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a - An A tuning fork.

e.g., My guitar's way out of tune. Can you pass me my A?

submitted by Colin Hartnett

a aardvark - Used mostly in the southern communities of Arkansas, and does not include "an" in front. A reference to the contentedness of an individual. | Used to get early listings in telephone direcrories: Harley Tours becomes A AArdvark Harley Tours to move to the front of the directory.

e.g., "So, Joe Bob, how you feelin'?" "Oh, you know. About A Aardvark."

submitted by aaron marquis - (www)

a bad case of the stupids - For Darwin Award-winning stupidity. I first heard it around 1976 when the phrase was used by a Dallas police officer who was commenting on a teenager who had thrown a concrete block off an overpass into traffic. May be an Old West expression.

e.g., "He just got a bad case of the stupids." | Lynndie England and Charles Graner got a bad case of the stupids when they decided it would be cool to photograph her humiliating naked Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

a capporno - Without porn.

e.g., Last night the Internet went out, and I spent the evening a capporno.

submitted by Akiram Glockem

a clue would be? - Response to a statement of the obvious. The irony here is that the response usually prompts the original speaker to repeat the statement, in a somewhat tautological fashion.

e.g., Becky: I don't think Kim's family is home. Their lights haven't been on for four days. Sam: A clue would be? Becky: Well, like I said, no lights are on. Sam: Oh.

submitted by Paul

a hundred angry hornets in a hive too small - (metaphoric phrase) 1. There are too many angry people in here; 2. There are too many petty arguments going on for anyone to make sense of the big ones; 3. Too many antagonists in a given situation; 4. A really bad quarrel. Picked up by someone else Jul 25, 2015: "A hundred angry hornets in a hive too small. A really bad quarrel. Too many antagonists in a given situation."

e.g., "Whoa, slow up, dude: what's going on inside?" "A hundred angry hornets in a hive too small. None of them will shut up long enough to hear anybody else … it's just pointless noise and useless. I'm not going back in there: it's a waste of time." "Can't you two shut up?! I'm trying to read here!" "Yeah, and we're trying to hash out---" "Out! What a brilliant idea! How 'bout you take it outside? Outside is much bigger than this house. Take your hundred hornets and get out of my little hive!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

a real drag, man - This may date back to the time of the hippies, and it means something like really boring, a tough situation, hard to put up with. {ED. My guess is that this pre-dates the hippies, going back to Jack Kerouac, Maynard G. Kregs et al., and the Beats.}

e.g., They expected me to show up every day and on time and wearing square people's clothes and staying a whole eight hours, but that was a real drag and a bummer, man.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

a shizal ma nizal - To mellow out.

e.g., You need to a shizal ma nizal.

submitted by George 7english

a wizard did it - Cop-out explanation for a phenomenon you can't explain. Often accompanied by looking quickly left and right and often preceded by an ellipsis when written.

e.g., "How exactly DID the water go up in a fiery explosion?" … " A wizard did it." *shifty gaze*

submitted by PPM

a! - The scary sound you hear when you walk into a bar, get a drink, don't pay for it, and try to run.

e.g., Did you know that Jim broke his neck? He walked into a bar, took his beer without paying, heard an A! and got destroyed.

submitted by Sam Wolfson

a&m'd - This phrase shall be used anytime anything gets destroyed, blown out, or beaten down. Oklahoma 77 Texas A&M 0, football score 11/08/2003. Can be used to describe a heavy workload

e.g., With three finals and four papers due, I'm gonna get A&M'd this week.

submitted by Zach Fields

a'ight - Contraction of "all right." | All right. First seen in print in the AmericannEnglish corpus used by Google Books Ngram Viewer in ~1989, other than as an OCR misread. British English corpus: ~1995. Edit, added at request of [name withheld], paraphrased: This degradation of proper English seems to me to have come about from young African-Americans wanting to draw attention to themselves by using a different dialect.

e.g., Maris: Go cook that bacon for me, please. Saris: A'ight. | In response to my saying my wife had died of cancer, he said, A'ight. What he had in mind is anybody's guess.

submitted by Saris | HD Fowler

a'stake - A mistake.

e.g., I'm sorry, I made a'stake.

submitted by Samantha

a-baby - Crude accostation for "ladies" of the night (inspired by e-baby, q.v.).

e.g., A-baby, let's go.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

a-bag - Real estate exchanger term meaning a keeper property that would not be traded off without a substantial advantage gained.

e.g., That's a good property -- it's A-Bag.

submitted by Dean Murphy

a-coming - On the way.

e.g., A new age is a-coming. For the Left it will be the best of times, because we will have … more government. For the Right it will be the worst of times, because we will have … more giverment. God help us.

submitted by mac

a-d-orable - Really adorable and cute.

e.g., Look at that Mike, he's A-D-orable.

submitted by Gynipher

a-delic - Usually seen after "funk," mack," or "shag." Emphasizes the previous word to its maximum.

e.g., That lowrider is pimp-a-delic.

submitted by Sin

a-dollar-three-eighty - The price for anything.

e.g., Question: How much is it? Answer: A-dollar-three-eighty.

submitted by george Kelly

a-game - Your best effort possible in any endeavor -- not just pertaining to sports.

e.g., I didn't do well on that test last week; next time I'm going to bring my A-game.

submitted by Patrick Collison

a-heavin'-and-a-settin' - A state of business without purpose.

e.g., I've had to do this paper work all day long and I'm just a-heavin'-and-a-settin'.

submitted by The Travster

a-list - The people at school who are cooler than anyone else in the school. | A mythical group of weblogs and personal sites (and their creators) who are simply Much Cooler Than You. It is worth noting that (a) no such list actually exists, (b) those who are on the list adamantly deny its existence, and (c) it is not the same as the Cabal. A-list is frequently used in a mocking manner by those who are not members.

e.g., I'm not cool enough to go out with Lee -- she's A-List. | Oh, one link from and now you go all A-list on us. | You haven't seen this yet? All the A-listers linked to it.

submitted by Leighq | mkh - (www)

a-loin - Used in the place "alone." Especially "leave me alone."

e.g., I'm having a bad day, so just leave me a-loin.

submitted by Andrew

a-madnay - Uh-mad-nay. From the French, "un moment donn," at a given time.

e.g., We really need to catch up. Maybe we could go for coffee a-madnay.

submitted by Steeve Beaupr

a-mayonnaiss-ing - Of an unbelievably exceptional sandwich spread.

e.g., When you find the most delicious sandwich spread ever -- it's a-mayonaiss-ing!

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

a-neck-dote - n - 1) When one giraffe expresses excessive affection for another. 2) A short, amusing or interesting story about one giraffe expressing excessive affection for another.

e.g., Jerry the Giraffe a-neck-doted for Gina Giraffe. | The a-neck-dote about Jerry and Gina's mutual A-Neck-Doting spread like wild-fire across the savannah.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

a-one funky boss - Something cool, circa 1970s.

e.g., Sin City is A-one funky boss. Gory.

submitted by Bbas

a-pollo - The Greek god of chicken, afraid of most everything. (From the Spanish word "pollo,"for chicken.)

e.g., The god A-pollo would have visited the Earth more often, but he was afraid.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

a-scared - Frightened. Like afraid, but not as dramatic. Usually an adjective, but sometimes a verb.

e.g., Oh, you a-scared me, I didn't know anyone was here.

submitted by Groghan

a-skeered - Afraid. Askeered.

e.g., I'm so a-skeered I may wet myself.

submitted by Nicole

aa - Bad, poor, less than expected. (Compare "pahoehoe.") Pronounced "ah-ah," with a break in the middle. From the Hawaiian word for a lava flow creating jagged, rough terrain.

e.g., "How was the movie?" "Aa; I don't need to see that again." | "You know, the skiing was great, but the rest of the vacation was just aa."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

aaa - Prefix, a way for ignorant people to get in the front of the phonebook.

e.g., AAA Storage brings you the best in storage capabilities. AAuto paint and body, just south of AAA Storage.

submitted by Aaron Marquis

aaaaa - Abbreviation for the renamed National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP; namely, American Association for the Advancement of African Americans. A new name for a new age, perhaps.

e.g., It might be possible to further abbreviate AAAAA to something like A5, or A x 5 … 5 As. The new name might or might not be agreeable to the many people concerned. (-: If not, tough.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

aaaaa fallacy - (n.) An informal logical fallacy (though a fairly common rhetorical strategy) in which the speaker decries some belief, position, or affiliation of an adversary by presenting it as an unthinkable abomination to be detested and abhorred by any right-thinking human being … to which every "right-thinking" person should respond with a collective gasp of horror or wordless scream: "aaaaa."

e.g., "You shouldn't sing 'this land is your land': Woody Guthrie was a communist!" "Oho, the aaaaa fallacy -- so what? Does the song cause people to become communists? … and on second thought, Kasparov was a communist, too. Should I avoid studying any of his chess moves?" | "Don't trust him! He thinks that God is an oak tree!" "Yes, so? The Hindi believe God is asleep; Islam, that He is alone; some Christians think Him incomprehensible; others, that he is a perfected Man with a Wife and a family (us); and some religions believe in gods or spirits within all things -- including trees. I don't see whatever it is that's making you panic here."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

aaaaadvertising - Naming your company something that starts with several a's in order to be first in the Yellow Pages.

e.g., I named my company Aaaaabakery so I could get some good aaaaadvertising placement.

submitted by Karen Littleton - (www)

aaah kabot! - Used by dream-induced bone-thru-the-nose natives to express anything and everything. It is their entire vocabulary.

e.g., So, I told the chieftain,"I can only drive my dad's car while looking down at the gadgetry on the dash. I just don't remember how far back it was when I passed the buoy wearing the slicker suit." To which he screamed in reply,"Aaah kabot!"

