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craptastic - Something so exceedingly crappy, it actually becomes good. | A word to use when something so unfortunate happens that you simply can't believe it's happening. (ED. "Intended to be perceived as fantastic, but actually of extremely poor quality.")

e.g., Kung Pao: Enter the Fist? Now that movie was craptastic. | Did I just lock my keys in the car with the engine running and my two-year-old in the backseat? That is craptastic.

submitted by judy | Ben C - (www)

crapton - An excessive amount of something.

e.g., I have a crapton of homework to do for this weekend.

submitted by Rebecca

crapture - A state of awe and joy acheived when watching crap films

e.g., Dave was encraptured whilst watching _Red Sonja_.

submitted by Alice Malice

crapulence - Sarcastic remark about the value and merit of a cultural item--movie, theatre, music, etc. | Related to "crapulent." Lack of redeeming moral qualities or self worth. Personal hygiene problems or a messy home.

e.g., This movie reeks of crapulence. That painting is crapulent. (Yes, "crapulence" is also a real word for overindulgence, especially drinking too many alcoholic drinks. "Crapulent" is how you feel when you have a hangover after a bout of hard drinking.) | Just let him stew in his own crapulence.

submitted by mike | zeeterman - (www)

craputer - A computer that is a piece of crap.

e.g., My Windows 98 that I got roughly 3 years ago is turning into a craputer.

submitted by Jesse

crash - To stay, usually overnight

e.g., Can I crash at your place?

submitted by Michelle

crash - Used in the movie Colors, and in the book Monster, in reference to police.

e.g., . . . that two officers from CRASH had come to the hospital. . . .

submitted by forrestakers

crash blossom - From Michael Quinion's 29 August 2009 World Wide Words newsletter: a newspaper headline whose brevity obfuscates.

e.g., It appears to me to be a crash blossom typical of that particular newspaper.

submitted by HD Fowler

crash can - What my kids call the trash can -- because it is made of metal and it crashes like a cymbal when you let the lid down.

e.g., Please put the wrapper in the crash can.

submitted by Tim Barnes - (www)

crashed - To be unfairly deprived of something, mistreated.

e.g., The company had promised raises for employees who met performance standards. Jack met the standards, but when he received his check, he discovered he'd been crashed. Instead of a raise, he found a note explaining that the incentive program had been suspended. The bystanders had done nothing wrong, but the criminals all ran when the police rushed the crowd. Finding the bystanders easier targets, the police crashed them and placed them under arrest instead of purusing the criminals.

submitted by Annie

crashing on - Used after you've just said completely the wrong thing and want to change the subject. Like moving on but with incredible awkwardness.

e.g., Alex (looking at trousers): Who would be seen dead in these? Louise: Actually I bought a pair last week. Alex: Okay, well, crashing on, what are you doing tonight?

submitted by Monkey Pants

crass knuckles - The behavior of a professional cage fighter, who disrespects and insults his opponent, and uses any illegal tactic to ensure winning.

e.g., In the world of cage fighting, there are many "Louie the Louts" who will swear, and spit, at opponents, and will put thumbs in the other combatants' eyes, bite, punch below the belt, and do many other dirty tricks to win. This crass knuckle attitude is ungentlemanly, totally demeans the profession, and makes the sport r-e-a-l-l-y interesting to watch.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

crassputin - An insensitive, boorish, unkempt and slovenly person. From Gregory Rasputin, an early 20th century monk who held a hypnotic influence over the Russian Tsarina and whose actions contributed to the downfall of the Romanoff dynasty.

e.g., I know you've been invited to Dave and Alicia's wedding, Jake, but please don't be a Crassputin this time. Remember these rules: large trays of hors d'ouvres are meant to be shared with others; lobster ala king is not to be eaten with the fingers; snorting wedding cake through your nostrils is heavily discouraged; burping with the bass line of the macarena is not considered "musical accompaniment"; and the same colored dresses worn by young women identify them as members of the wedding party and not as ripe targets, eligible for groping. Okay?

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

crassulent - Very fat; overweight; grossly or obscenely obese. | "Full of grossness, very fat."   

e.g., "She may be the bride, but her crassulent state doesn't permit her to go through the church door." "Neither does the groom's crapulent state." | While some point to Brando's crassulent state, others focus on his acting. | I was surprised to find only a few crassulent women I recognized when I googled «fat celebrity (woman or women)». I expected Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne Barr to show up right away, but they didn't. Should I have added ugly or unpleasant as qualifiers?    Adding «ugly OR unpleasant» turned up this interesting tidbit: "The grizzled and gargoyle-like Parisian chanteur, and legendary lover, Serge Gainsbourg always used to pick up the ugliest girls at parties. This was not simply because predatory male folklore insists that ill-favoured women will be more "grateful," but because Gainsbourg, a stylish contrarian, knew that the conversation would be better, the uglier the girl." It also turned up some men and some very good-looking women.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

crastination - Acting promptly.

e.g., Crastination is an admirable trait.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

crastinator - An amateur or novice procrastinator, one who doesn't wait quite long enough to be a pro.

submitted by DerekMan

crasty - Variation of "nasty." Origin Unknown To Submitter, OUTS.

e.g., No thanks, JB. Don't tell your mom, but her stew is crasty. | ©1995, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc., we find: "Our tummiwuts were still gesting the lunchables we noonly crasted from schoolbratties, so there was no real need from the point of view of crasting more vittles to packwood some WIC-tease in an alley and sloosh her screech red murder while we counted the booty and divvied by four, nor to do the balanced budgie on some olde tyme blue-haired welfarian and go smecking off with her vittle stamps." A bit further on: "So we scatted out into the streets and down Penn Avenue, and round by the Waspy House we found what we pretty well wanted, a dweezil ultra-violence with Billyboy, a crasty type like could change a six dollar note with two threes. He viddied us as we viddied him, and he stopped what he was doing, which was fixing to gatsby a New (and Improved) Deal Dance Party; the anywho wide world on the guest list and open bar, of course." | "and i love the bookish ladies with the chip on their shoulder:: gotta make my moves 'fore i get much older:: cuz i want a bookish girl who likes to get nasty,:: slaps me cross my face when I start to get crasty" at | Here's a story, © 2002 Erik Ray, with a character named Crasty at

submitted by Justin Bellefontaine - (www)

crath - When you're doing crap in maths.

e.g., What's 989+657? Oh, to hell with it; I'm doing crath anyway.

submitted by leeleebigc

cratz - People, usually politicians or politically-appointed incompetents, who act like rats in dealing with others and are always scurrying around like cats trying to cover up their messes.

e.g., Our local cratz held another closed meeting to discuss how to hide their theft of taxpayer money to support their weekly casino “feasibility study.”

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

craugh - Laugh and cry at the same time.

e.g., The baby was upset, but a quick game of peek-a-boo and he was soon craughing. | I was laughing so hard that I cried . . . I was craughing. | I started off crying but then my friend cheered me up and made me smile and laugh through my tears. In a word, I craughed. (ED. Isn't that two words?) | Sometimes, bittersweet things in life lead to craughter.

submitted by Paul Edels | Susan Wolfe

craveable - Being able to be craved.

e.g., The sandwich was very craveable.

submitted by Keith

cravoid - The object or behaviour associated with a craving such as chocolate, salty carbohydrates, sex, etc. that is used to soothe or calm the craving or underlying discomfort. Although primarily a descriptor related to cravings, it may also be applied to addictive substances and addictions.

e.g., The food craving research group learned the psychological technique and applied it when the desire for their cravoid arose.

submitted by Brett Porter - (www)

craw - A slack-jawed yokel who prefers skinnin' coons to more intellectual endeavors.

e.g., The craw said, "Look ma! Uh dead possum on that there street! We gonna eat high tonight!"

submitted by Imp - (www)

crawfish - To sidestep, as in an agreement. | In the context in which I heard this -- a line delivered by Walter Brennan as "Judge" Roy Bean in The Westerner (1940): to weasel out of something you've said you'd do, to welch. Tom Dalzekk and Terry Victor in their update to Eric Partridge's masterwork, The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, give us this: crawfish verb   to evade someone or something US, 1842  In nature, the only defence available to the crawfish is to bury itself in mud or silt, moving backwards.  "Aw, shut up," Green said impatiently. "You're crawfishing and you know it." — Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye, p. 33, 1953 pjeffrey had made an earlier entry, which I must have missed, at crawfishing: "Sidestepping, as in an agreement. Ex: Saddam Hussein has crawfished and is stiffing the world." That's a perfect fit for Brennan's line as delivered.

e.g., Saddam Hussein has crawfished and is stiffing the world. | ~"You ain't gonna crawfish?" Then, later. ~"You ain't gonna crawfish on me? You're gonna give it to me?" [As agreed.] {ED. What "Judge" Roy craved was a locket of Lily Langtree's hair that Cole Harden (Gary Cooper) claimed to possess. Celebrity adulation is not something new under the sun, despite what we geezers may claim. {Gary Cooper crawfish? Never. Not even as the closest he may have ever come to playing a scalawag. "You're not the prettiest girl I ever saw." "Who asked you?" "But you've got the prettiest hair I've ever seen." It was pretty well hushed up when Gary Cooper was still living, but there can be little doubt that he … knocked boots with the best of them in his heyday.}

submitted by pjeffrey | HD Fowler

crayola storm - Someone who wears as many of the brightest colors as is humanly possible, all at the same time. Can also use monsoon, tornado, hurricane, etc., for varying degrees of eyesore.

e.g., Wow, did you see what just walked by? I'm gonna need an umbrella for that crayola storm.

submitted by Nick Palmarozzo

crayon-wielder - A person who makes his money not through the noble art of coding, but through the black magic of graphic designing.

e.g., Ask the crayon-wielders to jazz these new site designs up photoshopically (viz.).

submitted by DoctorDee - (www)

crazening - Like maddening, only more so.

e.g., I can't seem to get anything to go right today. It's downright crazening.

