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chove - A limb which has the same length as girth.

e.g., His chove was like an elephant’s foot.

submitted by Sean Cumming

chowmein-liner - An extreme Chinese food addict.

e.g., "Hortense! You're not ordering Chinese take-out again! Please! You need professional help! What a chowmein-liner you are!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

chre - A Diet Coke fifteen months old or more.

e.g., Chre is dangerous, almost poisonous.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

chreaster - Same as CME Christian, but easier to say. This is a person who only darkens the church doorway on Christmas and Easter.

e.g., The pastor sighed heavily at the sight of the church pews full of Chreasters.

submitted by Claudia

chrikannadanza - A holiday that occurs near the end of the calandar year.

e.g., Christians, Jews, Arabs, and Blacks can all buy gifts for Chrikannadanza.

submitted by phluphie - (www)

chrissify - To become an example or be made an example of. From my own personal observation that the name Chris seems to show up in a lot of the examples. Not that unlike "crucified."

e.g., I was terribly embarrassed when Mr. Graham chrissified me as part of his lecture on avoiding bad behavior.

submitted by Paul

christ-on-a-crutch - An exclamation -- basic disbelief, summoning the image of the Son of God limping towards salvation.

e.g., "Damn, we're out of corn nuts." "Christ-on-a-crutch, how'd that happen?"

submitted by megan m wentworth

christeaster - A particular religious denomination that only has church Christmas and Easter.

e.g., Mark's annual attendance at midnight mass was in keeping with his Christeaster faith.

submitted by nitag - (www)

christian crank - Coffee. The drug of choice in conservative Christian circles; the only drug accepted in some Christian circles.

e.g., All hell broke loose after service Sunday when an undetermined quantity of Christian crank was consumed by parishioners in the church basement. Five were arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of proselytizing; several were taken to the hospital and treated for the jitters.

submitted by jonah

christmas on a stick - Very sweet or cool.

e.g., I'm hoping to get a GameStation 2. That'd really be Christmas on a stick.

submitted by trunks

christmas parkers - Individuals who, during the height of the holiday season, will slowly (and for a prolonged period) drive up and down crowded parking lot aisles, vying to find a space as close to a shopping center as possible. Alternative usage: a driver who follows a shopper as she walks to her car hoping the parking space vacated is close to the doors of a shopping center.

e.g., The parking lot was full of shoppers trundling off carts of presents, as well as Christmas parkers attracted to them like sharks to blood.

submitted by Paul Hoffman

christohannukahmas - When a child has one parent who celebrates Christmas and one who celebrates Hannukah. It is a mix between the two holidays, so the everybody is a winner. (ED. What about Kwanza? Or Kwanzaa?)

e.g., A. Kids, which holiday would you like to celebrate this year? B. Christohannukahmas.

submitted by Phil - (www)

chromaddict - A pathological addiction to all things shiny, silver, and metallic.

e.g., Make sure you wear sunglasses when you go into Jill's house during the day or you'll go blind. She's a chromaddict.

submitted by Saint714

chrome dome - The pate of a baldheaded man.

e.g., Without his toupee, Laars is really a chrome dome. But, you know, I kinda like him better that way.

submitted by Paul

chromium johnson rod - A fictional car part. Presumably what a crafty mechanic might try to sell someone unknowledgable about cars.

e.g., "What your problem is, is that you have a slipping differential going on with your chromium johnson rod, I'm going to need to keep the car here over night so I can order the parts.

submitted by Eric Edwards

chromosytzariocys - Sudden bursts of anger.

e.g., Larry's chromosytzariocys prevents him from joining the best friends club at school.

submitted by Menisha

chronecro - From the greek roots "chrono" and "necro,"an adjective meaning "time-wasting (-killing).

e.g., For most of us, our TVs were the most chronecro devices in our homes until we bought a computer.

submitted by gerre

chronic - Something that won't go away. Usually said before a word of what is being continuously done.

e.g., All day I've had this chronic yawn. I can't stop it.

submitted by Amber

chronic lyricosis - The inability of some people to get the words of a song right even though they have heard them a million times. This inability extends not just to one song but becomes a consistent, annoying occurence.

e.g., Do I have chronic lyricosis or is Madonna speaking Spanish in her song "La Isla Bonita" when she says "Tropical re-ilandries"? (tropical the island breeze.)

submitted by Helen

chronitor - One who watches a clock (as at work or school) in the hope that it will hasten the day.

e.g., From her desolate cubicle, Astrid stared out the window and sighed. If only the vital work of a Friday afternoon chronitor paid better.

submitted by adam thorsell

chronmania - Obsession with counting every second of every day.

e.g., The old man (about 67 years old) became chronmaniac as he came closer and closer to death.

submitted by Megan

chronocentric - A concept that is exclusive to its historical context.

e.g., One must avoid being chronocentric when considering Henry James's view of sexuality.

submitted by Dan Sellers

chronocide - Killing time while waiting for something else to happen, especially in a work situation where you can't be productive because of some external bottleneck.

e.g., I can't get started on my next project until Bob sends me his files, so I'm committing chronocide with Minesweeper for a while.

submitted by Jerry Kindall - (www)

chronocide - chronocide, n. (Gr. khronos, time + Lat. cidum, from caedere, to slay; cf. genocide, homicide, parricide) -- the murder of time, the violent interruption of historical succession and continuity.

e.g., Any revolution is a form of chronocide: the past and present are sacrificed to the future. Any counterrevolution is also a chronocide: the present and the future are sacrificed to the past. | Communism is a chronocide: it destroys the tradition in its leap to the ungrounded future.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronocognist - The ability to know what time it is without the use of a clock or any other time-telling device.

e.g., I asked John what time it was and without looking at anything, he said it was two o'clock and he was right. He's a right chronocognist.

submitted by Nate

chronocracy - chronocracy, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek kratia, power or rule) – rule by the laws of time and by the force of temporality; a form of government based on the recognition of time constraints on any form of power and the necessity for periodic change of leaders and transfer of powers on all levels. Under chronocracy, the social life is determined by the regular replacement of political, scientific, economic, and cultural trends, methods, fashions, and personnel in measured periods of time. Presidents, computers, car models, artistic trends, dress cuts, school textbooks, etc. have to change periodically to maintain their authoritative status as "new."

e.g., America is a chronocracy rather than a democracy, with a rigid system of enforced change on all levels, from political leaders to dress fashions and technological designs.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronologically gifted - A mock-PC way of describing someone who is middle-aged or older. Considered complimentary because of "gifted."

e.g., A: Fifty years old today. I feel so old. B: You're not old, you're chronologically gifted.

submitted by Shaduan - (www)

chronomania - chronomania, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek mania, obsession, madness; cf. megalomania, balletomania) -- obsession with time and speed; inclination to utilize every moment and to submit one's life to a total time control.

e.g., America suffers from chronomania. Faster, faster, faster! Why not stop and look in tranquility at where we stand and into which future we have been rushing headlong. | Chronomania may become dangerous for your mental health. Try to find a different focus of life, apart from schedules and deadlines.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronomaniac - chronomaniac, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek mania, obsession, madness; cf. nymphomaniac) -- a person obsessed with time and speed; one who attempts to live faster and to control time up to the smallest units.

e.g., He is a chronomaniac. He looks at his watch every minute.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronopath - chronopath, n. (Gr. khronos, time + Gr. patheia, suffering) -– a person who suffers from chronopathy, a disorder of time sensibility. chronopathic, adj. -- characterized by chronopathy

e.g., Why are you always late? Are you a chronopath? | He has no ill intentions or disrespect when he misses one appointment after another. He is severely chronopathic since his childhood.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronopathy - chronopathy, n. (Gr. khronos, time + Gr. patheia, suffering) – a temporality disorder, a deficiency of time sense and inability to manage time, to comply with schedules, etc.

e.g., Chronopathy is the unindentified cause of many social disorders and career failures. | Chronopathy can be compared to blindness or dyslexia. As a severe impairment of the time orientation ability, it should be treated as a psychological condition rather than a moral deficiency.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronophage - Something, or more often someone, that unproductively burns up your time.

e.g., Ed. "Uh-oh, here comes Eva. She never stops talking and I've got stuff to do." Ted: "You're right. She's a chronophage."

submitted by ron

chronosome - chronosome, n. (Greek khronos, time + Greek soma, body; cf. chromosome) -– a unit of historical heredity, in contrast with a chromosome as a unit of biological heredity; a mental code of a historical period that is transmitted to next generations through styles, traditions and unconscious influences ("cultural air").

e.g., The chronosomes of the early 20th c. avant-garde have reached the generation of the 1960s and shaped its political views and artistic styles. | Nabokov's novel Invitation to a Beheading bears many of Kafka's chronosomes, even if the author claims to have never read Kafka.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

chronotative - A quantifiable value representative of a point or period of time.

e.g., Your mother gave up on getting a chronotative response when she dropped the issue of how late I can stay over.

submitted by Ross Pitman

chronotaxidor - One who time travels, especially for temporal adventures.

e.g., Doctor Who is a chronotaxidor.

submitted by Keaweʻehu

chrons - Short for "chronics."A state when you you feel bad, tired, sick, annoyed, braindead.

e.g., He was late for work because he had the chrons.

submitted by James Grean

chub - Individual rolls of fat on the belly that become visible when slouching. A noun form of chubby.

e.g., I think I gained some weight. I can see three chubs when I sit down.

submitted by DYSKE - (www)

chub the nub - To really be bad at something.

e.g., "John sure can't play hockey." "Yeah, he really chubs the nub."

