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ageitis - Mental condition brought on by excessive birthdays.

e.g., All the silly mistakes that I've been making lately lead me to believe that ageitis is creeping up on me.

submitted by The Radioman

ageitis - A condition where you can't remember things due to old age.

e.g., I'm sorry I can't remember your name I have ageitis.

submitted by Elsie

agendaizer - Person whose job is to develop agendas for meetings.

e.g., As the agendaizer for the weekly two-hour staff meetings, she struggled to create meaningful discussion items.

submitted by tmdpe

agengeniteumzentine - To microwave old McDonald's hamburgers.

e.g., Agengeniteumzentining isn't very healthy.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

agent - Short for "agent of capitalism." Anyone in business primarily for money and not because she believes in what she is doing, such as a salesman, real estate developer, media baron, telemarketer, tobacco lobbyist, etc.

e.g., As soon as I stepped into the store the agents were all over me. OR The agent glibly explained the oil spill as a calculated risk.

submitted by Marc Ngui

agent 21 - The member of you group of friends who just turned 21. Usually forced to go buy alcohol when the group runs out. Usually done for revenge for all the times you bought beer for them when they were under 21.

e.g., Agent 21, we just ran out of beer. Your turn to go get a case.

submitted by Quigs

ages of crap, half-assed piece - When something becomes too difficult to be used. Annoys people to no end, for … it forces people to try, but to no avail.

e.g., I got stuck in Max Payne yesterday. An Ages of Crap, half-assed piece.

submitted by Lyphen - (www)

agg - Pertaining to something that is undesirable or less than satisfactory.

e.g., That video game is agg.

submitted by Joey Forgetaboutit

agg-grr-gate - The act of putting a group of things together, and defending them fiercely.

e.g., When I was a kid, we would gather in our school yard, draw a circle in the dirt, and spend many hours in the serious, and concentrated, skilled activity of shooting marbles. I would carefully agg-grr-gate my most precious and cherished agates. Back then, "losing all your marbles" had a much different meaning -- but one that, in the children's world, was just as tragic.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

aggrannoyed - The point at which you become aggressive.

e.g., She kept on and kept on about my dress until I became aggrannoyed.

submitted by SA Dave - (www)

aggrannoying - Kind of a cross between annoying and aggravating.

e.g., A fly buzzing against the window is aggrannoying.

submitted by Jeff

aggrecathartapeutic - Characterized by healing effect brought about by purging negative emotions or memories through the employment of aggression. From the Latin aggreddi -- "to approach, attack," the Greek therapeuein -- "to serve or administer treatment, to heal," and the Greek catheirein -- "to purge."

e.g., Scene: Two women chat over tea on the veranda while in the distance two boys play a very proper-looking game of croquet. Hugh, the older, larger boy, is thick and rather brutishly built with wide-set heavily-browed eyes and short, club-like arms and hands. He is about 13 and his expression is one of wariness alternating with vacancy. Reginald is a thoughtful-looking boy of about 10. He is slightly built and appears frail, the more so as he is currently sporting a cast on his broken right arm, three taped fingers on his left hand, and a rather cumbersome-looking bandage wrapped around his left knee. There is a palpable ambivalence between him and Hugh, upon whom he seems dependent. Reginald is Patience's brother and Hortense's nephew; he and Hugh are cousins.  

Patience: Well, Aunt Hortense, something seems to have done cousin Hugh a world of good. See how attentive he is to poor Reginald.  

Hortense: Oh,my, yes -- he's quite his old self again. Beating the snot out of your brother has evidently been quite aggrecathartapeutic.  

[Close curtain on Patience choking (whether on her tea or her aunt's blithely delivered comment is unknown) just as her brother, hurrying toward the veranda whilst looking worriedly over his shoulder at Hugh, fast gaining on him, falls (?) into the fountain en route.]

submitted by elisabeth stone

aggregutter - The eventual result or harm caused by extreme accounting irregularities.

e.g., A gross amount of creative accounting eventually sent the stock into the aggregutter.

submitted by quark

aggress - (Rhymes with tag-PRESS; v.) 1. to attack, especially unprovoked; 2. to go on the offensive; 3. to start or cause a fight. [Back formation from_aggression_.]

e.g., "Jeff! Eric! Stop fighting! Stop NOW! … Okay, who aggressed?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

aggro-pablum - Mock-agressive music marketed primarily to youngsters by groups such as Limp Bizkit and their ilk.

e.g., Music isn't dangerous any more. Bands like Tool are just so much aggro-pablum.

submitted by cal9000

aggrocrag - A huge mountain thingy that has "sirens" on it with buttons to turn them on, and it has glitter shooting everywhere and stryrofoam rockfalls. The "sirens" are called actuators. There's one big one at the top.

e.g., The AggroCrag, which is in GUTS, is a horrible idea.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

aghastitude - Disbelief, shock, and awe.

e.g., I felt a sickening aghastitude when I saw my girlfriend out on a date with my brother.

submitted by Deacon

agified - The process of aging, to become older, to grow older.

e.g., I'm almost as agified as my parents were when I first noticed they were getting older.

submitted by James Sandefer - (www)

agilethic - Characterized by natural or developed quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble.

e.g., Jamie's agilethic prowess put him above the rest of the athletes.

submitted by Jamie L. Marin

agitative - To be agitating or annoying.

e.g., Good Lord, Jeremy. You can be so agitative at times. Way too often for me.

submitted by PashionConscious

agkonaskepsis - The little-known ancient Greek practice of gazing at one's elbow in order to foretell the future.

e.g., Ancient forms of augury included examining entrails, observing the flights of birds, and agkonaskepsis.

submitted by Daniel Spaulding

aglet - The plastic covering at the end of a shoelace. (A real word -- accepted because so few of us know what an aglet is. And because I noticed just this morning that the aglets on both laces of the shoes I am wearing today have disappeared, leaving me with frayed and consequently untidy shoelaces.)

e.g., I was bored in class and started pulling off my aglets. | The aglets on these round laces always disintegrate, why not on the flat ones?

submitted by SARFreer | Joel Parker - (www)

agnaths - Agnostics or atheists, who generally do not go along with the notion that there _is_ or _must be_ a God, or Gods. Agnostics are not atheists, and atheists are not agnostics -- but as a group, they reject the common idea that God is a proven or provable thing. Atheists reject the God concept completely, while agnostics hold that the concept of a God cannot exactly be proved. Agnaths are generally not theists or deists, but reject the popular indoctrination of the masses of Earth.

e.g., I think he's an agnath. What do you think?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

agnelicate - Any sticky or glutinous liquid of unknown or unusual form generally without distinctive smell

e.g., You have agnelicate on your sleeve.

submitted by stewart fraser

agnomous - Without a clue.

e.g., Eloise appears to be agnomous in Statistics 101.

submitted by walt gately

agnoptimist - One who can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God, but is hoping for the best.

e.g., She is a rational, thoughtful, and delightful agnoptimist.

submitted by Ken Hurley - (www)

agnorant - Arrogant and ignorant

e.g., Most NJ drivers are agnorant.

submitted by linda

agnosocial - Neither social nor anti-social.

e.g., Arlene is an agnosocial and therefore prefers to be quiet unless directly referenced and spoken to.

submitted by Michael Holp

agoggery - The state of being agog -- enthralled: anxious, avid, breathless, eager, enthusiastic, excited, expectant, impatient, in suspense, on tenterhooks.

e.g., "So this week, as taxes went up for millions of Americans — which Republicans predicted throughout the campaign would happen — it was fun to watch the agoggery of the left."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

agoogleyplexfoodooyup - A word weird kids say when they run out of words to insult each other with. Or a word kids say when they're too young to say real words.

e.g., "You're an agoogleyplexfoodooyup," said Bobby to the bully who punched him. "Did the 'bully' punch Bobby before or after Bobby insulted him?" "Hmmm. I don't really know."

submitted by Jennifer - (www)

agoranthrope - A person who can't stand crowds.

e.g., In order to deal with the crowds at WalMart, Sally was armed with a lighter and a cigarette; a true agoranthrope would've brought a flamethrower.

submitted by Michael Mason

agoraphrenic - Possessed of a cluttered mind -- a 'wool-gatherer'; from the Greek "ageirein" -- to gather, and the new Latin "phrenicus" via the Greek "phren" -- of or having to do with the mind.

e.g., Child, with agitation: "Uncle Percival!

Child's mother, soothingly, but with an expression of warning: "Shhhhh, darling." (then, aside): "Nevermind, Percy, dear!"

Percy dear: "Hmmmm?"

Child, with greater distress: "But, MUMMY!"

Mother, gently, but whilst pinching child's ear: "Not NOW, DARLING."

Percy dear: "What's that?"

Mother, placatingly: "Nothing at all, Percy. Why don't you go outside and potter about a bit?"

Child, setting up a wail: "But, MUMMY, he was putting the RUBBISH in the ICEBOX!"

Percy dear, wandering off distractedly: "I don't have time for this folderol; I've got to potter about in the rubbish...."

Percy dear's long-suffering mother (just entered), with a deep and expressive sigh:"Poor Percy. He's terribly agoraphrenic, you know."

Mother and child: respectfully appalled silence

Percy dear's l.s.m.:"Oh, quite; yes, looking back, one can see quite readily that he's always been that way, but I suppose we really first discovered it on the third anniversary of my late Gerald's denoument; 'twas Percy, you see, who, whilst simultaneously trying to deduce the number of milliseconds in the lifespan of the average domestic rodent and ascertain why on earth anyone should want to know how many angels can sit on the head of a pin, mistook Gerald's lady friend for me and directed her to my suite, where, I can tell you, Gerald was quite caught out on both sides. Well, of course, we dispatched the wretch, but then, three years later, the strumpet returned with a child, and what do you think Percy did? Why, he invited her right in, he did, and asked,"I say, Aunt Melody, did you forget something?"

