - A derogatory variation of a name, often applied to company names.

e.g., When you register your domain name, be sure to also register the derogonym. That's why Microsucks is unavailable--Microsoft took it.

submitted by ChrisNoessel

derove - Past tense of "derive." Created for use with math functions called derivatives, but can be applied to any definition of derive.

e.g., On my math test, I derove two functions. Or: Jimmy derove his conclusion from the things he overheard last night.

submitted by Firestorm

derpal haze - The pseudo-mental condition indicated by screwing up normal activities for a non-momentary period of time.

e.g., I've managed to mess EVERYTHING up today at work, I nearly got fired. It was like I walked around in a derpal haze all day or something.

submitted by Gary Sumners

derpies - The stupidity that one seems to catch as if contagious, generally associated with the failure to complete a normally easy task.

e.g., I must have caught a case of derpies that's going around, I put shave gel on my toothbrush this morning.

submitted by Gary Sumners

derrierre ogate - A deconstruction of the word, "derogate" -- to disparage or belittle by exposing one's buttocks.

e.g., A neighbor drives past with a haughty sneer
When she sees me lounging in my yard with a cigar and a beer
Her superior attitude I really hate
The "end" result -- I must derriere ogate.
So when she goes by, tomorrow or sooner,
I'll bend over, drop my pants, and "moon" 'er!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

derstand - To not comprehend, to be confused--opposite of understand.

e.g., Sorry, I derstand you. Please repeat the question.

submitted by sam

des - To be desperate for someone or something, to really like and want it.

e.g., Donna des's for Ray Lee across the street.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

desanct - To go against oneself's religion.

e.g., Harry desancted against Christianity by not going to church because his parents went.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

descalate - To push or knock down the stairs.

e.g., Let's descalate this cart full of stuff so it crashes into the wall at the bottom.

submitted by Matt

descalator - An escalator that moves down (instead of moving up...or escalating); this word negates the descriptive need in the current phrase, "Where's the down-escalator?"

e.g., When I was a kid and my mom dragged me to department stores, I used to run down escalators...and then run up the descalators.

submitted by Stephanie B.

descendevator - An elevator which has been reverse-engineered to carry people, livestock, melons, or other foodstuffs in a downward fashion.

e.g., Mary-Bo and my Aunt Ebola took the elevator to get to my office on floor 13, and when they left, used the same mechanism formerly used as an elevator, now called a descendevator, to return to the dungeon level where they came from.

submitted by The Berkinator

descratch - To destroy something and then just for good measure scratch it so it is really unrecoverable.

e.g., Shirl: We can't put two bikes in the car because they'll get descratched. Roy: Oh, so destroying isn't good enough -- they'll get scratched as well? Shirl: Shut up.

submitted by Brett Looney - (www)

describitory - The superfluously painting of a verbal picture. Describitorical.

e.g., HD: A baseball is a spherical orb composed of a processed rubber ball the size of a ping-pong ball, encased in tightly wound string, and then covered in two pieces of bleached cowhide expertly fitted together and stitched with finely woven red thread. The ball is then tested for hardness and durability. . . . Marty: Enough with the describitory, HD, enough. | Wrestlecrap the Movie: "If my describitory skills were any better, I'd tell you how incredible it was. Vince manages to knock the sword out of Mark's hand. . . ."

submitted by marc jacobs - (www)

descriptomonstrocitism - The act of using excess verbage. Descriptomonstrocity: the excess verbage used.

e.g., Don't ask Chris what number comes after four unless you want to hear his 19 minute descriptomonstrocity.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

descue - (pronounced desk'-you; v.) 1. to ignore someone needing rescue; 2. to place, and leave, someone in danger. (n.) 3. any instance of ignoring or abandoning someone in need of immediate or at least critical assistance. [from _de_"undo" +_-scue_from "rescue": the opposite of rescue.]

e.g., "Captain, we've sighted a lifeboat abeam to leeward---there appear to be a dozen or so survivors of ... whatever happened to them to leave them in a lifeboat. We're altering course to pick them up." "Belay that. I gave no such order." "But, Sir---." "No buts today, Ensign: hold our course." "Sir: a descue?!" "That's right, Ensign. No one can know we are on this course."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

desequester - Re-joining a group of people.

e.g., I finally desequestered myself from my room and ate dinner with my folks.

submitted by Puck

desi - A person who is from or has ancestral links to South Asian countries -- predominately, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Something which has cultural ties to South Asian countries

e.g., Let's go to a desi restaurant for dinner this weekend.

submitted by Mian Waheed

designamental - Articles of clothing that have been combined by some unfortunate individual, into a completely crazy outfit. Can also be applied to artwork or interior design.

e.g., Look at Anna's pink leg warmers, hula skirt, and military jacket. Completely designamental.

submitted by Anna

desk jockey - Someone who does nothing all day but sit behind a desk. Often used to describe someone in a cool, manly type profession (Air Force, Mountain Climbing) but who doesn't actually do anything cool or manly, just preens about as if he actually has a life.

e.g., Chris keeps going on and on about fighter jets, but he's just a desk jockey. The only thing he ever really flew is off the handle.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

desktop dolly - Picture of a good looking woman used as wallpaper on a computer.

e.g., Have you seen Allyen's latest desktop dolly? What a great shot of Julie.

submitted by Alan Morrison

desouled - Stripped of one's soul, trust, emotions, etc. -- like heartbroken, only worse.

e.g., He was completely desouled when she left him.