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky (credit to David Mock)

aaardvark - Person who has to be first, foremost, number one, etc. A desire to rise above others. Particularly to do so without effort, talent, etc.

e.g., 1. Chris is an aaardvark -- always trying to impress people. He'd have no supporters at all except that he always pays. 2. Zoes aaardvarkian manners alienated her from her friends.

submitted by A Bergman - (www)

aabar - To use sly, deceitful, or illegal tactics to occupy the first place in any ordered listing, esp. phone directories.

e.g., You will have to aabar well to rank higher in the dictionary than this.

submitted by TACD

aaboos - Abuse. Brummie translation of the Welsh.

e.g., You are aaboosing me, you naughty Welshman.

submitted by Sean

aaiight - All right. Used in times of intense emotion.

e.g., Dad: Son, get in there and clean your room. Son: Aaiight. I was just fixing to. Dad: Stop fixing and start doing.

submitted by msmallsman

aardfark - Mating call of an edentate mammal, of the genus Orycteropus, somewhat resembling a pig, common in some parts of southern Africa.

e.g., Even experts have difficulty distinguishing between the sound of an aardfark and an aargasm.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

aardvark - The gel (usually silicon) insides from keyboard wrist guards. The name comes from the similarity of the gel to an aardvark's tongue. Can be used in a whip-like fashion to pick up large items from desks, the ground, or out of co-workers' hands.

e.g., *crack* Rats, Phil got me with the aardvark again.

submitted by simv

aardworm - Intestinal parasite -- primarily attacks the aardvark and aardwolf.

e.g., Thulogg, the great aardvark hunter, was cut down in his prime by the dreaded aardworm.

submitted by Ty Evans

aarqeunaamaaei - Arch-ay-nay-mey. Used in the place of "arch enemy." However, aarqeunaamaaei usually refers to political enemies.

e.g., Cesar Chavez is becoming George W. Bush's aarqeunaamaaei.

submitted by Jeff

aaughtifying - Aa state of mind that can make the most innocent things into something naughty.

e.g., I could see that she was naughtifying my fingers in her mind.

submitted by Frank

aazing - Like amazing, but not quite.

e.g., The 30-story building was aazing.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

aazizakhmadjonov - The word means idiot.

e.g., Azizbek is azizakhmadjonov.

submitted by Azizbek - (www)

ablandon - An avowed Christian act of penance, during the Lenten season, to "give up" certain foods, but not the real tasty ones.

e.g., I faithfully promise to ablandon all forms, and every variety, of rice cakes for Lent.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

aba - Loose robe worn by Fremen women, usually black. (ED. The robe or the women or both?)

e.g., She wore an ABA.

submitted by Alex

aba-cuss - What a person does when (s)he makes a mistake, calculating with an abacus.

e.g., I'm not really sure how an abacus works, and I often aba-cuss when I get the wrong answer.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

abacoral - The backbone of a snail.

e.g., Hello, class. We're going to look for abacorals today.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

abal - Used by the younger generation to label a person as dumb, uncouth, unsophisticated.

e.g., You're just an abal.

submitted by hs

abandonded - Abandoned. HD makes this ytpo so often he asked me to cover for him. HRH HD's loyal servant thus covers.

e.g., "Miss Speller, tell me again why you added 'abandonded' to the pd." "Becasue HD would have abandonded his promise never to fire me if I hadn't. In case you don't know it, the old coot can be a terrible S.O.B." "Oh, I know it well enough. Well enough not to want to ever incur his wrath again." | He gave up and abandonded all pretense that he was merely shouting at the goat.

submitted by Miss Speller

abbamatically - The tendency for an unbearably cloying song to repeat over and over in your head all day after hearing it on the radio.

e.g., "More Than a Woman" has been playing abbamatically in my head since breakfast.

submitted by Stephen Mize

abbeverate - To feed a person a drink, to offer a drink, or provide a drink.

e.g., I'm going to abbeverate our guests before they die of thirst.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

abbotism - (n.) the role or practice of being a straight man. Also "abbotist": one who practices abbotism or assumes the role of an abbotist [after Bud Abbot, the straight man of the famous comedy team of Abbot and Costello].

e.g., Oliver Hardy was the Abbotist of Laurel and Hardy.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

abbreviitis - (pronounced uh-'bree-vee-eye-tiss; n.) the self contradictory and rather silly practice of giving abbreviated (especially acronymic) names to organizations or objects which wind up being longer than the thing's original unabbreviated name. [from abbrevi + itis 'swelling.']

e.g., The supreme abbreviitis: labeling the "web" or "internet" with "doubleyu, doubleyu, doubleyu," the triple repetition of the longest letter name in the world … "world-wide-web" is shorter by six syllables!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

abcd - [adj.] "Above and beyond the call of duty." (Also "A & B the C of D.") (Coined by Brian Jacques in his Redwall novel _Taggerung_.)

e.g., We expected him to keep track of the club's funds, but he not only kept them, he spent days encouraging donations, wangled advertising time from a local radio station, and got the club's charitable work recognized by the Governor. It's ABCD.

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

abdicate - To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

e.g., If you drink 24 beers a day you must be prepared to abdicate seeing your toes(?) again.

submitted by Chris

abdicted - Of someone, who is compulsively driven to do sit-ups or stomach crunches, or is so turned on by well-defined abdominal muscles, that no other physical attribute matters.

e.g., She wouldn't go out with me because I was too chubby. How was I to know she was abdicted?

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

abecedarian insult - An insult that includes a word starting with every letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical (or abecedarian) order. The example was found at Caught at Work Productions, and comes from The Superior Person’s Book of Words, by Peter Bowler, 1985. {ED. Nota bene: Just because you don't have the book doesn't mean you're not a superior person.) Abecedarian: (noun) one who is just learning; a beginner; (adj.) elementary. Abecedarian poem — a poem having verses beginning with the successive letters of the alphabet.

e.g., "It takes a very special skill to insult someone alphabetically. This type of insult is known as an abecedarian insult. I provide an example below. 'Sir, you are an apogenous, bovaristic, coprolalial, dasypygal, excerebrose, facinorous, gnathonic, hircine, ithyphallic, jumentous, kyphotic, labrose, mephitic, napiform, oligophrenial, papuliferous, quisquilian, rebarbative, saponaceous, thersitical, unguinous, ventripotent, wlatsome, xylocephalous, yirning zoophyte.' "This is translated thus: "'Sir, you are an impotent, conceited, obscene, hairy-buttocked, brainless, wicked, toadying, goatish, indecent, stable-smelling, hunchbacked, thick-lipped, stinking, turnip-shaped, feeble-minded, pimply, trashy, repellant, smarmy, foul-mouthed, greasy, gluttonous, loathsome, wooden-headed, whining, extremely low form of animal life.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

abecidofugy - A discussion or conversation about a topic that most people would find irrelevant or utterly trivial.

e.g., James and Lee's conversation comparing the color of a giraffe's tongue to the color of a newly paved road was a complete abecidofugy.

submitted by Ed Jarosz

abeer! - Amen, usually as a type of thanks.

e.g., Paul: "I'll get the next round of sodas." Group (in unision): "Abeer!"

submitted by Eric Slater

abella - Someone who "owns" everything possible.

e.g., That abella rules at Counter-strike.

submitted by erf

aben - An HD dictum (q,v).

e.g., It wasn't one of HD's abens; it was not aben.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

aberzombie - One who wears only Abercrombie & Fitch clothing. (ED. Don't Aberzombies tend to be mindless followers lacking individual personalities and taste?)

e.g., Trust me, you're not his type. He's only into other Aberzombies like himself.

submitted by Lester - (www)

abibliophobia - The Macmillan Dictionary: the fear of running out of things to read.

e.g., "What better respite from abibliophobia than working in a library?"

submitted by HD Fowler

abiontic - Possessing the quality of imparting ambience.

e.g., The incense and portmanteau (Say what?!) were so ambiontic, I thought I was on the French Riviera.

submitted by Bernard Levine

abisselfa - "A," by itself. The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form Here's an odd little word. An abisselfa was the letter "A" when that letter stood by itself within a word such as the "A" in able. When spelling this word, a true scholar would say, "A, by itself, A - b - l - e" and, over time, that first part condensed itself down into abisselfa in what was called "cumulative spelling" before disappearing from the scene altogether. Another example of this is the word ampersand which came from a condensing of "and, per se, and."

e.g., I swear on my mother's grave, officer, I've never used an abisselfa before tonight. And I wouldn't have done it then except for peer pressure. Let me off with a warning and I promise I'll never do it again.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ablative - (pronounced to rhyme with lab-the-give; n.) mass transit (e.g., busses, street cars, subways, light rail, etc.---but not planes or boats). [from the word_bus_, originally the last syllable of the latin_omnibus_'for all' (it was a dative, but it's also the ablative form, and "ablative" is more fun to say).

e.g., When auto commuting becomes too stressful, I like to take a break and ride the ablative.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

able oboe easy queen - (n.) 1. Acronym in military phonetic for "Advanced Ordnance and Equipment," referring to any next-level weaponry or protective armor or other gear; 2. Any TV show that shows, demonstrates, or otherwise lauds some military-scientific breakthrough. [From the words used for A, O, E, and Q in the old Joint-Army-Navy ("JAN") alphabet radio code (promulgated in 1941).]

e.g., The development of radar back in the 30s was a real Able Oboe Easy Queen. So was the invention of wire guided antitank missiles, stealth technology, the vulcan cannon, and attack drones.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

abluprius - To be "gay," to act in a gay manner. A response to someone saying something "gay" instead of actually using the word. Jeff Dunham mentions a blue Prius in his comedy routine and calls it "gay."

e.g., You know, when you say that, you're being abluprius.

submitted by Kimberly Raiser - (www)

abm - Anti-Boyfriend Mechanism. The feeling one experiences when his boyfriend does something embarrassing or stupid and he wishes he wasn't dating him.

e.g., Jason gave me the worst ABM today. We were just sitting in the movies and he started ƒarting and then laughing.

submitted by natasha

abnatural - An obscene violation of what is natural.

e.g., McDonald's food, industrial pollution, and repression of happiness are all abnatural, screaming contradictions to healthy existence.

submitted by Heather Freedman

abnormous - Large to an absurd degree.

e.g., Look at the size of Chris's head. It's ... it's ... abnormous. To top it off -- so to speak -- he's bald and has a pony tail. What's his deal with wearing shorts year-round, anyway?

submitted by Chris Dunkel

abocus - A person who keeps tab of how many Aboriginal friends she has to show how racially accepting she is. Plural: aboci or abocuses.

e.g., Step to the rail. No, not you. The abocus to your left.

submitted by Dani Solomon

abode - A board. A piece of lumber used to build a structure.

e.g., Is that abode fence?