submitted by Mark

chub-rub - This is generally only experienced by the overweight and slightly-overweight people. "Chub-rub" is a heat rash in the inner-thigh region caused by the friction and sweat produced by walking or running in the heat. Hurts like a bitch, but that's what you get for having tree-trunks for legs.

e.g., I can't go out to Sweetwaters with my friends tonight because I have a severe case of chub-rub and I can't walk.

submitted by Johnny Kitsilano - (www)

chubbalump - Fat people in a Mazda RX-7.

e.g., Ruth and Sophie are the chubbalump that weighed down my ride Thursday night.

submitted by Joe

chubber - A young child that is slightly overweight, and can make you laugh just by looking at her.

e.g., Jolene was just a little chubber when she was growing up. Now look at her. She's a grown chubber.

submitted by Dan O'Brien

chubbers - The squishy fat bits of excess skin that are soft and nice to squeeze. Usually found on the arms or on the lower back.

e.g., Chloe: Vicki, will you let me bite your chubbers? Vicki: All right, but please be gentle with me.

submitted by Vic

chubbilicious - Someone who is delicious and chubby.

e.g., Jack Black is a chubbilicious sexy beast.

submitted by Rachael

chubbing - Excitedly shoveling food into your mouth due to a combination of hunger and the food's being tasty.

e.g., As Charlotte's eyes light up, she grabs her fork and begins to rapidly eat her pesto pasta. Georgina exclaims, "Wow, she's chubbing!"

submitted by georgina seal

chubble - The dance you do in the changing room when trying to get dressed and you’re still slightly wet.

e.g., I twisted my ankle whilst chubbling in the changing room recently but was spotted by Michael Flatley and now have a small part in Riverdance.

submitted by Frankie - (www)

chublett - A fat person.

e.g., In dire need of physical activity, otherwise known as exercise, Lara Lea has become quite a chublett.

submitted by Lara Lea Williams

chuborka - A romantic, personal magnetism peculiar to portly males.

e.g., Stacey couldn't put a finger on it -- he wasn't her usual type -- but she was irresistibly drawn to Greg's chuborka.

submitted by Jack Sevarg

chuck - To throw something.

e.g., Just chuck the remote control over here, willya?

submitted by Ashe

chuck - Bad, piece of crap.

e.g., Phil's car is a chuck.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

chuck norris - A real badass.

e.g., Chris thinks he Chuck Norris.

submitted by meshell

chucking a skitz - Not working as it should. Having a tantrum.

e.g., Customer: My computer isn't working. Technician: It's just chucking a skitz.

submitted by Emma

chucklelicious - Very enjoyable.

e.g., The chips were chucklelicious.

submitted by Paul

chucklevision - For laugh out loud funny.

e.g., Jeff: ... And finally the cat jumped out of the bag. Steve: Chucklevision.

submitted by Vicki

chucklish - Funny or humorous.

e.g., You accidentally dyed your hair pink? I find that kind of chucklish.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

chuckoutedly - In the nature of being 86ed, thrown out, or chucked out of some place. Violence is implied.

e.g., Chris was chuckoutedly thrown out of the club for the third weekend in a row. They need to put up a not-wanted poster at the door and keep him from coming in in the first place.

submitted by ceana

chucky - Very small and usually cute.

e.g., The chucky kitten could fit in my palm.

submitted by Riki Gifford-Ferguson

chucky larms - Lucky Charms mixed up, may get a laugh out of someone who hasn't quite awakened.

e.g., Pass the Chucky Larms, please.

submitted by Joey

chud - Miscellaneous unnecessary or unwanted objects. Chaff. | Slang for "chewing gum." | Tony threw a stone at the chud detonating its contents up Jeff's legs.

  • {ED. Aha. Confirms that folks from the UK are more civilized and have more class than US colonials.}

    e.g., We went to every booth hoping to get some shirts or toys, but all we got was chud. | All right, mate, got any chud? | A fat cow patty, with crusting and soft explosive interior.

    submitted by majick | Martyn | Ricardo Zanre - (www)

    chuddy - Being round but not fat. | A Yorkshire (England) word for a piece of chewing gum. |

    e.g., Alec is definitely chuddy, not an ounce of fat on him, but he weighs a lot for his height and age. | Got any chuddy? My mouth feels horrid.

    submitted by Ellen | Abi

    chuff - to smoke, inhale, puff

    e.g., "What, are you gonna chuff on that all night?"

    submitted by timon

    chuffed - Overly excited.

    e.g., Adam is really chuffed about meeting the Foo Fighters.

    submitted by jhulz - (www)

    chuffy - The way I look after consistently failing to shave. Often used metaphorically for things that are dirty, worn, or rough around the edges.

    e.g., I had to buy a new jacket because my old one was getting all chuffy.

    submitted by James Paige - (www)

    chugger - Charity mugger.

    © Michael Quinion -- 29 May 2004 Newsletter In current British slang, a chugger is a person who stops you on the street to persuade you to make a regular donation to a charity by direct debit. This method is attractive because the law currently only requires those collecting money in cash to seek a licence. Their numbers have grown so high that the government has announced this week that it is to regulate their activities in a new charities law. The term is a blend of "charity" and "mugger"; it seems to have begun to appear in the press only about a year ago but has now become common.

    e.g., Sorry I'm late. I walked and only gave myself fifteen minutes to get here. The streets were virtually teeming with chuggers and I was stopped almost every block.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    chugget - Used to order chicken nuggets whilst in a hurry.

    e.g., I'll take 6 chuggets to go.

    submitted by matty

    chugly - Chunky and ugly.

    e.g., Anthony likes steatopygous women, but his current flame is just plain chugly.

    submitted by Dan - (www)

    chukkabek - To say something wrong, realize that it's wrong, not say anything, and hope that no one else noticed.

    e.g., Red: The sun goes around the earth. . . . (Thinks, "Oh, no, that's not right.") Ned: Did you just chukkabek?

    submitted by Bek Bennett - (www)

    chukumpy - Small dog that has a high-pitched voice; a.k.a. a chihuahua.

    e.g., My aunt Ginny has three Chukumpies named Buddy, Joey, and Buster.

    submitted by Katie

    chullet - A child's mullet.

    e.g., Mommy, my chullet is tangled.

    submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

    chum - very chuwy gum

    e.g., i love chum

    submitted by josh

    chumchick - A female friend.

    e.g., Natasha is not my girlfriend, she is solely my chumchick.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    chummer - A sarcastic form of address, much like chum or pal or sport. A way of being familiar with someone you don't know or of being sarcastic or threatening with someone you do know.

    e.g., Wouldn't do that if I were you, chummer.

    submitted by Kosta

    chummery - An accomodation provided by an organization where employees who are bachelors reside.

    e.g., Let's go to the chummery to have our dinner.

    submitted by Lexicon

    chummies - The little specks of unidentifiable things floating in your drink.

    e.g., I was going to take a sip from Colin's drink, but it was full of disgusting chummies.

    submitted by nichole

    chump - 1. A loser. 2. Really dumb. 3. Easily duped.

    e.g., Alex is the biggest chump I've ever known, falling for Chris.

    submitted by nelson rosales

    chumpus - A person makes a complete fool of themselves without knowing it. Pronounced: "chum-puss."

    e.g., Look how ugly Chris's car is. He's a champion chumpus.

    submitted by KC

    chumpy - Slightly overweight.

    e.g., You're not fat, Momma. You're just chumpy like me.

    submitted by Justin

    chun - Used to describe something that is particularly unfair, unjust or cheap.

    e.g., That Street Fighter match was so chun--all you did was trip me.

    submitted by Jimmo - (www)

    chun - A spoken question mark, like hunh? what? eh? hm? do you think so? what do you want? isn't it? etc

    e.g., Do be or nod do be, Izzat de quest, chun? Jolly good day today, chun? Chun? What can we do for you today?

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    chunda - Someone who has very low IQ.

    e.g., Josh Priddy is a chunda.

    submitted by Josh Priddy

    chunder - Vomiting.

    e.g., You come home after an all night kegger and seven shots of Pepermint Schnaps -- and you just feel like chundering.

    submitted by Mel Flores

    chunga - Ouch.

    e.g., "Chunga," I said when I stubbed my toe.

    submitted by Trey 7th English

    chungstache - A chungstache is a moustache created when you rest your index finger above your lip for long periods of time without realizing it. (It was made famous by T. Chung of Allston, MA.)

    e.g., She had a chungstache going for ten minutes during the conference call.

    submitted by aguynamededdy - (www)

    chunk - A cute, fat guy. CHubby hUNK. | Fat person, usually seen eating or walking very slowly, sometimes blocking the stairs.

    e.g., Whoo, there sure are a lot of chunks here. | I'll catch up with you if I can get around this chunk.

    submitted by Marlene | Alaena

    chunk - (v.) (1) to destroy or ruin something; (2) to throw off or mess up (a) an itinerary or (b) a program (computer or otherwise); (3) to delete, overwrite, or erase.

    e.g., I was looking for that streaming-video Buster Keaton site last night, but--can you believe it?--They'd chunked the General! | We missed the plane in Rabat, and after that, well, it chunked the whole trip. | We'd better get out of here: that's a tanker truck full of insecticide that's on fire over there ... it'll chunk the whole neighborhood.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    chunk - Text messaging terminology: 153 characters.

    e.g., 'The maximum length text message you can send is 918 characters. If you send more than 160 characters, your message will be broken down into chunks of 153 characters....'

