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dustydiamond - A uncontrollable Hot Wheels collector--there is no helping them.

e.g., That guy has a problem; he's a real dustydiamond.

submitted by sven dangler

dut - A car alarm remote control, usually on a keychain. Can be a noun or verb. Dut is repeated when used as a noun.

e.g., 1. The Corolla is locked. Toss me the dut dut. 2. Can you dut the car? My hands are full.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

dut - A syllable repeated multiple times during the rests in music to keep time.

e.g., Director: Drums, you're slowing down during the measures of rest. One of you dut.

submitted by DrumCap

dutch - Attractive. Also Dutchess or Grand Dutchess.

e.g., "Beatrix is dutch." "Yes, I agree, she was a Grand Dutchess." "Nope, she's the queen."

submitted by Russell Heller

dvandva - "A compound word neither element of which is subordinate to the other, as bittersweet, Anglo-Saxon." | "1. a class of compound words consisting of two elements having a coordinate relationship as if connected by and 2. a compound word of this type, such as Austro-Hungarian, tragicomic."

e.g., "He won the Scrabble contest with a dvandva." "Did he know what the word meant?" "You don't have to in Scrabble. Maybe we should play a variant requiring that you know the meaning of any word you use."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dwarfed scents of hummus - In parts of the Middle East, the overpowering stench sometimes in the market place, so strong that it "dwarfs the pleasant scents of hummis," for example [hummus pron. 'hoomis']. Cf. "warped sense of humor."

e.g., One hot day in a suburb I nearly gagged from smells that dwarfed the scents of hummus, oy veh.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dwarve's age - (Perhaps more correctly "dwarf's age"; n.) A very long time (based upon JRR Tolkien's approximately 250-year life span for his dwarves). The term is usually used to refer to the lengthy time since something happened.

e.g., "Charlie. Wow, I haven't seen you in an elf's age!" "It hasn't been that long: more of a dwarve's age." | "Do you remember our Norway cruise last year?" "Was that just last year? It feels like a dwarve's age."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

dwarves trap - A spellchecker that catches dwarves as a misspelling for the plural of dwarf.

e.g., No, I'm not often injured by a dwarves trap. Once the word dwarf became politically incorrect, I've done my best to avoid it -- so I don't have much need for its plural.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dwasshole - A driver who does not wave at you when you drive by each other. You can be a dwasshole only in rural areas where passing someone is infrequent and you always wave to oncoming cars. If the non-waver is not a local, or is from the city, or is a tourist, she is not a dwasshole because she doesn't know any better.

e.g., There is a really stubborn local guy I've seen who must be a dwasshole. He doesn't have the kindness to greet locals, not even a wave from his car when he drives by you.

submitted by ginny - (www)

dwastard - Derogatory term for a member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

e.g., The convention was okay, except it was full of DWAStards

submitted by Adam Leslie

dwaver - A driver who waves at you when she passes in the opposite direction. In rural areas where passing someone is infrequent, it is considered rude if she doesn't. You assume the driver must be a tourist, city person, or non-local. If not, see dwasshole.

e.g., You are much more likely to encounter a dwaver in the country than in the city.

submitted by ginny - (www)

dweebweeder - Use only when “nerd,” “geek,” “dweeb,” and “dork” just don’t cut it. For those whose pocket protector affinity just can’t be expressed with the words your teachers taught you.

e.g., Did you see the test scores? Adam was the only one who got 100%. That dweebweeder makes the rest of us look bad.

submitted by Amy - (www)

dweezil - To name one's child inappropriately, usually referring to rock musicians. From Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, the children of Frank. See also Rolan Bolan and Zowie Bowie.

e.g., She's such a cute baby. Please don't dweezil her.

submitted by Adam Leslie

dweezil - An extra sly nerd. Alternate spelling: dweasil. Etymology: dweeb + weasil = dweezil. (ED. A better speller might have come up with "dweesel" "dweezel.")

e.g., Despite his thick glasses, I could still see Chris's beady little shifty eyes. I knew the dweezil was up to something.

submitted by Matt Cardwell

dwelve - 1. To dwell and delve into. 2. Plural of dwelf: Small beings that are half dwarf and half elf.

e.g., 1. They don't dwelve too much on the subject of empathy, do they? 2. The dwelves came storming over the hills, bringing their hellfire to the small towns below.

submitted by Sera, chuzz

dwidly - A name for any object, particularly when you can't think of the actual name of the object.

e.g., Hand me that dwidly over there. Where'd my dwidly go? We'll have to get her some dwidlies to go with her new coloring books.

submitted by Casually Insane

dwim - Do what I mean. a command in computing used when you wish your code to function as you would expect, rather than as you have written

e.g., I need to use the dwim command here.

submitted by jim

dwimmercraft - (Rhymes with "HIM-er-laughed"; n.) 1. Magic, as in stage-magic: the mildly miraculous "fun" of illusion and sleight of hand; but also 2. black magic, as in sorcery: engagement in or manipulation of the powers and deceits of the enemy.