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

desparanto - A specialized vocabulary or set of idioms used by people who live on the fringe of respectabiltiy such as prostitutes, gamblers, drug users, petty criminals, etc.

e.g., The bookie and the stool pigeon nursing drinks in the back booth of the bar were speaking desparanto so thick that I could not understand them.

submitted by Raymond Clark

despediate - To take leave or dismiss oneself from a conversation, meeting, etc. From the Spanish, "despedirse." (des-PEE-dee-ate)

e.g., Maria heard me coming down the hall and quickly despediated herself from the telephone. "I have to go now," she said, "I have to drive my friend to the airport."

submitted by Andres ORtiz

desperadoo - The kind of hair style in which a long (desperate) ponytail is coupled with no hair on top. You will see this sort clinging to the hair that will grow while the top is losing more and more hair. An extension of the slang "doo" describing hair styles. A variation of doo.

e.g., What's with the desperadoo, Chris? You could always make a hairpiece from that ponytail and start all over again.

submitted by devorahmuse

despicion - The feeling toward something despised.

e.g., I hold Windows in despicion.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

despire - Unbridled lust for someone you find distasteful or unattractive. | (v.) 1. to stop breathing for a length of time (for whatever reason); 2. to stop breathing forever (i.e., to die; in this sense, it is synonymous with 'expire'); 3. to run out of air (that is, needing a break or a rest); 4. to have one's breath 'taken away' (i.e., to be awed into breathlessness); 5. to lose one's inspiration; 6. to expire (as a library book) only temporarily (again, for whatever reason). [Analogy with_inspire_, _respire_, and _expire_.]

e.g., She's ignorant and spiteful, but she sends me into a state of despire. | 1: "Okay...despire!" "What?" "Hold your breath." "Oh." 2: "He despired at ... let me see the chart here ... 1429 hours." "He what?" "He died at 2:30." "Oh." 3: "Okay, I'm despiring here: can't we take a break?" "Okay, everyone: take a breather." 4: The National Air and Space Museum despires me. 5: "Wow. This is a lot of poetry....Why are they all called 'Cosette'?" "She's my inspiration." "Dude, she's not even real." "Don't despire me---Cosette is my Beatrice." 6: "I've only got a Cinderella driver's license: it despires at midnight." "Yeah, but it's the end of Daylight Savings Time: you have an extra hour tonight!" "No, I don't: DST ends at 2:00 in the morning, not at midnight."

submitted by Rastamon | Scott M. Ellsworth

desquelient - Of the smell of a damp cat.

e.g., After Tiddles had been out in the long grass his fur was desquelient. She put her nose in his damp fur to fully breathe in his desquelience.

submitted by David Ford

desserped - Being in a bad mood and craving dessert to make yourself feel better.

e.g., Mary was so desserped, she ate a whole tub of icecream.

submitted by Ferret Norton

dessert pocket - Humorously used to refer to that part of the stomach reserved for dessert. Especially well developed in teenagers, this allows a person eating a large, group meal such as Christmas dinner to be full on meat or vegetables, but perfectly capable of eating multiple servings of cake or pie.

e.g., (Everyone is sitting and commenting about how full they are. Dessert is announced.) Someone (often a grandchild): "Some pie sounds good to me." More senior family member: "You have quite a dessert pocket there."

submitted by Doremus - (www)

dessicate - A misspelling of the real word "desiccate": to dry up. To keep payloads from being damaged by moisture, desiccants are often added to containers used for shipping. In the example, taken from the linked site, the variant spelling is used to tell someone to shut up. Have seen the put-down stated in similar ways, none of which are particularly well-written.

Dear Son,

In promulgating your esoteric cogitations and articulating superficial sentimentalities and philosophical or psychological observations, please beware of platitudinous generosity.

Let your conversation possess a clarified conciseness, a compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency.

Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations.

Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast.

Sedulously avoid all polysyllabical profundity, ventriloquial rapidity, and pompous prolixity.

Shun double entendre and prurient jocisity, whether obscene or apparent.

In other words, speak naturally, purely and clearly, but do not use big words.

Your loving father,



e.g., "Your sarcastic insinuations are too highly obnoxious to be psychologically appreciated by my far superior mind. Therefore I must presume your presumptions to be precisely incorrect, and if you do not dessicate, I shall have to horizontalise your perpendicularity and make you square all round."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

destinated - Amateur radio operator signifying that he's reached his destination.

e.g., I'm destinated; I'll talk with you when I'm on the move again.

submitted by Jim Chesner

destinesia - reaching a destination and forgetting why you went there

e.g., he/she suffers from destinesia

submitted by Tom Marshall

destinesia - The experience of purposely walking to another room with the intention of doing something then realizing you have no idea what it was you were going to do.

e.g., Tony took the elevator to the 4th floor and when he got off couldn't remember why he had gone there, a clear case of destinesia.

submitted by Melanie M. Rodgers - (www)

destinkify - To shower, or, in noun form, the shower. See rainbox.

e.g., You reek. Go destinkify.

submitted by Natalie Cole

destory - To obliterate a character from a work in progress.

e.g., Kirsty was so appalled by the insensitive antics of her main character's new love interest that she destoryed him from the manuscript without remorse.

