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burgerarian - A person whose diet consists primarily or wholly of hamburgers. More broadly, one whose diet consists of food from fast-food outlets.

e.g., We can't do Chinese food. Don't you know Phil is a strict burgerarian?

submitted by Gregory Bloom

burgerdonald's - A generic name for all fast food restaurants when you can't remember the one you were at, or if you have no general preference.

e.g., "Where do you want to go for dinner?" "Eh, Burgerdonald's, doesn't matter to me." OR "We heard this song the last time we were at Burgerdonald's."

submitted by Jenna Speer

burgicide - When a hamburger can't take any more torture and hurls itself through the grill onto the coals.

e.g., If one more burger takes a dive, I'm gonna commit burgicide all on my own.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

burgle - Originally intoxication-speak for a late-night, greasy, fast food hamburger. Its use is now being widely adopted to refer to hamburgers purchased at any time or place. 1. Burgle = single hamburger. 2. Burgler = one who pursues burgles. A mulltitude of burgles. The concept of multiplicity and burgles. Also refers to the general state of burgleness.

e.g., A. I'm drunk and hungry. Let's get a burgle and fries. B. Cool, I'm gonna get a double-burgler with cheese.

submitted by Mike Castillo

burglesque - A poorly planned break-in. Not original.

e.g., Watergate's the most famous burglesque in history.

submitted by HD Fowler

burkup - a simultaneous burp and hiccup

e.g., example- excuse me, I burkupped

submitted by david mcdonald - (www)

burmaspeech - A derogative term describing an oral presentation in which the duration is several times longer than that suggested, especially when referring to public speaking.

e.g., Irma was halfway through her burmaspeech, and the entire class had already fallen asleep.

submitted by Gebusa

burn - Insult of mammoth proportions. | To get cheated or otherwise humiliated. | A copy, usually bootlegged software, movies, or music; but can refer to anything that can be duplicated.

e.g., Ewwwwww! "Razor-face?" That was a burn. | "I won my bet with Chris, but he burned me. So I can't pay you back right now. I will as soon as I can. Trust me." "I'll bet that's what Chris said to you." | Mark: I just got that new Command & Conquer game. Glenn: Could you give me a burn?

submitted by murph | ditnis | Wildgoose - (www)

burn notice - Of the TV series of the same name: "He receives a 'burn notice' from the government, meaning that they have decided to drop all contact with him and fire him immediately."


Los Angeles Times | November 20, 2005: Powell said he was never warned, during three days of intense briefings at CIA headquarters before his U.N. speech, that he was using material that both the DIA and CIA had determined was false. "As you can imagine, I was not pleased," Powell said. "What really made me not pleased was they had put out a burn notice on this guy, and people who were even present at my briefings knew it."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

burn one - To smoke a cigarette or cigar.

e.g., After we get this truck unloaded, let's go burn one.

submitted by Paul

burn the tambourines - Let's put a stop to this rah-rah approach. We need to get down to business and do something.

e.g., Burn the tambourines; we need a serious solution to the productivity slump we've been experiencing.

submitted by «Ed» - (www)

burn-bag - U.S. Government expression: The bag into which classified, shredded documents are placed for burning.

e.g., Get that into the burn-bag and have it torched immediately.

submitted by Stephen Mize - (www)

burn-in - The particular silicon smell you get when you turn on a brand new computer for the first time.

e.g., "Check out my new computer." "Mmmm, I can still smell the burn-in."

submitted by Freyja

burnage - Used to measure the extremity of a burn. A burn about someone's clothes, minor burnage. A burn about someone's mother or sister or grandmother or dog, medium burnage. Lastly, a burn involving someone's mother, sister, grandmother, and dog, extreme burnage.

e.g., "You'd better watch your back." "Yeah, well you'd better stay off yours." The latter is seriously extreme burnage.

submitted by murray

burnaza - What you do when you realize that your Italian seasoning is actually a hefty blend of oregano, basil, and marijuana.

e.g., I realized that my Aunt's special blend of Italian seasoning was perfect for my Burnaza.

submitted by Paige Archer

burnch - Told ya so. You're wrong, I told you you were, and you didn't believe me.

e.g., Burnch. See, she was with him last night at the movies. Why would I lie to you?

submitted by michelle

burned and boxed - Cremated . . . and put in a box. A bit more commonly used to refer to the manufacture of CDs and DVDs.

e.g., Without the VA, I would have been burned and boxed long ago.

submitted by [5471Foxtrot] - (www)

burner - A technically and stylistically well-executed complicated construction of interlocking letters in graffiti. Generally done in bright colors.

e.g., That burner is def.