submitted by zcarp

abodeaceous - Of a glorious and affordable form of rental accomodation amidst otherwise overpriced and substandard rental abodes on the market. (Used by students and artists.)

e.g., A modern two-bedroom cottage, with a gorgeous bathroom, a good kitchen, courtyard and part-deck? Near to the city with off-street parking? For under $400? Abodeaceous.

submitted by Samara Mitchell

abomally - A unique or unusually severe violation of human values.

e.g., Putting ketchup on mint-chocolate-chip ice cream is an abomally.

submitted by steve

aboot - About. Used to emphasize Canadianess.

e.g., "You're Canadian?" "What are you talking aboot, eh?"

submitted by mike n - (www)

aborable - Exceptionally cute yet insufferably boring.

e.g., At first, I was pleasantly surprised by my blind date, but soon realized he was aborable when he continually turned the topic of conversation to his Michael Bolton collection.

submitted by chey

abortion - "Genocide in slow motion."

e.g., Racists should be delighted with the results of abortion over the last 40 years.

submitted by HD Fowler

abortional - To make an exceptionally poor attempt at something.

e.g., The striker had an abortional first half hour.

submitted by Tom Taylor

abra-kebabra - The inevitability that the kebab you are consuming at 3 am after one too many beers with your mates will reappear in the very near future.

e.g., We had almost made it home after a big night out. Suddenly, abra-kebabra. Right in the back seat of the car.

submitted by Kim

abracada - (n.) Someone who comes up with clever versions of _abracadabra_ in works of fiction. [from abracadabra + _da_ Celtic for 'father.']

e.g., JK Rowling is a well-known abracada: _avada kedavra_ is now known all over the world. Equally clever, however, in my estimation, is DM Cornish's _fabercadavery_ 'to create monsters from dead bodies' in his _Monster Blood Tattoo_ series.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

abracadabbler - An amateur magician.

e.g., No, that's not what we had in mind. We want a professional magician, not an abracadabbler.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

abracahadron - (n.) The hypothetical subatomic particle (a meson) thought to be the motive force behind “magic.” Like all mesons, the abracahadron is comprised of quark and antiquark (aka “snark,” q.v.) pairs. Unlike common mesons, however, the abracahadron appears to be comprised of two pairs of each, quark-snark-quark-snark. Common, “everyday,” “white” magic seems to derive from a “Charm” quark and a “Lucky” snark paired with a “Strange” quark and a “Funny” snark. Assuming this paradigm to be correct, a curse would be comprised of a “Down” quark and an “Out” snark paired with a “Bottom” quark and an “Ugly” snark. Illusions would be a “Top” quark and a “Sham” snark with a “Strange” quark and a “Funny” snark. The bizarre black-magic abracahadron has only one quark, “Up,” combined, inexplicably, with three snarks, “Ugly,” “Sham,” and “Out.” This horrific amalgam---generally existing as a plasma (in the rare occasions when available for study (a highly dangerous activity, which cannot be too strongly discouraged)) is often referred to as “Ugly-Up” gas.

e.g., “Aha! See! The cloud-chamber shows the collision, and decay, of hadrons -- in this case, abracahadrons” “What?! your silly magic particles?!” “Yes! And I have proof! … wait, this is bad.” “What is?” “These aren’t just abracahadrons: they’re ugly-up gas!” “What does that mean?” “Run!”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

abracapocus - Hybrid of abracadabra and hocus pocus. Was used by Bugs Bunny when battling a vampire and he turned into a bat with a vampire's head.

e.g., Presto! Chango! Abracapocus! Hocuscadabra! A la peanut butter sandwiches!

submitted by Robert

abraham lincoln's doctor's dog - Also ALDD, or "Aldy." Descriptive term for a movie or show (or even a character) cobbled together from whatever's popular at the time. From Disney's Barefoot Executive (1971) -- Kurt Russell's character is trying to put together a successful TV show. He decides that since shows about Lincoln are popular, as are shows about doctors and shows about dogs, that a show about Lincoln's doctor's dog will be a hit.

e.g., Lost, for instance, despite its creativity (it's actually a pretty interesting show), is Survivor, plus ER or CSI, plus Law and Order, plus Over There. It is thus an Abraham Lincoln's Doctor's Dog show.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

abrakazappa - A secret word meaning "Open the door."

e.g., Hannah approached the door and exclaimed "Abrakazappa!" The door opened immediately.

submitted by Hannah Guidry

abreast of fresh hair - Ahead of the pack when it comes to knowing all about the latest in hair styles, coloring, treatment.

e.g., A hairdresser or stylist or model especially might like to keep abreast of fresh hair.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

abrief iate - To shorten activity as well as words and phrases.

e.g., OMG -- hv 2 abrief iate da mtg -- mst B at schl 4 tst in 5 mins!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

abs - Asshole Behavior Scale. Logarithmic scale from 1 to 10 used to measure how much of an asshole someone is being. Similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes with each whole number representing an intensity 10 times greater than the next lower number.

e.g., Chris was extremely cranky again today. Had to be at least a 6.2 on the ABS.

submitted by zztzed - (www)

abscotchalater - Related to absquatulate. Abscotchalater: If you've been utlegated you may possibly become an abscotchalater, like Magwitch in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. Magwitch is the convict that Pip, the central character of Great Expectation, encounters in a churchyard.  Magwitch is an abscotchalater because he's on the run from the law and Pip helps him by getting him a file (to file off his shackles) and some bread. If you've not read the book or seen the movie or the TV series, then let me spoil it for you by telling you that later in life Pip receives a tidy sum of money from an anonymous benefactor, who turns out to be Magwitch -- not the frightfully bitter Miss Haversham. Magwitch returns from Australia, to where he had been transported, but he's still an abschotchalater and he's having a feud with another utlegated character called Compeyson. Compeyson is killed, but Magwitch ends up getting captured and dies before he can be hanged or sent back to Australia (whichever is worse).

e.g., You don't really think the absence of the principle of outfangtheft was going to stop Marshal Dillon when he was chasing abscotchalaters do you? Surely you realize those hills you saw in the background weren't anywhere close to Dodge City.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

absentenious - To be blown into many pieces.

e.g., The bomb made Chris absentenious.

submitted by Christian Harrison

absinthe - A liquid heart medication.

e.g., Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

absitively - Absolutely and positively, with extreme certainty. Sometimes still wrong, though.

e.g., The Chicago Sun Times was absitively sure that Dewey had beaten Truman in 1948.

submitted by Frederick Carraher

absobloodyexactly - Used in conversation when someone says exactly what you were thinking.

e.g., "What do you think of the Welsh?" "A little inbred." "Absobloodyexactly."

submitted by death

absogoddamnlutely - Ultimate absolutely. (One of a group of words relating to certainty: absogoddamnlutely, absopositively, absotively, absotively-posilutely, absotivelyposilutely.)

e.g., I am absogodamnlutely sure I've used this word hundreds of times.

submitted by Sharlene

absolucid - A portmanteau word: absolute plus lucid.

e.g., John meditates because one day he hopes to become absolucid.

submitted by Michael - (www)

absoludacris, absoludacras - Something absolutely ludicrous -- say, Mr. T, for example.

e.g., Drugs are bad. Drugs are absoludacris. | Ludicras is absoludacris.

submitted by gary blaney

absoludicrous - The peak of ridiculousness. Absolutely ludicrous.

e.g., Chris, your blue hair, with what little there is of it on top, looks absoludicrous with that long ponytail. People can tell you're bald.

submitted by Misterkenny - (www)

absolut - The extreme or epitome of. Pinnacle.

e.g., He always gives us absolut intimidation.

submitted by Isaac

absolute insanity - Any speech or actions you can't understand at all.

e.g., My childrens' absolute insanity may be due to a generation gap.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

absolute relativism - This paradoxical concept regards everything that can be known or asserted as only a relative or partial truth. The concept itself, however, is held with absolute certitude that entertains no doubt and asks no questions.

e.g., "Cedric, notice how Professor Strumpeter will always grade you lower if you ever assert that something is established and beyond reasonable doubt. Like a latter day Socrates, he wants you to question even the existence of your own living mother! But notice with what doctrinaire bombast he defends this doctrine of absolute relativism, while he blithely goes home each evening to eat dinner prepared by his own questionably existent mother!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

absomaglutamable - Most definitely. (An abomination of absolutely).

e.g., "Hun, would you rub my feet if I put 'em over on you?" "Absomaglutamably."

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

absonotly - Used when the intent is to most definitely decline.

e.g., I absonotly won't do that.

submitted by Dave Howell

absopause - When, for some odd reason, everyone shuts up and listens when you talk. Rare.

e.g., During the absopause, everyone heard Rob's plan.

submitted by ryan

absopositilutely - "Absolutely" and "positively" combined in different segments.

e.g., You are absopositilutely right.

submitted by Sanje86

absopositively - Absolutely and positively combined. (One of a group of words relating to certainty: absopositively, absotively, absotively-posilutely, absotivelyposilutely.)

e.g., I am absopositively sure that Milton likes you.

submitted by Flame Midnight

absosilence - For those times when everyone in a noisy room becomes silent at the same time with no apparent cause.

e.g., Three-hundred people shut up at the same time. The absosilence was weird.

submitted by ryan

absotively - Combination of absolutely and positively. Usually used an answer to a request. (One of a group of words relating to certainty: absopositively, absotively, absotively-posilutely, absotivelyposilutely.)

e.g., Q: Will you go to the store for me? A: Absotively.

submitted by Eric Shannon

absotivelyposilutely - This is the word you use when you really need to make the point that you are 100% sure of something. It even sounds authoritative. And heck, it's even fun to say because of the way it rolls off your tongue. (One of a group of words relating to certainty: absopositively, absotively, absotively-posilutely, absotivelyposilutely.)

e.g., You might be right about that, Mr. Smartypants, but you'd better be absotivelyposilutely sure before you bet any money on it.

submitted by Donna Hudson

absotutely - Synonymous with "absotivelyposilutely" and its ilk but FAR more authoritative. Also spelled "absotootly" by the great unwashed.

