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auclu - American UnCivil Liberties Union. What the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has become.

e.g., A seminal case in the history of the AUCLU may be its 1978 defence of neo-Nazis marching in Skokie, Illinois, and advocating the mass murder of Jews.

submitted by HD Fowler

aud - Audience. From Variety's Slanguage?

e.g., The storyline will be recognizable: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy gets nowhere, etc. Done right, that can attract plenty of playgoers and viewer. To increase our appeal to the younger aud and maybe end up with a socko hit, we'll be trying to figure out how to include some vampires, werewolves, and zombies. But that's as close as these two geriatrics will come to bad taste. We'd rather not get our musical produced if we have to resort to … well, you know: episodes.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

audacular - Spectacular for the ears instead of the eyes.

e.g., The new Cher album is an audacular experience.

submitted by Steve Williams

audi - To leave.

e.g., I'm audi.

submitted by Sin - (www)

audi like five geez - To leave quickly. From Audi's 5000 model sedan.

e.g., I'm Audi like five geez, gee.

submitted by Sin - (www)

audience floaters - A more logical way of saying crowd surfers -- the people who ride on others people's hands in mosh pits and concerts.

e.g., Vince went to the concert and almost got kicked in the head by an audience floater.

submitted by ClaireSB

audient - Singular of audience.

e.g., I'll sing. You be the audient.

submitted by Michael Tubestarer

audiographic - A sound effect of original design used in electronic media designed to stimulate an image in the subconscious mind.

e.g., The use of clucking hens in the radio commercial inspired an image of women hagnagging in the deli, an audiogrqaphic only a man could appreciate.

submitted by Michael Kryton

audiolessent - Becoming deaf or hard of hearing from spending too much time listening to your I-pod, or if you're "of an age," to your Walkman as well.

e.g., My dad spent years listening to classical music on his Walkman. As a result, he's now audiolessent. (S'truth.)

submitted by Paul

audiolize - To imagine what something would sound like; analogous to "visualize," only with sound.

e.g., When reading a boring textbook, it's fun to audiolize your favorite cartoon character saying the words.

submitted by Lee

audiomobile - A car that runs on sound, sound waves -- very high tech.

e.g., Sound occurs everywhere, both natural and man made. Store it and run your audiomobile on it, along with a little humming or singing on your part to give it an extra boost.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

audiophilia - The hobby of audiophiles, people who love, study, compare, grade, etc. "music." Usually in recorded form.

e.g., There are many websites where most members study audiophilia to better understand recorded music.

submitted by James Walden

audiophobia - Fear of sound.

e.g., E. experienced audiophobia every time she stepped through her front door.

submitted by Emily Britt

audity - To dress professionally; clothing or attire that is very boring. Such as auditors are required to wear.

e.g., I represented our company very well. As opposed to my usual slacker attire, I looked very audity.

submitted by Jill - (www)

audurbs - Hors d'oeuvres. Seen on a forum.

e.g., "No, I am not going to the party (snob get-together). Last time you said we would only stay for a little bit. We got there promptly at seven and did not leave till close to midnight. I never ate so many [foul-tasting] audurbs in my life."

submitted by [NiteCloak1911]

aufschlagen - The very moment of arriving at a place, after some fast travel, to take some action at the place.

e.g., I will aufschlagen at Ben & Jerry's tonight at six o'clock. Got it?

submitted by uwe

auger - A mountain biking term for crashing. Specifically, the impact between rider and the ground.

e.g., I flew off the trail, hit a log, then augered really bad.

submitted by mikesbiken

augvent - To augment a system in order to circumvent the system.

e.g., We augvented the password security system by writting a script that replys with the right answer automatically.

submitted by Jim Hertzler - (www)

auldlangxiety - "The fear of throwing a party and having no one show up."

e.g., If AuldLangXiety is a problem for you, you're in need of a new set of friends.

submitted by [Chris Macdonald] - (www)

auluctance - The feeling of badly wanting to win a particular internet auction, but also sort of wanting to lose.

e.g., I wanted the sequined rollerskates so bad when I saw them on eBay, but now I have this feeling of auluctance. I sort of hope somebody outbids me.

submitted by Klamath

aunacity - Asinine + audacity. Being stupidly stubborn in a very bold way.

e.g., "Can you believe the aunacity of Chris?" Sandy said, as indignantly as possible for dramatic effect.

submitted by SandyTetra

auntagonist - One who hates his parent's sister.

e.g., He dismayed his cousins by being an auntagonist.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

auntie bonus - A regular payment for travel -- even if you don't travel or if you stay with your aunt.

e.g., Do I also get an auntie bonus?

submitted by HD. Fowler

auntie dote - Everyone's most favorite aunt, who firmly believes that you are beautiful, brilliant, and most perfect in every way, and who is always the absolute best cure for your worst ailments and bad feelings.