submitted by Crazy Larry

crazor, king of the monkey people - Someone insane, and unpleasant to be around.

e.g., Stay away from Chris. He's Crazor, king of the monkey people.

submitted by qnarf

crazy eye - The affliction that too-young kids get when they visit pornography sites. Those who get a minor case may end up looking like Steve Buscemi playing a bug-eyed psycho. Severe cases may result in eye-poppers — those people who can use voluntary muscle control to make their eyes bulge out. Certainly not original.

e.g., Are you sure he won't end up with a case of crazy eye if you give him that Red Ryder BB-gun for Christmas? | "It's crazy-eye season, that time of year when nobody makes any news except the nuts." Nota bene: Anecdotal evidence suggests there may be a correlation between cases of crazy eye and growing hair in the palms of one's hands.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

crazy fresh - Cool.

e.g., Wasn't that Brubek concert crazy fresh?

submitted by Joe EMT - (www)

crazy malaka - Can be used in various way, as a greeting, or for someone doing something foolish, a bit different, or something just very exciting.

e.g., 1. Look at her, what a crazy malaka. 2. Don't do that you crazy malaka. 3. Hey, ya crazy malaka, what's goin on?

submitted by natasha - (www)

crazygonuts - Loss of one's mind over the most painful experience in her pre-life crisis. (23 to 27 years of age.)

e.g., The Jennavator says, "There is a time to love and a time to crazygonuts. In a perfect world it would be a 50-50 proposition. You just hope that one or the other happens at all moments in your life -- just so you can feel alive and dead simultaneously. You don't want to miss a thing once the blinders come off and reality kicks into high gear."

submitted by paige_archer - (www)

crazyhole - London tube or Docklands Light Rail very late at night.

e.g., Having left my car at home, I had to ride the dreaded crazyhole from Bank all the way to Greenwich.

submitted by Godfrey Jones - (www)

crd - Caucausian Rhythmic Disease, for white persons with no rhythm.

e.g., Paul can't keep a beat, he must have CRD.

submitted by Paul S.

creak - Anything old, outdated, in poor working condition, or assembled improperly. Can also be referred to as "creaker."

e.g., This 14.4 baud modem is total creak. OR What a creaker!

submitted by Phil Ayres - (www)

cream - Cash Rules Everything Around Me--basically, suggests a desire for large sums of cash. Extra funny when said randomly during games of Monopoly.

e.g., You landed on my hotel at Park Place. Cream!

submitted by qnarf

creaminess - Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.

e.g., Bryon: "Have you seen Alec's new car?" Lauryn: "Naw, what'd it look like?" Bryon: "Ahh, creaminess."

submitted by lauryn

creasing - laughing

e.g., I was just creasing!

submitted by Siobhan Doyle

creathers - A tough to reach area; synonymous with nooks, crannies.

e.g., I dusted the house from top to bottom, even getting into the creathers.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

creative regularity - (n.) (among people who design new versions, ports or levels of existing games) Conventions or practices followed so that the new addition will be as similar to the original as possible.

e.g., When Ken wanted to design an award-winning Quake level, he had to play through the real game several times to learn the conventions of creative regularity and make sure his level was just hard enough.

submitted by Duncan

creatureindecitus - A condition where a person (although knowing monsters aren't real) is so mortified by the fact that there might be a monster in the room with her, that she's indecisive over whether she should turn off the light, or leave it on for some sort of invisible protection.

e.g., Brennon has such a bad case of creatureindecitus. It makes him jumpy at night, so don't sneak up on him.

submitted by Felix Morvin

credibilophobia - Anxiety characterized by an abnormal fear that individuals or organizations have to lose their credibility in the views of their stakeholders or business partners. Credibilophobic -- adjectival form.

e.g., Credibility management is an important issue to most organizations; however, credibilophobia does not in any way positively assist organizations as it undermines resources and contributes to the unnecessary anxiety of an organization’s members. | This credibilophobic manager likes to take up trivial challenges to polish his image and reputation by wasting time, energy, and resources.

submitted by Abderrahman Hassi

crediholic - Addicted to maxing out, applying for, or transfering balances from one credit card to another.

e.g., After years of denial, I finally admitted that I am a crediholic.

submitted by Scott Paul - (www)

credits - (pl.n.) Modern synonym for "curtains," as in gangster-speak "It's curtains for you," meaning "We're going to kill you." The gangsters of the 20s and 30s borrowed the term from stage drama, where the falling of the "curtain" signaled the end of the play. Motion pictures---the 21st century's preferred dramatic form---signal their end by the rolling of credits. Hence, "It's credits for you."

e.g., Roscoe the rum-runner rubbed out Rico the Rat for robbing his rum-running receipts. Roared Roscoe: "It's credits for you, Rico!" "Crap! I got a D on my history test! My mom's gonna kill me!" "Yep. It's credits for you."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

creech - To slyly move your hand in order to grab something you shouldn't grab.

e.g., "Any luck last night?" "Nah, I tried a creech but the security guy saw it coming."

submitted by Wayne

creeled - To twist or sprain.

e.g., My brother fell and creeled his ankle.

submitted by gayle

creep - To do something without letting other people know (slowly or quietly) or behind someone's back

e.g., Have you heard? One of our co-workers is creeping with the boss's wife.

submitted by msmallsman

creep factor nine - Scary or ominous beyond belief. Pick your favorite horror flic. That creepy. Invented by yours truly.

e.g., "Have you ever played Resident Evil?" "Yeah, creep factor nine."

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy

creeping nukism - The spread of increasing written requirements as a response to problems occurring, or recurring, in a social system -- or, as an attempt to introduce quality assurance into previously unassurred, non-nuclear fields.

e.g., All this paperwork just to be a teacher is just creeping nukism.

submitted by Varrick Nunez - (www)

creepycode - When someone uses code that makes her look like a psycho.

e.g., Bobbie used creepycode last night. She said, "Let's take the midnight train to Squaresville."

submitted by Jesse

creird - Blend of "crazy" and "weird."

e.g., Any skydiving grandma is creird.

submitted by Dan

cremamoratorium - When in the state of eating too much ice cream, Thus, making the choice to stop pending a hemmorage. Occurs when the individual has eaten a good amount of ice cream, and starts to feel ill because of the quantity.

e.g., ie: "Dave sat still on the couch, he had to concede a cremamoratorium or he would surely get sick."

submitted by Charlie Buttermann

crematoes - Genetically altered potatoes and tomatoes, grown in the ashes [cremains] of vegans and vegetarians.

e.g., Slice 'em, dice 'em, turn them into sauce, crematoes in the oven, and in your salad toss.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

creole sote - A thick, bitter, and black oily liquid substance, infused with chicory, and a drink people in New Orleans name, and substitute for, coffee. In other areas, it is used to coat and preserve wood from insect infestation.

e.g., The etymology of word slurring and softening of vowels (see c.f., "vowel movement"), by New Orleans' natives, lies in the throat thickening event caused by the prevalent use of creole sote "coffee" as a popular drink.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

crescent fresh - From "Sifl & Olly" (sock puppet show) indicating niceness, coolness, flyness.

e.g., John: You wanna come over for some beers? Steve: Crescent fresh, J-man. Hippies playing hackeysack are crescent fresh; crackheads are not crescent fresh.

submitted by - (www)

cret's - A very cool item, situation, etc.

e.g., See my Lexus? It's cret's.

submitted by amanda - (www)

cretizen - A citizen with unsavory, useless characteristics: brainless, vulgar, stupid, child-like, insensitive, and full of useless information that makes no sense. A cretinous citizen.

e.g., An un-named cretizen of no-man's-land was recently chased through the main street by an angry mob for spreading rumors about naked aliens landing in the potato fields immediately after the annual rave.

submitted by Roni Askey-Doran - (www)

crev - A place, usually a small area or small room, in which the environment is relaxing and laid back.

e.g., After a long day of running around the mall, my friend and I decided to go down to the crev and chill.

submitted by Blair Hicks

crevasse - To become hidden or lost.

e.g., I was running around last night and my car keys crevassed somewhere along the way.

submitted by ditnis

crew - 1. Gang 2. Group of graffiti artists 3. Breakdancing group.

e.g., He was shot on by the enemy crew.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

crew - The word for cool in the book Feed

e.g., Titus, your new car is crew.

submitted by Nina

crew crux clanbellies - A gentile, new, group spreading peace and joy throughout the land.

e.g., When you become a new Crew Crux Clanbelly, you get a lifetime supply of happiness to spread among the ignorant and worthless, alas.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

crew shell - Items that are absolutely necessary to play in competitive sports. From the water sport called "sculling."

e.g., A bat, a ball, three bases, a home plate, a pitcher's mound, an umpire, and two teams of nine players each are "crew shell" to the sport of baseball.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

crewdawg - Nickname for a fighter crewchief in the USAF. From the technical school mascot, a bull "dawg." Term appears on clothing and items associated with the squadron, including the squadron coin.

e.g., Sam's the crewdawg for the wing king's jet.

submitted by crewchief

crib - One's dwelling place

e.g., I was in my crib chillin' by the fireplace.

submitted by Zak

cribbenized - To be in the very worst of states.

e.g., I can't go to work today, I was up partying all night and I'm cribbenized.

submitted by Ryan Darragh

cribby - An edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstone.

e.g., 1. Don't walk so close to the cribby. 2. I scraped my tyre on the cribby when I parked.

submitted by Kevin

crick - A variation of the word creek, used in rural Oregon and other rural areas.

e.g., Glen crick is sure high.

submitted by Kevin

cricket cruncher - Military jargon: basic infantryman. Crucifier of rocks.

e.g., TimR: "I met [General Petraeus] several years ago when he was just a one-star general and thought him very shallow, one of the generals who had forgotten what it was like to be just a platoon leader and who never understood what it was like to be one of the cricket crunchers."

submitted by HD Fowler

cricketry - Victory, the way the robot translated the word in NBC's Sunday May 9, 2009, Meet the Press broadcast for Andrea Mitchell's words as interpreted for the scroll at the bottom of the screen.