e.g., "Absotutely" is far more erudite and impressive than "absotootly."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

absquatulate - Long one of my favorite words, it's about time for this to be added to the pd. You can find out more about words of this sort at the linked site, where Michael Quinion mentions that "[Absquatulate] was common enough that it became a favourite bête noire of writers on style in the latter part of the century." From absquatulate, we have "abscotchalater (thieves), one who is hiding away from the police." | "To make off hurriedly, decamp, abscond [with a guilty sense, as He absquatulated with the silver.] [1833 mock-latin "to go off and squat elsewhere"]"    A dictionary of slang, jargon & cant: to disappear, to run away, to abscond The reverse of to "squat," from ab and squat, originally settlers' slang for abandoning a location when fearing an unwelcome visitation, and settling on a more remote spot. You'd thank me to absquatulate, as the Yankees say.… Well, I will in a minute. Rkoda Broughton: Cometh up as a Flower. Bartlett calls this "a factitious vulgarism." It was in use nearly fifty years ago. At that time running away with money by bank presidents, &c., became very common in consequence of financial panics or collapses, and it was the fashion to coin words from the names of the delinquents, as "to Swartwout" or "to Schylerise," &c. When we reflect that there are many Yankee and Western men accustomed to spelling bees, and perhaps more familiar with the difficult words of the dictionary than are many scholars, it does not appear remarkable that we find in American slang a number of words which have a learned length and Latin sound. To any half-educated man with a fancy for extravagant expression, and familiar with "abscond," "to squattle away," and "perambulate," absquatulate would readily suggest itself in an effort to recall one or the other. Once uttered and heard, it would become popular. To deliberately invent a new word, without some foregoing suggestion or basis, and get it adopted, is one of the rarest events in the world, even in America, where men are continually attempting it. The various slang synonyms are "to skedaddle, to cut one's lucky, to sling one's hook, to mizzle, to bolt, to cut and run, to slip one's cable, to step it, to leg it, to tip the double, to amputate one's mahogany, to make or to take tracks, to hook it, to slope, to slip it, to paddle, to evaporate, to vamoose, to tip your rags a gallop, to walk one's chalks, to pike, to hop the twig, to turn it up, to cut the cable and run before the wind," and in the lingo of the lightfingered and sure-footed gentry, "to make beef, to guy, to speel." Barrire: Argot and Slang.

e.g., Not that he would have survived, but Muammar Gaddafi might have had better luck if he had absquatulated from Libya with his $200 billion of ill-gotten plunder.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

abstracticulation - Non-Tourette's associated quirky, random, or meaningless body movements.

e.g., My favorite abstracticulator with my favorite abstracticulation is David Byrne of Talking Heads doing the "arm chops" in their lovely 80s video for "Once in a Lifetime."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

abstractify - Abstractificate. To complicate things verbally or through written instructions using illustration, conjecture, hyperbole, or any other means to a point so far from the actual that nothing remains resembling the original idea.

e.g., What in the world was that abstractification about? What does the blue man group, sardines, malevolent envelopes, a bad case of ringworm and the sun's wobble have to do with homemade macaroni and cheese?

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

abstractional-dopmology - The study of brown dots in any carpet.

e.g., I see you've been catching up on your abstractional-dopmology.

submitted by Tweak

absturniate - (v) To use one's imagination to one's fullest capacity. (n)One who uses it's imagination to it's fullest capacity.

e.g., Writers like Dr. Seuss need absturniate. | The absturniate could imagine a whole world.

submitted by Mason Oeftger - (www)

absuplendous - Absolutely super, splendid and stupendous.

e.g., Tillman's lively, entertaining parties are always absuplendous.

submitted by POPOBOT5000

absurdbaijan - The realm or domain of absurd ideas.

e.g., John must be from Absurdbaijan; he thinks aliens are spying on him from his mashed potatoes.

submitted by i_monk

absurdifaction - Apeech beyond ability to be understood by anyone other than zonemorphs.

e.g., What was that? An absurdifaction? That guy's worthy of my ridiculostracism.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

absurdospactaculism - Beyond anything else imaginable.

e.g., What can be said? It's absurdospactaculism.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

abtractive - Unattractive, abnormally ugly, unusually esthetically unpleasant.

e.g., I've always thought Barbra Streisand was abtractive, haven't you?

submitted by Pete Parent

abuba - "Huh?"

e.g., My math teacher asked me, "Can you prove that there are infinitely many real numbers?" I replied, "Abuba?"

submitted by hewski

abundizator - The one you know who goes all out in everything she does.

e.g., So, Chris decided to cook a little something for having her new neighbor Eunice over for the first time. There were two whole hams, one glazed and the other smoked, cornish hens, a cajun deep-fried turkey, T-bones and sirloin steaks, rack of lamb, fried catfish and grilled Atlantic white fin tuna, smoked boudin, brats and polska kielbasa, a spit-roasted whole hog, chickens' frickaseed, fried, oven-roasted, smoked, ala king and stuffed with cornbread dressing, deviled eggs, barbecued beans, white bean soup, fifteen-bean soup, red beans with rice, pickled eggs and toasted almonds … all from scratch. Since main proteinitious dishes have been enumerated we'll move on to the side dishes. Needless to say Chris is quite the abundizator.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

abuot - About. A spelling corresponding to how I type the word about half the time. Might correspond to a bit better to the Canadian pronunciation "aboot" than "about" does.

e.g., "Listen, lassie, ye best be gettin' abuot the business of doing yer homework and quit playin' games on the computer. … What's that you say, you're not playing games? Then, what are ye a-doin? …Lookin' at incest porn, eh? Well, that's all right, then. But you have only abuot another 15 minutes afore ye must start crackin' yer books." "Thanks, Uncle Roman."

submitted by Miss Speller

abusion - First used by accident when the speaker meant to say "abuse." From "confuse" we get "confusion." So, from "abuse," we get "abusion." It now refers to playful abuse between friends, with the added word forms "abusionating" and "abusionate."

e.g., Stop abusionating me, I'm in a bad mood as it is. | Stop, or else your girlfriend will think your abusion is flirting. … Is it?

submitted by Katya

abusual - Out of the ordinary, unlike what habitually is. Similar to unusual, but more so.

e.g., That group of goths dress in an abusual fashion, don't they?.

submitted by Pete Parent

abutormeretrix - Meretrix: from the latin word "prostitute." Abutor: from the greek word "to make full use of."

e.g., The john knew that he intended abutormeretrix while he watched the woman slowly undress for him in his room. Maybe he'd even go around the world.

submitted by Rowdy Rhodes - (www)

abyssagation - A void before a great discovery, as well as a person who has writer's block and then writes better than he's ever written.

e.g., Any inventor has experienced abyssagation in his life at least once.

submitted by Deliou Seluna Coloti

abyssicaletphedence - An endless nothingness of boredom.

e.g., James sat in abyssicaletphedence druing class.

submitted by Fitch

ac - Atlantic City, New Jersey.

e.g., AC is a pretty ghetto town.

submitted by ditnis

ac climb atize - The process of assessing promotional possibilities in a new job.

e.g., I've become ac climb atized to working here.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

academic masturbation - A fruitless, self-serving process characterized by making a topic unnecessarily esoteric for the purpose of sounding deep or important. See: mutual academic masturbation.

e.g., "How do we know what we know?" is an important academic question. "How do we know that we know what we know is known, you know?" is academic masturbation.

submitted by Julie Anne

academic socialism - An academic grading system in which grades attained by each student are distributed evenly among the class, and the final grade given to each student is the class average. Academic capitalism is a grading system whereby grades are recognized as personal property, and therefore can be bought, sold, or traded amongst students as well as deposited, withdrawn, and transferred between courses -- with full official recognition of such practice by the academic authority involved. An academic democracy is a system whereby the final grade of each student is voted upon by an academic group of officers, who are elected by the students.

e.g., This private school seems to engage in a policy of academic socialism.

submitted by Sammers

academical - Of someone who is not scholarly but makes great efforts to pretend to be so, or someone who is scholarly but behaves in an uneducated manner.

e.g., My academical professor wore his gold grill teeth to class the day of the final exam.

submitted by Leslie Grover

acawh - A chicken that is your soulmate.

e.g., She's not just any chicken, she's my acawh.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

accadacca - Aussie slang. Used by many Aussies for the world-famous Aussie heavy metal group AC/DC.

e.g., When someone at a pub is changing tracks on the jukebox, some yobbo would yell out "Oi, give us some Accadacca, mate."

submitted by Aussie Bloke

accckkkk - Exclamation. (Accepted only because of the clever example.)

e.g., Accckkkk, the monkey sold the liver I was planning on using for the transplant.

submitted by Matt S

accelerate - Adding celery to a food item/recipe.

e.g., He accelerated the salad and got arrested for stalking!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

accellurate - To add (a lot, and fast) extra minutes to your cellular plan.

e.g., I've been accellurated to 3000 minutes on nights and weekends.

submitted by jay - (www)

accenchuate - Accentuate. Simpler Spelling Word of the Day for Thursday, August 13, 2015:  accenchuate" for "accentuate" T does not spell the CH-sound as in "chipmunk." CH does: "accenchuate."

e.g., HD: Not that long ago, I thought the earliest popular song I remembered hearing was "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah." Now I'm almost sure the earliest would be "Accenchuate the Positive." It came out a couple of years earlier. Lillith: That's not the correct title for the song. HD: Stuff it, Lillith. It's close enough. And it definitely matches the way the word is pronounced. Here's part of the Wikipedia entry. "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" is a popular song. The music was written by Harold Arlen and the lyrics by Johnny Mercer, and it was published in 1944. It is sung in the style of a sermon, and explains that accentuating the positive is key to happiness. In describing his inspiration for the lyric, Mercer told the Pop Chronicles radio documentary "[my] publicity agent … went to hear Father Divine and he had a sermon and his subject was 'you got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.' And I said Wow, that's a colorful phrase!'" I agree with Mercer: Accenchuating the positive is, indeed, a key ingredient in recipes for happpiness. Here are the lyrics in full. Gather 'round me, everybody Gather 'round me while I'm preachin' Feel a sermon comin' on me The topic will be sin and that's what I'm ag'in' If you wanna hear my story The settle back and just sit tight While I start reviewin' The attitude of doin' right You've got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative And latch on to the affirmative Don't mess with Mister In-Between You've got to spread joy up to the maximum Bring gloom down to the minimum Have faith or pandemonium's Liable to walk upon the scene To illustrate my last remark Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark What did they do just when everything looked so dark? (Man, they said "We'd better accentuate the positive") ("Eliminate the negative") ("And latch on to the affirmative") Don't mess with Mister In-Between (No!) Don't mess with Mister In-Between (Ya got to spread joy up to the maximum) (Bring gloom down to the minimum) (Have faith or pandemonium's) (Liable to walk upon the scene) You got to ac (yes, yes) -cent-tchu-ate the positive Eliminate (yes, yes) the negative And latch (yes, yes) on to the affirmative Don't mess with Mister In-Between No, don't mess with Mister In-Between