submitted by .:DASH:. - (www)

burninate - 1. To utterly scorch, roast, flame, and otherwise destroy with fire. From, invented by Strong Bad. Can also be used as a noun, as in burninator, meaning one who burninates. 2. To own, pwn, or in any other way beat down.

e.g., 1. Once upon a time, Trogdor the dragon burninated the countryside, the peasants, and all the people in thatch-roofed cottages. 2. "Your grades are so low, you'd have to dig to find them. Hey, why not find that subterranean IQ while you're at it?" "Ooh, burninated."

submitted by GorillazFan87 & Rat Soup (2) - (www)

burnt - Burned. To get shot down or humbled in a very blatant way.

e.g., When that chick pushed Chris away when he tried to dance with her, he got seriously burnt.

submitted by M.R.Richardson

burntestines - What you say in appreciation of good Mexican food when you don't speak the language.

e.g., "?Donde esta su eposa, senor?" "Oh, uh, burntestines." (Smile knowingly.)

submitted by Helen R

burobers - Small white hairs.

e.g., I've got a lot of burobers on my arm.

submitted by Colter 7th English

burpal - A burp that was created by swallowing air and intentionally caused by a person.

e.g., Allena burpaled in class to see the reaction of the teacher.

submitted by Molly H.

burr, brrr - The degree of discomfort to a person once it is determined that he or she is cold.

e.g., Burr. It must be 20 below burr out here.

submitted by Larry Senter

burrifinger - What you can make rather than a burrito if you have only fingers -- or, the price of fingers is cheaper than toes. Alternative to burritoes.

e.g., There's been a recall on toes, so we have to make burrifingers.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

burrito - An intense conversation -- wrapped up in it like a burrito.

e.g., If it weren't for our burrito, Peck and I wouldn't have stayed up until 6 a.m.

submitted by Dot - (www)

burrocrat - An official of a bureaucracy, especially one caught up with administrivia -- those who make the term "public servant" an oxymoron. (ED. Not original, but not defined elsewhere.)

e.g., "So today I called the Jefferson City headquarters, got a burrocrat to call back, explained the situation, got his name, and his promise to look into it as well as his explaining that he couldn't give me a report."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

burstage - The degree to which a tortilla, pita bread, or similar food breaks when you bite into it.

e.g., Tortilla burstage can be very embarrassing, where minor tears can give unsuspecting eaters a squirt of salsa in the eye, or in the case of completely loose hull integrity, the entire contents falls into someone's lap.

submitted by Jason Littlefield - (www)

bursty - Sporadic.

e.g., Cash flow at my company can be bursty.

submitted by Matt Orley

burt - A unibrow. Sesame Street character. Also "bert."

e.g., Roman Cechmanek, the Flyers goaltender, has a burt.

submitted by ditnis

burton'd - To build excessively tough, tightened to the extent just before breaking point. If a bolt cannot be loosened it has been burton'd.

e.g., We just burton'd your engine.

submitted by Eddie Roper

bury yokel - The hard to decipher but hilarious speech of someone who comes from up in the Yorkshire "sticks" area -- up yon'.

e.g., "Alreet mister. How'do?" "Do you know what language he's speaking? Is it bury yokel?"

submitted by Famoza

bus park - Pouting, sticking out the lower lip.

e.g., Ooh, Chris is bus parking... again.

submitted by mouse - (www)

bush - Pubic hair, a reference to a female's pudendal hair or genitalia.

e.g., Are you kidding? Thompson's a known bush hater, and anyone who hates bush can't be trusted, can he?

submitted by beelzebub

bush - To attack with little provocation, fabricating an implausible justification after the fact.

e.g., No, I did not poison your dog. Don't bush me.

submitted by Giovanni - (www)

bush drinker - Southern California or other canyon regions: an underage drinker who hides in bushes to drink with friends.

e.g., When the foreign exchange student came from France he didn't know what to make of all the bush drinkers.

submitted by Nik

busheious - Crassly low class, lacking sophistication. Pronounced bushwah. Hybrid of bush league and bourgeois.

e.g., Elected officials try to appear genteel in their speeches, but it's just busheious.

submitted by Joel Parker

bushenheigen - A German word for those who hug trees frequently.

e.g., They're just a bunch of bushenheigen hippies.

submitted by moose

bushism - A word that is not actually a word: a mispronunciation of any existing word or a botched combination of existing words. A malaprop, a la Leo Gorcey in the Bowery Boys movies. Or, more recently, President Bush.