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

destructions - The instructions for any mechanical device or unassembled product that, when followed step-by-step, will either render the item useless or cause serious injury.

e.g., Okay, here's the destructions. It should be no problem to put this bicycle together.

submitted by Jam JiuJitsu

desultorium - A repository of rambling or random thoughts.

e.g., There's no telling what I'll write next and add to my desultorium.

submitted by HD Fowler

desunarf - A word to use when you have no idea what to say in a conversation -- kinda like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, just shorter.

e.g., Bob: Hey, you heard about [insert political statement here]? Tobi: Desunarf.

submitted by Tobi

detanation - Time spent in a place you don't want to be, doing something you don't want to do.

e.g., Q: How much longer does your detanation last? A: 'Til 0:00.

submitted by David Rutter - (www)

detasty - A combination of the words "delicious" and "tasty." Extremely pleasing to the senses (sight, taste, and/or smell) which can cause one to salivate heavily even before putting it in her mouth.

e.g., What's for dinner? I can't wait to eat because it smells DeTasty. | That red velvet cake looks absolutely DeTasty.

submitted by Carolina Girl

detention - Getting back into a cell at Guantanamo. | Nervous state.

e.g., Outdoor life was hard on the detainees and they longed for detention. | Detention was so great he couldn't sleep.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dethargy - The painful, dull-witted state following overindulgence in sex, booze, and heavy metal. Also spelled "deathargy."

e.g., In the last throes of dethargy, the help desk analyst squinted at the wall clock and thought, "God, only two freakin' something PM. Sometimes life at the Vatican Network is a real bitch."

submitted by steven jones

dethused - To lose interest in a project.

e.g., I was hot for this, 'til what you said dethused me.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

detour - (pronounced dee-TOOR; intr.v.) 1. To leave a group with whom you are traveling, especially a guided tour group; 2. to cancel a tour, especially the tour of a celebrity performer. [Analogy based on the word "deplane."]

e.g., Back in the early 80s, Kenny Loggins broke several ribs in a fall from the stage ahd had to detour. | "Fred, Jackie: we haven't seen you since the gem exhibit." "We detoured and took our own route." "Yeah, we've been seeing all sorts of stuff that is not on the list of sites."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

detoured - Diverted from the course you want to take. I thought at first that "detoured" in the example should have been "deterred." I'm no longer as sure as I was initially. Whether or not you agree with Staver's use of "innocent children" to refer to fetuses, pre-born children, or unborn children, his use of "detoured" in that way -- if that is indeed what he intended to say -- is not common. Given the context in which "detoured" is found, I say "deterred" would have been a better choice. Isn't an outside agent always involved when someone is deterred, but not necessarily when someone is detoured?

e.g., "When the nation’s highest law enforcement officer files suit against any citizen, the suit must be based on the law coupled with compelling evidence. Anything less is an abuse of the high office. Susan Pine will not be silenced or detoured from her mission to save the lives of innocent children."

submitted by [Mathew Staver] - (www)

detractive - Of extreme ugliness that makes someone feel strongly about something.

e.g., Your flirting with other girls while trying to date me is annoyingly detractive.

submitted by Taimeka

detris - Crud, scum, less desirable stuff. Not completely unlike detritus.

e.g., He felt like he was stuck in the muck and mire and the detris of it all.

submitted by Kate Pilarcik

detritest - To pick up candy, food, cigarettes, etc., off the street and check for damage (usually before consuming). Someone who acts thusly: detritester.

e.g., There was this hot dog in the bin. I mean, it only looked about a day old, so I picked it up and detritested it. Tasted great.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

deuce - To poke someone in the eye with two fingers.

e.g., Sometimes I wear a special face mask so that I can't be deuced.

submitted by Allison Finch

deuce-and-a-quarter - Reflects the number 225.

e.g., That will cost you a deuce-and-a-quarter. Back in the day I drove a deuce-and-a-quarter.

submitted by A. M. Jacobs

deuced - Confounded, as in "I'll be deuced."  
Found in A dictionary of slang and colloquial English (1912): "abridged from the seven-volume work entitled Slang and its Analogues by John Stephen Farmer and William Ernest Henley." Ran across several slang books by using Google Books Ngram Viewer to graph "Devil's playthings." Deuced has other meanings, so it may be difficult to find examples for the meaning in this entry other than the one given above. (The Ngram Viewer turns up some interesting books when, instead of using words, you use, say, two-letter character combinations such as "bt." Here's one: The B.T. & B. manual: a treatise on the care of saws and knives, 471 pages on the cutting edge at the time of its publication in 1941. Thrills aplenty? Not for me, but perhaps for knife enthusiasts.)  
I had been looking into "Idle hands are the Devil's playthings" and "Idle minds are the Devil's playthings," but the Viewer doesn't work for strings of words that long. Devil's playthings ≡ cards -- pretty much what my grandmother thought of them. She may not have let her children play with cards, but her grandchildren who lived with her were allowed to. Wish I had thought to ask about it while someone who could have answered was still around.