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

acceptable - Dining area for acceps.

e.g., Please set the acceptable; company's coming and it's acceps for dinner again.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

accessory before the fact - "A person who is aware of a crime before it occurs, and who gives some form of aid to those committing the crime, is known in legal terms as an 'accessory before the fact.'"

e.g., There are some who believe Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the gunwalking in ATFs Operation Fast and Furious. If they are right, is Holder an accessory before the fact in "at least 150 incidents of murder or attempted murder"?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

accident-dent-dent-dent - A chain reaction car crash.

e.g., Quit texting while you're driving, Chris. Next thing you know, you'll cause an accident-dent-dent-dent and my insurance rates will skyrocket. It's always going to be unsafe, but the least you could do is wait until you're the one paying for the insurance. By the way, when's that gonna be -- when you're 26 or 27? … Oh, that applies only to health insurance? Well, for now it does, but just you wait and see.

submitted by [Bill Sherk] - (www)

accidue - Accident + residue. Glass granules and other debris left at an automobile accident site.

e.g., I always fear that I will cause another accident by trying to avoid driving over the accidue from an accident not yet cleaned up.

submitted by Roy Egdall

accipurp - A deliberate act intended to appear accidental.

e.g., I hit him by accipurp.

submitted by Sheriffof0 - (www)

accipurpodentally - Accidentally on purpose. When you meant to do something but pretended you really didn't.

e.g., I accipurpodentally hit on my sister's boyfriend.

submitted by jessica noyes

accolation - To be celebrated with accolades.

e.g., Mike appreciated the accolation from the group.

submitted by Matthew

accordianated, accordionated - Being able to refold a road map and drive at the same time.

e.g., 1. Don't be doing that. You're not accordianated. 2. She showed how accordianated she was by folding up the road map and steering the car at the same time.

submitted by Heidi Orris

accountess - A royal accountant.

e.g., I went to the accountess today for some tax advice.

submitted by chris gifuni

accribitz - To attribute to, or relate to a particular cause. | Used in an episode of the TV show Veronica's Closet when a character could not think of a synonym for increase or decrease. Deccribitz.

e.g., I accribitz the drop in sales revenue to a declining economy. | I expect sales figures to accribitz in the next quarter.

submitted by David | Mike C

accularity - Verbal accurate clarity (for which sometimes words must be formed).

e.g., At times you have to ask Steve for definitions because his accularity generally requires words in the pseudodictionary.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

accuratize - To make something (more) accurate.

e.g., We had to accuratize those G&A metrics from Corporate because they were so full of errors.

submitted by Peter

ace - One's best friend. | Excellent, great. | Ass, fool.

e.g., Jim's my ace. | I had an ace time at Jeff's party. | I ran into a wall today, and felt like an ace.

submitted by Jerome Greco | beth | josh rocket martin

ace of absurd - The one card or trump in a new and unusual card suit.

e.g., [in a game of five card draw poker] "Five of a kind, aces, ace of absurd high."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ace of ridiculous - One card, high card or trump of a new card suit, a suit higher than absurd.

e.g., [in a game of five card draw poker] "Six of a kind, aces, ace of ridiculous high."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

acentis - Area of the back between the shoulder blades.

e.g., I would need spider monkey arms to scratch my acentis when it itches.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

aces - Said in a very excited moment, when there is just nothing else to say. From poker, where the best hand is five aces.

e.g., A. That gorgeous babe over there just asked me for your phone number. B. Aces.

submitted by joshua

achecanantooch - To eat foreign food.

e.g., I'm hungry. Let's achecanantooch tonight.

submitted by brad_boyd

achenog - /ake-nog/ A tasty shake with milk, ice cream, vanilla and fresh eggs, and so cold that it really makes your brain ache. Drink with care.

e.g., Achenog tastes really great, so cold that it ranks right up there with dry ice. If it hurts too bad, try putting it in the microwave momentarily.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

achey-breaky big mistakey - Mullet haircut worn by Billy Ray Cyrus and others. Other names: Kentucky waterfall, the 10/90, hockey hair, etc.

e.g., Don't look now, but there's a redneck behind us with one raging achey-breaky big mistakey.

submitted by chizzuck

acheye - The pain you feel in your eyes after looking at a screen for ages.

e.g., Acheye is really setting in now; but, boy, is this screen entertaining.

submitted by Jono

achladiomorph - (n.) a woman whose figure would be improved if the extra mass could be moved from her thighs and buttocks to her breasts.

e.g., "The achladiomorph in my office would have been a fun sexual encounter had her excess been apportioned properly; however, I have unsettling memories of pock-marked gluteals instead."

submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

acho - A toothless queen.

e.g., Remember when Joe Buck used a telephone to turn Towny into an acho in Midnight Cowboy?

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

achoo - Used when a conversation is boring, to stir excitement or some type of response, usually followed by something such as, "Oh, all the silence is making me sneeze."

e.g., Achoo. Oh, bless me, I'm allergic to silence.

submitted by Neil

achronomy - Disorientation with respect to time. | An inability to keep track of time, remember dates, etc. "Note: Jewish Chronomy is the science of calendar calculation according to the Jewish solar-lunar system." (No attempt is being made to correspond to Greek or Latin word forms.)

e.g., Yeah, I know I forgot our anniversary again. But you should be used to it by now. Besides, you knew I had achronomy when you married me.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

achuwie - A varation of the word "actually"; a poor pronunciation of "actually," often caused by speaking too fast.

e.g., I achuwie am getting too excited. That's why my speech is slurred.

submitted by Mr. K. Miller

acidulicious - (a-SID-yu-LISH-us; adj.) Tasty and tangy like an orange: slightly sour but delicious. [From acidulous "slightly sour" + delicious.]

e.g., Wow, this lemonade is acidulicious. Truly.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ack - ACKnowledge. Part of the synchronizing protocol used in networking. NAK = Negative acknowledge.

e.g., We couldn't send the fax because we never got an ACK from the other end.

submitted by john donne

acklapootis - Cool, awesome, etc.

e.g., Angelina Jolie is one acklapootis babe when she gets to talkin' about her and Billy Bob.

submitted by Aubrey

acknotheschism - Acknowledge the schism. God must be an atheist. To believe in God's existence is to lessen the powers of God, to confine God, because you are saying to God: You may not not exist. Whereas, God has the power to exist or not exist, as God chooses (but only if God exists). Who are we to say God exists? This is the philosophy I call acknotheschism. Acknowledging the schism between faith and rationality, that the two cannot and should not coincide. St. Aquinas had it all wrong and so did Darwin's friend T.H. Huxley, coiner of the term agnosticism. You simply can't have it both ways: You can't have your cake and eat it, too. You can't believe in the story of creation as told in Genesis and believe in evolution as well. You have to separate science from religion.

e.g., None of this namby-pamby, milquetoasty agnosticism for me; no more scoffing, melodramatic atheism: It's time we stood up to the real challenge and acknotheschized, God bless us every one.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

acknowledgement - Alternative or British spelling of acknowledgment.  American usage:    British usage:   

e.g., "Bratitude: A tepid, half-hearted, verbal or written acknowledgement of a gift from a relative's spoiled child."

submitted by Miss Speller

ackthu - Very bad, disgusting.

e.g., Whatever Chris did at the party was ackthu.

submitted by sairavi

aclueistic | acluistic - Incapable of having a clue. | Not having a clue.

e.g., If you have to ask, you must be aclueistic. | Those cable repair guys are acluistic.

submitted by Michael Norton | Jeff Oien

acluphobia - The fear of the ability of civil-rights lawyers to extract money from a jury. It is symptomized by the abject fear of speaking any racial slur or making any reference to race, especially. in the media.

e.g., The network, whose acluphobia has been zit-on-the-face obvious since the civil-rights era began, quickly denounced Limbaugh's assertion and promptly fired the popular opiner to stave off any potential threat of civil-rights offenses which might lead to costly litigation.

submitted by Orrin - (www)

acme-brand - Anything generic or cheap or of lesser quality than the original.

e.g., I couldn't afford the Prada tote bag I wanted, but this Acme-brand is pretty cute anyway.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

acnestis - That annoying spot on your back that you can't reach to scratch. A real enough word.

e.g., Dammit, dammit, dammit. Would you please, please scratch my acnestis. The itching is driving me mad.

submitted by HD Fowler

acnn - Major television broadcast networks. From ABC, CBS & NBC. Word courtesy of my very clever brother.

e.g., Is there similarity in the news slant of the major ACnN newscasters?

submitted by Peri Craig

acolytebloke - Any former sideman of any Billy Childish band or other similar Billy Childish turn out.

e.g., I wouldn't wanna be one of them cast off Billy Childish acolyteblokes, pretending they're something going forward off the back of their past involvement with him.

submitted by Topper Waterworks - (www)

acrambul - Sharp or stiff walk, like a robot.

e.g., When Bob got out of the movie theater, I could tell he had been scared by his acrambul.

submitted by SlyDragon37

acrapulate - Word used for describing a large amount of useless junk collected over a period of time.

e.g., I can't believe how much I've acrapulated over the years.

submitted by Dave Stanl

acreviation - Neither an acronym nor an abbreviation, but a combination of both. Acroviation might be a better choice because of the more equal balance of letters from the contributing words. Abbrevinym or abbrevonym?

e.g., Ofsted is the acreviation Brits use to refer to their Office of Standards and Education.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

acridmonious - Describing the disgustingly pungent and bitter taste left in one's mouth after enduring a whole election caampaign filled with a constant stream of dirty character assassination, vile mud-slinging, blatant lies, cleverly distorted facts and slimy hyperbole from one candidate.

e.g., Please excuse me. I have to run to the bathroom sink and gargle my mouth out with mouthwash. I just watched a rerun of the 2012 election campaign highlights, and that pig slop is making me feel real acridmonious!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

acribit - To increase.