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    chunklove - Unconditional love. Taken from the 80s hit, The Goonies, when Sloth the isolated 8ft "it" declares his love for Chunk, the fat friend everyone made fun of.

    e.g., Wow, that's some real chunklove right there.

    submitted by yimay - (www)

    chunnel - To speak on behalf of a spirit from another country; to channel a dead foreign citizen.

    e.g., Tonight I'm going to my aunt's house. She wants to chunnel Che Guevera and she needs a translator.

    submitted by Augusta

    chunter - To wander around, seemingly aimlessly, but usually with some sort of purpose -- although someone chuntering is easily distracted.

    e.g., Tom: Have you seen Harry? Dick: Yeah, he's chuntering around somewhere.

    submitted by evie

    chup - Short for ketchup

    e.g., I'd like some chup with my fries.

    submitted by Janelle

    chupe - Used to classify a person as a loser, boob, wannabe, or poser.

    e.g., Did you see how Chris was riding? A total chupe, he is.

    submitted by David - (www)

    chupe - The small skin indentation above the lip and below the nose.

    e.g., Her very favorite characteristic is her chupe; it is clearly visible and not too shallow.

    submitted by jade

    chuppa - Another word for puppie.

    e.g., Come here chuppa.

    submitted by tony sitner - (www)

    chuppalope - Cantaloupe we have to cut up for our cat, Chuppa Chuppa, to eat. He loves it.

    e.g., Chuppa Chuppa is begging for some chuppalope.

    submitted by Zolos

    church - The decisive moment, the moment when there is no doubt how the game will end.

    e.g., When the Cowboys scored with ten minutes left, it was church.

    submitted by Jeff

    church key - Another name for a beer-can opener. No longer of much use due to snap-top cans.

    e.g., The only thing I do with a church key nowadays, is open cans of tomato sauce.

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    church serving - A large serving of food, usually in an aluminum tray and usually served at church functions.

    e.g., Phil made himself sick after eating half a church serving of potato salad.

    submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

    churchified - Southern urbonics for the range of emotions and actions brought about by going to (especially a Baptist) church. The list includes but, is not limited to, hoity toityness, smellin' yoself, buying new hats, excessive fanning of oneself, holier-than-thou-artedness, excessive admiration for suave and clever orators, gossip regarding others attending the service, and willingness to be fed any line of crap and believe it enough for the sake of being too lazy to investigate the truth of things.

    e.g., I get tickled every time the churchified Mrs. Jeffries condescends to me all the way down to the end of her nose with such a well-founded sense of being righteous overmuch.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

    churchillian drift - There is a name for attributing quotes to Churchill, coined by Nigel Rees, called Churchillian Drift.

    e.g., Nigel Rees

    submitted by Nigel Rees

    churchkey - A bottle opener.

    e.g., Throw me the churchkey.

    submitted by Ron A. Zajac

    chust - This is what you call the accumulation of cheese on your upper lip from eating too many Cheetos.

    e.g., I need a napkin to wipe the chust from my upper lip.

    submitted by Laurie Frazier

    chut - A slang term for chewing gum, used in Newcastle and Gateshead.

    e.g., Got any chut to spare? I'm jonesin' for a chew.

    submitted by Joe

    chuzzlewort - A person who, while drinking, spills something on his white shirt but doesn't notice until the stain has dried and the shirt is beyond saving.

    e.g., Danny's a chuzzlewort. He doesn't have any clean T-shirts left because they all have coffee stains on them.

    submitted by Dr. Mordax

    chwag - A bastardisation of "chin-wag." From Jersey, C.I.

    e.g., Fancy a chawg, Rudy?

    submitted by Edward Southall - (www)

    chwi - The Welsh form of, and pronounced the same as, cooee: a cheery greeting.

    e.g., I started my postcard: Chwi! from Abergynolwyn.

    submitted by Colin Taffel

    chy - Hawaiian Pidgin English for "try." Can be used anywhere in place of the word "try."

    e.g., Leanne: Becky, Mr. Olizarski's on line one about the Grayson account. Becky: Tell him chy wait while I access the file, yeah?

    submitted by Paul

    chyorny monakh - (Rhymes with she-OR-he go-LOCK; also pronounced "CHORneemonak"; n.) A quasi-supernatural character (actually the result of a hallucination, a delusion, or an impersonation (or whatever)) introduced into an otherwise realistic story as an expository mechanism or plot element necessary to the theme of the story. [From Anton Chekhov's short story, "Chyorny Monakh" (in the original Russian "Чёрный монах," which means "Black Monk"), in which the main character, Andrey Kovrin, hallucinates a black-robed monk who leads him to believe himself chosen by God for his genius.]

    e.g., In some ways, Rappaccini's daughter (from Nathanael Hawthorne's story of the same name), is a Chyorny Monakh, as the science explaining her is fairly impossible and her role is an almost archetypal one, much like the birthmark in his other story, "the Birthmark." | The imaginary people in "A Beautiful Mind"---hallucinated by John Forbes Nash, Jr.---are all Chyorny Monakhs (properly, in Russian, it would pluralize as "Monakhi") (even though Nash actually heard voices; he didn't see hallucinations). I suppose you could call Chyorny Monakhs "Benedictines," since the Order of St. Benedict uses a black habit, like that of Chekhov's monk. But, then again, Chekhov's monk would have to be of an order extant in the Russian Orthodox Church: The analavos worn by the monks of the Great Schema (the highest order). So maybe we should call them "schemas" or, more properly "schemata" (σχήματα, the actual Greek plural).

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    chyper - A person who chats and types. Chat + typer=chyper.

    e.g., Mary spent most of the morning chyping with Dave.

    submitted by Stephen Fancey

    chyron - From Oxford Dictionaries: noun US trademark: an electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or cinema screen. Origin: 1970s: from Chyron Corporation, its manufacturer. | Wiktionary definition found at Wordnik: n. Graphics or words at the bottom of a TV screen usually unrelated to the current viewing content.

    e.g., From the ultra-rightwing and clearly prejudiced against the President NewsHound: "The chyron asked 'Who's Your Daddy?' Chris Rock: 'The President Is Our Boss and Dad.'"

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    ci - Confidential informant.

    e.g., Apparently the prosecution has a CI they haven't disclosed to the defense.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    ciaos - Chaos, misspelled or mistyped.

    e.g., "This isn't a democracy, it's a private site. Banning should not be determined by the masses. That would result in ciaos. It also wouldn't put us off the hook because in reality it would still be our call."

    submitted by Miss Speller for tw19kilo

    cicada - An Islamic-terror subgroup, consisting of terminally-ill terrorists.

    e.g., When you have a particularly difficult terrorist mission, forget Al-Qaeda. They're nothing compared to the fearsome members of Cicada.

    submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

    cidiot - A rich person from a city who is very ignorant and rude.

    e.g., I knew the guy was a cidiot when he cut me off on my bike with his Mercedes.

    submitted by Bryan Gales

    ciglagmite - The black ashen crust that sticks to the bottom of your ashtray when you dump it out.

    e.g., Keri put the ashtrays in the dishwasher in order to wash out the remaining ciglagmites.

    submitted by Keri Nixon

    cilvilison - Your average Joe: a normal, living person.

    e.g., All those civilisons down there in the city? They don't have a clue, do they?

    submitted by Jamie

    cinder - To disintegrate or burn up into ashes. Often used in conjunction with "up."

    e.g., I shot him with a charged-up Plasma Beam shot, and he cindered.

    submitted by BigAssFries

    cinderblock - The business card kind of information at the bottom of an e-mail.

    e.g., E-mails frequently include a cinderblock with detailed contact information.

    submitted by susanna

    cinderella feminist - Cosmetic feminist. Feminism used as an accessory, when it's convenient or useful and put aside when it's not.

    e.g., At midnight (or any other time it suits her), a Cinderella Feminist can suddenly play submissive as a tool to manipulate the men in her life.

    submitted by Refuel Mizrahi - (www)

    cinemate - Well-versed or knowledgable about movies, a movie fanatic.

    e.g., He came off as this really cinemate guy... until he told me his favorite movie was Men In Black II.

    submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

    cinemuck - The sticky substance found on the floor of a movie theater.

    e.g., The cinemuck in the Union Square Theater is so bad my shoe came off twice on my way to the bathroom.

    submitted by Nick

    cineped - Physical contact with the foot of the person seated behind you in the theater.

    e.g., I'd have slept through that boring movie, but a bad case of cineped woke me when the tall man behind me sandwiched my head between his smelly feet.

    submitted by Fran Day

    cinewobble - The awkward, almost drunken-like look-ma-I-just-learned-to-walk motion of someone walking up the slope, exiting the theater, after watching a movie in the dark.

    e.g., 1. My cinewobble surely did not impress the ladies as I left the movie. 2. Barney met Betty for the first time, as he cinewobbled into her at Bedrock Theatre.

    submitted by Donald Matthews - (www)

    cino - Christian In Name Only.

    e.g., To me, obama appears to be CINO.

    submitted by beelzebub - (www)

    cioed - To disrupt a project. Project disruption caused by Chief Information Officer or other high-level management when they attempt to prove their (outdated) technical skills.

    e.g., Tried to build a dimensional database but it got CIOed. Now its all flat-files.

    submitted by 3zero

    cipher - Knowledge.

    e.g., After school was over I gained a lot of cipher.

    submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

    circine - ('sir-seen; adj.) of or pertaining to anyone or anything that makes pigs out of people: greed, lust, power, whatever. [from Circe, the sorceress in homer's odyssey, who turned Odysseus' men into pigs.]

    e.g., The power of speed turns drivers into swine. Highways are positively circine that way.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    circle take the square - The phrase comes from Hollywood Squares. I use it when I agree or disagree with my friends.