  • {ED. Bushism. Both uppercase and lowercase. Such as "strategery" for "strategy" or "misunderestimated" as a combining form for "underestimated" and "misunderstood." Such words can usually be found in the pseudodictionary; however, if you run across one that isn't, please submit it for addition. Any submittals should include a reliable source (link) verifying that President Bush has, indeed, actually made a statement using the submitted word incorrectly. Alternatively, the description should include a citation regarding the comedian or politician or newscaster who claims that President Bush used the word incorrectly. The pseudodictionary has no interest in propagating a slander or in propagating a libel.  
    Strategery = strategy. As (mis)pronounced on Saturday Night Live. Allegedly said by President George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America; however, no evidence has been presented to confirming that the President mispronounced "strategy" in that way.  
    "Misunderestimated" may not truly qualify as a Bushism, as indicated in the following: President Eisenhower's enemies had a tendency to underestimate him. If they underestimated him badly enough, they ended up emasculated. Those who made that mistake of so egregiously understimating Ike could be said to have "misunderestimated" him. Used this way, the word is not unlike redundancies such as "true facts."}

    e.g., "The Democrats misunderestimated me," said President Bush (as played by Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live), "And I hope they continue to do so right through the upcoming election and my second term."

    submitted by Julia Marquand

    bushkawa - Absurd, ridiculous.

    e.g., He thought the family cow would eventually give chocolate milk; how bushkawa.

    submitted by Tray Cushing

    bushman - A member of an endangered race who believes that the Presidency should be a hereditary office.

    e.g., A recent anthropological study reveals that the highest concentration of Bushmen is to be found in Texas. No surprise there.

    submitted by lochlainn

    bushwah - Rubbish, bollocks, not feasible, etc.

    e.g., Your cat ate my dog? Bushwah.

    submitted by EggieChan

    business - 1. Used to describe illegal activities, or activities that you prefer to be kept secret from others. Has a vague and sinister Mafia-esque ring to it. 2. Interchangeable with virtually any noun; can be used as an antonym for "stuff."

    e.g., 1. I've got to get going. I have some business to take care of. 2. Hurry up and get your business out of the car.

    submitted by Juice Maloose

    business class - Refers to a woman with a large ass. The explanation of the phrase is that her ass would be too big to fit in coach.

    e.g., Check out that girl. She's business class.

    submitted by John A.T. Slaughter

    business, the - Outstanding. Usually said with extra emphasis.

    e.g., Those snakeskin knickers are the business.

    submitted by Jordan - (www)

    busny - Busy or business verbalized after an extra shot of brbn.

    e.g., Sorry babe, no busny after my threed shod o' brbn.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    buss - From the word "bust." Any verb.

    e.g., Buss me them shades, daddy-o. When you get a chance can you buss me a beer from the fridge? Buss me that can of vienna sausages there, pard.

    submitted by Brian Vinson

    busse-factor - Humidity with respect to the over-all volume of one's hair.

    e.g., Once Bill and Jimmy finally reached the summit of 30,000 feet, their hair was still visible to the onlookers below, due to the consistently high busse-factor.

    submitted by Whitni McDonald

    bussey - The manner in which one's hair mysteriously violates all laws of logic and reason. Most prominent in middle-aged German men and 18-year-old musicians.

    e.g., While playing the guitar, the young virtuoso's bussey hair shook with great gusto and fervor.

    submitted by Whitni McDonald

    bust - To do something, in a positive fashion.

    e.g., Ed. I`m going to make a cup of tea. Ted. Bust me one up, too.

    submitted by noneilno

    bust a move - To attack, as in hand to hand combat, especially with the expectation that it will be a quick, decisive blow.

    e.g., Don't make me bust a move on you!

    submitted by Pete

    bust out - 1. To retrieve something that you have. 2. To apply something (skills, etc). 3. To play music.

    e.g., 1. I need to bust out the Windows 98 CD. (But NEVER, e.g., "I need to go to the store and bust out some milk.") 2. I shall bust out my mad HTML skills. 3. Let me bust out the new Rage CD.

    submitted by zztzed - (www)

    bust rhymes - To rap from the top of your head, also known as freestyling.

    e.g., We were all bored so Chris started to bust rhymes.

    submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

    bust up into - Phrase used to mean enter.

    e.g., I can't wait to bust up into the club.

    submitted by Zak

    bustacated - A description of something that is broken, and demolished.

    e.g., That truck is bustacated.

    submitted by jenna

    bustatious - A good looking woman. From Saturday Night Live's "The Ladies Man."

    e.g., "If I don't get me a bustatious woman soon, I'm going to do something I'll regret." "Hmm, that's exactly why I'm looking for one -- hoping to get a chance to do something I'll regret."

    submitted by Team Phyre - (www)

    busted - Caught red-handed. | Caught in a photograph with a stupid expression on her face. || Extremely ugly, as if smashed in face with a lead pipe.

