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convo - Abbreviation for conversation.

e.g., Jodi and I had a convo about you yesterday.

submitted by P. Bains

convolutationism - The state of believing in convoluting things.

e.g., He described the idea with a lot of needless convolutationism.

submitted by Rowan GypsyFoot

convoluvulous - A swirling coming together, a thing of blended beauty

e.g., The convolvulous grain in the wood around the knothole is beautiful. My canoe was almost swamped in the convolvulous current where the two streams joined.

submitted by Steve Marsh - (www)

convoyeurism - The nighttime inclination to drive slightly behind and at the same speed as another vehicle equipped with a DVD player, in order to view the flip-down LCD screen through its windows.

e.g., As soon as I saw Julie Andrews performing in the SUV next to me, I couldn't resist lapsing into a spell of convoyeurism that lasted until I had to exit the freeway.

submitted by Daud Zoss

conyetch - Certainly, of course, naturally, sure, that's right, precisely. (From the Russian, konyechny.)

e.g., At one time some people used the slang term "natch," short for naturally to mean right, sure, yeah, I agree. At some time in the 21st century they started to use "conyetch" in a similar way .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

coo' - A variation of cool; usually used when talking about something that's happened or will happen

e.g., I can't wait till the party, it'll be so coo'. OR "That's coo'."

submitted by Adam

coochypigs - Woodlice.

e.g., Kal screamed as she picked up the discarded bucket, "An infestation of coochypigs!"

submitted by kal

cooda - Fantastic, brilliant, awesome

e.g., The pseudocictionary is cooda.

submitted by Jennifer

cooked - Ruined. What happens when an Mp3 is improperly ripped. An annoying hiccupping glitch noise in the song.

e.g., Crap, this Mp3 is cooked.

submitted by Toby

cookie - The black paths left on a roadway after spinning the tires until they smoke, racing ahead at 80mph, then pulling the emergency brake and turning the wheel 90 degrees hard left. From above, the pattern is rounded, resembling a cookie.

e.g., Now that I put a new engine in and racing slicks on my Camaro, we can go out and spin some cookies on Main Street.

submitted by Nathan Hopper

cookie roll - One of those little "donette" donuts that doesn't really have a hole (more of a navel on both sides), especially the powdery kind. Coined by a toddler attempting to ask for one. It was sweet and breadlike, so he called it a "cookie (sweet) roll (bread)."

e.g., We've got cake, ice cream, soda pop, pie, cookies, and cookie rolls.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

cookienymer - One who knows the name of all cookies.

e.g., The baker is somewhat of a cookienymer.

submitted by Megan Clark

cooking the favorite dish - Means to provide sexual satisfaction for someone.

e.g., He's happy today. She cooked his favorite dish last night.

submitted by Steve McDonald

cooking-tele - A more exciting and original word for a run of the mill microwave.

e.g., "Mum, wot's on the cooking-tele? "Custard, dear."

submitted by treena

cool - Meaningless word used by lazy British journalists to prefix any large amount of money.

e.g., Last week, Mr. Smith won a cool million. And you can own the car for a cool hundred thousand.

submitted by Adam Leslie

cool bananas - Wicked, fantastic.

e.g., I got the job. Cool bananas.

submitted by Ra

cool beans - Way too cool stuff.

e.g., Cool beans garbanzo.

submitted by souzos

cool in the gang - Cool..

e.g., Do you want to come to my house tonight? Yeah, cool in the gang.

submitted by Victoria

cool sore - A small cold sore.

e.g., I got this gross cool sore on my lip. I hope people will think it's only a pimple.

submitted by Bob Boarker

cool-incidence - When two cool things happen at the same time.

e.g., I won the lottery at the very same moment that I learned that I lost 20 lbs. What a Cool-incidence.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

coolafied - Someone you just decided is cool has been coolafied.

e.g., John has been coolafied.

submitted by Ryan Crystal - (www)

cooler - Guy whose luck is so monumentally awful that he's employed by a Las Vegas casino to bring bad luck to a hot gambler simply by brushing up against him.

e.g., Bring the cooler down and put him on the geezer at the roulette wheel.

submitted by HD Fowler

coolfunky - Not just cool, not just funky.

e.g., Coolfunky!

submitted by Lisa Cirčlle Hansson - (www)

coolie doolies - Alternative way of saying cool, more stylish,

e.g., "Wanna go out?" "Yeah, coolie doolies." | "I'll be back in a sec." "Coolie doolies."

submitted by marianne

coolies - Evolved form of the word "cool" that is used usually as a reply to a statement.

e.g., Statement: I just found $50 on the sidewalk. Reply: Coolies.

submitted by Jason Haynes

coolio - a person- preferably in their teens- who is beyond cool

e.g., Rebekah is the most coolio kid in the school.

submitted by Erin

coolio g-mony - Cool, man.

e.g., Well, all right, Coolio G-mony.

submitted by Joelle

coollike - To coollike is to hug a fridge. (Quote Charlie McDonnel.)

e.g., Chris is coolliking.

submitted by Aly Silverberg

coolrunnings - "Everything is good" or "couldn't be better."

e.g., "How's it going?" "Coolrunnings."

submitted by serenity

coolsumer - Someone who tries to buy coolness. A shopper who buys trendy products, especially those aimed at hipster or counterculture types.

e.g., Did you see Ken buying all those Japanese noise CDs and Chris Ware comics? He's a coolsumer.

submitted by James DiGiovanna - (www)

coolth - Antonym of warmth.

e.g., Yes, the air conditioner is working. Put your hand over the vent and feel the coolth.

submitted by darms

coom - The accidental misspelling of a URL resulting in the find of a more relative website. | A silence breaker, used during awkward silences.

e.g., A great coom resulted in finding instead of when the new parents were shopping for their baby's first tricycle. | Angela and Michael couldn't think of anything else to say other than, "Coooom" in a soft, deep voice.

submitted by Michael and Angela - (www)

coonspiracy - A conspiracy, as carried out by raccoons. Heard about the Halloween prank of outhouse-tipping from my grandparents. They had a concrete walk going to their outhouse -- still there until I was about eight years old, but no longer used. They had a concrete cistern to collect rainwater for indoor use in the days before city water was piped in. The cistern was a cylinder about ten feet tall and ten feet in diameter. Its walls were about six to eight inches thick. In later years a door was blasted in it and shelves were built so it could be used to store home-grown potatoes. It doubled as a tornado shelter in case one was ever needed.

e.g., "Given the way outhouses in my neighborhood have been getting tipped over lately, I have no doubt that it's the result of a coonspiracy that started last Halloween."

submitted by Miss Speller

coop - To get rid of evidence quickly.

e.g., Quick, your mom's coming. Coop your cigarette.

submitted by Muffinstein

coopacornea - Old Australian spyglass used to spot approaching police or helpful abo's down under and up top as well

e.g., My best mate still has one a those bonzer coopacorneas passed down from great-great-great grandparents -- our dingo likes to go fetch it

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

coopervision - The ability to see through barrels. (A cooper was a medieval barrelmaker.)

e.g., Cheryl has coopervision. She saw right through that barrel. She also saw through my plans for our date. Rats.

submitted by Chris Duddle

coot - It's a cuter version of cute, what more needs to be said! To be used with young children, animals and basically anything else that makes you go oooooooo.

e.g., Her: Why did you make it rainnnn? Me: Cause your hair goes all coot and curly in the rain.

submitted by Pete Mattison

cootchamuhtassi - (kootch-uh-muh-tas-ee) A saggy pimple.

e.g., My teacher walked into class one day with a cootchamuhtassi on her face. | That is one humongous cootchamuhtassi you have on your butt, Chris. Eeewwww.

submitted by Antwan

cooth - Cooth may be from Shakespeare's time or thereabouts, and is equivalent to our modern "cool."

e.g., William's plays are all so cooth. There is no comparison; they make us swoon and shake with merriment.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cop drop - The sly act of dropping your cel phone as soon as you see a cop so you don't get a ticket for talking while driving.

e.g., Sorry, I had to cop drop you. | "What happened?" "Cop drop."

submitted by Jen Lippman

cop-trot - The speed to which everyone slows down while driving when they spot a police car.

e.g., The cop car going the same way caused us all to do the cop-trot. We all drove 45 mph on the freeway.

submitted by Mallard

copacetic - Fine, excellent, going just right.

e.g., Fred: How are you doing? Red: Copacetic.

submitted by Ron Ray - (www)

coparana - Dancing the Macarana "up against the wall and spread 'em."

e.g., The dance floor went wild doing the coparana.

submitted by Tim Ward

copathetic - Opposite of copacetic, really lousy--in an rather pathetic way. All botched up.

e.g., His inane use of words he didn't understand revealed that Doug's grasp of the language was copathetic.

submitted by Dave Violette

cope - As a noun: something good, something done well. As a verb:- to do something well

e.g., Friday's soccer game was a cope. I coped that math exam.

submitted by brown buffalo

cope show - something done extremely well.

e.g., That driving exam was a cope show.

submitted by brown buffalo

copiavita - Living an amazing abundant life, whether materially, physically or spiritually.

e.g., He is overflowing with energy, joy, money, time to live the life he chooses, peace of mind and love - a classic case of copiavita.

submitted by Peter Morgan - (www)

copma - The kind of luck (good or bad) that you have with the cops. Similar to parkma.

e.g., He's been pulled over six times since he moved here, and he's never gotten a ticket. That's some seriously good copma.

submitted by Geo - (www)

copophilia - (pronounced cop o' feel ya): The phenomenon of offering a police officer low level sexual favors in return for NOT writing a traffic ticket.

e.g., The judge in traffic court found that I wasn't guilty of speeding, but fined me $300 for copophilia.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

coprotopia - A social system that is utterly crappy.

e.g., It dawned on John that he would never be able to get out of his shabby rental since he was stuck living in a dismal coprotopia.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

copsicle - A variety of security guard or officer riding some form of seemingly useless transportation. Good examples are college campus police in golf carts, mall security guards in little jeeps or police riding bicycles. Even funnier when they are the overweight variety.

e.g., There was no way that chubby copsicle would catch up with the shoplifter, he couldn't pedal fast enough!

submitted by Jillian

copsicle - A poilce officer (or semi police personnel), usually a campus police officer, on a bicycle.

e.g., The copsicle gave me a ticket. What is he going to do? Take me to jail in his basket?

submitted by Dane Rauschenberg

copter - An all-purpose term to replace slang terms with negative connotations. Can be used around people who are sensitive to such terms.