e.g., I'll be deuced.

submitted by HD Fowler

deunreunited - An object that was split then united again then split again just before it was originally united--or something like that. I got lost in the uniting and splitting.

e.g., Using only the aid of my time machine I managed to unreunite the hugely valuable diamond.

submitted by Fenix

deuterodecking - Knocking somebody out later for something they said before.

e.g., He told me that terrible joke on the phone again yesterday, so I gave him his deuterodecking today.

submitted by L. Gillies

deuterodiorthonolatry - (n.) Invoking the second amendment to justify keeping not just "arms," but an entire arsenal of weaponry (some of which may not even be permitted under the new American Supreme Court's Heller decision upholding the right to handguns).

e.g., Tremors' Burt Gummer is the paradigmatic practitioner of deuterodiorthonolatry.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

devdas-traviata - (n.) 1. that genre of musical drama which mixes really good music with a really sad story. 2. A drama of this genre. (adj.) 3. of or pertaining to musicals with wonderful songs and tragic stories. (from the titles of two such tales: Devdas (an Indian piece), and Verdi's La Traviata.)

e.g., West Side Story, a 60s version of Romeo and Juliet, is a Devdas-Traviata show.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

developmnets - A 21st century word appearing (seemingly) randomly in many ancient texts. Some historians view it as a veiled cry for a system to protect the oppressed sub-race -- "computer Nerds" from continuing government suppression--"develop M nets." Other historians believe that it is a religious cryptogram associated with a mysterious cult noting that the word never appears when the document was "protected" by a religious talisman of the time called "Spell Checker."

e.g., A funded government study reviewed 10,000 original e-mails of 2003 and found 300 appearances of the word "developmnets." The study indicates that the problem is worse than originally suspected and further measures will be required.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

deventually - At any point in the future ... maybe.

e.g., Deventually, Stev-o-matic will start making sense.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

devil's fruit - A slang term for Brussels Sprouts.

e.g., Cringing and groaning, Matt swallowed the last of his Devil's Fruit and vowed never to eat them again.

submitted by Choibacco - (www)

devil's operating system - A derogatory term for Bill Gates's wonderful OS of choice.

e.g., Stanley: Hilda, he's done it again. That Devil's Operating System has crashed my machine more times than I care to remember. Hilda: Don't worry, Stanley, I'll buy you a Mac tomorrow. I'll take out a second mortgage on the house.

submitted by Bitstream Dream - (www)

devil-billy - A proper noun used to describe someone who is acting in an outrageous or devious manner.

e.g., You replaced the vanilla ice cream with lard? You're the Devil-Billy.

submitted by Timothy Maxwell

devisive - Often seen as a misspelling of "divisive," I'll use it henceforth to speak of something devised.

e.g., Whatever else you can say about her, Nancy's whatever-it-takes approach to governing is contrived and devisive. (I'd never make it as a politician myself -- I'd have to work way too hard to be evasive.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

devocous - To be insulting to someone or something.

e.g., He was being very devocous to the girl by telling lies about her.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

devoct - To talk down to somebody.

e.g., The girl devocts everyone she sees.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

devving - To devlop something, especially media.

e.g., "What am I doing tonight? Devving some lame website." "Well, that sure sounds like loads of fun."

submitted by hotstuff - (www)

devvoed - Fairly obviously, a better way to say devastated, shattered, disappointed ... only more.

e.g., My best friend was devvoed when his guinea pig morphed into a rotten peach.

submitted by Alison Hilder

dewalt moment - A DeWalt Moment is when something goes completely out of control but in a hilarious and fun way.

e.g., There was a DeWalt Moment during rehearsal when half the cast was out and Chris and Pad played 15 different parts, running offstage and then back on, sometimes in wigs.

submitted by marzipan

dewdle - Drawing or writing on a steamed-up glass surface.

e.g., When Malcom got bored with his homework on rainy, foggy nights, he'd sit by his window and dewdle.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

dewdney trunk road - Used in conversatation with someone who knows the Vancouver Lower Mainland. An expression of cool, wow, awesome or apocalyptic. Sometimes used for an outdoor drinking binge.

e.g., Whoa, Dewdney Trunk Road. I got a headache -- we did 3 days on Dewdney Trunk Road.

submitted by William F Davidson

dewey - A person for whom a bicycle is primary transportation due to the loss of her driver's license for illegal substance use. Homonym for DUI--Driving Under the Influence.

e.g., There goes a real dewey on that bike. I heard the cops got her for drunken driving twice.

submitted by Tom Beuligmann - (www)

dewpon - A one dollar bill used like a coupon to purchase a Mountain Dew from a soda machine.

e.g., Do you have a Dewpon for me? I'm jonesin' for a Dew.

submitted by BL - (www)

dexlexia - A condition that causes the transposition of letters in words while typing.

e.g., My figners hvae dexlexia today, so forgive my spleling.