    e.g., Caitlin: You know, Chris's ass is so fine. Sara: Oh, I disagree. He's fat and dumpy -- not to mention being bald with a ponytail. Circle take the square.

    submitted by Sara B

    circle the wagons - Take a defensive posture. | Hide your head in the sand and ignore what's going on around you. (Do ostriches really do that?)

    e.g., "Oh, now, surely no obama administration official actually called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a chickenshit." "I agree, Hillary, it's just another vast right-wing conspiracy. Funded, no doubt, by Richard Mellon Scaife." "Ummm, Scaife's dead." "Oy ... by the evil Koch Brothers then."

    submitted by HD Fowler

    circleful - Describing or pertaining to any action, object, or spiritual crisis relating to circles.

    e.g., Your karate routine needs to be more circleful.

    submitted by Alex

    circlekaydians - Vagrants who assemble outside of Circle K convenience stores

    e.g., At two o'clock a.m., you will be barraged by Circlekaydians asking for your loose change.

    submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

    circlemouth - An individual who becomes overly talkative when drunk; term is used, however, for a much deeper defect of character with symptoms of antisocial behavior and a tendency to blame others for things they didn't do. The term is to be used as a proper monicker as well as a generic.

    e.g., Ed: Jim told me he didn't want to go to breakfast with us. But when we got back from Shoney's he asked us why we didn't take him to breakfast!. Ned: Ah, fergit it. That's just circlemouth. Ted: He's a circlemouth all right.

    submitted by Ronnie Donn

    circlesize - To be excluded from membership because the group, the circle, is already filled up, complete, too big.

    e.g., They said I was circlesized cuz the men's group was already too big.

    submitted by P I E - (www)

    circling the drain - Preparing to die.

    e.g., He's on life support -- circling the drain, but he doesn't know it.

    submitted by jc3

    circu-late - The circus is late. Used when the circus doesn't arrive, and the show doesn't go on as scheduled.

    e.g., I'm sorry, sir. The Greatest Show on Earth was delayed in Philadelphia. Other than refunding your tickets, there's little I can do. Circulate.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    circular predation - The destructive process whereby a society survives by everybody preying on each other. This includes unfair taxation, stealing, price gouging, lawsuits, insurance fraud, selective prosecution, divorce, shoplifting, and all other means of ripping off another.

    e.g., The circular predation has gotten off balance, and many can no longer survive unless they steal more or faster, which will then lead to a faster and faster cycle of predation, continued moral decline, and an eventual societal crash.

    submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

    circumambagious - "Circumambagious, a. -– Employing a roundabout or indirect manner of speech. Not as effective, perhaps, on the whole, as an aid to obfuscation, as the sesquipedalianism fostered by this book, always assuming, if you will forgive a somewhat Jamesian digression (Henry, that is to say, in contradistinction to P.D.), that obfuscation is in fact the objective, and having in mind also that, setting aside the relative merits of the two different approaches toward that end, vis-a-vis each other, it can hardly be doubted that the employment of both together, as distinct from one or the other, must have a still greater obfuscatory, or perhaps more precisely, obscurantist, impact, a point well evidenced by the fact that this particular instance of circumambagiousness has, as I believe you will discover, successfully diverted your attention from the fact that nowhere in this admittedly now somewhat overlong sentence is there, despite its superabundance of subsidiary clauses, a principal subject or verb."

    e.g., While it comes naturally to some, writing circumambagiously can be extremely difficult for others.

    submitted by [Peter John Bowler]

    circumnaviloquacious - A politician's delivery of a lengthy campaign speech that is mapped out to circle 360 degrees around the point, creating a sense of covering great ground but without applying any traction with concrete facts.

    e.g., In the debates, U.S. voters expected to hear specific, meaningful details of the presidential candidates' views on important topics -- instead, each speaker was adroitly circumnaviloquacious.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    circumscissors - Implement used like normal scissors to perform a circumcision.

    e.g., When the Mohel found he had forgotten his knife, he used circumscissors.

    submitted by James Cavens

    circumsliced - With all the crust cut off.

    e.g., I never have liked crust on bread. I know this bakery where I can buy my bread circumsliced.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    circumstantial intelligence - Intellect coming by the wayside, and having nothing at all to do with intentionality.

    e.g., Saving money by being a commuter wasn't a smart decision on my part. It was a case of circumstantial intelligence.

    submitted by ricecricket

    circumvegetate - To go completely around the house in a vegetative state; to go around the house only in an imaginary way such that one is merely daydreaming of the act instead of actually doing it.

    e.g., Over the past two weeks, Mark has circumvegetated his home several times a day, making quite a mess in the process.

    submitted by mujolo - (www)

    circus sex - Unprotected sex, working without a safety net. Unusual sex.

    e.g., John was having circus sex with the midget.

    submitted by Tristan

    cisanserine - Of or pertaining to someone or something on the nearer side of a goose or geese. Opposite: transanserine.

    e.g., Luckily, there was a cisanserine path for us to take and so a potentially vicious goose mauling was avoided. We all know how aggro they can be.

    submitted by Tama Boyle

    cisco adlers - That certain part of the male anatomy, specifically in such case where either genetics, time, or abuse has caused a freakish distortion of the area, typically causing nightmares in others.

    e.g., That guy has Cisco Adlers. He's not coming anywhere near my Britney Spears.

    submitted by Breezy

    cish cash - Payback or revenge.

    e.g., Laura wanted cish cash from Jess for a previous grievance.

    submitted by Iam Milk

    cissexism - "Cissexism (or cissexual assumption or cisnormativity) is the appeal to norms that enforce the gender binary and gender essentialism, resulting in the oppression of gender variant (non-binary) and trans identities."

    Google «cissexism kyriarchy POC queer» to find out where such terms turn up together. I prefer the old days when the only time we heard about gender was when we studied pronouns in English class: feminine and masculine. These days, when it comes to self-identification, I self-identify as a warthog.

    e.g., "This thesis investigates how and in which way Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in New York City addresses issues of racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism and cissexism within the movement. Through a two-week field study including six semi - structured interviews with key informants and participant observation, an intersectional analysis was deployed to examine the organizing structure."

    submitted by [Cecilia Paulsson] - (www)

    cite, sight, site - Brian's Common Errors in English: "You cite the author in an endnote; you visit a Web site or the site of the crime, and you sight your beloved running toward you in slow motion on the beach (a sight for sore eyes!)."

    e.g., Brian cited a case where the officer at the site sighted the perpetraitor perpetrator fleeing the seen scene.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    citidiots - Rich New York City idiots that descend upon the Hamptons in the summers. More generally, idiots from cities.

    e.g., The citidiot in the Mercedes was parked in the handicapped spot at the supermarket.

    submitted by Tom A - (www)

    citiots - People from large metropolitan areas (such as New York City) who venture into the woods, or rural areas, and behave stupidly.

    e.g., The last people to use this campsite were citiots. They didn't replace any of the firewood.

    submitted by JackJM - (www)

    citiots - People who live and work in cities but, drive to the country and behave and drive like idiots. (ED. City bumpkins, more or less.)

    e.g., As we approached the stopped car in the middle of the road, standing and staring at our two loose hunting dogs were a couple of citiots.

    submitted by Linda Lavender - (www)

    citroenitis - The condition of perception alluded to in the ancient saying, "To the foot that is shod, the whole world is leather." From the experience that when you drive an unusual car you've never even heard of before, you start seeing them "everywhere."

    e.g., It was clearly a case of citroenitis. I was a brunette man until I started dating Vanessa the Undressa. Now all I can see out there is blonde, blonde, blonde.

    submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

    city - Implies an abundance of something in a given place.

    e.g., After I had been gone for a month, my house was dust city.

    submitted by ditnis

    city juice - Water from the tap.

    e.g., "Could I get a glass of city juice?" asked the man of the waitress.

    submitted by Elvina

    city slicker - Somone who is from the city and is afaid of good hard work or "getting their hands dirty."

    e.g., You won't pick up that snake? You're just a city slicker.

    submitted by Connor

    citydrop - To casually mention exotic cities you have visited, in an attempt to appear superior.

    e.g., Don't bother asking John about the international conference. He's just citydropping again.

    submitted by Nigel

    ciupacabra - Mythologic.

    e.g., Chris is ciupacabra. You know, one of those who's a legend in his own mind.

    submitted by andrei

    civication - The art of promoting civic learning and civil responsibility. Date: 21st century

    e.g., Civication is good for the economy.

    submitted by Ken Hurley - (www)

    civil crime - A criminal act conducted by a perpetrator who will not be prosecuted in the United States criminal courts due to her wealth and power. | An action that constitutes an offense punishable by law which could be criminally prosecuted by a state's attorney, but because the perpetrator is wealthy, powerful or a corporation, the state's attorney office will not prosecute, leaving only a lawsuit in the United States civil court system as remedy for the victim of the crime. | In civil court the crime of fraud becomes unjust enrichment, the crime of forgery becomes robo signing, and the crime of theft becomes conversion or breach of contract -- severely diminishing both the penalties and stigmas associated with the crime. 4 : In civil court the criminal can settle without admission of wrongdoing and does not risk prison. The costs of the lawsuit do not outweigh the profit of the crime, so crime is rewarded, encouraged and nurtured. 5 : An improvised term to explain why Wall Street crime is not prosecuted.

    e.g., The state attorneys general and feds' national settlement with mortgage servicers treated fraud as civil crime.

    submitted by Justice United - (www)

    civilary - 1. The unorganized social institution in which civilians work or live; as distinguished from the military. 2. The place outside of the military.

    e.g., John got conscripted and he's no longer in the civilary, so he won't be able to make the wedding.

    submitted by Sammers

    civillain - Villainous "civilians," such as armed terrorists passing themselves off as unarmed civilians, the sort of behavior that results in civilian casualties during war.

    e.g., If we could rid Iraq of the civillains, we would have many fewer innocent Iraqi casualties.