e.g., I dote on my auntie dote, my mother's sister, aunt Mimi.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

auntie em - 1. Affectionate colloquialism for automatic teller machine, or ATM. 2. Very generous relative so as to be like an ATM. 3. To open betting, as in "ante."

e.g., 1. Can we go visit Auntie Em? I'm strapped. 2. I'm always glad when grandma comes cause she always Auntie Ems when she leaves. 3. Will you Auntie Em already so we can play this hand?

submitted by Rhyakat

auntie-body - The entire physical structure of your parent's female sibling.

e.g., New breakthrough medical research demonstrates that the attractiveness of your parents' sisters directly impacts how good your auntie-bodies are.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

auntycrastination - Acting to prevent the visit after your aunt arrives.

e.g., He was guilty of auntycrastination and the week was ruined.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

auralation - An aural hallucination.

e.g., Shayn: "Did you say something?" Colin: "No, you must have experienced an auralation."

submitted by shayno

auralize - To study or examine a complex along with its elements and their relations through hearing.

e.g., Auralization is the process music critcs follow to review works of an audio nature.

submitted by Jennifer G - (www)

aurally - With regard to sound or the ear.

e.g., Let me be sure I've got this right, Dr. Daniel. You want me to take that horse-sized pill aurally? You want me to stick it in my ear, right?

submitted by HD Fowler

aussie-um - Anything and everything relating to Australia.

e.g., Kangaroos are the best of the aussie-ums.

submitted by Diana

austerity - A 20th century word that now means stealing from the poor to fatten the wallets of the rich.

  • {ED. Not quite what Wikipedia has to say about the word: "In economics, austerity is a policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided. Austerity policies are often used by governments to reduce their deficit spending while sometimes coupled with increases in taxes to pay back creditors to reduce debt. 'Austerity' was named the word of the year by Merriam-Webster in 2010." Admittedly, the submittal has piqued my curiosity about the linked website. I hardly expect to find anything written by fiscal conservatives there, but I might be surprised.}

    e.g., And now the attack dogs of austerity will be unleashed to menace us into voting "the right way" in a referendum.

    submitted by Keith Harris - (www)

    austin tatious - Pretentious, showy -- in a big way -- Texas style.

    e.g., Every Saturday night, Otis, a 5' 4 3/4" balding, middle-aged accountant from Pittsburgh, would dress up in his freshly-cleaned bright lame' cowboy outfit, with gold buttons and a sterling silver OTIS belt buckle almost as big as a hubcap, and put on his hand-tooled, oiled golden leather cowboy boots and specially-blocked cream-colored ten gallon hat with a sky blue emu feather in the band. He'd mount his cherry red Harley with the handlebars custom-made to look like longhorns and drive off to spend the evening kicking up his heels and line dancing at the Western Gender Bender Bar and Nite Club. Monday to Friday, he might only be a mid-level employee at a large CPA firm. But on weekends -- he was … Austin Tatious.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

    austinize - (v) to move to Austin, Texas, from a decidedly more conservative city, and consequently become more accepting of non-mainstream people and activities.

    e.g., Joe was so Austinized that he didn't even think twice about the tattoo across Mike's forehead.

    submitted by Brian

    austintatious - For a transplanted northeast Yankee guy -- all duded up from head to toe in unbroken-in cowboy regalia, who couldn't hit a bull's butt with a snow shovel -- strutting the streets of Austin, the Texas capital.

    e.g., Did you see his glow-in-the-dark hat, belt buckle, and boots? Austintatious oufit, wasn't it?

    submitted by John Breen

    austintexious - A prententious display of largeness.

    e.g., My neighbor's new SUV is really austintexious.

    submitted by Marcellus Tryk

    australish-ish - From Australish = Australian English. Australish-ish is English as spoken down under, that variant of the mother tongue spoken in Australia and New Zealand. (Australasian English.) The Antipodes has also been used as shorthand to refer to the region.

    The project I'm spending the most time on right now is The Australish-ish Dictionary. It will contain slang, words, phrases, and idioms I've run across, including words and phrases that are not strictly Antipodean. Whether or not the words are original to Down Under, they seem to be in use there.

    I won't pay that much attention to spelling variants such as doubled consonants (primarily l's); -er vs. -re, -ie vs. -y endings, -in' vs. ing endings, or o vs. ou; "n" for and; o' for of; hyphenated vs. smushed together vs. two words; possessives changed to plurals by removing an apostrophe; greengrocer's apostrophes.… That's because The Australish-ish Dictionary will be mostly about the spoken word and not the written word, the same sort of words the pseudodictionary is about. However, I'm sure it will end up with more than a smattering of "proper" words, because I'll find some of those to be interesting contrasts to American English usage. To avoid duplication, "a bit cheeky," for example, will be treated the same as "cheeky."

    The result will be wikipedian, if not in scope, in that it will contain unverified information -- and hence misinformation. I hope to make it better over time, just like most of those who edit Wikipedia hope to do.