[From the Old English dwimor "phantom, illusion" + craeft "art," often (usually) applied back among the Anglo-Saxons to magic that is either evil or at least non-Divine.]

e.g., "The amazing Armando?"
"Yeah: he's a magician. He's really good. The kids love him."
"Hm. He practices dwimmercraft."
"But the innocent stuff, right? Not the dark crap."
"What are you talking about?" "He's dwimmercrafty."
"Dimmer ... ?"
"Never mind. How much does he charge?"
"$200 a show."
"Wow. Dwimmercrafty for sure."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

dwin - Gorgeous, handsome, sexy, god-like, attractive.

e.g., Girl sees a boy she finds attractive: "Mmm . . . mmm . . . mmm . . . he sure is dwin."

submitted by Maria Santiago - (www)

dwina - A feminine looking male.

e.g., John is wearing pink today. He is a dwina.

submitted by Karen

dwinmetry - Perfect physique, perfectly symmetrical. (See dwin.)

e.g., He works out for an hour five times a week. You don't see that kind of dwinmetry very often.

submitted by aldwin oliveros - (www)

dwinolake - A dark evil villian, King of the Nazgul.

e.g., Eowyn, upon witnessing Theoden's demise, "Back, you foul dwinolake."

submitted by danna

dwinventory - Dwindling inventory.

e.g., We couldn't process the order due to an unforseen dwinventory problem.

submitted by Brian Rouff - (www)

dwl - Disingenuous white liberal. The example comes from the blog SBPDL, "Stuff Black People Don't Like." I haven't read enough of it yet to determine whether or not it's racist, satirical, or whatever. . . . All right, having read further, it's racist. C'est la vie.

e.g., "In the duration of the episodes, we learn that the emergency broadcast is heard on every channel, the power eventually goes, a hopelessly Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) relies on his Untouchable White neighbor for guns to protect his family, a military helicopter is seen overhead advising all citizens to get to the "green zone" and make it to Atlanta for safety. But it is in the harrowing episode six that we see Hannah sacrifice herself so that her children can survive."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dwobursa - Wearing a purse and a backpack.

e.g., Shirley's back usually hurts during the evenings after school because of all the dwobursaing she does during the day.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

dylsexic - A word that you use to after you say something backwards.

e.g., I'm sorry, I'm dylsexic.

submitted by Adobodog

dymanic - Not just manic, but extremely manic, over the top.

e.g., For bipolar all I do is take a pill, but my dymanic cousins need chains and soothing therapy.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dymantic - Dynamic, romantic, sexy, bombshell, and otherwise utterly gorgeous.

e.g., Oh, that dress is so dymantic. | I'm feeling absolutely dymantic today.

submitted by Robin W.

dynamafy - (v) To make something dynamic

e.g., This content is static and out-dated, why don't you go and dynamafy this website?

submitted by Will Read - (www)

dynamicity - Stellar fabulousness.

e.g., We were awed by Stella's dynamicity as she glided through the club.

submitted by pudders - (www)

dynamicize - To make something dynamic.

e.g., Hey, it looks like the home page of this website is outdated since it's static. … Should we get a web developer to dynamicize it? | Urban Dictionary has a new look -- both clean and dynamic. But it hasn't been dynamicized. Thank God. Flashing lights or loud music would far too distracting at word sites, even for non-serious sites. | The mind boggles at the thought of Grant Barrett's Double-Tongued Dictionary being dynamicized. Can you imagine? … Oh. My. God. It has been. I wonder who talked him into such an awful downgrade from the jazzy looking site he had before? Some money must have changed hands.

ED. The home page isn't out-of-date at all, Mr. Web Developer. This is a site for words, not pictures — and most assuredly not for flash that can't be expressed with the written word.

submitted by Mike Z - (www)

dynamictivity - Used to describe how something could use some or additional dynamic features.

e.g., Your site could use a bit more dynamictivity.

submitted by Travis Rowland - (www)

dynamify - In software typically, to replace a rendered phrase dynamically based on another value.

e.g., Should we display a vague message or dynamify it to include the sender's actual name?

submitted by jackbellis - (www)

dynamoarch - The word means a power, first, or leader. It is used in regards to a powerful leader or figure in society.

e.g., The President of the United States of America was referred to as a dynamoarch.

submitted by Elijah

dynamoatheoarch - Someone who doesn't care what others think of her and does what she wants.

e.g., I walked into the classroom with a dynamoatheoarchic attitude.

submitted by Parrish Boggs, Jr.

dynaschmo - Cynamic like a dynamo, but only in the schmo department.

e.g., She's really something else; Chris is quite the dynaschmo.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

dyno - Rockclimbing move where you leap from the wall to get a higher hold without using your feet.

e.g., That was a sick dyno, Jess.

submitted by jess

dyperventilate - To almost lose bladder control while trying to catch your breath from laughing so hard.

e.g., I dyperventilated after seeing the supermodel fall off the runway.

submitted by C. Scroger

dysania - Difficulty getting out of bed.

