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bellignorant - Associated with belligerence. Used to describe those who loudly, obnoxiously, and obtrusively argue their points while displaying their ignorance.

e.g., Chris has always specialized in bellignorance.

submitted by Stephen Honeycutt

bellijournalism - The form of aggressive, bullying journalism (yelling, namecalling, badgering, impatience, rudeness, frequent interruptions, biased) practiced by some on such news network as CNN ("Hardball") and CNBC ("America Now").

e.g., The TV host's interview with the Vice President was nothing more than senseless bellijournalism.

submitted by gary blaney - (www)

bellion - (n.) 1. mild intransigence or obstinacy, rather than full-blown REbellion; also, 2. A tentative agreement or alliance where a fight was expected. (From "rebellion" minus the "re-").

e.g., "So, what, you painted all that graffiti in watercolors?! That's not very rebellious, is it?" "No, just sorta bellious, I guess ... I'm just not into permanent defacement." | "Why aren't they attacking each other?" "See, milord, they have met in embassy in the middle of the field." "Oh, damme, they've taken to bellion, haven't they? A perfectly good war turned into a picnic!" "Milord?" "Yes? What is it Perkins?" "You are an imbecile, milord."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bellish - 1. Uniquely paranormal; removed from the ordinary 2. Related to the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM

e.g., Jane: "My mother was snatched up by aliens last night" John: "Wow, that's bellish."

submitted by martin

bellsworth - The unit of measurement used to describe the severity of a punch up.

e.g., I'll knock a bellsworth out of you. (minor slap) I'll knock 10 bellsworths out of you. (serious kick off)

submitted by Chris Duddle

belly flop - Whilst more usually known as a flat dive into a swimming pool (belly first) it has been coined to describe someone who wears a top, far too small for them her, which thereby takes on the appearance of a belly top, and their her belly fat flops out. The result being a "belly flop."

e.g., Two weeks after giving birth she attempted to wear some of her old skinny t-shirts and feel normal again. Unfortunately, her enlarged girth created a whole new wardrobe of belly flops instead.

submitted by Livia

belly sandwich - Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.

e.g., Would you like a belly sandwich for lunch?

submitted by Jennifer Bliss

belly-bobo - Stomach-ache.

e.g., Ah, I've had this belly-bobo since this morning.

submitted by Sera

bellyful of wine, a - (n.) The internal fortification you need to do something you don't think you'll be able to work up the courage to do. [From a line in Beatles' song "Her Majesty" from_Abbey Road_: "I wanna tell her that I love her a lot, but I gotta get a belly full of wine."]

e.g., "Okay, you ready for your first concert?" "I have never been more frightened in my life." "Well, I've got nanaimo bars for you backstage after the break---your favorite bellyful of wine." "Nanaimo bars? Really? With milk and everything? The vanilla frosting? And walnuts?" "Yup---so, you going?" "Bring it." "Yeah! Get out there and blow out the amps!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bellypoke - To provoke one's hunger using psychological tactics.

e.g., The dramatic way he's chewing that cheeseburger is bellypoking me.

submitted by Dot - (www)

bellyvision - A state of higher consciousness obtained by meditating on the navel, the Fourth Eye.

e.g., With a certain amount of electronic enhancement bellyvision will work wonders, even in the hills of Bollywood.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

belonely - All by oneself, without assistance, single, sole, with only one ingredient.

e.g., Belonely have I raised the consciousness of the lowly common crowd indigenous to this area. | Me mither hath packed me today nought but a belonely sandwich. Fortunately, it is a generous blob of tasty deviled ostrich.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

below job - A job working below ground. Coalmining, excavating, mushroom farming -- examples of below jobs.

e.g., Norton worked for the city in the sewers, a not very fulfilling below job. Few are.

submitted by P I E - (www)

belowzeria - Where you are when the temperature is below zero ... Fahrenheit.

e.g., Put your coat on. We're living in Belowzeria now.

submitted by Captain Leeks

beltanic - (bel-TAN-ick; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to May 1st (the Gaelic festival of Beltaine, also spelled "Beltane"); anciently, the beginning of summer and the date the farmers took their cattle out to summer pasture); 2. of or pertaining to early summer or, more generally, all of summer. [From "Beltane" + adjectival "-ic."]

e.g., Mayday festivals are the paradigmatic beltanic celebrations.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

beltrasm - A techno music orgasm.

e.g., I had a Beltrasm last Saturday night.

submitted by flimjam

beltway bandit - Any of the hundreds of defense contractors that dot the capital beltway around Washington in search of lucrative government contracts.

e.g., The beltway bandits primarily hire retired military officers and milk them for their contacts inside the military.

submitted by Stephen Mize

beltway-insider - Washington DC expression, a person with access to political influence. Refers to the Capital Beltway circling DC.

e.g., He's been a beltway-insider for so long he has vast influence in both parties.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bemeh - Whatever, I don't know.

e.g., Ed: So what are we gonna do today? Ted: Bemeh.

submitted by nelson rosales

bemmy - Slang term for lavatory seat, from Bemis, a major manufacturer of same.

e.g., Many women are irritated by men leaving the bemmy up.

submitted by rayg - (www)

bemuse - To rid someone of inspiration. From "be-" as in "behead" and "muse" -- "the source of artist's inspiration."

e.g., A telemarketing call bemused him, and he could not finish the chapter of his novel he was struggling with that day.

submitted by Leonid

ben - 1. To wait in line, unsure of whether getting into a new line will speed things up, or if you are better off doing something else. 2. Switching from line to line without actually moving any faster.

(Those aware of Murphy's Laws and various corollaries know that the other line moves faster. Until you switch, that is. Then the line you were in moves faster. I think you can find these laws in a Paul Dickson book, now in a reprinted edition selling very cheap, The Official Rules and Explanations.)

e.g., 1. I've been benning around in this bank for 15 minutes now. I could have been on my way by now. 2. Rush needs his coffee so bad that he spends the first two hours benning over at 7-11.

submitted by Thomas Gary

ben the hoose - Scots slang, the next room.

e.g., Are you coming ben the hoose?

submitted by Adam Leslie

benben - (n.) 1. The top stone of a pyramid (also called a pyramidion, and pyramid-shaped itself); 2. a pyramid or pyramid shape; 3. the (pointy) top of an obelisk; 4. tThe first pyramid (facetiously) 5. the first building in a particular project; 5. the first stone in a building, a cornerstone or foundation. [From the Ancinet Egyptian name for the mound of earth that first arose from the primordial ocean, and which pyramids were supposed to represent.]

e.g., The professor was a famous Egyptologist. He loved ancient Egypt so much that he was buried under a benben. | I see they've laid in the new skyrise's benben; when do they begin the superstructure?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

benben - benben - (n.) 1. The top stone of a pyramid (also called a pyramidion, and pyramid-shaped itself); 2. a pyramid or pyramid shape; 3. the (pointy) top of an obelisk; 4. The first pyramid. (Facetiously) 5. the first building in a particular project; 5. the first stone in a building, a cornerstone or foundation. [From the Ancient Egyptian name for the mound of earth that first arose from the primordial ocean, and which pyramids were supposed to represent.] {Duplicate.}

e.g., e.g., The professor was a famous Egyptologist. He loved ancient Egypt so much that he was buried under a benben. | I see they've laid in the new skyrise's benben; when do they begin the superstructure?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bench - To be on the bench in someone's love life is analagous to being on the bench in sports -- you seldom if ever get to be in the big game.

e.g., "The love specialists suggested that people who believe they are being benched should instigate a meet up and if the person fails to turn up, it is a sign they are not worth your time."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bendaners - The bent corners on books.

e.g., The bendaners are really bad on that book.

submitted by Brianna 7th English

bendaners - The bent coners on books.

e.g., The bendaners are really bad on that book.

submitted by Brianna

bendin' - Exhibiting excellent or aggressive driving skills. It is usually stated in an arrogant manner or as a response to a backseat driver comment. Sometimes stated sarcastically by riders.

e.g., Whatcha mean I missed a stop sign. I didn't try to hit it, Charlie

submitted by Matt McClellan - (www)

benecide - A killing for the greater good.

e.g., When Batman kills the Joker it will be benecide.

submitted by Kaylee

benedictator - A benevolent dictator. When my kids were growing up, I told them and my wife that when issues of importance came up we would all vote on them -- but that my vote would outweigh everyone else's put together. I suggested they think of me as "Benevolent Daddy Dictator." | A criminal boss in the movie Boondocks Saints used the term benedictator to refer to himself.

e.g., Pope Benedict XVI has been referred to as a benedictator. | Look around. Do you see any benedictators running countries? No, you don't. You see dictators who run over hoi polloi every chance they get.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

benefecalaries - One's shitty relatives.

e.g., Bernie: "My grand kids?" "No honor, humility, or respect for the old family traditions." "I ain't got 'heirs.'" "They got 'airs.'" -- "I got 'benefecalaries!'"

submitted by charlie lesko - (www)

beneful - Majorative of "bene" or "good" in Italian combined with suffix "ful" from English, which means "full of" or "having."

e.g., She was feeling beneful after being out all day and finally eating dinner.

submitted by Dominic Tassone

benile - Angered, infuriated, horrified.

e.g., When I saw how Chris treated his wife, I was beniled with disgust.

submitted by Farhana Chowdhury

benivious - Having a strong sex drive or insatiable libido.

e.g., My Spanish teacher was benivious, always trying to seduce her students.