submitted by Brett Woodward - (www)

dexter - Short for Poindexter. We used it for aircraft maintainers who worked on flight control computers, electronics, etc.

e.g., Hey, grab Dexter and come out here. Pilot said his jet rolled to the right on its own. Maybe you should bring a couple of Dexters for this.

submitted by James

dexterfreebish - Snobbish, stuck up.

e.g., Some rich kids are dexterfreebish.

submitted by J.T. Ostermiller

dextrosity - Ability to move your fingers quickly and accurately.

e.g., My typing is rubbish because I lack dextrosity.

submitted by David MacDougall

dez - Short for derelict. It can be used many ways to describe a bum on the street or a "friend" slow on the uptake.

e.g., Look at that drunken old dez on the corner.

submitted by the splat

dezapatarse - Verb, reflexive, Spanish. To take off one's shoes. Mike said I oughta try here, even though it's Spanish. Good day!

e.g., Cuando llego en casa despues de un dia dificil, me dezapato primera cosa. (When I get home after a hard day, I take off my shoes first thing.)

submitted by Betsy Andrews

dftba - It stands for: "Don't Forget To Be Awesome." Typically used by the YouTube Vlogbrothers who I think made it up. Can be used as a goodbye. You can also just say don't forget to be awesome. It's technically an initialism, not a word. Could also stand for Damn fine to be alive, Delano fears to be afraid, Do fish take baths a lot?, Duel for the best acronym, Darling fetch the battle axe, Drunk fish try breathing air, Dark force to barely apprehend, Danes fear the burning acropolis, Donate for the blood association, Don't for the beaux's admiration, Don't forget that brains attract, Dead frogs teach bored anatomists, Damn Facebook too bloody addicting, Darkened forests take bravery away, Dastardly farmers took Bessie away, I came Down for the baby's arrival, Dogs frequently take back apologies, Distro falling through bleak autumn, Delightful fans that blithely assist, Debutante's fame tarnished by affairs, Doctor Freud's topic became afflicting, Decepticons fear this brilliant autobot, Delilah's fruitcake triggers belly-ache, But she was Destined for the burger anyway, Difficult financial times bring apocalypse, Dreadful feudal treachery breeds atrocities, Until your Dorky farting turdface brother arrives, and But the Dead father's thoughts became archival.

e.g., Tell her . . . tell her DFTBA.

submitted by Jocelyn

dharma situation - Participating in any activity that you would otherwise avoid like the plague simply because it will give you a chance to ogle members of the opposite sex. Can be used by male or female. From Jenna Elfman's character on the execrable show _Dharma and Greg_.

e.g., Yes, I watch _Baywatch_ every week, but it's purely for the dharma situation. OR The only reason I'm at this party is for the dharma situation.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

dhimwit - "A non-Muslim member of a free society who abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility or guile. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity."

e.g., I can't tell whether I'm dealing with a dhimwit or a full-fledged Islamist.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dhinchak - Adjective used when you see really weird clothing on nice people.

e.g., Remember Smita's dhinchak tiger skirt?

submitted by Smita

dhl - Ton send something via courier.

e.g., I dhl'd the package to you yesterday.

submitted by MelloWiz

dhr - Demon Hell Ride. A very, very rough time, as would be experienced during a schizophrenic episode. From the music of Wesley Willis, which is inspired by his own schizophrenic episodes.

e.g., The phone hasn't stopped ringing all day. I didn't even get time to take my lunch. I'm on a major DHR today.

submitted by loydpeanut - (www)

dhr - When someone does something stupid or a remark is not liked.

e.g., "Well, I have the best car money can buy." "Dhr."

submitted by chris - (www)

dhud - A lazy person.

e.g., A dhud like Mac can never succeed in life.

submitted by biju

diaberetic - A person who does not adhere to accepted beliefs and practices, relating to the diagnosis and treatment ofdiabetes.

e.g., I know a man who does not believe that cutting sugar intake is vital to managing diabetes. His endocrinologist has labeled him a diaberetic.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

diabesity - The kind of obesity that has led to diabetes, or is about to lead to diabetes, which is a serious health issue. Heard on NPR, 3/9/06.

e.g., Diabesity seems to be epidemic among children and teens these days, affecting kids who think the four food groups are salt, sugar, fat, and soda pop. I wish they'd get off the sofa once in a while.

submitted by natalie

diabeteebomb - (rhymes with why-a-SEED-we-mom; n.) 1. Simple carbohydrates---especially straight sugar (sugar cubes, mints, candy bars, jelly beans, etc)---sufficient to drop a diabetic in his (or her) tracks into a diabetic coma; (facetiously, 2.) anything a diabetic should not eat; 3. a Halloween haul, Christmas candy, Hanukkah Gelt, Valentine hearts, Hwaito-day treats, til gajak, Bayram or Eid candies, birthday sweets, and so on; 4. Cake and ice cream. (v.) 5. To give a diabeteebomb to a diabetic.

e.g., "Happy birthday, Uncle! ... We made you a cake!" "Oh, great! A diabeteebomb. You guys wanna kill me off? or something?" "Nah, man, it's all NutraSweet and lite whip cream frosting."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

diagonalistics - Ability to form a diagonal line.