e.g., There are many ways to acribit your wealth. (P.S. Why would you write, "Please use the word you are submitting in the example"? Are people honestly that stupid? Err, sorry, forget I said that.) (ED. Stupid or not, even with the request, lots of submittals received do not include the word in the example.)

submitted by Dax

acrocentric - (adj.) Of a video game, book, movie, etc. review, dealing in detail only with the first part or introductory material; only "scratching the surface." (Etymology: Greek acro- [top, first section] + centron [center, focal point]).

e.g., Pac-Man is so acrocentric. What's up with all those bonus keys? There's 255 levels, lots of potential for cool prizes, and by the time you've even reached the 20th level, it's just key after key after key.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

acrojumble - Using too many acronyms. Such as, "I'd love to, but it is the DFR deadline week for all KIXs and ZSWs.

e.g., Her memo was unreadable because of severe acrojumble.

submitted by ryan

acronize | acronyze - To provide an acronym for. | The process of shortening phrases through acronyms, for the purpose of simplifying statements. Typically used in technical data reporting or inter-office e-mails. ("FUBAR" or "KISS.")

e.g., I tried to acronize his name into a befitting insult, but failed to produce anything suitable. I didn't realize that phrase had been acronyzed.

submitted by Pseudoryx | ScoobyD

acronomaniac - A maniacal individual who prefers to use acronyms as a language in everyday conversation.

e.g., Chris is an acronomaniac. It's a wonder we can understand what she's saying with all her mnemonics.

submitted by Mary

acronymphomaniac - One whose love of abbreviation borders on the sexual. | Someone who consistently writes or speaks using acronyms at least a third of the time.

e.g., She's a real acronymphomaniac. She recently seduced a gun without saying a word.

submitted by kori

acropromedicum - The highest level of medical knowledge and practice, sine qua non. In ultimate centuries this is the standard in all locations, terrestrial and outerspacial. The best for everyone without reservations. Health, healing, wholesome and hearty.

e.g., From the primitive magic of the witch doctor to the highly evolved acropromedicum of today and tomorrow, a veritable leap in theory and practice, promoting wellbeing and life, comfort, improvement, happiness. Eutopeum shall reign complete when our Space Brothers return and institute badly needed actions and accomplishments, salvation for the silly humans, ja-ja!

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

acrost - Alternate for the word "across" for morons who think they sound smarter by adding letters to general words.

e.g., You have the wrong place. This is the moron center. The normal-people center is acrost the street.

submitted by Nick B.

action tooth - A gold tooth. Can also mean to smile, as in "Show me your action tooth."

e.g., I got some pictures of you the other night flashing your action tooth.

submitted by Kevin Graff

actitude - One's behavior and how she acts as being a reflection of her attitude and way of looking at things.

e.g., It's obvious how our new business associate feels by a clear unmistakable actitude of friendliness, efficiency, co-operativeness, and successful accomplishment.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

active monopoly - Microsoft term (inspired from active directory) to explain when a company has gained a monopoly on an otherwise dynamic market.

e.g., Q: Why is ADSL so expensive in Australia? A: Tel$tra own the phone lines. They're just applying the active monopoly.

submitted by n p

activists - Copyright Michael Tremoglie, FrontPage . . . Socialists, Maoists, Stalinists, Leninists, Marxists, and Communists. However, the mainstream media does not identify them as such. They prefer to call them 'activists.' (Know your mainstream media code words.)

e.g., Copyright Michael Tremoglie, FrontPage An advertisement signed by a group of artists, academicians, and 'activists' called Not In Our Name (NION) appeared in the September 19 New York Times. The ad stated that the United States would not invade Iraq in their name.

submitted by [Michael Tremoglie] - (www)

acucullophilia - The condition of some women to be attracted only to men who have been circumcised.

e.g., Most of the North-American mothers have adopted a policy of acucullophilia for hygienic purposes.

submitted by Willhelmina Plowes - (www)

acument - (Rhymes with HACK-you-ment; n.) 1. A specific instance of acumen, especially such an instance memorialized in an object or document; 2. a monument to a particularly remarkable bit of wisdom or knowledge: a keen demonstration of skill, a notable piece of perspicacity, or a memorable show of wisdom. [From acumen "shrewd, skilled" + -ment, Latin suffix for the "result of a given action."]

e.g., The Trojan Horse was one epic acument: Ulysses was brilliant. || Which is the acument to Jefferson's mind?: his home, Monticello, or the American Declaration of Independence?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

acusstic - Combining the word "cuss" and "acoustic" -- audible swearing.

e.g., The President is known for his accustic meetings. Swearing to release stress and tension is something we all do.

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

acute fedupwithit disorder - Condition affecting anyone who's just about had enough and about to 5150 on the irritation concerned.

e.g., I am not bad-tempered, you idiot. I have acute fedupwithit disorder.

submitted by Sam

ad hok - Ad hoc: Unplanned, for one specific case.

e.g., Dag • 16 hours ago Clearly there is no justice in America at least not the famous one with the blind lady justice statue. In this Banana Republic with its partisan corrupt law enforcement the are no laws protecting those who are not affiliated with the left and there are wide discretionary ad hok rules specifically made up to protect the left. There are kangaroo courts with judges that make up laws and apply them to whomever they do not like as they see is approaching the biblical Sodom.

submitted by [Dag] - (www)

adalada - Ay-duh-la-duh. Not a lot.

e.g., Brandon: What's goin on? Nicky: Adalada.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

adam gray - Informal term or code word meaning to "copy and paste" material from the internet and other resources. The term is used commonly by high school and college students in the United Kingdom, and came about after legendary student Adam Gray copied and pasted an important assignment from the internet.

e.g., I will just do a bit of Adam Gray for that assignment.

submitted by Paul Garbett

adam henry - From the phonetical representation for the letters "a" and "h." Used by law enforcement officers on the radio to inform another officer that the person they are dealing with is behaving like an asshole.

e.g., 104 to Control, start additional assistance for an adam henry.

submitted by DJ Mod

adamzapplecorps - In days of yore when young men reached puberty and manhood and sported a new adamzapple, they became a member of an adamzapplecorps, guided and instructed by older more experienced males.

e.g., On my first adamzapplecorps day, we celebrated with mead, dance, singing, and apple sauce, apple butter, baked apple, spiced crab apples, apple pie, and a great deal more!

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

adaui - To put as many drops of water on a penny as it will hold.

e.g., Where in the name of God did your idea of adauing come from? It's really annoying.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

adda be - Congratulatory phrase, often used in a sarcastic manner.

e.g., Your girlfriend just slapped you in front of the whole school? Adda be, doofus.

submitted by murray

addadictomy - The operation performed when a transexual woman becomes a man. Not original by any means.

e.g., No, Bernice did not have an addadictomy. Quite the opposite, since Bernice was born Bernard.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

addictant - What you are addicted to.

e.g., Nicotine is quite an addictant.

submitted by Katie

addictefreak - One who is addicted to something 24/7.

e.g., Boy, Sam is sure an addictefreak when it comes to StarCraft.

submitted by Kagi Gifford - (www)

addictomania - A condition wherein the sufferer has so little satisfaction in being herself that being like anyone or anything else to the point of pursuing such with the fervor of an addict.

e.g., Seeing all the Beiber haircuts saddens me at the thought of how much addictomania seems epidemic these days.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

addiggtion - Having an uncontrollable urge to keep up with the latest stories on Digg.

e.g., At the height of my addiggtion, I would refresh the homepage twice a second just to watch the diggs changing.

submitted by Stennie - (www)

addis abracadabra - This word describes the Mother Lode of all amazing mysteries -- too wonderful to say anything coherent about, too exalted to follow ordinary standards of logic, too great and mysterious for YOU to understand, or YOU or YOU or YOU … only the speaker who can tell us about Addis Abracadabra, who only happens to be a little too subtle and profound for the rest of us.

e.g., How wonderful that our leader speaks of "Addis Abracadabra" which will cure all our problems. Do I understand it? Of course not, Dweeb! Why do I need to think when I have such a fount of Addis Abracadabra as this Great One?

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

addy - Address. || Short for addition or additional.

e.g., What's your addy? || Gordonna, I don't mind your addy's at all. I enjoy what you write, and it makes me feel special. All warm and gooey inside. | I need to throw in some addys before I submit this term paper.

submitted by Rich || Carlos Coutinho

adevo - A generally exaggerated amount. Also used to refer to smack downs in video games.

e.g., Who wants to feel the adevo power?

submitted by Hunter

adger - A mistake, or pathetically stupid remark in conversation, usually involving disastrous consequences, which could have been avoided with even the slightest amount of forethought.

e.g., Oh, mate, that certainly was an enormous adger you made there, and now you look a right tit.

submitted by James Wood

adhocracy - bobjuliano's journal: "Changeable system of government. The person in charge of said system is the person most skilled at dealing with the problem at hand. As problems change, so does the name of the person in charge." | The Grandiloquent Dictionary: "Rulership by committees and task forces."

e.g., How many people do you think we'd need to make our adhocracy work? | wretchard: "In the end, from nowhere. The real folly is that these issues, so lightly passed over by Nancy Pelosi, now have to be raised in a way that precipitates a crisis. In addition to bankrupting the treasury, these brilliant adhocrats may just knock the Court into the side pocket just as a bonus. Unless of course SCOTUS decides its really too late to stop the Locomotive of History, and they simply get out of the way. But looming in the distance, unconquerable from the beginning of recorded time is Arithmetic. Nobody, ever, ever beat arithmetic."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

adidas, don ameche - The farewell words of Mungo Maloney from

e.g., Adidas, Don Ameche. Alta la vista.

submitted by narcosis

adipolli - Superb, fantastic.

e.g., The stage show was adipolli.

submitted by Shaji V Nair

adiuvophobia - Fear of giving help. From Latin : adiuvo : to help, aid, or assist. phobia : the fear of

e.g., The woman saw a pedestrian run over by a bus and was immobilized by her adiuvophobia.

submitted by Rowdy Rhodes - (www)

adjectonym - An adjective for a name.

e.g., Mary said,"My last name is an adjectonym, Brown."

submitted by Jessica

adjida - Stress derived chest pain or stomach upset. A colloquialism, possibly of angina, used in Northern New Jersey.

e.g., There's so much work to do, I'm getting adjida.