e.g., Ed. I can't believe Chris cut you off after school, and then flipped YOU the bird. That's just copter. Ted. No, that's just Chris.

submitted by Terry Johnson - (www)

copulated - Not to be confused with the verb "copulated," this is an adjective much like "populated"-- used in reference to the number of police in a given area.

e.g., I wouldn't speed too much along that section of highway because the area is heavily copulated.

submitted by ditnis

copuless - Abstinent.

e.g., "During Lent we are supposed to be copuless." "Say what?"

submitted by Stanislaus Moss

copululation - Two police cars parking side by side, facing opposite directions, with the officers chatting to each other out the windows.

e.g., I flew past these two higway patrolmen at about 85mph--they were too busy copululating to notice me.

submitted by Phungus

copversation - Conversation between two cops while parked in their squads side-by-side facing opposite directions.

e.g., Look, Earl, them two police is having a copversation over there.

submitted by Judy Langer

copymark - A copymark allows free copying and distribution of intellectual property. The work may not be sold, altered or modified from its original form without the creator's permission.

e.g., I copymark some of my music to retain credit, and to publicize my sounds.

submitted by Tom Day

copywrite - (n.) 1. A variant (or solecism, if you're a purist,) of the legal term "copyright" (which means "the right to copy (or repeat) a given work," including the idea of distribution or sale); (v.) 2. Like "copyright," "copywrite" appears to have the same meaning: To secure a legal right against unauthorized misappropriation, misattribution, reproduction, distribution, transmission, or performance of your own work. [There's also a passive participle "copywritten."]

e.g., "A district court just rejected a claim alleging that briefs were copywritten. fromEdward White v. West Publishing Corp, No. 12-1340 (S.D.N.Y.)," Debra Cassens Weiss,"Cut-and-paste brief brings sanction for Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer in tossed suit over Pitbull lyric," ABA Journal website (February 25, 2013), Comment 24 (posted by "Joe," March 1, 2013).

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

copywriter - A writer who works in advertising. The conceiver of ideas and writer of copy. Commonly used but not deemed worthy by normal dictionary standards.

e.g., Noah is a Senior Copywriter at Thibeault Advertising.

submitted by noah

coralatory - To affect something else.

e.g., Food has a coralatory effect on my weight.

submitted by Lynn Duffield

corall'd - When you are feeling generally crappy or overly tired.

e.g., I'm feeling corall'd after last night.

submitted by kate

cordeal - (core-DEAL; intr. v.) 1. To speak the truth despite its having devastating, even catastrophic consequences; 2. to remain loyal or loving despite monstrous betrayal; 3. to return to assist someone who has turned from you or betrayed you purely out of loyalty; 4. to be brutally honest, even if it hurts the speaker or the hearer. [From Shakespeare's King Lear, who demands that his three daughters (Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia) vie to declare which loves him best. Cordelia refuses, and Lear disowns and banishes her; she nevertheless returns and attempts to save her father after Goneril and Regan rebel and usurp the royal authority.] (cf. "Learize," "Gonerillify," and "Reganate.")

e.g., If you read the whole of Perrault's Cinderella, you discover that Cinderella cordeals amazingly, finding wealthy husbands for her cruel stepsisters and taking no vengeance on he evil stepmother.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

cordelia - Savage-tongued, gossipy young woman. Inspired by the character Cordelia Chase, from TVs Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

e.g., I'm so outraged I just have to realize the Cordelia within and tell all.

submitted by Meghan

cordon blanche - A free hand to cook whatever takes one's fancy, an amalgam of cordon bleu and carte blance.

e.g., "Gary, what do you want for dinner tonight?" "Anything you like, Hilde; I will give you cordon blanche."

submitted by Colin Taffel with acknowledgements to Ga

corduroian - A person who is laid back about fashion and, therefore, on most days of the week and for most occasions, wears corduroy.

e.g., With his laid back attitude and the flannel shirt, I knew he was a corduroian.

submitted by M. K. O'Leary

cordy'all - Southern graciousness.

e.g., Dwayne Johnston of Mobile, Alabama, is a Southern gentleman. Well-groomed and impeccably dressed, always with a string tie and white waistcoat, he greets men with a wide smile, and a firm handshake. ↵ ␊ He clasps a woman's hand warmly and gazes kindly into her eyes, and inquires into her health. Genial and affable, he responds mainly positive, with "Yes, Ma'am" and "Yes, Suh." He never discusses politics. ↵ ␊ Escorting a lady in his car, he opens the car door for her as she enters and exits, and offers his arm for support as they go into the venue. ↵ ␊ Dwayne is much more than "cordial;" he is "cordy'all." He is also a figment of contemporary imagination.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

core-quip - (n.) 1. a apothegm, saying, saw, maxim, proverb, sound-bite vel cet., upon which someone bases their perception of or responses to circumstances. Very often, core-quips are the 21st century substitute for a life philosophy: they are like core-value fast food: they sound classy and require no hard knocks to learn or to adopt... and everybody simply nods at them, no questions asked---of course, very often, they are just banal truisms that deserve no discussion. Core-quips are usually poinky (q.v.) or witty and are rarely, if ever, analyzed or subject to any internal scrutiny by their utterers, although (Heaven knows) they ought to be.

e.g., Popular core-quips that probably need reexamining: * No news is good news. [No: no news is no news; Remember, the Carpathia heard nothing about the Titanic sinking only a few miles away (of course, the radioman had turned the radio off, but still).] * If you think your bundle's too heavy, try lifting your neighbors.] [This makes no sense at all. So your neighbors bundle is heavier than yours; so what? That doesn't lighten yours; it's still too heavy.] * Nothing is black or white. [True: most things are covered in smaller and smaller black and white dots. But, you know, reducing everything to "black," "white," and shades of "grey" is seriously oversimplifying things.] * Believe in yourself and you can do anything. [um. No, you can't.] * Play the hand you're dealt. [This one's funny, since any poker player can tell you the first thing you do with a five-card-draw hand is trade in cards you can't use. Sure: play the hand you're dealt, but remember, playing the hand means trying to make the hand better.] * Focus on what's right in your world instead of what's wrong. [Then you just end up with a whole lot of unaddressed wrong.] * Advice after mischief is like medicine after death. [Hm. That's true of the individual perhaps (but what about epinephrin to a stopped heart?). And we seem to come up with most medicine after a lot of people die. Think of penicillin or the polio vaccine.] * Worrying never changed anything. [Bull. Before the D-day Invasion, British intelligence dropped a body with a briefcase full of fake invasion plans on a beach. German intelligence had to take the false information into account, of course, and their worrying about the false information tremendously assisting in diverting the German defenses away from the Normandy beaches. Worrying accomplished quite a lot there.] * Almost only counts in horseshoes. [Armored limousines and extra security exist because of almosts. Almost ALWAYS counts, unless you're just playing horseshoes, of course. No one cares about horseshoes but horses.] * Seeing is believing [This one's just stupid: seeing is (for our purposes here) knowing; believing is believing. You don't need to believe in something if you can see it.] * You only get one chance to make a first impression. [Perhaps, but only fools rely entirely on their first impressions.] * Expect the worst and you can never be disappointed. [Yeah, but you'll never be very happy, either.] * Poor planning on your part doesn't create an emergency on mine. [Nuclear accidents, many diseases, and most wars are the result of poor planning.] * Never regret anything that makes you smile. [Are you insane?] * You can't judge a book by its cover. [That was before they made dustjackets and paperbacks. With pictures. Unless someone is screwing around with the cover art, you often CAN judge a book by its cover.] * If you can't bite, don't show your teeth. [Sometimes baring your teeth may drive off a hunter intent on easier prey. Don't just meekly knuckle under, no matter what this quip dictates.] * Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. [Be VERY careful of this one. Calling something a "molehill" doesn't make it a "molehill." As the poet says, "Do not by 'small' things be betrayed: some molehills are of mountains made."]

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

corel, to - To inundate with bugs when a user switches to a new .0 release of Corel software. Corelphobia = fear of Corel products.

e.g., So you've been corelled. More than 10 years ago, I purchased a version of the QuattroPro spreadsheet program. I updated to new versions through 6.0. Some time after that, Corel purchased the company. Later versions always had many more bugs in them than the versions before Corel took over. So, I've continued to use 6.0 – it does everything I need it to do (pretty simple stuff, really) and I've never run into any bugs. I have always thought that was amazing for a .0 release. I have what amounts to zerophobia, a fear of .0 software releases. I try to avoid them. I'm willing to wait a while for a .1 release that corrects the bugs in the initial release, the one that introduced new functionality. Because of the problems I experienced, I also have Corelphobia. I'm far, far too old to waste any of the precious time I have left on Earth with any Corel products. If it says Corel on the box, I just move along and look for something else.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

corhea - Twin-headed South American ostrich-like flightless bird.

e.g., The corhea was so rheviled by the rhegular rheas that it/they{?} rhemoved to norhtheasterhn Asia; that was the rheal rheason they named the countrhy after the birhd (rheally? - rhot!). The rhight rheason was that the rhea rheacted rhegally; it was rheally rhoyalty.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

corish - Very cool, extremely challenging.

e.g., Theory of Complex Variables is my most corish 7th grade course.

submitted by matron

corkeltite - Cement industry innovation--corkletite is made out of glass and toothpaste.

e.g., Corkletite may be more expensive initially, but it lasts longer than regular concrete.

submitted by Lauren

corleoned - To make an offer that someone cannot refuse. Either through bodily harm or overt pressures of violence.

e.g., The store clerk was corleoned into opening the safe.

submitted by chris

corn chip - Pitiful attempt at a ponytail by guys trying to grow out their hair. Always the size of a corn chip and usually curled under or all over the place.

e.g., Jiff was proud of his luxurious locks. Unfortunately, whenever he tried to pull them back into a sassy style, the result was a corn chip.

submitted by Elizabeth Pickering

corn flake - ddd

e.g., ddd

submitted by ddd

corn maze - (n.) 1. something believed to be the simplicity of simple folk ("rustics," "yokels," "hillbillies," and so forth) which turns out to be quite complex; also, antithetically, 2. a problem which can be easily resolved if one is willing to break the rules; 3. "Cornmazement": the shock accompanying the discovery that something is a "corn maze" as defined above.