e.g., "Cricketry [in Iraq] would have to be defined as a strong central government with democratic principles." Ms. Mitchell, is, of course, wrong. A "strong central government with democratic principles" that is not friendly towards the United States could hardly be considered a victory.

submitted by Miss Speller

crickets - the silence you hear after saying something you thought was funny but apparently others did all you can hear are the crickets.

e.g., can also be used as a can cricket someone. meaning you did not laugh at his joke.

submitted by The Funky Buddha

crid - A tiny, inoffensive bit of waste material.

e.g., "Don't give me the last cup of coffee from the pot! I hate getting all the crids!" "Did you just wake up? You still have crids in your eyes."

submitted by Dr. J

cridax - The sort of falling over when you fall forward and wildly try to keep upright but end up ploughing into the ground, much to the amusement of everyone around.

e.g., Lorraine was looking quite classy bustling off to the shops, but then, alas, she cridaxed painfully and we couldn't help but have a small hysterical laugh at her expense.

submitted by Kelly

crile - What babies do when they are happy and upset at the same time. They usually do it if they are already crying, and you make them smile at the same time. Cry + smile = crile.

e.g., There's nothing as bittersweet as a baby's crile.

submitted by Drew Clemens

crilk - Half-and-half, a blend of cream and milk.

e.g., I would rather have crilk in my coffee than non-dairy creamer.

submitted by Sue B.

crimbasic - Religion-based word.

e.g., Gallup International Millennium Survey interviewed 57,000 adults in 60 different countries of the world between August and October, 1999, representing 1.25 billion of the planet's inhabitants. The survey covered a wide range of topics of an ethical, political, and religious nature, focusing specifically on issues close to people's emocracy, the United Nations, human rights, women's rights, the environment, religion crimbasic values --particularly those which will have an impact on the new millennium. Issues such as De and "What Matters Most in Life" were included.

submitted by John

crimea river - The state of aurally disassociating written song lyrics by substituting words and phrases that are similar.

e.g., Jill: "No, you're wrong. 'Sadly the cross-eyed bear' is not a children's nursery tune. It's really a religious song, "Galdly the cross I'd bear.'" Bill: "Okay, big deal! So Crimea river!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

crimialien - Illegal aliens. "I never stopped calling them illegal aliens -- because that's exactly what they are -- included those who are documented but overstayed their visas. Sometimes I go even further by calling them criminal aliens, or crimaliens for short. By definition, anyone in the United States illegally is a criminal, even if the crime committed is a misdemeanor."

e.g., We allow entirely too many crimaliens to continue living in the United States to suit me.

submitted by beelzebub

criminate - To accept anyone or anything and everyone and everything.

e.g., Knee-jerk liberals are dedicated criminators.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

criminently - Interjection: an expression of annoyance, exasperation, or surprise. A euphemism for Christ, by way of criminy -- which is itself a euphemism for Christ. One of two words I've taken to using lately, the other being sheesh, a euphemism for Jesus. Mildly blasphemous though the word is, I'd hate to see it fall into disuse and be lost to us. You get to be my age, you need all the words you can get to express your displeasure at how things are going -- especially if you try to break up with AT&T.    Those folks have an army of telemarketers posing as "customer service" reps to keep you from dropping AT&T. When you tell the first guy you get on the line that you want to cancel your account and he passes you off to a second guy in customer service to close it, don't be fooled. All the second guy is there for is to convince you not to switch. Customer service, my ass -- the guy's a telemarketer, pure and simple. Maybe the most persistent telemarketer you'll ever run across. Eventually, provided you have more stamina than he does, he'll pass you off to the cancellation department. That's right. You've been pissing away your precious geezer time with a guy who will not -- nay, cannot -- close your account. You're in purgatory.    Oh, did I mention -- not only are you going to be giving them the same information over and over, you're going to be stewing and waiting after you dial 611, then again when Guy One hands you off to "customer service." You'll be waiting again when Guy Two puts you on hold for the cancellation department. Once you get to the cancellation department and Guy Three, it might be smooth sailing. Might be. I don't know. I got so pissed off at how I was being given the run-around, I hung up instead of waiting for Guy Three. A "manager" called me back a few minutes later and did my bidding, but not before tussling with me. If you can get through the process in less than ten minutes, it'll be a near miracle. It took me more than twenty minutes and entirely too much grief. It's almost a day later and I'm still all het up about my ghastly AT&T experience.    Not so incidentally, don't bother stopping by the AT&T store to close your account. They'll just tell you you have to do it by dialing 611 on your cell phone. When it comes to AT&T, breaking up is hard to do.

e.g., "Criminently, would you quit fighting with me and wasting my time? You have all the information you need to close my account. Just close it, OK?" "I'll put you through to the cancellation department for that." "You'll what? You can't cancel my account?" "No, the cancellation department does that." "!#$!%&. Why have I been on the line with you for almost ten minutes?" "I'm just doing my job -- trying to keep AT& T on your payroll." | "Criminently, Jasper, that's enough. You win. Put the gun down before you shoot yourself in the foot. I'll pay you. But I'm not going to change my mind. 'Global warming is baloney. Balderdash. Flimflam. Stinking bilge. Blue bunkum and utter claptrap. Hogwash, rubbish, and, when you get down to it, trash. … We can go from there.'" "Don't blame me, Jethro. You shunta brought a knife to this gunfight. Dincha see Sean Connery in The Untouchables?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

criminogenic - A real word, but not frequently used: "Creating or generating crime, fostering criminal behavior" | "Producing or tending to produce crime or criminality" |

e.g., "Alcohol is the most criminogenic substance in America" (James B. Jacobs). | Is society becoming more criminogenic or less criminogic? | Do crime statistics bear out that an urban setting is more criminogenic than a rural setting? Surely in the number of crimes committed, but how about the rate of crimes? The Shadow knows. I don't. | BBC News: "Worse than that, they insist on using long words like 'criminogenic.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

criminy dutch - A mild expletive, a substitute no doubt for "Christ Jesus!" or "Jesus Christ!," which might be offensive to some people.

e.g., Criminy dutch, we was s'posta be over to the Dew Drop Inn two hours ago to play competitive knuckle cracking.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

crims - Criminals. The example is quoted from an essay on flabbergastation.

e.g., "Well, yes, we must, (mustn't we?), protect crims as much as non-crims -- I think . . . I mean I wouldn't put any security systems round my house, no sir! I mean if one driver has 24 convictions, (and killed someone through his drunken driving), I wouldn't want to stand in the way of his individual rights -- would I?"

submitted by HD Fowler

crinch - To be able to bend a piece of metal partially or fully over itself.

e.g., I asked him to crinch that piece of lead over that wood handrail.

submitted by david whittaker

cringeful - Embarrassing or cringe-inducing.

e.g., Walking around all day without knowing that your skirt is tucked into your undies is a cringeful experience.

submitted by genevieve

cringent - Causing one to cringe.

e.g., That phony way he smiles is cringent.

submitted by Wendy

crinkle fingers - The puckers that develop in your fingers after staying in water too long.

e.g., Tim stayed in the bathtub so long he ended up with crinkle fingers.

submitted by Kathy Sheldrake

crippled - Lame

e.g., That movie was crippled.

submitted by leah

criptology - The process or science of decoding the messages and text of gangs such as the Crips.

e.g., I'm not African-American, but I'm still good at criptology.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

crisco - Abbreviation: Christian Coalition. Also, a member of that organization.

e.g., Most CrisCos may have good intentions, but many are misguided or uneducated.

submitted by Marc Kevin Hall - (www)

criscoid - (n.) A word derived by shortening another word. [An obvious, and fairly awful, pun based on the shortening made by the JM Smucker company.]

e.g., "Prolly" (q.v.), "opportuny," "terrist" (q.v.), and "hunnit" are criscoids. Someone should compile a list of the criscoids in English, and then expand it to other languages as well.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

crisertunity - Out of crisis comes opportunity. Coined by Homer Simpson. Lisa: Dad, do you know that in China they use the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity? Homer: Yes! Crisertunity!

e.g., I'm going through a mid-life crisertunity.

submitted by Ben

crisitunity - A crisis lending itself to a personal opportunity.

e.g., I'm moving to Bangladesh to sell surfboards. It seems like the perfect crisitunity.

submitted by Bob Stewart

crisk - The loud noise made when an animal steps on a twig or other object and reveals its presence.

e.g., She heard a crisk from behind her, and turned around to find herself face to face with a grizzly.

submitted by haley

crisp - An object or a situation that is favorable.

e.g., Your new car is crisp.

submitted by Eco

crispette - The little bits of crisp that get left in bottom of the bag.

e.g., Is anyone eating those crispettes? Can I have 'em?

submitted by niblet

crispified - As crisp as it can get without being burned.

e.g., The cat was crispified after chewing on the Christmas lights.

submitted by Jason Strong

crispovers - The packets of crisps that are left over in a multi-pack.

e.g., There are a few crispovers left in this pack.

submitted by Maypoo - (www)

crispulent - To be both crispy and succulent.

e.g., My word, that was a crispulent chicken breast.

submitted by O Turner

crispy critter - Paramedic slang for a body that has been badly burned.

e.g., That house has a crispy critter in the back room.

submitted by Ted

crit - Shortened version of "critical hit." In the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons, an unadjusted roll of 20 on a 20-sided polyhedral die (a natural 20) is a critical hit, and does double max damage (usually). A player would say "Crit" on that roll. When in the Real World, D&D players have been known to say this when an object causes maximum damage.

e.g., A: How did you get that nasy festering wound on your finger? B: Opening up my textbook I got a paper cut. A. That's a Crit! B: Masterwork Sword: 315 gp. Amulet of the Planes: 80,000 gp. +5 Holy Enchantment: 98,000 gp. Scabbard of Keen Edges: 15,000. Crit'ing your first Balor: Priceless. C: Arrows can be used as melee weapons, with a -4 to hit, 1d4 damage, crit. x2. Look at their weapon description in chapter 7 of the PhB.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

criticalmasochism - When somebody creates web sites one after the other in an atomic-chain-reaction-like manner and carries on making them no matter what criticism she incurs, she suffers from criticalmasochism.