    The Australish-ish Dictionary will also reflect the fact that I have no bonafides for linguistic research. It will probably include entries with definitions (or descriptions) and examples taken from the pseudodictionary -- meaning it will make no pretense at being an authoritative source of Antipodean words and phrases. Determining whether or not something is really used down under will be left as an exercise for the reader. (You do remember how writers do that with textbooks, don't you?) If they ever hear of it, don't be surprised if your teachers tell you you'll get an automatic F if you cite it as the source for your information. You may be able to check what you find by filling in the underscored area in the following search: Google <(aussie OR australian OR kiwi OR "new zealand") (slang OR dictionary) "__________">.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    austrient - (n.) The far south (on analogy with "Orient" and "Occident"). (adj.) Austriental "of or pertaining to the south (i.e., Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego, and the like). (From Australis, the south wind).

    e.g., "Hey, look! Adele penguins." "Now there's a real Austriental culture for you."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    autabin - Replaces should of been or could of been.

    e.g., J.T's face autabin on a rat's ass.

    submitted by j.t. kill

    autemail - Sounds like "naughty mail." Those annoying e-mails that you must reply to in order to activate your account.

    e.g., After signing up for a bunch of e-zines, I had a billion autemails to reply to.

    submitted by lauryn

    authentification - Similar in use and definition to the word "authentication"; used by highly educated world-travelers to emphasize their point that they require authentication to a system or device. | Authentication that produces a qualification or certificate that is used for further higher levels of authentication.

    e.g., I will need to have an SQL Authentification account with Admin rights to access the tables. | The professor's authentifications speak for themselves.

    submitted by Greg Doud | Arthur

    authentimasticate - To chew in order to confirm authenticity of an object or person.

    e.g., Make sure you authentimasticate any would-be triangle players before you allow them to join the band. You can never be safe these days -- there's lots of bogus tambouriners itching to have a go.

    submitted by effigy imasen

    authorbiographical - A form of writing where the author writes an emebellished account of his own activities in a biographical manner, by referring to himself in the third person.

    e.g., Cecil Pinto wrote, "Cecil not only invented but practically defined the authorbiographical genre by continually referring to himself as a colorful character in his short stories."

    submitted by Cecil Pinto

    authorgeddon - "… the hypothetical date when the number of books published in a given year will exceed the number of people who have read a book that same year."

    e.g., "Gutenberg would be proud but, a print on demand company, published a survey that suggested we should be afraid because the year 2052 will be the year of Authorgeddon."

    submitted by [MJ Rose] - (www)

    auto erogenous zone - these can safely be determined by exploration of various parts of the anatomy and transferred ultimately to shared interactive activity no doubt.

    e.g., If you are like me I think you can surmise my favorite auto erogenous zone.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    auto-ballet - The dance done in heavy traffic by cars competing for lane spots and exit ramps.

    e.g., After witnessing a dangerously complex auto-ballet, Ed took the next exit to wait for traffic to subside.

    submitted by Lin

    auto-buyography - One's own buying history.

    e.g., Read my auto-buyography to see why my bank balance is zero.

    submitted by Sky

    auto-magnetism - Is the phenomenon that occurs when you have been behind a vehicle on the highway for an extended period of time and you find yourself drifting as the other car does. If the car in front crosses the center line you cross the center line, if the car runs onto the breakdown lane you run into the breakdown lane.

    e.g., I had such a bad case of auto-magnetism I almost followed him off the bridge.

    submitted by Jim

    auto-pirate - The setting on computer that automatically cues your mp3 encoder to rip any music placed into the CD-ROM.

    e.g., Grant had no respect for the music industry: his computer was set on auto-pirate.

    submitted by Scott Marchus

    auto-spillosis - The unsettling feeling of thinking you've spilled the drink you hold between your legs while driving, when in fact you haven't.

    e.g., Derek, distracted by a momentary case of auto-spillosis drove his car off the bridge into a concrete embankment, thereby actually spilling his soda.

    submitted by axeman

    auto-tickulation - Creating something that is far too amusing to oneself.

    e.g., Why the heck is Bob laughing so hard? Oh, he's just having a big old auto-tickulation over the word he just invented.

    submitted by Dylon Whyte

    autobambiphobia - Fear of hitting a dear with your car -- or even a deer.