submitted by Dane Woodring

benjamins - One hundred dollar bills.

e.g., Give me some benjamins.

submitted by Linh Ta - (www)

bennies - Weekend or summer vacation invaders from the north to the South Jersey shore area, the equivalent of the Mason-Dixon Line being the Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge separating Woodbridge from the Raritan Toll Booths on the Garden State Parkway. They are characterized by their often garish behavior and attire. see also: "weekend warriors"

e.g., Praise the Lord, there go the bennies!

submitted by George Kelly

bennies - Residents of Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York. From the first letters.

e.g., The bennies head south in droves every Friday night.

submitted by george kelly

bennyways - But and anyways.

e.g., I'm the coolest guy you'll ever meet. Bennyways, enough about me.

submitted by James Keovongsak

bensylvania - Any place that someone named Ben lives.

e.g., Although he lived in New Orleans, it was really always his private Bensylvania.

submitted by Hal Colombo

bent - Angry, bothered, and generally ticked off at something trivial. When upset, it can be combined with the word "mighty" to become the variant "mighty bent." Connect it with "bent out of shape." (ED. Crooked, as used in crime fiction.)

e.g., I'm mighty bent. Some guy just hit my car door with his. Can you believe that?

submitted by Nancy Jobes

bent - Crooked.

e.g., Anyone who knows him knows Chris is bent.

submitted by HD Fowler

bent - Damaged by collision, in motorcyclist lingo. Severely damaged is "way bent."

e.g., Bobby hit a tree and his bike is bent.

submitted by Doug Tricarico - (www)

bent dick - Peyronie's Disease.

e.g., According to the press during the Monica Lewinsky days, President Clinton had bent dick.

submitted by Ian - (www)

bent over - When something completely fails, crashes, or doesn't work as intended. Almost always computer-related. Especially with Win98.

e.g., After a crash: "I tried to run Photoshop and Excel at the same time, and the whole thing just bent over."

submitted by Kyle Kenny

bentated - Bent to the point of destruction or unusability.

e.g., We can't use that pair of scissors because Dave bentated them and now they won't cut.

submitted by Jeff Bramel

bento plate - A takeaway item, usually for lunch, consisting of either Korean or Japanese food. Sort of the Asian equivalent of the Blue Plate Special, or Meat n' Three.

e.g., Since the takeaway was nearby, I decided to order Bento Plates for everyone attending the power lunch.

submitted by Paul

bentonville gorilla - The retail big-box store known as Wal-Mart, headquarted in Bentonville, Arkansas -- typically known as the 800-pound-gorilla of retail for its large stores, discount prices, and ability to put smaller stores out of business.

e.g., I've gotta go to the Bentonville gorilla to get some groceries and a bath mat. Have you seen my keys?

submitted by Jerdog - (www)

benzito - Mercedes Benz.

e.g., Where's my benzito?

submitted by Jesse - (www)

beppis - First meal of the day.

e.g., Any eggs left, hon? I wanna fry up a couple fer beppis.

submitted by Elisson - (www)

bepta-ezga - A (humorous) Martian greeting to visitors (mostly from Earth), literally, "Behold our canals."

e.g., Bepta-ezga, welcome to our world. Sail away with us to one of the interior cities.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

berk bastardly - Having its origin in the evil cartoon sub-genius Dirk Dastardly, it has now come to represent every lecherous man at a bar who but for want would be twirling a waxed mustache while staring down your blouse and offering you a cocktail and had he one he would give said mustache an extra tug when saying "cock (tug) tail (tug tug)." Incidentally, if he has a wing man, which he often does, the wing man is known as Putley -- who doesn't say a lot but between cigarettes lets out an asthmatic laugh.

e.g., Quick, barkeep, fill me up. Berk Bastardly and Putley are headed this way.

submitted by nitag - (www)

berko - Crazy, off the planet, completely ballistic.

e.g., Marcia went berko when she found that Jan had taken her hairclips.

submitted by liejoli

berl - A cheap plastic spork, with an even number of points.

e.g., Schools always give berls for the students to eat with.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

bernoulleaf - A leaf that clings to the pavement with a downward force in proportion to the velocity of the leaf blower.

e.g., After a half-hour of blowing, all that remained on the driveway was one stubborn bernoulleaf.

submitted by Todd Norton - (www)

bernoulli - An interjection declaring that some given situation, process, or thing "sucks" or "blows" or some such (from the mathematician Daniel Bernoulli's work on pressure differentials, making possible airfoils, flight, and vacuum cleaners).

e.g., "...And you'll have to fill out these forms before the doctor can see you." "Bernoulli! I could bleed to death filling in blanks!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bernt - To sit up abruptly and stare intently.

e.g., "He bernted like a prarie dog."

submitted by tweedlebop

berocken bebombman - Someone who "rocks," is very popular and successful at first but ultimately "bombs," fizzles out ,and dwindles significantly with the passage of time -- perhaps a long moment of fame in the headlights of the moving fingers of fate (sic?).

e.g., Some people continue to be berocken even long after their demise, while others be bebombman from square one to kingdom come. It can be sad and unfortunate if they happen to succeed in becoming berocken bebombman, sometimes the victims of fickle fatheads and others.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

berr - To gurgle like a cat.

e.g., My cat Mitzi is berring uncontrollably when I pay her any attention.

submitted by Izhar Izhaki

berry packing - Packing in WAY more people than the recommended seating capacity for a vehicle, to the degree that at least one person is on someone else's lap.

e.g., But there are eight of us, we'd all have to berry pack into your little Civic.

submitted by kiki - (www)

bertrand-russell - A name associated with all sorts of made-up quotations and information. Used by philosophy students in hopes of enhancing their standing.

e.g., "Which was why monkeys are made of jam," said Bertrand-Russell.

submitted by Nick Smith

bescadi - Buh-scad-ee. Scads and scads of pasta, spaghetti, etc., piled high, more than you can eat maybe.

e.g., I do love tons of bescadi, but I may be unusual in that I don't want it al dente. I like it well done, tender, inhalable.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bescruff - When you have a bad day and you feel like you should be home in bed.

e.g., I'm very bescruffed today

submitted by martina

besfren - A term to describe your closest pal.

e.g., I don't know what I'd do without my besfren Rene.

submitted by Rene

bespangled - To be "decked out," "blingin," or covered in sparkly things. Mostly used when talking about rich people and their attire.

e.g., Did you see the earrings Mike bought Sharon Kay? I think she didn't want to be so bespangled on her 16th birthday. Either he has no taste or his shopping opportunities were very limited.

submitted by Chels

bessn't - Contraction of "best not."

e.g., Joseph, you bessn't be getting syrup on your clean pants.

submitted by Joseph Wain - (www)

bestest - Generally used when one is panic-stricken, especially in conversation with one's wife -- when "best" fails to express the desperate need to emphasize the acme of perfection.

e.g., Of course, dear, the dinner was the bestest you've ever made. (Notice the panic and irony.)

submitted by Lu Shaohua - (www)

bet dat - "Yes" or "Yes, I agree."

e.g., Q: Can you come to my house? A: Bet dat.

submitted by ddrummond

beta axe sumbudy - A statement used to let someone know she needs to back off.

e.g., You beta axe sumbudy before you mess wit' me.

submitted by Jeramy

betamax - To throw awaw when somethig has become obsolete.

e.g., Although Jim's hairpiece looked good in the 70s, we all agreed it should now be betamaxed.

submitted by Lou

betheme - Taking a perfectly fine place (usually a public place such as a bar) and redesigning it with a theme some marketing department currently claims is fashionable.

e.g., The Sun used to be a really good bar until it was bethemed and wound up as Biddy O'Mulligans.

submitted by Toby - (www)

bethirst - (tr.v.) 1. to cause (someone) to be or become thirsty; 2. to cause dehydration. (adj., passive participle) 3. thirsty (with a 'to be' construction).

e.g., "Basic training calisthenics bethirst recruits fairly rapidly." | "My horse is bethirst: water her immediately!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bethrall - Same as enthrall and inthrall: to spellbind, enchant, transport, enrapture.

e.g., Jim has been bethralled by her since he was four years old. Now closing in on 70, he said to her recently, "I've been in love with you since I was four years old." Beth replied, "I know." No more, no less.

submitted by HD Fowler

betrudgingly - Performing any task very slowly in order to annoy the person requesting the work.

e.g., Roy liked to tick off his wife by betrudgingly cleaning the garage over an entire weekend. (Not that smart a move on Roy's part, eh?)

submitted by Roy Egdall

better dead than red - An expression used to express opposition to communism or to left-wing politics. Used extensively in the United States in the early years of the Cold War.

e.g., The farther left Obama goes with his political agenda the more likely we are to see a return to popularity of the phrase "better dead than red."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

better pink than extinct - The response of the middle-of-the-road to the cold-war slogan "better dead than red" (the Right) or "better red than dead" (the Left). (I can't recall who made this up, but I think I saw it in a logic textbook a decade or two back.)

e.g., "It was nearly a riot! The hippies were all shouting 'Better Red than Dead,' and all the establishment guys were shouting 'Better Dead than Red.'" "Wow. What did you do?" "I was caught in the middle. What could I do? I gave a half-hearted 'Better pink than extinct' and got out of there."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

betterer - Better than better.

e.g., That is a much betterer way of saying it.

submitted by Melanie

bettern - Better than.

e.g., "This show is probably bettern most in the genre, but that’s not saying a lot."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bettn't - Quick form of "you had better."

