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ambulie - Plural ambulance.

e.g., Due to the amount of cars involved in the accident, it was necessary for many ambulie to attend. Tickets were very scarce, and the scalpers were out in force.

submitted by Penny

ambuloqueamer - One who has full conversations while dreaming, and is able to walk and or run while sleeping. The person is actually fully functional and competent. This rare condition only occurs when exposed to nuclear reactors without protective clothing.

e.g., My father became an ambuloqueamer after an accident in the plant.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

ambulpugn - A fight with movement.

e.g., Jack and I had a ambulpugn -- he was running while I threw my punches.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

ambultrans - To walk across.

e.g., Ty ambultransed the street.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

ambultransfer - An upper class term for moving yourself by walking.

e.g., I am ambultransfering up the steps into the hotel lobby

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

ambumushphobia - Fear of being squashed or crushed while walking.

e.g., The woman developed ambumushphobia; therefore she does not walk in large crowds or near tall buildings.

submitted by Alexis

ambunctious - Ambitious and rambunctious at the same time.

e.g., Ellen is very ambunctious. She gets all her work done early every day.

submitted by Mrs. Bacon

amcam - Acronym for Angry Middle Class American Male.

e.g., There are so many amcams out there they could start their own country, and most of them were made angry by either women or work or politics.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

amen ities - The state of being thankful for the many comforts that make one's life pleasant.

e.g., During the holidays, it is fitting and appropriate, to pause, contemplate, and humbly express, a short, silent prayer, in gratitude for all the amen ities we are generously given.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

american embassy - The most prevalent US export to the United Kingdom: McDonald's.

e.g., "And over here, we pass Taunton's very own American Embassy." "I only see the golden arches." "Ex-actly."

submitted by nyarlahotep

american otaku - A foolish American who believes that the Japanese word "otaku" means "fan," especially of "anime" or Japanese animation films. An "otaku" is an obsessed nerd. The word has a very negative connotation: a karate otaku, one who is obsessed with karate but probably couldn't throw a punch to save her life. Basically, exceedingly misinformed, nerdy, American "anime" fans. See

e.g., The American otaku had no clue that he and his friends were making fools of themselves at the Japanese Culture Convention.

submitted by thefelinepunk - (www)

americanease - A watered-down, weakened version of our mother tongue, where all that us geezers learned about good usage is ignored in the name of … what? modernity? Where are we headed in this new Age of Enlightenment? Besides downhill.

e.g., "My parents would call anyone who does not conjugate their verbs correctly, uneducated, and lazy. I say they just don't care, why change for the few when the many could care less, eventually we won't recognize the English language we will all be speaking Americanease, whatever that may be?" | I say anyone who uses "their" in the predicate of a sentence to refer to a singular antecedent is someone well on her way to speaking Americanease with the worst of them.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ameripino - A person who is half American and half Filipino.

e.g., I have two Ameripino friends.

submitted by musicmydrugofchoice - (www)

amersham - The sneeze that doesn't quite come. | A rather sweet town in the UK.

e.g., Greg: "AAAAaaaaaaa..." Peg: That was one hell of an amersham.

submitted by prettyplease

amgiguous - Similar to ambiguous, this is the word to use when you don't know for sure who did the gigging. Suggested by a ytpo.

e.g., "I thought for a while that it was the nurse who gigged him, but decided later it might have been his wife. All I can say is that, for now, it's amgiguous who came up with the joke at his expense."  
"Machts nichts to me who did it. The old goat deserved it. HD's a pompous windbag who needs some air let out of him once in a while. Anybody who can manage it deserves our thanks and has earned my applause. What was it she did, again?"  
"HD received an e-mail from Nurse Michelle. She claimed her cousin Bob sent her a joke she thought was funny and was passing it along. She said it was something HD might need some day. Me, I think his wife might have sent it to Michelle and asked her to pretend she was the one who came up with the idea."

I have a new pickup line that works every time. It doesn't matter how gorgeous or out of my league a woman might be, this line is a winner and I always end up in bed with the woman I use it on. Here's how it goes "Excuse me love, could I ask your opinion? Does this damp cloth smell like chloroform to you?"
"Ouch. If you're being told you have to kidnap someone to get her attention, you're being told you're pretty lame, aren't you?"  
"So it would seem."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

amicable numbers -

"Amicable numbers are pairs of integers [such] that each of them is equal to the sum of the divisors of the other." Prim numbers.

See 5040 The Perfect Number.


e.g., "Pythagoras knew the smallest amicable numbers, 220 and 284, and saw them as a symbol of friendship among people (the divisors of 220 are 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 20, 22, 44, 55, 110, and their sum is 284; the divisors of 284 are 1, 2, 4, 71, 142, and their sum is 220). Though Pythagoras and his students, and many generations after, gave symbolic importance to amicable numbers, only in 1636 Fermat found another pair of such numbers, 17,296 and 18,416, and Descartes found some time later a third pair, 9,363,584 and 9,437,056. In the eighteenth century, Euler published a list of 64 pairs of amicable numbers (two of these pairs were found to be wrong), and Legendre succeeded to find one more pair in 1830. Surprisingly, in 1867 a 16-year-old Italian, Nicolò Paganini, found a pair that evaded everybody, 1,184 and 1,210, which is the second by size, on the list of amicable numbers."

submitted by HD Fowler

amicauscosm - A person who wants to burn down the world.

e.g., Julie was put in an asylum because she was an amicaucosm and was burning down libraries and other public places.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

amigal - (uh-MEE-gull; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to friendship; 2. friendly. [From Spanish amigo "friend" + -al adjectival ending.]

e.g., It is best to maintain amigal relations with your peers. | At the pet store, I bought an amigal beagle as a companion.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

amiland - German nickname for the USA.

e.g., Next summer holidays, I'll go to Amiland.

submitted by diana

amirite - Am I right? Spelled the way it usually sounds. From Evan Morris, creator of The Word Detective -- who takes no credit for inventing the word, just the first example.

"OK, so why was September such a bad month? I’m not really up for explaining what happened yet, but the bottom line (literally) is that our income, already anemic due to my disability [multiple sclerosis], has abruptly been cut by about 70%. We were strapped before; now we’re totally screwed."

Mr Morris could stand a few more subscribers, so I'm happy to give him a good word. He's given me tons of them over the years. His subscribe page is so well-written, it's hard to resist signing up. Have to say, though, that I didn't bite on this one: "What-the-Heck One-time Contribution (of any amount). Page will supply a blank space for the amount. Please round up to the nearest $1,000."


submitted by [Evan Morris] - (www)

amish ass-crack of dawn - Early morning hours, before 9 am.

e.g., Why do I have a 9 o'clock class? I have to get up at the Amish ass-crack of dawn.

submitted by Val

amish e-mail - A printed e-mail that is hand-delivered to someone in your office that you would normally e-mail if only the e-mail server had not crashed.

e.g., Since the e-mail server was down and I really needed to relay my findings, I generated an Amish e-mail to get the point across.

submitted by Joseph - (www)

amma - "I am going to." Sometimes spelled "I'm a."

e.g., Amma be finished with my SATs around noon.

submitted by Josh Lange

amn't - Am not.

e.g., I amn't interested.

submitted by Trudy

amn't - A compound word meaning "am not." When you want to use proper English don't use "aren't." You wouldn't use "are not," would you?

e.g., I amn't going to the store right now, maybe later.

submitted by Jesse

amnon paradox - (Sometimes called "Tarquin's Riddle"; n.) The reversal of great desire into greater loathing after you get what you (thought you) wanted. [From 2 Samuel 13 (Bible), which tells the tale of Amnon's rape of his half-sister Tamar (both of them were children of King David), because he "loved" (i.e., lusted after) Tamar so greatly. Afterward, however, "Amnon hated her exceedingly; so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater than the love wherewith he had loved her" (2 Samuel 13:15). Shakespeare discusses this particular paradox in _the_Rape_of_Lucrece_, where King Tarquin contemplates his planned attack upon the virtuous Lucretia Collatina, which I call "Tarquin's Riddle": "What win I, if I gain the thing I seek? / A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy: / Who buys a minute's mirth to wail a week? / Or sells eternity to get a toy? / For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy? / Or what fond beggar, but to touch the crown, / Would with the sceptre straight be strucken down?" [Despite such sage self-council, Tarquin goes ahead with his assault on Lucretia, who ultimately kills herself in shame, and Tarquin and all his relations are banished by the enraged Romans, who change their entire government into a consular system, abolishing the office of king.]

e.g., "I've saved for years to buy myself this Lamborghini. It represents the zenith of my financial success." "Oh, good! So, are you happy?" "No." "No?, Why not? I thought it represented the zenith of something or other blah blah." "Please. Don't make fun of me. I'm really miserable for some reason." "Is it the Amnon Paradox? Tarquin's Riddle?" "It might be .... what are those?" "Well, you've spent your whole life waiting for a red Lamborghini ... and you've given a lot up to get it: two marriages, your daughters, most of your friends, your vacations: you are as tightly wound as a violin string .... and now, on top of that, here's your life's dream: a red Lamborghini! You're done! You've left nothing for yourself to do after that. Of course you feel miserable: you've nothing left to live for." "Wow. You're not planning on psychological counseling as a full-time job, are you? Because you stink at it. I have 'nothing left to live for?!' Thanks a lot! I'm sad because I'm suicidally useless?!" "No! Not at all! I'M not saying your life is over; YOU are." "I am? What are you saying?" "Well, don't you love your Lamborghini? It's your zenith thing!" "NO! I hate it." "Amnon." "Tarquin." "Yup."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

amoeba bill - In romantic relationships, a person who is emotionally unavailable to you (within mere days) but is always open to romantic opportunities with others.

e.g., Eustace courted Raven with ardency until two days later when he met Brigitte. He then proceeded to appall Raven with his passionate compliments about Brigitte. What an amoeba bill.

submitted by Elizabeth Pickering

amoedification - The word is part of phrase, meaning unknown: amoedification in the plah…. My daughter made it up when she was 10. It became one of those family words that fills a void.

e.g., It's a surprise. Where we're going can be considered as amoedification.

submitted by Barbara

amonet | monet | monet, a - From Clueless. A person who is good-looking from far away, but not so, up close. | monet: A girl that is attractive from a distance, but ugly up close. Reference to the impressionist painter. | Monet, a: Someone who is very good looking from a distance, yet from up close the attraction diminishes.

e.g., I thought she was a babe at first, but she turned out to be a full amonet. | She looked good from across the room, but when I went to get her number, she was a monet. So I left her -- flat out running. | He was hot from afar, but he turned out to be a Monet when I went up to speak.

submitted by pfunkadelichick | Andrew James | jerher

amoobaly - An oddity of a person or a strange happening -- basically something odd.

e.g., I was talking to Bob today, and he began to tell me about how he got up on his kitchen table the other day and started singing "God Save the Queen" while hopping on one foot. So I said, "Well, that's an amoobaly."

submitted by Erin - (www)

amopublicus - This is first try at a word, publicus is Latin for "the people" and it also means "the public," like outside, out doing stuff. I think you can understand, and "amo" is short for "amour" which is "love" in French. So, "amopublicus" is going out on a date, just being in a relationship.

e.g., They sat on the bench, holding hands amopublically. As they watched the sun set, she put her head on his shoulder amopublically.

submitted by CJ

amorevolous - Another in the love vein: a lost word from 1670 or so from The Phronistery -- "affectionate; loving." If you've ever slipped up and said in your wife's presence, "I love you, «another woman's name»," you know how important it is to have words other than "love" for expressing how you feel about a good friend -- especially if that good friend is a girl you loved before you met your wife.

e.g., "Thank God," she said, "Our father, though amorevolous, could be a strict taskmaster at times."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

amorroneous - From "amor" and "erroneous" ... the wrong time for romance.

e.g., Don't be amorroneous; we're in public.

submitted by Montie

amort - amort n. (Lat. amor, love + Lat. mort, death) – the double instinct of love and death; the ambivalent combination of Eros and Thanatos or the transformation of one into another; a cruel and (self)destructive passion that leads to the ruin of the loved or the lover.

e.g., Amort is the most common theme of European literature, from "Tristan and Isolde" to Oscar Wilde's "The Ballad of Reading Gaol": And all men kill the thing they love, By all let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword!