e.g., That line is curvy. You need to work on your diagonalistics.

submitted by Ryan L.

diagonalize - To place something at an angle not perpendicular or square to another item.

e.g., We will need to diagonalize that desk to fit it into room.

submitted by Lawson

diagonize - To dread having an illness diagnosed.

e.g., I diagonize continually while I await Dr. Evans' diagnosis after a visit.

submitted by Albert Walsh

dialectic - Extremely interested in other dialects and picks up on them quickly.

e.g., Leigh is clearly dialectic. Whenever she hears a new slang term, she immediately and seamlessly incorporates it into her existing vocabulary.

submitted by Leigh W. Karsch - (www)

dialogue - To have or engage in a dialogue. Fowler wrote, "After all, it is an ancient and valuable right of the English people to turn their nouns into verbs when they are so minded." I generally have no problem at all with verbing; however, doing that with "dialogue" grates on my ear.

e.g., "Instead of slandering others for disagreeing with your opinion, maybe you should grow up and learn to dialogue as an adult."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

diamondular - When you make a square into a diamond.

e.g., Turn that square on its diamondular.

submitted by Fiona McKenney

dianorthonym - (n.) (die-uhn-ORTH-uh-nim) An ambiguous misspelling; a misspelled word that could represent either of two correctly spelled words, especially where the context does not make the intended word clear. (Etymology: Greek di- [two] + a-, an- [not] + -orth- [from "orthography"] + -onym [name]).

e.g., Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban contains a dianorthonym. When Stan Shunpike says, "But for firteen [Sickles] you can get 'ot chocolate," it is unclear whether "firteen" means "thirteen" or "fourteen."

submitted by Mirakle B.

diaper diva - Pre-teens who really like NSYNC and the Backstreet boys, and try to dress like Britney Spears.

e.g., Eww! Christina's a diaper diva. She just turned 11, and she's wearing a tube top.

submitted by Cassie

diarhea - Two-headed South American ostrich-like flightless bird.

e.g., I never saw a diarhea, I never hope to see one; but I can tell you here and now, I'd rather see than be one. (Thank you, Ogden Nash.) But, how can I see one with my head in the sand? If yu like this daffynition, I can tell you moa.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

diarrhee - (Die-uh-REE; v.) To suffer from diarrhea or dysentery. [Back-formation from _diarrhea_.]

e.g., He got food poisoning from an undercooked turkey; he had to vomit and diarhee his way through the whole Thanksgiving break.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

diatribatical - Marked by outrage and preachiness, as in tone. Diatribist. From "diatribe": "Webster's 1913 Dictionary Definition: \Di"a*tribe\ (?; 277), n. (L. diatriba a learned discussion, Gr. ?, prop., a wearing away of time, fr. ? to rub away, spend time; dia` through + ? to rub: cf. L. terere, F. trite: cf. F. diatribe.) A prolonged or exhaustive discussion; especially, an acrimonious or invective harangue; a strain of abusive or railing language; a philippic."

e.g., Bob's radio interview was going well, until he began discussing the budget. At that point he became diatribatical, alienating most of his listeners. Then it was goin' to hell.

submitted by Betsy Andrews - (www)

diatricationalism - The belief that all vacation and free time is pointless.

e.g., James had diatricationalism for BMX and cliff jumping that summer.

submitted by Fitch - (www)

diatripe - A combination of "diatribe" and "tripe." A denunciation or rant based on substandard knowledge, false information, or lies.

e.g., Ted Kennedy just delivered another one of his diatripes on the Senate floor. The wrong person died at Chappaquiddick.

submitted by Tim Sage

diazapenasey - Extremely enjoyable; cool.

e.g., That was one diazapenasey chocolate sundae.

submitted by Inazuma

dibble - A little bit of something, as in food or drink.

e.g., "How big of a piece of cake do you want?" "Just a dibble."

submitted by Michelle

dibble - 1. A uniformed office security guard who has delusions of being a real policeman. 2. To outsmart a figure of authority. (Both from Officer Dibble, who was constantly being outwitted by Top Cat).

e.g., 1. "Shoot him, Dibble ... oh, yeah, you don't have a gun." 2. Clare dibbled her way out of the meeting by arranging a fire drill.

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

dibbley-doofus - Non-specific technological artifact. Used by engineers to indicate components that they cannot remember the names of. Usually accompanied by vigorous hand waving and violent gesticulation.

e.g., While Chris was holding the spring clip he gestured to the bench and asked Mike to pass the dibley-doofus. Unfortunately, Mike passed him a thingy instead.

submitted by mike_capriman - (www)

dibbs - A set of clothing, often with accessories.

e.g., Hey, Lauryn! Nice dibbs.

submitted by lauryn

dibojitz - This is a word my dad used when I was a kid, over 60 years ago. It pertains to any illness you may have that you have no idea of what it is. Is it a cold or the flu? Is it the flu or just dire rear?

e.g., I have been feeling punk for several days. Went to the doctor and he wasn't sure what I have. It surely must be Dibojitz, then.

submitted by Linda Steininger

dibs - To voice claim to something. || To call dibs is to voice your claim on something ahead of others.