e.g., They found him slumped over his keyboard. Criticalmasochism had set in and he had passed out due to exhaustion from making his 1000th web site at geocities.

submitted by d_who

criticistic - Of someone criticizes a lot, being critical, analyzing things.

e.g., Lew is very criticistic when he judges barbecue.

submitted by DoctaG

criticus maximus - Of the highest priority, an extremely dangerous level.

e.g., My level of frustration has reached criticus maximus.

submitted by Brenda Peacher

critter - a nickname for a person who lives in an area in the middle of nowhere with an exceptionally low population, esp. an area with woods.

e.g., She's a critter, of course she doesn't have a TV.

submitted by Heather Coulter

crittle - Cumbrian (NW England: Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for bone fragments found lying on the ground, especially in ancient cemeteries.

e.g., 1. Claire and Malcolm were visiting an ancient burial ground, when Claire found some crittle by one of the graves. She was fascinated but Malcolm found it a bit too spooky. 2. There's no use fretting about missing chicken Eric. The fox'll have got her in't night and she'll be nowt but crittle be now.

submitted by David Ford

crivvens, crivens - Scottish expression of surprise, similar to "Yikes!"

e.g., Crivvens! Look at the size of that dog.

submitted by Adam Leslie

crizzle - It's what Rice Krispies had before crackle.

e.g., Snap, crizzle, pop.

submitted by Dan

cro-urban - A yuppie tribe which advocates, in the interests of health, a return to a hunter-gatherer diet. (Invariably, Cro-Urbans live in large cities, so I must presume that they are hunting pigeons and gathering cigarette butts, rather than nuts and berries. While this may clean up the pavement, I fail to see the health benefits.)

e.g., Armed with credit cards and biodegradable shopping totes, the Cro-Urbans went forth in search of prey: the elusive organic tomato.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

croaker sack - Clumsy, inept. Comes from: "Can't carry (whatever) in a croaker sack." A burlap bag used when gigging frogs. (ED. Crocus sack, croker sack. Burlap or gunny sacks are also called "tow sacks" in the South. "Tow sack" is correct, but I thought they were called "toe sacks" when I was a kid. Since I grew up in a small town in the South and we grew most of our own vegetables and kept a cow and chickens, toe sacks were a common sight for me. My grandfather even hid his whiskey bottle in one -- to keep it out of my teetotalin' grandmother's hands.)

e.g., That boy's so sorry he couldn't carry a tune in a croaker sack.

submitted by Gary Umi - (www)

croakersack - Croakersack is an almost forgotten word for a burlap bag. It has been recognized mostly as two separate words; however, recognizing it as one word is acceptable, yet rare. (ED. It's a word known very well to me. I had a good ol' time looking it and variations up a few weeks ago. As you point out, it's more commonly seen as two words, "croaker sack"; but, of course, the first hit using the one-word spelling is yours. I am enjoying your site this very minute. See our entry at croaker sack.)

e.g., If it could fit inside a croakersack, sooner or later, it ended up in a croakersack.

submitted by Alvin Hebert - (www)

crobulation - Cross discombobulation. Crobulate. When two people are walking toward each other and step the same way to avoid running into each other. Then step back, then step back. . . . Check the website provided.

e.g., When Cheryl and I crobulated in the mall, I asked her, "Care to dance?"

submitted by moogman - (www)

crocalgator - Cross between a croc and a gator: very fast, makes a great pet . . . if you're careful.

e.g., Soon as we heard that the geneticists had succeeded in splicing an alligator with a crocodile, we were fascinated and had to have a crocalgator.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

crochal - Overbearing and idiotic.

e.g., Mr. Santa Claus was being crochal to his students.

submitted by Tony

crocile - A docile crocodile.

e.g., Captain Jack was the most crocile of all in the swamp.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

crock pot - The act of farting into someone's hoody, and then putting the hood over her head.

e.g., Adam gave Nick a crock pot in class yesterday, and he totally dry heaved!

submitted by Mitchel

crockumentary - A political exploitation film masquerading as a documentary.

e.g., Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 eschews hard facts for rumor and innuendo, and is therefore more of a crockumentary than a documentary.

submitted by Greg

crocodile on one's shore - A constant, lurking irritation. This comes from an ancient Egyptian text in which a pharaoh referred to his enemy as "a crocodile on (his) shore."

e.g., This Egyptology class sure is a crocodile on my shore.

submitted by Samm - (www)

crocolgator - A rather large hybrid reptile.

e.g., Can you guess which two critters were genetically spliced to produce a crocolgator?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

crodagdamosis - A rare disease in the face the causes one to look horribly ugly.

e.g., I don't even want to show my face at work since I caught crodagdamosis from my boyfriend.

submitted by probe - (www)

crode - Cruddy code.

e.g., I guess they haven't revisited that crode for the better part of a decade.

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

crohnie - A person who has Crohn's Disease.

e.g., In the IRC network we have a channel called #crohns-colitis where a lot of crohnies hang out and support each other. All of us have Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis, a disease similar to Crohn's.

submitted by MrsRat/BikerBabe

croissausage - A breakfast food made of a croissant and a sausage.

e.g., I ate a delicious croissausage for breakfast.

submitted by Linnea Boyev - (www)

crolli - A very small kind of dwarf with blue hair.

e.g., The crollies rampaged through the kitchen.

submitted by Moof

crolocious - Naive, oblivious to obvious things.

e.g., It's crolocious to think that a man holding a gun to your head is just trying to be your friend.

submitted by platinum

crombie - Pronunciation: crom-bee. Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: vah, sappa, nik.)

e.g., Can you get me the... uh... crombie off my desk?

submitted by evel e

cromby - Descriptive of the taste of under-ripe mangos or banana peels. Cromby has been in use since 1992, although used only by three or four people.

e.g., June, finding the mango too cromby, opted for papaya instead.

submitted by Ragle Gumm

crommulant - Used when you make up a complicated word to sound intelligent. If someone dares challange your pseudo-word, assure them it's a CROMMULANT word.

e.g., Jane: I found the film miterasfusic. Bill: "Miterasfusic" isn't even a word! Jane: "Miterasfusic" is a perfectly CROMMULANT word.

submitted by K Diddy

cromulent - Egotistical, arrogant, etc. | A Simpsons-inspired word: timely, insightful, competent, polished, sophisticated. Invented in the 1990s. Crommulent. | Cromulent is used to describe a made-up word which sounds like a real, proper word you might find in the dictionary -- i.e., possessing the characteristic of cromulence. | Drift from original, from The Simpsons.:"The speaker doesn't know if this story is true or not, but if it isn't, it really should be."

e.g., That cromulent King tells the people false information regarding taxes. | Nigel's reading of Eliot's "The Wasteland" was a cromulent performance. | Shampaign sounds like a perfectly cromulent word to me. | This has got to be the most cromulent story I have ever read on the web. Read about the teen who built a neutron gun and proto-breeder reactor in his back yard, after refining and collecting radioactive material.

submitted by Game Biter | Bob Stewart | Drew T. | Jes - (www)

cronenberger - Surreal gore as seen in many of the films of David Cronenberg, including Videodrome, Naked Lunch, and eXistenZ.

e.g., The gun made from meat and bones which shoots teeth as bullets in eXistenZ is classic Cronenberger.

submitted by loris

crongle - To injure oneself walking into a solid object. Or the injury from same.

e.g., He got a crongle from the door when he came home drunk last night.

submitted by Terry

cronk - Something cool, such as a party. Can be used as a noun or as an adjective. Cronc, kronk. Origin: unknown.

e.g., Wasn't Justin's party the cronk? | Wasn't Justin's party cronk?

submitted by Patrick Jarrett - (www)

crony capitalism - Much in the news of late because of the half-billion dollar failure of Solyndra, the term is defined thusly by Wikipedia: "Crony capitalism is a term describing a capitalist economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, and so forth."

e.g., Since I've never run around in the wrong circles, crony capitalism completely passed me by.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

croob - Means "hoof" in Irish, but used in English to describe a person's foot, especially an unpleasant foot.

e.g., Get your dirty croob off my clean sofa.

submitted by colleen

crook - Australian slang for "being sick" or "unwell."

e.g., I can't come in to work today -- I feel a bit crook.

submitted by Brigit

crook - bad; not a satisfactory outcome.

e.g., Don't use that car, the engine is crook.

submitted by Kevin

crookeding - Dusting pictures hanging on a wall. One wipe with a dry cloth and the pictures are crooked.

e.g., Every Saturday morning I notice my wife crookeding the paintings in my study.

submitted by Bill Halliwell

cropper - One who knows how to crop, in a scrapbook sense.

e.g., Kelly is the best cropper of in the world.

submitted by Scott Paul - (www)

croptologist - Scientist specializing in studying crops from the back of a field.

e.g., From his vantage point, the croptologist noticed that the rows of corn were oddly planted.

submitted by Grant Gerver - (www)

cropulent - Overflowing with crops, it's going to be an abundant harvest, there's a heavy yield, we're going to eat and market well (this year).

e.g., The fields of corn and taters were so cropulent this fall that we can finally afford the new pump and outhouse that granny was agitatin' for.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cross the border - In chess, when a pawn gets to the opposite end of the board and can become a queen.

e.g., I thought I was done for, but then I crossed the border and the game turned around.

submitted by ditnis

crossbar motel - One of the many words for a jail. Pokey and slammer are others out of dozens.

e.g., He thought he'd be living in luxury when he pulled-off the scam, but is spending his time now in the Crossbar Motel.

submitted by Steve McDonald

crossed in the mail - Christian correspondence coercion.

e.g., The Muslim was sent a cross in a letter and went postal!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

crossload - Transferring a file from one remote location to another, omitting the download-upload process.