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

amortify - amortify verb trans. (Lat. amor, love + Lat. mort, death + suffix -ify) -- to act both with affection and ruthlessness, to inflict suffering or ruin by love.

e.g., Dostoevsky's novel The Idiot is a story of four principal characters who consistently attempt to amortify each other -- and eventually succeed.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

amped - To be made hyperactive by a large amount of caffeine. Usually achieved after several cups of coffee.

e.g., Thanks for the coffee, I'm nicely amped for the morning now. "Yo, we've got to find some coffee, I need to get amped."

submitted by Neil Joyes

ampedified - Modified to look better than the real thing. An image improved with Photoshop.

e.g., I don't believe that's what he looks like. I am sure those pictures were ampedified.

submitted by Laurent

ampucrumb - The seperated limbs of animal cracker cookies found at the bottom of a box or bag of animal crackers.

e.g., I ate all the animal cookies in the box and now all that's left is the ampucrumbs.

submitted by Darryl Schubert

amrak - (Pronounced to rhyme with ahm-ROCK (technically 'correct' pronunciation), ham-RACK (odd pronunciation), or HAM-rack (popular pronunciation); n.) 1. Backward karma: being rewarded or punished for something you or your descendants are going to do; 2.a. Borrowing against future financial gain (hoping that will be some); 2.b. Savings for future needs (ie, retirement, disability, etc.); 3. Somebody else being rewarded or punished as a result of your actions in the past (Yesterday, last month, back in the 80s, back in 1710 (ie, during a former life), etc. [The word is "karma" backwards ... (I always try to write an attributive etymology so people can tell where these words come from; but it seems so obvious in this case, not like it was with Allerednic (q.v.)).

e.g., In Sylvester Stallone's film version of "Oscar," Stallone's character, the gangster Snaps Provolone, visits his dying father (played hilariously by an aging Kirk Douglas), who begs his son to go straight. Snaps reluctantly agrees, to the consternation of his lieutenants, and his father says, "Now, I can die in peace," and falls back on his pillow. Snaps begins to rise from the bedside when his father punches him in the head. Snaps woozily falls back on his chair as his father says, "That's so you don't forget!" then clutches his chest and actually dies. THAT is amrak. | Investing in grain futures is amrak.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

amsterdamaged - To return from a trip to Amsterdam not completely intact. To be hung over or not fully recovered from partying too hard.

e.g., We wuz amsterdamaged after last night.

submitted by Zeeterman - (www)

amt - Actress-Model Type. A pervasive class of people that are best identified immediately and dealt with accordingly.

e.g., I haven't heard from Pete in days because he's seeing some AMT.

submitted by Scott Kelley

amtrak - To lose your train of thought, to forget what you're saying in the middle of a.…

e.g., I amtraked in class today. I was explaining Einstein's Theory of Relativity and right as I said E=mc, I completely forgot what I was saying.

submitted by Kate

amurrican - Descendants of the now extinct European Americans.

e.g., Hey, Billy, you're an Amurrican. Now act like one.

submitted by Jakob Heebøll

amusal - Entertainment, in a light or playful manner.

e.g., I don't understand why we're humiliating ourselves for their amusal.

submitted by melisser

amuseal - Combination of amusement and perusal. Something that one examines or reads that also provides entertainment.

e.g., Attached is a PDF for your amuseal.

submitted by thea

amusilate - The action of causing someone to laugh so much so that their powers of reasoning and logic depart from them transiently.

e.g., Jeff was amusilated so much by Tom's joke that for 5 minutes he could not carry out even the most simple tasks. - Probably the same state that is reached with lack of oxygen.

submitted by Urnell

amusion - Noun form of "amuse." Used in place of "amusement," and so much more compact.

e.g., The amusion Marty found in the situation was enough to make him laugh aloud.

submitted by theseven

amuzimatistical - Amazing.

e.g., That track by method man was straight up amuzimatistical.

submitted by Shrivan

amway christian - A fundamentalist Christian who has forgotten the original message of Jesus Christ -- to help the less fortunate. Amway Christians subvert the message to instead become a celebration of how rich Jesus has made them. Socially conservative Christians who utilize multi-level marketing, akin to Amway Corporation, combining Christianity and capitalism without seeing the contradiction.

e.g., The Alliance Church parking lot is full of Mercedes and Lexuses. The Amway Christians must be having their bible study meeting.

submitted by D. Grant Black, Fernie, B.C. Canada

an emotional chiropractor - A mother.

I once sent my mother a Mother's Day card that said "Happy Day, You Mother." She never commented about it, but I don't believe she liked it or thought it was funny.

e.g., Mom's an emotional chiropractor, better than any psychriatrist or psychologist could possibly be.  

"Sit up straight. Eat your biscuits and gravy; they'll stick to your ribs. Stand up for yourself. Don't be a spineless jellyfish. Show them you have some backbone."

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

submitted by [Dr. Dean Edell and Jor] - (www)

an' so - Used at the end of a sentence, usually when asking a question.

e.g., Let's go down by the lake, an' so?

submitted by timon

ana - Anorexic.

e.g., Shortly after Mary-Kate’s appearance at a May premiere, Web surfers on a bulletin board … posted messages like, “I'm convinced she’s ‘ana’.” (People magazine)

submitted by natalie

ana-condo-gram - This word is a very specific anagram -- a "condo-anagram" -- which refers, of course, to an anaconda's letter home. (Notice that "ana-condo-gram" is an anagram of "condo-anagram.")

e.g., "Myron! Instead of coiling around hissing all day, why don't you write an ana-condo-gram, you lazy anaconda? Put down that rat and think of somebody else for a change!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

anabartists - A conservative religious sect devoted to the notion that life without a certain animated television character is just not worth living.

e.g., The Anabartists took out a full-page ad protesting plans to mothball the longest-running cartoon comedy show.

submitted by shayla jay

anablep - (ANN-uh-blep; n.) 1. the Anableps microlepis, a fish with divided eyes to see above the water line as well as below it simultaneously; by extension 2. Somebody skilled at seeing both sides of an argument or issue, a negotiator or mediator; 3. Someone who takes great care to balance pragmatic application with moral duty; 4. facetiously, a ghost whisperer or psychic, who can see both "sides" at the same time. 5. "Anablepsis": the state or condition of being aware of both (or all) sides of an argument, issue, or application (or the living and the dead).

e.g., "So why do we trust this guy?" "He's an anablep. He'll see your side as well as Westmore's: he's absolutely fair ... to the point of monomania sometimes." | "At last! I have obtained anablepsis!" "You can hear the spirits of those who have passed on?!" "No, but I can understand the big bad wolf's point of view as well as that of the pigs. I feel enlightened." "Oh, that's great."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

anachromnesia - /a-NAK-rum-NEE-zhya/ Noun: Remembering something at an inopportune time. (Blend of "anachronism" and "mnesia.")

e.g., Jack experienced anachromnesia when he remembered his doctor's appointment AFTER the scheduled time had already passed.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

anacronym - A word formed from the initial letters of several other words, that is decades old and no one uses any more.

e.g., In his last speech, John McCain made his age an issue when he spoke of the WACs - -an obvious anacronym.

submitted by Deacon

anagnorisis -

A.Word.A.Day -- anagnorisis: The moment of recognition or discovery (in a play, etc.)

[From Latin, from Greek anagnorizein (to recognize or discover). Ultimately from Indo-European root gno- (to know) that is the ancestor of such words as know, can, notorious, notice, connoisseur, recognize, diagnosis, ignore, annotate, noble, and narrate.]

If you've ever been to a movie involving two brothers separated at birth, one of whom ends up as a criminal and the other a police officer, you already know about today's word. Anagnorisis is the point near the end of the movie where the brothers face each other, notice similar lockets in other's necks (that their mother gave them at their birth) and discover that they are twins, drop their guns, and hug each other tightly.

Anagnorisis was originally the critical moment in a Greek tragedy, usually accompanied by a peripeteia (reversal), leading to the denouement of a story. An example is when Oedipus recognizes that the woman he is married to (Jocasta) is really his mother. Aristotle discussed it at length in his Poetics. He talked about many different kinds of such recognitions, e.g. by memory, by reasoning, etc. The worst, according to him, is recognition by signs, such as scars, birthmarks, tokens, etc. (including lockets!)

"A shame, though, that the anagnorisis of the movie, literally, the recognition scene, falls so short of the novel's heartstopping pathos." Anthony Quinn; Film: Puddle Deep, Mountain High; Independent (London, UK); Dec 26, 2003.

"... his latest book, 'Blinded by the Right,' in which he (David Brock) confesses that everything he wrote earlier in his career as a conservative -- before his anagnorisis as a born-again liberal -- was a lie." Kathleen Parker; Let's Put Right-wing Conspiracy Issue to Rest; The Grand Rapids Press (Michigan); Mar 21, 2002.

e.g., Anagnorisis for me came long before obama was elected President of the United States. That he was an opportunistic charlatan came as no surprise to me.

submitted by HD Fowler

anagordian - (ann-uh-GORE-dee-un; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to a sudden insight or inspiration which resolves an otherwise hopelessly complicated, convoluted, or confusing problem or situation; 2. Of or pertaining to a solution which allows you to circumvent a particularly complex or confusing problem without having to deal with it directly. [From the Greek ana "negative, not, opposing" + Gordian (q.v.)]

e.g., Seb: "We can't just call him; someone might be listening in."  
Croc: "Well, none of this business can be put in writing, so a letter is certainly out."  
Hog: "Texting and emails, too."  
Croc: "So how do we tell him what's going down without leaving a paper trail?" .... 
Dingo: "Um, if I could interrupt?"  
Croc: [Sigh] "Yeah, what is it now, Dingo?"  
Dingo: "Well, he lives only about ten minutes walk from your house, Croc. Why don't you just stop by his house tomorrow and tell him?---I mean, I'm sure all the cloak-and-dagger is great fun, but why not try to be anagordian for once?" .... 
Hog: "He's got a point, Croc. There's no record of a simple convers--- 
Croc: "Oh, shut up, Hog." 

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

anagrammatique - A phrase composed of a palindrome or other anagram denoting a special double entendre.

e.g., The Elvis biographers didn't realize they were using an anagrammatique when they wrote about "Elvis' levis."