    e.g., I look busted in that picture. | "You are sooo busted." American Beauty || Did you see Yasmeen Bleeth's mugshot when she was arrested for cocaine posession? She looked so busted.

    submitted by stained_oj Michael - (www)

    busted can of bizkits - A person with fat rolls protruding from her clothes.

    e.g., Look at that busted can of bizkits.

    submitted by Rachel Briscoe

    buster - One who inappropriately relays private information to a public party. (v) To bust.

    e.g., I can't believe she busted you and told Mike that you have a crush on him.

    submitted by Jennifer Wickert

    busticate - To break. Something that is busticated is something that is broken.

    e.g., Be careful when you flash the bios. You could busticate your motherboard.

    submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

    busticated - Broken, not functioning correctly.

    e.g., This chair is busticated.

    submitted by Jessica

    bustiferous - Possessed of an extraordinary set of breasts.

    e.g., The bustiferous lady announced her incipient arrival two blocks before she actually turned the final corner.

    submitted by Roger Wright

    busyhands - a person (usually male) who shows his love for his friends by letting his hands roam over his friend's body without permission. Often excused by drunkeness or feeling affectionate.

    e.g., Tim has particularly busyhands today.

    submitted by AJ and Kieran

    but - This is a submission and a question. The submission is: “but.” There is a long-accepted use of a terminal "but ..." in English. Thus, "He said, 'Yes, but ..." to mean a thought the listener can complete or the like. My question is not about that use of "but." The "but" I am interested in does not leave any room for the listener to complete anything. It stands on its own as a fact or opinion or sentiment of the speaker. I've encountered the expression mostly in British detective shows and in British novels. For example, from Reginald Hill's Dalziel/Pascoe novel _On Beulah Height_: "Mebbe. Not a daughter, but. They just had the one. Mary. It nigh on pushed the father over the edge, losing her." (Copyright 1998 by Reginald Hill, paperback, Dell Books, September 1999, p. 40.) This use of "but" usually has the "but" at the end of the sentence and is not followed by an ellipsis. My question: I would like to 1. know if this is Yorkshire slang or an accepted Yorkshire way of speaking. 2. (if available) locate some references (both of its use as above in Hill's novel and any commentary on this use of " but."). Doug Haden California, USA

    e.g., More Reginald Hill examples, all from Hill, Reginald. Pictures of Perfection, © 1994 Reginald Hill. Dell Books/Random House”: p. 70: “You’ll have a piece of cold pie, but?” p. 82: Doesn’t like him, but, thought Wield. p. 84: “His wife seems a nice lady, but,” prompted Wield. p. 138: “It doesn’t have any flowers around it, but,” said Wield.

    submitted by Doug Haden

    but i'm a tactical genius ... - Used (ironically) when a stunning and incredible plan falls apart because you goofed up on something stupid.

    e.g., Bob: All righty, I'll run down the hall drawing their fire whilst you guys cover me. *Starts running, trips on shoe lace, and is hit by umpteen paintballs* Bob: But. . . . But I'm a tactical genius, this can't happen to me.

    submitted by Fionacat - (www)

    but it does mean that we ought to work hard to separate facts fr - But it does mean that we ought to work hard to separate facts from innuendo and speculation.

    e.g., But it does mean that we ought to work hard to separate facts from innuendo and speculation.

    submitted by But it does mean that we ought to work h

    butabi - The last name of the guys from Night at the Robury. Any male having the characteristics of the typical "night club dancing" loser. The majority wear, but are not limited to wearing, tight velvet shirts with zippers, and spiked and frosted hair. They may also have hoop ear rings and shiny black wingtip shoes. Any bar that typically caters to the aformentioned crowd of guys, not a "bar" but a "club."

    e.g., Aren't you looking butabi tonight -- are you ready to dance? (sarcastically) | I hate going to The Drink. It's so butabi. | That place is butabi. (A very versatile word.)

    submitted by Brad - (www)

    butafugo - A person's bottom, especially when associated with Latin dancing.

    e.g., That long mambo made my butafugo sore.

    submitted by jae - (www)

    butanol - Beautiful.

    e.g., It's a butanol day.

    submitted by Aaron

    butcept - Combination of "but" and "except."

    e.g., I wanted to go to dinner and a movie, butcept there wasn't time for both.

    submitted by Ann Kilgore

    butch up - "Something a woman needs to do to keep up with a group of physically fit people, when she herself is not physcially fit."

    e.g., "To a woman who is lagging behind her group of friends kayaking: Hey Lisa, why are you way back there? Butch up!"