e.g., Cop: "Aha! Ya'll rigged up a still for whiskey, didn't ya?" Zeke: "Nope, we done set this up as a distillery to study possible nonfossil fuels." Cousin Zeb: "Yeah, we're a-hopin' we can git a vigreux column or two, cuz that'd really help with compound fractionation." Cop: "... um, yeah. Okay, well, I'll leave you to it." Miss Pearl: "Ya'll done denaturin' them ethanols?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

corn phone - A type of cell phone. A person speaks into the shuck portion and listens through the cob. The cob is placed in the shuck when not in use.

e.g., Bob called George on his new corn phone.

submitted by Scooter

corn pome [sic] - This is either a pome (poem) about or praising corn -- or, a pome that is like downhome, or corny. (-:

e.g., I'm liking corn and growing corn and eating corn and great fields of corn, so corn pome is suiting me just fine.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

corn starch - Both the feeling of and remedy for jock itch.

e.g., Jim. Why do you keep fidgeting? Ed. Corn starch. Jim. Well, go get some corn starch.

submitted by Zak

cornball - A very annoying and unpleasant person.

e.g., I don't think we want to bring Chris to the party. He's kind of a cornball.

submitted by rick

cornbinder - Any vehicle made by International Harvester Co.

e.g., Based on the what International made before they made trucks. After seeing an old International pickup going down the road, "There goes a cornbinder."

submitted by Don Waltenspiel

cornbread - Reference to the song "No sex in the champagne room" by Chris Rock. In it he says "Cornbread. Ain't nothin' wrong with that." So I made up this word to mean that someone is perfect and you can't find anything wrong with her, just like cornbread.

e.g., Girrrrl, did you see that fine blonde guy? He was cornbread.

submitted by Serra - (www)

corndogging - Being excessively stupid or making an unwise decision. It may also refer to the being geeky, as in, unwise to the ways of the world.

e.g., He was really corndogging when he tried to make his own fireworks.

submitted by Jacob S.

cornduroy - Rows of a field of corn resembling corduroy fabric.

e.g., You'll see a lot of cornduroy when driving through Wisconsin.

submitted by liz

corner - One who corn. That is, one who always speaks melodramatically or with undue sentiment.

e.g., We all knew Chris was a corner-- always harping about her horrible life was and how she never got the things she wanted.

submitted by Sean - (www)

cornholio, to pull a - An alternative state of mind brought on by over-consumption of energy-boosting products, usually the night before a deadline. Also known as a "red bullfight." Marked by excessive twitchiness, loss of reasoning, incessant incomprehensible jabbering, lapses in consciousness, and disheveled or odd appearance.

e.g., "What the hell is wrong with Josh? He's running around like a maniac." "Don't worry too much. He has to hand in his essay today, and he's just pulling a cornholio at the moment." "He's just having a red bullfight."

submitted by OJ - (www)

cornify - To reduce the value of statements due to ingenuity.

e.g., Instead of a real response to the e-mail, I merely attempted to cornify the e-mail I received.

submitted by d. stuart smith

cornnoble - Hit by a fish. Apparently from a misspelling when Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words was put online. Mrs. Bryne gives the meaning as "hit by a fist."

e.g., Go back in there and the onliest thing that will happen is that you will get cornnobled again.

submitted by Miss Speller

cornography - An illicit, underground industry catering to the prurient interests of those who are titillated by the procreational activities of Zea, a tall, cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears.

e.g., The entire farming community was shocked to learn that the Jolly Green Giant was caught producing and distributing cornography.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

cornography - Blatantly cheesy, overtly and transparently glib line. Usually an excuse or a line.

e.g., Man I can't believe Lucy bought that. That was pure cornography.

submitted by Stuart McDonald

cornunar - (cor'-noo-nar'; adj.) of or pertaining to a person who professes (mistakenly) to know more about a subject than someone else. (n.) the refutation or rebuttal serving to demonstrate that the person refuted does _not_ know the subject or understand the principle in question at all. [Short for Quenya _i cormu na cornunar_ "both rings are round": JRR Tolkien responded to a know-it-all's declaration that Tolkien's Ring "is the ring of the Nibelungs." Tolkien declared that "both are round; there the resemblance ends" (or words to that effect).]

e.g., I knew a student once who thought Kurasawa's _Seven Samurai_ was a poor copy of _the magnificent seven." of course, it's the other way around: _Seven Samurai was made in '54, while the _magnificent Seven_ was made in 1960. ... Cornunar.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

cornwallis - an actual place and surname, but used in speech primarily because the untrained ear finds it funny or stupid sounding. Ergo, anything lame or stupid.

e.g., That tie is really cornwallis, Steve. I'm urged to take scissors to it.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

cornyfunny - Both corny and funny at the same time.

e.g., The movie we watched was more than just funny, it was cornyfunny.

submitted by Kristen - (www)

coron - (v., pronounced CORE-un, to rhyme with 'foreign') 1. to inspect and analyze (i.e., autopsy, necropsy) dead bodies (implicitly human, but animal as well); 2. to serve as a coroner; 3. to watch forensic evidence tv shows (e.g., CSI, Bones, and the like). The Gerun form is "coroning."

e.g., Do you want to go see Dark Knight, or are you just gonna sit around and Coron all evening?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

coronate - A variation on "crown." What happens at a coronation.

e.g., We were talking about getting our first TV set to watch the Queen being coronated in 1953.

submitted by ALISON

corp ulent - Describing an particularly stolid business entity, heavy in cash, weighty in assets, and often bulging with marketable securities.Suc h companies are often prime candidates for takeovers.

e.g., The Hersey Corporation not only has products that are deliciously sweet and highly caloric, but as a company is itself rich and corp ulent. Yum!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

corp-help book - One of those little tomes offering a "self-help"–style approach to the challenges faced by corporate executives.

e.g., The latest corp-help book that my boss made me read advises us not to waste so much time reading corp-help books.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

corporarchy - A country where the illusion of democracy is maintained while private sector corporations actually make all of the decisions for the elected government, based on how it benefits the corporations. A hybrid of elected government and private sector corporations.

e.g., Canada, much like the United States, is increasingly heading towards a pseudo-democracy where the corporarchy continues to subvert real democracy.

submitted by D. Grant Black, Fernie, B.C. Canada

corporate bagger - A person who takes advantage of a corporation's financial instability to take control of it or destroy it. Cf: carpetbagger.

e.g., The corporate bagger offered fifty million for the company, and the board members were in such dire need of cash that they sold.

submitted by Deacon

corporate communism - A philosophy that does not tolerate competition.

e.g., There are four McDonald's within a three block radius. This town has been ruined by corporate communism.

submitted by William f Davidson

corporate gelding - A well-paid, upper management employee made "tractable" by the company through exalted salary, position, and benefits. Will not hesitate to foresake his own personal values or betray friends in order to keep his corporate position secure.

e.g., When Eric was fired for doing the morally right thing, his immediate superior (and good friend) just stood by like a corporate gelding.

submitted by Shirley Ng

corporate shagcandy - A woman who works within an institution or corporation and is known for her easy sexual availability, usually for the sake of advancement.

e.g., In a delicious turn of gender identification, Brandy described Steve as shagcandy. | Brian knew she was typical corporate shagcandy when she did a hairflip as she asked if there was anything more he needed before she left his office.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

corporate speak - The needlessly complex and verbose form of mutilated English used by corporate leaders and their minions in the false hope of simulating a highly scientific or intellectual discussion.

e.g., Our tiger-team teams and interfaces in multiple cross-functional environments to create multi-tiered systems, which integrate dollarized performance metrics, goals, roles, processes and procedures, and interpersonal relationships, with: includes/excludes, threats and opportunities, sources of resistance, and stakeholder buy-in matrices.

submitted by Reed

corpse - Corps, as pronounced by President obama. (I don't remember where I saw the example, which I altered somewhat. . . .Found it.)

e.g., Until she retired, Helen Thomas sported the most-well groomed moustache in the White House Press Corpse.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

corpsetrunk - Reference to an extremely large trunk on a car. An acquaintance recently began to expand its usage by using it in regards to a large, unattractive rear end.

e.g., When we travel, we always take my car because it's got the corpsetrunk. | If it weren't for the corpsetrunk, Sheila would be 100 percent babe.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

corpsichord - A musical instrument made from a dead body, often including keys that were once ribs, resonating chambers that were once lungs, and pedals that were once femurs. Corpsichords are notoriously difficult to tune, especially in cases where the original owner of the body possessed an inferior singing voice.

e.g., The composer's final work was a dirge in the key of D written for solo corpsichord.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

corpsing - From Wikipedia, "Corpsing is a British theatrical slang term used to describe when an actor unintentionally breaks character during a scene by laughing or by causing another cast member to laugh."

e.g., Dame Judi Dench, who "is battling to save her eyesight," "Actually, what I miss are people corpsing on stage." {ED. This seems to be an instance of a Brit using a plural verb where an American would use a singular verb. We're say, "The organization is. . . ." where Brits would say, "The organization are. . . ." A project for later.}

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

corpulate - To be screwed by the company or corporation one works for.

e.g., It was time for my annual raise, and sure enough, I was corpulated again.

submitted by Mike Komblevicz

corpus-bones - This sucks.

e.g., Corpus-bones! I cant belive we have to do this.

submitted by Torence - (www)

corpusology - Corpusology is the study of body language. Corpus from the Latin for body and ology from the Greek|Latin for study of.

e.g., The latest development in facial recognition software is the use of subject-matter experts in corpusology to develop software algorithms to detect the emotional state of a suspect.

submitted by Paul F Kisak - (www)

corputer - (Lat corpus, body + Lat computare, to count) -- a computer or any digital device implanted into the human body; a futuristic term refering to an organ of the cyborg. | Corporeal computer, an electronic prosthetic device that through many interconnected microchips and artificial neurons has become a part of human body.

e.g., In the foreseeable future, the computational power of corputers will exceed that of traditional external computers. | In the future, computers will be transformed into corputers and become integrated with human bodies.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

correct - Used to describe a person conspicuously committed to politically correct causes or liberal ideology.

e.g., The man is so correct he's got save the whales, save the spotted-owls, save the rain-forests, and Nader 2000 stickers plastered to the back side of his solar-powered bicycle.

submitted by Stephen Mize

correct-amundo - The correct answer. Usually said in a casual way, and like some kind of cliche' overblown game show host. Raise voice, and slow down speech exponentially as you get towards the end of the word. Correct-aamuuunDDDOOOOOOOOOO!

e.g., From Pulp Fiction: JULES: C'mon Yolanda, what's Fonzie like? YOLANDA: (through tears, unsure) He's cool? JULES: Correct-amundo! And that's what we're gonna be; we're gonna be cool. {ED. Pulp Fiction replaced The Graduate as my favorite movie.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

correctitude - Being examined by TWO proctologists simultaneously.