e.g., Jim's new FTP program with it's Crossloading abilities was like a helpful garage monkey who was able to transfer tools from one box to another, without first bringing them to him.

submitted by ashsimmonds

crosspatible - Compatible with all things on all platforms.

e.g., This software is crosspatible, as is my mouse.

submitted by matt

crossplay - From cosplay and crossdressing. Dressing up as a character (usually fictional) of the opposite sex.

e.g., Susan crossplayed as Obi-Wan Kenobi at the convention.

submitted by Brad

crosstitute - Transvestite sex worker.

e.g., I went to the Crosstitutes Rights Convention and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

submitted by Tracy Quan - (www)

crossword recollection - The retelling of an event from the past with a few changes. A memory you know to be false because you were there when it happened. A story that someone tells that makes no sense because of a few glaring details.

e.g., Listening to her talk about the past is like doing the crossword in the New York Times. You know that four down can't be that because you already know what five and eight across are. Hearing her say that her next-door neigbor ran away with her man is just more proof of her crossword recollection.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

crotch-bon - The product of one throwing a candy bon bon and hitting someone in the privates. Crotch-bonned: to be attacked by a bon bon in the crotch region.

e.g., Oh, my God, was he just crotch-bonned? | Don't eat that bon bon; it's a crotch-bon.

submitted by Moose Massey

crotch-rocket - Any street motorcycle built for speed.

e.g., The Honda CBR-900 is one of the most agile crotch-rockets on the market.

submitted by Stephen Mize

crotchcorn - The popcorn that neither ends up in your mouth nor in your hand at the movie theatre, and ends up wedged under your crotch, usually to be eaten later when all the popcorn in the bag is gone.

e.g., Eric was happy as he discovered he had a stash of crotchcorn halfway through the movie.

submitted by Michael Palomino - (www)

crotchgrinder - A person who cannot stop herself from rubbing her crotch in public. Happens more often with men than women.

e.g., Chris is a real crotchgrinder -- we were on a conference call and he was working his junk like it was on fire.

submitted by Jonathan Glaser

crotchroach - A fictional parasite said to inhabit someone who appears to have very bad hygiene. They are similar to lice in behavior, but look almost exactly like cockroaches.

e.g., Chris smells really bad; I bet she has crotchroaches.

submitted by Varun

croteirionics - The science of meat ingestion.

e.g., Al studied croteirionics so he could appreciate a good steak.

submitted by chancellor

crotock - The sound made when you crack the toe joint.

e.g., Oh, crap. I crotocked.

submitted by Catherine Haines

crouchable - Able to be crouched on.

e.g., Look, that spot is quite crouchable.

submitted by Kamil "WoR" Osadzinski - (www)

crouton - Varient of the work cretin- has less 'sting' more affection.

e.g., Don't be such a crouton- you didn't mean to kick the cat, so suicide is not neccessary.

submitted by Andrea George - (www)

croutonious - 1. A food having the characterstics of a crouton, especially stale or dried-out foods that have become crusty or dry. 2. A person that is crusty, dry, or generally cranky.

e.g., 1. Without dipping into my coffee, my biscotti is very croutonious. 2. My croutonious neighbor stole my newspaper again.

submitted by Ryan Thompson - (www)

croutons - Extra items attached to a business deal at the last minute to sweeten the pot for potential buyers of whatever service or commodity is being sold.

e.g., I threw in a bunch of free software packages as croutons for that new office account.

submitted by Paul

crow nyism - A form of behavior, based initially on a pecking order system in the Aviarian Kingdom, whereby a leader dispenses bounty and other valuables to favorites in his inner circle.

e.g., Having received and enjoyed the largest and most succulent pieces of roadkill as acts of crow nyism from the elected "Boss," the murder of crows stood clucking congratulations to the new, black-draped "judge" and cawing defiant, self-praising rhetoric to the rest of the onlookers.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

crow's ear - Crosier, "a staff surmounted by a crook or cross, carried by bishops as a symbol of pastoral office."

e.g., “In 2006, [New York Times writer] journalist Terry Mattingly wrote a column titled ‘Reporters, Crow‘s Ears and Karma Light Nuns,’ which documented a series of factual errors made by journalists when reporting on religion, beginning with the front-page gaffe by Ian Fisher, who referred to Pope John Paul‘s metal staff as a ‘crow‘s ear,’ instead of the correct term of ‘crozier.’”

submitted by HD Fowler

crowdy - Crowdy.

e.g., It is so crowdy I can't get through to the bathroom.

submitted by Jen - (www)

crowl - A noise emitted only by the female of the human variety during the peak of an especially amazing round of sexual contact. The crowl is a rare occurrence, being made only by those who are in touch with their animal. The crowl can be traced back to such orgasmic expressions as the cry and the yowl. Not for amateurs.

e.g., Their adventure in bed was so amazing that all she could do was let go and crowl.

submitted by yagekitty

crowm - A plating of the shiny metal, chromium, on an object; the possession of which causes the owner to strut around and cackle in self-satisfaction.

e.g., I could have had regular wheels on my new red apple Ford Mustang, but I chose 17" special crowm ones, and, wow! They sure catch the chickees' eyes! Nothing but the best for old Chuckie boy!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

crub - Cuss word that is stronger than dang, but weaker than damn.

e.g., Crub, I just dropped my backpack on my foot.

submitted by Valerie - (www)

crub - Gross; smelling bad; dirty; ugly; unattractive.

e.g., "Chris smells like crub after gym class." "Got news for you, B & S. Chris smells like crub before gym class."

submitted by bailey and sheena

crucial - Very good, incredible.

e.g., Ed: Have you seen Boondock Saints? Ted: Yeah, that movie is crucial.

submitted by steve

crucifiction - An alternative spelling of "crucifixion." No evidence I can find, though, that it is preferred by non-Christians who might consider the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection to be untrue.

e.g., The Passion of the Christ is a brutally violent telling of Jesus' crucifiction.

submitted by Miss Speller

cruckle - "Going over" on one's ankle. A common word in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, but seems to be unheard of anywhere else. Can also be found in a dictionary of slang at

e.g., Aaaaarg! I've just cruckled.

submitted by Jonathan Hunt - (www)

crudbunny - The stuff that collects in the corner of your eye.

e.g., Honey, you have a big crudbunny in your right eye.

submitted by Ralph Weedon

crudeite - Someone who is crude, oafish. Often lacking in manners.

e.g., Did you see the crudeite at the salad bar? He was eating lettuce right out of the serving bowl.

submitted by Paul

crudicle - A cruddy little particle. A bit of debris, like a dishwasher sometimes leaves on otherwise clean glassware. Crumbs. Related words: Crudiculovore-someone or something that eats crudicles. Crudiculogenisis-greating crudicles, like crumbling crackers.

e.g., The plates were clean, but the glasses were covered with crudicles and had to be hand washed.

submitted by Tom Dowling

crudmuffins - Dang, shoot, etc.

e.g., Crudmuffins, I left my homework at the house.

submitted by dot136

cruellian - To be very evil and torturous to animals. To be crueler to animals than humans.

e.g., The people in the small village noticed that the seals in the area were disappearing in large numbers. They later found out it was the doing of ilegal Cruellian poachers in the area.

submitted by Kelsey DeLave

cruft - "In hacker jargon, cruft is redundant, old, or improperly written code which needs to be fixed, but tends to stick around. Large software projects invariably accumulate cruft. The concept can be compared to Philip K. Dick's idea of kipple. Cruft is sometimes said to be the software equivalent of dust bunnies.  "Cruft may also refer to useless junk or excess materials (including obsolete computer hardware) that build up over time and have no value.  "In MIT slang, 'cruft' has also come to refer to people who spend a lot of time at MIT even though they are no longer a student there." |   In a more general meaning: detritus, trash. "Possibly blend of crust and fluff, both of which suggest things that are obsolete and superfluous, or influenced by crud."

e.g., No, we're not going to eliminate cruft. The product will be obsolete before we can fix it. | "Sometimes e-mail programs append text to the bottom of each sent message; to make sure this cruft doesn't get posted to your blog, put #end at the end of your post."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

crufty - Cross between "crusty" and "crappy." Stale, old, and uninspiring.

e.g., Professor Van Brummenumphle's lecture on the Kinetic Molecular Theory and Fluffy Bunnies was pretty crufty.

submitted by Kate

crugles - Bits or pieces of something; debris. (NOTE: c pronounced as c in "car")

e.g., Years of not cleaning the couch left many crumbs and crugles underneath the cushions.

submitted by Justin Shertzer

cruisin' for a bruisin' - 80s slang for telling someone she's going to get beat up if she keeps talking the way she's talking or acting the way she'se acting. a more serious form of this would be "cruisin' for a bruisin' in your chevrolet."

e.g., danica wouldn't stop poking on the subway, so i was like, "yo girl, you're cruisin for a bruisin.'"