    submitted by Anne/Jodi/all the credit goes to J.C.

    butle - To carry out the duties of a butler.

    e.g., Can you butle for us tonight, James?

    submitted by James Dartnall

    butt fuzz - The unexplicable fuzz that sometimes forms on your chair, usually from sitting for 8 hours a day.

    e.g., Jerry's butt fuzz is getting out of hand, he should get out more.

    submitted by Strausy - (www)

    butt hut - A place to park your ass.

    e.g., On any given day there were 13 kids sleeping on the floor of the butt hut.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    butt munch - To be used when someone screws up or does something really stupid.

    e.g., Why did you do that? You're such a butt munch.

    submitted by ChemicalB - (www)

    butt rock - A term for a type of music--the musicians in the band have long hair and ripped jeans with cheeks exposed. Usually from the 80s heavy metal era.

    e.g., You listen to butt rock don't you?

    submitted by Sarah Deathriage - (www)

    butt rush - The short time used to smoke cigarettes between classes or work breaks. Also used as a noun to describe an outdoor location to smoke.

    e.g., I'll meet you at butt rush.

    submitted by timon

    butt-dial - To accidentally call someone in your cell phone's address book while it is in your pocket or purse.

    e.g., Officer Jones is working as a meter maid all month because he butt dialed the chief while he was telling wise cracks about him at the gym.

    submitted by Dennim

    butt-hauler - The shuttle bus that carries students around a college campus.

    e.g., We knew we had to hurry or we would miss the butt-hauler and end up walking back to the dorm.

    submitted by Amy Walters

    butt-nack - 1. Really accurate. After adjusting something, adjusting it more, getting perfect.

    e.g., Let me adjust the telescope to within a butt-nack of perfect focus.

    submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

    butta - Very cool; hot.

    e.g., This jacket is butta.

    submitted by George - (www)

    buttarcticold - Freezin'-your-ass-off cold. Extremely cold weather. Used especially if you forgot to wear warm enough clothing.

    e.g., It is buttarcticold out here. I knew I should have worn something warmer.

    submitted by Dave Wetherby

    buttathering - Pile of cigarette butts one finds in a parking lot or alongside a road.

    e.g., As I opened the door of car to exit, I looked down and noticed someone had left a buttathering right where I was about to put my shoe.

    submitted by John Bickley - (www)

    buttcrack of dawn - Also butt-crack of dawn. A very early hour of the morning.

    e.g., I had to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to take the SATs.

    submitted by Jessie McBroom, Rachel Near

    buttcuddle - Any manoeuver designed to readjust underwear in a public place.

    e.g., Whilst at the supermarket, I spotted a young lady quietly buttcuddling in the cold meats section.

    submitted by Frankie - (www)

    butte - To experience excessive lag on Internet Relay Chat due to poor adsl service in Butte, Montana.

    e.g., I can never keep up with a conversation because I keep getting butted.

    submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

    butter - Skills or great talents. Derivative of the saying "Call me butter, cause I'm on a roll."

    e.g., I gotta cut the butter cause I have a gig tonight.

    submitted by Spikey

    butter eater - An unwanted houseguest, especially one who eats your food. Specifically, my friend's roommate's boyfriend. He's over at their house ALL the time and since my friend's roommate doesn't eat butter, he eats all of my friend's butter. He also doesn't replace it.

    e.g., Your roommate's boyfriend is a butter eater.

    submitted by Alexis

    butter face, butterface - A chick with a smoking body but a not so great face. | butterface: A really ugly girl with a nice body. Everything's good ... but her face. A girl who has everything perfect, with the exception of her face.

    e.g., Everything looks good butter face. | I thought I saw my future ex-wife today, but it turned out she was a butterface.

    submitted by Cliff | Jonathan, Brandon Ducharme - (www)

    butter funks - Big teeth.

    e.g., I'm a go to the dentist and get my butter funks cleaned. Dija ever notice Nancy Kerrigan's butter funks.

    submitted by Joel Prz

    butter window - The short period of time after toasting a piece of bread, bagel, etc., where the toast is still warm enough to melt the butter that is spread upon it.

    e.g., This bagel was perfectly toasted, but now it's cold. I missed they butter window.

    submitted by Jon Parker - (www)

    butterbum - A very lucky person. It's a translation from the Dutch expression "met z'n gat in de boter vallen"--to fall with his bum in the butter.

    e.g., Frank's a butterbum. He has a super sucré girl.

    submitted by stefaan van damme - (www)

    buttergunder - Toast crumbs or other such foreign matter that finds its way into the butter or margarine container.

    e.g., If you don't keep your knife clean, you'll end up with a tub full of buttergunder.