e.g., A Monday morning dysania settles in at first waking because you realize you must return to the workaday week.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

dysaudia - The unfortunate tendency to hear things as the or as a twist of their intended message.

e.g., "When an employee says "I've got three weeks recuperative therapy before I can work the floor", the supervisor hears "Three days to recuperate and I'll take my three weeks leave now, please""

submitted by Danny O'Hern

dyscalendria - Similar in root to dyslexia, it's a confusion of dates, months, or days of the week.

e.g., Did I say Friday, the 4th? I meant Friday, the 6th -- my dyscalendria must be acting up again.

submitted by Frank Brooks

dyschronopolis - A city with many large public clocks, all displaying different incorrect times.

e.g., The Custom House Tower in Boston, with its four broken clock faces, is a dyschronopolis by itself.

submitted by Mark Lutton

dysergy - When two or more things combine to create less of something than they would individually. The opposite of synergy.

e.g., The dysergy from putting two seven-year-olds in the bath together is guaranteed to produce a flood.

submitted by John Friesen

dysfeature - A device's intended functionality that gives insufficient or unsatisfactory results. What a device cannot do or not allow the user to do that most users demand of it.

e.g., Two of Etch-A-Sketch's most awful dysfeatures are the difficulty to draw perfect diagonals and the annoying restriction that you can't "lift the pencil."

submitted by MD Caruso

dysflexic - Not very flexible either physically or in one's principles, beliefs, or politics.

e.g., After last night's aerobics class, it is clear that I am dysflexic. | That Tea Partier is very dysflexic in his opinions about how to revive the economy.

submitted by jim dilger

dysfractionate - To post to a message board at the exact same time as someone else, usually rendering at least one of the responses nonsensical

e.g., Edit: Never mind, I dysfractionated with Acsu on that last post.

submitted by Darin Ramsey - (www)

dysfronifat - To feel as though you and your family are suffering from a disease found only in chickens.

e.g., I dysfronifat, doctor.

submitted by Sven

dysfunctified - Not dysfunctional, just abnormal. For situiations that can occur in all families whether they realize it or not.

e.g., My family has a dysfunctified moment every now and then.

submitted by Matthew Pace

dysgulliatory - Falls for the most obvious tricks but does not fall for the sneakiest ones

e.g., Just because Jason seems to be gullible, don't think you'll get away with your most original mind games. Turns out he's dysgulliatory.

submitted by MD Caruso

dyslaphsia - the notion that one's own jokes are funny

submitted by Robert S Wood

dyslex - Verb, back-formation of noun "dyslexia." To switch the order of items accidentally.

e.g., Sorry I'm late. I dyslexed your address and wrote down "12 West 14th Street" instead of "14 West 12th Street."

submitted by Lisa - (www)

dyslextrician - An electrician who installs half of the switches and outlets right side up and half of them upside down.

e.g., What, did a dyslextrician do our house or something? (True story.)

submitted by Evman

dyslumina - The light-switch equivalent of dyslexia.

e.g., "Since Kat invariably reaches for the wrong light switch, she suffers from dyslumina."

submitted by Wendell Wilson

dysluminaxy - A guy who suffers from dyslumina -- which see.

e.g., Since Tom invariably reaches for the wrong light switch, he is a dysluminaxy

submitted by Wendell Wilson

dysphalangia - The condition resulting in the inability to type intelligibly.

e.g., Damn dysphalangia, can't type worth at all today.

submitted by Gary Sumners

dysphemistic - To use a dysphemistic term is to substitute a harsh term for a polite or inoffensive term. "Dysphemism" and "cacophemism" are roughly the opposite of "euphemism."

e.g., I'd never use the dysphemistic "old lady" to refer to my wife. It sounds terrible to me. Besides, if I ever did it and she caught me, she'd have my hide.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dysphonia - A behavioral condition marked by the inability to use a telephone properly. In advanced cases, sufferers are unable to use the telephone at all.

e.g., He told me he'd call but he didn't -- an obvious case of dysphonia.

submitted by stelpa

dystapioca - The uneasy feeling that your future will contain some dreadful (perhaps just) desserts.

e.g., 1. Once mum got that ex-Russian Army ice cream in bulk, I knew it was dystapioca from here on. 2. You did what? Well, dystapioca for you.

submitted by Alien Burrito

dystopify - To make something into a dystopia, that is, a world that is as far away from moral, psychological, and economical stability as possible. Antonym: to utopify.

e.g., The Hunger Games' Panem is a dystopified version of today's America, with many parallels and metaphors.

submitted by wordgoat - (www)

dystypia - Typing equivalent of dylexia. Getting the letters in the wrong order, usually committed by "two-fingered" typists.

e.g., For the umpteenth time, I slipped into dystypia, typing "teh" instead of "the."

submitted by Jeff Craig - (www)

dzzzz - "What?" Used when not paying attention.

e.g., A. HR, did you take those CDs? HR. Dzzzz?

submitted by hrueckert

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