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    civilservice - To get even with someone by sincerely agreeing to fulfill her request, and then taking no action whatsoever.

    e.g., Chris came back and theatened to call my supervisor, so I civilserviced him.

    submitted by Bob Hill

    cixtex - To act strange or different in the public.

    e.g., The company president looked very cixtex when he put on a bunny costume for the speech.

    submitted by John Hangar

    clackett - The little ball inside a can of spray paint, so-called because of the noise it makes when you shake the can.

    e.g., I was doin' a tag, and this cop heard the clackett. I was so busted!

    submitted by mark

    clacky - Classy and tacky at the same time.

    e.g., I sent her a thank you note for finding me a place to stay -- on borrowed stationery. Do you think that was clacky of me? | I think a clacky party would be fun. It should take the pressure off men who haven't been around a lot of high-toned women in a social setting before and are afraid of committing faux pas. (Isn't faux pas the plural of faux pas? . . . Confirmed.) | Would a clacky party be age-appropriate for people over 50 or might one work better if all the guests were, say, 30 to 50?

    submitted by HD Fowler

    clafirication - A combination of clarity and fir trees. To clarify any issue dealing with fir trees.

    e.g., Could we have clafirication on the delivery date of the trees please?

    submitted by jacq

    clag - Drymouth after a big night of drunkeness. From the child's glue.

    e.g., Hangover? I'm all clag.

    submitted by bob

    claim - To claim someone is to beat the hell outta them; usually said in a very bad Cork (Ireland) accent.

    e.g., If you don't shut up I'm gonna claim ya!

    submitted by nicky

    clairannoyance - The psychic ability to sense when something or someone is about to annoy you.

    e.g., I started to get some clairannoyance vibes, and the next thing I knew, my mother-in-law was ringing my doorbell.

    submitted by Karen Littleton - (www)

    clairvoidance - Combination of clairvoyant and avoidance: knowing, suspecting, or sensing that in the future you need to avoid someone specifically. May or may not include a stealth ability to be successful. Most often, just dumb luck.

    e.g., After the rumors had cycled back to him, he avoided her. Thanking his clairvoidant ability, he returned home without a social incident.

    submitted by Bruce James

    clam slam - Aggressive fighting move. The assailant raises one arm above his own head, places the other along his leg, and then brings them together in a rapid motion on another's body in order to cause injury; the arms make a motion similar to that of a clam.

    e.g., I was really kicking john's behind until he clam slammed me right in the face.

    submitted by slam-p

    clamdestin - Concerning the secret doings of mollusks on N. Florida beaches.

    e.g., Q. Hey, why is that oyster wearing a t-shirt that says "Gitmo Class of '09"? A. I dunno. Must be something clamdestin.

    submitted by wogerdodger

    clammers - Hands or feet that are constantly sweaty or damp.

    e.g., Eeeewww, Chris! Get your clammers off me.

    submitted by treena

    clan destine - Scotland's C.I.A.

    e.g., If ever you are approached by a man wearing a kilt tartan with spider web and criss-cross patterns, you know you are about to be involved in the murky, underground world of clan Destine.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    clanbury - To inter with all the honors and pomp and circumstance appropriate for an honorable clansman, with pipes and kilts and highland dancing.

    e.g., It was a familiar but nevertheless moving tribute when our clansman O'Bumber was clanburied in the cemetery amidst the shamrocks and heather that thrived there forever

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    clandestiny - A secret or hidden future or fate. "Clandestine" plus "destiny."

    e.g., Before his death, Bob could never have imagined the clandestiny of his brain.

    submitted by Zeeterman - (www)

    clanger - Australian. Mouth. Speech.

    e.g., I don't wanna hear that sorta talk. Shut ya clanger.

    submitted by Wordslinger

    clanger - British slang: blunder, faux pas. Australian slang: mouth, speech. I think the word can be used to have a more general meaning, something Wally might say to the Beaver: "Beaver, that just sounded wrong. It was a clanger. You wanna try again?"

    e.g., Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, known for having the fastest mouth in the Far East, recently made what The TimesOnline described as "probably the most spectacular gaffe of a political career strewn with increasingly baffling clangers": Mr. Aso, 68 himself, referred to Japanese geezers as "hobbling malingerers."

    Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso condemns ‘hobbling malingerers’: Others believe that the comments were entirely predictable, given Mr Aso’s previous form. His attack on old people for their lack of exercise and for “always tottering off to the doctor” was blurted out during a ministerial meeting on the economic crisis and marks probably the most spectacular gaffe of a political career strewn with increasingly baffling clangers.

    Doctors, he said recently, tended to lack common sense; Japan, he declared on another occasion, should make itself attractive to “rich Jews.” He was once made to apologise for a joke about people suffering from Alzheimer’s, and quipped to victims of a flood that it was lucky for everyone that the city nearby had not been hit.

    In the run-up to his party leadership election in September, Mr Aso admitted that he had been advised to bite his tongue whenever he was gripped by the urge to blurt. Mr Aso briefly apologised yesterday, telling reporters he was sorry if his comments “offended people who are suffering illnesses”.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    clankie - Word used to describe an engineer. Due to the noise created when working.

    e.g., Tell the duty clankie that the ballast pump is leaking.

    submitted by martin willman

    clap-bop - Types of music, usually retro involving random clapping or snapping.

    e.g., I love her clap-bop albums, she's the coolest.

    submitted by PandaFetus

    clapper - Person who claps whilst dancing, either sporadically or in time to some imaginary beat-- usually accompanied by off-kilter, incredibly uncoordinated dance moves.

    e.g., I can't take my date to clubs because she's a clapper.

    submitted by ilk

    clapter - Laughing and clapping at the same time.

    e.g., Dick Shawn was so funny at the Roosevelt Hotel Sunday evening, all you could hear was clapter.

    submitted by Lucinda

    clarinet - A fishing device using classical or jazz music.

    e.g., He resorted to using his clarinet after the castanets drove away all the fish.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    clarisma - Having the ability to clarify; expand meaning; to make clear, less puzzling.

    e.g., John has clarisma in deciphering the federal regulations.

    submitted by Chaz Marbles

    clark kent-ing - The practice of using a tame online identity in the presence of friends in order to hide the real internet freak you are.

    e.g., Most people don't know about my Usenet antics because I am Clark Kent-ing with my main e-mail address.

    submitted by Xkot - (www)

    clark rule, the - "This was what U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke's team seeking peace in Yugoslavia tried to avoid by instituting the 'Clark Rule': whenever the general is found talking alone to a Serb, Croat or Muslim, make sure an American civilian official rushes to his side. It produced some comic opera dashes by diplomats."

    e.g., Now that retired General Wesley Clark has announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President we can expect his minions to introduce some update of the Clark Rule -- probably when he reverses his position on a campaign issue twice within a day.

    submitted by [Robert Novak] - (www)

    claro - "Clearly" or "of course." A shortened version of the Spanish "claro, que si" meaning "of course."

    e.g., Mom: Did you finish your homework? Son: Claro.

    submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

    clashion - Items of clothing or accessories that should not be worn together.

    e.g., Leg warmers worn with white dinner gloves are serious clashion.

    submitted by James

    clasp shakers - The handtouch that is speech without words.

    e.g., They always gotta clasp shakers.

    submitted by beeba

    class 6 store - Military term for an on-base liquor store.

    e.g., Can you stop by the class 6 store on the way to the get-together?

    submitted by HD Fowler

    classhole - Someone with a public image of scruples and social refinement, but who mistreats family members, co-workers, or other associates.

    e.g., The captain seemed like a fine upstanding citizen, but his arrest for beating his wife exposed him as a real classhole.

    submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

    classical con-ditz-ioning - (n., psychology) - A process of behavior-modification, by which the subject learns to behave like a superficially-dumb valley chick, exhibiting no common sense whatsoever.

    e.g., How did the Harvard-educated, female investment banker became, like -- Oh, my God! -- a ditzy California Valley Girl? For several years, she was subjected to a non-stop ongoing battery of superficial, materialistic, mind-numbing stimuli – a case of classical con-ditz-ioning.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    claude - An alternative term for cash, from legendary french painter Claude Monet. Monet = money.

    e.g., Think I'm better off staying in tonight, mate. Got no claude.

    submitted by beno

    claus trophobic - A seasonal psychological condition, beginning each November, when a "Santa Claus," a giver of Christmas gifts, begins growing increasingly anxious about this year's decisions.

    e.g., Drill Sargeant's roll call: | | Sarge: "Brown." | Brown: "Present." || Sarge: "Caldwell." | Caldwell: "Present." || Sarge: "Harpur." | Harpur: "Present." || Sarge: "Lesko." Lesko: "DON'T BUG ME!!! "DON'T BUG ME!!! | I'm claus trophobic!