  • {ED. Note, too, that anagrammatique in French translates to anagrammatic in French.}

    submitted by Joel Parker

    anakin - To point out the (hypothetical) good side of a really rotten person. (From "Anakin Skywalker," aka Darth Vader.)

    e.g., "Well, he was probably trying to help his country to --" "Hey, don't anakin Saddam Hussein: the man is a pig."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anakin-omics - The social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services within the galactic empire.

    e.g., As director of the empire's central banking system, he was an expert in anakin-omics.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    anal og - An almost Luddite individual who doesn't fear Technology, but stubbornly insists on using things that work the old, and more inefficient, way.

    e.g., Rob, my neighbor, is an anal og. His house is full of old black telephones, t.v. sets with antennas and he refuses to use a calculator claiming that his slide rule does the trick just as well.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko



    submitted by DMR

    analize - A variation on "analyze." To be overly critical or detailed when analyzing. "Anal" + "-ize." Note: The "a" is long in analize, short in analyze.

    e.g., Not to over-analize, but I think you should have used the word "namer," not "namee," when you identified the person who gave my star its name.

    submitted by Lee Bradley - (www)

    analjeeezic - A sportsrub that is shockingly too cold, or too hot.

    e.g., Warn me first. Is it analjeeezic?

    submitted by Hal Bullard

    analog - Outdated or old-fashioned. Opposite of digital.

    e.g., Using a paper day planner is analog, so I prefer my pocket computer.

    submitted by Dave

    analog days - The old days … before everything went digital. Back in the day. Ancient history.

    e.g., You think you're old? My son and my daughter went to high school in analog days. Maybe even college. We still have a plethora of his 8-tracks. I'm older than dirt myself -- but I'm the same age as Marty's kid brother.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    analphabetoi - (on-all-FA-bay-toy; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to the inability to read or write one's own original mother tongue, despite being able to speak it well or at least adequately; (n.) 2. The state or condition of being unable to read or write one's original language, despite being able to speak it; 3. Someone burdened by analphabetoi. [Short for ANALPHABETOI METRIKE GLOSSA (loosely translated) "illiterate [in one's] mother tongue."]

    e.g., Some Latino students in the U.S. find themselves in the unenviable gray-zone between Spanish and English literacy: They can speak, read, and write English because they have to, being surrounded by a (rather unforgiving) English-speaking culture, but, although they may speak nothing but Spanish at home, they have had very little need to see it in print. Culturally, such analphabetoi is tragic; unfortunately, unless somebody creates a strong counter-coup (education, cultural awareness, anti-Latinophobia, and the like) to stop it, this Spanish analphabetoi appears to be inevitable.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anamatically - A word more specific than biological, referring only to the human structure (bones and muscle).

    e.g., If someone said, "There are 300 bones in the human skeleton," another person could say, "That is anamatically incorrect. We are born with 300 bones, but during childhood many of these bones fuse together to make a single bone, leaving the average human with 206 bones."

    submitted by anthony

    anarchaholic - An alcoholic whose method of rationalization involves an indictment of governmental bodies and the capitalist economic system.

    e.g., Larry's anarchaholic tendencies irritated even the most open and tolerant of the squatters.

    submitted by Reynard

    anarchitecture - Anarchic architecture, creative destruction. A city with no planning and with no respect for construction standards.

    e.g., Frank Lloyd Wright must have thought New York City to be a great example of anarchitecture. Asked what could be done with the city, he suggested dropping an atomic bomb on it.

    submitted by Tiago Simões

    anarcho-fascism - The theory that an anarchic society, having no infringements, can and should be brought about through a harsh authoritarian state. It is believed that since the people don't come to this freedom on their own, it must be imposed on them.

    e.g., When Mr. X rose to power, he created a society based on anarcho-fascism.

    submitted by Stephen Tash

    anatidaephobia - (Gary Larson, 1993) The all-consuming, paralysing fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

    e.g., I felt as if a gaze pierced my back, and that that gaze belonged to a duck. Was I right, or was it merely anatidaephobia?

    submitted by AceMyth - (www)

    anatine valaversary - Term specifically used to denote the wedding aniversary for those married on Valentine's Day.

    e.g., Well, my anatine valaversary is tomorrow and I haven't even thought of a gift. I may as well become a monk.

    submitted by Subject to Change

    anaxis feeling - Feeling (mostly around the holiday season) that all the things you should be doing have to make place for solving problems other people made.

    e.g., Red. Why didn't make your deadline? Ted. I have the anaXis feeling.

    submitted by Aichatje

    ancaster - A person who, whether in a church or any other gathering, when the crowd is asked to say something in unison, is always a syllable and a half behind everyone else.

    e.g., Teacher: Good Morning, class Class: Good morning, teacher Ancaster: -eacher Teacher: How are you today? Class: Fine thanks, how are you? Ancaster: -are you?

    submitted by Dr. J

    ancestore - The store your ancestors used.

    e.g., From what I've heard, most ancestores were not that well stocked.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    anchoroid - Immaculately groomed, beautifully coiffed and apparently synthetic news presenter found on nearly all cable news channels and in particular on local news.

    e.g., Don't believe the anchoroids. They all have axes to grind.

    submitted by Chuck Lavazzi

    anchovy - A female age 13-25 who has no class. Girls who act stupid and criticize others for doing the same.

    e.g., Check out that anchovy in the mini-skirt. She's sitting with her legs open again.

    submitted by Dan Lopez

    and baby jesus cried - Used after an intense series of words leading up to or describing a period of deep sorrow.

    e.g., I crashed my car, I failed the test, I forgot her birthday … and baby Jesus cried.

    submitted by cwilliams

    andor - Substitute for "and/or."

    e.g., We eat andor drink.

    submitted by Paul F. Kisak

    andreened - To end up with the short stick as a matter of bad luck. To find oneself in a position of compromise soley imposed by circumstances either ridiculous or beyond one's control.

    e.g., Have you seen Frank's wife since she had the baby? He sure got andreened.

    submitted by Knotmee

    androcletian - (adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to Androcles (the Greek tailor who pulled the thorn from the lion's paw); 2. similar to Androcles (from the GB Shaw play of the same name), who goes about in simple humility, doing good to all without judgement, simply because kindness is good in and of itself; 3. (again, from the GB Shaw play) of or pertaining to one who intuitively comprehends charity, mercy, and benevolence (the highest ideals of ancient Christianity) without scholastic or doctrinal training.

    e.g., A man was mugged the other day. The mugger had no idea what to do with a man who not only gave him his wallet and watch, but wrote him a check, gave him his lunch, and traded his suit coat for the mugger's ratty jacket. The man was androcletian, with fries.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    andy - Being consistently wrong about pretty much everything in the known (and probably unknown) universe.

    e.g., How could I have been so stupid?? I pulled another andy. That one will make me famous.

    submitted by Andy Watson

    andybonics - Nonsense word used during a speech when the speaker is at a loss for words or is off script.

    e.g., Clinton resorted to andybonics when he lost his place during a speech.

    submitted by geof

    andysocial - Princely behavior.

    e.g., Harry's antics were certaily NOT in line with his uncle's; definitely andysocial.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    anegdote - A depressing story.

    e.g., While I cooked dinner, Jack poured out anegdote after dreary anegdote of his miserable job.

    submitted by Toby - (www)

    anepidelphid - (pronounced to rhyme with anne-rep-ih-SELL-fid; adj.) 1. accidental or unintended; 2. resulting from recklessness or negligence. [From the Greek _ana_"not" +_epi_"on" +_delphidi_"dolphin"---as in "not on porpoise," a terrible pun, admittedly.]

    e.g., "What have you done?! That painting was priceless!!" "It was anepidelphid! I promise." "What?! Anepidelphid?!! What on earth is unintentional about turning the Night Watch into Clint Eastwood, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Depp?!" "You see?! I was trying for Nick Nolte, Erick Avari, James Dean, and Jim Carrey."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anessory - Animal + accessory. Small animals carried by socialites as an accessory.

    e.g., Manhattan's Upper East Side is full of women and their anessories, both wearing $300 sweaters.

    submitted by nitag - (www)

    aneurhythmic - Something so good, rhythmic, or obscure it nearly gives you an aneurysm trying to comprehend it.

    e.g., Whoa! That Nirvana song is aneurhythmic.

    submitted by Bonnie - (www)

    aneurism - Freaking out.

    e.g., Some water spills on your friend and she starts freaking out. "Don't have an aneurism; it's just water."

    submitted by Shireen

    ang - (n.) 1. Vague disquiet, the feeling that all is not well, the presentiment of trouble; 2. Simple frustration. (adj.) 3. Oddly unsettled or frustrated. (Often pronounced with both the velar nasal and a following hard-g, like _angle_ without the l at the end.) [Another form of_angst_, but with more ire than introspection, more wrath than rejection. Derived from the hypothetical adjectival set *Ang, comparative *Anger, & superlative *Angest.]

    e.g., "What's up? You look worried." "No, I'm ... well, no I'm not fine: have we forgotten something?" "I don't think so." "Oh, well, it must just be ang." | Have you noticed? Stoics avoid ang by surrendering their desires: you can't be frustrated by not getting what you don't want. Goths, on the other hand, avoid ang by surrendering to angst. | "I don't know. 'Get back Spithead' seems a fairly ang sort of thing to say."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    angage - 1. Extreme sports: any rotation in mid-jump over 180 degrees. 2. The curvature of a woman's body.

    e.g., 1. Matt caught some serious angage about halfway down the slope. 2. Check out the angage on Stacy's mom.

    submitted by Michael - (www)

    angelhum - The sound that a flourescent light makes, geared toward the flourescent lighting industry.

    e.g., Advertisement for flourescent light: There's nothing quite so reassuring as that beautiful angelhum.

    submitted by Daniel Spaulding

    angelica | angelica pickles - Any rather childish or hyper-juvenile story as is exaggerated to the point of being slightly puerile or tasteless. (From, obviously enough, the Angelica Pickles character on Rugrats, who is rather infamous for telling "true stories" aimed at scaring "those dumb babies" out of their wits.)

    e.g., Jason, have you been telling an Angelica Pickles again?

    submitted by Larry Ellis Reed

    angels rubbing my eyes - "I'm feeling really tired." Especially after a night of drinking.

    e.g., Eerugh, my stomach hurts and I've got angels rubbing my eyes.

    submitted by lauryn

    angerous - Angry enough to become dangerous, anger laced with boisterous emotion.

    e.g., The news that his obviously undeserving colleague beat him to the pay raise made him very angerous

    submitted by William Edwin - (www)

    angersnake - To become irrationally angry about something.

    e.g., All I did was ask if she wanted any more ice cream and she went angersnake on me.

    submitted by Jenny

    anginiti - (Rhymes with can-be-KNEE-tee; plural n.) 1. Little chest pains, the kind that make you worried, but that the doctors always say don't mean anything (they often wind up getting people labeled hypochondriacs); 2. People who cause chest pains by their constant bother. [From angina, Gk for "choke" + -it-, Sp infix for "small," + -i, It plural suffix. It's a mess, really, a farrago---but it sounds good.]

    e.g., I am so sick of my anginiti, especially when they mix with the real angina. || The police chief hates reporters: he calls them his anginiti.

    submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

    angioma wife - A wife who produces children who have had multiple benign red spots on their placentas (in utero)--they dont mean anything, but alarm the grand-parents. A no-reason worrisome sort of spot.

    e.g., My wife is a great gal, except for the annoyance of being an angioma wife.

    submitted by michael nova

    anglesdiffering - Of -- or pertaining to something progressive -- characterized by little or no added distractions and exaggeration in form or essence.

    e.g., His anglesdiffering designs are very minimalist.

    submitted by Maya Lynn - (www)

    anglish - Anger+English.

    e.g., He reacted to that insult very anglishly. He reacted to that insult with Anglish.

    submitted by Shahjehan Shan - (www)

    anglonoir - Fim noir: crime drama set in the British Isles, especially if it's filmed in black and white. It might be slightly procrustean to characterize the Netflix series _River_ that way, but the term seems apt to me.

    e.g., Stellan Skaarsgard is brilliant in _River_. His role: a London detective beset by hallucinations as he tries to solve the murder of his partner in this stellar anglonoir.