e.g., A: But I can't do it now. B: Well you better do it soon, bettn't you?

submitted by melisaloo

betty - A hot looking female. From Betty Page, the 50s pinup model.

e.g., I met a couple of Betties today at the beach.

submitted by Christopher - (www)

between iraq and a scarred place - The unknown location of the next war: what next, where next? War never ceases.

e.g., After the present war, our troops may end up between Iraq and a scarred place.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bevelution - The history or evolution of human beverages, from water and milk to fancy (alcoholic, etc.) drinks and compound drinks.

e.g., The study of bevelution can result in one's trying (and possibly enjoying) beverages not usually drunk by people when they're thirsty.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

beveraging - To partake in a beverage; to drink something.

e.g., What will you be beveraging this evening?

submitted by Amy Hagen

beverond - The ring that is left by a cup of coffee or tea on a table.

e.g., On lifting the mug of cocoa Jonas found a large beverond on his prized antique coffee table.

submitted by nick cheek

bevy - Beverage.

e.g., It was a tasty bevy, that mix of soda and pineapple juice.

submitted by steve

bewdy - Aussie term meaning something great, fantastic.

e.g., Gee, that fish is a bewdy.

submitted by Hugh

beyond earth - Outside the limited confining human-infested Box called Earth. Beyond Earth is Everything and Everywhere, a huge Universe filled with stars and galaxies and planets and other features. Earth is a microdot in the vastness of the Universe, and humans are mini-microdots scattered all over the surface of the planet. Go beyond Earth to get a fresh new view of That Which Is.

e.g., Next lifetime we plan to go beyond Earth, at last, to avoid the crunch and suffocating closeness of home planet, and become freed-up new beings on the planet S-4 (Mars). And at some later date we might consider further expanding, beyond Mars.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bezirkle - To baffle someone by being overtly bizarre.

e.g., "You look bezirkled. " "Tom just told me he felt like a helicopter full of eels. "

submitted by Chris Sharp

bezoar - "A calculus or concretion found in the stomach or intestines of certain animals, esp. ruminants, formerly reputed to be an effective remedy for poison."

e.g., While we usually don't think of a human's stomach as being filled with bezoar, it does happen.

submitted by HD Fowler

bfe - A place out in the middle of nowhere. Acronym for "Bum-Fucking-Egypt" or "Butt-Fucking Egypt."

e.g., Mandy: Why does the party have to be held at her house? She lives out in BFE. Andy: Well, I think it's being held there because she has room for it -- plus, she's paying for it. And . . . well, no one else would have let us come because of your bad attitude.

submitted by Shelby

bff - Best Friends Forever. Usually used in jest to condone rude behavior by appealing to long-standing friendship.

e.g., David, sorry for pouring sugar in your gas tank. It was an accident. BFF.

submitted by Dano Walker

bfo, bfu - Bald, fat, and old. Bald, fat, and ugly.

e.g., One of the newer PseudoDictionary editors is BFO. How could he possibly understand us kids or know what we like? (ED. He doesn't, but that's life. Besides, one of the whippersnappers sets the site policy. All any of the editors do is enforce it.)

submitted by HD Fowler

bfs - Book Five Syndrome. The predicament of slowly and painfully losing one's sanity due to lack of new canon of any series on any medium one might be a fan of. From the mass analysis, reanalysis, rereanalysis and rerereanalysis Harry Potter fans put their existing canon through in the later stages of the gap between the release of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and the release of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

e.g., If I don't get to see Matrix: Reloaded soon, I might start developing BFS. | BFS got you down? June 21st is coming.

submitted by AceMyth

bharain - The practice of leaving a public house in Scotland to have a cigarette outside, due to the smoking ban.

e.g., I'm desperate for a fag. I'm off to Bahrain.

submitted by Andy Watson

bhoudtah - Specifically applies to the very slow and elaborate rituals of the elderly, esp. when they cause delay for those who need to get somewhere fast. Also can be used as a noun regarding nick-nacks and similar useless paraphernalia, akin to Tchochki

e.g., That bhoudtah old lady driver's caddy almost ran me off the road.

submitted by larryli

bhs - Boar's Head Shit. An especially ripe form of self-important drivel. May also refer to the prevailing demeanor of students at Beaconville High School.

e.g., Not two sentences into his speech for student body president, most of the audience knew that Bill was full of BHS.

submitted by steven jones

bi - short for bad influence. Can be used as a noun or a verb.

e.g., Get away from you BI! I need to study for my finals. Quit BI-ing me, I said!

submitted by Nathan

bi-clap - Of TV discussion show audience: to vigorously (even wrathfully) clap two opposite viewpoints one after the other, without apparently realizing the contradiction.

e.g., A tremendous bi-clap issued from the benches. They clearly wanted blood, and didn't mind whose.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

bi-dextral - The ability to use both the right and left hands, with equal skill, to perform everyday tasks.

e.g., Jeff could write equally well using either his right or left hand; he is bi-dextral.

submitted by Michael Myett

bi-illogical - An organism or a characteristic of an organism that makes no apparent sense.

e.g., Ostriches can't even fly. If you ask me, their wings are downright bi-illogical.

submitted by velma

bi-polak - I am lucky guy, well-heeled Polak gentleman, can live where I please, in winter I am south-polak, in summer I am north-polak, we follow the Sun, or maybe it's the Sun what follows us.

e.g., But us bi-polaks often go well beyond the borders to sizzling hot climes for extensive Fun and even more Fun, winter is far behind and forgotten. Reverse the seasons and we are in Arctic waters, rub nose with friendly natives, blubber for lunch, sled race to North Pole, bare?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bi-poptual - Someone who enjoys both Coca Cola and Pepsi.

e.g., Coke's fine, but it doesn't really matter since I'm bi-poptual.

submitted by Joe McGinty

bi-sacksual - The ability to be totally comfortable using a paper bag or a plastic bag at the grocery store. Of course, using my recycled cotton bag is best.

e.g., Whenever the grocery store clerk asks, "Paper or plastic?" I always say, "Yes, I'm bi-sacksual."

submitted by John Jeffers

bi-soxual - The rebellious act of purposefully wearing mismatched socks. | The apparel orientation of one who purposefully wears mismatched socks.

e.g., "Hey, look at that guy. He's wearing mismatched socks. What a lamer." "No, he's making a statement. He's bi-soxual."

submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

bi-taskal - Able to carry out two tasks simultaneously.

e.g., If you can successfully write and listen at the same time, you are bi-taskal.

submitted by Michelle

biak - A portmandeu of "bin" and "yuck." Used to mean things that are dirty, yucky, should not be touched, or otherwise should be thrown in the bin.

e.g., Don't touch that. It's biak.

submitted by Daniel

biatch - Use in polite company in place of bitch. Pronounced "bee-itch."

e.g., See that biatch over there? She dumped me last week.

submitted by mike - (www)

bibble - A barely discernible utterance made by someone (usually male) when lost for a particular word or phrase to fill an impending space in the conversation that he hasn't worked out how to fill yet. A kind of verbal static or holding music.

e.g., When asked to describe the project situation, his reply started strong, but he was soon out of his depth and started to bibble.

submitted by Alien Burrito

bibe - Someone who gives off a bisexual vibration or bi vibe.

e.g., I definitely got a bibe from her.

submitted by jaye

bibitorcircumjovialist - One who operates the muscle that draws their eyes to the stars.

e.g., When researching astronomy by looking through a telescope into the night sky, one would be considered a bibitorcircumjovialist.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

bible basher - Same as Bible humper. Someone who's fanatically religious in the old-fashioned way to the point of believing in fire and brimstone and golden harps.

e.g., When I used to go to scripture at school when I was a kid, the Bible bashers were going on and on about sin, making us sing gospel songs about sin, and going on about heaven and hell. God, I loved those days.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

bible belt - "The Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the south-eastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average." |
"Bible Belt (1:103) -- Bible Belt was a term which H. L. Mencken coined in 1924, basing it on such phrases as Cotton Belt and Corn Belt, he intended it to refer to the rural areas of the South and Midwest where a fundamentalist belief in the historical accuracy of the Bible held sway. Mencken first used the phrase as part of a heading in the 'Americana' section of the American Mercury (111:10, October 1924, p. 171): 'Progress of the New Jurisprudence in the Bible Belt, as described in a Centerville dispatch to the Ottumwa [Iowa] Courier.' The phrase appears frequently in later issues (November 1924, p. 290; February 1925, p. 154; etc.) and in the fourth edition of Mencken's The American Language (New York, 1936, pp. 230, 239, 309, 522), though there is no mention of it in the editions of 1919, 1921, and 1923. Mathews' Dictionary of Americanisms provides two examples dated February 1926 and June 1948. Mencken subsequently coined similar phrases -- Epworth League Belt (American Mercury, January 1925) and Bryan Belt (ibid., November 1925), but these did not 'catch on.' -- Mac E. Barrick, Shippensburg State College, Shippensburg, Pa."

e.g., I lived outside the Bible Belt during some of the best years of my life, but that was just coincidental.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bible humper - Someone who is unbelievably religious.

e.g., The Bible humper knocked on my door trying to sell me a book.

submitted by Captain Retardo (dw)

biblebrock - Type of candy served during church.

e.g., Would you pass the biblebrock?