e.g., Correctitude is far more awkward then just rectitude (q.v.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

corredespondent - To be upset or despondent that no one writes to you anymore. Not receiving mail from friends leaves one feeling somewhat despondent.

e.g., Nothing but bills in the mailbox. Makes me feel corredespondent yet again.

submitted by Joceline Davis

corringe, forringe - A corringe is the ironed front pleat of a pair of dress pants, a forringe the rear. (These words were created and used extensively at Cal State University, San Francisco, in the early 1990s. They addressed a lack of proper nouns for ironed pleats and also remedied the lack of words that rhyme with orange. The songwriters and doggerel writers in the area were thankful for our inventions.)

e.g., Your corringes and forringes all look sharp.

submitted by Ducky B. Duckworth

corrose - (noun or adjective) A tired, crabby, fusty old curmudgeon with the usual experience and quality hardware underneath the noxious crust. Usually still with a snicker, able to two-step (or jig if you prefer) and a gleam in her eye.

e.g., As the days trickle by I feel I'm rapidly becoming a corrose. Well, so be it, long as I can still make them younguns scratch their heads and wonder about me.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

corrumption - Self-referential word for "mispronunciation of a word due to deficient phonological hearing capabilities."

e.g., “Clonkyen” is a corrumption of Dutch. “klontjes.”

submitted by René

corvus - Excellent, cool

e.g., That is just corvus.

submitted by Lofyr

cos' i was in the war - When you do something not to be proud of and need something to blame it on, say it with a southern drawl.

e.g., You get drunk and fall over all the time and say, "It's cos I was in the war."

submitted by fallenangel

cosher - A real word. As an adjective, it has the same meaning as kosher: "conforming to dietary laws." As a verb: "to treat with special fondness; pamper."

e.g., I think grandmothers are a lot more likely to cosher their grandchildren than mothers are to cosher their children.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

cosilliosis - The way two people play at each others' nonsense and absurdity to laugh and have a good time (especially that laughing part). Children are most often disposed to this, and in descending order: family, friends, spouses, and then of course … rank strangers and comedians.

e.g., That lovely girl of mine and I have quite a lot of cosilliosis since we're friends, lovers, and naturally family, being married and all. My recommendation is every feller get stoopid with his wife.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

cosimetrixon - Mathematical problema with high difficulty degrees, mainly appearing in geometria.

e.g., Marcel was not able to resolve this cosimetrixon.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

cosmeg - Pron. koz'meg. Short for "cosmic egg." A universe that exists in a pre-"big bang," unexpanded state. Not in dictionaries, but used in article about Isaac Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves". Ref: Wikipedia entry for The_Gods_Themselves. (Not taking credit here -- appears to be either Asimov's coinage or astrophysical slang.)

e.g., From the Wikipedia article: "[H]e taps into yet another parallel universe, that exists in a pre-big bang state (a cosmic egg or cosmeg). . . ."

submitted by Michael Brennan

cosmic dope slap - Punishment of some sort, after doing something that you shouldn't have done. Cosmic dope slaps apparently are ordained by whoever occupies the heavens.

e.g., I got a cosmic dope slap when I bit into that giant cookie -- I accidentally bit the inside of my cheek. Ouch!

submitted by Mona Lisa

cosmic pinpoint - Theory has it that prior to the Really Big Bang, the whole Universe was contained in a tiny point in Space. Now isn't that kind of a hard thing to buy?

e.g., Rather than the protoUniverse being a mere cosmic pinpoint, wouldn't it be more believable if it were at least the size of a basketball? or a small planet? or a cosmic sun? Since it's all rather speculative, we need not be dogmatic about what we imagine it to be.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

cosmicommie - A flower child with political power or any influential position.

e.g., The movie producer wrote another cosmicommie pilot for television.

submitted by Norm De Pleum

cosmopsis - Paralyzed and unable to make a decision because you're overwhelmed by too many choices.

e.g., Some high school seniors experience cosmopsis and don't send out a single application for college admission.

submitted by Joel Parker

cosmosis - Cultural osmosis. A kind of osmosis that does not exist -- where city-dwellers who think their living in a metropolitan area with access to venues of culture they never visit makes them culturally sophisticated. They also think their city dwelling makes them cosmopolites, although they have extremely limited contact with cultures other than that of their immediate families. They fail to recognize what shallow provincialists they are.

e.g., Nothin' like livin' in the Big Apple for me. Beats the hell out of living in Binghamton with all that clean air and sunshine. Yeah, I know. I've never been to Lincoln Center -- or even to Rockefeller Center. Haven't been to MOMA either -- or any other museum, for that matter. Art galleries and museums are for eggheads and the rich. Can't afford to go to a Knicks game either, but I'm still a big fan. Still, I've been to Central Park several times. I figure I've benefitted from cosmosis and am much more suave than any hick who lives in a flyover state.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

cosmotose - Not having a clue as to what on earth is going on. Cosmostose.

e.g., He's been in the woods by himself so long he's become cosmotose.

submitted by A.J.

cosplay - Costume play. Where adults dress up in costumes of Japanese anime or game characters.

e.g., I am going to a cosplay party as Pikachu.

submitted by epyon - (www)

coss - Putting an empty milk carton or bag onto a skateboard.

e.g., Don't bother showing up for the competition until you can manage to coss.

submitted by BigAssFries

cossackcracy - Rule by members of a people of southern Russia famed as horsemen or circumstances having a similar feel.

e.g., The school administration supports fraternities no matter what they do. It upholds the cossackracy.

submitted by Nev

costa rican rum - A drink made from milk, nutmeg, sugar, and a big tablespoon of vanilla extract. It has a mild hint of being an alcoholic beverage and is the closest thing to it for many young kids.

e.g., We kids had a big get-together and imagined we were getting drunk on Costa Rican rum.

submitted by Steve McDonald

costanza wallet - A wallet filled with so much stuff (usually not cash) that you can't put it in your back pocket without causing irreparable damage to your spinal column. From the Seinfeld episode where George pulls out his massive wallet.

e.g., Chris, being as lame as he is, blamed his loss in Baseball Stars on his bad back, which he claimed was caused by years of sitting on his Costanza wallet.

submitted by Lothar23

costco effect - The experience you have when you get home and try to find places to store all the stuff you bought. Could also be "Sam's Effect" when you've shopped at the Wal-Mart variant.

e.g., The Costco Effect resulted in my storing food in the bedroom closet and under the bathroom sink.

submitted by Jim Cosgrove

costcoize - To purchase in bulk or at a reduced price with high quality.

e.g., "Why is your freezer so packed?" "It's been costco-ized." "How did you make this delicious dip?" "I costcoized it." I costcoized gas for my SUV.

submitted by Kristi

costings - An estimation of potential expenses.

e.g., I've made up costings so that you will know how much money to save for vacation.

submitted by Karen

costripper - Person who wears a costume and walks around in a costume during a cosplay event but does not exactly join in the contest or program.

e.g., Aside from the cosplayer contestants, there were a lot of costrippers walking around during the anime convention.

submitted by James Anthony Anderson

cot - Mix of cool and hot. It was actually said when someone was trying to say the words at the same time.

e.g., Ohhh, that is cot.

submitted by Emily Laincz

cotch - Old person. Cf. codger.

e.g., Andy Rooney is a cotch.

submitted by Ali P

cotched - To sleep|crash.

e.g., I cotched on my floor the other night.

submitted by Siobhan Doyle

cotelling - Combining camping with staying in a motel; it involves bringing a cooler into your room, cooking on a campstove in the parking lot, and using your sleeping bag for extra warmth or bed space. {ED. The only kind of camping my wife and I ever cared for.}

e.g., We saved a bundle when we went to Lake George by cotelling for a few nights. Campstove coffee beats cappuccino any day.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

cotines - Persons who stand on stairs (which lots of people use) and talk to someon else on the stairs, staying there, so that people have to go around them, and they take up all of the space and you have to touch them to get through them.

e.g., The next cotines I see, I'm going to shove them down the stairs they think is theirs.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

cottage cheese ceiling - One of those ceilings that looks like -- well, cottage cheese.

e.g., She is so weird, got cottage cheese ceiling 'n everything.

submitted by Krille

cotterstock - Any odd piece of wood used for stirring paint.

e.g., Has anybody seen my cotterstock? This paint needs stirring.

submitted by Peter Chambers

cotton - Southernism. To bond, to become fast friends with, or to adhere to someone. Mostly heard in the negative.

e.g., They just don't cotton to strangers in those parts.

submitted by Joel Parker

cotton head - An elderly person.

e.g., Traffic is very heavy this morning and the cotton heads are really slowing things down.

submitted by Jamie

cotton-candy christianity - A term for Christians who don't want to offend anyone by being openly Christian.

e.g., Erik is just a cotton-candy Christian. He won't even mention Jesus in a conversation.

submitted by Erik

couch - To hang out, sit around, do nothing. To wait "on the couch."

e.g., It was too cold outside so we decided to couch all day.

submitted by Jeremy - (www)

couch monkey - Someone who just sits around and doesn't do much, yet manages to make your life miserable.

e.g., The couch monkeys in HR won't let me take any more vacation days.

submitted by Pinky

couch monkey - A person of low utility, particularly one who overstays his or her welcome while couch surfing.

e.g., That couch monkey Chris had better clean up after his cat, before he finds himself living in a refrigerator box.

submitted by Grant

couch-coins - The coins that get lost under the couch cushions.

e.g., It's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure I have a lot of couch-coins. One of these days I'm going to tip the couch to recover them.

submitted by Waddpal

couche - 1. Couch. 2. "... couche couche is the Cajun version of fried cornmeal mush."

e.g., 1. Don't lay that paring knife on the plastic-covered couche. You'll end up ruining it with a cut. 2. How about some couche couche for brunch?

submitted by «Ed» - (www)

couched - 1. To be sitting on a couch. 2. To be at one with the couch.

e.g., 1. I was couched for three hours. 2. I am feeling so couched today!

submitted by Jeremy Pullicino - (www)

couching - To laze about and do nothing. Especially good on a Saturday.

e.g., What did I do today? I watched movies and couched.

submitted by Jeana S.

couchy - Very uncomfortable, hard as a rock. Originated when a friend sat down HARD on an old couch I had that seemed to have cushions of concrete. From then on, we referred to any uncomfortable seat as couchy.