  • {ED. FYI, if you see a deer lying dead in the road -- it may look small, but it's probably way too big to try to drive over. Ask Dina. Always be careful driving in isolated areas, especially at night. Deer can be everywhere, and they're unpredictable. Even if you stop before you hit the deer, the deer may turn around and run into your car. Happened to me last month.The deer ran away unharmed. My car was harmed.}

    e.g., If one suffers from autobambiphobia, it is always wise to avoid country roads at dusk and dawn.

    submitted by Marye

    autoberg - Those clumpy chunks of ice and dirt that build up behind the wheelwell of your car when driving in snow.

    e.g., J, you have some major autobergs hanging on to your ride.

    submitted by lilblackcat

    autobitch - To effortlessly slip into an angry, ranting mode, usually for a set purpose. Similar in meaning to insta-bitch but typically self-referential, unapologetic, and non-derogatory.

    e.g., If he calls me a bitch more time, I'll go into autobitch mode. That'll teach him not to fool with me, the fool.

    submitted by gecko

    autocad - Scoundrel driving or riding in a motor vehicle and given to rude and offensive behavior toward the fair sex.

    e.g., The autocad wouldn't keep his behavior within the box and got too freehanded so she had to draw the line, be less sketchily dressed (to hide her curves and better points), rotate, and exit before he stretched or extended and inserted any parts and exploded ['arc, 'arc, I hear an editor; snap to it and put THIS in your trim PD, leader (or is it to far off center, too tangential?)!].

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    autocharity - No, not a car raffle but rather the description of the public act of giving to a worthy cause in order to advance one's own agenda.

    e.g., "Well," gushed Margot, "not only did we raise almost $500 for the needy but I also managed to impress the president so much with my donation of semi-authentic pre-Mayan temple mescaline cocktail recipes that I have been given that $150K job I've been chasing. The best autocharity event I've been to in years."

    submitted by Alan Maddams - (www)

    autocrat - Box for shipping cars.

    e.g., The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table didn't leave much room for food. Ailimentary, my dear Holmes! [Another one especially for you.]

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    autocross - To get into a hostile argument when talking to oneself. | To be one's own worst enemy.

    e.g., He was so confrontational, he'd autocross when talking to himself. | He needed no enemies, because he'd always find a way to autocross himself.

    submitted by Steve McDonald

    autodeceptive - The ability to deceive one's self.

    e.g., Nickgurns autodeceptively proclaimed, "I'm too sexy, athletic, and intelligent to be an amateur model-golfer."

    submitted by davin

    autogyro - A Greek food processing machine.

    e.g., Just a press of the button and my Autogyro cranks out slices of lamb grilled to perfection and of the precise thickness I prefer.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    automagically - Something that automatically works but nobody knows why, especially used in reference to web design and development.

    e.g., We called him "Magic Mike" -- because so many things he did seemed to work automagically. But there was no magic at all. He just saw something the rest of us didn't. Hmmm, maybe it was magic.

    submitted by pixelboy

    automagically - A word used to describe an event or action that one cannot explain rationally.

    e.g., "I got in the shower, and automagically my date called." | "So, you put the fabric in the machine and it comes out the other end as a shirt. How's that happen? I dunno. . . automagically."

    submitted by Jenifer Grant

    automate - UK driving buddy.

    e.g., The Brit, the Afrikaaner, and the Aussie made great automates whilst motoring.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    automatic diva - The rise of a pop star to angelic status via the success of a hit single.

    e.g., Britney Spears? She's a good example of an automatic diva.

    submitted by Benjamin Nelson - (www)

    automatic f - What you're in danger of getting if you cite the pseudodictionary as a source in your term paper.

    e.g., Did your teacher use active voice to cite her rule about getting an automatic F if you used passive voice in your term paper?

    submitted by HD Fowler

    automedic - A fully functional robotic doctor, dispensing treatment for minor cuts and bruises as well as surgery, decapitations, and psychosexual applications as needed.

    e.g., Visit or beckon one of our numerous neighborhood automedics for instant help and cures, no matter what the occasion, you'll be glad you did.

    submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

    automisanthropy - A self-hatred due to one's status as a human being.

    e.g., Carl's chronic automisanthropy kept him from treating himself to pedicures and massages.

    submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

    automobility - To have possession (and uninhibited use) of a car.

    e.g., You have automobility; give me ride home.

    submitted by BigAssFries

    automort - A living creature that kills itself, whether through natural processes such as age or deliberately as in suicide.

    e.g., All mammals are automorts. The police found an automort hanging from a tree.

    submitted by David C. Morrow

    autoparanoia - Autoparanoia is the feeling of dread experienced by the driver of a car who is convinced, perhaps falsely, that her car is responsible for all discordant sounds and smells encountered along the road.

    e.g., While driving, Diana, who suffered from autoparanoia, always became visibly upset by the smell of burning tar until the moment she caught sight of the roofer's truck several car lengths ahead of her.

    submitted by Karen Erickson

    autopilot - The subconcious homing system that automatically guides you from the bar to your house when you are so drunk that you wake up the next morning with no recollection of how you got back home. | Foolproof aircraft guidance system. | Grounded aviator.

    e.g., Good thing the autopilot kicked in. I don't remember leaving the keg party last night or how I got home. | Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. Actually, this is an autopilot recording, but don't worry. Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong.… | The autopilot rear-ended another car while enviously watching planes in the sky.

    submitted by Sven Linkruus | S. Berliner, III | S. Be - (www)

    autopsitician - The person who performs an autopsy.