submitted by Terry Turner

biblet - 1. A small, mischeivious demon, who delights in creating domestic mayhem -- e.g., biting holes in wrapped cheese, squirting toothpaste over bathroom surfaces, and leaving lids off perfume bottles. 2. When capitalised, a small Bible.

e.g., 1. When I asked my son who had made the mess in the bedroom, he insisted that "The biblet did it." 2. Mom says I'm not old enough for my own Bible, but that a Biblet would be all right.

submitted by Stephanie Smith

biblical - Delicious, especially for infants.

e.g., The food the baby spilled all over its nappy was biblical, so none of it got wasted.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

biblicalish - Referring to characteristics or qualities of the Bible.

e.g., That story is far too biblicalish for my liking.

submitted by DP

bibliobibuli - One of those words that almost makes you smile as it rolls off your tongue. Coined by H.L. Mencken 1957. "There are people who read too much: bibliobibuli. I know some who are constantly drunk on books, as other men are drunk on whiskey or religion. They wander through this most diverting and stimulating of worlds in a haze, seeing nothing and hearing nothing." You're unlikely to find it except in word collections or words about unusual words. See omnibibulous.  
Word of the Day 10/05/2012: "bibliobibuli n. those who read too much, and hence tend to be unaware of or oblivious to the real world  
"It is dazzlingly obvious that this word exists for people that don't exist. How on earth can it be possible to read too much? After consultation with my good friends, Dolores Haze, Elizabeth Bennet, Frodo Baggins, and Mr Darcy, I can also confirm that it is impossible to be oblivious to the real world."

e.g., If it's true that one can read too much, count me among the bibliobibuli. | "If you are a bibliobibuli, especially about Harry Potter, you've come to the right place."

submitted by HD Fowler

bibliodrape - A person who leaves opened books face down in various places around her home or office.

e.g., Had he not been such a confirmed bibliodrape, Edgar might have found Trish's goodbye note a few weeks earlier, and tried to win her back from that oh so tidy Randolph.

submitted by LeftyRoK - (www)

biblioklept - A compulsive book thief or hoarder. (ED. Real word, too: "a person who steals books."}

e.g., E.L. Doctorow's new novel covers the Collyer brothers, famous hoarder biblioklepts who had thousands of stolen books stacked in their house.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

biblioscribbler - A writer, a writer of books, an author.

e.g., We're very, very unlikely to ever publish a book of word creations taken from the PseudoDictionary. That's mostly because everyone involved lacks the fortitude and patience to be a biblioscribbler.

submitted by HD Fowler

bibliotch - To show anger and hate toward an idea, person, or item.

e.g., I bibliotch that stupid notebook. None of the information in it did me any good on the test.

submitted by Dillon Linson - (www)

biccup - A mixture between a burp and a hiccup.

e.g., What the hell was that noise you just made? Did you just biccup?

submitted by Lisa O

bichado - (bee-CHA-doe (also bichada (feminine)); adj.) Bugged; i.e., 1. attached to a listening device or 'infected by' a listening device or devices; 2. affected by programming bugs in need of 'debugging'; 3. affected by technological flaws and in need of repair; and (literally) 4. infested by insects. [From Spanish bicho "bug" + past participle ending -ado/a "-ed", literally "bugged."]

e.g., "Don't say anything! The room is bichado!" | "Is the program running?" "Nah, it's bichado." | "This house is falling down: it's bichado with termites."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bickerontation - A confrontation characterized by bickering.

e.g., Once again, the debate between the union leaders and corporate managers deteriorated into a heated bickerontation.

submitted by MHedges

bicne - The small spots of ink that accumulate on one's fingers during prolonged use of ballpoint pens.

e.g., After that essay test, my fingers had Bicne all over them.

submitted by Richard

bicolar - When the soda machine dispenses two drinks, yet you've only paid for one.

e.g., The vending machine is bicolar when you get Sprite.

submitted by Brian

bicomfy - Comfortable with both sexes. Someone who is primarily heterosexual but may engage in some homosexual acts. Not a synonym for bisexual.

e.g., She can be bicomfy with the right girl, but always favors men.

submitted by Coozey

bicubilous - Working in two cubicles at the same job; sometimes a second cubicle is an honor or a mark of status.

e.g., My bicubilous son works on the first and second floors.

submitted by Susan E. Powell

bicurious - Said of someone who claims to be homosexual and does have definite interest in the subject, but has not made any effort to have a homosexual relationship.

e.g., She says she thinks she's a lesbian, but I know she's dated a lot of men. She's probably just bicurious.

submitted by LisaH - (www)

bicycle boy - A man no woman needs. Follows from "A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

e.g., Am I dating Todd? No way, Todd's a bicycle boy.

submitted by geoffrey

bicycling - Mistaken.

e.g., Am I right, or am I bicycling?

submitted by curry

bicyclops - (n.) 1. A creature you've mistaken for a cyclops that possesses, in fact, two eyes (or more, I guess); 2. Any scary person, creature, or mythic construct that has two eyes; 3. Police officers on bicycles (although, strictly speaking, that would be "bicycops"). [from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie.] (cf. Cyclopedia. )

e.g., In the Yellow Submarine, as our psychedelic heroes traverse the Sea of Monsters, Ringo suddently cries out, "Look, it's a cyclops!" to which Paul responds, "Don't be silly; it's got two eyes." Ringo: "Must be a bicyclops, then."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bicycops - [Pronounced to rhyme with HI-sick-pops; n.) 1. Police officers on bicycles (a brilliant solution to the maze of inner-city, beach, park, and dense-venue construction in which life happens these days); oddly, 2. Mall cops (I have no idea why it applies to mall cops, but it does ... even though they don't (usually) have bicycles). Note: One officer on a bike is a bicycop (even though, technically (since the word comes from the Greek "cyclops") the singular should also be "bicycops." (see "Bicyclops" herein)

e.g., "Run, it's the cops!"
"Don't be stupid, man: the cops can't get back here without walkin'."
"It's bicycops, dude … Run!"

submitted by Scott m. ellsworth - (www)

biddely bop - Goodbye.

e.g., A: I'll talk to you later. B: All right. Biddely bop.

submitted by Kass

biddhism - The spiritual side of online auctions.

e.g., I am a master at biddhism. I have saved thousands on eBay.

submitted by lthrbls - (www)

biddy - A girl who works at a fast food restauraunt. (Originally girls who worked at Burger King.) Existing usage.

e.g., You shoulda seen the biddy workin' cash last night at Mickey Ds.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

biddy - Someone who is unsure of any of her actions. Existing usage.

e.g., Christopher behaved like a biddy when he was learning to ride his scooter.

submitted by Peter Tuttle - (www)

biden's syndrome - An affliction which results in a speaker's running off at the mouth so much that people think she's a know-nothing or an insensitive idiot. Named after Senator Joe Biden, notorious for shooting off his mouth and getting himself in political hot water. Biden is also known for taking up so much time with his lead-ins in senatorial hearings that he runs out of his allotted time without being able to ask witnesses any questions.

e.g., Obama knew he had Biden's Syndrome when he picked him as his running mate. Everyone knew it. Hell, they named the problem after him -- of course he has Biden's Syndrome.

submitted by HD Fowler

bidenhead - Former New York Mayor Rudy Guilani said of Vice President Joe Biden's appearance during the President's speech before Congress September 8, 2011, to launch his 2012 re-election campaign, "I think Biden must have a sore neck by now. He was shaking his head so much it looked like he was on a string. It would be hard to sit there and shake your head all the time." Think bobblehead doll, described this way at Wikipedia: "A bobblehead doll, also known as a bobbing head doll, nodder, or wobbler, is a type of collectible toy. Its head is often oversized compared to its body. Instead of a solid connection, its head is connected to the body by a spring or hook[1] in such a way that a light tap will cause the head to bobble, hence the name."

e.g., Compared to a bobblehead, a bidenhead is a pinhead.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bidgeon - Bitchin' -- for younger users.

e.g., Chuck's new video game is bidgeon.

submitted by Ingro

bidniz - The early stages of a business negotiation where several individuals make bids for the same product.

e.g., This company's shares rose dramatically on Wall Street after the attention their new product got on the day of bidniz.

submitted by diana Elmegaard (Bandit Productions)

bie - A word native to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Canada used to describe someone in shock, or as a greeting

e.g., ... Oh my god, bie what are you doing with that cat! ... Hey bie, how's it going ?

submitted by Shaun Cuddihy - (www)

bieber - An internal constriction caused an infernal construction.

e.g., Schlackel noticed that ever since he saw that young feller singing on the TV, his bieber has been acting up.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

bien pensant - (adjective) 1. Right-thinking; conservative; conformist. 2. Self-righteous. (noun) 1. A right-thinking person. 2. A self-righteous person. | "Right-minded: one who holds orthodox views." Recorded to save a comment I liked -- by tox66 on "Abortion article author receives death threats" in The Daily Telegraph. Codswallop: (British) rubbish, nonsense.