    submitted by [The Late Buddy Ryan] - (www)

    angly - Having many angles in a very small space.

    e.g., Matt was cleaning the kitchen. He said all its nooks and crannies made it the most angly room he'd ever seen.

    submitted by Wildjill - (www)

    angmonnoreas - Anger against other in law for no reason.

    e.g., I'm not sure what's the reason for my angmonnoreas.

    submitted by Rajib Das

    angoraphobia - Fear of sweaters.

    e.g., I can't go shopping in Next with her anymore. She's too angoraphobic.

    submitted by Alien Burrito

    angredients - Those little frustrating things that add up to eventually cause us to get angry.

    e.g., Ol' unflappable Stan accrued so many angredients last week that he finally blew his stack.

    submitted by John Breen

    angrevating - Something that is not only aggravating, but angering as well.

    e.g., You are starting to angrevate me, Chris.

    submitted by Tom T

    angrifying - To make angry.

    e.g., Grrrowl! That no carrying backpacks around school rule is really angrifying.

    submitted by Chelsea Aceheart

    angro - Angry + aggravated, similar to aggro.

    e.g., Joe wouldn't always be so angro if he'd stop taking steroids. I think that also accounts for his chemo brain.

    submitted by Devin Mack

    angrulo - Angry, frustrated, annoyed, hot-tempered.

    e.g., Did you hear him yell? He was one angrulo guy.

    submitted by aldwin oliveros

    angry bogan - A discontented and disillusioned individual, angry at the world, with a penchant for wearing flannel.

    e.g., Hey AJ, did you see that angry bogan in the Torana with the Jim Beam sticker on the back?

    submitted by Simon

    angry-la - A place either in your mind or in a community where a state of anger persists (as in the mind) or where anger exists collectively within a community.

    e.g., No matter how pleasantly Chris is treated, she always behaves, reacts, or replies like a resident of Angry-la.

    submitted by Frederick Mundle

    angst er - A criminal who is full of doubt, depressed, and questions the meaning of Life.

    e.g., Policeman: So describe the robbery.  
    Store owner: This short, wiry, armed guy comes in and asks for all my money.  
    Policeman: Short, wiry? A tough hoodlum like Al Pacino as Scarface?  
    Store owner: Nah! He was a shakily nervous, pimple-faced anst er, who kept rolling his eyes upwards, and saying, "Why is money so important?" Ya know, Woody Allen with a gun.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    angulation - Angle.

    e.g., When playing pool and a ball is not sunk, you may hear "Hmmm, wrong angulation."

    submitted by Angelo

    anguloravehorribilis - Being caught in the corner by the most boring person at a party.

    e.g., Look. Patrick just got anguloravehorribilised by Chris.

    submitted by prettyplease

    angus - To become very angry and possibly hurt someone.

    e.g., Q: So what happened then? A: I just started to get all angus and had to leave before I slapped him upside the head.

    submitted by Paul

    anhedonophilia - The irrational love of taking no pleasure.

    e.g., Roger's anhedonophilia made him very pleasant company since he was incapable of not liking anything.

    submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

    animacidal - Of one who takes innocence, life (in a metaphorical sense), naivete, inner child, etc.

    e.g., His animacidal actions had left her dead inside.

    submitted by Mike McAuliffe

    animadversary - Animadverter, especially imbued with the sense of being an adversary. "(n.)) One who animadverts; a censurer; also (Obs.), a chastiser."

    e.g., Writing as an animadversary, William Safire: "On my return to the lists after vacation, let me animadvert on the swelling chorus of handwringing failuremongers." | To be a candidate for the 2004 Democrat Presidential nomination, one must be an animadversary of President Bush.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    animal sentimentalism - A mental disorder in humans caused by years of viewing Disney movies without wearing a tin foil hat (Signs.) Victims assign human values to wild animals disregarding all logic and scientific evidence.

    e.g., We found a lot of deer this spring starved to death. Unfortunately, the animal sentimentalists were feeding the deer so hunters wouldn't get them, without taking into account their metabolisms change as the natural food supplies change. The deer starved to death, with stomachs full of food. (True story.) | Every few years, some animal sentimentalist gets torn up by a bear or a deer during the rut. They think these animals are cute cartoons and they want to go and pet them, but nobody bothered to tell the animals to act that way.

    submitted by Carlos Coutinho

    animalification - A literary device. Used when attributing animal characteristic to something that is clearly not an animal - -similar to personification.

    e.g., The author made great use of animalification in his novel.

    submitted by Chelsea

    anime - An image of a person done up to look like a character from an anime film, usually flattering.

    e.g., Suzie's wicked blog featured flashing gifs, brave use of bright green and best of all, a customised AniMe that highlighted her killer bod.

    submitted by Jenny - (www)

    anime - To draw pictures in the style of Japanese animation.

    e.g., You animed your picture very nicely, Kate.

    submitted by John

    anime hair - a spiky, physics-defying hairstyle evocative of the hairstyles usually worn by anime action heroes. May be caused by naturally unruly hair, sleeping on one's hair funny, or several cans of hair gel.

    e.g., My alarm didn't go off this morning and I barely had time to grab breakfast, let alone take a shower, so of course I have anime hair today.

    submitted by Shaduan

    anime-hair - Extreme case of bed head in which hair defies gravity and all known normal shape, similar to anime cartoon characters.

    e.g., Stan woke up again with anime hair and headed for the shower immediately.

    submitted by Barbara Laff

    anime-pretty - Refers to any male possessed of androgynous good looks to the point that others start to wonder whether he is not, in fact, actually female.

    e.g., Oh, he's a guy all right. He's just anime-pretty.

    submitted by Shaduan

    animoid - A person who partakes of or has an affection for Japanese anime but is unsuccessful in apprehending anything that relates to anime or anything else from Japan.

    e.g., My sister and her friend are complete animoids. They watch, attempt to draw, and read anime, but they haven't a clue.

    submitted by Barry - (www)

    animoticon - The super-cool animated emoticons found in Yahoo! messenger.

    e.g., The best animoticon in Yahoo! messenger is \:D/, but for the others you have to know the secret codes found at the link provided. (ED. Errr, ummmm, what link?)

    submitted by Dan

    animutation - An animation of some kind that's gone beyond the realm of normalcy. Animutations normally are visuals to crazy Japanese songs and are intentionally rough around the edges. | A fanimutation is a nanimutation not created by neil Cicirega, but by fans of his animutations.

    e.g., This animutation features Colin machrie as Batman. | My friend just submitted a fanimutation.

    submitted by arik9 | Andy - (www)

    aning - To be anally retentive.

    e.g., Bob spent hours aning over the code in his webpage.

    submitted by Kevin Kilgore

    anjalistic - Innocent. Trusts everybody, at times unassumingly.

    e.g., The girl anjalistically talked to him, unaware of his hitting on her.

    submitted by sagar

    ankle - To be of exceptionally low standing, approximately three feet below an asshole.

    e.g., No, Chris's definitely lower than an asshole, more like an ankle.

    submitted by commandline

    ankle - (v.) To be fully (sometimes overly) prepared, such as being heavily layered before going out in the snow or rain, or packing two suitcases for an overnight stay somewhere. (Apparently from "ankylosaurus," an armored dinosaur.)

    e.g., "Right: I've got on two pair of socks, shoes, overboots, long underwear, two flannel shirts, my coat, a parka, earmuffs, and a hat … I'm ready." "No, you're ankled. We're skiing, not climbing K2. Look at yourself! You can't even move." | "So, is Shirley gonna throw you out again just before the Superbowl?" "Yeah, every year; but this time, I'm ankled, man. … Ankled! I've already rented a short-term apartment with a wide-screen tv, and I've bought about $600 of groceries. I'm ankled!" "Yeah, but what if she realizes it's just some kind of "mars & venus" thing and forgives you?" " … oh, crap. She wouldn't do that to me, would she?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    ankle biter - Someone of little account, who criticizes others who are much better than she is. Like a little dog that barks and jumps around, trying to bite people's ankles.

    e.g., Chris is the epitome of an ankle biter.

    submitted by Wayne Hagood

    ankle napkins - Your socks, when you need to wipe your hands and you don't have anything else to wipe them on.

    e.g., John: (after sneezing into hands) Do you have any tissues? Beth: No, I'm out. John: Guess I'll use my ankle napkins.

    submitted by Nick

    anklebiter - Short people.

    e.g., Look at the anklebiter over there.

    submitted by h2obaby

    ankles - Swell.

    e.g., "How was your day?" "Just ankles, thanks."

    submitted by Cara

    ankulôsis - Stiffening of the joints; to crook, bend. From ankulos, crooked, bent. Stiffening of a joint as the result of abnormal fusion.

    e.g., I am sorry, ma'am, but you have ankulôsis.

    submitted by Dr. Gary Rothfeld - (www)

    anna mossity - A woman who, against her will, is coerced into attending a dance, party, or other social event and is determined not to enjoy it. (ED. I laughed on seeing the word in the input queue.… Laughed out loud by the time I got to the end of the example.… And I laughed again on seeing it months and months later. That's one of the advantages of flagging entries with «ED.». This sort of entry might have had an influence on me -- my latest adopted internet identity: Bess Twit. I'm almost sure Bennett Cerf edited a book titled This is My Best Wit in the 1950s. It was one of the first books I ever bought, as publisher's overstock.)

    e.g., Pal: Hey, you with the frown. I know you're one of the Mossity girls. Aren't you Anna? Anna Mossity?
    Gal: Yep. That's right. And I know you're one of the Thead boys. Isn't your first name Shi?

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    annat - And that. Used by ferals to complete a sentence that encompasses more than the speakers' vocabulary will allow her to express.

    e.g., We went down to the library and it was full of books annat.

    submitted by Aaron

    annerban - To jerk someone around by contradicting yourself.

    e.g., Rich: "I'm bored. Watch me use the annerban on Albert." Paul: "Sweet. This should be good." Rich: "Al, I made out with your girlfriend last night." Albert: "What?" Rich: "I didn't mean that, but I did." Albert: "What the hell!" Rich: "No, I'm kidding. Only I'm not." Albert: "I swear you better not do that again." Rich: "Okay, I won't. But seriously, I will."

    submitted by natmac

    annexecon - A reformed criminal whose MO was to break into outbuildings

    e.g., When on hard times in the past Alan had resorted to breaking into many outbuildings. Putting his days as annexecon behind him he looked forward to a rosy future.

    submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

    annibler - In the context of weight loss, a person who makes access to snackfoods possible, practical, or easy -- the diet saboteur.

    e.g., Despite my protests, my wife came home from the supermarket with potato chips, pretzels, cake, cookies and ice cream. I asked her, "What are you, some kind of annibler?"

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    annie audix - The woman who is the voice behind the popular Audix (TM) Voice-mail system.

    e.g., Annie Audix told me I have 17 new messages.

    submitted by Ben

    anniverse - (n.) The several plans, variables, and schedules involved in any celebration of an event in the past (i.e., an anniversary, a memorial, vel cet.), especially when the planned festivities are elaborate or complex.

    e.g., "I've got all the flowers! They'll be here at 2130 tomorrow." "Okay, so that's the flowers, the caterer, the chairs and the tables---...what are we forgetting? Oh! The band! Shoot! Eddie! ..." "Wow---I had no idea this was such a busy anniverse."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anniversorry - The act of apologizing for a forgotten anniversary. It is usually accompanied with presents, preferably jewelry that sparkles with diamonds.

    e.g., Julie: What a wonderful bracelet! I though your anniversary was last weekend. Ann: It was. This is my anniversorry present since Jose forgot our 10-year anniversary.

    submitted by Tolu

    annivorcery - (n.) The anniversary of one's divorce. [I don't recall the movie or series I heard this in, but it sounded very pseudo to me.]

    e.g., Madison is weird: she just spent all day celebrating her annivorcery ... with her ex!