**long pause, during which mother and child shake their heads sympathetically**

Percy dear's l.s.m., with another sigh and a far-away look: "And that's when we knew."

submitted by elisabeth stone

agoravate - Dragging a man shopping.

e.g., She really knew how to agoravate her husband.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

agouraphobia - Someone afraid of living in Agoura. Agoura is in the San Fernando Valley in California.

e.g., You may have a fear of open places (agoraphobia); I have Agouraphobia.

submitted by Pauly R.

agrajag! - Exclamation. My way of reminding myself that even though my situation's really really bad, it could easily be worse. See Life, the Universe and Everything, by Douglas Adams for more.

e.g., Agrajag!

submitted by Kopyk@

agranoy - 1. Aggravating annoyance. 2. To aggravate and annoy.

e.g., Chris agranoys me beyond belief.

submitted by Riana

agreeance - When two or more people come to an agreement on an issue. My former boss used this word in meetings.

e.g., Now that we are all in agreeance on the project we can establish our timeline.

submitted by Chris

agreeing machine - Someone who agrees with people so they can become friends, from Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast Of Champions.

e.g., I had to re-evaluate my friendship with Steve once I realized he's an agreeing machine.

submitted by ditnis

agreementation - Agreement. This word is not in any dictionary but it is used in some documents. You can find it by googling.

e.g., "I'm in agreementation with your sentimentality." | I get agreementation.

submitted by mohamad - (www)

agri-zone - Area or zone of agricultural development and use.

e.g., Though I live in the hills above Napa Valley, I consider myself a part of the vintners' agri-zone.

submitted by E Russell - (www)

agrivated - To be annoyed by farmers rich in property who continually bemoan their financial circumstances.

e.g., Many's the time I became agrivated by some Iowa farmer who owned thousands of acres of farm land with maybe three feet of topsoil complaining about his plight. It was especially annoying when the complainer had just returned from a three-week January vacation in Hawaii.

submitted by HD Fowler

agro - Extreme aggravation, aggression, or anger.

e.g., I have massive Dad agro right now because I crashed the car into the garage.

submitted by Marjorie

agro, aggro - To be feeling or acting severely annoyed or displeased.

e.g., Candace just went agro all over that sales clerk.

submitted by Morty Stein

agro-sexual - Male typically found in rural southern states. Fond of overalls, tobacco products, NASCAR, and pick-up trucks.

e.g., I ran into three agro-sexuals picking out new overalls at the Wal-Mart in Piedmont the other night.

submitted by Jody Bryson

agrobabble - To talk in (confusing) technical terms about agriculture or horticulture.

e.g., When they explained what the workmen were doing in the garden I didn't understand a word. It was agrobabble to me.

submitted by matthew - (www)

aguc - Average Girl Ugly Crowd. If you see a cute girl at a gathering of generally ugly people, she looks good.

e.g., Check out that girl, she's pretty hot... Nah, AGUC.

submitted by Patrick

agwer - A person who believes that humans are a major cause of global warming. | My shorthand for "The AGW Cult."

e.g., Anything that refutes the AGWers' position is scoffed at by them as disinformation. | She picked up on what I had called to my wife's attention, the AGWers' MSM facilitators' use of "skeptics claim" or "skeptics say," which barely masks their collusion in the fraud the AGW cult has been perpetrating for years.

submitted by HD Fowler

ahab - To lose one's temper, to go crazy.

e.g., Dad went ahab when he found out about that scrumpet incident.

submitted by Juice

ahbagtorificahhh - What you say when you step on a thumb tack with all of your weight.

e.g., Ahbagtorificahhh, my foot.

submitted by zero46

ahbeets - The phonetic pronunciation of "apizza" spelled out. New Haveners spell pizza "apizza," which sounds like ahbeets. So, "Let's eat at Modern Apizza tonight" would really sound like; "Let's eat at Modern Ahbeets tonight."

e.g., Let's eat at Modern Ahbeets tonight.

submitted by bweir

ahem! orroids - Nature's way of calling your attention to the fact that you now have painfully swollen and distended veins in your anus and rectum.

e.g., Note to competitive cyclists: if something deep within the recesses of your body suddenly cries "ahem!orroids," out to you, it's likely a kind reminder that you should gracefully drop out of the upcoming all-terrain mountain bike event.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ahgt - A dislike for all screwdrivers that aren't clear.

e.g., That handyman has an ahgt.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

ahmo - I am going to.

e.g., Ahmo bust you up.

submitted by Al the Pal

ahmunna - A foreshortening or corruption of the phrase "I am going to… ." Heard in everyday conversation many times a day, especially in northeastern cities. Omminnu.

e.g., Ahmunna get some lunch. Ahmunna go straight home after work. Ahmunna go to the Pirates game Sattidy. Ahmunna start speaking clearly.

submitted by john fullerton

ahnpakatanakiwuzhiner - Ahn-paak-ah-tah-nah-kee-woo-zhi-nehr. A male child who is the middle child in a family of three children. The child is usually eccentric but intelligent.

e.g., Robert was an ahnpakatanakiwuzhiner. His older brother and younger sister were not as smart as he was.

submitted by Jeff

aibohphobia - Fear of palindromes.

e.g., Don't quote that Napoleon bit about Elba to me. I have aibohphobia.

submitted by HD Fowler

aids - A slang term for something that is very serious.

e.g., This is not funny anymore. This is AIDS, man.

submitted by star651

aight - An acknowledgement.

e.g., Aight, then let's go.

submitted by Jeramy

aight - London slang. Brilliant, very good.

e.g., Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima is aight.

submitted by piewwe

ailimentary - Having to do with (pertaining to) a sick feeling in the gut. (Word suggested by HD.)

e.g., His lower ailimentary canal was feeling like a closed gate in the levee at flood stage. Holmes told Watson that his stomach pains were "Ailimentary, my dear Watson, ailimentary."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

ailimentary canal - How your alimentary canal should be referred to when you're talking about someone who's a pain in the ass.

e.g., It's truly a pain in the nether orifice of my ailimentary canal to try to deal with idiots such as TotallyRandomName.  
To lie is to say something you know to be untrue. Ergo, obfuscating and lying are not the same thing. Not even synonyms. As a matter of fact, not really even close to being synonyms.  
Obfuscations and falsehoods are not the same thing -- and even a falsehood isn't necessarily a lie. It's a lie only if the one making the statement knows that what she's saying isn't true.

submitted by beelzebub

ailimetary canal - Alimetary canal.

e.g., When my hemorrhoids are acting up, I think of my pain as coming from the nether end of my ailimentary canal.

submitted by Miss Speller

ailuromancy - A system of divination that attempts to fortell the future from what appears on your screen after the cat walks across the keyboard. Felidomancy.

e.g., Beavis's fine furry feet had reduced Howard's resume to word salad. It didn't take ailuromancy to predict that the cat's next destination would be the great outdoors.

submitted by Passing4human

ain't even! - Means I have not yet begun to show what I can do. Most often used in a mocking way with friends, rather than as a real threat.

e.g., I ain't even started on you, my man, so get ready to be overwhelmed. | Ain't even! You're about to pay for your disregard of my ass-kicking capabilities.

submitted by Steve McDonald

aino - AINOs: Americans in Name Only.

e.g., When I read about the campus police at the University of Missouri calling for students to report hurtful speech, I concluded that we're having to deal with entirely too many AINOs these days. | AINOs continue to succeed in squelching speech from those they disagree with. For instance, Condoleezza Rice was invited to give a commencement speech at Rutgers University in 2014. She had to back out because of student and faculty protests.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ainsparata - a style of drawing resembling the style used mainly for henna, a type of temporary body art

e.g., oh no, i've run out of inspiration for my ainsparata!

submitted by The Weirdo

aip - Alcohol Induced Paranoia. The state of knowing that you just drank too much and it's about to catch up with you and make you do something incredibly stupid. This usually results in a D.B. Cooper.

e.g., After searching the bar, I realized that Jamie has been afflicted with AIP once again.

submitted by Jamie

air conditioner - A girl's huge butt, from how an air conditioner hangs out of a window. The girl's butt seems to hang out over her legs like an air conditioner.

e.g., Did you see the air conditioner on that chick?

submitted by travis

air force wan - What Air Force One should be called when the President flying it lacks "forcefulness, competence, or effectiveness." If Juan Williams of National Public Radio and Fox News were President, would Air Force Juan be an appropriate designation?


Did Air Force Wan land at Newark on President Bush's return?

"President Bush is over in the Gulf now begging the Saudis and others to drop the price of oil," Clinton said. "How pathetic."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

air gap - The reason an electrical appliance is not working when it is not plugged in. Also works for computer peripherals, antennae leads, phone cords, etc.

e.g., Jack: I have tried everything and I keep getting the same "modem not detected" error. Lucy: Oh, I see the problem, you've got an air gap.

submitted by Tim

air pocket - A derogatory term in the U. S. Air Force for an Air Policeman or AP.

e.g., The Air Pocket at the main gate was easily fooled by our fake liberty passes.

submitted by Steve McDonald

airbiscuit - Foul stench emitted as by-product of digestion

e.g., Better hold your nose. I've just floated an airbiscuit your way.

submitted by Mat

airdale - U.S. Naval Term. Any naval crewman who either flies in naval aircraft, or, even though ground or ship-based, is directly assigned to one of the naval ratings (job categories) supporting flying operations. In common use in today’s U.S. Navy, the origin of the term is not clear, although it obviously derives from the “air” aspect of flying. It is one of three terms that very generally classifies a sailor into one of the three levels on which the Navy operates and fights: below the sea (bubbleheads), on the sea (skimmers), and above the sea (airdales).

e.g., One sailor speaking to another: “What does Jones do on the aircraft carrier?” “He’s an airdale.”

submitted by Dennis Dio Parker - (www)

aireolplabn - What drunk people fly in.

e.g., Uurrhh...time to get into the aireolplabn.

submitted by Adam Leslie

airier - Where there is more air.

e.g., It's too stuffy in here. Let's go outside where it is airier.

submitted by dylan

airified - Puffed up, proud, depicting oneself as something big, while in reality being just an "air bag."

e.g., We believed his jungle adventure tales till we saw a little spider scare him out of his wits; it turned out he was not quite as brave as he led us to believe, just an airified braggart.

submitted by William Edwin - (www)

airish - Of weather that is rather cool, but not cold.

e.g., It's rather airish today, don't you think?

submitted by Margaret

airishable - An adjective used, as far as I know, only by my wife's mother, to describe a sudden sensation of coolness or a quick drop in temperature. Almost always preceded by the adverb "mite."

e.g., I think I'll put my sweater on. It's getting a mite airishable all of a sudden.

submitted by Lunch

airn - Apparently a Southern contraction of "airy a one," meaning basically "one." Could easily be confused with "nairn," meaning "nary a one " or not even one.

e.g., I would eat a donut if I had airn, but I ain't got nairn.

submitted by Rory Coker

airnoyance - An unbearable person that you sit near in an airplane.

e.g., Man that flight took forever, probably because I had to sit next to an airnoyance the whole time.

submitted by Andy - (www)

airplain ticket - What you use to fly in lower economy class.

e.g., Airplain tickets are cheap and you get peanuts.

submitted by Jerome Jacques

airthday - If there were actually "eight days a week," then we would need a name for the additional day, wouldn't we.?

e.g., Airthday, it's a form of the phrase "Earth-Day," therefore: Sunday = Sun-day Airthday = Earth-day Monday = Moon-day Tuesday = Tius-day Wednesday = Wodens-day Thursday = Thors-day Friday = Frey-day Saturday = Saturn-day for 8 days a week!. Airthday is "logically" between Sunday and Monday. The work week could be 4 days long, 2 days on and 2 days off: work Airthday and Monday, then Thursday and Friday -- perhaps half the population could work on the opposite days?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

airy zoner - Someone who lives in the airy zone, or hails from there: there are wide open spaces, and time to enjoy it

e.g., Airy zoners benefit from more air, more oxygen, and a much greener world, even if they have to mosey on over to the hills to really appreciate all the greenery.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

aisle ten - The location of everything and anything. First used at a local grocery with aisles 1 to 9, where if a customer asked for the location of an item you did not know about, you referred her to Aisle Ten. May be used in response to any question you don't know the answer to.