    e.g., The autopsitician had to discover cause of death for the certificate.

    submitted by Sharon

    autovoxiphillia - "Love of one's own voice." (Cf. autolatry.)

    e.g., It's certainly not at all uncommon for any politician, but our current President may have the worst case of autovoxiphillia I've ever seen. He seems to be unfamiliar with the old saying, "You can learn a lot just by listening." | Auscultation involving others is clearly not on the list of favorite things to do for autovoxiphiles.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    autumnox - (aw-TUM-null; n.) The autumnal equinox, falling on or about September 22nd in the northern hemisphere. [From AUTUMN-al + equi-NOX.]

    e.g., Nathan Hale, the Revolutionary American patriot, was hanged by the British general William Howe on the Autumnox back in 1776.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    avagoodweegend - Traditional Australian salutation spoken when leaving place of work on Friday. Originally from an insect repellent commercial.

    e.g., You off then? Avagoodweegend.

    submitted by kittycat

    avagoodweekend - Australian slang used to wish someone a pleasant weekend.

    e.g., Remember the Aeroguard, and avagoodweekend.

    submitted by Scotty

    availuate - To determine if something is available.

    e.g., Schlackel unsuccessfully availuated for clean underwear.

    submitted by Redbendad - (www)

    avaladhan - That's all. Conveying that nothing more can be done.

    e.g., When Sachin's wicket fell, Swami got up exasperated saying, "Avaladhan."

    submitted by Sathya

    avalanchi - (n) What happens when a series of multiple man-made items fall off an organization-linked item such as a locker, portfolio, or binder owned by a disorganized person.

    e.g., When Tom opened his locker, an avalanchi came out and buried the floor with papers.

    submitted by Jorge f

    avarice writers - Writers who write for greed -- whose output exceeds their imagination and writing ability.

    e.g., "A point of usage and style on which Liberman and I and the AHD and the MWDEU stand together with Brians and Garner and Fiske (and dozens of other [avarice] writers) is, truly, not a disputed point. NIC is crap (emphasis added)." NIC: No Initial Coordinators: The zombie rule prohibiting starting a sentence with and or but. | Employing as he does a "stable" of co-authors, I think James Patterson has earned the appellation avarice writer.

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    avasty - (adj.) Of or pertaining to things related to (1) pirates and piracy or (2) sailing and sailing ships.

    e.g., Orlando Bloom is not quite as avasty as the ... um ... other guy in Pirates of the Caribbean: um ... Johnny Depp. Who else is avasty?: Captain Hook and Mister Smee (the Hoffman/Hoskins team). But there's also Anne Bonney, Calico Jack, Edward Teach, Stede Bonnet, Edward Low of the horrible scar, and the fictional Long John Silver. All very avasty. [From "avast," a nautical term meaning "hold fast," "stop what you're doing," "belay that."]

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    avatar grinder - Software designed to e-grind alter e-egos.

    e.g., Gradually the eyes of Rexus Morphmind closed to a thin slit as he gazed at the data on his monitor. A scrawl of a smirk grew on his face and he began wringing his hands while uttering, "Finally … I shall be the supreme cyberspace overlord, lest these pathetic fools wish a taste of my … [musical interlude -- DUN DUN DUN] AVATAR GRINDER!" [Sound FX -- Dr. Morphmind laughing ghastily to a sickening crescend]

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    avatate - To embody an idea, emotion, or concept so completely that the person becomes the idea's physical manifestation. | To become an avatar of an idea, concept, or emotion; usually in such a way that the subject's own characteristics are supressed in favor of the dominant Ideal.

    e.g., After Jenny read my e-mail she felt so wronged by what I'd written that she avatated self-righteousness. | Michael really avatates the Green Party.

    submitted by Jeremy

    avcos - An alternative way of saying "of course." An abbreviation, if you will.

    e.g., "...and avcos toys."

    submitted by Lacey

    avenir - A collectible item related to a place one hopes to visit in the future. Cf. souvenir. From French "avenir" -- the future).

    e.g., In anticipation of her visit to Japan, she has bought quite a few Japanese-themed avenirs.

    submitted by Leonid

    averageapplepieish - It means that you're warm and fuzzy on the inside but also disgusting -- but your only average.

    e.g., Ants are very averageapplepieish.

    submitted by Ellen

    averative - Average of an adjective and an adverb.

    e.g., Percentaqegly is an averative.

    submitted by glpkelly

    averstising - Commercial messages which have the effect of driving you to another channel.

    e.g., Averstising was inspired by hearing Billy Mays doing soap commercials.

    submitted by Walt Bridge

    avetrol - (Like "have a troll," without the initial "h"; n.) A bastard. [Apparently an old, rather grandiose term for one born illegitimately, both literally as well as figuratively (i.e., as an insult).] Adjective: avetrolic; adverb: avetroly.

    e.g., Ernie was supposed to accept the deed and then sign it back over to Ed and Emily in a joint tenancy. But once the deed was signed over, Ernie decided to keep it. It took over a year to get it back. Ernie: what an avetrol. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Confucius were avetrols: we don't know who their fathers were.