e.g., "But the problem is that one man's superstition is another man's religion, and vice versa. Many Protestants today still see Catholicism as being rife with superstition, ... while atheists and agnostics would see bien-pensant Protestants as worshiping an equally absurd form of the supernatural." David Gibson; Is One Man's Faith Another's Superstition?; The Wall Street Journal (New York); Mar 27, 2009. | "We North London bien pensant types do our best, we really do." Peter York; How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 17, 2006. | "I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far." | "You give yourself away by assigning personhood to a newspaper the way lefties do to organs they don't like (ironically, more personhood than they grant newborns); you're merely here to shriek platitudes and bien pensant codswallop." | "But the problem is that one man's superstition is another man's religion, and vice versa. Many Protestants today still see Catholicism as being rife with superstition, ... while atheists and agnostics would see bien-pensant Protestants as worshiping an equally absurd form of the supernatural." David Gibson, "Is One Man's Faith Another's Superstition?": The Wall Street Journal (New York), Mar 27, 2009. | "We North London bien pensant types do our best, we really do." Peter York; How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 17, 2006. | "I'm sure the bien-pensants in the British left will now want to reflect soberly on the folly of pushing people too far."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

biff - To screw something up.

e.g., You biffed that one, Ollie.

submitted by Brittney

biff - To be smacked with something, and it looks quite painful to onlookers. Could have come from comic books.

e.g., He was accidentally biffed in the head with a baseball. Ouch!

submitted by Em Bean

biff - To fall down heavily, esp. on something cushiony.

e.g., I was so wiped out after work, I just came home and biffed.

submitted by Name Withheld

biffa - A lady who is obese.

e.g., You pulled a right biffa last night, mate. Oh well, at least you got one. Better than I did.

submitted by Mark Adams - (www)

biffie - A crash. When you are suddenly and unexpectedly ejected from any mechanical device you're riding.

e.g., "Did you see Jeff launch over the handle bars?" " Yes, that was quite the biffie."

submitted by Kyle Lund - (www)

biffin' out - Freaking out, stressed out, losing the plot.

e.g., Did you see him? He was biffin' out big time.

submitted by Bailey

big ally mcdeal - "Big deal," from the TV show Mission Hill.

e.g., I went rioting today but it was no big ally mcdeal.

submitted by slacker - (www)

big ash - Whenever we experience a very large volcanic eruption, or a powerful meteor strike from space, the amount of ash spewed forth is ashtounding.

e.g., Even skeptics were duly impressed by the big ash from Mt. Saint Helens. as were the humanoids way back when, when the dinosours were done in by the big ash from the meteor strike. (Wish I coulda seen that. (-: )

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

big ass - Used when referring to anything over-sized or unusual. Can be used when referring to parts of the human anatomy, but rarely mentioned when talking about an actual ass.

e.g., Those are big ass boots. | "I have a big-ass headache." To match your big ass?" | "Do you remember when Shots Bar & Grill was in operation and called their biggest hamburger a Big-Ass™ Burger?" Wonder why they didn't go ahead and register the trademark -- I mean the circle R (®) thingie?" "Probably because they found they didn't get that much more protection from the registration."

submitted by Discordia - (www)

big bang hole - Astronomical hole comprised of big bangs; astronomical hole of universes. 2016-06-20 -->

e.g., The astronomer did believe in the big bang hole.

submitted by Jason Hurlburt - (www)

big bang ~ year 1 - It is not logical that a world calendar should begin with the (approximate) year of birth of some particular religious figure. And, this "BC" and "AD" (or "CE") stuff is likewise nonsense. Year one should perhaps begin with the moment of the Big Bang, and keep counting. Our current year (2008) would therefore be very large, so some sort of abbreviation would be preferable, no doubt. (ED. How about "2008" as an abbreviation? By the way, exactly how many years ago was the Big Bang? Exactly meaning, in this case, within 10 or 20 years.)

e.g., With the Big Bang signifying Year 1, would our year 2008 be something like 5,740,819,365 UC (Universal Calendar), more or less or more?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

big bombad - Refers to someone of great status or importance, and occasionally to someone who is physically impressive. From the Gungan dialect of Naboo.

e.g., He thinks he's some big bombad supervisor, but all he does is yell.

submitted by Shaduan

big box - A very large, discount shopping company, such as Wal-Mart, usually housed in a building that resembles a very large box.

e.g., If another big box is opened up in Macon, our family-owned bicycle store will be history.

submitted by natalie

big brain - Used when someone says something obvious or something ingenious, depending on if you like them or not. Big head.

e.g., Oh, look at the big brain on Chris.

submitted by kat - (www)

big dick - A brand of sugar-wafer candy that came in a large roll about 10 inches long. The wafers were thin and hard and about the size and shape of a silver dollar. This is no joke -- it really existed and had the name "Big Dick" in large letters on the wrapper. It's been many years since I saw it for sale.

e.g., I asked her if she wanted a big dick and she was about to sock me on the kisser, before I showed her the candy roll and she laughed.

submitted by Steve McDonald

big donald's - How little kids say McDonald's.

e.g., Mommy, can we go to Big Donald's for dinner?

submitted by Noelle

big greasy - The girl who is always trying to get with your boyfriend.

e.g., Someone needs to enlighten Big Greasy. She won't leave my man alone. She keeps it up, I'll punch her ticket.

submitted by Lindsay McCurry

big head, the - An exaggerated sense of self-importance. 

The Phrase Finder Posted by David FG on September 12, 2004 at 21:09:36:

In Reply to: Re: He gets a "big head" posted by ESC on September 12, 2004 at 14:59:36:

: : He gets a "big head"
: : =a big "attitude" or gets arrogant?
: : thank you like always.

: Yes, an exaggerated sense of importance. Puffed up. A classmate of mine back in West Virginia, Bubby, used the term back in 1968 as in: "Just because you got an A, don't get the big head."

Yes. "Big head" and "big headed" are certainly in very common usage here in the UK, meaning exactly what you say.

A related phrase is "widen that door," meaning that the person referred to has too big a head to get through the doorway.


e.g., Don't be getting the big head just because your submittal was accepted by the PseudoDictionary. It's not that big a deal. Seriously.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

big love - Many uses. A signing off. A feeling of great admiration.

e.g., See you later mate, big love. "Ive got big love for him/her"

submitted by trilby - (www)

big ol' - A "red-neck" term used to describe something very large.

e.g., ""Hey Bubba, that's one big ol' cab you got there in that there truck of yers!""

submitted by Allison

big pill - A figure of speech referring to euthanasia, for example, when a pet is old and starting to suffer.

e.g., Sadly, our dog Max is now 15 years old and too weak to even go for a walk. He often whimpers in pain. It may soon be time for the big pill.

submitted by natalie

big swinging dick - BSD. From "The End of the BSDA Wall Street icon falls," by Daniel Gross. "The term entered the lingua franca via Michael Lewis' Liar's Poker. (Relevant quote: 'If he could make millions of dollars come out of those phones, he became that most revered of all species: a Big Swinging Dick.') BSDs are the perennial winners of the game of conspicuous earnings (giant bonuses), conspicuous consumption (giant co-ops and summer homes), and conspicuous philanthropy (giant plaques on public edifices). In recent years, with the explosion of wealth triggered by the credit and housing boom, a large number of BSDs were minted by the Holy Trinity: hedge funds, private equity, and investment banking."

e.g., "In New York, happiest among the financial alpha males is the big swinging dick. … But now the credit crunch and a new market and regulatory climate are turning BSDs into NSBSDs (not such big swinging dicks). …  
"Among investment banks, Goldman Sachs was the ultimate big swinging dick, the firm that could do no wrong, that was more profitable than anybody else, that was just better. But this week, Goldman, needing cash, turned to Warren Buffett, the biggest of the BSDs. He agreed to help but extracted pretty onerous terms: 10 percent annual interest rate plus an equity kicker. In other words, Goldman is paying a double-digit interest rate and giving up a piece of the house in exchange for a measly few billion dollars. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, lord of the BSDs, is now a subprime borrower."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

big time, bigtime - A modifier or stand-alone connoting "very" in relation to involvement, success, failure, desire, etc. Definitely, most assuredly.

e.g., A. Did you get the stuff? B. Bigtime.

submitted by Andrew Turner - (www)

big ups - Kudos or congratulations, laudatory thanks.

e.g., Big ups to my peeps who helped me put together this record.

submitted by Sawyer - (www)

big'n'nasty - One of McDonald's sandwiches, aka the Big'n'Tasty.

e.g., Counter person: Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order please? Potential customer: Yeah, gimme two large fries, a big'n'nasty, and a coke . . . to go. With the geezer discount, if you give one.

submitted by Bob Boarker

big-gig - Large software company, like Microsoft. Also used when referring to a bigshot.

e.g., Bill Gates is a big-gig. Microsoft is a big-gig.

submitted by Lukas Friga

biggenize - To make something bigger. Biggenise.

e.g., This shelf is too small - you'll need to biggenize it if you want to fit those books on it.

submitted by Lachlan

biggerize - To enlarge.

e.g., Can you biggerize that image?

submitted by allen tjr er

biggette - someone not so smart or quick to understand.

e.g., Why dont you stop acting like a biggette.

submitted by Remy Reyes

biggie - Blanket

e.g., I can't find biggie-- oh, it's on the clothes line.

submitted by mary stone

biggify - To make bigger, such as fonts, gifs, etc.

e.g., Will you please biggify the home page?

submitted by greg foster

biggit - A person who is arrogant and or stuck up. A snob.

e.g., That biggit landlord of mine keeps jacking up the rent.

submitted by Josh Mills LaMonde - (www)

biggle - A combination of the concept of Business Intelligence and Google, referring to the idea that different people use different words for the same concept, and an index of related concepts can be built for search engines, to describe non-obvious relationship awareness. Extra funny because it is a word made up by a business analyst -- a word that happens to already have a rude slang meaning ( "Gartner has a concept it calls 'Biggle' -- the intersection of BI and Google. The idea is that the data warehousing software will be so sophisticated that it understands when different people use different words to describe the same concepts or products. It creates an index of related information -- a la Google -- and dishes relevant results out in response to queries." -- from

e.g., I can hardly wait until biggle becomes generally available. Gonna help me immensely.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

bigify - To make something bigger, or appear so.