e.g., Bob: D'you know where my hat is? Me: Check aisle ten.

submitted by Meredith

aite - Pronounced without the "t," this is a short form of "all right," and it signals a sign of agreement, or approval. Aight.

e.g., "Let's head down to the pool today." "Aite, that sounds great." | "Let's head down to the pool today, aite?"

submitted by Rachelle

aj - Advocacy journalist.

e.g., "Well done. Jorge Ramos is what is called an 'advocacy journalist' -- advancing an agenda is more important to AJs than seeking the truth and reporting it."

submitted by [thisisnotmyrealname] - (www)

ajah - (n.) one's "color," as indicated by overriding personality type or test results (the Hartman Personality Profile, for example: Reds are power seekers, Blues are do-gooders, Whites are peace makers, and Yellows are fun-lovers). [From Robert Jordan's schools of Aes Sedai philosophy in his Wheel-of-Time stories.]

e.g., "Jordan's ajahs: whites are logical and unemotional; reds are...well, power seekers, I guess; yellows, for Jordan, are healers, and I suppose, if laughter is the best medicine, then the Hartman yellows' fun-lovingness fits Jordan's classification; blues are do-gooders in both Hartman's and Jordan's systems; for Jordan, gray is for mediators, brown for scholars, and green for battle." "What about bureaucracy?" "Well, Monsters Inc. suggests puce." "Okay, then, the city council is puce."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ajasopunctualism - Being beside the point.

e.g., Random comments in a conversation are often ajasopunctualism.

submitted by Joseph

ajax - An exceptionally attractive girl.

e.g., Check out that girl, she's ajax.

submitted by Brian

ajordamoratoseyponder - Filled with extreme excitement, wonderment.

e.g., She was ajordamoratoseyponder about him.

submitted by betty - (www)

akalaitis - Unpleasant term for a vague ailment, usually of the upper respiratory tract.

e.g., I can't come out and play, my acute akalaitis is acting up again.

submitted by qnarf

akmalodorous - Stinky, smelly, putrid in a foreign country kind of way, due to a lack of personal hygiene.

e.g., I work with a bunch of akmalodorous software developers from «unnamed country» and the stench is so bad I need to leave the room every 10 minutes.

submitted by Wolverine

aks - Ask. Ax or axe.

e.g., I been meanin' to aks you 'bout dat. | Have you tried Aks Jeeves? Sometimes it's better than Google.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

aksck - To ask, implying gangster roots.

e.g., Yo dog, I gotsta aksck you sompin ...

submitted by Tuck McFerguson

akshat - 1. The holy rice applied to the forehead on auspicious occassion. 2. One who couldn't be hurt. "Kshat" in Hindi means "who could be hurt" (K remains silent.) and in Hindi when "a" is written before any word it means just opposite of that word.

e.g., 1. Apply akshat now. 2. That's what you want in a quarterback, an akshat body. Akshat arms and legs help, too.

submitted by Akshat

akward - Ass backward.

e.g., You people are akward.

submitted by James May

akyndoparendopitor - A device used to detect dark faeries by their use of creatine.

e.g., Quick, maybe we can use the Talbot Effect to detect dark faeries. Get the akyndoparendopitor.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

al desko - The Macmillan Dictionary: "whilst sitting at a desk.:

e.g., "Lunches usually consist of cold sandwiches consumed al desko." -- The Washington Post, January 1981

submitted by HD Fowler

al gore rythms - Referring to a series of stiff, jerky movements made by a person, especially when addressing a crowd or speaking in public. From 2000 US Presidential candidate, Al Gore.

e.g., We have to work on Poindexter's public persona. His speech last night was full of Al Gore Rythms.

submitted by Paul

al quaedans - Members and minions of the terrorist group Al Quaeda or similar groups.

e.g., If, however, I find that the Hamdan v Rumsfeld ruling extends to Al Qaedans the same Geneva Convention protections as the United States military, I will become irate.

submitted by HD Fowler

al-oholic - A person who is addicted to "Weird Al" Yankovic.

e.g., After hearing Weird Al's first album, I became an Al-oholic.

submitted by Jesse

al-sahafism - The speech delivery method and mannerism of Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf where he states a lie so defiantly that the listener begins to question whether it is himself or the speaker who is crazy. To al-sahaf is to lie with the utmost defiance. al-Sahaf: A lie that is so unbelievable that it becomes a piece of fictional art.

e.g., 1. Michael Jackson said in an interview that he had only one plastic surgery. That was a good bit of al-Sahafism. 2. When a marine was told that the Information Minister had al-sahafed again, saying that no US soldiers were in Baghdad, the soldier responded with, "Well, we're right across the street. We could go tell him."

submitted by Dyske Suematsu - (www)

ala bam - In southern U.S. regional cooking, a too zealous use of spices and condiments.

e.g., Chef Emeril really ala bammed this etouffee. It's so hot and spicy that the crawdads are jumping around and yelling, "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

alabama-georgie - A person who cannot be described using any known common English description. Someone whose idiosyncratic makeup is so disturbed it defies description.

e.g., He's an Alabama-Georgie.

submitted by Bryan Jester

alabasterd - A Caucasian roughneck from the South.

e.g., Meryl: Errol, you're a tobacco chewin' and spittin' Son of the Confederacy; you think Mobile is the heartland of heaven; you like your corn liquor neat and your women sloppy; you kick dogs and shoot chickens, and your belly's as big as a swamp hog's. You're a gen-u-wine, lily white, sorry arsed Alabasterd. Errol: Hey, you're wrong -- that's not me. I'd NEVER shoot chickens! (A triple meaning word).

submitted by Charlie Lesko

alacritously - From the way it was used in a comment on the Internet, "Pattée Cross" seems to intend for this to mean something along these lines: with great alacrity, quickly, or rapidly. Take it as the adverbial form of alacritous: quick and eager.

e.g., "Obamao needs MORE bureaucrats to more alacritously process his Dreamer Army into the over-burdened Public Assistance System; get them driver's licenses; and use motor-voter laws to enfranchise his Invader Gimmegrants."

submitted by [Pattée Cross] - (www)

alakefic - Uncaring.

e.g., He's pretty alakefic about that.

submitted by David Kelsey

alamak - Slang for "Oh, my God!" Asian style. Used when a friend makes an extremely stupid mistake.

e.g., Alamak! Wake up your ideas.

submitted by lee lin

alan grant syndrome - The ability to cause computerized systems to malfunction just by touching or being near them. From the character in Jurassic Park with this minor talent.

e.g., As soon as I got up to the register, the scanner stopped working. I must have Alan Grant Syndrome.

submitted by Shaduan

alanisesque - Alanis Morissettesque.

e.g., The Alanisesque singer was stunning.

submitted by Jason Hurlburt - (www)

alap - Acronym for "As Long As Possible."

e.g., He had to take the abuse, threats, and taunts in order to keep the money flowing ALAP.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

alapacarat - Someone who hoards camelids.

e.g., Bob bought another llama. She can't even feed the first 20. She's an alpacarat.

submitted by moink

alarcorn - Although the word comes from Arabic, alarcorn is a type of corn that is indigenous to South Pasadena, CA, but has recently been found in Seattle.

e.g., I just had some good alarcorn on the cob for dinner. Yum yum.

submitted by James

alawn - Lonely Scandinavian grass.

e.g., I vant to be alawn.

  • {ED. Thanks for making me laugh.}

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    albemuth - A place, state of existence, or concept, from which a radio station broadcasts without external censorship, advocating some form of freedom, as in "Radio Free Albemuth," parallel form of Radio Free Europe. First used by Philip K. Dick in the book by that name. I was reading "Radio Free Albemuth" and I realized I didn't know what Albemuth meant. As I could not find a source, I suspected that its meaning was being suppressed. After a long period of research, I was able to learn that there was an actual radio station broadcasting from Albemuth, which advocated freedom from the authorities which have censored them. Unfortunately, either due to the style of communication utilized in Albemuth, or due to some form of censorship imposed on the few transmissions and transcriptions I could find, the exact nature of Albemuth, whether a city, town, island, philosophical society, state of mind, dimension, was never made clear. Albemuth is a mystery, but at least they are trying to advocate for the freedom represented by Albemuth, whatever that may be.

    e.g., Are those who think the Occupiers represent Albemuth on the right track?

    submitted by Mercurywoodrose

    album face - (n.) That petulant, angry, in-your-face face that male band members like to assume for album covers.

    e.g., “My grandson's going through a rebellious stage. Whenever he comes over, he sits in corners wearing an album face.” | “Hey, lose the album face, man. You look like you're gonna get sick or something.”

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    albumnesia - A mental condition whereby one loses all memory of what music to buy when entering a record store.

    e.g., I was about to get Pete's newest CD, but albumnesia set in the moment I got in the store.

    submitted by Sam Spade

    albuquirky - Off-the-beaten-path activities and sights found in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    e.g., Sarah wasn't interested in Albuquerque's mainstream attractions; she much preferred Albuquirky.

    submitted by Glen Kaltenbrun

    alcahole - (n.) The pit of despair and forgetfulness into which alcoholics and other addicts fall as they lose contact with reality. Sometimes, someone will pull them out; a few, having been in the alcahole themselves, can show them how to get out on their own; and a very few alcoholics find the inner strength to pull themselves out with the help of God, grit, and determination. Such people are to be revered. [From alcohol + hole.]

    e.g., Did you ever see the West Wing episode about PTSD? It's called "Noel," and it has a really great little parable in it. It's not about addiction, but mental health in general. Like all such parables, it can be applied to the alcohole fairly easily: "A guy's walking along the sidewalk and he falls into a hole. He can't climb out, so when he sees a doctor walking by the hole, he calls out, 'Doctor! Can you help me out?' The doctor writes out a prescription and tosses it down. Then a priest walks by. 'Father, can you help me please?' The priest writes out a prayer and tosses it down. Finally, the guy sees a friend. 'Hey, Tom! Please, will you help me?' So Tom jumps down into the hole. They guy says, 'What are you, stupid? Now we're both stuck down here!' 'Yeah,' says his friend, 'but I've been down here before; I know the way out.'"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    alcams - The holes on a pencil sharpener.

    e.g., I put the pencil in the alcam to sharpen it.

    submitted by Tyson 7th English

    alchemiculofamiliarity - The propensity of a person to describe all things by atomic, ionic, and chemical interactions and valencies.

    e.g., Steve's achemiculofamiliarity makes him difficult to understand at times, especially when he uses the blackboard to formulate how he's feeling.

    submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

    alchitude - Al-ka-tude. The pseudo-confidence or attitude one develops after a few alcoholic beverages.

    e.g., He has alchitude, no doubt, but that's about it. Oh … and a bunch of thugs who'll hold someone down for him to kick.

    submitted by chris dalton

    alcofop - Man who drinks fruit-flavoured alcopop type beverages (e.g, Bacardi Breezers).

    e.g., What, you're drinking Bacardi Breezers instead of a proper pint? What are you -- some sort of alcofop?

    submitted by Woesinger

    alcohaviorist - The observational study of behavior as a measured response to a liquor stimuli.

    e.g., I enjoy watching people at the pub near closing time. I'm sort of an alchohaviorist, I guess.

    submitted by julia

    alcoho-laid - Praise and recognition received for having sex with people with whom you've gotten drunk.

    e.g., For getting women drunk, and "having his way" with them, Bill the Bartender received alcoho-laids from his buddies.

    submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

    alcohoholic - An accusation made by someone inebriated towards someone else who is perceived to be more inebriated.

    e.g., In a slurred voice: "Chris, you're an alcohoholic." (Followed by vomiting.)

    submitted by Aaron

    alcohol abuse - The spilling, waste, or destruction of otherwise perfectly good booze. It only retains this meaning when said in jest and affection. Alcohol abuse usually occurs after someone has had enough to drink but can occur anytime.

    e.g., The beer fairy was bumped and dropped the entire tray of fresh brews. Everyone groaned to see so much alcohol abuse.

    submitted by mike feron

    alcohol-aids - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, contracted from unprotected sex with drunk partners.

    e.g., Bill the Bartender might have received Alcoho-laids from his buddies, for bedding people whom he seduced with alcohol, but when he seduced his bi-sexual friend, using alcohol, he got more than he bargained for -- Alcohol-Aids. (See? It really DOES matter where you stick your hyphen.)