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

    avigastronome - One of a number of words we don't need for things we don't have. An avigastronome is a restaurant where they serve the same kind of food you get on airplanes.

    e.g., Montmorency stopped in for a quick snack at his neighborhood avigastronome prior to going to his job at the silo.

    submitted by Douglas Rees

    avoconesocial - An insult. No real meaning, it's just a word used to make you look smarter than the other person because it's a long word.

    e.g., Parker, I've had enough of your avoconesocials.

    submitted by Parker W.

    avogadro - (n.) 1. a mole (i.e., a spy, especially a double agent); 2. (interj.) "Happy Avagadro!" The holiday greeting for Avogadro's Day (October 23rd, from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm); 3. (n., facetious) a. the little talpidid burrower that digs tunnels in lawns; b. skin tags and other forms of melanocytic nevus that form on your skin.

    e.g., "Damn! How did the Uzis find us aGAIN? That's, what?, six times in the last eight?! How are they doing that?!" "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" "Yeah: Avagadro. We got us a mole."

    submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

    avoidation - The fine art of avoiding someone.

    e.g., I'm in avoidation

    submitted by dayment - (www)

    avoision - To keep away, refrain from doing something or seeing someone, etc. Commonly mistaken as evasion or avoiding. Coined by the news reader Kent Brockman.

    e.g., Krusty the clown was arrested for tax avoision.

    submitted by Ben

    avolio - The hourglass shaped connecting part that traditionally joins the bowl to the stem of a goblet. (See also merise)

    e.g., The martini glass was poorly made; the avolio was way off center and not well proportioned.

    submitted by Jon Goldberg

    avrilate - To angrily thrash one's body.

    e.g., The academic genius avrilated over her failing test grade.

    submitted by Drew

    avuncular devestibulation - The art of throwing uncles out of your house via the hall. By extension can be applied to the ejection of any parent's relative from any part of one's domicile.

    e.g., John so disliked all of his father's brothers that he had become an adept practitioner of the fine art of avuncular devestibulation.

    submitted by Alien Burrito

    aw, pixy stix! - A phrase you say when you see a mess and just know you're gonna have to clean it up.

    e.g., Aw, pixy stix! Somebody spilled sugar all over the kitchen floor.

    submitted by Nicky Ubben

    aw, son. - Used as a way to avoid exaggerating by saying awesome when your son says or does something that impresses you with his ... ability, athleticism, dancing, education, knowledge, singing, smarts, talent….

    e.g., When I asked my son Scott how he knew something I didn't expect him to know, he said, "I'm over-educated." In that instance, he anticipated the question I was going to ask and answered it before I could ask it. He makes me say, "Aw, son."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    award winning restaurant - A restaurant that has food so sophisticated that it is inedible.

    e.g., The restaurant was so award winning I couldn't recognize the spaghetti marinara.

    submitted by Nancy Kalish

    away message - The primary source of obsessive compulsive disorder among college students, can even be used as a valid excuse to simply pass the time.

    e.g., Professor: I see that you failed the mid-term. Student: Oh, I was going to study, but I was checking away messages. Professor: Understandable, retake it Friday? Student: Fine.

    submitted by Skeeter

    awefemale - A woman who achieves a position of power in an otherwise male-dominated role.

    e.g., Sweating under the glare of the new football coach, Pat whispered to Chris, "She's definitely gunning to be the new awefemale."

    submitted by steven jones

    aweful - A common misspelling for awful, it seems to be an excellent spelling when what's being said has to do with being full of awe (awesome) rather than full of fear or offensive.


    e.g., "The more you hear about him the more you realize how singularly aweful he really is." | "This sea, whose gently aweful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath." ~ Melville

    submitted by Miss Speller

    awesomascious - Something that is way beyond the ordinary and worthy of the highest praise. Awesomacious.

    e.g., Steve's artwork is awesomascious.

    submitted by Phil Bradley

    awesomazing - An adjective combining the words awesome and amazing.

    e.g., The colors in the sky were awesomazing last night.

    submitted by Rachel - (www)

    awesome possum - Awesome, and it rhymes with possum (an American animal, like a big rat).

    e.g., Q: How are classes going? A: Awesome possum.

    submitted by Intellarage

    awesomeage - An amount of awesomeness. Same as how an acre of land is an amount of acreage.

    e.g., I just won a new car? That's total awesomeage, dude.

    submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

    awesomelicious - Of a person who is both awesome and good-looking.

    e.g., It was ever so obvious that Dakota was the prettiest girl in school, not just in our class. What we didn't realize -- probably because she didn't want us to know -- was just how smart she was. How could any guy have come up with the nerve to approach someone so awesomelicious for a date?