e.g., This chair is so couchy!

submitted by Jaycee

cougar - A middle-aged woman who hits on twenty-something men at university pubs.

e.g., That cougar just bought me a drink and asked if I wanted to dance.

submitted by Huxley

cougee - The young male object of a cougar's (a middle-aged woman's) affections.

e.g., Barbara's cougee didn't quite pass the half-your-age-plus-seven test, but he sure was cute.

submitted by Agnes "bob" Jedrzejewski

cough ball - A small, yellowish, and very smelly ball that can be found in the back of the mouth or throat usually after coughing -- not the same thing as phlegm, it's considerably worse and if you've ever experienced this, you'll know the difference.

e.g., Did you just smush that cough ball between your fingers? The smell is unbearable. I'm gonna hurl.

submitted by anon

coughter - Laughing and coughing at the same time.

e.g., The sounds of coughter filled the respiratory ward every time Dr. Zak told the lung transplant joke.

submitted by James Mayne

coughyou - Similar to atishoo, but when somebody coughs instead.

e.g., Oh, coughyou, are you feeling ok? You should see a doctor.

submitted by guillermo

could of - Could have. "Could have" is sometimes pronounced "could've" -- with the result that "could of" makes it into print quite a bit. The example comes from an e-mail written for, but never sent to, June Casagrande, author of Mortal Syntax 101.

e.g., I was looking for some samples from your book and saw that "Darrin Gowan" had updated his review of Mortal Syntax 101 at just yesterday. He managed to be a bit nicer with his edit. He's wrong about "could of," of course. Google gives many, many hits for it, few of which point out that it's a mistake. I think I'll add "could of" to the pseudodictionary and maybe use it as the basis for a forum thread. . . .   PS. Here's something my granddaughter drew a few years ago, titled "I Could Have Danced All Night." "Could have," not "could of."   Sure, I could of come up with something original for an example, but I wanted an excuse to show off another of Anna's drawings.

submitted by HD Fowler

coulrophobia - The Macmillan Dictionary: "the fear of clowns."

e.g., " . . . one scene disturbed him: that of giant clown dolls chasing people through the New York subway system "Today he's highly phobic, suffering from coulrophobia, or fear of Bozo."(Oakland Tribune, August 2002)

submitted by HD Fowler

coulterucopia - Ann Coulter's all encompassing charm, wit, beauty, brains, one-liners, and spot-on laser type logic that tend to leave liberals in a flaming pile of impotent vulgar rage.

e.g., The vintage Coulterucopia speech reduced the audience's liberals to a shrieking mass of impotent but vulgar rage. Even their pie-throwing skills were vastly diminished.

submitted by Albert D. Pereira

count bakula - Someone who posts useless information to an internet message board or forum, either in hope of angering other visitors, or simply to make herself look important or intelligent.

e.g., Some Count Bakula was claiming that the warp nacelles of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the Star Trek films only glowed 2.6% of the time.

submitted by 021310061976

counter monkey - An employee at any chain resturant or fast food service that for the most part hates the job, hates the people, and hates how customers all think everyone behind the counter have no brains.

e.g., Customer (speaking slowly, as if to an imbecile, with no respect): Hey, you. Yeah, you. I asked for a regular coffee and this has cream and sugar in it. Counter monkey: A regular coffee HAS cream and sugar in it. If you want something else, make it yourself, you selfish, preppy, rich, snobby, corporate pig. (Dumps the coffee on the customer's Armani suit and hides in the walk-in fridge.)

submitted by Sarah

counter-vigilante - A vigilante who specializes in hunting down other vigilantes. Being that a counter-vigilante is also a vigilante, she is eventually forced to kill herself as well.

e.g., The counter-vigilante slit her throat, having bested all the other vigilantes.

submitted by John Driscoll

counterline - A horizontal watermark along the front of pants or a dress, produced by leaning against a wet bathroom sink or counter.

e.g., "This counterline is so embarrassing, I don't want to leave the bathroom."

submitted by Dennis A. Mahoney - (www)

countersurf - Dogs cruising along kitchen counters on hind legs, hoping for crumbs.

e.g., Uh oh, Spot's countersurfing again. Hide the steaks.

submitted by anne

countical - (adj.) Concretely countable; of or pertaining to a set of discretely enumerable things.

e.g., Factories usually turn out (literal) tons of countical goods. | Dogs and trucks are countical; jello and milk are not, unless packed in separate, countical containers.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

county blues - Jail uniforms. Usually blue.

e.g., Now that she's in prison she has to wear county blues.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

coup de ta - Alternatively, "coo de ta." From the misspelling of "coup d'etat" in the first example, the sort of unorthodox spelling Mark Twain might heartily approve, as indicated at the link provided. Coup d'etat: "a sudden overthrow of a government." Often seen simply as "coup." {Duplicate. 2017-04-18}

e.g., "Or to put it another way -- there is a very silent coup de ta going on." | HD: "The plural of 'coup de ta'? I'm sure that'd be 'coups de tatas,' Lillith." Lillith: "That can't be right. Not with es's added to the two key words -- not to mention the doubling of the final word." HD: "Lillith, it's _my_ word. I'll spell the plural any way I damn well please. Capische?" Lillith: "Yes, HD, I understand. ... But that would be 'capisce.'" HD: "LILLITH. That's enough out of you. Never forget: I'm the ventriloquist; you're the dummy."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

coupe de known - When a person invents, thinks of, or creates something that is believed to be original but actually has already been established.

e.g., I thought I had created a new word but came to realize it was a coupe de known because my friend Erle had seen it in a dictionary.

submitted by emil

couple of three, a - Two or three. British/Cumbrian slang.

e.g., I got a couple of three apples.

submitted by Nath ashley - (www)

couple two three, a - I guess this means two or three. (We don't say this in Chicago. It's a weird thing they say out west or something.)

e.g., He had a couple two three dogs in his yard.

submitted by Carole Eddington

courting room - What would now be called a living room but was usually called a parlor in my grandmother's day. Used to receive and entertain visitors, a piano was indispensable.

e.g., There was crack in a panel in the door that my brother and I sometimes used to watch my aunt's nurse entertain her boyfriend Maurice in the courting room. If it looked as if it would get steamy, we ceased watching. Not that bad, really, for a couple of Nosey Parker little boys.

submitted by HD Fowler

courtney - Any female middle-school student from a rather upper-crust background, especially so one who prefers to flaunt herself and her supposed connexions with those in positions of wealth, power or notoriety. Reference the Courtney Gripling character in the Nickelodeon series As Told by Ginge. Courtney happens to be an old-money student at Lucky Junior High as is a close friend of the more plebian, working-class Ginger Foutley.

e.g., Doesn't it seems as if she's got a bit too much Courtney in her?

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

cousine - A cousin, but referring to a female cousin.

e.g., I bought some lipstick for my cousine.

submitted by Ryan - (www)

couster - An individual who is both your sister and your cousin. An example of this phenomena would be your father divorcing your mother, and then marrying your mother's sister. They then have a baby girl. Said baby is now your couster.

e.g., I'd like you to meet my mother, my father, my aunt, and my couster.

submitted by Tammy Hulbert - (www)

couth - Cool, hip opposite of uncouth.

e.g., That party last night was pretty couth.

submitted by moose

couth - The opposite of "uncouth": proper, appropriate. Sarcastically, "couthing" is a (bad or unwise) attempt to fit in with the prestige group in a community.

e.g., "She's sure got style." "Yeah, she's really couth." "Nah, I think she's just couthin'."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

coverage - Violent anger toward coastal inlets, concavities, convex curvatures, and depressed areas or cavities in general.

e.g., Steve's anger became coverage when he improperly ground the lens for his homemade telescope.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

coverlicious - Cozy, warm, sleepily tucked into bed.

e.g., I missed my alarm and overslept because I was coverlicious.

submitted by Michelle Patterson

coverture - In law, "the condition or status of a married woman considered as being under the protection and influence of her husband." Other definitions refer to the woman as being "under the protection and authority of her husband." Lillith reluctantly acquiesced to the notion of influence, but absolutely refused to bend on authority and protection. As usual, whatever Lillith wants, Lillith gets.

e.g., HD: "[T]he Citizenship Board of 1906 'recommended that an American woman who married a foreigner be regarded as losing her American citizenship during coverture.' That became law in the Citizenship Act of 1907, and was subsequently upheld by the Supreme Court in Mackenzie v. Hare, in--- ."    Lillith, interrupting: "What's your point, HD? We all know that law was antiquated before it was passed, and it's long since been consigned to the dustbin of history as being inconsistent with 'the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.' If coverture didn't go out with high-button shoes and spats, it went out with Rosie the Riveter."    HD: "Yeh, yeh, Lillith, I'm well aware of your stance on equal -- nay, superior -- rights for those of the female persuasion. It's just that I find the word 'coverture' to be amusing. Haven't you ever heard of a bull covering a cow? That's what comes to mind any time I see the word 'coverture': I see a husband covering his wife during the conjugal act."    Lillith: "Conjugal, schmonjugal, HD. Get with the times, you old buzzard. Today's woman isn't restricted to the so-called conjugal bed for sex. Even those who restrict themselves in that way seldom restrict themselves to the missionary position -- the position where the woman is 'covered.' Most of us with-it women prefer the woman-astride position. I like it myself, not just because it gives me more physical control but because of the emotional high I get from being the one who's calling the shots, from being the one in charge. I think of it not as 'the woman-astride position' but as 'the woman-superior position.' Calling it 'woman on top' suits me just fine, too. But what I like best of all is reverse cowgirl. Not only am I in control, I don't have to look at my … sexual partner of the moment."    HD: "Enough, Lillith. You win. As usual. Not because you're right, but because you have more stamina for this than I do."    Lillith: "Well, HD, isn't that pretty much what I've been saying? Incidentally, I think your word 'conjugal' should be spelled 'coinjugal.' One way or another, I think a man should always have to pay for sex."    HD: "No doubt, Lillith, no doubt."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

coveted door position - The parking spot right near the front door of the shop or place of business you are going to.

e.g., There are so many cars here I can't believe I got the coveted door position

submitted by Butterfly

coveyism - 1. Any word or idiomatic expression created or coopted by organizational effectiveness firm FranklinCovey. 2. Any word or idiomatic expression that sounds like it might have been bastardized by FranklinCovey. 3. Words managers and project team members throw about when they don't understand what they should really be doing, or understand but don't believe it's possible.