  • {ED. You're right, Joe K (Joke?), it does matter. I have a huge backlog of instances where a slight change in either punctuation or spaces can make a difference in what's being said. It will take a lot of effort to turn what I have into a tutorial on usage, and I may never get around to doing so. May never? Ha. Most likely never. For instance, there's a difference, sometimes, between "some day" and "someday."}

    submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

    alcohole - alcahole - (n.) 1. The pit of despair and forgetfulness into which alcoholics and other addicts fall as they lose contact with reality. Sometimes, someone will pull them out; a few, having been in the alcahole themselves, can show them how to get out on their own; and a very few alcoholics find the inner strength to pull themselves out with the help of God, grit, and determination. Such people are to be revered [from alcohol + hole]; 2. A person who, when he's drunk, acts like the biggest jerk in the Orion Spur of the Milky Way [Suggested by my brother, from alcohol + A-hole].

    e.g., 1. e.g., Did you ever see the West Wing episode about PTSD? It's called "Noel," and it has a really great little parable in it. It's not about addiction, but mental health in general. Like all such parables, it can be applied to the alcohole fairly easily: "A guy's walking along the sidewalk and he falls into a hole. He can't climb out, so when he sees a doctor walking by the hole, he calls out, 'Doctor! Can you help me out?' The doctor writes out a prescription and tosses it down. Then a priest walks by. 'Father, can you help me please?' The priest writes out a prayer and tosses it down. Finally, the guy sees a friend. 'Hey, Tom! Please, will you help me?' So Tom jumps down into the hole. They guy says, 'What are you, stupid? Now we're both stuck down here!' 'Yeah,' says his friend, 'but I've been down here before; I know the way out.'" 2. George acts like a cross between FitzWilliam Darcy and Duncan McCleod, but when he's drunk, he's a first-rate alcohole.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    alcoholiday - A trip with no intention or aim other than being overly drunk throughout its whole duration.

    e.g., Never mind doing any destination research, we are going on an alcoholiday.

    submitted by geir - (www)

    alcoholique - An alcoholic who drinks from the top shelf, preferably in martini glasses. Does not include top-shelf beers.

    e.g., Have you heard the rumor? Britney Spears is a bonafide alcoholique.

    submitted by kels & cats

    alcohollateral damage - Unexplained loss or damage caused by drunken antics. Usually to glasses, kitchen-ware, and bedroom items such as lamps and alarm clocks. Can also include odd items that have been gathered on the way home from the drinking session, but that you do not remember ever picking up. E.g., traffic cones, shopping trollies, or roadworks signs.

    e.g., Ollie: "Man, were we wasted last night. I don't know how, but I lost my glasses. What happened?" Matt: "Dunno, the kitchen's a wreck as well. … Where did we get this trolley from? Safeway's is 5 miles away." Rob: "It's all alcohollateral damage."

    submitted by OJ

    alcolock - The Macmillan Dictionary: "an electronic device fitted to the ignition of a car, designed to stop a driver from starting the car if they have drunk more alcohol than the legal limit for driving."

    e.g., "A high-tech lock which stops drunk drivers starting their cars is to be tried. The alcolock fits onto a steering wheel and requires the driver to give a breath sample before the ignition can be turned on." (Birmingham Post, 5th March 2004) | "A trial of alcolocks, initially in the Midlands and Bristol, will test whether people using them are less likely to drink and drive.…" (The Observer, 29th February 2004)

    submitted by HD Fowler

    alcomenesia - A medical condition whereby a person suffers short term memory loss due to excess alcohol consumption.

    e.g., I don't remember what I did last night. I must have a mild case of alcomenesia.

    submitted by Jeff Ottaway

    aldo - An amazingly stupid or clueless person. Similar to a dillhole. (ED. There was an actor in the dark ages named Aldo Ray, but there's little chance the submitter knows of him. Still, is she using this submittal to insult someone named Aldo?)

    e.g., Chris is an aldo. He thought a quarterback was a tax refund.

    submitted by Amanda Allen

    aldoh - although

    e.g., aldoh m old me still a prankster

    submitted by jerk

    alds - Acronym: Annoying, Lingering, Dental, Stench. Root: ALTOIDS. Rancidly horrible breath or bad breath in general due to not brushing or due to having very bad decaying teeth. see "zagleys".

    e.g., Joe Bob's got the ALDS goin'. I almost gagged when he talked to me. He should refreshen his breath with a mint.

    submitted by Jan Lerers - (www)

    ale-adote - The best cure for a hard day or week ... an ale.

    e.g., It has been a real tough week. I think I need a an ale-adote tonight.

    submitted by J-Lo

    alec - To alec is to say something worth saving on a 3 x 5 card. Except that no one saves anything on a 3 x 5 card these days. I use the PseudoDictonary for note-taking, but that doesn't work for anyone else. Alecism.

    e.g., The main problem with alecisms is that they need context for their full import. "I need some incentive" may not sound very funny, but it was at the time -- considering it was said by a two-year old after he had a toilet training accident. Here are a few alecisms, taken from birthday plaques:  
    Leave me in peace.
    You want restrained?
    What are my options?
    I need some incentive.
    I was just being generous.
    To Santa Claus: PS, Opa likes books.
    I won because of my great technique.
    I feel like I have a living creature in my mouth.
    I can feel the fire of perfectness starting to burn above my head.
    Me: You wouldn't really want to kill your little brother. Alec: I was using the idiom.
    Excuse me, I don't have time to talk right now. I'm watching my new Yu-Gi-oh movie.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    aleeanated - Having offended someone under the influence of beer.

    e.g., I really aleeanated Geoff the other day when I got smashed and commented on his mother's likeness to a mountain goat.

    submitted by dark

    aleoxide - The vapor that forms when a bottle or can of beer is opened.

    e.g., The aleoxide represents the bouquet of the of the beer.

    submitted by Iven Vines

    aleticipation - The anticipation of ale. Most intense immediately before quaffing the first pint on a Friday arvo.

    e.g., Its 4.30 on a Friday, and I am overcome with aleticipation--give me the beer!

    submitted by dark

    alex the blue nosed reindeer - Alex was the first reindeer with a bright shiny nose until another reindeer came and stole all the fame. Alex's nose glows bright blue. He enjoys playing reindeer games, and pulling Santa's sleigh.

    e.g., Alex the blue nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it you would even say it glows.

    submitted by Santa Claus

    alfabraf - (n.) a phonetic alphabet (commonly used by military and police forces to avoid having radio bandwidth limits make spelling unintelligible or ambiguous).

    e.g., The widely used NATO phonetic alfabraf runs thus: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee, Zulu. My father remembers the old alfabraf's running Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy, etc.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    alfalfa sprout - Hair that sticks up in the wrong direction. From Alfalfa of the "Our Gang" shorts.

    e.g., When Bob woke up, he had an alfalfa sprout on the side of his head.

    submitted by Greg

    alfie - To ponder the meaning of your own existence.

    e.g., Her insomnia caused her to lay awake and alfie all night.

    submitted by Lesley

    alfmaps - Acronym meaning "At Least Five Miles Above Posted Speed."

    e.g., 1. When you're on the 101 at night, there's no other way to go but alfmaps. 2. If you keep running alfmaps, you're bound to get pulled over.

    submitted by dot - (www)

    algaebra - 1. A brassiere for one-celled plants. 2. A brassiere made from algae.

    e.g., 1. How much are the algaebras? Do you give a quantity discount? 2. Does the Little Mermaid wear an algaebra?

    submitted by ed - (www)

    algebras - Phone number (digits). From The Jamie Foxx Show.

    e.g., That honey's cute. Slip her my algebras.

    submitted by msmallsman

    algebratize - To algebratize is to simplify a complicated mathematical result using algebra to make it more elegant (and more likely to match the answer in the back of the book and multiple choice answers on a standardized test, such as the AP calculus exam).

    e.g., In calculus, when the result of a derivative uses both the quotient and chain rules, it is usually worth your time to algebratize the answer. The algebratization is much easier to check in the back of the book.

    submitted by Peggy

    algirism - "Algorism is the technique of performing basic arithmetic by writing numbers in place value form and applying a set of memorized rules and facts to the digits. One who practices algorism is known as an algorist. This system largely superseded earlier calculation systems that used a different set of symbols for each numerical magnitude and in some cases required a device such as an abacus."

    e.g., I prefer solving arithmetic problems by using algorism.

    submitted by algorist

    algorethm - (pronounced to rhyme with algorithm)(n.) the mathematics of global warming.

    e.g., Why don't we look at some algorethms to see the extent and speed of any warming trends?