e.g., Dibs on the front seat. || I call dibs on that chair. | Dibs on the McNuggets and french fries.

submitted by Clint Long || Michelle Noffke - (www)

dick dictator - The female equivalent of being pussy-whipped.

e.g., I'd ask Jane but she's so dick-dictated by Dick Dictator that she'd never go with us.

submitted by nitag - (www)

dicked - Cheated.

e.g., You got dicked out of that deal.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

dickens - Unit to measure pain. From the phrase, "Hurts like the dickens."

e.g., When I cut my finger, I experienced about 23 kilo-dickens of pain.

submitted by Seraph

dickfore - One who displays a complete lack of intelligence or common sense. One who exhibits complete indifference to circumstances which otherwise require attention, leaving only the conclusion that the main organ in her nervous system is not her brain.

e.g., Did you notice Chris driving around in that new Porsche? She ran a red light, and didn't even wave to me, the dickfore.

submitted by Wiley

dickheadian - Something only a dickhead would do. An act or expression arising only from a dickhead: a dickhead is a person prone to boorish behaviour.

e.g., Yeah, that's a dickheadian way of doing it, Chris. Why am I not surprised you thought of it.

submitted by Gerry Putland

dicknotized - The state of sexual or emotional limbo that the average teenage girl enters when she finds her first real male sexual partner, thereby causing her to skip school, neglect her academics, drop friends, etc.

e.g., I don't know if this is too sexually explicit or not, but … I am a HS English teacher, and this word came up in a class discussion about a student we hadn't seen in months. A classmate of this young lady informed me that the missing student had "Gotten together with Jeremy, and she is all dicknotized now. You won't see her again."

submitted by Kelly Keegan - (www)

dicrapolate - Any foodstuff that is so artificial that its components cannot be divined.

e.g., My burger had dicrapolate processed cheese on it.

submitted by hugh

dictinary - Dictionary. Misspelled this way more than 50,000 times on the internet, so it's definately worth making a pseudo-word in the PseudoDictinary lexicon -- that's a ytpo I make quite a bit.

e.g., "That's assuming that row can be used as a dictinary key and there'd have to be some way to clear the cache whenever it becomes invalid."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

diction-rea - The dictionary of words that only Rea uses.

e.g., Rea: Coldy-breathy-freaky-skeletony-handy-thing. Meg: Adjectives taken sraight from the diction-rea.

submitted by Desire Lupin - (www)

dictionarically - To describe something in the context of a dictionary.

e.g., How would you phrase that description dictionarically?

submitted by kalin

dictionary - This is where all words are found.

e.g., Can't find that word in the dictionary? Try this site, mate.

submitted by Christie

dictionary of the rat pack -

From the Dictionary of The Rat Pack

  • bag: a person's particular interest; as in "singing's my bag"
  • barn burner: a very stylish, classy woman
  • beard: a male friend who acts as a "cover"; usually for extramarital affairs
  • beetle: a girl who dresses in flashy clothes
  • big-leaguer: a resourceful man who can handle any situation
  • big casino: death
  • bird: the male or female genitalia; standard greeting: "How's your bird"?
  • bombsville: any kind of failure in life; see ville
  • broad: affectionate term for a girl or woman with sex appeal
  • bum: a person who is despised, most frequently linked to people in the media
  • bunter: a man who fails in almost everything he does; the opposite of gasser
  • Charley: a general term for anyone whose name has been forgotten; see also Sam
  • Charlies: admiring word for a woman's breasts
  • chick: a young and invariably pretty girl
  • clyde: a word used to cover a multitude of personal observations; e.g., "I don't like her clyde" means "I don't like her voice", etc.
  • coo-coo!: see crazy.
  • crazy: a term of admiration for a personal, place, or thing; similar to cool.
  • Creep: a man who is disliked for any reason
  • crumb: a person it is impossible to respect
  • dame: a generally derogatory term for a probably unattractive woman
  • dig: a term of appreciation; e.g., "I dig that broad."
  • "Drop it, charley": change the conversation; see "good night, all"
  • duke: tip
  • dying: an exaggerated term to mean slightly upset; e.g. "I'm dying"
  • end: a word to signify that someone or something is the very best; "the living end"
  • endsville: total failure; similar to bombsville; see ville
  • fink: a person who cannot be relied upon or trusted, especially someone in the media; a crumb
  • fracture: to make laugh; as in "that fractures me"
  • gas: a great situation; as in "that set was a gas"
  • gasoline: alcohol
  • gasser: a highly admired person; the end!
  • gofer: someone who performs menial jobs and tasks; "go for drinks"
  • "good night all": a term of invective used to change the subject of conversation
  • groove: a term of admiration or approval; as in "in the groove"
  • Harvey: a person who acts in a stupid or naive fashion; sometimes shortened to "Harv"
  • hacked: angry; as in "he's hacked off"
  • hello!: a cry of surprise to no one in particular when a beautiful woman is seen
  • hunker: a jack-of-all-trades; see gopher
  • jokes: an actor's lines in a screenplay
  • let's lose charley: a term used among intimates who want to get rid of a bore in their company
  • little hey-hey: romance; a little action with a broad
  • locked-up: as in "all locked-up," a term for a forthcoming date or engagement, private or public
  • loser: anyone who has made a mess of their life, drinks too much, makes the wrong enemies, etc.
  • mish-mash: similar to loser, but refers specifically to a woman who is messed up
  • mothery: terrific; wild and wicked
  • mouse: usually a small, very feminine girl who invites being cuddled
  • nowhere: a term of failure as in "he's nowhere."
  • odds: used in connection with important decisions, as in "the odds aren't right," meaning it's a no go
  • original loser: a person without talent; sometimes more fully expressed as "He is the original Major Bowes Amateur Hour loser
  • player: a man who is a gambler by nature, makes friends easily, and never gives up trying
  • punks: any undesirables, in particular criminals, gangsters, or mobsters
  • quin: derisive term for a woman who is an easy pick-up
  • rain: as in "I think it's going to rain" indicating that it is time to leave a dull gathering or party
  • ring-a-ding: a term of approval, as in "What a ring-a-ding broad!"
  • Sam: used in the same way as Charley for a person whose name has been forgotten, most often applied to females
  • scramsville: to run off
  • sharp: a person who dresses well and with style
  • "ta-ta": goodbye
  • twirl: a girl who loves dancing
  • ville: a suffix used to indicate changes in any given situation; see endsville, splitsville, etc.