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

cruising night - The night before trash pickup, when cherry furniture is to be had. Particularly in New York City, because they throw out the best stuff.

e.g., You busy? . . . No? Good, cuz' it's Monday, and that means cruising night.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

cruising with the top down - Chilling out, relaxing, doing your own thing. Comes from driving in a convertible.

e.g., "So, what are you doing this Saturday?" "Just cruising with the top down. I've had a long week."

submitted by Firestorm

cruizin' the snooze-way - Sleeping, dreaming.

e.g., Nina: What did you do last night? Rachel: Nothing much. I was just cruizin' the snooze-way.

submitted by Claire Louise

crum - Something that you dislike, usually an article of clothing of food.

e.g., That's so cheap looking--it's crum. I wouldn't be caught wearing it.

submitted by Matt P

crum-bum - Person who is dirty, lazy. Never leaves the house.

e.g., Katie hasn't left her house in 4 days and she's kinda stinky. What a crum-bum!

submitted by K Jigga

crumb snatcher - An annoying child who gets into trouble all the time, who is seemingly always gobbling snacks and whose face is always sticky with crumbs.

e.g., Alice is coming over and she's bringing her crumbsnatchers with her. Better hide anything you want to keep clean.

submitted by amandalee3579

crumb-fest - A sandwich, since whenever someone eats one they end up with crumbs everywhere. Especially at the zoo.

e.g., Martha: "What did you have for lunch, sweetie?" Bert: "Ham crumb-fest and Sproke."

submitted by Carmabelle

crumbage - Where all the extra flavospice hides in a bag of chips, box of cookies, etc. What's left in the bottom of the container.

e.g., I like the crumbage; it's most tasty.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

crumbed - When you severely stuff something up.

e.g., I crumbed that exam.

submitted by kate

crumbgobbler - 1. A child, especially a trick-or-treater.

e.g., It's Halloween and all the neighborhood crumbgobblers will be out tonight.

submitted by Harry - (www)

crumbler - Someone who hates everything.

e.g., Crumblers don't like to go to parties.

submitted by Mike - (www)

crumbs - Mild expression of shock or regret.

e.g., I left my keys at home. Crumbs.

submitted by sao - (www)

crummy - The vehicle that is used to haul a crew of loggers to work in the woods. It may be a club-cab pickup, a large panel truck or a bus.

e.g., The crummy carrying the loggers came by at 4 a.m. every morning. I can't imagine getting up that early, no matter what they paid.

submitted by Steve McDonald

crump - verb: In ambulance jargon, to die on the way to the hospital, has been used to describe computer crashes in hospitals too.

e.g., The driver is hurt pretty bad, he'll probably crump on the way.

submitted by John C - (www)

crump-up - To tense, in either muscle or thought.

e.g., If you keep acting that way my muscles are going to crump-up, and I might let loose and knock both your eyes into the same socket.

submitted by Helen R

crumpie - A "crumple-zone yuppie," one who won't buy an SUV or other heavy vehicle for environmentalist reasons, instead trusting his luck to his tiny car's impact absorption in a perfect straight-on collision.

e.g., The garbage-truck driver had to stop to scrape a crumpie and his city car off his front bumper.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

crumpped - When someone or something distorts its physical appearence by distorting its body.

e.g., That dog's face is crumpped!

submitted by Spencer B

crumpy - An object that is old, gnarled, dusty, cheap to begin with, in disrepair, and not working.

e.g., You are not putting that crumpy tape in my machine.

submitted by Joseph Lanter

crumpy - Possessing the combined traits of being crabby & grumpy at the same time.

e.g., Chris is very crumpy today -- she needs an attitude adjustment.

submitted by Emmie

crums - Substitute for "crap," "crud," or otherwise possibly offensive words used to express frustration. As an interjection: Crums!

e.g., Little Susie, "Oh, crums, Granny, I left my retainer in the restaurant."

submitted by Who?

crunchel - A combination of crumpled, wadded up, wrinkled and squashed.

e.g., I found my homework cruncheled in the bottom of my locker.

submitted by Debbie

crunchified - Something got crunched, or crunched into pieces.

e.g., Since no example use was included, the editor who saw it was tempted to crunchify the entry.

submitted by Sandy

crunchy - In a bad mood, irritable.

e.g., Don't bother him today, he's crunchy.

submitted by Jeannen

crunchy - Good, in a geekish sense

e.g., Ooooooooh, look at that 60" plasma monitor. Crunchy.

submitted by Sean

crunchyside - Any countryside or woodland that is particularly noisy underfoot. By Che Carter age 5. (ED. God bless small children for words that make us smile. Unfortunately, this particular editor's [to use the third person preferred by pedants] youngest grandchild is now five years old. It's not bad for my grandson -- it's bad for me (to go back to the more natural, but looked down on, first person preferred by . . . me).)

e.g., Mummy, daddy, when will we be at the pub. I don't want to walk in the crunchyside anymore.

submitted by Neil Carter

crunk - Crazy. | Past tense of crank, or to crank.

e.g., We had one crunk time getting out of the concert last night. | The battery was low, and the engine wouldn't crank. I got someone to give me a jump, and now I got the engine crunk up.

submitted by Tammy | Bill

crunkalitious - Ghetto fabulous.

e.g., Your entry is crunkalitious, Jen.

submitted by Jennifer Heitz

crunkle - To put in a bad mood or to to be in a bad mood -- a sort of mix of melancholy and vague irritation. || crunkled: The condition of something, often a piece of paper, which is both crinkled and crumpled. || crunkled: More than crinkled, but not fully crushed.

e.g., Joon felt crunkled after his long wait in the bank line. | These errands are going to crunkle me. || I had a five all crunkled up in the corner of my winter jacket pocket. Now it's gone. Damn. || After my car was sideswiped in a parking lot, the fender was a little crunkled.

submitted by Jonathan || Matthank || Kate Bridges

crupinchit - A way to swear if you are in a situation where you can't swear.

e.g., Oh, crupinchit. I forgot my homework.

submitted by Cassandra

crushed and dunked - A figure of speech used to describe someone who has been blatantly denied something. From one unfortunate experience of a fragile tortilla chip that was been improperly dipped -- it gets crushed and dunked.

e.g., Harold has no chance at all with Danielle. He'll crushed and dunked.

submitted by UberNauf

crushtomer - In retail or service jobs, customers who come in frequently as much to flirt with you as to get whatever it is you're selling or fixing.

e.g., At first I thought Sue was just being friendly, but when she casually mentioned out of the blue that she had no plans for the weekend and asked me what I was up to, I realized she was a crushtomer.

submitted by jim - (www)

crusp - Used to describe the awkwardness when you say something funny but the other person doesn't get it.

e.g., (Adam says something he finds amusing to Luke.) Luke says, "Huh? I don't get it." Adam says, "Nothing. Crusp." And Adam walks off.

submitted by ilikecake - (www)

cruspate - bad, yuck, disgusting, wrong, broken, b0rked...

e.g., This thing has cruspate on it. Can also use plurals like This thing is cruspated.. or this thing has been cruspating for some time.

submitted by Koden

crustache - A mustache that doesn't have enough hair and is "crusty."

e.g., Eww, Chris has a nasty crustache. . . . Shave.

submitted by Jennifer

crustard - The crust layer formed on a mustard cap after it's been in the refrigerator. | The hardened, almost crusty top that forms over custard when it has gone stale.

e.g., He removed the crustard from the cap before squirting the mustard on his sandwich. | He scraped the crustard from the top of the tart to see if it was still worth eating.

submitted by Jason | Steve J Hanning

crustiform - A booger when picked has a crusty end which sticks to your finger, and a liquidy or gelatinous bulb on the other end -- hence, a crustiform.

e.g., Hey Brennan, come look at the size of this crustiform.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

crusty - Adj. Negative word used to describe someone of an undesirable nature with outwardly dodgy appearances. Also used to talk about any negative experiences.

e.g., That girl Paul had his tongue down all night was really very crusty. Or, I ate this steak pie, and found half a fly in it. It was really crusty.

submitted by Cat

crutch - A walk or strut. | From The New Oxford American Dictionary: figurative a thing used for support or reassurance: they use the Internet as a crutch for their loneliness.

e.g., Katy: "Check out that guy's crutch." Jen: "Sweet one. Like Brad Pitt with a splash of Sherman Helmsley to spice it up. I'd do him." || Recent research suggests that excessive dependence on devices such as smartphones and other mobile computers is resulting in devolution. Was hardly news to me. I noticed when engineers in the department started to rely too much on computer power rather than brainpower. | When Chris couldn't remember that Rusty's my son-in-law, I thought it indicated he had pickled his brain by drinking excessively. He said, "HD, you have to remember that I was in the Army for twenty years and met people all over the world. They all wore name badges." "That's right, you depended on that as a crutch so much you lost the ability to remember names that you used to have. Now that I use a cell phone exclusively, the same thing has happened to me. I used to know the phone numbers for about 400 customers. Could pull them out of my memory when I needed to call them. Now I don't even know what my daughter's number is. I just select her name and push the green button." | When I told The Witch what Chris had said, she came back with, "I can see how that happens. For years and years I relied on you so much to remember people's names, I didn't even listen to them." "Ah, I became your crutch." "Yes, you did. And I depend on you more now than ever, but in different ways."

submitted by Amy || HD Fowler

crutcheting - Style of movement caused by, or similar to that caused by the use of crutches. Alt. Spelling: chrutcheting

e.g., Look at how Grissom crutchets around.

submitted by J Ella Smith

cruxtaposition - Standing at the crossroads of life or situation.

e.g., That's quite a cruxtaposition she's gotten herself into.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

cruze - Cruise.

e.g., It's Friday night, so let's go downtown and cruze for chicks.

submitted by TONY D.

cryballs - Eyeballs that are crying

e.g., My seven-month-old granddaughter had been fussing for a while so my son looked her right in the "cryballs" and said, :OK, let's go over to grandpapa's house right now!"

submitted by DEAR ABBEY

crying through one's nose - Crying while loudly blowing your nose.

e.g., Stop crying through your nose.

submitted by star651

cryocrypticaleldermatic - A superstitious elderly man, who believes time travel was discovered in the late 1940s.

e.g., That guy must be a cryocrypticaleldermatic. He looks crazy enough to be one anyway.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

cryosinosis - That indescribable pain one feels in the sinuses when eating ice cream too fast.

e.g., I love frozen yogurt, cryosinosis and all.

submitted by Dave Beers - (www)

cryotherapy - Taming an emotional upheaval by having a good cry.

e.g., After I got un-elected songleader at school, my mom suggested some good, old-fashioned cryotherapy. She was right. It helped.

submitted by natalie

cryptkeeper's call - In books or movies, any despicable comment made by a character to make the readers dislike her, and to make it "okay" for the writer to doe something nasty to bump her off. Happens in Tales From the Crypt_ all the time.

e.g., The ignorant sheriff made his cryptkeeper's call, a comment about how the homeless should all be put in jail -- and was summarily eaten by zombies who just happened to have stopped in the town for lunch.