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    algotether - It means "all of us go forth and tie things down."

    e.g., We had received word the storm was about to hit, so we told the children it was time to algotether.

    submitted by Alex

    ali baba - (n.) 1. the forty-first thing counted; 2. someone who stumbles upon something valuable that has been stolen, secreted, or lost; 3. a. anyone who knows a password (like "open sesame") that they are not supposed to know, b. any such password; 4. someone who likes sesame seeds or oil; 5. a hamburger (vel cet.) with a sesame-seed bun [from "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"].

    e.g., "38, 39, and 40---yep eight rows of five … oh, and ali baba over there."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    alice - A generic name given to someone who is bothering you. Not limited to females.

    e.g., Alice, if you can't drive it, park it.

    submitted by Iguana Thompson

    alicious - Also "a-licious" and "a-leicious." Suffix meant to emphasize or increase the importance of a word, either good or bad. (See "-tastic," "-arific," "-asaurus," and "Xtra-.") See.

    e.g., Good: Wow, your shirt is funk-a-licious! Bad: This food is suck-a-licious. I think I'm gonna hurl.

    submitted by Linnea

    alicorn - The element a unicorn's horn is made of. The most valuable substance known to man.

    e.g., A unicorn's alicorn is thought to have amazing healing powers.

    submitted by Maggie

    alien noise - (n.) The oscillating hooty sort of whistle someone thought up back in the 1950s as the proper sound effect for the operation of almost every device of non-terrestrial origin. It is now a fairly common sound made by science-fiction gadgets of various kinds.

    e.g., Sometimes I remember watching Lost in Space as a boy. The show's producers used the alien noise for radar scans, computers, electronic beacons, teleporters, even weapons. When used for weapons or transporters, the target thing would suddenly vanish with a loud "BEEP"; it was just this side of absurd. | I remember humming the alien noise to wake up my kids for school. It was silly and fun and helped them to wake up laughing instead of sullen---they liked getting up for school no more than I did as a kid. Now if only the alien noise could make the school more fun or something.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    alienation - State or country with sovereign power established by living things which does not normally or usually take residence on planet Earth.

    e.g., 1. Despite the stupendous effort and the huge sum of funds spent by our National Astrologists of South America (NASA), no attempt of diplomatic negotiation for forging alliance with alienation succeeded due to the irrecoverable failure of communication lines. 2. Currently no human reproduction outside the planet Earth was authorized by the League of Nations. Formation of hostile alienation due to blooming population of non-Earth-born human, which might claim independence at the expense of interplanetary war, was a major concern originated from the legend of Zeon's War of Independence.

    submitted by Chemwong

    alimoany - Alimony, as it should be spelled.

    e.g., I wish my jerk ex-husband would get a job. He's several months behind in alimoany payments.

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    aliosaxon - (rhymes with 'paleojackson'; n.) 1. The language, amazingly like (and often identical to) modern UK, US, or AU/NZ English, which extraterrestrial aliens seem always to speak (or learn astonishingly quickly)---to the point of being able to pun as well as flirt in it; 2. (adj.) Of or pertaining to this language or those who speak it. [From "Anglo-Saxon," one of the names of Old English.]

    e.g., You know, getting to know alien civilizations in movies and on TV is ridiculously easy: they're all just nasaliens (q.v.) who conveniently speak Aliosaxon.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    aliterate - One who is capable of reading but not interested in it.

    e.g., Aliterates stand somewhere between literates and illiterates. They can read but don't want to. Whether they can alliterate, we're not sure.

    -Anu Garg (words at

    submitted by [Anu Garg] - (www)

    alkay - Cross between all right and okay.

    e.g., Anything you want to do will be alkay with me. I'm easy.

    submitted by kadabug

    alkisedated - To be sedated by alcohol, passed out.

    e.g., I was alkisedated and woke up in a cow pasture wearing only one shoe.

    submitted by nitag - (www)

    alkyda - To say or do something that everyone wants to say or do, but is too afraid.

    e.g., Moses approached Pharaoh, ready to alkyda, then demanded, "Let my people go."

    submitted by Jais

    all - A shortened way of saying: All gone. All done. All over. Used in the Lancaster County area of PA.

    e.g., I have to go to the store, because the milk is all. We can open the windows now that the rain is all. The traffic was bad after the ball game was all.

    submitted by Chris W

    all about - Used to show intense enthusiasm.

    e.g., "Guys, I'm all about leaving." "Yeah? I'm all about finishing my burger."

    submitted by Tony Bottini

    all blown up - To be paged a lot or called a lot on a cell phone.

    e.g., I've been all blown up today.

    submitted by Spanka

    all done up - All the bells and whistles, highly modified, every extra -- basically, something that is finished to the highest level of quality and luxury.

    e.g., The stereo system in Jack's car is all done up. He spared no expense.

    submitted by Carlos Coutinho

    all eyz - 1. To captivate the full attention of. 2. Syn. with expression "all lies."

    e.g., 1. When the game went into overtime, it was all eyz. 2. I knew every word she was saying was all eyz.

    submitted by Paul

    all flurbudgeoned - Agitated and confused.

    e.g., Sue got all flurbudgeoned when Mac unexpectedly asked her out.

    She had thought he was too shy for that. Even though she had had a crush on him for years, she was so surprised by his question that she said no. Too bad, so sad -- he wasn't the sort who would ask again once he had been scorned. Mac wasn't all that shy, anyway -- he just had other things to do that interested more than the teenage dating game.

    submitted by Amanda - (www)

    all het up - Dialectical, informal: agitated, excited = heated.

    e.g., I guess some of us just don’t get all het up about nuance. Sarah Palin took Madeleine Albright’s quotation out of context — or gave it the wrong context? “There’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help other women” was changed to “There’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women” and that's a big problem? Hell’s bells, Palin was just repeating something she had seen on a Starbucks cup — there was no context for her to take the quotation out of.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    all hinge - Flexible, limber.

    e.g., Have you seen her dance? Oh, man, she's all hinge.

    submitted by Deacon

    all kinds of - Extremely.

    e.g., Your idea is all kinds of stupid.

    submitted by Brian Green

    all kinds of _____ - Very much. Adjective or verb can go in blank. Redundant way to describe something if you're stupid.

    e.g., "That movie was all kinds of stupid." "That double quarter pounder with cheese combo supersized with coke was all kinds of tasty."

    submitted by BigAssFries

    all set - Used as an answer to a question. It is like saying "Good to go." This phrase is found in the New England area. Frequently used in Maine.

    e.g., Q: Do you want a slice of pizza? A: I'm all set. | Q: Are the blinkers on my car working? A: They're all set.

    submitted by Dk Wuhn

    all show, no go - A car that looks flashy, with an expensive paint job, chrome running gear, blue shop lights stuck to the undercarriage, tinted windows, shiny 20-inch wheels, deck stripes, and a gold chain license plate frame -- but still has an anemic 4-banger under the hood.

    e.g., Did you see that flashy little rice burner trying to race me? Ha, all show, no go.

    submitted by Carlos Coutinho

    all squared away - All taken care of.

    e.g., Did you and Sam get things all squared away?

    submitted by Sarah

    all the livelong - (phrasal adverb) 1. All day; 2. Days and days; 3. For a long, long time; and, figuratively, 4. Forever. [From the old folk song "Working on the Railroad," which includes the immortal line "all the livelong day," meaning "constantly, 24/7, etc."]

    e.g., "We're gonna be rewriting this stupid report all week." "Yep. Banging away at the keyboards all the livelong." | "Okay, why don't we reroute the 1080 around Wichita? After it's gone by, we can bring the 988 up past Wichita and on to Topeka." "Yeah, that works ... whoa! Look at the time! We've been working on the railroad all the livelong!"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    all unnatural - In the future when natural ingredients, materials, processes, etc, are no longer available, "all unnatural" (= artificial, man-made) will be considered highly desirable, "the best."

    e.g., Buy and Eat McDougall's shamburgers, they're all unnatural … and they taste great.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    all y'all - More than two people. |  

    Southern Dictionary

    pronoun. Intensive form of "y'all." (Often incorrectly thought to be the plural of "y'all." Y'all   is itself a plural. Adding all  to it makes it intensive. It states the thought more emphatically, such as calling attention to the individuals being referred to. For example, saying "I know y'all," would mean that one knows a group of people; saying, "I know all y'all" would mean that one knows the members of the group individually.)

    e.g., Are all y'all going to the party? | I know all y'all are gonna want summa my punkin pie for dessert.

    submitted by Charles | HD Fowler

    all your base are belong to us - From the game "Zero Wing" for the Sega Genesis, the result of not enough money being spent on translation. Used to indicate victory or general superiority over someone or something. Has become enormously popular among internet geeks.

    e.g., all your base are belong to us. next.

    submitted by kerry

    all-go-rhythms - A simple, convenient explanation for the workings of complex, modern technology when you don't know the answer.

    e.g., "Grandson, you're asking me how Amazon's Alexa was able to play my request for Blind Willie Anderson's old, obscure blues song without one little bit of hesitation? It's very simple: it's because of today's technical use of all-go-rhythms!"

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    all-star - An emo, or a very small group of emos who hate everyone and think that everyone wants to be like them.

    e.g., Look at that lunch table with only three people. They must be all-stars.

    submitted by Erik

    allahfalafels - Divinely delicious North African and Middle Eastern bean snack treats, popular and ubiquitous. Try them and you'll certainly like them. (ah lah fuh Lahf ulz)

    e.g., Mahmood pleasantly surprised when wed to new unveiled bride, doubly blessed with heavenly woman who it turns out could make heavenly divine allahfalafels, all very much to the taste.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    allardyce - [aka "Flint's Arrow"; n.] 1. A skeleton (or part of a skeleton) used as a pointer, marker, or sign; by extension, 2. A dead body used as a pointer, marker, or sign; 3. Any sign or marker made of bone; 4. Any "spooky" pointer, as in a Halloween decoration of some such. [From Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, in which Captain John Flint has used the body of one of his sailors (a man named Allardyce) as a pointer to his buried treasure.]

    e.g., At the foot of a pretty big pine and involved in a green creeper, which had even partly lifted some of the smaller bones, a human skeleton lay, with a few shreds of clothing, on the ground....
    "He was a seaman," said George Merry, who, bolder than the rest, had gone up close and was examining the rags of clothing. "Leastways, this is good sea-cloth."
    "Aye, aye," said Silver; "like enough; you wouldn't look to find a bishop here, I reckon. But what sort of a way is that for bones to lie? 'Tain't in natur'."
    Indeed, on a second glance, it seemed impossible to fancy that the body was in a natural position. But for some disarray ... the man lay perfectly straight—-his feet pointing in one direction, his hands, raised above his head like a diver's, pointing directly in the opposite.
    "I've taken a notion into my old numbskull," .... Just take a bearing, will you, along the line of them bones."
    It was done. The body pointed straight in the direction of the island, and the compass read duly E.S.E. and by E.
    "I thought so," cried the cook; "this here is a p'inter. Right up there is our line for the Pole Star and the jolly dollars. But, by thunder! If it don't make me cold inside to think of Flint. This is one of HIS jokes, and no mistake. Him and these six was alone here; he killed 'em, every man; and this one he hauled here and laid down by compass, shiver my timbers! They're long bones, and the hair's been yellow. Aye, that would be Allardyce."  
    "Where did you bury them? I mean, the tundra's pretty big."
    "I marked the spot with one of the mammoth tusks we found."
    "How apropos: an elephantine allardyce as an obsequial obelisk."
    His Halloween maze was terrific: Through the old house and into the corn maze in the back yard, with an allardyce every now and then to mark the way. The fact they were all wearing sombreros and oversized sunglasses was a bit distracting, however.  