e.g., Lillith: Sheesh, HD, where did you come up with that out-of-date lingo? HD: It's straight out of the Dictionary of the Rat Pack, m'dear.

submitted by HD Fowler

dictionary, dictionairy - A form of speech which is quite flowery and with a certain lilt to it.

e.g., Dictionary was an everyday thing in the land of faeries.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

dictionary.coma - What the pseudodictionary may turn into if we don't start getting a few more more lively submittals. No, we won't go blue. We'll die before we let that happen.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dictionasty - Dictionary for nasty words.

e.g., Go wash your mouth. And never use that dictionasty word again.

submitted by Ih Orey

dictionized - To submit a word that is currently not incorporated in a dictionary for incorporation.

e.g., Hey, that's a cool word is it in the dictionary? No it isn't . . . oh, that's too freakin bad, you should have it dictionized.

submitted by evelyn

dicto - 1. False, incorrect, untrue. 2. Lacking the evidence or substance to be considered valid. 3. Lacking the evidence or substance to be taken seriously. 4. Without any substance.

e.g., What you are saying is completely dicto, Dick. There is no evidence to support your claim.

submitted by Sammers

dictoduct - To introduce an article or essay on any subject by listing the dictionary definitions of that subject.

e.g., Shamelessly dictoducting, he began typing, "Dictoduct: To introduce an article or essay on any subject." OR "A diode is a very simple and interesting device."

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

dictract - Distraction can take just a shiny object, but to dictract takes showing enough skin.

e.g., Thanks, but don't for a moment think that you can dictract an IRC channel full of geeks quite so easily. We want PICTURES.

submitted by Gary Sumners

dictum - An unfortunate HD affliction.

e.g., Sorry; I'm far too polite to define "dictum." «ED. Since it's a real word, any reader interested can look it up in a real dictionary. However, and you can take this to the bank, when it comes to getting something added to the PseudoDictionary, my word IS the law. ("I'll be back" to change that to italics rather than all caps.»

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

dictweeting - Dic-tweeting. Posting to Twitter by voice, such as by speech-to-text or speech recognition system, or software or service for dictation. {ED. Could also be called dictwation. Not to be confused with dick-tweeting, which the appropriately named Anthony Wiener is notorious for doing.)

e.g., I'm dictweeting this because my paws are busy playing iPhone games. Look Ma, no hands. | @JoshFialkov says, "Dick-tweeting makes for awesome typos."

submitted by Jay Gonzales & Troy Angrignon - (www)

dictyography - From Greek "dictyon," a net). A listing of Web sites, cognate to a bibliography.

e.g., "Here is a dictyography of Web sites you can check out for QuickTime information." (From _Discovering QuickTime_ by George Towner, ISBN 0-12-059640-7, page 492).

submitted by George Towner

diculous - Short for "ridiculous." Used best to describe person's attitude or actions, but can be substituted for the original word at any time.

e.g., Chris, you're just acting diculous now.

submitted by M. Stokes

did i hear a niner in there? - A reply for when somebody is attempting to lie, but falters horribly. From Tommy Boy.

e.g., "Yeah, sorry I didn't call, but I smashed . . . my . . . brand new . . . Porsche into . . . a . . . light-post." "Did I hear a niner in there?"

submitted by lauryn

did it great - A question about something that took place in the recent past; did it go well?

e.g., Ed: I just had a job interview. Ted: Did it great?

submitted by ditnis

did you get my invitation - Refers to a pending invitation to bite one's lower posterior in response to a perceived insult or as a childish retort.

e.g., "You're an idiot." "Did you get my invitation?"

submitted by MichaelLujan

diddledo - Dildo.

e.g., "South Carolina may pass a law making it illegal to sell sex toys." "Oh, no. And I just broke my diddledo."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

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