    submitted by Dakota Schulte - (www)

    awesomenessicity - The property or being of awesomeness.

    e.g., The performance was an archetype of awesomenessicity.

    submitted by dalton blair - (www)

    awesomeority - The right given to and invented by someone who's so friggin' awesome, that her awesomeness trumps every other person's attempt at being awesome.

    e.g., Ridiculously awesome girl: "That's my number." Wannabe awesome guy: "No, that number is mine." Ridiculously awesome girl: "I had that number first!" Wannabe awesome guy: "I have seniority!" Ridiculously awesome girl: "Well I have awesomeority." Wannabe awesome guy: "........... :o"

    submitted by Edward Allchin

    awesomer-gossamer - Awesomer-gossamer is a word for a skimpy lingerie outfit worn by a beautiful young woman, particularly one seeking cheap publicity.

    e.g., "The starlet's awesomer-gossamer turned heads among her adoring fans and crazed paparazzi.

    submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

    awesomistas - Persons devoted to being as awesome as they possibly can.

    e.g., Eddy is a good dresser AND an awesomista.

    submitted by aguynamededdy - (www)

    awesomity - The highest state of awesome.

    e.g., Joe is making leaps and bounds towards awesomity.

    submitted by Waldo

    awesomizations - Additions to things that you know need certain elements to be awesome.

    e.g., Chris told Becky that after the awesomizations, the poster should be taken to the printers for duplication.

    submitted by Namarubela Rock

    awesomnity - Noun related to adjective awesome. When saying people are awesome, you might refer to them as possessing "pure awesomnity" -- or something along those lines.

    e.g., My sister is pure awesomnity.

    submitted by wordgoat - (www)

    awesomtastic - So tasty it just melts in your mouth. Not original.

    e.g., "May I have some more of your awesomtastic mustard chicken, Dee?" "Yes, you may, little brother -- but stop being sarcastic or sucking up to me, whichever it is. I know it tastes awful and you're asking for more only because you didn't eat all day."

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    awesrotic - 1. Both awesome and erotic. 2. Something provocative as well as extremely entertaining.

    e.g., Ninjas are freaking awesrotic.

    submitted by James Gillissen - (www)

    awful-awful - These were huge milk-shakes you could get at the place called Bond's in NJ in the late 50s and 60s. Anyone who could drink more than one at a sitting would get his name on a plaque-like list posted behind the counter in the store. The record was pretty high -- somewhere around 20.

    e.g., Did you hear that Randy drank 3 awful-awfuls last night?

    submitted by george kelly

    awfulty - It is a categorizing word to describe anything that might be awful. It lumps many unconnected actions, ideas, and events into the same category of all being awful. Since any trait that is special is called a specialty, anything which brings a twinge of awfulness could be labeled an awfulty. That is but one example of word logic to deem this word worth existence. There are many other examples: credibility, acceptability, tragedy, etc.

    e.g., Yesterday was just one awfulty after another. First my car was stolen, then I tripped over a curb and ripped my jeans. Later I realized my wallet had fallen out of my pocket when I tripped. Somebody found my wallet and used my credit cards. I got yelled at at work for having ripped pants.

    submitted by andre van hees

    awholenother - Torture of the words "another whole" although this is far more useful.

    e.g., You have bad shock absorbers and those have damaged your tires but that's a-whole-nother problem.

    submitted by Cathode - (www)

    awkward transition period - The time that passes when changing from one state to another -- instantaneous or step changes not being what happens all the time. For convenience, let's say the transition period can be infinitesimally small or infinitely large.

    e.g., As I've grown older I've wondered more and more about the awkward transition period between life and death. Surely that's where near-death experiences occur.  

    submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

    awkwidity - The term for a moment of awkwardness.

    e.g., When Marty told Michael that he loved him, you could sense the awkwidity in the air.

    submitted by nick

    awkword - A word that is difficult to pronounce or has ridiculous letter combinations. "Awkword" itself is an example, containing the letter combination "wkw." "Awkward" would be another example.

    e.g., His thesis was riddled with awkwords such as "dichotomy" and "paradigm."

    submitted by Uncle Deech

    awrightaready! - Acknowledgement, acquiescence (S'allright!, O.K.!, Yeah, yeah!, Give it a rest!)

    e.g., Awrightaready! Keep yer lid on! I'm comin'; I'm comin'!