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    annoilerate - To render otherwise perfectly good food completely inedible by deep frying and serving undrained, usually in Scotland.

    e.g., My good man, this Scotch Pie has been annoilerated. It is ruined. It is an ex-Scotch Pie. It is wholly unfit for eating and I demand a full cash refund forthwith.

    submitted by Miles Gavin

    announciation - Texan or Czech for pronunciation.

    e.g., She's always using the wrong announciation.

    submitted by John Booth, Jr.

    annoxication - Making it through hard times in your life, but not bragging about it or showing off that you did it but feeling self-accomplished and knowing that you did it.

    e.g., Her annoxication is what made her the person she is today.

    submitted by jay

    annoyeristic - one who has a habit of being "annoying" in a teasing manner, one who is enjoys good natured jokes

    e.g., I have a habit of being annoyeristic.

    submitted by IceHawk

    annoygravating - Combo of annoying and aggravating, used to describe someone or something that transcends both.

    e.g., Telemarketers are perhaps the most annoygravating people of all.

    submitted by McG

    annoying compulsive disorder - ACD is characterized by the effect that you have on others. Technically, it's not the person with ACD but everyone else around her who suffers. Here are some of the symptoms: 1: Detrimental effect on your central nervous system -- those with ACD get on your nerves. 2. Affect your urinary output -- they piss you off. 3. Affect your vocal level whenever they operate their temporal mandibular joint -- they make you want to scream every time they open their mouths.

    e.g., If you repeatedly have doors slammed in your face, or if your phone calls are consistently terminated without a "goodbye," you may be the cause of suffering from ACD.

    submitted by Gayle Hurmuses - (www)

    annoysibantileave - A sibling who is always near you and won't go away.

    e.g., Yes, he is my annoysibantileave.

    submitted by Stephan

    annsessive - Obsessive to the point of being annoying.

    e.g., Chris is way too annsessive about Sam.

    submitted by Sam

    ano - Something you sit on.

    e.g., The ano was covered with clothes.

    submitted by September 7th English

    anomalyzic - To analyze anomalously. To be anomalous analytically.

    e.g., Chris' a bit anomalyzic; she seems to examine only the portions of things which suit her, and then once she's had her fill, she often discontinues the course until some random time she chooses.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    anonamuse - Humorous word, phrase, saying from a forgotten or unknown source.

    e.g., "Did you make that joke up yourself?" "No, actually, it was an anonamuse."

    submitted by Geoff

    anonym - (ANN-no-nim; n.) 1. A word you use when you cannot remember the right one; 2. Your language's standard I-can't-think-of-the-word word (e.g., thingamajig, dingus). 3. A fill-in name when you can't think of a person's name or title or whatever (e.g., whatserface, whosit). 4. (Original 19th century meaning) A nameless person.

    [Ultimately from the Greek 'an' "not" + 'onoma' "name"; hence "unnamed." I have repurposed this word from its original, early 19th century sense "[a] nameless [person]," as it is no longer extant in the language. There aren't very many nameless people to apply it to.]

    e.g., "Could you get my list?"
    "Sure. Where is it?"
    "It's on the ... um ... the telephone pole."
    "On the what?!"
    "Hang on: it's on top of the mitochondria ... no ... the Thessalonian ... ... aaagh! I can't remember the word!"
    "Never mind: I found it."
    "Thank you. Where---"
    "The refrigerator."
    "Refrigerator! Of course! How could I not remember 'refrigerator'? Thanks!"
    "No problem. Where are you going, anyway?"
    "To the ... polecat ... dispensary ... grrr, no: the larkspur cache ... aaaagh!"
    "Do you mean the grocery store?"
    "Yes! the grocery store! Than---wait, how could you know what I meant?"
    "Your list: it says 'butter' and 'milk'; so it was a bit obvious when I thought about it."
    "Oh, right."
    "On the other hand, your list is full of anonyms, too: you've written 'haladilnik repair' and 'Tharkudarson,'" whatever those might mean."
    "I think I meant 'whipped cream' and 'eggplants.'"
    "Okay. Wow: bummer getting older."
    "Tell me about it."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    anonymize - The removal of all distinguishing characteristics in a person or thing, for example a strip mall. To make anonymous.

    e.g., This area of the city has been anonymized.

    submitted by nicholas paredes

    anonymize - To make someone or something anonymous.

    e.g., Glenn didn't want to be recognized, so he anonymized himself by wearing a fake beard.

    submitted by Matt Vines

    anonymousity - Expressing hatred or anger in a secret or covert way.

    e.g., The anonymousity of the perpetrators is what disturbed me the most.

    submitted by tr kerth

    anoraksia - An eating disorder sufferred by trainspotters and geeks.

    e.g., Nigel spent so much time collecting train numbers that his mum, Ethel, was worried he would contract anoraksia.

    submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

    anotartive - To be overly ignorant and obnoxious; stupid.

    e.g., Chris has this tendency to be anotartive. Oh, you've noticed it, too.

    submitted by Charlie Benson

    anotherwhere - This is a word that should be used instead of "somewhere else" to add dramatic effect and a bit more mystery to the unknown destination. This sense of unknown should be portrayed in the way this word is said, a pause before saying is a good effect.

    e.g., I don't think I'll go to the show this year for New Year's Eve; maybe I'll go … anotherwhere.

    submitted by Rob Cohen

    anotherwise - In some other way, in an alternative manner -- you may choose to try a different approach or path.

    e.g., If boring straight through the Earth does not work to more quickly deliver excellent Chinese goods to American people eagerly awaiting arrival of same, solution will then have to be anotherwise.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    antagoggolin - Diagonal.

    e.g., Go across the field antagoggolin. It will be the shortest route.

    submitted by Jim - (www)

    antagonista - bobjuliano's journal: "A person compelled to create antagonism and crisis politics in a group. Said person is known to constantly indulge in rumors, witch hunts, insults, and flaming."

    e.g., Why is Chris chrissified in so many examples? Because she's an antagonista, that's why. She deserves all the negative references to her … the bitch.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    antarial - Combo of antenna and arial.

    e.g., Adjust the antarial to get better TV reception.

    submitted by Eric Hensen

    antecipation - Akin to the French "esprit de l'escalier" or the German "treppenwitz," the word for a carefully planned expression or comeback which one screws up at the last possible second.

    e.g., Neil Armstrong meant to say "... one small step for a man," but under the influence of antecipation said "... one small step for man" instead.

    submitted by PPM - (www)

    antecrastination - Acting after it's too late.

    e.g., He was guilty of antecrastination and missed the boat.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    anteloped - Ever want to convey the sense of something moving like a prancing pronghorn, but without all the funny looks when you say "like a prancing pronghorn"? Then anteloped is the word for you

    e.g., The dog sat up and anteloped out of the dining room into the kitchen.

    submitted by Adam R. Lee

    antepenultimate - “I have always liked the sound of penultimate. It is fun (and a bit pretentious) to use, but antepenultimate is even more so. In addition, although I would choose ‘third from last’ for the item preceding the next-to-last item, I have encountered multiple people who call the item before the next-to-last one the ‘second-to-last’ one. That gives me the excuse of using antepenultimate in order to eliminate any ambiguity.”  
    From My Favourite Word, it refers to the thing that precedes the penultimate thing: third from the end. I have no idea why, but I thought the word prepenultimate existed. And so it shall. My Favourite Word is definitely wort a visit. You can take this link to get there. Why not twist someone's favorite and make it one of our favorite words? Folks do that all the time.

    e.g., I wonder how long it will take before this is the antepenultimate entered into the pd? | The thing before the antepenultimate thing would then be the preantepenultimate thing, would it not?

    submitted by [Charlie Livingston] - (www)

    anteprimanova - /an tee prime uh no vuh/ Prior to the initial "Big Bang" which resulted in our Universe; where a purported pin point "went nova" and filled our space with expanding energy and matter.

    e.g., E.Y.E. don't remember much from anteprimanova time, but surely it must have been satisfactory in every respect, dark and cool and supremely restful.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    antherplatz - (n.) 1. a chicken coop; 2. a room full of cubicles; 3. a place filled with available members of the opposite sex. [a false germanic version of anthropos platonos "plato's man." The philosopher Plato defined "man" as "a featherless biped"; Demosthenes, another philosopher, plucked a chicken and called it "plato's man."]

    e.g., I'm selling all the birds in my antherplatz and raising horses instead. | I'm tired of the antherplatz; I want an office!

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anthropologetic - Feeling remorseful about the elimination of a culture.

    e.g., After burning the Shilakkalak tribe out of their homes, the explorer felt a bit anthropologetic.

    submitted by matt

    anthropomaximologist - One who studies, maximizes, and enhances the human experience. A coach.

    e.g., I have been a practicing cultural anthropomaximologist for the past thirty years. I assist humans in being all they are capable of being.

    submitted by Linda Starr

    anti claus - (Also known as "Bills!Bills!Bills!" "Repo," "Hock," and "Deferred Interest"; n.) The emaciated, chartreuse-clad, sneering goblin that comes around after Christmas (repeatedly) to extort money from you for the gifts Santa brought to you as well as those you may have purchased for family and friends. He does not bring gifts down the chimney, but shoves savings down the toilet. And as he disappears in his (repossessed) Maserati, you'll hear him exclaim, "If you have already paid what you owe, please disregard me, and thank you for your payment."

    e.g., "Wow, man, you look awful. What's wrong?" "It's Anti Claus: I found him siphoning funds from my paycheck yesterday." "Ouch." "Yeah, tell me about it. I did some checking---" "You mean you did some credit carding." "Don't be funny. Anyway, I checked my acounts: I don't know how I can possibly keep up the payments." "That's bad. Can I help?" "You mean it?" "Sure I do: that's what friends are for, man." "You could return the big screen tv I bought you." "... ... Wow, man, Anti Claus, huh? Good luck with that. I gotta take this call." "Wait! you said---" "I really gotta take this, man. It's my woman: I told her she could watch chick flicks on my big screen tv!" "But---" "Look, I give it back to you in my will." "Gee, thanks. I guess I could exercise my option to give Anti Claus and arm and a leg ...."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anti-bee - A person who is opposed to the use of silent b's in spelling words. Are they there just to separate the wheat from the chaff in spelling bees? Has notning to do with Aunt Bea on The Andy Griffith Show.  
    The first word I ever misspelled in spelling class was "missed" -- because my classmate Loretta wouldn't define the word for me so I'd know whether the word was "missed" or "mist." Stayed in at recess afterwards to go over the next day's spelling lesson -- the first time I had ever studied spelling.  
    codebtor codebtors debt debtless debtor debtors debts doubt doubtable doubted doubter doubters doubtful doubtfully doubtfulness doubtfulnesses doubting doubtingly doubtless doubtlessly doubtlessness doubtlessnesses doubts indebted indebtedness indebtednesses misdoubt misdoubted misdoubting misdoubts overindebtedness overindebtednesses oversubtle redoubt redoubtable redoubtably redoubts subtle subtleness subtlenesses subtler subtlest subtleties subtlety subtly undoubtable undoubted undoubtedly undoubting unsubtle unsubtly

    e.g., I'm an anti-bee -- and have been since about second grade when I first encountered the word doubt. And enunciated the bee sound on first reading it: duh-boot.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    anti-cementic - A cement bigot.