e.g., Press the button on the remote and bigify the image.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

bigity-bam - Used to describe something good that happens very quickly and out of the blue. From the Mall Rats.

e.g., I put a dollar into the slot machine, and bigity-bam. I won $100.

submitted by Jim M

biglittle risefall - Like the motion of the waves on the great ocean.

e.g., I can sometimes sit for hours watching the biglittle risefall of the sea below me.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bigmongous - Big. So big that it's bigger than it should be, even.

e.g., A bigmongous tumor? No, no, that's just my head.

submitted by Dan Kim

bigpimpin - Looking or dressing like a pimp--overly flashy clothing, jewerly, etc.

e.g., Didya see Larry in his new purple BMW? Bigpimpin. Herb's yellow leather pants with the green trim are bigpimpin.

submitted by totaleclipse1000

bigworder - A person who incoherently uses big words just to impress people.

e.g., When Chris was a reporter for the school paper, he came off as just another bigworder.

submitted by max - (www)

bihydrolergical - The fear of drinking after a person other than yourself.

e.g., Q: Can I have a sip of your coke? A: No, I am bihydrolergical.

submitted by Wilbur Smith - (www)

bijux poetry - Poetry based on a single subject. The poetry is required to be 2 words. The words combined, in relation to the subject, have two opposite meanings.

e.g., Subject: Motorcycle Riding BiJux Poetry * weather acute * slick tires * yellow jackets * wind breezy

submitted by Mike (Sven) Anderson

bike seat - A beef schnitzel of excessive proportions.

e.g., Are you having a beer with your bike seat?

submitted by Bren

bikenopdick(s) - Those bicyclers who travel in packs most of whom share similar fancy spandex outfits with obscure European biking team references. Usually they are in the way and intolerant of slower bikers, autos, and people just strolling down a public pathway. The most common phrase heard to identify a bikenopdick is "On your left!"

e.g., Gosh, one of the bikenopdicks almost got hit by a car because they were in the middle of the road.

submitted by ben goodwin

bikey mcwinter - Anyone who rides their bike in the winter.

e.g., Hey look at that Bikey McWinter over there trying to ride on the snow.

submitted by Nathan Powell

bikini lie - (n.) An assurance that something will happen "soon" or "in a minute," despite the fact that the utterer either (a) knows it will take much longer or will naver happen at all, or (b) has no idea whether the promised event will or even can occur. (From the US Government's assurances to the people of Bikini Atoll that they'd be able to return to their island home once the H-Bomb testing was finished. . . . they're still not able to live on their radioactive island, however, and it's been about 40 years.)

e.g., "Look: it says to e-mail complaints and they'll be addressed as soon as possible." "Don't fall for it; it's the Bikini Lie." | "She keeps telling me she'll go out with me but then she asks me to reschedule. This is about the fifth time." "Wake up, man, she's handing you the Bikini Lie."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bilateral suicide - A and B are in love. A thinks B died and A commits suicide. B realizes that A is dead so B commits suicide.

e.g., Cleopatra and Mark Antony committed bilateral suicide and caused the fall of the Egyptian empire.

submitted by Brent Fisher

bile boiling - Something that makes you angry beyond any sense and reason is bile boiling.

e.g., Politically correct programs from the 1980ss done by committe are bile boiling.

submitted by Fenix

bilf - 1. The word around which the entire solar system revolves -- according to me, Sven. 2. A universal word (works for any language), created specifically for the lazy or ignorant. 3. The word written vertically in blue librarian's tape upon Sven's wall. Also bilfage, bilfent, biltant, bilfental, bilfold, or with any other suffix you desire.

e.g., 1. Tu queres acer mi Bilf? 2. Ahhhhhh! Bilf! That hurt! 3. I accidentally bilfed when I was boarding the other day.

submitted by Ben "Sven" Gentile

bill - Any male.

e.g., Bill, come here.

submitted by Jay D

bill - An amount of money, approximately one hundred dollars. Can be used in any denomination from 1 to 10, cannot be used to describe amounts in excess of $1000.

e.g., How much was my new TV? Four bills.

submitted by Tristan

billax - Make or become less tense or anxious around bill time.

e.g., She felt completely billaxed as she opened the letterbox.

submitted by Becky Bergman - (www)

billbob - Any fellow who's name you either don't know or don't remember.

e.g., Hey Billbob, double shot of bourbon neat, please.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

billbuckner - A verb, meaning to screw up something that should have been routine, with disastrous results. Refers to Bill Buckner, the (infamous) Red Sox first baseman who missed a routine grounder hit by Mookie Wilson of the New York Mets during game 6 of the 1986 World Series, allowing the winning run to cross the plate. The Red Sox went on to lose Game 7 and thus the World Series.

e.g., Dave flunked out of college because he showed up drunk for his finals and billbucknered the exams.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

billcheapman - A frugal person who is intent on minimizing his bills. Someone who is known for his cheap and thrifty ways, and who takes great steps to reduce his bills to ensure he doesn't run out of money.

e.g., Jeffs turning into a real billcheapman the way he never goes on vacations.

submitted by Chris Williams

billy-bob - To be used when you can't think of what something is called.

e.g., Can you hand me that billy-bob, Billy Bob?

submitted by Tess

billy-no-mates - Someone who has no friends. On the bill = alone.

e.g., Ended up sitting in on Friday night -- felt like a right Billy-No-Mates.

submitted by oneiros - (www)

billyjean - (verb) To be caught dancing or lip syncing badly to Michael Jackson recordings (and looking at yourself in a mirror) while wearing only your underwear. Billyjeaning; Billyjeaned. (noun) A person who badly dances/lipsyncs to Michael Jackson

e.g., I saw my brother Billyjeaning in bathroom just now. | My brother wants to be Michael, but all he ends up as is a Billyjean.

submitted by Matt C Burnett

bilogy - (n., pronounced BILL-uh-jee) the two movies or books or what-have-you that make up the (obligatory) trilogy of a successful franchise, but which seem to form their own two-part story without any real reference to the first movie or book or whatever. || A misspelling of biology. | Bilogical: most often seen in politics: inconsistent, illogical. No paradigm shift here -- just changing from one position to another -- and back -- to curry favor with today's audience and tomorrow's voters. Taking both sides of an issue, depending on your audience or depending on polls.

e.g., Pirates of the Caribbean, for instance, is comprised of TWO stories, not three: The Curse of the Black Pearl and a two part story about Davy Jones and the land of the dead and Calypso and everything . . . it really had nothing at all to do with the first story except for the actors. || As any student of bilogy knows, only the bilogical survive. | Bilogical politician is redundant. | Strom Thurmond was the archetype of the bilogical politician.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth || Miss Speller

bilow - A cheap person, a spendthrift (this is a saying used in the new york new jersey area, stemming from the concept of buy low, sell high)

e.g., This bilow thinks he'll take it with him when he dies

submitted by Kooros Khavarian

bim - A female bum.

e.g., I met this bim the other night. I was all "Hello, try some perfume or something."

submitted by A Bergman

bimbicide - The killing of blonde, slutty or intellectually challenged minor characters in teen slasher films.

e.g., It wasn't that good. But I really enjoyed all the bimbicide.

submitted by Markball

bimble - To amble along unawares.

e.g., Judge Crater went out for a bimble. He's the man who never returned.

submitted by karl

bimble - To hang around in a boat park with your mates pretending to fix your boat. Essential props for bimbling include a pop-rivet gun, some gaffa tape and a few tins of beer.

e.g., Person 1: "Have you seen Olly?" Person 2: "He's down the boat-park having a bimble with Robert and the other guys."

submitted by Purple Martin

bimbob | bimboy - Male equivalent of bimbo; i.e., a very good-looking, charming, or otherwise attractive young man -- not valued for his intellectual prowess. "An attractive but unintelligent young man (especially one who has an affair with a public figure); a sexy male airhead." | Overly flirtatious male.

e.g., Heads turned as she entered the room with an entourage of stunning bimbobs. | She must realize he's just a bimboy . . . his IQ is about as high as the wattage of a refrigerator bulb.

submitted by Caroline | Ted Roberts

bimbolosity - Degree to which a person's behavior is likely to earn group disapprobation.

e.g., What a stunning display of bimbolosity.

submitted by beanie33

bimbonic - To contain or exude the qualities of a bimbo.

e.g., The women in this club are all bimbonic.

submitted by TimEspin - (www)

bimboozle - To be completely taken by someone's stunning appearance, failing to notice a serious flaw.

e.g., I had spent two months with Chris before I realized that she was dumb as a post and was just using me for my cash. I was bimboozled.

submitted by gecko

bimp - Combination of shameless promotion (pimping) by bumping a thread on a forum. Bump + pimp --> bimp.

e.g., I'm going to post something even if it's shallow to bimp the thread I started.

submitted by for Jerry Cates - (www)

bin - Been.

e.g., "Osama bin Laden has bin dead for years now. If he wasn’t, he would be releasing enough videos to rival the TV time of Barry Soetoro."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

binary paradigm - An instance where there are only two possibilities, often said in response to someone talking around the question.

e.g., It's a binary paradigm; we hire her or we don't.