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    aws - Awesome. Usually preceded by "totally."

    e.g., All the hot Craver chicks are totally aws.

    submitted by Mabel Baker

    awtfristo - A local slang word for a bus stop.

    e.g., Are you going to the awtfristo?

    submitted by Shaun and Ross

    aww, muffin - Exclamation of mock sympathy, especially to a person who is beginning to whine about something insignificant. Especially effective when said to a man.

    e.g., "... and I got home, and supper wasn't on the table." "Aww, Muffin."

    submitted by The Puffin

    aww-ite - Good and bad word. Can express pleasure or disdain. Stress is on the AWW, never the ite.

    e.g., Them: We going out tonight? You: AWW-ite. Them: Can I borrow some money? You: Nope. You always borrow money--you need a job. AWW-ite, you need some paychecks in your pocket, so what are you waiting for? A grant for being you? Get some real dealio billios in your wallet.

    submitted by Quito Washington

    awwaiid - A word whose acronym is its definition.

    e.g., Awwaiid is awwaiid. There are no other known words which are awwaiid.

    submitted by Brock Wilcox - (www)

    awwsea - Rhymes with "nausea." The sensation experienced when seeing something so audaciously cute, you want to vomit.

    e.g., When the kids came in with a basketful of baby bunnies, Chris quietly left the room, overcome with awwsea.

    submitted by Enrique Diaz

    ax - Ask Oxford | New Words: (also aks)
    • verb dialect and West Indian form of ASK: I axed her once if she would want pipes and t'ings put into her body.

    e.g., If you ax her, she'll show up. I'd bet on it.

    submitted by HD Fowler

    axe - To make an inquiry. Ax.

    e.g., John wants to axe you a question

    submitted by August Busso

    axe - Musician's term for a guitar. Especially one that causes widespread audio destruction.

    e.g., Can I check your axe? … Whoa, a B.C. Rich.

    submitted by bob

    axeident - An accident involving an axe.

    e.g., Dave had an axeident. We'll be hearing from him no more -- except for the Darwin Awards.

    submitted by Squackle! - (www)

    axmas - To axmas is to make a remark that is anti-Christmas, or antimas. A play on words, since "Xmas" is such a popular usage these days.

    e.g., Chris and Shawn are always axmasing.

    submitted by Trebor Candy

    axonite - A rare otherworldly metallic substance composed of the elements Zihlavskium and Mercury. When cooked with collard greens, those consuming the mixture have a curious ability to make their mental processes faster (up to about 6.4 septillion per second) and to simultaneously recollect the equivalent of 2.5 petabytes of memoral schema.

    e.g., You no longer have to die to have your entire life flash before your eyes; just have some axonite and collard greens. (You can still add your hot sauce and neckbones; they have no effect on the axonite.)

    submitted by steve zihlavsky

    ay - Used to get someone's attention. If you can't remember a name, don't know it, or just don't feel like saying it.

    e.g., Ay! Can you get me a bottle of Coke, please?

    submitted by rainbow

    ay me - It is used when someone is really frustrated or stressed out. Especially if they are trying to deal with a lot of things at once or if they are confused about what's going on.

    e.g., Ay me! Why can't I figure this out?

    submitted by Cassandra

    aya - (exclam) Used when you remember something you were supposed to have done an hour ago

    e.g., Aya! I should have mailed that check this morning!

    submitted by Heather

    ayepocryphal - Congressional fantasy.

    e.g., The idea that Democrats when in the majority ever accept any Republican bills is purely ayepocryphal.

    submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

    aypwip - Abbreviation for the infamous response of The Brain from Animaniacs, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

    e.g., Say Dave, AYPWIP?

    submitted by Fionacat - (www)

    ayrton - London rhyming slang for a ten pound note, named after late Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna. Ayrton Senna = tenner.

    e.g., Lend us an Ayrton, you tight git.

    submitted by Adam Leslie

    ayup - Ee-up. Lancashire (UK) dialect used as a welcome or an exclamation to draw attention to something.

    e.g., Ayup, how are you? | Ayup, have you seen that over there?

    submitted by Andy

    azure d'or - Album by a rock group marking the beginning of the end of the band. Usually synonymous with "sell out." This was the name of an album for the group Renaissance, where they shortened their majestic 8+ minute songs with full orchestra to 3-5 minutes radio-friendly tracks with overdubbed synthesizers instead.

    e.g., Steve Hackett's absense on Genesis' "... and then there were three" marked the album as their Azure d'Or.

    submitted by Robert

    azure friend - A personal friend with a consistent uplifting and positive attitude; one whose presence helps you see sunny days and clear, blue skies whenever sad, rainy day circumstances prevail.

    e.g., You are indeed fortunate, if, among your acquaintances, you have a special someone who will listen, quietly and intently, to your large and small tales of woe, who always seems to be there, to remind you of all the good things you are. Whenever you're feeling especially down and miserable, who understands, and never complains, when you call at any time of the night or day to get the heavy things off your chest, who accepts you just as you are, warts and bumps, who makes you laugh when you want to cry, who, without pretension, without guile, you can just "be" with -- one who is all that, and even more … azure friend.

    submitted by Charlie Lesko

    azza - Aussie slang suffix used for nicknaming people with names like Sharon (Shazza), Barry (Bazza), Karen (Kazza), etc.

    e.g., Me and my mate Bazza had a blokes' weekend out fishing and sinking a few stubbies and talking about dole-bludgers.

    submitted by Aussie Bloke

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