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    allasoneword - All as one word, used when dictating a URL or e-mail address over the phone.

    e.g., E-mail me at Henry dot Ford at General Motors dot com -- that's generalmotors allasoneword.

    submitted by Jason Miller

    allatime - All the time.

    e.g., He makes that face allatime when he's upset.

    submitted by Geo - (www)

    alldenim - Of an activity or anecdote: slowly builds up, at great length, to an underwhelming climax; dull and uninteresting. Of a person: given to reciting boring anecdotes.

    e.g., Chris told us a story about his childhood, which we found to be alldenim.

    submitted by Ken Cheng

    alleby - Alibi.

    e.g., Do you have an alleby for what happened last night in the alley?

    submitted by Char - (www)

    alledge - An obsolete spelling of "allege," usually considered to be a misspelling nowadays. Webster's 1828 Dictionary: "Affirmed; asserted, whether as a charge or a plea."


    e.g., The alledged murderer escaped by dropping from a ledge just below the second floor to the ground outside the jail. | Yes, I know, it's alledgedly a misspelling; however, it turns out it's also an obsolete spelling. Still, I'm not sure it would be that good an idea to take your teacher to task for marking it as wrong.

    submitted by Miss Speller

    allerednic - Pronounced ahl-lerd-nis, but also (less properly) ahl-leh-red-nik. (n.) Someone who goes from riches to rags seemingly overnight, or from a good situation to a really rotten one. ("Cinderella" backwards.)

    e.g., "Did you hear about that Wall Street tycoon who lost everything in seven hours last Thursday?" "Allerednic. It musta been Karma."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    alley rat - Newspaper slang name for a proof-runner who carries print-ups of future ads around to businesses.

    e.g., He started as an underpaid alley rat, but worked his way up to the director's chair.

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    alligate - (AL-ih-gate; v.) 1. To act like an alligator, especially the practice of ambush predation and/or ripping into food with reckless abandon and swallowing it whole, i.e., without much chewing; 2. (Journalism) To attack someone unexpectedly with allegations of wrongdoing (especially when presented as leading questions). [Back formation from alligator "one who alligates."]

    e.g., Alligating is fine for all those late-night brief-writing sessions, but don't do it at firm luncheons; you got sesame chicken all over the paralegals. | "Mister Mayor: Do you still deny the need for a homeless shelter, or have you marginalized it in favor of refurbishing the dog pound?" "Wow. Do you practice alligating in front of a mirror? Or where just born an equivocating ambush predator?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    alligator - A person who makes allegations.

    e.g., There's been allegations made, and we need to find out who the alligator is.

    submitted by Simon

    alligator arms - A person who is cheap, as if her arms are too short to reach into her pockets to come up with the money.

    e.g., We were all out drinking pitchers last night but when the tab came Stuart got alligator arms.

    submitted by Eric Edwards

    alligator property - Real estate terminology meaning a negative cash flow property.

    e.g., That's a real alligator property--its payment is $200.00 more a month than the rental income.

    submitted by Dean Murphy

    allimotion - Running from an alligator to save your behind.

    e.g., "I was allimoting as fast as I could, but I felt as if the alligator was gaining on me." "Well, that was mostly because you were zigzagging. You should have been running away in a straight line. An alligator isn't that likely to get that far from its habitat. They tend to move fastest when they strike, or when they're trying to escape. They're really not very good at chasing something. No stamina."

    submitted by swartzendruber - (www)

    alliterdate - To go on a date with someone during which the main activity is alliteration. (ED. That sure sounds like a lot of fun.)

    e.g., Alice asked Alfred about alternative alley alehouses as another aberrant aluminum ape apparition appeared, altogether altering Alewife Alehouse's already ailing atmosphere as an acceptably agreeable accommodation for an alliterdate.

    submitted by Eric - (www)

    allkay - Meaning both okay and all right -- normally used when asked how you're doing.

    e.g., When Jimmy asked how I was doing, I replied that I was doing allkay.

    submitted by Mandi - (www)

    allner - A partner who acts likes he owns everything; a former partner who now owns everything.

    e.g., His ex life-partner stole so much you could now call her an absent allner.

    submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

    alloganger - (AL-oh-gang-grr or -gang-rr; n.) The someone you would have been had something been different in your life: different choices, different settings, different friends, etc. It's sort of like the person you see and say, "Illuc sine gratia Dei eam" (that is, "there but for the grace of God go I"), except that an alloganger is the actual (subjunctive, irrealis) PERSON you would have been, not just someone like it. [From ancient Greek _allo_"other" + Anglo-Saxon _ganger_"walker" or "goer": it actually means something like "another [person] in your shoes." Another "I."]

    e.g., In Henry James's short story "The Jolly Corner" (as if Henry James could ever write a 'short' story), a man named Brydon comes back to New York after having lived in England for many years. He discovers that his childhood home (a large residence that he called "Jolly Corner" as a boy) is haunted by an alloganger: the man he would have become had he remained in New York. The alloganger is not just a "potential," however, since it becomes plain in the tale that his girlfriend, who has awaited his return for all the time Brydon's been away, is also acquainted with his other self: she knows of the alloganger's missing fingers, for example, and of his heavy pince-nez. And she has, she says, seen the alloganger in dreams. She pities the alloganger, but she loves Brydon. I've often wondered if in her "pity," she's been stepping out with the alloganger while waiting for Brydon.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    allomacate - Rubbing or stroking one's chin with a hand to encourage or display deep thought or contemplation

    e.g., "Give me a minute while I allomacate on that." *Insert stroking of chin in contemplation*

    submitted by Craig Neighbour

    alloneword - Containing no spaces, as in an internet or e-mail address.

    e.g., My e-mail address is JohnSmith, alloneword, at AOL dot com.

    submitted by Steph

    allonym - (AL-lo-nim; n.) 1. Another name for something or someone. (From the Greek αλλο- (allo-) "other" + -ονυμ (-onym) "name.")

    e.g., Nicknames are a subset of allonyms. You might have a friend named "Arthur" whose nicknames are "Artie," "Tuck," and "French Fry." All three are allonyms. However, Arthur is also "Mr. McCorkle," "1638 Oak Avenue or Current Resident," "123-4567" (his cell phone account), "Thomas Butter" (his birth name, before he was adopted), "Dad" (to his sons), "Daddy" (to his daughters), "Pappy Corkle" (to his grandchildren), "Cam" (for 'Camelot'---his wife's name for him), and "son of Andrew and Alice" when he's doing family history. Those are all allonyms.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    allpro - Being exceedingly good at something.

    e.g., A: Did you see Albert playing tennis? B: Yeah, he's allpro.

    submitted by Mike Sacci

    allugot - All you have, everything.

    e.g., How much do you think this marriage will cost? Allugot.

    submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

    ally mchurl - Someone who has an eating disorder.

    e.g., I don't know why he asked her to dinner -- she's an Ally McHurl.

    submitted by chris

    allymania - Changing your allies on the fly, without respect to stability, persistence, or loyalty. The process of acquiring and splitting up with an ally has become more imortant than actually having an ally.

    e.g., Allymania ruled the middle ages of central europe.

    submitted by peterchen

    allymcbealing - Talking to oneself aloud and having hallucinations.

    e.g., Oh, my God, I'm allymcbealing.

    submitted by Allison

    almost mater - The school attended where one was almost graduated.

    e.g., I got this blanket from my almost mater -- see, it's got the school logo on it.

    submitted by Jerry - (www)

    aloniversary - The annual recurrence of the date marking the end of one's last romantic attachment.

    e.g., I know this Sunday is my aloniversary because Noel broke up with me the day after the Liberals got voted into power.

    submitted by Agnes "bob" Jedrzejewski

    aloose - Command used to demand that someone let loose of something or someone.

    e.g., When pig-piled on by his subordinate troops, Sgt. LeRoy hollered, "Aloose me! Aloose me!".

    submitted by Darren Odell

    alot - Concatenation of "a" and"lot." A heavily used slang term. Quantitative and qualitative in nature.

    e.g., I have alot of friends. I like her alot. Alot of people have alot of money. I have alot of bills.

    submitted by Herb Riede

    alot - A lot. Something I've seen alot. Enough that it deserves recognition as a paeudo-word. (Turns out there's already an entry, by Herb Riede.) {Duplicate.}

    e.g., "Being from Texas I have grown up eating really good Tex Mex, which I talk ALOT about on this blog. However, being from the Gulf coast region of Texas, I have also had my share of really good seafood."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    aloud - Allowed.

    e.g., So we're not aloud to slam CNN now?

    submitted by Miss Speller

    alpacalypse - (al-PACK-uh-lips; n.) 1. A world-ending attack by zombie-llamas (and/or vicuñas, guanacos, or, of course, alpacas); 2. The astonishment of seeing an unshorn alpaca (they look a lot like stick figures covered by yard-long yarn), and the equally stunning feeling of seeing one after it has been shorn (like seeing Roscoe Arbuckle reduced to a starving maroon).

    e.g., I can't watch The Emperor's New Groove, not anymore, not after my horrible nightmare about the alpacalypse.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    alpha geek - bobjuliano's journal: "The most knowledgable, technically proficient person in an office or work group."

    e.g., You could do a lot worse than be known as the alpha geek -- you could just be known as the geek. You may not get as much respect as you'd like to get, but at least you get some. Unlike Chris.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    alphabeticalize - To place in lexicographic order.

    e.g., I alphabeticalized my work papers from a-z.

    submitted by Christian Welborn

    alphafalfa - The highest and best grade of genetically altered alfalfa. A breakthrough in research, high in yield and nutritional value, guaranteed to terminate only a very small percent of those who consume it.

    e.g., Since switching to alphafalfa our herds are leaner and meatier and bring much more per head on the market. For vegetarians, try an alphafalfa and cheese and tomato sandwich today.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    alphanerd - Manager of Information Services, any IT professional from whom other IT workers take direction. Geekish IT person who has been forced into management.

    e.g., A: What kind of IT resources will we need to implement this accounting policy? B: I dunno. I'll need to fly it past the alphanerd.

    submitted by Scott Oberg

    alponium - The odor that wafts up after opening a can of dog or cat food.

    e.g., The moment I opened the can I was mobbed by dogs excited by the sudden release of alponium.

    submitted by Mark Scheuer lein

    alpopuck - Empty dogfood dish being pushed across the floor by a hungry dog.

    e.g., Harvey could be heard pushing his alpopuck across the kitchen with hopes of finding one last morsel of food.

    submitted by Mary Lee

    already - (adj.) Previously held, processed, accepted, authorized, or whatever. That is, of or pertaining to a [noun] previously [verb-ed]. [Of course, at present, "already" is an adverb, an adverb of time. Adverbs modify verbs ("He had already eaten the cake"; "She already knows about it") as well as adjectives ("The already seasick passengers"; "This mission is already hopeless"); even other adverbs ("Already brightly shining"). || This is a real word: "previously" or "so soon." Does not mean the same thing as "all ready." | Also used as an intensifier. I'm not ready to accept "alright" as a real word, although Merriam-Webster and other folks who publish descriptive dictionaries do. Not agonna do it and never will -- even though you'll find the construct well over 150,000,000 times on the Internet. I'm not about to make it a pseudo-word either. [ED. Changed my mind on the latter.] All right? From already at Although already and all ready are often indistinguishable in speech, the written forms have distinct meanings and uses. The phrase all ready means "entirely ready" or "prepared" (I was all ready to leave on vacation). Already means "previously" (The plane had already left the airport) or "so soon" (Is it lunchtime already?).