    submitted by rob

    butterhead - Term for a female who has an attractive physique, but is not as blessed in the facial aspects of beauty. Everything's great but her head.

    e.g., I thought she was hot, but then I got close and realized she was a butterhead.

    submitted by Casey Buttrey

    butterlicious - Food item having a large quantity of butter or buttery flavor. (Does not include butter substitutes.)

    e.g., Get me a napkin. This popcorn is mad butterlicious.

    submitted by bingo - (www)

    buttermilk - 1. The sour liquid left from removing the butterfat from whole milk or cream by churning. Especially useful for lubrication of the blades of two-cycle gas hedge clippers. 2. Very good indeed.

    e.g., Hey, Chris, pour some buttermilk on them hedge clippers, they'll work more buttermilk.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky (credits to Rick Colvin)

    butternugg - Gross goo mix of sweat and cheap hair styling products.

    e.g., Why is my head dripping with butternugg?

    submitted by B and Neko - (www)

    butters - Physically undesirable, repellent. From butt-ugly.

    e.g., "What's Dave's new missus like -- hot?" "No, mate, absolutely butters."

    submitted by HELIGAN

    buttery - From "It's like butter," used to describe something very cool, usually something created by oneself; a source of pride.

    e.g., Nice job, man. That layout is buttery.

    submitted by bandar

    buttface - Having the phone in your pocket accidentally FaceTime someone without your being aware of it. Similar to butt dialing, but more tech savvy stylistically.

    e.g., Fred: Hang on for a minute, Ted. I have to take this call. ... Crap, there's no one there -- or it's someone in a cave. Ted: "Who called?" Fred: "Our old friend Jim." Ted: "Ah so. I call him Jim the Luddite. It's not just that he didn't come along with us into the 21st century; he regressed to the 19th century. He just buttfaced you, Fred. He does that to me all the time. We were better off when all he had was an analog phone line with a long cord."

    submitted by Andy - (www)

    buttfly - Person who is acting especially oblivious or stupid.

    e.g., Hey, buttfly, what are you doing with my car keys?

    submitted by Andrew

    butthurt - Hurt and angry. | "Butthurt very specifically refers to the irrational whining and childish behaviour a person exhibits as a result of being entangled in petty drama on the Internet."

    e.g., I forgot my girlfriend's birthday last week and she's been butthurt about it ever since. | "Someone who is trying to debate you with stupid opinions and a needlessly defensive attitude is not necessarily butthurt; [she] could just be an idiot."

    submitted by Greg | [] - (www)

    buttish - A person or thing that is annoying, irritating, inferior, etc.

    e.g., Those guys that you hang out with are so buttish. This is the most buttish restaraunt I've ever seen.

    submitted by Jesse K

    buttnugget - Any old, unrepairable item.

    e.g., Q: Can you fix this tire off my John Deere? A: No, that buttnugget is shot.

    submitted by Lindsay

    butto - The opposite of "ditto," when ditto is used to mean, "the same", or "back at ya." "Butto" is said to indicate disagreement or strong opposition.

    e.g., "I sure am glad we were able to spend all this time chatting about my problems." "Butto."

    submitted by Christian Kolarz

    button box - The infrared remote control for any one of many different types of electrical home entertainment appliances.

    e.g., Pass the button box so I can see what's on the other channels.

    submitted by Tim Salter

    button masher - Someone whose success at video games comes from hitting the buttons as quickly as possible, or a video game that requires no skills other than hitting buttons at random. See "twitch gamer."

    e.g., That game was too easy and pointless … just another button masher.

    submitted by keyla

    button pisser - Someone who takes things to the extreme. Originally used to describe Civil War re-enactors who would get the proper tarnish on their brass buttons by soaking them in urine. Antonym: farby.

    e.g., There are an awful lot of button pissers at this Star Trek convention.

    submitted by Sam Spade

    button pusher - A person employed as an elevator operator -- suggestive of geezers and days of yore, given that passengers are the ones who've pushed the buttons in elevators for decades now.

    e.g., Guy was an elevator operator in the Empire State Building for 35 years. Nothing but an anemic, pasty-faced New York button pusher. Life in New York wasn't been that great for him, but it didn't keep him from bragging about living in The Big Ego.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    button word - A word which pushes someone's button, making her very angry.

    e.g., He shouldn't have called her that. That was her button word. When he said it he should have ducked and run.

    submitted by Ty Evans

    buttonmasher - 1. A video game, usually of the fighting genre, that requires inexperienced players to hit the controller buttons with such recklessness, force, and frequency that it harms the digits of the player. 2. A poorly programmed or ancient (Atari) video game that actually requires one to recklessly mash buttons. | Someone, especially an employee of a Waffle House, who must push the buttons on the calculator rapidly to get the total for your bill. Usually said with a Southern accent.