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    clausenthusiast - An avid follower of Father Christmas, one who attends and supports Santa conventions.

    e.g., Rudolph, that most loyal clausenthusiast, took great care to polish his nose to a high gloss before setting out to meet Santa.

    submitted by Colin Taffel

    claustoephobia - The fear of your toes being in enclosed spaces (i.e., closed-toe shoes). {ED. Good timing. I have an entry waiting in the input queue for The Canonical List of Phobias. I'll add this toe it.}

    e.g., Brah, I've lived in the islands so long I've got claustoephobia!

    submitted by MT Hammer - (www)

    claustraphobia - An intense fear of Santa.

    e.g., Christmas was a hard time for little Tracy because of her claustraphobia.

    submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

    claustropedic - A syndrome where the sufferer can't wear closed-toed footwear, even when it's not practical. Mostly seen in the evening in winter. Also: claustrotoebic.

    e.g., This winter storm is dreadful, but the strappy sandals worn by the women in line prove how claustropedic they are.

    submitted by Danielle - (www)

    claustrophobisize - To succumb to the effects of claustrophobia.

    e.g., She claustrophobisized when the zipper on her sleeping bag got stuck.

    submitted by Stephen Bond

    claven - A confidently given but doubtful "fact," considering the source. From the Cheers character.

    e.g., I knew a claven was coming when he said: "It's a little-known fact that. …"

    submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

    clavichord - An "invisible" muscle in the thigh. From The Catcher in the Rye.

    e.g., My clavichord hurts, so don't sit on my lap.

    submitted by Jeff

    clavicular - Of or pertaining to the clavicle (collar bone), mostly of importance due to it's flowgasmicicity (which see). | Describing the grooviness of anything due to the grooviness of its flowgasmicicity.

    e.g., Huh huh … huh huh … dude … huh … that's pretty clavicular dude, huh huh.

    submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

    claviknuckled - Hitting the top of a hand with an object. Clavi: verb, to nail. Knuckle: a joint of a finger.

    e.g., The nuns routinely claviknuckled me with a wooden ruler when I was in grade school. Too bad that's not done more frequently nowadays.

    submitted by Rowdy Rhodes - (www)

    clawstrophobia - Fear of small rooms with large cats.

    e.g., I always seem to get clawstrophobia when I visit my friend Joie's apartment. Her pet ocelot's pacing makes me nervous.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    claytons - The large black sunglasses that are worn over eyeglasses, mainly by senior citizens (also called cataract sunglasses). The name derives from the large shades that Clayton Moore had to wear when he was told he could not continue wearing a Lone Ranger mask in public appearances because the rights to the character and representations of the character were owned by someone else.

    e.g., Two women were waiting for the bus, both wearing large black Claytons that covered most of their upper faces.

    submitted by Sallylou

    claytons - Used in New Zealand and Australia to mean something that is not really what it purports to be. The expression derives from an advertising campaign for a brand of non-alcoholic whisky substitute which used to be on the market here. The advertising slogan: "Claytons, the drink you have when you're not having a drink."

    e.g., How can Tom Daschle possibly be anything other than a Claytons? He can't possibly represent the interests of his South Dakota farm-based constituents.

    submitted by Jim Higgins - (www)

    clean the closet - A phrase used by married couples when referring to the sex act. This allows one to discuss it without the taboo as only the people familiar with the term know what it really means.

    e.g., Sorry, Susan, we're unable to come over tonight. Bill and I really need to clean the closet.

    submitted by SD

    clean version - An album that contained explicit lyrics, edited for family audiences and PG rating.

    e.g., There's the PG-rated, clean version counterpart to the R-rated Family Guy Live In Vegas album.

    submitted by star651 - (www)

    cleanth - Used to describe something that has been meticulously cleaned.

    e.g., I was very impressed by the cleanth of your kitchen.

    submitted by Trevor - (www)

    cleavage season - (n.) spring and summer.

    e.g., It's been a long time coming, but cleavage season is finally here.

    submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

    cleaver - Clever, but in a "Wouldn't your mother be proud?" kinda way.

    e.g., You got all A's on your report? Well, aren't you cleaver?

    submitted by Carla Curtsinger

    cleaverage - Combination of cleavage and leverage meaning: to exert pressure or cause influence sexually. Usually used in reference to a female who exploits sexual bias of those in power.

    e.g., John, after seeing Betty from reception get her fifth pay raise this year, "Ah, yes, the cleaverage is strong in that one."

    submitted by Sam

    clecticmaniac - Someone who goes wild over his eclectic preferences.

    e.g., A clecticmaniac with a lot of money can afford to shower his friends with all the things he likes.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    clem - Refering to any male from the country.

    e.g., "Here comes Clem"

    submitted by Jay D

    clementined - Lost and gone forever, possibly implying "with purposefulness." From "Clementine."

    e.g., The only remaining evidence in the recent police case was clementined.

    submitted by Stephen Ertischek, MD - (www)

    clenchpoo - The substance that builds up in the corners of your eyes while you sleep.

    e.g., Did you just wake up? I can tell, because you have some clenchpoo on your eye.

    submitted by Ben B - (www)

    cleo - An imaginary and unpleasant body part; can be used to describe an unpleasant person.

    e.g., Stop being a cleo.

    submitted by EP

    cleobishaws - (klee-OH-bi-shahzz; The two great secrets of power, as recited by Cleopatra in George Bernard Shaw's play _Caesar & Cleopatra_: (1) "[I]t is no use my liking or disliking; I do what must be done, and have no time to attend to myself. That is not happiness; but it is greatness." And (2) "[I]t is not that I am so clever, but that the others are so stupid."

    e.g., "But I don't want to read all these reports. I'm the king! I don't have to do what I don't like." "On the contrary, your Majesty, that is precisely what kings do. How often have I had you recite the cleobishaws? Have I only taught you words your ears ignore even from your own tongue?" "Oh, all right. Give the stupid reports. This will take all night, you know: it isn't going to be much fun." "I know, Majesty: it is not fun, but it is great."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    clep - To exempt with credit a college course by taking a test (also spelled "klep"); etymology might be related to "clepto," meaning "to steal." (ED. It might also be related to College Level Examination Program [CLEP].)

    e.g., She clepped all the required courses of English.

    submitted by pam

    cleptopalia - The condition of stealing from a close pal. An overwhelming urge to take or remove items from a friend's home in playful mirth. These pseudo-stolen items are later returned after the fun has been had.

    e.g., Mary's cleptopalia was well known amongst her dearest friends. She always derived much pleasure with her little games of "hide and steal," in the truest form of a cleptopalic.

    submitted by Susanne Strickland

    cleratil - What time is it?

    e.g., Mich: Hey, Ter, cleratil? Ter: Uhh, 5:30.

    submitted by moink

    clerihew - 1. "The clerihew is a four-line poem with a rhyming scheme of AABB. The first line traditionally is, or ends in, a person's name; the meter is often mangled, if not ignored altogether; and the overall intent of the poem stresses entertainment over instruction, humor over fact." Named after Edmund Clerihew Bentley. 2. "A mystery clerihew is a clerihew whose subject is a writer of or character from mystery fiction."

    e.g., Here's an early clerihew:
    "Father Brown
    Gained wide renown.
    Not for prayerbooks or hyminals,
    But for collaring criminals. "

    submitted by [Mystery Clerihew Site] - (www)

    cletting - That socially ubiquitous oral fixation where one predictably clenches one's teeth when addressing an animal that is so dang cute that you could just pop him on the barbecue and stick it in your mouth. "Clench" + "pet" = "cletting."

    e.g., Ad agencies are building entire marketing campaigns around strategies for the prevention of enamel loss as precipitated by cletters.

    submitted by helene kay

    cleveland - Cleavage.

    e.g., In that low-cut dress she was wearing, you could see Cleveland.

    submitted by chris - (www)

    cleverage - Cleavage that is used by a woman as leverage in order to get someone to do something she wants.

    e.g., We all wondered how she got that shirt at a discount, then we realized she had used her cleverage.

    submitted by Amelia

    cleverosity - High degree of cleverness.

    e.g., I'm always amazed by his cleverosity. | Odysseus was modest, brave, and showed a potential for cleverosity. (Shannon Cassady)

    submitted by Natalie

    cli fi - Climate fiction. Michael Quinion has an entry at World Wide Words: Cli-fi.

    e.g., To many of us, much of what is called climate science is nothing but cli fi.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    clichate - Cliché hated by the word's user. Invented due to the fact that the word "cliché" is becoming increasingly self-explanatory.

    e.g., How could you say that, Sara? It's your least favorite clichate. Why do you persist in using clichates?

    submitted by J Ella Smith

    clicheguevera - A gauche Che Guevera reference.

    e.g., Another clicheguevera, Chris. Grow up.

    submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

    click and mortar - A business that combines traditional retail sales and on-line marketing. Etymology: Synthesis of traditional business buildings (made of brick and mortar) with on-line shopping (which rely on mouse clicking). (Taken from and copyrighted by:

    e.g., Barnes and Noble is a major click and mortar book seller.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    click-bait - Clickbait. As used here, "spin" juxtapositions of words intended to make it more likely that surfers will check out the site linked to. Used most often in conjunction with attempts at generating advertising revenue.

    e.g., "The click-bait aspects of 'question headlines' is side-show, snake-oil, carnival-barker quality. Be proud, CBS. Your masters are carnies and used-car salesmen!" | Nobody is worse about using click-bait than The Drudge Report.

    submitted by [Joan Of Argghh!] - (www)

    clickable - It's one of those attached to the house all-season porches, a combination of "florida room" and "arizona room" since they're the same damn thing.

    e.g., Set up a file with clickable e-mail lengths and send to classmates et al.

    submitted by Set up a file with clickable e-mail leng - (www)

    clickage - Mental synergy. The phenomenon of finding yourself on the same wavelength as another person.

    e.g., "She and I aren't going anywhere- I mean, we just haven't achieved any sort of clickage."

    submitted by Pete

    clickbait - From Wikipedia:

    Clickbait is a pejorative term describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on sensationalist headlines to attract click-throughs and to encourage forwarding of the material over online social networks. Clickbait headlines typically aim to exploit the "curiosity gap," providing just enough information to make the reader curious, but not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking through to the linked content.[1][2][3] From a historical perspective, the techniques employed by clickbait authors can be considered derivative of yellow journalism, or the yellow press, a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines that include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

    e.g., The Drudge Report screams "UN DEMANDS: TAKE THEM IN!" With an exclamation point, no less. The linked to article is headlined this way: "UN warns Europe against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments."