    e.g., In defining a new submission---"debatolatry" (q.v.)---I just happened to use "already' as an adjective. See for yourself, it sounds odd, but it means just what I needed it to: In reality, of course, such a debate [merely] panders to each candidate's already supporters." | "This is not just make-work; it's already work: utterly pointless." || When we arrived at the game, the second quarter had already started. | Is it time to go already? | I'm all ready, Chris, and have been for well over an hour. Let's go already.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth || HD Fowler - (www)

    alright - What was once considered to be a one word misspelling of "all right" is now often considered to be a variant spelling. Paul Brians says, "The correct form of this phrase has become so rare in the popular press that many readers have probably never noticed that it is actually two words. But if you want to avoid irritating traditionalists you’d better tell them that you feel 'all right' rather than 'alright.'" I'll stick with the old fogeys on this one even though the one-word variation appears almost 200,000,000 times on the Internet. Yes, I know: it's a losing battle. The misspelling is about four times as common in American English as it is in British English.


    e.g., Alright already, Hannah, I've had enough of your backtalk and Facebook misbehavior. You're grounded for life. | "Alright, so he's a diplomat, but he is from a slightly different generation. And maybe these things were some sort of old-school Embassy protocol. Who knew?"

    submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

    alt-f4 - Used to describe a website that has so many popups that you spend more time closing windows then you do viewing content.

    e.g., It's so annoying that turned into an Alt-F4 site. There has to be a better way for them to make money.

    submitted by Ryan Messner

    alt-reich - Noun. The combined White Nationalist and American Taliban movements taking power in the USA under Donald J. Scump.

    e.g., Schlackel says that Steven Miller and the Alt-Reich are taking power under President Scump.

    submitted by Redbendad - (www)

    alt-tabbing - To use the alt+tab hotkey function to quickly toggle windows when your boss is approaching.

    e.g., I have so perfected the art of alt-tabbing that I can now spend 80% of my time at the office reading about the NBA and submitting words.

    submitted by the_other_giuliani

    altaneor - A place where strange things happen.

    e.g., In the altaneor of The Bermuda Triangle another ship has disappeared without a clue.

    submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

    altar ego - 1. Strange priestly behavior related to delusions of grandeur. 2. Strange priestly behavior related to schizophrenia.

    e.g., 1. His altar ego was so great he had no idea how boring his homilies were. 2. His altar ego allowed him to molest children while counseling the parents about their children being abused.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    altercheated - Feeling guilty for receiving or having something that one feels others should also receive or have; feeling unjustly privileged; feeling that life is too good or easy to oneself and cheats on others.

    e.g., Since John's parents paid for his entire college education, he felt so altercheated when he found out that his friends' parents made them work for every single penny from tuition to room and board.

    submitted by MD Caruso

    alterization - A significant modification, a change, a redirection. Alteration. (ED. See "loathsome words.")

    e.g., The heavy rain caused the hikers to make an alterization to their camp site.

    submitted by James Sandefer - (www)

    alterna-pleb - One who considers her tastes and passions regarding films, books, music, etc., recondite and subversive, despite said tastes being prescriptive and uniform.

    e.g., The film library of the alterna-pleb is unmistakable: Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, and of course Donnie Darko.

    submitted by SomeRandomGirl

    alternatocracy - 1. Former members of the counter-culture movement who have since integrated successfully into the mainstream world of business, power, and bureaucracy, whilst transforming same. 2. The alpha-males and females of a particular regional counter-culture. The local hippie royalty. 3. The power bloc formed by either or both of the above in a particular community.

    e.g., 1. If you want to get that project up, you'll need to go schmooze the alternatocracy. 2. The alternatocracy and the rednecks are starting to work together around here.

    submitted by clae

    alternym - Alternate name, pseudonym, phonynym -- for example a monicker, screen name, or user name one might use to post to message boards, maintaining a modicum of privacy by doing so.

    e.g., Whether or not you use an alternym at pseudodictionary, we wouldn't tell anyone who you are or where you live -- even if we knew. We don't.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    altivation - Used to describe the height of an object from sea level.

    e.g., Denver, CO, is known as the mile high city since its altivation is 5200 feet.

    submitted by Scot

    altivious - Used for things that are stupid, idiotic, etc. Instead of saying something is "gay" you say it is "altivious." That way it's politically correct, and not hate speech.

    e.g., "That movie sucked" becomes "That movie was altivious."

    submitted by John Deavers/Brian Ledford

    altocalciphilia - Arousal from high heels.

    e.g., I have a severe case of altocalciphilia.

    submitted by Nicki

    altonestrogen - Uh.

    e.g., Altonestrogen, it really has been a hard day.

    submitted by Alan L. Berris

    altopia - An alternate fictional reality that is not declaratively positive or negative; not a dystopia or utopia.

    e.g., LeGuin's Lathe of Haven offers various altopias, unlike the dystopia of Blade Runner.

    submitted by Elliot Landes

    altzheimer's - A condition afflicting chronic hipsters who can no longer recall if they like something genuinely, or ironically.

    e.g., As Ron stared in bewilderment at the hideous leather pants and retro Star Wars sheets he had just purchased, he realized his Altzheimer's was advancing with terrifying speed.

    submitted by Sean Tejaratchi

    alucar - A dark, creepy car that is simultaneously very cool. Stems from Alucard, son of Dracula from the Castlevania series.

    e.g., Did you see that alucar driving around town?

    submitted by Mike Sacco

    aluciconjectrous - Living in a cloud, a daydreamer: one who often has problems listening. From the Latin "alucinatio" and "conjector."

    e.g., Chris isn't rude -- she's simply aluciconjectrous.

    submitted by Rich

    aluminate - To be aluminated is to be decked out in a tin foil hat. I love to visit political sites where those near the far-ends of the political spectrum (assuming it's a linear spectrum) criticize the intelligence of those at the other end of the spectrum -- and in doing so show just how poorly informed and poorly educated they are. Mac's Maxim #63: If you're going to name-call and tell someone she's stupid, do your very best to avoid making usage errors in the process. Otherwise, you're going to be the one who ends up looking like an idiot.


    P.D. says:

    LOL! We aren’t the whiners, troll-boy. In fact, watching the ‘Baggers’ over the Summer, crying the want their Country back was quite aluminating. They were whipped up in a state of hysteria.

    May 24th, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    aluminnium - Australian version of aluminum, but with pizzazz -- and an extra syllable.

    e.g., Yes, but you can at least recycle the aluminnium.

    submitted by smily

    aluminum ghetto - A pejorative term used to describe a trailer park usually in poor, unkempt condition and often occupied by working class people -- seasonal employees and construction workers who build or work in swanky, high class resorts, hotels, and restaurants, etc. whose residents and clientle are very affluent. The aluminum ghetto residents usually commute long distances to and from their work places.

    e.g., After living in an aluminum ghetto for five years, working as ski lift operator in winter, and building trophy homes in the summer in Aspen, Thomas grew weary of the 80-mile round trip commute and enrolled in college.

    submitted by Chris

    alvarez - (AL-ver-ez; n.) 1. The asteroid responsible for the Chicxulub (q.v.) crater, the iridium-rich K-T boundary layer, and the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 mya (according to the hypothesis put forward by Luis and Walter Alvarez); 2. metaphorically, an extinction-level event. (adj.) 3. Of or pertaining to either (a) the Cretaceous-ending asteroid impact or (b) any extinction-level event (metaphorically speaking). (verb) 4. To bring about the end of something (an era, a project, a journey, a meeting, a party, a hierarchy, a dynasty, vel cet.) through the application of tremendous, even inordinate, force.

    e.g., 1. Okay, we've excavated all the way down to the Alvarez.
    2. A big enough rock hits us and it's an Alvarez.
    3. a. Sixty-five million years ago, the Alvarez disaster killed all the dinos.
    b. The Cuban missile crisis created a possibly Alvarez situation. 4. The October Revolution in old Russia Alvarezed the whole Tsar system.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    always the bug - Prone to bad luck, misfortune, or other difficulties. From Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits: "Sometimes you're the windshield; sometimes you're the bug."

    e.g., "What happened to him?" "He totaled his car on the way to his new wife's funeral and caught pneumonia waiting for the tow truck." "Wow. He's always the bug, huh?"

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    alywing - Acting as if you're working.

    e.g., Stop alywing. I know better, Missy.

    submitted by killer

    alzheimlich maneuver - An attempt to save the life of a choking victim, despite the fact that the "Heimlicher" has forgotten how to "Heimlich."

  • {ED. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks for continuing to entertain the pseudo-partners -- two guys sharing the same brain our wives say.}

    e.g., I don't know if it was the stressful situation, or if I just should have attended that refresher Heimlich Maneuver course. But for the life of me, when my friend was choking, I couldn't remember what to do! So, I put my arms around him from behind, and then the rest came back to me. Thank God! Even though it started as an Alzheimlich Maneuver, I was still able to dislodge the unchewed steak from his windpipe [Note:purely fictional scenario.]

    submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

    alzphoners disease - The disease you have when you're always saying "I'll call you tonight" and never do.

    e.g., Chris has the worst case of alzphoners disease I've ever seen.

    submitted by Lesah

    am is are win - Great. A couple of bulletin boards have been using this weird phrase to express happiness with something, or to denote that something is really cool. Tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at mistranslations between Japanese and English, particularly in video games.

    e.g., Did you see that frag? He jumped right into the rocket. That is am is are win.

    submitted by Hans Lemons

    am-bivalve-nt (source word, "ambivalent") - A current period of indecision as to which soup to choose, either Manhattan, or New England, clam chowder, for lunch.

    e.g., "Hmmm. I can't make up my mind. Manhattan clam chowder's spices and ingredients bring a nice acidic 'snap' to it, while New England clam chowder has a delicious mellow, creamy richness. If I ordered a cup of each, it would solve my dilemma of being am-bivalve-nt."