    e.g., Antonio actually broke his thumb on the buttonmasher game Italian Pasta Dishes of Fury. | Joe: May I please have my check now? Susie: Yeah, hold on. Let me finish buttonmashin'.

    submitted by The Feline Punk | Kulehan - (www)

    buttress - 1. A flying nun. 2. To mess up, to fail 3. To defeat someone.

    e.g., The buttress flew to me at midnight, displaying its soft, feathered wings and granny stare.

    submitted by Julianne

    buttwich - A sandwich made from the opposite ends of a loaf of bread.

    e.g., Since they were all that was left of the bread, I made a buttwich for lunch.

    submitted by Kagi Kato

    butty - A spoof on "Betty" -- an attractive female with an expansive derrierre.

    e.g., Overheard at the reunion: "Wow, did you see Jane? Back in the day she was a real Betty; but two kids later, she's more of a butty."

    submitted by carpenter/thorsell

    buwomp - To be burned up with overwhelming male power. As in a co-dependent relationship where one of the partners is submissive or is lacking in self-esteem and is "slashed and burned" by the other partner's emotions and behavior.

    e.g., "I will not let myself be buwomped ever again. Nor will I allow myself to be buffaloed, bullied, cowed or otherwise animaled in any way whatsoever. So help me God." "Don't you mean, 'So, help me, God.'"

    submitted by Julie Rose

    buy illogical - Many people do this, waste their money on foolish or unnecessary things. In fact, people do it all the time.

    e.g., People who buy illogical, blow their money on things like: tobacco, alcohol, expensive overpriced shoes & clothes, drugs, concerts & sporting events, gambling, treats they can't afford, gross misuse of credit cards, etc.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    buy-ologist - A buying consultant.

    e.g., Her expertise in buy-ology makes her a buy-ologist.

    submitted by Sky Wright

    buyankrupt - To go bankrupt by buying a home that the buyer cannot afford or by not being able to sell the first one.

    e.g., Susan soon went buyankrupt when she bought the new $500,000 home of her dreams.

    submitted by Ronald Harvey

    buyopia - A condition that allows one to overlook either the shipping costs or tax on an item just purchased.

    e.g., Honey, those three 99 cent CDs costs us $10.00. Didn't Doc warn you about buyopia?

    submitted by onjaysun

    buysexual - A man who frequents prostitutes.

    e.g., I'm buysexual. If I can't get sex, I'll buy it.

    submitted by The Puffin

    buzzack - A person in a phone mart who walks around picking up display phones and listening for dial tones even when she knows the phones are not connected. (Not original to me.)

    e.g., The manager had to caution new employees NOT to make snide comments to or about dedicated buzzacks.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    buzzard bait - Anything that is run down, sleazy, past its prime or in condition too poor to be acceptable. Often used as an insult directed jokingly at a friend.

    e.g., Hey, buzzard bait! Do you think you could get cleaned up a bit, before we go out on the town?

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    buzzed - Filled with business buzzwords. [The site is no longer working. Since it could well become a porn site, links have been disabled.]

    e.g., "There's a fun website that gives definitions of business buzzwords.

    "It also hands out awards for the most 'buzzed' business copy. This week's winner:

    SDRC and Asera Inc. today announced a multi-phase strategic alliance to integrate SDRC's I-DEAS mechanical design automation and SDRC's TeamCenter collaborative product management solutions, including specific functionality from Metaphase and Accelis, with Asera's eBusiness Operating System. The alliance will enable expanded collaborative commerce across product design, configuration, order management, supply chain management, and product service and support addressing the needs of enterprises and private exchanges in industries such as automotive, aerospace, high tech, and industrial machinery. The two companies will be initiating a combined go-to-market sales and marketing strategy targeting key customers and prospects in these industries.....

    ....Customers leveraging the Asera platform will have the ability to seamlessly integrate real-time product knowledge into their enterprise eBusiness environments. Architected to provide tighter integration and deeper collaboration, the Asera Solution will enable global manufacturers to recognize greater results from collaboration, streamline efficiencies in the supply chain, and reduce costs.


    submitted by [Crippled_Newsie] - (www)

    buzzkill - Something that sours mood and atmosphere.

    e.g., Does your roommate always have to be the buzzkill of the party?

    submitted by Adrienne

    buzzup - To add more slang or buzzwords to a piece of writing, usually derogatory. Used most often in marketing communications writing.