e.g., By effectively developing a strategic plan using plenty of coveyisms, we can synergize a win-win paradigm with our extranet stakeholders. This will introduce opportunities to sharpen the organizational saw, turning problems into opportunities and allowing us to achieve first what matters most. After all, people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

submitted by Patrick McLendon

covfefe - Coverage.

e.g., President Trump tweeted, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe...."

submitted by [President Donald Trump] - (www)

cow orkers - An affectionate nickname for co-workers, a benign jest. A nickname for bovine behavior from your workplace peers. Mooing (mewing|mewling?) often ensues from said peers when the phrase is uttered -- or is that "uddered"? | A work colleague who is supremely annoying and incompetent. The Jargon File (version 4.4.7) (meaning this definitely is not original) cow orker: n. [Usenet] n. fortuitous ytpo for co-worker, widely used in Usenet, with perhaps a hint that orking cows is illegal. This term was popularized by Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) but already appears in the January 1996 version of the scary devil monastery FAQ, and has been traced back to a 1989 sig block. Compare hing, grilf, filk, newsfroup.

e.g., My beloved cow orkers brought enough milk and donuts for everyone. To the trough. Moooooooooo. | My horrible day at work began with a meeting with my officious cow-orker Chris. The Dangers Of Dating A Cow-orker (nor is this) While dating a cow-orker might seem like a wild, adventurous thrill ride that could make an otherwise drab workweek that much more exciting, there are a few key factors to keep in mind before taking the plunge into an office romance. These points are critical, especially for those of you who are trying to advance your career in a small office environment.

submitted by MsFledermaus | tom - (www)

cow tipping - Sneaking up on an upright, sleeping cow, and pushing it over for fun.

e.g., Billy Bob and his buddies are going to load up the truck, then head off to the farm, and hopefully do some cow tipping. (ED: And then, with any luck, Billy Bob and his buddies will be arrested, charged with, and convicted of trespassing and animal abuse. Or, maybe, Farmer Jones will fill their sorry asses with a load of birdshot or rock salt. Not that tipping a sleeping cow over is possible, Dan, but some things are just not at all funny.)

submitted by Dan Evans

cow-tipping - That which a cow receives for providing excellent service. (Which explains why you seldom get very good service from a cow!)

e.g., Because Bessie the Bovine had given an exceptionally good batch of milk that morning, Dan the Dairy Farmer felt it was only right to sneak into the pasture that evening, and, while Bessie stood sleeping, give her a good "Cow-Tipping."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

cowabunga - Used in greetings by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a TV show from the 50s I wish I remembered. (Was it Howdy Doody or The Lone Ranger? Let me know if you remember.) (ED. It was also used in the "beach blanket" movies of the 1960s ... or was it?) Spelled with a "k" on Sesame Street.

e.g., "Cowabunga! Cutting cattle flatulence to save the planet." "Cowabunga: Manure becomes electricity."

submitted by Joseph R. Lavariere - (www)

coward - The part of a veterinary facility set aside for sick bovines.

e.g., Elsie the Cow's not feeling well. Admit her to the Coward.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

coward finger - When someone gives you the middle finger, to say "eff you," but she hides part of her hand or finger while doing it, so that she can later deny that she gave you the finger.

e.g., Tom: Hey, that guy is hiding his hand behind a beer can, but showing me one of his fingers. Is that an insult? What's he doing? Danny: He's just giving you a coward finger. He's doing that because he's a wimp and a loser. Just ignore him.

submitted by TRthedude - (www)

cowesque - Feeling like or pertaining to the size of a cow.

e.g., No way will I wear this tube top and leggings ensemble in public due to my cowesque appearance. OR My stomach is quite cowesque due to comsuming a large pizza and sucking down 3 frozen cokes.

submitted by Elizabeth Pickering

cowherd - A person who has a morbid fear of being trampled in a cattle stampede.

e.g., Nancy, why are you so afraid of being caught in a stampede? We're in New York City, for God's Sake! Not a single cow for miles! You won't come outside with me? What are you? Some kind of cowherd?

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

cowhorets - Cohorts, where the group is restricted to whores. Co-whorettes.

e.g., Is it fair to refer to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears as cowhorets?

submitted by HD Fowler

cowtail - To trick someone.

e.g., Cindy cowtailed John into leaving his friend's house.

submitted by Dan Evans

cowtow - Kowtow.

e.g., "The media is cowtowing to Islamic attempts to restrict our freedom of speech, which ultimately results in aiding the Islamic efforts to use our freedom of religion against itself."

submitted by [Jim Bell]

cowtow - Cow-tow. Same as kowtow: "to act in an obsequious manner; show servile deference." The forehead-to-the-ground kowtow of olden days has largely been replaced by a standing bow. kowtow: Related words. verb grovel, court, flatter, cringe, fawn, pander to, suck up to (slang), toady, kiss someone's ass (U.S. & Canad. taboo slang), brown-nose (taboo slang), truckle, lick someone's boots, lick someone's arse (taboo slang)

e.g., No, you don't have to kowtow to an editor to get your submittal accepted. However, it does help if you follow the guidelines. | Cowtowing is less popular with most Americans than cow tipping.

submitted by Miss Speller

cowward - In the care of a cow. A person who avoids conflict by hiding in the herd.

e.g., Randy is a 6'4" 220 lb. former football hero and tough ex-Marine. His friends call him a cowward because he hangs his head down sheepishly whenever his 5'2" 118 lb. wife, Maria, yells at him.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

coxic shock - The male counterpart to the female condition of toxic shock.

e.g., Unbeknownst to his wife, Charlie, Charles was suffering from coxic shock. His symptoms were at first undetected -- moodiness, angst -- but with a closer look he was showing signs of his monthly male visitor whose symptons are greatly spoken about in small circles yet still considered too taboo to label a patient with the ailment.

submitted by Joan - (www)

coyote ugly - Someone so ugly you'd rather bite off an arm than wake up next to her after a night of drinking -- the only circumstance under which you'd bed her.

e.g., I woke up this morning with the confirmed coyote ugly Chris.

submitted by Spirit and Drea

cozumelanoma - (ka-zoo-mel-uh-NO-muh; n.) Skin cancer from sunbathing too much. [From Cozumel, the sun-soaked and superpopular island off the coast of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico + "melanoma"]

e.g., She spent three years tanning herself in a tanning bed three hours a day and wound up with Cozumelanoma.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

crab air - Royal Air Force.

e.g., Come back Crab Air -- All is forgiven! So, you unfortunate lads and lasses who have "copped a Blighty" and are bleeding all over Sleazyjet's or PaddyAir's floor and the pilot dumps you at some inhospitable place like Beirut or Damascus and walks away saying airily "Sorry chaps and chappies, duty time is up," think fondly of the Crab Air you have so often derided. And hope like hell that they have not got around to repainting the aircraft in military livery! :(

submitted by crab - (www)

crabbage - A measure for the quantity of crabs (STD) which must be treated.

e.g., The doctor prescribed a stronger cream due to his unusually high crabbage.

submitted by Garry Evans - (www)

crabbit - 1. A curse, usually replaces the word crap. 2. Referring to one's mannerisms; not what is normally expected, odd.

e.g., 1. Holy crabbit. I forgot my English paper. 2. Carly hasn't slept in a few days, so she's gonna be acting like crabbit.

submitted by Mandi - (www)

crabgas - Tons and tons of crab parts and related water creatures are pulverized and processed into another viable sort of vehicle fuel, quite good actually.

e.g., Fill your tank with the new crabgas, more kilometres to the litre, smooth clean functioning, somewhat easier on the pocketbook.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

crabin fever - What you get when you've been cooped up for days, weeks or months on end, mostly to due to cold weather conditions, with no end in sight.

e.g., After three snow days in a row, with blizzard conditions,the kids were developing a serious case of crabin fever.

submitted by Tracy Piasecki

crable - A chain of like minded crabs.

e.g., Traffic was stopped in both directions due to a crable that stretched over 300 yards.

submitted by Gino Whitkaer

crack of ass - Having to get up obscenely early, usually before sunrise.

e.g., To get a drive out to Montreal, I'm gonna have to get up at the crack of ass.

submitted by Ren

crack of doom - The beginning of a day that you can tell will never stop sucking.

e.g., Larry: I got up at 5 this morning and I zonked in Fountain's class. What time did you get up? Bill: Crack of doom.

submitted by Stacy (idea from Kate)

crack of noon - Sleeping in late, but hoping to make it to sound like you got up early.

e.g., I was up at the crack of noon.

submitted by Chef

crack-a-toe-a snow - Snow that is crunchy and hard to walk on; snow that hurts to walk on; icy snow.

e.g., You guys left without me and I had to walk a mile through crack-a-toe-a snow. And now my feet ache.

submitted by Ian Faynik

crack-back - To get back to what you were doing.

e.g., It's time that we crack-back to work.

submitted by Rob

crack-nut - Smb who is crazy, nuts, etc.

e.g., Chris is a crack-nut to think that I am actually going to do this.

submitted by calvin

crack-onto - Australia nversion of "hitting-on."

e.g., Remember Dave at the bar that night? He was cracking-onto that girl with the boob tube on so bad.

submitted by Cat

crackberry - Wise Geek: 1) "Persons who are so enamored of using their Blackberry® handheld devices that they seem to always have them in hand have been nicknamed crackberries." 2) "The second definition has to do with the Blackberry hand held device itself. Noting the manner in which many people have become unduly obsessed with using the device, there are those that have begun to refer to the Blackberry as a Crackberry."

e.g., "Should I get a Blackberry." "Dad, don't." "Why not?" "First of all, you don't need one. Second, they can be addictive -- that's why they're know as Crackberries. Knowing you, you'd go overboard -- and your thumbs would end up falling off."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

cracker - Someone who is weird, crazy, or just out there. | "A poor, white person in some parts of the southern United States who, perhaps, could only afford to eat crackers." | One whose butt crack hangs in plain view.

e.g., He was a typical cracker, but even more so. He forgot how to spell his name. | Screw talk about getting the votes of us NASCAR fans. That's the sort of talk that gets you rode out of town on a rail. I've never met anyone who liked being thought of or looked down on as a cracker. | We took a picture of the female cracker at the professional bull riding show.

submitted by Sarah | HD Fowler | Allison Finch - (www)

crackerbarrel - An obese person or someone with a very large appetite; can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.

e.g., Bob's a real crackerbarrel; he's gotta be 375 lbs. | Hope there's more shrimp because I'm crackerbarrelin' the stuff like mad. | Cindy's gone crackerbarrel since she broke up with Zeppo. She's put on at least 40 pounds.