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    ama zone - An area devoted exclusively to training for ladies' professional body building.

    e.g., It all begins here, in the ama zone -- this room full of mirrors, barbells and heavy equipment. Aspiring young women sweat hard, immeasurable hours to transform their dainty, curvy feminine bodies into temples of muscles. The goal is a complete body makeover -- defined, bulging biceps, arms and chest, rippling core "six packs," full muscular hips and calves -- the well-oiled ideal of Amazonian pulchritude. Young ladies, it can happen to you --- you can do it! Here in the Ama zone.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    amabo - A mysterious dream in which you suddenly find the state of things the reverse of what they are, which makes you utterly happy … until you wake up rudely to find out things have reversed again to the sober reality. (ED. The reverse, yeh.)

    e.g., I had an amabo last night, you know, when you want to sleep forever … but you know you have to wake up and face reality sooner or later.

    submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

    amadeus - For a person who is musically gifted.

    e.g., Listen to him play. He's gettin' all Amadeus over there.

    submitted by Adam Pearson

    amahyeud - A fnerry person who likes to laugh a lot.

    e.g., Stop it, you amahyeud! You're laughing like crazy.

    submitted by cc

    amaize - (v.) To overwhelm with corn, usually by serving or purchasing corn, popcorn, corn tortillas, corn bread, corn cobs, creamed corn, corn flour, corn ... dogs, etc. Also "amaizing," "amaized," "amaizement." [Analogy from "amaze."]

    e.g., Sometimes, I wind up with what I call "yellowfood": corn tacos, creamed corn, cornbread, and so on. After six or seven cobs of corn, I get amaized. Truly amaized.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    amallted - When someone is trampled at the entrance of a store as the doors open. Mostly occurs on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

    e.g., Craig's mom got amallted at Target last week, but was still able to pick up the last Deluxe Tickle Me Elmo in the store.

    submitted by reese danger epstein

    amasnic - Pronounced with a hard "s." An adjective to describe something that is amazing, orgasmic, and fantastic.

    e.g., That slice of pie was completely amasnic.

    submitted by Carmel

    amateur human - Or "amhum," someone who is not really a successful human, perhaps ineffectual or somehow defective, accomplishing little, ignored, rejected, dejected, a nonperson, a virtual nothing, invisible, a guaranteed failure before starting.

    e.g., Someone is anhum, perhaps never should have become a fertilized ovum or been born, a weed among billions of others, chaff to be winnowed out, or a fit subject to be thrown into the volcano, ashes to ashes.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    amausze - To stun pleasingly. A combination of amuse and amaze first suggested by LiveJournal user baronmind.

    e.g., Your posts always amausze me with their wit and insight.

    submitted by Prolix Footle

    amawshika - A mondegreen for a popular Elvis Presley song from the 50's.

    e.g., During the 50's, parents hated Elvis because he seemed to them to represent a break from traditional values. Besides, they couldn't even understand the lyrics to his songs. In fact, to find out, neither could some of the kids."Amawshika" was the name one of my favorite songs but I couldn't find it on the jukebox.I asked an older teenager to help me but he didn't know what I was talking about. I told him it was that new song by Elvis. He said, "Oh, you mean 'I'm All Shook Up', stupid!" It took a while for me to live that one down.

    submitted by Don C. Duckering

    amaxe - To fill with maximum wonder or maximum astonishment.

    e.g., The children's first trip to the circus was amaxing. It amaxed them all. I fell in love with the trapeeze artist, Clyde Beatty's wife.

    submitted by Edward

    amazeicalactic - Really exceptional or brilliant -- an exaggerated amazing.

    e.g., The poster is amazeicalactic.

    submitted by chiaralopilato - (www)

    amazgraz - An uncommon abbreviation for "Amazing Grace." Used for the well-known spiritual song, often sung at religious gatherings. It is pronounced phonetically. It has been used as a sweet nickname for a female partner. Developed during the late 18th century by romance novelists of the period, the word lives on today, albeit more rarely spoken. Some claim it to have been originally conceived by the composer of "Amazing Grace," John Newton, to describe his wife, Mary Catlett.

    e.g., I hear we're going to be singing "amazgraz" again this week. Man, I love that tune. | You're my amazgraz.

    submitted by John Wilson

    amazoness - Amazon + -ess, the feminine suffix. One of a fabulous race of female warriors in Scythia who is a female; as opposed to one of a fabulous race of female warriors in Scythia who is a male.

    e.g., In English language, the term "Amazon" is feminine. The suffix "-ess" is also feminine. Thus, the invented word "Amazoness" is a redundancy.

    submitted by Ian Andreas Miller

    ambeyonce - Ambience + Beyonce (Knowles, member of Destiny's Child) = Ambeyonce. The enhancement of one's environment by the addition of music performed by Destiny's Child.

    e.g., Turn up "Bootylicious." We need some ambeyonce up in here.

    submitted by Brooke

    ambiamerican - American who has double nationalities, but both must be North American or South American.

    e.g., He is from Mexico but he is also American, so he is Ambiamerican.

    submitted by Francisco Barbosa

    ambiamorous - Descriptive of someone in love with two people at the same time. Ambiamourous.

    e.g., I can't choose between Harvey and Stanley. I'm ambiamorous.

    submitted by Cree Weber - (www)

    ambiclarious - Clear, easy, and straightforward from the creator's or explainer's point of view when the creators or explainers doubt that their audience will understand.

    e.g., No matter how easy I think my material is, it will always be ambiclarious since I will always find people in my audience whose brains are wired incompatibly with the material itself or my approach in explaining it.

    submitted by MD Caruso - (www)

    ambidexnoxious - The ability to tick people off left and right.

    e.g., Most politicians are ambidexnoxious.

    submitted by Ian Morrison - (www)

    ambidextrilonomous - The ability to fight with two swords, one in each hand.

    e.g., The ambidextrilonomous warrior stood before his enemy.

    submitted by Arch Angel Azrael - (www)

    ambidextros - The skill or natural ability of being able to eat candy with either hand.

    e.g., Shauna is primarily right-handed in anything she does manually. However, when it comes to eating Reese's chocolate-covered peanut cups, she is ambidextros.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    ambidextrous - Having the ability to finger an ambi.

    e.g., Being ambidextrous might well be a very valuable asset to our police force, once we figure out what an ambi is.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    ambidextrousnessnossity - For a person who is ambidextrous. Developed during a game of DnD.

    e.g., He has a very high ambidextrousnessnossity.

    submitted by Paul T - (www)

    ambidiguous - The ability to use both hands for either meaning.

    e.g., The trouble with understanding her is that she's ambidiguous. I didn't know which hand to believe.

    submitted by Phil Young - (www)

    ambigate - To walk without a purpose, to stroll.

    e.g., Mike's ambigation along the beach lasted for hours.

    submitted by Jeremiah Teutsch

    ambigluity - A state where glue sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't.

    e.g., ... and so, since this glue sometimes sticks and sometimes doesn't, we are certain of its ambigluity.

    submitted by Earl Egdall

    ambiguation - Back formation from disambiguation, not original. To add ambiguity to; to make ambiguous: In order to ambiguate the sentences "She lectured on board the famous ship" and "She lectured about the famous ship," you say "She lectured on the famous ship." Ambiguate. (Reworded from the definition of disambiguation at

    e.g., Say, Marty, I have a great idea for making some mad cheese. Clever fellows that we are, we could open an Ambiguation School for Politicians. … Nah, that won't get us much. Polloticians are born knowing how to ambiguate.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    ambigulant - This portmanteau word combines ambivalent and ambiguous; meaning both undecided and vague.

    e.g., Clara was ambigulant about the new drapes.

    submitted by Rafi - (www)

    ambigusexual - Of undetermined sexual orientation.

    e.g., "Is he gay?" "I don't know. He's being ambigusexual."

    submitted by Dexter

    ambilextrious - Someone who speaks out of both sides of her mouth. Also "ambilextrous."

    e.g., I don't trust used car salesmen. They're just too ambilextrious for me.

    submitted by Paul - (www)

    ambilingual - Able to speak two languages at the same time

    e.g., I think Jose's ambilingual; he's speaking Spanglish again.

    submitted by Ty Evans

    ambimoustrous - Equally adept at using a computer's mouse with either hand -- often in reaction to early-onset RSI.

    e.g., Oh, Paul's mouse is always on the wrong side of the PC -- he's not a leftie though, he's ambimoustrous.

    submitted by kokogiak

    ambipathy - ambipathy, n. (Latin, Greek ambi- (or amphi), both, on both sides + Greek pathos, feeling) -- a mixture of sympathy and antipathy, of attraction and repulsion; a condition of being torn apart by conflicting feelings and aspirations.

    e.g., "... At once I hate and love as well" -- this line by Catullus, Roman poet of the first century BC, is one of the first literary expressions of ambipathy. -- Dmitry Karamazov in Dostoevsky says that "a man is too broad" and is equally attracted by the two abysses -- the upper and the lower ones, the ideal of Madonna and the ideal of Sodom. In this sense, Dmitry and perhaps Dostoevsky himself are the brightest manifestations of this common trait of ambipathy.

    submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

    ambipodius - Ability to stick either foot in your mouth.

    e.g., Did you know I'm ambipodius?

    submitted by Dr. John C. Jeffers - (www)

    ambipodrous - Able to use either foot equally to kick a ball.

    e.g., The goallie goalie never knows which foot he will kick with because he is ambipodrous.

    submitted by jim duncan - (www)

    ambisexterous - Can go either way.

    e.g., Sam had sex with Cindy this morning and Matthew this afternoon.

    submitted by j leone

    ambisinistrous - The opposite of "ambidextrous"; defined as the quality of being a klutz with either hand.

    e.g., You're ambisinistrous, aren't you? See if you can screw it up righthanded.

    submitted by Bicycle Bill

    ambiturner - One who can turn both left and right. From the film Zoolander, screenplay by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

    e.g., Derek Zoolander, "I'm not an ambiturner. I can't turn left."

    submitted by [Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson] - (www)

    ambivalend - Of being in a state of emotional upheaval about whether or not to loan money.

    e.g., Mom felt somewhat ambivalend about funding little Timmy's request for a new airhorn.

    submitted by shayla jay

    ambivaliant - Brave in the face of the unexpected.

    e.g., The ambivaliant scout leader found a cave for his troop when the storm begun started.

    submitted by seth

    ambivallate - To be ambivalent.

    e.g., I ambivallated over my ideas on the way to the boss's office.

    submitted by Ken Litkowski - (www)

    ambivasexual - Ambivalent toward sex. Often happens near the end of a relationship.

    e.g., My heart just isn't into it. I'm feeling abivasexual toward him.

    submitted by Dexter

    ambivextrous - Used to describe someone who is going to be annoyed no matter what you do.

    e.g., Oh, don't waste your time trying to figure out what'll make her happy -- she's ambivextrous.

    submitted by CN - (www)

    amblus - Blunt, smartass-ish, snarky.

    e.g., She took one look at the hideous outfit and went all amblus on her. Adrien's a professional amblus.

    submitted by Adrien - (www)

    ambo - One whom works for the Ambulance Service.

    e.g., Stop giving her mouth to mouth and let the ambos take over.

    submitted by ed

    ambulanche - Ambulance avalanche. An onslaught of emergency vehicles in full siren mode that appear out of nowhere, usually resulting in your missing a turn or taking the wrong exit on the freeway.

    e.g., Sorry I'm late, but I was caught in an ambulanche and ended up on the Jersey Turnpike.

    submitted by Robert M. Starnes

    ambulforte - To walk with your head up high or "walk strong."

    e.g., Walk ambulforte and people will think highly of you.

    submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

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