submitted by Doug

binary vision - A person whose eyes appear to be looking in two different directions.

e.g., Because of Joe's binary vision, I couldn't tell if he was talking to me or my friend.

submitted by Ally

bindle stick - (n.) A rod or pole to end of which you tie your possessions, wrapped in a kerchief or bandana or blanket or something, carried over the shoulder. A bindle stick is the stereotypical knapsack or kit bag of hobos, bums, tramps, swag-men, drifters, vagabonds, and other such itinerants, known back in first half of the 20th century as "bindle stiffs." [We don't know where the word "bindle" comes from---it was "bindele" in Anglo Saxon a thousand years ago, and Scots has a word "bindle" that means "a length of cord used for tying or binding something." Yiddish also has a term, "bündel," referring to a bale or parcel wrapped and bound for carrying.]

e.g., America's collective memory recalls the hobos of the Depression almost as clownish figures, smoking the fag ends of cigars, sporting ratty, punched-through hats, and carrying bindle sticks, usually with the bindle wrapped in a polka-dot bandana or a dirty white kerchief. A charming anachronism, all that's left of the memory of a desperate era. || Nowadays, the old term "bindle" refers to packages of illegal drugs. This gives a rather darker connotation to "bindle stick" (and "bindle stiff" as well).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

bine - Slang for cigarette. This is a very local word, never heard it in use outside of my town of Omagh, Northern Ireland.

e.g., Any bines?

submitted by Dom

binebate - What TV news people imagine a "debate" is. A binebate is a binary debate, a technique for exploring reality based on the assumption that for any issue there exist only two (opposing) opinions.

e.g., Did I see the debate on Newsnight? Nah, what's the point. They only know how to binebate.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

bing - To strike an imaginary bell whilst simultaneously replicating the noise of a bell at the end of a meal in order to attract the attention of a waiter and thus obtain the bill.

e.g., "BING!" "The william, my good man!"

submitted by Colin Taffel

bing bing - Use bing bing when you would usually use bling bling, but bing bing is better because it is a much more effective conversation starter.

e.g., That suave guy was completely bing bing (or bingin'), I wish I had gotten his number!

submitted by Renee

bingaclohokere - A specific mathematical term used mainly by Mu Alpha Theta club members as an obscure insult in place of idiot.

e.g., Chris, you're a bingaclohokere.

submitted by Lirael Goldenhand

bingbong-a-thon - Neighborhood church bells ringing for 15 minutes or more.

e.g., I don't mind church bells... until they decide to have a bingbong-a-thon. They get annoying when my ears start ringing, too.

submitted by Kimberly - (www)

bingged - Hiding, try to be not seen.

e.g., When I was playing manhunt with my friends, I was bingged in a tree.

submitted by kevin ocallaghan

bingo arm - flabby skin under the bicep/tricep area.

e.g., did you see the bingo arm on that old lady when she won last night??

submitted by lthbrls - (www)

bingobango - As good as done. "No problem."

e.g., Boss: I need that report tomorrow. You: Bingobango.

submitted by theSman

bingoops - What has happened when people say bingo and later realize they were wrong.

e.g., My friend did a bingoops yesterday at my sleepover.

submitted by Farah

bingowings - Large flaps of skin on the upper arms of old ladies. Especially old ladies who play Bingo and wear sleeveless shirts.

e.g., I need to go to the gym. I swear, I've done so little exercise and so much eating lately, I'm developing bingowings.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

bingtotem - The good luck charms that many bingo players line up on their tables while they play the game.

e.g., Having no bingtotem of my own, I made one out of tin foil and still I did not win at bingo.

submitted by Diane Harris

bink - All-purpose word: sound effect, a verb, a swear word, something dirty, a space filler, pretty much anything except an adverb.

e.g., Bink! OR I bink you! OR Oops, I touched your bink.

submitted by Alli - (www)

bink - Equivalent of the word "billy" as in silly billy.

e.g., You're a silly bink.

submitted by David Munro

binky - How a domesticated rabbit expresses joy: a high vertical jump in the air, often with a twist at the apex of the jump.

e.g., Our rabbit was so happy with her new feed she would binky all afternoon.

submitted by Stephen Mize

bintwit - Having the mental abilities of a less than satisfactory female partner. Commonly the female partner is assumed to be blonde, but not attractive enough to be a bimbo. Used among groups of males to humiliate a specific member, where this member of the group's partner is considered to be unacceptable.

e.g., You're a bintwit. | That was a bintwitted thing to do, Chris. Typical.

submitted by Dave - (www)

binx - A combination of bitch and minx -- a woman who sets strong boundaries and is also bold and flirty.

e.g., Mandy can only be described as a binx of a woman -- firm but also fun to be around.

submitted by Michelle

binya - A individual doing activities that are unlawful and wrong in the context of a party

e.g., Christopher, quit being such a binya.

submitted by Peter Tuttle

bio-fam - Short form for "Biological Family." Used when you're talking about more than one family. Meaning if you're adopted and you're not talking about your adoptive parents you're talking about your bio-fam

e.g., Roseanne: Which family are you taking about? James:Geez. I'm talking about my bio-fam. Get with the program.

submitted by Roseanne H.

biochrome - Living color. bio = life, bio = life chrome =

e.g., This program is brought to you in biochrome.

submitted by John Lipp

bioerectrick - Referring to the magical way that one prepares for insertion into biological deep space.

e.g., It's a bioerectrick marvel -- such plumbing, such engineering, a true pleasure to contemplate.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bioesque - Lifelike.

e.g., The robot is so advanced it is almost bioesque.

submitted by Takisia

biographee - The subject of a biographee.

e.g., Yes, I'm the subject of the biography -- the biographee. I also wrote the book, so I'm the biographer as well. It's what you call an autobiography. I wrote it prehumously, see.

submitted by HD Fowler

biolog - A diary or personal journal, where one can record regular reports about one's activities, happenings, thoughts, and feelings of particular importance or significance.

e.g., As the name might suggest, your biolog should not be full of trite and silly nonsense, but worthy and perhaps valuable descriptions and observations, befitting the civilized intelligent human, recording for posterity significant gems of desirable data.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

biomassehydratize - To use hydroelectric power to magnetize and hydrate trees to conserve more water.

e.g., When I grew those trees in five seconds, I must have biomassehydratized them.

submitted by Aidan Jones

bionovel - A piece of writing written about people who the author personally knew and believed to be worthy enough to be recorded in a story. The author may not know the whole of their history and may speculate when needed to make connections. It is based on real people, but it's not all "truth." This is forW. Somerset Maugham, author of _The Razor's Edge_, who didn't know exactly what to call his book.

e.g., The butler in this bionovel sounds like Uncle Bob.

submitted by Alice

biophantasmology - The study of spiritual or metaphysical life.

e.g., Joe decided to do a study on the mechanical elves from the DMT realm for his biophantasmology class.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

bioverse - All life within the universe, to include known and potential life in the universe. Expansion of the bbiosphere concept. Related to astrobiology.

e.g., The Earth has life, and Titan may have potential life in the bioverse.

submitted by Jonathan Riddle - (www)

bip - 80s slang for cool.

e.g., AJ is so bip.

submitted by Darrel Herbert

bip - 1. To hit, slam, etc. 2. To "pack" in basketball.

e.g., 1. Shut up before I bip you. 2. He was standing right over him and went, "Bip."

submitted by Tarheel

bipo - The squishy stuff inside an elephant's ear: elephant earwax.

e.g., Hey, Shaniqua, did you hear how all the cool kids are saying you're as worthless as bipo?

submitted by Shaniqua

bipolarcoaster - The harrowing ups and downs that unstable people go through.

e.g., We spent the afternoon on Amanda's bipolarcoaster, but I finally had enough.

submitted by Tim Pace - (www)

bird - A high-energy short-lived temper tantram.

e.g., Your father's gonna have a bird when he sees what you've done.

submitted by robert

bird - Someone who is cheap. From the cheeping sounds that birds make.

e.g., Don't be a bird. You're cheap cheap cheap.

submitted by Anh Le

bird colonel - A full colonel in the Army, Air Force, or Marines. An O-6 in rank, as differentiated from a Lieutenant Colonel who is O-5. Sometimes persons of these ranks are referred to as Chicken Colonels or Light Colonels, respectively (or not so respectfully). The "bird" in the title comes from the brass emblem of rank, depicting an eagle. In the U.S. Navy, an O-6 officer is a Captain, which can be confusing, as in the other services, a Captain has an O-3 rank.

e.g., The were so many Bird Colonels at the base, that my arm grew tired from saluting.

submitted by Steve McDonald

bird food - What health nuts and vegetarians eat to gain protein: nuts, oats, soy and seeds, etc.

e.g., Angela: Instead of a beef hamburger, try a garden-burger. It's got nuts and oats and is healthier for you. Brent: I don't like bird food.

submitted by Marie

bird-acide - A clean window.

e.g., The bird-acide already killed three bluejays and one robin today.

submitted by jermaine

birdage - Collective noun used by understimulated male teenagers at boarding schools to describe a member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Check out the birdage in the Escalade.

submitted by dr johnson

birdie bacon - What results when the worms that crawl out on the sidewalk during a rainstorm get stuck there and are fried by the sun.

e.g., Shirley hates walking to school after a storm because she hates stepping on birdie bacon.

submitted by Wilma

birdie nest - When you go fishing and your line jumbles up in a big ball.