submitted by Andy

cryptofabulous - A person, usually male, who is outwardly a conformist, but who underneath is artistic, flamboyant, emotional, and very affectionate. Most of the cryptofabulous are heterosexual, but there are some closeted gay men who would fit the term. Many "cryptofabs" live or work in a conservative setting. They are rarely pierced or tattooed, but they may have experimented with temporary body modification. Many of these men hide their cryptofabulosity behind a geeky hobby or profession. Few emo boys are cryptofabulous, because they have trouble hiding their emotions.

e.g., "I didn't know he was cryptofabulous until I caught a glimpse of the gold lamé short shorts as he took off his Brooks Brothers suit." -- paraphrase of Ms. Ruby Slippers, 2003.

submitted by Mikhail - (www)

cryptokey - A hidden or secret key.

e.g., The girl walked onto the Fortina Forest and found the cryptokey of Ashingaf.

submitted by Alyssa Jones

cryptolectrology - 1. The study of loose change, car keys and television remotes. 2. The collected ephemera of such study. 3. A small mess of random objects; a miscellany.

e.g., I'll never find my cellphone in this dump. Would that I had majored in cryptolectrology at university instead of astrophysics.

submitted by Tama Boyle

cryptomaniac - Someone who is completely addicted to puzzles and the solving of puzzles, crosswords, mysteries, unsolved quandaries, untranslatable codes, and alphabets and languages..

e.g., The cryptomaniac is constantly motivated by the promise of solving the problem or mystery, success, accomplishment. It may be hard to pry them away from their consuming passionate activities, but maybe you can lure them away occasionally by something unusually good to eat, or a little play in the play room.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cryptophilaohma - Cript toe fily oma. A word I use to avoid swearing in school. A fun word to use and say. It partly comes from the video game Destroy All Humans, starring an alien named Crypto.

e.g., Owww, I stubbted my toe. Cryptophiliaohma.

submitted by Neil Andrew Etnyre

cryptophotophobia - A fear of hidden light.

e.g., The woman had a severe case of cryptophotophobia.

submitted by Jordan Beverly

cryptotheopolis - A hidden city of gods.

e.g., My English teacher is teaching us about a cryptotheopolis in Rome.

submitted by Samantha Imes

cryptovore - A person who has a voracious appetite for another's secrets; a gossip.

e.g., She is known for being a cryptovore and enjoys broadcasting people's secrets.

submitted by Letitia

crystal ball - Tool used to evaluate whether or not to proceed in a certain direction. (Pre-cyberage fortune tellers used crystal balls to predict the future.)

e.g., Before you pull that trigger, check your crystal ball. You may not like where you're heading.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

crytearyer - The outpouring of emotion when one finally confronts and succumbs to one's inadequacies.

e.g., Unable to pass the test for the seventeenth time, Chris suffered a bout of crytearyer before being escorted from the premises.

submitted by Alan March - Maddams

cryteria - Regular meeting place for a psychotherapy group. Criteria for a cryteria: 1. A separate entrance for anonymity. 2. Chairs set in a circle to accomodate 20 to 30 individuals. 3. Walls thick enough to muffle sounds of crying and sobbing. 4. Central space large enough for group hugs.

e.g., When I saw how much the landlord wanted to increase our cryteria rent, I headed over for a good cry.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ctd - Circling The Drain, slang medical term for a patient who is gravely ill.

e.g., We transferred him to ICU. He's really CTD.

submitted by James Gibson

cthulhoid - (kuh-THOO-loyd; adj.) 1. Like or resembling HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu, an enormous, vaguely manlike creature with a huge betentacled head (like a Whovian Ood or Peter Jackson's watcher in the water from his Lord of the Rings movies); 2. any huge, tentacled monster (resembling Cthulhu) like those appearing in many 50s and 60s monster movies. [From Cthulhu (probably from Greek chthonic "of the earth") + -oid, Greek "like, resembling"). Cthulhu was such a horrifyingly alien creature that his very existence was antithetical to human sanity; indeed, two of the men who discover Cthulhu's house in the South Pacific actually die from simple exposure to him.]

e.g., Giant squids, according to 50s movie lore, were terrifyingly big and powerful cthulhoids who could crush ships and submarines and drag their hapless hulks and crews to a crushing, soggy death in the dark abysses of the sea.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ctrl-alt-smite - How God will destroy the world in the future, as opposed to the old-fashioned flood, fire and brimstone, Armageddon thing. By extension, something you say to or about a person who annoys you to biblical proportions.

e.g., As his boss left the room, Joe made typing motions with his fingers and muttered, "Ctrl-Alt-Smite."

submitted by The Puffin

cty - "Center for Talented Youth," also sometimes distored into "Center for Twisted Youth." It is a summer program.

e.g., Are you going to CTY this summer? I spent my summers at CTY.

submitted by Rachelle

cub-fodder - An extraordinarily weak individual. Someone who raises your ire by her inability to stand up for herself. A person who can turn anyone into a bully. A spineless individual.

e.g., Phyllis: How’d the date go? Hillary: If I were a wolf, I would have eaten him. Phyllis: Are you sure you wouldn’t just break his leg and take him home for the cubs to practice? Hillary: Yeah, okay. He was cub-fodder.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

cube farm - An office area divided into cubicles.

e.g., No, you're not going to have your own "private secretary" when you live on the cube farm, Rollie.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

cube fever - Irritability and extreme restlessness due to working in a confined, cubicle-filled working environment. Like cabin fever, but more intense. Episodes typically increase exponentially on days with nice weather.

e.g., I'm suffering from a wicked case of cube fever. If I don't get out of here soon, I'm going to either lock myself in a file cabinet or staple someone to a wall.

submitted by lilu

cube rescue - To get a colleague to phone you about a vital, imminent meeting that you absolutely must attend, thereby cutting short a visit.

e.g., If Bill comes by my cube and starts talking at me for like, 3 hours, could you do a cube rescue?

submitted by Fiona

cubed - Used in place of "III" or "the third" in a name. I usually use the numerical superscript notation. The same principle goes for anything bigger or smaller, such as "the fourth," "the fifth," "squared," etc.

e.g., John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt cubed is a nice man.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

cubed ice - A wanna-be rapper or someone who freestyle raps very well. Someone who pretends to be ghetto and actually means it.

e.g., That Leemore be one Cubed Ice, look at her freestyle. There's some weird Cubed Ice kid in my class, he keeps calling me B.

submitted by Dmongah

cubenhater - A cubicle worker (generally female) who constantly tattles or complains about her neighboring cubicle workers for trivial things, such as taking personal calls or not wearing nylons.

e.g., Oh, I just can't stand Julia. She's a cubenhater. Just yesterday she was telling Jolene about how Maria took 3 personal cell phone calls and she even had tracked the time of call, duration, and subject matter.

submitted by katy thresher

cuberat - Office workers and other corporate minions--they live in cubicles, see.

e.g., I used to be a cuberat, then I got promoted. Have my own office with a window now--pretty cheap furniture, though.

submitted by damon

cuberg - The little iceberg of ice cubes that glom together in a glass. Term invented many years ago by my friend Sam Haubert.

e.g., Hey, when I poured that Diet Coke and then guzzled it right down, it left a cuberg in the glass.

submitted by Chris - (www)

cubeville - The part of an office where cubicles are set up as the main work space.

e.g., The guys in cubeville are prairie-doggin' again.

submitted by Steve Alvarez

cubic - A 3D, updated version of the slang term "square." To be unhip; out of touch with the times; a prude.

e.g., Bob hasn't wanted to have any fun lately. He's been acting so cubic.

submitted by Brian

cubic cow - 1. The Gateway logo 2. A Gateway computer 3. The Gateway company

e.g., If your computer is a genuine Gateway, it should have a cubic cow on the front.

submitted by Claude Kuffskie

cubicell - Cubicle.

e.g., Corporate policy allows me to have up to three personal items in my cubicell.

submitted by Ben

cubilophobia - The fear of squares.

e.g., I have cubilophobia.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

cublamity - The inevitable seasonal calamity that dooms the Chicago Cubs.

e.g., In 2003 our Cubbies didn't have their Cublamity until the eighth inning of game six with the Marlins. In 2004, the Cublamity hit July 20th, when the Cubs blew an 8-2 lead to the Cardinals and fell ten games back.

submitted by Ty Evans

cucamickle - A foodstuff too pickle-like to be a cucumber and too cucumber-like to be a pickle. Often served at New Jersey diners.

e.g., The waiter gave me a cucamickle with my hamburger and french-fried potatoes.

submitted by Knots - (www)

cuck - Short for cuckold, a man whose wife has sex with other men. Apparently there are many men who encourage the behavior, so it's not always right to call it cheating. A woman whose husband has sex with other women is know as a cuckquean.

e.g., "[Hillary Clinton's] only qualifications for public office were her genitals and the fact that she didn't divorce Bill Clinton, no matter how many times he cheated on her, and it wasn't enough. Her decades of lies and duplicity and power-hungry striving brought her just short of the finish line. That's a continuing source of relief, even for a cuck RINO #NeverTrump traitor like me. ... The Dems backed a candidate who was so awful that she lost to THAT guy, and they just can't seem to accept that they did this to themselves." || You-know-who is not only the first woman to make a serious challenge in a run for President of the United States, she's also the first cuckquean to do so.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

cuckoldafied - To be made a cuckold.

e.g., Was I cuckoldafied when he kissed my girlfriend?

submitted by porty

cucumbersome - Pretty much the same as "cumbersome" but often times used as a euphemism to elicit giggles whilst complaining.

e.g., This interminable cross-checking is cucumbersome.

submitted by kevin purvis

cuddy - Any soft, cuddly toy of the type particularly beloved by little girls. A teddy-bear is a cuddy.

e.g., Marsha's bed was so chock-a-block with all her cuddies that there was nowhere left for her to sleep.

submitted by Anne Walker

cueless - The blank expression on a newsreader's face when the autocue breaks down.

e.g., When they cut to camera 5 and for a moment, he looked cueless.

submitted by Doctor eelpout

cuerpo - It's a proper Spanish term for "body," but here it's used the way we would say "bod."