    The only place "demand" appears in the article is in this sentence: "But some European populist and far-right leaders have seized on the jihadist attacks in Paris to demand the continent stem the migrant influx." Not a demand made by the United Nations. And also not a demand that anybody be taken in. Quite the opposite.

    Are Matt Drudge et al. aware that demand and warn are not synonyms? Once again you have been found guilty of journalistic malfeasance. Shame on you for continuing to use clickbait.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    clickerati - I am a writer here in Ireland. I coined "clickerati" as a collective for the denizens of the PC & IT subcultures over here. Thus far used only in private correspondence.

    e.g., Digifreaks, IT heads, and all the swelling host of the clickerati -- may I have my attention, please. Weep no more me laddies and lasses, the clickerati guru has assured your place in the pantheon of history.

    submitted by Patrick Tynan - (www)

    clickeritis - The addiction to long hours with a mouse in front of a monitor or a remote in front of a TV, along with the muscle and joint pain (especially the clicker arm and hand) associated with it.

    e.g., That gal's clickeritis symptoms have moved from her arm and neck all the way into her low back.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    clickhappy - Repeated clicks of the mouse button on a computer that has stopped responding, usually in frustration. Also: responding to computer prompts thoughtlessly, without reading the prompt.

    e.g., When installing new software, or navigating a web site, beware of becoming clickhappy and missing out on important information.

    submitted by Lowell

    clicklur - Remote control.

    e.g., Gimme the clicklur. This show's a rerun.

    submitted by Thomas W Hellmueller

    clicksessive - A person, usually a woman, who enjoys (usually subconsciously) clicking around in high heels while getting ready for work in the morning. Can include men who like to wear expensive dress shoes or cowboy boots with loudly clicking heels.

    e.g., I was awakened at 6:30 a.m. by that clicksessive upstairs walking around in heels.

    submitted by Scott

    clickspiral - Traversing a series of web pages, each of which has one or more links to another (interesting) webpage. Also clickchain, clickmaze, clicktree.

    e.g., I went to a Czech site, and somehow got into a clickspiral. I wound up on pseudodictionary.

    submitted by Robert DiGrazia

    climacteric - A real word, one I thought looked familiar, but which I've never before seen used in the way it's used in the example. From, the sense in which the word is used below: "Physiology -- a period of decrease of reproductive capacity in men and women, culminating, in women, in the menopause." The example also uses the word materteral, "the female equivalent to avuncular, characteristic or typical of an uncle." I can assure you with absolute certainty that I've never seen the virtually unknown word materteral before. No way would I forget its repetition of the syllable -ter.

    e.g., Mr. Quinion says, "They don't write stuff like that any more, thank heavens." Interestingly, at least to me, the sentence is considerably easier to follow once you know that it was taken from "[a] review by W Taylor of two books on teaching gymnastic exercises." That's why I've given you this helpful hint before you tackle it.

    The Monthly Review, Dec. 1823 A venerable matron and her virgin sister, who had passed the grand climacteric, happening to cast their eyes over the plates of these volumes as they were lying on our table, and seeing the Herculean attitudes of some wrestling, others balancing, some climbing the column of pegs, the rope or the mast, others taking the long leap with the pole, and vaulting over the bar, exclaimed with maternal and materteral anxiety, that the legislature ought to prohibit such dangerous sports; since the unavoidable accidents, to which human life and limb are exposed, are quite sufficient without increasing the number of them by wantonness and temerity.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    climb a rope - Telling someone to "Go climb a rope!" means for her to buzz off, get lost, or get outta your face. It may also be used to dismiss an idea or suggestion they've proposed. In gym class, as punishment for misbehavior, the coach might tell someone to climb a rope and literally mean exactly that. This may have been the beginning of this expression.

    e.g., He asked her if she'd like to grab a bite to eat together after work and she sneered and told him to go climb a rope.

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    climbing the stick - Driven insane or suicidally crazy. Explanation: There is a certain parasite that dwells in birds' stomachs. All it wants to do is get into other birds. The parasite is present in infected birds'droppings. Guess what snails love to eat. Once consumed by the snail, the parasite, in its effort to get into another bird, takes over the snail's brain and eyes and, like a crazed zombie, forces the snail to climb to the absolute heighest point of the nearest stick, branch, tree, whatever. At which point the snail becomes easy pickings for the next hungry bird. And the cycle continues. . . . (ED. May the gods spare me from motivated parasites.)

    e.g., If I have a screaming baby sitting behind me on the plane this time, I'm really going to climb the stick.

    submitted by Jay Luker - (www)

    clinfo - Shorthand for "clinical information."

    e.g., I received the requested clinfo via fax from the doctor's office.

    submitted by Richard Kamins

    cling cling - As in super Clean!

    e.g., " If My mom saw my room so Cling Cling my mom will know its gotta be the puppy chow"

    submitted by Charllie

    clinge-clanche - An inexplicable wave of human pleasure experienced as a direct result of contact with any form of non-specific pleasure stimuli.

    e.g., Don't throw away the postage bubbles, popping them is so clinge-clanche.

    submitted by iamarobot

    clingon - A driver of another vehicle who increases her speed when you attempt to pass her.

    e.g., I had to get it up to 80 in order to pass that clingon back there.

    submitted by g. white

    clingon - New spelling for the surname of Bill and Hillary, who are clinging to power as long as possible in the Democrat Party. Cling-on. (From a ytpo that seemed to fit.)

    e.g., Not that long ago Klingons were the villains. Where should we place Bill and Hillary Clingon?

    submitted by Miss Speller

    clingy - This is what someone is described as being in a relationship when she's affectionate and enjoys the company of the other person, but these feelings aren't reciprocated. It's similar to the effect when someone unattractive flirts with you (sexual harassment) as opposed to when someone attractive does (charming).

    e.g., My boyfriend is getting too clingy. He wants to have dinner with me every night now. The next thing you know he'll want to move in with me. I almost never see my other boyfriend any more.

    submitted by George Edward Purdy - (www)

    clink - Noun: A clickable link. Hypertext link. Verb: Clicking a hypertext link.

    e.g., The page needs a clink.

    submitted by Tom Chaudoir

    clinky - Tapping two held glasses containing any type of liquid together, thus forcing you and the other party involved in the act to drink the liquids contained in the glasses. A party game.

    e.g., You cannot disobey the rules of the clinky; you have to drink that straight sambuca bottle while I drink my beer. OR Your evil sneaky clinkying ways will be the death of me tonight.

    submitted by Vengeance

    clintaining - Learning the Clinton way.

    e.g., While clintaining is openly practiced, not many graduate the academy.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintant - An inhabitant of Clintonia.

    e.g., All of the clintants attended the fundraiser.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintent - Hillary Clintons line of clothing

    e.g., Today, media recognized Clintent as the newest fashion craze.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintoid - Mindless canker-blossomed apologist for Bill (or Hillary) Clinton. Also, liar.

    e.g., One long-toothed CBS news reader is a leading media clintoid.

    submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

    clinton - To skirt around an issue, either by saying something filled with innuendo to describe it, or by saying something not pertaining to the issue at all.

    e.g., Stop clintoning and get to your point. (See "to daschle.")

    submitted by Ryan Johnson - (www)

    clinton's legacy - A society in which ten- to sixteen-year-olds (pre-adolescents and adolescents, children all) engage in all kinds of sexual activities and say what they are doing isn't sex.

    e.g., Mom, what I'm doing is OK. It's part of Clinton's Legacy.

    submitted by Lillith - (www)

    clinton-fatigue - The weariness that overcomes one after enduring years and years of Bill Clinton's scandals. When you've tired of Clinton's one scandal after the other and you finally just want the man to go away and not be in the news anymore, you're suffering from Clinton-fatigue. Or, when you've tired of listening to Clinton's lame excuses, flimsy lies, and carefully crafted wording that is supposed to skirt the law, at the same time that everyone realizes that he's just lying, you're suffering from Clinton-fatigue.

    e.g., It's too bad that Al Gore got tangled up with Bill Clinton. Before that, I really admired and respected Gore and would have voted for him. But not anymore. I've got Clinton-fatigue like everyone else, and want all of those liars out of the White House.

    submitted by Ed Reynolds

    clintonia - The magical world of the Clintons.

    e.g., After extensive travel they returned to Clintonia for a respite.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintonian - Deceptive, criminal.

    e.g., In clintonian fashion, the car dealer charged Widow Brown double the normal dealer prep charge.

    submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

    clintonian - In the way of Washington insiders. {Duplicate.}

    e.g., It was a clintonian extravaganza, replete with food and drinks.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintonion - For lies of flabbergasting chutzpah. Lies so big they make you want to cry. | So left wing it brings tears to your eyes.

    e.g., If only Al Gore had had some redeeming qualities -- such as being able to tell clintonion lies. His were pathetic fibs in comparison. | Dean's even more clintonion than Clinton -- either one of them.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    clintonion conviction - Convictions that make you cry. Convictonions.