e.g., I got a birdie nest over here! Unc Sam, I need more line!

submitted by G-Dogg

birdie-num-nums - Tasty treats of any nature.

e.g., Want to go get some birdie-num-nums? I am starving!

submitted by sarah

birfday - Birthday. Birfdate.

e.g., Andy, if you eat too much of that icing, your birfday's going to turn into a barfday.

submitted by Miss Speller

birkenschlock - El cheapo shoes of the imitation-Birkenstock variety.

e.g., That sure is a nice pair of Birkenschlocks you got yourself there, buddy. Don't tell me--Kmart, right?

submitted by Kimber ley

birminghampster - Anyone who lives or works in a city named Birmingham.

e.g., It was particularly hard to get used to being a Birminghampster.

submitted by Evman

birth control glasses - Large, bulky, ugly eyeglass frames. Used to describe standard issue basic training glasses in the US Army. Birth-control glasses.

e.g., He ain't never gonna get any, not as long as he wears those birth control glasses.

submitted by Andrew

birthanzaa - When one celebrates her birthday for one week, beginning six days prior to the actual day of her birth. Gifts each day, and multiple parties are also expected during this event.

e.g., My 14-year-old daughter is celebrating her birthanzaa.

submitted by Jennifer Evans - (www)

birthaversary - Used when one spouse's birthday falls on the couple's anniversary.

e.g., "Happy Birthaversary to you." (We have a lot in our family...same tune as "Happy Birthday.")

submitted by Joyce Smith

biscaine - To play too much or to talk nonsense to someone.

e.g., You need to give me my money while you biscainein.

submitted by Mac-E

biscuit - One who is cute.

e.g., Wow, did you see that guy sitting across from us? He was a real biscuit.

submitted by carla - (www)

biscuit - A type of hat, typified by the Kangol 504 design; applies to any hat of this shape. Used in Southeastern Michigan.

e.g., I used to wear a Yankees cap, but now I wear a biscuit.

submitted by Allan Hazlett

biscuit-mouth - The unpleasant condition caused by eating too many biscuits (especially ginger nuts) in one sitting.

e.g., Quick, I need tea to treat this biscuit-mouth.

submitted by Gary C

bishie - Beautiful boy. Bishy. Generally used by otaku, fan-girls or fan-boys for a beautiful male with boyish or effeminate traits. From the Japanese word "Bishounen."

e.g., Ooh, look at that bishie walking in -- no, the other door.

submitted by Ryan Johnson - (www)

bishop's collar - Term originally used to indicate the exact half-inch of foam at top of a newly poured Guinness. Could also be used to indicate dismay at the large amount of foam at the top of a newly poured American beer.

e.g., What a rip-off. Look at the size of that bishop's collar the bartender gave you -- that's at least 30% less beer -- we should go kick his ass.

submitted by Salty

bishtacular - Awesome, cool, the best.

e.g., Today sure was bishtacular. I scored major with this hot guy.

submitted by Nick

bisker - The whisk attachment of a stand-up mixer; a contraction of "whisk" and "beater."

e.g., This is a light dough we're making; better use the bisker.

submitted by Kieran Conley

bisocial - Able to hang out with both men and women.

e.g., Carla invited him to her baby shower; he must be bisocial.

submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

bisquick - Deal.

e.g., What is your bisquick?

submitted by Nina

bistango - A vile substance usually of solid or highly viscous form.

e.g., What's in that martini glass? It looks like a rotten lump of bistango. Yuck.

submitted by Nathan Aschbacher

bistatual - Having houses in two states. Also "ambistatual."

e.g., Jim has a house in both Washington and California, so he's bistatual.

submitted by Firestorm

bisted - Combination of bit and busted

e.g., We got bisted by the cops last night.

submitted by Jupiter

bit - Bitch In Training. Preteen or teenage female with way too much attitude.

e.g., My kid sister has become a BIT since she turned thirteen.

submitted by Greg

bitch - Demeaning term. To be someone's bitch is to be taken advantage of.

e.g., Don't let him treat you like that. You're not his bitch. You're my bitch. | I'm not your bitch.

submitted by honora

bitch boy - Someone who is acting inappropriately in a social setting. Also for someone generally disliked.

e.g., That bitch boy over there with the busted nose -- Chris -- was trying to roll up on my girl. Guess how he got the busted nose.

submitted by Benny

bitch fuel - Common vernacular describing the assortment of alco-pops and vodka-and-something-based bottled drinks. Cheap and high in alcohol.

e.g., She's getting through the bitch fuel at light speed. | More bitch fuel, darlin'?

submitted by Luc - (www)

bitch whisperer - Someone with talents and skills similar to dog and horse whisperers, but applied to, and used to correct undesirable behavioral traits found on high maintenance or pain-in-the-ass women. Ex-wives and girlfriends, female bosses, cranky lap-dancers, comprise just a sampling of the vast list of the bitch whisperer’s subjects. Bitchwhisperer, bitch whisper.

e.g., Son, it’ll take the efforts of a first-rate bitch whisperer to keep your ex-wife and her attorney from skinning you alive. | "Bob, whatever you do, make sure you get Charlie Fingers as your attorney for your divorce. He's the best bitch whisperer around." "Janice has already hired him." "Oh, sorry about that. You are going to pay."

submitted by Albert D. Pereira

bitch-sized - Puny, small, minuscule. Bitch-size.

e.g., After wrecking his Z28, Jerry felt foolish driving a Toyota with its bitch-sized four cylinders.

submitted by dust

bitchcakes - Describing an mad angry state, often involving rapid violent action or futile pacing or anger.

e.g., The teacher catches me swiping candy from her jar just as she comes back into the room and next thing you know she's gone bitchcakes.

submitted by matthew salernonononono

bitched-out - 1. Unable to perform certain actions expected of oneself. 2. To yell and curse at someone, demean, demoralize.

e.g., 1. Chris bitched-out. After a couple of brews he was unable to attend to the nudies at the nudie bar. 2. John bitched-out his co-worker about his poor work performance and overall lack of effort.

submitted by Shaolin

bitchelugger - Someone who mooches in a whiny and mean way.

e.g., He was using his high-pitched voice just for a cookie. That punk Chris is a bitchelugger.

submitted by KandiKane - (www)

bitchin' - Freaking awesome.

e.g., "What do you think of that car?" "That car is bitchin'."

submitted by Kelsey Garczynski

bitchology - Bitching taken to such a high level it could be considered a science.

e.g., What's the matter with Chris? I didn't know he had a degree in bitchology.

submitted by Jazzbo

bitchslap - From the stereotype of a pimp's demeaning and abusive treatment of his prostitutes, whom he refers to as his "bitches." Those who use the term typically see themselves as being superior and as being in a situation that calls for them to mete out harsh, abrupt, and abusive treatment for what they perceive as stupid or disrespectful behavior -- or simply when they think such treatment is needed to remind someone of her inferior status. Bitch slap, bitch-slap.

bitch-slap: • verb [with obj.] US informal deliver a stinging blow to (someone), typically in order to humiliate [her]: I would have bitch-slapped him for talking that way.
- ORIGIN 1990s: originally black English, referring to a woman hitting or haranguing her male partner.

e.g., You talk back to me one more time, and I'll bitchslap you. | To say I was astonished when Chris bitchslapped me at a bar one night is an understatement. In case you were wondering why he's the prototypical bad example, that's why.

submitted by Markball

bitchuation - A real bitch of a situation.

e.g., When the top of my convertible opened up in the middle of the car wash, it was a total bitchuation.

submitted by Pam Budnick

bite the bucket - To make a kamikaze run in Texas Hold'em. Attributed to my roommate Troy.

e.g., I had a seven and a two off-suit, but I decided to bite the bucket and ended up with a full house.

submitted by captainminus

biter - Someone who steals a saying or move from someone else.

e.g., You're a biter--I made up that dance move.

submitted by Phive

bitspit - Bunch of words generated by electronic text device. Usually used in digital correspondence. (First seen years ago on, Jargon Watch.)

e.g., He wrote me this huge e-mail. I have never seen such bitspit.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

bitter barn - Where we are when we are in a bitter mood.

e.g., I need to get out of the bitter barn and have some fun.

submitted by Kimberly

bittle - A short amount of time. | A small amount of something -- i.e., little + bit.

e.g., I'll be back in a bittle -- I'm just going to the shops. | Dibs on the bittle of orange juice left in the bottle.

submitted by Zsuszo

bizarnage - A group of several bizarre things all occurring at once, when events take on a fantastical air.

e.g., Did you see Vanilla Sky? Bizarnage.

submitted by Nick Jones

bizarro - Odd or unusual. NB: Usually said in a dumb cheerleader voice.

e.g., Did you see the bizarro way Alice was acting today.

submitted by orange

bizatch - Stupid and irresponsible.

e.g., She's a bizatch.

submitted by Harley Carter

bizkid - Parallel of whizkid. Used for bright businessmen who use novel ways to publicise their products.

e.g., Bizkids are creative business brains. They hog any space they get to advertise their products. Recently, a band of these bizkids used Indian postcards to do this. Now these bizkids have resorted to postcard marketing in India. Can it be any parallel of zip code marketing of the USA? Used by Vivek Sharma in Hindustan Times, Lucknow.

submitted by vivek sharma

bizly - To be embarrassed for another person.

e.g., I saw a girl walking through the mall with her dress tucked into her pantyhose. I felt bizly.

submitted by The Feline Punk - (www)

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