submitted by BigJ7489

crackla-pluckra - A large machine used by industrial grade duck chefs for the comlex task of de-feathering, basting, and crackling all winged beasts, especially ducks.

e.g., The Crackla-pluckra is by far the most useful piece of equipment used in the duck preparation industry.

submitted by Bren

crackle - adjective used to describe a girl who is very beautiful

e.g., Erin wasn't just pretty-- she was crackle.

submitted by ashley

crackling birch - A causally unknown skin rash contracted via same-day dermatologic exposure to a wide variety of plants and trees.

e.g., Sweet gherkins. This crackling birch itches like hellfire.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

crackodon - No, it's not a dinosaur on crack. It's the world's first bird, the early bird, the one that gets the worm. The worms are available at the crack of dawn.

e.g., Paleontologists have discovered the earliest feathered bird that has a tooth and a beak. The teeth eventually got in the way for side-to-side motion in the grinding of food. This bird resembles Confuciusornis sanctus except for the tooth. The bird, of course, is commonly referred to as the crackodon.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

crackpod - An iPod -- a reference to the addictive nature of the iPod. Once you have an iPod, you will wear it around your arm, hold it in your hand, or keep in in your pocket -- never letting go of your music again. If you misplace the Crackpod, you will probably be freaking out until you find it again.

e.g., Have you seen my Crackpod? This can't be happening. | I just got this cool orange armband that really secures my Crackpod when running down hills.

submitted by Scott Blumin - (www)

crackspackle - The result of low riding jeans when one's butt cheeks escape.

e.g., Tom, the plumber: "I've come to check the sink." (Bends over to check the sink.) Charlene: "Becky, look at the crackspackle on the plumber."

submitted by Regina Saab

cracktastic - Something that is both exceedingly strange (i.e., on crack) but so much so that it is fantastic.

e.g., Malcolm in the Middle is a ridiculous show, but it's still funny. It's pretty cracktastic.

submitted by Amber Carpenter

crackteria - When referring to bacteria in that specific region -- the crack of a person's butt.

e.g., We had some problems with our sink yesterday, and let me tell you . . . our plumber has some nasty crackteria. And you know what? When he rang the doorbell and I called out, "Who is it?" he responded, "It's the plumba. I've come to fix the sink."

submitted by Richard Maggio - (www)

cracky - Both crazy and wacky.

e.g., Isn't that a cracky idea?

submitted by funblond

cracky - A small, yippy, saucy dog; by extension, a yippy, saucy, insignificant person. Often used in the phrase, "saucy as a cracky," or in Newfoundland, "like the cracky."

e.g., Saucy? She's like the cracky, she is.

submitted by J. Field

crad - An amalagamation of "crap" and "crud." A word for dried, crusty remnants of any substance stuck to a container of any kind. They will fall out when you open the container. Crad may obstruct the opening of said container. Crad is not necessarily associated with food containers, as in the case of lamp fixture dust and bugs, but is usually so.

e.g., I couldn't open the glaze. All the crad stuck the lid shut. I can't eat off this plate. It's got crad on it.

submitted by Meredith

crad - A combination of "cool" and "rad," meaning exceedingly cool.

e.g., Ed: Today I found forty bucks in my pocket. Tom: Wow. How crad.

submitted by Emrobin - (www)

craddox - Neutral exclamation of annoyance, used in particular when missing a shot in any ball game. Often preceded by "Oh."

e.g., "Oh, craddox," McEnroe said, as he hit the ball into the net to double fault for the 9th time in the match.

submitted by Ralph

cradge - Something that is not good, something unpleasant.

e.g., That restaurant is cradge if you ask me.

submitted by jonathan - (www)

cradlebooty - The younger member in a romantic relationship with a large age difference. {ED. For future reference, please note that not all relationships are romantic -- many stop at sexual relationships and develop no further. Frankly, I like the good ol' days when sex followed romance rather than vice versa. Has a serious study ever been conducted to test whether or not sex early in a relationship tends to decrease or increase the chances of a romance (or "true love") developing? My guess is that it lessens the chances.}

e.g., Jim took his CradleBooty to her high school prom, even though he went to his own fifteen years ago.

submitted by Natalie Pike

craft syndrome - Can't Remember A Fucking Thing, Can't Remember A Fine Thing or Can't Remember A Flaming Thing for the lily-livered. A temporary affliction of amnesia. Same as CRS.

e.g., I can never remember where I put the remote, must be CRAFT Syndrome.

submitted by Danthrax - (www)

craic - Irish slang. Unfortunately, also "crack" and pronounced as such. Hard to translate, roughly meaning fun.

e.g., We had great craic that night.

submitted by Manchine

crakne - A topical outbreak of acne confined to the buttocks.

e.g., I shan't be wearing a thong to the beach this evening as I have an unsightly case of crackne.

submitted by p

cram-write - To have a writing marathon at the last minute possible before your deadline is up for the story, essay, or other writing piece that you're working on.

e.g., I found out about that deadline on the final day for submission, so I cram-wrote for four hours and sent in my piece.

submitted by Aurora

crambled - A combination of "crumbled," "crammed," and "scrambled."

e.g., I don't like my food crambled together on the plate.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

cramel - Stuffing your face with caramels or cream-filled caramels.

e.g., My grandma always has a big bowl of Goetze's candy snacks at her house. Whenever I see it, I can't fight the urge to cramel.

submitted by PPM - (www)

crample - A woman who is crippled by painful menstrual cramps.

e.g., That poor woman was a crample on Sunday and had to stay in bed.

submitted by patricia

cranasty - The adjective to use when the words crap or nasty just aren't enough.

e.g., That infected boil on Chris's arm is cranasty.

submitted by Colleen Wolfe

cranburger - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The, Nov 29, 1995: "[A] low-cholesterol version of the traditional hamburger created by Howard Weissenborn of Hank and Charlie's Quality Meats, 7828 W. Burleigh St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

e.g., How am I supposed to diet by eating cranburgers? I don't even like cranberry juice, much less mixing cranberries with hamburger meat.

submitted by HD Fowler

crangle - Cumbrian dialect word meaning an attack by a cat. When a cat attacks a mouse, bird, furniture, etc., it tends to lie on its back and rip with its back feet. This action is the crangle. Usually associated with the wordsavage. (Cumbrian = Beatrix Potter Country, Lake District. See The Updated GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary for other dialect.)

e.g., When Toby caught the mouse he gave it a savage crangle. Lesley should have bought Toby a scratching post, as Toby ruined the furniture during a savage crangle. Despite being given a savage crangle by Toby, the little bird managed to escape and fight another day.

submitted by David

craniac - Crazy + maniac.

e.g., In case you haven't figured it out, Chris is a freakin' craniac. That's why he's used for so many negative entries.

submitted by Angela Berry

cranial rectitis - The condition of being so clueless you have your head inserted completely in your rectum.

e.g., Chris usually has a case of cranial rectitis.

submitted by pappy

cranial rectotomy - Surgical removal or assistance with removal of your head from your rectum

e.g., She's such a ditz they ought to take up a collection for her cranial rectotomy.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

cranial rectumitis - Condition of someone who is clueless. Impacted cranial rectumitis . . . a severe case. Also known as CR or ICR.

e.g., Did you see Chris run that red light? He has a severe case of cranial rectumitis.

submitted by bubsimile

cranial-rectal - I used this when my teenagers acted as if they had their heads up their asses.

e.g., Son: Dad, the car just ran out of gas -- by itself. Dad. Sounds like a cranial-rectal problem to me.

submitted by wayne horstmann

craniolysis - Decomposition of the cartilige between the plates of the skull, resulting in the total collapse of the cranium.

e.g., Many Mensans suffer from craniolysis. That probably accounts for their joining in the first place.

submitted by Mensa

craniopomorphic - To attribute to an object a cranial capacity or a characteristically cranial likeness; used to illuminate an intimate meshing between the object being mentioned and the brain.

e.g., The psychoanalytical fruits of the ponderer's labor are contained in his craniopomorphic fruit basket.

submitted by Wesley Morton - (www)

cranium crusher - A swift kick in the head

e.g., "If Chris keeps this up, I'm gonna give him a cranium crusher he will never forget." "You're aware, of course, that he's a 6th degree black belt?" "Oh."

submitted by luke simons

crank - To ride on a form of transport purely for the pleasure of so doing. A crank is a person who rides upon trains, buses etc. for pleasure.

e.g., David's a crank. He had cranked every tram route in Poland and was now doing the same in Bulgaria.

submitted by David Flett

crankerpop - To tell someone wearing one color that she looks good in another color.

e.g., Don’t crankerpop me, I spent a lot of money on this shirt.

submitted by jillian

cranking crone - A widowed or divorced female who spends a lot of time, and her ex’s money, cranking the slot machines at the casinos.

e.g., Go to any casino and you will see busload after busload of cranking crones entering the casino.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

crankle - To rankle and cause a persistent, grouchy demeanor.

e.g., The clutter left behind by his girlfriend crankled the fastidious accountant until his apartment was restored to tidiness.

submitted by Diane

crankybird - For a person in a fowl mood.

e.g., Jeeze, why are you being such a crankybird?

submitted by PuttyWad - (www)

cransatulated - A depressing situation, especially one that catches you by surprise, or that you had no way of preventing.

e.g., I failed my final, just because my professor hates me. It's quite cransatulated.

submitted by patrick g

crantific - Scientific innovation used for mass killing

e.g., A nuclear bomb is a crantific thing.

submitted by SP Dash

crap and flap - What we get out of bureaucrats and politicians, especially those inside The Beltway: flapping their gums and crapping on Average Jo American and Average Joe American. They flap and they crap. {Description.}

e.g., Ted: "Ed, tell me, since you're well-informed about the 'istory of politics in these United States of America, what's the most significant change you're aware of in the nature of the crap and flap flowing out of Washington?" Ed. "Ted, since you're a recent immigrant from Zimbabwe, I'll start with a little bit of information for you -- about what the US has become in the 240 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed. Referring to the country as "'these' United States of America" was pretty much on its way out following the Civil War. Afterwards, States became states. As we became more and more united as a nation of one people, we started to identify with the United States as a country rather than with the States we live in. You might move from Kansas to Colorado and go from identifying as a Kansan to identifying as a Coloradan, but you'd still be an American. So, the US is now referred to as "_the_ United States of America." Not unlike your using a plural verb for a board of directors where native American speakers would use a singular verb. || As far as the crap and flap coming out of Washington, politics remains politics. There's been no particular increase in the amount of mudslinging that goes on, even though you might think that. Not on average -- just more people slinging it as our population increases. Not a heckuva lot has changed from the good ole days. Any changes mostly boil down to two things: 1) The pile of crap just keeps getting bigger and bigger; and 2) The flapping gets communicated faster and faster. Anyone except a hermit living under a rock will hear the flapping in a matter of minutes. At most. Even residents of distant countries know.... || Oh, and a third change -- the major change, in fact -- is that we now have a POTUS who uses social media to get his crap out faster than ever, bypassing the media nearly effortlessly and almost entirely. Whether you approve of or like what he does or not, ya gotta admit that he tweets to great effect.