e.g., My boyfriend sighed in pleasure as I rubbed tanning lotion on his cuerpo.

submitted by Sparki

cuff ~ [f-word] - That's right, the word "cuff" pronounced backward, is [the f-word]. Who woulda thought?

e.g., Cuff might be used rarely as a mild substitute for the sometimes offensive f-word.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cug - That skin that forms on the top of soup when you let it sit for a while.

e.g., I don't want to eat that soup unless you peel off the cug.

submitted by Tevin Hill

cuggin - Chunk of hard snot found in your nose.

e.g., Look at that cuggin in Trevor's nose.

submitted by trevor fleming - (www)

cugglepup - A girl who is squeamish, apprehensive, or morally opposed to full-on sexual intercourse but who uses oral gratification to keep her partner at bay. Derogatory term.

e.g., My girl's just a stupid cugglepup; she doesn't get that sometimes a man needs to feel like a man, you know?

submitted by antwon - (www)

cugus - junk

e.g., get rid of the cugus

submitted by miltonf

cuhht - K-ut. Damn, or smiliar to the term dag.

e.g., Cuhht, that Keith is so fine.

submitted by yule

cukular - Cukular, rather like a cuke, cucumber, in some salient way. Rather looks like a cuke, or tastes like one, smells perhaps like a cucumber, satisfies like one, and or a combination thereof.

e.g., Nukes are nucular [sic], circles are circular, and cukes are cukular. Have you enjoyed a cucumber today? Cukes in your salad, cukes in your soup [rare], cukes in your pickles, every way you like to eat them, it is impossible to beat them [Chiquita Banana]. Cukular applications are safer than nucular [sic] bombs, more flavorful than mere circular abstractions?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cul-ture - A form of torture, in which the prisoner is forced to endure incessant preaching by adherents of fringe religions.

e.g., The captive terrorist was unfased by traditional forms of torture, so the CIA decided to try cul-ture.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

culcium - An illegal liver-destroying drug taken through the elbow. Can cause silverish effects.

e.g., That man just took some culcium. I'm calling the cops.

submitted by Mike Hall

culinentia - Suddenly forgetting why you are in the kitchen.

e.g., So I walked into the kitchen to get something and when I opened the fridge I had culinentia and couldn't remember why I was there.

submitted by Goliath - (www)

culkin - White trash; lower income family, perhaps who had one short-term phase of success -- the word was proliferated via a popular comedy podcast, DTWF, and the host, Deena. (ED. For one not in the know, and one who hasn't yet seen the podcast being flogged, a connection with the former successful child star Macaulay Culkin is inevitababble.)

e.g., You are honoring your culkin roots by admitting that your favorite dinner is macaroni and government cheese.

submitted by Deena - (www)

cullection - A group of objects or friends gathered by the process of selectively eliminating the things and people one does not want around.

e.g., Sissy sat at the computer, newly opened to her Facebook page. "Let's see," she said, with a slight frown creasing the brow of her pretty, young forehead, "Pookey Ward. Yesterday she made faces at me in the lunchroom, the little snit! Bye, Bye, Pookey," she said, cancelling Pookey's listing in, and access to, Sissy's page. She repeated the process with a succession of three or four other young girls, and signed off. "There," she said smugly to no one at all, "I now have the best cullection of friends ever!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

cullip - To choose the best lip.

e.g., I want some sugar tonite wife, glad I ain't gotta cullip.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

cullum - That which can't be explained. Just is.

e.g., To be at one with the Cullum you must shminkelate your Fleugin.

submitted by King Cullum

culminultimation - The ultimate culmination of a process or series of events that will lead to a conclusion.

e.g., The Battle of Stalingrad was the culminultimation of Hitler's vs. Stalin's strength.

submitted by Joel Parker

culp - (v.) 1. To fix blame, especially as part or as a result of lengthy debate; 2. To assume responsibility for an unlawful, illegal, spiteful, mean, or otherwise nasty action, especially one for which no one else has claimed responsibility; 3. To heap blame upon someone, especially upon (a) someone innocent, (b) someone everybody else has forgiven, or (c) yourself. [From the Latin _culpare_"to blame."]

e.g., "You did this!" "Me?! it was all your fault!" "You're the one with the 'oh-yeah-we've-got-lots-of-time attitude." "Well, we did until you messed everything up, and we had to move everything up!" "Hey, guys! Guys! Sitting about culping all day isn't helping." | "So, has anyone claimed responsibility for the hijacking?" "Nobody's culped to it yet, no."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

cultural latency - The converse of cultural literacy, which measures how versed one is on the music, literature, and events of the times, cultural latency is a measure of how far behind the times one has become.

e.g., Chuck's dad still thinks that going into the crane position from _Karate Kid_ when he pretends to fight is still hysterical. If my dad had a 17-year cultural latency, I'd die.

submitted by Jason

culturalismaticalisthenics - The automation process of being a creative individual, or one who contributes regularly to community with a dedicated studio practice.

e.g., Today I have certainly flexed my inner-most culturalismaticalisthenics to breathe life into a new piece of art.

submitted by TJ Norris - (www)

culture jamming - "Culture jamming is the act of using existing mass media to comment on those very media themselves, using the original medium's communication method." Associate with "radio jamming" for the concept of "jamming" or interfering with the "message."

e.g., Gadfly Online: "Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor, alike -- anyone who rejects the consumerism of today and does something about it is a culture jammer."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

cumbersominate - Making a thing cumbersome.

e.g., Luke: I can't metaphysical poetry. Lucas: I know. John Donne just cumbersominates the way poetry ought to be with all that complex imagery.

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

cume - Cumulative. As in "cumulative gross" for the total box office revenue a film has taken in. Not in

e.g., "Evan Almighty (-55% for the most expensive comedy ever made) placed third, eking out $5.1 mil Friday from 3,636 playdates. It should finish the weekend in the $15 mil to $16 mil range with a new cume around $60 mil." After starting the week weak on Wednesday, Live Free or Die looks to be headed for a $30 million opening week, not bad for the fourth John-McClane-saves-the-world saga. Action aplenty and lots of fun, the film's title could well have been Improbable.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

cump - An unidentifiable mass of something utterly disgusting that could easily be mistaken for cream cheese, sour cream, and puke combined.

e.g., After the big party, the sink was clogged with a bunch of cump.

submitted by Lance Boer - (www)

cumulonimby - (KYOO-myoo-low-NIM-bee; n.) A "nimby" (an acronym for "not in my back yard") a person who objects to locating a necessary civic project --- like a prison, a sewage treatment plant, a halfway house, etc. --- anywhere near their own property for fear of property devaluation or bad smells or something. A cumulonimby is a large group or gathering of nimbys, to attack a particular development or a given development agenda. [From Greek 'cumulus' "a pile, a heap" + 'nimby.']

e.g., "Did you see all the nimbys? "Outside the county offices?" "Yeah: Thirteen hundred nimbys against the new prison's being located in Brown County." "And, look at the new headlines! Seven hundred camped out on the lawn in Underwood!" "Underwood? Oh, yeah: in case the Brown County nimbys are successful in keeping the prison out---" "Out of Brown County, yeah." "So we have cumulonimbys at both ends?" "Yeah."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

cundie - Drain.

e.g., Pete's marbles went down the cundie.

submitted by Peter Horne

cunfuctuat - Difficult, tempestuous and belligerant individual.

e.g., Yes, she's a confuctuat. ... Even worse, he's pleased with himself for being the way she is.

submitted by Emma Mcdowall - (www)

cup-of-tea-and-a-laydown - When you're stuffed from a hard day's work and you just want to go to bed, you need a cuppa and a lay down.

e.g., Deb: "How was your day?" Dee: "I need a cup-of-tea-and-a-lay-down."

submitted by Dee

cupboardy - Used to describe a room (usually empty) that is somewhat cold and chilly. For example, in an abandoned house.

e.g., Can we get out of this place? It's a bit too cupboardy for my liking.

submitted by James McKay

cupcake - A group of people participating in an activity.

e.g., Come join our cupcake.

submitted by Kaya

cuppy - Someone that drinks their milk from their cereal bowl.

e.g., Larry was a cuppy today at the breakfast table.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

cureasow - A place to send someone who eats too much for healing.

e.g., At lunch today our pal Chris pigged out, grabbed my portion, and hogged all of the French Fries on the table -- so we sent her to Cureasow.

submitted by Frank J. Mandriota

curled - All wrapped up in what you are into.

e.g., I am curled around that song--let's jam a bit more on it.

submitted by Maribee

curley - On edge or anxious; needing to be straightened out.

e.g., He was all curley about having to give a big presentation.

submitted by Gregg Robinson

curly-kata - Descriptive of performing Three Stooges slapstick in a ritualised, slo-mo, Tai-Chi kind of way. Usually performed in public.

e.g., Samara tried Curly-kata on me, with the two-fingers-in-the-eyes thing. I blocked her with the hand-between-the-eyes thing. It took only a few seconds -- and was strangely soothing.

submitted by Shrinker

curnt - Electrical phenomenon that causes shocks.

e.g., I turnt on the curnt and got burnt.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

currantsy - Global money markets in their present nervous condition.

e.g., You can say that the world banks will step up and support the Euro, and that U.S. paper dollars are safely backed by the full faith and credit of our country, but when Greece holds a going-out-of-business sale, and the purchasing power of American money drops lower than Canada's, I get antsy about currantsy.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

curridious - To be worried and curious at the same time.

e.g., Is everything good between the two of them? Because I am very curridious.

submitted by NAYLOR

curry - (n) Person who transfers files from one site to another. (v) To fxp data across remote sites.

e.g., I need some new curries on my site. Did you curry the new DMX?

submitted by kuniva

currycom - A word much used on wet Sundays by men of a certain type. The place to buy any electrical goods--Currys and Comet so often being close neighbours that you can never seem to remember which one you saw the bargain in.

e.g., Lets go to currycom and buy a new lamp.

submitted by fiona

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