submitted by Alistair Maclean - (www)

admin - Administrator. Also used to describe one who knows nothing about her job and ends up doing it poorly.

e.g., Slim: Grrr. Who chose these workstations anyway? And why this software? Bob: Oh, that'd be the admin.

submitted by Guttius

admin section - The PD office charged with reducing the size of popups. | The PD office charged with administering admin sects.

e.g., The admin section was kept hopping to minimize ads. | The admin section was kept hopping adminstering admin sects; they do their job religiously.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

admin-ute - A unit of measure, used to measure time, principally by secretaries and executive assistants.

e.g., The average secretary can type 50 to 70 words per admin-ute.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

admincitrator - A personal assistant or secretary who willfully makes errors, misunderstands, or fails to do what is asked.

e.g., My admincitrator should have booked that meeting.

submitted by Hammerton

adminisphere - The organisational layers beginning just above the rank and file in any organisation.

e.g., I know it's not a really feasible idea, but it drifted down from the adminisphere so we have to implement it.

submitted by Tam

administraitor - A semi-high-level government employee who blows the whistle on her agency.

e.g., Our former boss, Harvey, sure put a lot of us out of work. Worst administraitor imaginable.

submitted by John Breen

administrivia - The useless corporate act of filling out development plans, status reports, e-mail correspondence, replying to voice mail, etc. The things nobody would do unless she had to. | Small print at the bottom of written documents, particularly those written by corporate lawyers.

e.g., I spent three hours taking care of all the administrivia this afternoon.

submitted by steve, mick - (www)

adminophobia - The fear that an administrator of a website will ban you, usually occurs if you've been banned before.

e.g., For a little while, I had adminophobia so I seldom wrote for Uncyclopedia.

submitted by star651

admiracious - Something that is unmitigatedly respectable. Admirable" plus "bodacious."

e.g., It was most admiracious of Christian to drive all five friends home last night after the party. It took him two hours to make sure we all got home in one piece.

submitted by Stephanie B.

admiral akbar - A subconscious warning that goes off in the back of one's head, maybe somewhere next to the medulla oblongata. From The Empire Strikes Back.

e.g., I thought about goin' home with him from the club, but my Admiral Akbar started screaming at me, "It's a trap."

submitted by MiIla Eighteen - (www)

admission - Advertising agency task statement.

e.g., Their admission was to outsell the competitors with an inferior product.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

adnoun - Adjective. There are adverbs that modify verbs, but there is no adnoun. Until now. Nouns are people, places, and objects. An adnoun is a word that describes those nouns.

e.g., It makes things much more simple. Or, to use an adnoun, it makes things much simpler.

submitted by Dan

adobe - (interjection) 1. "wow, that's old." 2a. "wow, the more things change the more they stay the same." b. "wow, the more things stay the same, the more they change." (a one-word "plus a change, plus c'est la mme chose" & "plus a la mme chose, plus c'est changee.") (from the etymology of the word "adobe": middle Egyptian *djobet > Coptic 'tob' > Arabic 'al tub' > later Arabic 'attub' > Spanish 'adobe' and so into English. Each of these terms means or meant 'mud brick'---Pharaoh, for example, demanded that the Israelites provide 'djobet'---this word's been around for nearly three-and-a-half millennia, changing form somewhat (though not much), but always meaning the same thing.)

e.g., "It's been twenty-three years, but I've kept the old club house just as it was." "Adobe!, it feels smaller, somehow."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

adolesce - To cause (a person) to become mature; to "grow someone up."

e.g., He used to spend his days with his action figures, until his girlfriend adolesced him.

submitted by Matt Clifford

adolt - A person who, in the process of growing up, becomes duller and dumber with age.

e.g., At the picnic, I hung out with the kids because their parents were all boring adolts who'd rather talk and complain than play.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

adolteen - An adolteen is the combination of an adolescent and a teenager.

e.g., Please take time to listen to the adolteen in your care.

submitted by Dr Michael W. Johnson

adonic - (Rhymes with "ma-JOHN-ick"; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to Adonis, the Greek lad who embodied the best of male youth, vigor, and beauty; 2. Of or pertaining to masculine beauty (usually the muscley, strong sort, but also the two-days'-growth of beard kind with smoother muscles but with a lot of charm); 3. Characterized by the same indicia of masculine beauty and attractiveness borne by the mythical Adonis.

e.g., "He tries to ask Jennifer out, but he only does it while Paul is standing next to him. I mean, sure, Mike's fairly good looking, I suppose, but next to Paul, all of us look like road kill. The guy is adonic. … He probably knows how to puke handsomely."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

adorababe - Adorable + babe. Used when someone is both hot and cute.

e.g., My girlfriend is perfect, she's adorababe.

submitted by Jason Martin - (www)

adorableiceousophobia - Used to describe someone or something cute.

e.g., Her cat has major adorableiceousophobia.

submitted by MeowzyPinx

adorabubble - Super adorable. Almost too cute for words. Used to describe a person or object that makes you smile uncontrollably or tugs at your heart strings. Can be used to describe both actions and appearance.

e.g., 1. The waitress brought my food and smiled at me in a way that was so adorabubble that I couldn't help but smile throughout my whole meal. 2. The kitten was cute, fuzzy, and tiny, and mewed in this little cute voice. We all agreed it was completely adorabubble and knew we had to take it home with us.

submitted by Rob Munda

adorawobble - Beyond adorable, applies to most things innocent.

e.g., Your new baby boy is simply adorawobble.

submitted by hid - (www)

adorkable - Being adorable in a dorky sort of way. | Cute, in a dorky way. Sweet, but a little awkward. | Something dorky but still charming and attractive.

e.g., When Eric started to dance the jig at the concert he looked adorkable. | Pippy looked adorkable in her mismatched polka-dot socks and bright pink lipstick. | A platypus is so ugly it's adorkable.

submitted by Captain Falcon | dayna | Joel Parker - (www)

adpathy - The tendency of declining overall attention to advertisements, esp. online ads or television commercials which are often more invasive.

e.g., The declining performance of his website was directly attributed to an over-reliance on paid advertising channels, which are subject to increasing adpathy from web-savvy users.

submitted by Nate Eslinger - (www)

adtwixtion - Having an uncontrollable urge to consume Twix candy bars. An addiction for same.

e.g., I'm sorry, I can't go up to the candy counter with you. I've entered a program to help me get over my adtwixtion.

submitted by Andrea

adult - Verb: to behave like an adult; to take care of yourself and your own affairs. ... I'm not sure Henry Watson Fowler had in mind going this far when he said, "After all, it is an ancient and valuable right of the English people to turn their nouns into verbs when they are so minded."

e.g., "With student loans, exams, and having to start adulting, no wonder college kids need a good cry every once in a while."

submitted by [Christina Flygstad] - (www)

adult children - Progeny who are still dependent on their parents for health insurance after they've reached the age of majority.

e.g., "In exchange for the new business, private insurers would be subject to an array of rules, including a ban on the practice of denying coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions and a requirement that adult children be permitted to stay on their parents' policies until age 26."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

adultyishness - Adult-like behavior.

e.g., She always displayed adultyishness. Even at the age of four.

submitted by amy

adumben - To make someone dumb. | To make someone dumbfounded: to dumbfound someone.

e.g., He was adumbened by his friend. | ED. I was adumbened when I ran across this submittal. So much so that I've added it.

submitted by Chickenwings - (www)

adunyaha - A variation of "duh," to be used only under extreme circumstances.

e.g., Webster. Neil Armstrong went to the moon. Norbert. Adunyaha.

submitted by JESSA

advancity - An advanced state.

e.g., My mind boggles at your language advancity.

submitted by Matt Cassem - (www)

advantagion - The affliction some persons have which hampers ever getting ahead in life.

e.g., Steve's been outta work for three months now, and of course his advantagion causes the person in front of him in the employment line to get the last job before he steps up to the counter each time.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

adventeraous - Better than strawberry, especially when discussing ice cream -- especially in comparison to Rocky Road.

e.g., Rocky Road ice cream is adventeraous.

submitted by ryan - (www)

adventitious - "Associated with something by chance rather than as an integral part; extrinsic."

e.g., "Dharmakirti writes: mind is originally pure; the defilements are adventitious."

submitted by [rasmus] - (www)

advertelevision - The seamless integration of commercials and entertainment content.

e.g., Advertelevision is the wave of the future for broadcast TV.

submitted by Dailey Pike

advilation - Taking anti-inflammatory medications on a regular basis, together with elevating one's leg. For example, to encourage more rapid healing of a broken ankle following surgery.

e.g., The doctor prescribed advilation as treatment for the swelling and pain in my foot.

submitted by Trudy

advocacy journalism - Propaganda.

e.g., Lillith: HD, did you read about the three CNN journalists who resigned after a Russia-Trump story was retracted? HD: Heard about it, but haven't read anything yet. My guess is that they were advocacy journalists who went too far trying to prop up their negative stories about the President. Lillith: Hard to imagine anyone going too far in that direction for CNN. HD: Yeah, that sounds about right. But apparently it's possible that CNN has a few shreds of integrity left.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

advocept - To privately and publicly support or approve a cause or person other than one's self.

e.g., The teacher didn't advocept the new student.

submitted by Charene Cuhaciyan

adyne - To do something deemed impossible.

e.g., They said it was impossible, but I was determined to adyne it.

submitted by Quinten

aeai - An aeai (a-e-a-i) is a shrewd jinn able to appear in electronic or biological form. Aeais are capable of acting rapidly for either good or evil. (Related words: jinn, djinn, genie, angel, demon.)

e.g., First my computer was infected with aeais, then they haunted my attic. I wish they would weed my garden.

submitted by Puddintainette

aeiou - Any word that is spelled using all five vowels in alphabetical order is an aeiou. Pronounced AY-ow, based on the pd entry for haeious.

e.g., "The word Iouea, a genus of sea sponges, contains all five regular vowels and no other letters." Iouea is not an aeiou because the vowels don't occur in alphabetical order.

submitted by HDFowler - (www)

aerobigitate - The process of agitated oxygen molecules forming bubble pockets at the bottom of the sea that eventually are released and bubble to the surface. A complex word deriving from the words "aerobe" (organism in an oxegen based atmosphere) and "agitate" (to stir up, mix together).

e.g., On land, to form rain clouds, evaporation takes place; whereas, in the ocean aerobigitation occurs creating bubbling.