submitted by Lillith

crap art - Paintings drawn with feces, sculptures made from feces, etc. Found the quoted example doing a sherlock and thought "crap art" needed to be added to this "pitiful site." "Decentcat" is far too serious to ever submit a word here, so I did it for her. What I find pitiful myself is that "decentcat" takes herself so seriously.

e.g., Curiously enough, you're more likely to find crap art in the more prestigious galleries than in your neighborhood venues. decentcat comments about the pd: In an effort to be more understanding I reread this work and it only brought out a recollection of an article I once ran across on an odd fellow who painted with his own feces. Wouldn't you know it, people called that crap art. And so, this is a poem. By the way, just because a word holds space on such a pitiful site as does not mean you should be proud about it [sic] being in a so called [sic] dictionary. It is quite the opposite. . . . It's like winning a silver in the Special Olympics. There is a little bit of clout because it is, after all, something, but people still laugh at you. decentcat There's a slight and perhaps subtle irony about quoting an unfavorable comment regarding your web site: That may be the only place on the web the snide remark survives.

submitted by HD Fowler

crap circle - A circle of dung left on the ground. Occurs mostly on farms.

e.g., Crap circles were a mystery until farmer Bill discovered his prized cow wandering around in a circle, almost in a daze, and leaving that distinktive trail behind her.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

crap handle - The handle above the passenger-seat window that wary riders may often grab during the course of the ride, especially during particularly rough sections. A colorful word or two may often accompany a reach for the crap handle, if the driver is exceptionally terrible.

e.g., I like learning to drive with Clay so much better. Whenever I go out with Mom she grabs the old crap handle and tells me to slow down.

submitted by mama getch wench

crap head - One who forgets, a jerk, an idiot.

e.g., You were late picking me up, you crap head.

submitted by jean

crap writing - Truly bad writing from a mechanics standpoint.

e.g., "These statistics are just too much of a burden on the tax paying American worker. Perhaps if you want to include all those welfare recipients in the tax paying population, that would help, but no, you won't do that either. Rubio, and ALL the GOP .....let us remind you.....your FIRST obligation is to WE THE AMERICAN tax payers, paying for all this BS. NOT illegals.....NOT anchor babies.....NOT Visa I will NEVER vote for anyone whose interest is in ANYONE but us."

submitted by [dj] - (www)

crap-thirty - A relative point in time: whatever is considered obscenely early to the speaker.

e.g., For that job interview, I had to get up at crap-thirty.

submitted by froggegyrl

crapacity - An index for measuring the capacity of a composting toilet.

e.g., What is the crapacity of the non-electric, non-water toilet? Will weekend use at the cottage by a family of four exceed the crapacity of the unit?

submitted by Jorma Larton - (www)

crapalanche - The stuff on your cluttered desk falling on you.

e.g., I hadn't cleaned my table in weeks and I experienced a gigantic crapalnche.

submitted by Lev

crapanna - One of those yucky bananas that looks as if it's been sitting there for a thousand years because the peel is so brown.

e.g., I got stuck with some "whole grain" cereal that claims to lower your cholesterol. Other than that, all we had was a bunch of crapannas.

submitted by Misch

crapanory - Crap.

e.g., Jackanory is crapanory, so sez Karl.

submitted by Karl

crapapple - A rotten, foul-tasting apple.

e.g., The taste of the crapapple was so bad that I had to spit it out of my mouth.

submitted by Frederick Carraher

crapateria - College dormitory cafeteria where the food is unedible, still moving, and smells awful.

e.g., If I wanted to hurl, I'd just eat in the crapateria.

submitted by Kate

crapdangit - Exclamation. An expression of deep frustration.

e.g., Crapdangit! I just spilled grape juice all over my brand-new white shirt.

submitted by Kristen

crapeteria - A cafeteria with foods whose edibility one questions. (Inspired by ex-students of St. Aloysius College Nth, Melbourne, Australia, Class of '98.)

e.g., Wish me luck. I'm goin' to the crapeteria.

submitted by M. White

crapfest - A place or time in which everything is cheap and crappy.

e.g., The broken down roadside diner was a crapfest.

submitted by Sally Forth

crapiolian - The presentation of an item with disastrous results . Prounounced crap-ee-OH-le-an.

e.g., The crapiolian outcome of Kim's ravioli was much to her chagrin. Those present would later comment "It was incredibly crapiolain."

submitted by alisonk

crapitalist - One who aspires to personal wealth, but is unable to create a business plan worth a crap, hence a crap capitalist.

e.g., Not surprising that went bust. It was run by a bunch of crapitalists.

submitted by DoctorDee - (www)

crapmonkeys - To be used when you want to use an expletive longer than crap, but you are surrounded by family or children.

e.g., Aaah, crapmonkeys. I just stubbed my toe.

submitted by T-Bar

crapnivor - Individual who eats primarily junk food. Crapniverous.

e.g., Our kids are crapnivors.

submitted by dick petry

crapola - What you say when something doesn't go your way. | The new shade from Crayola chosen to represent the angst of Generation X.

e.g., Oh, crapola. I forgot about that! | (To be sung to "Gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face.") Crapola skies aren't gonna clear up. Put on your angst-filled face. Brush off the bagel crumbs and peer up. It's crapola coming your way. Get used to that gloomy mask of tragedy Cause it's here to stay. Now that mommy and daddy Aren't paying the way.   «Addition by someone named Beth» Crapola skies aren't gonna clear up. Put on your angst-filled face. Brush off the bagel crumbs and peer up. It's crapola coming your way! It's crapola coming your way!

submitted by Sarah | nitag - (www)

crapoliscious - Tastes bad, but in a good way..

e.g., Yummy. Mom, your soup is crapoliscious. No, I'm stuffed. I couldn't eat another bite.

submitted by Stephen Free - (www)

craponym - An acronym that has no meaning, or has a substandard meaning primarily so it spells a particular word. May also include an acronym whose original meaning no longer applies.

e.g., ZEN was definitely a craponym as no one in the company could figure out what the Z stood for.

submitted by WorldMaker - (www)

crapophone - A reproduction Gramophone, particularly one made in India with a shiny brass horn and a crank coming out at an angle.

e.g., He bought a gramophone thinking it was a genuine His Master's Voice, but it turned out to be a crapophone.

submitted by Brent Fisher

crapperiffic - The opposite of terrific.

e.g., My final project was crapperific since the glue wouldn't hold, causing it to fall apart.

submitted by lizzy ha

crappinaferous - Beyond crappy, shot through and through with crap, made entirely of crap, with no redeeming value.

e.g., This combination fax/scanner/copier/coffee machine sounded like a great idea in the ad, but it makes bad faxes, the scanner doesn't work, the copier broke, and the coffe tastes like toner. On reflection, this device is entirely crappinaferous.

submitted by Seam

crappity - Crappy. Used to describe a noun as being inferior or below standards. Used when extra syllable is needed for extra humorous emphasis.

e.g., That is one crappity looking piece of junk. I would have called you but my crappity little phone kept going dead. The way he acted was crappity.

submitted by nate - (www)

crapple - A cheap knock-off of the very popular Snapple line of beverages.

e.g., Millie decided to give Crapple a try but discovered that it tasted like crap (Doh!) and went back to her favorite, Snapple.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

crapple cider - Apple cider that tastes so bad that it is hard to believe it came from apples.

e.g., This is some serious crapple cider. You couldn't pay me to drink this stuff.

submitted by EvMan

crapplique - Take a perfectly good T-shirt, attack it with puffy paint and your trusty "Bedazzler" and--voila! Crapplique. By the same token, anything possessing the finer qualities of true tackiness can be crapplique.

e.g., I had to move to another state because I'd been spotted in public with my mom when she was wearing her finest crapplique.

submitted by heather rottenberg

crappola - Anything unneeded or unwanted but found in everyday life--work, school, conversations with jerks, losing things, etc.

e.g., Joe was sick of all the crappola lately.

submitted by ~andrea~

crappopotamus - Exclamation of severe unhappiness or distress.

e.g., Holy crappopotamus!

submitted by Andrew Sirotnik - (www)

crappuccino - Bad-tasting expensive (allegedly "gourmet") coffee.

e.g., I went to Starbucks last night. Paid $4 for their crappuccino.

submitted by Liz Gillaspie

crappydoodle - Shoot or darn -- especially when you've forgotten something.

e.g., Crappydoodle. I forgot to pay my rent.

submitted by Michele

crapsmack - Many, a lot, plethora.

e.g., Making up new words is a crapsmack of fun.

submitted by lauryn

crapsmanship - Crapsmanship refers to the production of sub-standard products by one who misguidedly feels they are worthy of high praise.

e.g., The cabinet Bobby built was yet another fine example of crapsmanship.

submitted by David R. Fey

craptables - Generally used by die hard meat eaters to describe vegetables. Can also be used to describe vegetarian sausages and the like.

e.g., "I'll have steak, chips, and egg. But no craptables." or "Sorry, we've no sausages but we do have some craptables in the freezer."

submitted by Thonoir

craptacular - Something that is remarkable for its inferiority. Event, excursion, or undertaking that is extraordinarily disasterous or dull.

e.g., A. How was Donna's party? B. Craptacular. Nothing but a bunch of lawyers playing Michael Bolton records.

submitted by Marc Ehrlich - (www)

craptacular - It is an adjective denoting something impressively disappointing -- something spectacularly crappy. {Duplicate.}

e.g., That concert last night was nothing short of craptacular. With this craptacular hand, I think I'll fold.

submitted by Deborah Cech - (www)

craptain crunch - Captain Crunch (tm) cereal, without the hyperactivity-inducing sugar coating.

e.g., Omom, I'm hungry. Can I have some Craptain Crunch.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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