    e.g., Ron Paul is an anti-cementic who would not defend us against the real dangers of radical islam.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    anti-deja vu - "It was on the tip of my tongue." Used when you forget what you were going to say.

    e.g., Mr. Graham asked a question about a second possible solution to the math problem, and Kea raised her hand to give the clever response she had come up with. Unfortunately, by the time Mr. Graham called on her, all Kea had to say was, "Dang it. Anti-deja vu."

    submitted by Kea

    anti-magogophone - The opposite of something.

    e.g., This is the complete anti-magogophone to their assertion.

    submitted by shane

    anti-miracle - Something that happens by some quirk of fate, but is bad instead of good. Similar to a miracle, but has a bad effect.

    e.g., If by some anti-miracle the presentations are fast and I end up presenting today, I'll shoot myself in the face.

    submitted by Dave

    anti-neopets - The organization originally founded by Neobuks and Mae Noelle to cast the downfall of This has since been taken into two other eras. As of February 14, 2005, it is in the 2nd era. The current leader is Tezeti, and the co-leaders are Blackdove, Rodentberry, and Nemmy. Invented by Neobuks and Mae Noelle at an unknown date

    e.g., Billy saw a website about Anti-Neopets, and wondered who would want to destroy such a good website.

    submitted by Nemmy - (www)

    anti-responsibility - (adj.) pro-choice.

    e.g., It seems to me that those who tout abortion have already exercised their choice, and now seek only to avert the responsibilities that choice entails. Hence, anti-responsibility.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    anti-safe - (ant-eye-say-f). Descriptive word used when proclaiming that something is not all that great.

    e.g., "Paul, they're towing your car!" "Anti-safe!"

    submitted by Richard Linney

    anti-socializer - One who is very outgoing but makes the people around her uncomfortable and anti-social.

    e.g., I realized that Mr. Moon was an anti-socializer when he fingered his nose and absentmindedly wiped the goldmine on my sleeve; nonethess, I was captivated.

    submitted by Todd _merely_bored_U_C

    anti-swearing table - The Anti-swearing Table is a table created by star651 for the pseudodictionary. It contains words you can use as a substitute for swear words when editing something for tv, radio, clean version CDs, and websites if it's required they be clean. So here goes.

    Warning: If you are shocked by obscenities in print, you may not like this passage. (ED. If you want to see the rest of what's in this entry, you'll have to do a View Source.)

    e.g., I hope you editors trying to keep things clean enjoyed this anti-swearing table from star651, repeat contributor to the pseudodictionary.

  • {ED. Yes, we enjoyed it. You did a good job. However, note that a condom is not a sex toy -- although I've heard of them being used as water balloons.}

    submitted by star651

    antiacoustication - 1. The suppression or cancellation of sound wave antinodes through the introduction of an equal, but opposing (inverted) sound, thereby creating silence or reducing wave amplitude. 2. The complete or partial suppression of sound by any means without manipulation of the source.

    e.g., I have an antiacoustication device in my room which generates silence through the introduction of inverted sound waves.

    submitted by Sammers

    antibelli - Against war.

    e.g., Is the Peace Corps antibelli?

    submitted by Alex Cordner

    anticalamitible - Propensity towards being docile and unexcited.

    e.g., Don't bother trying to get Steve riled up; he's totally anticalamitible.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    anticipassion - A combination of anticipation and passion: The anticipation that comes with a passionate situation.

    e.g., Walter's in total anticipassion of finally meeting his online dream woman.

    submitted by Dylon Whyte

    anticipatious - Combination of anticipate, anxious, and nervous.

    e.g., Nick was anticipatious about going sky diving. A little nervous and anxious, but excited at the same time.

    submitted by Nick Sullivan

    anticipointment - A greatly awaited event that turns out to be a fizzer.  
    Rico Mossesgeld: "Anticipointment, as Berkeley, California, editor Hank Roberts explained in an online computer conference, is a word coined 'to describe [the feeling one gets on] always finding that, just as the techie-toy I've been dreaming about getting for six months has become affordable, there's something so much better on the horizon that I guess I have to wait just a bit longer.'"  
    Nancy Friedman: "Anticipointment: High expectations followed by a letdown; a portmanteau of 'anticipation' and 'disappointment.' According to legend, the word was coined in the 1960s by a Los Angeles ad agency that used it as the punchline of a holiday card whose outside read, in paraphrase: 'At this time of year, just one word sums up the feeling in all of our hearts.' Now used for any instance of media or technology hype.  
    (I read the ad-agency story years ago and have been unable to corroborate it. Anyone?)" | The emotional state of being which results from a highly anticipated event not turning out as well as expected.

    e.g., For some, Y2K was an event of great anticipointment, especially if you were holed up in a shed in the desert surrounded by cans of Spam. | I was really looking forward to that movie. How could that many stars make such a bad film. Talk about anticipointment.

    submitted by Mark Allen | John Bray - (www)

    anticlock - Any device which obstructs the ability to measure and perceive time.

    e.g., My wife's towel acted as an anticlock, whereas it completely blocked my view of the clock.

    submitted by Sammers

    anticloudblaster - A powerful portable particle beam device that blasts huge holes in the clouds overhead.

    e.g., The anticloudblaster is great for picnics, ballgames, sunlight ,and a piece of blue sky.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    anticonstitutionnellement - Anticonstitutionally. A French word that I want to put in an English dictionary, the longest non-technical word in French.

    e.g., I do not know about those anticonstitutionnellement.

    submitted by Le Chat 90(lespoils90)

    anticonsume - 1. To abstain from eating or drinking something that is almost finished out of fear that one will have to throw away the container, or replace the food and drink consumed. 2. To abstain from eating or drinking something that is almost finished, so that someone else will eventually consume it, dispose of any containers, and replace it if it calls for replacing.

    e.g., I decided to anticonsume the milk when I discovered that it was almost finished.

    submitted by Sammers

    anticrastinate - (v.) 1. To refuse to put something off, even if there is no hurry in completing it. 2. To prepare long in advance.

    e.g., "Hey, you wanna shoot some hoops with us?" "No, I've got Christmas shopping to do." "Christmas shopping?! In May?! That's overdoing anticrastination pretty bad, don't you think?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    anticuse - To imply that someone is innocent of something of which he is accused.

    e.g., The defense team did everything to anticuse their defendant.

    submitted by Ty Evans

    antideluvian - Antedeluvian is before the flood. Antideluvian is against a flood.

    e.g., Frank's house is on the coast and he is antideluvian.

    submitted by Frank J. Mandriota

    antidenim - Any fabric that isn't denim.

    e.g., Check out her new antidenim skirt.

    submitted by Krowbar

    antidisestablishmentaryanism - Opposition to the Nuremberg trials. | The word is already in the pseudodictionary with a humorous definition. This additional definition takes it to be a synonym for Dominionism: the movement that seeks to preserve the establishment of a white-supremacist Christian domination of the political system.  
    The word should not to be confused with "antidisestablishmentarianism." To use one of these words in place of the other is to make one of the (rare?) long multi-letter word errors (ytpos that are words) in the English language.

    e.g., Antidisestablishmentaryanism is one of the two longest words in the English language and is coming back into vogue in light of the resurgence of skinheads. | Although apparently multi-racial, the TEA Party movement seems to be antidisestablishmentaryanism.  
    Also, see the 2008 poem "Termination; Ny Antidisestablishmentaryanism'' apparently authored by UpsAndDowns and published at as entry 58664. The poem uses it as part of a crypto-racist expression of love.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III | Mario Bourgoin - (www)

    antidonaphobia - The fear that when solicited for a donation that failing to contribute will increase one's risk of contracting the disease or condition being funded.

    e.g., Bob was not really philanthropic, but his antidonaphobia compelled him to contribute to the American Cancer Society every time he was solicited.

    submitted by Michael Katz

    antidressant - The one kid who either goes to school in regular clothes on Halloween when everybody else is wearing a costume, or vice versa.

    e.g., Matt was last year's antidressant. I laughed so hard when he came into class late wearing a tuxedo.

    submitted by Duncan

    antientrophilia - 1. Love of the process of ordering. 2. Love of order. From the Greek roots en-trop, in transformation.

    e.g., "The problem with the marriage wasn't simply that she wanted forks and spoons in separate slots, it was that she took neatness to the neurotic level of antientrophilia; order and structure were the 'til death do we part' of her marriage vows."

    submitted by Gerre Guerrant

    antifortuitous - Unlucky.

    e.g., The gambler had an antifortitous streak in Vegas.

    submitted by George Levy

    antiganda - (n.) Propaganda designed specifically to attack the character, provenance, utility, propriety, morality, and/or goals of some person (as in a campaign), social group, religion, or race.

    e.g., “Does it seem sometimes that political campaigns are nothing but antiganda anymore?”

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    antiglutable - For something that is said, done, or even thought of where the person who said, did, or thought of it is bound to get his or her ass kicked for it.

    e.g., It's fine for women to compliment each other on their physical features but the same words become antiglutable when a man says them to another man. OK … most of the time.

    submitted by MD Caruso

    antigrammer - (n.) 1. Someone who writes viruses; also, antithetically, 2. someone who writes antivirus software. (Derived from "programmer.")

    e.g., "He's usually here most of the night working on stuff, but I'm not sure what." "So, we don't really know whether he's a programmer or an antigrammer, do we?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    antilesbitest - A test taken by two people of the same sex, could be two men or two women, to find out if they're gay or not.

    e.g., Could you imagine? The footage shown on TV made it look like a random female substitute teacher and a random female student were doing the dances a little bit different than normal. Maybe there was an antilesbitest or something.

    submitted by star651 - (www)

    antimas - Anti-Christmas. Afraid to say "Merry Christmas" for fear of excluding someone.

    e.g., So many government bureaucrats have become antimas, that it's now spread to the workplace bureaucrats as well. At work we now have to say, "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."

    submitted by Trebor

    antimasterpiece - Art produced to go directly into the waste receptacle.

    e.g., As an artist, it really bothers me to see in boutiques, shoppes, and fairs all the antimasterpieces that are stamped out in factories crowding out the works of those that put some thought into each product of her imagination.