    e.g., The stupid client wants me to buzzup this brochure to make it more appealing to teens. The jerk wants to add the word "dude" to every third sentence. Doesn't even realize teenagers use "dude" at least every second sentence.

    submitted by Gucky - (www)

    bvds - Circa 1940s and before, shorts = men's underwear, generally white briefs or boxers; originally a brand name -- Bradley, Voorhees & Day.

    e.g., Be sure to wear clean BVDs in case you're asked to drop your pants if you end up in the hospital.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bvvrds - Bothered.

    e.g., Oh, I can't be bvvrds even speaking properly anymore.

    submitted by Richard Linney

    bwahahaha - to laugh evilly

    e.g., she just bwahahaed at me

    submitted by bec and leisa

    bwannabe - In African it means, somebody who tries to act like the boss (bwana) but really isn't: bwana wannabe.

    e.g., Hey, you, bwannabe, you can't tell us what to do. Who do you think you are?

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    bwllbwllbwll - Incoherent ramblings of discontent (usually related to complaints about motorways).

    e.g., "How is anyone supposed to rely on the M25?" asked Dave. "I have just spent an hour trying to get from South Mimms to Potters Bar. Bwllbwllbwll!"

    submitted by Colin Taffel

    bwoa - Boy Watchers Of America. Used to describe a cute guy.

    e.g., Check out the guy over there; he's a real BWOA.

    submitted by Katelynne

    by-heart - To learn by rote, the same meaning as the former adverb, but used instead as a transitive verb.

    e.g., I can't understand why I failed that test. I by-hearted all my notes.

    submitted by Anne Walker

    bybis - A term used while performing a magic trick or a spell. Bybis is most effective if used while pointing a wand or a finger at another person.

    e.g., "Bybis," proclaimed the Good Fairy, as she pointed her magic wand and turned Little Bunny Fufu into a goon.

    submitted by Erin M. Copeland

    bycle - A cross been bike and cycle.

    e.g., I'm a byclist and enjoy bycling around.

    submitted by Dan Moody

    bycycle - A woman who sleeps around. As with the village bicycle, everyone's been taken for a ride.

    e.g., I'm hopin' to get lucky with the bycycle I'm going out with tonight. She's my last best hope for gettin' any.

    submitted by Joe Milk

    bye-sexual - A person not overly driven by sex.

    e.g., She's bye-sexual; she can take it or leave it.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    byesigh - The sigh of a woman saying bye; woman who sighs = saying bye.

    e.g., A woman who sighs while making love is giving her partner the byesigh, which is another way of her saying she is bored, and therefore . . . goodbye.

    submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

    byespotnist - Someone who continually accumulates freebies. From the Russian "byespotna," or free.

    e.g., At the trade fair you can spot the byespotnists by their bags full of free pens, buttons, and other paraphernalia.

    submitted by Joel Parker

    bygodamy - A mild but permissible oath. First uttered at the miraculous parting of the Red Sea some time ago. Now for the splitting of couples, axle rods, atoms, and hairs.

    e.g., It was a friendly parting when I left my job, left town, and left this world, bygodamy. Gone but not forgotten, they tell me. Come once to visit or stay, we are without pressure or urgency.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    byhandual - Not right- or left-handed, has no dominant hand. Ambidextrous.

    e.g., Leonardo DaVinci was byhandual.

    submitted by Ian Morrison

    byriad - One hundred million. In other words, ten to the eighth power. Ten byriads make a billion.

    e.g., I got twenty-eight byriads on the new pinball game.

    submitted by Juuitchan - (www)

    bz! - Stands for Bravo Zulu. Naval term meaning "good job," "excellent work," or "congratulations."

    e.g., BZ to new Chief Petty Officer Megan Sweetnloving22.

    submitted by Megan

    bzlog - To bzlog is add some link to bzoing's weblog.

    e.g., I have bzlogged your nice dictionary.

    submitted by JmL

    bzoing - A bzoing happens when a person in a chatroom drops a private sentence publicly when it was supposed to be read only by one person.

    e.g., Maria: Paul, just give me back my panties. Voodoo: Bzoing?

    submitted by voodoo - (www)

    bzoomerang - To repeatedly glance at a woman's chest while talking to her. The noun forms are bzoomeranger (the one looking) and bzoomerangee (the one being looked at). A variant of booberang.

    e.g., My old co-worker was a good guy, except for his habit of bzoomeranging the staff.

    submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

    bzzt - Exclamation meaning essentially, "This place is lame and boring and we should leave now." Used for everything from shops to clubs to parties. It is most often and most effectively used by itself among friends or associates who are familiar with it so that others will remain unclear to its meaning.

    e.g., Bzzt.

    submitted by John Upchurch

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