    e.g., Listen to Hillary Robham Clingon scream "Power to the people" and you'll know where her clintonion convictions want to take the country -- right where Che Guevara would have US go.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    clintonism - Related to the telling of the same lie, over and over again, in the hope that someone thinks it to be true.

    e.g., We keep hearing the same clintonisms in the media regarding e-mails.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintonist - A person who feels an entitlement to everything free.

    e.g., Each Clintonist should receive a free ticket to ride the gravy train.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintonista - One of Bill's bimbos.

    e.g., The Clintonistas gathered around him to pay homage. They were saddened by the knowledge that he was no longer behind the big desk in the Oval Office, but heartened that he soon might have access again.

    submitted by Don Dee - (www)

    clintonistic - Descriptive of a politician who is willing to sacrifice the public interest in order to reach her own political goals.

    e.g., Let's vote down these clintonistic politicians, as their performance has been despicable.

    submitted by Aaronq - (www)

    clintonizer - Womanizer. | Defined as "an office paper shredder" at USA Next, the linked website.

    e.g., No, don't go out with that sleazeball. He's a clintonizer. | He should have used a virtual clintonizer on the e-mails from his mistress.

    submitted by Carol J. Monical - (www)

    cliometry - (klee-O-met-ree, n.) 1. pattern recognition; 2. a form of logical induction allowing us to infer probable upcoming events based upon past experience. [From CLIO, Hesiod's Muse of History, venerated in Ancient Greece + METRIA "measure."]

    e.g., 1, 3, 5, 7, ___ (cliometry suggests that "9" go in the blank; of course, we could be wrong, but inductions are probabilities only). | Since the election of Eisenhower in 1953, the American presidency has shifted pretty regularly between Republicans and Democrats -- R, R, D, D, R, R, D, R, R, R, D, D, R, R, D. If this pattern is correct, it suggests, cliometrically, that Obama will serve only one term, like Carter.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    clipnesia - The state of mild confusion that arises when you know that you have copied something to the clipboard and it's quite important but you can't remember what it is.

    e.g., "What's up? Why don't you just copy the files?" "I've got clipnesia. Let me dump what I got on the clipboard first--it might be important."

    submitted by nigel

    clippanic-gyrations - The frenzy a person goes into when receiving a cell phone call and her cell phone is clipped to her belt and she can't get it off. Clippanic-gyrations are best when a person is walking calmly and the mere fact that her cell phone is ringing while clipped to her belt and she can't get it off sends her into a sudden flail as if she were stung by a stun-gun.

    e.g., It was really embarrassing when Jim got a call on his cell phone and went into clippanic-gyrations while standing in line at the movie theater.

    submitted by jay donaldson - (www)

    clipto maniac - A hair stylist who either clips too much of your hair, or gives you a style you don't want.

    e.g., I had to change hair stylists. My old one turned into a clipto maniac.

    submitted by Paul

    clirty - When the clean pile meets the dirty pile of laundry you wind up with a pile of clirty clothes, thus leaving the measure of clean up to the senses.

    e.g., "Huney, is that a pile of clean or dirty clothes?" "They're clirty."

    submitted by Peter Beckwith

    clitizen - A female citizen, whether or not she has been altered by a clitoridectomy.

    e.g., More and more third world countries are allowing clitizens who emigrate to affluent foreign countries to retain their birthright citizenships. Do you suppose they have a self-serving reason for allowing that?

    submitted by beelzebub - (www)

    clizzy, the - The club.

    e.g., Jack and I will meet you at the clizzy, same as always.

    submitted by andrew rowe

    cloan - To loan something out that was borrowed in the first place.

    e.g., Arthur cloaned my CD to Debbie. She turned around and asked me if I wanted to borrow it.

    submitted by Lester

    cloathing - Clothing, perhaps purchased at Abercrombie and Fitch.

    e.g., Well, here comes the "in crowd" wearing that loathsome cloathing they cloathe themselves in. I'd certainly be loath to wear it myself.

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    clobcinerate - To clobber, or heavily beat on, and then disintegrate, or crush to pieces.

    e.g., The killer robot clobcinerated my favorite doll

    submitted by Shakira

    clock - To capture the eye of an admirer. Possible origin: cops' radar. | To work or run very fast. From overclock, forcing a computer processor to run faster than its factory settings allow. 1. (v.) to stock up on stimulants, such as coffee or caffeinated products, in order to complete a lengthy task. 2. (adj., "clocked") To be overstimulated or jittery from excess consumption of caffeine. | To notice or see.

    e.g., Ryan, I think Brit just clocked you. | 1. I have a huge paper due tomorrow -- I'm going to have to clock my way through it. 2. John's been working on that programming project for two days. He's clocked. | From a review of _Bad Teacher_: "Dumped by a fiance who has clocked her affections lay entirely with his bank balance, she is forced back into the classroom she had just quit to begin her anticipated life of leisure."

    submitted by Angel | Preston Mark Stone | HD Fowler - (www)

    clock dollars - To earn money.

    e.g., My new job allows me to clock dollars.

    submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

    clockaholic - Someone who is addicted to watching the time -- generally in the hope that time will pass quickly.

    e.g., Watching the clock constantly until it was time to go home, she realized she had become a clockaholic.

    submitted by Leisa

    clockbastard - Blockbuster. Coined in reference to the franchise's infamous cruelty in its strict late fee policies.

    e.g., I refuse to start an account at clockbastard -- they eat their young.

    submitted by Dr. Science

    clockblock - When a person sleeps between the alarm clock and another person so that said person doesn't turn off alarm to make you oversleep, thus missing work.

    e.g., I can't afford to miss work again, so I'll have to clockblock you.

    submitted by Natalie

    clockstalking - Watching a clock so as to get the absolute last second out of being on the computer.

    e.g., Bob's Starcraft strategy was weak. He was clockstalking so he wouldn't be late for work.

    submitted by Bob Gandy - (www)

    clocksucker - One who drags out a job, either to earn a lot of overtime or to avoid new assignments

    e.g., Those clocksuckers in the mail room were here 'til midnight.

    submitted by tom johnson

    clockulations - Any mathematics involving time.

    e.g., The game starts at seven and it's quarter to six now. By my clockulations we have 75 minutes.

    submitted by PDR

    clodpoll - Archaic term for a stupid person.

    e.g., That new guy is a clodpoll.

    submitted by Brent

    cloe - Used in describing one article of clothing. Singular form of clothing.

    e.g., Can you hand me that cloe (referring to a shirt lying on the bed)?

    submitted by karenthecute

    cloggress - A perceived unit of measurement to gauge activity in any direction. More often nowhere.

    e.g., Thanks to your clogress there is no way to make the deadline on the project, so everyone is working late tonight.

    submitted by Peter Beckwith

    clogs and shawls novel - Novel in which a teenage heroine living in poverty in the first half of the 20th Century (hence her attire) falls in love with a handsome young man from a wealthy background and escapes to a better life . . .but only after suffering a few bits of adversity. Type of book regularly reviewed in The Sunday Post and The Scots Magazine. Derived by Annie Thompson from "sex and shopping" novels as the antithesis of these.

    e.g., Have you seen Margaret Dickinson's new book? Classic clogs and shawls.

    submitted by Alan Morrison

    clomb - Past tense of climb. Instead of climbed. Pronounced clome.

    e.g., As I clomb the ladder, I realized I was acrophobic.

    submitted by Corey Bonneville

    clon - The lines on a note book

    e.g., I write on the clons.

    submitted by blaze

    clone - A group member who pointlessly reiterates a particular group view.

    e.g., It's not possible for clones to have original opinions, so they should just stay out of discussions.

    submitted by Varrick Nunez

    clongde - /CL-ON-JAH/ Someone extremely smart in math, reading, and social studies But is terrible at gym. {ED. Social studies, eh? Is that what was once rightly called history? One presumes this is based on some person's name.}

    e.g., Wow, you're so good at math and reading, but you are terrible at gym. You're a clongde -- and I'm not.

    submitted by Grace Z

    clonkye - Clonkye (pl. clonkyen) 'clonk·ye (prob. onomatopoeic) (actual Brits’ English corrumption q.v. < Du. klontje): sugarlump.

    e.g., Alice: “How sweet do ye like yer coffee?” Bob: “O, just five clonkyen.”

    submitted by René

    clont - The hood on a hooded sweatshirt

    e.g., The clont keep my head warm

    submitted by Blaze 7th

    clonus - A type of muscle spasm.

    e.g., As he twitched spasmodically on the floor, I thought to myself, "He's sure having one sweet clonus!"

    submitted by Monkhoas

    clony - What you get when you clone one of your cronies.

    e.g., "Get a clue and help your liberal clonies find some sense, too, if you are serious about staying in power."

    submitted by Miss Speller for scoutsout1

    clorange - A word that doesn't rhyme with anything else--except orange.

    e.g., Orange is a clorange.

    submitted by David Kuling

    closature - How something closes or ends. The opposite of opening or overture.

    e.g., 1. The romance was fizzling but the final closature was way too cold. 2. The vet had to fix the closature of the dog's eye.

    submitted by Susan Beyer - (www)

    close-talker - Someone who stands too close to you when speaking. From the tv-series "Seinfeld."

    e.g., You know Aaron? Yeah, he's that close-talker, right?

    submitted by DeNo

    closed rag - A newspaper that will not print anything contrary to its own position on any subject.

    e.g., Mary submitted letter after letter about local pollution, but the closed rag refused to print any of them. (ED. Maybe she should come out against pollution instead of in favor of it.)

    submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

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