submitted by penguin22

aerobizon, aerobizoid - One who is obsessively engaged in aerobic exercise. Aerobizon is the feminine form, aerobizoid the masculine or neuter. From Amazon and android.

e.g., At the gym, I enjoy walking on the treadmill, watching the class of newly recruited aerobizons march through their drills.

submitted by robert drake

aerodynamicy - Aerodynamic.

e.g., Rounding the front end and tapering the back end will add to the wings' aerodynamicy.

submitted by IceHawk

aeroherpictus - An above-ground snake attack, usually occurring when the snake strikes from a tree.

e.g., The professor, stepping gingerly between tree roots, never expected to be taken by an aeroherpictus.

submitted by Ty Evans

aerosmithcreants - Mithcreants, for short. FM radio stations and DJs that follow a formulaic playlist wherein the same "hit" songs from a given group are aired over and over -- and the rest of the group's work is virtually ignored. At its worst, Aerosmithcreants can lead young listeners to believe that the Rolling Stones wrote 15 songs, AC/DC wrote 5, Prince wrote 3, the Door wrote 2, and the Doobie Brothers wrote 7.

e.g., Did you hear those Aerosmithcreants on KXXX play "Free Bird" for the seventy-third time this week?

submitted by Paul S. Hoffman

aerospew - Spouting endless streams of meaningless words.

e.g., The Senator's aerospew won him reelection.

submitted by Shel Miller

aerotheuthida - A flying squid. The aerotheuthida is a magnificent creature coming in shades of grey, blue, purple, and even on rare occasions, rainbow. It's delicate flesh is covered in a film that allows it to become invisible to the human eye. Its flighters are located in the center of its tentacles. The aerotheuthida can grow from about two inches (cute widdle baby size) to about three miles long (grandpa size). They also eat humans.

e.g., Tommy, look at dat! It's da aerotheuthida. It's flying. Look at dat. Tommy, look at dat.

submitted by Emma - (www)

aesthetisphere - The elegance and beauty of the surrounding local or global environment as enhanced by the artistic works of man or in a larger sense, the Creator. Such works tend towards harmony and integration with the whole rather than disconnection and destabilization.

e.g., The great pyramids of Egypt are a magnificent human contribution to the global aesthetisphere. | Wanton acts of industrial capitalism have done considerable damage to the aesthetisphere of the planet. | Yesterday, I took a tour of my earth-crunchy friend's house for the first time, and I felt very attuned to the aesthetisphere she has created.

submitted by Bill

aether - Originally used to describe what was once thought to fill up outer space and how radio signals were transmitted, etc., now finding favor in describing the strange pseudo-reality of the internet.

e.g., Chris said he'd send me an e-mail, but it must have been lost in the aether. I tried to delete my old website dozens of times, but it keeps floating around the aether.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

aetle - Bad fish sticks.

e.g., Please, Mom, don't make aetle again.

submitted by Mike I.

aewog - Sound emitted by a tadpole the moment it becomes a frog. Think pollywog.

e.g., "Aewog," croaked the newly-formed amphibian in a joyous tone.

submitted by ShEd

afarctica - Africa and Antarctica.

e.g., In Pangea, Antarctica and Africa seemed to fit together as Afarctica.

submitted by Erik N.

afeared - "Afraid" as used in vernacular, usually used by Southerners in book dialogue.

e.g., Huck, I'm afeared o' this here cave.

submitted by David

affaire de queue - (n.) a sexual involvement completely devoid of romantic sentiment.

e.g., Affaires de queue seem to be the order of the day, but they have no allure for me.

submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

affer - Knowing or realizing something.

e.g., I affer that the Detroit Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup.

submitted by Brian

affirmanegatory - Used in a mocking manner to note a usually obvious answer. Actually means "No," but the response is hardly ever understood. Mostly used in a classroom situation where the teacher asked an all too obvious question. Always in an answer to a yes-no question.

e.g., Teacher: Now, Bill, is Washington, DC, the capital of the US? Bill: That's a big affirmanegatory. Military commander: Go for it private. Take them down. *silence* Private? Did you take the shot? Private: That's a big affirmanegatory there, red leader.

submitted by Chels

affirmative action - Preferential treatment. Discrimination, sometimes called "reverse discrimination."

e.g., When Jack was told he didn't get the job because of affirmative action, he was more than annoyed. | "… we must transform black society, and get rid of affirmative action, but we must also destroy the real racism that continues to exist, particularly in our criminal justice system." ( | I was more qualified than any of the other applicants -- my credentials were impeccable--and all of my interviews inside and outside the department went extremely well. The Vice President of Operations told me I would be the one hired. Unfortunately, he found he didn't have the clout the Vice President of Human Resources had -- he was told he had failed to take affirmative action into account. … The airline's new chief pilot would be a blind deaf quadriplegic black mute feminist lesbian illegal immigrant (i.e., illien) dwarf parolee Hispanic Muslim who had been convicted of child molestation. Now he knew why Rush had said, "The HR department is feared as a sort of gestapo police force, with the power of life and death over your career." (Last sentence is quoted, out of context, 2002 Erik Ray,

submitted by HD Fowler

afflickaration - Momentary power loss.

e.g., The school alarms are going off and computers are not working because of the afflickaration.

submitted by August Busso

affluential - Simultaneous possession of both money and power (or influence). ~1970s. (A real word. Affluent and influential. Wealthy and influential, rich and powerful.)

e.g., When I'm affluential, I won't have to worry about anything. | You're never going to be affluential, George, unless you can come up with some more money.

submitted by MattnSteve - (www)

affressive - Aggressive.

e.g., Oh, for goodness sake, will you be affressive once in a while?

submitted by Suzie

affrotolerance - The tolerance of tight perms.

e.g., Check out his do. He must have a real affrotolerance to sport that barnet. (Barnet is colloquial London slang for hairdo.)

submitted by Chris Duddle

affucks - Affects + fucks up. Afucks. To be be used when you're just messing with someone's head -- either in a friendly way or in an antagonistic way, depending on the parties involved and the situation. Can also be used when someone not only affects something, she affects it in a very bad way.

e.g., Frankly, I thought DeWayne had put the flyer up just to affuck with me. What no one knew, though, was that I was on an exclusive Prozac diet and couldn't have been rattled by a snake.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

aficionovice - Being fond of something, but not really knowing much about it.

e.g., Only a Jazz aficionovice could see Stanley Jordan live and not know it.

submitted by buTTRsoft

afk - Away From Keyboard.

e.g., Ted: Are you there? Rob: No, I'm AFK.

submitted by Brad Gutbomb

african-canadian - A Canadian's answer to Americans referring to those with Negroid ancestors as African-Americans. Thus, we have African-Mexicans, African-Brazilians, African-Guatemalans.… No end to stupidity, is there? Entry came about because of a flap on The View during the October 3, 2011, broadcast. One Sherri Shepherd said it's fine for her and Whoopi Goldberg (ne Caryn Johnson) to use the word "nigger" and variations because they are black women, but that Barbara Walters, who is Caucasian, is not allowed to use the words -- regardless of context. Screw that. Had it not been for the ensuing brouhaha, I'd surely not have found the Huffington-Post comment the example was found in. Nor would I have become aware of "Please join our forum where the word nigger is not only allowed but encouraged! All races and religions are welcome to join but niggers and nigger sympathizers are not allowed."

e.g., "Ethnic and racial humour is common in my group of friends. Included in that group are African-Canadians, Asians, and East Indians."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

afrodeo - A rodeo where all the participants are African-American.

e.g., Welcome to the 2003 World Afrodeo Championships.

submitted by BL

afrodesiac - A hot, sexy black man. Afro is optional.

e.g., Ooh, girl, check out the afrodesiac walking this way.

submitted by julia

aftbears - Opposite of forebears, i.e., descendants: "all of the offspring of a given progenitor."

e.g., Yogi knew his forebears had always lived in Jellystone, but he wondered if his aftbears would, too.

submitted by Malcolm - (www)

after math - Advanced courses, classes in mathematics, algebra, geometry, and the like

e.g., I've had lots of arithmetic and math, but thank Goddess no after math.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

after-math - The multiple calculations involved when splitting a dinner check or determining the tip.

e.g., "How much do I owe?" "I don't know, let's do the after-math."

submitted by evilwarpingkitty

afterbode - (v.) 1. to realize that a prior prediction has in fact come to pass; 2. to point out the fulfillment of a prior prediction, foretelling, or prophecy. (Note: In Modern English, "bode" and "forebode" connote the foretelling of events rather dark and dire. This connotation does not apply to "afterbode," which refers simply to an awareness of the fulfillment or achievement of something previously predicted).

e.g., One of the more well-known examples of an afterboding: "... and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, 'They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots.'" Matthew 27:35 (referencing Psalms 22:18). | Sophocles' "Oedipus the King" is a two-hour afterboding of an old prophecy about his father's death.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

afterday - First used by my son Taylor, then 3 or 4. Meant to convey event occuring tomorrow. "Dad, can we still go fishing this afterday?"

e.g., Taylor: Al, would you take me for a pony ride afterday.

submitted by Al Smith

aftergibe - (n.) a clever retort that comes to mind when the opportunity to use it has gone.    Essentially the same is "L'esprit de l'escalier or l'esprit d'escalier (literally, the spirit of the stairway, idiomatically staircase wit) is a French term used in English that describes the predicament of thinking of the perfect comeback too late."

e.g., It was the same as it always is. My wit took the form of an aftergibe -- halfway down the stairwell.

submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

afterism - A concise, clever statement you don't think of until too late.

e.g., Eddie was insulted ... and he came back with an afterism just as everyone went through the exit.

submitted by Kevin Genovario

aftermath - How I refer to my life after I met my wife. Until then, it was nothing but math, math, math.

e.g., My life became much better once I realized there was an aftermath.

submitted by HD Fowler

agalapo - Boring and interesting at the same time.

e.g., This class is agalapo.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

agamemnon eats toast - Yet another all-purpose expletive to be used when words like "dammit" are just too strong. Bound to confuse a good 95 percent of the people around you.

e.g., Upon getting to a class and realizing you're completely unprepared, "Agamemnon eats toast." (Note: this works particularly well if the lecture you've just wandered into is on classical mythology.)

submitted by keyla

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