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    antipastarian - A person who is morally oposed to pasta.

    e.g., Graeme will not eat pasta because of his antipastarian beliefs.

    submitted by Ian Morrison

    antipathic - Against feeling, heartless.

    e.g., He was antipathic to her.

    submitted by Adrian Hobbs

    antiphany - A sudden realization or revelation that is very stupid. |

    On behalf of Kyle 1: The sudden realization that a vexing problem or puzzle has no solution. 2: The realization that the elusive meaning one has been searching for in a challenging work of art or literature does not, in fact, exist. 3: The realization that the answer one has been looking for is what the individual has consciously known all along.… {Example:}This revelation put me in mind of another antiphany I experienced some years ago. In high school I participated in forensics, and one year I competed in the poetry interpretation event. For my reading selection, I chose "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot. My forensics coach always praised my interpretation of it, and thought I demonstrated an excellent understanding of the poem. I always thought I was a fraud, because I really didn't understand much of the poem. Again, I thought it was full of mysterious symbolism that was beyond my grasp.

    e.g., I had an antiphany that Mario the Plumber is this generation's new Popeye the Sailor, man.

    submitted by BigAssFries - (www)

    antiprime - To be the first one stopped by a red light or other means to control any type of traffic.

    e.g., I always rush through the yellow light since I hate to be antiprimed.

    submitted by MD Caruso

    antiprocrastination - A term used when one is lazy -- continuing to procrastinate by doing something they were supposed to complete earlier. It does not mean getting work done, as there are still other objectives.

    e.g., Martha, I'm sorry the floors weren't mopped, but I did wash the dishes because I antiprocrastinated.

    submitted by Liam

    antiprostyle - Said of a person hesitating and undecided between not doing or doing something: for it and at the same time against it, a situation which characterizes a lot of people.

    e.g., 1. Ramona is a veritable example of antiprostyle, in the same time she wants to not go and to go to see the movie. 2. More beautiful things could take place in society if antiprostyle would be abandoned.

    submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius, poet

    antipseudolexicographicationally - Adverb, in the manner of one opposing the inclusion of a suggested word.

    e.g., The Review Committee convened to consider the latest suggestions. "I think we should reject 'turdlet,'" said Paul. "It seems to me to be overtly scatological," he added, antipseudolexicographicationally.

    submitted by Colin Taffel

    antisaginarian - From Latin. Anti: against or opposed to. Saginare: to fatten up. A meddlesome individual who feels compelled to lecture you about your weight, usually in public, in piercing tones, and at the most inconvenient times.

    e.g., Antisaginarians are fond of delivering denunciations in the grocery store: "Ben and Jerry's? Dear, don't you think you should be getting rice cakes instead? I mean, you are awfully large, aren't you?"

    submitted by Amanda Faulkenberry

    antiscurvies - Green vegetables, or limes, for avoidance of scurvy.

    e.g., No desert until you eat your antiscurvies.

    submitted by spongeboy

    antisequence - (pronounced an-ti'-si-kwins; n.) 1. an occurrence contrary to all expectations, in spite of antecedent action; 2. an action taken to avoid the consequences (punishment, duties, responsibilities, vel cet.) your actions would otherwise entail.

    e.g., Alka Seltzer, abortion, and hiding the body (or the loot) are antisequential.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    antisocialite - A loner who particularly dislikes hobnobbing with the jet set.

    e.g., Muffy yearned to be home on her couch, curtains drawn and watching TV, instead of this lunch at Le Cirque for the von Furstenburg triplets. She felt she was quickly becoming an antisocialite.

    submitted by Jeff M

    antitartaron - (n.) (an-tee-TAR-tuh-rahn) (In cartoon physics.) The mythical machine that permits cartoon, game, and other fictional characters to survive otherwise invariably fatal situations without dying. Its means are unknown, but almost always present. It is, therefore, considered the God of the cartoon universe. (Etymology: Greek anti- [against, preventing] + Tartarus [the underworld of the dead in Greek mythology]).

    e.g., Look, kid. You're falling off that cliff, you're _not_ gonna survive. It's just not gonna happen -- no way, no how. Unless, of course, you happen to be Daffy Duck or Mario or somebody, because the antitartaron caters to them all.

    submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

    antitransubstantiationalism - The "belief system" of those who object to being turned into another substance. Inspired by my old friend Christopher Inwood.

    e.g., I am one of countless people who does not want to be frozen, burned, melted, mashed, etc. As such, I am most definitely antitransubstantiationalist.

    submitted by L. Gillies

    antittilate - To tickle or prod with any sort of rod-like object, esp. an antenna.

    e.g., Despite the woman's scorn, Sven was antittilated by the icy tip of the ten-foot pole.

    submitted by Da Yeti

    antitude - Against atittude.

    e.g., We believe in antitude.

    submitted by rita

    antiversary - The day on which you celebrate your divorce. Suggested by aneversery, a misspelling of anniversary.

    e.g., December 22nd my wife and I will celebrate our 44th anniversary. On the same day, Christine will celebrate her 2nd antiversary.

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    antiwod - Against the War on Drugs. Antiwod, anti-wod, anti-WoD.

    e.g., I have no idea why you think Robert Downey, Jr, is involved in antiWoD organizations. Can I buy a clue?

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    antochent - A yard full of ant hills.

    e.g., I've got an antochent.

    submitted by Squackle! - (www)

    antoniennui - Not your run-of-the-mill boredom, but nonetheless boredom: ennui. Coined by film critic Andrew Sarris for the sort of boredom shown in (or induced by?) a Michelangelo Antonioni movie -- shown as upper-crust boredom much better by Federico Fellini in _La Dolce Vita_. That film's Italian title translates as "the good life," but what was shown was anything but: upper crust is still crust. || The example and the notion for this description come from Gus Reed's reiview of _Zabriskie Point_, posted Dec 11, 2012. || I've seen no mention of it elsewhere, but there are plot and visual similarities between ZP and more successful apocalyptic movies. The Mad Max franchise comes to mind. The isolated airport scene reminded me of _Fandango_, the "road-trip odyssey" in which Kevin Costner first made an impression. His playing a corpse in _The Big Chill_ didn't.

    e.g., Regardless of the appropriateness of adjectives such as lackadaisical and lackluster for describing _Zabriskie Point_ and its Antoniennui, it's hard not to see the film's cinematogaphy as a visual homage to Ansel Adams' Zabriskie Point photography. || "Antonioni’s characters are often criticized as passive and bored. He was categorically interested in people who didn’t know where they were going, who couldn’t articulate what exactly they wanted. Andrew Sarris coined the term 'Antoniennui' as shorthand for this then-fashionable, and quickly caricatured brand of malaise, and there’s as much Antoniennui here as in any of his films, though these broke American adolescents wear their discontent differently than the cosmopolitan and oh-so-effete upper crust of Rome and Verona. If you don’t enjoy Antonioni’s films, _Zabriskie Point_ probably won’t be the one to win you over, but give it the chance [anyway], and if you’ve never ventured into Antonioni-world, it’s as good a point of departure as any. And, if for no other reason, give _Zabriskie Point_ a chance to [watch] Daria driving into the distance to the strains of John Fahey’s 'Dance of Death,' or Roy Orbison crooning 'So Young' as Antonioni zeroes into a blood-red sunset." || Despite a lack

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    antrivalence - Wavering or uncertainty caused by desires to do three different things at once.

    e.g., When the forest path diverged, my antrivalence caused me a moment of hesitation. I could not decide whether to turn left, to turn right, or to head back the way I had come.

    submitted by Evman

    antycrastination - Acting after the ant infestation is complete.

    e.g., He was guilty of antycrastination and the food was all ruined.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    anull it all - One who knows everything about getting divorced.

    e.g., When it came to the most divorces from monogamous marriages, Glynn Wolfe aka “Scotty” Wolfe holds the record. A former Baptist minister, Glynn divorced a heartbreaking 28 times. But some young couples still went to Wolfe for marriage advice. He was, after all, an anull it all.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    anxietous - Agitated and anxious.

    e.g., I've got an interview, so I'm very anxietous.

    submitted by feng

    any brushes? - Musician slang: "You're playing too loud/fast/slow and maybe you'd better 'tone it down.'" Shorthand for "turn it down -- you're too loaded, etc."

    e.g., Ringo? RINGO! Any brushes?

    submitted by Artie

    anyhoo - Play on "anyhow"

    e.g., Anyhoo, I think I should go now.

    submitted by Mark Barilla

    anykey - What dumb people look for when their computer tells them to press any key.

    e.g., Where's the anykey?

    submitted by Brandon Ducharme

    anyways - A different version of anyway, used as a verbal pause. Meant to be said somewhat like a child: Aaaaaaaannnny wayzzzzz.

    e.g., Judy, how you doing? Ya, I was talking to Dolly, and she said you weren't going to the dance, so.… Anyways … would you like to go with me?

    submitted by Carlos Coutinho

    anyways - Used in exactly the same ways as "anyway," but this one is a North Dakota Scandinavian thing, especially Norwegians.

    e.g., I don't like that kind of food anyways.

    submitted by Rainbow Woman

    anywhat - Anyhow, anyway.

    e.g., Anywhat, that's what I was thinking of as I started to leave.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    anywho - A variation of anyway, usually to be followed by a long pause and a change in topic of conversation.

    e.g., Anywho, that's enough of talking about Dave. What's up with you?

    submitted by Anne

    anywhoodles - Play on "anyhow."

    e.g., [url=]Anywhoodles[/url], I think I should go now.

    submitted by natalia manzocco - (www)

    aohater - One who hates users of the America Online internet service provider.

    e.g., You guys are all aohaters. Leave us AOL users alone.

    submitted by Michael - (www)

    aolcaps - Text written in or continually typing in ALL CAPS, as so many AOLers and net noobs in general do.

    e.g., Even though Dad's been online for a while now, he's still stuck in aolcaps.

    submitted by mike

    aomori - One who is very gifted in music. Specifically used to describe a Julliard student.

    e.g., Did you see how fast that aomori played the concerto? He did it in a second.

    submitted by Jeff

    aotearoa - Where Kiwis come from.

    e.g., Look, there's a Kiwi from Aotearoa.

    submitted by Kestrel

    aotearoan - Another name for a Kiwi from Aotearoa.

    e.g., I'm an Aotearoan(or a Kiwi) from Aotearoa.

    submitted by Kestrel

    apacrat - The political party of someone who doesn't care for politics. A melding of the words "apathetic" and "Democrat."

    e.g., This budget discussion does not concern me. I vote apacrat. I used to be a pathetic Democrat, but I gave up.

    submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

    apartyteid - The celebration that happens after one receives her divorce decree.

    e.g., After checking the mail, the long awaited official divorce documentation was now in, confirming that the oppressed were now allowed to apartyteid like rock stars.

    submitted by becca & shea

    apas - As possible as soon.

    e.g., I'll come apas.

    submitted by owens xu

    apatheist - Someone who believes that the existence of God is immaterial to daily life. (A combination of apathy and theism.)

    e.g., Many people I know aren't actively atheists or believers. They're apatheists.

    submitted by Arun Sannuti

    apathetorexic - Someone who eats very little, not because of an eating disorder, but simply because she can't be bothered. First used to describe Marky Lazer.

    e.g., "Want some food?" "No thanks, I'm apathetorexic." | "He doesn't eat much, is he anorexic?" "Nah, he's just apathetorexic."

    submitted by Chyld/Marky/Emu - (www)

    apathsexual - Giving no tender to one's sexual gender, preference or identity. Setting no standard for or pertaining to the possession, use, or desire of any particular set of genitals.

    e.g., As an apathsexual, I will judge you on your actions and behaviors, not your sexual identity. (crude) Look, I'm an apathsexual, I don't care WHO you're screwing.

    submitted by Tim Reinerman - (www)

    apaythetic - Dissatisfied with what you're being paid.

    e.g., I cnn understand firing her for being apathetic, but it doesn't seem right to fire her for being apaythetic. Never heard her a make a big issue of it.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    ape-fest - A rowdy party. Danish.

    e.g., Erasmus's birthday party was an ape-fest.

    submitted by Adam Leslie

    ape-touching - For an item that a person is in great awe of. A reference to the "Dawn of Man" scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    e.g., That's an ape-touching new widescreen TV you've got there.

    submitted by Baz

    apenuts - Crazy. To be crazy about something, or simply lose your mind, like going senile or mad.

    e.g., Upon receiving a strong dose of catnip, the feline warrior went apenuts.

    submitted by Robert

    aphrodicial - Of the highest beauty.

    e.g., I find all Greek sculptures and artwork simply aphrodicial.

    submitted by Adam

    aphrodisinsomniac - A person who stays up past bedtime and gets all sexy. Something -- such as a drug -- which induces someone to do that.

    e.g., Beware of all the aphrodisinsomniacs you are liable to encounter online and take care not to become one yourself. | Some people believe the internet itself is addictive, often with the properties of an aphrodisinsomniac.

    submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

    apifact - (AP-pee-fact; n.) Honey, viewed as an artifact made by bees. Derivations apifacture "the making of honey"; apifactory "a beehive, as a place where honey is made." [From Latin api(bus) "by bees" + factura, pp of facere "to make."]

    e.g., "Wow. This is really good bread. Have you got any apifact?" | Apifact is Winnie the Pooh's favorite food.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    apinfinate - To do something unexpected when all expectations and current trends suggest that an event is not going to happen

    e.g., My stocks apinfinated.

    submitted by Denis Carr

    apithology - The antonym of pathology, being the functional manifestations of healthy developmental growth.

    e.g., The transition turning point in the 21st century was when as global society we moved away from pathology and towards apithology.

    submitted by William Varey - (www)

    aplistocracy - /AP-lis-TOK-ra-see/ -noun. A state or regime where rich or greedy people are in power and political and legislative activities are motivated by financial gain. [From Gk aplistos, greed + -cracy.]

    e.g., With banks, oil companies, and CEOs having government at their beck and call, it's more an aplistocracy than a democracy.

    submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

    aplus - "See you later." From the French "a plus tard." Even shorter, "a+."

    e.g., I'm leaving now. Aplus.

    submitted by Boki

    apneac - (Rhymes with TAP-lee-tack; n.) 1. a person who suffers from apnea; 2. someone who becomes annoyed at the sound of breathing, apparently desiring the offending breather(s) to suffocate themselves for his convenience. (adj.) 3. an appliance, accoutrement, apparatus, or mechanism designed to alleviate apnea. [Analogy with_maniac_.]

    e.g., "What is this by your cot?" "It's my breather." "Your what?" "It's a CPAP, a 'continuous positive air pressure' machine; it helps me keep breathing." "You suffer from sleep apnea?" "Yup, I'm an apneac." | "I'm trying to study here, people." "We're not doing anything." "You are breathing too loud." "We're BREATHING too loud?" "Yes. Go away." "Sure thing, Mr. Apneac---Why don't YOU go somewhere else?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    apoikotic - (Rhymes with cap-oh-ick-COT-ick; adj.) Of or pertaining to settlers, pioneers, or colonists. [From Greek άποικος apoikos "settler"; a shorter version, apoic (cap-OH-ick), saves space but doesn't sound as good.]

    e.g., Irrigation is almost always, archaeologically speaking, the apoikotic solution to arid or desert agriculture. || "Apoikotics 101? What's that?" "The study of settlements: the 13 colonies, the Celtic migration, Greek colonies in the ancient Mediterranean, Australian convict transportation, the Polynesian expansion, and so on."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    apollogy - A half-hearted public expression of regret from a high ranking politician who believes that he is above the law but has been caught, red-handed, in an immoral or illegal activity.

    e.g., The congressional leader of the dominant party was presented with irrefutable evidence that he was using campaign funds illegally. He then publicly apollogized for his "lapse of judgment."

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    apologentsia - Intellectuals, most often of a liberal orientation, who feel compelled to continually apologize for the flaws of the United States, both real and imaginary.

    e.g., Making Americans out as the bad guys, the apologentsia have forgotten our recent history, how the Western world was rescued from Nazi tyranny and how millions of Europe's oppressed sought refuge on our shores.

    submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

    apologizt - Apologist, for those Americans who are spelling snobs and insist that British Commonwealth spellings are superior to American spellings.

    e.g., Sandbox Jim may be my longest-surviving friend, but of late he's become a spelling snob to complement his being a pronunciation snob. I recently told him he has become an apologizt for all things American.

    submitted by apologizt - (www)

    apolology - An insincere apology, one where the "apolologizer" is laughing out loud to herself as she apolologizes. Yes, lol's to herself. Don't hold your breath waiting for me to use the construct again. From a ytpo.

    e.g., "If you didn't get /that/ message, then you probably didn't get the one where I apolologized for the automatic reply sent by"

    submitted by Miss Speller

    apolywogagy - Just a little apology; please forgive me; it wasn't intentional.

    e.g., I didn't indeed to do it. Would you accept my heartfelt apolywogagy and everything will be all right.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    apophasis - Mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned. Contrast with cataphasis: "the use of affirmative statements to discuss a subject; affirmation through positive statements."

    Fragment of Wikipedia entry:

    Apophasis is a rhetorical device wherein the speaker or writer brings up a subject by either denying it, or denying that it should be brought up. Accordingly, it can be seen as a rhetorical relative of irony.

    Also called paralipsis (παράλειψις) – also spelled paraleipsis or paralepsis –, or occupatio, and known also as praeteritio, preterition, cataphasis (κατάφασις), antiphrasis (ἀντίφρασις), or parasiopesis (παρασιώπησις), apophasis is usually employed to make a subversive ad hominem attack, which makes it a frequently used tactic in political speeches to make an attack on one's opponent. Using apophasis in this way is often considered to be bad form. [ by whom? ]

    The device is typically used to distance the speaker from unfair claims, while still bringing them up. For instance, a politician might say, "I don't even want to talk about the allegations that my opponent is a drunk." It can also be used in denying such claims entirely, for example by saying "I'm sure that my opponent is not lying; however, his grasp of the facts seems to be shaky."

    e.g., Examples from Wordnik:

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    aposetadoo - Supposed to do.

    e.g., What's a guy aposetadoo?

    submitted by meredeth

    apostrophesize - To routinely, but mistakenly, add an apostrophe to a word that does not require one. Apostrophesise.

    e.g., The doctor always wanted to apostrophesize the word "wants" in his reports.

    submitted by Stephen Hass

    apostrophiacal - 1. Someone who inserts too many "apostrophes" into her writing. 2, A serious devotee of all things Frank Zappa, from Frank Zappa's album Apostrophe.

    e.g., 1. Most of my students in Comp. 101 start out being apostrophiacal, but they learn. 2. Geldorf is apostrophiacal. He has Frank Zappa's entire discography on CD, plus he's got Apostrophe on 12" vinyl, cassette, and limited edition CD. He rocks.

    submitted by Paul

    appacoriffic - The last straw expression of frustration.

    e.g., That's just too goddamned appacoriffic for me to accept. Tell her to get her ass back in here.

    submitted by Fitz

    apparel-elled - Incomparable or unparalelled, relating to clothes.

    e.g., He was a man of such style. The clothes he wore were apparel-elled.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    appaulled - Rejection reaction.

    e.g., She was appaulled that her oh-so-clever word was refused by the PD editors; she felt like garrotting them.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    appaulling - Appalling.

    e.g., Perhaps you've notice how that poster calling herself "Paul" keeps posting appaulling lies about her paulitical enemies.

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    appelation - Application of fruit for healing.

    e.g., An appelation a day keeps the doctor away when, which is nice when you feels orful.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    append dectomy - The surgical act of an editor to remove extraneous material, redundancies, and fluff from a writer's manuscript.

    e.g., "Let's go out for a drink after work." "Let's go. I had to perform an emergency append dectomy without anesthesia and the writer's screams were really unnerving!"

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    apperceivement - like the word "apperceive" partially digested by the word "perceivement." this word implies "perceivement," but with more of the sense of physically undergoing the perceived experiance."

    e.g., It seemed now that she existed in a new, separate reality far beyond her physical apperceivement.

    submitted by jesse

    apphole - An attorney who sends cease and desist letters to tech rumor blogs.

    e.g., John Meyers is an apphole. He threatened to sue me because my weblog said that Apple may buy Microsoft.

    submitted by Ryan Messner

    applau - Singular of applause. Single clap at a joke or song. Comedian slang. See "mercy clap" and "audient."

    e.g., Your joke went over like a lead balloon. Did you hear the applau?

    submitted by Bill

    apple knocker - A hick or redneck, someone who runs around in overalls and knocks apples off trees with a stick

    e.g., The son of a woman from from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, Chris sure is an apple knocker.

    submitted by appleknocks

    apple q - Get rid of, say good-bye to, or quit.

    e.g., I need to Apple Q that chick--she's driving me crazy.

    submitted by Jody Monson

    applecation - One applies for a job at Apple by filling out an applecation.

    e.g., "I think I'll try to get an internship with Apple next summer. My third year will be behind me, so it might be about time for me to get some experience working. I'll soon be twenty-six you know. Mom and Pop are about ready for me to move out. They've already threatened to stop paying for my health insurance. They says it's gotten too expensive and's still going up."

    "Growing up can get rough. … Say, where's Apple located?"


    "That's in Cali, right? Not too far from San Francisco? Isn't it pretty expensive to live there?"

    "Yeah, but one neat thing is this: Apple pays for your housing. How about that? The neatest thing, though, is these are internships that pay."

    "Hmmm, how much? Do they pay you in peanuts?" "Not exactly. It's a real job, not playing house. A friend of mine earned $38,000 there last summer -- in two months. And that doesn't include his housing."

    "Wow. That's a lot. Where do I get an applecation to fill out?"

    "That's the bad part. They're scarcer than hen's teeth. Even worse, they aren't interested in education majors. Not unless you have a graduate degree."

    "Drat. I nope my folks'll keep footing the bill for me for another five or six more years."


    We're sorry, but due to technical difficulties, we can't process your online applecation right now. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this issue fixed shortly. Meanwhile, if you prefer, you can send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to our headquarters in Cupertino. We expect to have paper applecations available in 90 to 120 days.

    Thank you for your interest in working for Apple. Have a good one.

    submitted by [applecation] - (www)

    applelapsy - That's when your laptop breaks down, stops working.

    e.g., I must get me a new laptop; the old one suffers from applelapsy

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    appletite - Desire for apples.

    e.g., The aroma of apple pie baking will usually stimulate my appletite.

    submitted by G.S.W.

    appletizing - Appealing, enticing, tempting, stimulating, good to look at or eat or experience, etc. Causes positive vibes: motivating, energizing.

    e.g., The original pseudoapple must have appeared extremely appletizing. Who could resist a special piece of forbidden fruit to brighten your day and that of your one and only significant other? It seems evident that the happy couple needed to grow up anyway to become aware of their sexuality and start reproducing. The magical psychedelic forbidden fruit was the perfect vehicle to raise consciousness and bring about what needed to happen. The talking snake was a nice touch, and supposedly it originally walked erect on its tail, oh sure. Adam and Eve did not sin, for sin is not in Real God's vocabulary. Tiny humans, "sinning"? How droll. When you see the whole picture, as from outer space, the old human concepts tumble and beg for immediate change. goodbye to mindwarp and indoctrination and dogmatic untrue utterances.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    applord - To show strong approval or praise of that which God has done by applauding -- that is, by clapping your hands together.

    e.g., The preacher urged his flock to applord God's many miracles.

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    appocriating - Extremely bad, poor, or inferior.

    e.g., We wasted 20 bucks on an appocriating movie. Aren't we smart?

    submitted by Petro (created by Skitz)

    appointmented - Sending oneself an e-mail or appointment in order to remind yourself of something you had to do.

    e.g., Yeah, boss, I appointmented myself for that meeting Thursday afternoon.

    submitted by Centuri

    appreciagate - Being both grateful and appreciative.

    e.g., I really appreciagate all you've done for me!

    submitted by dee bonham

    apprecionize - To recognize and appreciate the quality, significance, or magnitude of another.

    e.g., You better apprecionize what I just went through to get this.

    submitted by Enosh Svoray

    apres hension - The internal emotion over eating eggs after confronting a mother chicken face-to-face.

    e.g., The early morning chores of milking cows and feeding the chickens were over and done. Farmer Brown now sat at the breakfast table, staring at his breakfast omelet with apres hension.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

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